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An Interesting New RPG by Squaresoft 05/31/00 Andy007
A hard and rewarding challenge 07/31/02 Arkhaine
One of Square's best. 05/21/00 AzN SqUaLL
Yes, it was bad when it came out and now its just laughable... 11/24/02 BigBombB
Have you ever played a game that made your jaw drop? Here is one: 06/01/00 chrispix
Excellent dungeon crawler 12/03/12 crillgamer
Wow...just...Wow! 05/24/00 Gogeta_
Squaresoft rules the month of May. 05/28/00 Grahf14
If you can grind it out in the beginning, you will love this game 07/26/00 Greatest One
Square You Really Out Did Yourselves This Time. 06/11/00 GreatGamer
An excellent movie trapped in an unfortunate game. 06/02/00 Kaoru
Not an RPG but a TACTICS RPG 12/25/07 Lord_Dais
Could have been awesome, but ends up as average 03/10/11 mark24173
Sword, Sorcery, Religion, and Action! 05/17/00 martusfine
Squaresoft does it again and ithey will continue for years to come. 06/09/00 Minjin X
The most atmospheric Squaresoft title ever!!! 05/11/00 Mweapon
One of the best games ever made! 05/29/00 RawIsJericho
The best game ever in any console !! and possibly the best RPG ever !! 05/31/00 remanjonah
This Wonderful Game Has Sequel Written All Over It...I Hope 01/13/01 SDJaY
Vagrant Story has good movie and game qualities equally balanced and joined together in an engrossing game of adventure, conspiracy, and magic. 06/27/00 Seifersoul
Joy into sorrow 11/07/01 Shadowstar777
MGS style RPG/adventure finally! 02/17/00 snowjob
Ever dream of being a black smith? Here's the perfect game for you. 11/29/07 TheDarkCrusader
Beautifully designed RPG with a fresh and strange new system. 09/03/02 ThePatrick
A rarity. An innovative Square-Made RPG. 06/22/03 Veritron

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