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FAQ/Walkthrough by PhoenixFire

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 05/13/02

         1         2         3         4         5         6         7       |
-=/ Please Enter '1' Credit \=-
***   Vagrant Story Walkthrough, Secrets, Hints and Tips  ***
*** Date Created:-  Sometime in the year 2000             ***
*** Version:-       3.1 [FINAL]                           ***
*** Created By:-    PhoenixFire                           ***
*** Edited By:-     Richard Carruthers                    ***
*** e-mail:-        -= removed =-                         ***
***       Copyright (c) PhoenixFire / Gaming Dome Y2K     ***
***                  www.gamingdome.co.uk                 ***
***               http://gamingdome.zzn.com               ***
***           http://www.forumco.com/gamingdome           ***


Unpublished work (c) PhoenixFire and Gaming Dome, 2000.

This file is for personal/private use only.  It can be reproduced
electronically as long as the file isn't changed, this disclaimer, the copyright
notice and my e-mail address appears along with whatever you have used from this
file.  This file can not be used to make money and that also means that I, 
PhoenixFire, can't make money from it either.  This means that it cannot be 
used in any magazines in any way or form, printed out and then sold, or used as
a prize etc.  This file was created and is owned by PhoenixFire 
(phoenixfire@gamingdome.zzn.com).  If I find out that anyone has used this file 
inappropriately you will be dealt with in my own special way - you have been 
warned! This file is owned by PhoenixFire and Gaming Dome.

Vagrant Story is (c) Squaresoft


Future versions of this file can be found at:-


This file was created using the European PAL version of the game.  Therefore 
there might be a few things that are slightly different to the NA versions (but
I doubt it).  If you need a question about VS answered and you cannot find the
answer here (but please, check the entire FAQ first, most questions can be
answered by reading through the guide) you can contact me via the Gaming Dome
forums.  The address for the board is http://www.forumco.com/gamingdome.  I have
removed my e-mail address from previous versions in an attempt to cut down the
stupid questions, but still feel free to ask your questions at the GD forums.

VS is a complicated game and this FAQ might be also, but remember this:-

"Real programmers don't document.  If it was hard to write, it should be hard
 to understand."

*** Version History ***

Version 1.0
 Available ONLY at www.gamefaqs.com (in other words it wasn't even available at
 Gaming Dome) and contained a few errors.

Version 1.1
 Added Lilac Man's e-mail address, and the address for Gaming Dome e-mail and
 the Gaming Dome forums, as well as the address for some other sites the FAQ
 is available at.
 While I was at it I corrected some of my mistakes on the Snowfly Forest map.

Version 2.0
 Added stuff about the Hand Of Light in the Ultimate Weapons section.
 Added the Sigil item list.
 Added in my review of Vagrant Story.
 Added more stuff to the credits section.
 Added the Author's Note and Editor's note sections.
 I began to write the walkthrough.

Version 2.1
 Replaced the GD forum addresses with the newer version
 Added something to the Author's section at the end of the FAQ.

Version 2.2
 Not much...just erm...added a few more addresses for sites where you can get the
 FAQ from
 Corrected a few rooms in the Temple of Kiltia

Version 3.0
 Added the Great Cathedral Guide
 Finished off the enemy encyclopedia
 Added in a section on various VS discussions
 This *should* be the final version, that said if anyone has anything to add,
 I will consider adding what they have to offer.

Version 3.1
 Removed contact e-mail addresses.

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Go to http://www.forumco.com/gamingdome and post a message on the Gaming Dome 
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*** CONTENTS ***

01.0 The Game System
     - My Review
     - Background Info
     - Info needed to play
     - Menu Controls
     - Ingame Controls
     - The Battle System and Controls
02.0 The Maps
03.0 The Walkthrough
     - First Play
     - The Iron Maiden
     - Re-Play
04.0 Magic
     - Warlock
     - Shaman
     - Sorcery
     - Enchanter
     - Teleportation
05.0 Break Arts
06.0 Battle Abilities
07.0 Risk
08.0 Traps
09.0 Weapons
10.0 The Workshop
11.0 The Creative Process
     - Combining Weapons
     - Ultimate Weapon Combos
     - Creating Weapons
     - Finalising The Weapons
     - Combining Armour
     - Combining Shields
12.0 Items
     - Blades
     - Grips
     - Gems                        
     - Armour (Including Shields)
     - Accessories
     - Misc.
     - Sigils
13.0 The "Score" Option
     - The Titles / Ranks
     - Riskbreaker Rank
     - Encyclopaedia (The Monster List)
14.0 Other Areas Of The Game (i.e. secrets, extras, etc.) 
     - Evolve OR Die
     - The Wines
     - Training Dummies
     - Game Bugs
15.0 Frequently Asked Questions
16.0 Vagrant Story Discussion
AA.A That Bit At The End
    - Credits
    - Thankyous
    - Author's Note
    - Editor's Note

*** 01.0 The Game System ***

Vagrant Story is a complex game.  That is why there is this FAQ.  And this
section.  This section tells you all the controls, background info etc. that
you need to know to play VS.

-= 01.1. My Review =-

I though that as this review is on Gaming Dome it might as well be here in my
Vagrant Story FAQ also.


As you may have gathered we here at GD don't spend any money on the site, don't
gain money and most importantly of all have to buy our own games so we can make
this site.  This is why I was slightly annoyed when I walked into my locals 
games shop (Who will remain un-named) to find that I couldn't get a copy of 
Vagrant Story.  I was told, "Come back in a few days".  Fine, I thought.  A few
days is good.  The next day I was getting bored and decided to go and see if I 
could get VS.  They had a copy all right.  As soon as I had handed over the 
dummy case for the game they had to remove the only copy of VS in the store from
the Top 10 chart so I could by it.  I got home, sat down watched the intro and 
thought, "How do you fight?", as I was getting attacked,  "Better read the 

What IS Vagrant Story?  The simple explanation would be that it is the brand new
game from the creators of the Final Fantasy series. At this point you think of 
the other games that have been made by Square - Ehrgeiz and Chocobo Racing for
example. Does this mean that as it isn't Final Fantasy it is gonna be bad? Well,
for a change it doesn't. Anyway, back to the point. Vagrant Story is a cross 
between and RPG and an action game.  This new breed has created this wonderful 
game. Fans who just like RPG's might not like this as it involves lots of 
combat and bosses before you get a bit more of the story, but those who like 
action games might find that there is too much story in it for their liking.

The intro to this game is, to put it simply, amazing AND different.  No other 
game I have played has an intro like this.  This has the best intro of any game
I own.  You turn on your PlayStation and after the Square logo is some FMV. 
FMV you think, very nice.  There is, however, no more FMV after this point in 
the game. Instead the games graphics engine provides all the cut-scenes 
(like Metal Gear Solid).  Another reason why the intro stands out is that when 
you select New Game from the main screen you are taken to the cut-scene and 
then you are taken into two battles before the game even starts.

Vagrant Story is set in an imaginary world in the town of Lea Monde.  You 
control a Riskbreaker called Ashley Riot. Riskbreakers work alone and the 
chances of one coming out of a mission alive are slim.  So off Ashley goes into
Lea Monde, on his own, after a mad man with magical powers.  Not to forget 
Ashley's own mysterious past, which brings him help and hindrance throughout the

The battle system.  Get used to it, you're gonna need it a lot when your playing
this game.  Unlike the Final Fantasy games it isn't turned based.  Instead you 
choose a weapon, whether it be sword, axe, dagger etc. and the type of that 
weapon, whether it be Blunt, Piercing or Edge.  Having giving yourself a weapon
you can open up the targeting sphere after entering the battle mode.  Once in 
the targeting sphere you can attack anything within the green sphere.  You can 
attack things like the enemies and crates to help you solve some of the puzzles
that are in your way.  When you have access to Chain Abilities you can have 
"chains" of attacks going on, in theory, forever.  To chain an attack you press
one of the attack buttons at the point the weapon hits the enemy.  You also have
available to you Defence Abilities that you can use when you are being attacked.
Apart from this you get the standard (ish) set of magic spells (Or should that 
be Magick?).  The individual weapons have their own special moves called Break 
Arts (Limit Breaks of sorts).

Inside the city of Lea Monde are workshops.  In the workshops you can create 
your own weapons and pieces of armour.  You do this by piecing together blades 
and grips (for weapons) and combining pieces or armour to create new armour.  
You can also create new blades by combining two blades.  When you do this, the 
characteristics of the two blades are combined creating one "Ultimate" blade.  
When you have finished making your weapons you can give them names (or more to 
the point you have to).  This means you could create weapons called...Masamune, 
Braver or Fire Saber (If you wanted).

After every boss there is an "End of level screen".  This screen displays your 
current score, how much of the map you have seen and your Riskbreaker rank.  
Apart from this you can improve your stats by pressing circle to be given a 
special bonus.  Oh, yeah.  Did I mention that when you finish the game you can 
start again with the same weapons and armour you finished with?  Yup, that's 
right.  One of Chrono Trigger's best features has been brought into Square's 
new masterpiece.

So, is this game any good?  Well, actually, yes it is.  The story is brilliant;
the graphics are perfect and run really smoothly, the music adds to the 
atmosphere of the game and makes it complete.  The only down side is, if you 
don't like both RPGs and action games your probably not going to like this too

Graphics: -	10 out of 10
I don't believe this.  These graphics are amazing and better than FF8. The 
PlayStation cannot get better graphics.  I await to be proved wrong....

Gameplay: -	8 out of 10
A good game but the RPG/Action game could be improved here and there.

Lifespan: - 9 out of 10, Be careful.  
Rush it and you will lose all the depth and could get bored easily.  Take it 
step by step.  Then again, I'm addicted to it.

Overall: -	9 out of 10	
A brilliant game, with some very minor problems here and there.  Go and get this
today if you don't live in Canada.  If you do live in Canada complain to the 
government about the French/English thing and then buy the game.

-= 01.2. Background Info =-

The manor of Duke Bardorba of Valendia Kingdom was captured by a religious cult 
known as Mullenkamp.  A few innocent people were murdered, but the news of the
incident was kept quiet.  Sydney Losstarot, the leader of Mullenkamp, has not
been seen since the event, although there were several sightings of a Dragon 
as the manor went up in flames.

Luckily the Duke was away during the seizure of the manor, but one-week later
an unknown person took the Dukes life.  Suspected of this murder is Riskbreaker
Ashley Riot of the Valendia Knights of Peace (VKP).  He disappeared shortly 
after the Duke was murdered.

During the week between the capture of the manor and the murder of the Duke,
Ashley Riot made a peculiar visit to the town of Lea Monde.

What happened during his week in the mysterious city?
Did he kill the Duke?

You play as Ashley Riot...You play the crucial week and see for yourself
what happened.

-= 01.3. Info Needed To Play (And Understand the FAQ =-
-= Key =-

X = X Button          DP = Damage Points    EXP = Experience
T = Triangle Button   PP = Phantom Points   ORD = Original Stats of item
O = Circle Button     L1 = L1 Button        EQP = Current Stats of item
S = Square Button     L2 = L2 Button        STR = Strength
L = Left              R1 = R1 Button        AGL = Agility
R = Right             R2 = R2 Button        INT = Intelligence
U = Up                HP = Hit Points
D = Down              MP = Magic Points

-= Screen Displays =-

On the game screen you will see various different things.  These tell you
everything you need to know - where you are, what doors can be opened, and how
healthy you are.

In the top left corner of the screen you will see something like this:-

|   HP  250·250    MP    92·92      HP - Shows how many HP you can have and what
|  -------------  -------------          your health is currently like.
|  -------------                    MP - Shows how many MP you can have and what
|   RISK     100                         your MP is currently like.
|                                 RISK - What your concentration is like.  Bar
                                         is in percentages.

In the bottom right corner of the screen is the map of the room you are
currently in.  Red dots show where you have come from, blue dots show doors
leading to new areas, white dots show doors and a padlock shows locked doors.

In the bottom left of the screen in the limb gauge.  The shows how healthy
different parts of Ashley are.

-= Menu Options =-

Battle Abilities
   When you have selected his option from the menu you will be shown a number 
   with PT following it.  That is the amount of kills you have to get before you
   can attain the next ability.

   From this screen you can see how healthy Ashley is, how much MP he has and
   what his RISK is.  You can also see this about the enemies and their
   affinities if you cast analyze on them.  If you don't you will 
   just see the enemy with ??? where the stats would normally go.

    Timing Display - Turns the "!" visible when doing chains On or Off.
    Weapon Status  - Displays any change to weapon status in the bottom left
                     corner of the screen when turned on.
    Armour Status  - As above but for armour.

-= 1.4. Menu Controls =-

O = Execute commands
X = Cancel
S = Not Used
T = Exit Menu screen

L1 = Switch menu
     Switch characters
L2 = Not Used
R1 = Switch menu
     Switch characters
R2 = Not Used

-= 1.5. InGame Controls =-

U = Move and grip
D = Change view in the Free-Look Mode
R = Go Right
L = Go Left

SELECT = Zoom In, Zoom Out.
START  = Enter Free-Look, Skip video or cut scene.

O = Execute command
    Enter battle mode
X = Cancel
    Open doors and chests
    Move cubes
    End free look
S = Jump
T = Enter Menu

L1 = Rotate map anticlockwise
L2 = Shortcut Menu
R1 = Rotate map clockwise
R2 = Walk, when using D-Pad or Analogue sticks

-= 01.6. The Battle System and Controls =-

U = Move
L = Select Target
R = Select Target
D = Change view in Free-Look

O = Execute command
    Open and close targeting sphere

X = Cancel
    Open doors and treasure chests
    Close targeting Sphere
    Switch to Normal Mode
    End Free-Look
S = Jump
T = Display main menu

L1 = Rotate anticlockwise
L2 = Shortcut Menu
R1 = Rotate map clockwise
R2 = Walk when using D-Pad or analogue stick.

*** 02.0  Maps ***

Below is a rough (and I do mean rough) map of the different areas in Vagrant
Story.  It is not yet finished as I have yet to go through a second time.  If 
you feel you are able to add to these maps please send me a scanned picture of
the areas you are wanting to add or send them to me in a zipped text file like
the maps below.  I have also missed off quite a few doors locked with Sigils,
latches, one way mechanisms and keys etc..  I am hoping to sort this out ASAP.
I would appreciate if someone would be able to tell me where these doors are so
I can add them to this file sooner than I would be able to otherwise.

-= Key =-

*       - Save Point
Cont    - Container
W/S     - Workshop
C OR C. - Chest
Latch   - Door is on a latch
1 Way   - It's a One Way Door
? Sigil - Locked with the specified sigil
? Key   - Locked with the Specified key
RI      - Locked with the Rood Inverse

-= The Map List =-

Here is a list of the maps in the order that they can be seen both in the game
and in the FAQ.

- Wine Cellar         - Great Cathedral L3  - City Walls West
- Catacombs           - Great Cathedral L4  - City Walls South
- Sanctum             - Forgotten Pathway   - City Walls East
- Abandoned Mines B1  - Escapeway           - City Walls North
- Abandoned Mines B2  - Iron Maiden B1      - Snowfly Forest
- Limestone Quarry    - Iron Maiden B2      - Snowfly Forest East
- Temple Of Kiltia    - Iron Maiden B3      - Town Centre West
- Great Cathedral B1  - Undercity West      - Town Centre South
- Great Cathedral L1  - Undercity East      - Town Centre East
- Great Cathedral L2  - The Keep

-= The Wine Cellar =-  
                                                                  |       |
START                           Chamomile Sigil                 __|       |__
 GAME                                 |                 _____  |    BOSS     |
 _____   __ ________ __   __ ________ | _____   _____  |     | |__  CHEST  __|
|     | |* |        |  | |  |        | |     | |     | |_____|    |       | EXIT
|_____| |__|   *    |__| |__|        | |_____| |_____|            |_______|  |
           |  Cont  |__|    |________|                            To Catacombs
  _______  |        |  ____                      W
 |       | |        | | C. |                   S + N
 |       | |        | |____|                     E                  ______
 |       | |________|   __                                         /      \
 |       |  ______   __|  |__   ______   ______   ______   ___   /   BOSS   \
 |       | |      | |        | |      | |      | |      | |*C | |     C.     |
 |_______| |______| |________| |______| |______| |______| |___| |            |
                                                               | \          /
                                                 Later on locked   \______/
                                                 with Stock Sigil

-= Catacombs =-

To Wine Cellar           ____                  |     C |
EXIT                    | C. |                _|     __|
 __                     |____|               |      |
|  \ Cont                 ______             |______|
| * \   ______   ______  |      |  ____       _____
 \   | |      | |      | |      | |    |_   _|     |
  \__| |______| |______| |      | |     _| |_      |
                         |______| |____|     |_____|
                                   ___           __
         W                        /   |         |  |
       S + N                    /    /          |  |
         E                    /    /            |__|
                            /    /              
                          /    /                 __
                        /    /                  |  |
                        |   |       ___         |  |
 _______                |  C|      |   |        |__|
|        \              |___|      |___|           
|         \             ________     __          ______
|          \  _______  |        |   |  \        |      |  ___
|          | |       | |        |  _|   \_____  |      | |W/S| Cont.
|          | |_______| |        | |           | |   *  | |_*_| "Work Of Art"
|         /            |________| |           | |______|
|        /                        |___________|   EXIT
|_______/                                      To Sanctum
                                               Lily Sigil

-= Sanctum =-
           E                                                            |      |
         N + S            _____________                                 | BOSS |
           W             |  |       |  |   ______     _____             |______|
                         |__|_______|__|  |      |   |CHEST|               ___
            ________      _____________   |______|   |_____|    ________  |   |
 ________  |        |  __|  |       |  |  ________   _Latch__  |        | |___|
|        | |        | |     |       |  | |        | |        | |        |_
EXIT     | |  BOSS  | |     | *Cont |  | |        | |        | |          |
|________| |        | |__   |       |  | |________| |________| |         _|
To Town    |________|    |__|_______|__|     __      ________  |        |
Centre West                                 |  |    |        | |________|
                                            |  |__  |________|
                                            |_____| EXIT
                                               To Catacombs

-= Abandoned Mines B1 =-

                                   ___    ____   __  | Fern Sigil
                                  |   \  |    | |  \ | _____
        To Town Centre West  EXIT |    | |BOSS| |   |||__   |
                                  |___/  |____| |__/     \__|
                                      ___                |  |
                                     | C |               |__|
           E                         |___|                __
         N + S                         __      _____     |  |
           W                   ____   |* |__  |     |  __|  |
                              |   _| |_   __| |BOSS | |_____|
                              |  |     \__\   |_____|
                              |__|      __
                     Silver Key___     |  |
                        ____  |C. |    |__|
                       | C  | |___|     __
                       |____|         _|  |
                           _______   /    |
To City Wall West         |       | |_____|
|       ______   _______  |       |Hyacinth Sigil
|      |  ____| |       | |_______|
|      |_|      |_______|      Latch
 _      _                       | |
| \   _/ /_   __   __   ____   _| |
EXIT |  *  | |  | |  | |    | |   |
|  / |_   _| |__| |__| |____| |___|
|_/     \_\       BOSS
       | C |

-= Abandoned Mines B2 =-
                                   |   __| Undercity West
            N                      |__|
          W + E                 __________
            S                  |          |
                               |   BOSS   |
                               |__________|         ___
                                      ___________  |   |
                                     |           | |___| Chest
                ____   __            |     *     |Iron Key
               |  __| | C|     ____  |           |
 ____  ____    |_|    |__|    |  __| |___________|
|   _||_   |    _             | | 1 Way       ___1 Way
|__|    |__|   | |_  ____     |_|            /   \
Town     __    |  _||__  |   ____           /_____\
Centre  |  |   | |     | |  |BOSS|         Undercity
South   |__|   |_|     |_|  |____|           West
        ____    _       _      _
       |BOSS|  | |_   _| |_  _| |
        ____   |  _| |_   _||_  |
       |_*__|  |_|     |_|    |_|
 ____    __     _       _      _
|    | _|  |_  |_|_  __| |    \_/
| C. ||______||____||____|     _
|____|         |_|            | |
                _             | |
        ____  _| |_  ____  ___| |
       | C. ||_____||____||_____|

-= Limestone Quarry =-

              _____   ________   ___
Temple Of    |     | |        | |   |                   N
Kiltia       |_____| |__    __| |___| CHEST           W + E
            Silver Key  |__|                            S
                       |  |
     _____              __ Silver Key
    |     |  ______   _|  |_   _____   ___
    |CHEST| |_    _| |______| |_   _| |___| Chest
    |_____|   |__|              |_| Gold Key
             _____              _
            |     |            / \
To Temple   |_____|  ___      /___\
Of Kiltia    __     |   |      ___
 ____       |  |_   |___|    _|   |_   _______
|EXIT|      | * _| |  __|   |_______| |____   |
|____|      |__|   |_|__|     _(EX)_       |__| (EX) - EXIT To Undercity West
 ____       ____   ______    \     /    _______
|BOSS|     \    / |      |    \   /    |       |
|____|      \__/  |      |     \_/     |       |
 __          __   |______|   _______   |_______|
|  |___   __|  |    ____    |       |    ____
|______| |_____|   /    \   | BOSS. |   /    \
                  /______\  |_______|  /______\
                    __          __         __      _____
                   |  |___    _|* |_    __|  |__  |     |
                   |______|  |______|  |________| |Chest|

-= Temple Of Kiltia =-

                 __________________                  ______
                |                  | Silver Key     |      |        Town Centre
                |___________       | |   __      ___|      |___         East
       _______   _____      |      | |__|  |__  |     BOSS     |  _________EXIT
 EXIT |* Cont.| |     |     |______| |        | |              | |         |
 |    |_______| |_____|              |__    __| |              | |_________|
 |               ___                    |__|    |___        ___|
Limestone       |   |             ________          |      |
Quarry          |   |__________  |  BOSS  |         |______|
                |              | | CHEST. |
                |______________| |        |                      W
                     EXIT        |________|                    S + N
                Limestone Quarry                                 E
                   Silver Key

-= Great Cathedral B1 (GCB1) =-
                                  | BOSS. |
      ___________        __        __
     |           |      |  |______|  |           W
     |   BOSS.   |      |    BOSS    |         S + N
     |           |      |   ______   |           E
     |___________|      |__|      |__|
 _______       _____________       _______
|       |     |             |     |       |
|_______|     |             |     |_______|
EXIT          |_____________|       EXIT
GCL1                   EXIT         GCL1

-= Great Cathedral L1 (GCL1) =-

                   GCL2               _____
                   EXIT_____         |     |                W
                      |     |        |_____|              S + N
 ________             |_____|            ____   ____        E
| Cont * |  _____________      ____     |    | |    |
|        | |             |  __|    |__  |    | |    |____
|        | |             | |   BOSS   | |    | |         \
|        | |             | |__      __| |    | |     ____/
|        | |_____________|    |____|    |    | |    |
|________| EXIT        _____            |____| |____|
           GCB1       |     |        _____EXIT  EXIT
             EXITS TO |_____|       |     | GCL2__|
             GCB1, GCL2         EXIT|_____|
             Town Centre East   GCB1

-= Great Cathedral L2 (GCL2) =-

            _____                 _____
      EXIT |     |  ___________  |     |                    W
      GCL1 |     | |           | |     |                  S + N
           |_____| |           | |_____|                    E
   ___                            ____________________   ___
  /   |                _____     |                    | |   \
 /    |  ________   __|     |__  |                    | |    \
|     | |        | |           | |                    | |     |
| EXIT| |        | |           | |                    | |     |
| GCL3| |________| |__       __| |                    | |     |
 \    |               |_____|    |                    | |    /
  \___|     _____   ____________ |____________________| |___/
      EXIT |     | |            |  _____                EXIT
      GCL1 |     | |            | |     |               GCL1
           |_____| |____________| |     |
                                  |_____| EXITS TO :- GCL1, GCL3

-= Great Cathedral L3 (GCL3) =-

           |         |        W
           |         |      S + N
           |         |        E
    ____   _______________________________   ____
   /    | |                               | |EXIT\
  / EXIT| |                               | |GCL4 \
 /  GCL2| |                               | |      \
|       | |                               | |       |
|       | |                               | |       |
|       | |                               | |       |
|       | |                               | |       |
 \      | |                               | |      /
  \     | |                               | |     /
   \____| |_______________________________| |____/
           |         |
           |         |
      EXIT |         |
      GCL1 |_________|

-= Great Cathedral L4 (GCL4) =-

 EXIT _____
     /     \             W
   /         \         S + N
 /             \         E
|               |
|       *.      |
|               |
 \             /
   \         /
     \_____/ EXIT
             Final Battle

-= Forgotten Pathway =-

 ____                 E
| C. |              N + S
|____|                W
  __     _________
 |  |_  |         |  _____  Gold Key
 |   _| |  BOSS   | |     | EXIT
 |__|   |         | |_____| The Keep
 ____   |_________|
| C. |

-= Escapeway =-
|      | EXIT
|    __| To Undercity West
|   |
|   |
|   |__   ______
|      | |      |            E
|______| |__    |          N + S
            |   |            W
 Silver Key  ___      _______
         ___|   |__  |       |  ______
   EXIT |          | |       | |      |
    To  |___     __| |       | |__    |
 Undercity  \    \   |_______|    |   | 
   West      \____\               |___|
             ______ Gold Key     ______
            |  C.  |            |  C.  |
            |      |            |      |
            |______|            |______|

-= Iron Maiden B1 =-

Right then.  My theory (It's probably wrong but I'm gonna tell you it anyway) is
that the team who worked on Vagrant Story are fans of Metal Music, and in
particular "Iron Maiden".  I mean the rooms have names that could only come from
Metal bands or songs, and there is a room in Iron Maiden B3 called "The Iron
Maiden".  Now unless I am very much mistaken (as I usually am) this is the name
of a song on Iron Maiden's Debut album "Iron Maiden".  Anyway, back to the maps.
Oh, you might find the maps a bit confusing but all will become clear when you
have left the Iron Maiden.

              N                 EXIT
            W + E               _____ To The Keep
              S                |     |
                                \   /
                              |       |
                              |       |
                              |_______| Mandrake Sigil
           ________   ______    _____            ________
          |        | |      |- |     | ---------|        |
          |    ____| |______|- |_____| ---------|____    |
          |   |                _______               |   |
          |___|               |       |              |___|
           | |                |       |               | |
         __|_|__              |_______|               | |
        | BOSS. |   ______       ___       ______     | |
        |       |  |  C.  |  ___|   |___  |  C.  |    | |
        |_______|  |      | |           | |      |    | |
           ___     |______| |___     ___| |______|    | |
          |   |                 |___|                 | |
          |   |                  ___       ______    _|_|_
          |   |_______       ___|   |___  |  C.  |  |     |
          |           |-----|           | |      |  |_____|
          |___________|-----|___________| |______|  _______
                       _________   ________        | BOSS. |
                      |         | |        |       |       |
                      |    _____| |_____   |       |_______|
                      |   |             |__|          ___
                      |___|              __          |   |
            Iron Key_______   _____   __|  |__   ____|   |
                     |     | |     | |        | |        |
                     |_____| |CHEST| |________| |________|
                   Steel Key |_____|
                    |       |
                    | BOSS. |
                  Iron Maiden B2

-= Iron Maiden B2 =-

Okay.  This is slightly complicated and you wish there was a save point
handy.  Why?  Hard enemies and .... warping.  That's right, the same type of
warping as found in the Snowfly Forests.  That is why I have labelled all the
rooms, and the exits.  The labels on the exits show which room you will be
taken to next.  I hope this helps.  At the Iron Maiden B2 section in the
walkthrough (when it's written) you will find a way of revealing ALL the rooms
in the Iron Maiden B2.  Anyway, Let the map commence!

 -= The Room Directory =-

   1 - The Eunic's Lot     9 - The Shin Vice   H - Strangulation
   2 - Ordeal By Fire      A - The Spider      I - Tablillas
   3 - The Oven at Neisse  B - Lead Sprinkler  J - Ordeal By Water
   4 - Pressing            C - Squassation     K - Tongue Slicer
   5 - The Mind Burns      D - The Strappado   L - Brank
   6 - The Rack            E - Thumbscrews     M - Tormentum Insomniae
   7 - The Saw             F - Pendulem        N - EXIT To Iron Maiden B3
   8 - The Cold's Bridle   G - Dragging        < - Looping Door

          N                      START
        W + E                    LEVEL
          S                      +---+
                                 |   |
                                 | 1 |
                                 |   |
         +-E-+                                           +-F-+
         |   |                 +---1---+                 |   |
       +-+   +-+               |       |               +-+   +-+
       L   F   E               |   2   |               J   G   H
       +-+   +-+               |       |               +-+   +-+
         |   |                 +---3---+                 |   |
         +-G-+                                           +-6-+
                     +-J-+       +-2-+       +-I-+
                     |   |       |   |       |   |
                   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   
                   D   I   M   <   3   <   G   H   K
                   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+
                     |   |       |   |       |   |
                     +-H-+       +-4-+       +-J-+

                               |       |
                               |   4   |
                               |       |
                     +-A-+       +-4-+       +-L-+
                     |   |       |   |       |   |
                   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+
                   E   D   I   <   5   <   F   E   D
                   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+
                     |   |       |   |       |   | 
                     +-K-+       +-6-+       +-F-+

         +-D-+                   +-5-+                   +-N-+
         |   |                   |   |                   |   |
       +-+   +-+               +-+   +-+               +-+   +-+
       H   K   J               <   6   <               I   M   L
       +-+   +-+               +-+   +-+               +-+   +-+
         |   |                   |   |                   |   |
         +-L-+                   +-7-+                   +-6-+

                               |       |
                               |   7   |
                               |       |

                     +-H-+       +-7-+       +-K-+
                     |   |       |   |       |   |
                   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+
                   K   J   G   <   8   <   M   L   F
                   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+
                     |   |       |   |       |   | 
                     +-I-+       +-9-+       +-E-+

                               |       |
                               |   9   |
                               |       |

                     +-----+     |   |     +-----+
                     |     +   +-+   +-+   +     |
                     |  C  A   C   A   B   A  B  |
                     |     +   +-+   +-+   +     |
                     +-----+     |   |     +-----+

-= Iron Maiden B3 =-

           The Keep
             |   |      _______
             |   |___  |   C.  |
 _______    /        | |       |
|   C.  |  /      ___| |       |
|       | | /|   |     |_______|
|       | |/ |   |
|_______|    |___|
          |         |
          |         |
          |  BOSS.  |
          |         |
        Iron Maiden B2

-= Undercity West =-

                    |       | EXIT
                    |    ___| Town Centre West
                    |   |
                    |   |                                  N
                    |   |__    _______                   W + E
                    |      |RI|       |                    S
                    |    __|  |___    |
                    |   |         |   |
                    |___|         |___|
            Iron Key ___           ___
                    |   |         |   |
                    |   |         |   |
                    |   |         |   |
                    |   |         |___|
                    |___|          ___
         Escapeway  EXIT          |   |   EXIT
           ______   ________   ___|   |   __ Escapeway
          |      | |        | |       |  |  |
          |    __| |__    __| |_______|  |  |
          |___|       |__|               |  |
          EXIT        ____               |__|
       Town Centre   |    |               _____________
           East      |BOSS|              |    |    | C |
                     |    |              |____|    |___|
                     |____|              |             |  
                       __                |     *       |
 _____                |  |      Mines B2||             |
|CHEST|  ________   __|  |__   ________ |EXIT__________|  ________
|     | |        | |   *.   | |        | |             | |        | EXIT
|_____| |__    __| |__    __| |__    __| |_____________| |__    __| Town Centre
 Iron Key  |  |       |  |       |  |                       |  |       East
           |__|       |__|       |__|                       |__|
            __        EXIT        __          Mines B2       __ Gold Key
           |  |    Limestone     |  |            EXIT__     |  |
           |  |     Quarry       |  |__   ____      |  |    |  |  W/S Godhands
           |  |                  |     | |    |     |  |    |  |  All Materials
           |__|                  |_____| |_   |     |  |    |  |  Cont  ____
           EXIT                 Silver Key |  |     |  |    |  |       |W/S*|
         Snowfly                           |__|     |__|    |__|       |____|
         Forest                             __       __      __          ___
                                 _____     |  |     |  |    |  |        |   |
                                |CHEST|  __|  |__  _|  |_  _|  |__   ___|   |
                                |     | |   *.   ||      ||       | |       |
                                |_____| |__    __||______||_______| |_______|
                                           |  |       Gold Key
                                          |    |
                                          |    |
                                      City Walls East

-= Undercity East =-

       ________   _____
      |  ___ C.| |__   |           N
      |_|Exit__|    |__|         W + E
To Town |   |      ______          S
Centre  |   |     |      |
East    |___|     |      |
         _____    |______|
        |     |     ____
        |     |    |    |
        |_____|    |    |
         _____     |    |
        |     |    |    |
        |     |    |____|
        |_____|     EXIT To City Walls North
 _____     _       __
|CHEST|  _| |_   _|  | EXIT To City Walls North
|     | |     |||_   |
|_____| |_____||  |__|
      Iron Key_| _____
                |     |
     ______       ___
    |CHEST.|  ___|   |
    |      | |       |
    |______| |_______|

-= The Keep =-

 _________________  |W/S*| Cont                  E
|                 | |____| Keane's Crafts      N + S
|                 |_______                       W
|                         |
EXIT     *         _______|
|      CHEST      |    ___
| To Town Centre  |   |   | Left Side - Azala Sigil
|     South       |   |   | Right Side - Tigertail Sigil
|_________________|   |___|
                      |   |
       Schirra Sigil  |   | Marigold Sigil
T.T - Damascus Golem  |___| Time Trial - Damascus Crab
                      |   |
       Aremone Sigil  |   | Verbena Sigil
  T.T - Earth Dragon  |___| Time Trial - Snow Dragon
                      |   |
       Kalmia Sigil   |   | Columbine Sigil
Time Trial - Minotaur |___| Time Trial - Dragon
                      |   |
       Gold Key       |   | EXIT To Iron Maiden B1
  Forgotten Pathway   |___|
                      EXIT To City Walls South

-= City Walls West =-

To Town Centre
 _______   _______   _______                           E
|  EXIT | |       | |       | EXIT                   N + S
|_______| |_______| |_______| To Abandoned Mines B2    W

-= City Walls South =-

                     To Town Centre      To Town Centre
                       West                South
 _______   _______   _______   _______   _______             N
|       | |       | |  EXIT | |       | | EXIT  | EXIT     W + E
|_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| To Keep    S
  To Snowfly Forest

-= City Walls East =-

          To Town Centre     To Town Centre                       W
Snowfly        South              South                         S + N
Forest   _______   _______   _______   _______   _______          E
East    |  EXIT | |       | |  EXIT | |       | |       | EXIT
|_   RI |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| To Undercity West

-= City Walls North =-

   S + N              To Town Centre                 To Town Centre
     E        Iron Key_   East                           East
               _______ | _______   _______   _______   _______   _______
EXIT          |       | | EXIT. | |       | |       | | EXIT. | |       | EXIT
To Undercity  |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| To
   East                                                       |  Undercity East
                                                 Clematis Sigil

-= Snowfly Forest =-

Okay.  The Snowfly Forest.  This is a very easy place to get lost in (Due to the
map warping) so you might find this map helpful.  Under the Room Directory is a
guide on how to get through the forest easily.  This guide however DOES NOT 
include a way to reveal ALL of the map.  You have to go and work that on your
own at another point in time.  The map below has all the different "Rooms"
labelled (as with the Iron Maiden B2).  The labels in the exits/entrances of
the rooms say which rooms they lead into.

1 - The Faerie Circle        A - Forest River            J- Golden Egg Way
2 - The Hunt Begins          B - Lamenting To The Moon   K- The Woodcutter's Run
3 - Which Way Home           C - Running With The Wolves L- The Wolves' Choice
4 - The Birds And The Bees   D - You Are The Prey        M-Howl Of The Wolf King
5 - Traces Of The Beast      E - The Secret Path         N- They Also Feed
6 - Fluttering Hope          F - Hewn From Nature        O- The Hollow Hills
7 - Return To The Land       G - The Wood Gate           P- The Spirit Trees
8 - The Yellow Wood          H - The Giving Trees        Q- The Silent Hedges
9 - Where Soft Rains Fell    I - The Wounded Boar

            |                             * Cont |
            |                                    |
            |                 A                  |
            |                                    |
            |                                    |
            +--B-----------------| 1 |--------9--+

             +-A-+                          +-A-+
             |   |                          |   |    
           --+   +--  -------  ------+      |   |              +----P----+
           M   B   L  B  Q  P  H   P |      | 9 |              |         |
           --+   +--  -------  --+   |      |   |              |    7    |
             |   |               |   |      |   |              |  BOSS.  |
             +-C-+               +-N-+      +-8-+              +----6----+

  +-O-+      +-B-+               +-P-+      +-9-+      +-J-+      +-7-+
  |   |      |   |               |   |      |   |      |   |      |   |
--+   +--  --+   +--  ------+  --+   +--  --+   +--  --+   +--  --+   +--
Q   D   C  D   C   O  C   O |  4   N   8  N   8   5  8   5   6  5   6   J
--+   +--  ---------  --+   |  --+   +--  --+   +--  --+   +--  ---------
  |   |                 |   |    |   |      |   |      |   |
  +-E-+                 +-M-+    +-H-+      +-J-+      +-4-+
  +-D-+                 +-O-+    +-N-+      +-8-+      +-5-+
  |   |                 |   |    |   |      |   |      |   |
  |   |               --+   +- --+   +--  --+   +--  --+   +--
  | E |               Q   M  B B   L   K  L   K   4  H   4   N
  |   |               -------- --+   +--  ---------  --+   +--
  |   |                          |   |                 |   |
  +-F-+                          +-J-+                 +-3-+

+---E---+                        +-8-+                 +-4-+      +-N-+
|       |          S             |   |                 |   |      |   |
|   F   |        E + W         --+   +--  ---------  --+   +--  --+   +--
| BOSS. |          N           6   J   I  J   I   3  I   3   H  3   H   P
+---G---+                      --+   +--  ---------  --+   +--  ---------
                                 |   |                 |   |
 +--F--+                         +-5-+                 +-2-+
 |     |
 |  G  |                                               +-3-+
 |  *  |                                               |   |
 +-----+                                               | 2 |
                                                       |   |

                                                      |     |
                                                      |  1  |
                                                      |  *  |

To get through the Snowfly forest you need to unblock the path connecting rooms
9 and 8.  In order to do this you need to fight the boss at 7 to change the
direction of the wind, therefore unblocking the path.  You need to go to these 
rooms in this order to get to the end:-

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 6, 5, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.  (Bit obvious really
wasn't it.)

At the boss in room F you don't need to attack Sydney - he's on your side, so
don't attack him as he will cast spells on you to aid you in your battle.  Why
he does this is something you are gonna have to find out for yourself.

-= Snowfly Forest East =-

      ________              |               |
     |        |  _________  |     BOSS      |
EXIT |        | |         | |    CHEST.     |
|    |        | |_________| |               |
|    |________|             |               |
|                           |_______________|
City Walls East

The room with the boss and the narrow corridor keep looping with each other if
you keep going forward.  In order to escape you need to go backwards the way you
came.  And to confuse you even more the map is unavailable, it will however
become accessible once you have left the forest.

-= Town Centre West =-

To City Walls South (On Latch)
| __________________
|              ____| EXIT To Undercity West
|  |     _____
|__|    |     |   EXIT Undercity West 
 __     |   __|    _ RI
|  |    |__|     _| |___   ____      To Sanctum        Crimson Key
|  |________   _|       | |    |        EXIT___________EXIT To City Walls West
|           | |      ___| |__  |     ___  |            |
|  _________| |_    |        | |    |   | |      *      \
|__|            |___|        | |    |  _| |___________   \           W
                             | |    | |               |__|         S + N
                 ___         | |    | |     Magic Hammer             E
 To        EXIT_|   |        | |    | |    ___  Cont   ___
Abandoned    |__    |        | |    | |_  |   | |WS|  |   |
Mines B1  ______| * |___   __| |    |___| |_  | |* |  |   |
         |______________| |____|            |_| |__|  |   |
                                             _________|   |
                                            |            /
                                            |   ________/ 
                                            |  |
                                            |  |

-= Town Centre South =-
                                                     Abandoned Mines B2
                                                          __ EXIT
           N                                       ______|  |____
         W + E                                    |              |
           S                                 ___  |______________|
                                       ___  |   |_ __ __   ______
                            __________|___| |     |  |  | |      | LATCH
                           |          |     |_____|__|__| |__    | EXIT
                           |          |___              ____ |   | City Walls
               _______   __|              |            |   _||   | East
              |       | |                 |            |__|  |   |
              |       | |                _| _________   ___  |___|
        ______|     __| |_____     _____|  |         | | C |
 _EXIT |      *    |          |   |        |_____    | |___|
|      |___        |          |___|              |   |____Mandrake Sigil
City Walls \      /           EXIT               |        |
South       \____/          The Keep              \_______|

-= Town Centre East =-
                                                   ___        | | EXIT
                                                  |   \       | | To Undercity
                                                  |    \______| |    East
                                                  |     ________|
                       Cont    ____               |    /
              Junction Point  |*W/S|              |___/
Wood, Leather, Bronze, Iron   |____|               ___
               and Harogene    __________         |   |  __
                              |          |        |   | |WS| * Cont
                              |          | Latch  |   | |__| Metal Works
                              |          |__   ___|   |___  (Silver and
To Undercity West             |             | |           |  Damascus)
  EXIT                        |___   _______| |___________|
    _                             |_|
 __/ /____                         _
|         |       ____            | |
|____  *  |____  |    \           | |
     |         | |     \        __| |
     |_________| |______\______|___*|
           EXIT                EXIT
             To City Walls North

Okay, that is all my map notes up and here.  (I did warn you that they would be
rough didn't I?) (Oh, and those maps are my third attempt at putting them in
that style).  These notes will get updated EVERY time I finish an area or find
anything that I missed off.  If it helps I still have the original copies of 
these maps (hand drawn, on paper, badly), so if you think you might find them
easier 2 understand, tell me and I'll scan them and put them online somewhere.

Another future plan for this section is that I will provide the names for ALL of
the rooms.  This means that when I write my guide or refer to rooms you will be 
able to find them quite easily.

*** 03.0. The Walkthrough ***
*** 03.1. First Play ***

Okay the walkthrough has been started.  All other "Version 2" guides will
contain more of the walkthrough.  Aren't you lucky?  Anyway I decided to start
the walkthrough at the Limestone Quarry as Lilac Man can't be bothered to get
passed that point as he is finding it "too hard", so I though I'd try and speed
him up a little bit.  I then finished that and though I had better start from 
the beginning of the game.  So I did.  I have also listed all the room names so 
if you get stuck you can just search for the room name and hey presto!..You are
able to get through that room!  I have also avoided putting a guide on how to 
beat the bosses in the walkthrough, as I though it would be better if I put 
those in the encyclopaedia with the enemy descriptions, so this is where you 
will be able to find the guide on beating bosses.  But enough of my rambling, 
here is the walkthrough.

-= The Intro Cut-Scene =-

When you load the game (after the FMV) you get a cut-scene as the intro.  Within
this intro are two battles which YOU can take part in. (Clever eh?)

Duke Bardorba's Manor
Nothing but cut-scene here.  Press O to continue.

The Manor's Courtyard
A box falls on the floor and you get attacked by two Mullenkamp Soldiers.  Kill
them and cut-scene takes over.  But notice this.  The bodies stay where they 
are, but when you get into Lea Monde they disappear due to the power of the 
mysterious town....

The Manor's Chapel
You get to fight Sydney's Wyvern.  Aren't you lucky?  Well, you are actually...
this one is kinda on the weak side.

-= The Wine Cellar =-

What you are wanting to do is get to Lea Monde.  But it's not that simple.  Well
nothing is in games like this are they?  The Wine Cellar is, in reality, a sort
of training course giving you experiece of nearly everything you will meet later
on in the game.

Entrance To Darkness
This is where you start.  Nothing here move on out.

Worker's Breakroom
Magic Circle
Chest [Unlocked]:- Tovarisch [B] (Hand Axe, Wooden Grip)
                   Leather Glove [L]
                   Buckler [W]
                   Five Vera Bulbs
                   Five Cure Bulbs

Hall Of Struggle
Gyag!  Your first enemy that is actually in the game!  You can now practice
carrying crates.  Remember - you need to be out of the battle mode.

Smokebarrel Stair
There is a door in here locked with the Chamomile Sigil.  As you can't open it
go up the stairs which the Crimson Blades went up.

Wine Guild Hall
Crimson Blades
Magic Circle, Container
Once the Blades have been dealt with move over to the container and magic circle
then leave the room by using the cloudstone.  The floating panels seem normal to
the average gamer no?  Well to the people in Vagrant Story they are everything
BUT normal.

Wine Magnate's Chambers
Bat, Silver Wolf
Once you have killed the enemies follow the wall to avoid the Gust Trap that is 
just infront of the exit.

Fine Vintage Vault
1st Time:-         Two Crimson Blades
Every other time:-  Bats and Wolves
This shouldn't be to hard.

Chamber Of Fear
Bats, Silver Wolf
You walk forward, and an earthquake changes the layout - then the enemies start
to appear in this room.  Jump onto the high ledge to get to a treasure room
which is guarded by the Silver Wolf.

The Reckoning Room
Silver Wolves, Bat
Chest [Unlocked]:- Seventh Heaven [B] (Gastraph Bow, Simple Bolt]
                   Reinforced Glove [L]
                   Vera Root
                   Cure Root

Labourer's Thirst
Silver Wolf, Bat
To leave the room you need to go through the door which is high up.  To do this
get a crate while standing on the central platform and place it directly 
infront of the jutting ledge.  Jump on top and then jump up to the exit.

The Rich Drown In Wine
Silver Wolf, Bat
Once you enter the room you will see some wolves on the floor directly below 
you, all you need to do is jump down and kill them along with whatever else is 
in the room.  Once you have done this target the pile of crates from within the
Battle System so that you are able to pick one up off the top of the pile.  
Once you have done this carry it over to the other high up platform which leads
to the switch.  Once you are by the switch, select it and choose to move it.  
You now have 2 seconds to jump down and leave the room.  When time limits are on
Ashley will walk out the room on his own as long as he is in the doorway. You'll
see what I mean....

Room Of Rotten Grapes
Bat, Silver Wolf (How original)
Crates.  Crates.  And even more crates.  Guess what you have to do here.  That's
right you need to place the crates by the platform so that you can reach the

Blackmarket of Wines
Magic Circle
Chest [Unlocked]:- Cure Potion
                   Five Cure Bulbs
Once here, save and max out your health and MP - you're about to encounter the 
first boss of the game.  Once you return to this room after the boss battle you
will see a training dummy with Human Affinity.  All I'm gonna say is it's up to
you whether or not you use it, but the workshop is a long way off to restore
your weapons lost Damage Points....

The Gallows
1st Time
 BOSS:- Minotaur
 Chest [Unlocked]:- Pelta Shield [W]
                    Three Vera Bulbs
                    Fifteen Yggdrasil's Tears
 Once defeated and you try to leave the room you get access to the Battle 
 Abilities after some "funky" cut-scene action.  Now just assign Defence and
 Chain Abilities and you can move on.

2nd Time (Later on when you have the Stock Sigil)
 BOSS:- Minotaur Zombie
 Prize:-             Rune Earrings Accessory
                     Three Cure Bulbs
                     Elixir Of Queens
 Chest [Chest Key]:- Circle Shield [D] with Titan Malachite Gem
                     Three Cure Potions
                     Vera Potion

 This is later on in the game when you have acquired the Stock Sigil.  When you
 enter you will encounter the Minotaur Zombie (who happens to keep re-spawning
 after you have killed it)

Room Of Cheap Red Wine
After having used the Chamomile Sigil you'll end up here.  And you will be 
attacked by an undead enemy - the first of the game.

Room Of Cheap White Wine
Zombie, Zombie Fighter, Ghoul
Once in here you get attacked by some unhappy members of the undead.  Kill them
and move on.  You will get two cure potions for every enemy killed in this room.

The Greedy One's Den
Silver Wolves
Kill and continue

The Hero's Winehall
BOSS:- Dullahan
Chest [Unlocked]:- Rusty Nail [B] (Spear, Spiculum Pole)
                   Braveheart Gem
                   Cure Bulb
When you have finished here move on to the Catacombs.

-= Catacombs =-

Now you have got out of the Wine Cellar you need to get out of the Catacombs
before you can enter Lea Monde.  The only problem is that the door you need to
leave by is locked with the Lily Sigil.....

Hall Of Sworn Revenge
Magic Circle, Container
You will find a Cure Panel on the left raised step which is opposite the Magic
Circle.  This cures any status ailments, restores you HP to full and reduces
your RISK.

Later on you will be able to find a Skeleton Knight Training Dummy in this room.

The Last Blessing
All you need to do here is run through the room.  Killing enemies on the way is
SOMETIMES a good idea, but you still have another room to go through before you 
can stop the two second time limit.

The Weeping Corridor
Look out for the Freeze Trap that is two squares infront of the exit.  Avoid it
by sticking to the wall.

Persecution Hall
Skeleton, Hellhound
Once in the room look to the left and near the ceiling.  There is a door.  You
can't get to it, can you?  Well, all you need to do is solve a little cube
puzzle...Follow the instructions below

- First destroy a crate that is stacked up
- Place the crate on the half step
- Stand on the half step and pick the crate up
- Put the crate on the full step
- Place under door
- Jump up and exit.

Rodent-Ridden Chamber
Chest [Unlocked]:- Pink Squirrel [I] (Goblin Club, Wooden Grip)
                   Cross Guard Grip
                   Long Boots
                   Iocus Gem
                   Three Mana Roots
                   Three Cure Bulbs
I'm not going to insult your intelligence by helping you with this.  It's simple
and involves using steps....

Shrine To The Martyrs
Skeleton, Hellhound
You will find out shortly that in order to enter this room you need an 
earthquake.  Well, we'll see what we can do about that shall we?  For the moment
go through the other door

The Lamenting Mother
Time Trial (30 seconds)
Chest [Unlocked]:- Shandy Gaff [B] (Broad Sword)
                   Knuckles [B]
                   Elixir of Queens
Defeat the enemy in 30 seconds and you get a prize, don't defeat you don't get a
prize but whatever happens - you CAN'T die.  You will find that the other door
in here is rusted shut.  Leave and an earthquake will hit, the floor of The
Lamenting Mother will disappear leaving you to go through the Shrine To The

Hall Of Dying Hope
Zombie Knight
The door you need to go through first is the one above the wall as it leads to a
treasure room.  To get there push the push crate forward and the left so that it
meets the wall.  Then get the carry crate place it on top of the push crate and
jump up to the exit.

Bandit's Hideout
Ghost, Bat, Hellhound
Chest [Unlocked]:- Soul Kiss [S] (Scramasax, Swept Hilt)
                   Targe [B]
                   Knuckles [B]
                   Bear Mask [L]
                   Haeralis Gem
                   Three Spirit Orisons
                   Three Eye Of Argons
To get the platform with the chest on, destroy the push crate and move the
rolling cube so that it's against the wall.  Then move a push crate under the
the chests ledge.  Jump onto it and you can open the chest.

The Bloody Hallway
Cube Puzzle
Drop down the otherside of the central platform.  Once here move the lower cube
so that it is directly underneath the higher one.  Push the higher cube towards
the door you entered the room.  Keep doing this until it drops down.  Now using
the step you have just created carry the crates over the gap and stack them up
under the exit so that you can leave the room.

Faith Overcome Fear
Skeleton, Zombie Knight
Kill.  Destroy.  Win.  Move on.

The Withered Spring
Ghost, Skeleton, Mummy
Magic Circle
The double doors ahead are the ones locked with the Lily Sigil.  The door on the
right is where you go to get that sigil.  The door on the left is the first
workshop of the game.  Go there first.

Work Of Art (WORKSHOP)
Magic Circle, Container
Here you can work with Wood, Leather and Bronze
This is where the REAL weapons come from - your imagination and a workshop.
Have fun and experiment.

Repent O Ye Sinners
Bat, Ghoul
Move on through this room into the next.

The Reaper's Victims
Bat, Zombie Knight
This is a locking trap room.  Defeat the enemies to be able to leave.

The Last Stab Of Hope
The door on the right here leads to The Lamenting Mother so if you didn't get
the chest earlier - now is you chance.  But remember it doesn't go anywhere as
the floor gave way after the earthquake.

Hallway of Heroes
Zombie Knight OR Skeleton
Kill them.  KILL 'EM ALL.

The Beast's Domain
Lizardman (1 and 2)
Move forward and you'll get attacked.  After defeating the first one you will 
receive:- Glaive [B]
          Knuckles [I]
          Grimoire Antidote
          Elixir Of Queens
After defeating the second one you get:- Spear [I]
                                         Lily Sigil
Now you have the Lily Sigil you can leave the Catacombs.  Return here later and
you will encounter a piece of Slime.

-= Sanctum =-

In order to leave the sanctum you need to use a cloudstone.  This cloudstone has
to be activated first.  In otherwords you have to fight a boss before you can
use the cloudstone...

Prisoner's Niche
Cube Puzzle
Follow the instructions folks and everything will be all right:-

- Destroy the crate on the right
- Slide this so that there is a base of three crates next to each other
- Place both of the carry crates on the step you have just created
- Stand on the step yourself
- Place one carry crate on top of the other
- Climb to the top and leave the room after climbing over the wall

Corridor Of The Clerics
When you have finished in here take the door that is infront of you.

Priests' Confinement
Prize :- Eye of Argon
         (This is received from one of the bats in the room)
There is a heal panel somewhere in this room.  If you need to use it use the Eye
of Argon that you got from the bat.

If you look at the other end of the room (to the right of where you came in) you
will see a door high up.  That is where you need to go.  To get there climb onto
the cabinet underneath it which runs along the right hand-side wall.  From this
cabinet you need to jump slightly to the left in order to reach the door.  It is
slightly hard but you CAN make it - just keep trying.

The Alchemist's Laboratory
Skeleton Knights, Poison Slime
Chest [Unlocked]:- Bosom Cleaver [B] (Langdebeve, Dragonite Gem,)
                   Grimoire Halte
There is a chest on the otherside of the room.  You can get there from jumping 
off the top of the cabinets.  To leave the room, use the door that is by the
floor.  Leaving this way will unlatch the door so you can use this door from
the other side later on if you need to.

The Academia Corridor
Once here go straight over

Theology Classroom
Ghost, Skeleton
Locking Trap
You might win Cure and Vera items off the occupants of this room if you lucky.
Once you have finished in here leave and turn right.

Shrine Of The Martyrs
Hellhound, Skeleton Knight
There is a door on the left - go through it.

Hallowed Hope
Poison Slime, Bat
Once you have defeated the enemies max out your health and MP to prepare for a
boss battle.

Hall Of Sacrilege
BOSS:- Golem
Once you have defeated the Golem go back to the Corridor of The Clerics and 
leave through the exit that you have not yet used.

Advent Ground (The South Side)
Bat, Lizardman
If you jump in the river you will lose 20 HP and restart by the door you came 
with which you entered the room.  So just take the door on the right.

Passage Of The Refugees
Bat, Poison Slime, Lizardman
Get rid of the enemies before you start doing anything or you might have trouble
when solving the cube puzzle.  Find the carry crate that is hidden in the pile 
and place it against the other wall.  Now you can jump onto the top ledge and 
use the cloudstone.  Once on the otherside of the gap you will fight a Lizardman
so get ready.

Advent Ground (The North Side)
Magic Circle, Container
Looks like there is a save point.  Deposit all the items you want in the 
container and use that as your save point - or you can just use the save point.
Also, get you HP and MP to the fullest capacity....

The Cleansing Chantry
BOSS:- Dragon
Just kill it, and move on to the Stairway To The Light.

Stairway To The Light
Exit from here and you'll enter into Lea Monde....

-= Town Centre West (The North Side) =-

The Crimson Blades have secured ALL of the Town Centre West.  In order to leave
you need the Crimson Key - which happens to be owned by the Crimson Blades.  At
the moment.  You will also notice that there is a cloudstone on the otherside of
the river.  You will only be able to use this later on in the game.  For now
concentrate on getting the key.

Rue Vermillion
Magic Circle
The door locked with the Crimson Key is here (look at your map and you'll be
able to see it).  From here take the North-east path.

The Rene Coastroad
Here you will find the second workshop of Vagrant Story.

The Magic Hammer (WORKSHOP)
Magic Circle, Container
At the Magic Hammer you can work with Bronze and Iron.  Repair you weapons and
shields while you have your chance as if you don't you'll regret it later on...

Rue Mal Fallde
Once here you realise you can't go this way, so head back to Rue Vermillion and
take the other path.

Tircolas Flow
BOSS:- Father Duane, Sarjik, Bejart
After the battle you will have that key for the door which takes you to the City
Walls West.

In the BOSS battle here I suggest getting Sarjik and Bejart first then moving on
to get Father Duane.  If Father Duane casts Poison Mist on it counter it with
a Faerie Chortle or Antidote.

-= City Walls West =-

There is no real objective to this part of Vagrant Story as it just takes you to
the Abandoned Mines B1.

Students Of Death
Go through the door...

The Gabled Hall
Zombie Knights
Locking Trap Room

Where The Master Fell
Follow the staircase to the Abandoned Mines B1.

-= Abandoned Mines B1 =-

In order to leave the mines you need to find the Hyacinth and Fern Sigils.  So
you will have to wander around for a bit to get them.

Dreamer's Entrance
Meet your new enemy and move on.

The Crossing
Hellhound (Sometimes)
Magic Circle
Save and then head west to find a treasure room.

Miner's Resting Hall
Goblins, Mimic
Chest [Magic]:- Stinger [B] (Guisarme, Sand Face Grip)
                Quad Shield [B]
                Ring Mail [B]
                Ring Leggings [B]
                White Queen Gem
                Grimoire Visible
                Five Cure Bulbs

Walk towards the chest on the lower floor and it'll move.  It's a mimic.  Those
who have played the game for a long time will know by now that the layout's for
treasure room are usually very similar and that the chests are usually in the
same place.  So, if anything looks different (as in the chest is in the wrong
place and there is more than one of them) there is a mimic around.

You now have a choice of roots.  You can either turn right after leaving the
room or go straight ahead - it's up to you.  But they both end up in the same

The Suicide King (After going right)
Goblin, Stirge
Locking Trap
In here you'll get a couple of Yggdrasil's Tears which will come in very handy
later on.

The Battle's Beginning
BOSS:- Wyvern
When you have slain this Wyvern move ahead.

What Lies Ahead?
Goblin, Goblin Leader
Move on after meeting your new "friend".

The Fruits Of Friendship
Just cross the gap using the cloudstone and leave the room.

Conflict And Accord (After going straight ahead)
Goblin, Hellhound
Move on.

The End Of The Line
Goblin, Stirge
Locking Trap Room
What do we have here?.....
Yggdrasil's Tears?

The Earthquake's Mark (the Junction)
Once here you will notice that there is a door on the latch, a door locked with
the Hyacinth Sigil and an unlocked door.  You need to use the unlocked door.

Coal Mine Storage
Goblin, Goblin Leader
Chest [Unlocked]:- Ring Sleeve [B]
                   Chain Coif [B]
                   Undine Jasper
                   Fern Sigil
It might be a good idea to use Eureka here....

Now use the Hyacinth Sigil...

The Passion Of Lovers
The Time Trial thingy starts with around 15 seconds...

Hall of Hope
Goblin, Goblin Leader
go, Go, GO!

The Dark Tunnel
Magic Circle
Once here save and head east for a treasure room.  Ignore the door locked with
the silver key (leading to Everwant Passage) as you will get that later on in 
the Temple Of Kiltia.

Later on this room will contain the Ogre (Beast) Dummy for practising.

Everwant Passage
Goblin, Mimic
I said it was locked didn't I....

Rust In Peace
Goblin Leader, Goblin, Mimic
Chest [Magic]:- Chain Sleeve [B]
                Salamander Ring
                Elixir Of Sages
                Grimoire Undine

The Smeltry
BOSS:- Fire Elemental
Did you save? Did you? Eh? Did you?

Clash Of Hyaenas
This shouldn't be too hard.  Just use a bit of common sense here and there.....

Greed Knows No Prosper
Goblin Leader, Goblin
No treasure here then...

Live Long And Prosper
"I'm givin' 'er all she's got captain!"
The door you need to leave by is locked with the Fern Sigil, but as you have
that already you should be okay.

Pray To The Mineral Gods
"To Infinity and BEYOND!"

Traitor's Parting
BOSS:- Ogre
Make sure your HP and MP are full before you enter because it's a long way to 
the last save point.

Go up the stairs to leave the Abandoned Mines B1

-= Town Centre West (The South Side) =-

You have now found your way back to Town Centre West.  Before you continue with
your quest I would suggest heading back to the workshop by using the now active
cloudstone that crosses the river.  The main objective of the next part of the
game is to find your way into the Undercity West.

Rue Bouquet
Magic Circle
This is where you emerge from the mines.  If I were you I would take advantage
of that save point.

Tircolas Flow (The South Side)
Crimson Blades
You will find that from this point on your enemies will tend to "hunt" you, cast
Herakles and cure themselves.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Glacialdra Kirk Ruins
In here you will notice a gate.  A locked gate.  That is locked with.....the
Rood Inverse....You are unable to open gates and doors locked with the Rood
Inverse on your first play.  Sorry.  But there IS a good reason to it, although
you need to finish the game to find out why.  So you can either go back to Rue
Bouquet or climb over the rocks and leave through a hidden exit.

Villeport Way
This is where you end up after the cut-scene.  But it leads to a dead end.  So
head backwards

Rue Sant s'Alsa
Crimson Blades
You will find that a Crimson Blade jumps down from above.  Climb up their and go
through the door.  If you look at your map you will be able to see where it is.

Dinas Walk
Cross the gap and when outside jump down, kill the Crimson blade and enter the
Undercity West.

-= Undercity West =-

Your new objective is to find your way to the Snowfly Forest.

The Bread Pebbler's Way
Keep on moving forwards...

Way Of The Mother Lode
Zombie Knight, Ghast
When finished here head forwards and go through the door.

Sewer Of Ravenous Rats
Skeleton, Zombie Mage
You can't go any further as the door is locked with the Silver Key, so head back
and leave via the exit which you have not yet used.

Underdark Fishmarket
BOSS:- Giant Crab
When finished here move on to The Sunless Way.

The Sunless Way
Magic Circle
Go forwards to find the Hall of Poverty, left to The Washing-Woman's Way and
right to continue with your trek in Remembering Days Of Yore.

Hall Of Poverty
Zombie Knight, Ghast
Not much here...

The Washing Woman's Way
Zombie Knight, Zombie Mage
The door is locked with the Silver Key so head back.

Remembering Days Of Yore
Zombie Knight, Ghast, Zombie Mage
Remember to come back here later when you have the Iron Key in order to gain
lots of treasure and the Clematis Sigil, but as you can't do that at the mo, use
the other exit.

Where The Hunter Climbed
At the top of this staircase is the Snowfly Forest.

-= The Snowfly Forest =-

Grrr.  I don't like the Snowfly Forest, it is very confusing (screen warps that
take you from one side of the map to the other ya hear!), and the cover of the
trees makes it hard to spot any enemies that may be lurking in the undergrowth.
If you get lost walk up to a tree and press X.  You will then be given the
option to face South or not.  Very handy, if you ask me - which you won't.

"Follow the snowflies" is what Rosencrantz tells you to do.  Yeah, right.  They
are EVERYWHERE.  Don't listen to him - just follow my guide instead and you 
WON'T get lost.  What you have to do instead is find a Dragon, beat it to change
the direction of the wind to unblock a path that is blocked by the snowflies in
order to continue.

I have a map of the Snowfly forest in my maps section so I won't bother placing
it here as well.  If you follow the numbers and letters in their increasing 
order (you'll get the idea) it will take you straight through the forest missing
out the areas that you don't have to visit.  The following "room" guide follows
the listing of those areas on the map.

The Faerie Circle
Magic Circle
This is where you start head forwards.

The Hunt Begins
There's nothing here.  Move on to the next screen.

Which Way Home
You have found one of the forest's main residents.  Once defeated move forward
onto the next screen (that's south BTW).

The Birds And The Bees
Once again continue heading south.

Traces Of The Beast
Once here go right (west).

Fluttering Hope
From here head south to face the first boss in the Snowfly Forest.

Return To The Land
BOSS:- Earth Dragon
Once you have defeated this creature head back from where you came, go straight
forward (east) in order to get to the Yellow Wood.

Yellow Wood
Once here turn right to head south.

Where Soft Rains Fell
Fire Elemental
Once defeated keep going forward

The Forest River
Basilisk, Zombie Knights
Magic Circle, Container
Chest [Unlocked]:- Knuckle Guard Grip
                   Circle Shield [H]
                   Chain Mail [I]
                   Sylphid Ring
                   Nightkiller Gem
                   Three Acolyte's Nostrum
                   Grimoire Agilite
The first exit (on your side of the river) leads you back to the Faerie Circle
at the start of the forest (don't want to go there then...).  What you want to
do is cross the river and leave through that exit (north).

Lamenting To The Moon
Head north.

Running With The Wolves
Head east.

You Are The Prey
Head north again.

The Secret Path
Head north once more.

Hewn From Nature
BOSS:- Father Grissom, Dark Crusader
ALLIE:- Sydney
Chest [Unlocked]:- Corpse Reviver [I] (Firangi)
                   Circle Shield [H]
                   Demonia Gem
                   Three Vera Tonics
                   Three Cure Bulbs

If you want you can use Sydney as a shield - but don't kill him as he aids you
by casting spells that are to your advantage.  That said it is possible to kill
him and he says something about it not being his time and he suddenly; comes 
back from the death for the after battle cut-scene.  Quite odd.  Now leave by 
the north exit.

The Wood Gate
Magic Circle
You have now left the Snowfly Forest.  Go through the new door and enter the
City Walls South.

-= City Walls South =-

These walls will take you to your next port of call - The Keep.

The Weeping Boy
Continue ahead.

Swords For The Land
Lizardman, Blood Lizard
Time Challenge
Clear the room within 20 secs or you will have to start all over again from the

In Wait Of The Foe
Unlatch the door which leads on to Villeport Way, but don't use it.  Instead 
keep moving onwards in the city walls.

Where Waery Riders Rest
Guess what you have to do here?

The Boy's Training Room
Head forward and you will enter the Keep.
Later on in the game, this room will contain a Dummy which enables you to
increase your weapon's Dragon class affinity.

-= The Keep =-

In the keep are many doors locked with Sigils.  These doors are for time trials
and you DO NOT need to enter them all to get 100% map completion as the rooms
don't appear on the map.  From the Keep you are also able to access Iron Maiden
B1 and a new workshop.

The Soldier's Bedding
Max up you health and magic point and enter the south door which leads into the
Iron Maiden B1.

-= Iron Maiden B1 =-

Count this as a....slight detour from your current mission but it saves you from
coming back later.  What you are going to do here is claim a Sigil then run back
to the Keep.  I have a separate section dedicated to the WHOLE of the Iron 
Maiden after the main walkthrough so...read it.

The Cage
Go down the stairs

The Cauldron
Wraith, Gargoyle
Locking Trap
Room Prizes:- Mandrake Sigil
              Grimoire Exsorcer
              Three Spirit Orisons
              Three Vera Bulbs
This is the room you get your sigil.  Kill the Wraith and leave via the way you
came in.

-= The Keep =-

The Soldier's Bedding
So.. your back here.  Go east.

A Storm Of Arrows
Sigil Locked Doors.

Urge The Boy On
More Sigil locked doors.

A Taste Of The Spoils
Even more Sigil locked doors

Wiping Blood From Blades
Guess what?  Yup, your right....

The Warrior's Rest
Magic Circle
Chest [Chest Key]:- Sweet Sorrow [I] (Francisca, Gendarme)
                    Tower Shield [I] (With Death Gueen Gem)
                    Sallet [H]
                    Three Sorcerer's Reagents
When you first arrive here you will enter the room during a cut-scene.  When it
has ended enter the room across the corridor to max up and save THEN try to 
exit this room as you will enter into a BOSS battle.

Keane's Crafts (WORKSHOP)
Magic Circle, Container
Here you can work with Bronze, Iron and Hagane

The Warrior's Rest
Mini-BOSS:- Jan Rosencrantz
You enter this battle as you are leaving the room.

-= Town Centre South =-

Once in the Town Centre South you need to get into the Abandoned Mines B2.  You
can do this by going two different ways.  I will take you through both ways but
I suggest you follow ROUTE ONE and come back and do ROUTE TWO later, as you 
don't have to go anywhere near route two to finish the game.  But both routes
will end up at the same point in Abandoned Mines B2 which is Bandit's Hollow.

Forcas Rise
Crimson Blades
This is where you enter Town Centre South.  First go left to find a magic circle
and then go right.

Valdiman Gate
Magic Circle
The door here leads on to City Walls South.

Rue Aliano
Crimson Blades
The door here is locked with the Mandrake Sigil.  If you have the Mandrake Sigil
you can go through the door.  This is the start of ROUTE ONE.  If you wish to
take route two head back to Forcas Rise.

Forcas Rise
Once you are back here head to the north-eastern corner of the room and leave
via that exit.

Rue Faltas
Here you have a Portcullis which you are unable to move and an archway.  Head
under the archway.

Rue Morgue
Crimson Blades
After you have dispatched of the Crimson Blades use the Bronze Key on the door
and enter the Abandoned Mines B2.  This is the start of ROUTE TWO.

 -= ROUTE ONE =-
The House Khazabas
Chest [Magic]:- Ten Eye Of Argon's
                Grimoire Muet
After using the Mandrake Sigil you will end up here.  Once you have opened the
chest continue on to the next room.

Zebel Walk
Just jump over the gap and leave the room.

Rue Volnac
You have two doors infront of you.  One latched and one un-latched.  You can
un-latch the locked door later but for now use the unlocked door to enter the
City Walls East.

-= City Walls East =-

Train And Grow Strong
One door locked with the Rood Inverse, which means you have to leave through the
other door.

The Squire's Gathering
Zombie Mage, Dark Skeleton
Walk on...

The Invaders Are Found
Before continuing un-latch the door as it leads back on to Rue Volnac.

The Dream Weavers (HEY! We use DreamWeaver 3 to make GD...)
Zombie Made, Dark Skeleton
After you have finished playing with Macromedia products feel welcome to move

The Cornered Savage
Take the staircase down to Undercity West.

-= Undercity West =-

Fear Of The Fall
BOSS:- Dark Elemental
When you have finished here head on to Sinner's Corner.

Sinner's Corner
Magic Circle
Dark Skeletons, Dark Eye
When finished here head left to find a treasure room.

The Children's Hideout
Dark Eye, Gargoyle
Chest [Unlocked]:- Sweet Death [S] (Shamshir, Knuckle Guard Grip)
                   Footman's Mace [H] Blade
                   Steel Bolt Grip
                   Spiked Shield (with White Queen Gem)
                   Undine Bracelet
                   Speedster Gem
                   Grimoire Dissiper
When finished here leave the room and head left.

Nameless Dark Oblivion
Dark Eye, Dark Skeleton
The Silver Door leads onto The Washing-Woman's way but you can't got here yet.
If you want you can come back later when you do have the key.  For now, just
leave the room and turn left.

Corner Of Prayers
One door here is locked with the Gold Key so leave through the other door.

Hope Obstructed
Take the door at the end of the corridor and you will be in the Abandoned Mines

-= Abandoned Mines B2 =-

-Unknown Room-
Unfortunately I don't know the name of this room, but when you go down the 
stairs you will end up in Bandit's Hollow.

Okay, Route Two is mainly ONE massive TIME CHALLENGE.  Luckily you can leave at
any time using on of the two doors on either side of the Time Challenge.  Anyway
let's continue.

Corridor Of Shade
After using the Bronze Key you will end up here.

Revelation Shaft
Just use the crates to give you a height advantage for jumping onto the
Cloudstone.  Use Invigorate OR Faerie Wings if you feel it is necessary.

Gambler's Passage
Move on to the next room.

The Miner's End
BOSS:- Air Elemental

The Treaty Room
Magic Circle
Slime, Poison Slime
Use the magic circle as you are about to enter the Time Challenge.

Way Of Lost Children
Start Of Time Trial:- TWO MINUTES
Orcs, Orc Leader
When the 2 minutes are up and you are still in you will get transported back to
The Treaty Room.  Anyway head right after entering the room.

Hidden Resources
Mimic, Imp
Chest [Chest Key]:- Eviscerator [S] (Kudi)
                    Tower Shield [I]
                    Breastplate [I]
                    Fusskampf [H]
                    Trinity Gem
                    Three Saint's Nostrums
                    Grimoire Mollesse
Once you have explored the chest, leave the room and go straight ahead.

Desire's Passage
There is a Cure Panel just before the door that leads out of the room.

Senses Lost
Orc, Orc Leader
There are two traps here so cast Eureka or use an Eye Of Argon.

Crossing Of Blood
Cast Eureka to find the Diabolos and Death Vapour Traps.  BUT what you really
want to do is leave by the door opposite you.

The Abandoned Catspaw
Leave through the door.

Hall Of Contemplation
Orcs, Orc Leader
Once in here head left.

Hall Of The Empty Sconce
Proceed ahead to find...a treasure room.

Acolyte's Burial Vault
Mimic, Imps
Chest [Unlocked]:-  Affinity [H] (Corcesca, Framea Pole)
                    Circle Shield [H]
                    Gauntlet [H]
                    Hellraiser Gem
                    Grimoire Vie
Once you are finished in here leave through the other exit of the Hall Of

The Fallen Bricklayer
Go straight ahead.

Cry Of The Beast
Go down the stairs

The Ore Of Legend
Orcs, Orc Leader
Once here go left.

Suicidal Desires
Mimic, Imps
Chest [Unlocked]:- Dog's Nose [H] (Footman's Mace, Sarissa Grip)
                   Target Bow [I] Blade
                   Gnome Bracelet
                   Elixir Of Queens
                   Three Vera Bulbs
Once finished here leave this room and go straight ahead.

Lambs To The Slaughter (Why not "Slimes To The Slaughter"?)
Slime, Poison Slime
There is a heal panel on the south wall which is a good idea to use, as it
reduces your RISK and increases your HP.

A Wager Of Noble Gold
Orc, Orc Leader

Kilroy Was Here (What was he doing here?)
Orc Leaders
After being on TV you may move on...

Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss
If you arrived here via the south route you have to use the cloudstone to cross
and leave through the north door.  If you came from the west, you can just fall
down and leave through the door.

Tomb Of The Reborn
BOSS:- Earth Elemental
Okay, once defeated you have two more doors to negotiate.  You up to it?  You
better be...

The Lunatic Veins
One more door...

Bandit's Hollow
Magic Circle
Blood Lizard, Imps
It's not that hard to climb up.  If there is a crate use that, if not get 
height, and jump slightly to the side so that you can grab a ledge.  BUT when 
you get to the top - SAVE, FOR SMEG'S SAKE SAVE!  I mean, you don't want to 
loose all your hard work do you?  At the top you will find a door locked with 
the Iron Key.  You'll want to come back here later then.  For now leave through
the only door that can be used.

Dining In Darkness
BOSS:- Sky Dragon
Not that hard was it?  MOVE ON!

Subtellurin Horrors
Use the cloudstone to cross the gap and then leave the room.

-= Undercity West =-

The Crumbling Market
Magic Circle
Un-latch the door and leave by the other door.

Tears From Empty Heaven
I have a riddle.  One door is locked with the Gold Key.  The other isn't.  Which
one do you use?  COME ON! YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!

-= Town Centre East =-

As you *do* have the Cattleya Sigil I suggest you continue the game based from
here.  At least until you are able to get to Godhands.  Anyway, follow the 

Rue Lejour
Magic Circle
This is where you appear, just round the corner is a Magic Circle.

You can either go into town via the City Walls North OR by Kesch Bridge.  In my
opinion going by Kesch Bridge is easier, so that's what I'll tell you to do.

-= City Walls North =-

From Squire To Knight
Blood Lizards
You will find one door is locked with the Iron Key - you'll be back here later.
For now use the other door.

From Squire To Knight
Blood Lizards

Destruction and Rebirth
Dark Elemental
Time Challenge (20 seconds)

From Boy To Hero
Blood Lizards
Take the door on the side of the wall to enter Kesch Bridge.
The other door is locked with the Clematis Sigil (you'll be back here also)
Later on in the game this room will have the Phantom Training Dummy.

-= Town Centre East =-

Kesch Bridge
Magic Circle
Crimson Blades
Don't cross the river, instead go down the path.

Rue Crimnade
Crimson Blades
Here you will find two doors.  One locked with the Cattleya Sigil (go here) and
the other is latched.

Junction Point (WORKSHOP)
Magic Circle, Container
Here you can work with Wood, Leather, Bronze, Iron and Hagane.
This workshop is locked with the Cattleya Sigil.
When finished here go back into Rue Crimnade and leave through the OTHER exit.

Rue Fisserano
Crimson Blade
On the lower level you will find a workshop and on the higher level you will
find that the path continues.

Metal Works (WORKSHOP)
Magic Circle, Container
Here you can work with Silver and Damascus.

Shasras Hill Park
Crimson Blades
On the other side of the room is a door. Use it.  It is locked with the Bronze 
Key and leads down to the Undercity East.

-= Undercity East =-

Your objective is to get the Iron Key, Stock Sigil, Eulalia Sigil and Melissa
Sigil Mr. Hunt....

Hall To A New World
Move forwards...

Place Of Free Words
Mini-BOSS:- Harpy
Room Prize:- Grimoire Intensite
             Five Angelic Paeans
             Cure Tonic

Bazaar Of The Bizarre
BOSS:- Lich
Room Prize:- Summoner Baton [I]
             Agales' Chain Accessory
             Eulelia Sigil
             Mana Tonic
             Elixir Of Mages
             Teleport Ability
When you have defeated the Lich you get...the Teleportation ability.  Lucky You.

Noble Gold And Silk
You can't go left so go right!

Weapons Not Allowed
Lich, Quicksilvers
Chest [Unlocked]:- Mojito [B] (Falchion, Stone Bullet Grip)
                   Titan's Ring Accessory
                   Grimoire Nuageux
                   Iron Key
Once you have finished in here you are able to go to many new areas (explained
a little bit later on in more detail).  For now leave the room and open the
previously locked door.

A Knight Sells His Sword
Harpy, Quicksilver
Once here kill the Quicksilver's, don't let the Harpies see you (they only 
attack if they see you) and go right.

Gemsword Blackmarket
BOSS:- Nightstalker
Once finished here move on.

The Pirate's Son
Harpy, Quicksilver
Use Eureka to find a Gust Trap.

Sale Of The Sword
Lich, Quicksilver
Chest [Unlocked]:- Ahlspies Grip
                   Pushpaka Accessory
                   Grimoire Tardif
                   Stock Sigil
The Stock Sigil... I think I wrote about that along with everything else in the
Wine Cellar....yes I did, I'm positive about that.....
Now head back to A Knight Sells His Sword and leave through the other exit.

-= City Walls North =-

Traces Of Invasion Past
This staircase leads up to the rest of the City Walls North.  Once their head to
Kesch Bridge to save and freshen up for the next leg.

-= A Guide To The Iron Key =-
As you now have the Iron Key, I will tell you where you can use it.

1) Teleport to "The Sunless Way".  From there go to "Remembering Days Of Yore".
   Once their you will find a door that is locked with the Iron Key.  Go inside.

   Larder For A Lean Winter
   Dark Skeletons, Lich
   Chest [Unlocked]:- Balin's Revenge [H] (Tabar, Heavy Grip)
                      Vambrace [H]
                      Elixir Of Sages
                      Five Alchemist's Reagents
                      Clematis Sigil

2) Teleport to "Bandit's Hollow" and open the only other door you have not yet
   used that can be opened.

   Delusions Of Happiness
   Blood Lizards
   Chest [Unlocked]:- Pirate's Mate [H] (Sabre Halberd, Sarissa Grip)
                      Kris [D] Blade
                      Heater Shield [I] (With Orion Gem)
                      Swan Song
                      Three Vera Potions
                      Grimoire Salamandre

Once you have done that head back to the City Walls North

-= City Walls North =-

A Welcome Invasion
As you have just got the Clematis Sigil you can go here, follow the room to 
enter the Undercity East...

-= Undercity East =-

The Greengrocer's Stair
Nothing much, so walk on....

Where Black Waters Run
Quicksilvers, Lich
Walk on, my good person

Catspaw Blackmarket
Quicksilver's, Lich
There are traps here so use Eureka
Chest [Unlocked]:- Round Shield [H] (With Dark Queen Gem)
                   Grimoire Paralysis
                   Aster Sigil
When you have finished here head back.

The Greengrocer's Stair
Ah!  Father Grissom....

Where Black Water's Ran
BOSS:- Lady Neesa & Sir Tieger
When finished head back to the stairs.

The Greengrocer's Stair
Grissom is...(for want of a better word) ALIVE!  Anyway head back to Junction
Point until you are ready to move on to the Undercity West.

-= Undercity West =-

Go to "The Sunless Way" and open the door locked with the Iron Key to enter...
The Limestone Quarry.

-= Limestone Quarry =-

Before you go into the Limestone Quarry you need the following sigils:-
 - Clematis Sigil
 - Aster Sigil

Dark Abhors Light
Head forwards down the staircase.

Dream Of The Holy Land
BOSS:-  Water Elemental (380 HP / 160 MP)
        Aqua Blast Special Attack
Prize:- Grimoire Avalanche
        Elixir of Sages
        Acolytes Nostrum

The Ore Road
Magic Circle
At this point the path will split into two.  You have a choice of going east or
going west.  In my opinion the east route is the better of the two as there is
a chest room on the way and it is easier to exit the room where both of the
paths meet.  I will however guide you through both of the paths.

 -= West Route =-
Atone for Eternity
Gremlins (Evil)
Kill off the Gremlin and move on into the next room.  You might find it useful 
to cast Eureka or use an Eye of Argon to reveal the trap in this room.

Star To Sanctuary
Kill the Wraith and move on down the stairs.

The Fallen Hall
1st Time - Ogres
2nd Time - Dullahans
Not too hard to beat even with a 20 second locking time trap.  Move on to the
next room.

The Rotten Core
Kill, and move on into the junction point.
At this point I would recommended returning and follow the east root.  If you
don't want to do that however, skip the next bit.

 -= East Route =-
The Air Stirs
Kill the gremlins and head into the room opposite (to the east).

Bonds of Friendship
Air Elemental
Chest [Unlocked]:- Matador [H]    (Schiavona, Counter Guard)
                   Cranequin Blade [H]
                   Side Ring Grip
                   Brigandine [H]
                   Rondanche [H]
                   Lionhead Accessory
                   Five Snowfly Draughts
                   Grimoire Benir
Kill the air elemental raid the chest and move back into The Air Stirs and exit
through the un-used door.

Bacchus is Cheap
Kill it and head onwards.

Screams of the Wounded
1st Time:-   Dullahans
2nd Time:-   Ogres
Just kill and head onwards.

The Ore-Bearers
One Gremlin and a trap.  Use Eureka if you don't feel confident of being able to
kill the Gremlin and leave the room without hitting the trap or losing any extra
HP by being attacked by the Gremlin.

The Dreamer's Climb
This is where both paths meet up again, and this is why I recommend going by the
east route.  If you went east you can just jump onto the platform in the middle
of the room.  If you came from the west move the wooden crate two tiles to the
side (so it is still on the edge of the drop), and jump to the centre platform.
If you are having trouble try using Faerie Wings and casting Invigorate.  Once 
on the centre get the BLUE magnetic cube that is near the EAST door and place it
on the other BLUE magnetic cube which is near the high ledge.  Now, climb onto 
the red cube and jump to the door and leave.

Sinner's Sustenance
kill, Kill, KILL and move on.

The Timely Dew of Sleep
Just kill the Gremlins and move on.  Forget about the locked door as it is
locked with the Gold Key, which you can only get on replays.

The Labourer's Bonfire
You need the Melissa Sigil to leave this room and continue the game.  But then
again you should already have it so what's the problem?

To get to the centre platform from the side with the CRATES stack them up by the
ledge and jump to the centre.  Use Invigorate and Faerie Wings if you need to.
Once on the centre platform you need to destroy some crates.  Great Maces, Axes,
Spear and Crossbow's can be handy here.  Once you can jump onto the top of the
crate pile, jump onto the lower platform to enter another Treasure room (Stone
and Sulphurous Fire).  Once out of the treasure room destroy one or two crates,
jump to the top of the stack, and then jump onto the high ledge to exit the 

Stone and Sulphurous Fire
Earth Elemental
Chest [Unlocked]:- White Lady [H]   (Morning Star, Runkasyle)
                   Balbriggan Blade [H]
                   Power Palm Grip
                   Talos Feldspar Gem
                   Three Acolyte's Nostrums
                   Grimoire Egout

Torture Without End
BOSS:-  Ogre Lord ( 560 HP / 110 MP )
        Tornado, Surging Balm Special Attacks
        Casts Degenerate
Prize:- Schiavona [I]
        Power Palm
        Braveheart Gem
        Morlock Jet Gem
        Agales' Chain
        Elixir of Queens
        Mana Tonic x 3
        Cure Potion

Way Down
Magic Circle
Go east into a treasure room and then south.

Excavated Hollow
Water Elemental
Chest [Unlocked]:- Angel Face [H] (Balbriggan, Heavy Grip)
                   Elephant Grip
                   Casserole Shield [H]
                   Beaded Anklet Accessory
                   Missaglia [I]
                   Grimoire Flamme

Parting Regrets
What is it with Wraiths and staircases?

Corridor of Tales
Gremlin, Ogre
Guess what you have to do?  Yup, you guessed right....

Dust Shall Eat The Days
This may look hard.  Infact some say it is hard.  But if you cast Invigorate and
use Faerie Wing it should be a doddle.  All you need to do is jump onto the
Cloudstone and when the cloudstone is moving forward jump off it.  You should
then grab onto the ledge on the otherside and be able to leave the room.  

Hall of the Wage Paying
BOSS:-  Snow Dragon
        720 HP / 0 MP
        Tail Attack, Frost Breath Special Attacks
Prize:- Grimoire Barrer
        Elixir of Queens

Tunnel of the Heartless
This is a goodun.  All you need to do is stand on the high ledge opposite the
door.  Use a Faerie Wing and cast Invigorate and jump the gap.  You are now able
to leave the room.  If anyone wants a full explanation of the crate solving way
e-mail me or put a message on the Gaming Dome Forums.

-= Temple of Kiltia =-

The Dark Coast
Magic Circle, Container
There is a ledge on both sides of the room and there just so happens that there
is a hole in the middle of the floor and you have to get to the other side of
the room.  How convenient.  If you cast Eureka you will reveal two traps. A trap
clear and a Heal Panel.  You want to use the ledge with the Trap Clear to get to
the other side of the room.  You should be able to jump the gaps without much
trouble.  Once on the otherside take advantage of the facilities and move on.

Hall Of Prayer
1st Time:- Last Crusader
           Prize:- Agria's Balm Accessory
                   Grimoire Purifier
                   Alchemist's Reagent
2nd Time:- Water Elemental, Nightstalker
After you have finished in here for the first time go through the right hand

Those Who Drink The Dark
A bloomin' cube puzzle.

First off, jump over the drop to get to the otherside. (Isn't Otherside a song?)
You will see two doors. One low down and locked with the Silver Key, and the
other high up, hard to get to and unlocked.  Your job at the moment is to get to
the high up door.  To do this you need to solve a cube puzzle.  Follow these
simple steps and you will get through this room easily.  Here we go...

- Push the top cube of the stack west so it drops down and fills the hole.
- Now destroy the Northern most cube to open up a hole for you to fit into.
- Push the southern cube south over the filled hole by five squares.
- Push the same cube east by two squares.
- Now destroy the western most cube (it's on the lower level) so you can slide
  the other one from side to side.
- Move the cube on the lower level east one.
- Move the cube you haven't yet touched east one and then north eight.  You will
  need to move the slider one cube west so you can continue pushing it north.
- Move the slider back (one square east).
- Now move the other cube north nine tiles so that it touches the other cube.
- Now push the other cube you haven't used yet north so that it falls of the
- Push the cube east.
- Push the cube north.
- Push the cube west.
- Push the cube north until it reaches the wall.
- Climb on the cube and jump up and exit through the door.

Nice and easy wasn't it?  Well, once you have done it you'll be able to do it
over and over again and maybe get "Little Green Man" on the Evolve or Die game..

The Chapel of Mesachaunce
Minotaur Lord
Prize:- Titan's Ring
        Elixir of Queens
        Three Alchemist's Reagents
Chest [Unlocked]:- Frost Maiden [H] (Mjolnir, Runkasyle)
                   Sonic Bullet grip
                   Ghost Hound Accessory
                   Two Cure Potions
                   Two Mana Potions
                   ** Silver Key **

The Resentful Ones
TWO cube puzzles.
To get here you go through the other door in the Hall of Prayer.

First Cube Puzzle.
As before follow the steps and you can solve the puzzle.

- Push the rolling cube that is the furthest from the blue cube and push it 
  North two squares
- Then push it west one square
- Push the other rolling cube north one square
- Then east one square
- Then south one square.
- Push the friction cube east
- Then north
- And then east
- Push a push crate onto the firction cube
- Climb over the ledge.

Second Cube Puzzle.
Be careful here - you mess up and you have to do it ALL again.

- Push the rolling cube north one square
- Then push it west three squares
- Move the first blue cube west so it stops near the push crates
- Move the rolling cube north two squares
- Move the other blue cube west
- Move the northern most blue cube south
- Move the push crate north two squares
- Jump to the exit.

Those Who Fear The Light
Air Elemental with Gremlins.

Chamber of Reason
A bit more of the story....

Exit To The City Centre
Just stand (or jump) onto the platform and you will rise up out of the ground
infront of the Great Cathedral.  This is the ideal point to get ready for the
assault on the Great Cathedral.  Once you have emerged you can go and have a 
wander around Lea Monde with your new Silver Key.

-= Silver Key First Play Guide =-

On the first play you can only use the Silver Key on two doors.  The rest will 
be available on replays.

Door 1
Take a magic circle teleportation ride to Dark Tunnel in Abandoned Mines B1 and
go north until you get to Everwant Passage.  Here you will find a door locked
with the Silver Key called Mining Regrets.

Mining Regrets
There is a Death Vapour in that there room.
Chest [Unlocked]:- White Cargo [D] (Voulge, Winged Pole)
                   Three Mana Potions
                   Polaris Gem

Door Two
Teleport yourself to The Auction Block in the Limestone Quarry.  You can then
go through the locked door to Ascension.

Wraith. On a staircase. How original.

Where The Serpent Hunts
Go east to a treasure room and west to exit the Limestone Quarry a different

Drowned In Fleeting Joy
Dark Elemental
Chest [Unlocked]:- Falarica Bolt
                   Plate Glove [H]
                   Elixir of Mages
                   Five Mana Potions

Ants Prepare For Winter (Talking about winter it's get a bit cold outside...)
The other end of the corridor leads back to Those Who Drink The Dark which is in
the Temple of Kiltia.

To be really happy that you have unlocked ALL of the map there are doors which
connect to rooms such as those in the Undercity West.  These rooms are Nameless
Dark Oblivion and The Washing-Womans Way, as well as Sewer of Ravenous Rats and
Beggars of the Mouthharp and Corner of the Wretched.

-= Town Centre East =-

Plateia Lunitar
Magic Circle.

The double doors ahead lead to the Great Cathedral and the door on the right
leads to the rest of the Town Centre.  Just jump over the water to get there.

Gharmes Walk
Gremlin Dummy
Chest [Chest Key]:- Klondike [S] (Falchion, Power Palm]
                    Round Shield [S]
                    Angel Pearl Accessory
                    Sorcerer's Reagent

The House Gilgitte
Chest [Unlocked]:- Ribsplitter [H]
                   Dragonhead Accessory
                   Five Faerie Wings
                   Audentia Wine
The lower door here is on a latch, in other words it's the locked door near to
Junction Point.  Go through the door and your at the top of the ramp.  To get
back to Plateia Luminar I recommend going via teleportation which is why I am not
going to explain the cube puzzle as it really is a waste of time.

-= The Great Cathedral =-

OK.  Here it is.  After an extremly long wait I have added the Great Cathedral
Guide.  No complaints plase.

Into Holy Battle L1

In here is a lift.  Unfortunately the lift isn't working at this point in time so
your only option is to head down the stairs.

Struggle For The Soul B1

Once you have come down the stairs you will be facing a door and a river will be
to your left.  Jump accross the river and go through the door.

Order & Chaos B1
BOSS:-  Marid
Prize:- Elixir of Queens, Grimoire Avalanche

Once Marid has been defeated, the lift in "The Victor's Laurels" (B1 to L2) will
be activated.

An Offering of Souls B1

Head up the stairs to the next room.

Sin and Punishment L1
Magic Circle, Container

Hidden in this room are "Curse" and "Eruption" traps.
There is only one way out of here (not including the way you came in) and that is
through the north door.  So head that way

The Poisoned Chapel L1

You may enter this room.  But you can't do anything so head back to "Struggle For
The Soul" and go through the door you haven't yet used, which will take you to
"Truth and Lies".

Truth and Lies B1
BOSS:- Ifrit
Prize:- Elxir of Queens, Grimoire Flamme

If you look carefully the light that is shining on the wall creates the symbol of
the Rood Inverse.  From here go through the door heading west.

Sanity and Madness B1
BOSS:- Iron Crab
Prize:- Valens wine, Elixir of Kings

After this battle is over the Cloudstone in "Into Holy War" (L1 - L2) can be used
You can go one of two ways from here.  These are called "Path One" and "Path Two"
originally enough.  Choose which one you are going to do...
Actually, I didn't do that Path Two section.  I decided that Path One is the best
thing to do for a first play, and that on second play (or an even later play) 
when stats are higher and you aren't rushing to see the end of the game, if 
would be better to do Path Two then.

-= Path One =-

Leave Sanity & Madness and go into the door opposite

The Victor's Laurels B1

Climb onto the Cloudstone and head upwards

Cracked Pleasures L1

Once here go through the door - don't worry you can use the cloudstone in a 

Hieratic Recollections L1

Nothing here so continue onwards.

The Flayed Confessional L1
BOSS:- Djinn
Prize:- Elixir of Queens, Grimoire Foudre
Chest (Unlocked):- Fluted Armour (H)
                   Fluted Glove (H)
                   Three Vera Potions
                   Saint's Nostrum

After you have defeated Djinn, the Cloudstones in "The Poisoned Chapel" should
be activated.

Destroy the push crate in the corner of the room and push the other onto the
floor in order to reach the chest.

Head back to "Cracked Pleasures" and head upwards on the Cloudstone.

Free From Base Desire L2

Once in this room ignore the stone lift and go through the door so you are 
staying on the same level.

Abasement From Above L2

What you have to do now, is enter the door on the side of the hall.  From this 
side of the room you should be able to find it easier.  If you can't jump the 
gap straight away use some of your magic or items to help you.

The Hall of Broken Vows L2
BOSS:-  Flame Dragon
Prize:- Calla Sigil
      - Sorcerer's Reagent

Once the battle is over you will notice that one of the doors here is locked.  
To open it you need the Acacia Sigil.  For now, go into "Light and Dark Wage War"
which is the room to the North.

Light and Dark Wage War L2

Once inside go left and follow the wall around until you get to the lever (this 
will require some jumping about).  Once you have pulled the lever, go into the 

An Arrow Into Darkness L2
Chest (Unlocked):- Fluted Leggings (H)
                   Fluted Glove (H)
                   5 Eye of Argons
                   Cure Potion

- Push the northenmost cube west until it stops
- Then push it south
- Push the other cube west twice
- Then south
- Then east
- Then south
- Then west

This will let you get to the chest.
Once you have opened the chest and got what you want, take the lift down.

Where Darkness Spreads L1
Chest (Unlocked):- Oval Shield (H)
                 - Burgonet (H)
                 - 5 Mana Bulbs
                 - Elixir of Queens

To get to the chest, you need to make a bridge out of the cubes in the room.  Do
this by following these simple steps.

- Jump into the gap and push the top cube west
- Stand on that cube, and push the middle cube east
- Move these cubes north ONE square so they are in line with the blue cubes
- Go back up to the top and move the northernmost cube west
- Then south
- Then west into the gap
- Slowly move EVERY cube into the gap using the PUSH CRATES as stoppers so you 
  can control the other cubes and make them go where you want.

To leave the room go back up the lift.  Going up the lift will also reset the 
puzzle.  Now head back to the Hall of Broken Vows and go through the door on the
western side of the room.

He Screams For Mercy L2

You will need to jump around a fair bit here so its up to you where you go as it
depends on what you want to do.  There are two doors, one on each side of the 

Maelstrom of Malice L2
Dark Skeletions, Lich Lord

This is on one side of the room He Screams For Mercy.

The Acolyte's Weaknes L2

This is on the other side of the room and is a staircase leading down so...use 

Monk's Leap L1
Zombie Knights, Lich
Prize:- Ghost Hound Accessory
      - Laurel Sigil
      - Elixir of Queens
      - Grimoire Demolir

Now go back to the Poisoned Chapel.  You will be able to use the Cloudstone and 
you can unlock the door on the other side (Otherside...isn't that a song?) which
leads to...

A Light In The Dark
BOSS:- Arch Dragon

Having defeated the dragon you will have got the Acacia Sigil.  This will let 
you unlock a door but it won't be much help as you have to do some other things 
first.  So, head back to "Free From Base Desires" and go on the stone lift which
takes you to...

The Wine-Lecher's Fall, L3

Just head straight through this room and go into...

The Heretic's Story, L3

Now, cross the big gap using the cloudstones.  You will find it helpful to use 
the Fixate magic every now and then to help freeze the stones so you can move 
forward.  Once at the other side, use the Calla Sigil you should have on the 
door and go on into...

Hope of The Idealist
Boss:- Dao
With that out the way you will have a few sigils that will come in handy.
So, head back to the Hall of Broken Vows and use the Acacia Sigil to get into...

The Melodics of Madness, L2

- Push lower blue cube south
- Then push it west
- Move push create east
- Move higher blue south until it steps
- Then move it east
- Then move it south

Now get to the door and use the Palm Sigil to proceed.

What Ails You Kills You, L2

Boss:- Nightmare
Once defeated, move ahead to...

Despair of the Fallen, L3

Cross the gap by using a cloudstone and enter the door...
If you are unable to open the door, you haven't thrown the switch in Light And 
Dark Mage War.

Where the Soul Rots

A lift to the Atrium...

The Atrium, L4
Magic Circle

OK then, SAVE.
If you want to explore the game, and gain things to play around with (ie, 
weapons, armour) this is now your new base of operations so to speak.
When you are ready, go up the stairs to the end of the game...almost.

The Paling, Great Cathedral:- "The Dome"
BOSS:- Guildenstern

"Someplace somewhere"

You have beaten the game.

*** 03.2. The Iron Maiden ***

In order to finish ALL of the Iron Maiden.  You need these following items:-
- Tearose Sigil
- Steel Key
- Platinum Key

This sections aims to help guide you through ALL of the Iron Maiden.  Maps can
be found in the map section, all this does is telling you where to go, what to
do, and what you can find.  Have a nice day!

-= Iron Maiden B1 =-

The Cage
Go down the stairs

The Cauldron
Wraith, Gargoyle
Locking Trap
Room Prizes:- Mandrake Sigil
              Grimoire Exsorcer
              Three Spirit Orisons
              Three Vera Bulbs
This is the room you get your sigil.  Kill the Wraith and leave via the way you
came in.

The Wooden Horse
On your way in drop down a leave through the door.
If you choose to leave by this way....
- Push the lowest rolling cube so that it is next to the stuck on
- Push the upper rolling cube towards the crate
- Stand on the cube
- Pick up crate
- Place it one ledge higher
- Use crate to jump higher

Wraith, Two Mummies
Locking Trap
Room Prizes:- Kalmia Sigil
              Grimoire Venin
              Shamshir [H]
              Chamkaq [H]
              Six Vera Bulbs

The Breast Ripper
Gyag!  Your at crossroads.  Not to worry first go to the west, east and then
go south to continue with the Maiden.

The Branks
Dark Skeleton, Shadow
Chest [Chest Key]:- Balalaika [H] (balbriggan)
                    Bec de Corbin [H] Blade
                    Dao Moonstone Gem
                    Volare Wine

The Wheel
Dark Skeleton, Shadow
Chest [Magic]:- Bull Shot [H] (Griver, Bhuj Type Grip)
                Baselard [H]
                Djinn Amber Gem
                Valens Wine

The Pear
What you want to do here is go in the room on the left and THEN cross the 
"Great Divide".  SORRY.  I HAD TO DO THAT! (have a *punch* - Ed)

First I will explain how you get back up.
- Push both 1 move rolling cubes ANYWHERE so that they are out of play
- Push the 3 move on to the wall and left ONE square.
- Jump off the top of the cube and grab the ledge.
  It is possible - it's just that it is difficult.

Now how to cross.
- Jump on the cloudstone
- Jump off the cloudstone as it is still moving to give you extra momentum to
  make the jump.  Use Faerie Wing or Invigorate if it helps

Now how to get back across.
- Destroy the 2 crates in the corner
- Move the free push crate in front of the doorway
- Now push this crate to the very edge
- Jump off this crate onto the cloudstone
- Jump off the other side.

The Judas Cradle
Dark Skeleton, Shadow
Chest [Magic]:- Sonora [H] (Bastard Sword, Power Palm Grip)
                Bullova [H] Blade
                Ifrit Carnelian Gem
                Prudens Wine

The Whirligig
Do I need to explain this?

Spanish Tickler
BOSS:- Wyvern Knight
After defeating this..THING..you will get the CHEST KEY.  (At long last....)

Heretic's Fork
Dark Skeleton
Use Eureka as there are Freeze and Gust Traps lurking around this room.

The Chair Of Spikes
Dark Skeleton, Wraith
What is it with locking trap rooms? Huh?

Dark Skeleton
Cast Eureka to find the Eruption and Death Vapour traps.


To get down all you need to do is fall.  That reminds me of a song....

"And if you're right, and we're nothing at all.  Tell me why do you keep
 thinking that you're falling?" - Falling, Semisonic

Anyhoo, to get back up...
- IMO you don't get back up.
  I count this as "The Point Of No Return" (Brill film Back To The Future II...)
  (Your getting slightly off track... - Ed)

BOSS:- Iron Golem
This is...easy.

Use the Cloudstone to cross.  (BTW  you DON'T have to use the crates.  If you do
you only need to use ONE).  Cast Eureka to reveal the Terra Thrust trap.

Cleansing The Soul

The Ducking Soul
Dark Skeleton, Shadow
Chest [Unlocked]:- Red Viking [H] (Kora, Power Palm)
                   Pole Axe [H] Blade
                   Marid Aquamarine
                   Virtus Wine

The Garotte
Nout again!

Dark Skeleton, Wraith
You cannot go no further if you don't have the Steel Key.

Go down.....

Mini-BOSS:- Wyvern Queen
Congrats!  That is the first part of the Maiden finished.

-= Iron Maiden B2 =-

Once again this guide follows my map (as with the Snowfly Forest) although it
takes you to EVERY ROOM in the Iron Maiden B2.  I will point out
quick escape routes for you...

The Eunic's Lot
Locking Trap
Move forward...

Ordeal By Fire
Dark Dragon
Move onwards...

The Oven At Neisse
Go forwards.

How many ways can you say "go forward"? Grrrrr....

The Mind Burns

The Rack

The Saw
Dragon Zombie

The Cold's Bristle
Three traps, so Eureka and go straight ahead and leave the room.

The Shin Vice
Ogre Zombie, Death (360 HP?)
Remember where you came in, so you can leave by the other exit because the map 
doesn't work in Irom Maiden B2.  Move forwards, when you have finished in here.

The Spider
First go right, then left then straight ahead...

Shriekers, Lich
Chest [Unlocked]:- Hoplite Shield [H]
                   Three Cure Potions
There are Terra Thrust and Poison traps near the chest.

Lead Sprinkler
Shriekers, Lich
Chest [Unlocked]:- Hoplite Helm [H]
                   Three Mana Potions

The Strappado
Lich Lord
When you have entered the Strappado you came from the north and are facing
south.  You might find the map handy here....
Go west to Thumbscrews

Lich Lord
You've entered from the east.
Go west to Pendulum.

Lich Lord
You've entered from the east.
Go South to Dragging.

You've entered from the north.
Go East to Strangulation.

Lich Lord
You've entered from the west.
Go North to Tablillas.

You've entered from the south.
Go North to Ordeal By Water.

Ordeal By Water
You've entered from the south.
Go West to Tongue Slicer.

Tongue Sliver
You've entered from the east.
Go South to Brank

You've entered from the north.
Go West to Tormentum Insomniae.

Tormentum Insomniae
Ogre, Ogre Lord
You've entered from the east.
Go North to Iron Maiden B3.

-= Iron Maiden B3 =-

The Iron Maiden
BOSS:- Asura
Nearly there.  Go through the door.

First check out the treasure room to the left and right THEN take the opposite
door to leave the Iron Maiden.

Dunking The Witch
Lich Lord
Chest [Unlocked]:- Hoplite Armour [H]
                   Hoplite Glove [H]
                   Elixir Of Kings
                   Elixir Of Queens

St. Elmo's Belt
Lich Lord
Chest [Unlocked]:- Hoplite Leggings [H]
                   Hoplite Glove [H]
                   Elixir Of Kings
                   Elixir Of Queens

When you leave you will appear JUST outside the entrance to Iron Maiden B1, so
go and save NOW!

*** 03.3. Re-Play ***

I am assuming that you have already got the Iron and Silver Key BTW...

-= The Rood Inverse =-

After finishing the game do you now understand why you couldn't use the Rood
Inverse on first play?  Anyway Rood Inverse uses and locations....

1)  The door at Glacialdra Kirk Ruins in Town Centre West leads into the 
    Undercity West

    -= Undercity West =-

    Path To The Greengrocer
    Carry on...(Brilliant films them...)

    Crossroads Of Rest
    Lich Lord
    There is a Gust Trap by the lamp post so use Eureka to find it.  The door
    locked with the Rood Inverse leads to...

    Corner Of The Wretched
    Dark Skeletons, Lich
    Follow this path

    Beggar's Of The Moutharp
    The other door is locked with the Silver Key which leads onto "Sewer Of
    Ravenous Rats".  Anyway go back to "Crossroads Of Rest" and take the other
    door to...

    Path Of The Children
    Follow this and it will take you to the Escapeway.  Remember the door is
    locked with the Iron Key.

    -= The Escapeway =-
    Shelter From The Quake
    Two doors need the Silver and Gold keys, one is already open.  Take that one
    (it is opposite the door you enter the room by).

    Fear & Loathing
    Marid, Dao
    Locking Trap
    Room Prize:- Grimoire Avalanche
                 Grimoire Flamme

    Blood & The Beast
    Water Elemental
    There are traps here so use Eureka

    Where Body & Soul Part
    Chest [Magic]:- Bellini [S] (Double Blade, Runkasyle)
                    Five Vera Bulbs
                    Elixir Of Mages
    When finished here head back to "Shelter From The Quake" and take the door
    locked with the Silver Key.

    Movement Of Fear
    Air Elemental

    Facing Your Illusions
    There is a Diabolos Trap so use Eureka.

    The Darkness Drinks
    Earth Elemental
    This room takes you to another part of the Undercity West...

    -= Undercity West =-
    Where Flood Waters Run
    One more door....

    The Crumbling Market
    Chest [Unlocked]:- Agales' Chain
                       Elixir Of Queens
                       Valens Wine
                       Gold Key
    What you want to do is jump across to the chest and keep you HP high.  Once
    you have raided the chest fall in the river to be regenerated by the door
    this avoiding all those traps.

2)  Go to "Train And Grow Strong" in City Walls East and open the door which
    takes you to...

    -= Snowfly Forest East =-

    Luckily for you this forest only has three rooms as their is still map

    Steady The Boar-Spears
    Walk forward.

    The Boar's Revenge
    Down the path.

    Natures Womb
    BOSS:- Damascus Crab
    Chest [Unlocked]:- Knight's Shield
                       Djinn Amber
                       Three Acolyte's Nostrums

-= The Gold Key =-

1)  -= The Escapeway =-

    Go to the escapeway's "Shelter From The Quake" and enter the un-entered

    Buried Alive
    Fire Elemental
    Chest [Unlocked]:- White Rose [D] (Bec de Corbin, Grimoire Grip)
                       Grimoire Radius
                       Grimoire Meteore

2)  -= Limestone Quarry =-

    Teleport to Auction Block and go east until you get to...

    Companions In Arms
    Fire Elemental
    Chest [Unlocked]:- Death Sentence [D] (Executioner, Side Ring)
                       Balvus Gem
                       Beowulf Gem
                       Spiral Pole Grip
                       Casserole Shield [D] (With Orlandu and Ogmius Gems)
                       Close Helm [D]
                       Plate Mail [D]
                       Edgar's Earrings
                       Grimoire Fleau

3)  -= Undercity West =-

    Teleport to "Sinner's Corner" and go east to Corner Of Prayers.

    Salvation For The Mother
    Lich, Lich Lord
    Posion Trap by the lamp-post.
    From here you can go left to "The Body Fragile Yields" or straight ahead...

    The Body Fragile Yields
    Lich Lord
    Nothing much here so take the other route.

    Bite The Master's Wounds
    TWO Deaths
    Cast Magic Ward and run through here.

    Godhands (WORKSHOP)
    Magic Circle, Container
    Here you can work with Wood, Leather, Bronze, Hagane, Silver and Damascus.

3)  -= The Keep =-
    This door leads to "Forgotten Pathway"

    -= Forgotten Pathway =-

    Stair To The Sinners
    Go down the stairs...

    Slaughter Of The Innocent
    BOSS:- Damascus Golem
    Carry on folks!

    The Oracle Sins No More
    Blood Lizards
    There are two traps so use Eureka.  And from here you can access two
    treasure rooms.

    The Fallen Knight
    Blood Lizard, Imps
    Chest [Unlocked]:- Kadesh Ring Accessory
                       Orlandu Gem 
                       Elixir Of Queens
                       Steel Key

    Awaiting Retribution
    Blood Lizard, Imps
    Chest [Unlocked]:- Diadra's Earring
                       Ogmius Gem
                       Elixir Of Queens

*** 04.0 Magic ***

In Vagrant Story there are four types of magic with one special type of magic
known as Teleportation.  Magic can be accessed from the main menu or the quick
menu of pressing L2.  To learn magic you must use a Grimoire.  A Grimoire is a
book.  You read the book and you will cast the spell, at the same time you will
master the spell enabling you to use it whenever you want.  To use the Grimoires
you need to use them from the Item menu.  The item menu can be found through the
main menu or by pressing L2.  (Talking about L2, I killed my middle finger
pressing that during the final battle...Ow...It hurts when I type...Ow....)

-= 04.1 Warlock =-

Warlock magic is magic that damages someone or something.  Some of this magic 
can be focused onto a part of the enemy, other magic has to have it's 
co-ordinates set before it can be used.  Some magic can increase in level.  For
example you could have a Flame Sphere Lvl.3, to get this you read three 
Grimoires with the Flame Sphere spell in.

Name:-     Lightning Bolt
Grimoire:- Teslae
Location:- Received after killing a Zombie Mage.
MP:-       25
Affinity:- Air
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Shoots Lightning at the enemy.

Name:-     Fireball
Grimoire:- Incendie
Location:- Received after killing a ghost.
           Kill phantom in room before the fight with a giant crab.
MP:-       25
Affinity:- Fire
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Attacks the enemy with Fire

Name:-     Vulcan Lance
Grimoire:- Terre
Location:- Received after killing a ghost.
MP:-       25
Affinity:- Earth
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Attacks the enemy with debris from a volcano

Name:-     Aqua Blast
Grimoire:- Glace
Location:- Received after killing a Dark Eye.
MP:-       25
Affinity:- Water
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Attacks the enemy with a jet of water

Name:-     Spirit Surge
Grimoire:- Lux
Location:- Defeat Dullahan.
MP:-       28
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    A spirit of light attacks the enemies.  (Could that spirit be.....)

Name:-     Dark Chant
Grimoire:- Patire
Location:- Received after killing a Wraith or Dark Eye.
MP:-       28
Affinity:- Dark
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Attacks the enemy with an immense amount of pain.

Name:-     Exorcism
Grimoire:- Exsorcer
Location:- Defeat Wraith in Iron Maiden B1.
MP:-       22
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    This enables you to exorcise Undead enemies.  When this works it will
           kill of the enemy instantly.  But that takes the fun out of running 
           up 17 hit combos with 100 RISK......

Name:-     Banish
Grimoire:- Banish
Location:- Received after killing a Harpy.
MP:-       25
Affinity:- Dark
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    A spell of instant kill. Nice.

Name:-     Explosion
Grimoire:- Demolir
Location:- Defeat Father Duanne.
           Received after defeating Zombie Knights and a Lich in Monk's Leap.
MP:-       36 /44 /52 /60
Affinity:- Physical
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    Fires a load of shrapnel to the enemy.

Name:-     Thunderburst (Are Go!  I did it again, sorry.)
Grimoire:- Foudre
Location:- Received after killing Air Elemental.
           Received after killing Djinn.
MP:-       36 /44 /52 /60
Affinity:- Air
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    Calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky.

Name:-     Flame Sphere
Grimoire:- Flamme
Location:- Received after killing Fire Elemental.
           In a chest in the room Excavated Hollow.
           Received after killing Ifrit.
           Received after killing Marid and Dao after using the Rood Inverse on
           2nd play.
MP:-       36 /44 /52 /60
Affinity:- Fire
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    Covers the target in flames.

Name:-     Gaea Strike
Grimoire:- Gaea
Location:- Received after killing Earth Elemental.
           Received after defeating Boss Dao.
MP:-       36 /44 /52 /60
Affinity:- Earth
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    Crushes the enemy into oblivion....

Name:-     Avalanche
Grimoire:- Avalanche
Location:- Received after killing Water Elemental.
           Received after killing Marid.
           Received after killing Marid and Dao after using the Rood Inverse on
           2nd play.
MP:-       36 /44 /52 /60
Affinity:- Water
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    Freezes the air around the target.

Name:-     Radial Surge
Grimoire:- Radius
Location:- Found in a chest in the room Buried Alive.
MP:-       38 /46 /54 /62
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    Attacks the enemy with rays of light

Name:-     Meteor
Grimoire:- Meteore
Location:- Received after killing Dark Elemental.
           Received after killing Nightmare.
           Found in a chest in the room buried alive.
MP:-       38 /46 /54 /62
Affinity:- Dark
Target:-   Multiple
Notes:-    Throws meteors towards the target.

Name:-     Drain Heart
Grimoire:- Egout
Location:- In a chest in Stone and Sulphurous Fire.
MP:-       12
Affinity:- Dark
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Takes HP from an enemy, and gives it to you.  Does not work on undead

Name:-     Drain Mind
Grimoire:- Demance
Location:- Received after killing the Sky Dragon.
MP:-       2
Affinity:- Dark
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Takes MP from an enemy, and gives it to you.

-= 04.2 Shaman =-

Shaman magic is curative magic.  This type of magic increases in success when 
you have a higher RISK level or have just suffered a powerful attack and are 
holding a weapon.  When using Shaman magic, the magic cast will have to go 
through ALL of your defences against magic including the gem Manabreaker.  
Manabreaker gems can even cause this type of magic to fail.  So, you have been 

Name:-     Heal
Grimoire:- Guerir
Location:- Defeat the Boss Minotaur
MP:-       5
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Amount of HP restored increases with RISK.  As with most games like
           this cast heal on undead opponents and it will damage them and NOT
           restore their health.

Name:-     Restoration
Grimoire:- Mollesse
Location:- In a chest in the room Hidden Resources.
MP:-       3
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Cures Paralysis

Name:-     Antidote
Grimoire:- Antidote
Location:- Received after defeating one of the Dragon's in the room where you
           collect the Lily Sigil. Before entering the Sanctum.
MP:-       3
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Cures Poison.
           Over time Poison slowly takes off HP.

Name:-     Blessing
Grimoire:- Benir
Location:- In a chest in the room Bonds Of Friendship.
MP:-       17
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Cures Curse

Name:-     Clearance
Grimoire:- Purifier
Location:- Received after defeating the sub-boss Last Crusader.
MP:-       15
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Removes Numbness, Paralysis and Poison.

Name:-     Surging Balm
Grimoire:- Vie
Location:- In a chest in the room Acolyte's Burial Vault.
MP:-       20
Affinity:- Light
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Restores HP over a period of time.
           This is a good idea...but I prefer using heal as it is more 

-= 04.3 Sorcery =-

Sorcery magic lets you increase or decrease the target of the spells 
attributes.  In other words you can make them stronger - or weaker.  More 
intelligent - or dumber, and so forth.  In this list of spells you will find 
spells that both decrease and increase such attributes as well as other spells
which come in handy, such as Unlock and Fixate.

Name:-     Herakles
Grimoire:- Intensite
Location:- Received after defeating the sub-boss Harpy.
MP:-       12
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Increases target's strength temporarily.
           This makes a big difference as it lets you hit for more HP.
           A good time to use this is when you have had Degenerate cast on you.

Name:-     Degenerate (D-Generation X?)
Grimoire:- Debile
Location:- Defeat the Boss Minotaur
MP:-       7
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Decreases target's strength temporarily.
           Be careful and don't use it on yourself. Please.
           I have noticed that if the enemy has low Strength and you have high
           strength, you will be able to cause more damage.

Name:-     Enlighten
Grimoire:- Eclairer
Location:- Received after defeating the Boss Nightstalker.
MP:-       12
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Increases target's intelligence temporarily.
           If you use this before casting a Warlock spell, the Warlock spell 
           will have better results and, in theory, means that it is easier to 
           avoid magic spells being cast on you.

Name:-     Psychodrain
Grimoire:- Nuageux
Location:- In a chest in the room Weapons Not Allowed.
MP:-       7
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Decreases target's intelligence temporarily.

Name:-     Invigorate
Grimoire:- Agilite
Location:- In the chest at the river crossing in the SnowFly Forest.
MP:-       12
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Increases target's agility temporarily.
           This increases the speed at which you run and the distance you can
           jump as well as the chances of hitting the target.
           This means that if there is a long jump you can't make try Invigorate
           and it might help you get across.

Name:-     Leadbones
Grimoire:- Tardiff
Location:- In the chest in the room Sale Of The Sword.
MP:-       7
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Decreases target's agility temporarily.
           This is similar to Degenerate but is for AGL not STR.

Name:-     Prostasia
Grimoire:- Ameliorer
Location:- Received after defeating the Boss Golem.
MP:-       15
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Increases the strength of target's equipment temporarily.
           This spell increases the attributes of the weapon that Ashley is
           holding when it is cast and NOT the STR of Ashley.
           If you change weapons this spell will be cancelled.

Name:-     Tarnish
Grimoire:- Deteriorer
Location:- Received after defeating the Boss Dark Crusader.
MP:-       7
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Decreases the strength of the target's equipment temporarily.
           This is the exact opposite of Prostasia and works in a similar way to
           Degenerate and Leadbones.

Name:-     Silence
Grimoire:- Muet
Location:- Found in a chest in the room The House Khazabas.
MP:-       7
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Prevents target from casting spells for a short period of time.
           This is good.  But make sure you avoid getting it used on you.
           Once silence is cast the only to remove it is by leaving the room,
           using an item or have another spell cast on you.
           Silence can be the downfall of any gamer so be prepared to counter it
           and then kill off the enemy who cast it in the first place.

Name:-     Magic Ward
Grimoire:- Annuler
Location:- Received after defeating Father Grissom in the SnowFly Forest.
MP:-       21
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Nullifies the effect of the next spell cast.
           This is a good spell but it has its limitations.
           It will for example, prevent you from casting ANY spell on you until
           it has been used.
           It will also stay with you until you are attacked by a magic spell.
           It's a good idea to use this when going into rooms with enemies who
           like casting Silence as it nullifies the effects. I do this when I'm 
	     getting treasure from a chest which is being guarded by a powerful 
	     phantom, and I am proud to say that this strategy has never failed 
           me. Yet.

Name:-     Stun Cloud
Grimoire:- Paralysis
Location:- In a chest in the room Catspaw Blackmarket.
MP:-       7
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Casts Paralysis.
           This can be very annoying when it's cast on you in the heat of a
           battle, and as a result you should always carry around some form of
           Antidote whether it be a spell or item.

Name:-     Poison Mist
Grimoire:- Venin
Location:- Defeat the Wraith in the room Starvation.
MP:-       11
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Casts Poison.
           Good idea, but I never use it.
           IMO it takes just too long to get the best out of this spell, you can
           experiment with it by all means but my battle style doesn't let me 
           use Poison as I go for the most effective way of defeating the enemy,
           and using Poison isn't very effective.

Name:-     Curse
Grimoire:- Fleau
Location:- Found in a chest in the room Companions in Arms in the Limestone
MP:-       17
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Casts Curse.
           Curse reduces the enemies stats but many of these enemies are immune 
           to it's effects.

Name:-     Fixate
Grimoire:- Halte
Location:- In a chest in The Alchemist's Laboratory.
MP:-       3
Target:-   Multiple (Sort of)
Notes:-    Freezes all the cloudstones in the room.
           If your jumping from a cloudstone this can be used to make the jump 
           much easier.

Name:-     Dispel
Grimoire:- Dissiper
Location:- In a chest in the room The Children's Hideout.
MP:-       10
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Nullifies any spell on the target.
           This is a good way to get yourself out of trouble it any of your
           stats have been decreased by other spells.

Name:-     Unlock
Grimoire:- Clef
Location:- Defeat Father Duane
MP:-       3
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Unlocks chests bound by magic.

Name:-     Eureka
Grimoire:- Visible
Location:- In a chest in The Miner's Resting Hall.
MP:-       6
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Reveals all the traps that are present in the room.

Name:-     Analyze
Grimoire:- Analyse
Location:- Received after defeating the Dragon in The Cleansing Chantry.
MP:-       5
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Analyzes stats of the enemy.
           This is pain to understand at first so let me explain.
           If you go into the main menu and the status you will see the status 
           of Ashley.  Press L1 or R1 to see the other occupants of the room.  
           You will see how most of there stats are covered with ?? or ???.  To
           fill in these blanks cast Analyze.  Once cast it will let you see 
           things like what armour it's wearing, what weapons it's using, it's
           HP and MP and many other helpful things such as elemental affinity.
           If you're thinking "That is so obvious, how didn't I find that out?"
           don't worry I didn't know how to work this spell until I had around
           50% of the map revealed on my first play. Stupid me...

-= 04.4 Enchanter =-

Enchanter spells raise your affinity to and element.  Every element is covered
apart from Light and Dark elemental.  Apart from that small problem these 
spells can come in handy when fighting Dragons or another boss like Ifrit.

Name:-     Luft Fusion
Grimoire:- Sylphe
Location:- Received after defeating the Boss Giant Crab.
MP:-       10
Affinity:- Air
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises target's air affinity temporarily.

Name:-     Spark Fusion
Grimoire:- Salamandre
Location:- In the chest in the room Delusions of Happiness.
MP:-       10
Affinity:- Fire
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises target's fire affinity temporarily.

Name:-     Soil Fusion
Grimoire:- Gnome
Location:- Received after defeating Father Grissom in the SnowFly Forest.
MP:-       10
Affinity:- Earth
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises target's earth affinity temporarily.

Name:-     Frost Fusion
Grimoire:- Undine
Location:- In a chest in the room Rust In Peace.
MP:-       10
Affinity:- Water
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises target's water affinity.

Name:-     Aero Guard
Grimoire:- Parebrise
Location:- Received after defeating the Boss Earth Dragon.
MP:-       9
Affinity:- Air
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises armour's air affinity temporarily.

Name:-     Pyro Guard
Grimoire:- Ignifuge
Location:- Received after defeating the Boss Wyvern.
MP:-       9
Affinity:- Fire
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises armour's fire affinity temporarily.

Name:-     Terra Guard
Grimoire:- Rempart
Location:- Received after defeating the Boss Ogre.
MP:-       9
Affinity:- Earth
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises armour's earth affinity temporarily.

Name:-     Aqua Guard
Grimoire:- Barrer
Location:- Received after killing the Boss Snow Dragon.
MP:-       9
Affinity:- Water
Target:-   Single
Notes:-    Raises armour's water affinity temporarily.

-= 04.5 Teleportation =-

At some point during the game you will acquire the teleportation ability.  This
enables you to travel to any Magic Circle you have been to.  This is extremely
handy when wanting to use a workshop, chest, or going back to open doors with 
new keys or sigils.

*** 05.0 Break Arts ***

Break Arts are a special type of move that is more powerful than a standard 
attack although it does reduce you HP each time you use it.  I like thinking of
Break Arts as "Limit Breaks".  Powerful moves that you got in FF7 and 8. Unlike
these games however you can use Break Arts 100% of the time providing you have
enough HP (It's like the effect of Aura in FF8).  There are Break Arts for each 
class of weapon and on top of that there are four arts for each class.  To get
Break Arts you need to kill enemies - and lots of 'em.  Each break art has a
special condition attached to it.  For example one might place poison on the
enemy while another has an earth affinity.  As you learn new Break Arts the 
price of HP increases.  This is displayed in the table below.

HP Needed    Break Level

25           One
40           Two
55           Three
75           Four

Break Arts, although different to normal attacks, are affected by RISK in the
same way.  For example when your RISK bar is empty or near empty you will almost
certainly hit, but if the RISK bar is full you will find your chances of hitting
are very slim.  If you cast Herakles or Prostasia however you will find that 
these increase your chances of hitting the target even if the RISK bar is full.
In other words use them at the beginning of the battle to take the most effect
and only use at the end, if your RISK bar is full, if you have enough MP to cast
Herakles and Prostasia (If you have those spells).

-= 05.1.  Cure Root/Bulb/Tonic/Heal =-

I have found out (the hard way) that if you use Break Arts you need to restore
your health every now and then.  So, use Break Arts around twice and follow them
up with Curative magic or items.  You can also use to your advantage being
attacked.  When you are attacked and you HP becomes critical (depending on the
strength of blows) restore your HP to max (as normal), but the trick to this is
that you use Break Arts twice (or there abouts) get attacked and then heal to 
full health so you aren't wasting those valuable items and MP.  You do 
understand this don't you?  Good...

-= 05.2.  View Break Arts =-
Below is the list of Break Arts for all the weapons.

-= Dagger =-

Whistle Sting, Level One
Focuses power at the tip of the blade, dealing massive damage upon striking the 
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Blunt

Shadoweave, Level Two
Paralyses for with a damaging strike.
Affinity:- Dark       Type:- Blunt

Double Fang, Level Three
Repeatedly strikes the same location.
Affinity:- As weapon  Type:- Piercing

Wyrm Scorn, Level Four
Splits the blade to attack from all directions.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Piercing

-= Sword =-

Rending Gale, Level One (Me like! Me Like!)
Launches a sonic wave to shred the enemy to pieces.
Affinity:- As weapon  Type:- Piercing

Vile Scar, Level Two
Forms a poisonous cloud to choke the enemy.
Affinity:- As weapon  Type:- Edged

Cherry Ronde, Level Three
Encases both blade and foe in an icy sheath.
Affinity:- Water      Type:- Edged

Papillon Reel, Level Four
Calls heavenly light down into the blade.
Affinity:- Light      Type:- Edged

-= Great Sword =-

Sunder, Level One
A surge of energy cleaves the life from the enemy's body.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Piercing

Thunderwave, Level Two
Paralyses foe with a damaging strike.
Affinity:- Air        Type:- Edged

Swallow Slash, Level Three
A quick flick of the blade deals double damage.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Edged

Advent Sign, Level Four
Rippling holy energy shreds foe.
Affinity:- Light      Type:- Edged

-= Axe And Mace =-

Mistral Edge, Level One
A horizontal blade of light slashes into the enemy.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Edged

Glacial Gale, Level Two
Numbs foe with a damaging strike.
Affinity:- Air        Type:- Edged

Killer Mantis, Level Three
A blinding rush damages and saps MP from foe.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Edged

Black Nebula, Level Four
Blasts foe with a burst of negative energy.
Affinity:- Dark       Type:- Blunt

-= Great Axe =-

Bear Claw, Level One
A blazing light emanates from the falling blade of the axe.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Blunt

Accursed Umbra, Level Two
Curses foe with a damaging strike.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Blunt

Iron Ripper, Level Three
Powerful blow that damages both armour and foe.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Blunt

Emetic Bomb (Why not Nuclear or Atomic or...), Level Four
Unleashes a series of slashing blows
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Edged

-= Staff =-

Sirocco, Level One
Sends up a rising sheet of flame on impact.
Affinity:- Fire       Type:- Blunt

Riskbreak (What happened to the "er"?), Level Two
Focused blow that deals damage and reduces RISK.  (This is the only Break Art, 
move, ability (whatever) in the game that reduces RISK.  This means that this
move is worth having a staff on standby for.  The only problem is that the
accuracy, as with all Break Arts, is effected by RISK.  This means that if RISK
is at 100 the chances of this working are minimal.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Piercing

Gravis Aether, Level Three
Solidifies aether to crush foe.
Affinity:- Earth      Type:- Blunt

Trinity Pulse, Level Four
Crushes foe with a triad of shockwaves.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Blunt

-= Heavy Mace =-

Bonecrusher, (heh heh, Ulitma 8 - Ed) Level One
Releases intense shockwaves to crush bones.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Blunt

Quickshock, Level Two
Numbs foe with a damaging strike.
Affinity:- Air        Type:- Blunt

Ignis Wheel, Level Three
A spreading sheet of flame engulfs foe.
Affinity:- As Weapon & Fire  Type:- Blunt

Hex Flux, Level Four
Fuses power of Light and Darkness in one.
Affinity:- Light & Dark  Type:- Blunt

-= Polearm =-

Runiation, Level One
Focuses pure fighting spirit into the spearhead, dealing damage with pinpoint
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Piercing

Scythe Wind, Level Two
Inflicts damage and tarnishes arms and armour.
Affinity:- Air        Type:- Piercing

Giga Tempest, Level Three
Energy storm damages both armour and foe.
Affinity:- As Weapon  Type:- Piercing

Spiral Courage, Level Four
Whips air moisture into a penetrating whirlwind.
Affinity:- Water      Type:- Piercing

-= Crossbows =-

Crossbow arts reduce in range the more powerful they become.  This means that
the Brimstone Hail Break has a larger range than the Death Wail.

Brimstone Hail, Level One
Quarrels filled with hellfire pierce the enemy.
Affinity:- Fire & Dark  Type:- Piercing

Heaven's Scorn, Level Two
The haft becomes a conduit for heaven's light
Affinity:- Air & Light  Type:- Piercing

Death Wall, Level Three
Fires a bolt of pure demonic energy.
Affinity:- Earth & Dark  Type:- Piercing

Sanctus Flare, Level Four
Channels the powers of the dragons of light.
Affinity:- Water & Light  Type:- Piercing

-= Bare Hands =-

Lotus Palm, Level One
Fighting spirit surrounds the fist, pummelling the enemy.
Affinity:- Physical   Type:- Blunt

Vertigo (Isn't this the fear of heights?), Level Two
Numbs foe with a damaging strike.
Affinity:- Physical   Type:- Blunt

Vermilion Aura, Level Three
Strikes the Dark using the power of light.
Affinity:- Light      Type:- Blunt

Retribution, Level Four
Turns the power of the Dark against itself.
Affinity:- Dark       Type:- Blunt

*** 06.0 Battle Abilities ***

After you have defeated the first "true" boss of Vagrant Story - the Minotaur -
you will gain Battle Abilities.  Battle Abilities consist of Chain Abilities and
Defence Abilities, both of which I will go into more detail about later.

To use the Battle Abilities you need to give the Triangle, Square and Circle
buttons an ability for both Chain and Defence.  This is done through the main
menu or by holding R2 down and then pressing the down button on the D-Pad.

You get new Battle Abilities if you use your current abilities (both Chain and
Defence) successfully.  When you have gained enough EXP you will be given the
choice of learning a new Chain or Defence ability.  Choose carefully.  Choose
depending on your battle style.  Do you concentrate on attacking or defending?
What do you want to do to your enemies?  You should be able to learn all these
battle abilities before the end of the game the first time round.  At around 49%
map completed I only had around 3 more abilities to learn (1 Chain, 2 Defence).

*** 06.1 Chain Abilities ***

To use the Chain Abilities you need to press one of the Triangle, Square or 
Circle buttons at the exact time the weapon hits the enemy to continue the 
chain.  It is possible to continue the chains for long periods of time but in 
doing this the RISK bar will increase rapidly.

When using the chains it will steadily increase and then suddenly shoot up.  An
example of this sequence is this:-

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 20, 37, 52, 76, 89, 100

Stupid, I know but it means that you can't continue chains forever (although I
have found it is possible to chain an enemy to death even if you start with RISK
on 100, but only if the weapon is highly compatible against that class of 

Be careful.  Get used to the chains for all the weapons you like using.  Why?
Each weapon has a different animation for each chain.  That said the combo of
moves I use has a similar animation for the Sword class weapons and Heavy Mace
class of weapons.  Another good reason to get used to the chains is that the
animations for chain abilities that do something "special" nearly always have a 
weird timing to it.  In otherwords it tries to trick you.  So find a Chain combo
you like and stick to it is my opinion because then you will be able to chain 
for a long time.

If in the options menu "Timing Display" is turned on a "!" will appear on the
screen when you have to press the buttons to continue the chain.  IMO the "!"
doesn't always help.  When I am using Chains I base my judgement on the timing 
of the animation and the sound effects.  A result of this, is that I can hit the
target at the exact time the "!" appears on the screen.  When you hit a word 
will appear on the screen. This word is chosen and could be one of the 


Apart from this other words appear on the screen if you press the button too 
soon before you are meant to, or after your meant to.  Keep an eye on these 
words as it might help you to perfect your timing.

The Chain Abilities that you can learn are shown below.

-= Chain Ability List =-

Heavy Shot, RISK:- One
Inflicts an amount of additional damage equal to 70% of damage dealt.
This is you standard ability.  No special moves, just a powerful hit.

Gain Life, RISK:- 2
Regenerates an amount of Ashley's HP equal to 30% of damage dealt.
This can be very useful if your low on HP.  Make sure that this ability is used
after a hard hitting ability that has hit to get the most out of it.  If it
follows a MISS in the Chain you won't gain any HP, and if it follows a low 
hitting ability you will only recover 1 or 2 HP.

Mind Assault, RISK:-1
Reduces foe's MP by an amount equal to 30% of damage dealt.
This does nothing for Ashley but destroys the MP that the enemy has.  When it
ends up bringing up a load of "0" it has run out of MP.  But be warned the foe
will recover it's MPs in the same way as Ashley can.

Gain Magic, RISK:- 2
Regenerates an amount of Ashley's MP equal to 30% of damage dealt.
To get the most MP out of the enemy use this ability following a move that has
taken a lot of HP of the enemy.

Raging Ache, RISK:- 1
Inflicts an amount of additional damage equal to 10% of the damage Ashley has
I like this chain.  But then again I can never use it to its full potential
'cause the standard enemy doesn't stand a chance in hitting me.  This is a very
handy move to learn.  Get it ASAP.  Say, for example, that you are low on HP by
100 HP using Raging Ache will add 10 points of damage to the attack.  I have
even found that using this along with Heavy Shot can take out an enemy with the
chance to hit like 0 / 0% when you are on RISK 100.  This is an example if it's
potential ability.  Use it,  and use it well, my friend.

Mind Ache, RISK:- 1
Reduces foe's MP by an amount equal to 20% of the MP Ashley has used.
This is the same as above but is for MPs.  I have, in all honesty, never used
this move in a serious battle.

Temper, RISK:- 2
Inflicts an additional 40% of damage on foe and repairs a small amount of weapon
This doesn't exactly work.  Every move in the chain (apart from this one)
will damage your weapon and you can't hope to restore all that DP.  In 
otherwords throw this in occasionally to slow down the damage caused to your 
weapon.  If that is your style.  If it isn't remember where the nearest 
workshop is and how to get there so you can repair ALL your weapons at the same

Crimson Pain, RISK:- 2
Inflicts an additional 100% of damage on foe and deals 30% of base damage to
Don't get carried away with this move or you might find yourself in serious
trouble.  Use it with Raging Ache to get powerful hits or Gain Life to restore
exactly the amount of life lost in using this ability.

Instil, RISK:- 1
Inflicts additional damage equal to 10% of damage dealt and adds that amount to 
PP Restores PP that is lost meaning that you are able to pull off more powerful
attacks.  If you use it with the Phantom Pain ability however you will have a
nice combo.

Phantom Pain, RISK:- 3
Inflicts additional damage equal to the total accumulated Phantom Points in
Ashley's weapon.
In other words this swaps PP for more damage.  Use this with Instil to keep
gaining PP and you will have an effective combo that you can use.

Paralysis Pulse, RISK:- 3
Adds "Paralysis" to attack.
Adds paralysis to the enemy who will then run away from you until it wears off,
in the hope that you won't attack them.  (Yeah, right...)

Numbing Claw, RISK:- 3
Adds "Numbness" to attack.
Use this at the end of the chain or it won't work.  If you use it in the middle
of a chain the move that follows it will cancel the effects of Numbness.
Numbness stops the enemy using Special Attacks, and slows them down by 50%.

Dulling Impact, RISK:- 3
Adds "Silence" to attack.
Stops the enemies from casting magic for a little while.

Snake Venom, RISK:- 3
Adds "Poison" to attack.
Slowly poison will sap life out of the enemy until they counter it with an 
Antidote or spell if they are able to do so.  Poison does not work on Undead

-= 06.2 Defence Abilities =-

Defence Abilities are used in a similar way to Chain Abilities.  They add RISK 
to the RISK bar when used and have to be used at the exact time the attack hits
you.  You will know when it hits you by the sound, what you can see and the fact
that, if you have it set up to do so, the little orange "!" will appear.

It is a good idea to change the defences you have to suit your surroundings.  So
when you encounter an enemy you have no defence for quickly press L2 and change
the defence abilities.  For example if you run into an enemy that uses fire add
the "Pyro Guard" ability to one of the buttons.

As with Chains find a button and defence ability set-up you are comfortable with
and get used to it as you are going to be using the Defence Abilities a lot.
You may also find that some defences end up with a MISS.  This is because they
CANNOT defend against the type of attack that is being used against you.

The list of defences is shown below:-

-= Defence Ability List =-

Ward, RISK:- 1
Prevents Paralysis and Numbness
This will prevent Paralysis an Numbness being cast on you if it is timed right.
Another bonus with this ability is that if you use it and you are already
affected by Paralysis you might be able to shake off the Paralysis even if the
attack didn't carry Paralysis.

Siphon Soul, RISK:- 6
Adds 50% of MP used in foe's magical attack to Ashley's MP. Effective versus
magical attacks.
I don't like this.  The idea of getting 50% of the MP from a spell used on you
sounds good but the low costing MP spells don't give you much MP and the high
costing ones can nearly half your HP, or even worse, kill you.  If you want to
get MP out of the enemy use the Gain Magic Chain Ability.

Reflect Magic, RISK:- 2
Reflects 40% of damage.  Does not reduce damage received.  Effective versus
magical attacks.
This move is good - when it works.  Time it right (and with a
bit of luck) you can reflect ANY move used on you, from any angle.  This means
that if someone were to attack you from behind with a water element spell, you
would be able to reflect the damage onto them as long as you are able to survive
60% of damage on you.

Reflect Damage, RISK:- 2
Reflects 40% of damage.  Does not reduce damage received.  Effective versus
non-magical attacks.
This is the same as Reflect Magic but for normal attacks.  This might be easier
to time as you can actually see when the blade touches you to get the timing

Absorb Magic, RISK:- 4
Reduces damage received by 20%.  Effective versus magical attacks.
This is good, but if you have a defence ability for the specific element that is
attacking you it is better to use that.

Absorb Damage, RISK:- 4
Reduces damage received by 20%.  Effective versus non-magical attacks.
This is basically the same as Absorb Magic but for normal attacks.

Impact Guard, RISK:- 4
Reduces physical damage by 50%.
I ALWAYS have this defence ability equipped.  This is handy.  Imagine this.  You
have 100 HP and a dragon boss takes a swipe at you with it's tail and takes 150
HP off.  Time it right and you will regain 75 HP therefore staying alive.

Windbreak, RISK:- 4
Reduces Air affinity damage by 50%.

Fireproof, RISK:- 4
Reduces Fire affinity damage by 50%.

Terra Guard, RISK:- 4
Reduces Earth affinity damage by 50%.

Aqua Guard, RISK:- 4
Reduces Water affinity damage by 50%.

Shadow Guard, RISK:- 4
Reduces Light affinity damage by 50%.

Demonscale, RISK:- 4
Reduces Dark affinity damage by 50%.

Phantom Shield, RISK:- 6
Uses the accumulated Phantom Points in Ashley's shield to counter an equal
amount of damage.

*** 07.0 RISK ***

RISK is, to put simply, odd.  It means that if you spend lots of time attacking
with or without chains, of have defended against attacks well, you will have 
lost a lot of concentration.  Without this concentration you will find it hard
to hit the target for damage.  This basically means you can't (or more to the 
point - you aren't supposed to) go on for ever using chains to hit the enemy as
it just won't do anything.  That said I have been able to kill off an enemy 
starting on 100 RISK and finishing on 100 RISK without the use of any Vera items
or RISK reducing abilities in between.

With low RISK you will find it easier to hit the target, easier to take off lots
of HP and that it is harder for the enemy to hit you and, even if it does hit 
you, for lots of damage.

High RISK means that it is harder to hit the enemy and take off any HP, and that
it is easier for the enemy to hit you and take off a lot of HP.

Basically you are meant to break down your lengthy combos into chunks of around 
8 so that your RISK doesn't rocket.  In my opinion do this for the bosses, but 
in boss battles your more likely to use Break Arts any way.  If you are 
wandering around and encounter a small Dragon of Crimson Blade or any of various
undead beings go crazy with your RISK after taking out any really hard monsters
in the room.  The only problem with this is that you will want to reduce your 
RISK to 0 before moving into the next room, and by the time this is done you HP
and MP will have restored a fair bit.  If you move into a room on full HP and MP
and no RISK you will face more enemies and they are usually harder than normal.
On the other hand if you move around with low HP and MP you will encounter less 
enemies and you might encounter "Rare" enemies with "Rare" items also.

That doesn't go under the RISK section does it?  Oh well,.....


Vera Items
Use 'em.  But don't use them all up.  Most of the time you will find you are
given them when you need them.  Although you must remember it is handy to have a
few Vera Roots ready for when you enter a boss battle as you might find your 
RISK goes sky high.

*** 08.0 Traps ***

Okay, you might get the impression that there are traps out there that have it
in for you.  Well, you'd be half right.  On one hand they are there to be a real
pain and on the other hand they can't kill you (Aren't you glad about that?).

Traps can be seen by using the Magic Spell "Eureka" or by using the item "Eye Of
Argon".  Below is a list of the types of traps you may encounter along your epic
journey through the town of Lea Monde.

-= 08.1 "Warlock" Traps =-

Gust           Attacks with Air affinity.
Inferno        Attacks with Fire affinity.
Terra Thrust   Attacks with Earth affinity.
Freeze         Attacks with Water affinity.
Death Vapour   Attacks with Light affinity.
Diabolos       Attacks with Dark affinity.
Eruption       Attacks with Physical affinity.

-= 08.2 "Sorcerer" Traps =-

Poison         Casts "Poison".
Paralysis      Casts "Paralysis".
Curse          Casts "Curse".

-= 08.3 "Shaman" Traps =-

Heal Panel     Restores HP, Reduces RISK.
Cure Panel     Cures Poison, Numbness and Paralysis status effects.
Trap Clear     De-activates all the traps in the room.

A good trick to use is jumping up and down on the heal panels as many times as
needed.  This can be done as the traps are activated every time you touch one.

*** 09.0 Weapons ***

Weapons are one of the key factors in making or breaking a Riskbreaker.  A good
weapon makes a good Riskbreaker.  Therefore it is essential you get the most out
of your weapons.

There are three "types" of weapons.  These are Blunt, Edged and Piercing.  You
will find that different enemies are more resistant to one type of weapon than
another.  For example a Piercing weapon will do more damage on a human enemy
than on a Undead enemy.

Over time you will find out which weapons are suited to certain enemies and you
will build up a set of three or four weapons that you will carry around all the 
time, so that you can defeat any enemy that you may stumble upon.

-= 09.1. Weapon EXP =-

In Vagrant Story the ever popular RPG element Experience is here all be it in a
slightly different form.  You see, your weapons get EXP and not Ashley.  What
this means is that if you used a weapon against say, Dragons, and you used it
every time you encountered them it would slowly increase in EXP and become the
ultimate Dragon slaying weapon.  For weapon affinity it is a similar idea.  If
you use a weapon against an enemy with a high Fire affinity, over time your
weapon will increase in water affinity to deal with any enemies carrying a fire

This idea also goes for armour.  Although, I have to admit, I have never really
cared about the armour.  I only use it to help protect against damage.  As well
as armour the EXP principle counts for Shields as well.  In otherwords if you 
raise the fire affinity of a Shield you will stand more chance of surviving a
devastating fire attack than you would normally.  An example of this would be
when, the other day, I entered the final battle for the second time, loaded up
the Dark affinity on my shield and prepared for the Bloody-Sin.  I equipped my
shield "Mid-Sin" and prepared to be annihilated.  What actually happened was
that the supposed most powerful move in the game, only took 30 HP off me.  This 
just goes to show that EXP on weapons is a good idea, and a very helpful one at

-= 09.2. This weapon for this, That weapon for that. =-

It is a good idea to say for example have a kit of four weapons that you use all
the time.  Each weapon being able to cause high amounts of damage to only two
classes of enemies.  A good example of these four weapons are shown here:-

Weapon 1 :- Dragon & Human
Weapon 2 :- Beast & Phantom
Weapon 3 :- Undead & Evil

With this system when the EXP of one class increases it won't interfere with the
next class down the list.  In other words with the list in the menus looking 
like this:-


Every plus point on the human class would be a minus point on beast, and so on
down the list.  This principle also works for element affinities although only
for the opposite of affinities.   For an example you couldn't have a weapon 
with high Light and Dark affinity because they are opposite affinities.

If you think that all this is not worth it, consider this:-  It means you can
carry more weapons that you have won from battles or found in chests.  More
weapons, means more forging, more forging means better weapons, better weapons
means deader enemies.

-= 09.3. Damage Points (DP) =-

DP is a very important factor of your weapons.  In the menu you will be able to
see what the maximum DP for your weapon is and what level it is at.  The higher
this bar is, the more damage you are going to cause.  The lower this bar is, the
less damage you are going to cause.  So, to be on the safe side, know where the
nearest workshop is so you can repair your weapons at regular intervals.

NOTE:- The metal of the weapon, shield and armour doesn't matter when it comes
       to repairing, so you can repair your weapons in any workshop you like.
       DP is also used by Shields and Armour.

-= 09.4. Phantom Points (PP) =-

PP. Phantom Points are brilliant when used correctly as they increase the
amount of damage your weapon can do.  The Phantom Points are increased during
battle.  For a chain combo using Phantom Points see the Chain Abilities section.
PP are lost when you are wandering around Lea Monde with you weapon out and you
aren't using it.  That is why you should always put it away after a battle.

*** 10.0 The Workshop ***

The workshops enable you, the player, to customise, repair and create brand new 
weapons that can't be found in the normal course of the game.  It is always
handy to know where your nearest workshop is, as not only can you repair and
create new weapons there is always a save point and a crate handy.  These
workshops are as follows in the order they will be found in the game.

Work of Art W/S, The Catacombs
You can work with Wood, Leather, Bronze

The Magic Hammer W/S, Town Centre West
You can work with Bronze, Iron

Keane's Crafts W/S, The Keep
You can work with Bronze, Iron, Hagane

Junction Point W/S. Town Centre East (Behind the door with the Cattleya Sigil)
You can work with Wood, Leather, Bronze, Iron, Hagane

Metal Works W/S, Town Centre East
You can work with Silver, Damascus

Godhands W/S, Undercity West (Second play only)
You can work with Wood, Leather, Bronze, Iron, Hagane, Silver, Damascus

Once in these workshops you go into the items menu and select SETUP which is
located below EQUIP.  From here you can combine blades, create new weapons, 
repair weapons and a few more different abilities that you can do even if you 
aren't in a workshop.

-= 10.1. The Materials =-

I have listed the materials in order of the worst to the best.

- Wood -
Wood is only used when it comes to shields.  The first shield you will get will
be made out of wood.  This isn't a very helpful material but you will find that
if you combine shields together you get very powerful shields.

- Bronze -
Most of the weapons you get for the first time will be made out of bronze.  This
is a good material to use at the start of the game, but you will find that if
you combine bronze and bronze blades together you might end up with some Iron
blades. Nice.

- Iron -
The next step up from Bronze means your not far away from getting Hagane.  That
is wonderful news.

- Silver -
How do you get silver?  Well you can try combining bronze and hagane materials
and you might occasionally get some Silver, but it isn't guaranteed to work all
of the time.  I have noticed that when you find Silver items in chests or win
them off enemies, they are usually geared up to go against the enemy classes of
Undead, Phantom or Evil.  So use this to your advantage until you can prepare
a strong Hagane or Damascus replacement for your Silver weapon.  Infact I ended
up using a Silver blade against Guildenstern at the end of the game.  I later
realised that Hagane is much more effective.

- Hagane -
To get Hagane you just combine Bronze and Iron blades.  If you are having a hard
time getting Silver or Damascus blades don't worry.  Keep combining Hagane
blades together to get an extremely powerful weapon and you'll be fine.

- Damascus -
To get Damascus you can try and mix Hagane and Silver together but it won't
always work.  So, in my opinion the best way to get Hagane is to go on a
treasure hunt.  This way you will end up with a few Damascus blades that you can
use to you advantage.

*** 11.0 The Creative Process ***

The "Creative" Process as I call it can be split up into different sections.
These are:-
- Combining
- Creating
- Finalising
Please keep in mind that these three stages are for weapons only as armour only
uses the first step.  As a result you will find the only info on armour under 
it's own sub-section called "Combining Armour".

-= 11.1. Combining Weapons =-

To combine weapons you select the combine option in the set-up menu.  Once you
have done this you will notice that you have to choose two blades to go into
two boxes.  The order the blades go in effects the type of blade you get out,
as well as the material it can be made out of.  Therefore I have listed all
the blades and the boxes they go into to make new blades.  It is possible to
create new blades by mixing blades of different categories together, but in 
order to get the best blades it is a good idea to combine blades of the same 
type. That is why I have only listed the combo tables for the same types of 
blades.  I will, however, when I have a spare night or weekend add tables for 
combing two different types of blade.  Here we go:-

 -= End Result:- Daggers =-

Dirk               Scramasax          Throwing Knife
Throwing Knife     Scramasax          Kudi
Kudi               Throwing Knife     Cinquedea
Cinquedea          Kudi               Kris
Kris               Cinquedea          Hatchet
Hatchet            Kris               Khukuri
Khukuri            Hatchet            Baselard
Baselard           Baselard           Stiletto
Stiletto           Stiletto           Jamadhar

-= End Result:- Swords =-

Rapier             Spatha             Short Sword          
Firangi            Short Sword        Shamshir
Shamshir           Firangi            Falchion
Falchion           Shamshir           Shotel
Shotel             Falchion           Kora
Kora               Kora               Khopesh
Khopesh            Khopesh            Wakizashi

-= End Result:- Axes =-

Francisa           Battle Axe         Tabarzin
Tabarzin           Francisca          Chamkaq
Chamkaq            Tabarzin           Tabar
Tabar              Tabar              Bullova
Bullova            Bullova            Crescent

-= End Result:- Maces =-

Ball Mace          Spiked Club        Footman's Mace
Footman's Mace     Ball Mace          Morning Star
Morning Star       Footman's Mace     War Hammer
War Hammer         War Hammer         Bec de Corbin
Bec de Corbin      Bec de Corbin      War Maul

-= End Result:- Great Swords =-

Katana             Broad Sword        Executioner
Executioner        Katana             Claymore
Claymore           Executioner        Schiavona
Schiavona          Claymore           Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword      Bastard Sword      Nodachi
Nodachi            Nodachi            Rune Blade

-= End Result:- Great Axes =-

Sabre Halberd      Large Crescent      Balbriggan
Balbriggan         Sabre Halberd      Double Blade
Double Blade       Double Blade       Halberd

-= End Result:- Heavy Maces =-

Footman's Mace     Sabre Mace         Gloomwing
Gloomwing          Footman's Mace     Mjolnir
Mjolnir            Mjolnir            Griever(Isn't that...no I won't type that)
							   (Yes it is - Richard)
                                             (It's Ultimecia's GF!)
Griever            Griever            Destroyer

-= End Result:- Staves =-

Summoner's Baton   Clergy Rod         Shamanic Staff
Shamanic Staff     Summoner's Baton   Bishop's Crosier
Bishop's Crosier   Bishop's Crosier   Sage's Cane

-= End Result:- Polearms =-

Scorpion           Glaive             Corcesca
Corcesca           Scorpion           Trident
Trident            Corcesca           Awl Pike
Awl Pike           Trident            Boar Spear
Boar Spear         Trident            Fauchard
Fauchard           Boar Spear         Voulge
Voulge             Fauchard           Pole Axe
Pole Axe           Pole Axe           Bardysh
Bardysh            Bardysh            Brandestoc

-= End Result:- Crossbows =-

Target Bow         Gastraph Bow       Light Crossbow
Light Crossbow     Target Bow         Windlass
Windlass           Target Bow         Cranequin
Cranequin          Windlass           Lug Crossbow
Lug Crossbow       Lug Crossbow       Siege Bow
Siege Bow          Siege Bow          Arbalest

-= 11.2. Ultimate Weapon Combos =-

I don't really know where this bit of info should go, so I'm putting it here.
When you have the Stock Sigil go back to The Gallows in the Wine Cellar to
battle an undead Minotaur.  This Minotaur carries the Hand of Light.  Defeat it
and you might get this weapon.  If you don't leave the room, go back in and try
again until you do get it.  I have heard that this will act as a metal
converter (turns into Damascus) if it is placed in the second combination slot.
Well, that's it.

Okay, the Ultimate Weapon Combos section is something that I have mutated out
of another FAQ writers file.  And before you start - I am within the law.  His
disclaimer said so.  Anyway thanx for this goes to Matt Hamand who can be 
contacted at <mhamand1@yahoo.com>.  What you will see below is mostly Matt's FAQ
although I have added a few pieces in.  These can be identified by the [ ] that
I have typed in.


*What is an Ultimate Weapon?*

An Ultimate Weapon is a weapon with 100 in all classes and affinities. Ideally
the weapon will also be made of Damascus.

*Why should I make an Ultimate Weapon?*

The first time I played through Vagrant Story I did okay. But the final battle
with Guildenstern was a bear. I did not use combos for most of the game which
was a mistake. So I spent a couple of hours nickel and diming him to no avail.
Then I hit upon using a Heavy Shot/Crimson Pain combo and that worked much
better. But I was still only doing about 15 points of damage on a critical
hit. I eventually beat him but it was a pain. [ Sounds like me.  Took the 
best part of 2 hours to kill him... ]

Fast-forward to my first replay game. After spending a lot of hours building an
ultimate weapon (Hagane Romphaia, Spiral Hilt, Tertia, Tertia, Braveheart) the
final battle with Guildenstern went much better. I killed his final form in one
5 chain combo (Heavy Shot/Crimson Pain). I was pleasantly surprised. I expected 
to do well but this was terrific. Some credit has to go to my increased stats, 
but most of the credit I think has to go to the weapon.

Before I continue I should say that my weapon isn't even quite as ultimate as it 
could be. It is not Damascus and I really would like to have Arturos gems. But 
after at least two dozen hours of spelunking in Iron Maiden B2/B3 I could not 
come up with one lousy Holy Win Blade. My girlfriend can attest to the hours I 
wasted on this quest. So I settled for Hagane and lower quality gems. But the 
results cannot be argued with. 

The GameFAQs Vagrant Story message board has a lot of info on ultimate weapon 
building. That's where I got the method I used, the method I'm writing about 
here. But to get to the info you have to wade through thousands of posts over 
2 or 3 months. So I decided to write this and put all it in one place.

Here it is.

The Method 

The method I used is a four blade method. There are some three blade methods 
out there. I like the four blade method. It ensures that there will be no 
conflicting classes/affinities. And once you have the blades it doesn't take 
any longer that a three blade method. You still have to spend the same amount 
of time whacking away at training dummies no matter how many blades you are 
going to eventually combine. 

Blade 1 - Dragon / Beast / Physical

For the first blade head to The Boys Training Room in City Walls South. Attack 
the Dragon dummy there until your Dragon class and Physical affinity are up to 
100. Then travel to The Dark Tunnel in Abandoned Mines B1. Use the Beast dummy 
there until your Beast class is up to 100. Set that blade aside.

Blade 2 - Phantom / Human / Earth / Darkness / Water

For the second blade go to From Boy To Hero in City Walls North. Attack the 
Phantom dummy there until your Phantom class is up to 100. Then travel to the 
Worker's Breakroom in The Wine Cellar. Attack only the Right Arm, Left Arm, 
and head until your Human Class and Earth, Water, and Darkness affinities are 
up to 100. Set that blade aside.

Blade 3 - Human / Fire / Air

For the third blade stay in the Worker's Breakroom in The Wine Cellar. With the 
same dummy attack only the Body and Legs until your Human class and Fire and Air 
affinities are up to 100. Set that blade aside.

Blade 4 - Undead / Evil / Light

For the fourth blade go to the Hall Of Sworn Revenge in The Catacombs. Attack 
the Undead dummy until your Undead class is up to 100. From there go to Gharme's 
Walk in Town Centre East. Attack the Evil Dummy there until your Evil class and 
Light Affinity are up to 100.

4. Assembly

The best place to assemble your weapon is the Godhands workshop. This workshop 
is only available on replay. If you want to build an ultimate weapon on first 
play I suggest Junction Point workshop. Just make sure none of the blades you 
will be combining are Silver or Damascus.

Combining these blades and assembling this weapon is similar to combining and 
assembling any other with just a couple of key differences.

I will now go into detail on how to combine and assemble the ultimate weapon of 
each weapon type.
Ultimate Dagger

Blade 1 - Baselard
Blade 2 - Baselard
Blade 3 - Stiletto
Blade 4 - Holy Win

Hilt - Spiral Hilt

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos

First combine the two Baselards to get another Stiletto. Then combine the 
two Stilettos to get a Jamadhar. Then combine the Holy Win with the Jamadhar. 
This should create a Damascus Jamadhar with 100 in all classes/affinities. 
Assemble the blade with a spiral hilt, and 3 Arturos gems. 
Ultimate One-Handed Sword

Blade 1 - Romphaia
Blade 2 - Romphaia
Blade 3 - Romphaia
Blade 4 - Holy Win

Hilt - Spiral Hilt

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos

Combine the three Romphaias. Then combine the Romphaia with the Holy Win. This 
should result in a Damascus Romphaia with 100 in all classes/affinities. 
Assemble the blade with a spiral hilt and 3 Arturos Gems.
Ultimate Two-Handed Sword

Blade 1 - Holy Win
Blade 2 - Holy Win
Blade 3 - Holy Win
Blade 4 - Holy Win

Hilt - Spiral Hilt

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos

Combine all four Holy Wins. This results in a Damascus Holy Win with 100 
in all classes/affinities. Assemble the blade with a Spiral Hilt and affix 
3 Arturos Gems.
Ultimate One-Handed Axe

Blade 1 - Tabar
Blade 2 - Tabar
Blade 3 - Bullova
Blade 4 - Holy Win

Hilt - Elephant

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos

Combine the two Tabars. This should result in another Bullova. Combine the 
two Bullovas. This results in a Crescent. Combine the Crescent with the Holy 
Win. This should result in a Damascus Crescent with 100 in all 
classes/affinities. Assemble the blade with an Elephant grip and 3 Arturos gems.
Ultimate Two-Handed Axe

Blade 1 - Balbriggan
Blade 2 - Balbriggan
Blade 3 - Sabre Halberd
Blade 4 - Sabre Halberd

Hilt - Elephant

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos

Combine the first Balbriggan and Sabre Halberd. This results in a Double Blade. 
Combine the second Balbriggan and Sabre Halberd. This results in a Double Blade.
Combine the two Double Blades. This results in a Halberd with 100 in all 
classes/affinities. Assemble the blade with an Elephant grip and 3 Arturos gems. 
Ultimate One-Handed Mace

Blade 1 - War Hammer
Blade 2 - War Hammer
Blade 3 - Bec De Corbin
Blade 4 - Holy Win

Hilt - Elephant or Grimoire Grip

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos or Arturos, Arturos

Combine the two War Hammers. This results in a Bec De Corbin. Combine the 
two Bec De Corbins. This should give you a War Maul. Combine the War Maul 
with the Holy Win. This should result in a Damascus War Maul with 100 in all 
classes/affinities. Assemble the blade with either an Elephant or a Grimoire 
Grip. Affix either 2 or 3 Arturos Gems.
Ultimate Two-Handed Mace

Blade 1 - Hand Of Light
Blade 2 - Hand Of Light
Blade 3 - Hand Of Light
Blade 4 - Hand Of Light

Hilt - Elephant or Grimoire Grip

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos or Arturos, Arturos

Combine all four Hands Of Light. This should give you a Hand of Light with 
100 in all classes/affinities. Assemble the blade with either a Elephant grip 
or a Grimoire Grip. Affix either 2 or 3 Arturos gems.
Ultimate Staff

Blade 1 - Shamanic Staff
Blade 2 - Summoner's Baton
Blade 3 - Bishop's Crossier
Blade 4 - Holy Win

Hilt - Elephant or Grimoire Grip

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos or Arturos, Arturos

Combine the Shamanic Staff with the Summoner's Baton. This gives a Bishop's 
Crossier. Combine the two Bishop's Crossiers. This results in a Sage's Cane. 
Combine the Sage's Cane with the Holy Win. This should result in a Damascus 
Sage's Cane with 100 in all classes/affinities. Assemble the blade with either 
an Elephant grip or a Grimoire Grip. Attach 3 or 2 Arturos Gems.
Ultimate Polearm

Blade 1 - Pole Axe
Blade 2 - Pole Axe
Blade 3 - Pole Axe
Blade 4 - Pole Axe

Hilt - Spiral Pole

Gems - Arturos, Arturos, Arturos

Combine the two Pole Axes. This results in another Bardysh. Combine the other
two Pole Axes. This results in another Bardysh. Combine the two Bardysh. This
gives a Damascus with 100 in all classes/affinities. Assemble the blade with 
a spiral pole grip. Attach 3 Arturos gems.
Ultimate Crossbow

Blade 1 - Lug Crossbow
Blade 2 - Lug Crossbow
Blade 3 - Seige Bow
Blade 4 - Holy Win

Hilt - Sonic Bullet

Gems - Arturos

Combine the two Lug Crossbows. This results in a Seige Bow. Combine your two 
Seige Bows. This results in an Arbalest. Combine the Arbalest with the Holy Win. 
This gives you a Damascus Arbalest with 100 in all classes/affinities. Assemble 
the blade with a Sonic Bullet Grip and attach 1 Arturos gem. 

5. Notes

*Obtaining The Holy Win & Romphaia*

On second play or later the Iron Maiden B2 and Iron Maiden B3 are accessible. 
If you enter these areas with 150 or less hit points you encounter different 
enemies Normally there are shriekers, ogres, and liches. With less than 150 HP 
you run into Dark Crusaders and one Last Crusader. The Dark Crusaders are armed 
with Romphaias, the best one handed sword available. The Last Crusader carries 
the Holy Win blade, the best two handed sword. They will drop these swords 
rarely.  Very rarely. I spent at least 20 hours in the IMB2/3 and only had 6 
Romphaias and no Holy Wins to show for it. I've heard of others obtaining as 
many as 6 Holy Wins in only 2 hours of trying. As far as I tell there is no sure
way of getting them to drop what you want. With the rarer items, at least, it 
appears pretty random. 

*Obtaining The Hand Of Light*

The Hand Of Light is the best two handed mace in the game. It is obtained by 
battling the various Minotaur Bosses. They drop it rarely. About as rarely, I 
hear, as the Holy Win is dropped. I didn't spend as much time looking for one of 
these as I have little interest in two-handed weapons, I like using shields.

*Combining With The Holy Win Blade*

The most useful thing about the Holy Win blade is its use as a metal converter. 
When certain sufficiently powerful blades are combined with the Holy Win the 
result is that blade in the superior Damascus material. This is the best way to
make most weapon into Damascus. 

*Limitations Of The Holy Win*

You cannot make use a Holy Win to convert a Hand Of Light blade into Damascus.
The Holy Win also will not convert two-handed axes, two-handed maces, or 
polearms into Damascus. The best way to make ultimate weapons of these types 
Damascus is to start with Damascus components. I know this is not easy, but its
the best I can do within the scope of this document. I suggest Jay Tilton's 
Combination Guide. 

*How Many Holy Wins Do I Need?*

To make a complete set of ultimate weapons you will need 10 Holy Win blades. 
This is enough to convert all the weapons that you can to Damascus and to 
create an ultimate Holy Win blade.

*Alternate Ultimate Two-Handed Mace*

An alternate method of creating an ultimate two-handed mace is to use four 
Mjolnir blades. This gives you a Destroyer blade with 100 in all 
classes/affinities.  Not having a Hand Of Light or a Destroyer to compare I 
don't know which one has higher base stats. I suspect it will be the Hand Of 
Light, but if you really enjoy the ultimate weapon making process or are having
problems getting Hands of Light here's how to make a non Hand Of Light ultimate
two-handed mace.

*Elephant or Grimoire Grip*

When choosing a grip for your maces and staff you have a couple of choices. The 
Elephant grip is not the best for blunt weapons but it does have 3 gem slots. 
The Grimoire Grip is the best grip for blunt weapons but it only has 2 gem 
slots.  It's your call but I'd go for the Elephant.

*Arturos Gems*

Another reason to spend some time getting Holy Win blades is the gems they 
come with. Specifically the Arturos gem. This gem adds 30 to all 
classes/affinities and boosts STR, INT, and AGL as well. This is the 
preferred gem for ultimate weapon building.

6. Tips

*Training Dummies*

When attacking training dummies to gain class/affinity bonuses do not use 
chains. The dummies give out the bonuses based on hits received and chains 
only count as one hit. Chaining will only make a long hard job harder. 
[ Also, if you chain or attack for a long time you can end up "killing" the 
dummy.  The only bonus you get for doing this is a few items which are rather 
pointless on second play. ]

7. Alleviating The Boredom

This could be the most important section of this whole document [ His, NOT mine
that is! ]. Ultimate weapon building is a tedious process. Just the time with 
the training dummies takes hours, to say nothing of the time spent seeking the 
blades involved. 

I recommend setting a second TV up next to the set that the PSX is hooked up to. 
This way you can still use the controller and have something to pay attention to 
other than which part of the dummy you are hitting next.


And if you actually look at his FAQ it goes onto the credits section and he says
that he got most of his info from someone posting on a VS Forum, so it isn't 
exactly his work.  That means I am well within my right.  Twice.

-= 11.3. Creating Weapons =-

Once you have forged your blade you can create your weapon.  To do this you
need to have a grip for the weapon.  Try to get a grip with lots of Strength.
These will become common nearer the end of the game.  Grips determine how many
gems you can place on you weapon.  They can hold any amount from none all the
way up to 3.  This might not sound much but gems usually make or brake weapons.
Once you have chosen the blade and grip you make it.  Next you choose gems.  You
will collect gems on your journey and I will go into them in more detail on the
items list.  Now you need to think of a name.

-= 11.4. Finalising the Weapons =-

Think of an original name.  Not "Buster Sword" or "Organics" or "Masamune" or
anything else that comes from a computer game.  Be original.  A few examples.
At one point my beast weapon was called "Number Of The Beast" after the Iron 
Maiden album, and a later weapon was called "Orion's Belt" because it had 
three Orion gems on it.  Just let your mind flow and you'll have a brilliant 
weapon with a brilliant name. 

-= 11.5. Combining Armour =-

Combining armour is a process almost identical to that of combining blades, as
it involves affinity to both elements and enemy classes and the result of your
combination is affected by the metal the armour is made out of.  So, for that
reason the armour combo tables are being represented in a way similar of the
blades.  Have fun!

-= Head Gear =-
First Piece           Second Piece            Result
Chain Coif            Bone Helm               Spangenhelm
Spangenhelm           Chain Coif              Cabasset
Cabasset              Spangenhelm             Sallet
Sallet                Barbut                  Basinet
Basinet               Barbut                  Armet
Armet                 Basinet                 Close Helm
Close Helm            Basinet                 Burgonet
Burgonet              Close Helm              Hoplite Shield
Hoplite Helm          Hoplite Helm            Jazeraint Shield
Jazeraint Helm        Jazeraint Helm         Dread Helm

-= Chest Gear =-

Banded Mail           Cuirass                 Ring Mail
Ring Mail             Banded Mail             Chain Mail
Chain Mail            Ring Mail               Breastplate
Breastplate           Chain Mail              Segementata
Segmentata            Breastplate             Scale Armour
Scale Armour          Breastplate             Brigandine
Brigandine            Breastplate             Plate Mail
Brigandine            Scale Armour            Plate Mail
Platemail             Brigandine              Fluted Armour
Fluted Mail           Plate Mail              Hoplite Armour
Hoplite Armour        Hoplite Armour          Jazeraint Armour
Jazeraint Armour      Jazeraint Armour        Dread Armour

-= Hand Gear =-

Reinforced Glove      Knuckles                Ring Sleeve
Knuckles              Ring Sleeve             Chain Sleeve
Ring Sleeve           Chain Sleeve            Gauntlet
Gauntlet              Vambrace                Plate Glove
Vambrace              Plate Glove             Rondanche
Rondanche             Plate Glove             Tilt Glove
Tilt Glove            Tilt Glove              Freitunrnier
Freiturnier           Rondanche               Fluted Glove
Fluted Glove          Freiturnier             Hoplite Glove
Hoplite Glove         Hoplite Glove           Jazerain Glove 
Jazeraint Glove       Jazeraint Glove         Dread Glove

-= Foot Gear =-

Fusskampf              Poleyn                 Jambeau
Poleyn                 Chain Leggins          Jambeau
Jambeau                Poleyn                 Missaglia
Jambeau                Chain Leggings         Missaglia
Missaglia              Poleyn                 Plate Leggings
Plate Leggings         Missaglia              Fluted Leggings
Fluted Leggings        Plate Leggings         Hoplite Leggings
Hoplite Leggings       Hoplite Leggings       Jazeraint Leggings
Jazeraint Leggings     Jazeraint Leggings     Dread Leggings

-= 11.5 Combining Shields =-

Combing shields is also similar to combining blades and armour so I won't bother
going into detail.  Although I will say the higher the affinity is the less 
damage that is caused by that affinity or class of enemy.

First Shield           Second Shield          Final Shield
Targe                  Buckler                Pelta Shield
Pelta Shield           Targe                  Quad Shield
Quad Shield            Targe                  Circle Shield
Circle Shield          Quad Shield            Tower Shield
Tower Shield           Quad Shield            Spiked Shield
Spiked Shield          Circle Shield          Round Shield
Round Shield           Tower Shield           Kite Shield
Round Shield           Spiked Shield          Kite Shield
Kite Shield            Round Shield           Casserole Shield
Casserole Shield       Kite Shield            Heater Shield
Heater Shield          Casserole Shield       Oval Shield
Oval Shield            Heater Shield          Knight Shield
Knight Shield          Oval Shield            Hoplite Shield
Hoplite Shield         Hoplite Shield         Jazeraint Shield
Jazeraint Shield       Jazeraint Shield       Dread Shield

*** 12.0. The Items List ***

During your journey in Lea Monde you will find various items to help you along
your way.  These can be anything from Elixir's to Grips for weapons.  Here is a
list, with ALL of the items available.  I have missed out the Grimoire's as 
they are included in the magic section.

-= 12.1. Blades =-

-= Dagger Blades =-       -= Sword Blades =-         -= Axe Blades =-
   Battle Knife              Spatha                     Hand Axe
   Scramasax                 Scimitar                   Battle Axe
   Dirk                      Rapier                     Francisca
   Throwing Knife            Short Sword                Tabarzin
   Kudi                      Firangi                    Chamkaq
   Cinquedea                 Shamshir                   Tabar
   Kris                      Falchion                   Bullova
   Hatchet                   Shotel                     Crescent
   Khukuri                   Kora
   Baselard                  Khopesh
   Stiletto                  Wakizashi
   Jamadhar                  Rhomphaia

-= Mace Blades =-         -= Great Sword Blades =-   -= Great Axe Blades =-
   Goblin Club               Broad Sword                Guisarme
   Spiked Club               Norse Sword                Large Crescent
   Footman's Mace            Katana                     Sabre Halberd
   Morning Star              Executioner                Balbriggan
   War Hammer                Claymore                   Double Blade
   Bec de Corbin             Schiavona                  Halberd
   War Maul                  Bastard Sword
                             Rune Blade
                             Holy Win

-= Heavy Mace Blades =-   -= Stave Blades =-         -= Polearm Blades =-
   Langdebeve                Wizard Staff               Spear
   Sabre Mace                Clergy Rod                 Glaive
   Footman's Mace            Summoner Baton             Scorpion
   Gloomwing                 Shamanic Staff             Corcesca
   Mjolnir                   Bishop's Crosier           Trident
   Griever                   Sage's Cane                Awl Pike
   Destroyer                                            Boar Spear
   Hand of Light                                        Fauchard
                                                        Pole Axe
-= Crossbow Blades =-
   Gastraph Bow
   Target Bow
   Light Crossbow
   Lug Crossbow
   Siege Bow

-= 12.2. Grips =-
-= Dagger, Sword 'n' Great Sword Grips =-

Grip Name          Blt/Egd/Prc     Gem Slots
Short Hilt          0 / 4 / 1         x0
Swept Hilt          0 / 2 / 4         x0
Cross Guard         8 / 6 / 2         x1
Counter Guard       0 / 8 / 7         x1
Knuckle Guard       0 / 5 / 9         x2
Side Ring          10 /12 /10         x2
Murderer's Hilt     0 /13 /17         x2
Power Palm          0 /15 /12         x3
Spiral Hilt        20 /20 /20         x3

-= Axe, Mace 'n' Staff Grips =-

Grip Name          Blt/Egd/Prc     Gem Slots
Wooden Grip         5 / 1 / 0         x0
Czekan Type         8 / 4 / 0         x0
Sand Face           3 / 6 / 0         x1
Sarissa Grip        6 / 9 / 0         x1
Heavy Grip          6 /15 / 0         x1
Gendarme           13 / 5 / 0         x2
Runkasyle          17 / 7 / 0         x2
Grimoire Grip      21 / 9 / 0         x2
Bhuj Type           8 /19 / 0         x3
Elephant           11 /22 / 0         x3

-= Polearm Grips =-

Grip Name          Blt/Egd/Prc     Gem Slots
Wooden Pole        11 / 0 / 1         x0
Winged Pole         2 / 6 /16         x0
Spiculum Pole       2 /12 / 4         x1
Ahlspies           10 /14 /12         x1
Framea Pole        16 / 4 /10         x2
Spiral Pole        15 / 6 /21         x3

-= Crossbow Grips =-

Grip Name          Blt/Egd/Prc     Gem Slots
Simple Bolt         1 / 0 /10         x0
Steel Bolt          1 / 0 /13         x1
Javelin Bolt       17 / 0 / 2         x1
Falarica Bolt       3 / 0 /20         x1
Stone Bullet       23 / 0 / 4         x1
Sonic Bullet        5 / 0 /25         x1

-= 12.3. Gems =-

Talos Feldspar
Feldspar imbued with the dark powers of Talos.
Increases the power of direct attacks.

Titan Malachite
Malachite with a Titan's soul bound inside.
Increases the power of direct attacks.

Sylphid Topaz
Topaz imbued with the power of the Sylphs.
Slightly increases Air affinity.

Djinn Amber
Amber imbued with the power of Sylphs.
Slightly increases air affinity.

Salamander Ruby
Ruby imbued with the power of the Salamanders
Slightly increases fire affinity.

Ifrit Carnelian
Carnelian imbued with the power of Ifrit.
Increases fire affinity.

Gnome Emerald
Emerald imbued with the power of the Gnomes.
Slightly increases earth affinity.

Dao Moonstone
Moonstone imbued with the power of Dao.
Increases earth affinity.

Undine Jasper
Jasper imbued with the power of the Undines.
Slightly increases water affinity.

Marid Aquamarine
Aquamarine imbued with the power of Marid.
Increases water affinity.

Angel Pearl
Pearl imbued with the power of the angels.
Slightly increases light affinity.

Seraphim Diamond
Diamond with a seraph's soul bound inside.
Increases light affinity.

Morlock Jet
Jet stone sealed with Morlock's magical power.
Slightly increases dark affinity.

Berial Blackpearl
Blackpearl with Berial's soul bound inside.
Increases dark affinity.

Star sapphire with the power of Haeralis the Brave.
Slightly increases power against humans.

Actionlite containing a fragment of Orlandu's skeleton.
Increases power against humans.

Black coral holding the hair of Orion the Beast.
Increases power against beasts.

Amethyst containing Ogmious the Guardian's soul.
Increases power against beasts.

Lazurite containing St. Iocus's prayer.
Slightly increases power against undead.

Chiastrite containing the ashes of Balvus
Increases power against undead.

Jade containing the Nordic holy spirits.
Slightly increases power against phantoms.

Serpentine containing a dragon's power
Slightly increases power against dragon's

Serpentine containing a dragon's power.
Slightly increases power against dragons.

Fire agate with the soul of Sigguld the Dragoon.
Increases power against dragons.

Blood opal containing the blood of devils.
Slightly increases power against evil enemies.

Garnet containing Altema the Fallen's spirit.
Increases power against evil enemies.

An artificial malachite made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary

An artificial serpentine made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary

An artificial cat's eye made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary

An artificial amethyst made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary

An artificial moonstone made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary

An artificial topaz made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary 

An artificial emerald made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary

An artificial ruby made by the ancient Kildeans named after a legendary knight.

An artificial diamond made by the ancient Kildeans, named after a legendary

Increases the success rate of non-magical attacks by 20%.
Must be equipped on a weapon.

Increases the success rate of magic by 20%.
It must be equipped on a weapon.

Increases the chance to evade non-magical attacks by 20%.
Must be equipped on a shield.

Increases the chance to evade magical attacks by 20%/
It must be equipped on a shield

Increases the chance to evade 'STR-down' by 20%.
It must be equipped on a shield.

Increases the chance to evade 'INT-down' by 20%.
It must be equipped on a shield.

Increases the chance to evade 'AGL-down' by 20%.
It must be equipped on a shield.

Silent Queen
Increases the chance to evade 'Silent' by 20%.
It must be equipped on a shield.

Dark Queen
Increases the chance to evade 'Paralysis' by 20%.
It must be equipped on a shield.

Death Queen
Increases the chance to evade 'Poison' by 20%.

White Queen
Increases the chance to evade 'Numbness' by 20%.
It must be equipped on a shield.

-= 12.4. Armour (Including Shields) =-

-= Shields =-     -= Helms =-      -= Body Armour =-  -= Leggings =-
Buckler              Bandana          Jerkin             Sandals
Targe                Bear Mask        Hauberk            Boots
Pelta Shield         Wizard Hat       Wizard Robe        Long Boots
Quad Shield          Bone Helm        Cuirass            Cuisse
Circle Shield        Chain Coif       Banded Mail        Light Greaves
Tower Shield         Spangenhelm      Ring Mail          Ring Leggings
Spiked Shield        Cabasset         Chain Mail         Chain Leggings
Round Shield         Sallet           Breastplate        Fusskampf
Kite Shield          Barbut           Segementata        Poleyn
Casserole Shield     Basinet          Scale Armour       Jambeau
Heater Shield        Armet            Brigandine         Missaglia
Oval Shield          Close Helm       Plate Mail         Plate Leggins
Knight Shield        Burgonet         Fluted Mail        Fluted Leggings
Hoplite Shield       Hoplite Helm     Hoplite Armour     Hoplite Leggings
Jazeraint Shield     Jazeraint Helm   Jazeraint Armour   Jazeraint Leggings
Dread Shield         Dread Helm       Dread Armour       Dread Leggings

-= Gloves =-
Leather Glove         All weapons, shields and armour have been placed in
Reinforced Glove      order of strength from the weakest to the strongest.
Ring Sleeve
Chain Sleeve
Plate Glove
Tilt Glove
Fluted Glove
Hoplite Glove
Jazeraint Glove
Dread Glove

-= 12.5. Accessories =-

Rood Necklace
Necklace with the rood of the Iocus priesthood.  Once owned by Tia.

Rune Earrings
Silver earrings engraved with ancient Kildean lettering.

Necklace with a lion's head motif.

Rusted Nails
Claws of iron worn by Rinomy, the ancient Kildean tactician.

Nose-ring that is said to have been owned by Marduk, the storm deity.

Talian Ring
Delicate ring used by the sea spirit, Talia, to pacify the Kraken.

Agrias's Balm
Balm used by the great knight Agrias as told in the Zodiac Brave Story.

Kadesh Ring
Silver ring with rose and snake motif, symbol of the love and fertility goddess

Lau Fei's Armlet
Armlet of might worn by the legendary queen of the Titans, Lau Fei.

Swan Song
Brooch a poor craftsman made for his wife.  Lauded for its quality after his

Cross Choker
Decorative leather choker with a pendant in the shape of a cross.

Ghost Hound
Armlet imbued with the vain ambition of those whose names the storytellers do
not sing.

Beaded Anklet
Anklet worn by Mullenkamp, a dancer, and the head priestess of ancient Kilita.

Agales's Chain
Necklace forged to torment Agales, the duke of the underworld, by the great sage

Balam Ring
Ring bearing one of the 47 scattered shards of the great devil Balam, guardian
of knowledge.

Morgan's Nails
Nails worn by the evil sorceress Morrighan in the tales of the old land.

Marlene's Ring
Ring worn by the sage Marlene, said to prove her half-devil, half-human blood.

Sylphid Ring
Ring imbued with the essence of a sylph air spirit.

Salamander Ring
Ring with the essence of a slamander fire spirit.

Tamulis Tongue
Tongue stud favoured by the fire god Tamulis.

Gnome Bracelet
Bracelet imbued with an earth spirit.

Palolo's Ring
White gold ring adorned with the wings of the earth deity, Palolo.

Undine Bracelet
Arm bracelet imbued with the essence of an undine water spirit.

Nimje Coif
Coif worn by the water nymph Nimje in the tales of the old land.

Agrippa's Choker
Choker imbued with evil, made by the alchemist Agrippa.  Said to know imprison
Agrippa's soul.

Diadrs's Earring
Earring favoured by the famed beauty Diadra, who was fated to bring sadness and

Edgar's Earrings
Earring possessed by a demon-wight, worn by the great necromancer Edgar.

Titan's Ring
Ring worn by the Titan's of legend, large enough to be used as a bracelet by

Earring made in ancient times to talk with the Pegasi drawing the chariot

Talisman made from dragon skull.  Aids slightly in battles against dragons.

Faufnir's Tear
Necklace bearing a crystal, Faufnir's Tear, wept from the dragon's eye when it

-= 12.6. Miscellaneous Items =-

Cure Root
Roots of a herb that restores strength.
Item Effect:- Restores 50 HP.

Cure Bulb
Bulbs of an herb that restores strength.
Item Effect:- Restores 100 HP.

Cure Tonic
Extract of an herb that restores strength.
Item Effect:- Restores 150 HP.

Cure Potion
Potion made from an herb that restores strength.
Item Effect:- Restores all HP.

Mana Root
Root of a herb that restores mental acuity.
Item Effect:- Restores 25 MP.

Mana Bulb
Bulbs of an herb that restores mental acuity.
Item Effect:- Restores 50 MP.

Mana Tonic
Extract of an herb that restores mental acuity.
Item Effect:- Restores 100 MP.

Mana Potion
Potion made from an herb that restores mental acuity.
Item Effect:- Restores all MP.

Vera Root
Roots of an herb that restores concentration.
Item Effect:- Lowers RISK by 25.

Vera Bulb
Bulbs of an herb that restores concentration.
Item Effect:- Lowers RISK by 50.

Vera Tonic
Extract of an herb that restores concentration.
Item Effect:- Lowers RISK by 75.

Vera Potion
Potion made from an herb that restores concentration.
Item Effect:- Removes all RISK.

Acolyte's Nostrum (Does that mean Farooq and Bradshaw's Nostrum?)
Nostrum used by the acolytes of Lea Monde.
Item Effect:- Restores 100 HP and MP.

Saint's Nostrum (These are won from Deaths)
The nostrum that a high priest received from the heavens.
Item Effect:- Restores all HP and MP.

Alchemist's Reagent
An experimental potion made by Valnain's alchemists.
Item effect:- Restores 25 HP and Lowers RISK by 25.

Sorcerer's Reagent
Reagent made by sorcerers in ancient times.
Item Effect:- Restores 50 HP and Lowers RISK by 50.

Yggdrasil's Tears
Extract of Yggdrasil known to heal status abnormalities.
Item Effect:- Cures "Paralysis".

Faerie Chortle
Made by the faerie king as a remedy for use in battle against serpents.
Item Effect:- Cures "Poison"

Spirit Orison
Pellets made from flower petals and dried yak livers.
Item Effect:- Cures "Numbness".

Angelic Paean
A talisman bearing the icon of St. Iocus
Item Effect:- Cures "Curse"

Potion made with odd bits of herbs.
Item Effect:- Cures "Paralysis", "Poison", "Numbness".

Snowfly Draught
Potion of dried snowfly wings.
Item Effect:- Cancels all magical effects cast on target.

Faerie Wing
Powder that faeries use to accelerate movement and improve jumps temporarily.
Item Effect:- Imbues "Quickness".

Eye of Argon
Temporarily enables Ashley to see traps set in the room.
Item Effect:- Reveals all the traps in the room.

A Lea Monde red wine with delicate, yet robust, flavour.
Item Effect:- Permanently adds a few points to STR.

The most elegant rd wine, with gentle flavour and bouquet.
Item Effect:- Permanently adds a few points to INT.

A Lea Monde white wine known for its honey-like fragrance.
Item Effect:- Permanently adds a few points to AGL.

A Lea Monde quality sweet wine allowed to age to perfection.
Item Effect:- Increases HP a little.

A sparkling wine made from a blend of three grapes.
Item Effect:- Increases MP a little.

Elixir of Queens
Elixirs given to soldiers by Lea Monde's monks in ancient times.
Item Effect:- Increases HP a little.

Elixir of Mages
Elixir the mages of Lea Monde once used.
Item Effect:- Increases MP a little.

Elixir of Kings
Item Effect:- Permanently adds a few points to STR.

Elixir of Sages
Item Effect:- Permanently adds a few points of INT.

Elixir of Dragoons
Item Effect:- Permanently adds a few points to AGL.

-= 12.7. Sigils =-

Sigil Name     Where Found               Where Used

Chamomile      Defeat the Minotaur         Smokebarrel Stair
               The Gallows                 Wine Cellar
               Wine Cellar 

Lily           Defeat the Lizardmen        Withered Springs
               Catacombs                   Catacombs

Hyacinth       Defeat the Wyvern           Earthquake's Mark
               Abandoned Mines B1          Abandoned Mines B1

Fern           Coal Mine Storage           Live Long and Prosper (Didn't Spock 
               Abandoned Mines B1          Abandoned Mines B1      say that?)

Mandrake       Defeat the Wraith           Rue Aliano
               Iron Maiden B1              Town Centre South

Cattleya       Defeat Dark Elemental       Rue Crimnade
               Undercity West              Town Centre East

Tearose        Defeat the Sky Dragon       The Cauldron
               Abandoned Mines B2          Iron Maiden B1

Kalmia         Defeat the Wraith           A Storm of Arrows
               Iron Maiden B1              The Keep

Columbine      Defeat Iron Golem           A Storm of Arrows
               Iron Maiden B1              The Keep

Eulelia        Defeat the Lich             Gyaaaagh...
               Undercity East              I lost my piece of paper!

Melissa        Defeat the Nightstalker     
               Gemsword Blackmarket        The Labourer's Bonfire
               Undercity East              Limestone Quarry

Stock          Sale of the Sword           Blackmarket of Wines
               Undercity East              Wine Cellar

Clemtis        Larder for Lean Winter      A Welcome Invasion
               Undercity West              City Walls North

Aster          Catspaw Blackmarket         Dream of the Holy Land
               Undercity East              Limestone Quarry

Calla          Defeat the Flame Dragon     Heretic's Story
               Great Cathedral             Great Cathedral L3

Laurel         Monk's Leap                 Poisoned Chapel
               Great Cathedral             Great Cathedral

Acacia         Defeat the Arch Dragon      Hall of Broken Vows
               Great Cathedral             Great Cathedral

Palm           Defeat Dao                  Melodics of Madness
               Great Cathedral             Great Cathedral

Did I miss any of the Sigils out?  If I did e-mail me with all the needed info.

*** 13.0. The "Score" Option ***

In the main menu of Vagrant Story there is an option called "Score".  This 
records things like map completion, chest completion and the ranks that you have
met.  This section of the FAQ goes into this sub-menu in detail.  Just in case
you want to know about the scoring system.

-= 13.1. The Titles / Ranks =-

To get a title or ranking you need to meat certain requirements.  To view the
titles you have collected go to Score and then Title.  When you select the ones
you have collected it will tell you what you did to earn that title.  On the 
slots of the titles you haven't collected it'll say something like "Requirements
not met".  Or something to that effect.  A list of all the titles and the
requirements can be found below.  Some of these names may be inaccurate, but the
requirements should be exact.  If they aren't please send me the correct 
versions and I will update the FAQ or will try and find out what they are.

01) Seeker Of Truth
    Complete The Game Once

02) Ruler Of The Fallen City
    Complete the game in 10 hours

03) Successor Of The Legacy
    Open ALL of the chests

04) Finder Of Dark
    Reveal 100% of the map

05) Destroyer of Gaeus
    Beat Damascus Golem

06) Hunter In The Snowfield
    Beat Masques Crab

07) Ally Of The Wood
    Beat Ravana

08) Slayer of the Wyrm
    Beat Dragon Zombie

09) Vanquisher Of Death
    Beat Death and Ogrezombie

10) Warrior of Asura
    Beat Asura

11) Conqueror Of Time
    Complete the Time Trials with an excellent rating

12) Sparkling Warrior
    A Chain of more than 30.

13) Bearer of the New World 
    Find Golden Key
    (Shouldn't that be "Bearer of The Brave New World"?.  Sorry about that.)

14) Hoard Finder
    Find Chest-Key

15) Ruler Of Power
    Get ALL Break Arts

16) Hands Of Skill
    Get all Battle Abilities

17) Wanderer of the Wyrding
    Finish the game without saving.
    (You must have to be insane or very good at VS to try this...)

18) Holy Traveller
    Complete game without using magic.

19) Pride Fighter
    Complete game without using Battle Abilities.

20) Proud Warrior
    Complete game without using Break Arts.

21) Blood-Thirsty Conqueror
    Defeat 5000+ enemies of EVERY CLASS

22) Respector of Fighting
    Attacks 5000 odd times with the same weapon.

23) Silent Assassin (Maybe even Silent Scope?  Once again, I am sorry.)
    Attack with Dagger 500+ times.

24) Great Swordsman
    Attack with Sword 500+ times

25) Master Of Blades
    Attack 500+ times with Great Sword

26) Steel Dragon
    Attack with axe and mace 500+ times

27) Earth Shaker
    Attack with Great Axe 500+ times

28) Sweeper of the Dark
    Attack with Staff 500+ times.

29) Acolyte of Iron
    Attack 500+ times with Heavy Mace

30) Spearsman Of The Gale
    Attack 500+ times with Polearms

31) Heaven's Huntsman
    Attack 500+ times with the Crossbow

32) Master Martial Artist
    Attack 500+ times with bare hands

-= 13.2 Riskbreaker Rank =-

During the game you have a rank.  A Riskbreaker rank.  This rank is determined 
on the amount of points you have gained during the game.  The list below is only 
a partial list of the Riskbreaker Ranks, and it doesn't even tell you the score 
needed to get that rank.  Although I am hoping to correct that as soon as 

L 01) Normal Agent
L 02) Gladiator
L 03) Daredevil
L 04) Berserker
L 05) Destroyer
L 06) Spectrebane
L 07) Paladin 
L 08) Mystic Wanderer
L 09) Blademaster
L 10) Master Gladiator (My Current Rank)

-= 13.3 Encyclopaedia =-

Below is the list of monsters carried in the Encyclopaedia.  Unfortunately not
all of the enemies in the game are listed.  I will however at a later date add
them to the bottom of the list along with descriptions for all the monsters.

01) Zombie (Undead)
    120 HP / 10 MP

    Once the inhabitants of Lea Monde, zombies emerge from the Dark to attack
    the living.

02) Mummy (Undead)
    90 HP / 5 MP
    Special Attacks:- None

    Ancient Kildean corpses infused with the power of the Dark.

03) Ghoul (Undead)
    120 HP / 10 MP

    Ghouls lurk in the Catacombs, longing for human flesh.  Attacking their
    heads proves effective.

04) Ghast (Undead)
    120 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- None
    Occasionally carries some powerful armour and weapons.

    The living dead, given power by demons of the Underworld.

05) Zombie Fighter (Undead)
    140 HP / 15 MP

    Corpses of Lea Monde's soldiers, brought back to life through the Dark's

06) Zombie Knight (Undead)
    160 HP / 40 MP
    Special Attacks:- None

    Zombies of the Knights of the Cross, still in possession of potent martial
07) Zombie Mage (Undead)
    135 HP / 80 MP
    Special Attacks:- Spell casting such as Lightning Bolt

    Zombies of Lea Monde's mages, who employ powerful offensive magic.

08) Skeleton (Undead)
    120 HP / 20 MP
    Special Attacks:- None
    Skeletons can hide themselves by pretending to be piles of bones.  It IS
    possible to kill a skeleton before it even has the chance to stand up...

    Skeletal remains of zombie corpses.  They lurk in darkness to attack the

09) Dark Skeleton (Undead)
    150 HP / 25 MP
    Special Attacks:- None
    Nothing special.

    Skeletons the Dark has bestowed with more power and better defence.

10) Skeleton Knight (Undead)
    110 HP / 30 MP
    Special Attack:- None
    They carry more powerful equipment than the skeletons and therefore are 

    The bleached skeletons of former Kingsguard knights.  Still possess skill
    with blades.

11) Ghost (Phantom)
    70 HP / 130 MP
    Special Attacks:- Mind Blast
    Prize:- Three Cure Bulbs
            Elixir of Kings
    Here you can only use Physical attacks.  It'll try to cast degenerate and
    has the ability to teleport itself around the room.  Most of the time
    however it will teleport to somewhere near to you.  You shouldn't find it to
    hard, but just make sure you have saved recently to be on the safe side. And
    remember - KEEP YOU HEALTH UP.

    Souls of the deceased that attack any living thing in sight.

12) Wraith (Phantom)
    120 HP / 140 MP
    Affinity:- Dark
    Special Attacks:- Mind Blast, Poltergeist, Reaper Scythe
    You best bet on the Wraith are light affinity attacks and Break Arts, but
    when you are strong enough you can chain it to death or kill it with one

    Ghosts of the Underworld capable of casting potent magic.

13) Goblin (Human)
    220 HP / 25 MP
    Special Attacks:- None
    Not too hard as long as you have a good quality weapon that is high in the
    human class.

    Stocky demihumans that from bands to attack their prey.

14) Goblin Leader (Human)
    260 HP / 60 MP 
    Special Attack:- Casting Stun Cloud, Degenerate
    Stun Cloud causes Paralysis which can be countered by using the Defence
    Ability "Ward" or by using Yggdrasil's Tears.

    Goblins endowed with the ability to use magic.  They make their abode in the

15) Orc (Human)
    240 HP / 25 MP
    Special Attacks:- None
    Orcs a slightly weak against Water Affinity attacks.

    Porcine demihumans that are able to use magic spells and any weapon they can

16) Orc Leader (Human)
    Commanders of the orcs.  Like their goblin kin, they attack with weapons
    and magic.

17) Lizardman (Dragon)
    240 HP / 25 MP
    Special Attacks:- None

    A species of demihuman known for their agility and strength.

18) Blood Lizard (Dragon)
    250 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- None

    A subspecies of liazrdmen with superior protection against fire and heat.

19) Lich (Evil)
    130 HP / 110 MP
    Special Attacks:- Magic
    Get out your evil weapon and chain it to death.  Or use Break Arts.  Which
    ever way you do it shouldn't cause that much trouble

    Evil mages who have gained powerful magic and eternal life through demonic

20) Lich Lord (Evil)
    290 HP / 320 MP
    Special Attack:- Spellcaster
    These things are nasty - on first plat at least - so use Magic Ward, and make sure that 
    you are constantly covered by it.  The way to defeat a Lich Lord is by concentrating on
    a purely PHYSICAL assault.  Forget about your RISK level as long as you have Magic Ward
    on you, and chain it to death...er...into oblivion.

    Liches with even greater magical knowledge who are said to practice ancient
    Kildean sorcery.

21) Death (Evil)
    Unknown HP and MP
    Keep using Magic Ward and use Physical attacks.
    Using Gems like Talos Feldspar and Titan Malachite cause extra damage.

    The one in Iron Maiden B2
    360 HP / Unknown MP
    Affinity:- Light
    Special Attacks:- Thunderbolt, Gravity, Fire Storm
    Use Talos Feldpsar and Titan Malachite Gems and hit the arms and head.  In
    my opinion it would be a good idea to have a constant shield of Magic Ward..

    The reaper of the Underworld, tasked with claiming the souls of the

22) Gargoyle (Evil)
    120 HP / 0 MP
    Affinity:- Weak against Air Affinity
    Special Attacks:- Numbing Hook
    Concentrate on the wings to reduce they movement and stick to physical
    attacks.  Counter the Numbimg Hook with a Spirit Orison OR avoid it using
    the "Ward" defence ability.

    Sculptures of mythical creatures that have come to life.

23) Imp (Evil)
    150 HP / 70 MP
    Special Attacks:- Poison Mist, Stun Cloud
    This...thing...can be annoying but you'll get the hang of it.

    Messengers of the Underworld that swoop down to attack with weapons and

24) Gremlin (Evil)
    190 HP / 90 MP
    These little horrors are a real pain on first play.  You can only really
    beat these enemies with physical strength but even then - they sometimes
    pack Damascus Armour.
    Pernicious of the Underworld that swoop down to attack with weapons and

25) Mimic (Beast)
    120 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack:- Numbing Needle

    Large insects that mimic chests of treasure to lure unwary treasure 

26) Shadow (Evil)
    170 HP / 260 MP
    Affinity:- Light, Dark
    Special Attacks:- Single Elemental spells
    NOT very hard, but if you don't get in quick enough you will find you are
    losing a lot of HP very quickly.

    Shadows bereft of bodies that use varied weaponry and cast magic.

27) Silver Wolf (Beast)
    90 HP / 0 MP
    Not very hard to beat in my opinion.

    Wolves, twisted into ferocious man-hunters by the Dark's influence.

28) Hellhound (Beast)
    FIRE Affinity
    110 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack:- Fire Breath
    This is slightly harder to beat than the Silver Wolf and it's Fire Breath
    is a multiple-target attack which can prove quite deadly.  Keep your health
    up and remember that it's weaknesses are Water, Light and Piercing Blades.
    These hounds once guarded the gates of the Underworld.

29) Bat (Beast)
    Also known as:- That annoying thing that kills you when you're on 2 HP
    45 HP
    Not very hard.  One hit will kill it, but one hit COULD kill you if your
    not careful.

    Large, agile bats that swoop down to strike from the air.

30) Stirge (Beast)
    90 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack:- Bloodsuck
    These are hardened up versions of the Bat.  If you have a high RISK level
    more damaged will be caused if you are attacked with the Bloodsuck.  It is
    possible that in large numbers they WILL cause you difficulty.  Just take
    them one at a time, keep you RISK low and your health high.

    Giant vampire bats rumoured to drain a victim's life in a single blow.

31) Slime (Beast)
    60 HP / 0 MP
    EARTH Affinity
    Special Attack:- Acid Sneeze

    These normally slothful and large amoeba-like creatures can leap to assault
    their pray.

32) Poison Slime (Beast)
    110 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Poison Sneeze
    Prize:- Faerie Chortle
    The Posion Slime is weak against Air and Fire based attacks.  They're not
    that hard (takes one more hit than the normal slime).

    Slime with the ability to spew poisonous spores

33) Dark Eye (Phantom)
    100 HP / 90 MP
    Special Attacks:- Dark Chant, Spell Casting
    They're not THAT hard.  Really.

    Often called "The Devil's Eye," these monsters are well versed in magic.

34) Basilisk (Beast)
    120 HP / 0 MP
    Affinity:- Earth
    Special Attacks:- Acid Breath
    Use Air spells to cause immense amounts of damage.  You are also able to win
    Snowfly Draughts from them which may come in handy later on.

    Powerful jaws give these small. agile reptiles a savage attack.

35) Ichthious (Beast)
    100 HP / 0 MP
    Affinity:- Air
    Special Attacks:- Spiral Shell
    Weak against earth affinity attacks and you are likely to receive Faerie
    Wings after defeating them.  It is a good idea to stock up on those as you
    will need to use them all the time on you perilous journey.

    Fish-like forest spirits with armoured heads.
    Their magic gives them an extra edge in battle.

36) Harpy (Beast)
    210 HP / 160 MP
    Affinity:- Dark
    Special Attacks:- Blasphemous Howl, Banish, Devitalise
    I got this first time.  Everyone else says it is hard...Yeah, right....
    Keep your RISK low and make sure your armour has a HIGH Dark Affinity level.
    Just be careful or it WILL use that "spell of death" on you....

    Birds of the Underworld feared for their unmerciful spell of death.

37) Quicksilver (Evil)
    120 HP / 70 MP
    Special Attacks:- Silence
    These creatures are VERY annoying but you can easily kill them off with a 
    chain combo.

    Dolls possessed by the souls of children who lost their lives to war or

38) Shrieker (Evil)
    160 HP / 150 MP
    Special Attacks:- Silence, Psychodrain
    Just like a Quicksilver but slightly stronger.  Can be chained to death.

    Dolls possessed by evil spirits.  Their shrieks kill all within earshot.

39) Minotaur (Beast)
    275 HP / 5 MP
    Special Attacks:- Giga Rush
    Prize:-  Chamomile Sigil
             Grimoire Guerir
             Grimoire Debile
    Use the weapon with the highest Beast affinity.  Keep your health high and
    keep attacking.  Use the L2 shortcut button to find out when you are able to 

    Half-beast, half-human monster well known for its expert use of a viciously
    heavy mace.

40) Minotaur Lord (Beast)
    540 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack Giga Rush
    Get you beast weapon and head up to it for a one on one physical battle.
    This battle is easy, if you have Break Arts use them.  Don't worry about
    dying - the Minotaur Lord's attacks aren't that strong so they won't do much

    Minotaurs with tattoos of magic protection enscribed upon their bodies.

41) Minotaur Zombie (Undead)
    720 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Giga Rush
    Get out the weapon you use for Undead enemies and chop away.  You should
    find this battle relatively easy, without the need for any magic or Break

    Minotaur zombies.  They feel no pain, and they fight until their final

42) Dullahan (Evil)
    180 HP / 30 MP
    Prize:- Elixir of Queens
            Elixir of Mages
            Grimoire Lux
    This suit of armour has a week spot which is its abdomen.  I suggest keeping
    to physical attacks and just using single hits instead of chains.  Just keep
    your health up and you shouldn't find it too hard to beat.

    Knightly armour possess by the Dark and capable of magical and physical

43) Dark Crusader (Evil)
    380 HP / 80 MP
Special Attacks:- Prostasia, Degenerate, Tarnish
    Prize:- Angel Wing [H] (Katana)
            Grimoire Deteriorer
            Elixir Of Queens
    To kill this use air affinity attacks and break arts.  The most damage is 
    caused by attacking the abdomen.

    An armour relic of the holy wars.  It's only weakness is the gap below it's
    chest plate.

44) Nightstalker (Evil)
    260 HP / MP 110
    Special Attacks:- Solid Shock, Magic Spells
    This is like a Dullahan.  Not to much trouble then?  Well, only a bit.  It
    has slightly stronger armour but that is it.  You should be able to use
    your Dullahan tactics on this and win this battle hands down.

    Spirits of fallen soldiers, unaffected by chain abilities.

45) Last Crusader (Evil)
    480 HP / 240 MP
    Socrecy Spells as Special Attacks
    This pile of armour holds a Gamascus Rhomphaia.  Nasty.  Keep you RISK low
    and you should be able to avoid lethal amounts of damage. If he casts
    anything on you counter it, use Degenerate on the Last Crusader and Herakles
    on you to even the odds and aim for the abdomen to increase damaged caused.

    Possessed crimson armour, once the special raiment of the Holy Knights.

46) Golem (Evil)
    240 HP / 15 MP
    Affinity:- Earth
    Special Attacks:- Granite Punch
    Prize:- Two Cure Bulbs
            Elixir Of Dragoons
            Grimoire Ameliorer

    Go in and attack the arms and legs with a Blunt weapon until he decides
    that his time has come.

    Creatures moulded from granite, they deliver tremendous physical attacks.

47) Iron Golem (Evil)
    420 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack:- Granite Punch
    Prize:- Columbine Sigil
            Elixir Of Dragoons
    Use the same tactics as with the original Golem.

    Golems crafted from iron.  Their strong bodies are impervious to physical

48) Damascus Golem (Evil)
    560 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Granite Punch
    Prize:- Three Cure Tonics.
    It's a golem.  That is weak against Air and Blunt stuff....

    Golem made of the rare alloy Damascus.
    Highly resistant to both magical and physical attacks.

49) Ogre (Beast)
    540 HP / 35 MP
    Special Attacks:- Casts Degenerate
    Prize:- Three Cure Bulbs
            Elixir Of Kings
            Grimoire Rempart
    I would advice you avoid chaining for this battle and aim for the head or
    arm.  Ogres are resistand against chains so stay with Physical attacks
    using the occasional Break Art if you feel it is necessary.

    Demons that fought humans in mythic times.  Extremely agile and strong.

50) Ogre Lord (Beast)
    560 HP / 110 MP
    Special Attack Tornado
    Also Casts Degenerate and Surging Balm
    Okay, Tornado is rare but keep your HP up just to be on the safe side.  The
    first thing it'll usually do is cast Surgeon Balm on itself, and then (it
    gets the chance) cast Degenerate on you.  Counter the Surgeon Balm spell by
    casting ANY spell you wish on it.  Doing this will nullify the spell and
    the Ogre will then want to cast Surging Balm again.  Keep doing this and
    the Ogre will forget about you meaning you can do what you want.  Attack
    normally, use Break Arts of Magic.  It's up to you.  But be careful.  It 
    doesn't like chains so you might only get 2 effective chains out of a set of

    Highly intelligent ogres with arcane spell knowledge

51) Ogre Zombie (Undead)
    620 HP / 120 MP
    Special Attacks:- None
    Prize:- Azalea Sigil
    Like an Ogre.  But undead....How odd....

    Dead ogres restored to life by necromancy.

52) Giant Crab (Beast)
    420 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Aqua Bubble
    Prize:- Three Cure Bulbs
            Elixir Of Queens
            Grimoire Sylphe
    Put an Undine Jasper onto your shield (if you use one), and plaster you
    weapon with gems that increases the fire affinity.  If you are able to, use
    Break Arts with Fire, Air or Lightning elements as they cause large amounts
    of damage.  If your weapon is Blunt attack the shell, and if it is piercing
    aim for the mouth.

    Giant crabs whose acidic breath can melt even the strongest armour.

53) Iron Crab (Beast)
    375 HP / 0 MP
    Affinity:- Water (?)
    Special Attacks:- Aqua Bubble, Tidal Rush
    Crabs with shells of iron.  Employ their massive weight as a lethal weapon.
    If your attacking the mouth use edged or piercing weapons, if your going for
    the shell use Blunt weapons.

54) Damascus Crab (Beast)
    500 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Aqua Bubble, Tidal Rush
    Prize:- Platinum Key
            Three Cure Tonics
    Use the same tactics as with previous crabs.  Shouldn't cause too many

    Crabs with shells as hard as Damascus.
    Weapons made from their shells are rare and valued.

55) Air Elemental (Phantom)
    380 HP / 160 MP
    Affinity:- Air
    Special Attack:- Lightning Bolt
    Prize:- Grimoire Foudre
            One Mana Bulb
    Use Soil Fusion to increase the damage that you can cause.  Shouldn't
    cause to much trouble for an experienced player like yourself.

    Lesser air spirits.  Use earth affinity spells against them

56) Djinn (Phantom)
    500 HP / 180 MP
    Affinity:- Air
    Special Attacks:- Lightning Bolt, Thunderburst
    Air daeva.  This violent, angry spirit serves no mortal master.
    Attack using Earth Affinity and defend by using air.  Simple as that.

57) Fire Elemental (Phantom)
    320 HP / 140 MP
    Affinity:- Fire
    Special Attack:- Fireball
    Use pieces of armour with high Fire affinity and a Salamander Ring to keep
    you Fire Affinity high so that Fireball won't cause as much damage.  Make
    sure your weapon as high a Water Affinity as possible to help make easy 
    work of it.  When you are near it, cast Frost Fusion to raise your weapons
    water affinity but make sure you are holding the weapon you want to use for
    the rest of the battle as the enchanter spell will be cancelled if you 
    change weapons, meaning that you have to cast it all over again and then
    loose those highly needed magic points....

    Lesser fire spirits.  Vicious opponents with fiery magic at their disposal.

58) Ifrit (Phantom)
    500 HP / 180 MP
    Affinity:- Fire
    Special Attacks:- Fireball, Fire Storm
    Fire daeva.  An arrogant spirit who enjoys burning humans with its spells.
    Use water attacks and defend against Fire.  Ifrit is also like Marid and is
    strong against Edged type weapons.

59) Earth Elemental (Phantom)
    380 HP / 160 MP
    Affinity:- Earth
    Special Attacks:- Vulcan Lance
    Prize:- Grimoire Gaea
    Use a Gnome Bracelet to increases you defences earth affinity and cast Luft
    Fusion so that you can cause more damage when attacking.

    Low-level earth spirits.  Originally benevolent spirits, magic has twisted
    them to evil.

60) Dao (Phantom)
    500 HP / 180 MP
    Affinity:- Earth
    Special Attack:- Vulcan Lance
    Prize:- Palm Sigil
          - Elixir of Queens
          - Grimoire Gaea
    Put simply this is an earth elemental.  Earth elemental's don't like Air 
    attacks.  So, base your offense on this.  Defend against Earth attacks and 
    attack by raising your weapons Air affinity, or Air affinity based magic 

    Earth daeva.  An evil spirit who casts painful spells to sate its yearning
    for human life.

61) Water Elemental (Phantom)
    380 HP / 160 MP
    Affinity:- Water
    Special Attack - Aqua Blast
    Equip yourself with an Undine Bracelet, place gems with water affinity on 
    your shield if you are using one, place gems with a fire affinity on your
    weapon and cast Spark Fusion so that you can cause more damage.  If you can
    afford the MP cast a Warlock spell with a fire affinity.

    Lesser water spirits.  Do not approach them without first preparing a
    suitable defence.

62) Marid (Phantom)
    500 HP / 180 MP
    Special Attacks:- Avalanche Level Three, Aqua Blast
    Water daeva.  Sunk Lea Monde into the waters 25 years ago with the aid of
    Dao, the earth daeva.  This beasty can be classed as "The King of Water".
    So...attack using fire and defend against water.  Please note that Marid is
    strong against Edged weapons.

63) Dark Elemental (Phantom)
    380 HP / 160 MP
    Special Attacks:- Dark Chant
    Prize:- Cattleya Sigil
            Grimoire Meteore
    Use light affinity based attacks on this wee monster and you should be fine.

    Lesser spirits of darkness.  More powerful than other elemental spirits in
    Lea Monde

64) Nightmare (Phantom)
    500 HP / 180 MP
    Special Attacks:- Meteor Lvl. 3, Dark Chant, Curse
    Prize:- Grimoire Meteore
          - Elixir of Dragoons
    This little beasty doesn't like Light Affinity attacks so...use them to the 
    best of your ability.

    Dark daeva.  It is filled with an insatiable craving to see the living

65) Wyvern (Dragon)
    340 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack:- Fire Breath
    Prize:- Hyacinth Sigil
            Cure Tonic
            Grimoire Ignifuge
    Same tactics as with a Dragon although it is  strong against piercing
    weapons and weak against blunt weapons.  If you are able to get to the tail
    you will find that the tail is weak against Edged weapons.  You can reach
    the tale by going behind it, or standing at it's side depending on the
    weapon you are using.

    Lesser wyrm with deadly breath attacks.

66) Wyvern Knight (Dragon)
    520 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Flame Breath
    Prize:- Elixir Of Queens
            Elixir Of Dragoons
            Chest Key
    In my opinion stick to physical combat.  Or if you must hand to hand.
    Shouldn't cause much trouble.  Just keep your HP high and heal before and
    after the battle.

    "Hand to hand is the basis of all combat.
     Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon."

    A ferocious subspecies of dragon.  They rarely appear above ground.

67) Wyvern Queen (Dragon)
    700 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Fire Breath
    Prize:- Anemone Sigil
            Elixir Of Sages
    This should be no problem for the experienced Dragon Slayer....

    Queen of dragons.  Her rule is total and her spawn would readily give their
    lives for her.

68) Dragon (Dragon)
    480 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Thermal Breath, Tail Attack
    Prize:- Three Cure Bulbs
            Elixir Of Sages
            Grimoire Analyse
    ALL dragons have piercing weaknesses in their heads and Edged in their tail.
    Keep your RISK low or you might regret running it up to 100 points....
    A good trick to use on Dragons is running under it's neck.  That way it is
    unable to use any Breath attacks - so the only things it'll do is a Tail
    Attack (Which is survivable) and hitting you on the head with it's neck,
    both of which don't cause as much damage as their breath.  For the Tail
    Attack defend using the Impact Guard ability as it will restore half of you
    lost HP from that attack (very handy when the Tail Attack start taking off
    150+ HP at a time....)

    These legendary creatures possess a cruel and cunning intellect.

69) Sky Dragon (Dragon)
    675 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack:- Tail Attack, Thunder Breath
    Prize:- Tearose Sigil
            Grimoire Demance
            Elixir Of Queens
    Equip a Sylphid Ring and cast Soil Fusion so that you can cause extra

    Large dragons inhabiting clouds, they are also known as Thunder Dragons.

70) Flame Dragon (Dragon)
    750 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attack:- Searing Breath
                   - Tail Attack
    Prize:- Calla Sigil
          - Sorcerer's Reagent
    This dragon has a fire affinity so what do you do?  You do the obvious thing
    and make sure you are geared up so you attack it using everything you have 
    that has a water affinity.

    Large dragons who draw energy from Magma.

71) Earth Dragon (Dragon)
    510 HP / 0 MP
    Affinity:- Earth
    Special Attacks:- Acid Breath, Tail Attack
    Prize:- Bronze Key
            Grimoire Parebrise
            Vera Potion
    In my opinion it is best to get close and strike hard and fast with a bout
    of Air affinity physical attacks.  In order to do this cast Luft Fusion on
    your weapon.  Once the Earth Dragon is defeated it will unblock the path in
    the Snowfly Forest.

    Also known as Land Dragons, their tough hides are nigh impossible to pierce.

72) Snow Dragon (Dragon)
    720 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks Tail Attack, Frost Breath
    Hokay, just make sure your weapon has a strong fire affinity, Dragonite is
    plastered all over the grip, and you have very good water defence.  Right,
    you can now fight on even terms.  You have two ways to go about this battle.
    Chain it.  Or use Break Arts.  The choice is up to you but remember that it
    has a piercing weakness in the Tail and an Edged weakness in the head.

    Because of their freezing breath attack, these dragons are often called
    'Wyrms of Ice'

73) Arch Dragon (Dragon)
    785 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Divine Breath
    Prize:- Acacia Sigil
          - Acolyte's Nostrum
    This is a light affinity dragon so you will be at a slight dis-advantage, as
    you won't have been in many battles like this, so your armour's ability to 
    withstand light attacks will be low.  Be careful as the Divine Breath can 
    take away some of your precious HP and MP.  The safest course of action here
    is to do what yo do with every dragon - hide under its neck.  This way, you 
    will avoid the Divine Breath and any tail attacks.

    The most intelligent of all dragons, but at the same time, one of the most

74) Dark Dragon (Dragon)
    850 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Poison Breath
    Prize:- Verbena Sigil
            Elixir Of Kings
    You can win this battle just by using physical attacks although you might
    fin that Angel Pearl Gems are helpful.

    Dragons of the Underworld who feast on human flesh and souls.

75) Dragon Zombie (Undead)
    500 HP / 0 MP
    Special Attacks:- Rot Breath, untitled
    Prize:- Marigold Sigil
    Not that hard, just keep your RISK low or you'll keep missing.

    Powerful zombies who crave souls tainted by the Dark.

76) Kali (Human)
    500 HP / 500 MP
    Special Attack Raven Eye (Posion) and Caesar's Thrust (Paralysis)
    I wouldn't suggest using magic spells on Kali as they won't do much good. I
    recommend settling on physical attacks.  So, use the weapon that is the
    strongest against humans and attack.  Improve the affinity by using Haeralis
    gems and a Titan's Ring if you have one.  Just select the area of her that
    you can get the most damage from and you'll be okay.  Remember to keep your
    health up and if she runs away cast Leadbones so you can catch up.

    Statue of the goddess of destruction the Dark instilled with unholy life.

77) Ravana (Human)
    750 HP / 750 MP
    Special Attack:- Heaven's Tear
    Prize:- Schirra Sigil
    A mechanical Kali, so use the same tactics.

    A mechanical statues of a deity engineered in the era of Mullenkamp.
78) Asura (Human)
    Unknown HP and MP
    Special Attacks:- Raven Eye, Caesar's Thrust, Heaven's Tear, Judgement
    Prize:- Tigertail Sigil, Cure Potion
    Start off by casting Leadbones to slow her down then attack the legs to slow
    her down.  If she removes Leadbones just cast it again.  You can then do
    whatever you want to kill her off.  It might be a good idea to have Magic 
    Ward cast if your armour has a low Light affinity as Judgement is light 
    affinity based.

    A deity that lay imprisoned in the depths of Lea Monde for centuries.

-= Other Enemies (They're not in the Bestiary) =-

80) Mullenkamp Soldier (Human)
    60 HP / 20 MP
    No Special Attacks.
    Just concentrate on one at a time and they will die within a few hits.

81) Sydney's Wyvern (Dragon)
    83 HP / 0 MP
    Just keep attacking the same area (the head is good) and you'll be okay.
    And once again after the battle, cut-scene, a quote and then cut-scene.

82) Goodwin, Crimson Blade (Human)
    160 HP / 10 MP
    Not that hard really.  Just keep attacking.

83) Sackheim, Crimson Blade (Human)
    145 HP / 15 MP
    Same as above

84) Mandel (Undead)
    145 HP / 15 MP
    Special Attacks:- None
    This should be easy but, as with other Squaresoft games, if you cast Heal on
    the enemy it will act as if it were damaging it.

85) Father Duane (Human)
    250 HP / 100 MP
    Special Attack:- Poison Mist
    Prize:- Magnolia Frau [S]
            Wizard Robe
            Crimson Key
            Grimoire Demolir
            Grimoire Clef

86) Sarjik (Human)
    180 HP / 70 MP
    Prize:- Rapier [I]
            Three Mana Roots

87) Bejart (Human)
    190 HP / 55 MP
    Prize:- Guisarme [B]
            Three Cure Roots

88) Father Grissom (Human)
    350 HP / 100 MP
    Special Attacks:- Spells
    Prize:- Shillelagh [H]
            Wizard Staff
            Swan Song
            Grimoire Annuler
            Grimoire Gnome
    Concentrate your attacks on his head to stop him casting magic.

89) Jan Rosencrantz (Human)
    400 HP / 100 MP
    Special Attacks:- Vile Scar, Cherry Ronde
    Not that hard this battle.  Get out the weapon you have been using on the 
    Crimson Blades and let rip.  Rosencrantz can heal himself and undo spells
    you have cast on him.  Just stick to physical attacks (chain if you want)
    and Break Arts.

90) Neesa And Tieger (The Tag Team) (Human)
    800 Overall HP / Unknown MP
    Neesa Affinity:- Fire
    Tieger Affinity:- Water
    Special Attacks:- Break Arts, Shaman Spells
    This is odd, but all you have to do is concentrate on ONE of the tag team
    and as soon as you have caused more than 800 HPs worth of damage they BOTH
    give in.  In my opinion stick to Break Arts, keep your RISK low and HP high
    and they shouldn't cause you too much trouble.

91) Guildenstern (Evil)
    500 HP / MP Level Unknown
    Special Attacks:- Stun Cloud
                    - Poison Mist
                    - Degenerate
                    - Tarnish
                    - Last Ascension
    Use Edged weapons here, and sorcery spells and not warlock magic
    Now, when Guildenstern has no more MP or he's getting bored of you he'll 
    pull off his "Last Ascension" skill, which is in effect a Break Art.  Try 
    and avoid it.

92) Guildenstern - Dark Angel Form (Evil)
    700 HP / MP Level Unknown
    Special Attacks:- Degenerate
                    - Tarnish
                    - Psychodrain
                    - Leadbones
                    - Gravity
                    - Judgement
                    - Apocolypse
                    - Bloody Sin
    This battle is hard.  Very hard.  So hard infact, that if you have any ways 
    of beating this enemy, you can send them to me, and I'll add them straight 
    away.  For now, you'll have to put up with my pretty vague solution.  Why 
    pretty vague?  This is because how well you do in this battle partly depends
    on how you have played the game, in terms of synthing weapons etc.

    You will see Guildenstern fly around the edges.  While he is doing this, 
    stay in the middle.  This way you will avoid *most* of his spells.  When he 
    hovers near the edge go and attack using either normal attacks of chains.  
    If he uses something like Degenerate counter it using another spell that 
    will INCREASE your stats.  Once you have hit him and he's flown off, go back
    to the centre and heal/reduce your risk.  The higher your risk is in this 
    battle, reduces your chances of winning by miles.

    When Guildenstern uses the Bloody Sin, stay in the centre and keep tapping 
    the menu shortcut button until you see Guildenstern fly right above you.  At
    this point, go to the break art section of the menu, use the attack with the
    longest range and attack Guildenstern.  Oddly enough, this will cancel his 

    Repeat all this until you finish.

*** 14.0. Other Areas Of The Game (i.e. secrets, extras, etc...) ***

Hidden in Vagrant Story are lots of secrets, hidden extras, and other bits which
make the game fun that don't go under any other topic.  That is why we have this
section.  This section is going to tell you all about those topics.  First up is
the "Evolve Or Die" Game.....

-= 14.1. Evolve OR Die =-

 During Vagrant Story you will have to solve the standard block puzzles.  In the
options menu there is an option called Puzzle.  Turn puzzle off and next time 
you enter the room the puzzle will have been solved for you.  Leave it on and 
you might be thrown into a game of Evolve or Die.  This has nothing much to do 
with the game, there is no prize, no nothing.  It is just a bit of fun.

The idea is that you are to work your way up the food chain.  To do this you 
need to solve the puzzle in that room as quickly as possible.  You will then be
given a rank based on how quickly you solved the puzzle.  Your rank could be 
anything as high up the chain of evolution as Little Green Man or as low as 
.... Game Designer which is at the bottom of the evolutionary chain...

-= 14.2. The Wines =-

In the intro cut-scene just before Ashley disappears into the Wine Cellar he 
says he will bring back any wine he finds for Merlose.  Against what anyone 
might say, you can collect wines and NOT use them in the game at all, and all 
that will happen is that you lose those wines for ever, and nothing happens.  
In other words use them as soon as you get them.  Instead of getting drunk they
will improve Ashley's stats like HP, MP and AGL. (awww i'd rather get drunk! 
- Ed)

-= 14.3. Training Dummies =-

You know when you are in a room with a training dummy when you hear a rattle as 
soon as you enter the door.  Luckily the rooms with the dummies in do not have

When attacking the dummies you will only cause a small amount of damage (around
6 or 7 HP worth of damage per hit), but they are extremely handy when you are
wanting to raise the class affinity of a weapon.  But the affinity changing
only happens on the first slash, so if your wanting to raise the affinity of
your weapon - don't chain.

If you manage to kill off a training dummy you will get yourself some Elixirs
and Cure and Mana goodies.

Training Dummies can be found at:-

Class:- Human (Crimson Blade)
Room:-  Wine Cellar: Blackmarket

Class:- Beast (Ogre)
Room:-  Abandoned Mines B1: The Dark Tunnel

Class:- Undead (Skeleton Knight)
Room:-  Catacombs: Hall of Sworn Revenge

Class:- Phantom (Ghost)
Room:-  City Walls North: From Boy To Hero

Class:- Dragon (Lizardman)
Room:-  City Walls South: The Boy's Training Room

Class:- Evil (Gremlin)
Room:-  Town Centre East: Gharmes Walk

-= 14.4. Game Bugs =-

-= Disappearing Circle =-

Press PAUSE in the first room of the Snowfly Forest East (second play only) and
you will see a magic circle.  Unpause and you will see it disappear.

-= Hangin' (Disc Problems) =-

From experience I have found that my PlayStation hangs on magic spells.
Especially Herakles.  The reason for this is that my PlayStation is nearly two
and a half years old and has lengthy gaming sessions.  Why it does this is that
the swirly sparkles that go round Ashley when he is casting a spell is a cover
for the game finding the correct track on the CD.  If you have an old PS it
might take slightly longer than normal to find the track - so just hang in

Another VS FAQ writer - Zy Nicholson suggests putting your PlayStation on it's
side.  In my opinion this is a good idea if you have a new PlayStation and a bad
one if it is old.  Why bad?  I tried this on my old PS and it hanged more
often, my Tekken 3 Demo video was blocky, the FF8 intro was unbearable....In
other words your PS might like it on its side or it might not - just see.  It is
also not advisable to put the new PSOne on it's side as you will find that the
screen is at a funny angle. (also, putting a PSX on it's side will imbalance the
CD, causing it skip...it's not a good idea. - techie Ed) That said Richard,
the almighty Zy Nicholson has said he has had is Japanese PSX on it's side since
he got it....and the PS2 is designed to go on it's side. (yes you said it...the 
PS2 is *designed* to go on it's side - Ed) Personaly, I think my PSX is to old 
and used WAY to much. (well that's funny, my 2nd computer is 5 years old and i 
don't have to turn it on it's side to make it work... - Ed)

I got an e-mail of a Jani Patanen who says that putting a PSX upside down helps
to prevent it from hanging so...there you go.

*** 15.0. Frequently Asked Questions ***

So far...I have recieved lots of questions (most of which are answered here so
PLEASE check the guide before you mail me for answers, as if they are answered
here I WILL NOT reply.

Q) Why won't Vagrant Story save?
A) The chances are your using a PlayStation 2 and trying to save onto the PS2
   Memory Card.  This won't work, as you must use the original PlayStation memory
   card.  If this isn't the case then...I haven't got a clue.

*** 16.0. Vagrant Story Discussion ***

Before I start I would like to give my thanks to all of those over at Squarepedia
who were involved in the thread that some of this information and its points are 
from.  I'm not trying to take your work just put it in the same place.  I would 
also like to thank Lilac Man over at Gaming Dome and Square Source for his 
ability to rant at me, and let me rant at him about Vagrant Story.  This section
has been written by me, and me alone, although it has been influenced as stated

The First Topic of Discussion
"Was it really Sydney or Ashley in the end sequence?"

Well at first glance it would appear that it is infact Sydney who appears at the 
end, and is then killed by the duke.  I say at first glance because after this it
is seen that Ashley has the power to disguise himself (as given by the blood sin
no doubt).  This is what sparks off the debate.  Was it Sydney or was it Ashley?
Well I aim to air both sides to the argument and come to my own conclusion after
studying both cases.

It could be strongly argued that Sydney lost his power at the instant that 
Guildenstern took the Blood Sin from him, and he then died as Ashley left him to
fight Guildenstern.  That said didn't Sydney not sell his limbs to gain power?  
And doesn't Guildenstern already have some magical powers before he gains the 
Blood-Sin?  This would indicate that if Sydney was alive he might actually be 
able to have some magical powers.  It can also be argued that we never actually 
saw Sydney die so how do we know that he did?  Another blow to the fact that 
Sydney died in Lea Monde is that at some point in the game Rosencrantz calls him
"immortal" an refers to in a way that indicates he will be - even without the 
blood sin.  But yet again, that said his source of immortality could be without 
the blood-sin, without which he would die.

Another point is that after the final battle we see Ashley holding Sydney.  What 
is to say that Ashley didn't get Sydney out of Lea Monde?  What is to say that 
Ashley didn't use his power to resurrect Sydney?  Maybe he even gave him some of 
his power (Like that guy in the Green Mile...).

It has been suggested that in the end sequence it was infact Sydney, and that it 
was showing he was free.   Free of his duties, responsibilities, and his power.  
This is indicated in the conversation that is had, and I doubt that Ashley would 
have been able to continue that convo without knowing everything that has 
happened to Sydney and the Duke in the past.

OK, so Ashley walked into the room - it has to be him you say.  Well...maybe.  
It could be.  It could also be Sydney.  If Sydney had the power in him to 
disguise himself - maybe even for one last time, he would.  Why?  He is a 
criminal at this point.  It is not as if he can march in there without any 
problems.  Ashley on the other hand could go in with no trouble what so ever.

Also during the conversation between the Duke and what looks like Sydney, Ashley
is referred to in the third person.  Now surely the Duke saw "Ashley" walk in and
would know if it was or wasn't Ashley he was talking to as he would have
addressed him, and would have probably said something more direct to him, rather
than what they did talk about.

But if it was Ashley why did he bother going back?  Well from what I can gather 
the Blood-Sin can be/was considered nothing but a "curse".  Everything connected
to it had to be destroyed or sorted out.  So maybe he went to see the Duke to 
take him out of the picture - to set his mind at rest.  And the Duke, I'm sure, 
would not have killed himself until he knew all was well.  So, with the Duke out 
of the way Parliament is gonna have a tough time isn't it?  This could mean, that
Ashley had a plan...(sequel comes in here...).

Another problem with this is that we see Ashley in his matrix outfit standing 
outside the mansion, at what seems to be the same time "Sydney" dying inside.  
Who is to say that Ashley and Sydney didn't help each other and Ashley was just 
watching?  Watching so he knew all was dealt with.  Watching so that he could go 
his own way.  That said Ashley had to disguise himself as Merlose.  So this means
that there could have been time before "Ashley" entering the mansion and the 
scene we see outside of the mansion.

Second Topic of Discussion
"What Is the Phantom Pain?"

The Phantom Pain is the last chain ability that you can acquire in the game.  
When it is used it damages the enemy with a blow equal to the amount of Phantom 
Points your weapon has at the time.  Naturally, when it is used it reduces your 
PP level to zero.  With all that said there is another angle to this Phantom 

Some say that the Phantom Pain represents the fake pain Ashley suffered due to 
Sydney.  The pain caused by the false memories of his family being murdered.  
This pain wasn't real - it was a "Phantom Pain".  That said the Phantom Pain 
could relate to everyone who was involved with the Blood-Sin.  Why?  Because 
both the Duke and Sydney had undergone some pain due to the sin, Sydney tested 
Ashley with the false memories, which was his pain.

The Phantom Pain is also known as the music that plays during the credits of the 

Third Topic of Discussion
"Is Sydney Actually An Older Version Of Joshua From The Future?"

This is a very debatable area in the world of Vagrant Story.  Some say that 
Sydney is infact an older version of Joshua from the future.  This is a very 
possible theory although one never touched upon (specifically) in the game, but 
there is dialogue that does build up to support this theory.  It is possible that
this is a Sydney from the future in which Ashley never got the blood-sin, but
that it was passed straight onto Joshua.  Realising that Ashley was a better 
holder, he went back in time to test Ashley to see if he was worthy of the sin.  
That said if Sydney did come back from the future why involve Joshua?  Surely he 
would want himself to be kept well away of the whole situation - unless he was 
taken along as a sacrifice maybe (see fourth topic of discussion).

It is possible because the Duke never mentions him having two sons nor is it said
that he has two sons yet he has both Joshua and Sydney.  This could indicate that
they are the one and the same person.  With that said the Duke knows Sydney's 
identity from the word "go" - this could explain why he never referred to him as
his son.  And then there is the option that he is never referred to because it 
would make everything to obvious and there would be no reason for a debate on 
such a topic now would there?

Also, why take Joshua along?  If Sydney were from the future he would want to 
keep Joshua out of it all and yet keep him safe at the same time.  Could this be
why Hardin is involved in it all?  Just to keep Joshua/Sydney safe for the 

Also there is another piece of evidence that Sydney is Joshua.  In the manual for
the game, Sydney's real name and age are left as "Unknown".  Why leave it as 
Unknown unless there was something to hide?  Something to hide like Sydney is 
infact Joshua?

Fourth Topic of Discussion
"Didn't you need a sacrifice in order to unlock the power of the Blood-Sin?" or 
"Was Joshua Meant To Get the Blood-Sin?"

This question could be answered in one word - "no".  How do we come to this 
answer?  Well, Ashley was able to gain the Blood-Sin without a sacrifice in the 
end.  That is unless Sydney did actually die in Lea Monde (This relates to the 
first topic of discussion).

In Vagrant Story there is an emphasis upon needing a pure and innocent soul for a
sacrifice in order for someone to gain the blood-sin.  This is another hot area 
of Vagrant Story.  Does there have to be a sacrifice of someone else or is it 
self-sacrifice?  Or could the sacrifice be either of these possible options?  
Could it be that if self-sacrifice isn't good enough - the new bearer doesn't 
meet the requirements, someone else can take their place?  This could be a 
possibility for "Those that desire the dark cannot control the dark" - so why not
get someone else who doesn't desire it to be the sacrifice?  This is again, 
another point to show that Ashley was a last minute choice on the behalf of 
Sydney.  He didn't want to be the bearer in the first place.

If a sacrifice is needed, some think that that is what Joshua was for (please 
note this section is independent of the third topic of discussion), or that he 
was to gain the power of the Blood-Sin himself.  If could also be that Joshua was
there to gain the sin, but Ashley appeared on the scene and Sydney saw what 
Ashley's potential was - and from then on decided to test him to see if he was 
worthy of the sin.

With that said Sydney could have had Ashley in mind all along and Joshua was only
taken along as the sacrifice so that Ashley could receive the sin.  But due to 
circumstances changing Joshua wasn't used in the end.  Instead Samantha was used 
for Guildenstern...but then whom for Ashley?  Why Sydney of course.  That is if 
you believe that Sydney did die in Lea Monde (see first topic of discussion).  
But then again...what about Hardin?  Didn't Hardin die in the end?  Didn't Hardin
die outside of Lea Monde...yet with a Lea Monde death?  One explanation for this 
could be that Hardin was infact the sacrifice for Ashley and that Sydney was 
merely a "guide" on his path, who was an unfortunate casualty.  Either that or 
Sydney did survive it all.

It is also possible that the kidnapping of Joshua didn't directly link into the 
story but was infact a cover for what was actually going on which was why Hardin
was assigned to look after him.  Also Sydney reveals that he is infact on the 
side of good in the way that he saves Joshua, Hardin and Merlose.  Its just that 
Sydney has the ability to use the powers of the dark given to him by the 
blood-sin, and he is wanting to keep the bearer use the powers for good by 
aiming to give them to Ashley.  The Duke must have been in on everything to do 
with Joshua as he didn't do anything or have anything against Sydney because of 
this - it was almost as if he was able to be safe in the knowledge that he would 
be safe.  How and why?  Well Sydney controlled the power of Lea Monde, and Joshua
wasn't going to do anything - it was just a cover story after all.  Another way 
to prove that Joshua wasn't key to the plot or wasn't going into any danger was 
that Sydney was trying to help his father - the Duke.  And he wasn't going to 
cause the Duke more pain by putting Joshua in a dangerous situation, and this 
would happen even less of Joshua were Sydney.

This point could be disproved?  Why?  Well, when Sydney first encounters Ashley, 
he his just shrugged off as one of the "VKP's Guard Dogs", not seeing his true 
potential.  But when did Sydney get interested in Ashley?  Well, some say that 
this would be after the battle with the Minotaur - when Sydney saw Ashley's 
battle abilities.  But even then Sydney continued to test Ashley by summoning 
more creatures.  Why do this?  Because Sydney wants to be sure that Ashley is 
right before he changes his mind and his plans.

But if we remember, Sydney has the power to see people's futures and their past.
So, what is stopping Sydney from knowing everything about Ashley and how he will
fair in the tests in the first encounter with him?  Surely if what he saw was 
disappointing he would have been able to lose Ashley unless he can't read the 
future and change it.  Which implies that he could be Joshua from the future, 
seen Ashley's past in the future and gone back to change everything for the 

But again, with that said why go through staging the event at the manor for 
trying to find the key when Sydney had it all along?  The only possible 
explanation is that he was infact trying to get Ashley to follow him to Lea Monde
to test him.  But how did he know about Ashley?  We know that he was in league 
with the Duke so maybe he told him, either that or Sydney is from the future and 
found out about this Agent Riot and went back in time to test him...to see if he 
could be given the sin to avoid Sydney/Joshua from having to go through all the 
pain that the bearer goes through.  Also in the end sequence the Duke says to 
Sydney/Ashley "let us leave the rest to this Ashley. He is the one you have 
chosen".  This would imply that Sydney had chosen Ashley from the start.  Unless 
we can take it at face value and mean that Sydney has chosen Ashley after all the
tests.  But still why bother going to the Manor?  Sydney could have gone straight
to Lea Monde and given the power to Joshua (if that was the original chosen one) 
and be done with it.  So, for all we know he went to the Manor in order to get a 
Riskbreaker to follow him.  So maybe Ashley wasn't chosen - any Riskbreaker would
have been tested, but then again the chances of a Riskbreaker who could survive 
and was worthy of the sin following are very slim.  Remember - most Riskbreaker's
don't live past through their missions.

Some say that any old person will do as a sacrifice.  Other disagree.  If any 
sacrifice would do why did Guildenstern specifically choose Samantha?  That said,
maybe anyone would have done and Guildenstern didn't want Samantha around any 
more, maybe because she would hinder him.  This is likely because at the end of 
the game Guildenstern goes on about "our cause" and Samantha corrects him by 
saying something like "No, its your cause".

Others think that to fulfil the rites to gain the Blood Sin, is that the bearer 
must sacrifice their own Phantom Soul - hence the Phantom Pain which is thought 
that all bearers (and/or people linked to the sin) go through.  This is where 
Guildenstern went wrong in sacrificing Samantha.  He could have been convinced 
that the sacrifice needed to be that of someone else by the fact that Sydney was 
taking Joshua along for the journey.

It can be interpreted that the city kind of has a "mind of its own".  This could 
be thought by the way that as soon as the final battle is over it begins to 
destroy itself - as if to wipe itself of all traces of the evil that Guildenstern
has done.  Also Ashley does not go and hack the sin off someone's back (we can 
tell this as there is a fresh, red sin on his back not an old, weathered, cut 
black one), but instead has been given it by Lea Monde.  It could be thought that
this is what happened years before at the time of the great Earthquake - 
something went wrong and the city was just "cleaning" itself.

Also, the power that Guildenstern had did not last.  Why?  Lea Monde knew that 
Guildenstern was slowly destroying the city and Ashley saw that he needed to be 
destroyed.  And by doing so he gained the power of Lea Monde with the help of the
city.  Why?  The City wanted it.  How do we guess this?  Well, who called him 
back when we heard "Come back Agent Riot.  Your story is not yet over" near the 
end?  For there was no one around - we can assume that it was the city.  It's as 
if the city has a mind of its own and is able to communicate using the powers of 
the dark.

It is also a possibility that Guildenstern did not get the Blood Sin at all.  
After all, he got the blood-sin by taking the skin off Sydney's back.  For all we
know it was the city giving him his extra power?  Why?  Maybe as its own test for
Ashley but maybe because the City knew it would help to bring Guildenstern down
quicker.  Either that or it was a "placebo" effect - he thought he would be more 
powerful and as a result was.  So basically we can say that if you desire the 
blood-sin (like Guildenstern) you won't get it, but if you don't desire it yet 
you DO accept it you will get the sin like Ashley.

Well that's it.  If you have other views you would like to be added please e-mail

*** AA.A.  That Bit At The End ***
-= Credits / Thankyous =-

I have all the following people to thank for helping me to make this FAQ.

Squaresoft (www.vagrantstory-europe.com or www.squaresoft.com)
They made the game, and therefore this FAQ possible.

Zy Nicholson (spangenhelm@hotmail.com)
I downloaded his FAQ to help me play through the game.  Without this FAQ I would
have been totally stuck.  I liked his FAQ so much I went ahead and asked him if
I could convert into HTML for my site www.gamingdome.co.uk, but due to 
unforeseen circumstances (Like someone nicked his work....) he refused me doing
anything with his FAQ.  Can't blame him really... But the result of that is this
FAQ.  I will admit it now.  I got some of the base info out of his FAQ because
I was under pressure to get this thing done, and didn't have time to get all the
data myself.  If you are looking for another FAQ get his which can be found at 
And why is it that almost every VS FAQ has Zy in their credits?

Matt Hamand (mhamand1@yahoo.com)
I got all the info on Ultimate Weapon Combos from his FAQ.

Lilac Man and his Funkachu (lilac_man@yahoo.com)
Ye, who got stuck on the Harpy in the Undercity.....
Ye, who went and checked the FAQ over in it's infancy. And nearly punched me
because of the *brilliant* jokes. Thanx.
Ye, who can't be bothered to finish the Limestone Quarry because he's been
messing around with WinAMP and Windows ME....(Or is that just a cover?) 
(Oh jesus...Windows ME *groans* - Ed)

Richard Carruthers (f300@ntlworld.com)
Richard is the other half of the Gaming Dome team, without whose help I would
probably never have got past writing two lines on anything that I didn't NEED 
to.  According to him I "Write more than is humanly possible".  If you look at 
the site you might agree with him.  When it is uploaded.  Whenever that will be.
He also went through this FAQ and checked my Spulling Punctuation Grammar.
I could also kill him at the time of me finishing version one of the FAQ.
(And he is also responsible for all the little - Ed comments - Ed)

Game FAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
Game FAQs for willing to place my FAQ on the site so that all you wonderful
people can get to it, and I can have more work to do in the evening.  How nice.

Gameadvice (www.gameadvice.com)
Same as for Game FAQs although they did ask if I would allow them to put the FAQ
on the site.  Aren't they kind?

PSXCodez (www.psxcodez.com)
Same as above, although from what I can gather it's a german based site.

Square Source (www.ff8source.com)
Yeah...the forums at the Source were where I first gave out tips on VS while I 
was writing the BETA of version 1.  The forums then went down and since they 
came back it's been a bit empty.  But hey!  It's still fun.  Did Camille ever
give that copy of Vagrant Story back?....

Jani Patanen (Jani@patanen.com)
The upside down PSX deal.

-= Author's Note =-

OK, I finally gave Lilac Man his copy of Parappa The Rappa back but I have now 
aquired hiscopy of Fear Effect 2 which is sadly gathering dust...I must finish 
that game.

-= Editor's Note =-

This version never even saw the eyes of the Editor so he can't comment on
anything now can he?

-=/ Game Over \=-
***     That's all folks - for now.     ***
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