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Final Battles Guide by Agni

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 05/31/00

Vagrant Story

The Final Conflicts
 Guide By Agni

Ver 1.1-added notes section and some other stuff , as well as Jamadhar Trick 
Ver 1.2-added additional stuff, difficult enemies guide, and Quick and Easy 
method to get the Holy Win
Ver 1.25 added some random stuff, and easiest way I've found to get the "Holy 

This is a guide to the final battles in Vagrant story and has a little bit of 
info on the final dungeon (if you wan't to call it that...) Since alot of 
people have trouble with the bosses in this game, I will write effective and 
simple strategy for defeating them as well commenting on where ya need to go 
and what ya need to do. Anyways, lets get on with it (note: this guide 
contains some spoilers)
I'll probably update it with more stuff in the future.

Well well well, Ashley Riot, you've done battle with Dragons, Demon's and 
everything else beating your way through the cursed city of Lea Monde. And now 
you stand full of power you've gained and ready to finish it...

The final dungeon is the Kiltia church, a medium sized area that contains 
almost no random enemies and a couple easy puzzles. It also contains a whole 
load of pansy bosses for you to deal with. There are a couple of things that 
will make the final battles much easier

1.Have good weapons, armor isn't a must because you find some of the best by 
opening the treasure boxes in the church (which you must solve some easy 
puzzles to get to).

2. Go to the Iron Maiden area and and descend until you fight the Knight 
Wyvern, he isn't tough just takes some time because of the low hit % rate. 
From him you get the chest key, go back up because this area is just a bonus 
dungeon and you don't have to worry about it yet. Open all the locked chests, 
they give you excellent healing items and some good weapons, etc 
3. ALWAYS heal with magic, ALWAYS let you're magic recharge instead of using 
items when you are not in danger. Magic items are the key to winning in the 
battle with Super Freaky Evil Angel Guildenstern 
4. If you can, develop weapons with a good evil affinity

5. Be able to chain a 16 hit combo or more

Ok, and with those tips, here we go

Upon entering the church there will be an unactivated moving stone and some 
stairs, go down the stairs. Jump to the left ledge and go in the door. Say 
hello to you're first Boss

Boss 1: Marid

This is just a souped up water spirit. As usual, as with all element spirits, 
he lowers your HP with weak spells and BAM hits you with a strong spell in 
hopes of killing you, but you will be prepared for that. Never go below 230 
HP, heal if you get below that. Use Herakles on yourself and Degenerate on 
him. Chain and Chain, boom, he's dead. Move with him and slam the button so 
you always get the jump on the attack, that goes for all elemental bosses.

Give yourself a hand and go through the door into a really big room, wind 
around and enter the doors...time for your second fight

Boss 2:  Another Dragon... 

Oooohhh...except this one's the "Arch Dragon" don't worry, he's not any more 
powerful than other dragons you've faced. Immediately run for the spot under 
his neck, he'll probably hit you with his "holy breath" on your way to the 
safe spot, so heal once it gets you. Once under his neck he'll either use a 
low powered bite or tail attack since he can't get you with the breath. Just  
make sure to move with him so he can't get you into range of his breath. The 
only thing about this battle is that the dragon can be difficult to hit, so 
keep risk down with Vera stuff.

Move back to the main area (where you jumped across) and go into the door on 
the other side. Guess what....it's fight time.

Boss 3: Ifrit

Just like the Water Lord but with fire spells. Use the same tactics as used on 
the Water Lord. Also, he starts far away from you so he has some time to get 
off a few spells before you reach him. He is harder to hit than the Water Lord 
so watch your risk. If you want, don't chain, so you can keep your risk down 
because of the low hit %. He seems to take higher damage so that strategy is 
more effective with him. Do the Herakles/Degenerate thing too, makes it much 

After you are done with him, head to the left (I think) and guess what you 
find...hold the excitement, another boss.

Boss 4: Wussy Crab

A Boss...nope, this fight doesn't classify as one because it's so blasted 
easy. Run between his claws, and beat him sensless. Use Herakles or Degenerate 
if you want, or use both, you don't need both or really even one, just smack 

After beating the Wussy Crab, go back to the boss room and head to the door 
across from you. Go through that door and head through the door in this room. 
Eventually you'll meet another boss.

Boss 5: Djinn

Ughhh...another elemental boss. Just use the typical elemental tactics and 
watch that risk. This guy likes to move so chase him when he does.

Afterwards...well, I don't remember. I remember the bosses and will include 
some other stuff, and will fill in the other stuff later (maybe)

You go up a level either by the main room that leads to B1 or the room that 
you reach the Air Lord from. Solve some easy puzzles to get good armor, and 
eventually you'll come to the Flame Dragon

Boss 6: Flame Dragon

Yes, another dragon. Simply have a dragon strengthened weapon and chain. 
Enchanter spells don't seem to make much of a difference here. His 'Searing 
Breath" attack could be dangerous if you run out in front of him after talking 
a bunch of tail swipes without healing. Same dragon tactics apply, such as run 
under head and don't let risk get too high.

Boss 7: Big Fluffy Earth Lord (Dao)

The quotes "Get in my Belly!" and "I ate a baby!, aye, baby, the other other 
white meat" from a recent spy spoof would seem to apply to this boss.  I think 
you know what to do. His attack seems a bit stronger than the other lords so 
be on the lookout. Heal continuously and do the whole Herakles/Degenerate 
thing, you'll be done in no time. He like to run into corners and above boxes, 
so pack a weapon with 5 range or more in case he keeps running.

Keep running around you'll hit the path to Church Level 3 and the Final Battle 
in you're way to the conflict is another Boss

Boss 8: Evil Lord

After giving you a courteous bow he tries to kill you. Same tactics as with 
any elemental boss (BTW, they are all classified as phantoms). He is maybe the 
easiest one because I think he is less challenging to hit. Heal because his 
Meteor spell is strong. As with all elementals, restore enhancements when he 
takes them down with dispel magic, as the fight goes much faster with 
heightened strength.

So you climb the new platform and ride to the next set of double doors, and 
you will...hey, not so fast tiger. Square has decided to get tricky on you and 
those doors are locked. This part really annoyed me, after everything, more 
tricks. Head back to the room that led to the puzzle area with the treasure 
chest ( I think it's called "The Battle of Darkness and Light" or something. 
This is the room that has a big jump between two raised areas the are by the 
doors. Jump to the other side, and where you absolutely can't see it, on the 
left side of the room on a high walk-area, is a lever. Jump up and pull it. 
Head back to those locked doors and prepare yourself.

After some dramatic stairs you will have some cutscenes with Sydney, 
Guildenstern, and Merlose. 

You head out into the storm on the roof of the Kiltia Church, high above the 
cursed paths you've battled you're way through and into the rainy sky. 
Guildenstern commits the sacrifice and inherits the power of Lea Monde. He 
gets blasted with huge surges of pyrotechnic energy and transforms.

Final Battle Part 1:

Freaky Mutant Guildenstern

Well, he is mutated and has a giant three bladed sword, he also likes to run 
away...alot. In fact, the easiest time to hit him is the beginning of the 
fight when he runs up to you. If he keeps evading you, use Faerie Wings or 
cast enhancements on yourself so you can cheese him into dispelling them off 
you, getting himself into range of your blade at the same time, or, if you 
want, use a crossbow.  Guildenstern's entire strategy is to tarnish or stun 
you, then run away and use his special attack "Last Ascension" where he swings 
his giant sword around and causes a huge explosion around Ashley the does very 
not huge damage (Around 150) at this point, you shoud have in excess of 300 hp 
(I had 355) so it shouldn't be a problem. Heal whenever he uses "Last 
Ascension" and mess him up. He has a low defense, and once in range, has high 
hit percentages. I was done with this fight in just a little over a minute.
Note: For some reason, I haven't seen "Last Ascension" since the first time I 
fought him. I think he only uses it when either very far away or very low on 


Various sword swipes: He slashes you with the Holy Win doing 40-60 damage

Last Ascension: Using the power of the  Holy Win he creates a storm of energy 
to smash Ashley, doing around 150 total damage.

He also packs degenerate, tarnish, and other stat magics.

You're not done yet, after a cut scene, Guildenstern shows his True Form (like 
you weren't expecting that)

Final Battle Part 2:

Super Freaky Evil Angel Guildenstern

This battle is a bit frightening at first, as you have a 0 damage estimate on 
all parts of him, Herakles doesn't help, Degenerate doesn't work, Prostasia 
doesn't help, and you rarely get the chance to hit him (he's to fast for you 
even with a Faerie Wing). However, the battle is very winnable. Here's the 
You fight him on a large energy circle high above the Burning Kiltia church 
(it is pretty dramatic). Lea Monde has granted him the form of a really ugly 
angel with all kinds of attacks that have scary non-secularly connotated  
names such   as "Judgement" and "Apocalyse." He can (obviously) fly and never 
comes on the circle. He just flies around the perimeter and when he turns red, 
flies really fast over to you and attacks with a spell, and by the way, you 
aren't able to attack him before his spell, as it is immediate. After he 
casts, he will stay still for approximately 3 seconds, this is you're ONLY 
chance to hit him, so use it. After this the cycle continues. From time to 
time, and almost always after a really big combo, he flies up and the 
perspective changes, he will than use his awesome Special Attack "Blood Sin" 
which isn't too dangerous, so long as  you heal right after it and before it, 
in addition, ALWAYS  have zero risk when it hits, damage rises dramatically on 
this attack when you have risk. Also, sometimes when he stops after casting a 
spell he's too high to hit. And remember to take advantage of the rare times 
he meanders around after you attack him, as usually he flies right away and 
doesn't give you another chance to attack.

Tactics for First Game
Two things will determine the Battle. The first is the "Magic Ward" spell, the 
other is how many MP replenishing items you have. If you follow my advice of 
being patient and letting MP recharge, as well as getting the chest key items, 
you'll have lots of Mana stuff. Keep casting Magic Ward and keep replacing 
lost MP. Never NEVER decide to let chance come in and skip a Magic Ward, use 
it after each and every one of his attacks, because if he uses "Apocalypse" 
without a magic ward you'll probably die outright. Always have HP at full to 
be safe because Apocalypse cuts through Magic Ward to do half damage, which 
can take you out if you are weak. In addition put your weapons away when he's 
flying around so you're MP recharges faster, conserving some items. Sometime 
he flies around for a while without attacking, the perfect oppurtunity to let 
MP go to full.

Tactics for subsequent games
He will be easier because of your increased strength, and also seems to 
meander around more after an attack. Oh, and if you have a Holy Win one from 
Iron Maiden the battle is a complete joke. With it I defeated the boss in just 
over a minute.

On Chaining:

Chaining is the only way you will do enough damage to win. Chain and Chain and 
Chain. If you do consistent 15 or 20 hit combos, you'll be fine. I used a 
combination of Heavy Shot, Gain Life, and Gain Magic. Also, don't worry about 
risk. The paramaters seem to be different in this fight and even if you're 
risk is 100 and you're hit rate is 0%, once you get into you're combo you'll 
hit him plenty. And even with increased damage from the only attack Magic Ward 
won't repel "Blood Sin" due to increased risk won't be able to take you out (I 
think). The battle might take some time, but you can outlast him with your 
items. If you are VERY good at chaining, the fight will be easy, but most 
can't consistently pull of 25+ hit combos.

Possible Tip:
Towards the end of the fight I noticed if that after he attacked me I ran to 
the opposite side of where he was and kept running back and forth across a 
little area of the perimeter he stayed away from me, if he always does that, 
you don't even need items, just run in that spot and let the MP recharge 

His Attacks

Judgement: Giant blast of light from under Ashley, around 170 total damage.

Apocalypse: Sphere of dark energy converges on Ashley and creates an explosion 
around him and from underneath him. Ths attack is what makes Guildenstern 
dangerous as it does 320-340 damage and can kill you outright, with a Magic 
Ward it still does about 160 damage. This is why Magic Ward must always be up, 
the Apocalypse spell is dangerous.

Acid Flow: He creates and acid rain above your head that causes an explosion 
(this boss the the explosion king) I've never been hit by it, so I don't know 
how much damage it does, probably about 170 total.

Blood Sin: Never, NEVER have risk when this attack hits, when the view changes 
make sure you have no risk. Even with moderate risk this attack will kill you 
outright. This is pretty awesome looking. He flies up in the air and charges a 
huge amount of energy turning the screen white, than he fires it into that 
magic circle you're standing on. More awesome effects and a giant 
explosion...what else...occurs under you're feet, then a column of light the 
size of the whole battle arena shoots up and smashes Ashley. The column slowly 
narrows and dissipates after it lights the entire sky with energy...cool. This 
does about 170-180 damage total, and is the only thing he can do that Magic 
Ward can't stop. He may do it whenever he feels, so always be at full HP. 

Thunderbolt: Very cool looking spell, thunder generates around Ashley and 
strikes him for around 170 damage total.

Gravity: With a gesture of Guldenstern's hand, columns of Gravity energy 
engulf the screen and contract on Ashley, doing the exact same damage as most 
of Guildenstern's other attacks do... i.e. 170-180 total.  

Firestorm: A large swirl of orange flames tries to make Ashley into 
Riskbreaker Fried Chicken. It doesn't succeed because it only does 160-170 
damage, and if you're magic warding and healing, poses no threat. 

He also has Tarnish, Degenerate, and Psychodrain, but you've seen them a 
million times before so I don't feel I need to describe them
Be persistent and he'll go down in a show of more wonderful effects, and 
you'll get you well deserved ending and New Game + kinda mode where maybe I'll 
be able to get some of the Awesome break arts that make Guildenstern's attacks 
look weak (Hex Flux Baby!)  


On Weapons:

Weapon Materials

Leather: This stuff is only around for certain armors, probably it's most 
useful incarnation is the wizard hat, which raises INT defense significantly. 
Otherwise, you'll only see it towards the beginning of the game. Armor

Wood: Really only at the beginning of the game, and comprising a couple 
shields. This material is stronger than leather but will soon be superceded 

Bronze: Bronze is a soft metal, and the game shows that. It is the weakest of 
the metals, and is useful mainly because it can be combined with Iron to form 
Hagane. When you have an item of this, it appears yellow in color on the 
sprite screen.  
Armor, Shields, Weapons

Iron: Stronger than Bronze with slightly higher affinities and higher DP. You 
will have several Iron items by mid game that you should combine ASAP to form 
Hagane. On the sprite screen these items are a greyish metallic color.
Armor, Shields, Weapons

Hagane: For you're first two playthroughs, most, if not all, of your stuff 
will be Hagane. Stronger than Iron in all aspects it also has higher attack 
power than Silver  (though lower affinities). It is overall a good material 
and is found in abundance. It is a bright grey on the sprite screen.

Silver: Holding true to the myths about it, Silver has special properties and 
is very effective vs. all undead and most evil enemies. In exchange for that 
power, it has lower stats overall than Hagane and can be difficult to find. It 
can be created by combining Bronze and Hagane, but I don't know what the rules 
are for that and it (so far) happens pretty rarely.

Damascus: The "super metal" of the game. Some History: "Damascus" is steel 
that exhibits patterns on it's surface by folding and combining different 
kinds of iron. Damascus is no better than homogenous steel, though myths say 
it is, and was created earlier than the middle ages because there wasn't  
enough pure steel to make a homogeneous blade, so they took whatever they 
could scrap together and folded/welded/combined it into Damascus, the carbon 
migration and effects of mixing the metals created the beautiful patterns on 
that real Damascus is famous for. Damascus has become a synonym for "Wootz" 
"Forge Folding" and "Pattern Welding" all of those processes are different, 
and none produces an indestructable blade. However, in VS, Damascus is the 
best thing since sliced bread. It is better in every stat than any other 
metal, has higher affinities, and has a cool goldish color on the sprite 
screen. However, it is very rare. You can make it from Hagane and Silver, but 
I have no idea how, it only happened to me once. Most Damascus, until it is 
figured out how to make it, will have to be found or won.

Finding Damascus

You can find it in several treasure boxes on normal play, I believe you will 
come upon a Damascus Kris, Voulge, and Circle shield on you're first play.

Once you get the gold key and can access more areas due to the "Blood Sin" key 
on the second play, you will come upon a Damascus Bec de Corbin, a Damascus 
Schiavona (I think) a Damascus Close Helm and a Damascus Casserole shield. 
There may be others that slipped my memory

Winning Damascus 

There are several places where you can win Damascus items off the creatures 
that carry them.

In the Limestone Quarry, the Flying enemies sometimes carry Damascus.

In the Forgotten pathway (available you're second time though) all the lizard 
enemies have Damascus stuff, including Damascus Tabars and Fauchards, 
relatively strong Axes and Spears, respectively.

In the passage leading to the "Godhands" workshop (available second play) the 
Death enemies drop Damascus staves and armor.

On Iron Maiden B2 (available second play) the Shriekers carry Damascus Knives. 
In addition, if you are low on HP, enemies with the strongest Damascus weapons 
in the game will appear, more on that later...

There is a possibility that the Last Crusader in the beginning areas of Kiltia 
Church (near the "Dark Coast" area) might drop his Damascus sword, I doubt it 
though, as the items of that fight seem predetermined, but hey, you never 

Special Items

There are a couple "hidden" items in the game, they're all pretty cool and the 
Holy Win is a awesome prize for some effort.

Special Item #1

This is the strongest single handed sword in the game (btw, you can't make it, 
it must be won). It CAN be won by Last Crusaders on Iron Maiden B2 when you 
are low on health (they only come out when Ashley is hurting) In addition, 
late in the game in the room that connects the Wine Cellar to the Sanctum, a 
Dullahan will appear and it carries an Iron Rhomphaia. This is the only way to 
get one on first play because the few other enemies that carry them are bosses 
that drop pre-determined items and the Last Crusaders in Iron Maiden B2 which 
you can only access on second play. 

Special Item #2
Various Wines

You can find several wines in Iron Maiden. They have stat raising effects like 
elixirs. You can also win them from Shriekers in Iron Maiden B2.

Special Item #3
Holy Win

I know people ranted about how they wanted to use the bad guy's sword in FF7, 
and no matter what codes came out, it wasn't possible. Well, now you can use 
the bad guy's sword. You know that huge sword Guildenstern has in the final 
battle? you can get it. Last Crusaders carry it in Iron Maiden B2. Theirs, 
while having the Holy Win blade, is called the "Excalibur" and comes with the 
powerful spiral hilt and usually some nice gems.

Special Item #4
 Hand of Light

You know that heinously huge mace the Minotaurs use? you can get that too. It 
is a drop item from any Minotaur, but they drop it rarely. You're best bet is 
to wait until you get the Stock Sigil and repeatedly fight the Minotaur zombie 
in the adjoining room to the Blackmarket of wines.
Note: While the Hand of Light is not as high in attack power as the strongest 
regular Heavy Maces ( Griever and Destroyer) it has greater range, and carries 
a super low RISK, not to mention looking tres chic. Consider it Ashley's 
Special unique weapon, actually maybe it was supposed to be, as it's 
description says it's purpose is to "beat back the dark." 

Special Item #5

This gem adds 8 to strength, 15 to intelligence, 8 to agility and raises 
affinites in ALL monster classes by 30 points. It is occasionally found on 
swords you win from Last Crusaders on Iron Maiden B2.

Special Item #6
Grimoire "Banish"

This enables you to cast the spiffy Banish spell. It is rarely dropped by 
Harpy's in the Undercity.

Special Item #7
Grimoire "Zephyr"

Enables Ashley to cast Solid Shock, dropped rarely by ghosts and undead mages.

Special Item #7
Grimoire "Teslae"

Enables Ashley to cast Lightning Bolt. Dropped rarely by ghosts and undead 

I'm sure there are more such items out there, I'm hoping for something that 
accelerates learning break arts:)

Jamadhar Trick 
It is possible to get the most powerful knife, the Jamadhar, quite early in 
the game. The Quicksilvers in the undercity area accesed with the bronze key 
by Shandras park frequently drop Baselards. If you have the patience, win 4 
Baselards from this area. Two Baselards will combine to a Stilleto, and Two 
Stilletos will combine into a Jamadhar.

Difficult enemies

There are a couple of difficult normal enemies in the game, here are some 

Lich Lord
This guy is annoying, and can cast a high level Radial Surge that may be able 
to to wipe you out. He likes to teleport around and get the jump on you. The 
best method is to run to the center of the room once he teleports and as soon 
as you see the arrows indicating which direction he'll be coming in, run 
towards it while opening and closing the target recticle so you can get the 
jump on him as soon as possible. Use physical attacks and silver, edged 
weapons for good results. On the good side, sometimes these enemies drop the 
"Radial Surge" Grimoire, enabling you to learn it on first play.

An upgraded Lich Lord, this enemy can cast very powerful magic and also 
posseses the Thunderbolt, Gravity, and Firestorm spells. His physical attack 
is also quite strong. Use the same tactics used for the Lich Lord with one 
exception. Since death is fairly resistant to combos and can hit hard from up 
close, stick to long range break arts.

Last Crusader
These guys make it difficult winning treasure in Iron Maiden B2. Your best bet 
is to equip a Great Sword and aim for the Abdomen. Also, never combo because 
these fellows are near invunerable to chain arts...in tandem with that 
maintain  Risk no higher than 5. Last Crusaders become very difficult to hit 
when risk rises to even low levels. A usually effective tactic is to wait 
until they cast Invigorate on themselves. After they do cast Leadbones. Most 
of the time they will keep trying to restore Invigorate instead if attacking 
you, so keep counteracting them. Sometimes, however, they will attack instead 
of restoring themselves, so be careful.  	    

Quick and Easy way to get the Holy Win
Note: There is only one (as far as I know) Last Crusader who carries the Holy 
Win. He appears in the room that leads to Iron Maiden B3

While not a miracle, this methods makes things easier. First off, make sure 
you have a weapon that can kill the last crusader with 3 hits ( he has 401 HP) 
and has a minimum range of 6 (so you can hit him from afar when you first 
enter the room and he's busy staring at the wall) , also make sure you have 
its first two break arts. What you do is wait till you are  30% health or 
below and enter the room. Heal youself so you have in excess of 220 HP once 
you enter (this way while he lower you're hp to 30% or below with his attack, 
he won't kill you) . You should be able to get two hits in before the Crusader 
moves if you carefully and quickly move into range while constantly opening 
you're target recticle to see if you can hit him. If you act fast you'll be 
able to get two hits on his left arm. Next off, let him smack you, if he 
brings you to 30% HP or below, hit him one more time to kill him. If you have 
over 30% HP, make the killing blow a break art so this way it will lower HP 
into the necesarry range leave and re-enter to find another Crusader. 
Wash,rinse, repeat. This method lets you constantly re-enter and fight another 
crusader, since the room next to the Crusader room is a different area, 
everytime you re-enter there will be a new one to fight. And since you let the 
Crusader lower your HP into 30% or below before killing him, you don't have to 
worry about having to waste time fighting other enemies. You can rapidly knock 
off Crusaders and *should* get the sword in 45 minutes or less.  

Quickest and least dangerous way to get the Holy Win

First, you need a Rune Blade Great Sword with the Swallow Slash Break Art. 
Make sure the weapon has a high evil affinity and can kill the Last Crusader 
in two blows. Also, make sure the door to Iron Maiden B3 is facing northward. 
Enter the room with the LC, run up to the first tile to the south and stop, 
you'll be near enough to hit him with swallow slash and you're out of his 
range. Use the break art, boom, he's dead. Since it saps 55 HP a pop you'll 
always be with proper range to fight the LC instead of the ogres. Just heal 70 
or so points when you have too little HP to use.

Note: The chances of winning the Holy Win are reasonable for the first but 
when you go for your 2nd or 3rd so get more Arturos gems and Spiral Hilts, the 
chances seem to decrease.
Here is what I found
First Holy Win : Had to fight LC 8 times before he dropped it.
Second Holy Win : Had to fight LC 40 some odd times before he dropped it.
Third Holy Win : Fought LC over 80 times without winning it, got mad and 
turned the game off. 

Break Art learning

Break Arts are a pain to learn, as you only get one point per enemy for 
enemies you kill. You would more than likely have to beat the game 8 or 9 
times (if not more) to see all the break arts. You must kill approximately 500 
enemies to learn a fill set of break arts for a weapon. There are 10 sets of 
break arts, so it will take 5000 kills to see every one of them. Since the 
average VS play will yield 600-800 kills, it takes some time. There is one 
area that speeds the process up. The whole Wine Cellar area has 54 very easy 
enemies to take out. If you teleport in and out after sweeping it clean you 
can learn a set of break arts in about 2 hours. 


Ashley gets a rank based on his score, I have no idea what this affects, if 
anything at all.
Right now I am at lvl. 8, a Mystic Wanderer. Some other examples of rank are 
Normal Agent (you start as this), Gladiator(lvl 5), Spectrebane(lvl 6), and 
Paladin (lvl 7)

Cut Scenes

Gah!!! I discovered today there are cut scenes before AND after the quote by 
A.J. what's his name. That text stays up there forever! make sure you wait it 
out and see the extra cut scene, if you don't watch it, some of the plot won't 
make sense.

Tidbit on Hagane

I think this was a mistranslation, I believe they meant "Tamahagane" which is 
the iron sand the Japanese used to make their swords for several centuries. 

This FAQ can be found on Gamfaqs and is copyrighted by 
Agni, 2000. It cannot be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without my e-
mail consent.  
Vagrant Story is copyrighted by Square, 2000. 

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