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First Play Speed Walkthrough by babo07052

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 04/12/01


"Is that a sigil in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"



First version completed.  First play speed walkthrough made to finish the 
game comfortably between 6:00 – 8:00.


Second version completed.  After extensive fine-tuning, game can now be 
completed between 3:15 – 3:45 on first play.


Third version completed.  After several emails asking for more detailed 
description, I've written a more in depth walkthrough.  Discovered way to 
finish game without having to use any curative items/spells until the final 
boss.  Decided to do away with phantom pain/instill/raging ache chain in 
favor of raging ache/heavy shot.  Not much improvement in time with new 
strategy.  Game can now be completed 3:05 – 3:35 on first play.




It's been nearly four months since I originally posted my speed walkthrough.  
I've received nearly fifty exuberant emails all with a similar message, "hey 
babo, I've beaten the game in…".  I was happy to see that so many people had 
actually taken the time to read the walkthrough and even happier to see that 
so many were able to apply it into their gameplay.  After finishing the game 
in just under 4:30 (4:28), I had resigned myself to the fact that the game 
couldn't be finished on first play any faster.  So there, right on top of my 
penthouse collection, for the past three months sat my vagrant story cd.  I 
was happy and as far I could tell, so was the cd.  But then I received this 
cryptic email about a month ago telling me that the game could be and 
actually was finished in a faster time… much faster (okay, the message wasn't 
cryptic.  I'm just saying it was to add some suspense).  The gap between my 
fastest time and the mystery man's fastest time (don't worry, I reveal his 
identity under the FASTEST TIME section) was so large that my ego wouldn't 
allow me to rest until I'd at least made the gap respectable.  So I decided 
to play through VS again and do everything in my power to shave off as much 
time as I could.  With the following walkthrough, a time of under 3:30 on 
first play should be well within your grasp.



The clock doesn't stop for the cut-scenes.  Therefore, the ability to tap the 
start button comes in pretty handy.


You should make NO trips to the workshops. The implications of this should be 


You'll be using nothing but Fandango.  Furthermore, you should have on your 
ORIGINAL armor at the end of the game.


You'll only need 2 spells the entire game: teleportation and enlighten (won't 
be using it until the final boss!).  If you're lucky, you'll only be using 
one (teleportation).

The chain of choice throughout the entire game should be heavy shot/raging 
ache.  The only defense abilities you'll need throughout the entire game are: 
ward, reflect magic (only for final boss), impact guard or absorb damage 
(invaluable throughout the game.  Use this right and you'll NEVER have to 
heal), and magic guard (like impact guard/absorb damage, ability to perform 
this effectively can spare you from ever using a curative item/spell).


You must not be afraid to travel or chain while your risk is at 100.  In 
fact, after you receive raging ache having a risk of 100 has little to no 
effect on your ability to chain.


After every boss fight, you're given a random bonus.  Immediately jam the "O" 
button as soon as you can to maximize time efficiency.


It's all right to save, just don't over do it.  I've made mention of points 
where I feel it's in your best interest to save (but feel free to save at 
your own comfort level).  NOTE: right after you save, load the game back up.  
This will keep you from losing only ~15 seconds/save.


Jump… Jump… Jump when progressing through the game.  This tactic tends to 
minimize unwanted confrontations with the enemy.  I've yet to perfect this 
technique, but even a novice will save some time using this.

K)	"20-34-18-23"

After your fight with the Minotaur you will be able to earn battle points 
and, thus, chain abilities.  Several people I've spoken to seem to be a bit 
confused as to how this works.  The following formula can be used to 
calculate the number of battle points earned per fight:

(# of successful combos in chain) – 1 = battle points

Note: even if the combo misses, it still counts to your battle points.  For 
example, let's say it takes you an 8 hit chain to off a skeleton.  Using the 
above formula, you'll receive 7 battle points.  Kill three skeletons (7x3) 
will earn you 21 battle points and you're first battle ability.  Please 
remember that you can't earn more than one ability per fight.  For example, 
if you were to connect on a 55 hit chain, according to our formula (55-1=54) 
you'd gain enough battle points to fulfill the first two chain abilities 
(20,34).  Unfortunately, however, you'd only be able to obtain one ability.  
Which would mean that the other 34 battle points would just go to waste. So 
why am I telling you this?  Simply put, you should fight just enough enemies 
to fulfill the "20-34-18-23" quota (which will earn you raging ache).  After 
acquiring raging ache, go after absorb magic.


I stumbled upon this gem by mistake.  Apparently, when you use impact 
guard/absorb damage or absorb magic, you can actually GAIN hp.  Consider the 
following two example:

-Let's say you've got 100 hp.  You get hit with a physical attack that does 
50hp damage.  You successfully use impact guard to halve that to 25.  Simple 
math tells us that that leaves you with 75hp.

-Now let's say you've got 25hp.  You get hit with a physical attack that does 
100hp damage.  You successfully use impact guard to halve that to 50.  Simple 
math tells us you're dead, right?  WRONG.  You'll actually HAVE 50hp.  If the 
damage you receive after using impact guard/absorb damage (or absorb magic) 
is greater than your current hp total, you will receive that amount of hp.

NOTE:  Enemies that carry SILVER weapons cannot have their physical attacks 
defended with impact guard (ie. impact guard will ALWAYS fail against the 
crimson guard who casts either vulcan lance or lightening in Rue Crimnade and 
several of the quicksilvers in Undercity East).  I'll point out occasions 
when you'll run into an enemy equipped with such a weapon.  I don't know if 
this also holds for true for absorb damage.


If you can't at least connect on 13-15 hit chains with fandango or use 
defensive abilities effectively (~90% success rate with impact guard/absorb 
damage and ~80% with the absorb magic), work on those things before 
attempting this walkthrough.

After learning raging ache, you should do your best to AVOID any and all 
enemy confrontations.  I'll specifically list items you should take after 
boss fights.  If I list the enemy that means you should consider killing 
them.  Because you won't be using any healing items throughout the game 
(until guildenstern II), your HP for the most part will be in the two digit 
range.  Now, let's begin the insanity…


-Entrance to Darkness

-Worker's Breakroom
CHEST: Buckler
As far as you're concerned, the Buckler is the ONLY piece of armor in Lea 

-Hall of Struggle

-Smoke Barrel Stair

-Wine Guild Hall

-Wine Magnate's Chambers
There's a trap near the exit so stick to the wall.

-Fine Vintage Vault

-Chamber of Fear
Go north.

-A Laborer's Thirst
Bat; Silver Wolf

-The Rich Drown in Wine
Bat; Silver Wolf
You'll have two seconds to get to the door once you pull the lever. 

-Room of Rotten Grapes

-Black Market of Wines

-The Gallows
BOSS: Minotaur
SPOILS: Chamomile Sigil
Go after it's head for the quickest results.  After the fight, assign buttons 
for HEAVY SHOT and GAIN LIFE.  Do the same for WARD and IMPACT GUARD.  You 
should be able to make your way back to Smokebarrel Stair without confronting 
any of the enemies along the way (and you should take this time to work on 
your IMPACT GUARD timing).  When you get to Smoke Barrel Stair, use the 
Chamomile Sigil.

-Room of Cheap Red Wine

-Room of Cheap White Wine
Time to earn your first battle ability.  Chain the zombie (remember the 
formula?).  If you find that you haven't gained an ability after killing the 
zombie, off the ghouls (if you do it right, however, you should only need to 
kill the zombie).

-The Greedy One's Den

-The Hero's Wine Hall
BOSS: Dullahan
SPOILS: Elixir of Queens
Before proceeding forward, replace GAIN LIFE with TEMPER. You should be able 
to (or come awfully close to) earning your second battle ability here.  The 
Dullahan has ~180-190 hp.  Assuming your initial hit misses or does zero 
damage and assuming every hit after that is successful, a 16-hit chain will 
do anywhere from 100 – 120 worth of damage.  Using our formula, two 16-hit 
chains will earn you 30 battle points and be enough to kill the Dullahan.  
It's likely, however, that not all 16 hits will connect.  Chances are 
therefore pretty good that you'll earn enough battle points (34) to earn your 
second battle ability.  Remember to use impact guard to minimize any of the 
Dullahan's physical attacks.


-Hall of Sworn Revenge

-The Last Blessing

-The Weeping Corridor
Watch out for the trap in front of the door. Approach it from the side.

-Persecution Hall
Go north.

-Shrine to the Martyrs
Head east.

-The Lamenting Mother
BOSS: Ghost
If you weren't able to earn your second battle ability before, you should 
have it after this fight.  If you still haven't earned it after this battle, 
fight just enough enemies along the way until you receive your second battle 
ability.  Head back to Shrine to the Martyrs and head north.

-Hall of Dying Hope
Head east.

-The Bloody Hallway
Puzzle here.

-Faith Overcame Fear

-The Withered Spring
Head south.

-Repent, O Ye Sinners
Continue south.

-The Last Stab of Hope
Go south.

-Hallway of Heroes

-The Beasts' Domain
SPOILS: Elixir of Queens, Lily Sigil
Time for battle ability number three.  The lizards have ~250 hp.  You should 
be able to knock off each one with 8-11 hit chains.  On your way back, you'll 
encounter a skeleton and hellhound in The Last Stab of Hope.  Kill the 
hellhound FIRST (you should have your third battle ability here if you didn't 
get it before), then the skeleton.  When you return to The Withered Spring 
use the Lily Sigil and head east.


-Prisoner's Niche

-Corridor of the Clerics
Head south.

-The Academia Corridor
Continue south.

-Shrine of the Martyrs
Exit south.

-Hallowed Hope
Bat; Poison Slime
After killing the poison slime, you will have raging ache.  WooHoo!  Note: 
The next ability you should try to earn is absorb magic.

-Hall of Sacrilege
BOSS: Golem
Before proceeding towards the golem, replace TEMPER with RAGING ACHE.  He 
shouldn't even touch you.  Chain him on his chest or legs for best results.  
Back track to Corridor of the Clerics and head north.

-Advent Ground

-Passage of the Refugees

-Advent Ground
Head north.

-The Cleansing Chantry
BOSS: Dragon
SPOILS: Elixir of Sages
Run under the dragon's head.  Chain his head for a quick victory.  Use impact 
guard if you have to.  Afterwards, head north.  You should earn enough points 
for an ability after this fight.  Choose fireproof.

-Stairway to the Light


-Rue Vermillion
Head south.  Time check: 31:00 – 33:00 (best time 27:30)

-Tircolas Flow
BOSS: Duane 
SPOILS: Crimson Key
Crimson Blades
SPOILS: Mana Root x3
Attack Duane first (chain his chest).  Chain the blades in their legs.  
You'll probably need to use impact guard at least once here. Choose terra 
ward if you've earned enough battle points.  Return to Rue Vermillion and 
head west.


-Students of Death

-The Gabled Hall
Skeleton; Zombie
Time trial.  Continue east.

-Where the Master Fell


-Dreamers' Entrance
The stirge's "bloodsuck" is a physical attack.

-The Crossing
Head south.  With impact guard and fireproof you don't need to kill the cute 
little doggy here.

-The Suicide King
Unless you're lucky, you'll have to impact guard at least one attack here.

-The Battle's Beginning
BOSS: Wyvern
SPOILS: Hyacinth Sigil, Cure Tonic
No problem.  Same tactic as previous dragon.

-What Lies Ahead
You should have no problem avoiding the goblins here.

-The Fruits of Friendship

-The Earthquake's Mark
There are 3 stirges here.  Kill as many as you see fit (I usually kill two)  
Head east.  Watch out for the trap in front of the door

-Coal Mine Storage
CHEST: Fern Sigil
On the ledge behind the chest is a trap removal panel.  Head back to The 
Earthquake's Mark and head south.

-The Passion of Lovers
A 15 second time challenge.

-The Hall of Hope
The hellhound here can be avoided by jumping.

-The Dark Tunnel
Head south. 

-The Smeltry
BOSS: Fire Elemental
SPOILS: Elixir of Queens, Mana Tonic
Chain his body.  You'll be able to get two chains in before he attacks, more 
than enough time to eliminate this flamer (sorry…).

-Clash of Hyaenas

-Greed Knows No Bounds

-Live Long and Prosper
Use the Fern Sigil.

-Pray to the Mineral Gods
Kill or simply use impact guard.

-Traitor's Parting
BOSS: Ogre
Another easy fight.  Chain his body.  Impact guard if you need to.



-Rue Bouquet
Head west. Time check: 51:00 – 55:00 (best time 44:00)

-Glacialdra Kirk Ruins
Head south.

-Rue Sant D'alsa
Back track to…

-Villeport Way
Climb onto the ledge.  Use impact guard if you need to.

-Dinas Walk
Impact guarding here is a bit tricky, since you won't be able to see Mr. Riot 
very clearly.


-The Bread Peddler's Way

-Way of the Mother Lode
Head south.

-Underdark Fishmarket
BOSS: Crab
SPOILS: Elixir of Queens
Chain his body.  You should be able to get the first shot in.  The crab 
should get, at most, one attack against you.  Impact guard accordingly.  (He 
seldom uses his water attack to start the battle).  Head south.

-The Sunless Way
Head west.

-Remembering Days of Yore
Head south.

-Where the Hunter Climbed
Head south.  Snowfly Forest here we come.


-The Faerie Circle
Assign terra ward and aqua guard to defense.  It's vital here you "jump" your 
way through the level.  If done right, you'll only have to worry about 
defending fire attacks from the fire elemental.  Head south afterwards.  Time 
check 57:00 – 1:02:00 (best time 48:00).

-The Hunt Begins
Continue south.

-Which Way Home
Guess what?  Were going south.
-The Birds and the Bees
Wanna hear an interesting story?  It's called 'go south'.

-Traces of the Beast
Head west.

-Fluttering Hope
Head south. 

-Return to the Land
BOSS: Earth Dragon
SPOILS: Bronze Key, Vera Potion
If you're unlucky, the earth dragon will get a free shot with his acid 
breath.  Just use terra ward.  From here, just follow the usual dragon 
routine.  You should be able to kill him before he gets a chance to attack 
you again.  Leave Return to the Land in either direction and end up at…

-The Spirit Trees
Head north.

-They Also Feed
Head west.  The spiral shell attack used by the ichthious is a water based 
attack, so set your defensive abilities accordingly.

-The Yellow Wood
Go south.

-Where Soft Rains Fell
Watch out for the fire elemental.  Head south…again.

-The Forest River
Take the north exit on the other side of the river.

-Lamenting to the Moon
Head north.

-Running with the Wolves
Another fire elemental.  Head east.

-You are the Prey
Head north.

-The Secret Path
Head north.

-Hewn from Nature
BOSS: Dark Crusader
BOSS: Grissom
Go after Grissom first (chain his legs).  He'll sometimes cast his thunder 
spell.  Just defend accordingly.  Chain the Dark Crusader on his chest for 
best results.  After the battle, exit north.

-The Wood Gate
Time check: 1:06 – 1:14 (best time: 55:00).  Map completion 25%.


-The Weeping Boy

-Swords for the Land
A 30 second time challenge.

-In Wait of the Foe
Head east.

-Where Weary Riders Rest
Continue east.

-The Boy's Training Room
I once read this fascinating book called 'go east'.


-The Soldier's Bedding

Head south to Iron Maiden B1.


-The Cage
Head south.

-The Cauldron
Wraith, Gargoyle
SPOILS: Mandrake Sigil
Head back to The Soldier's Bedding and keep heading east until…

-The Warrior's Rest
As you try to exit from Warrior's Rest…

BOSS: Rosencrantz
A lot of your chains will miss so Rosencrantz can be a pain in the ass.  
He'll uaually get in the first hit with a Vile Scar or Rending Gale and do 
anywhere from 80-140 in damage, depending on your risk.  Don't forget to 
impact guard.  Chain his body best results.  You should have absorb magic 
after this battle.  Assign it to a button.


-Forcas Rise
Head east.

-Rue Aliano
Exit using the Mandrake Sigil.

-The House Khazabas
Exit north.

-Zebel's Walk

-Rue Volnac
Head east into…


-Train and Grow Strong
Keep heading north here until you reach Undercity West.


-Fear of the Fall
BOSS: Dark Elemental
SPOILS: Cattleya Sigil
Chain his chest.  After the battle, head north.

-Sinner's Corner
Head east.  Time check 1:18 – 1:30 (1:06)

-Corner of Prayers
Head north.

-Hope Obstructed
Head north.


-Work Then Die
Head north.

-Bandits' Hollow
Head north.

-Dining in Darkness
BOSS: Sky Dragon
SPOILS: Tearose Sigil, Elixir of Queens
Chain his head.

-Subtellurian Horrors
Wait until the cloudstone is descending before you jump.


-The Crumbling Market
Head east.

-Tears from Empty Sockets
Head east.


-Rue Lejour
Head north.  Time check: 1:27 – 1:41 (best time 1:11).  Map completion (35%)

-Kesch Bridge
Head west.

-Rue Crimnade
Head north.  *NOTE: Impact guard will not work against the magic user's 
physical attacks.

-Rue Fisserano
Head west.  There's a heal panel on the upper level.

-Shasras Hill Park
At the end of the path, use the Bronze Key.


-Hall to a New World

-Place of Free Words
BOSS: Harpy
SPOILS: Angelic Paean x5, Cure Tonic

-Bazaar of the Bizarre
BOSS: Lich
SPOILS: Mana Tonic, Eulelia Sigil
You'll be given the teleportation ability after this fight.  NOTE: Be careful 
and do your best to avoid the quicksilver's physical attacks here.  Impact 
guard will ALWAYS fail (I'm not sure why).

-Noble Gold and Silk

-Weapons Not Allowed
CHEST: Iron Key
Head back to Noble Gold and Silk and use the Iron key.

-A Knight Sells His Sword

-Gemsword Blackmarket
BOSS: Nightstalker
SPOILS: Melissa Sigil, Angelic Paean, Grimoire Eclairer
Piece of cake.  Chain him in his abdomen.  Don't forget to grab this grimoire 
(you'll need it for the final boss).  Head back to A Knight Sells His Sword 
and go north.


-Traces of Invasion Past
Dark Elemental
Sometimes I don't kill this guy.  But I haven't perfected my timing for 
meteor and after coming all this way…   

-From Squire to Knight
Take the west door to Rue Lejour and head for the save point. Teleport to The 
Sunless Way in Undercity West. (SAVE*) (Time check: 1:40 –1:57, best time 
1:21).  Head west to Remembering Days of Yore.  Use the Iron Key to enter…

-Larder for a Lean Winter
CHEST: Clematis Sigil
Return to Kesch Bridge.  Head east.

-From Boy To Hero
Go north.  Use the Clematis Sigil here.

-A Welcome Invasion
I hope you've worked on your timing for meteor.


-The Greengrocer's Stair

-Where Black Waters Ran

-Arms Against Invaders

-Catspaw Blackmarket
CHEST: Aster Sigil
The clear trap panel is in the upper right hand corner.  Return to Where 
Black Waters Ran.  As you enter The Greengrocer's Stair…

BOSS: Neesa & Tieger
This one is very easy.  Chain Neesa on her chest for a quick victory. Return 
to From Boy to Hero and exit via the western door.  Use the save point to 
teleport to The Sunless Way (SAVE*). There you'll find a door locked with the 
Iron Key.  Time check:  1:52:00 – 2:10 (best time: 1:30).  Map completion 


-Dark Abhors Light

-Dream of the Holy Land
BOSS: Water Elemental
SPOILS: Elixir of Sages, Acolyte's Nostrum
Chain his body.  Use the Aster Sigil here.

-The Ore Road
Head east.

-The Air Stirs
Head north.

-Bacchus is Cheap
Head north.

-Screams of the Wounded
A time challenge here.  Chain their abdomens.

-The Ore-Bearers
There's a trap in this room on the right side near the western exit.

-The Dreamer's Climb
Just stack the two blue cubes.  If you want, throw the red cube off to find a 
heal panel.

-Sinner's Sustenance

-The Timely Dew of Sleep

-The Auction Block
Time check: 2:00 – 2:20 (best time: 1:36)

-The Laborer's Bonfire
Stack the blue cubes on the edge to jump to the island.  Destroy three of the 
cubes.  Head south.

-Torture Without End
BOSS: Ogre Lord
SPOILS: Cure Potion, Mana Tonic x3
He'll usually get in one tornado before you get a chance to hit him.  Chain 
his body.

-Way Down
Head south.

-Parting Regrets

-Corridor of Tales

-Dust Shall Eat The Days
Jump when the cloudstone is descending.

-Hall of the Wage Paying
BOSS: Snow Dragon
SPOILS: Panacea, Elixir of Queens
Chain his head.

-Tunnel of the Heartless
If you have a Faerie Wing, just take it and jump from the gap.  Otherwise, 
slide the lower frictionless cube north. Push the frictionless cube above it 
south. Push the western most rolling cube east. Push the other rolling cube 
two paces south. You should now be able to get the push crate to the gap.


-The Dark Coast
Time check: 2:09 – 2:31 (best time: 1:42)

-Hall of Prayer
BOSS: Last Crusader
This idiot will waste his time casting sorcerer spells.  Chain it's chest for 
a quick victory.  Afterwards, head east. 

-Those Who Drink the Dark
Go to the stack of two crates and push the top crate west.  See those two 
wedged crates up against the wall?  Destroy the northern most crate.  Stand 
in place of the destroyed crate and move the remaining crate 5 paces to the 
south. Go back and destroy the first crate you used to fill the gap (the one 
you pushed to the west).  Move the lone floor crate east. Now move the crate 
right above you one pace east and eight paces north (you have to move the 
floor crate one pace west to do this).  Push the floor crate back one pace 
east and head back to the crate you moved 5 paces to the south and move it 
two paces to the east and nine paces north. Now, push the crate on the upper 
tier one pace north. Then push it one pace east onto the crate on the floor. 
Push it north one pace, then west one pace.  Push it all the way north until 
you hit the wall.

-The Chapel of Meschaunce
BOSS: Minotaur
Chest: Silver Key, Mana Potion x2
Ugh.  This guy is the hardest boss up till now because he'll block a lot of 
your chains.  His left arm/leg seem to be the most susceptible.  Afterwards, 
head back to the Hall of Prayer (avoid the water elemental and a 
nightstalker) and head west.

-The Resentful Ones
Part One: move the northern most rolling cube two paces north, then one pace 
to the west.  Push the other rolling cube one pace north, one pace east, one 
pace south. Now simply push the frictionless cube east, north, then east 
again. Push the crate onto the frictionless cube to make the jump.

Part Two: push the rolling cube one pace north and three paces to the west. 
Push the southern most frictionless cube west so that it stops against the 
rolling cube. Proceed and push the rolling cube two paces north and push the 
other frictionless cube west. Fill the gap by pushing the northern 
frictionless cube south. Move the crate onto the northern most frictionless 
cube to make the jump.

-Those Who Fear the Light

-Chamber of Reason
Boss: Kali
*Yawn*…If she somehow manages to get an attack in, she'll cast some crap 
sorcerer spell.  Chain her legs.  After the battle head north.

-Exit to City Center
Get on that cloudstone.


-Plateia Lumitar
Head west.  Time check: 2:22 – 2:46 (best time: 1:52).  Map completion 48%.


-Into Holy Battle, L1
Head down the steps.

-Struggle for the Soul, B1
Head towards the exit on the other side of the waterway.

-Order & Chaos, B1
BOSS: Marid
SPOILS: Elixir of Queens
The next three boss fights just may be the hardest of the game (consider 
yourself lucky if half your chains connect).  His head seems to be the most 
susceptible to chains.  After this battle, go back to Struggle for the Soul 
and head towards the other exit.

-Truth and Lies, B1
BOSS: Ifrit
SPOILS: Elixir of Queens
Chain his head for best results.  From this room head east.

-The Victor's Laurels, B1
Ride the cloudstone.

-Cracked Pleasures, L1
Go west.

-Hieratic Recollections, L1

-The Flayed Confessional, L1
BOSS: Djinn
SPOILS: Elixir of Queens
Another tough battle.  Like the others he's nearly impossible to chain, but 
the best place to chain him is his head.  Afterwards, head back to Cracked 
Pleasures and take the cloudstone.

-Free from Base Desire, L2
Ignore the cloudstone and head south.

-Abasement from Above, L2
Go west.

-The Hall of Broken Vows, L2
BOSS: Flame Dragon
SPOILS: Sorcerer's Reagent, Calla Sigil
Chain his head.  Afterwards, go north.

-Light and Dark Wage War, L2
Take either path that runs along the walls to reach the lever to the left of 
the door.  Now return to the Hall of Broken Vows L2 and head west.

-He Screams for Mercy, L2
Watch out for traps. Head south.

-The Acolyte's Weakness, L2
Go down the stairs.

-Monk's Leap, L1
SPOILS: Laurel Sigil
All you need to do is kill the Lich.  Afterwards, head back to He Screams for 
Mercy and head north.

-Maelstrom of Malice, L2
Lich Lord; Skeletons 
Take out the Lich Lord first.  After this battle, back track to Order and 
Chaos (Where you fought Madrid).

-An Offering of Souls

-Sin and Punishment, L1
Head north.  Time check: 2:40 – 3:08 (best time 2:07)

-The Poisoned Chapel, L1
Ride the cloudstone.

-A Light In The Dark, L1
BOSS: Arch Dragon
SPOILS: Acacia Sigil, Acolyte's Nostrum
Chain his head.  Return to Free From Base Desires, L2 and take the 

-The Wine-Lecher's Fall, L3
Go west.

-The Heretic's Story, L3

-Hopes of the Idealist, L3
SPOILS: Palm Sigil, Elixir of Queens
Chain his head.  Now return to the Hall of Broken Vows L2 and head south.

-The Melodics of Madness, L2
Push the lowest frictionless cube south, then west. Move the crate one pace 
east. Now push the higher frictionless cube south three paces, and one pace 
east. Prepare yourself for a boss fight.

-What Ails You Kills You, L2
BOSS: Nightmare
Chain his chest.  Take the activated cloudstone.

-Despair of the Fallen, L3
Take the cloudstone and go through the door.

-Where the Soul Rots
Take your final cloudstone.


Make final preparations for the final boss fight. Use your elixir of sages 
(you should have 3) so that you get your int. to 116.  If you can't reach 
this mark after using the elixir's, then you'll have to use enlighten when 
you fight guildenstern II.  Make sure your hp is at least 305. If not, take 
some Elixir of Queens. Time check 2:52 – 3:22 (best time 2:16)

Boss: Guildernstern I
This battle is easy.  Chain him on his chest until… 

Boss: Guildenstern II
Cast enlighten if you have to.  This will keep damage done by Apocalypse to 
280-290.  Stay in the middle of the circle. From here, he can only hit you 
with Apocalypse. Use reflect magic to do anywhere from 50-100 hp damage. 
After you do ~180+ worth of damage, he'll go to bloody sin.  During the 
animation sequence of bloody sin when the camera is looking down on you hold 
the L2 button.  Tap the L2 repeatedly until you see a portion of 
Guildenstern's body on the screen.  At this point, simultaneously jam the "O" 
button and release the L2 button.  Chain him on his chest.  If you're timing 
is good enough, you'll kill him right here!  If he manages to survive, he'll 
immediately abandon bloody sin and go back to using Apocalypse.  Just repeat 
the process.  If you fail to hit him during this sequence, don't worry.  Just 
impact guard/absorb damage against his bloody sin.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your time should read anywhere from 3:05 – 3:35! Go and 
spend some quality alone time with your favorite farm animal, you've earned 


AFAIK, The fastest time on FIRST play belongs to Mr. VMerken (a paltry 1:17).  

The stats for my fastest first play game are:

TIME - 2:23



KILLS – 80




After exhaustive change in gameplay, I was very disappointed to only improve 
16 minutes upon my fastest time.  I usually get anywhere from 2:35 – 2:45 on 
first play.  I've never made it through an entire game without dying (went 
through an entire game only dying once a couple times.  For the most part 
though, have to restart from a save point 5-10 per game).  I've completed the 
game several times without having to use any spells (when I'm lucky enough to 
get plenty of int+ bonuses).  I have yet to perfect the "jump" technique to 
avoid enemies.  The only thing that bothers me is that map completion 
percentage.  It seems too high.  I think there may be a faster way to get to 
the Great Cathedral, but I won't know for sure until a certain someone comes 
out with his speed walkthrough :)…

Vagrant Story is the © of Squaresoft. This walkthrough is for public 
consumption. I am a quasi-professional writer and will pursue any scoundrel 
who attempts to use any part of this walkthrough for financial gain. In fact… 
oh who am I kidding. I'm a lazy sob and I'll eat rodent dung before pursuing 
any legal action. But I'm asking you politely to play nice, okay? If you wish 
to post this walkthrough on your site, or have any questions regarding this 
walkthrough, or would just like to send me an email about your fastest time 
just email me at babo07052@hotmail.com. I've never played a new game+ in VS 
so if you want to email me on how to get Damascus items or anything else 
outside the scope of the walkthrough you'll just be wasting your time.

© babo07052

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