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FAQ/Walkthrough by CHyde

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 06/16/03

Y                   VERSION 2.5 - 16/06/03                 P
R                                                          Y
O               AUTHOR : CHRISTOPHER HYDE                  R
3          E-MAIL : kiffa@hiswitzend.fsnet.co.uk           O

Hello there and welcome to Christopher Hyde's guide to
Spyro 3!
The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at:


{  A.Table of contents.                                     }

The table of contents lists the stuff in my walkthrough.

1.Things you should know.
A.Table of contents.
B.Legal stuff.
D.About me.
G.Controlling the characters.
H.Powerups and powerup index.
K.The Atlas.
L.Conquering the Forgotten Worlds.
M.Travelling through levels.
N.Sparx Worlds - a brief introduction.
O.Speedways - a brief introduction.
P.Skateboarding - how to do well.
Q.The guide layout.

2.The walkthrough.
A.World 1 - Sunrise Spring.
 A1.Sunny Villa.
 A2.Cloud Spires.
 A3.Molten Crater.
 A4.Seashell Shore.
 A5.Mushroom Speedway.
 A6.Sheila's Alp.
 A7.Buzz's Dungeon.
B.World 2 - Midday Garden.
 B1.Icy Peak.
 B2.Enchanted Towers.
 B3.Spooky Swamp.
 B4.Bamboo Terrace.
 B5.Country Speedway.
 B6.Sgt. Byrd's Base.
 B7.Spike's Arena.
C.World 3 - Evening Lake.
 C1.Frozen Altars.
 C2.Lost Fleet.
 C3.Fireworks Factory.
 C4.Charmed Ridge.
 C5.Honey Speedway.
 C6.Bentley's Outpost.
 C7.Scorch's Pit.
D.World 4 - Midnight Mountain.
 D1.Crystal Islands.
 D2.Desert Ruins.
 D3.Haunted Tomb.
 D4.Dino Mines.
 D5.Harbor Speedway.
 D6.Agent 9's Lab.
 D7.Sorceress's Lair.
E.Sparx Worlds.
 E1.Crawdad Farm.
 E2.Spider Town.
 E3.Starfish Reef.
 E4.Bugbot Factory.
F.Super Bonus Round.
 F1.Main Area.
 F2.16,000 Gem Door.
 F3.17,000 Gem Door.
 F4.18,500 Gem Door.
 F5.20,000 Gem Door.
G.Skill Points.

3.The last few things.
B.Cheat cartridges.
C.Walkthrough history.
E.My other walkthroughs.
F.The speedways bug.
G.Frequently asked questions.
H.Pop culture references.

{  B.Legal stuff.                                           }

Please, I stress this point, do NOT copy any part of this FAQ at
all. It has taken me several months of doing and a lot of time and
effort has gone into making this walkthrough what it is.
If anyone at all finds part of this FAQ copied anywhere else,
please contact me at my e-mail address and I will get the thieving
scum into deep trouble.
Thank you.

{  C.Introduction.                                          }

Now I've got all the token stuff out of the way, let's roll!
Welcome to Christopher Hyde's Spyro 3 : Year Of The Dragon
Walkthrough. For this guide, I have been using the European version
of the game (PAL). I don't know if the US version of the game is
different, but I seriously doubt it.
If you have any comments, criticisms or anything at all, just
e-mail me (kiffa@hiswitzend.fsnet.co.uk). When e-mailing, please
follow these rules:

1.Put 'Spyro 3 FAQ' as the subject.  I get so many e-mails a day
that, if you do this, there is a greater chance I will respond.
Courtesy also increases the chances of me responding.

2.Any e-mail saying this FAQ is bad, making any rude comments or
trying to cause trouble will instantly be deleted. OK?

3.Read and re-read the FAQ before e-mailing me questions. Chances
are the answer will be in the guide.

4.Erm...thats it.

{  D.About me.                                               }

My name is Christopher Hyde and this is my third FAQ EVER(see
section 3E for details on my others). I decided to write the FAQ
because Spyro 3 is a great game and, even though I find it easy,
some people get stuck on it.

Anyway, that is the end of the 'about me' section and now comes the
beginner's guide to Spyro 3.  This section basically covers the
essential gameplaying and, if you are on Midday Garden by now, you
should know the stuff covered in this section, so you don't really
need to use this section.  As I said before, it is mainly for the
beginner Spyro 3 player, but you may want to refer to the guide
layout (Q) for a guide on how to use the walkthrough.

{  E.Story.                                                  }

Every 12 years, the Dragon Kingdom celebrates its most important
event; in the Spring of this year, known as the "Year of the
Dragon", fairies deliver a new batch of dragon eggs, and the
dragons come from all around to dance, feast and generally be
festive until everyone drops from...eggshaustion.
The Year of the Dragon is upon us again, and the fairies have
brought 150 eggs to the dragon worlds. Unbeknownst to the
celebrating dragons, however, a sinister plot is about to unfold...
Far, far away - on the opposite side of the world - lies a kingdom
long since forgotten by the dragon kind. So forgotten, in fact,
that even the legends about these "Forgotten Worlds" have now been
forgotten. This sorry kingdom is ruled by a mean and spiteful
Sorceress who has become quite fed up, frankly, of being forgotten.
And as she sits on her forgotten throne, the Sorceress has hatched
a fiendishly evil plan. A plan to restore the fading magic to her
forgotten realm. A plan to conquer the dragons once and for all.
All she needs is a little help from her army of horn-nosed
'rhynocs', the co-operation of her mysterious disciple Bianca and,
of course, those 150 dragon eggs...

Watch the first cut-scenes for more information on Spyro's new

{  F.Characters.                                             }

I haven't included the 4 other playable characters here, as their
background is chartered in the controls section.

Species - Dragon.
Sex - M.
Life's great when you're a dragon, especially a famous one like
Spyro. He's quite a celebrity now he's defeated TWO nasty dictators
and freed hundreds of creatures from enslavement. Who better to
send after the missing dragon eggs than the bravest little dragon
in all the Dragon lands?
Confident and cocky, he often finds that the older dragons don't
appreciate his irreverence, but even they can't fail to admit his

Species - Dragonfly.
Sex - M.
Spyro's best friend is a dragonfly named Sparx. He's a busy little
fella and loves to help Spyro collect treasure - after all, if he
stays near Spyro he's more likely to get fed (Sparx just loves
This might explain why, when Spyro's in danger, Sparx also defends
him against attack. He can take up to 3 hits. After that he darts
for cover. You can see how he's feeling by his colour.

Gold - Full health (3 hits left)
Blue - Medium health (2 hits left)
Green - Low health (Only 1 hit left)

If Spyro is attacked after Sparx has flown off, he'll lose a life.
If Sparx is low on health, or gone, just flame some small creatures
that release butterflies and he'll be back. When he eats a
butterfly he gets one point of health until he's back to full
health. Every 1 in 10 butterflies you find will give Sparx a
special butterfly that restores him to full strength and gives
Spyro an extra life. Keep a look out for creatures that might
release butterflies and always try to make sure he's well fed.

Species - Cheetah.
Sex - M.
A close Spyro friend since his adventures in Avalar (see Spyro 2),
Hunter is like a professional trainer. The skills he teaches will
help you navigate through this huge world. Hunter is also an expert
egg hunter, so make sure you speak to him regularly - he might even
reward you with an egg!

Species - Bear.
Sex - M.
Moneybags is all business. For a price, in gems of course,
Moneybags will deliver some amazing things. He can open up travel
routes, activate doors and bridges and sell you the services of
some talented creatures for *ahem* a small fee. If you can afford
it, you should say 'yes' to Moneybags' demands. However, if you say
'no', you're likely to annoy the greedy bear, which can be its own

Species - Fairy.
Sex - F.
Zoe is a fairy who saves Spyro's progress through the Forgotten
World. When you see her, get close to her and she will zap Spyro
with a progress-saving spell (how convenient). The next time Spyro
loses a battle, he returns to the last place Zoe zapped him if he
has lives remaining. Remember though, this saving spell only lasts
for as long as you are in the level - you will have to select SAVE
GAME from the Pause menu if you wish to save your game to the

Species - Mole.
Sex - M.
Spyro's old friend The Professor also has a research lab in the
Forgotten Worlds, and, as it turns out, Agent 9 was his prize
pupil, many years ago. Unfortunately, while The Professor was
studying abroad in Avalar, his lab has fallen into disrepair.

Species - Rabbit.
Sex - F.
She is the apprentice to the Sorceress and led the rhynoc's egg
stealing party. Bianca likes to make threats to Spyro. Is Spyro
scared? "OOOOOOH I'm shakin' in my scales?"
But whose side is Bianca really on?

Species - Lizard.
Sex - F.
She commands the Forgotten World and the rhynocs. Her motivations
are unclear, but she is the force behind the dragon eggnapping.

{  G.Controlling the characters.                             }

D-pad or left analogue stick -
Makes Spyro move. When using the left stick, you can make Spyro run
or walk depending on how far you move the stick.
When you are gliding, you can turn Spyro with these controls.
There is a move you can do whilst gliding that is not written in
the manual! While gliding, press down on the D-pad or down on the
stick. Spyro's wings will unfold and he uses them to float gently
down to earth.
X button -
This lets Spyro jump. Use the D-pad or the stick to choose the
direction of the jump.
If you hold down the X button, Spyro jumps a little higher.
To glide, press the X button to jump, then press it again. Spyro
will now begin gliding. Use the D-pad or the left stick to change
the direction of Spyro's glide.
[] button -
This makes Spyro charge. Hold it to carry on charging. Use the D-
pad or the left stick to change direction.
T button -                                     (Triangle button)
Press + hold this while Spyro is standing still to enter first
person perspective. When Spyro has something in his mouth, press +
hold this and a target also comes up, giving better aim. Use the D-
pad or left stick to look around.
Press this button while Spyro is gliding and he performs a little
hover. This gives you a bit more height and is essential for
getting over gaps in the last few levels.
O button -
Makes Spyro flame. If he has something in his mouth, he'll spit it
out. Use the T button target to make aiming easier and then press O
to fire. Spyro always flames in the direction his head is pointing.
SELECT button -
Opens the Atlas at the page of whatever level you're currently on.
START button -
Brings up the options menu.
Shoulder buttons -
Also known as the camera buttons. L1 + R1 centre the camera behind
Spyro, L2 rotates the camera left and R2 rotates it right.

Sometimes Spyro can find a little expert help during his rescue
mission. By paying Moneybags a fee, Spyro can free helpful
creatures that will fight for him. After paying Moneybags, you must
enter their home realm and them liberate it before they will join
Spyro. They will become playable creatures from time to time in
some of the realms. Each one will have the full protection of
Sparx. When their job is done, Spyro will return to your control.
When Spyro is facing down the really powerful monsters he must
defeat to advance to the next home world, these friends will also
come to his aid during battle.

A rare mountain kangaroo with tremendous back feet, Sheila can jump
to miraculous heights. She can also stay aloft using the air hop.
When in danger, she can unwind a punishing kick. And if you're
stomped by Sheila, you stay stomped.
Kick - [] or O button.
Jump - X button.
Air Hop - Press X to jump, then X again while she's mid-jump.
Double Jump - Press X to jump, then X again just as she lands.
Sheila Stomp - Press X to jump, then T while she's in mid air.

Meet the Forgotten World's only flying penguin. Sgt. Byrd was
raised by hummingbirds who taught him how to get airborne. Then,
once he was old enough, he flew away to join the Air Corp, where he
developed the first BAM (Bird to Air Missile). BAM launchers are
mounted on his shoulders. Sgt. Byrd can also pick up items and drop
them with superb accuracy.
Fly - Press and hold the X button (release X to ascend).
Pick up items - Hold down the X button to make Sgt. Byrd fly up,
then use the D-pad/left stick to direct him over the object.
Once he is close enough, Sgt. Byrd will pick up the item.
Release objects (while flying) - [] button.
Strafe left/right (while flying) - L1/R1.
Fire shoulder rockets - O button.
Change view - T button. When on the ground, press the T button to
toggle between normal and sniper mode. When in the air, toggle
between normal and aerial views.
Bomb Cam mode - Whenever Sgt. Byrd is airborne, pressing the T
button switches control into Bomb Cam mode. In this mode, Sgt. Byrd
flies normally, but is looking straight down. Bomb Cam mode is
especially useful for precision bombing or dropping items Sgt. Byrd
is carrying.

Giant and gentle Bentley the Yeti has a heart of gold. He also has
a huge club that takes no prisoners. When he gets mad, stuff gets
smashed. Huge obstructions are no problem - he just pushes them
away. The only time he will lay down his club is to put on a pair
of boxing gloves.
Club Smash - O button.
Club Spin - [] button.
Jump - X button.
Shoulder shove - Use the directional buttons or left stick to move
boxes or blocks.

Don't monkey around with Agent 9, because he is one! Agent 9 is one
of the Professor's lab monkeys. But after special treatment and
training, he is no ordinary chimp. Agent 9 is a highly intelligent
special operative whose specialities are laser blasters and
precision delivery of explosives.
Fire weapon - O button.
Sniper mode - Pressing the T button switches Agent 9 into Sniper
Mode. In Sniper Mode, Agent 9 doesn't move, but he can shoot very
accurately. Pressing the L1 and R1 buttons while in Sniper Mode
will zoom in and out, allowing Agent 9 to shoot with incredible
Throw bomb - [] button.
Aim bomb - Hold [] button and aim with d-pa/left stick.
Dodge - Press L1/R1 to dodge left and right.
Jump - X button.

{  H.Powerups and powerup index.                             }

Powerups supercharge your skills. Power-up Towers are throughout
the worlds. To get the power-up, pass between the towers.
Powerups work for a limited time. With some, a countdown bar
appears to tell you the time remaining.
You can return to the powerup towers to recharge.

Superfly - Spyro can fly instead of just glide. Press the X button
to flap Spyro's wings for some extra altitude.
Superflame - Spyro releases a small comet every time he flames.
Press the T button to aim.
Invincible - Spyro becomes indestructible for a limited time.

Superfly - Sunrise Spring, Cloud Spires, Crystal Islands
Superflame - Midday Garden, Bamboo Terrace, Spike's Arena, Charmed
Superfly+Superflame - Fireworks Factory, Super Bonus Round
Invincible - Evening Lake, Lost Fleet
Icy Breath - Frozen Altars
Flying Saucers - Sorceress's Lair, Super Bonus Round

{  I.Eggs.                                                   }

For those of you that have played Spyro 2, eggs are the equivalent
of orbs. Most of them are rewarded for doing special tasks helping
animals liberate the rhynocs, but some are just lying around. There
are a total of 150 eggs in the game. Eggs can also be used to open
up levels, as levels sometimes require eggs to open them (for
instance, Molten Crater requires 10 eggs to open).
Using this walkthrough, you should be able to get all the eggs with
the minimum of fuss.

{  J.Gems.                                                   }

Gems are pieces of treasure that are spread throughout the
Forgotten Worlds. Spyro can collect them and give them to Moneybags
in exchange for something good.
Gems come in several different colours, each one being a different
denomination -
Red - 1.
Green - 2.
Blue - 5.
Yellow - 10.
Purple - 25.
Gems are either lying around or sealed in caskets. Spyro can open
these caskets in the following ways.
Baskets - Your typical container. Can be flamed or charged to be
Jar - The second most common container. Must be charged to be
Sealed chest - These have no ordinary way of being opened. They
must be superflamed, supercharged or have a rocket hit them to
Headbash chest - These have a red and white target on top. You must
use the headbash to open them.
Firework jar - These are dangerous. Flame them to ignite the TNT,
then get away to avoid it. It'll soar into the air, then smash open
on landing.
Mystery jar - This is yellow with green stripes and has question
marks around the side. It can be flamed or charged at to be opened.
Once flamed or charged, it disappears and then reappears elsewhere
in the level. You then have to track it down and repeat the flaming
or charging. It then disappears and reappears. Carry on and
eventually the jar will break and releases its cargo.
Locked boxes - These only appear on a few levels, but they're taken
from the first Spyro. You need to find a key, which will be hidden
well somewhere in the level. Once the key is found, Spyro can
unlock the box with it by simply walking up to it. A short
animation will follow, showing the key going into its hole.

{  K.The Atlas.                                             }

The Atlas is a log of all your accomplishments in the Forgotten

Use the Atlas to:
Keep track of your egg and gem count or see how many are left to
See which special tasks you have accomplished in each realm.
See what percentage of the adventure you have completed in each
realm or all the worlds.

Open the Atlas by pressing the START button, selecting ATLAS from
the Pause menu and pressing X. Alternatively, press SELECT to warp
straight to the current level's page.
In the Atlas, you can see all the worlds you have or will visit
listed on the Contents page. On the opposite page is the number of
eggs and gems to be found in each world and the number you have
already collected. At the bottom is the total gems and eggs for all
the worlds and the percentage of the whole adventure you have
Turn the page by pressing left or right. The next pages are for
your current world. Visited realms are written in black. Unvisited
realms are in grey.

{  L.Conquering the Forgotten Worlds.                       }

Kidnapped dragon eggs have been spread by the Sorceress throughout
the four Forgotten Worlds, hidden away until she plans to use them.
The only way Spyro will ever rescue the eggs is by getting help
from the friendly beings who live in the many realms - 36 in all -
that make up the Forgotten Worlds.

The 4 Forgotten Worlds each have a Home World at their centre, with
portals to many realms. By visiting each realm, Spyro will get the
help he needs to travel to the next Forgotten World.

Spyro travels to realms by entering portals in the Home Worlds. He
begins with the choice of a few portals. Later, more portals will
open. To enter a portal, just walk/fly/swim into it. Spyro will
instantly be transported to a realm. Some portals will only open
after a certain number of baby dragons are hatched from rescued

These dark portals transport Spyro to secret areas of the realms,
where eggs have been spirited away. Look for Challenge Portals in
the realms you are visiting.

When Spyro has succeeded in a realm, an exit portal will appear.
Just jump into the portal to return to the home world.

{  M.Travelling through levels.                             }

The Sorceress has apparently despatched her rhynoc and egg thief
minions to hunt for eggs and prevent Spyro from getting his scaly
paws on them. There are many different lands for Spyro to explore
and in each one, there are a number of objectives he must fulfil
before he can return home.

1.Help the local inhabitants resolve the problems caused by the
Rhynocs or other servants of the Sorceress.
2.Defeat enemies.
3.Locate all the eggs and gems in each region.
4.Find the portal that leads back to the Home World.

If Spyro achieves all of his goals, he can expect to be rewarded
with additional eggs as well as obtain access to new regions. If he
finds enough eggs, Spyro will finally be able to take on the might
of the Sorceress herself - but first, he must face each of the big,
nasty bosses of each region.
This adventure is definitely no holiday!

{  N.Sparx Worlds - a brief introduction.                   }

Sparx also gets to show his stuff in lone battles. He blasts his
way through tight corridors collecting gems and searching for eggs.
Nab butterflies to increase health and find the special butterflies
that give Sparx unique powers. Zoe appears from time to time to
cast a saving spell on Sparx, and if he dies he will return to this
point. Zoe also offers weapons training before Sparx goes into his
first battle.

Sparx will get a chance to show just how tough dragonflies are in
special Sparx Worlds. His projectile attack, homing missiles and
smart bomb weaponry will defend against waves of attackers. But you
have to find special areas before Sparx can go into battle. For
each Sparx level completed, Sparx will gain a new ability to help
Spyro out.

Fire - O button.
Special Weapon - Eating coloured butterflies gives Sparx special
powers. X button uses them.
Charge - [] button.
Dodge - Hold L1/R1 then move.

You will receive various powerups by eating coloured
butterflies -
Green butterfly - Quick fire
Purple - Rocket-shot
Red - Explosa-shot
Dark blue - Invincibility
Navy - Mines

After completing each level, Sparx gains a new ability which Spyro
can use in the main game.
Beat CRAWDAD FARM - Sparx gets extended range for picking up gems.
Beat SPIDER TOWN - By pressing all 4 shoulder buttons, Sparx points
to the nearest piece of treasure.
Beat STARFISH REEF - Sparx gets an extra hit point.
Beat BUGBOT FACTORY - Sparx can break open treasure containers and
warp directly to any level in the game.

{  O.Speedways - a brief introduction.                      }

There is a speedway realm in each home world. There are two kinds
of speedway events and Spyro can choose which one to play.
TIME TRIAL - Speed through a course collecting objects within a
time limit.
RACE - Race through an obstacle course, making sure not to fly off
Once you are in Time Trial mode, you have to achieve a number of
tasks within a time limit. Objects, such as spiders and cows, have
to be flamed to be destroyed. Vehicles, such as tractors, have to
be destroyed by landing on the track they are driving around and
supercharging into them. Arches and hoops have to be destroyed by
flying through them. You will get extra time for everything you
destroy. If you complete all the tasks given, you get awarded gems
and an egg.
Once a speedway is complete, you can re-enter it and enter time
trial mode. See if you can beat the time you previously set!

In each speedway, Hunter is hiding somewhere. Find him to access to
access a special Hunter challenge!

The best way to do the speedways (and avoid the speedways bug) is
to do the Time Trial, then the Race, then Hunter's Challenge.
Thanks to Joe A for that!

{  P.Skateboarding - how to do well.                        }

Skateboarding is my favourite mini-game in Spyro 3!
Here is a list of tricks to do on your skateboard (thanks to
www.spyrohints.com for the list!)

Name - Directions - Points Awarded

Gulp - Four left spins - 1100

Crush - Four right spins - 1100

Big Gulp - Five right spins - 3100

Orange Crush - Five left spins - 3100

Gnasty Gnorc - Two front or back flips and a side roll (you must do
the side roll during the second flip) - 2500

Gnarly Gnorc - Two front or back rolls and two side rolls - ????

Twisted Lime - Press the down-left or down-right button on the
D-pad - 3 of them scores 900, 6 off the high jump scores 4900!

Twisted Lemon - Press the up-left or up-right button on the
D-pad - 3 of them scores 1050, 6 off the high jump scores 5050!

Thrash Master - A flip, followed by a side roll - ????

Super Thrash Master - Pull off multiple Thrash Masters - ????

Dr. Shemp - Four left side rolls - 1500

Toasty Twist - Four right side rolls - 1500

Quad Forward Flip - Four forward flips - 1550

Quad Back Flip - Four backward flips - 1500

High Jump Over Half Pipe - 1000 (use the big tunnel to get onto the
main ramp for the High Jump and use the small side tunnel to get
onto the ramp you can jump off)

Raging Ripto - Two front or back flips with 3 side rolls - 3000 (If
you do this before the Gnasty Gnorc, you get 5700!)

Most of these won't work in Sunny Villa, but you can do Gnasty
Gnorcs and the Crushes/Gulps in that area.

{  Q.The guide layout.                                      }

The guide is set out in the following way. I have used Sunny Villa
as an example.

1.Section A1 - Sunny Villa
2.Gems - 400       3.Eggs - 6
4.Species - Bears
5.Names - Councillor George, Paulus, Marcus, Rapunzel, Hunter,
Citizen Horace, Mayor Leo
6.Character - Sheila
7.Butterfly Animals - Frogs         8.Powerup - N/A
9.Do I need to come back - No
10.Enemies - Centurion, Clubbas, Mini-Centurions, Lizards
11.A Roman villa is being overrun by cowardly rhynocs.
12.Egg 1 - Rescue the mayor - Sanders -

1.The section number and the name of the level.
2.Amount of gems available.
3.Amount of eggs available.
4.The inhabitants of this level. In the speedways, these are listed
as the beings you need to race.
5.Their names. I also include other characters that appear in the
level e.g. Hunter, Moneybags etc.
6.The other character you get to play as e.g. Sheila, Agent 9. On
the speedways this is listed as Hunter, because you play as him on
one egg on all 4 speedways.
7.The animal you have to flame to get a butterfly.
8.The powerup available. This also includes flying saucers and
other things used in the boss fights.
9.If you need to return to a level later with a new character, this
bit tells you.
10.The enemies' names. I have invented most of them. It is fairly
easy to work out which one I am talking about, though.
11.I write a short piece of commentary about that level here.
12.The eggs are listed here. This tells you what definition is
given in the Atlas, the name of the baby dragon and a guide on how
to get the egg.

I haven't listed the gem locations as it would take HOURS and I
only want to give a basic guide, not a full, piece-by-piece
walkthrough to every level.

Anyway, that's the first section done. Many of you have probably
skipped straight to this section, but I recommend you read the
guide layout above.
Now, we come to the bit you clicked on the link for.
That's right...it's time for the walkthrough!


{  A.Sunrise Spring.                                        }

Gems - 400       Eggs - 5
Species - N/A
Names - Hunter, Bianca, Moneybags, Rocky, Snappy, Sheila, Mayor
Leo, Cumulus
Character - Sheila
Butterfly Animals - Sheep         Powerup - Superfly
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - N/A
A spring running down a gentle hill... breathtaking scenery... easy
levels.... don't you wish all the game was like this?
Egg 1 - Egg by the stream - Isabelle - At the start, keep jumping
up the platforms and you'll spot the egg.
Egg 2 - Learn gliding - Coltrane - Speak to Hunter, who can be
found up some steps near Moneybags. Follow his instructions to
glide to the ledge outside the Cloud Spires portal. Speak to him
again. Use his advice to glide+hover to the cave, where he hands
you an egg.
Egg 3 - Fly through the cave - Ami - You need to be fairly good at
flying to get this egg. You need to fly REALLY fast through the
underground cave to the ledge high up on the far side. The egg is
on the ledge.
Egg 4 - Bottom of the lake - Bruce - Speak to Hunter, when he's
near the lake. He gives you swimming lessons and asks you to fetch
the egg from the bottom of the lake. Use the controls to navigate
underwater and retrieve the egg and gems.
Egg 5 - Headbash the rock - Liam - Near the Molten Crater portal,
there is a large rock. Headbash it (X to jump, then Triangle to use
Spyro's horns) to break it apart.

Section A1 - Sunny Villa.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 6
Species - Lions
Names - Councillor George, Paulus, Marcus, Rapunzel, Citizen
Horace, Mayor Leo, Hunter
Character - Sheila
Butterfly Animals - Frogs         Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Centurions, Clubbas, Mini-Centurions, Lizards
A Roman villa is being overrun by cowardly rhynocs.
Egg 1 - Rescue the mayor - Sanders - Get through the level alive
and Mayor Leo presents you with a gift from the town.
Egg 2 - Egg by the building - Vanessa - This egg is sitting on a
ledge just past the first couple of Clubbas.
Egg 3 - Lizard skating I - Emily - Speak to Hunter in the gladiator
training arena. He asks you to skateboard around the area, flaming
the lizards as you go. Use the orange ramps to get a big jump
(press X at the top) and the blue ramps make Spyro leap high into
the air. Remember, you need to face the way you are going down on
the blue ramps. Some are running around on the ground, some are
flying above the orange ramps and 4 are above the blue ramps. Once
you dispose of all 15 lizards, Hunter rewards you with an egg.
Egg 4 - Lizard skating II - Daisy - This time, Hunter sets you a
harder challenge. He asks you to get all 15 lizards within a 3
minute time limit - without falling off the board! Use my advice
above (you have to face downwards on the blue ramps) and you should
be all right.
Egg 5 - Hop to Rapunzel - Lucy - To get here, climb the tower near
egg 2. Use the whirlwind and, once at the top, turn left. You can
glide to Sheila's area, or use the white pillars to reach egg 6. As
Sheila, use your leaping skills to scale the tower. I can't really
help you here, as it is all skill. Kick the mini-centurions as soon
as they appear, as they are a pain if you don't get them. When at
the top, Rapunzel hands you an egg.
Egg 6 - Glide to the spring - Miles - Using the strategy outlined
above, get onto the first white pillar. Then glide onto the second,
then finally to the spring, where a few gems are, and an egg.

Section A2 - Cloud Spires.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 6
Species - Weather Fairies
Names - Nimbus, Cirrus, Fluffy, Cumulus, Stratus, Moneybags
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Chicks        Powerup - Superfly
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Wind Wingers, Primadonnas, Spirits, Blue Egg Thief
Poor Nimbus will never see a rainbow again, unless Spyro
Egg 1 - Turn on the cloud generator - Henry - Get to the end of the
level and Fluffy discovers what was clogging the cloud generator
(any guesses what it is?).
Egg 2 - Run along the wall - Stephanie - You should find this egg
on a ledge near Moneybags. It is guarded by a wind winger -just
jump and flame to avoid their wind.
Egg 3 - Plant the sun seeds - Lulu - Speak to Cumulus in the room
near the exit. She asks you to help her plant the sun seeds. To
achieve this, you need to get one out of the pot near her (press
the switch) and then chase it to the end of its path, flaming it
when it stops. The first sails along the centre. The second bobs up
the steps on the right. The third, and final, one twists and turns
along the ledge on the left. They then perform a dance to create a
new sun and Cumulus hands you an egg out of gratitude.
Egg 4 - Bell tower spirits - Jake - Use the whirlwind next to the
exit to take you into the bell tower. Talk to Stratus, who asks you
to aid in disposing the spirits, who are clogging up the bell
towers necessary to be rung to awaken the rain cloud. Use the
flying powerup to fly around the area. The towers gradually get
higher, until the last one, which is low. It doesn't matter if you
don't get them all in the same go; you can keep trying until you
get them all. Stratus then gives you an egg as thanks.
Egg 5 - Bell tower thief - Bryan - In the same area as the spirits,
there is an egg thief running around. Charge to chase him and
reclaim the egg. Use this strategy; cut corners, keep charging and
flame when you're near enough.
Egg 6 - Glide to the island - Clare - Near egg 2 and Moneybags, a
whirlwind will activate once you obtain egg 1. Use it to get up the
first steep step, then climb the steps as normal. Once on the large
platform with the primadonnas, glide+hover to the ledge with the
flamers. Once there, run left around the ledge, picking up gems as
you go. At the end, a simple glide is required to obtain 30 gems
and this egg.

Section A3 - Molten Crater.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 6
Species - Stone Idol Tribe
Names - Clay, Rocky, Stoney, Shale, Moneybags
Character - Sgt. Byrd
Butterfly Animals - Fire Slugs       Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - Yes, with Sgt. Byrd
Enemies - Warthogs, Sabre-Rhynocs, California Smiths, Toucans,
Green Egg Thief, Red Egg Thief
Rhynocs are running rampage around Molten Crater, but nobody wants
to come out of the Tiki Lodge to help.
Egg 1 - Get to the tiki lodge - Curlie - Get to the end of the
level and Rocky hands you this egg.
Egg 2 - Egg by lava river - Rikki - This egg is lying on a stone
step in the area just before the cave.
Egg 3 - Replace idol heads - Ryan - As Sgt. Byrd, you need to aid
Shale in his game of hide and seek. There are several caves leading
off the main cave. Each one has pitfalls to negotiate past, such as
toucans and flame spitters, and each one has a stone head at the
end. Once you get to the end of each tunnel, you have to pick up
the heads in Sgt. Byrd's flippers, then take them back to the main
cave. There are 5 scattered around the Tiki Lodge. One word of
caution - beware the toucans. They regenerate after a few seconds
and they fly at the same level as you.
Egg 4 - Sgt. Byrd blows up a wall - Luna - In the Tiki Lodge, there
is a wall with a large crack in it (if you can't find it, place
Sgt. Byrd by the exit. Fly up into the air, then turn left about
180 degrees. See it now?). Blow it up using your rocket launchers
and pick up the egg.
Egg 5 - Catch the thief - Moira - Use the usual strategy to chase
the thief (charge, cut corners and flame when near enough). He'll
drop the egg once killed.
Egg 6 - Supercharge after the thief - Kermitt - This time, the
supercharge is activated. Manoeuvre a fast Spyro after the thief to
retrieve the egg (use the tips above).
A quite interesting thing has been discovered in this level by
Zachary Irven. This is what he wrote in his email:
"I have found a way to get into the Sgt.Byrd portal before you free
him. Simply walk up to the portal, then turn around. Look at the
posts of the bridge (one is smaller); jump onto this one. Now jump
to the larger one, from there glide to the top of the portal; you
may need to hover. Once on the portal, walk toward the wall and
before you know it, you're in the portal."
I haven't tried this, but if it works, it could be quite handy!

Section A4 - Seashell Shore.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 6
Species - Seals
Names - Sebastian, Snappy, Sandy, Slappy, Stanley, Smelt
Character - Sheila
Butterfly Animals - SeaChickens     Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Octopi, Egguners, Super-Spaders, Sailors, Turrets, Bluto
Some seals, who crashed a rhynoc sub, have been thrown in prison!
Egg 1 - Free the seals - Dizzy - Get to the end of the level, kill
the octopus which has Stanley in it's tentacles and Stanley hands
you something he found in a rhynoc lunchbox (clue - it's not
Egg 2 - Under the docks - Jason - This egg is in the pool of water
near the first batch of sailors. You can see it when you dive in,
off the bridge.
Egg 3 - Clear out the pipe - Duke - Sandy asks you to help clear
out the ultra-high-speed-super-fluidity-tunnel (such a great name).
The tunnel, once turned on, creates a whirlpool, which Spyro has to
swim along, killing rhynocs and avoiding the mines. You HAVE to
kill every single rhynoc along the way (if you don't, they laugh at
you annoyingly). Just keep your wits about you and learn the
pattern and it's a cinch.
Egg 4 - Defeat the shark sub - Jackie - Smelt pleads with you to
engage in a naval battle against Bluto. You get to control a
submarine, which you need to use to beat Bluto.
[] makes you speed up.
O makes the sub shoot.
You need to pick up more missiles from the boxes.
When you get into Bluto's arena, immediately pick up some missiles.
Then dash around the edge to avoid the shark's teeth. When it stops
to pick up some missiles, shoot it. You can get about 3 or 4 shots
in before he finishes devouring the boxes. Keep up this pattern and
Bluto bites the dust.
Egg 5 - Destroy the sandcastle - Mollie - As Sheila, you need to
help 3 seals in destroying a sandcastle. To destroy the turrets,
you need to Sheila Stomp them. The super-spaders that guard a few
of them are a pain, but double jump, then kick, to dispose of them.
If you are having problems with this one, here's a tip; you don't
need to actually be on the circular green part of the turrets to
get them. You can stomp the gun part, which also explodes them.
This keeps you a safe distance away from the super-spaders
(sometimes) and the turrets can't shoot you.
Egg 6 - Hop to the secret cave - Jared - To the left of the
solitary turret (just after the patch of water), there is a cave in
the cliff. Double jump to reach the cave, where the egg and a few
gems are.

Section A5 - Mushroom Speedway.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 3
Species - Insects
Names - Hunter, Sparx
Character - Hunter
Butterfly Animals - N/A        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Sheep Saucers
The Forgotten World's first speedway is a picturesque garden.
Egg 1 - Time Attack - Sabina - You have to get all the obstacles
within the time limit. As Sparx says, the best way is to get the
rings, then the dandelions, then the spiders and finally the
butterflies. Get them all and an egg is awarded.
Egg 2 - Race the butterflies - John - You have to race the
butterflies through the course, flying through every green ring.
Keep your cool, overtake whenever possible and ALWAYS use the blue
stars for a boost. Once you come first, you receive an egg.
Egg 3 - Hunter's dogfight - Tater - You can find Hunter behind a
large mushroom to the right of the 7th dandelion. You have to fly
Hunter's plane and shoot down some sheep saucers. Keep moving from
left to right and up and down to avoid their mines. It's pretty

Section A6 - Sheila's Alp.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 3
Species - Mountain Goats
Names - Billy, Bobby, Pete
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Seagulls      Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Alp Cutters, Mooses
Sheila's natural mountain home is being terrorised by the rhynocs!
Egg 1 - Help Bobby get home - Nan - This is the last egg you should
get. Once you are out of the cave, you need to get all the mushroom
houses, then the Alp Cutters. Sheila Stomp the mushroom houses,
then kick the rhynocs to clear a path for Bobby. Once he's home, he
gives you an egg.
Egg 2 - Help Pete get home - Jenny - This should be the second egg
you get. In the cave, you need to kill the moose and the Alp Cutter
blocking the way to Pete's house. Once they're down, Pete can get
home and he hands you an egg.
Egg 3 - Help Billy get home - Ruby - This will be the first egg you
get. All you have to do is kill one measly Alp Cutter to get Billy
home. He rewards you with an egg.

Section A7 - Buzz's Dungeon.
Gems - N/A       Eggs - 1
Species - N/A
Names - N/A
Character - Sheila
Butterfly Animals - N/A      Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Buzz
Spyro's first real challenge is a rhynoc, transformed dramatically
by the Sorceress' evil spells.
Avoid Buzz's dash attack and charge him. Once he's been hit by your
horns, he'll leap left or right. Charge him again. He'll dodge
again. The idea is to shove him into the lava. Sheila will then
stomp him in even further. NOW CHARGE! Buzz will turn into a
spinning thing (reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog) and chase you.
Once he finishes him, get him into the lava.
Once he's had a dunk in the lava for the second time, he conjures
up a fire shield once he's been charged. Wait until it goes, then
push him into the lava.
After his fourth dunk, he'll spit lava at you. Keep charging and
jump to avoid the flames.
2 more trips to the lava and Buzz will be a goner!!
Egg 1 - Defeat Buzz - Grayson - See above.

{  B.Midday Garden.                                         }

Gems - 400       Eggs - 5
Species - N/A
Names - Bianca, Moneybags, Hunter, Sgt. Byrd, Doug, Jasper, Shiny,
Sing Sing
Character - Sgt. Byrd
Butterfly Animals - Bunnies     Powerup - Superflame
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Blue Egg Thief
The second homeworld is a sprawling garden.
Egg 1 - Underwater egg - Dave - Simple. Swim into the pool in front
of you when you begin. The egg is sitting beneath the bridge.
Egg 2 - Secret ice cave - Mingus - Unlike the definition suggests,
this egg is simple to find. To the left of Icy Peak's entrance,
there is a cave. Slide into it and the egg is at the end of a
tunnel, in a cave.
Egg 3 - Catch the thief - Trixie - The egg thief carries this egg.
Use the usual strategy (charge, cut corners and flame when you're
near enough) to get him.
Egg 4 - Superflame the flowerpots - Matt - Use the superflame
powerup (opposite the Bamboo Terrace entrance) to break open the
flowerpots littered around the level. The egg is in one of them.
Egg 5 - Climb to the ledge - Modesty - Near the Country Speedway
entrance, there is a river. Jump over it and climb up the ladder to
the ledge (it isn't very obvious, but if you know it's there, you
can see it well).

Section B1 - Icy Peak.
Gems - 500       Eggs - 6
Species - Polar Bears
Names - Bob, Nancy, Doug, Moneybags
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Crows     Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Eagles, TNT-Gophers, TNT-Boxes, SnoGunners, Pickers, Ice
Hockey Players, Yellow Egg Thief, Red Egg Thief
Rhynocs have taken over this icy mountain, but Bob can't find Doug,
who is the only one that can do anything.
Egg 1 - Find Doug the polar bear - Chet - Get to the end of the
level and Doug gives you his fishing lure, which is an egg.
Egg 2 - On top of a ledge - Maynard - After the second icy patch,
go through the cave on the left. As soon as you come out of the
pass it leads to, turn right. Follow the ledge around to obtain the
Egg 3 - Protect Nancy the skater - Cerny - Once you've paid
Moneybags to open the door, Nancy asks you to help defend her from
some mean ice hockey players, as she practices her dance routine.
The hockey players come out of their pads and attack Nancy, but a
simple flame gets rid of them. They always come out in the same
order, so once you've learnt the order, this should be simple. Once
she has done it, the audience throws her roses. However, one throws
an egg, which she hands you.
Egg 4 - Speedy thieves I - Betty - To get to these next two eggs,
you need to go down a set of stairs near Doug. In this area, you
need to use the supercharge powerup to chase down the thieves. Use
the usual strategy (you should know it by now - if you've
forgotten, refer back to Midday Garden for the tips) to get the
first. He never takes the same course twice in a row, but keep
close behind him and flame when you're near enough.
Egg 5 - Speedy thieves II - Scout - This is pretty much the same as
before, but this red one is slightly faster than the previous one.
Use the tactics previously used to get him. I can't really help you
though - this is all about skill.
Geoff has sent me this useful strategy, though:
"Instead of chasing down both Thieves and having a difficult time
with the second one, do this:
When you appear on the level turn 180 degrees and walk to the top
of the ramp you are on. From here glide across to the opening under
the ramp straight across from you. Here you will find gems and a
fountain that takes you to the highest point on the screen, a
mountain top which also has more gems. From here you can do a SMALL
free fall and then glide down to the second thief which is on a
pedestal. You can't land on it but if you time things right you can
flame him without any problem. You get egg #2 Scout first and now
all you have to do is chase down the slower of the two Thieves.
There is also a hidden room which you must charge. Really easy to
find and inside there is a heavy duty chest which needs a super
charge head butt."
Egg 6 - Glide to the sky island - Reez - After exiting the previous
area, go straight ahead to the cannon. If you already haven't, use
it to blow apart the ice structure. Once destroyed, a whirlwind
appears beneath it. Glide to the whirlwind and let it take you to a
ledge. This ledge goes round a building. At the end of the ledge,
after picking up the gems, glide to the next whirlwind (if it isn't
there, use the nearby cannon to destroy it). Use it to take you to
the island with a few gems and an egg.

Section B2 - Enchanted Towers.
Gems - 500       Eggs - 6
Species - Cloud People
Names - Pablo, Jasper, Mowat, Farley, Ooga, Hunter
Character - Sgt. Byrd
Butterfly Animals - Sheep        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Drillers, Toaders, Hammer-Men, Lava Lizards
The Cloud People were asked to build a statue of the Sorceress.
Once it was built, she complained that it was too ugly!
Egg 1 - Destroy the sorceress statue - Peanut - Once you reach the
end, you are confronted by an enormous statue. Use the 3 rockets
spread around near it to explode it(flame the fuse to send it off).
Watch out for the enemies - there are quite a lot around the
statue. Jasper then gives you an egg.
Egg 2 - Glide to the small island - Gladys - After the first time
Zoe saves your position, you have to glide to a tower. Once in the
tower, turn left to find another exit. A short glide gets you to
the island with the egg.
Egg 3 - Trick skater I - Caroline - Once the statue is destroyed,
go into the hole in it's pedestal. At the end of the tunnel beneath
it is a portal to a skate park. Speak to Hunter in this area and he
shows you some basic moves (flips, rolls etc). Each time, Hunter
demonstrates and the buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, so
you can pull them off. Read the instructions at the bottom
carefully, so you can do them well. Do them all and Hunter awards
you with an egg.
Egg 4 - Trick skater II - Alex - Hunter then wants to give you a
one-on-one for points, because he is sure he'll beat you. You need
to be able to do some moves to do this well. As Hunter usually only
gets up to somewhere between 2000-3000 points, simply pulling off a
Gnasty Gnorc and a few flips and rolls gets you the points. See
section 1Q for a list of tricks and how to do them.
If you're REALLY stuck, then I usually do the following (this also
works well for the Skill Point).
*Pull off a Gnasty Gnorc, by doing 2 back flips then a turn on the
ramp in front of you when you start.
*This then puts you on track for the Triple Towers. Whilst heading
for them, leap over the blue circular ramp and do a couple of front
*On the blue ramp leading to the Triple Towers, do a right roll.
*Jump all 3 towers to get the Triple Towers - 1000 points!
*At the last one, jump right to reach the pipe going through the
cliff. This gives you the points for the Half-Pipe Leap - another
1000 points!
*Follow the pipe down to ground level. At the ground, head towards
the orange ramps. Use them to do a couple of flips and rolls. Jump
off the second one to reach the curved hill.
*As the hill goes down, go down the pipe. At the bottom, you reach
the circular blue ramp. You'll now have enough speed to use it to
do 5 left spins.
*After the left spins, you'll be heading straight for another blue
ramp. On this, do 5 right spins.
*Now go back up the pipe. At the top, turn right and go down the
ski ramp. At the bottom, soar over the park and do Twisted Lemons.
You can do about 3 before you hit the ground.
*Return to the ski ramp and do 3 Twisted Limes.
*Now just pull off other, simpler moves to try and get your score
as high as possible.
Afterwards, Hunter grudgingly gives you the egg.
Egg 5 - Rescue the lost wolf - Lys - You now need to rescue Mowat's
wolf Farley by solving a series of puzzles, using Farley to reach
1) Get the ball and place it on the switch. When the mutt comes to
pick it up, jump up the steps and press the switch.
2) After getting the hammer-men, run up the slope. Glide over the
gap and place the ball right on the edge of the tunnel. Now glide
back over and stand on the switch. Farley will get over to the
ball. Glide over to rejoin him.
3) Swallow Farley's ball. Climb the steps and place the ball on the
switch that is raised high up. Leap back onto the floor and stand
on the switch. As soon as Farley gets onto the now-lowered platform
with the switch, jump onto the low platform, as the switch Farley
is about to step on raises it. As soon as the platform you should
now be on is raised, hit the switch.
4) Next, charge the crumbling wall in the room.
5) Finally, kill the hammer-man and press the red switch to get
Farley back to his master.
Mowat then gives you an egg.
Egg 6 - Collect the bones - Ralph - As Sgt. Byrd, you need to fly
around the Enchanted Towers and retrieve Ooga's bones, which have
been stolen by some lava lizards (those of you who have played
Spyro 2 will recognise this!). Each lizard is in a tower, except a
couple who are in the open. Once you get all 8, you get an egg and
Ooga's pal performs his Bone Dance.

Section B3 - Spooky Swamp.
Gems - 500       Eggs - 6
Species - Fireflies
Names - Homer, Shiny, Bubba, Basho, Buson, Moneybags
Character - Sheila
Butterfly Animals - Crawdads        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Gators, Lampas, Mosquitos, Menacers, Sleepy-Head
The 4 large lamps, vital for navigating through the large swamp,
have been extinguished by rhynocs.
Egg 1 - Find Shiny the firefly - Thelonius - Once you get to the
end of this pretty difficult level, Shiny gives you this egg.
Egg 2 - Jump to the island - Michael - From the locked box, perform
a simple glide over the swampy water to the island with this egg.
You sometimes wonder why, at the beginning of the game, Bianca said
"I've hidden those eggs in places you'd never dream of looking"!
Egg 3 - Escort the twins I - Peggy - A little further on from the
warp to Sleepy-Head, there is a Sheila warp. In this bit, you must
guide 2 short-sighted fireflies to a structure with the eggs by it
in cages, as they have the bombs to blow the cages apart. Two
different types of obstacle block their way - boulders and
mushrooms. Boulders can be kicked and mushrooms need to be stomped.
As the twins follow the same path, you can learn it off by heart so
you know where they'll go. A word of warning - the obstacles
regenerate, so you can't zoom ahead and get them all destructed
first. Once the first twin reaches his egg, he blows the cage apart
and he lets you keep it.
Egg 4 - Escort the twins II - Michele - More of the same. Again,
learn his path and get the obstacles out of the way pretty sharp. I
can't really help you much here, as it is all to do with reflexes,
because this guy is a bit faster than his brother.
Egg 5 - Defeat sleepy head - Herbi - To reach this mini-boss, you
need to light all 4 lamps spread around the level. They're all in
small tree-houses that require climbing a ladder to get into. Once
in them, a small breath will light them. Anyway, back to the boss.
When the sleepy freak lobs bombs at you, position yourself behind
them. When the counter appears, get ready to hit him with it. When
the counter reaches 3, charge. The timer should hit 0 as it sails
towards him, causing him a considerable amount of pain. But do we
care? He'll then conjure up some Gators, which can be flamed or
Keep using the tactics above to take him down. 3 more hits and he's
a goner.
Egg 6 - Across the treetops - Frank - Go to the lamp next to the
exit and get inside it. From the gap in it, you can glide across
the swamp to a platform with another ladder, leading into the
foliage above the swamp. Now, you should be on some tree leaves.
You can now glide around to a few other trees with stuff on. One to
the right has the key on it, one straight ahead has a couple of
gems on it and one to the left has this egg on it.

Section B4 - Bamboo Terrace.
Gems - 500       Eggs - 6
Species - Pandas
Names - LingLing, Li, Chi Chi, Tsai, Feng, Lei, Sing Sing, Shui
Character - Bentley
Butterfly Animals - Locusts        Powerup - Superflame
Do I need to come back - Yes, with Bentley
Enemies - Water Buffalo, Parasollers, Fireworkers, Blue Egg Thief
The pandas haven't been able to get the bamboo needed for the
whirligig, due to rhynoc interference.
Egg 1 - Clear the panda's path - Tom - Get to the end of the level
and Sing Sing gives you this.
Egg 2 - Glide to the small island - Dwight - Just after the first
time you meet Zoe, you come to the area with the 3 terrorised
pandas. On the left as you enter this are, a small island has this
egg on it.
Egg 3 - Glide to the hidden cave - Madison - In the same area as
above, go to the switch the pandas press when you help them. Once
there, look behind the house. There is a set of steps. Climb them
(collecting gems) and perform a glide at the end to reach the cave
with this egg in it.
Egg 4 - Smash the mountain river - Brubeck - On his walk, Bentley
is informed by Bartholemew that some rhynocs were witnessed taking
an egg to the mountain top. It's up to Bentley to retrieve it. This
is pretty simple; stroll up the mountain and smash the panda heads
as they roll towards you. Sometimes, TNT crates are hurled as well.
To destroy these, use the Club Spin attack. Once you reach the peak
and have killed all the rhynocs, pick up the egg.
Egg 5 - Shoot from the boat - Rusty - Once the emergency exit has
been put down, you can access this egg from a portal nestled in the
mountain. Shui begs you to help the panda workers return to their
homes after a long day's work. Some Parasollers are preventing them
from getting home by standing in the way. Once on the boat, you get
a superflame powerup. This lets you target the Parasollers and hit
them. The first lap is pretty simple - you need to hit still
targets. The second time, however, the Parasollers descend and
frighten the pandas. Hit them in the air to stop them getting the
pandas. Once all the rhynocs have been shot, Shui rewards you with
an egg.
Egg 6 - Catch the thief - Pee-wee - In the main level, a blue egg
thief is waiting for you. You need to chase him down. Use the usual
tactics to get him.
EXTRA LIVES - In the first patch of water (after the three pandas),
charge into the crack on the wall to get 4 extra lives.

Section B5 - Country Speedway.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 3
Species - Pigs
Names - Hunter, Sparx
Character - Hunter
Butterfly Animals - N/A        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Sheep Saucers, Space Cows
Spyro's next speedway is a large farm.
Egg 1 - Time Attack - Gavin - You have to get all the obstacles
within the time limit. As Sparx says, the best way is to get the
rings, then the tractors, then the cows and finally the planes. Get
them all and an egg is awarded.
Egg 2 - Race the pigs - John - You have to race the pigs through
the course, flying through all the green rings. Keep your cool,
overtake whenever possible and ALWAYS use the blue stars for a
boost. This time, red stars are also included. These give Spyro a
bomb that homes in on the nearest pig. Once a pig is hit, it slows
down for a few seconds, leaving it perfect for overtaking. If
you're close enough, flaming also has this effect. Once you come
first, you receive an egg.
Egg 3 - Hunter's rescue mission - Roberto - You can find Hunter in
the large barn in the centre. Hunter (still obsessed with sheep
saucers) wants to get rid of the sheep saucers before they abduct
anyone. This time, they've also enlisted the help of some space
cows. Hunter's plane flies automatically, and you just need to
manoeuvre the target around and shoot the sheep saucers and space

Section B6 - Sgt. Byrd's Base.
Gems - 500       Eggs - 3
Species - Hummingbirds
Names - Cpl. Gabrielle, Pvt. Claire, Pvt. Nikita, Pvt. Chloe, Pvt.
Eloise, Pvt. Elane
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Ladybugs        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Potters, Dream Netters, Plungers, Gophers
The rhynocs have now taken over the hummingbird's base.
Egg 1 - Clear the building - RyanLee - Progress through the level
and Cpl. Gabrielle gives you this egg.
Egg 2 - Clear the caves - Sigfried - Cpl. Gabrielle hands you the
rhynoc's rations about 1/4 of the way through the level.
Egg 3 - Rescue 5 hummingbirds - Roy - You need to rescue the 5
captive hummingbirds spread throughout the level. To free them, get
in front of them and Sgt. Byrd frees them. 3 are out in the open. 1
can only be accessed by dropping a bomb onto the sealed box near
the beginning, as once it has been destructed, a hole is revealed
beneath it. The final one is through a flame-filled tunnel near the

Section B7 - Spike's Arena.
Gems - N/A       Eggs - 1
Species - N/A
Names - Sgt. Byrd
Butterfly Animals - N/A        Powerup - Superflame
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Spike
The next boss is Spike - a rhynoc with an attitude problem.
First off, use the red meteors like Sleepy-Head's bombs. Get behind
them and charge them into him.
After 3 hits, he'll get mad and jumps up and down in fury. He
shouldn't do that, as he's quite a big lad...
Now, the arena is full of cracks. The cracks have steam coming
through them from time to time. As well as cracks, a new item
appears. Red crystals can be swallowed, which give Spyro a powerful
flame breath. Give him 3 doses of this and he gets even madder.
The blue crystals that now appear can be swallowed. Once swallowed,
spit them back out at him to hurt him. Repeat 3 times and he's a
Remember that he can also use these powerups.
Egg 1 - Defeat Spike - Monique - See above.

{  C.Evening Lake.                                          }

Gems - 400       Eggs - 5
Species - N/A
Names - Bianca, Moneybags, Eugene, Bentley, Crazy Ed, Greta,
Princess Ami
Character - Bentley
Butterfly Animals - Frogs        Powerup - Invincibility
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - N/A
The third homeworld is a large castle with a moat - complete with a
large whale!
Egg 1 - Glide to the tower - Hannah - From the tower with the Sparx
bonus world portal, glide to the left. A weird structure with
turrets has the egg on it.
Egg 2 - I'm invincible! - Stuart - After conversing with Zoe, the
invincibility powerup needs to be used to get past the flamers. Try
and be as quick as possible; this powerup really doesn't last long.
This egg is on a ledge just past these flamers.
Egg 3 - On the bridge - Ted - After egg 2, glide around the jutting
cliff. You should now be in front of a tower. Scale the tower,
collect the gems spread around the ramp going round it and go
through the other exit. A small bridge connecting this tower with
the Sparx one has this egg on it.
Egg 4 - Break the tower wall - Mary - Opposite the Lost Fleet
entrance, the tower wall is breakable (a large crack indicates
where, plus the wall is a lighter colour). Charge it to get into
the tower, where an egg and a few gems are.
Egg 5 - Belly of the whale - Jonah - Swim around the lake until you
encounter the whale. Swim around near his mouth and he will swallow
you, giving you access to this egg. Don't worry, this doesn't hurt

Section C1 - Frozen Altars.
Gems - 600       Eggs - 6
Species - Ice Fairies, Ice Ducks
Names - Gabrielle, Alex, Ernest, Eustace, Eugene, Errol, Moneybags
Character - Bentley
Butterfly Animals - Quails        Powerup - Icy Breath
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Mammoths, Ashers, Giant Snowmen, Fire Clubbas, Rhynoc
Hockey Player
A snowman building competition has gone horribly wrong in Frozen
Egg 1 - Melt the snowmen - Jana - Once you melt all the snowmen (by
using the lasers - speak to Alex for help on using them) and you
reach the end, Eugene gives you this egg.
Egg 2 - Catch the ice cats - Ba'ah - Errol, who sprained his
flipper during training, asks you to take his place in the game.
Ice the cats with your breath and push them into your goal to score
points. The first one to reach 5 points wins. A good tactic is to
freeze the opponent, score a goal, freeze him again...you get the
idea. After winning, Errol gives you the champion's cup.
Egg 3 - Across the rooftops - Jasper - This egg is quite hard to
explain how to get. From the final laser, go round the edge of the
arena previously inhabited by mammoths. Go onto the raised bit at
the end and glide to the alcove above the door, which has 2 blue
gems on. From there, glide onto the previous laser's roof. Then
follow the temple round to a platform with the egg.
Egg 4 - Glide from the temple roof - Cecil - Freeze Ernest (the
duck next to the second laser) and use his head as a step to the
temple. Climb the steps (picking up gems as you go) and get the
headbash box at the top. From there, glide to the laser's roof.
Collect the gems spread round it, and glide from there to the small
Egg 5 - Box the yeti - Aly - I hate these two eggs. You need to
help Bartholemew get his ball back from the evil yeti, by boxing
the scumbag.
The keys are:
[] - quick jab.
X - body blow.
O - big hookaroo.
T - block high
Bentley blocks low automatically.
Use a variety of high and low blows to knock him out.
Egg 6 - Box the yeti again! - Ricco - I did this one by the simple,
but effective, method of using the big hookaroo. Use the big
hookaroo, then pace away a bit. Whilst he is edging towards you,
use it again. Keep repeating and, if you time it right, he never
gets a hit in. You should also get the Skill Point for this.

Section C2 - Lost Fleet.
Gems - 600       Eggs - 6
Species - N/A
Names - Crazy Ed, Hunter
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Hermit Crabs        Powerup - Invincibility
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Crabs, Torch-Ghosts, Flying Ghosts, Eagles, Subs, Rhynoc
Skateboard Gang
Crazy Ed is convinced treasure is hidden in this abandoned
shipyard, so Spyro must help him find it.
Egg 1 - Find Crazy Ed's treasure - Craig - Help Crazy Ed reach the
end of the level by blowing certain parts of certain ships apart.
As a reward, he hands you an egg.
Egg 2 - Swim through acid - Chad - To get this egg, use the
invincibility powerup located in the final ship. Once Spyro is
powered up, swim through the tunnels until you reach a cave
splitting off a tunnel, with a few gems in it. Surface here, and
you'll find a ledge with the egg on it.
Egg 3 - Sink the subs I - Ethel - Crazy Ed now asks you to get rid
of the subs patrolling his favourite diving spot. Once you agree, X
speeds your sub up and O makes it fire torpedoes. When a sub gets
into your sights, the green target circles in front of your sub
will, one by one, turn red. Once all three turn red, you have a
lock-on and any torpedoes fired will home into the sub. However,
the enemies seem to know when you have a lock-on, as they turn
round or turn left or right. This will then mean you have to get a
lock-on again.
Egg 4 - Sink the subs II - Dolores - Again, subs have invaded the
area and need disposing of. There are 7, and these ones drop mines.
You need to get all 7 without being hit by a mine, as a hit with
these results in you having to start again. Apply the same tactics
you used before, and you'll be fine.
Egg 5 - Skate race the rhynocs - Oliver - Hunter asks you to help
him beat a rhynoc skating gang in a race. If you agree, he gives
you a special board that gives you a boost when you perform tricks.
A boost meter at the top shows how much boost you have left, and
bigger and better tricks give you more than small tricks. Killing
the crabs gives you a boost as well. Do some simple flips and rolls
to get easy boost. Use the blue and red stars whenever possible
(they do the same stuff they do in the speedways). Once you beat
the gang by coming first, you receive an egg.
Egg 6 - Skate race Hunter - Aiden - Now Hunter asks you to compete
in a race against him. You need to come first - and you HAVE to get
all the crabs! Use the tactics above to get into first. It's a good
idea to try and get most of the crabs in your first lap, as they'll
give you a boost to get into first.

Section C3 - Fireworks Factory.
Gems - 600       Eggs - 6
Species - N/A
Names - Greta, Handel
Character - Agent 9
Butterfly Animals - Fireflies      Powerup - Superflame+Superfly
Do I need to come back - Yes, with Agent 9
Enemies - Ninjas, Plated Fireworkers, Egglaunchers, Purple Fire
Dragon, Red Fire Dragon
Handel and Greta are on a top secret mission to retrieve the
Professor's rocket plans, which are hidden somewhere in the
Fireworks Factory.
Egg 1 - Destwoy the wocket! - Grady - After the watching the
directly-copied-from-the-Matrix cut-scenes (see section 3H), the
rocket is launched, but the egg tied to it falls off. Greta then
hands it to you.
Egg 2 - Hidden in an alcove - Noodles - After the first
egglauncher, go to the lava to his right (as you look at him). A
series of steps, with gems on, lead to the egg.
Egg 3 - Bad dragon! - Evan - Just for the record, I absolutely hate
this egg task. The idea is to kill the two fire dragons in one
life. There are fireflies littered around so, if you do get hit,
you can get back up to full power. The two dragons are each made of
several chunks, and all these chunks need to be destroyed to kill
the dragon. I suggest taking each one on individually, to stop them
Egg 4 - Ninja HQ - Sam - Handel tells you about an egg he can see,
but it is high up on a ledge, and the only way to reach it is to
get past the hordes of rhynoc enemies. There are plated
fireworkers, ninjas and egglaunchers to kill. Sometimes, the ninjas
leap from the ceiling, but a shadow on the floor shows where these
are. Get through all the enemies to get the egg.
Egg 5 - You're doomed! - Patty - I love this one. It is exactly the
same as the Doom games (see 3H). As Agent 9, you are required to
retrieve an egg using your sharp shooting skills. Once you finish
talking to Handel at the beginning, the camera switches to a view
through Agent 9's eyes. Dash around and kill the enemies using your
laser blaster. Again, some leap from the ceiling, but look for
their shadow. Get to the end and you pick up an egg. However...
Egg 6 - You're still doomed! - Donovan - ...Handel gets tied to a
stick of TNT and needs rescuing! Exactly the same as before, but in
reverse, you now need to get back to the beginning. There are many
more ninja boxes to get, as well as more egglaunchers. Just keep
your wits about you, and strafing helps.
If you are really stuck on this, a powerup can be found to help
(see section 2G).
An interesting "cheat" has been discovered by Brian:
"Find the powerup on the ceiling of the first room after the
doorway. Keep using the power up shots to make your way to the end
to get the first egg. Don't worry about not having enough to come
back with and here is why and what I can say absolutely works. The
key is to destroy the Ninja rejuvenating boxes found throughout
going to the first egg and coming back for the second one. Here's
what worked for me. Destroy all the boxes you can and try to keep
as much super ammunition as possible. You must leave the room after
destroying the Ninja boxes usually in corners, and go into the next
set of doors. When you get attacked, watch your health number on
the bottom and as soon as you see under 10 hit the pause button.
Select "Exit Level" and go back in. Make sure to go straight back
in, otherwise the cheat won't work. You will see that most rooms
are empty now. You can do this as many times as you need to but
always make sure that you get the powerup."
For help with the two red gems in this level, see the Frequently
Asked Questions section.

Section C4 - Charmed Ridge.
Gems - 600       Eggs - 6
Species - Fairies
Names - Liz, Eileen, Alicia, Isabelle, Princess Ami, Jack,
Character - Sgt. Byrd
Butterfly Animals - Frogs      Powerup - Superflame
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Cat Wizards, Spearers, Archers, Cat Witches
The evil cat wizards of Felinia have captured the Fairy Princess
and are going to force her to marry their Prince Azrael.
Egg 1 - Rescue the Fairy Princess - Sakura - Princess Ami hands you
this egg at the end of the level (I won't tell you why - it's quite
Egg 2 - Egg in the cave - Benjamin - Once you get to the bit with
the steps that move in and out of the cliff, turn round to face the
way you came from. The egg will be in a cave, in plain sight.
Egg 3 - Glide to the tower - Moe - Once you get egg 2, use the
superflame and climb the ladder (incidentally, from the balcony at
the top of the ladder, you can shoot the cat wizards messing around
with the steps. Once they are dead, the steps stay still!). Kill
the cat wizard moving the weird chess piece/tower thing, and glide
to where he was standing (you may want to get a superflame refill
at this point). From his place, glide to the rock pile on the left.
Climb the rocks to the highest point and (if you still have it)
superflame the cat wizard on the tower opposite you. Once he's
dead, glide to his tower to get the egg.
Egg 4 - Cat witch chaos - Abby - Use the whirlwind in the castle's
courtyard to get onto a high point, then glide to the ledge on the
right. Go round that ledge, then glide to Sgt. Byrd's portal. With
Sgt. Byrd, you need to help Isabelle rid the abbey of cat witches.
Each time, the evil things come out of their hiding places and fly
round, attacking you from time to time by diving at you. When they
soar towards you, shoot them. These are the obstacles that you need
to overcome each time;
1) 5 cat witches.
2) 10 cat witches.
3) 10 cat witches and an acid floor.
Egg 5 - Jack and the beanstalk I - Shelley - Those of you who have
played Spyro 2 will recognise this from Zephyr. To get here, climb
the 3 moving steps, glide to the lower of the two caves and, once
in, charge round to the portal. Jack has some insta-sprout-ultra-
super-grow seeds and wants to climb the tower to reach the golden
goose. You need to sow some seeds to reach the tower.
Yellow seed - Daisy.
Red seed - Mushroom.
When the seeds are planted, flaming them makes them go back into
seed form. If you get very stuck, speak to Jack to start over. I
won't tell you how to do each one, as they're pretty easy
Egg 6 - Jack and the beanstalk - Chuck - Once you're part way
through, Jack hands you egg 5. Then you are presented with some
more seeds. You have to use 3 mushrooms to get across a gap, where
2 mushrooms and a daisy are. With me so far?
Get across to the 2 mushrooms and daisy, and pick up the daisy
seed. Take it back to the mushroom directly in front of Jack, and
switch them (so the daisy is planted, and the mushroom seed is in
your mouth).
Now, use the daisy to return to the 2 mushroom seeds and plant all
3 in the soil. If you press X as you hit each mushroom, Spyro will
gain lots of height and you will be able to glide over the
mushrooms and reach the egg.

Section C5 - Honey Speedway.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 3
Species - Bees
Names - Hunter, Sparx
Character - Hunter
Butterfly Animals - N/A        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Big Sheep Saucer
Spyro's next speedway is a gigantic, bee-infested hive.
Egg 1 - Time Attack - Chris - You have to get all the obstacles
within the time limit. As Sparx says, the best way is to get the
honeycombs, then the bee-hives, then the bees and finally the weird
boat-riding bears. Get them all and an egg is awarded.
Egg 2 - Race the bees - Henri - You have to race the bees through
the course, flying through all the green rings. Keep your cool,
overtake whenever possible and ALWAYS use the blue stars for a
boost. Red stars are also included. These give Spyro a bomb that
homes in on the nearest bee. Once a bee is hit, it slows down for a
few seconds, leaving it perfect for overtaking. If you're close
enough, flaming also has this effect. Once you come first, you
receive an egg.
Egg 3 - Hunter's narrow escape - Nori - You can find Hunter next to
the final couple of bee-hives. Hunter (still obsessed with sheep
saucers) wants to get away from the big sheep saucer before it
abducts him. Steering Hunter's motorboat, pilot along the honey
river, jumping over logs and navigating around rocks. When you hit
an obstacle, the big sheep saucer edges a little closer until it
gets close enough to abduct. When you complete the course, the
menace drops the egg.

Section C6 - Bentley's Outpost.
Gems - 600       Eggs - 3
Species - Yetis
Names - Bartholemew
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Rabbits        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Fire Clubbas, Seals
During his absence, Bentley's secluded mountain home has been taken
over by rhynocs.
Egg 1 - The gong show - Brian - Use the Club Spin to hit the gong,
causing an icicle to drop, creating a bridge. This is easy, as it
is crucial to get through the level by creating the bridge. On the
other side, the egg is lying there.
Egg 2 - Snowball's chance - After getting past the seals (and
making an avalanche), push the block out of the way to access a
small tunnel. At the other end, the egg is sitting there.
Egg 3 - Help Bartholemew home - Eric - Once you get Bartholemew to
his home, he generously gives you a 'little something' for
Bentley's rock collection.

Section C7 - Scorch's Pit.
Gems - N/A       Eggs - 1
Species - N/A
Names - N/A
Character - Bentley
Butterfly Animals - N/A        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Scorch, Crabs, TNT Gophers, Buzzes
Spyro's next boss is an enormous winged demon!
Extremely easy! Every time he unleashes monsters at you (there are
more besides the ones listed) kill them, then use rockets (which
can be found littered around the area - green provide a powerful
shot, red are auto-fire) against him as he moves to his next
location. You really shouldn't have trouble with this boss, as he
is quite easy.
Egg 1 - Defeat Scorch - James - See above.

{  D.Midnight Mountain.                                     }

Gems - 400       Eggs - 6
Species - N/A
Names - Bianca, Moneybags
Character - Agent 9
Butterfly Animals - Lizards        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Blue Egg Thief
The final homeworld is a series of islands connected by
bridges - with great background music.
Egg 1 - Shhh, it's a secret - Billy - Next to the Desert Ruins
entrance, there is a cracked wall. As usual, charge it and glide to
the island a little way off. The egg is on it.
Egg 2 - Glide to the island - Saki - Once you come off the rocket,
go forward and left. You should be facing the bridge that leads to
Agent 9's Lab. Keep turning left and you'll see some steps. Climb
these and a simple glide at the top gets you the egg.
Egg 3 - Stomp the floor - Buddy - To the right of the Dino Mines
entrance (as you look at it) there is a raised platform. Climb the
steps leading to it and get to it. Now, the floor is cracked. Use
your headbash move on the cracks and the floor will collapse. Once
you've fallen a short way, this underground bit has a few gems and
the egg.
Egg 4 - Catch the thief - Maiken - This thief can be found on the
bridge opposite Crystal Islands. Use the usual tactics to catch
Egg 5 - At the top of the waterfall - Eric - Directly opposite the
Sorceress's Lair entrance, there is a slime waterfall. An island is
in the waterfall. An egg is on the island. You know what to do...
Once you're back in Midnight Mountain after defeating the
Sorceress, Moneybags can be found in the place where the thief
previously was. He begins bragging about an egg he has found. After
Spyro gives him a funny look, he runs off. You need to chase him to
recover the egg, just like an egg thief. Except, every time you ram
him, he drops a load of gems. These gems are the ones he has
swindled out of you throughout the game! Keep hitting him and
eventually (And I mean eventually, he has swindled you out of loads
of gems!) he'll stop. Panting and fuming, he'll hand over the egg.
A couple of interesting points here:
1) If you don't get the egg thief before getting Moneybags, the
thief's egg will be lying on the ground.
2) If you do the Sorceress before doing any of the levels, then get
Moneybags, he won't appear in Desert Ruins. If you play the game in
the normal order, he asks you to pay him to open the tomb. But if
you chase him first, he has disappeared and the tomb is open.

Section D1 - Crystal Islands.
Gems - 700       Eggs - 6
Species - Gnomes
Names - The Marvelous Magnifico, The Great Zamboni, The Fantastic
Frederico, The Astounding Arturo, The Magnificent Marvello, The
Amazing Randini, Moneybags
Character - Bentley
Butterfly Animals - Turtles      Powerup - Superfly
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Octopi, Tremourers, CrystaBears, Glida-Gophers, Flying
Blue Egg Thief
After stealing some magic from the Sorceress, these magical gnomes
have brought some crystal creatures to life.
Egg 1 - Reach the crystal tower - Lloyd - Once you help all the
gnomes, and they repay you with helpful spells, the Magnificent
Marvello will give you this egg.
Egg 2 - Whack a mole - Hank - The Amazing Randini will hand you
this egg if you help him rid his stage of moles. The moles pop up
out of little holes and require smashing with Bentley's club (yes,
this is a Bentley task). You need to get 20 moles within 1 minute.
A word of warning - some of the Amazing Randini's mates will also
pop up. They are trying to help but just end up getting in the way.
A hit on one of them will result in you needing to start again.
Egg 3 - Catch the flying thief - Max - Pretty easy. This uses ideas
from the thief chases and also the speedway races. To get the
thief, cut corners and always use the blue stars. Spyro needs to
use the flying powerup to chase the thief.
Egg 4 - Fly to the hidden egg - Grace - Use the flying powerup to
get on top of the building, with the Great Zamboni in it. The egg
will be here, but while you're here, the key to the locked box is
up there and several firework jars are there too.
Egg 5 - Glide to the island - As you progress to getting egg 1, you
can get this. After jumping the Great Zamboni's stepping stones, go
through the tunnel, then turn right. The egg will be in plain
sight, on an island. Simply glide to the island to pick it up.
Egg 6 - Ride the slide - Elloise - I recommend using the D-pad (if
you don't normally) for this as it give more precise left and right
controls. Once you get to the end, the egg will be in front of you.
It may be a good idea to ride it twice, to pick up any gems you may
have missed.

Section D2 - Desert Ruins.
Gems - 700       Eggs - 6
Species - N/A
Names - Gus, Tara, Moneybags, Hunter
Character - Sheila
Butterfly Animals - Lizards      Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Scorpions, Lava Pourers, Scorpios, Shark-Riders
Gus's girlfriend Tara has gone missing in the Tomb of the Stone
Golem, and it's up to Spyro to rescue her.
Egg 1 - Raid the tomb - Marty - When you reach the end of the
level, Tara gives you this.
Egg 2 - Shark shootin' - Sadie - Remember Hunter's pet manta ray
from Spyro 2's Aquaria Towers? Well, he's back. He is now equipped
with the latest technology super-high-impact underwater missile
launchers! You need to control the manta around the sunken temple,
shooting the shark riders. But beware, as the shark riders are
carrying JX-5 underwater tracking ammunition, which they freely
use. You have to get all 8 without getting hit. If you didn't
realise it, you can perform loop-the-loops on this bit, too. Press
+ hold down or up and the manta will do one.
Egg 3 - Krash Kangaroo I - Lester - Here we are, another game rip-
off (see section 3H for details). As Sheila, you enter a side-
scrolling platform game and need to get to the end. This egg lies
halfway through the level.
Egg 4 - Krash Kangaroo II - Pete - Carry on through the level and
this egg is at the end. Those of you who loved Sonic and Mario on
16-bit systems will find these two eggs easy.
Egg 5 - Sink or singe - Nelly - Go in front of Sheila's portal.
Glide over to the cave and go over the pillars, but beware; they
sink into the lava at the slightest touch. Once you have the egg
(on a ledge at the end) follow the ledge, that goes round the cave.
You will come to a cracked wall. Burst it open and follow the
tunnel to get the locked box's key.
Egg 6 - Give me a hand - Andy - At the entrance to the temple with
the lava pourers, turn right. Kill the enemies and you'll reach a
ladder. Turning left gets you a short glide away from the Sheila
portal, but turn right. Climb up the steps until you reach the
highest point. From there, glide to the high bit of lava (with the
enormous statue arm in it). Run along the arm to it's end. Turn
right and you will be facing the egg.

Section D3 - Haunted Tomb.
Gems - 700       Eggs - 6
Species - Tomb-Hounds
Names - Dan, Allegier, Jamal, Ali
Character - Agent 9
Butterfly Animals - Scarabs      Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Mummies, Mummy Cases, Crusty Mummies, Jackals, Cobras,
Hovercraft Pilots
An enormous Egyptian tomb is Spyro's next level.
Egg 1 - Release the temple dweller - Will - After getting through
the perilous tomb, Allegier asks you a riddle. If you get it right,
he'll give you something.
Don't know the answer? Think - what is it you have been searching
for all this time?
Egg 2 - Snake slide - Malcom - Similar to the Crystal Islands
slide, except much shorter. It's also much easier. At the end, you
can glide off to the main tomb.
Egg 3 - Tank blast I - MJ - To qualify for the annual demolition
hovercraft competition, you must answer a riddle (the answer is '12
years'). Once you've answered it, you get to pilot a hovercraft and
must battle it out against other competitors.
Keys are:
O - Straight shot.
[] - Lob shot.
L1/R1 - Strafe.
This one is pretty easy. There are 5 others and get them using a
mixture of straight and lob shots.
Egg 4 - Tank blast II - TJ - Now, this is challenging. Strafing is
essential on this bit. If you are really stuck, then try doing what
I did:
*At the beginning, make Spyro turn right through 90 degrees.
*Now strafe left, hammering O. You should get all 3 facing you.
*Turn 180 degrees and strafe right, hammering O to get the enemies
on this side.
*To get the ones on the adjoining platforms, you need to strafe.
*The ones that are in front of the pot can be shot from the other
side of the bridge. The ones that hide behind the pots can be taken
out with a lob shot or some fast strafing and shooting.
This egg task is very difficult, but persevere! It is possible!
Once all 10 are taken out, you receive an egg.
Egg 5 - Clear the caves - Roxy - Controlling the ever-hyper Agent
9, you must complete the trials of King Rover. But, before you can,
you have to answer ANOTHER riddle (the answer is 'footsteps').
Then, Ali will let you enter the caves. You have to clear the
enemies from each one before you can advance to the next one. Here
is a list of what you need to do:
1) Kill 10 cobras.
2) Kill 15 cobras and 5 pots - the pots regenerate the cobras.
3) Kill 15 cobras, 2 pots and 3 mummies.
4) Kill 15 cobras, 3 pots, 3 mummies and 2 mummy cases.
5) Kill 15 cobras, 3 pots, 4 mummies, 4 mummy cases and 3 crusty
Once you get to the end, you get an egg. But what gets me is how
this helps Agent 9 get rid of his tail-snake curse?
Egg 6 - Climb the wall - Christine - You should get this on the way
to getting egg 1. About halfway through the level, a ladder leads
to a cavern, with 2 enemies, some gems and this egg.

Section D4 - Dino Mines.
Gems - 700       Eggs - 6
Species - West-Rabbits
Names - Sheriff Wyatt, Deputy Holiday, Deputy Roy
Character - Agent 9
Butterfly Animals - Hermit Crabs      Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Green Shooters, Blue TNT Throwers, Triceratops Gunners,
Seahorses, Bailey Gang
Poor Sheriff Wyatt has got locked in his cell - he needs to be
Egg 1 - Jail break! - Kiki - Get to the end of the level and
Sheriff Wyatt hands you this egg. Can't get into his cell?
Remember, when faced with an odd-looking wall, it might be a good
idea to charge it...
Egg 2 - Shafted! - Elliot - A tall mine shaft near the end is
climbable. Use the white ladder on it to climb up it and then leap
inside it. You'll reach the flooded mine shaft. Deputy Holiday has
found an egg, but it is right at the other end of the shaft. You
need to control Spyro as he gets sucked along the shaft. Obstacles
to avoid are the TNT Crates, the seahorses, the falling rocks and
the beams of wood. This is similar to Seashell Shore's one (that
seems such a long time ago now, doesn't it?). On this one, practice
makes perfect and you'll find it pretty simple after a few goes.
Egg 3 - Swim through the wall - Romey - In the brief underwater
section in the main level, a wall is chargeable. An egg and a few
gems are in the cave. To find the crack, keep to the right hand
side and charge it when you get there.
Egg 4 - Gunfight at the Jurassic Corral - Sharon - As Agent 9, you
need to shoot out the Bailey gang, who are having a stakeout in
this area. The camera then switches to a viewpoint similar to the
Fireworks Factory bit, but Agent 9 walks automatically. You simply
need to navigate his target to shoot. Move the target onto a
dinosaur and press O to shoot it. You also have 4 chances  of being
hit - if you get hit 5 times, you'll die and have to begin again.
You'll find an egg at the end.
Egg 5 - Leap of faith - Dan - As soon as you start, go left so you
are next to a red building. Now, prepare to risk Spyro's life.
Glide+hover around and to the right of the building and, if you
land on it, which, hopefully, you will, you'll find the egg and
some gems. Good luck.
Egg 6 - Take it to the bank - Sergio - Once you've taken out the
Bailey gang, one of the buildings has this egg in it. Search each
one and you'll find it. Also, back in this bit, the building's
windows can be shot. Some have gems behind them.
FUN BUG - Go to the far end of the underwater section. Then
approach the 'save' fairy while on the surface. Instead of jumping
out, dive straight down. She'll zap you on your way down. Then hop
out and run off the nearest cliff. (Be sure to have a few lives
When the game is resumed, Spyro is swimming in mid-air! Now you can
swim all over the level at will. You can still charge the fodder
crabs, but can't flame anything. It's quite fun to explore this way
& swim under the bridge, etc.
If you swim straight up high enough, you can look down and see the
whole level on the screen. Swim even higher and the level
disappears in mist below you. It gradually reappears as you swim
back down. Just enter any water and jump out to revert to normal.
Thanks to Chris&Matt&Doug for that info!

Section D5 - Harbor Speedway.
Gems - 400       Eggs - 3
Species - Blue-Footed Boobies
Names - Hunter, Sparx
Character - Hunter
Butterfly Animals - N/A        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Sheep Saucer
Spyro's final speedway is an industrial harbour.
Egg 1 - Time Attack - Kobe - You have to get all the obstacles
within the time limit. As Sparx says, the best way is to get the
seagulls, then the arches, then the lobsters and finally the fish.
Get them all and an egg is awarded.
Egg 2 - Race the blue footed boobies - Jessie - You have to race
the birds through the course, flying through all the green rings.
Keep your cool, overtake whenever possible and ALWAYS use the blue
stars for a boost. Red stars are also included. These give Spyro a
bomb that homes in on the nearest bird. Once a bird is hit, it
slows down for a few seconds, leaving it perfect for overtaking. If
you're close enough, flaming also has this effect. Some of the
stars are tucked away, but spend the time to find them, as they are
helpful. Once you come first, you receive an egg.
Egg 3 - Hunter's pursuit - Sara - You can find Hunter in the
lighthouse. Hunter (still obsessed with sheep saucers!) wants to
chase a dying sheep saucer. Guide Hunter through the smoke rings to
chase it down. You need to have pretty good reflexes to get this

Section D6 - Agent 9's Lab.
Gems - 700       Eggs - 3
Species - N/A
Names - the Professor
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Beakers        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - BlasteRhynocs, Birds, MetaBlasteRhynocs, Boaters
The Professor's island laboratory has been taken over by rhynocs,
who are threatening to destroy his research.
Egg 1 - Blast and bomb the rhynocs - Rowan - Upon killing all the
rhynocs, thus learning all Agent 9's various modes and moves, the
Professor gives you this egg.
Egg 2 - Snipe the boats - To get to this egg, you need to use the
bombs. Once you pick some up, face the electrical barrier and aim a
bomb at the red switch by holding down []. Once in the area, you
need to simply need to snipe some moving targets. Once you get the
last one (which is pretty easy), he gets mad and attacks you,
dropping the egg.
Egg 3 - This place has gone to the birds - Beulah - You should get
this egg about two-thirds of the way through the level. You get it
for sniping the birds, who are in one of the Professor's labs. If
you get stuck with this, speak to the Professor for hints.

Section D7 - Sorceress's Lair.
Gems - N/A       Eggs - 1
Species - N/A
Names - N/A
Character - Agent 9
Butterfly Animals - Sheep        Powerup - N/A
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - N/A
Spyro finally gets to face the Sorceress!
After briefly speaking to the psychotic Agent 9, charge around the
arena to avoid both types of the Sorceress's attacks (a fireball
and 3x energy balls). After avoiding loads of these, Agent 9 will
drop some gun turrets to use against the Sorceress. To use these,
leap into them and then use like in the main game. These aren't
very good against her, though, because she moves all the time. If
she attacks you with a spell whilst in the turret, leap out.
After hitting her a couple of times with the turrets, Agent 9
unleashes a new weapon - the tank.
Before you can use them, she has a mad fit and hurls loads of the
energy balls at you. Once she has calmed down, jump onto the tank.
This operates the same as the turret, except you can move in it.
After getting her 3 times with the tanks, you get the best weapon.
The flying saucer. These rock! I can't tell you how good these are.
You can fly around in these and they have unlimited ammo, unlike
the turret and the tank.
Hit her 3 times with this and she is a goner...or is she?
Spyro, thinking she is dead, hops into a whirlwind and escapes.
But a scaled claw pokes out of the lava and grabs hold of some
stone for support...
Egg 1 - Defeat the Sorceress? - George - See above.

{  E.Sparx Worlds.                                          }

These are written in a slightly different way to the rest of this
guide, as I have given a full explanation of each one.

Section E1 - Crawdad Farm.
Gems - 200       Eggs - 1
Species - Crawdads
Names - N/A
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Butterflies        Powerup - Usual
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Crawdads, Runnas, Crabs, Crawdad Crates, Crawdad King
The crawdads have taken an egg hostage at their farm.
First, you need to get through Zoe's training level. This is pretty
Once you get past that, you go to Crawdad Farm. Once you get to the
central zone, pick up the red key. Use this in the red door to the
north. Defeat the hordes of enemies in there and pick up the green
key. This can be used in the door in the west of the central zone.
In here, kill the crabs. Pick up the yellow key. This can be used
in the yellow door on the north-east side of the central zone.
Use the switch in here to dispose of the shield around the crawdad
crate in the central zone. Pick up the blue key here and use it in
the blue door on the east. Follow this passage to the crawdad king.
This is pretty easy if you remember one key word - STRAFE. Hold
down L1 or R1 and move up and down, while shooting. You'll avoid
the majority of his attacks. The green things can be shot, as can
the rockets, then move up and down to avoid the flames. Once you
kill him, you get the egg and a power.
Egg 1 - Take Sparx to the farm - Nora - See above.

Section E2 - Spider Town.
Gems - 200       Eggs - 1
Species - Spiders
Names - N/A
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Butterflies        Powerup - Usual
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Spiders, Spider Pots, Shootin' Spiders, Spider King
An egg is stuck in Spider Town, and only Sparx can retrieve it.
Go south from the start to get the key. Use it in the barrier.
Defeat the Spider Pots, then head east. Here, kill the shootin'
spider and pick up his key. Use this in the door to the north. You
are now in Spider Town's central zone. Go east. Through this door,
kill the spider pot and the two shootin' spiders. Retrieve their
key. Return to the central zone and use the key on the northern
door. Slaughter the shootin' spider and hit the switch. Kill the
spider pot and get the key. Go back to the central zone and go
through the west door. Pick up the key in here and use it in the
northern door in the central zone. In here, kill the spider pots
and the shootin' spiders. Hit the switch and get the key. Use this
key in the southern door. Advance to the spider king.
Again, another fairly easy boss fight. Hold down L1/R1 to strafe
and keep shooting. Whenever he stops spinning, shoot his face and
shoot the spiders that come out of his mouth. Keep repeating this
to kill him.
Egg 1 - Go to town - Tootie - See above.

Section E3 - Starfish Reef.
Gems - 200       Eggs - 1
Species - Starfish
Names - N/A
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Butterflies        Powerup - Usual
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Starfish, Spinnas, Shellers, Mantas, Giant Stingray
An egg is stuck in a small reef. Who ya gonna call?
Go north and kill the enemies. At the furthest point north, head
east. Butcher the enemies, then go south, then east. Defeat the 3
mantas in this room. Go north to collect some treasure, or go east
to continue through the level. At the end of the east tunnel, there
is a large chamber with LOADS of enemies. Once these are killed
(and that may take a while), go north to pick up some treasure.
Return to the large chamber and go east. Go through the tunnels to
the east and the south, slaughtering the masses of enemies as you
go. At the bottom of these tunnels, go west to find a bunch of
mantas, shellers and spinnas. Kill these and go west as far as you
can, then north.
Now you face the giant stingray. As usual with these bosses, strafe
and avoid his mine attack, whilst shooting. After he has taken
enough, he splits in two. The two parts then fire
mini-mantas at you. Go into a corner, face them and shoot to get
loads of them. Then charge into the next corner and face them and
shoot them. Keep repeating to get them both nailed.
Another strategy is to keep the green butterfly from earlier in the
level and use it when he splits in two.
Egg 1 - Beach party! - Ahnashawn - See above.

Section E4 - Bugbot Factory.
Gems - 200       Eggs - 1
Species - Bugbots
Names - N/A
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - Butterflies        Powerup - Usual
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Blue Key Thief, Ladybugbots, Bigbots, Poisoners, King
The Sorceress's evil factory is churning out bugbots, and it is up
to Sparx to stop them.
Chase the blue key thief at the start. Do what you normally do
during your normal thief chases. Once you have the key, use it in
the barrier to face the ladybugbots and the bigbots. Kill all
these, then get the next key thief. Once he is down, use his key in
the north door. Head north then turn west. Kill the bigbot and eat
the invincibility butterfly. Now go east and chase the thief in the
main chamber. Use his key in the north-east door. Use the key in
here in the door in the south-east. Kill the thief in here to get a
key. Once you come out of the SE door, the bigbot in the centre
gets released. Kill him and use the thief's key in the south west
door. Follow the curved passage round and go south at the T-
junction. Defeat the hordes of enemies (the poisoners can be killed
by facing down-left and down-right, holding strafe to keep Sparx in
that position and firing). A key thief to the east has a key.
Return to the
T-junction and go east.
Now for the boss. Strafe left and right and hold fire, whilst
avoiding his shots, to get him. Once he takes enough, he splits in
2. Use the same strategy on these two to get rid of them, and get
the egg and the final ability.
Egg 1 - Shut down the factory - Anabelle - See above.

{  F.Super Bonus Round.                                     }

Gems - 5000      Eggs - 1
Species - N/A
Names - Bianca, Hunter
Character - N/A
Butterfly Animals - N/A      Powerup - Superflame+Superfly
Do I need to come back - No
Enemies - Blue Gem Thieves, Crabs, Red Submarines, Sasquatch Six,
Sheep Saucers
The Sorceress's treasury has been taken over by a bunch of thieves.
This level is divided up into 5 sections, except none of them have
their individual stats (y'know, the bit with names, amount of gems,
amount of eggs etc). Instead, I've combined all 5 sections into the
one above.
I've recently been plagued with e-mails asking where the portal is.
Here is a guide to get into this area:
To get to the Super Bonus Round, you have to go to the Harbor
Speedway entrance and, as you're facing it, turn right. Now glide
to the island a little way away. On there is the portal.
On with the guide!

Section F1 - Main Area.
This bit is easy. You need to chase 5 thieves to retrieve the gems
that they have stolen. Use the tried-and-tested tactics with the
thieves and you'll get all 5 in no time. Once you get all their
treasure, you can open the...

Section F2 - 16,000 Gem Door.
In this bit, Hunter has found an old submarine. He wants you to
pilot it around the underwater structures and get all the enemy
subs. This is fairly easy - if you are having problems, refer to
the Lost Fleet section (C2) to get tips. When you get all the subs,
you will have enough gems to open the next door.

Section F3 - 17,000 Gem Door.
Now we go from relatively easy to nearly impossible. Hunter has set
up a race between you and the Sasquatch Six, the local yeti skate
gang. This is similar to Lost Fleet's skateboard gang, so if you
are having problems, try going back and practicing on there.
As Hunter says when you win "You schooled 'em like a bunch of
frost-bitten, flat-footed, molasses-eating, lead-pants-wearing,
cross-eyed glacier-trolls riding slabs of plywood with sandpaper on
the bottom!!!"
An interesting method of doing this has been sent to me by Daniel
Mickey. His 'cheat' goes like this:
"Because (it at least seems like) this was the very last part that
they programmed, it very often screws up when you fall off the
course, like placing you way further back than you were or even
You can use this to your advantage. You know how at the very
beginning of the track you go under a section of the track? Well,
when you are on that part of the track, about halfway through or
so, go off the jump just before the highest point of the track and
jump to your left. You should land going backwards on the
start/finish section of the track. continue going backwards on this
part of the track until the small jump in the center of the track
(you won't be able to use it since it is facing forward). Run into
it so that Spyro is knocked off the snowboard. it should place a
bit behind the spot where you crashed and think you are on the end
on the lap you had just
started. If you do this all three laps, there is almost no way you
can lose."
I know it's technically cheating, but it makes this part of the
game a heck of a lot easier.
Another method has been sent to me by Sophie Husain. Her method
makes the entire thing very easy!
"Firstly, I walked around the entire course and got all the gems.
As I did this, I flamed all the crabs and went through a blue star.
When I then started the race, my turbo bar was already full. This
came in very handy to get to first place. While the crabs build up
the turbo power, the blue star actually powers the skateboard
without you needing to use the turbo. The platform with the first
blue star is the easiest to use because Spyro can stand in the star
and it constantly recharges him. If you do it for long enough it
will power you through all three laps. I've found that this way it
is dead easy to win."
An third (and *extremely* easy) way has been emailed to me. The
idea is to use the ramp at the beginning of the course. At the top,
perform a large Twisted Lime or a Twisted Lemon (either will do).
Keep doing this trick for as long as possible and when you land,
your trick bar will fill up to the top! You can then blast around
the rest of the course and repeat the trick at the start of the
next lap. Repeat this to win. (Thanks to Dieter Van Thienen and
also Josh for this!)

Section F4 - 18,500 Gem Door.
Through this door lies a superflame+superfly powerup, to be used
for taking out the sheep saucers zooming around the level. There
are 7 to get and the powerup lasts for ages. None of them should be
too difficult. Once you get all them, get ready for the secrets
behind the...

Section F5 - 20,000 Gem Door.

Right then, if you're reading this, then you don't mind the plot
being spoilt for you?

Oh well, here we go!
The Sorceress lies behind this door. She wasn't killed when Spyro
last fought her in Midnight Mountain and she has been collecting
all her best magic to use on you - gulp!
A frantic flying saucer battle ensues, as Bianca lends you her
saucer to get her with.
This is, again, easy - just use the same tactics you used
before(when you faced her in Midnight Mountain).
Once she falls, she is really dead this time!
Egg 1 - Woo, a secret egg - Yin Yang - See above.

Your percentage showing how much of the game you have completed
should now be at 117%. If so, you have finished Spyro 3!

{  G.Skill Points.                                          }

Once the Sorceress is beaten, an extra page is added to the Atlas -
the Skill Points pages. The Skill Points are like a test set by
Insomniac Games. They show how skilled you are at Spyro 3 and you
will be rewarded for getting all 20 of them. Here is a complete
list of the Skill Points as they appear in my atlas.

Level                                Skill Point
01.Sunny Villa                       Flame all trees
02.Sunny Villa                       Skateboard course record I
03.Molten Crater                     Assemble tiki heads
04.Molten Crater                     Supercharge the wall
05.Seashell Shore                    Catch the funky chicken
06.Icy Peak                          Glide to pedestal
07.Enchanted Towers                  Skateboard course record II
08.Spooky Swamp                      Destroy all piranha signs
09.Sgt. Byrd's Base                  Bomb the gophers
10.Frozen Altars                     Beat yeti in two rounds
11.Lost Fleet                        Skateboard record time
12.Fireworks Factory                 Find Agent 9's powerup
13.Charmed Ridge                     The Impossible Tower
14.Charmed Ridge                     Shoot the temple windows
15.Bentley's Outpost                 Push box off the cliff
16.Desert Ruins                      Destroy all seaweed
17.Haunted Tomb                      Swim into the dark hole
18.Dino Mines                        Hit all the seahorses
19.Dino Mines                        Hit the secret dino
20.Agent 9's Lab                     Blow up all the palm trees

When you get each Skill Point, a small noise indicates that you
have got it and an on-screen confirmation appears
Here's a guide as to how to obtain the Skill Points:
-To get skills 1, 8, 9, 14, 16, 18 and 20 you simply have to flame
all of that item on the level. For instance, Skill Point number 1
requires you to flame all the trees on Sunny Villa, so you just
complete the level again, flaming each tree as you progress. The
gopher one (No.9) requires you having to bomb all the gophers, the
temple one (No.14) requires you having to shoot all the windows in
the cat witch area, the seaweed one (No.16) requires you to shoot
all the seaweed in the underwater bit (when you control Hunter's
manta), the seahorses one
(No.18) means you have to get them all as you go along the flooded
mine shaft and the Agent 9's Lab one (No.20) means you have to use
the bombs instead of the standard laser blaster.
-For numbers 2, 7 and 11 you have to beat the skateboard record on
each level. The Sunny Villa one is 3,000 points, the Enchanted
Towers one is 10,000 points and the Lost Fleet means you have to do
3 laps in less than 1:45:00.
-For number 3, you need to get all the tiki heads together and put
them round each other:
                            x x   Here is a diagram showing the
                             x    arrangement they must be in.
                            x x   (x=tiki head)
-For number 4, you need to visit the thief area and look at the
walls. One has a large red crack on it. Charge this (not
supercharge, as the name says) to get the point.
-For number 5, you need to go to the underwater bit near the end. A
chicken swims round this area - charge him to get the point.
-To get number 6, you have to glide onto the pedestal between the
two supercharge ramps. Use the whirlwind to reach the area's
highest point, then glide to the pedestal from there.
-For number 10, you need to beat the yeti in less than two rounds
(see Frozen Altars - C1 - for how to do this)
-For number 12, you need to find Agent 9's special gun. To get
this, get past the first room. Once you kill all the enemies in the
next area (you don't want them creeping up on you while you get
this). Turn round to face the first room and enter sniper mode by
pressing T. Now move the camera up. See the red box? Shoot it. A
gun will appear in the centre of the room, too. Once picked up, it
provides a rapid fire gun.
-For number 13, follow the guide to get to the rock pile (section
C4). From there, glide to the tower which will be on your left when
you face the tower that has an egg on it.
-For number 15, progress through Bentley's Outpost until you cause
an avalanche. Now you'll have to push a box to get through a
tunnel. Simply push it all the way off the cliff to get the point.
-For number 17, get to the first Crusty Mummy. After killing him,
there will be a channel of water behind him. Go in it and swim
towards the darkness. Before you know it, the Skill Point will be
-For number 19, you need to play Agent 9's mini-game again. At one
point, Agent 9 will turn left and be confronted by 3 dinosaurs. As
you shoot these three, a dinosaur walks along behind them. This one
is a muddy brown colour, and he has a different colour neckerchief
on (he is kinda hard to describe, but you can tell he is different
as he walks past).
Shoot him to gain the skill point.

You get a reward for every two you get in the form of an extra
life.  When you get 10, an epilogue is added to the guidebook,
explaining what happened to some of the characters after the events
of the game.  When you get all 20, an extra bit is added, showing
you more characters and their new situations.


{  A.Cheats.                                                }

Here are all the cheats I have for Spyro 3. If anyone has any more,
please e-mail them to me and I will put them on the walkthrough.

These cheats are for the European (PAL) version of the game.

Crash Bash demo -
To get the secret demo of Crash Bash, press L1 and R2 and [] at the
title screen.

End credits -
Pause the game and then press L, R, L, R, L, R, [], O, [], O, [], O

Make Spyro pink -
Pause the game and then press U, L, D, R, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U,
R, D, L, U, []

Make Spyro yellow -
Pause the game and then press U, L, D, R, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U,
R, D, L, U, U

Make Spyro black -
Pause the game and then press U, L, D, R, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U,
R, D, L, U, D

Make Spyro red -
Pause the game and then press U, L, D, R, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U,
R, D, L, U, O

Make Spyro green -
Pause the game and then press U, L, D, R, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U,
R, D, L, U, T

Make Spyro blue -
Pause the game and then press U, L, D, R, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U,
R, D, L, U, X

Big Head mode -
Pause the game and then press U, R1, U, R1, U, R1, O, O, O, O

Flat mode -
Pause the game and then press L, R, L, R, L1, R1, L1, R1, [], O

Extra hit point -
Pause the game and then press O, R1, O, L1, O, R2, O, L2, O

99 lives -
Pause the game and then press R2, L2, R2, L2, U, U, U, U, O

Get Sparx treasure finding ability -
Pause the game and then press R, R, L, L, R, R, L, L, O, O, O

Change the difficulty setting of the game -
Spyro 3 uses a new system of gameplay that automatically changes
the difficulty depending on how well you are doing. So if you are
doing well, the game will go onto hard mode and if you aren't doing
well, it will go onto easy mode. Anyway, to set the game onto easy
mode, pause the game and then press O, [], R, L, R, [], O, X. To
set the game onto hard mode, pause the game and then press O, [],
R, L, R, [], O, []

Change Spyro's skateboard into a squid -
Pause the game and press U, U, L, L, R, R, D, D, [], O, []
The squid skateboard was originally intended to be in a
mini-game in Lost Fleet but was taken out of the game as it was
felt that it didn't fit in very well. The code was kept in for
sentimental reasons.

Level warp/movie viewer -
Here's the biggie! This code enables you to warp to any level or
view any movie in the game simply by typing in a code. Begin by
typing in
U, D, U, D, L, R, L, R, []
and two more buttons, depending on where you want to go:

Sunrise Spring Home: X, O
Sunny Villa: X, X
Cloud Spires: X, []
Molten Crater: X, T
Seashell Shore: X, R
Mushroom Speedway: X, D
Sheila's Alp: X, L
Buzz's Dungeon: X, U
Crawdad Farm: X, R1

Midday Garden Home: [], O
Icy Peak: [], X
Enchanted Towers: [], []
Spooky Swamp: [], T
Bamboo Terrace: [], R
Country Speedway: [], D
Sgt. Byrd's Base: [], L
Spike's Arena: [], U
Spider Town: [], R1

Evening Lake Home: T, O
Frozen Altars: T, X
Lost Fleet: T, []
Fireworks Factory: T, T
Charmed Ridge: T, R
Honey Speedway: T, D
Bentley's Outpost: T, L
Scorch's Pit: T, U
Starfish Reef: T, R1

Midnight Mountain Home: R, O
Crystal Islands: R, X
Desert Ruins: R, []
Haunted Tomb: R, T
Dino Mines: R, R
Harbor Speedway: R, D
Agent 9's Lab: R, L
Sorceress's Lair: R, U
Bugbot Factory: R, R1

Super Bonus Round: D, O

And the movies, in the approximate order you would see them in the
Startup Movie: L, O
"An Evil Plot Unfolds...": L, X
"A Powerful Villain Emerges...": U, D
"A Desperate Rescue Begins...": U, L
"No Hard Feelings": U, U
"The Second Warning": L, []
"Bianca Strikes Back": L, T
"Byrd: James Byrd": U, R1
"Hunter's Tussle": L, R
"Spike Is Born": L, D
"A Duplicitous: Larcenous Ursine": U, L1
"An Apology: And Lunch": L, L
"A Monster To End All Monsters": L, U
"The Dancing Bear": R1, T
"The Escape!": L, R1
"Deja Vu?": L, L1
"A Familiar Face": U, O
"Billy In The Wall": U, X
"One Less Noble Warrior": U, T

{  B.Cheat cartridges.                                      }

Here are some codes for the Gameshark/Pro Action Replay cartridges.

European (PAL) version -
148 Eggs

Quick Win vs Shark Sub

Infinite Missiles Vs Shark Sub

Plenty Of Gems

Infinite Lives

Infinite Health

All Sunrise Springs Gems

All Sunny Villa Gems

All Cloud Spires Gems

All Seashell Shore Gems

All Mushroom Speedway Gems

All Sheila's Alp Gems

All Midday Garden Home Gems

All Icy Peak Gems

All Enchanted Towers Gems

All Spooky Swamp Gems

All Bamboo Terrace Gems

All Country Speedway Gems

All Sgt. Byrd's Base Gems

All Evening Lake Home Gems

All Frozen Alter Gems

All Lost Fleet Gems

All Fireworks Factory Gems

All Charmed Ridge Gems

All Honey Speedway Gems

All Bentley's Outpost Gems

All Midnight Mountain Home Gems

All Crystal Island Gems

All Desert Ruins Gems

All Haunted Tomb Gems

All Dino Mines Gems

All Harbor Speedway Gems

All Agent 9's Lab Gems

All Crawdad Farm Gems

All Spider Town Gems

All Starfish Reef Gems

All Bugbot Factory Gems

All Super Bonus Round Gems

Easy Win in Mushroom Speedway: Time Trial

Easy Win in Mushroom Speedway: Race

{  C.Walkthrough history.                                   }

Bought Spyro 3.

Completed Spyro 3.

Began writing this guide to Spyro 3.

Researched all the information required by completing the game
again, this time writing down everything.

Typed all the info up. Posted guide to GameFAQs under version 1.0

Discovered that the guide is up on GameFAQs. Received an e-mail
from a representative of GameAdvice and VideoGame Strategies,
asking to have the guide. As his e-mail was very polite and he
asked, I let him. FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE. If you want the guide, ask.

Got a lot of e-mails from people asking stuff. In particular, one
man asked about the speedways bug, which I forgot to write into the
guide first time around. So that other people didn't have to e-mail
me, I have now done a section dealing with the aforementioned bug,
under section 3F.
I also got a load of Gameshark codes off the Net.

The new version of the guide was e-mailed to the 3 sites listed at
the top.

Received an e-mail from Neoseeker, meaning the guide can now be
found there.

Having received an e-mail from Gregg (the person who e-mailed me
asking about the speedways bug), I added loads more info to 'the
speedways bug' section.

The guide can now be found on two more sites. E-mailed the new
guide to all the sites.

Having received several e-mails from people asking about the ice
gems in Icy Peak, I have added a short strategy to get these gems
in the level's walkthrough.

Wow! A new year!
Added a new strategy for getting egg 6 in Charmed Ridge. Sent new
guide to the sites.

Added a new strategy for getting the thief eggs in Icy Peaks.

Added a bit explaining how to get to the Super Bonus Round.

Added the address of a new site with the guide on. Sent the guide
to all the sites under version 1.4

After receiving loads of e-mails asking the same questions over and
over, I have compiled a frequently asked questions section.

Added the details of my latest walkthrough, Chicken Run, to section

Updated the site list. Sent it off under version 1.5

Added the section on getting the two red gems in Fireworks Factory.
Sent the guide off under version 1.6

After getting a new computer and spending hours transferring files,
I got my guides over. I updated the site list.

Received a rather interesting e-mail about some sort of bug in
Molten Crater. See the Molten Crater guide (section 2, A3) for
details. Sent the guide to the usual sites under version 1.7

Found a whole host of new cheats on the internet. Posted them in
section 3A.

Updated the Chicken Run site list.

Updated the site list. Sent guide to the usual sites under version

Added an extra cheat.

Added a new site.

Updated all the site lists. Classified the guide as version 1.9

Updated the site lists.

Updated the site lists.

Added an extra question in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Received an e-mail from GamesOver, meaning the guide can now be
found there too. Updated site lists and sent guide off under
version 2.0

Added some new information regarding Spyro 4 in the Spyro News
section (1G).

Updated the site lists and renamed guide version 2.1

Updated site lists.

Haven't updated the guide for a while!
Added the Pop culture references section (3H).

Renamed guide version 2.2

Added section to Bamboo Terrace (B4).
Modified Pop culture references section (3H).
Added to the Speedways bug section (3F).

Changed format of the section on my other walkthroughs.

Updated Pop culture references section (3H).

Put cheats into Cheats section again.
Renamed guide version 2.3

Added tips on the skateboarding in the Super Bonus Round.

Updated Pop culture references section (3H).

Same as last update.

Same as last update.

Same again....how dull.

Added another strategy on yeti skateboarding.

Updated site list.

Updated Pop culture references section (3H).

Renamed guide version 2.7

Added a brief note about 117% being the completed game.

Updated Pop culture references section (3H).

Checked over the guide for errors and amended where necessary.

Added details of my latest walkthrough to section 3E.
Added a cheat to Fireworks Factory that makes Agent 9's section a
lot easier.

Added another reference to section 3H.

Updated section 1O, as a reader suggested a way to get around the
speedways bug.

First update of 2003!
Added another reference to section 3H.

Added a question to the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Added a reference to section 3H.

Added another pop culture reference to section 3H.

Renamed FAQ as version 2.5

{  D.Credits.                                               }

Here are my credits, in no particular order.
I thank:
Sony -
For making an excellent console and publishing a fine piece of
Insomniac -
For making absolutely fantastic games that, every time, improve on
bits that were criticised in it's predecessor.
Elryano -
For e-mailing me some Skill Points info way back in October 2000,
when I hadn't got Spyro 3!
Gregg Edelmann -
For spending lots of his time helping me compile section 3F (the
speedways bug). Once he informed me about the bug, he actually rung
up Sony and got loads of info off them!!
If you find section 3F helpful, thank Gregg. He's been a great
Meredith/Christina Gibbin -
For sending me the way to get those two gems in Fireworks Factory.
Geoff/David King/Storm -
For helping with the Icy Peak thieves.
Zachary Irven -
For sending me the Molten Crater Sgt. Byrd tip.
Chris&Matt&Doug -
For the Dino Mines bug info.
Frankieoc/Phoenix8975/BoJo/Daniel Ramaley/Einhander/Brandon/ Nancy
Terselic/Jedimario2k/Anne Ellsworth/Ganda/Nathan/Josh -
For help in the pop culture section.
Leo Levy -
For pointing out that you can use a cheat to skip the speedways
Aggie -
For sending me the codes for the level skip cheat.
Daniel Mickey/Sophie Husain/Dieter Van Thienen/Josh -
For the Super Bonus Round skateboarding tips.
Brian -
For the cheat for Agent 9's eggs in Fireworks Factory.
Joe A -
For the advice on getting around the speedways bug.
SpyroHints -
For allowing me to use information from their site in the guide.

GameFAQs -
GameAdvice/VideoGame Strategies -
Neoseeker -
Cheat Code Central -
Gamebits -
Gaming Planet -
a2zweblinks -
Spyro Club -
GamingC -
Ultimate FAQs -
PSX Cheaters World -
Xploded -
GamesOver -
Australian Cheats -
CheatCodes -
SpyroMasters -
For showing this guide.

{  E.My other walkthroughs.                                 }

Hey, I know! How about a bit of shameless advertising while you are
still here?
I have done walkthroughs for:

Spyro 2 			(PlayStation)
Spyro 3 			(PlayStation)
Ape Escape 			(PlayStation)
Chicken Run 			(PlayStation)

Spyro: Season Of Ice 	(Gameboy Advance)

Little Big Adventure 2	(PC)

{  F.The speedways bug.                                     }

In Spyro 3's speedways, there is a bug which causes certain parts
of the game to not work properly. Here is a section from SpyroHints
with the details:

"Some visitors have been reporting that they haven't won an egg
after beating one of the races. This is an error in the first build
of Spyro 3" says Brian  Hastings, VP of Insomniac and lead
programmer of Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon.

"I have sent a disk to Sony that repairs memory cards with the
speedway problem. Sony Tech Support will handle it from there. We
will also burn a new revision that fixes the problem (and will
retroactively fix it - i.e. it will repair you memory card
automatically if you boot up with the new version). That version
will be shipped to stores when reorders are made, and Sony Tech
Support will handle all problems that occur on the original
disks.... It looks like the problem is most likely to occur when
people play a race, then exit the level without winning that race.
To guarantee the problem won't happen, you should continue playing
the race until you win it (the opponents in the race get slower the
more you play it) or, if you can't beat the
race, reset the machine and try again later (to avoid the auto-save
feature). I know it sounds complicated, but we believe the problem
only occurs when you exit the level after playing the race, but
without winning it. Again, Sony Tech Support can assist in fixing
any memory cards that have the problem, and future revisions of the
game will have it fixed. We're very sorry that we didn't catch this
earlier, and we hope it isn't
affecting too many people."

A later update said :
After we got reports that UK gamers are encountering the same
problem with the PAL version of the game, Bryan writes; 'About the
speedways bug in PAL: Yes, unfortunately it can still happen. We
had heard about it for the first time just before we shipped PAL
and Matt Whiting (who programmed the speedways)thought it was a
case of someone exiting the level manually after winning the race,
but before getting the egg. So he fixed that and we assumed it was
all taken care of. I didn't see the pattern of the larger problem
(people finishing the race without winning, exiting the level,
turning off the machine and restarting) until later on, after we
had shipped PAL. So, I guess the bug is somewhat less likely to
happen in Europe, but still possible. We have shipped a new version
of the PAL disk to Europe, and they will use that when they make
new copies. Also, they will be able to repair memory cards at their
tech support, just like in the U.S.'

So, what do you do if you encounter this bug? You have two choices:
1) Start a new game, and be aware of what appears to cause the bug
to occur.
2) Alternately, you can contact Sony Technical Support. (See your
Playstation's manual for the phone number to call). Now, some
technical support people are saying that Sony can't fix the problem
or that there isn't a problem. If you get this answer, ask to speak
to a supervisor -- there IS a bug and it IS fixable.
3) Or, a lot simpler, use one of the cheats from www.spyrohints.com
to write over the glitch.

Here's Brian on the subject: "The Sony Tech Support fix for the
speedways bug simply rewards you the egg if you have completed the
race, but failed to get it. Otherwise, there is no change to your
memory card. That is, if your game is 88% complete, and you send
them your memory card, they should send it back 88% complete plus
whatever speedway eggs you were unable
to get. The people at tech support who are offering the 25%, 50%,
75%, or 100% solutions are unaware that we have sent them a disk
that repairs the problem changing anything else. Anyone who
receives that answer from tech support should talk to one of the
supervisors who knows the proper solution."

Gregg has sent me loads of information on this subject:

Here is the name and address that players will need to send info to
get their memory chips updated for this specific problem. I
recommend calling them first, so here is that number as well.

Sony Support: 1-800-345-SONY

Attention: Ken Law
PO Box 5888
San Mateo, CA. USA

Send your PS memory chip (they will ONLY accept a memory chip that
is 'licensed' by PS, and has their letters or logo on it) a letter
with your name, address, phone number and tell them the problem and
how you would like it to be remedied. (if you are at 99% and want
to stay at 99% with that one change, tell
them). He also recommends sending the package by some kind of
registered mail (such as Fed Ex) so it can be tracked if lost.

He also highly recommends ringing them first.

Hope this helps a few people.

{  G.Frequently asked questions.                            }

In this new section, I will publicly answer questions that people
have been e-mailing me a lot since the guide went

Q:Where can I find Sgt.Byrd?
A:Sgt.Byrd can be found in the second homeworld, Midday Garden. He
needs to be bought off Moneybags, then you need to do his home-
level. Once his home-level is done, he will be yours.

Q:How do I get the gems beneath the ice in Icy Peak?
A:To get the gems, stand on the very edge of the platform in front
of the ice (so Spyro is on a platform, but not on the ice). Jump
and glide over the ice. In the center of the ice, there is a large
crack. Move Spyro above the crack and press Triangle twice. Spyro
will headbash the ice and fall into the water beneath, giving you
access to the gems.

Q:How do I get the 25 gem in Sheila's warp in Spooky Swamp?
A:This gem can be got by bouncing Sheila around to the structure at
the end of the area (the one that has the eggs on). Just behind
that is a brick wall. Kick the brick wall to get the gem.

Q:How do I get the 2 gems on the roof in Fireworks Factory?
A:A solution has finally been found to this troublesome problem and
here it is, taken straight from Brian Hastings of Insomniac;
Exit Fireworks Factory (if you are in it). Press Pause. Press:
Circle, Square, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X (You'll hear
sounds as you press the last two keys - this means that it
worked!). Enter Fireworks Factory. Go defeat the two ninjas on the
platform with the cannon (right below the tower with the gems)."
So, what was it that was happening? Brian explains (and sheds some
interesting light on how Spyro 3 works);
"It is actually completely unrelated to the speedways issue, and it
only happens to people who are in the 'easiest' difficulty level
(the game automatically tunes the difficulty levels for you as you
play, depending on how you are doing). You are never prevented
(permanently at least) from getting those gems - you just have to
go into the level when your difficulty setting is not at the
lowest. Some people who are almost always playing at the lowest
difficulty setting, will almost always be at the lowest difficulty
As for that cheat code Brian gave out:
"It just adjusts your "player score" to match the middle difficulty
level. Your score will continue to change depending on how you
play. Incidentally, if you want to set your player score to the
highest difficulty level, press the Square button instead of 'X' as
the last key of the cheat."

Q:How do I get eggs 3 & 4 in Molten Crater?
A:You need Sgt.Byrd. Refer to question 1 for tips on getting him.

Q:I am missing 35 gems in Lost Fleet. Any suggestions?
A:Try swimming around in the lava. There are quite a few hidden in

Q:How do I find Hunter in the speedways?
A:Go into Time Attack mode, once you've done it, as the counter
will count upwards and you'll have as much time as you want to find
Hunter. Now, fly around the level until you spot him.
1)Mushroom Speedway - Behind the large mushroom to the right of the
7th mushroom.
2)Country Speedway - In the large barn in the centre.
3)Honey Speedway - Between the final two bee-hives.
4)Harbor Speedway - In the lighthouse.

Q:How do I get past the moving chess piece/tower in Charmed Ridge?
A:Try running up to it so far that it lands. Then run around it
before the wizard can lift it again.

Q:Any help on the speedways bug?
A:I don't know anything about this bug, as I never encountered it.
However, a friend did. The way she did it was to restart the game
again, but you have to do EVERY single egg in each speedway. This
avoids the bug.

Q:Do you know how to type in the codes, as they don't work on my
A:I don't own ANY cheat devices, so I don't know.

Q:How do you beat the yetis in the Super Bonus Round?
A:The best way to defeat these pests is to;
    *Do lots of small tricks to get lots of boost. Then use it
     when you feel you need to.
    *Flame each yeti when you overtake them. This slows them
    *Use the stars for rockets and boost!
    *Do some big tricks off the large slope at the beginning, to
    get LOTS of boost.
With these hints (and a lot of luck!), you should be able to do it.
There are now some extra methods on doing them in the Super Bonus
Round section which make it very easy!

Q:In Evening Lake, Hunter has been captured by the Sorceress and I
can't do the Lost Fleet skateboarding because he is in a cage. What
should I do?
A:Ignore these two eggs for now and go through the game as you
would normally. The events of the game's plot show what happens to

Q:I'm missing some gems in Haunted Tomb and I think I can get them
from the mummy cases. How do I get them?
A:The mummy cases can be defeated by swallowing a white ball (get
one from a Crusty Mummy or one of the cave-in sections) and
spitting it at the case.

Q:Where is the key in Crystal Islands?
A:The key is on a block on the roof of the building where the three
floating gems are. Use the flying powerup to reach it.

Q:Where is the key in Spooky Swamp?
A:The key is in the tree tops of the level, along with a few gems.
The tree tops can be reached through a hole in the wall of one of
the lamps.

Q:What is the maximum completion percentage?
A:The highest possible is 117%.

{  H.Pop culture references.                                }

In this new section, I shall list all the references that I have
noticed in the game to popular culture things (such as games,
movies, books etc).

1) Spyro 1 + 2 - References to the first two games are frequent in
this game. The first comes in Sunny Villa, when all the
skateboarding moves are named after bosses from the first two
games. The second is in Cloud Spires, when Ooga asks you to
retrieve his skeleton friend's bones. This is a direct copy of an
orb task in Spyro 2. A dragon in Frozen Altars is dressed in a
sheep costume, which were the only fodder animals in Spyro 1, but
are also in Spyro 2 and this one. The Sorceress' sceptre has a blue
egg on it, from the thief chases in Spyro 1. I know it's not a
reference, but several characters from Spyro 2 appear (eg
Moneybags, Hunter, the Professor, Hunter's manta etc). However,
Moneybags does mention Avalar in his first speech to Spyro - Avalar
being the land Spyro 2 was set in. There is also a baby dragon
called Cerny, which is a reference to Mark Cerny, one of the major
people behind the game.
2) Ape Escape - Having written an FAQ on Ape Escape, I should have
noticed this before. The first two bosses of the game (Spike and
Buzz) have exactly the same names as the hero and his friend from
Ape Escape (Spike being the hero and Buzz being the friend, who
turns to the 'dark side' in the game). However, in the USA version
of the game, Buzz is called Jake.
3) Sonic the Hedgehog I - Buzz, the game's first boss, uses a spin
attack that looks like the blue hedgehog's.
4) Doom - An old first person shoot-em up. In Fireworks Factory,
the Agent 9 eggs are played in a viewpoint the same as that in
Doom. The name of the two eggs (You're doomed! and You're still
doomed!) gives it away.
5) Sonic the Hedgehog II - In Crystal Islands, Moneybags threatens
to turn you into a blue hedgehog if you don't hand over the gems
required to lower the bridge.
6) Mario - In Crystal Islands and Haunted Tomb, you need to ride a
giant slide to get to the bottom. This is similar to the giant
slide levels in Super Mario 64.
7) Lara Croft - Tara, the large chested, ponytailed mouse of Desert
Ruins, is a direct copy of Lara Croft, from the Tomb Raider series.
The eggs's name (Raid the tomb) also backs this up.
8) Crash Bandicoot - Again in Desert Ruins, the side-scrolling
Sheila level is a copy of this popular game character. The egg's
name (Krash Kangaroo) is similar to the orange marsupial's name
(Spell Krash with a C instead of a K, and replace Kangaroo with
Bandicoot, another well-known Australian/New Zealand marsupial).
9) Resident Evil 2 - A slightly less obvious link here. When the
Sorceress is defeated for the first time, her claw comes out of the
lava and grabs hold of the edge of the arena. In Resident Evil 2,
the Tyrant who chases Claire is pushed into a vat of lava by her.
When you exit the room, his mutated hand comes out of the lava and
grabs hold of the edge of the vat. It was even viewed from the same
sort of angle!

1) Sgt. Byrd - A tribute to James Bond.
2) The Three Stooges - These comedy geniuses are paid tribute to in
the game as there are dragon babies called Moe, Curly, Larry and
3) Popeye - The evil sailor in Popeye was called Bluto. The evil
sailor in Seashell Shore is called Bluto. Similarity or is Bluto a
common seafaring name?
4) Peanut - The dragon that hatches out of an egg in Enchanted
Towers is called Peanut, which is the name of a character who used
to dance on an TV show. The dragon called Peanut also dances.
5) SCTV - The two bears in Icy Peak (Bob and Doug) share the same
names as the McKenzie Brothers from the comedy sketch show SCTV and
the comedy movie "Strange Brew".
6) The Matrix - The most obvious movie reference is in Fireworks
Factory. The sequence in which Greta defeats the ninjas at the end
of the level is directly copied off the movie.
7) Clint Eastwood - As with the characters in Dino Mines, the Ice
Ducks of Frozen Altars sound like Clint Eastwood.
8) James Stewart - Apparently, all the West-Rabbits sound like
James Stewart, the American 20th century actor. He starred in "It's
A Wonderful Life" and, early on in his career, appeared in several
Westerns - including one with the legendary John Wayne.
9) Moneybags says that Sgt. Byrd is "pining for the fjords" when
you refuse to pay him to free Sgt. Byrd in Midday Gardens. This is
a reference to Monty Python, the 70s British sketch show.
10) Star Trek - In the 60s TV show, the characters that wore red
tunics were the nameless extras that were beamed onto alien worlds
and were quickly killed. The Rhynocs that come out of the large
door in Agent 9's Lab wear tunics very similar and their death
isn't far away either, in the form of Agent 9's gun.

1) Rapunzel - During the Sheila section of Sunny Villa, you need to
jump up a large tower with a girl called Rapunzel at the top. In
the fairytale, Rapunzel was a beautiful princess who was locked in
a tower by an evil jealous witch. She eventually escaped by growing
her hair long and a prince climbed up and rescued her. Or
something. Quite how he freed her when he was up there with him is
beyond me.
2) Jonah and the Whale - In the Old Testament of the Bible, there
is a book called Jonah in which the prophet Jonah was running from
God (for disobeying him) and was eaten by a whale, as he decided to
throw himself off a ship that he was sailing on which1 God had
decided to throw up a storm around. 3 days later, Jonah was spat
out onto land, as he decided to obey God. This is referred to as
the baby inside the Evening Lake whale is called Jonah.
3) Jack and the Beanstalk - Another fairytale, this saw Jack
planting several magical beans to reach a giant's castle in the
clouds. Once there, after a few run-ins with the giant, he stole
the giant's golden goose. This is more-or-less what you have to do
in one of the eggs in Charmed Ridge.
4) Hansel and Gretel - This fairytale is about the two children
whose names form the title. Now, who can guess 2 children that
appear in the game with very similar names?
5) Never Cry Wolf - A book by an American author called Farley
Mowat. The Cloud Person in Enchanted Towers is called Mowat and his
dog (or wolf) is called Farley. Mowat even says the phrase 'Never
Cry Wolf' which gives it away.

1) Kentucky Fried Chicken - The egg awarded to you at the end of
Sunny Villa is called Sanders. The baby dragon, when hatched,
performs a dance, which includes doing chicken impressions (see
below). Colonel Sanders is the name of the founder of KFC, a fast
food chain in the UK and USA.

1) There are a lot of baby dragons with names based on famous jazz
musicians; Coltrane (as in John), Mingus (Al), Thelonius (Monk),
Brubeck (Dave) etc.

1) Sheila - A typical name for an Australian girl.
2) Bentley - A Bentley is a high class, expensive British car. Even
though he is a strong and fierce looking yeti, Bentley speaks with
an upper-class accent and has the vocabulary of a well educated
3) Clouds - A nice simple one here. The names of the fairies in
Cloud Spires are all types of cloud.
4) The Chicken Dance - Sanders, the dragon from Sunny Villa (see
above) performs the Chicken Dance, a dance popular at weddings,
parties etc like the Macarena.
5) Ice skating - The ice skating bear that needs your help in Icy
Peaks is called Nancy. She gets knocked about by a bunch of
Rhynocs. This is probably a reference to Nancy Kerrigan, a Canadian
skater who got knocked about while skating.
6) Icy Peaks - This has been touched upon in another two previous
references, but the entire level is based around Canada. The bears
speak with Canadian accents, there are two bears named after
Canadian comedians and Nancy is named after a Canadian ice skater.
7) Animal trainers - The two eggs in Sgt. Byrd's Base are called
Sigfried and Roy. Sigfried and Roy are two animal trainers and
magicians who are immigrants to the USA from central Europe.
8) World War II - In Sgt. Byrd's Base and the character you meet in
the Cat Witch escapade all speak with a French accent. This is a
take on the French Resistance from WWII.
9) Disney World - The boat ride in Bamboo Terrace is, to me, very
reminiscent of the ride It's A Small World.
10) Skateboarding - In the Lost Fleet skateboarding area, the first
egg you receive hatches into a baby called Oliver. Oliver can be
shortened to Olly, which is also the name of a skateboarding move.
11) Boxing. The baby dragon that hatches in one of the bouts
against the yeti during Frozen Altars is called Aly. This is
probably a reference to Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer.
12) Whack-a-mole - A popular arcade game, this is brought into the
Spyro game in a fun egg as Bentley in Crystal Islands.
13) Magicians - Some of the gnome magicians in Crystal Islands have
names associated with magic. The Amazing Randini is a take on The
Amazing Randi and The Great Zamboni is named after The Great
Zambini. Two of them also have names that are each other's
reversed; The Marvelous Magnifico and The Magnificent Marvello.
This is particularly ironic, as some magic is done with mirrors.
14) Cowboys I - The Dino Mines level has at least 2 references to
the Wild West. The first one is that the rabbits in the stage are
all named after people from Westerns; Sheriff Wyatt is named after
Wyatt Earp, Deputy Holiday is 'Doc' Holiday and Deputy Roy is Roy
15) Cowboys II - The Agent 9 egg of Dino Mines is called Gunfight
at the Jurassic Corral. There was a famous gunfight at the OK
Corral at some point in the Wild West era; this is referring to

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