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Skateboarding FAQ by JellyBeanLord

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/28/05

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Skateboarding FAQ
{ / \ / ]
Hello and Welcome to my Spyro 3 FAQ!

|Table of Contents|
1a.Version History
1a. Version History
Sept. 20, 2005
-Started to type FAQ
After many days of work, I have begun to publish this FAQ.
-Sept. 21, 2005 Published file.
-Sept. 27, 2005 Added Ledge in Lost Fleet. Added More info on Squid Board
2b. Course/Parks
This section is an outline of all the skate courses/parks in the game.
It includes descriptions as well as objectives, and anything else I feel should 
be included. 

1. Sunny Villa Skate Park
One can find this park when one has gotten to the end of the level. It is up the
stairs behind the mayor.
-Orange Jump Ramps: 6
-Blue Twist Ramps: 14
-Board Platforms: 4
-Tunnels: 2
-Wooden Obstacles: 10
-Course Tricks: none
-Course Record: 3500
-When you enter and talk to Hunter, he will tell you about lizards, and you will
have to skate around to catch them. There are 15 lizards in all. When you are 
done and have gotten the egg, you will have to catch them again, only this time,
you have a time limit of 2 minutes, and you cannot fall off your board. This 
should not be too difficult. Once you complete these tasks, collect the 
treasure,and get all the eggs, Hunter will allow you to try and go for a new 
course record.
-If you beat the course record, you receive a skill point for your work.
*Course Description:
-Relatively small course, a half-pipe, a section with about 3 half-pipes, a 
higherarea where you start, and two tunnels. There are 10 wooden posts in the 
park; 6 in the ground level tunnel and 4 on the first part of the area with
three half-pipes. So far, I am not sure if they are there to serve any purpose
than just obstacles.

2. Enchanted Towers Skate Park
This is my favorite park. It is big, and has a lot of other cool features too. 
To get here, one must get to the end of the level, and blow up the giant golden
statue of The Sorceress.Once this is done, you can glide onto the platform where
the statue was from a nearby hill, and drop down into the hole to get to portal.
-Orange Jump Ramps: 5
-Blue Twist Ramps: 6
-Tunnels: 3
-Board Platforms: 7(6 if you haven't beaten Hunter yet)
-Rooms: 1
-Course Tricks: Triple Towers, Half-Pipe Leap
-Course Record: 10,000
-When you enter and talk to Hunter, he will talk about the course, and then 
challenge you to learn tricks. When you have completed this easy task, he will 
give you an egg, and then challenge you to a one-on-one freestyle skateboard 
challenge. He is easy to beat, because he only scores 2500-4000 or so points.
When you beat him, he will give you another egg, and then will allow you to try
and go for a new course record. 
-Again, if you beat the course record, you receive a skill point for your work.
*Course Description:
-Large course, a large half-pipe, a high part of the level with many hills and 
tunnels, several jumps, a round spin ramp in the center of the main part, three
towers near the front, and one very large and very useful ramp. To the left of 
the entrance is a twist ramp, with a room at the top containing another twist 
ramp. If you turn the jump ramp to the left of this room, it leads to the three
-Course Tricks:
There are two tricks unique to this course. They are, as previously mentioned,
the Triple Towers, and the Half-Pipe Leap.
=Half-Pipe Leap: This is an easy thousand points. Go past the first orange ramp
in the beginning, and take the second onto the hill. Make a right at the tunnel,
and launch off the orange ramp at the end, to the ramp on the other side. If you
land without crashing, you will have done this correctly.
Point Value: 1000
=Triple Towers: This one is also fairly simple. At the beginning, take a left.Go
up the blue twist ramp, then turn left before the room and launch off the orange
ramp up onto the first tower. Just jump from tower to tower to complete this 
move.There is an orange ramp at the end of the third tower.
Point Value: 1000

3. Lost Fleet
There are several methods to get here. It is to the left of the beginning of the
level. Get onto the plateau full of crabs, and continue on until you reach the 
portal. This is a race rather than a trick course.
-Crabs: 10
-Jumps: 14
     =Speed (Blue Stars):6
     =Missiles (Red Stars):4
-Water: 5
-Opponets: 5 Rhynocs, Hunter
-Caves: 1
-Course Record: 1:45:00
-When you enter, Hunter is waiting to tell you that you have been challenged to 
a race by the Rhynocs. This is pretty easy if you don't crash. Get crabs or do 
tricks for turbo, and use the powerups. The missiles are helpful, because if 
you hit a Rhynoc, they fall putting you ahead of them. Once you have gone three
laps and finished in 1st place, you get an egg.
-Once you have beaten the Rhynocs, Hunter challenges you to a race. To make it
a little more difficult, he also adds the rule that you must get all ten crabs.
Again, not too hard if you keep up with him. He is faster than the Rhynocs, and 
since there’s only one of him, is harder to stay ahead of. Once you beat him, 
you get another egg. 
-After you defeat Hunter you can go for the record. The record is 1:45:00, and
if you beat it, you receive a skill point.
*Course Description:
-Basically, it’s a round track sort of setup. There are ramps all over, a big 
ship in the front, a few obstacles, a section with some water, crabs, a cave at 
the end(to get here, you must turbo up the last ramp), and a big plank that when
jumped on gives a big boost if you go through the turbo powerup.
-There is also another area on top of a ledge. I discovered this about a week 
after the original version of this FAQ was created. It may take a few tries to 
get here, but teeth 2 speed powerups, and a high jump, it can be worth it. To 
get here, you must have a fair amount of turbo. Go to the third ramp, the one to
the left, just before the last water, with a red powerup in front and a blue 
powerup at the top. Get a good distance away, and turbo up the ramp, making a 
turn to the left after you hit the blue powerup. Timing isn’t really critical, 
but if you don’t turn in time, you will miss. There is also a way to ride the 
wall up here. This is very peculiar, and may be a glitch. Save yourself in 
trouble and stick with the first method.

4. Super Bonus Worlds Course
This one is kind of tough. You need to get into the Super Bonus Worlds, and then
go to the door that says that you need 17,000 gems to open it. Once you get 
17,000 gems, you can enter and take the challenge. 
-Crabs: 14
     =Speed (Blue Stars):8
     =Missiles (Red Stars):6
-Jumps: too many to list
-Course Record: 2:00.00
-Opponents: "Sasquatch Six"
-The objective in this course is to win a race against a gang of six Yetis. 
Hunter will be there when you get in and explain situation. This is similar to 
the race in Lost Fleet, but much longer. This one is difficult to beat, but 
again, if you don't crash, you should be fine. When you have won, you get a 
treasure chest with 1500 gems.
*Course Description:
-This is a long course. It is a circular track like in Lost Fleet, but it is 
longer and overlaps at come points. You get a different board as well. It is a 
board with rocket boosters on the back, and it is somewhat bigger. There are 
many jumps all over the place. The track is thin at points, and while there is 
no water or other such obstacles, there are several spaces you can fall in if 
you're not careful. It is also dark, so it’s harder to see at some parts.


This section basically instructs you on how to use the various tricks and moves 
that can be done in any of the skateboard levels in Spyro3. In the race levels,
you receive turbo for doing tricks, while in the other courses, you get points 
that are totaled into a high score. Also, you must know that in a course, once 
you do a trick, you can do it a second time, but the point value is reduces by 
half each time(say if a move is worth 1000. the next time it is performed, its 
point value drops to 500, then 250, and so on).
*Button Key:
/_\ Triangle
< Left
> Right
^ Up
\/ Down
X x, naturally
O To flame, only needed to catch the lizards in the Sunny Villa course.

-The controls are easy and simple to use. It’s manipulating them to make tricks
 that you need to work with.
X: The X button is what you use to jump, or twist (if you’re on a blue ramp).
<,>, ^, \/: Besides using these to move, you also use them to do tricks.
/_\: This is used in performing most tricks.
Analog Sticks: You can also use the analogue sticks to move if you prefer.

*Basic Tricks:
-Roll (/_\
-These are the basic tricks of the game. They lay the foundation for doing any 
other tricks. They are what you perform in combination to create larger tricks 
with higher point values.
There are two flips; Front Flip, and Back Flip.
Front Flip: Jump an orange ramp, then /_\ + ^
Back Flip: jump an orange ramp, then /_\ + \/
Point value for both is 50 pts. each.
You can also do multiple flips to get more points. Just hold the buttons down 
longer, but you need much more height to get these to work though. 
Double Front Flip: 100pts.
Double Back Flip: 150pts.
Triple Front/Back Flips: 350pts.
Quad. Front/Back Flips: 1000pts.

There are also two rolls; Roll right, and Roll Left. They are performed 
similarly to the front flips. 
Roll Left: jump an orange ramp, then /_\ + <
Roll Right: jump an orange ramp, then /_\ + >
Like with the flips, you can do multiple rolls. It’s the same, as you need more 
height to do these. 
Single Roll Left/Right: 50pts.
Double Roll Left/Right: 100 pts.
Triple Roll Left/Right: 350pts.
A Quadruple Roll Right is called a "Toasty Twist", and is worth 1000 pts.
A Quadruple Roll Left, is called a "Dr. Shemp", and is also worth 1000pts.
(There is one more mover done with rolls, but it is in a later section)

-Twisted Lemon/Lime
These moves are pretty much just combinations of the flips and rolls. 
Twisted Lemon: jump an orange ramp, then /_\ + ^ + </>.
Twisted Lime: jump an orange ramp, then /_\ + \/ + </>.
The Twisted Lemon is worth 300 points, while the Twisted Lime is worth 150pts.
Double Twisted Lemon/Lime: 750pts.
Triple Twisted Lemon/Lime: 2000pts.
Quadruple Twisted Lemon/Lime: There is no real Quadruple Twisted Lemon/Lime, but
I find it important to include this part as a note. If you do perform a 
Quadruple Twisted Lemon/Lime, it is counted as doing Triple a second time, so 
you get 2000pts. for the first time, then another 2000pts. for the next.

Twists, like the other moves, work either left or right. They are done when you
push the jump button (X) at the top of a blue ramp. 
Twist Left/Right: jump a blue ramp, then </>
If you hold the < or > button and you have a high enough jump, you will continue
doing twists in the air.
Single Twist: 50pts.
Double Twist: 100pts
Triple Twist: 200pts
Crush (Quadruple Twist Right): 750pts
Gulp (Quadruple Twist Left): 750pts
Orange Crush (5 Twists Right): 2000pts
Big Gulp (5 Twists Left): 2000pts

-Complex Moves
There aren't many complex moves, but these few are very useful when going for a 
high score.

=Gnasty Gnorc:
This is a great move. It’s fairly easy for more experienced players, and it has 
a high point value. It may take a few tries to land, but is very rewarding when 
mastered.To Perform: jump an orange ramp, then do two flips, followed by a roll.
So controller wise, its: /_\ + ^ or \/, ^ or \/, < or >
Point Value: 2500pts.

=Raging Ripto:
This is a very difficult trick to pull off. It becomes easier as you practice, 
and is definitely among the best tricks if you're going for a high score. 
To perform: jump an orange ramp, and then do 3 inverted rolls. You may need to 
get allot of speed, and a very high jump to do this, although I have done this 
off the first ramp without any extra speed or height (accidentally of course). 
The controls should look something like this: /_\ + < or >, < or >, < or >.
Point Value: 3000pts.

=Thrash Master:
Personally, I don't think this move is worth it. It’s not very rewarding, and is
difficult to do.I am not entirely sure on how to do this, but I have an idea. I 
think it is an inverted flip, where Spyro would appear as if he’s laying on his 
side, and facing the camera.It may be something like this: /_\ + < or >, ^ or \/
Point Value: A sad, unrewarding 100pts.

=Level Moves:
There are only two of these that I know of, and I have listed the details of 
them in the Enchanted Towers level guide (that is where they are). I also 
mention them here, because they involve more than just a simple move to perform,
and they are each worth 1000pts.

4d. Eggs
-This is just a list of the eggs involved in all the skate parks.
-Sunny Villa
Lizard Skating I (Emily)
Lizard Skating II (Daisy)
-Enchanted Towers
Trick Skater I (Caroline)
Trick Skater II (Alex)
-Lost Fleet
Skate Race Rhynocs (Oliver)
Skate Race Hunter (Aiden)
-Super Bonus Worlds
No Eggs; 1,500 Gems
5e. Misc.
=Sunny Villa, Enchanted Towers
This has never happened to me in Sunny Villa, but I'm assuming it can. If you 
get too much speed, and are not careful, you can end up jumping right over the 
walls/mountains to your death.
=Lost Fleet:
You do not need the skateboard to explore the entire course. If you don't want 
to use it, or if Hunter is not there, (there is a point in the game where he 
gets captured and isn't there), you can get up the ramp. If you walk or charge
at it, it appears as if you can’t go up. But, if your charge, and while still 
holding square, jump right at the base, you will run right up. (this is on the 
left side of the entrance) You can get all of the treasure, accept for 2 red 
gems on a ledge. You can also get the free life on the ship, if you get a 
missile and shoot at it.If you use the trick above to get into the course 
without a board, you cannot get hurt by either the crabs, or the water. You can
however, fall off the ledge. 
=Super Bonus Worlds
I have heard about and experienced many glitches on this course. There is one to
be careful of. That is, that sometimes, if you fall of a ledge, the game may 
freeze. Another is that if you get all the crabs before you get on the board, 
you will start will a filled up turbo meter. Another similar to this, is that if
you find a blue star powerup, and stand under it so it keeps charging you, when 
you do get on the board, you will be powered through the course. One last one 
that I heard is that there is a way to backtrack and fool the game into thinking
that you have lapped the whole level. This one I have not been able to get to 
work, but I think it’s worth a try.   

-This one is kind of interesting, and can be helpful at times. If you twist off 
of the very edge of the ramp towards the opposite way, you will continue 
twisting right off the ramp, giving you a chance of getting in more spins.

-Squid Skateboard Code
This is a code that will change Spyro's skateboard into a squid. This as I have 
read was originally for something in Lost Fleet, but it didn't "fit in", so they
took it out. Also, If you get enough Skill Points and unlock the Epilogue, you 
see a slide that says that the Seals of Seashell Shore have found a new sport, 
squid boarding.  
Pause the game, and Press: ^,^,<,<,>,>,\/,\/,[],O,[]

-Race Controls
I think that it is also important for me to include the controls for racing.
X: Jump
O: Flame, or Missile
/_\: Tricks
[]: Turbo
<,>: Moving, Tricks
^,\/: Tricks

6f. Credits
Thanks to all the creators of this game, because it's truly one of the greatest.
Thank you to the internet with supplying me with some of the information here.
Thank you Father Time and society for giving me too much time, allowing me to 
write this FAQ.
Thanks to anyone else that helped out.
And finally, thank you mom, just for the sake of using the cliché, and for 
buying me the game all those years ago.

Also, if anyone finds anything not in my FAQ, please E-Mail it to me and I will
add it. Please ask permission before you copy my FAQ, or add it to any website.
Thank You

©2005 by JellyBeanLord

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