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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/30/19

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      ,    /  \
     | \__/    |                ,,         ,
 ,__,/ ,-----,,/     ,_,,,,,,_ /  \       / \--------,,,        __,,,,_
 \   /          \, ,/        /     \     /   \          \      /       ',
  | /             /         /       \   /     \   ,       \  /'          \,
 /  |            /|    ,     \       \,/      /   | \      |/              \
  \|        ,   / |    |  \    \            /     |__|     |      _,_       \
  | \       |\/   |     ,/       \        / |             /      /   \       |
   --\      \     |             / \      /  |         ___/|     |     |      |
      \      \    |            /  |      |  |          \,|       \   /       /
       \       \  |      ___,,/   |      |  |      ,      ''\      ''       /
  ,,,    \       \|      \        /      |  |      |\       /               /
  \   ''\  \      |      |       /       |  |      |  \    / \            /
   \   /---/      |      |       |      ,   |,,,,,,|     \/   '',,,_____/
     \_\          /|___,,'       |,,''''
        \        /  '
                _  _  _    _  _  ___    _    _  _  _  _  _
            \ /|_ |_||_|  | ||_   | |_||_   | \|_||_|| _| ||\ |
             | |_ | || \  |_||    | | ||_   |_/| \| ||_||_|| \|


 Author : dark52
 E-Mail : dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net
Version : 1.2
   Type : Walkthrough/FAQ
   Game : Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PlayStation) - UK Pal Version
Website : http://www.darkspyro.net

------------------------------ ----[Contents]----------------------------------

[01 - Introduction]
[02 - Gameplay Basics]
[03 - Walkthrough]
       Part 1 - Sunrise Spring
       Part 2 - Midday Garden
       Part 3 - Evening Lake
       Part 4 - Midnight Mountain
[04 - Skill Points]
[05 - Cheats and Codes]
[06 - Trophies / Achievements]
[07 - Contact Information]
[08 - Version History]
[09 - Thanks]
[10 - Copyright]

-------------------------------[01 - Introduction]-----------------------------

Year of the Dragon, the third and final game in the Spyro series to be made by
it's original creators, Insomniac Games. This third incarnation brings together
all of Spyro's efforts in order to save the lives of 150 baby dragons before
the evil Sorceress carries out her plans.

This guide may be a few years too late for some, but I hope that it can help
others who still play the game today as it is indeed a classic game of the

Year of the Dragon is the first game where you can control someone other then
Spyro. The playable characters in this game are: Spyro, Sparx, Sheila, Sgt.
Byrd, Bentley, Agent 9 and Hunter.

------------------------------[02 - Gameplay Basics]---------------------------

The third game in the Spyro series, and the last to be made by Insomnaic Games.
Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the biggest of all the Spyro games so far made. It
incorporates several new playable characters as well as a new evil to fight.

In this game you play mainly as Spyro, but there are certain levels and parts
of levels where you can only play as a different character. The playable
characters in this game are: Spyro, Sparx, Hunter, Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt.
James Byrd, Bently the Yeti and Agent 9.

The Story

Here's the official word on the story from the SpyroTheDragon.com website:

Every twelve years, the Dragon Kingdom celebrated its most important event: the
"Year of the Dragon" Festival. Fairies delivered a new batch of 150 dragon eggs
and dragons came from all around to dance and feast until everyone dropped from
exhaustion. However, unbeknownst to the celebrating dragons, a sinister plot
was about to unfold...

Far away - on the opposite side of the world - was a kingdom long since
forgotten by dragonkind. So forgotten, in fact, that even the legends about
these "Forgotten Worlds" have now been forgotten.

A mean and spiteful Sorceress, who had frankly become quite fed up with being
forgotten, ruled this kingdom. As she sat on her forgotten throne, the
Sorceress hatched a fiendishly evil plan - a plan to restore the fading magic
to her forgotten realm, a plan to conquer the dragons once and for all. All she
needed was a little help from her army of horn-nosed 'rhynocs,' the cooperation
of her mysterious disciple Bianca and, of course, those 150 magical dragon eggs
which she stole from right under the dragons' snouts.

The Controls

Spyro the Dragon
X            Jump. Press again when in the air to glide
Square       Charge
Circle       Flame/Spit out rock
Triangle     Look around/Aim rock/Drop out of glide/Headbash when just jumped
R1/L1        Bring the camera behind Spyro fast
R2/L2        Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2  Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)

Sheila the Kangaroo
X            Jump. Press again when in the air to go higher. Press again the
             moment you land to double jump
Square       Kick
Circle       Kick
Triangle     Look around/Headbash when just jumped
R1/L1        Bring the camera behind Sheila fast
R2/L2        Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2  Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)

Sgt. Byrd
X            Fly, hold to go higher
Square       Drop bomb/projectile
Circle       Fire guns
Triangle     Look around/Aim
R1/L1        Bring the camera behind Sgt. Byrd fast
R2/L2        Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2  Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)

Bentley the Yeti
X            Jump
Square       Thump
Circle       Spin club
Triangle     Look around
R1/L1        Bring the camera behind Bentley fast
R2/L2        Turn the camera
R1+R2+L1+L2  Sparx points at nearest gem (only available when you've earned it)

Gems are strangely identical to the last game. Strangely because Avalar and The
Forgotten Worlds are most likely further away from each other then the Dragon
Realms is from the Forgotten Worlds. Strange how they have the Avalar set of
gems rather than the Dragon Realms set, maybe the Sorceress had the GemCutters
in from Avalar though.

Gem Colour  Gem Value
-=-=-=-=-=  -=-=-=-=-
Red         1
Green       2
Purple      5
Yellow      10
Pink        25

The same containers for the gems as in Avalar. However here you get gems from
killing the Rhynocs whereas in Avalar they released a Spirit Particle. Also
this game sees the return of a locked chest, slightly different in appearence
from the first game, but you will still need to find a key to open them.

-------------------------------[03 - Walkthrough]------------------------------

                           Part 1 - Sunrise Spring

Sunrise Spring Home

Welcome to a brand new adventure. You'll see Hunter running off in front of
you, there's no rush so just explore the area around you and collect all the
gems you can find. Familiarise yourself with the controls for now.

Egg 001/150
Isabelle  Egg by the stream
Found very near to the start, just to the left-hand side of the first area you
are in.
Colour: Grey

After getting the first dragon egg, head on over to Zoe near the large portal
to Sunny Villa. She'll talk about moving the camera. Then head on over towards
the Sunny Villa portal. Bianca will appear and threaten you.

Don't go into the portal just yet, instead carry on through the level
collecting more gems, then go talk to Moneybags who's standing next to a cage
with a kangaroo in. He'll tell you about his 'deal' with the Sorceress and
tells you to get more money in order to free her. You'll need 300 Gems in total
to rescue her.

And carry on till you meet up with Hunter up on a slightly raised platform.

Egg 002/150
Coltrane  Learn gliding
Follow Hunter over to the portal, and then talk to him again. Do as he says and
glide over to him. He'll give you the egg.
Colour: Green

Next, hop down the gap next to you further into the cave. Talk to Zoe who'll
tell you about the powerup there. Unlike the previous game, powerups will
always be active as there are no Spirit Particles in the Forgotten Worlds.

Egg 003/150
Ami  Fly through the cave
Use the powerup to get to the end of the cave and land on the slightly platform
at the end with the egg on.
Colour: Blue

Drop down off the platform and back into the main part of the world. Head along
past where you met up with Hunter and go up through the dark trees. Talk to
Rocky who'll tell you all about gathering enough eggs to get his portal

Egg 004/150
Liam  Head bash the rock
In the area near the Rocky's portal are some large but small rocks. Use your
headbash ability on them (X + Triangle) to smash them open. One of them will
have the egg inside.
Colour: Grey

Then go talk to Hunter, he'll tell you about swimming and an egg at the bottom
of the lake. Jump into the water and collect all the gems.

Egg 005/150
Bruce  Bottom of the lake
It's just in the water near to where Hunter is standing above.
Colour: Blue

Remember to go into the large room with the balloon in to get some more gems.
Talk to Snappy the Seal in the middle of the lake and he'll tell you about his
portal which just closed on him. Again you'll need more eggs. Head up the
series of platforms over to the left and grab all the gems up here. This should
complete your collection of gems in the level to a nice round 400.

With all the gems and eggs in the level collected, you'll see the new Level
Complete sign appear on the screen. Amazing huh? Well never mind that, go on
over to Moneybags and pay him the 300 Gems he wants to free Sheila. Then watch
the 'hilarious' cutscene that follows and head on into the portal behind where
the cage was. While this doesn't follow the order in the Atlas, it does make a
lot more sense to complete her level before going through the levels in the
order listed.

Sheila's Alp

On arrival, talk to Billy the Mountain Goat. He'll ask you to help hims with
his clever plan to take their houses back. Hmm, well jump up following the
goats and kill the Rhynocs around here. Then double jump up to the right and do
Sheila's stomp move, which is identical in button pressing as Spyro's headbash,
on the chest up here. Talk to Pete the Mountain Goat and he'll instruct you to
double jump up to the platform with the house on.

Egg 006/150
Ruby  Help Billy get home
Talk to Billy who is in front of his house.
Colour: White

Head along to the right and into the cave. Jump up to teh right in here and
smash a couple of boulders. Go through to the end of this cave and collect the
gems in here. Go back out and talk to either Pete or Bobby who'll both say the
same thing. Kick the moose and kill the Rhynocs too.

Egg 007/150
Jenny  Help Pete get home
Once the goats have gone past where those Rhynocs were smash the boulder in
front of Pete's house and then he'll give you the egg.
Colour: Green

After that egg, head out to where Bobby is standing and kill the moose there.
Then in the following area you'll have to stomp the mushrooms that the Rhynocs
keep coming out of. As they will keep coming out of the mushrooms, the Rhynocs
won't dissapear until you get rid of all of the mushrooms.

Make sure to double jump onto the high up platform in this area to get some
more gems and a life. Jump up to where Bobby has gone now.

Egg 008/150
Nan  Help Bobby get home
Talk to Bobby and he'll give you the egg.
Colour: Blue

Jump up to the cave on the left (after Zoe annoys you again with a pointless
bit of info) and collect the gems in here to complete the level.

Sunny Villa

Now that the first level with Sheila is complete, you can move onto other
levels in the game. The first being Sunny Villa. The portal to this land is
located in the area at the start of where you began the game, just a bit to the
right of where you exit from Sheila's Alp.

Go talk to Councillor George who'll inform you of the level's problems. Rhynoc
invasion who have kidnapped the Mayor. Great. Well, run around the area here
killing off the pesky Rhynocs that are here. Over to the left is another person
called Citizen Paulus. He's being terrorised by a couple of Rhynocs, so kill
'em and he'll thank you (well, sort of).

Head up the steps nearby and talk to Zoe. She'll inform you of how to kill the
large Rhynocs. Flame them. Ok, well again, wander around here and kill all the
Rhynocs you can find as well as collecting all the gems.

Egg 009/150
Vanessa  Egg by the building
Up on a slightly raised platform near one of the large Rhynocs who is even
Colour: Orange

Yes, well head up slightly higher up the steps and glide around on the tops of
the buildings here. Work your way around to a place where you can glide into
the building in the centre. Use the whirlwind inside there to get up really
high. Then glide off forwards onto a far off pillar with just enough room to
stand on. Glide onto a second one and then onto a place with the river coming

Egg 010/150
Miles  Glide to the spring
Right at the end of the small pond up here, easy to see.
Colour: Green

From here, head back all the way to the top of the whirlwind again, and this
time glide over to the left and go into the Sheila mini-level. If you hadn't
completed Sheila's Alp then this mini-level wouldn't be available to you
meaning you would have had to come back later.

As Sheila, talk to Marco who'll tell you about his lost love. Well jump down
off here and kill the spear wielding Rhynocs. Go round to the right and jump up
to where there is a stomp chest. Next head over the wall back down in the main
path and jump up to a cave above. Go through here .

Then return to the main pathway and go through to the end and up into another
cave past the one you just went it. Drop down at the end and then go into the
large tower here. Ignore the annoying camera movement here and work your way to
the top.

Egg 011/150
Lucy  Hop to Rapunzel
Go right up to the top of the tower and talk to Rapunzel there.
Colour: Green

Once you've got the egg and all the gems you can find in here, head back to the
place where you came in and the gameplay will return to Spyro.

Jump off here and go to the pathway leading off the area here to the left. Zoe
will tell you about zapping and how it'll rescue you if you get into trouble.
Carry on along here and kill them Rhynocs. A short way down here and a small
rather pointless cutscene will occur. Anyway, head on a bit further and kill
the Rhynoc chasing Citizen Horace. He'll thankyou. Move on to the left and
flame the large Rhynoc there. The bars to the left will open up. Go through and
talk to Mayor Leo.

Egg 012/150
Sanders  Rescue the Mayor
The Mayor will give you the egg.
Colour: Green

Mayor Leo will then run off through the portal he just opened for you to get
back to Sunrise Spring. Ignore it for now and continue along down the
passageway. Go through the mini-level portal at the end.

Talk to Hunter here to accept a challenge.

Egg 013/150
Emily  Lizard skating I
You'll need to go around the area and hit all of the fifteen lizards. There's
no time-limit so take your time in learning how to jump and exploring the area.
There are a few lizards held up by balloons, just flame these as you jump at
them and they'll die. Once all fifteen are gotten, Hunter will give you the
Colour: Orange

And Hunter'll speak again.

Egg 014/150
Daisy  Lizard skating II
Same thing, but with a three minute time-limit. You will need to exact revenge
on each and every one of the fifteen lizards aparently without wiping out. Once
completed you'll get the egg.
Colour: Green

You'll now be free to explore the skateboarding mini-level by yourself now.
Feel free to attempt to beat the course record if you want. Grab any remaining
gems that should bring your level total up to completion.

Cloud Spires

And on to Cloud Spires. The portal to this level is where Hunter took you on
the first jump.

From where you start, head forwards and kill the large flying Rhynoc there to
rescue Nimbus. Collect the gems and flame/charge the big red button near where
Nimbus is standing. Use the moving platform to get up higher so you can talk to
Cirrus. He hints on a glide so do so.

Here you're going to want to take care of the Rhynocs and then jump into the
whirlwind. It'll take you over to another platform. Talk to Zoe who'll tell you
charge the Rhynocs with metal armour. Carry on past her and kill the several
Rhynocs out here.

Egg 015/150
Stephanie  Run along the wall
Over by a large flying Rhynoc. Quite what wall the title refers to I don't
Colour: Blue

A simple case of hitting a button is all that's needed here so press it. Step
onto the platform and head up. Go talk to Moneybags and pay him the 200 Gems he
wants. He'll start up a couple of bellows for you. Go across and talk to Zoe

Glide across the gap and kill the Rhynocs. Head to the right and go talk to

Egg 016/150
Henry  Turn on the could generator
Fluffy will turn on the cloud generator and then give you the egg.
Colour: Blue

Go through the mini-level portal over on the right.

Walk over to Cumulus and he will start talking.

Egg 017/150
LuLu  Plant the sun seeds
Flame the first sunseed and follow it closely, keep flaming it until you get it
to jump up into the pot. When you've done that head back for a second one. This
one will head round to the right when you get into the place with the pot and
has a shorter life then the previous one. Once done get a third, this one will
head up and to the left, same thing as the other two but you need to be a bit
faster. Once all three are in they'll form a sun and you'll be given the egg by
Colour: Orange

Head on out of there once you've collected any gems you missed and jump into
the whirlwind near to the end of level portal.

Talk to Stratus to get a challenge.

Egg 018/150
Jake  Bell tower spirits
There is no challenge here really. Jump through the powerup and then fly
through all the bell towers flaming the evil spirits as you go past them. There
are six in total and once they're gone they don't come back. Simple.
Colour: White

Grab all the gems around here and chase after the egg thief.

Egg 019/150
Bryan  Bell tower thief
When you get the egg thief he'll drop this egg for you.
Colour: Brown

This won't complete the level just yet, so head back out of there and go back
through the level all the way to where there was a life you couldn't quite
reach as it was too high up. There is now a whirlwind just next to it so jump
in that to get up there. Follow this path round and kill the Rhynocs on the
roof, then glide over a bit further and carry on along here till you are near a
platform with an egg on.

Egg 020/150
Clare  Glide to the island
On the platform mentioned prior.
Colour: Green

This should complete the level for you. Head on back to the Sunrise Spring

Molten Crater

Head on over to Rocky who was previously standing next to a portal that had
lost its power. You should have enough eggs now to go through. Talk to Rocky
first though and he'll jump through before you.

When you arrive in the level, go on over and talk to Clay. He'll tell you about
Rhynocs and the Tiki Lodge. Nothing important really though.Go round this small
area and kill the boar and Rhynoc. Then move along up the steps at the end and
flame the large bear-like Rhynoc up there. Head out into a large open space
beyond him and wander around here. Kill all the Rhynocs out here as well as
collecting all the gems.

Egg 021/150
Rikki  Egg by lava river
The egg is located behind the large pillar of rock in this area, just down at
the bottom near the lava river coming out of it.
Colour: Green

Head through the cave at the other end of the area and talk to Zoe, she'll tell
you about keeping Sparx healthy. Anyway, head into the final area of the level
now. Go to the left and jump onto the platforms as they go around the place in
the centre of the level. You'll find the key around here. Keep going until you
get back round to the main path. Then head to the middle and talk to Rocky.

Egg 022/150
Curlie  Get to the tiki lodge
Rocky will give you the egg as he opens the portal back to Sunrise Spring.
Colour: Orange

Head over to the right and over the bridge, here you'll find a mini-level
entrance for Sgt. Byrd, you haven't yet freed him so you can't access this part
of the level just yet. Head over to the right and talk to old Moneybags. Pay
him the 300 gems he wants and then head off to the right. Go through the newly
opened doorway to the start of the level and walk up to the locked chest. It
will open now if you picked up the key earlier. Now head back to Moneybags and
go through the mini-level portal.

Talk to Stoney here and he'll tell you about a thief he's seen.

Egg 023/150
Moira  Catch the thief
Head to the supercharge ramp and chase after the thief. The supercharge
currently doesn't work so don't worry about that. It may take a while to catch
up with the green egg thief, but when you're getting close, attept to flame
him. This way of getting the thief can be a lot more effective than actually
charging into him.
Colour: Green

Stoney will tell you about another, and he'll turn on the supercharge this

Egg 024/150
Kermitt  Supercharge after the thief
Same place as before. The thief (now red) is a faster then the previous one but
the only thing that should worry you is falling off the track. Again attempt to
flame it when you get close as it is going to take a while to get close enough
to charge into it.
Colour: Grey

Once done, gather the gems around here and head on home as you can't yet
complete this level.

Seashell Shore

Go talk to Snappy the Seal who's in the middle of the nearby lake. He'll open
the portal for you as long as you've collected 14 eggs.

Talk to Sebastian the Seal who is just in front of you. Swim around the area
killing off the enemies here, then charge down the wooden door in the giant
shell. Go through here and to the right, then head back to here and go straight
on. Head up out of the water and kill the large shells here. Jump into the
water here.

Egg 025/150
Jason  Under the docks
At the other end of the water, on the far right.
Colour: Grey

Kill the stuff in here as well as getting the gems. Head back up and walk over
the docks. Either jump over the barrels or knock them back by charging at them.
Either way, kill the Rhynocs who are throwing them. Head through the wooden
door (charge it down) and kill the things in here. Carry on through and go to
the right when you get out. Go up the steps here and then turn around. Glide
down the steps and attempt to land on a platform there. Grab the gems up here.

Instead of right now, go to the left and continue along here, jump up at the
end and then glide over back the way you came to get to the Sheila mini-level.

Go along the path until you reach a large green cannon, stomp it and then hop
up to the left and into a cave.

Egg 026/150
Jared  Hop to the secret cave
At the end of the cave just mentioned
Colour: Green

Stomp the chest in here and head back out of the cave again. Carry on along to
the left and talk to Snappy the Seal.

Egg 027/150
Mollie  Destroy the sand castle
The best way to take out the cannons is by stomping on their turrets, so you
don't need to get all the blocks above them. However this can mean that Rhynocs
above will be able to hit you with their spades so watch out for them. If you
do it with this method you should easily get it done within the time given. Tha
castle will then explode and Snappy will give you the egg.
Colour: Grey

Get the remaining gems around here and head back to the start of this mini-

Now back as Spyro, head back to the place where you glided to here from and
jump into the water there. Kill everything you can find in here and then charge
through the wooden door at the bottom. Kill the octopus holding Stanley the

Egg 028/150
Dizzy  Free the seals
Once you've saved him he'll give you the egg.
Colour: Green

Now head along the pathway to the right and get the gems. Head back to the
large underwater area you were just in and head up to the top of it. Go through
the mini-level portal out here.

Talk to Smelt the Seal.

Egg 029/150
Take on Bluto. Drive into crates to get more ammo as you go, don't waste it on
the Rhynocs out here though. When in the area with the large shark, fire at it
at every oppourtunity and avoid the missiles it fires at you. Eventually the
health bar will decrease to zero and you'll win.
Colour: Green

Head back into the area and collect all the gems around here and under the
water. Go back to the main part of the level once you've finished up the
level's gems. Swim back down into the large area and head through the
underwater mini-level portal in here.

Egg 030/150
You'll need to swim into the tunnel behind Sandy the Seal. Make sure to hit
every single Rhynoc as you go past, if you miss one you have to start again.
Also avoid the mines as they'll also force you to start again. You won't lose
any lives in this challenge though so play until you get it right.
Colour: Green

This should complete the level for you so head on back to Sunrise Spring Home
where you'll now be taken to the balloon in order to fight the end of world
boss. However there is still time for that later. Head on over to Mushroom

Mushroom Speedway

The speedway is located very near to Seashell Shore over on the shore and up
some steps.

Sparx will ask you which challenge you want to do first. Choose the time

Egg 031/150
Sabina  Time attack
First fly through the rings one by one, then flame the dandelions until you've
got them all. After that flame the swinging bugs and then finally go after the
butterflies right at the end. Simple really.
Colour: Orange

OK, the next part might be more difficult for you, but whatever you do, don't
exit the level until you have earned the egg. There is a bug in the game which
can prevent you from getting the egg after leaving the level without winning.
The only known way to avoid this is to complete it before exiting the level.
However in newer versions of the game this bug has been fixed, but since I
don't know any thing that would denote whether or not you have the newer
version or not, it's best to play it safe and complete the challenge before
exiting the level. Oh, and a far as I know this bug affects all of the
speedways although I've only ever experienced it in the speedway of Midday

Egg 032/150
John  Race the butterflies
A nice race between you and some butterflies. Don't miss any of the rings as
they will end your run and say you've gone off course. You should be able to
beat the butterflies if you go through all of the blue stars which speed you
up, also when you go through one of the red stars, fire the rocket only if
there is a butterfly in front of you as it will home in on them and slow them
down for a bit. Three laps of the course and if you finish in first place you
win the egg.
Colour: Blue

And again, Sparx will talk to you, this time select Time Attack again. Fly
around the level until you get to a large mushroom over to the right, land down
next to it and talk to Hunter.

Egg 033/150
Tater  Hunter's dogfight
The first time you play as Hunter is here. Not the nicest of challenges though.
Shoot down the seven sheep saucers while avoiding all their shots at you. This
may take a while but I reccommend holding down the speedup button as well as
the shoot button the whole time in order to complete it faster.
Colour: White

And that's all for Sunrise Spring for the time being, head on over to the
balloon and jump on in. Select Midday Garden and watch the following cutscene.

Buzz's Dungeon

Yep, a boss battle. One of the least satisfying ones though as you didn't know
about it before, the 'boss' was just a simple Rhynoc moments before and you
haven't gotten to know it at all like the bosses in Spyro 2. But whatever,
you've still got to defeat the Venusaur.

Egg 034/150
Grayson  Defeat Buzz.
Not exactly the toughest of bosses really, charge into it until it falls into
the lava, Sheila will then smack it down further and injure it. It will then
roll out of the lava and straight at you. To avoid this roll attack, simply
charge towards and past it, then going round in tight circles around the middle
until it stops. Repeat this process a few more times to beat it. As soon as you
beat the boss you get the egg.
Colour: Green

Once you've beaten him you'll be taken to Midday Gardens.

                           Part 2 - Midday Gardens

Midday Garden Home

As soon as the balloon drops you down head out forwards. Bianca will talk to
you and attempt to get you to high-tail it back home while you still can. Ah
well, off you go then. Back to the Dragon Worlds. If not then jump into the
water under the bridge just in front of you.

Egg 035/150
Dave  Underwater egg
Directly underneath the bridge.
Colour: Orange

Go over to the right when you get out of the water and into an ice cave. Skate
around here collecting the gems.

Egg 036/150
Mingus  Secret ice cave
Over to the side, kind of hidden but not really, it's just down a slight cave.
Colour: Brown

Now head over to the left of the water and talk to Hunter up on the platforms.
Talk to him and he'll tell you about opening up a portal. Spit the rock he
throws at it to open it up.

Head out of the area and uo towards the large building. Talk to Moneybags there
and set Sgt. Byrd free from his cage by paying the sum of 700 Gems to

Egg 037/150
Trixie  Catch the thief
Nearby to the cage is an egg thief. Chase after it to hit it in some way in
order to get the egg. Don't take too much of a shortcut across the grass here
as the thief will double back to evade you.
Colour: Green

Go round to the left from here and talk to Hunter by a level Portal. He'll tell
you about climbing, headbash the chest near him for some gems, then swim around
in the water here for some more gems.

Over to the left now and up some steps. Head over to the left of this area and
head up to Zoe who'll tell you about the superflame powerup.

Egg 038/150
Matt  Superflame the flowerpots
Go through the superflame and hit each of the four flowerpots with your
superflame. The last one you smash will be the one with the egg under. They are
only around this area so you don't have to go far, also there is no time-limit
apart from how long the superflame lasts. So even if it runs out you can still
go back for another boost and continue on with the flaming.
Colour: Green

Also with the superflame, head to the area behind where you set Sgt Byrd free,
flame the large unbreakable chest there. Then head back to where you got the
superflame. Over to the left of this area is a short ladder on the side of the
wall. Climb it.

Egg 039/150
Modesty  Climb to the ledge
It's up here on the ledge.
Colour: Green

With all that done, just collect the last remaining gems before heading off to
complete the Sgt. Byrd level.

Sgt. Byrd's Base

Playing as Sgt. Byrd here, fly or waddle towards Cpl. Gabrielle, you'll be told
about the capture of hummingbirds and how Rhynocs have taken over the base. Fly
around this small area and go towards the swinging cage with a hummingbird in.
Kill the Rhynoc and then get closer until the hummingbird escapes. Fly up above
that area now and through a tunnel where Cpl. Gabrielle is waiting for you.

Destroy the large wooden door with your missiles and carry on past it. There is
an unbreakable chest here which you can't open just yet. Carry on along with
Cpl. Gabrielle destroying things until you get to a large room.

Egg 040/150
Sigfried  Clear the caves
Talk to Cpl. Gabrielle and you'll get the egg.
Colour: Green

Lift the nearby weight and drop it over on one of the turquoise circles. Find
the other weight over by a Rhynoc and drop it onto the other circle to open the
gate. Also, before going through the open door, go round the area until you
reach a hummingbird trapped in a cage. Set it free.

Go through the door you opened and work your way through this next cave to meet
up with Gabrielle again. Shoot the Rhynocs in the sky and on the ground then
move along further into the level. Cpl. Gabrielle will then teleport you to the
portal back to Midday Garden.

Egg 041/150
RyanLee  Clear the building
Err, you'll be given it by Cpl. Gabrielle.
Colour: Blue

Now head back into the building you just came out of and take a bomb with you.
Fly back all the way to where the unbreakable chest was and drop a bomb on it.

Grab the gems and go down the hole below. Fly along the tunnel until you get to
the end and free another hummingbird. Now head all the way back out into the
area where the portal home was. Fly around to the left and free the hummingbird
in a cage, also destroy the unbreakable chest with a bomb. When you are sure
you've got everything around here, head over to the top lefthand corner of the
area and go through the lava tunnel. Avoid the fire-breathing things on the
side and work your way through to the final hummingbird.

Egg 042/150
Roy  Rescue 5 hummingbirds
Free the last one and you'll be given the egg,
Colour: Green

Now with the level completed, head back to the portal outta here and return to
the Midday Gardens Home.

Since you have just unlocked all of the Sgt. Byrd levels, it is time to return
to Sunrise Spring and complete it fully.

Molten Crater - Part 2

This is for after completion of the Sgt. Byrd level in Midday Garden. Once in
the level, head along to the right and through the tunnel to the last part of
the level, head around here until you reach the Sgt. Byrd portal which is now

Talk to Shale.

Egg 043/150
Ryan  Replace idol heads
For this challenge you have to locate all of the heads of Shale's friends. They
are located around the area here and once you get one fly it to any body and
drop it on it so it connects. Any heads lost in the lava will regenerate back
where you found it.
Colour: Green

Along the journey you should have collected all of the gems now.

Egg 044/150
Luna  Sgt. Byrd blows up a wall
In the main area of this place, look around until you see part of the wall that
looks like it can be destoryed. Fire at it and go inside to grab the egg.
Colour: Gray

That completed, head all the way out of the level and when back in Sunrise
Spring head towards where the balloon is, but just before the entrance to the
building, go to the left and talk to Zoe who will let you enter the first Sparx
level of the game.

Crawdad Farm

The controls here can sometimes be quite difficult to master, but they should
eventually be easy for you to know how to control Sparx. You get a short
training exercise mission from Zoe before you get into the main part of the
level. Once each challenge is completed, go through the doorway to get to the
next one.

Straight off collect the gems near you and the move along down the path taking
out the scorpions. Continue along here killing red scorpions until you reach a
box they are coming out of. Destroy the box to stop the scorpions. Just after
this Zoe will zap you when you pick up a red key.

In this large area there are many red scorpions and a box in the middle which
for the moment cannot be destroyed. Head over to the top left corner of the
area and go through the red doorway. Destroy all the scorpions and boxes in
here and grab the green key.

Head back out into the last area again and go through the green door this time,
it's over on the left. Grab the yellow key in here. Off to the yellow door in
the far right corner of the area. Go through here and go over the red button to
allow yourself to destory the scorpion box in here as well as grabbing the blue
key and all of the gems.

Again, back out but you can now destroy the scorpion box in here. Next go
through the blue door which is on the right. Kill them scorpions and work your
way through here and then get ready for the big boss battle through the next
blue door.

Egg 045/150
Nora  Take Sparx to the farm
Slide from side to side shooting the large scorpion constantly while avoiding
his fire. Once destroyed you'll get the egg.
Colour: Gray

Collect the last few gems of the level and go over the portal back to Sunrise

Zoe will tell you that Sparx can now pick up gems that are further away then
before. Slightly useful, but not the best really. Anyway, that's the whole of
Sunrise Spring completed! Jump back into the balloon nearby and head on back to
Midday Garden.

Icy Peak

Inside the ice cave over to the right from where you land in the balloon is the
portal to Icy Peak.

From the start, head over to Bob on the cannon. He'll tell you to help clear
the way with the cannon, so do so. Shoot out all the ice blockades, boxes and
birds around here. When you've got them all, jump up into the whirlwind to the
right and land on the platform it takes you to, then after getting those gems,
head back to the main platform.

Go along the path here and through a cave, flame all the TNT boxes in here as
well as dispatching all of the Rhynocs. Continue through until you get to a
room filled with ice, and a crack in the middle of it. Go to one edge of the
ice and jump and glide towards the centre, perform a headbash over where the
crack in the ice is. Gather all the gems down here then head back up.

Continue along down the level, go round to the right as you get past yet more
Rhynocs and TNT boxes. Over here you'll find a rocket to flame. Go all the way
up to another cannon which you should then use to destroy all the things around
here including birds, ice blockades and a large hole in a wall over on the left
of where the level carries on.

Head along through the tunnel where the two ice blockades were previously and
then here, go round to the right and jump up onto the pathway here.

Egg 046/150
Maynard  On top of a ledge
It's right at the end of the path here, take out the single Rhynoc to get to
Colour: Blue

Go back to the last area you were in and take control of the cannon there.
Shoot out all of the things blokcing places as well as the birds over near the
whirlwind. Once done, jump into the whirlwind and go headbash the headbash
chest. Then head back to mainland again.

Head over to where Moneybags is waiting on the left of where you were when
shooting that cannon previously. Pay him the 500 gems that he wants and go
through the portal.

Egg 047/150
Cerny  Protect Nancy the skater
Ugh, this challenge can sometimes be really annoying as Nancy tend to just keep
getting in the way. You need to be able to flame all of the Rhynocs that come
towards Nancy. The best way to do this is to memorise the direction that they
come from and to act fast.
Colour: Blue

Once done, head back out and then go round to the left and through the other
doorway. Take out the Rhynocs in here.

Egg 048/150
Chet  Find Doug the polar bear
Head on over to Doug who's standing next to the Gondola.
Colour: Blue

Next, use the cannon on the right of here to shoot out the ice blockade and the
birds, then head into the whirlwind and follow the path round.

Egg 049/150
Reez  Glide to the sky island
Use the whirlwind at the end of the path to get over to the egg and some gems.
Colour: Blue

Go down the steps on the left of this area and head through the portal doorway

Egg 050/150
Betty  Speedy thieves I
Another chase sequence here. First chase after the green thief, he's really
fast and requires you to keep on his tail the whole time, sliwly gaining on
him. When you feel you're close enough, attempt to flame him but still carry on
charging afterwards just in case you miss. This may take quite a while to
Colour: Green

No rest for you my friend.

Egg 051/150
Scout  Speedy thieves II
Next is the red thief. Even faster then the thief you just chased so this one
will be even more difficult to catch. Use the same tactics as before though and
you should eventually get him.
Colour: Grey

This place isn't just thieves though, along the paths here you will find a few
places with gems on the side. Once you've got them all though (make sure to use
the whirlwind to get up high) head on back through the portal you came in
through and then back out through the end of level portal.

Most likely, you'll now see a cutscene involving Biaca, Hunter and Spyro.
Nothing special but it shows what Hunter feels about Bianca.

Enchanted Towers

Head on over to where you hit a target to open up a portal.

Go talk to Pablo who'll yabber on about building a statue for the Sorceress.
Well anyway, head forwards and use the green rocks to kill the flying things if
you want, there's no need to waste your time at the moment though, you can
always come back later to get rid of them a lot easier.

Go on over to the left and go through the tower taking care of the Rhynocs in
here. Glide over to the next tower where there are yet more Rhynocs.

Egg 052/150
Gladys  Glide to the small island
On a platform over to the left in a tower here.
Colour: Grey

The next glide will maybe require you to hit one of those green things with a
rock again, but it's not nessacery. At the top of the whirlwind here, glide on
over to the green area with the large Sorceress statue in. Flame the rockets
here to destory it.

Egg 053/150
Peanut  Destroy the sorceress statue
As soon as it's gone, you'll be given the egg.
Colour: White

Jump up into the newly crafted hole and go through the portal here.

A nice new skatepark is here. Hunter will start to teach you how to do tricks
properly now.

Egg 054/150
Caroline  Trick skater I
Colour: Grey

Well, after that intense training, Hunter will challenge you.

Egg 055/150
Alex  Trick skater II
You'll really need to do a lot of tricks here and get good points for it. There
are a few jumps that will give you a lot of points just for completing them.
These include Triple Towers which involves you jumping across the three large
towers near the start of the level, a second is Half-pipe Leap which is to jump
across the whole of the half-pipe longways. Each of these will give you a 1000
point bonus the first time you complete it and as with other tricks it
decreases each time you do it. Hunter will nearly always do the Triple Towers
move quite early on and will normally end up with around 4000 points, you need
to beat him to get the egg off of him.
Colour: Grey

Remember to collect up all of the gems in here before you go.

Jump back up into the whirlwind and then carry on past the end of level portal
and into another whirlwind. Glide across to the platform behind you and take
the bone off the little blue fella. Next glide over to the right and headbash
the headbash chest there, glide over to the left here and headbash a second
one. Now head back to that whirlwind and glide across to the right over to a
new area. Here, go through the portal straight ahead.

Egg 056/150
Lys  Rescue the lost wolf
Walk straight ahead and talk to Mowat who's lost his wolf Farley. Head down the
hole and take the ball from Farley. Throw it onto the button in the next room
and Farley should go over to it and raise the platforms on the right. Flame the
button at the top to open the door.

Next head round all the way to another platform that moves and throw the ball
onto it. Farley will jump onto it, then throw the ball up to the left and go
press the button that raises the platform, Farley will jump over and then you
should follow.

Here, get Farley to go stand on the platform on the right with a button on, but
not quite on the button, then take the ball and stand on the platform over near
the button, throw the ball so it lands on the button and Farley walks onto it
to raise you up. Flame the button the simply work your way through to Mowat
again to get the egg.
Colour: Grey

Once out, head over to the right and up the pathway, allow Sgt. Byrd to patrol
the perimeters. You now have freedom throughout the level and can shoot down
those large green monsters with ease. Fly around the level collecting all the
gems and finding all of the bones for Ooga who is located over to the left of
where you come out of the Sgt. Byrd portal.

Egg 057/150
Ralph  Collect the bones
The bones are located all over the level, inside towers and in the open. Once
you've got them all you'll be 'treated' to a bone dance which you might
remember from the previous game in Skelos Badlands.
Colour: Blue

All done now head on back to Midday Garden.

Spooky Swamp

Up a ladder next to Hunter you'll find this one. The level's full of Haiku
poets I tell ya!

Don't go into the water for too long here as piranhas will attack you. Well,
straight off you should kill the gator attacking Homer the Firefly (strangely
unlike the fireflies in Season of Flame though). Head up into the lamp behind
him and glame the candle. Go through and along the level killing all the
Rhynocs and flaming all the candles until you get to a locked chest, you can't
unlock it just yet though.

Egg 058/150
Micheal  Jump to the island
Past the locked chest is a bridge that has no middle, and to the left of this
is a small island with the egg on. Jump to it over the piranha.
Colour: Orange

Carry on through until you reach Moneybags and pay him the 500 gems he wants.
Again more basic stuff to do that just involves going down the path and flaming
stuff. Anyway, once you flame the final candle, a large door will open, but
glide over to the platform with gems on. Follow these treetops around until you
reach an egg.

Egg 059/150
Frank  Across the treetops
Land on the platform with the egg on and walk over to it.
Colour: Orange

Now head over to the last platform you were on and go to the right instead of
to the left. Grab the key here and then head all the way down to where the
locked chest was to get the gems out of it.

Go back to where the ladder to the fourth candle was and talk to Shiny the

Egg 060/150
Thelonious  Find Shiny the firefly
He'll give you the egg after a short piece of poetry.
Colour: White

Go round the corner here and talk to Bubba the Firefly who is standing next to
the large door you opened earlier. Go through into the portal to face a creepy
wizard who for no particular reason has his face as one of the icons you can
select for your save file at the start of the game.

Egg 061/150
Herbi  Defeat sleepy head
Charge the bombs he throws back at him, also flame the gators he sends out to
kill you. Not too difficult if you line up the shots right.
Colour: Brown

Head on through to what is a really annoying Sheila level.

Talk to Basho the Firefly.

Egg 062/150
Peggy  Escort the twins I
Really, really annoying. You need to learn his exact path and to make sure that
all the obstacles are out of his way, but if you go along too soon and get too
far ahead, the obstacles can pop back up and end his run. He takes the
stupidest of routes possible (well, maybe not, there's still the other twin)
but you need to keep ahead of him just enough to stomp on all of the obstacles.
Colour: White

Ugh, back to escort the other one now, Buson the Firefly will annoy you this

Egg 063/150
Michele  Escort the twins II
Argh! This one takes a different route and seems to enjoy the most pointless of
direction pathways ever. Same as before, keep just enough ahead of him to
destroy the obstacles and get to know the route well.
Colour: Orange

Once you've done all that, explore the area here and gather all of the gems.
Make sure to get the ones hidden behind walls such as the ones in each of the
large caves that are located up high inside them and the one right next to the
place that those fireflies blow up, it's large a white and doesn't look
especially smashable.

That should complete the level for you now, so head on all the way back to
Midday Garden.

Bamboo Terrace

This level's entrance is located in the area directly in front of where you
come out of Spooky Swamp. Go to the right in this area and through the large
portal you should see dead ahead.

Talk to Ling Ling who'll inform you about Rhynocs and the whirligig to take you
to Evening Lake. Meh. Well get moveing along and talk to Li over on the right
(sometimes the water buffalo will charge into you whilst talking to her, but it
doesn't hurt you). Wander around the area and kill that water buffalo and the
pandas will move a boulder for you to get past.

More Rhynocs and buffalo around here, save the pandas that are being chased and
attacked by the Rhynocs in order to get past and along the level. There is a
small island just off to the left of where you come into this area, you can
jump onto it from nearby.

Egg 064/150
Dwight  Glide to the small island
Walk up to the egg.
Colour: White

However go round to the left of the area and round behind. Follow this pathway
around and then glide over to the platform quite far off.

Egg 065/150
Madison  Glide to the hidden cave
Flame the large Rhynoc and walk over to the egg.
Colour: 64

Also remember to go into the lake here and go through the cracked wall to get
four free lives. Then just continue through the doorway. When you get out here,
head to the right and follow it around, jump on the platforms in the water to
get across, but don't forget to get the gems in the water here too.

When you get over this water, flame the rocket Rhynoc and go talk to Sing Sing
in the building ahead.

Egg 066/150
Tom  Clear the pandas' path
She'll give you the egg.
Colour: Blue

Head over to the right and you'll see a blocked entrance to a Bentley level.
Also further along here you can glide to an island with a Mystery Vase on.
Flame it to see where it ends up next. You'll need to follow it flaming each
time in order to get the gems when it finally appears right next to the start.
Anyway, head up the newly opened ramp and chase down the thief.

Egg 067/150
Pee-wee  Catch the thief
When you finally catch him he drops the egg.
Colour: Green

Once that's done, head back up to the top of the ramp and head to the right. Go
through the portal doorway here to get to a nice shooting level.

Egg 068/150
Rusty  Shoot from the boat
Shui will tell you about helping her friends get home and stopping some
Rhynocs. Here you will be forced into first-person view mode with a super-flame
that will last as long as you need it. As the boat goes round, you need to fire
at each of the Rhynocs, making sure that none of them gets to one of the
pandas. This may take quite a while, but then again you might get it the first
time around. You will need a good aim and to be aware of what the Rhynocs will
be doing, oh and don't shoot the pandas yourself either.
Colour: Green

With Bentley so far still locked up, there's nothing more you can do in this
level so head on back to Midday Garden where you will be taken to the whirligig
to let you go face the end of world boss.

Country Speedway

You don't want to be doing that just yet though, you might as well complete the
speedway while you're here. Head back round to the place where the Bamboo
Terrace portal was and continue along, the next portal you get to is the
speedway. Remember not to exit a race or challenge (or the level) until you've
won it.

First things first, select the Time Attack from what Sparx says.

Egg 069/150
Gavin  Time attack
The best way to get this level completed is to go through all the rings first,
then fly in the same direction as the tractors are going whilst flaming them,
and next flame all the beret wearing cows. Then off to the planes flying
against them flaming them as they go. Sparx will give you the egg when you get
them all in one.
Colour: Orange

And now for the race, remember not to quit.

Egg 070/150
Shemp  Race the pigs
You will need to be flying through every possible star you can get to. It's
always never the best route that the red dots show so as long as you manage to
go through the rings it will be okay to cut the corners. You should be 3rd at
the start of lap two and at least second by the start of the final lap. The
best way to win is to know the course and all of the stars well so that you
don't lose control every time you attempt to go through a star. Anyway, once
you get into first place while going through the final ring, Sparx will give
you the egg.
Colour: Green

Select Time Attack again and fly over to Hunter who is located inside the large
farmhouse in the middle of the level.

Egg 071/150
Roberto  Hunter's rescue mission
This little Hunter mission is quite easy. Jetpack ahoy! As you go, just shoot
all of the space cows that you see, the shots almost seem to auto target
themselves really and no shots at you can actually hit you. If you miss one you
will need to start again. This mission doesn't take too long and will be over
before you know it. Hunter'll give you the egg after completion.
Colour: White

That's all folks. Head back to Midday Gardens and jump onto the whirligig.
Select Evening Lake and get ready to fight yourself a boss.

Spike's Arena

As you enter the level, you'll be treated to a cutscene called Spike is Born.
And indeed, Spike is born, well, made by the Sorceress.

Egg 072/150
Monique  Defeat Spike
Sgt. Byrd will help you out by dropping the occasional thing for you to use in
fighting Spike. You'll need to charge the large rocks at Spike until his health
drops far enough so he breaks up the ground (three hits), then you use powerups
to defeat him. Run into the red spike things and you'll be rewarded with a
super-flame to use against him once, not quite the super-flame you're used to,
but a powered up flame anyway, also beware as he can too use the powerups to
attack you. After another three hits, the powerups will become blue and you'll
now be firing out a blue thing to hit him with, three more hits and he's dead.
Colour: White

All done, you'll be whisked away to Evening Lake.

                            Part 3 - Evening Lake

Evening Lake Home

As soon as you arrive, Bianca will fly in and warns you to leave the Forgotten
Realms. Nothing you need to take notice of though. So head around the area and
colled the gems and flame the toads for butterflies. Then jump on into the lake
and swim around.

Egg 073/150
Jonah  Belly of the whale
Swim towards the large whale swimming around the lake and into its mouth.
Inside you'll meet up with the egg.
Colour: Orange

Heh, nice. Anyway swim back out of the whale and explore the rest of the lake.
Collect all of the gems you can find and then head down to the middle where
there is a breakable wall.

Egg 074/150
Stooby  Break the tower wall
So break it already. The egg is inside.
Colour: Green

Next, head up to the first area and make your way round to see Zoe and her
invinicbility powerup to get past some flames.

Egg 075/150
Stuart  I'm invincible!
Erm, the egg, go towards it.
Colour: Green

Continue along here by jumping round the corner and go up the ladder. Follow it
round. Go through the doorway just past the area that encircles the rocket.

Egg 076/150
Ted  On the bridge
On the bridge sort of thing here.
Colour: Green

Head up the ladder in the middle of the first area of the lake and collect the
gems up here, then glide over to the platform nearby.

Egg 077/150
Hannah  Glide to the tower
Walk over to it and say hi.
Colour: Green

Swim down under the ladder in the middle of the lake, and then back up inside
it. In here you'll find Moneybags who is looking after a certain Yeti in a

Pay Mr. Moneybags the 1000 gems he wants to free old Bentley.

This is where you go into his level now that you have the whole level

Bentley's Outpost

As soon as you arrive and take over control of Bentley, walk over to
Bartholomew and smack him on the head. No reason. Then smack the boulder so it
smashes and Bentley's little brother can pass through. Smash up the large totem
pole things here to get to the unbreakable chests on top, or in this case not
so unbreakable as your smash attack will take care of them. Also kill those
pesky Rhynocs that attempt to hit you with a torch.

Talk to Bartholomew again and he'll tell you how to get on further, use the
spin attack when he throws out a snowball to hit the gong.

Egg 078/150
Brian  The gong show
After hitting the gong, simply walk over the new bridge and over to the egg on
the left.
Colour: White

Walk over to Bartholomew again and you'll need to now use your spin attack to
hit the seels with the snowballs they throw at you. Remember to destroy the
totems here as well. The 'really mean' seel just moves about a bit more then
before. And afterwards Bartholomew will make you cause an avalanche with
another gong. Whatever, go through the tunnel on the left to get to an
unbreakable chest which you'll need to gather all of the gems from, some do
fall below onto the floor.

Once back, cross the bridge and talk to Bartholomew again. Time to do some
pushing. He'll just wander past. Walk up to the egg here.

Egg 079/150
Charlie  Snowball's chance
Colour: Green

Again Bartholomew will tell you what to do, but ignore him for a minute and
smash all of the things around here. head through the tunnel on the left to get
some gems and then off to the right and smash the large snowball to a gem. Now
push the boxes into place and jump across following Bartholomew. Talk to him
again and he'll give you an egg.

Egg 080/150
Eric  Help Bartholomew home
Walk up to Bartholomew and he'll give you something for Bentley's rock
Colour: Green

And that should complete your collection of gems and eggs in this level. Head
on back to Evening Lake. However rather then going on to Frozen Altars right
off, you should head back to Midday Garden to finish off a few things first.

Bamboo Terrace - Part 2

Head all the way through the level to where the locked Bentley level was and go
into it.

Bartholomew will tell you to get to the top of the top of the hill. Smash up
everything that gets in your way on your journey up the hill. Smash the large
panda looking boulders that are here as well and as you walk up the slope smash
the ones that roll down at you. Do this until you reach a doorway in the side
of the hill where there are several Rhynocs inside. Smash some stuff and
continue on up the hill to the top. There's nothing complicated with this level
at all.

Egg 081/150
Brubeck  Smash to the mountain top
Once you reach the top walk up to the egg to get it.
Colour: Grey

This should complete the level for you, so head on out and back into Midday

Spider Town

Meet up with Zoe over near the entrance to the speedway and she'll inform you
of another level for Sparx to complete.

No training section this time, it's straight into the action. Head down and
kill the bug in there, grab the gem and the butterfly too as well as the key in
the corner. Back up to the doorway where you started and head through shooting
the small bugs as you go. Go around the corner and destroy the large flower pot
they are coming out of. Then off to the right and another plant pot and loads
of little bugs. Next up to kill another large shooting bug and a another key as
well as two different butterflies. One gives you invinicibility which you can
use to charge through the next part of the level.

Head over to the right in the next large area and go up through here all the
way to the key to open another doorway. Head back out into the area again and
through the doorway up at the top. In here kill the bugs, grab the key and run
over the button to allow you to kill the flower pot in the previous area. When
the area is cleared, head through the doorway on the left and kill the bugs in
here too.

Head to the bottom of this part and grab the key which unlocks the door at the
top of the area. Go through it and shoot dem bugs. Work your way through this
place killing all the bugs and plant pots you can and grab the key and press
the button too. Back out again into the area before this door and you can now
take out that plant pot. Next through the door at the bottom and kill the bugs
you find here. Follow the path along till you get to the protected flower pot,
charge round it to press the button and then destroy it. Go down next and kill
the large bugs in your way. Prepare for the big battle now.

Just keep shooting at it and sliding along so that you can shoot it effectively
as well as the small bugs it sends out. It shouldn't take too long to drain it
of health.

Egg 082/150
Tootie  Go to town
Once the bug is destroyed you get the egg.
Colour: Blue

With everything gathered leave the level through the portal. Zoe will now tell
you that Sparx now has the gem finding ability! Yey! No more searching
endlessly for those gems you've missed. Well, that's all for Midday Garden now.
Say goodbye and head off into the whirligig to get back on track in Evening

Frozen Altars

The entrance to this level is located directly ahead of where you land off the
whirligig, you should be able to see it under the water from where you are

As soon as you arrive you get given the most useless power for an ice world,
ice breath. Amazing, you can freeze frozen things. Ah well, head into the tower
nearby and move the beam around so it melts the ice blockage. Continue along
past where it was and around so you can glide over to the place on the right.

Again, go into the tower here and melt the snowman blocking the way. You'll
need to hit him till he pops. Here you should freeze Ernest and use him as a
prop to get up to the temple steps. Walk all the way to the top and then glide
off to the left where there is a platform with a few gems on. Head all the way
back up and this time glide over to the tower nearby. Walk round it and then
glide over to the small island nearby.

Egg 083/150
Cecil  Glide from the temple roof
Just glide on over.
Colour: White

Go along through the cave he was guarding and freeze Eustace to get up to the
treasure. Skate on by to where Zoe is waiting to zap you.

Into the tower here to melt another snowman. Head out and round to a Bentley

Egg 084/150
Aly  Box the yeti
A nice easy yet sometimes annoying challenge. This first go is a lot easier
then the second though and is probably here just to train you. To get this egg,
all you really need to do is keep tapping either the Big Hookaroo or
occasionally either of the other two if you think it's appropriate.
Colour: Green


Egg 085/150
Ricco  Box the yeti again!
Yeah, three rounds and mysteriously he's gotten a lot better then before. The
best tactic here is to back off as he hits but to then do a Big Hookaroo on him
quickly. However it is advisable not to be actively walking away from him as he
hits, more of just being out of his reach as he swings. Keep doing this and
remember that you're in a 3D arena and you can move around a lot more then just
corner to corner. At the end of each round you and the other Yeti will get
healed up a bit, less each round though, but not fully unless you have hardly
any damage. If you haven't beaten him in three rounds then you lose and don't
get the egg, however if you knock him out before the bell at the end of the
third then you'll get the egg.
Colour: Green

Once both eggs are yours, you're back to the main level. Head round to an area
full of the ice mammoths. Go all the way around here and up onto the platform
at the end. Glide to the gems on the right and walk along a bit to glide over
to the left and onto the rim of the tower you used earlier. Walk around the
main building here.

Egg 086/150
Jasper  Across the rooftops
The egg's just sitting there around the corner.
Colour: Green

Glide over to the left and onto the first tower you used. Now jump back down to
ground level and head all the way back to just before the area with loads of
ice mammoths in. Here, jump up to the right and through to Moneybags and

Egg 087/150
Jana  Melt the snowmen
Just talk to Eugene to get the egg.
Colour: Green

Now walk to the left a bit and talk to old Moneybags who's as ever willing to
help you out. Pay him the 800 gems he wants to let you through to play cat

Egg 088/150
Ba'ah  Catch the ice cats
For this egg, Errol will tell you to take his place and beat the Rhynoc in a
game of cat hockey. Here you have to freeze the cats and get them into your
goal, not the opponents. A way to slow down the Rhynoc is to freeze him. Once a
cat is in your goal there is really no way to get it out again, nor from the
opponents goal either, however cats can sometimes just wander in there by
themselves. Five cats in your goal to win.
Colour: White

And back out again as the level should now be completed.

Lost Fleet

As the name suggests, the portal is located on the side of that ship you saw
under the water in the lake.

Talk to Crazy Ed as he runs up to you and he'll tell you some things. Great.
Well here you should run around killing crabs and flaming the large ghosts then
finishing the two Rhynocs that appear out of them. The flying ones can only be
taken down by either the cannon nearby or the small green spitting rocks. With
the cannon, shoot into a cave nearby until you near the sound of a chest
smashing, also destroy the red cross on the wall of a ship near to Crazy Ed.

Go through there and work your way across this area until you get through the
cave at the other end of it. Here you're going to want to jump over the acid
water as it hurts if you touch it. Use the cannon here to shoot another red
cross on the side of the ship here. Also shoot as many of the birds as you can.
Then go along up and through the hole you just made in the ship.

Egg 089/150
Craig  Find Crazy Ed's treasure
Talk to Crazy Ed and then walk over to the egg.
Colour: Blue

Head into the second room now and go through the powerup which will allow you
to swim in the acid. Continue along forwards until you reach a dead end where
you should get out of the water. Destroy all of the crabs around here and to
the left, but when that's all done, head off to the right of where you appeared
and go into the portal at the end of the path.

Egg 090/150
Oliver  Skate race the rhynocs
This time instead of a points race, this is a timed race. Head over and talk to
Hunter who will tell you of a challenge he's set up between you and the
Rhynocs. To gain more turbo charge, perform massive tricks. A great
oppourtunity to do this is when you are in the air, perform tricks such as the
Twisted Lime several times in a jump to get a lot of energy. Also going through
crabs will also get you a little bit more of a turbo boost, and when you go
through the blue stars even if you are pressing the turbo button it doesn't
decrease your meter. When you finally complete the race in first place Hunter
will give you the egg.
Colour: Orange

Once that's all done, Hunter will challenge you himself.

Egg 091/150
Aiden  Skate race Hunter
Use similar tactics to how you beat the Rhynocs except that now you have to get
all of the crabs which isn't so bad, you probably did anyway. Hunter is quite
good, but not good enough that those rockets can't touch him so if you can see
him and you have a rocket, fire it at him in order to catch up or overtake.
Colour: Green

Once you've done all that and gathered all of the gems from in here, head on
out again to the big bad world of Lost Fleet.

Head along here and then go to the left as soon as you can, now go all the way
back to the ship with the powerup in. Use the whirlwind in here to get up to
the top of the ship. Use the cannon on the front to shoot down all of the birds
you can see, then walk up along the front part of the ship that sticks out and
glide over to the cave you shot into earlier. Collect the gems then head all
the way back up to the top of the ship again. Jump back into the acid water
with the powerup active, and swim all the way through it until you end up in a
cave with an egg in.

Egg 092/150
Chad  Swim through acid
Walk up to it.
Colour: Green

Now head along through the cave and when you get to the end, glide off down to
the left and into a cave above the acid river. Go into the portal at the end of

Egg 093/150
Ethel  Sink the subs I
Talk to Crazy Ed in here and he'll tell you to clear the lake of Rhynocs. You
will need to lock on to the enemy subs before you can hit them so full speed is
required the whole time. You will need to keep on their tails the whole time,
make sure that they don't turn too fast for you. It shouldn't take too long to
get all six of them.
Colour: Green

And again.

Egg 094/150
Dolores  Sink the subs II
Repeat again, it's just that there's an extra one and now they like to drop
mines to attempt to kill you.
Colour: Brown

Use the powerup here to swim around in the lake collecting all the gems. Any
chests that you didn't smash with the sub before will need smashing with it so
go back and talk to Crazy Ed to get a ride in it. The gems in here should
finish off your collecting in this level so head on back to Evening Lake.

As soon as you arrive back, you'll see a nice cutscene involving Hunter and how
he is captured in a cage. Unfortunately this will prevent you from doing any of
his challenges until he is free again.

Fireworks Factory

The portal to the Fireworks Factory is located inside the red underwater tunnel
in the lake, just to the right of where you should be now.

Run down and talk to Greta who is fighting some Rhynocs. She'll tell you about
Handel. Around thios area are many ninjas, most of them will keep reappearing
so don't worry about them just at the moment. Carry on through the archway and
oof to the left to pick up a rocket. Use the rocket across the bridge to
destroy the large Rhynoc there.

Go around to the right and jump over the lava to get to a small island,

Egg 095/150
Noodles  Hidden in an alcove
Talk to it.
Colour: Green

Grab all the gems in this area and use the rockets to destroy the unbreakable
chests. Remember to get the gems that are inside the two buildings here as
well. Now go through into the next part of the level directly ahead of the
bridge. In here is one Ninja on the roof who will jump down to try to kill you.
Once you've gotten rid of him, go up the ladder here and run along behind the
large Rhynoc and flame the TNT on his back. Now just carry on through till you
get to Greta.

Jump into the cannon to get across here. Go around the back of this area to
find several Ninja boxes which you will need to destory. Then go inside the
building and take care of the ninjas that drop down. Fire a rocket at each of
the two large Rhynocs on the bridge and go left as you get off it. Grab all of
the gems and head into the portal round here.

Egg 096/150
Sam  Ninja HQ
Talk to Handel who will tell you to take the long way round. Simple enough
really. Go through the door way and flame the backs of the large Rhynocs. THen
over to the green platform and kill some ninjas. All the way through here and
to the right at the end. Fire a rocket at the Rhynoc in the tunnel and carry on
past him. To the right as you get to another large Rhynoc and kill the ninjas
in here.

Back out of the room and through the other doorway at the end of the
passageway. Destroy the large Rhynocs and ninjas in here and then go through
the final doorway to get the egg.
Colour: Blue

Back to the bridge and go over to the other way then you went before, that's
right to the right. Jump over to the top of the tower just ahead and then jump
over to another one with a portal on, go through the portal.

Egg 097/150
Evan  Bad dragon!
This one might take a while. The objective here is to destroy both of the large
chinese dragons by shooting them with the powerup Handel tells you to use. Each
hit will take off a section off the end of the dragons, but if you leave it too
long between hits they will start to grow back again. You can see the overall
status of each dragon at the bottom of the screen. The powerup is unlimited
here so there's no need to worry about that. Destroy both dragons to get the
Colour: Orange

Collect any gems you didn't get whilst flying after those dragons then head
back out into the level. Head all the way back to the main path and head up to
the building straight after the bridge. Talk to Greta who will now kill all of
the ninjas in the next room.

Egg 098/150
Grady  Destwoy the wocket!
As soon as the cutscene is over you'll be given the egg.
Colour: Blue

Head back into the previous room and gather the gems here. Down the hole where
the rocket came out of is an Agent 9 level, but as he is so far still locked up
you can't access it or complete the level. Head on back to Evening Lake where
you should now see a cutscene involving Hunter and Bianca.

Charmed Ridge

The last needed level of Evening Lake. The portal is located on the bridge
under the water.

Liz will tell you to help them save the princess from Prince Azreal. Glide over
off this small island and kill the Rhynocs before going up the ladder. Go along
here killing things till you get to Eileen. Jump down here and kill some more
things. Run along here and go up to a moving giant tower. Wait for it to slam
down as you approach then walk past it.

Talk to Moneybags here and pay him the 600 Gems he wants. Now head up the
stairs, jump onto them just before they form stairs again and then rush up
them. Carry on along here and over the platform. Go over to Alicia and talk to
her. Then use the sliding platforms to get up to a chest. Gl;ide down to an egg
straight ahead of you.

Egg 099/150
Benjamin  Egg in the cave
Land near it and then approach it.
Colour: Green

Go through the tunnel here and use the powerup, go up the ladder and shoot the
two cat wizards above the moving steps. Now back down into the tunnel and along
to the other end. Here shoot the cat wizard on the tower to the immediate left
and jump up to it using the Triangle button to gain extra height.

Egg 100/150
Moe  Glide to the tower
Just turn around and walk up to it.
Colour: Green

Once that's done, jump over to the platform just beyond the tower that moved
previously and get the couple of gems. Now go back to where you last were and
now glide over to the platform with the cat wizard who is moving the large
platforms. Glide down to the cave on the right and go through here killing all
the things. Then go through the portal.

Jack'll tell you about a golden goose.

Take the yellow seed ad plant it into the spot on the right, and put the red
one of the left. Jump up to get the chest and then switch the positions of the
seeds to get to a more useful spot. Here put the yellow on the right and the
red on the left. Jump up to the platform here and grab the extra seed. Then
swap the positions of the seeds and use them to get up to the high part.

Take the extra seed up with you and plant it into the spot up here. Jump up
again and Jack will now appear nearby.

Egg 101/150
Shelley  Jack and the beanstalk I
He'll give you the egg as well as three more seeds.
Colour: Green

All of them being red, put one in the ground here and then put the other two in
the ground up where you get to. Here you'll find two red and one yellow. Take
the red ones and plant them into the ground ahead, but take the yellow one back
to the previous seed location and swap it with the red seed which you will then
need to plant in the final seed spot. Use the bouncy mushrooms to get all the
way up to the goose.

Egg 102/150
Chuck  Jack and the beanstalk II
Jack will once again jump up to you and give you a second egg.
Colour: Blue

Collect the gems up here and headbash the wooden bit behind Jack. Then headbash
the chest in here. Head all the way back through the portal and into the main
part of the level again.

Jump down to the right and then use the ladder and carry on along to the left
and then to the right as you get to the top of the now stationary steps. Kill
them cat wizards up here and glide over to another one on the left to open a
door. Then jump to the door and go through it. In here kill all the things and
flame the exploding vases.

Go up the whirlwind in the middle here and flame the cat wizard.

Egg 103/150
Sakura  Rescue the Fairy Princess
Princess Ami will tell you to keep quiet about here and Azreal eloping and
gives you the egg.
Colour: White

Head back to where you were last and turn around, flame the Mystery Vase and
follow it where ever it goes until you get the gems right back at the start of
the level. And again head back to where you were and then jump off to the right
and follow this round so you can see a Sgt. Byrd portal. Glide over to it and
go on through.

Egg 104/150
Abby  Cat witch chaos
Waddle up to Isabelle and then through to the next room. As you get in here,
shoot like crazy at the witches coming out of the door as this is the easiest
time to kill them. For the ones that you miss, just stand around on the ground
and shoot at them as they fly towards you.

A second wave of ten witches will now attack. Same as before just more of them.
Once all ten are gone, you'll be treated to another wave of witches this time
making the floor so you can't stand on it. You will now need to be flying as
they fly at you, same thing as before, wait for them to attack you to shoot
them. Once all ten are gone you'll finally be given the egg.
Colour: Blue

Level completed, head on back to Evening Lake.

Honey Speedway

Swim straight forwards and into the Speedway.

Egg 105/150
Chris  Time attack
Go through the honeycomb rings first, then the bee hives, then flame the bees
on the flowers and finally fly in the opposite direction to the boats on the
honey, flaming them as you go.
Colour: Blue

And select the race the bees.

Egg 106/150
Henri  Race the bees
Same as every other race really. Use all te stars you can and make sure to go
through all of the rings. By lap two, you're going to want to be at leasy 3rd,
and by the final lap you want to be at least second. Remember again, don't quit
the level until you win this race.
Colour: Green

Unfotunately as Hunter is still a captive of the Sorceress, you won't be able
to do his challenge at the moment, so head on back to Evening Lake and go to
the rocket to fight the big ol' boss.

Scorch's Pit

Select Midnight Mountain from the menu when you step onto the rocket and you'll
be taken to the boss level.

Egg 107/150
James  Defeat Scorch
A surprisingly easy boss for this stage in the game. Just collect the rockets
and shoot at him all the time he doesn't have a shield up. Just remember to
avoid the falling fire balls and to kill the crabs and things he sends out to
attack you.
Colour: Brown

And you'll now be taken to Midnight Mountain as well as seeing Hunter be set
free by Bianca.

                          Part 4 - Midnight Mountain

Midnight Mountain Home

Walk forward a little and Bianca will appear in front of you and tell you that
there is a way to fight the Sorceress and to get more eggs. Strangely enough,
if you've collected all of the eggs so far available you can go fight the
Sorceress straight away if you want to, however, I'll save that for after all
of the levels in Midnight Mountain.

Head around to the left and up the steps here. Glide over to the island just
off the top here.

Egg 108/150
Saki  Glide to the island
Colour: Green

Now jump back to the mainland again and head to the left and over the bridge to
talk to Moneybags who is standing next to a caged monkey. Pay him the 1300 Gems
he wants to free Agent 9.

Back across the bridge and go over the other bridge now. Headbash the chest
here and then go to the left and chase the thief there.

Egg 109/150
Maiken  Catch the thief
Use the same tactics as you have for every other thief.
Colour: Grey

Across the bridge now and collect the gems here. Smash into the cracked wall
her and glide over to the egg.

Egg 110/150
Billy  Shh, it's a secret
Colour: Orange

Back in the whirlwind and go through to the left now. In here Bianca will tell
you that you have enough dragon eggs to confront the Sorceress now. Well, jump
over to the right.

Egg 111/150
Evie  At the top of the waterfall
Jump over to it on top of the waterfall.
Colour: Orange

Now back out to of here and then go to the area with a cracked floor. Headbash
it and walk up to the egg.

Egg 112/150
Colour: Grey

That's all of the eggs in the level currently, ignore the last one on the list
as you can't get it just yet.

Jump back out of the hole and continue along with the rest of the level
collecting the last few remaining gems around until you've got them all.

Agent 9's Lab

It's really the Professor's lab but who cares eh? Located exactly where you
freed Agent 9 from his cage.

For the first time you'll be playing as Agent 9. Learn his moves and get used
to him at the begining of the level here. Jump over to where the Professor is
now and he'll tell you to shoot the dummies. Shoot them all and the Rhynoc
hiding behind the tree. Go into the cave on the right to get a few more gems,
but the unbreakable chest is still unbreakable at the moment.

Talk to the Professor at the door and then shoot all of the Rhynocs that run
out in the next area. Shoot the red box in order to stop them. And again a bit
further on you'll face some more of them, and again you'll need to be shooting
a red box to stop them. Go through into the building here and talk to the

Shoot all of the 6 Rhynocs as they popup near the screen. Then go on into the
next room where you will once again find the Professor. Go into first person
view and snipe all of the birds in the nests.

Egg 113/150
Beulah  This place has gone to the birds
The Professor will give you the egg after you kill all six of the birds.
Colour: White

A second load of birds will appear now so shoot them all again and then move on
with the level and out the newly opened door. Talk once again to the Professor
and he'll instruct you to use the bombs in the vending machine to destroy
Rhynocs in armour. Make sure the cross goes green before throwing any bombs as
otherwise you'll miss. Go all the way back through the level to where the
unbreakable chest was and use a bomb on it, then head back here.

Go to the door here that is still electrified. Use a bomb to aim over the
forcefield and destroy the red box. Go through and now shoot all of the six
Rhynocs in boats on the water.

Egg 114/150
The egg will appear from the last boat.
Colour: Green

Remember to shoot down the balloon here to get the gems from it. Then go back
to the main path and talk to the Professor by the doorway.

Kill the last few Rhynocs in the next area and you'll be taken to the Professor

Egg 115/150
He'll give you the egg.
Colour: Green

Level complete. Head back through to Midnight Mountain and then back onto the
rocket all the way back to Evening Lake to finish it off.

Starfish Reef

The third Sparx level now. You should have the hang of the controls by now.
Located up the ladder in the first area of Evening Lake, talk to Zoe who will
take you there to do this level.

Go up and shoot all of the starfish and in the next room you will need to shoot
some more. Go through once they're all dead and then shoot some more in the
next room to destroy the seashell they are coming out of. Head through to the
next room and shoot all of the starfish in here as well. Go through the north
door to another couple of exploding starfish, once they're both completely dead
head out and through the doorway to the east.

In here you will need to kill the eels that shoot at you. Go through here to
the north and destory the two seashells and then go through the door to the
east. Shoot another eel in here and then a whole load of starfish and their
seashell. In the next room you'll find several exploding starfish and a
seashell dispensing them. To the south are some eels and a seashell making them
too. Go through the to door to the north and destroy yet more starfish in here.

Head back out again and go through the doorway to the east again. A ton of
starfish will suddenly appear so shoot them and then head south. Go around to
the west down here and shoot the seashell pouring out starfish and then head to
the eastern one too. Go through the doorway to the west now. Shoot the oncoming
starfish and then the eels in a line, then another load of starfish. Go through
the next door to face the big boss of the level.

This one will require a lot more manouvering then previous bosses at it is
quite fast and goes in crazy directions. Destroy the mini mantarays in fires at
you as well as hitting it as often as possible. It may take a while but you
should eventually kill it, the whole thing splitting in two as it gets to half

Egg 116/150
Ahnashawn  Beach Party!
Once the mantaray is dead, you'll get the egg.
Colour: White

Head through the doorway to the south and then go through the portal back to
Evening Lake where Zoe will now tell you that you now have an extra health
point, however strangely they forgot to add an extra colour for him. When you
die and get reborn, Sparx will be yellow but not at full health as he needs
anther butterfly to get him there which won't change his colour and you won't
be able to tell if he's at full health or not, but it will protect you for two
hits before chaning to blue now.

Fireworks Factory - Part 2

Now jump into the cannon near the start of the level and then proceed along to
where the Agent 9 level is situated for what is generally a quite difficult

Egg 117/150
Patty  You're doomed!
Handel will set you off on the mission to shoot all of the Nijas ahead. At full
health in here you have 100 points at the bottom if you completed the Sparx
level beforehand. Anyway, head out of the first room and shoot the ninjas as
they come out of the room, especially the ones with guns. Remember to strafe
out of the way of any bullets they manage to shoot at you. Go into the room the
ninjas were coming out of and destroy the box in there, then head back out and
along the corridor to where many more ninjas will attack you.

Shoot them all and grab a butterfly if you need one. Head through the door here
and into the next area. You're going to have to go out here and shoot the box
over to the left whilst also watching out for the ninjas on the roof. Once the
room is empty, head on through the door to the left of where you came in. Shoot
the ninjas on the roof in here and grab another butterfly if you need it. The
next room has several ninjas in so shoot them and go through to the room after
it. Shoot the box here to get rid of them.

This room here has a few ninjas in, as you go through you'll want to kill those
hiding in the sides, once you shoot one, all of them attack. Go through the
door at the end of this place and into the last room. This place is full of
Ninjas so as soon as possible clear the room of them and destroy the box
spawning them. Once clear, head through the other door, shoot the last ninja in
here and walk up to the egg.
Colour: Green

Now you've got to get back.

Egg 118/150
Donovan  You're still doomed!
From here the rooms will be called as if you are going through them for the
first time from where you are rather then going backwards through them.

Go into the room beyond the door behind you and shoot all of the ninjas in
here, there's a box directly to the left of where you come in. Now go through
the next door and kill the several ninjas that wil lcome through. Destroy the
box at the other end of this corridor as well as all of the ninjas in it.

Go through the other end of it and to the left. Shoot all of the ninjas there
making sure not to get hit. Then go through to the left of the exit to destroy
the box out there. A large room looms upon you now. Go to each side of the door
here and destroy the boxes to either side of it. Then go out into the room and
destroy the box at the other end of it. Once the room is clear, head through
the door to the right and shoot the ninjas that appear straight away. Go round
the corner here a little and destroy the box here, turn into the room to the
right when you get round here and finish off the ninjas in here too. Now go
through to the final room here before the end.

Destroy the ninjas and their boxes really quickly before they kill you. Now
once that's done head through to Handel to get the egg off him.
Colour: Orange

Complete. Head back to Evening Lake now.

Honey Speedway

Back here to complete the Hunter challenge, he's located right near where you
start off, just around to the right and then to the left to talk to him.

Egg 119/150
Nori  Hunter's narrow escape
Simple challenge this time. Just jump over all the logs and avoid the rocks.
Hit too many of them and the UFO will catch you, but if you get to the end you
will get the egg.
Colour: White

Anyway, with Evening Lake fully completed, head on back to Midnight Mountain to
complete the game off.

Crystal Islands

The portal to this place is located just along to the right and over the bridge
when you come into the world.

Talk to The Marvelous Magnifico who'll tell you about the problems of the land,
nothing important though. Jump into the water and kill and collect everything
here. Out of the water and flame the tree things. Then glide down towards
another area. Kill the things here and then go into the cave here. Jump into
the water and collect the gems and things in it.

Talk to The Great Zamboni and then use the floating crystals to get on with the
level. Out here kill the tree things as well as the large bear. Glide off
towards an egg on the right.

Egg 120/150
Manie  Glide to the island
Walk over to it.
Colour: Green

Head all the way back to where you were before the egg and then glide over
towards The Fantastic Frederico who'll start a whirlwind, but ignore it for
now. Kill all the stuff around and collect all the gems including the ones in
the water. Then go talk to the Fantastic Frederico again and use the whirlwind
this time.

Pay Moneybags the 1000 Gem dontation he wants to extend the bridge. Go over the
bridge and talk to The Astoudning Arturo. Kill the bear and then go into the
water and kill everything in there too. Then go talk to the Astounding Arturo
again to get him to perform his new trick. Go along over the floating crystals
to talk to the Magnificant Marvello.

Egg 121/150
Lloyd  Reach the crystal tower
Talk to him.
Colour: Blue

Go through the portal to the left side of him.

Egg 122/150
Elloise  Ride the slide
This one can sometimes be really annoying. You need to control your slide all
the way to the bottom of the ramp, collecting gems as you go as well. Don't
over press the directions as you will just end up dead. Once you finally reach
the bottom just walk up to the egg.
Colour: Blue

Head out of here. Go round to the right of the exit and glide down to a locked
chest. Into the whirlwind and then go straight into a Bentley level.

Move the large boxes so you can get to the unbreakable chests, then head along
and talk to the Amazing Randini.

Egg 123/150
Hank  Whack a mole
Usually simple, sometimes annoying. Smack only moles here and avoid hitting his
gnome friends. One hit of a gnome and you fail. Twenty moles in 1:05 is quite
tight but you should be able to do it.
Colour: Grey

That done, collect any gems you haven't got and head back out to the main part
of the level with Spyro.

Head to the left and go through the flying powerup. Chase after the thief here,
flaming as you get close to him.

Egg 124/150
Max  Catch the flying thief
Flame the thief
Colour: Grey

Go back into the powerup and fly over to above the first building of the level.

Egg 125/150
Grace  Fly to the hidden egg
The egg is located right on top of the doorway.
Colour: Green

Up here flame all of the exploding vases then head all the way back to the
flying powerup as you'll have lost it by now. Fly back to here and onto a
platform at the end to get the key. Back to the locked chest to open it up.
Again you'll need to go back to the powerup to fly around the level to get the
last gem which is located on top of a building over to the left of the powerup.
Once complete, head home.

Desert Ruins

Located straight over the bridge in front of you.

Talk to Gus right off and he'll ask you to save his girlfriend Tara. Jump over
onto the platform in the green lava and quickly jump onto the next part as it
will sink. Here kill the scorpions and go round onto the large hand. Then
charge into the thing heating up the metal pathway nearby. Repeat for a second
one further on and then glide over onto some more sinking platforms. Across
here, go to the right and repeat with another heater thing.

Glide across to the scorpion here and kill it. Go left now and jump over some
of the green lava again. Up the ladder and glide down to the left where there
is a Sheila the Kangaroo level.

Egg 126/150
Lester  Krash Kangaroo I
Nice and easy side-scrolling adventure here. Wander along the path killing
scorpions and just make it about halfway through the level to get the first egg
Colour: Orange

Continue along the level until you reach the next egg.

Egg 127/150
Pete  Krash Kangaroo II
Walk up to it.
Colour: Green

Now exit and back to the main level.

Glide over to the right and into the cave there. Glide over to the sinking
platforms and go all the way in.

Egg 128/150
Nelly  Sink or singe
On the first solid platform in here.
Colour: Green

Go through further and smash down a wall to get to a passageway with a key at
the end. Go back all the way to the locked chest and open it. Next go back to
just before the Sheila portal.

Go up the ladder and along the pathway here to collect some gems and things,
turn and glide down to the right. Along the hand and to an egg.

Egg 129/150
Andy  Give me a hand
Walk up to it.
Colour: Brown

Head back up the ladder again and this time turn around straight away. Glide
over to the hand you can see and again over to the chest there to get the gems
in it. Head all the way back down and towards the building.

Go inside and talk to Moneybags and pay him the 800 Gems he wants to open up
the tomb. Go through and kill the scorpions and heater things. Head around here
and up the heatable ladder. As you go up, make sure to keep off the ladder
about to be heated. Kill the heater at the top and then go along a bit and into
the hole here.

Go through the portal and swim over to Hunter.

Egg 130/150
Sadie  Shark shootin'
Blast some sharks. Shoot all eight of the sharks to complete.
Colour: Orange

Once you've gotten that egg, you should now go around collecting all of the
gems here now, you can use the mantaray for fun which is useful for going fast
and being able to smash all the chests around. Once that's all done, head on
out again and back to the main level. Glide down to the 25 gem and the extra
life nearby, then out of the door to the outside.

Tara will burst down a door and give you an egg.

Egg 131/150
Marty  Raid the tomb
Just watch and you'll get it.
Colour: Green

No reason why she would go through the portal now, but she does anyway. With
that all the level should now be completed so head on home again.

Haunted Tomb

To the left and forwards you will find this level.

Talk to Dan who'll set you a riddle which you'll need to have solved by the end
of the level. Well collect all the stuff in here and then step onto the button
to get to the next room. Go through the door and as the Earthshaper throws
something at you, dodge it and then pick it up. Take it back to fire at the
sarcophagus in the first room.

Back out again and use the things the Earthshapers throw at you to destroy both
themselves and the sarcophaguses. Head over to the left and kill the two Anubis
door guards to get past, they die with a simple charge attack. Press the button
a bit back to actually open the door though.

Here you'll need to do a bit more killing of things with those rocks again.
Press the button when you're ready and head through the door. You'll need to
dodge loads of falling rocks now to get past, do so. Kill some more of the
Earthshapers in here as well, and go up the short ladder.

Egg 132/150
Christine  Climb the wall
Walk over to it.
Colour: Orange

Through the door by pressing the button back a bit and past some more falling
rocks. Kill one Earthshaper here and press another button. Through a door and
kill some more, both an Earthshaper and a sarcophagus, then go through the

Egg 133/150
MJ  Tank blask I
Slightly difficult thing here. A demolition hovercraft competition will being.
The answer is twelve years. Fire at the four other hovercrafts, remeber to
slide a lot to avoid their attacks. Each time you die you lose a life
amazingly. Complete to get the egg.
Colour: Green

The championship round now.

Egg 134/150
TJ  Tank blast II
Slightly more difficult as there are more opponents, you just need to keep more
on your toes and to go around the whole arena rather then just the first area
as they will all be hiding ready to attack when you come near them. Once all
ten are gone, you win the egg.
Colour: Blue

Out again and go up the nearby ladder, slide down here until you get to the

Egg 135/150
Malcolm  Snake slide
You should automatically get it when you get to the end of the slide.
Colour: White

Glide back down to the mainland again and work your way back to where you were
just before. Go along past here and talk to Allgeier. He'll ask you the riddle
again, the answer is egg.

Egg 136/150
Will  Release the temple dweller
He will now give you the egg.
Colour: Blue

Allgeier will now run off through the portal. Go to the right now and through
into an Agent 9 level.

Egg 137/150
Roxy  Clear the caves
Not too difficult really. Ali will tell you all about the five deadly trials of
King Rover. The answer to the riddle is footpsteps. As soon as you get to the
middle, start shooting all of the snakes, avoid them as much as you can as they
will hurt you.

The second room has baskets of which you will need to destroy as they will keep
regenerating the snakes. All fifteen snakes need to be killed before you can
get to the third room.

In the third room you've got mummy Rhynocs now as well as snakes and baskets.
Shoot them all quickly to get through to room four.

You now have the Sarcophagus which also need shooting to prevent the mummies
from regenerating, twenty things to kill in total.

Room five has some Earthshapers as well, these need to be killed via use of
their rocks that they throw at you, kill everything else first then use the
rocks like you used the bombs in Agent 9's Lab. Once you've killed all 25
things here, you get the egg from the last room.
Colour: White

This should now complete the level for you. Head on back to Midnight Mountain

Dino Mines

Located just outside here, near where you headbashed the ground.

Straight off, glide around the corner here and grab the egg.

Egg 138/150
Dan  Leap of faith
It's gonna be a leap of faith as the title says, just make it around the
building and press Triangle to get the best height on it at the last moment,
but before you hit the side and fall to your death. Remember to flame the
cactus here as well for a gem.
Colour: Blue

Go back to the main land and kill all of the dinosaurs around here, go talk to
Sheriff Wyatt in the jail, then head around to the left and out here, kill some
more dinosaurs and flame some more cacti to get the gems out of them.

Across the bridge here and into a building with triceratops in shooting at you.
Go through it and out to kill some more dinos. Jump into the water here and
swim through, charging into all of the seahorse Rhynocs as you go. Smash into a
wall on the way as well.

Egg 139/150
Romey  Swim through the wall
Go up to it to get it.
Colour: Green

Continue along through the water and out the other side.

Kill the green T-Rex out here and flame the cactus. Head to the right now and
flame the blue dinos here as well. Head over the bridge here and around all the
way up to the ladder, head to the left and charge into the wall, freeing the

Egg 140/150
Kiki  Jail Break!
He'll give you an egg for freeing him.
Colour: Grey

Now head back and up the ladder. Dive down into the water and then into the
portal here.

Egg 141/150
Elliot  Shafted!
Deputy Holiday will tell you about an egg at the end of the mine shaft. All you
need to do to get to the end is get to the end. Avoid all the falling things
and just concentrate on getting there without hitting anything other then the
seahorse things if you want to.
Colour: Blue

Swim back out through the portal. Up to the surface and glide off down to the
Agent 9 level below.

Egg 142/150
Sharon  Gunfight at the Jurassic Corral
A simple kind of first person shooter level this time, no moving by yourself,
just shooting. Shoot everything that pops up as you go along, make sure not to
let anything get enough time to attack you. Eventually you should finish it up
and get the egg.
Colour: Orange

Now explore the rest of the area grabbing all of the gems that you couldn't get
before, there are also ones behind the windows here too.

Inside one of the buildings where several dinosaurs popped up in, is an egg
behind the ledge which blocks the view of it when you're outside.

Egg 143/150
Sergio  Take it to the bank
Walk up to it.
Colour: Orange

This should now complete the level for you so go back to Midnight Mountain yet
again, this time to go finish up before the Sorceress.

Harbor Speedway

Harbor? Pah! Harbour it should be. Anyway, the portal is located over the
bridge in front of you and past the Sparx sign. It's a big lighthouse.

Egg 144/150
Kobe  Time attack
Fly the same way as the seagulls flaming 'em, then through the arcehs, then
flame the lobsters, then after the boat riding fish.
Colour: Green

Select the race now.

Egg 145/150
Jessie  Race the blue footed boobies
Same as all previous races really. Go through every single blue star possible
and flame the seaguls as you go past them. It might be a good idea to charge
along on the boat as you get to it, but I really ca't tell whether you go
faster or not. You should be aiming for being in second place at the start of
the second lap in order got you to get a first place achievement even by the
start of the final lap, keep in first place to win. Anyway once you've gotten
tha first place and through the winning posts, you'll be given the egg by
Sparx. Oh, and remember, don't quit till you win.
Colour: Blue

And now back to the Time Trial option to do the Hunter mission.

Egg 146/150
Sara  Hunter's pursuit
Go find Hunter who is located insdie the large lighthouse. His challenge this
time is to fly through the smoke rings chasing the UFO until it crashes. You'll
need to get through the rings before they vanish.
Colour: Green

Sorceress's Lair

And now for the battle you've been waiting for. It's you vs. the Sorceress. Her
lair is located right in the middle of the world, go through the large doors
that Bianca will have opened for you earlier.

Egg 147/150
George  Defeat the Sorceress?
Not too difficult boss battle really. As each of the invisible things land on
the ground after Agent 9 shoots the balloons, jump onto them and fire at the
Sorceress, making sure not to get hit as she tries to attack you. First it's a
stationary cannon that Agent 9 drops which has only nine shots to hit the
Sorceress with before dissapearing again. After three successful hits, Agent 9
will drop driveable cannons. Then after a while he'll start giving you flying
saucers to fly around shooting for as long as you can go without getting hit by
the Sorceress. Shoot her until she is defeated. The egg will fly off towards
Colour: White

With the Sorceress defeated you will be taken off to a cutscene in the Dragon
Realms where Bentley interviews you much like you were at the end of the
original game. Just watch out for Spyro's eyebrows, they seem to have gone a
bit crazy here.

Midnight Mountain Home - Part 2

Head out and around until you find Moneybags on a bridge between Crystal
Islands and Desert Ruins.

Egg 148/150
Al  Egg for sale
After talking to him, chase after him and charge into him at every
oppourtunity. Keep doing this until you get all of your gems back off him and
he gives you the egg he had on him. Strange thing really, he says he's off to
Spooky Swamp, but goes into the Crystal Islands portal.
Colour: White

Bugbot Factory

It's not all over yet though head on over to the Sparx sign near to Dino Mines
and Harbor Speedway.

Go up and chase down the bug with a key. Shoot it and it'll drop the key for a
second, just enough time to grab it. Then go up through the door to the north
and shoot all of the ladybirds as well as the ladybird maker, go on a bit
further to kill another one. Get the key here and go through the north door.

Shoot the ladybirs here and go to the left, then go the other way. Chase after
the key thief and then use it to go through the door in the north-west corner
of the room, shoot the ladybrid maker thing straight away. Next go and grab
another key off another key thief in the middle of the large room. This key
gives you access to the room in the east side of this room.

Another load of ladybrids here and the place in the centre of the room will
also turn off. Chase after yet another key thief here to get through the
doorway in the southwest corner, but remember to grab any other gems

Ladybirds galore. Head round here and then to the south as you get to a
turning. Destroy the ladybird maker and then carry on past where it was. Shoot
the green things here and then go to either side next. Destroy the ladybird
makers in both sides and then chase down the key thief here as well. Go back up
and then to the right at the top to get ready to fight the final Sparx boss.

Egg 149/150
Anabelle  Shut down the factory
Not too difficult really, just keep shooting it as much as possible and it will
slowly reduce in size, also splitting in two quite quickly. Just stay around
the area near the door and keep shooting away until both ends are destroyed and
you get the egg.
Colour: Green

Now Sparx can warp you to any level and has the ability to smash open baskets
for you. All's done now. 149 eggs, 15000 gems. This means that you can access
the fabled Super Bonus Round, located in this world, just go along past the
Harbor Speedway and glide down to an area with loads of lizards on.

Super Bonus Round

The final supreme level of the game. With 5000 gems to collect it might seem
pretty big, however it's not all that much as you get a lot of them from each
thing you do. Head straight forwards and talk to Bianca. She tells you about
the thieves in the level. Chase after all the ones you can see to get a lot of
gems from each of them. Gathering certain amounts of gems will allow you to
access different challenges within the level through the large doors that will
open for you.

The first of those is behind the 16000 gems door. Here you have to use a mini-
sub to lock-on and destory several thieves in other subs. There are seven in
total, when you've gotten all of the you will have over the 17000 gems you need
for the next doorway.

Just across from the 16,000 Gem door, is the 17,000 Gem door. This challenge
involves you racing several Yeti's. The best way to win here is to perform a
massive backflip combo on the first ramp you get to, and using that turb boost
to get all of the way around the course, then on the second lap, repeat the
jump again to get the same boost. And again for the final lap, taking you all
the way to victory, as long as you stay on track the whole time it should be
easy. Remember to go back around getting any gems you've missed on your goes

Now with enough gems to open up the 18,000 Gem door which will now allow you to
fly after those thieves in the air collecting the last of the gems from this
world, bringing your total all the way up to a nice round 20,000 gems. This
will open up one last door in the game for you. Found right up near the top of
the level, head on through for the grand finale of the game.

Egg 150/150
Yin Yang  Woo, a secret egg
The title doens't really explain much, but you've got to fight the Sorceress
for one final time in order to get her last egg. This time you're set up in a
flying saucer from the very start, just keep firing at the Sorceress until
she's run out of life.
Colour: White

And that my friend, is that. The whole game completed. 117% gained. The only
thing left to do is gain the Skill Points in order to unlock the full epilogue.

--------------------------------[04 - Skill Points]----------------------------

Skill Points are given only to those who can do the most amazing things in the
game, and those that read guides like this. Here is a full list of all twenty
skill points as well as how to complete them.

Sunny Villa  - Flame all trees
For this first Skill Point, all you need to do is flame all of the trees in
Sunny Villa. They are short trees dotted around the level in plant pots.

Sunny Villa - Skateboard course record I
As the name suggests, you need to beat the course record in the skate park,
which should stand at a rather small 3,000 points to beat. Just do loads of
tricks to get it.

Molten Crater - Assemble tiki heads
For this one, go into the Sgt. Byrd level and instead of putting all the heads
on their bodies, simply drop them all in one place so they start dancing for a
short period of time.

Molten Crater - Supercharge the wall
I'm not really sure you need to actually supercharge it, but the wall in
question is located in the part of the level where the two thieves ran along
the super-charge ramp. It's around there on the ground nearby, it should be too
hard to locate.

Seashell Shore - Catch the funky chicken
In the last part before the end of level portal, there is a normal looking
chicken swimming around in the water. No idea why it's a skill point to get it
but it is.

Icy Peak - Glide to pedastal
Go to the area where the two thieves ran around the track and go up to the top
of the tower in there. Now glide down to where the red thief waited for you to
beat the other one, land on the tower to get the skill point.

Enchanted Towers - Skateboard course record II
Another skateboarding record this time. You need to get over 10,000 points to
claim it, this will involve a lot of combos and all the skate boarding skills
you have.

Spooky Swamp - Destroy all piranha signs
Simple one again, simply go around and flame all of the piranha signs in the
level to get it.

Sgt. Byrd's Base - Bomb the gophers
As you go around the level you might notice several gophers running around a
hole, now either take a bomb or just shoot them as they run around outside
their holes. Once all of them are dead you get the point.

Frozen Altars - Beat yeti in two rounds
This one might be difficult. First you need to get to the second fight with the
Yeti and then you need to beat it in two rounds. Avoid his hits and smack him
as fast as you can repeatedly until he's knocked out in two rounds or less.

Lost Fleet - Skateboard record time
Not points this time, but time. You'll need to get around in less than 1:45 in
order to claim this skill point.

Fireworks Factory - Find Agent 9's powerup
Clear the first room here and the first box you can see through the door, go
through again and destroy a second box. Now go back a bit and just before you
go into the first room again make the doors open and go into sniper mode. Look
up to the roof and shoot the red box up there. You'll get a skill point and a
gun will appear in the middle of the room. This gun gives you a nice rapid fire
action with a 500 ammo limit.

Charmed Ridge - The Impossible Tower
Go along through the level all the way to the place where there was an egg on a
tower, here go over to the left and get as close to the tower you can see over
on the left. Glide over to it and land on it to get the skill point.

Charmed Ridge - Shoot the temple windows
While in the Sgt. Byrd section, simply shoot out all of the windows in the

Bentley's Outpost - Push box off the cliff
Right near the end of the level when you have to push a box out of the way,
instead of leaving it push it all the way off to the right.

Desert Ruins -  Destroy all seaweed
Go into the portal which takes you to Hunter and the manta-ray, use it to shoot
all of the seaweed in this area.

Haunted Tomb - Swim into the dark hole
Go through the level a short way until you reach a rather short and pointless
stream, swim down into the darkness at the end of it to get the point.

Dino Mines - Hit all the seahorses
Go into the part where you go down the tunnel real fast, you'll need to hit
each and everyone of the seahorses down here to get it.

Dino Mines - Hit the secret dino
In the Agent 9 section of the level, while you're in a gun-fight with the
Bailey gang you might notice a dinosaur walking along in the back, it's a
darker green then any of the others and won't attack, simply hit it as it tries
to walk off behind a building.

Agent 9's Lab Blow up all palm trees
Simply that. Use the bombs to blow up all of the palm trees in the level.

Once you've got them all you'll have an extra special extended epilogue with
some extra info on the characters of the game.

------------------------------[05 - Cheats and Codes]--------------------------
All of the cheats for Spyro: Year of the Dragon, just pause the game and enter
them there.

2D Spyro
L, R, L, R, L1, R1, L1, R1, S, C

99 Lives
R2, L2, R2, L2, U, U, U, U, C

Big Head Spyro
U, R1, U, R1, U, R1, C, C, C, C

Black Spyro
U, L, D, R, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, R, D, L, U, D

Blue Spyro
U, L, D, R, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, R, D, L, U, X

Easy Mode
C, S, R, L, R, S, C, X

End Credits
C, S, R, L, R, S, C, X

Extra Hit Point
C, R1, C, L1, C, R2, C, L2, C

Green Spyro
U, L, D, R, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, R, D, L, U, T

Hard Mode
C, S, R, L, R, S, C, S

Pink Spyro
U, L, D, R, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, R, D, L, U, S

Red Spyro
U, L, D, R, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, R, D, L, U, C

Squid Skateboard
U, U, L, L, R, R, D, D, S, C, S

Treasure Finding Ability
R, R, L, L, R, R, L, L, C, C, C

View Credits
L, R, L, R, L, R, S, C, S, C, S, C

Yellow Spyro
U, L, D, R, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, R, D, L, U, U

And here are all of the level warp and movie playback codes, simply enter the
following code and then the corresponding button to do what you want:
U, D, U, D, L, R, L, R, S

Sunrise Spring Home     X, C
Sunny Villa             X, X
Cloud Spires            X, S
Molten Crater           X, T
Seashell Shore          X, R
Mushroom Speedway       X, D
Sheila's Alp            X, L
Buzz's Dungeon          X, U
Crawdad Farm            X, R1

Midday Garden Home      S, C
Icy Peak                S, X
Enchanted Towers        S, S
Spooky Swamp            S, T
Bamboo Terrace          S, R
Country Speedway        S, D
Sgt. Byrd's Base        S, L
Spike's Arena           S, U
Spider Town             S, R1

Evening Lake Home       T, C
Frozen Altars           T, X
Lost Fleet              T, S
Fireworks Factory       T, T
Charmed Ridge           T, R
Honey Speedway          T, D
Bentley's Outpost       T, L
Scorch's Pit            T, U
Starfish Reef           T, R1

Midnight Mountain Home  R, C
Crystal Islands         R, X
Desert Ruins            R, S
Haunted Tomb            R, T
Dino Mines              R, R
Harbor Speedway         R, D
Agent 9's Lab           R, L
Sorceress's Lair        R, U
Bugbot Factory          R, R1

Super Bonus Round       D, C

Title Screen                        L, C
An Evil Plot Unfolds...             L, X
A Powerful Villain Emerges...       U, D
A Desperate Rescue Begins...        U, L
No Hard Feelings                    U, U
The Second Warning                  L, S
Bianca Strikes Back                 L, T
Byrd, James Byrd                    U, R1
Hunter's Tussle                     L, R
Spike Is Born                       L, D
A Duplicitous, Larcenous Ursine     U, L1
An Apology, And Lunch               L, L
A Monster to End All Monsters       L, U
The Dancing Bear                    R1, T
The Escape                          L, R1
Deja Vu?                            L, L1
A Familiar Face                     U, C
Billy in the Wall                   U, X
One Less Noble Warrior              U, T
THE END                             U, R

-------------------------[06 - Trophies / Achievements]------------------------

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy they added Trophies / Achievements to earn.

There's one trophy for each level and a second one for each homeworld, and
please note that they can only be done in the level described. A lot of the
trophies you'll just get in the process of completing each level but a few
require very specific actions.

None of these are missable but you may need to exit and re-enter a level to try
again if you've defeated too many enemies in the wrong way or something like

Party like it's 2024

    Win all trophies in Spyro 3

While you don't need to get 100% to get this Platinum trophy if you are trying
to get everything you will, along the way, earn almost every trophy. Out of all
of them there's maybe one or two you might not do normally (an extra long glide
and freezing a lot of enemies) and one that seems to be a bit temperamental
whether it'll be awarded or not (shooting vultures).

The Money's In The Bag - Sunrise Spring

    Silver / 30
    Free Sheila the Kangaroo

It'll cost you 300 Gems to free her from Moneybags' cage. There's exactly 300
gems in the Sunrise Spring homeworld so you can free her without even going to
a single other level.

Moving Up In The World - Sunrise Spring

    Gold / 40
    Launch the Transporter Balloon

Requires you to reach the Return Home portal in each of the five main levels of
Sunrise Spring.

    * Sheila's Alp
    * Sunny Villa
    * Cloud Spires
    * Molten Crater
    * Seashell Shore

The Villa Bully - Sunny Villa

    Bronze / 20
    Defeat all Coward Rhynocs

The coward Rhynocs are the small ones that run away from you and do not attack.
They are only found in the main section of the level, there are eleven total
with none in Sheila's section or the skatepark.

Head in the Clouds - Cloud Spires

    Bronze / 20
    Glide for 5+ seconds (and land safely!)

One of the very few Year of the Dragon trophies that requires some extra
effort. First go to the upper area accessible by a small whirlwind that turns
on after you have opened the Return Home portal, keep going to just past the
first two flamethrowers and then jump and glide down towards the beginning of
the level so you go past the tall whirlwind. You should have enough height to
get the five seconds of air time in before you land. There are probably a few
other places in the level where you can just about get enough time but this
jump will definitely do it.

A Key Move - Molten Crater

    Bronze / 20
    Unlock the locked treasure chest

And straight back to one you can't miss if you fully complete the level. The
key is on the bottom ridge of the Return Home portal platform on a small bit
jutting out by the lava, if you go on the wooden bride after the Return Home
portal you can see it down on the left. The chest is on your left at the very
start of the level.

Bye Bye Bluto - Seashell Shore

    Bronze / 20
    Defeat Bluto's nuclear shark submarine

Swim through the top of the final area before you open the Return Home portal
to reach the doorway to where you go fight Bluto. Shoot him when he pops up out
of the water with the torpedoes you pick up from the floating crates. Pick up a
bunch and then, when you get the opportunity to, fire them all as quickly as
you can at him. If he pops out of the top of his sub and starts hitting it he's
repairing it, you can put a stop to that by attacking him.

Stomping Target Practice - Sheila's Alp

    Bronze / 20
    As Sheila, destroy all headbash treasure chests

Mostly just got to look for the high up caves where some of them are hiding.

    * In the high up open cave above the level's first Rhynoc
    * In a bouldered off high up cave just as you get inside
    * Two next to each other behind some boulders in a medium high up cave just
      before the second goat house
    * On a raised platform in the area with the mushroom Rhynoc houses
    * In the cave high up behind the Return Home portal

Star Power - Mushroom Speedway

    Bronze / 20
    Fly Through 4 Star Speed Boosts In One Lap

I don't know how you'd even come close to winning this race without doing this
anyway. During the Race the Butterflies challenge along the path you'll see
blue stars that you can fly through to boost your flying speed for a short
time, there are five on each lap so even if you don't go for the ones that are
slightly off the path you should easily get this.

Buzz Off! - Buzz's Dungeon

    Silver / 30
    Defeat Buzz

Yeah the trophy is to just beat him, there's no need to do it perfectly or
without flaming any sheep or any extra kind of challenge whatsoever.

The basic strategy for beating Buzz is to charge at him and knock him into the
lava six times. The pattern changes every two bits of damage. To begin the
fight you charge straight at him, keep walking towards him but watch where he
lands when he side-jumps so you can then quickly charge at him again. If he
starts running at you the bounce back might not be as good so just keep
repeating that until he falls in the lava. Once he goes in run over to the far
side of the arena and get ready to run to the side in an arc when he starts
rolling towards you. Once he's done that repeat the first part again.

After the second bit of damage he'll now produce a ring of fire around him when
he lands after being charged so don't be too quick. Instead just slowly
approach him and just wait for the fire ring to vanish before immediately
charging into him. If you're finding that he reacts too quickly and you're only
getting a tiny rebound then instead let him bounce you away (you don't take
damage from that) and then quickly charge back at him and you'll get the full
sized rebound.

After two turns of that he'll add a triple burst flame breath attack after the
fire ring which actually makes it easier as you now have plenty of time. Wait
for the first two blasts and then jump and glide towards him over the third,
charging at him while in the air.

Who's Your Crawdaddy? - Crawdad Farm

    Bronze / 20
    Defeat the Crawdad King

After you've beaten Buzz return to Sunrise Spring and talk to Zoe just outside
of where the balloon is located to enter the first Sparx world. The Crawdad
King is the extra large final enemy of the level that you need to defeat to
open the portal out of there.

A Byrd In The Hand... - Midday Gardens

    Silver / 30
    Free Sgt. James Byrd

Byrd costs 700 gems to free, you can find where Moneybags is keeping him by
going directly straight forwards from where you enter Midday Gardens.

One Small Step For Dragon... - Midday Gardens

    Gold / 40
    Launch the Transporter Whirligig

As with the first world you need to reach the end of each of the main levels of
Midday Gardens and then set off in the Whirligig for Evening Lake.

    * Sgt. Byrd's Base
    * Icy Peak
    * Enchanted Towers
    * Spooky Swamp
    * Bamboo Terrace

Cannon Fodder - Icy Peak

    Bronze / 20
    Destroy 6 icy things using the cannons

On each cannon just look around for the ice blockages and blow them up. At the
first cannon there are two (the main blockage and one on a whirlwind to the
right), at the second cannon there are four (a whirlwind behind it and two
caves in front with a second ice block in the cave on the right), and at the
third cannon there are three more which are unnecessary for the trophy as you
should already have it by that point. Four are necessary to reach the end of
the level and there are five optional ones of which you only need to smash two.

Balloon Buster - Enchanted Towers

    Silver / 20
    Destroy all the balloons

The four balloons are holding vases with gems in so you'll want to do this
anyway. Rather than trying to hit them with the green lava balls just wait
until you get to the Sgt. Byrd section to shoot them down using his rockets.

    * Two over the starting area
    * One near Ooga
    * One above a bone lizard near the exploded statue

Tucked in for a Long Slumber - Spooky Swamp

    Bronze / 20
    Defeat Sleepyhead

Very simple mini-boss, charge his bombs back at him and flame the little
creatures he sends out. He's found through a door around the back of where you
open the Return Home portal. To open his door you first need to light the tea
candles found around the level.

Bottled Curiosity - Bamboo Terrace

    Bronze / 20
    Follow the question mark bottles to the end

It'll give you gems so again this is something you'll be doing anyway.

    * The first position is on a small island behind the Return Home portal
    * Then it appears on the path between Return Home and the Bentley portal
    * Then next to the trio of pandas standing on top of each other next to the
      bridge they activated
    * At the other end of the water those pandas are next to
    * Just inside the red room as you head back towards the start of the level
    * Behind the round panda stone outside the front of the red room
    * Right back at the start

Byrd Bombs - Sgt. Byrd's Base

    Bronze / 20
    As Sgt. Byrd, bomb all treasure chests

Pick up the bombs to drop on the three otherwise unbreakable treasure chests.

    * There's one through the first door, you'll have to go further through the
      level and double back once you find the bombs. This is the one where the
      floor explodes underneath it when you bomb it
    * On the floor around the corner after you get outside again, underneath a
      hummingbird cage
    * On a high ledge past the Return Home portal

Rocket Racer - Country Speedway

    Bronze / 20
    Fire 5 missiles in one race

During the Race the Bi-planes challenge fly into the red stars to pick up a
rocket and breath it out by using your flame breath. There are four to pick up
on each lap so you can have this done early in the second lap. The last two are
not on the best path but even if you skip them the other two are enough to get
six shots off in the race.

No Dragon for Lunch Today! - Spike's Arena

    Silver / 30
    Defeat Spike

Again no special requirements for this, just beat it. For his first two health
points you need to charge the glowing orange balls at him, line yourself up and
charge into it to bounce it off his head. You can avoid his singular ranged
attack by moving to the side.

After the two health points are taken Sgt. Byrd will start dropping in red
ammunition, you will want to run over and grab it then run up to Spike and use
your powered up fire breath on him. You can only hurt him once per go so don't
stick around. Avoid his double shot attack and go for a second flame breath
powerup attack. If Spike gets his hands on one of these be prepared to jump
over the fire shockwave he sends out.

For the third phase of the fight Sgt. Byrd will start dropping purple
ammunition, these fire a single purple ball at him when you try to use your
fire breath. If he gets one though he'll start firing an electric beam attack
that lasts quite a while, rather than just trying to go to the side charge
sideways but also towards him to get behind him. A second purple powerup attack
will finish him off.

Web-Be-Gone - Spider Town

    Bronze / 20
    As Sparx, defeat the Spider King

Return to Midday Gardens after defeating Spike, you have to have beaten the
Sparx world in Sunrise Spring first as well.

A Small Cost To Bear - Evening Lake

    Silver / 30
    Free Bentley the Yeti

This guy will cost you 1000 of your gems, you can find him by swimming down
into an opening in the central tower.

...One Giant Leap For Dragonkind - Evening Lake

    Silver / 30
    Launch the Transporter Rocket

For each level of Evening Lake reach the end.

    * Bentley's Outpost
    * Frozen Altars
    * Lost Fleet
    * Fireworks Factory
    * Charmed Ridge

Man the Cannons, Man - Lost Fleet

    Bronze / 20
    Use cannons to shoot down all vultures

If this doesn't pop for you by the time you've got all of the gems then try the
level again but make sure not to die or go into any of the sublevels before
shooting them all. When shooting them keep in mind that you can sometimes see
vultures from one cannon that you have to use a different cannon to actually

    * At the first cannon there is only one vulture you can hit
    * At the second cannon there are two you can hit
    * And at the cannon on top of the ending ship you can hit the remaining

A Dozen Cold Ones - Frozen Altars

    Bronze / 20
    Use ice breath to freeze 12 enemies

There are plenty of enemies in the level to use this on.

Twin Dragon Destruction - Fireworks Factory

    Bronze / 20
    Defeat Twin Dragons (Boss)

This is the aim of the sublevel where you fly around with superflame shooting
the long Chinese style dragons. Don't bother following them down the tunnels,
instead try to cut them off as they come out the other end (but make sure not
to fly directly into their heads or you'll likely get fireballed).

The Harder They Fall - Charmed Ridge

    Bronze / 20
    Defeat a giant

Wait for one of the cat wizards to make an unarmoured enemy large before
flaming it. There's one right near the start of the level.

It's Totem Destruction - Bentley's Outpost

    Bronze / 20
    As Bentley, destroy all the totem poles

There's a treasure chest at the top of them so this is something you'll be
doing anyway.

    * Two just before the first gong
    * One between the first two seals
    * Two just before the second gong
    * One to the left after pushing the first box
    * Two next to the Return Home portal

Real Star Power - Honey Speedway

    Bronze / 20
    Fly through 12 star speed boosts in one race

During the race against the bumblebees you'll want to be flying through the
blue stars to stand a chance of winning anyway. There are eight stars you can
attempt to fly through on each lap so you can have this done halfway through
the second lap.

Scorched! - Scorch's Pit

    Silver / 30
    Defeat Scorch

Same as the previous boss trophy, all you've got to do is defeat him. The
general idea with this fight is to use the ammo that Bentley throws into the
arena to shoot Spike while he moves to his next position.

There aren't as distinct phases of the fight as other ones but generally Spike
will start out throwing Crab eggs, after a bit of damage he'll switch to TNT
Rats, then after some more he'll throw either Fire Goblins or a Buzz boss at
you. You defeat Buzz the same way you fought him in his own fight except it's
just stage one and he'll die the first time you bump him into lava.

He'll also often throw out a burst of fireballs over where you're standing so
watch the shadows to see where you can move to to avoid getting hit by them.

While avoiding the fireballs and killing the smaller enemies you should also be
firing green rockets or red bullets at Spike when he moves from position as
he'll drop his shield as he does that. The green auto-tracks so you just have
to pointing in his general direction but the red bullets need to be shot
directly at him which can be difficult when he's moving so you're most likely
to hit him when he stops, but as he brings his shield up quite quickly you'll
want to start shooting before he stops moving.

Manta Erayser - Starfish Reef

    Bronze / 20
    As Sparx, defeat the Manta Ray

Return to Evening Lake and climb up the central tower after you've defeated
Scorch and completed the Sparx level in Midday Gardens.

That Monkey's Gonna (Make Them) Pay... - Midnight Mountain

    Silver / 30
    Free Agent 9

He'll cost you 1300 Gems to free if you do it in the intended order. If you
defeat the Sorceress without freeing him and then chase down Moneybags (which
removes him from all of his locations in the game and automatically opens
everything he would usually ask you to pay for) you will still get given this
trophy so don't worry about that.

8,000 Reasons to Kick Butt - Midnight Mountain

    Gold / 40
    Get revenge on Moneybags

After defeating the Sorceress you can find Moneybags on a bridge in Midnight

Vanishing Act - Crystal Islands

    Bronze / 20
    Defeat all the Crystal Bears

The big blue crystal bears, there aren't very many and just require a simple

    * Where you glide to from the first island, in front of the steps
    * After the first gem platform magic trick
    * Two more by Frederico's whirlwind trick
    * One where you land after the whirlwind trick
    * And one final one after Moneybags' bridge trick

Butterfly Hunter - Desert Ruins

    Bronze / 20
    Find both butterfly jars

Almost an actual thing to do but they're both by gems so it's not likely you
wouldn't do it anyway. The first one is on the upper area just outside where
you find Moneybags, and the second one is inside on a ledge you jump to from
the top of the hole that leads to the underwater section.

A Sarcopha-Kinda Guy - Haunted Tomb

    Bronze / 20
    Destroy All Sarcophagi

Use the lava rocks that the Earthshaper mummies try to throw at you. As the
Sarcophagi drop gems you will, as usual, want to do that anyway. The ones in
the Agent 9 section do not count for this.

    * One in the first room
    * One behind the first Earthshaper mummy
    * Three in the third room
    * One after the falling rocks
    * And one last one next to the portal to the hover tank area

Nice Shootin' Tex - Dino Mines

    Bronze / 20
    As Agent 9, defeat an enemy with a richochet shot

You'll probably just get this accidentally if you're not getting absolutely
perfect shots. Just keep firing wildly and eventually one will bounce off a
wall and hit an enemy during the sequence.

Someone Set Us Up the Bomb - Agent 9's Lab

    Bronze / 20
    As Agent 9, shoot down all the balloons

The balloons are all up high so make sure to look up.

    * After the first electric doorway
    * Inside the first room where you snipe Rhynocs popping out in front of a
    * Two above the area where you get bombs
    * And two last ones in the area next to the boat Rhynocs

Hunt for Hunter - Harbor Speedway

    Bronze / 20
    Find Hunter

He's waiting for you in the ground floor of the lighthouse.

Sorceress Down! - Sorceress's Lair

    Gold / 80
    Defeat The Sorceress

Once you've gathered 100 Dragon Eggs you can face off against the Sorceress
(possible to do the moment you set foot in Midnight Mountain). The general idea
here is to jump on the outlined cannons and vehicles and use them to shoot at
the Sorceress while avoiding her attacks.

Charge to the side to avoid her orange fireball attack, her blue electric ball
attack is easier to avoid if you're moving slowly. And if she runs towards you
just charge away from her. Be careful when charging to the side as the arena
has no barriers to keep you out of the lava so you'll have to watch out for
that yourself.

While doing all that be on the lookout for the ghostly outline of a cannon,
jump onto it and the Sorceress will start running away from the centre of the
arena, it is at that point you should aim the cannon (it's generally set at the
right height to hit her where she'll stop) and start trying to hit her. Once
she stops you've got a second or two before she'll fire back at you and as
you're in a stationary cannon you'll have to jump off to avoid it (if you run
out of ammo you'll be thrown off it anyway).

Between phases she will fire a ton of blue balls into the air for you to avoid,
they don't have shadows so just move far away from where you were standing.

After a few hits on her the drops will start to be cannons on wheels, these
you'll have to drive after her to try and hit her as that makes it a little
easier to hit but you could just stay quite far away and lead your shots well.

A few more hits from that and you'll start getting a flying vehicle that can
shoot. This one will let you stay on it as long as you like as it doesn't have
limited ammo but be very careful when flying directly towards her as getting
hit will knock you off it and the orange fireball attack will hit you if you
wait too long to veer off. The easiest moment to hit is right away so if you're
having trouble flying it just immediately shoot when you get on and then hop
off to try again on another one.

Debugging - Bugbot Factory

    Bronze / 20
    As Sparx, defeat the Metapede

Once you've defeated The Sorceress and completed all the other Sparx levels you
can enter this final Sparx world and gain Sparx's ultimate power.

----------------------------[07 - Contact Information]-------------------------

If you need to contact me for anything to do with this particular game (Spyro
: Year of the Dragon) then send me an e-mail with a clear subject that
has something to do with the game in it somewhere so that I won't just delete
it, as I generally do that a lot. I would also like to know exactly what game
it is that you are contacting me about as I have written a guide for nearly
every Spyro game now so saying something like 'I'm stuck in this boss level,
HELP!!!!' really won't get you anywhere.

My address is:


Contact me there for help with finding the eggs or contributions for the
guide. And yes, I do realise that having the (at) and the (dot) bits are
annoying, but apparently it will reduce all the junk mail that I get, so just
replace them with the @ and the . to get my address. You may also get a faster
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Or at my forum:


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The latest version of this guide is located on GameFAQs.com;

So if you're reading this guide from anywhere else (excluding my own website
which also has the latest version) then please go to this version of the guide
to see whether your question has been answered already.

-----------------------------[08 - Version History]----------------------------

v1.0 - 17/8/04
Finally finished up the guide that I've been working on for a few weeks now on
and off, mostly off. Well, now that Year of the Dragon is out of the way, next
is Season of Ice on the GBA then finally on to Season of Flame to complete my
guide writing for the series.

v1.1 - 10/9/04
Very slight of an update. Fixed a couple of errors that I noticed and updated
my e-mail address to my new one.

v1.2 - 29/1/19
Added the Trophies / Achievements for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

---------------------------------[09 - Thanks]---------------------------------
Thanks to Insomniac Games for making such a good end to the original Spyro

If there is anyone who has contributed to the guide in anyway and I have
neglected to mention, then thank you.

--------------------------------[10 - Copyright]-------------------------------
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