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Reviewed: 08/09/05

Know Your Role does deliver.

The history of this game is that this is the second installment in the SmackDown saga. When the first one came out it was an instant success which led to a second SmackDown game titled "SmackDown! 2 Know Your Role". When screenshots were first seen from Game Informer magazine. What was shown was an alpha version of the game. Then when sites started getting betas to do previews on, the game started to look like it was it's own game. From changing meter bars throughout the making of this game, they finally settled on one. Once more information came out for this game, the hype and anticipation grew amongst gamers. When it was finally released on November 20, 2000, people saw from their own eyes who this was different from the first. Most people thought it was considered a huge step up from the first since it had more modes which I'll cover later on in this review.

Now I'll move on to the game play in this game. The game play is awesome since the makers Yukes went on taking advantage of PlayStation's hardware and using it to create one of the best wrestling games that is currently on the market. To move on to the game play. The game play in this game is awesome because it featured the first Casket, TLC (Tables Ladders & Chairs), Slobber Knocker, Hell In A Cell, and Tables Match. This game is very fun to play when you in need to kill a lot of time. The controls in this game is the same from the first SmackDown! game. This game is very easy so I'll give the learning curve a day or two. So I'll give game play a 10/10 due to the fun factor in this game.

SmackDown! 2's Story Mode is very extensive because it goes on for 5 years (game years) that it would give you an amount of time to get all of the hidden's. If you have a week off with nothing to do I highly suggest to play on year in one sitting then you know the rest. I won't go on to that since this game has a little story to it. I'll give Story a 7/10

The graphics are stunning in this game when plays in your PlayStation 2 it makes the game even better since you're getting rid of those annoying loading times which was one of the main problems when this game is being played on a regular PlayStation. I really like the character models because they looked like their real-life counterparts. The sound in this game is even that background music in this game is very good to hear when you're layin the SmackDown on your opponents. The only thing I didn't like is the entrance sons were too short. If they were longer like the first game was, then I would have given it a better score. I'll give the graphics a 10/10. I'll give the sound a 9/10.

The replayability in this game is very high because with all of the modes in this game it makes you want to play this game even more day after day, nigh after night. To unlock everything in this game is about a month or two since this game has a lot of replay value. Also like in the first SmackDown game you can also defend championships in Exhibition mode. I enjoyed playing the Ladder, Hell in a Cell, Tables, and I Quit. Due to the game fast gameplay, the matches go on a tad bit short but could make the match enjoyable. Unlocking wrestlers in the game makes it worth while to continue along with Story Mode/Season. Due to the fast pace of the match, I'll give this a 9/10. Would have gotten a better score if it was slower and more realistic.

This game is worth the money since as like with the first SmackDown game, this game also became apart of the Greatest Hit's line of games. So like with other Greatest Hit's it only costs $20. If you can find it (in 2005) don't hesitate to add this to your wrestling game collection. So what are you waiting for buy SmackDown! 2 Know Your Role and have a great time while playing it. I enjoyed it, maybe you'll be into this game like I did.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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