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Reviewed: 07/25/05

Greatest PS1 Game wrestling ever, BROTHER!

WWF Smackdown 2: Know your role, is a great game for all wrestling fans. It has so many features and modes, that it will take a long time trying to finish this game. This game is a follow up to the original Smackdown! game. So without further explanation, lets start the review. I've divided this review into many different categories so it's not all crammed together.

Graphics: The graphics for this game are typical for a Playstation 1 game. Sure they aren't nearly as good as the graphics from the more recent Playstation 2 Smackdown games, but they are good just the way they are. You can easily make out who the wrestlers are. The arenas also look just like they are supposed to in real life.

Controls: The controls for the entire Smackdown series has been the same for the 6 years the series has been around. You press the circle button to grapple. You press the triangle button to run. You press the X button to strike(punch and kick) and you press the L1 button to do your finishing manuver(aka your "special"). You press the SQUARE button to reverse/counter.

Gameplay: Gameplay is a long one, so I'll break this down into little sections for each major mode.

Exhibition: This gives you the chance to fight your own matches. You can have Singles, Tag, Handicap, King of The Ring, Royal Rumble, Survivor, Hardcore, Anywhere Fall, and Special. Special matches include TLC, Casket, Cage, Hell in a Cell(first time ever in a wrestling game), I Quit, Ironman, Ladder, Special Referee, Table, and Slobberknocker.

Season: A favorite of wrestling game fans, Season lets you choose a wrestler and go through a career with him/her. These days, Season mode lasts 1-2 years. In Smackdown 2 however, it lasts 20 YEARS! You go through Season to unlock hidden wrestlers, CAW parts, and movesets.

Create a PPV: This gives you the chance to make your own Pay Per Views. You can have 8 matches on your card and of course, you can name your PPV. Even better, there is the PPV ranking system. The game randomly picks 10 PPV matches and 10 PPV's and that are considered great, and adds them to the list. But be careful, if your PPV doesn't make the overall top 10 list, the game will freeze(this is the only bad part about this mode).

Create a Superstar: Another old favorite in wrestling games, Create a Wrestler(CAW) allows you to make you own grappler and put him in the ring against the best the buisness has to offer. You put your superstar in title matches, season matches, Created Pay Per Views, whatever you want. You choose his/her appearance and moves. This games CAW mode, In my Opinion, isn't too great, but that's just me. Other people can have a lot of fun with it.

Create a Stable: Create a Stable allows you to take up to 5 wrestlers and put team them up. You can make classic stables of the past or you can create your own original stables to wreak havoc all over the place. You choose the entrance music and entrance moves. Of course, only 2 stable members can team up in a tag match at a time.

Sound: The sound in this game is good. Each wrestler has his or her own entrance music. The music that plays during the matches can get annoying sometimes though.

I hope you found my review helpful. So go out there and buy WWF Smackdown 2: Know your role.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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