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Reviewed: 10/13/01 | Updated: 10/13/01

Its Time To Lay The Smackdown...Again!

Smackdown 2 Know Your Role (Hereby known as SD2) is the most up to date WWF game for Playstation. But is it the best wrestling game ever? Short answer's yes, long answer no. Read more to find out why.

Gameplay: 8
SD2's gameplay is great no doubt, and with all the new matches involved (TLC, Hell in a Cell, Table, Ladder, Casket, Iron Man Special Guest Ref) and all the new areas to Explore (Restaurant, VIP room, Locker Room, WWF New York, among others) it will keep you involved for awhile. The controls on the otherhand are another story. Some may say the easy and that is true, hit a direction, hit triangle, circle, etc. But, I found them too simple. WWF Attitude had so many moves above SD2's even with SD2's up to dateness. Still, you can't beat the controls seeing Attitude's give you a headache before you even touch the controller.

Story: 6
Yes, SD2 has a storyline, even more so the original. And 6 for a wrestling game's story is the equivalent to something like Final Fantasy seeing most wrestling game's is punch, finish off, pin. SD2's story though is more of a cut scene then anything. Sure they have a part of Stone Cold desolating the DX express before Backlash. Sure they have Kurt Angle trying to Recapture King of the Ring. But the little childish effect of the story line and the repeatingness itself drove me crazy.

Audio: 5
Sd2's Audio is mediocre at best. Still no announcers still any taunts to a point. Repeating dull music during the matches. IF you want a sample of SD2's audio put in Smackdown and that's about it.

Graphics: 9
SD2's graphic's are much more improved then the original. Smoother presentation in the moves, more high caliber video to. The only thing that keeps it from a 10 is at a few times it was choppy on me and the stupid rotating camera they have would show the rope before finishers and such. So close to seeing Steven Richard's given The Last Ride by Taker only to have a rope in your view can get someone miffed pretty quick.

Modes: 10
SD2 has so many new and improved modes and such its not even funny. CAW has been improved to almost the caliber of Attitude, also CAW will let you create the wrestlers like Smackdown if you liked it that way (god knows who would though) The moveset and ability points are alot nicer the Smackdown, and SD2 has the New Modes such as Create a Stable (Tag Team Basically) Create a Manager (haven't tried it) and the newest mode which I would really like if it was improved a bit is Create a Taunt. The season mode is completely revamped, and is paced like Attitudes. Create a PPV is ok to, and gives you feedback on audience ranking just like the original. All in all SD2's modes will keep you entertain for awhile longer.

Replay: 10
I won't go into much detail but I finally put down this game to write this review after 1 week of playing, trust me you wont get board soon.

Wrestling Likeness: 10
The likeness of SD2 and WWF TV is real. I could have sworn that I would be double-crossed by Shane and sure enough I did. (I stunned him though about 100 times in the next match) All in all if you like the WWF TV then you'll like SD2 Buy or Rent? I would rent first to see if you like it, although for most it won't be necessary.

Final Score (Not an Average) 8
If you like Smackdown you like SD2. SD2 by the way is the greatest game out there as of RIGHT NOW. In the long run however, I think THQ is going to make more WWF fans even happier with better games. Average Scores: Gameplay: 8 Story: 6 Audio: 5 Graphics: 9 Modes: 10 Replay: 10 Wrestling Likeness: 10 Total Average Score: 8.3

Overall : 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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