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Reviewed: 08/15/01 | Updated: 08/15/01

WWF scores big but for how long?

Now don't get me wrong at all with this review. I am probably the World Wrestling Federations biggest fan but I really do feel this game deserves a 6/10.

GAMEPLAY (8/10):
The gameplay in Smackdown is pretty damn good. I have to say the controls are easy to learn and they are also fun to play around with. The game is also very fast paced and the collision has definitely improved over the years. The match modes are also fun considering a lot of new matches were added to this title such as Slobber knocker, TLC (tables, ladders, and chairs...Oh My), Infamous Hell in the Cell, and a multitude of others. Last but not least the create-a-wrestler mode was really boosted up as I get to make GOOD versions of some of my favorite wrestler's that were not featured such as Raven, Tajiri, and RVD.

GRAPHICS (8/10):
The graphics in Smackdown 2 are also pretty stunning. With each wrestler made up of 500 polygons each it's very life like. The Smackdown and Raw arena also look pretty well done. The fans don't look to good but hey they are the fans. Who Cares?

STORY (3/10):
This really drags the game down. See in Smackdown 2 they follow the same exact story line as in real life. As you can imagine with the WWF's story line progressing almost everyday it tends to get old and boring. Also with the LONG loading time it is nearly impossible to play the story mode without getting really board...REALLY FAST!

This is really a drag down. As in Smackdown 1 you only really get to see and hear about 10 seconds of the superstars titantron. Also it's in game music get's really annoying and when you turn it off it just get's too quiet to be a wrestling game. Now who likes watching wrestling with there tube on mute.

Now as of today which is August 15, 2001 (only 3 days away from summer slam) Smackdown is the most recent game out there for the Playstation. So if you are in the mood for wrestling Smackdown 2 would be your best choice to go to. It is also a very fast paced game packed with fun. So if you like the wrestling more than the updated roster, moves, etc...This is the best bet for you.

I feel when Smackdown 2 made it's debut it would deserve at least a 9/10 but it's a wrestling game and wrestling has constant change. There is always the need for updated roster, new match modes, titantrons, etc... However as of right now it deserves a 6/10. Now remember it's an excellent game that you should at least go down to blockbuster or your nearest video store and RENT. The only reason it lost my 4 points was for the fact of the MAJOR change now that the WWF acquired the wcw and ecw. I mean don't you really just want to play as Rhyno, Tajiri, Tommy D, Booker, DDP, or even the best of them all RVD.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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