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Reviewed: 07/06/01 | Updated: 10/14/02

A average wrestling game, to say the least.

I've never really liked the Smackdown series, and it's engine. It has a more arcadey feel to it, than most other wrestling games available, such as No Mercy for the N64 and the recently released Fire Pro Wrestling for the Game boy Advance.

The characters are stiff, all of them are the same except for a few costume changes, and the wrestlers themselves don't look realistic. The moves, when done, you can see wrestler's hands go into the other wrestler's feet or whatever body part. The crowds are flat, and seriously, this game's graphics are a huge disappointment.

The music is really really annoying and repetitive. There are no screams of agony and pain when submissions are applied. Even a GBA game, Fire Pro Wrestling, beats this game in sound.

This is the worst aspect of Smackdown,especially the whole finishers thing. You can set whatever number of finishers you want, and any time during the match, as long as you have the dot which represents the finishers, you can pull the wrestler's finisher off, even when the match has just begun. And, no matter how many chairshots to the head your wrestler takes, he gets back up. Even when the wrestler is DDTed through the top of a Hell in a Cell, the still gets up. You can do 5 of your finishers, the opponent gets up almost immediately.
The story mode is boring. The load times are so long, you can get a sandwich before the load times are over. And all the cutscenes backstage get boring after you see them for the millionth time.
In all honesty, this game in for marks. Why in the world is the Stunner the best move in the game? Why not another move which makes the opponent land on his head be the best move? Many many moves are not in this game, especially moves done in Japan, which many casual fans do not know about, e.g. cobra clutch suplex, half nelson suples, burning hammer etc.

Overall rent or buy.
In my opinion, this game should have been released in arcades. The matches can last a few minutes, as the wrestlers can get a finisher dot very fast, but even when you use a finisher, the opponent gets up the next second.
Deserves a rental, nothing more. I think Fire Pro for GBA is better than this, even though Fire Pro has lousyer graphics, but the gameplay is the best in any, yes that's right, ANY wrestling game for any system, at least until another Fire Pro comes out for a next-generation system.
You may argue with me at my review, you may think Smackdown is a very good game, and my review is totally bashing it, but just play it one more time, and closly examine it, it's gameplay, and any other aspect of it, comepare it with another wrestling game, you'll see what I mean.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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