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Reviewed: 11/30/10

Thanks For The Memories, WWF!

Ah, back when the WWF/E was actually a good product, and their games were great as well. The company has changed dramatically over the past few years going from TV14 to PG rating. These were the golden years for the WWF attitude era fans.

The game play is different from other WWF games at the time. The Smackdown! series brought a fast paced environment of wrestling games to gamers. Unlike other wrestling games, this one is a fast paced button mashing game. You can damage your opponent well enough to beat them, but for most of the matches you'll be slamming one another until the other one if finally worn out. All of the finishers for each superstar looks great and detailed really well. The controls for the game are smack dab simple. Should not have a problem understanding that part at all.

GRAPHICS (8/10):
At the time, the superstars looked real to me and a lot of fans. Each superstar has their own detailed model from tattoos to face reactions and to entrances as well. The arenas like Raw and the Smackdown! arena look great. The fans do look a little choppy, but it shouldn't matter too much. Weapons and the title belts also look very good.

STORY (2/10):
Okay, story mode is really the only problem with the game. It is the same thing over and over no matter what superstar you use. Loading times are also a drag, it can take up to 10 seconds or so just to load each page or every time you load to a new scene. To unlock a lot of stuff in the game though you do need to do story mode. Pretty much when ever you finish it once, there's no reason to do it again unless you just wan to pretty much.

The music in the game is crisp and clear! Especially the superstars entrances, the titantron and music are all great. The opening to the video game is also really cool, it gets you pumped and ready to play. The music on the menu on the other hand is some what boring and sounds like bland disco music. The crowd gets into the matches as well whenever one superstar does a finisher.

I think you'll enjoy this game for quite some time if you do indeed decide to purchase this. There's a lot of different matches including Hell In a call, Ladder matches, Cage matches and TLC matches. It goes on and on. You can create different wrestling stables and create countless wrestlers. You won't get bored at all playing this one folks

Some wrestling fans today would not like this game, mostly because pretty much all of the roster on this game, they wouldn't recognize. But for fans like myself that enjoyed WWF back in the day, this is a must have game to add to your collection. I can recall countless hours of playing this game and having my own title matches. It's a great game with so many different match types and options to create wrestlers that you will enjoy it from the moment you get it. Hope I helped!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role (US, 11/21/00)

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