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Reviewed: 12/19/00 | Updated: 12/19/00

WOW!! In my opinion of ANY wrestling games, THQ/Yukes really did their homework.

First off, this game is a MAJOR improvement over the first one. Having more wrestlers, more moves, and the whole sh-bang.

Like the original, this game still kicks ass. There are more moves to use than any other wrestling game I have ever played on the Playstation. THQ really did a number on entertaining the gaming world by putting more matches and more goodies including the unforgettable CAW, a wrestler option which whoops ALOT of ass!! Go ahead, create your own freak of nature and unleash your rage in the squared circle against the best the WWF has to offer. Just like real life, your CAW or a real wrestler starts off at a nobody and you must bring him/her to the top. Fight wrestlers, make others mad...and even unlock more moves and costumes. The only thing that could possibly bother me is the long loading I care about that right. And the fact that wrestlers can take a zillion chairshots and not go down. (THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!)

Realistic weapons sound terrific careening it off your opponents' cranium and any other body part. But the music can get on your nerves if you hear it over and over during a I care right. Although there is no commentary, WWF Smackdown 2 adds to the genre of excellent wrestling. Kane's new music should be in the game but I can care less.

All I can say here is, I LOVE THE GRAPHICS. Real muscular tones, realistic features, moving lips. No wrestling game can beat this on the PSX. The titantron intros remain the same but it's better than watching your wrestler walk to the ring which wastes alot of game time. The arenas in the game are HUMONGOUS...people holding signs, flashing cameras, and the outstanding angles when a move is done. Even wrestler act out in pain when moves are done but also you can focus on parts of the body that makes the game very real.

Replay Value:
I bought this game when it first came outy and I couldn't believe what THQ did...a spectacular job and making all the Smackdown fans wait.
Let's face it, no one will be bored playing this game unless they forget all about it or decide to abandon this great game. My final word to THQ is...thank you for listening to the public. This game as well as all your other games are absolutely amazing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND KEEP EM' COMIN'

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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