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Reviewed: 12/12/00 | Updated: 12/12/00

We responded to Smackdown, they listened

The new revolution in gaming has been wrestling games. Everyone is playing them, and we love them. Let's just say, NOTHING compares to this.

Gameplay 9/10

I love the way this game is made. Basically, you have one move for each direction (up, down, left, right) with X and O, and for each situation. Whether they are down on the ground, dazed and barely standing, or standing pounding you. Also, the pure mass of matchs, and the different ways you must fight them also add's to the enjoyment. The like only thing wrong is the absurd loading times they have, but after awhile, it doesn't bother you. They need to fix that.

Career Mode 9/10

This is significantly better than SMACKDOWN! WE have the ability to move the story as much as the computer. We get asked more question, make more descisions, and have more fun. We can make our own Stable (Mine with my character, Chris Jericho, and the Hardy's) and make our characters. We make our characters from just little stuf at first, and then as we play, we unlock many different wrestling attire and faces etc. That way, we can make long forgotten wrestlers as well as the new ones that aren't in the game. (Molly Holly)
The only thing wrong is that the champions almost never put up their belt, so when you are no. 1 challenger, you must go into Exhibition to face them.

Audio 6/10

Probably the only thing wrong with the game. THEY HAVE NO PLAY-BY-PLAY!!!! ARGHHHH. Anyway, the music is done well, with almost no blemishes. However, the few voices aren't done very well, and the music is repetitive and boring.

Graphics 10/10

This is so great! The cut-scenes are great. The wrestlers and weapons look impressive, and the crowd looks more real....a little bit. Nothing wrong here.

Game Modes 10/10

OH MY GOD!! AHHHHH!!! They have almost EVERYTHING HERE!!! It takes too much time to say which matches they have, so I'll tell you which ones they dont have. The don't have the Inferno Match and First Blood, and that is basicaly it, at least from WWF. Don't expect any WCW/ECW matches here. And the new matches are done very well. they have HELL IN A CELL, Table, Ladder, and TLC match. Those were done very good.


The replay is great on this too. As soon as you get bored in Career mode, a new match is introduced, and you play that. Also, as soon as you might think of turning it off, a friend pop's over, and BAM, the game kicks butt again. Let's just say I have played this game more in a week than I have been in school. (About 8 hours a day)


With the need for commentary, and a fix to the career mode, and a couple m,ore matches, that is almost the only thing wrong with it. That and the loading times....if that is done, Smackdown 3 will totally rule ALL!!! Definate Buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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