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Reviewed: 11/29/00 | Updated: 01/11/01

Great CAW, Great Modes, Great Game!

In February of 2000, THQ came out with their first WWF game on PSX: WWF SmackDown! It had a few flaws, but overall, it was a good game. Less than a year later, THQ comes out with the game's sequel, SmackDown 2: Know Your Role. This game boasted brand new game modes, an enhanced CAW, and more. Does the game live up to it's expectations? YES.

The game's graphics are just like the first game. That's a good thing. They are still a little pixelated, but it's not as bad as some other games. The entrances are just like the original (the wrestler walks in front of his TitanTron), but they still look good.
Score: 9/10
The graphics look great, but are a little pixelated.

In this game, some of the wrestlers will say some of their catch-phrases, but not everyone speaks. So far, I've only heard Stone Cold's ''And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!'' and Chris Jericho's ''Welcome to Raw is Jericho!'', but I believe some more guys (like the Rock) have them. Each wrestler (with the exception of The Undertaker) comes out to their own theme music, which sounds better than the themes in WM2000 & No Mercy. The game music is not the best, but it'll do. There's no commentary, but it's not really missed.
Score: 6/10
Some of the guys speak, and all the themes (except for Undertaker's ''Amercian Badass'' by Kid Rock) are in, as well as no annoying commentary, but the music in the game isn't all that great.

The controls are like the last game. O for Irish Whip/Grapple Moves, X for Attacks, Triangle for Running, & Square for Blocking. It's very easy to get the hang of. The controls are responsive as well.
Score: 10/10
No problems with the control. It's easy to pull off moves, and is responsive

The game's strength is here. There is a very large amount of modes. There are Single Matches, Tag Team (Tornado & Normal), Handicap (1 on 2 w/ or w/o tagging, & 1 on 3), Triple Threat, Fatal 4 Way, Battle Royal, & Special Referee (w/ 1 or 2 referees). All of these can be taken backstage in Hardcore & Anywhere Falls Matches. Then, there's the special matches. You have a Ladder Match, where the winner is the first to get the object hanging above the ring. You have a Table Match, where you must win by putting your opponent through a table. You can duke it out in a Cage Match, or play in a Hell In A Cell, and climb up to the top of the cell, and throw your opponent off the cell or through the cell. The I Quit Match returns from the last game, and the all new Iron Man match has you wrestle during a certain time limit, hoping to get the highest score by pinning your opponent, getting him counted out, etc. Just like the Hell In A Cell, the Casket Match makes it's appearence in a wrestling video game for the first time. First one to put their opponent in the casket and put the lid on wins. You can duke it out in a King of the Ring (w/ normal or special matches), or try to keep from getting eliminated in the Royal Rumble. The Slobberknocker Match has you trying to pin as many opponents as you can in the time limit. There's even some hidden matches, including one match at SummerSlam 2000 that had everyone watching going ''Oh My!''.

The CAW in the last game was absolute crap. Luckily, THQ listened to us this time, and now you have the best CAW in a WWF game, period. You are able to edit so much stuff, including how you will say ''Yes'' & ''No'' and which signs members in the crowd will hold up when you are wrestling in the match.

Along with the CAW, you can group guys together in the Create A Stable, give people a manager in the Create A Manager, and make your own PPV special in the Create A PPV. You can even make a taunt in the Create A Taunt mode!

There's a large amount of backstage areas in the game, including being able to go outside, into the parking lot, and a hidden place where one WWF show is hosted live every week.

On the downside, because of all these modes, the loading times are pretty long. Some people may be bothered by having to wait to play in a Hell In A Cell, but what are you gonna do?
Score: 9/10
A huge amount of modes, a better CAW, mode creation modes, more backstage's just great. Now if the loading times wasn't as long.

This game's Season Mode is definitely better than the first game's. It's Season mode has been improved, with 5 shows a month instead of 1 like the original. The cut scenes actually mean something this time. Also, matches can change, just like on TV. An example, near the top of the card, The Dudley Boyz are scheduled for a tag match against Edge & Christian. They take out Christian, and the match becomes Buh Buh Ray vs. Edge. It's things like this that makes the game great. Unfortunately, the loading times between cut scenes can be a pain. Also, instead of SmackDown's ''Skip'' option, you must wait a couple seconds for 2 meters to go down to determine a winner. It can be a pain having to wait for the computer to pick a winner, especially if your wrestler isn't in the show.
Score: 9/10
The season mode is more realistic, but the loading times between cut scenes and the time it takes to pick a winner can be a pain.

Final Score: 9/10
Anyone who liked the first game will love this game, with it's all new modes and easy control.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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