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Reviewed: 11/28/00 | Updated: 11/28/00

Wow, I'm not even a wrestling fan. This game is sweeet!

First of all I have to say...HBK is in the game! HBK is in the game! Hehe ;) Wow, my introduction is kinda corny and all. But you're reading, it must be good. ;)First time I played SmackDown I was amazed, I never knew you can make a good wrestling game for a non-wrestling fan. I was happy and I was thirsty for more. Luckily, I only had to wait 8 months for a sequel.
Well, enough of this corny intro, on to my review.

Graphics - 9

It looks just like the first Smackdown, I didnt really see a change from the first one. The only problem I have with this area is the wrestler's faces... First of all, D-Lo Brown looks a bum, they didnt even change his look. And the wrestlers hair looks like they used too much gel, when you run you can actually see the stifness in the hair! But I guess SD2's graphics are better than No Mercy's.

Sound - 7

I was reading a preview of SD2 at and they said the characters will talk this time.. The only thing I heard was the Rock's lame ass ''Smell-la-la' comment and Stone Cold's cracky voice. They really shouldve used the real wrestlers voices. Man! They shouldve hired blink 182 or somebody to play the music. The music is awful and at sometimes they can get a bit scratchy, the music sometimes skips. I advise you to turn down the volume when playing the game.

Story - 5

Hmm.. There really isnt a story to this game so Im gonna talk about the game's Season mode for now.
It's Awful, If you played the first SmackDown you know what I mean. The only reason I even bothered to touch this mode is becasue you have to play throught the season to unlock hidden characters like, The Mean Street Posse and HBK. There's really nothing good to say about the Season mode. I was hoping for a better Season mode...

Gameplay - 10

With the amazing Create a Wrestler feature, SD2 makes the game really really fun to play. The controls are alot easier to play with, now this time when you're kicking your buddies ass in the game they cant complain about the controls, hehe. The only thing really bad is the Royal Rumble mode, the loading is really slow. You'd have to actually wait 8 seconds for a new wrestler to enter the ring. But everything else seems great.

Overall - 9

Smackdown 2 is a must have for any Wrestling fan, Im not really a wrestling fan myself but I liked the game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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