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Reviewed: 11/22/00 | Updated: 09/12/01

Welcome to Your Role 101: Time you knew it!

Stupid Software Etc. told me, ''If you don't reserve it, you may not even find it! It's such a hot title! Why don't you come down and reserve one?'' I didn't, of course. I knew that it couldn't be sold out of EVERY store in Spokane. I found it at Babbages, unfortunately (I hate Babbages, by the way, but I made an exception here). And was this game worth its price of $44.99 on release? Let's find out...

Basic Game Elements
The graphics are pretty good. They take a while of getting used to, though. The sounds are pretty blah. A lot of the music in the game sounds rushed as do many of the sound effects (especially the ring bell, which sounds extremely distorted).

Lots of wrestlers to choose from! The most in any PSX wrestling game. Everyone from The Rock to Steven Richards (and even people like Essa Rios and Viscera who get hardly any air time). There are also some hidden characters to discover such as Billy Gunn, Shawn Micheals, and more.

Not only are there a ton of matches, but there are also tons of variations. Let's see if I can name all the matches here:

Singles, Tag team, Tag Tornado, Handicap (one-on-two or one-on-three), Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, Battle Royal, Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, Slobberknocker, Table match, Ladder match, TLC (Tables and Ladders and Chairs. OH MY!) match (must be unlocked), Iron Man match (even with a guest ref), Guest Ref match, Hardcore, Falls Count Anywhere, Casket match, Hell in a Cell, Cage match.

As you can see LOTS of matches to choose from. My favorite so far is the TLC match. It's lots of fun setting up people on a table then jumping off a latter through the table!

Season Mode
This one seems to be a lovechild of WWF Attitude's season and WWF Smackdown!'s season. It plays like Smackdown! but is slow like Attitude. There also seems to be lots of development that, unlike the first Smackdown!, actually makes sense! You can also unlock various different wrestlers, creation parts, matches, etc. through Season. Another thing I really like about Season is that sometimes between matches, a wrestlers will walk up and start down-talking your wrestler or provoke them backstage and you are allowed 1 minute to beat the tar out of eachother!

Creation Modes
There are various Creation Modes in this game as well:

Create a Superstar, Create a Taunt, Create a Stable, Create a Manager, and Create a PPV.

All the modes are done pretty well. Create a superstar in this one has got to be one of the most detailed ones ever! Loads of parts to choose from along with the fact that you can make any part just about any size (such as give someone a really big head but make their legs extra skinny). Create a Stable isn't anything too big as far as creation, but it is still good to have. You can set any motion with any entrance theme for your stable to come out to. Create a manager is a minor one. You just stick a wrestler with another one and that wrestler will be escorted by the other (i.e. say you put X-Pac with Kurt Angle. During entrance themes, X-Pac will come out with Kurt Angle behind him and his name at the bottom will read ''X-pac w/Kurt Angle''). Create a Taunt takes quite a while to get the hang of but is a very unique mode. You can actually set up a taunt however you want it to go for a certain few frames. PPV mode isn't much different from the others except that you must set eight matches for a PPV.

Ranking mode has changed for the better. Instead of going on a point system like they did on Smackdown!, you are on a contendership scale. So, let's say you want Tazz to win the WWF Title. All you have to do is select ''Re-enter,'' find Tazz's name, put him in the WWF title division, then have him beat up the contenders for the title as you see fit. It's a lot easier than it's predecessor which after a while it seemed you couldn't push anyone to win the WWF title and you were mostly stuck with the same 7 main eventers for a long time.

Loads of fun! The good thing is that there isn't a big transition to go through if you're used to the first Smackdown! because this one plays a lot like it.

Extra Small Stuff
Here are some more things I found very cool/innovative about this game:

-Putting people through the announcing table
-Lots of areas to explore in Hardcore matches
-Putting people through the top of the Hell in a Cell

Graphics: Well put together, but a bit pixilated 7/10
Sounds: Eh, I have a stereo. 6/10
Control: Easy as pie... I like pie... 10/10
Plot/Storyline: N/A
Gameplay: 10/10
All Together: 10/10

*A major touch up from SD!1
*Better CAS mode than the previous game
*Great gameplay
*All the titles!
*Lenient contendorship
*Easy to control

*Downgraded music
*Slow Season Mode
*A lot of fruity clothing in Season Mode (thank God for the ability to change colors)
*Some pixilation

If you liked Smackdown!, then I highly suggest this game. It's well worth the $44.99 plus tax I bought if for. Actually, I like this one a lot better than the first.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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