• Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Billy GunnPlay through the King of the Ring PPV during year one
    Cactus JackPlay season mode until you get to the No Way Out PPV.
    Deadman Undertaker parts in Create-A-WrestlerFind and beat the character known as "Unknown R" in Season Mode.
    DebraAt Raw after the Royal Rumble during year 1, Debra will be backstage. She will ask Vince to be in a beauty contest. After that she is unlocked.
    Mean Street PosseThey will be shown backstage wanting to take on the Hardcore Champion in a handicap match. After their appearance, all three are unlocked.
    Michael ColePlay in season mode and get to the first week of April in year two.
    Mick FoleyPlay season mode until you get to WrestleMania.
    Pat Patterson & Gerald BriscoComplete the first RAW show following the Fully Loaded pay-per-view.
    Shawn MichaelsPlay through the Judgment Day PPV during the season's second month. HBK will appear as a guest referee in the "Ironman" match.
    Stone ColdPlay through the Backlash PPV during the first month of season mode. He will appear as a guest referee in the main event, after which he is unlocked.
    TLC matchPlay season mode until August of 2000 when a TLC match takes place.
    Unlock EverythingPlay through season mode until you get to WrestleMania in year five, then win the match.
    WrestleMania 2000 CommercialPlay in season mode and get to the fourth week of March.

Easter Eggs

  • Random Appearances by the Big Show and Ken Shamrock

    The Big Show and Ken Shamrock, both present in the first SmackDown! game, were intended to return in the sequel as playable wrestlers but were dummied out. There is a substantial amount of evidence supporting this: Their designs received minor updates to more closely resemble their appearances during late 1999-mid 2000 (Big Show has short hair and Shamrock's blue attire became green), and the themes for both characters still exist on the disc (though their TitanTrons do not).

    Despite their apparent removal, both characters still remain in the game's disc, and using a loophole with the game's Royal Rumble and Slobber Knocker modes, you can actually fight against them or even as them in the former option, along with updated movesets, without any cheat device. For the uninitiated, the two modes pick randomized combatants out of the game's pool of fighters. However, it appears that the game tracks who is chosen via their internal order as opposed to whether they are actually in the game, and as it turns out, both dummied out characters are sandwiched in between playable character IDs. When they come to the ring during the Royal Rumble, however, the game treats them as if they were one of unknown wrestlers randomly faced in Season mode: their names are shown as "Unknown" (during the match), and although their themes are played if either superstar runs in during the Royal Rumble or win the match, the game will crash if Big Show is one of the four starting wrestlers (recognized by their use of default male portrait and lack of name beneath it) in the Royal Rumble match and the match is started with entrances left on (Shamrock uses the game intro's as his TitanTron, normally used by Michael Cole or any "Unknown" character from the Season).

    Note that these appearances rely on an "unlock all superstars" GameShark code; there must be a nameless entry between Billy Gunn and Bradshaw (for Big Show) or between Kane and Kurt Angle (for Ken Shamrock) in Create-A-Stable or Create-A-Manager wrestler list for either wrestler to appear in the two types of matches.

    Contributed By: Edgehead7 and DRPlateroti99.

    6    3


  • Automatic #1 Contendership and Title Shot

    First place the wrestler of your choice in a Title Division.

    Then take out all the wrestlers in the division except for the wrestler you put in recently place all the other wrestlers in Others.

    There will be two wrestlers left the champion and the westler you wanted.

    Place the other wrestlers you put in Others back in.

    The wrestler you originally put in will now be ranked #2 under the champion.

    Now go back to the season and you will automatically get a title shot.

    This works in every division except Others and Tag Team.

    Contributed By: Dyse.

    3    2

  • Get 225 ability points.

    When you can create five features for your wrestler, put the four weak body parts and ''The Iron King.'' You'll get 225 ability points for your character.

    Contributed By: CVagts.

    13    7

  • Hidden Backstage Areas

    Shower Room: Enter the locker room. Whip your opponent into the center of the wall directly across the weights/gym equipment. A hole should form, which leads to the shower room.

    Boiler Room: Go to the basement. Go over to the door with the yellow banners over it. Whip your opponent into the grating directly to the right of the door. It should break, and form an opening, leading to the boiler room.

    WWF New York: In Season Mode, you should see a cut scene, with Michael Cole saying WWF New York will be opening in one month. After a few more shows, there will be another cut scene of Michael Cole in WWF New York. When you go down to the basement, you can now enter WWF New York.

    Contributed By: MTRodaba2468.

    4    0

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