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Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Version: Hana | Updated: 03/27/2008

    ___                               ___    ___                      ______
   / __\  SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH   / __)  / __) by SHOTGUNNOVA     (_____ \
 _| |__ _____ _____  ____    _____ _| |__ _| |__ _____  ____ _|¯|_     ____) )
|_   __| ___ \____ |/ ___)  | ___ |_   __|_   __\ ___ |/ ___|_   _/   / ____/
  | |  | ____/ ___ | |      | ____| | |    | |  | ____( (___  | |_   | (_____
__|_|__|__   )_____|_|______|__   )_|_|____|_|__|__   )\____)_|___\__|____   )_
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) /¯¯¯¯¯¯RETRO HELIX¯¯¯) /¯¯
          \/                   \/                  \/                     \/

   I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
  II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

      Fear Meter........................................................ TFMT
      Enemies........................................................... ENMY
      Weapons........................................................... WPNS
      Movement Overview................................................. MVMO
      Saving............................................................ SVNG
      Tips and Tricks................................................... TPST

 III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

      01) Underground Aqueduct System................................... WK01
      02) Wing Chune Banquet............................................ WK02
      03) Wing Chune Building - 80th and 86th Floors.................... WK03
      04) Xi'an......................................................... WK04
      05) Qinshihuangdi's Tomb.......................................... WK05
      06) Penglai Shan - Twin Juniper Gardens........................... WK06
      07) Glas' Past.................................................... WK07
      08) The Eight Immortals' Challenges............................... WK08
      09) Yuen Ting Ji.................................................. WK09

      10) Unlockables & Secrets......................................... WK10
      11) Updates, Contributions, Legality.............................. WK11

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                     ____          |  |          ____
    L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
    L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                  /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                 / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  [_]   (_)| <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
    PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                /            ____        ____            \
               /            /    \  __  /    \            \
               \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                 \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                            (L3)          (R3)

 Analog control is available for Fear Effect 2, but in reality, the d-pad's a
 much better use for movement due to its precision controls in dodging and
 moving -- there is no diagonal movement, after all. It's off by default, too.
 Buttons lacking function have been omitted. These are the exact same controls
 for Fear Effect 1, thankfully -- no retransitionin' needed. [NOTE: If you
 want more 'new-age' controls, change the controller type to 3D in 'Options'.]

 | Start     | Un/pause game; skip cutscenes                                 |
 | Analog    | Toggle Analog function [DualShock controllers only]           |
 | Circle    | Cycle inventory backwards                                     |
 | Square    | Cycle inventory frontward                                     |
 | Triangle  | 'Confirm button' for saving, inspecting, etc.                 |
 | X Button  | Draw weapons; fire weapons [if already drawn]                 |
 | L. Analog | Movement                                                      |
 | L1 Button | 180-degree turn [when crouching/standing]                     |
 | L2 Button | Evasion roll [if used in conjunction with d-pad]              |
 | R1 Button | Sprint [if used in conjunction with d-pad]                    |
 | R2 Button | Crouch; silent movement [if conjunction with d-pad]           |

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]

 The fear meter is the lifeline of a character, and portrayed in the upper-
 -left corner of the screen [press square to see if not shown]. This acts as
 a stand-in for the normal "health bar" and such. The greener the bar is, the
 more healthy; the redder, the worse off. When bright red, a character can be
 killed with one shot from any weapon.

 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 • Silent killing                       • Enemies being alerted to character
 • Solving puzzles                      • Taking damage
 • Doing well in firefights             • Running out of ammunition
 • Taking little-to-no damage           • Being near enemies [in poor health]

 Like Fear Effect 1, there is no health power-ups to find lying around; it
 is up to the player to proceed as best as possible, and as carefully as
 possible. This is why it is important to save when health is decent because
 this does not improve when re-loaded!

 But, all is not lost -- a 'rush moment' is when the character's fearmeter is
 returned to full [calm green], basically giving them full health again. This
 occurs at select times after story scenes, and also [often] when a character
 is switched to after the player controls another. For those uninitiated with
 this game, it's best to proceed as if there aren't _any_ rush moments, just
 to be on the safe side. ^__~

ENEMIES               [ENMY]

 • Fixer [All colors]
   Found: Aqueduct System

   These small mechanical robots are meant to be the end-all-be-all of a
   mechanic's maintenance problems. Instead, throughout the level, they are
   used to attack Rain and Hana with their cannons. They are stored in the
   ceiling, so it's no surprise some just drop into the screen from out of
   nowhere! They come in all colors (Purple, Blue, Red) but can be disposed
   with 5-8 bullets. The .90 Pistol suffices, although given how often they
   appear, the player would do well to dual-wield those suckers in case any
   ...reinforcements should crash the party.

 • Maintenance Technician
   Found: Aqueduct System

   These scaredy-cats are dressed in orange jumpsuits and gas masks, crouching
   in terror whenever Hana and Rain appear. But, they're more scared of the
   area's boss than the two femmes. They are not aggressive by nature, but if
   Hana or Rain initiates combat, they'll fire back with their pistols. One's
   able to evade their crossfire by simply crouching and firing continuously.
   Basically, they should never, EVER hurt a character; they should not have
   to have any ammo used on them, also.

 • Garden Security
   Found: Wing Chune Banquet (garden portion)

   Hired human help who walk around in the pool and garden areas to keep the
   guests in the banquet safe, Rain navigates this portion by herself. Unlike
   fixers who always require bullets to neutralize, crouch-walking n' knifing
   the targets to death can save lots of ammo, particularly in the maze. Just
   be sure to scout out any others in the vicinity. (Also, crouching while in
   a gunbattle can evade 99% of the crossfire!)

 • Black Tux Security
   Found: Wing Chune Banquet [interior]

   These foes are found patrolling the banquet floor, using weapon sensors to
   find those with concealed weapons. It's an automatic game over if Hana or
   Rain is identified, and also if they flash any weapon (including Melee)!
   Obviously, these guys can't be killed under these circumstances.

 • Biohazard Acrobat
   Found: Wing Chune Building 80th/86th Floor

   These yellow freaks are prepared for nuclear winter, and have plasma guns
   equipped to their fists (as Rain finds out herself). They're quite agile
   and conventional weapons are often useless -- getting a lock-on is harder!
   And, since they rarely drop items of use, killing them with ammunition is
   a waste of resources. Instead, the Arc Taser can electrocute them quickly
   and without dipping into the ammo supply.

 • Cat-eye
   Found: Wing Chune Building 86th Floor

   These self-sufficient floating machines have a large mechanical eye, thus
   their name. They fly around and attack Hana, but are easily susceptible to
   the Arc Taser (appearing in twos or more, they are). Yellow ones blow up
   after being defeated, so stay away; red ones get one minor second wind
   before following the same fate. Don't let 'em blow up in Hana's face, yo!

 • Zombie
   Found: Xi'an

   Pink and fleshy, these ghouls are found in the haunted fourth level. They
   are rather easy to kill, but often appear in huge numbers and/or drop from
   the ceiling to surprise the controlled character. It usually takes 4-8
   shots to subdue them, maybe less with Deke's Shot Pistols.

 • Ancient Specter
   Found: Xian

   In a few select rooms, these unearthly beings run the place. They can be
   shot, but only a novice will waste ammo -- they're invincible! Running to
   the exit as soon as possible is the recommended strategy. Luckily, they've
   got a horrible turn radius and have to hop to face the character, and also
   can attack in only a straight line. Just dodge to the side!

 • Reaper
   Found: Qinshihuang's Tomb

   These evildoers made out of bones and earth look like piles of rubble 'til
   Hana appears; then, they form themselves into ex-farmers with a vengeance!
   They use hand-scythes to inflict damage and although a rocket or few blasts
   of a shotgun takes care of them, protracted battles can take a HEAVY toll
   on Hana's fear meter...like, pretty dang bad. Luckily, the tomb has a lot
   of mini-episodes where she's fully healed. In this case, using an Assault
   Rifle can really pay off, as it stuns the enemies' advancement whereas the
   rocket launcher DOES NOT!

 • Clay Soldier
   Found: Qinshihuang's Tomb

   I think in ancient China, when a leader died, his servants and stuff also
   did, and were put in these clay 'caskets.' Well, after some events, these
   will come to life and try and attack Hana. They're incredibly slow but
   powerful, taking two rocket blasts to destroy (if you're smart). Arc Taser
   doesn't work for obvious reasons, and other guns aren't as effective. Save
   the rockets for these suckers!

 • Teleport Demons
   Found: Twin Juniper Gardens [Penglai Shan]

   These bogeymen start appearing after Hana talks with the old woman in the
   Wood Garden. They teleport after being shot, appearing in a new place to
   try and attack Hana. They commonly drop shotgun shells and, wouldn't you
   know it, shotguns are the recommended way to dispose of them. Two shots'll
   do the trick on Normal Mode, three on Hard. Beware of them ganging up on
   Hana as they can really affect her fear meter. Tactical reloading will be
   useful. Oh, and have a weapon out at all times!

 • Military Police
   Found: Glas' Past

   In the seventh level, Glas gets to relive his past a bit by taking control
   of a warehouse single-handedly. These suckers come in droves, and can be a
   big plate of annoyances. Explosive attacks (grenade/rocket launchers) can
   be very useful, as can the Arc Taser -- although be aware that they roll a
   lot, meaning the wielder of the taser has to realign the trajectory slightly
   to connect again. They drop Rifle Ammo, mostly.

WEAPONS               [WPNS]

 • Melee
   Brass Knuckle

   Each character has a weapon that takes no ammunition. Up against opponents'
   weapons they're useless, but when the circumstances call for a sneak
   attack, they're a good way to save ammunition. Hana has the Melee, Glas
   the Smakjack, Rain the Knife, and Deke the Brass Knuckle.

 • .90 Pistol

   Every character can get his or her paws on this basic weapon, which has 
   minimal stopping and firepower. It's best used when dual-wielding on the
   early levels, when the enemies are more susceptible to the peashooter.

 • Uzi

   The rapid-fire handcannon is like the .90 Pistol without training wheels,
   able to take down enemies faster. Ammo consumption is as fast as its firing
   rate, however, but it pulls its weight overall.

 • Shot Pistol

   Deke's specialty weapons are the best pistols in the game, since they use
   shotgun shells instead of normal clips. He can use them two at a time and
   they bring down enemies faster than any non-automatic weapon, basically.
   There are only 3 shots per gun, however, which means tactical reloading is
   necessary to keep Deke out of a jam.

 • Shotgun

   A mean piece of steel and grit, the shotgun has a piercing effect and can
   hit enemies in the direction of its scattershot effect. It can take down an
   enemy much faster than, say, a .90 Pistol but has worse reloading and re-
   -firing times. Still, it deserves to be put on a pedestal.

 • Assault Rifle

   Everyone in the game gets their hands on one of these babies. The rifle can
   have uzi-like firing speed, carries a lot of bullets, and has a knockback
   effect that either slows enemy advancement or keeps them at bay completely.
   It's awfully powerful too, which means saving it for when you're in a bind
   is recommended...not that there's an ammo shortage or anything. =)

 • GL 150

   Grenade launcher, hey-ho! Actually, besides its firepower and blast radius,
   it's not that great. The fired canister bounces a few times before it finds
   its target, which means that target may have moved out of the way. It's not
   that widespread, though, which means dealing with this last-ditch-effort gun
   often isn't necessary.

 • RL 480

   The grenade launcher's bigger, older, meaner sister who was locked up in
   juvenile hall for murder...that best describes the rocket launcher. It's a
   lot quicker to its target, which minimizes enemy evasion, and it's a bit
   more powerful, which means less ammo depleted. Every character can (have the
   chance to) get their hands on this puppy, which is best served for hard
   times. Like the GL 150, if the enemy is up-close, the explosion can hurt the
   user, so play it safe.

 • SS 2000

   Flamethrower time! The SS 2000 is unique in that it's a weapon where, no
   matter how many hundreds of cartridges there are, it can fit them all in
   and fire until gone. This huge magazine means that, in a bind, this weapon
   can really stick it to those who want to tango in close. Unfortunately,
   that's also its nadir -- it's short-range only! Enemies, such as those in
   the Glas' Past level, also will find that it's best to have a long-range
   weapon to combat the player, so it works both ways.

 • Sonic Boom

   This non-lethal item charges a sonic boom and unleashes it on all enemies
   in the room. Ones that are susceptible will be temporarily stunned; others
   will be unaffected. That's why it's borderline useless, except when trying
   to conserve ammo or do some sort of user-made challenge.

 • EMP

   AKA "Electromagnetic Pulse," this item is like the Sonic Boom engineered to
   effect mechanized beings. It's quite useless on humans, however, so unless
   it's being used in the Aqueduct or Glas' Past level, ditch it for something
   that...stings more. The effect is also temporary, unlike instances of real-
   -world news where things melt, blow up, etc.

 • Arc Taser

   One of the best "new weapons" added in, it also happens to be the greatest
   murdering tool that saves ammo. In fact, the taser uses none! Instead, it
   has an internal battery that drains when it finds a target to zap. What's
   more, if there are other enemies around, the electricity stream "arcs" to
   the others, clearing the whole room just by targeting one foe. Truly sweet
   for a bind...just keep an eye on how the battery is rechargin'.


 Fear Effect 2 is all about movement, whether it's silently stalking a soldier
 for a one-hit KO or dodging a boss' gun spray. Utilizing these aspects can be
 tricky at first, but once the player gets the hang of it, the game opens up
 on a whole 'nother level.

 RUNNING                                                       USE: R1 + D-Pad
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 The quickest way to get around on the game is sprinting. Doing this is great
 when no enemies are near, but the haste makes guards hear the character's
 footsteps, belying his/her position. Still, if you want to get away from an
 enemy [such as the first boss fight], this option doesn't lose its charm.

 CROUCHING / SILENT WALK                                       USE: R2 + D-Pad 
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 Ammunition ain't always commonplace, and when the going gets tough, one will
 wonder why s/he didn't simply use a little more stealth [and this will happen
 by the way]. This is where these functions come in. Crouching by pressing the
 R2 button may allow the player to duck behind an obstacle or get out of foes'
 shooting range temporarily for a better retaliation. However, most-utilized
 is the silent walk. By crouching and then moving, the player's footsteps are
 hushed. Hapless enemies can be murdered instantly if the character remains
 undetected and the reticle icon in the upper-middle is red. In addition, any
 reanimate-able corpses in the 'Fishing Village' level stay dead if Hana just
 creeps by. Silent kills are made for the character's close-range weapon most
 of the time, as that's how ammo's saved, y'dig?

 INVENTORY CYCLING                                        USE: Square / Circle
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 This should be elementary -- moving things around and selecting them. When an
 icon appears on-screen, such as 'Use', the currently-controlled character'll
 often have to use something from the inventory [such as a key or passcard] to
 proceed. This much is easy. However, cycling the inventory is also usable in
 battle! This seems like a waste of time, but when dodging or rolling out of
 harm's way, this is a great way to save time on reloading or changing equips.
 Master this and it's one step closer to getting better.

 EVADING / ROLLING                                             USE: L2 + D-Pad
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 Although most controls are the exact same from the first Fear Effect, this's
 where a huge change has been done. Before, a character could continuously
 roll to evade ALL damage from normal enemies; this has been corrected. True,
 it was awfully cheap, but now, an ally rolls once, stands up for a moment,
 and rolls again. It can still evade damage, but not with 100% success like

 But 'nough of that -- evasion and rolling still serves a great purpose, not
 only for evasion purposes but also for quick movement in puzzle solving. The
 button controls are designed to work in whatever direction the character is
 facing; they don't change for the player's perspective. 

 ABOUT-FACE / 180-DEGREE TURN                                   USE: L1 Button
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 Sometimes enemies will do a pincer attack [two sides at once] or simply bum-
 -rush the characters, resulting in a situation where damage is likely. Using
 an about-face will allow the character to turn in the direction his/her back
 is at, shooting foes on that side as well. What's more, when crouching this
 function is still usable -- in fact, when there are large groups of enemies,
 rolling to get a good position and using L1 to face is...well, simply smart

SAVING                [SVNG]

 Saving isn't as simple a process as it is in some games, and it may not even
 be obvious for someone just getting the hang of the controls, even. It's not
 that hard, truly, although there was a point where I didn't even know how to
 do it! Haha... Here's the lowdown:

 1) Find a savepoint. They're invisible by default, but for new players, it's
    best to turn on the 'marker' function (under Options) that will highlight
    the points with a spinning green icon.
 2) Stand where it says 'Use'
 3) Cycle the inventory to get out the Cellular Phone. All allies have one.
 4) Use it, pick a slot to save.


 • SAVE. OFTEN. For those who don't know what's coming, enemies can fall out
   of the ceiling, appear in a creepy cutscene, etc...the fearmeter and health
   can suffer needlessly. This way, if you get completely clobbered or left in
   a less-than-useful condition, just reload a past save and proceed again.
   Fear Effect 2 can be just as hard as the first game, and this tip carries

 • Human enemies fire at a certain level when standing up; if an ally crouches
   and fires, he can evade some of the damage, hopefully killing the enemy
   'fore he crouches to pick up the slack. It's a good idea to do this in a
   firefight, with a scattershot-weapon (assault rifle, shotgun). Use it in
   conjunction with back-rolling to evade more damage when they get close.

 • There are times when multiple characters will work the same part of the
   level. You may want to save some weapons for them instead of one person
   hogging them all first thing. An example of this would be Deke leaving the
   RL 480 or .90 Pistol for Hana in Xi'an.

                                             __________________________ ______
____________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH         | WLKT |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯
01) UNDERGROUND AQUEDUCT SYSTEM                                          [WK01]

 Last time I wrote for this game I did a room-by-room guide; this time, just
 going by objectives seems good enough. Given the times characters're switched
 it seems...right. ^_______^

Finding the Generator [Hana] 

 START: .90 Pistol x 2 [30]
      : Uzi [60]
      : Shotgun [120]
      : Assault Rifle [100]
      : Blasting Caps
      : Cellular Phone

 ITEMS: Pistol Ammo [8], EMP, Metal Hook, Yellow Key Card

 Remember this starting area, because eventualy we'll have to come back here.
 A savepoint's present, if y'need it. Follow Rain a few rooms to a four-way
 juncture. Our 'significant other' stays behind to bypass the security lock,
 so Hana has the job of turning on the door-opener's generator. The door to
 the right is flooded, so take the alternative (left).


 Follow the metal catwalk, avoiding all doors you find. They aren't useful at
 the moment. Another savepoint happens on a small decline; enemies are heard
 clanking around in the distance. The general rule of Fear Effect weapon
 conservation is to get by on as little ammo as possible. In this case, of
 all starting weapons, we'll want to use the dual .90 pistols.

 When the cutscene with 2 little machines ('fixers') is seen, have Hana point
 the gun at both of them -- when they're in range -- and blow 'em up. It only
 takes 5-6 bullets per each. Collect the Pistol Ammo and search the two nooks
 around the lone door for a Metal Hook & EMP. The latter can temporarily stun
 mechanical-based enemies, but is pretty useless unless you're doing a bare-
 -bones playthrough.

 With the Metal Hook secured, backtrack a little ways to the door nearest the
 savepoint, at the top of the ramp. Inside, use the Metal Hook to pry open a
 floor grate, snatching the Yellow Key Card in the muck. Outside the door is
 a new Fixer to shoot, 'though you can leave it for a little later if y'need.

 Return down the ramp to the lone door that requires the new keycard. 'Neath
 the ladder is the on switch for the generator. Savepoint in the corner there
 also. Get upstairs again and head back for Rain's position. Three enemies'll
 have congregated by the 'keycard room' entrance, so be ready. Collect the
 three Pistol Ammo deposits and make a beeline for the 4-way junction.

 Rain will make it through the door but Hana will not. Make for the generator
 room again, killing the three fixers along the way (2 drop from ceiling...!).
 Flip the generator's on-switch again, which blows it up and prevents the way
 back. POV switches to...

Clearing a Path for Hana [Rain]

 START: Knife
      : .90 Pistol x 2 [32]
      : Uzi [60]
      : Assault Rifle [100]
      : Shotgun [20]
      : Flash Disc
      : Sniper Scope
      : Cellular Phone

 ITEMS: Pistol Ammo [7], Rifle Ammo [5], Uzi, Uzi Ammo [2]

 As we first find Rain, a mysterious person a computer monitor has turned on
 a bunch of steam pipes in this room -- the only way to advance forward is
 to go through them. Save in a dry corner before surveying the path.
                                                         | STEAM ROOM PUZZLE |
 |SAVE  |1|     |3|     |5|     |7|     |9|     | N/S = North or South end   |
 |       ¯       ¯       ¯       ¯       ¯      |   X = #10                  |
 |  S                                           |                            |
 |  T                                      EXIT | 1 -> 2S -> 3N -> 5N -> 7N  |
 |  A                                           | -> 8S -> 10S -> Exit       |
 |  R        _       _       _       _       _  |                            |
 |  T       |2|     |4|     |6|     |8|     |X| |                            |

 If you can get through with minimal damage (one hit), consider it a victory.
 Getting through unscathed can be pretty hard! Make sure your pistols are out
 when entering the adjacent room, 'cause two fixers will put a bead on Rain
 immediately. Get their Pistol Ammo and continue down the ladder, ignoring
 the door above (flooded area). Savepoint is by of the edges kittie-corner
 to the lower door, however.                                 ________________
                                                            | PARTITION TRAP |
 | This part is rather easy, at least coming from right to left. There are 2 |
 | instances to go through. The one Rain encounters first is easy enough to  |
 | bypass; when the first metal slab near the door juts out, start moving    |
 | left against it and the path simply opens up. For the leftmost trap part, |
 | it's a li'l tougher. The cycle starts with two middle slabs protruding.   |
 | Move to the nearest one, and the rightmost puzzle part should 'lock in'   |
 | Hana. When the initial two slabs retract, move barely past the left one.  |
 | Continue moving left against the mechanisms already pushed outward, and   |
 | as the walkway opens up, roll forward to avoid being crunched by another  |
 | piece. Voila!                                                             |

 At the end, get out your guns and kill the fixer beyond the trap hallway.
 Continue into a room with bloody stumps of maintenance workers and such. Our
 heroine will get a 'rush moment' and have her health completely restored. To
 kill the fixers is easy, but the humans won't attack unless provoked -- save
 'em for last as they also carry ammo. Overall, an Uzi, Rifle and Pistol Ammo
 all around!

 There are two exits here: the red door and the lone door in a far corner. Go
 to the latter first. There is a single human worker here, so save ammo by
 crouching and knifin' him to death for some uzi ammo. Save in the catwalk's
 corner and double back, heading for the red door.

 Kill the two fixers for ammo and enter the door in the catwalk's 'elbow'.
 It leads to an active computer console -- the security bypass network. Use
 the Flash Disc on it to start the puzzle.              _____________________
                                                       | ANALOG INPUT PUZZLE |
 | |¯|¯¯¯¯¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯|¯| | This puzzle is simple, but randomized. Select six  |
 | | |¯¯¯¯¯  | |¯¯¯¯| | | (6) of the pieces shown on the right, and try to   |
 | |_|¯¯¯|_  | |    |_| | use them to make the analog screen show '80' and   |
 | | |¯¯¯| | |¯|    | | | '86'. An eight (8) is easy to make as it fills up  |
 | | |___| | | |____| | | all of the slots; the other two require a bit more |
 | |_|___|_| |_|____|_| | deftness. Finish it in 3:00 or Rain gets gassed!   |

 With a succesfully finished puzzle, a door in a far-off hallway unlocks for
 use. Head back to the 2-door hallway adjacent to the room where the bloody
 massacre took place, also where the human worker should have been knifed.
 If not, do so now. ^____^    Save and head into the door he was crouching by.

 Kill the fixer that descends and head to the hallway turn. There is a broken
 fixer here that needs to be repaired at some point. Hana can do this later,
 so just leave it. One of the doors here can be opened, revealing two PCs and
 a worker. Knife him, then head to the lit-up console.   ____________________
                                                        | COLOR-CODED PUZZLE |
 | B C D E F | The cipher decipher-er in the upper-right tells how the code  |
 | 5 4 3 2 1 | is undone. Input in this order: 31452, 45123, 23451. To enter |
 |           | each portion, flip the switch to the right of the input. ^__^ |

 Doing this powers the generator in the 'flooded room' seen awhile back, and
 turns the other computer on. Check that hunkajunk...     ___________________
                                                         | BASIC MATH PUZZLE |
 | 02  08  20  31  37 | Quite possibly the easiest puzzle, have the # shown  |
 | ??  ??  ??  ??  ?? | below the higher number subtract the other. Solution |
 | 04  13  30  44  36 | is: 2, 5, 10, 13, -1 (pick the red '1' to signify).  |

 This drains the 'flooded room' near the 4-way junction, and switches the POV
 back over to Hana.

Regrouping with Rain [Hana]

 ITEMS: Rifle Ammo [1], Uzi Ammo [4], Uzi, Fixer Piston, Green Key Card
      : Mirror Segment

 Hana is still near the generator. Save in the corner and head across all of
 the debris. In the hallway nearby, she will spots a videotape on the ground.
 Approach it...and a huge tsunami-sized gang of rats will barrel toward her!
 Quickly do an about-face and run back towards the generator, hiding near the
 savepoint until they pass into a hole. Now, go back and grab 'Videotape A'
 from its mangy resting place. Take out the fixer 'round the corner, too.

 Enter the first door Hana sees to find a room with two scared maintenance
 workers. Take 'em out for some ammo, and collect an Uzi hidden behind some
 barrels. There's also the Fixer Piston needed to 'operate' on the broken
 Fixer near Rain's current position, so pocket that.

 Down the hall are two more workers. Melee them to death to save ammo, then
 take a look at the wall and its opposite to see another puzzle...
                                                        | FILL-'ER-UP PUZZLE |
 | The wall with the blue-and-yellow display shows numbers in the following  |
 | order: 5 3 4 2. However, when you input them on the opposite wall, they   |
 | need to be organized according to color. Thus, input is: 5 4 3 2. Easy!   |

 This stops the steamy face-melting pipes down the way. Continue along, watch
 a scene with Hana and a wounded maintenance person. He gives her a Mirror
 Segment and Green Key Card.

What the Heck is Going On? [Rain]

 ITEMS: Pistol Ammo [2]

 Back to Rain! Duck into the hallway again, killing the fixer and heading to
 the savepoint area. A strange shadow lurks nearby, but leaves in a flash.
 Save, scrap another fixer, and head into the bloody massacre room. There...
                                                        | BOSS: ???????????? |
 | He's never given a name in-game, although some strategy guides call him   |
 | Scanner or Planner...good 'nough for me. This time around, he's quite a   |
 | pushover -- just unload assault rifle into his ugly mug, back-rolling or  |
 | dodging if he gets close enough to swing his electric wrenchblade thingy  |
 | (which shouldn't happen since the assault rifle propels him backward). :p |

 Inspect his corpse to switch the POV back to Hana. What a nice kitty... ^__^
 Maybe that should be his nickname, eh?

Regrouping with Rain II [Hana]

 ITEMS: Pistol Ammo [11], Machine Cog, Fixer Head Key, Videotape B
      : Rifle Ammo [5]

 Now for the closing act in this devious, weird play. Ascend the ladder and
 snag the Machine Cog twirlin' on the floor. The Green Keycard allows Hana to
 leave, dumping her back near the starting door area. Head to the four-door
 juncture, kill a fixer, and go right. The flooded room from before has been
 drained by Rain's quick typing. Kill a fixer for ammo and grab the Fixer Head
 Key by one of the junked 'bots on the floor. Exit at the other end.

 This opens up into the room just beyond the "steam puzzle" Rain went through.
 Kill the fixers (one drops from ceiling by ladder) and save down alongside
 the water's edge.                                           ________________
                                                            | PARTITION TRAP |
 | This works the same as when Rain went through. Breeze through the first   |
 | set by simply running left at all times, even when it makes Hana step in  |
 | place. Keep this strategy going for the 2nd set, although she has to roll |
 | at the end to avoid being railroaded by a slab.                           |

 Two fixers beyond drop more Pistol Ammo, which is what Hana should be using
 to take out these wannabe mechathugs, remember! At this point, we still need
 two more parts to fix the broken fixer. I'll save the hardest part for last.
 Thus, enter the red door in the bloody massacre room. Kill a few fixers and
 barge into the surveillance room (the one next to the analog puzzle area).

 Kill a purple fixer to obtain 'Videotape B'. The monitor nearby can play both
 of them, although only one is useful, giving the keypad entry code: 92572. It
 can be put into the savepoint hallway adjacent to the bloody massacre room.
 Get in thar after killin' another fixer. Pesky rodents...


 Send two more fixers on the upper level to the scrap heap, and try to enter
 the lower parallel walkway. There are lots of fixers here so Hana can't get
 through. We need a diversion! On the upper-floor door, it leads to a dead
 end. Use the Blasting Caps on the water heater nearby to attract the fixers
 attention. Make sure to hide in the walkway blindspot (along northern edge,
 in the gap) to ensure Hana is not detected. When the fixers are busy, just
 exit and trap them in there for good! Equip the dual .90s to put up yer
 dukes with the four fixers outside the door, also.

 The lower walkway is now free for the taking. A Fixer Chip is sitting on a
 workbench. That makes 3 out of the 4 pieces needed to repair the bot near
 the waterlevel-lowering panels Rain used.

Fixing the Fixer [Hana]

 ITEMS: Pistol Ammo [2], Fixer Battery, Uzi, Rifle Ammo [1], Uzi Ammo [1]

 This part is hard...sort of.

 To kickstart the last leg of this place (TRULY this time!), enter the bloody
 massacre room and locate the machine on one side. Insert the Machine Cog in
 the slot to drop a special fixer back at the starting point area. We all
 know the problem in backtracking: the partition trap! Make your way there
 like before. =(                                     ________________________
                                                    | PARTITION TRAP REMIXED |
 | Going through from right to left may be a cinch, but for travelers trying |
 | to come in vice versa, this is partition trap can be brutal. First off,   |
 | make sure to watch the 1st set's pattern. You can go right easy enough at |
 | the start, but approach a 'lingering' slab and another will come beat the |
 | crap outta Hana! It takes a little visual aid, but getting through can be |
 | done without damage. The second way through has a 'resting spot' in the   |
 | middle so I wouldn't give it a second thought. Breaking it up into small  |
 | pieces makes this dang thing easier to digest, eh? :p                     |

 Getting back to the start at this point is easy. However, the first time I
 played, I _couldn't_ find it for the life of me! The secret is the camera
 angling Fear Effect 2 uses. Return to the area where Rain first tried to
 bypass the security panels...three doors. However, the south side of the
 screen opens up into the fourth! Tricksy like hobbits, those producers are.
 The gray-colored fixer in question drops the Fixer Battery, which is the
 last piece in our mechanic's set. Head back through the partition trap, and
 into the hallway outside the waterlevel-lowering computers, where the broken
 fixer lies on the walkway. Use the Fixer Head Key, set in the components. Be
 sure to marvel at how diligently it fixes the broken door nearby, instead of
 killing Hana!

 The maintenance technician beyond can be slain or an Uzi...but is it really
 worth killing an innocent life? The Magic 8-Ball says yes! Save before going
 down the ladder. Inspect Hana's...err, rigging. Then... ____________________
                                                        | BOSS: ???????????? |
 | Creepy boss-man has some catcalls for Hana, as well as catwauling on the  |
 | catwalk...okay, enough jokes! This sad, sappy sucker needs to be murdered |
 | quickly. There are two ways. The first includes expending a bunch of ammo |
 | which is stupid, 'cause we need it for the next level. The second way is  |
 | to use his electrified blade against him. The waterfall nearby serves as  |
 | an appropriate target to push him in. So, get between him and it and put  |
 | some hot lead in his face, propelling him backwards with the rifle. It'll |
 | take three dips in the pool before he's Kentucky Fried Spanner. Yahoo---! |

 With Spanner taking a catnap (oops!), Hana gets a rush moment. Go upstairs
 and save, then talk with Rain again to unattach her from the machine. There
 are two bombs that threaten to blow this entire place sky high, so one girl
 has to backtrack and disarm the suckers. Guess who that is........Hana! The
 2:00 time limit is imposed.

 Okay, this part's not as hard as it sounds. Return to the long hallway where
 the broken fixer was refixed and re-broken (LOL). There are two doors here
 in close proximity that, due to the 'illusion' of the camera angle, looks to
 be one door...but it ain't. Each of these two doors contains a bomb. Save,
 return to Rain, and it'll be time to outrun a fiery explosion. Simply sprint
 ahead of it at all times, then try the door at the end to escape Spanner's
 fate. Level complete!

 PLEASE INSERT DISC 2 -- you heard the disc. :p

02) WING CHUNE BANQUET                                                   [WK02]
 Alright, now for the main mission...

To Jin's Package [Rain]

 START: Everything from previous level
 ITEMS: Uzi [3], Uzi Ammo [16], Jin's Package

 If you want Rain to have an easy time on this level, do as many silent kills
 as possible or use the Uzi. There is little Rifle Ammo drops and absolutely
 NO shotgun stuff. Y'dig?

 The objective (if you were listening to the opening cutscene) is for Rain to
 locate Jin's package behind the Buddha statue in Pandora's Maze. It's easier
 than it sounds. Save near the maintenance cover and get out your knife. Some
 (3) enemies are patrolling -- the first can be knifed, the other two taken
 out with the dual .90s.

 Follow the path to the walkway and small reflecting pools. One enemy is
 visible with his back to Rain, but four others are likely to be on-guard,
 so be prepared to dual-wield some killin' machines for 'em. Remember that
 crouching against human enemies can evade lots of crossfire. If you happen
 to inspect the spray fountain in one dead end of this place, another guard
 will appear on a patrol route nearby, so beware.

 Up the ramp that leads outta the reflecting pool area, three more enemies're
 lazing around their posts. The knife can be used on all three to conserve a
 bit o' ammo. The exit here leads to Pandora's Maze.         ________________
                                                            | PANDORA'S MAZE |
 | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   ___.-Jin's   | 'X' is for panel-lowering floor tiles, and  |
 | |         X|  |   | Package | 'C' is for a crankshaft that lowers a spray |
 | |   |__|¯¯¯   |   |         | fountain near the reflecting pool. For now, |
 | |       ¯¯¯|  |   |         | we only care about the floor tiles.         |
 | |¯¯¯¯¯¯    |__|___|         |                                             |
 | |                X|         | Save and proceed toward the northern 'X';   |
 | |   |¯¯|___|¯¯     ¯¯|      | avoid the first one because it can lead to  |
 | | C |______|     ____|      | Rain's death if she shoots the banners! At  |
 | |___|Save  |         |      | the 2nd 'X' location, when the Use option   |
 |     |__    |_____    |      | appear, select the Sniper Scope to murder   |
 |        |             START  | the enemies below.                          |
 |        |_____________|      |                                             |

 Sniping the two men gives a rush moment just like turning the crank does. Be
 sure to save the latter until it's needed. In the maze, four more security
 guards will now be around (2 by savepoint). Extra uzi ammo to take here, so
 proceed along if y'need.

 When ready, go to the first 'X' on the map and shoot the banners, swinging
 down to the Buddha statue area. No foes, just Jin's Package to collect. The
 POV is now over to our partyin' infiltrator.

The Prints & Hair [Hana]

 START: All weapons/ammo/key items collected from last level
      : Dress, Silver VIP Bracelet

 ITEMS: Filled Glass, Gold VIP Bracelet, Bell

 Hana's turn! She'll have a Dress & Silver VIP Bracelet key item at this time
 which allows her better access around the place. Note that if you equip any
 weapon, including Melee, the guards will arrest you no matter where you are
 (sans the ladies' room). Don't have anything equipped! Now, proceed like so:

 • Take the escalator up to the 2nd floor. Alongside the ramp that leads up
   to the 3rd floor, there is a man (Big Tom) who hits on Hana in the most
   nerdy way possible. Leave the screen and talk to him again, obtaining the
   Filled Glass. The ladies' room, on the other side of the ramp, contains a
   savepoint for Hana.

 • On the 3rd floor, a gentleman (Shao Chiu) will talk with Hana and give her
   the Gold VIP Bracelet and Bell key items...for no charge!

 • At this same area, flash the Gold VIP Bracelet to the black-tux security
   guard near the red carpet. This allows Hana access to the balcony area.
   Head to the right part of the balcony and use the Filled Glass to talk with
   the good doctor. Hana will get a Hair Sample and Fingerprinted Empty Glass.

 Try to leave the balcony and the view switches over to Rain.

Basement-bound! [Rain]

 ITEMS: Uzi, Uzi Ammo [23], Maintenance Keycard, Arc Taser, Rifle Ammo [1]
      : Bridge Control Card

 The package Rain opened will be a keycard and Arc Taser, the latter being an
 incredibly useful weapon since it runs on battery power, not ammunition (and
 it recharges automatically). Anyway, it's time to return to the reflecting
 pool. A panel near the starting location will raise stairs back up into
 Pandora's Maze. If you haven't turned the crankvalve that turns the spray
 fountain off near the reflecting pool, do that now -- see the map in the
 previous Rain section. The enemies can be taken out easily from here, using
 either the knife or Arc Taser. Remember: the taser can hit multiple enemies
 if they're in close range!

 This fantastic weapon is needed after climbing the ladder behind the spray
 fountain. Three enemies will immediately start shooting at Rain, so crouch
 and pivot toward the nearest enemy; the taser will do the rest, electrocuting
 all three! Use the maintenance keycard on the next door, leading down to a
 savepoint in front of a security room. A man inside drops an Uzi, so zap 'im

 Now begins a trifecta of annoying puzzles to accomplish. Seriously, is this
 an impractical or ingenious system? Only you can decide. Stick the Flash
 Disc into a computer here.                                 _________________
                                                           | GEOMETRY PUZZLE |
 | 1) DUDUDUDU | There are six puzzles to put in, matching geometry shapes   |
 | 2) UDUDUDUD | that perfectly superimpose on the one featured. By using 4  |
 | 3) UUUUDUUU | directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) -- the first letter of   |
 | 4) DDUDDDUD | each which is used in the list to the side -- the corners   |
 | 5) DLDLDLDL | are changed to match the parts. Press x-button to confirm   |
 | 6) DRULDUDU | each entry, also. [NOTE: Only Normal mode solutions shown]  |

 One down, two left... Personally, I save after the first one just 'cause it
 is so long and boring! Number two is adjacent...  __________________________
                                                  | CLOSED-CIRCUIT CONUNDRUM |
 |               ____ _|¯|    ___                   | Pipes with hash marks  |
 |  _____       |____|   |   |###|¯¯¯||¯¯¯|         | (#) inside are pieces  |
 | |_   _|            ¯|_|   |#|¯ ¯|_| ¯| |         | that can't be moved &  |
 |   |_|        _____ _____ _|¯|   |#|  |¯|         | are used for closing   |
 |  _| |_  |¯¯¯|#####|_____|___|   |#|  |_|         | the circuit. Voltage   |
 | |_____| | |¯ ¯¯¯¯¯              |#|_ ______ ___  | starts at 14 and drops |
 |  _____ _|¯|_ _____ _________    |###|______|###| | as correct pieces are  |
 | |_____|_____|     |#########|    ¯¯¯        ¯|#| | placed in the bracket. |
 |              ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|#|                |¯| | Although the game does |
 |               |¯|    ___ _|#|     _______    | | | not say, pieces can be |
 |  _____        | |   |   |###|    |#######|   | | | rotated a la Tetris by |
 | |_   _|       | |   | |¯ ¯¯¯     |#|¯ ¯|#|   |_| | hitting the O-button!  |
 |   |_|         |¯|_  |¯|_ ______ _|#|   |¯|_ _| | |                        |
 |               |  _| |___|______|###|   |___|___| | When voltage is 0.00,  |
 |               |_|               ¯¯¯              | flip 'OK' button, yo.  |

 Save afterwards and proceed to the third and last puzzle.
                                                   | ELEVATOR FUSE ISOLATION |
 | G Y B W R P | The pattern at the left side tells two things. The color    |
 | W G P Y B R | order (GYBWRP) tells the initial order the fuses are in;    |
 |_____________| the lower part shows the order they need to be moved to get |
 |               get this puzzle under wraps. To move a fuse successfully,   |
 | Rain must isolate the electricity from the fuse. The top and bottom parts |
 | show little fuses on a colored bracket. For example, to move the white &  |
 | green parts, the little fuses (both top and bottom) must be placed in any |
 | OTHER colored brackets. My termonology may be sketchy, but a visual aid's |
 | a good identifier. Lotsa ways to solve this, but my suggested order is:   |
 |                                                                           |
 | 1) Switch White & Yellow [Yellow in right spot]                           |
 | 2) Switch White & Green [White & Green in right spot]                     |
 | 3) Switch Purple & Blue [Purple in right spot]                            |
 | 4) Switch Red & Blue [Both in right spot]                                 |

 Make sure to do it right, because touching live fuses damages our girlie. =(

 The system will be fried accidentally, so it's time for Rain to meet back up
 with Hana. Rush moment! Pop out the Arc Taser and start backtracking. In one
 of the rooms, a dork with a deathwish drops a Bridge Control Card. Keep her
 heading back towards where Jin's Package was in the garden area, frying any
 opposition (most can be done OHKO-stylin'). Once at the destination, use the
 new keycard on the panel by the Buddha statue to drop a secret bridge (woo!).

 Time to party-crash!

Off-Duty [Rain/Hana]

 ITEMS: Elevator Keycard

 The plan is to steal a guard's keycard when s/he is off-duty or...something.
 She's all dressed-up and on the prowl for a man. Have Rain make her way to
 the 2nd floor via the 'right' escalator, which brings her out near the men's
 room. Enter inside to find some security freaks walking around. One of them
 in the very back is puking his brains out; Rain needs to cut through all of
 the floorwalkers to get to him. The only problem is they kick her out if she
 happens to be in their proximity, so watch the pattern they have and reach
 the far side. 'Use' Rain's hands to steady him, grabbing an Elevator Keycard
 for the trouble.

 Save in the ladies' room and move toward the elevator nearby. Use the 'card
 to gain access. POV switches to Hana now, who should rendezvous with her
 galpal at the elevator. When a diversion is needed for 'a big show,' have
 Hana use her Dress. Level over!


03) WING CHUNE BUILDING - 80TH & 86TH FLOORS                             [WK03]

 And everything was going so well... =/

84th-Floor Pitstop [Hana]

 ITEMS: E.L.P., Arc Taser, DNA Code Disc

 The package Jin left atop the elevator car is 3 items that can be used in
 a bit. Save and climb the elevator ladder, keeping the pace when the lift
 starts moving again. Soon she'll jump into a ventilation shaft.

Security Breakdown I [Rain]

 ITEMS: Blasting Caps, Biohazard Keycard, Bypass Keycard, Video Room Keycard

 The Blasting Caps are from Jin's package in the elevator, mind you.

 Rain starts in a glossy elevator lobby in the 80th floor. Ignore the 2 doors
 flanking the lift, and continue into a tunnel nearby. Have the Arc Taser at
 the ready, since the enemies here -- yellow acrobats who shoot plasma bullets
 that can damage a lot -- are quite agile. They also rarely drop items, which
 is the prime reason to not waste any useful ammunition on 'em.

 In the door to the right of the lift, zap an acrobat for a Biohazard Keycard.
 Down the hall, on a panel, a rotary-type keypad with '#836745' is labelled.
 This is the code for the video room surveillance area, so remember it, yo!
 Back in the lobby, head into the skybridge tunnel and fry the person there.
 Savepoint here, so make use of it.

 Enter, taser the two femmes, and enter the left door. This is a changing area
 and Rain can get into a biohazard acrobat suit by inspecting one of the cases
 there. A boss will tell Rain to kill unauthorized personnel with extreme
 prejudice before leaving. Rush moment! Note that you can't use any normal
 guns in this suit, so 'plasma wrists' is the only weapon available. It's not
 that great and can only hit one target, so make sure you go for stealth KO's
 if y'need to use it. A Bypass Keycard and Video Room Keycard are obtained
 automatically, mind you.


 Take the left door at the elevator now. This hallway will have two enemies
 in it facing Rain (if she didn't kill them earlier), but they won't attack
 unless provoked. Enter the room here with the Bypass Keycard and inspect
 a monitor. Input '836745' to turn another machine on. Inspect this other
 computer and...                                    _________________________
                                                   | DIGITAL CONVEYOR PUZZLE |
 | Incredibly stupid puzzle, it requires reflexes more than brains. Pressing |
 | a direction will move the orange box along the conveyors, which take him  |
 | along in the direction the arrows point him in. The objective is to land  |
 | this on the green dot, which can only be done like so:                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Left > Right > Left > Right > Up > Up > Up > Up > Left                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | If you see the visual, you need to go to it in a roundabout way, taking   |
 | the smaller like:                                                         |
 |                                                                           |
 |                               END -.                                      |
 |                                    |  Again, it can be hard, but as long  |
 |                START-. .-.     .---'  as you know the path to follow, it  |
 |                      | | |.----'      becomes twice as easy. Just hope    |
 |                      | | |'----.      your fingers can follow the circuit |
 |                      '-' '-----'      and get this thing over with!       |
 |                                                                           |
 | Actually, you can take shortcuts in doing this, but this way is the most  |
 | used. Shortcuts are coming in from the bottom or top-right, by the way.   |

 Once complete, the video monitor with the password input will come on. One
 will show a password for a room ahead (don't worry about memorizing -- I'll
 regurgitate it back for you) while another shows the password for the rotary
 keypad in an adjacent hallway: 4615207.

 Head back towards to the adjacent hallway (or save, if you don't want to ever
 do the puzzle above again) and input the above code. It opens into a lounge
 where two foes are standing around. Use the Bypass Keycard to enter the other
 door here, which is full of computers and 2 guards. Use the Flash Disc on the
 computer to start the next puzzle.                  ________________________
                                                    | ALIGNMENT VERIFICATION |
 | ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ | The alignment code must be...re-aligned for security stuff, |
 | ~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ | which isn't that hard if you saw the videotape back in the  |
 | 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ | surveillance room that displayed the correct positions. To  |
 | ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A | adjust this stuff just use Up/Down to change the selection  |
 | ~ 2 ~ ~ ~ ~ | and Left/Right to switch dials. When it's all done right, a |
 | ~ ~ B ~ D ~ | switch-over to Hana takes place.                            |

Cold Storage [Hana]

 ITEMS: Flame Canister [99], EMP, Rocket Shell [20], SS 2000, RL 480
      : Dispersion Canister, Security Keycard, Genetic ID Card

 As soon as Hana jumps out of the vent, she sets off a motion sensor. Oh no!
 Thirty seconds to get this under wraps...           ________________________
                                                    | MOTION DETECTOR PUZZLE |
 | Having died many a time here, I can say this was pretty annoying for a    |
 | while. Luckily, the solution is incredibly easy -- shoot the panel by the |
 | door. This can't be done until Hana has inspected it first, though.       |

 When the coast is clear, grab the Dispersion Canister. This is also where
 the RED COMPUTER is, which will be needed later on, so remember its position!
 Exit the room with the Arc Taser handy, OHKO'ing the acrobat in the hallway.
 She drops a Security Keycard for the trouble. Save by the fold-out chairs and
 take the door to the left.

 It leads into a hallway with a single acrobat. Go to the door at the end of
 the hall (use Security Keycard), which is where the fusebox is. When Hana
 blew up the motion detector, this thing got shorted out -- now the three rooms
 that got power from it can only be used one at at time. Switch the fuse to the
 topmost slot and return to the savepoint area. This time, take the doorway set
 at an angle.

 After a small scene, destroy the cateyes with the taser. Careful, they blow
 up after being knocked to the floor. Two more are in the adjacent room, which
 also has 99 Flame Canisters, 20 Rocket Shells, and an EMP if you missed it
 back in the aqueduct section. A heavy-armor door here is locked, but if Hana
 sticks a Blasting Cap on it, she can gain access. Destroy the red cateye and
 its human cohort before grabbing the SS 2000 flamethrower and RL 480 rocket
 launcher. Save these for when y'really need them! Exit into the previous room
 and open the normal-looking door beside the armory.

 Inside are 2 more cateyes, who will get up again for one more hit. Stay away
 from them 'cause the explosion can hurt Hana even if she's right by the door.
 This is also where the GREEN COMPUTER is. If you switched the fuse correctly,
 use the Hair Sample on the white machine to obtain a Genetic ID Card.


 Now, return to the fusebox and set the fuse into the last slot, a cylindrical
 white machine. Okay, the next stretch is coming up. In the hallway leading up
 to the fusebox are two doors. The 'right' one has 3 Arc Taser-able enemies &
 the YELLOW COMPUTER and a monitor that tells about DNA sequencing; the 'left'
 has two guards and a slot requiring the Genetic ID Card. [NOTE: The Security
 Keycard is needed to first enter either of these rooms.] Go for the latter.

 Enter the silvery hallway...                         _______________________
                                                     | INFRARED LASER PUZZLE |
 | Inch forward until 'Use' comes up. Kick out the Dispersion Canister to    |
 | locate the lasers. They can seriously hurt Hana, but since they flicker   |
 | on and off in a pattern with ample space in between, it should be rather  |
 | easy to proceed. Just think if you tried to wing it here... :P            |

 The door will be locked, however, so Hana commissions Rain to help her. ^__^

Guard Exterminator [Rain]

 The room beyond Hana's position is crawling with enemies, so it's time for an
 all-expense-paid trip to meet their maker! Kill the guard in the adjacent room
 (ample time when she looks at monitors), and have Rain investigate a computer
 in the corner. It controls the cateyes and has them attack the guards. Lots of
 huge kamikaze-ness! Back over to our other cutiepie...

DNA Sequencin' [Hana]

 ITEMS: Centrifuge Tubes, Purified Tubes

 Enter the unlocked door, save by the cateye (won't attack). The BLUE COMPUTER
 is located in this room, so make a mental note of it. The adjacent room, which
 is really small, has a cateye to neutralize -- stay away from the blast
 radius, now! Use the E.L.P. to get the Centifuge Tubes from the funny-looking
 door. Stick them in the cylindrical white machine (which should have power)
 and obtain the Purified Tubes! 

 Return back to the fusebox and stick the fuse in the middle slot this time.
 This makes the computer in the motion detector room start working. There are
 a few cateyes in this dump, so have the Arc Taser primed and ready. In the
 corner, use the Purified Tubes on the lamplit desk machine. The creates the
 Blood Blot A, Gland Blot G, Cell Blot C, and Nucleus Blot T. These four items
 need to be used on the different computers. The color of the icon tells which
 computers they should go on, mind you.

 RED    -> Blood Blot A   -> Room with motion detector    -> Adenosine Disk
 BLUE   -> Cell Blot C    -> Room past infrared lasers    -> Cytosine Disk
 GREEN  -> Gland Blot G   -> Room w/ Genetic Keycardmaker -> Guanine Disk
 YELLOW -> Nucleus Blot T -> Room right of the fusebox    -> Thymine Disk
                                        /\--Green C
                                       \/\ \
                                        \   \
                         Yellow C        \/\ \
                                 \_        /\ \/
                       Fusebox   | |      / /\/
                         \____ __|¯|___ _/\/_ ___
                         |____|_   ____|_____|   |--START
                                |_|          |___|
                                | |          /
                                | |     Red C
                                | |___ _____
                                |_|___|_   _|--Blue
                                        | | DNA Sequence Puzzle

 Be careful when traveling in the large tunnel after getting the Guanine Disk,
 because a cateye and 2 acrobats will be in there and the camera angle sucks!
 Also, the broken cateye in the Blue Computer room will reactivate when Hana's
 near the computer. Don't let it asplode in yo' face. :p

 When all four (4) discs have been obtained, enter the door with a biohazard
 symbol on it -- just past the area w/ Centrifuge Tubes -- and trudge past the
 cateyes to the main computer. The DNA Code Disc starts it up just fine...
                                                     | DNA SEQUENCING PUZZLE |
 | If you didn't take a look at the monitor in the Yellow Computer room, you |
 | may not know how DNA bonds with each other. It's quite simple, really.    |
 | Cytosine (Blue) couples with Guanine (Green), while Adenosine (Red) pairs |
 | with Thymine (Yellow). Just think ketchup & mustard, and blue & green     |
 | gatorade. :p                                                              |
 |                                                                           |
 | With the four discs, sections of the DNA structure have to be placed into |
 | the missing slots above. Once the pairing is known, it's really quite     |
 | easy to do. Note that if you screw up, there are many strands to sort     |
 | through -- leaving the screen does not reset the puzzle! Don't screw up.  |
 | Oh, and use the O-button to reverse the selectable sequencing, just like  |
 | in the closed-circuit puzzle.                                             |

 Mean Mr. Rocketlauncher Man will come in and try to blow the lid off of the
 intruders, literally! The scene is then over to Rain, who's tasked with
 making a distraction.

The Distraction [Rain]

 Rush moment! Save in the skybridge tunnel and enter the room beyond. There is
 a large red button on one of the walls, which allows Rain to be detox'd and
 let into another portion of the area. Find the green ranger--er, green acrobat
 who will make Rain take some deadly material into an incubation chamber. Save
 if you want and 'Use' Blasting Caps when the option shows up on the wall. One
 scene later and everyone is after our darling!

 Kill the three fembots, err, acrobats that attack, and exit quickly. If there
 is any spots in the game that make make you lose somehow, it's this. Using a
 plasma wrist weapon sucks, so if you can, flee battle (as in 3rd room) to
 avoid unneeded damage. When you get to the skybridge, quickly kill the 'bats
 and enter the elevator lobby for a boss battle.           __________________
                                                          | BOSS: Supervisor |
 | Apparently this guy is the supervisor of all the acrobats, and he's armed |
 | with a rocket launcher. Sadly, all Rain gets is plasma wrist projectiles. |
 | Still, this guy isn't that hard to figure out. He either does a small     |
 | bullet spray or fires a rocket, both of which are easily dodgable if one  |
 | side-rolls out of the path. Even at very low health, if the player has a  |
 | knack for dodging, this isn't that hard. Note that getting hit with even  |
 | one rocket is almost certain death, so avoid that fate.                   |

 Afterwards, it's time to blow this joint...darling. :P


04) XI'AN                                                                [WK04]

 Jin dumps this new job almost immediately after the first, having Hana take
 the stolen 'stuff' to a place Rain calls haunted. Two other couriers are
 supposed to show up...

Friendly Cruise [Deke]

 START: Brass Knuckle
      : Shot Pistol x 2 [100]
      : Assault Rifle [50]
      : Shotgun [100]
      : Sonic Boom
      : GL 150 [20]
      : Cellular Phone

 ITEMS: Genetic Marker

 After the admiral meets a rather gruesome end, save and take the Genetic
 Marker off his corpse. After the scene with 'explosive' results, keep moving
 Deke down the length of the vessel until he jumps ship, surviving by the skin
 of his teeth. One more scene later and...

Hoodwinked in Xi'an [Deke]

 ITEMS: Shot Shells [17], Rifle Ammo [12], Machine Key, Diesel Fuel, RL 480 [2]
      : Elevator Lock Key, Ancient Gold Crank, Ancient Red Crank

 Kill the 3 zombies nearby, one of which drops the Machine Key. Enter the
 adjacent area to find the freightyard. A few zombies here and a large vehicle
 that has no fuel. A small (and only other) door nearby contains enemies and a
 canister of Diesel Fuel. Walk to the vehicle's front end, pouring the diesel
 into the open-cap tank. Climb up, use the Machine Key to enter, and watch the
 funny scene.


 After the vehicle plummets below, Deke is on the lip of the gaping hole. A
 rain of zombies can be slaughtered here, and if you look carefully, there's
 a RL 480 half-hidden in a dark spot. Decourt is already packing; if you want
 to leave it, Hana or Glas can take it later on. Note that Deke won't have a
 rocket launcher for awhile, then...

 Through the next door, there 3 zombies and _another_ RL 480! One drops the
 Elevator Lock Key. Locate a door nearby where Deke can blow the lock off
 and find another similar door inside. Inside is the elevator, 2 zombies, and
 a savepoint. Use the new key acquired to descend into the archaeological pit
 where Deke's truck crashed.

 A little ways beyond is an ornate door with two dragons interweaved. The 2
 smaller doors flanking contain either an Ancient Red Crank or Ancient Gold
 Crank. When you find one, use it on the mural in the opposite room to hear
 a 'click'; the ornate door opens after both have been used.

 It leads into a small passage. The small red door leads to a dead end with a
 .90 Pistol; this is where Hana starts, however, so save it for her since she
 does _NOT_ start with an Uzi. The large red door here (by 2 zombies) leads
 into a room with 3 ghosts. They're immortal -- don't try to kill 'em. Just
 run to the exit in the far corner of the room. A small scene plays and then
 the view switches over to Hana.

Latecomer [Hana]

 START: .90 Pistol x 2 [100]
      : Uzi x 2 [100]
      : Assault Rifle [50]
      : Shotgun [20]
      : SS 2000 [50]
      : Arc Taser
      : Bell
      : Mirror Segment
      : Cellular Phone

 ITEMS: .90 Pistol, RL 480, Rifle Ammo [4], Shot Shells [3], Archaeology Key
      : Mirror Segment, Rocket Shells [1]

 Hana ends up in a small room just off of the area's 2nd savepoint, near the
 room filled with immortals that Deke was just in. This starting point will
 have an extra .90 Pistol for Hana if it was bypassed before. Save in the
 nearby hallway and head back through the archaeology dig, up toward the
 surface via the elevator.

 Past the first savepoint location, decimate some zombies and obtain the
 Archaeology Key. Kill the zombie outside and use the new key on the door just
 near wher Hana entered the fresh air. There are some 'immortal ghosts' in
 here, so quickly get the other Mirror Segment and RL 480 before they beat up
 on our 'doll'. The two segments Hana now has form a 'Mirror', which can be
 used on the door where Deke first encountered the 'immortal ghosts' down by
 the twin-dragon crank door. As before, instead of tangoin' with the tangos,
 simply head to the exit kittie-corner to the entrance.

 [NOTE: If you left an RL 480 behind during Deke's first mission, think about
 going back and giving it to Hana so she has some explosive firepower for the
 next mission!]

 Two zombies will fall down in the hallway, so neutralize for rifle ammo. Get
 the .90 Pistol near the green door (can't enter), or leave for an ally later
 on. A long, twisty connecting catwalk is found in the adjacent room, and'll
 contain a few zombie drop-ins. Exit this area and Deke will 'save' Hana from
 a nasty infestation problem.

Savin' Yer Bacon [Deke]

 ITEMS: Shot Shells [4]

 Rush Moment!

 Why does Deke burst in with a stupid Sonic Boom? Who knows! The three zombies
 don't give him a lot of time to switch weapons, so do it while running around
 the fiends, to delay their attacks. Switch to something useful (grenade or
 rocket launcher?) and blow them to kingdom come, before they munch on Deke's
 brains...or what constitutes that for him. Just be careful not to damage him
 in the blasts.

 Enter the adjacent hallway and continue up the incline, ignoring the smaller
 door along the way (locked). There courier rendezvous point is ahead, and'll
 spark some dialogue between Hana, Deke, and Glas, the third person. After a
 bit of a fun surprise, control switches to...

Rampage! [Glas]

 ITEMS: ---

 Glas will leave the rendezvous point and get into his awesome robotic mech.
 It handles just like the characters except there's no about-face (180-degree
 turn) option. Zombies will drop down and can still hurt it, though, so spray
 some lead at 'em and start shooting the wall down the street. After three,
 the 'gaping pit' we've come to know and love swallows the mech as it falls
 to the bottom...

Grrrrrr! [Hana]

 ITEMS: Bandage, Shot Shells [3]

 Hana will have obtained the 'Bandage' from Glas earlier. Still has it...! :p
 Kill the zombie spawn and climb up the _large_ ladder to see some more scenes
 with Deke. [Alternately, before meeting with Deke, you can return to the room
 everyone rendezvoused at and save -- zombie-free!].

Locked Out [Rain]

 START: .90 Pistol x 2 [100]
      : Assault Rifle [200]
      : Sonic Boom
      : Cellular Phone
      : Flash Disc

 ITEMS: RL 480, Rifle Ammo [5], Shot Shells [2], Rocket Shells [3]

 See how Rain isn't exactly packing anything heavy? 'Tis lame! Too bad she's
 unable to return to the surface and get the RL 480 Deke might've left behind.
 Luckily, this can be remedied by heading toward the rendezvous point. One of
 the zombies there can drop an RL 480!

Retribution [Glas]

 START: .90 Pistol x 2 [98]
      : Smakjack
      : Uzi x 2 [60]
      : Assault Rifle [200]
      : Shotgun [20]
      : GL 150 [20]
      : Arc Taser
      : Cellular Phone
      : Phoenix Amulet

 ITEMS: Peach, Storage Room Key, Shot Shells [7], Rifle Ammo [11+], RL 480
      : Rocket Shells [6], Dynamite

 Finally, we get to play as the man himself! He starts at the bottom of the
 pit where his mech ended up. The way toward the lower temple is blocked for
 the moment, but this'll change soon. Take a ride in the elevator, kill some
 zombies on the surface, and head toward the top of the 'gaping pit'. An old
 man will talk with Glas and give him the Peach & Storage Room Key. A bunch-a
 zombies fall in this area, so if you want to leave 'em be, just leave. [Get
 that RL 480 Deke left behind if it's still there? Last chance to snatch it!]

 The Storage Room Key works on the door in the small alley nearby. Two zombies
 are inside; blow 'em away before they swamp Glas. The place is pretty small,
 after all. Grab the Dynamite, RL 480, and Rocket Shells before leaving back
 down toward the mech crash site. Be prepared -- an enemy enters the elevator

 Plant the Dynamite by the rubble and quickly roll back to evade damage. The
 objective is to return to the area where Hana/Rain were talking, which is
 connected to the hallway leading up to the rendezvous point. (Speaking of
 which, Glas can get another RL 480 in the rendezvous room. Don't forget!). Be
 careful when entering the room where Deke helped Hana, 'cuz 3 enemies have
 set up shop. Pack heavy!

 Hana and Deke will strike up a partnership to kill some zombies, and after,
 to get back their stuff and Rain. Note that the foes the two tag-team drop a
 lot of ammo, but some might disappear if you leave it too long (and they all
 have to be collected before the end cutscene). Thus, I got 5 rifle ammo packs;
 someone else may get more. This is noted in the item finds for this level.

 But anyway, level done! INSERT DISC 3, NAO!

05) QINSHIHUANGDI'S TOMB                                                 [WK05]

 Let's get down to the lowdown, folks! Note that this level is played almost
 entirely by Hana, so I'm not going to mark it in the little dividers. Every
 time Hana enters a new puzzle, she gets a rush moment also (and after!).

                                      Put     ____   Queen's Burial Cube
  1 - Sun Coin                _____  Coins   |  5 |  /
  2 - Moon Coin              /     \ Here    | |¯¯  / 
  3 - Gold Bullion          /       \____\___|¯¯¯¯¯¯|_______
  4 - Hair Pin             ( 1 2 3 4 ________       |_____  |
  5 - Terra Cotta Key       \       /  __| | |______|     | |-SAVE
  6 - Butterfly Coin         \__   /  |____|    | |       |_|-START
  7 - Dig Key                   |_|             | |_ _________      |¯|
  8 - Wood Planks              _| |_            |___|_   __   \ |¯¯¯|7|
  9 - Lily Coin               |     |                 |SAVE|¯\ \) |¯|_|
 10 - Bull Coin               |_   _|                  ¯¯¯¯   \   |_ _
                                |_|                           / ____|8|
                                |_|--6                 ______/ /     ¯
                                /                     |  _____/
                              10                      |_|
______________                                        | |--9
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                         ¯
The First Door                                         

 START: .90 Pistol x 2 [??]
      : Uzi x 2 [???]
      : Assault Rifle [???]
      : Shotgun [??]
      : SS 2000 [??]
      : RL 480 [??]
      : Arc Taser
      : Bell
      : Bandage
      : Mirror

 ITEMS: Shot Shells [1], Sun Coin, Moon Coin, Gold Bullion, Hair Pin
      : Terra Cotta Key

 From where Glas waits, save and walk down the rocky place to the tomb where
 a queen's buried. Just inside, there are some scary-lookin' statues that give
 a bit of foreshadow to what will happen, and a large cube with certain shapes
 on it. Pay no mind to the doors for now and run down the adjacent hall. Stick
 to the lamplit side and see five spaces to input coins -- this will be used
 later. The door outlined in blue nearby has Shot Shells inside of it, but as
 there are three Reapers who eviscerate fear meters, I suggest not going in
 without an ammo shortage!

 Upon reaching the excavation area. Descend the ladder and see a scene with a
 masked ghost. He gives Hana a Sun Coin, Moon Coin, Gold Bullion, and Hair Pin
 and disappears. Return to the indentations where the coins can be inserted,
 in the connecting hallway. The method of opening doors is depressing the icon
 that represents each coin, from top to bottom. So, to open the only door with
 the symbols we currently have, press the moon, then sun. The door in the cube
 area above the ladder is visible. A thirty-second time limit is given (haha).

 Inside is the Terra Cotta Key, guarded by a large clay statue. Either take
 the key and flee or use a rocket launcher to detorso the thing -- doesn't
 matter 'cause we're never coming back to this room again. Proceed back to the
 excavation area and use the new key to unlock the framed door on the catwalk.

 Inside the pool area, approach the three-symbol door.

Pride Puzzle
 ITEMS: Butterfly Coin, Inn Room Key

 Hana will be transported 'back to the olden days' and have to solve a riddle
 before she can leave. The hint is in the ghost's prefacing, about how only
 in 'self-reflection' can one be free. Gettin' an idea yet? Talk to the old
 NPC innkeeper and give him the Gold Bullion as payment. He gives Hana the
 Butterfly Coin and Inn Room Key.

 Head to the 'haunted' room down the way and enter inside. Sleep there and a
 nightmare happens with a hanged ghost. Talk with the innkeeper about it and
 go back to sleep, this time taking out the Mirror when 'Use' comes up. This
 will calm the ghost's spirit.


 ITEMS: Dig Key, Wood Planks

 After solving the puzzle, Hana returns to the pool room. Destroy the statue
 duo with rockets and return to the coin indentation area, where the new coin
 will take its place. Press the Butterfly & Moon icon this time, opening a new
 door near the burial cube. 0:30 time limit and all that.

 Inside, kill the 2 Reapers in your preferred fashion and enter the adjacent
 area, that's crooked and fiery (sorta). Savepoint's on a small dead end area
 there. Of the three doors, only two work; enter the one nearest the red flag
 thing. As soon as you enter, run to the opposite corner and get the Dig Key;
 if you're lucky, one of the Reapers won't rise up. That just leaves a statue
 and other reaper to deep-six. Leave again! [NOTE: Use the Assault Rifle in
 lieu of a rocketlauncher, as it stuns the enemies!]

 Back on the fiery catwalk, use the Dig Key to open the other door. Two big
 statues are in here as well as 'Wood Planks'. If you're good at dodging, it
 isn't hard to steal the item and leave immediately. Use the planks near the
 third door's gap and enter inside for the next puzzle!

New Day Puzzle

 ITEMS: Astronomy Key, Remains, Lily Coin

 Talk with the parents outside the house and learn they are crying because of
 their daughter's disappearance. Apparently her red slippers are walking about
 on their own! They give Hana the Astronomy Key. This gains access to the li'l
 house right next door. Inside, remember that the masked spirit talked about
 "what's lost must be returned" and that jazz? Open the shutters so that Hana
 can see the night sky, and close the one showing the sunny day. [This is the
 part the phoenix/dragon piece of the story has relevance.]

 Exit to find it night in the courtyard. Follow the daughter's ghost to the
 well and draw up the bucket, finding the 'Remains'. This can only done during
 the night, mind you. Make it day and show the remains to her parents, who'll
 then give her the Lily Coin.


 Quickly exit the room (full rush moment) before the statue make a meal outta
 Hana. Save in the fiery planks area and head back to the coin indentations
 in the hallway (ignore the reapers 'cause you don't have to come back here).
 The correct order now is: Butterfly, Lily, Moon. This will open the door back
 in the pool area near the excavation site. Two reapers will be there, so it's
 wise to kill them beforehand. DO NOT FLEE FROM THEM AS THEY DO NOT DISAPPEAR
 AFTERWARDS! Hana gets :40 seconds this time. Enter through and...
                                                       | BOSS: Demon Picture |
 | Pretty easy. Hana should only shoot when the bull-skull picture comes up, |
 | and it can be shot -- none of the others can be. Evade the wussy attacks, |
 | such as the rockets (side-dodge) by simply in the middle but slightly off |
 | to one side and back-rolling or fleeing to the other. Four rockets can be |
 | a bit annoying, though, and sometimes they fake Hana out; don't roll into |
 | their trajectory!                                                         |

 Afterwards, go through the broken wall.

Love/Hate Puzzle

 ITEMS: Clay Jar, Bull Coin

 The clue this time is "love is blind but so is justice." Snag the Clay Jar by
 the starting place to see a scene where a wife was murdered and her remains
 were put in the pot. She wants Hana to summon the judge by pounding a drum,
 which calls court to session. Go to the other end of the courtyard and do so,
 but the girl won't appear. Return to where she first was to learn the statues
 of guardians refused her entrance into the sacred grounds. This is where the
 "justice is blind" part enters -- use the Bandage on the two statues and see
 the judge again about the pot again. The Bull Coin is received for completin'
 the puzzle.


 ITEMS: Shot Shells [20], Emperor's Plaque

 Back in the room, take the shot shells half-hidden here and flee the 'boss'
 chamber that has two reapers. Three more reapers will have appeared inside
 the pool area, so take 'em out. Note that we don't have to come back here
 any longer, so leave the scraps if y'get my drift...

 Back at the indentations, depress all five options and the 'burial cube' will
 sink into the floor. Two statues will come alive as well, so watch out. Save
 before jumping into the new hole.                              _____________
                                                               | BOSS: Golem |
 | Not too hard. It fires rockets that bounce in the direction they're slung |
 | so Hana should be able to evade needless damage. Also, some ammunition is |
 | dropped at the start, so if Hana was being bled dry during this level,    |
 | don't fire it all -- that's uncalled for, yo! Fire at Deke when he is     |
 | momentarily visible; after 3-4 successful shots with any weapon, fight is |
 | over.                                                                     |

 The view will finally switch to...

What the Heck? [Glas]
 START: All Weapons/Ammo from Xi'an Level


 Glas is stuck at the bottom of a crevice, so simply follow the path to a red
 door. Use the shotgun on the first two, and in the smaller hallway, explosive
 type weapons work good to save ammo. Keep proceeding through the straight-
 -forward rooms until a 'boss' fight takes place. Fire any shot from any
 weapon to see a funny cutscene. Then it's...

What the Heck? II [Glas]
 ITEMS: Medallion

 Both Glas and Hana have been transported to their own 'trial' chambers. For
 Glas, save and enter the portrait. He will have to play a game with an old
 general. RULES:

 - First to capture enemy flag wins
 - One soldier moved per turn
 - Big characters have 35 HP, can move 2 spaces
 - Medium characters have 20 HP, can move 3 spaces
 - Small characters have 10 HP, can move 4 spaces (use as flagtakers!)
 - Fights occur when two pieces occupy the same space
 - In a fight, whoever has most HP to start wins; if same, pieces both die

 I don't really have much advice to say except that oftentimes, battles will
 come down to a few pieces (given that many cancel each other out). Make sure
 you're trying to go for the flag at all times, as it can be captured without
 wasting extra time battling (on occasion). However, if you're having trouble
 on this, I suggest copying the moves this guy does since the AI should react
 the same:

 FIRST PORTION: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1gXh9lCLe9g
 LAST PORTION : http://youtube.com/watch?v=sqaW7Qvkg7g

 The general gives him a Medallion (doesn't appear in inventory) for winning.

 Afterward, save in the same room and jump in the other painting. It's a long
 stony path, with easy traps (avoiding flamejets? Haha). After that, a golem
 will chase him down a crooked path -- just run and stay ahead of him to win
 the 'puzzle'. The third part is a path with holes in it that can crumble and
 result in a game over. To go the right way, simply stick to the right-hand
 side (from Glas' perspective) until the opposite end is reached -- then, go
 down the path not blocked by flamejets. Outrun the crumbling path again, and
 on solid ground, avoid the flame holes (lamest puzzle ever?) and ourtun the
 golem down another path. At the end, go toward the weird-looking tornado (?)
 and Glas' section is over.

Hana's Trial
 ITEMS: n/a

 Save as before and jump in the fiery-colored painting. This involves sliding
 colored stones. The objective is to get them into their corresponding slots
 at the bottom of the board. There is a careful way to do this, because for
 each colored or gray stone moved, it opens/closes different paths for the
 rest! To solve on Normal Mode, go like so:

 - Move dark green rock left, then down into slot
 - Push yellow-green rock right
 - Push light-blue rock left, then down into slot
 - Push yellow-green rock right
 - Push the brick-red rock right and into its slot
 - Push yellow-green rock down into slot
 - Push orange block right and into slot
 - Push gray block (underneath blue rock position) to the LEFT
 - Push blue block left
 - Push brown block down and left
 - Push blue & brown blocks into slot
 - From top-left corner space, go right twice, down once -- push block down
 - Push purple block left and down into space!


 At this point, Hana can jump in the other painting. It's the EXACT same thing
 as Glas' runthrough (although she has to use a different path in the area w/
 breakable floor). At the very end, jump in the swirly tornado thing to leave
 this place!

 After a 'little squabble'...

 ITEMS: Mercury Vial, Pearl

 Qinshushangdi gave Hana a Pearl & vial, which she can use on this boat. Put
 the Emperor's Plaque in the throne here, then dump the vial over the bow to
 get the thing in motion. The 3 Amigos, ready to take on the world! Level is
 complete. Stick Disc 4 in, pronto!

06) PENGLAI SHAN - TWIN JUNIPER GARDENS                                  [WK06]

 The fog separates everyone, so Hana's on deck for the next section...

 ITEMS: Bridge Tiles [4], Tiger Plaque, Dragon Plaque, Chinese Fan, Digging

 Hana starts off alone at the entrance. Two doors are on either side of her.
 Pick one to start with and go through the area, looking for Chinese symbols
 that contain a 'Bridge Tile.' In the fire area, there's a savepoint by the
 small waterbridge. Two tiles per door. 

 When all are collected, head toward the starting area and approach the water-
 front. Throw them all in to make a bridge raise to the garden area, then view
 the scene beyond there. At this point, 'Teleport Demons' as I call them will
 start appearing throughout the level. Hana leaves with the Tiger Plaque and
 Dragon Plaque.

 Head away from the garden again to see another scene where a Digging Tool &
 Chinese Fan are received. Okay, now let's start the hard part...

The Elemental Challenge
 ITEMS: Shot Shells [34+], Rock Salt, Empty Gourd, Salt, Water Crystal, Broken
        Digging Tool, Empty Goblet, Gold Crystal, Fresh Water Goblet,

 This is a long string of locating items and can be VERY annoying to do w/o a
 guide. Here are the basics:

 - Depending on the difficulty, more teleport demons will show up!
 - The challenge is about the five elements: water, earth, fire, gold, wood.
 - The colored panels that had the Bridge Tiles now teleport to new areas.
 - Each element has its own garden and zone (latter found by taking tile)
 - Zones have their own teleports that lead to other zones; or, if you step
   on the correct tile for the zone, it teleports back to the garden.

 Sounds a little complicated, but the terminology will sink in with a visual.

 Mind you, monsters will now appear throughout the level, so don't teleport
 or go anywhere without toting some firepower! The shotgun is recommended,
 as the monsters commonly drop Shot Shells. It takes two hits to kill on
 Normal Mode, three on Hard.

 Let's get this truck rollin'.
 • Head into Fire/Earth area and kill the 6 teleport demons. Save the game
   and walk onto the gray panel which teleports Hana to the 'Earth Zone'.

 • Two demons are here in close proximity, and fighting them can be hard.
   Make sure the Shotgun is out to you can get them. Find a rock formation
   and go to the left side -- use the Digging Tool to get some Rock Salt.
   Take the red teleport to the Fire Zone.

 • Kill the Teleport Demons, pick up the Empty Gourd by the house. Head for
   the water zone (blue tile) now.

 • There are a few demons here -- neutralize. Put the Rock Salt item into the
   grinding machine, obtaining regular ol' Salt from it. At the dock, use the
   Salt to kill the leviathan in the water. Hana will obtain the Water Crystal
   and Broken Digging Tool. Use the Empty Gourd on the water to transform it
   into the 'Salt Water Gourd.' If you tried doing this with the leviathan
   still alive, it would have drug Hana down to Davy Jones' locker! Haha. Take
   the blue tile here to teleport back to the Water Garden.

 • Remember how the gardener said that fresh water was pumped in from here?
   Use the waterwheel here to purify the lake in the Water Zone, which is
   used later on. Head to the Gold Zone, now.

 • Stand on the edge and use the Salt Water Gourd (or Fresh Water Gourd if
   you filled the container from the purified water) to make a small walkway
   over the 'shimmering lava'.                             __________________
                                                          | Goldwater Puzzle |
 | This puzzle is all about walking on safe parts. You can watch the puzzle  |
 | to get the timing, but basically, the way is to step on the lit-up areas, |
 |    ______ __ ______      then quickly move to the next ones before Hana's |
 |   |11    |10|      |     turned into soup du jour by the gold lava stuff. |
 |   |      |¯¯| 579  |                                                      |
 |   |_ __ _|¯¯|_ __ _|     There's a method to this madness, and it's just  |
 |   |_|__|_468 _|__|_|     watching the pattern (described to the left). It |
 |   |      |__|      |     can take a bit of timing to do right, so be sure |
 |   |    1 |__|   3  |     to SAVE THE GAME beforehand, lest ye suffer more |
 |   |______| 2|______|     redos needlessly.                                |
 |       | | ¯¯                                                              |
 |       |_|                Upon reaching the 11th spot, move to the corner  |
 |      START               and get the Empty Goblet and Gold Crystal!       |
   With the two items obtained, walk over the 'frozen' lava and back to the
   tiles. Take a trip back to the water area.

 • If you purified the lake using the Water Garden's irrigation wheel, just
   use the Empty Goblet on the lake to get the Fresh Water Goblet; if not,
   go back and purify the water before doing this. Also get some water into
   the gourd, making 'Fresh Water Gourd'. Next stop: Fire Zone.

 • There is a white tile in front of the flames here, that doesn't teleport
   Hana anywhere. Stand on it, drink from the Fresh Water Goblet. One of the
   flames will flicker blue for a second (third-from-left). Hana can walk in
   this one without fear of 95th-degree burns. Take the Fire Crystal from
   within. Go to the kiln near the house and use the Empty Goblet, melting
   the dang thing. Use the Broken Digging Tool to make...the Digging Tool once
   again! Teleport to the Earth Zone again.

 • Kill the t' demons here and locate the weird rock formation again. Use
   the Digging Tool at its base, then all three crystals. When all three're
   buried, use the Fresh Water Gourd to obtain a Diamond.

 That's it! Return to the Wood Garden area, save, and use the Diamond on the
 locked door to gain entrance. Level over! Fortunately, the next part can be
 done without switching the disc...

07) GLAS' PAST                                                           [WK07]
 As Hana before him, this level is done by just one character: Glas. That's
 why it's his past, after all. Okay, let's get rollin'.

 START: Same items from last level (surprisingly...) + Grappling Hook
 ITEMS: Rifle Ammo [3], Flame Canister [50], SS 2000, Gate Key

 Save in the corner of this warehouse and get out the Arc Taser. In one area
 of this place, is an SS 2000, although you won't be able to get it without a
 heapin' helpin' of firefighting with the enemy. They will roll a lot, making
 the Arc Taser user having to change position slightly each time to connect
 with the target. It's annoying but it saves ammo, yeah? One drops a Gate Key.

 Get out the EMP here and go through the door. There is a huge mech who will
 completely beat the crap out of Glas, unless he fires the EMP to temporarily
 take it out of commission...which is about 6-7 seconds. Head to the next
 door and quickly use the Gate Key to get through.

 Two MPs are behind the door. I prefer the Arc Taser for taking them out, but
 people can use the assault rifle/rocket launcher if they want. Either way,
 collect the ammo & canisters left behind and check the far door. Empty! Get
 out a crappy weapon (such as .90 Pistol) and move out of the screen alongside
 the wall. The huge robot will stampede into the room! The only way to defeat
 it is to shoot the fuel barrels against the wall, easiest done if Glas does
 not have to fire across the room (or start in the screen middle). Just fire
 in the general direction when there is no lock-on to blow the thing up and
 climb onto the roof.

Roofin' It
 ITEMS: Rifle Ammo [3], Flame Canister [100], SS 2000

 Take out the Smakjack and beat the soldier in the darkness over the head. He
 'turns around' but if Glas is quiet (crouch-walk) he won't be spotted even if
 the guy turns on his heels. Don't use a gun either -- it will alert the other
 doofus across the way, who can also be murdered with the smakjack. Make sure
 to get the other SS 2000 hidden in the darkness by the first enemy's location
 before using the Grappling Hook by the roof edge to get across to the other.

 At the other roof, quickly use the flamethrower -- the game practically gives
 you 100+ canisters -- or another explosive weapon to kill the enemies as they
 approach. From the corner, Glas can jump to the adjacent roof without any aid
 whatsoever.                                               __________________
                                                          | Fanwalker Puzzle |
 | This isn't really a puzzle, but dagnabit, I'm sure people will think they |
 | have to do an elaborate dance across the fans as they stop and start. Not |
 | true! Glas can walk over the metal dividers in between the fans without a |
 | bag of tricks helping him. The middle fan is the one Glas has to move to, |
 | and enter it when it's stopped the whole way; if he chooses any others, I |
 | daresay he will have to be eating for 'two'... Haha... Just try it, fool! | 

D' Baser
 ITEMS: Rifle Ammo [1], Flame Canister [50], C4, Utility Key

 Glas will jump down the ventilation shaft and grab some C4 from a crate. A
 savepoint is in bottom-left corner of this armory. Exit and he enters a swiz
 mech just like he had in the Xi'an level. The other bipedal mech will start
 to approach, so keep railroading it with the dual guns until it falls -- same
 for the two enemies walking there. The items can't be picked up so don't try.

 Head out of the alley until a helicopter starts to give Glas some flak. There
 is no supreme strategy either to never stop moving! The helicopter's railgun
 will perforate Glas like...well, a sheet of glass, so keep moving through the
 two levels until our hero makes it onto the roof.         __________________
                                                          | BOSS: Helicopter |
 | Flashback from the first Fear Effect? Maybe. Luckily, the trick to making |
 | this bird hit the scrapyard is moving toward the machine-gun emplacement  |
 | by the starting point (from the side) to automatically destroy the thing. |

 Glas will try to use his grapplin' hook again but its cord snaps, propelling
 him onto the nearby roof. Two enemies will be here, so switch to the flame-
 thrower to have a steady stream of death pointed at them. Jump down through
 the roof hatch using the Utility Key.

Last Call
 ITEMS: Rifle Ammo [12], Flame Canister [250], Crowbar, Blood Sample
      : Shot Shells [8+], Paper Doll

 Immediately put the guy here on a bead, because he turns around before Glas
 can coldcock 'im. Pick up the Crowbar and descend the next hatch, which will
 give Glas an easy OHKO on the next person. Get out the Arc Taser before Glas
 enters the next room (starting garage) because it will have three enemies in
 there. Save and, if you didn't get it before, grab the SS 2000 flamethrower
 hidden by the forklift.

 Take out the Arc Taser before leaving, because the mech from before has been
 replaced with two goofball MPs. This strategy carries over into the area that
 had the (1st) blown-up mech. Use the Utility Key to unlock the door, setting
 up an easy OHKO with the guy lazing around inside. Down the hatch once again,
 then save after the cutscene.                              _________________
                                                           | Livewire Puzzle |
 | This puzzle is easier than it looks. See the electricity's pattern of how |
 | it covers the entire field, then in an E-shape, then a reverse-E shape?   |
 | The trick to getting through is standing on the debris, which strangely's |
 | not conductive. To get through:                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | 1) Run to first debris piece after 2nd e-shaped portion is covered.       |
 | 2) Run toward 2nd piece after 1st e-shaped portion covered, then 2nd      |
 | 3) Run to 3rd piece (fence?) before 1st e-shaped portion lights up.       |
 | 4) Run to upper-right entrance immediately after 1st e-shape area finishd |

 When the upper-right door is reached, get out the grenade/rocket launcher
 and enter inside using the Gate Key... There is a mech -and- soldier, so to
 get through, the only useful way is to immediately use the EMP, then take
 out the soldier through explosive weaponry or the shotgun. Run to the door
 while charging the EMP again, firing it as soon as the mech recovers. Quickly
 stick the Gate Key in the exit to be clear.

 Glas will be in a new area patrolled by more MPs. Get out the Arc Taser or
 your own favorite weapon (shotgun?) to start taking care of them. If Glas was
 damaged previously, definitely go with the Arc Taser to get some of his fear
 meter filled again. Once they're dead, use the Gate Key on the mesh-fence
 entrance. Kill 3 more guards beyond, preferably with the shotgun/rifle as
 they're all armed with close-range flamethrowers.

 Enter the door with a red light over via the Crowbar and observe the corpse
 on a slab. Glas will get a Blood Sample for his trouble. Try to leave and,
 when the time comes, rush toward the gun lying on the floor to get out of
 this illusion...or is it? He gets a Paper Doll for his trouble, also.


 Glas will be in the Twin Juniper Gardens, in the gold garden area. There are
 a few enemies, but he only has to head for the Wood Garden where Hana opened
 the door to the tower. Level over! It's recommended you have Glas stock up on
 as much shotgun ammo as possible, though...teleport demons are loaded, y'dig?

 INSERT DISC 2...and let's get the last stretch of the game goin'...

08) THE EIGHT IMMORTALS' CHALLENGES                                      [WK08]

 Yes, more challenges.... No dawdling...let's get on with this! Once again it
 all comes down Hana and Glas... NOTE: After completing each challenge, the
 character gets a rush moment.
Challenge 1 [Hana]
 Save first!

 Use the Bell near the keyhole door to summon Shao Chiu. He will want to play
 a simple child's game, which is just like the game "Simon" -- basically, she
 has to follow the musical pattern set out in the exact order shown. Obviously
 a player can cheat by writing down each subsequent note, and since this is
 entirely randomized, do so if y'have a bad memory. Eight (8) notes in all'll
 finish this challenge.

Challenge 2 [Glas]
 Glas can also save.

 Use the Phoenix by the door to summon the girl who as trapped at Xi'an. She
 will want to play the game "Dragon's Eye" with Glas. In this, each player has
 to roll a die (contains #s 1-6) and make it to the end of the pegboard 1st.
 The objective is to land on the dragon's eye with an EXACT die roll; go over
 the limit, and the player is sent back by the extra spaces. Also, if a player
 lands on his opponent's occupied peg (or vice versa), the opponent is sent
 back six (6) spaces. This is a game of luck mostly, so if Glas loses, don't
 worry -- he can redo it.

Challenge 3 [Hana]
 Use the Chinese Fan by the puzzle to start this thing.      ________________
                                                            | Harmony Puzzle |
 |   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   | Hana must find the right tiles to step on (marked   |
 |  |3|_|_|_|8|_|_|_|  | with "+") and find the harmony of life, stepping on |
 |  |+|_|_|+|+|4|_|_|  | certain tiles in a certain order. Step on the wrong |
 |  |+|2|+|+|_|_|_|7|  | tile and she loses health and must restart from the |
 |  |6|¯|¯|+|_|+|+|+|  | beginning tiles, mind you. The numbers displayed'll |
 |  |¯|¯|¯|1|+|+|5|¯|  | tell the order to proceed in. Once #8 has been done |
 |   ¯ ¯ ¯|¯ ¯|¯ ¯ ¯   | in the right order, move Hana north off the grid. A |
 |        START        | gong sound should usher in a cutscene. Congrats!    |

 Note that is it possible to die if Hana steps on too many wrong tiles, so be
 sure you look at the map carefully -- don't want to redo Glas' first trial
 again, do y'?

Challenge 4 [Glas]
 Use the Paper Doll and a 'proctor' will make Royce choose between his brother
 and honor or his father and loyalty. Pick either one and...    _____________
                                                               | BOSS: Demon |
 | This is a regular old teleport demon, except it's got more health than a  |
 | normal one and it teleports more often. Oh, and it breathes fire -- still |
 | has a close range like usual. Get out a shotgun or explosive launcher and |
 | go to town, making sure to crouch at all times in case you need to roll   |
 | away. Remember: you can do a 180-degree turn when crouching too!          |

 If you have to pick one or the other, go with a rocket/grenade launcher. If
 you lose, you have to start back at Challenge 2! It takes 4 shots of a rocket
 launcher on Normal, probably 8 on Hard.

Challenge 5 [Hana]
 Savepoint, finally! Use the Mirror to summon a guard from the aqueduct area.
 He will then fight Hana!                                ____________________
                                                        | BOSS: 5th Immortal |
 | The clue to beating him is how he says weapons have replaced Hana's soul, |
 | and that he is immune to weapons. The trick is...Melee! When he teleports |
 | around and picks a corner, he charges up his sword; get in a few kicks at |
 | that time. His electrical lines travel from side to side, so they can be  |
 | avoided if you know where they're coming from. It takes about five rounds |
 | of kicks (x2) to beat him.                                                |

Challenge 6 [Glas]
 Save again! Get out a powerful weapon beforehand (rocket launcher?) and toss
 the Bravery Amulet at the door to see the general from the Tomb appear.
                                                           | BOSS: Evil Glas |
 | The boss' arsenal is the same as what Glas currently has, so instead of   |
 | using a fast-moving bullet like normal guns, going with grenades or the   |
 | rocket launcher is better as Glas can simply roll aside and let it pass.  |
 | On Normal Mode, it takes three rockets to destroy the boss, probably two  |
 | times that on Hard (things just seem to work like that). Use the pillars  |
 | to deflect shots if possible, because Evil Glas has to switch weapons as  |
 | his human counterpart does!                                               |

 Glas gets a history level from the general and it's back over to Hana.

Challenge 7 [Hana]
 Use the Hair Pin to see a little backstory on Hana, then the freaky ghost
 from the tomb will show up, asking Hana to choose between Rain and her
 parents. If you choose Rain, you proceed; if you choose her parents, she
 will have to fight two of the 'boss' teleport demons at once...

 When done, ball is in Glas' court.

Challenge 8 [Glas]
 Use the Peach and the fogey from Xi'an will appear, and want to a gambling
 puzzle. Unfortunately, it's probably the easiest one of the lot -- simply
 have Glas run across to the other side. Some tiles will let him pass, some
 will hurt him and THEN let him pass...it's really stupid. You'd have to hit
 4 'bad' tiles to die probably, and the odds of that are pretty crappy.

 Level over! Insert Disc 3.

09) YUEN TING JI [GENOMIC VOID]                                          [WK09]

 This is it, the final FINAL area. Glas appears first, so save if you want --
 experience both endings if you want. After a bit of squabbling, both Rain &
 Mist, the two lookalikes, will be here. Hana will have to shoot one of them,
 and depending on who's shot, this determines the ending.  __________________
                                                          | BOSS: Kazra/Mist |
 | Kazra/Mist do not have a huge repertoire attacks like most bosses, just a |
 | bit better defense. They have three attacks besides teleporting. The 1st  |
 | is a gigantic green beam of light that fires in one direction. Roll outta |
 | the way to avoid. The 2nd is multiple energy orbs fired scattershot at a  |
 | character. If you're on the extreme edge of where they're fired, they can |
 | be rolled away from, but one or two may hit if you're in the middle. The  |
 | last involves the hybrid boss descending and spewing flames on the floor, |
 | spinning towards the ally. Stay on the edge of the screen and fire, while |
 | still moving away to (hopefully) evade most damage.                       |
 |                                                                           |
 | The good ending is achieved if Rain was saved; she will fight this battle |
 | alone. If Rain was killed, the bad ending is achieved and the other three |
 | allies will each get a turn in fighting (Hana, then Glas, then Deke)...   |

 If Rain beats her, use the DNA Virus to win. Be quick 'bout it, too, or the
 boss revives a bit (although HP depletion is doubled pretty much). And that's
          _________          _______    _______  _        ______   _ 
          \__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ ( )
             ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )| |
             | |   | (___) || (__      | (__    |   \ | || |   ) || |
             | |   |  ___  ||  __)     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | || |
             | |   | (   ) || (        | (      | | \   || |   ) |(_)
             | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  ) _ 
10) UNLOCKABLES & SECRETS                                                [WK10]


 After the game is done, save at the prompt to have a 'cleared' save. Load it
 up like a normal game and, in the Aqueduct, inspect the broken panel right
 by the starting point. It is normally broken, but on a cleared save, it's in
 working order. If you want to have some early funtime, put in these codes to
 accomplish just that. If done correctly, a 'puzzle solved' sound plays.

  10397 -> All characters & allies have a big head
  11692 -> All weapons unlocked (with max ammo to start)
  61166 -> All weapons have infinite ammo


 Insert these push-button codes at the title screen. If done correctly, the
 screen will flash red for a moment. You must have the proper disc inserted
 to do this, however! Head to the Extras tab under 'Options' to see the new
 art... (Use left/right buttons to switch pictures)

 DISC 1: L , R , U , D , D , Circle
 DISC 2: U , U , R1, R1, R1, Square
 DISC 3: L1, R2, L1, R2, L1, Square
 DISC 4: Circle, Circle Square, L2, Square

11) UPDATES, CONTRIBUTIONS, LEGALITY                                     [WK11]

 12-30-07 -----------------------------+ Added to GameFAQs 
 03-27-08 -----------------------------+ Error corrections


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