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Game Script by Shotgunnova

Version: Rain | Updated: 12/31/2007

 -- Contains foul language, debauchery, innuendo, and violence. No minors! --
    ___                               ___    ___                      ______  
   / __\                             / __)  / __)                    (_____ \ 
 _| |__ _____ _____  ____    _____ _| |__ _| |__ _____  ____ _|¯|_     ____) )
|_   __| ___ \____ |/ ___)  | ___ |_   __|_   __\ ___ |/ ___|_   _/   / ____/ 
  | |  | ____/ ___ | |      | ____| | |    | |  | ____( (___  | |_   | (_____ 
__|_|__|__   )_____|_|______|__   )_|_|____|_|__|__   )\____)_|___\__|____   )_
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯) /¯¯¯¯¯¯RETRO HELIX¯¯¯) /¯¯
          \/                   \/                  \/                     \/

  1) Underground Aqueduct System........................................ GS01
  2) Wing Chune Banquet................................................. GS02
  3) Wing Chune Building - 80th and 86th Floors......................... GS03
  4) Xi'an.............................................................. GS04
  5) Qinshihuangdi's Tomb............................................... GS05
  6) Penglai Shan - Twin Juniper Gardens................................ GS06
  7) Glas' Past......................................................... GS07
  8) The Eight Immortals' Challenges.................................... GS08
  9) Yuen Ting Ji....................................................... GS09
 10) Updates, Contributions, Legality................................... GS10

01) UNDERGROUND AQUEDUCT SYSTEM                                          [GS01]

 This game's...err, translation can come off pretty crappy at times if you
 read the subtitles, so what follows is just putting in punctuation and stuff
 where it needs be. Nothing else has been changed 'sides that.


~ An introduction to the characters plays. The boozing, pill-popping Deke is
  finishing up after a one night stand. He inspects a beeping GPS handheld on
  the nightstand. Meanwhile, out in the desert, Royce Glas sits on the hood
  of a vehicle, drinking and shooting the empty bottles of a rock. With all
  chambers spent, he puts another bullet in and points it at his head. Click.
  Finally, in a room somewhere, Hana Tsu-Vachel prepares to sex up a man for
  some purpose...

~ A new scene shows Deke arriving at a meeting with a contractor

Man : According to our intelligence, the exchange will take place tomorrow.
      Once you've obtained the intact marker and safely deliver it to us,
      you'll find the remainder of your fee waiting. More importantly, with
      the marker in our possession, my team will at last be able to fix your
      condition permanently.

~ Deke leaves silently. A woman approaches and a holograph with Deke, Glas,
  and Hana's profiles flashes above the table.

Man : A psychotic dying of EINDS, a drunk and a whore. Interesting choice.

~ Back at Hana's hotel, she opens her lover's briefcase and calls her contact.
  He's a smarmy, devious-sounding man of Oriental descent.

Jin : Keep this short Hana, this call is on prime time rates.

Hana: I'll email you the extra dollar, Jin. I got the case.

Jin : Umm, where's Leung?

Hana: Swimming.

Jin : Okay, okay, drop it off at the usual place and I'll wire you your share.
      Now say thank you, Mr. Jin.

Hana: I'll only say that at your funeral.

Jin : Hana, that hurts. Guess you don't want to hear about the Wing Chune gig.

Hana: What are you yacking about now?

Jin : 25mil payday, sweetheart, maybe enough to buy back your Triad contract,

Hana: Keep your stinking abacus out of my life, Jin!

Jin : Then consider it investment advice. You're gonna need to bring a tech
      head in on this one. I'll fill you in on the final details later.

~ In the bathroom, Hana stares at her dead lover floating in the bathtub

Hana: So, was it worth dying for?


~ Later on, Hana is cruising along in a boat en route to the 'gig'. Jin is
  on the other end of the transmitter.

Jin : We've got an unforeseen complication, Hana. Now listen carefully, I'm
      only going over this once.

Hana: Trust me, Jin, the less I talk to you, the better.

Jin : Bet you're not such a cold fish with Rain.

~ She glares at him.

Jin : Okay, okay, forget it, back to business. Tonight is the annual Christmas
      formal at the Wing Chune campus. I thought it would be more fun if you
      crashed the party. There are four sets of DNA sequences scattered in
      different labs on the 86th floor of the south tower. You'll be stealing
      them. Check the package -- you'll find two flash discs and two very
      expensive forged invitation bracelets that will get you girls into the
      shindig. The first disc contains a Genetic Sequence that's missing the
      4 sets of links that you'll be taking from Wing Chune. The other disc is
      a Hunter program encoded to seek out the Surveillance System Access
      codes for the 80th and 86th floors. You'll need to go to the 80th floor
      to bypass the security system on the 86th floor. And the only way we
      have free access on the 80th floor is to create a loop in the
      surveillance video at the Central Security Hub in their basement. Rain'll
      need to take care of the elevator access there as well. The keycard that
      will get Rain into Wing Chune's basement is inside the package I hid in
      the sculpture garden.

Hana: What's the 'unforseen complication?'

Jin : The only way into the garden undetected is through the Underground
      Aqueduct System.

Hana: Shit! Not the aqueducts.

Jin : It bypasses all their electronic checkpoints. Find the district utility
      maintenance hub in the aqueducts and have Rain hack for the access codes.

Hana: That's why you told us to come in by sea... So what else didn't you get

Jin : Just a hair and fingerprints. You'll need to 'charm' those off Dr. Liu
      at the party. He should be easy to spot. Just look for the richest man
      on the planet!

Hana: I know what he looks like, Jin. After his claims of discovering the gene
      that causes EINDS, everybody does.

Jin : I think he's full of cow doo, but what do I know? You need his finger-
      -prints to gain access to the high security levels via the elevator.
      Then, use his hair and prints to issue a Genetic Keycard from the
      Security Analyst Lab on the 86th floor.

Hana: Anything else?

Jin : There is a package for you in the east elevator shaft. The usual goodies.
      Hey, just enjoy the party!

Hana: So, what's the exit plan?

Jin : Exit plan! You don't get an exit plan for 15%! But how's this? Try going
      out the front door. (laughs)

Hana: Fine, fine, you never make things easy, do you?

~ She shuts off the 2-way and goes belowdecks where the tech head Rain is.

Rain: Uh oh, let me guess, Jin made last minute changes to the plan, right?

Hana: Yes and no. Here's the deal. Jin says...


~ After arriving at the destination, the two women disembark. Rain plants a
  bomb on a locked armored door.

Rain: Fire in the hole.

~ They enter the newly-opened passage into the aqueducts. Rain hacks a panel,
  allowing access into the playable level portion. It's full of pipes, dingy,
  bad lighting, and weird noises.

Rain: This is it. Testing, testing... Hear me OK, Hana?

Hana: Loud and clear.

Rain: Alright, I'm going to look for the district maintenance hub and download
      the codes for the 80th and 86th floor. See if you can locate the exit
      hatch. Last one out of the aqueduct buys the champagne!

Hana: Deal! I'll even give you a head start.

~ The two race a bit, arriving in a 4-door junction. Rain inspects a keypad.

Hana: What's up?

Rain: You mean besides my blood pressure? We've got a blackout in the next
      sector and the lock mechanism circuit is fried.

Hana: Just blast through them!

Rain: Great idea! Was the 40lbs of C4 packed in your backpack or mine?

Hana: Real funny, smartass. Now what?

Rain: I'll try to bypass the circuit. There's gotta be a generator somewhere.
      See if you can find it and bring it back online.

Hana: Done. Don't go anywhere.

~ After a bit of searching, Hana finds the generator lever. Rain speaks thru
  the 2-way.

Rain: Nicely done. Door's open. Now get your pretty ass back here.

Hana: Ohh... I like it when you're bossy!

~ Hana backtracks. Rain enters the newly-opened door which locks Hana out.

Hana: What the hell?

Rain: Darn it. These things are so ancient! I'm surprised it worked the first
      time. Go flip the switch again. I'll wait.

Hana: Great! Like I need the exercise!

~ Hana flips the switch again but the generator malfunctions and topples over.

Hana: Shit! The damn thing just blew up in my face!

Rain: Are you alright?

Hana: Ah, my ears are ringing like a church bell, but I'm fine. Can't say
      the same for the room though. The exit's jacked! I'm taking the section
      across from here. No choice.

Rain: I think you should stay put. I'll move ahead and get the codes from the
      District Hub, then I'll see if I can get to you somehow.

Hana: Just be careful. Who knows what else is gonna blow up!


~ Rain navigates the level and drains the water in some rooms.

Rain: Hana, are you still there?

Hana: Yes! Am I getting out of here soon or should I start paying rent?

Rain: I think I found a way back. I drained a chamber that might circle to
      you. Just follow your nose. You should get back to the intersection.

Hana: I'll try. See you soon.


~ She eventually finds a wounded maintenance worker near a ladder.

Man : Stay away! Don't hurt me, don't...

Hana: Calm down! I'm not going to hurt you. I want to help. Tell me what

Man : He's mad! He was sick, he went crazy... Fixers started attacking...
      can't stop him... Please don't hurt me...

Hana: It's OK, I'm here, you're safe.

Man : No...no! He's...he's coming...killing...kill... Here...take this...get
      out... ...he's coming...he's...

Hana: Rain, where are you?

Rain: I'm in a control room. Where are you?

Hana: Shit! Stay frosty. I don't think we're alone.

Rain: I think you're right. I just heard some weird noises. I'm scared Hana,
      where are you?

Hana: Close...I think. I'll get there as soon as possible. Shoot anything
      that moves. Remember what I taught you and stay calm.

Rain: OK, hurry, Hana!

Hana: I'm coming, Rain...

~ The communication cuts out.

Rain: Hana...Hana...are you there? Hana...


~ Eventually Rain fights a boss. She beats him, then he knocks her out.

Boss: Nice...nice kitty... I have a special kitty toy, just for you, kitty...


~ Hana stumbles upon Rain hooked up to an...err, odd machine later on.

Hana: Oh my god! What's going on?

Rain: Watch out, Hana! He's right behind you!

Boss: Ah, two kitties... I like kitties...come play with me, kitty kitty...

~ The boss shows his ugly face behind Hana, who cleans his clock.

Rain: Get me out of this thing. That nut's going to blow the Central District
      of Hong Kong from down here.

Hana: What?

Rain: The sicko planted bombs in the methane exchange systems in the next
      rooms. I'll disengage the electronic locks to those rooms from here.
      You'll have to disarm the bombs.

Hana: Shit!

~ She disarms the bombs and returns.

Hana: That was close!

Rain: Another nice save, Hana!

Hana: Are you alright? What the hell was that machine thing doing to you?

Boss: Bad kitties... Die kitties...

~ The boss, who hasn't died after all the grief he's taken, stands up.

Rain: Why won't he just die?

Hana: Move! Now!

~ He blows up the...uh, insect machine remotely. The girls flee in time to
  evade the huge fiery demise in the aqueduct system.

02) WING CHUNE BANQUET                                                   [GS02]

~ The two women make it into the grounds of the Wing Chune tower area, but've
  got a ways to go before entering the party. First comes reinforced security
  are of the gardens...

Hana: Are you alright?

Rain: I've been better.

Hana: There's the maintenance hatch. Go get Jin's package behind the Buddha
      statue in the Pandora's Maze. Find the entrance to the basement, then
      do your magic to bypass the security systems for the elevator and the
      upper floors. I'll work the party for Dr. Liu's fingerprints and hair.
      Meet me at the east elevator when you're done.

Rain: Oh, I see how this works! I get to muck around in some stinking
      basement while you go rub elbows or whatever it is you rub with the rich
      and famous at the hottest party in town. Why do you always get the fun
      jobs, Hana?

Hana: What? You had your fun on that pony ride back there.

Rain: It was a cheap thrill!

Hana: Look, I don't think I can hack the computers with my breasts. So it's
      all up to you and your brains.

Rain: You're gonna wear that!! Why don't you just walk in there naked!

Hana: Don't be silly! I'd only be able to hide one gun if I were naked.

Rain: Speaking of which, make sure you don't go waving them around in there.
      ...your guns that is. The black tux Secret Service is usually carrying
      weapon sensors. If you get too close, you're dead. When you hear the
      sensor's proximity ping, bolt the other way!

Hana: Don't worry about me! I can party with the best of them!

Rain: That's what I'm afraid of. Do be careful, Hana!

Hana: I will. Now let's get busy...


~ Rain sees some guards near the Buddha statue.

Rain: Of all the statues, Jin has to pick the guard magnet! If only Hana were
      here...she'd probably shoot the banner and do some fancy acrobatic swing
      across. Darnit! Those guards.

~ She finds another overlook spot.

Rain: Hana...

Hana: What's up?

Rain: I've found the package, but it's on this island surrounded by guards!

Hana: Take them out!

Rain: I can't!

Hana: Yes you can! Take...them...out!

~ Rain snipes the two enemies and swings down to Jin's package.

Rain: Hana, you there?

Hana: Yes, what's your status?

Rain: You should kick Jin's butt!

Hana: Why? What's wrong?

Rain: Everything. But I found his package. Now I just gotta find the basement.

Hana: Good. I just got to the atrium. Once I get the hair and prints, I'll
      contact you.

Rain: Good luck. And stay away from those guards!

Hana: I got it! I got it!


~ Hana encounters a slimeball at the party.

Man : Hey beautiful, haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Hana: Yes...that's why I never go there anymore.

Man : Ouch! Can I at least buy you a drink?

Hana: It's an open bar, you moron!

Man : The name's Tom, Big Tom. I'm your man. I can get you anything you need.

Hana: I need you to crawl back to your geeky little friend there and leave me

Man : Love your dress! It would look good crumpled up at the end of my bed.
      ...No? Well...I'll be...right here.

~ Hana returns after awhile.

Hana: I'll take that drink now, Big Tom.

Man : Hey, do you have a name or should I call you mine?

Hana: Call me your love slave...if you can tell me where I can find Dr. Liu.

Man : What do you want with the Liuser? 

Hana: The man discovered the Retro Helix that causes EIND syndrome. He
      deserves at least a handshake.

Man : Whatever. Look, you're outta luck. He's hanging in the VIP area. You
      can't even look into there without a gold bracelet.

Hana: Hmm...a gold bracelet...

Man : Forget it, gorgeous! Why don't we go somewhere private? You can be my
      VIP all night long!

Hana: God! Do you ever stop? And here's a clue for you, buddy...my eyes are
      up here!

~ Hana storms off.

Man : She likes me!

~ Up on the 3rd floor...

Man : Pardon me, miss. I can't help but sense your melancholy amongst this
      joyous celebration.

Hana: What are you, some kinda psychic?

Man : Good heavens, no! My name is Ts'ao Kio Chiu, but my friends call me
      Shao Chiu for short.

Hana: Nice to meet you, Shao Chiu. My name is Hana Tsu-Vachel.

Shao: So, may I ask what's troubling you at this cheerful gathering?

Hana: Well, Shao Chiu, I'm looking for Dr. Liu. He's in the VIP area and I
      can't get in to see him.

Shao: You wish to see Gyen Won?

Hana: Do you know Dr. Liu?

Shao: Gyen Won and I go back a long way. Please take this. I would consider it
      a great favor if you could represent me in wishing him a merry and
      prosperous new year. But I would also like to ask you a personal
      question. What year were you born?

Hana: June 18th, 2028. Why?

Shao: Hmmm... The very same year we learned about the plague. Interesting!

Hana: What's this?

Shao: It's a good luck charm. May the merry chimes of good fortune ring
      throughout your affluent life.

Hana: Thank you... That sounds like goodbye! Won't I see you later?

Shao: If heaven smiles upon me, I am confident that fate shall make us cross
      paths once again.

~ Hana leaves, and another woman dressed in read talks telepathically to Shao.

Girl: Shame on you, Shao Chiu! You are making things far too easy for them!
      What will Li Ch'uan say when he finds out?

Shao: I am sorry, Hsien Ku! I cannot help myself. She makes me feel young and
      vibrant and...

Girl: Human?

Shao: Yes!

Girl: I can see that...

~ Hana finds the 'Liuser' talking with some colleagues.

Liu : For the last time, it is premature for us to release the findings...

Hana: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, Dr. Liu.

Liu : Oh no, miss! You've done me a favor. How may I help you?

Hana: My name is Hana. I am a friend of Shao Chiu. Shao Chiu could not attend
      and he sent me in his place. A toast, Dr. Liu, wishing you a Merry
      Christmas and a fantastic, prosperous New Year!

Liu : Here, here!

Hana: And this is a special gift from me.

~ She kisses him, taking his fingerprinted glass and a hair sample. ^__^

Liu : Well...that even beats my last shareholders' meeting! I'll remember to
      thank Shao Chiu for sending such an excellent proxy!

Hana: Believe me, Dr. Liu, the pleasure was all mine!

~ Hana leaves the doc alone.

Hana: Come in, Rain.

Rain: I'm here, Hana. How did it go?

Hana: Piece of cake! So what's your status?

Rain: Still trying to get to the basement, but the rest should be simple.

Hana: Get a move on; we're running out of time! Over and out.

~ Rain locates the basement.

PC  : WARNING! Live video deactivated, self-looping video test activated.

~ At the 3rd room...

Rain: Good, the central elevator controls. Hmm...these wires match the top
      pattern which means it must be linked with the security system. Looks
      like I'll have to match the bottom pattern to isolate the elevators.

~ She accidentally fries the elevator security system machine.

Rain: Oh, no! Hana, come in!

Hana: Are we there yet?

Rain: Uhmm...we got a big problem!

Hana: No! What did you do?

Rain: I fried the elevator isolation circuit. I'm sure I just alerted all the
      local security systems down here!

Hana: Alright, don't panic. We go to Plan B.

Rain: What's Plan B?

Hana: I'll let you know as soon as I think of it.

Rain: I'm sorry I messed up, Hana!

Hana: No worries. Just get up here fast and safe. We'll wing it from here.

~ Rain uses a keycard to find a secret bridge.

Rain: Hana, I found a way to the Atrium. Give me a minute to get into gear.
      I'll join you at the party.

Hana: Good girl! OK, here's the plan. The security guards must have access to
      the elevators. We just need to get close to one of them and snag a

Rain: They're all carrying weapon sensors! How can we get close without being

Hana: Well, they can't have them on all the time. Let's split up and see if we
      can catch one of them on a break or something.

Rain: It's worth a shot. Contact me if you find one. I'll do the same.

Hana: Alright, good luck!

~ She finds a puking guard in the bathroom.

Rain: Easy does it...

~ With the keycard in hand, she locates the elevator up.

Rain: Hana, I did it!

Hana: You got access to the elevator?

Rain: Yes!

Hana: How?

Rain: I went inside the men's bathroom and...never mind! Just meet me at the
      east elevator. We still have to deal with the elevator security cameras.

Hana: Hmm... Maybe we're going about this the wrong way. Instead of a coverup,
      maybe we should put on a real show? Once we get inside the elevator,
      just follow my lead and do what comes natural, OK?

Rain: Okay!

~ In the elevator, Hana starts making fake advances on Rain.

Rain: Um... I think we are being watched!

Hana: Let them!

~ Hana starts taking off Rain's dress. In the security booth, 2 guards watch.

Guy1: Yo, check this out!

Rain: Umm...the camera!

Hana: Sorry, boys, this is private.

~ She takes her dress off and throws it on the camera.

Guy1: Damn! Should we kick 'em out?

Guy2: No way! Maybe the dress will fall off.

Rain: Interesting tactic, Hana!

Hana: What tactic? Shall we continue?

Rain: Be a good girl so we can get Jin's package and go upstairs.

~ Fully-clothed and with the package, Hana gives Rain the fingerprinted glass.

Hana: Here, scan this for prints.

~ The elevator responds to the falsified prints.

PC  : Good evening, Dr. Liu.

Rain: It'll take a few minutes to locate and deactivate the security video
      monitoring system.

Hana: OK, I'll head to the 86th floor and wait for your signal.

Rain: This is my stop. Good luck, Hana!

Hana: See you soon!

~ Rain gets out on the 80th floor. The lift jams a li'l while after.

Hana: Rain, come in!

Rain: Yeah?

Hana: The elevator stopped on the 84th floor. They might be on to us, so stay

Rain: If you wait maybe I can--

Hana: No time! I'm going into the shaft.

Rain: Be careful!

03) WING CHUNE BUILDING - 80TH AND 86TH FLOORS                           [GS03]

~ Hana climbs up the interior elevator ladder, jumping into a vent.

Hana: Rain, I'm inside the ventilation shaft on the 86th floor. Am I clear?

Rain: Not yet! I need a little more time to locate and deactivate the security

Hana: Hurry! This vent is really cramping my style...

~ Rain finds an enemy uniform to get into. Just then...

Boss: You there, seen anyone suspicious around here? We're on full intruder
      alert. The supervisor sealed off the non-essential areas and changed the
      door codes. The Video Surveillance System code has been realigned, so
      use the secondary alignments. Start your rounds. Terminate any
      unauthorized personnel with extreme prejudice!

~ Rain eventually finds a computer to hack.

PC  : Thank you, 86th floor bypass code 42B3DA accepted. Please align for

Rain: You piece of junk! Where am I gonna get the new alignment pattern?

~ She puts in the right code.

Rain: Hana, it's safe to come out. I've got control over the security systems.

Hana: I don't think I can get out of this vent!

Rain: Why?

Hana: My legs fell asleep!

Rain: Quit messing around! They're looking for us with itchy trigger fingers.
      You still need to find the Security Analyst Lab and make a keycard.

Hana: Alright, alright, hold your horses... I'm out. Shit!

Rain: Now what?

Hana: I just set off a motion sensor.

Rain: No!

Hana: What? Just shut it off from your end!

Rain: I can't! They are unhackable! You've got 30 seconds before hell rains on
      both of us!

Hana: Damn it!

~ Hana shoots the panel and saves her bacon.

Hana: Take that, you piece of shit! Rain, we're on again.

Rain: What?! How!

Hana: It's all very...technical!

Rain: You never cease to amaze me.

Hana: I'm going to the Security Analyst Lab and make myself a keycard.

Rain: Did Jin tell you where the DNA samples are stored?

Hana: Yeah, cold storage somewhere. I'll have to find them, then purify and
      extract the proper sequences from 4 different labs.

Rain: I can help you at their mainframe when you put it all together.

Hana: Great! I'll call if I run into any problems.

~ Later on...

Hana: Rain! I'm in this hall lined with infrared lasers. The freaking door at
      the end is locked!

Rain: OK, let's see...no sweat! I can open the door, but then you'll be dead.
      There's tons of Cat-eyes and security on the other side waiting for you!
      Stay put. I'll have to do something with those guys.

~ Rain finds another computer.

Rain: This computer should control the Cat-eyes. Well, let's have some fun!

~ She makes them kill the guards and themselves.

Rain: You're set, Hana.

Hana: What was that ruckus in there?

Rain: Oh nothing...just started a little catfight!

~ Hana completes her objective.

Hana: Payday, Rain! I got the stuff. Now let's get out of this joint and have a
      real party.

Rain: Finally! This tight suit is beginning to cut off my circulation.

Hana: Oh Shit!

~ She jumps out of the way of a rocket launched her way. Another one almost
  catches her on the skybridge.

Hana: Rain? Rain?

Rain: What's going on? Are you okay?

Hana: Still in one piece...sort of! We're up to our asses now. Stay sharp! They
      might be coming for you.

Rain: That's a comforting thought.

Hana: The place is crawling with security! We're gonna have to come up with
      Plan C real quick if we want to live to see New Year's! Think, Rain!
      Think! We need a distraction, a huge distraction...

Rain: Hmm...there's enough deadly stuff around here... I'm sure I can whip up
      something. Just hang on!

Hana: I am!

~ Hana is shown clutching a shredded piece of pipe off the broken catwalk, high
  above the city. Rain goes into a detox chamber.

Girl: Please disable your weapons.

~ Rain finds 'her' boss.

Boss: About time you got here. Here's the experimental culture for the Bio
      Weapons Division. Put it in that Level 5 incubation containment storage
      there. Be extremely careful with it. One slip and you make this place a

~ Rain blows up a containment storage. At the party downstairs...

PC  : Warning! Level 5 biohazard containment breached. Emergency lock down and
      purging sequence initiated...evacuate immediately...five minutes and

Rain: Hana, is that a big enough distraction for you?

Hana: My god, Rain! What did you do? It's a madhouse out here. I wanted a
      distraction, not contamination!

Rain: Don't worry! We're safe. I blew the shield of a high-level containment
      chamber. It was empty, but they don't have to know that. Meet me in the

Hana: Right on!

Boss: She's the one! Get her!

~ Rain slaughters her advasaries, eventually killing a boss after her. She
  blows up a hole in the elevator door and jumps down to Hana's car.

Hana: Shall we go, darling?

Rain: Yes...most certainly, darling.

Hana: Ta-ta!

~ They lock arms and walk out of the completely deserted party area together.
  After recovering the vessel near the aqueducts, the two get in contact with
  their...well, contact.

Hana: Xi'an!? What the hell are you doing to me, Jin?!

Jin : Look, my source said they're expecting two other couriers there.

Hana: Screw them! I'll sell the damn thing to Ping and save me the trouble...

Jin : Hana...you know better than to undercut your employer. That's the reason
      why you were sent to take care of Leung, remember... Come on, Hana, it's
      not the end of the world...yet. Just do me this one small favor. I'll
      let you in on this little runaway job. It's one hell of an easy job.

Hana: This next job better be worth it, Jin...

~ She goes belowdecks where Rain is inspecting the stolen stuff.

Hana: Usually the less we know about what we steal, the better off we are...

Rain: I know...I just want to make sure we pulled the right thing. You know
      this could very well be the Retro Helix!

Hana: So...what does it do?

Rain: Without the Marker? Not much... As a bonus, I picked up this little
      canister of pure evil when I set off the false alarm back in Wing Chune.

Hana: What is it?

Rain: It's some kinda doomsday virus.

Hana: Ah! Are you crazy? Dump it!

Rain: It's not like we can just open up the can and flush it down the toilet;
      we're kinda stuck with it.

Hana: Oh great! By the way, Jin just dropped another change of plans on us.
      Now I have to take this damn thing to Xi'an!

Rain: Xi'an! No one goes to Xi'an. It's one giant, haunted tomb! I don't like
      this one bit! I'm going with you.

Hana: NO! I have to go alone. That's the deal. Maybe they chose Xi'an because
      no one ever goes there.

Rain: I just have a bad feeling about this. Please let me go with you, Hana.

Hana: Look, I know this is hard for you, Rain...everything's gonna be just
      fine. I promise.

~ Rain smiles and nods 'OK'.

04) XI'AN                                                                [GS04]

~ On a boat somewhere, a burly assassin previously scene in the opening title
  kills a sailor and takes the Genetic Marker back to his employer.

Deke: Now for your part, mate.

Man : Have a seat, Mr. Decourt. Well done. We have been monitoring your
      progress and--

Deke: Cut the chit-chat, all right? The deal is...I get you this can, you give
      me money and the fix. Now that you've got your jolly, let's just focus
      on what's important, and that would be ME! Now! Today!

Man : A thousand pardons, Mr. Decourt. I didn't mean to detain you! Gentlemen,
      Mr. Decourt is ready.

~ Some surgical-lookin' guys show up, and the spiked tea knocks Deke out flat.
  Later, he wakes up inside Xi'an and has to fight his way through some hordes
  of zombies. Eventually, he gets hold of a huge vehicle. His ex-employer is
  seen walking in front of it as Deke turns it on.

Deke: Hello, mate! Fancy seeing you again!

Man : No!

Deke: Don't run! It won't hurt...much!

~ Deke runs him over, crashes through a wall, and bails as the truck plummets
  into a gaping pit.

Deke: That was a bit of a catastrophe. Gotta find me a way out of this bloody

~ Deke runs into some of the undead immortals later on... The POV switches to
  the new arrival in Xi'an, entering via a giant robot. He places motion
  detector bombs on some of the doors before seeing a woman trapped under a
  girder. This is the same woman from the Wing Chune party...

Glas: Are you all right? What the hell happened?

Lady: I...I'm not sure. I was being chased, then the ground gave way and I
      fell. When I woke up, you were standing over me. Thank goodness! Please
      accept this good luck charm.

Glas: Uh, thanks... Who was chasing you?

Lady: Creatures! Horrible creatures. It's not safe here. We should leave!

Glas: As soon as I finish my business. You should go now! I got some water and
      rations in my vehicle that you can have--

~ She's gone, leaving only a blood streak behind.

Glas: That was quick!

~ Hana arrives in Xi'an, falling through some unstable flooring. Later on, a
  zombie slashes her arm; she shoots it, alerting Deke.

Deke: Bloody hell! Get out!

Hana: Huh?

~ He pushes her into an empty room, meeting up with her later.

Deke: Who the hell are you, and what in God's name are you doing down there in
      such a nasty place, doll?

Hana: The name is Hana, NOT...love or doll!

Deke: The name's Jacob, me mates call me Deke...

Hana: Look, DICK!

Deke: DEKE!

Hana: Whatever! I didn't ask for your help!

Deke: Right! You must be one of them other couriers. Though we were all
      supposed to come in on the east end.

Hana: I never walk into a place without making sure I can walk out again,

Deke: Right then, mistress. Shall we get to the rendezvous point are you gonna
      do some more making sure?

~ Glas walks in, pointing his gun at Hana; she does the same.

Deke: You yanks always so jumpy? We're all friends here.

Glas: I'm not your friend!

Deke: The name's Jacob. Me mates call me Deke. This little spitfire's Hana.

Glas: Glas. Any of you seen our buyers yet?

Hana: Not unless they're all freaks of nature! I was checking the back door
      when these things jumped me! I took care of them but one tagged me.

Deke: I helped!

Glas: Here.

~ Glas throws her a roll of gauze.

Hana: Thanks.

Deke: Got any doughnuts back there?

Glas: This stinks like a setup! I'm out!

Hana: I agree. Let's bail!

Deke: Well I'm staying put. This little jar here's me retirement. Some kind of
      genetic marker.

Hana: I got this complex DNA sequence that doesn't do much by itself!

Glas: Blood sample...same deal!

Hana: OK...Deke's marker is for my DNA sequence. But why the blood sample?

Glas: DNA sequences are usually extracted from the blood. But since you
      already have the sequence...this is useless!

~ Glas' motion detector bombs blow up, alerting the others.

Deke: What the...

Glas: I rigged a few places just in case this was a setup! It's a setup! Let's
      get out of here!

~ Deke puts a bead on the two other couriers with his shot pistols.

Deke: Leaving so soon? Any chance you've seen the tomb beneath us? It's got
      two nice spots waitin' to be filled. Sorry it has to end this way, doll!

Hana: I told you my name is Hana!

~ Glas throws a small grenade-like object at Deke, knocking him off balance.
  Deke escapes with Hana's DNA sequence and his genetic marker.

Glas: Go after him! I'll take care of these guys!

~ Hana catches up with Deke as he climbs a ladder.

Hana: Freeze!

Deke: You wouldn't shoot an unarmed man who saved your life, now would you,

~ Hana goes after Deke again. He almost punches her with his spiked brass
  knuckles, when he falls over after a gunshot.

Hana: Rain! Damn it, I told you to stay home!

Rain: I had to come! I had a dreadful feeling this was a trap. Once I got
      here, the memories...they--!

Hana: I know it's a trap!

Rain: No, it's more than a trap -- I don't have time to explain. We gotta go

Hana: Go! Get out!

~ She pushes Rain into a side-door as zombies pour in. Rain makes her way back
  to the platform, but Hana is gone. Deke isn't, though. He grabs her from

Deke: That's no way to treat your humble servant, dear! What'll your mum say?

Hana: Get your hands off her, you bastard!

Deke: Do it! But what if ya hit Rain? Ooo, there's a tragedy for ya!

Rain: Shoot him and get out, Hana! They're after the Dark Cipher! They--

Hana: What do you want?

Deke: Lose the piece! Now, hand over the goods you took from me. Give it over
      to Rain... Get the last piece from Glas and Rain's yours. I'll be waiting
      in the lower tomb level. Got me this cozy little spot under the Queen's
      Burial Cube. Time to fly, sweetie. Follow if you can...

~ He jumps over the ledge and into the darkness, with Rain...

Hana: No! Rain...Rain...

~ Glas eventually finds his way to the surface. A green-robed man is there.

Man : Hello there, sonny boy! You seen my donkey?

Glas: No.

Man : Been here a long time?

Glas: Feels like an eternity!

Man : Oh! You're an immortal then?

Glas: What? No! You know a way out of here?

Man : This used to be a thriving city, you know? When they first found the
      tomb of Qin---

Glas: Yes, but do you know a way out?

Man : In 2028, a great earthquake shook Xi'an---

Glas: So, you don't know the way out!

Man : When the Chinese government ran---

Glas: Okay!! Look, I'll find your donkey for you! Anything! Just shut up!

Man : That's nice of you, sonny boy! You'll get hungry along the way. Take
      this with you...you'll need this key as well.

Glas: Thanks, but--

~ The man has disappeared.

Glas: I'm getting real tired of this.

~ Later on, some zombies start walking near Glas. He guns 'em down.

Hana: Family reunion? I see the resemblance!

Glas: Uncle Bob, meet Hana...

Hana: I'll get the ones up here. The rest are yours!

Glas: Damn!

~ Together, they slay the zombies.

Glas: Did you get your precious disk back from Deke?

Hana: I'm not even gonna try to explain what happened! I need your package in
      exchange for my partner.

Glas: That shit's between you and Deke. I'm outta here!

Hana: Just hand over your piece and you can walk out of here.

~ She draws a gun.

Glas: I don't believe this shit!

~ He throws a small grenade bomb (like before) to catch Hana off-guard, then
  tackles her through the door, into the room where Deke was laying. He takes
  her gun and puts it to her head.

Glas: Unprofessional, Hana! You draw on me you better be ready to face the

~ She points a pistol at his crotch.

Hana: Oh, but I'm always ready. Now, do you mind getting off of me?

~ He helps her up.

Hana: Look, it's obvious we're in some serious shit. We need to find out who's
      behind this and turn the tables on them! So please, Glas! I'm asking you:
      Help me.

Glas: So what's your plan?

Hana: I'll give your piece in exchange for Rain. He'll have to come back this
      way to leave...and you'll be waiting for him.

Glas: That simple, huh? Why are you risking your life and my profits, Hana?

Hana: No offense, but I don't expect you to understand my reasons. Yes or no?

Glas: Just don't lose it!

~ He gives her the blood sample, and together they rappel down the ledge that
  Deke jumped over with Rain. As that's being done...

Glas: So how did he snag your partner?

05) QINSHIHUANGDI'S TOMB                                                 [GS05]

~ Glas and Hana get to the bottom of the ledge.

Hana: Just cover my ass? No one comes in, no one goes out. If you bail on me--

Glas: I'm not going anywhere without my cut, so save the piss for someone who

Hana: Fine!

Glas: Good!

~ Inside, Hana finds a specter.

Hana: What are you?

????: Once I was like you, Hana, of flesh...

Hana: How do you know my name? What do you want?

????: It is you who wants, who years, who does not understand her place in the
      grand scheme.

Hana: What the hell are you talking about?

????: It is Rain you seek. I will lead you to her but heed this warning. With
      love can come great sorrow. Abandon Rain now or you will suffer a pain
      which pales the fires of hell by comparison.

Hana: Shut up! I will never desert her, you bastard!

????: Then take this, foolish one. Your trials have just begun...

~ Hana encounters the ghost again later on.

????: Pride...the cancer within us all. But in a moment of self-reflection, one
      can see the truth.

~ Hana is transported back in time.

Hana: Pardon me, innkeeper, would you have a room for a weary traveler?

Man : There is...one room. One of horror and shame; there was a young,
      promising student who came from a small village. The young man studied
      feverishly to the point of collapse. And in so doing, missed the Judicial
      Selection Exam.

Hana: What a disappointment it must have been.

Man : Disappointment? He hung himself in the very room you now ask to rent. His
      restless spirit has been with us ever since.

Hana: The story is more tragic than frightful, sir. Please allow me to stay.

Man : If you so choose. However, I cannot accept such a heavy payment for our
      humble dwelling.

Hana: Thank you, innkeeper.

~ Hana stays the night, sleeping with a mirror. The hanged student appears...

Teen: In my reflection I can clearly see my own folly! My chains are broken and
      I am free...

~ Hana finds the spirit again.

????: Yes...the western dragon devours the sun, spiraling us into night. The
      eastern phoenix dissolves the darkness with flames of rebirth and in a
      new day, we are balanced once more. What was lost must be found...

~ Teleported to the distant past again, Hana talks with two elderly people.

Hana: Why do you cry? Can I help?

Dad : Thank you, but nothing can save our daughter! Shao Ching has been missing
      for 6 moons!

Mom : After Shao Ching's husband abandoned her, she locked herself in the study,
      weeping...wearing the red slippers he gave her on their wedding day. One
      morning, I found the study door open. This key was on the ground...but she
      was gone!

Dad : Until a few nights ago, I heard Shao Ching crying in the courtyard and I
      rushed out to greet her. But I--I--saw her red slippers walking about on
      their own! I looked again...and they were gone.

~ Hana solves the puzzle. The next day, Hana shows them a bucket full of bones.

Hana: I found your daughter.

Mom : NO! Shao Ching...why...

Dad : Don't be sad, my wife, at least Shao Ching is back where she belongs...
      Thank you for reuniting our family. Please accept this as a token of our

~ Hana encounters the specter again, later on.

????: Love and hate: twins born in the same fiery passion. Love is blind, but
      then again, so is justice...

~ Transported again, Hana finds a clay jar. A ghost rises up.

Hana: Who are you?

Ling: My name is Wong Ling. My killer made that pot from clay mixed with the
      severed pieces of my body.

Hana: Do you know who killed you?

Ling: The town potter...my husband.

Hana: I will help you find justice. Just tell me how.

Ling: Take me to the judge. Pound the drum and call court to session. I will
      appear before him and tell him of the crime...

~ Hana does so.

Hana: A thousand pardons, Your Honor. I wish to present a murder case. In this
      black pot molded from clay are the pieces of Wong Ling's body. Her own
      husband forged it in his kiln.

Judge: Did you witness this crime?

Hana: No...

Judge: Then where did you learn of such graphic details?

Hana: From Wong Ling...her spirit appeared from this pot and--

Judge: Nonsense! Bailiffs--

Hana: Wait, Your Honor! Let the dead speak for herself. You can come out now,
      Wong Ling...

Judge: Enough! Leave this court at once.

~ Hana walks away

Ling: Please help me.

Hana: I did, where were you!?

Ling: The Guardian Statues would not allow a vanquished soul such as mine to
      enter the sacred grounds!

Hana: I'll just have to find another way.

~ Hana solves the problem and goes before the judge again.

Judge: How dare you, woman! Bailiffs...

Hana: Wait, Your Honor! I have the proof... We're here, Wong Ling. The judge is

~ Wong Ling appears, scaring the uptight judge.

Ling: Your Honor, I was murdered by my husband. He is a local potter...and my
      soul has been trapped in this pot ever since, Your Honor.

Judge: Bailiffs! Go and fetch Mr. Wong...

Ling: From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Mei Yuen...

~ Hana encounters Deke and Rain. She shoots Deke who drops the stolen stuff.

Hana: Take this and get out now!

Deke: Ooh, you're good! 'cept ol' Deke here don't like to roll over and play

~ After a battle, Hana finds a golden seal. 

Hana: A Sacred Seal? It can't be!

~ Meanwhile, Glas sees Rain.

Glas: Who are you?

Rain: I'm...Rain... Are...you...Glas?

Glas: Where's Hana?

Rain: In trouble! We were ambushed. You've got to help!

Glas: Damn it! All right, stay here. I'll go get her.

~ As he's running, Rain makes the walkway collapse and pushes Glas off the
  ledge into the ravine. He makes his way to an odd chamber with a throne.

King: Are you a God?

Glas: No!

King: Then I shall send you to meet them, mortal.

~ Hana intervenes with the Sacred Seal.

Hana: Stop!

Glas: Just what in the hell is going on here, Hana? And who's that freak in the

Hana: I think he's wearing the Royal Robe of the Emperor.

Glas: An Emperor...of China?

Hana: Not an Emperor, the first Emperor of China, Qin Shihuangdi! Look, I'll
      let him tell you. Who are you?

Qin : My name is Qin Zheng, Qin Shihuangdi, the first Emperor of China, Goddess.

Glas: What? Of course he's gonna say that. He's in his costume! And he called
      you "Goddess"!

Hana: He only called me Goddess because I have the Sacred Seal from Heaven,
      you idiot. The Sacred Seal is only carried by messengers from Heaven sent
      to perform God's bidding on earth. What I don't understand is how Deke
      got a hold of it!

Glas: I can't believe you're buying into this hocus pocus shit! This whole
      thing's a setup, Hana -- and your little girlfriend is on it!

Hana: What are you talking about?

Glas: Do you know how I got down here? She shoved me off a cliff.

Hana: That's bullshit, Glas! She's not in on anything! How can you be sure it's
      her anyway?

Glas: Look, she said her name's Rain, that your ass was in trouble, again! Hey,
      I don't need this shit! Just give me back my piece. I'm gone.

Hana: Gone where? Last I checked there's no way out.

Glas: Oh that's just great!

Hana: Just relax! I'm gonna ask Qin Zheng to tell us the way out, ok?

Glas: Yeah, great idea! Go ask His Royal Highness...

Hana: Qin Zheng, tell me, what's going on here? Who's behind all this?

Qin : The secrets of the heavens are not mine to share. Such is the law imposed
      upon me by the very seal you're holding, Goddess.

Hana: Fine. Tell me where Rain is now. Is she safe?

Qin : Rain...is home. She crossed the Sea of Weak Water, back to the place where
      she was born, to Penglai Shan, just beyond these gates.

Hana: I'm going after her! Open the gates.

Qin : No mortals are allowed to set foot on the Shores of Eternity without
      passing the challenges. Be warned! The consequences of failure...can be...

Hana: So that's what happened to you! Fine! We accept!

Glas: Wait a sec! What's this 'we' shit! We're not doing any-- Ah shit---

~ The Emperor teleports them both out of the room as Glas complains. He ends
  up near a room with a general.

Man : Join me in a simple game.

Glas: Who are you? Why am I here?

Man : We live, each one of us, to conquer, control, possess. The game may
      change but the rules are always the same: only the strong survive.

Glas: I see...if two soldiers move into the same square, the stronger one wins
      the space.

Man : Men of war such as yourself always understand combat. The first to
      capture the opponent's flag wins.

Glas: I'm ready when you are.

~ Glas starts beating him...

Man : Well done! Let us begin our next battle.

Man : Well done! Ready for the next match?

Man : Excellent! You have impressed me!
Glas: It's all about defense, General.
Man : Now, let us begin our final match.

~ Glas wins all the games.

Man : You are indeed a worthy opponent. Allow me to present you with this
      medallion... Listen well, Glas. Qin Shihuangdi set out to accomplish
      immortality. After questing his entire life, he found his potion of
      eternal life. But the elixir that granted him an eternal body did not
      give him an eternal mind. And so his body became an undying prison, his
      actions unknowingly unleashed the seed that unleashed...The One. Take
      heed, my son, open your mind and your heart. It may be your only

~ Hana completes her trials and comes before the Emperor with Glas.

Qin : Take these as proof of your worthiness. Before you take your passage...
      you must choose the fate of your adversary, goddess.

~ Deke appears before them.

Hana: Wake him up! He's got info I need...

Deke: Where am I? What are you all looking at?

Hana: Who the hell do you work for?

Glas: Answer her, damn it!

Deke: You need a haircut and a shave, mate!

Glas: You mother--

Hana: Wait! We need him!

Deke: Alright! No need to get your panties in a bunch! Few years back, this
      skinny Chinaman knocked on me door. The deal is, they'll give me cash and
      drugs, I do the occasional housecleaning.
Glas: You don't look like a stim freak.

Deke: Not them kinda drugs, mate. Medicine. Y'see, I got meself this little
      medical problem -- well me an' about half world.

Hana: You have EINDS? Aren't you a little...fat?

Deke: I'm not fat, I'm stocky! I've been living with the damnation for almost
      eight years now!

Glas: Impossible! Four years is the max life expectancy!

Hana: If that's true, why don't they market their drug? They'd make fortunes!

Deke: They have fortunes, and they ain't much into benefiting your fellow human
      beings, either!

Hana: Why hire us to steal something they already own? And why the ambush?

Glas: To prevent someone else from having it! Dead men tell no tales!

Deke: Great. So now we're all square. You mind telling me how I ended up here?
      Who the hell are you people? And what's with the fellow in the getup over

~ The emperor of China frowns heavily (:P)

Glas: You expect us to believe that you don't remember a thing?

Deke: You've mistaken me for someone who gives a flying hoot what you believe,
      mate. This was my final gig. They said the little jar I jacked is gonna
      squash this bug in me. When I delivered the tea, the old Chinaman tried
      to double-cross me, so I squashed the bugger! On my way out, I got jumped!
      When I woke up, you people were all over me!

Glas: He's full of shit!

Hana: Qin Zheng, is he telling the truth?

Qin : What is the truth? The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never
      simple. But the--

Glas: Aw, crap! Here we go again. No offense to His Majesty over there, but
      you not gonna listen to this fortune cookie machine are you, Hana?

Hana: Have a little faith, Glas. It's not gonna kill you!

Glas: I did once, and I don't intend to ever make that same mistake again! So
      don't you dare tell me about faith! Faith is for the weak!

Hana: Fine! Whatever. I'm going after Rain.

Deke: Don't mean to interrupt your little squabble, but I need me fix!

Hana: Whoever is behind all of this has our stuff! If you tag along, stay the
      hell outta my way!

Deke: What're you gonna do, mate?

Glas: Oh, I'm not gonna miss this for the world!

~ Everyone gets on a nearby boat.

Deke: What's our destination?

Glas: That island.

Hana: Penglai Shan. Legend has it that the Eight Immortals were once human. I
      remember childhood stories about their ventures into the mortal world to
      help mankind.

06) PENGLAI SHAN - TWIN JUNIPER GARDENS                                  [GS06]

~ The boat docks.

Glas: Now what, goddess?

Hana: There, straight ahead.

~ Hana starts walking.

Deke: She's a bossy one!

Glas: Tell me about it!

~ They all start walking together.

Hana: Christ! Does this ever end?

Deke: How much further, ya think?

Glas: No way to tell, this damn fog...

Hana: Deke...Deke...I can't see Deke! Glas...

Glas: Hana...Deke...I don't believe this!

Deke: Hey, where'd everybody go!

~ The fog separates everyone. Hana makes it to the Twin Juniper Gardens. Hana
  runs into an old woman in a garden at the foot of a huge tower.

????: So, we meet again...for the first time...

Hana: I'm sorry! I'm looking for--

????: Rain... She is part of the equation. But be careful, Hana, the decision
      you make today will affect countless lifetimes. You may not like what
      you find up there... Take these... Before you can proceed to the tower,
      you must first pass the elemental challenge... Earth, water, gold, fire,
      and wood. Then there is pain, Hana. The tower holds painful memories.
      Yet, the answers you desire are up there as well...

Hana: NO! No more challenges! Why me?

????: There is a debt, and we are the payment. You were born with--

~ Lightning strikes and the player can't hear what was said.

????: Enough said! Take them! Now go.

~ Hana leaves the garden. Some ghostly visages teleport in at this time. Any
  person who's played the first Fear Effect will recognize the red-robed man
  as Yim Lau Wong, the King of Hell.

Wong: To remove our life's destiny would remove the meaning, Hana!

~ Apparently, the old woman is also called Hana... >__>

Hana: Meaning? This is just your sick idea of paying a debt and nothing more!

Wong: Perhaps. But we both know your unique...abilities...bind us. Sorry to
      run, Hana, let's see how you do this time around.

~ Yim teleports to the Fire Element area and makes monsters appear. Hana (the
  young one) then encounters a gardener.

Hana: Excuse me. Where am I?

Man : The Twin Juniper Gardens. It's divided into five sections. To the west
      is the water and golden garden. The fire and earth garden lay to the
      east. In the middle sits the wood garden and the entrance to Yuen Ting
      Ji. The water garden is the central irrigation point. We use the water
      wheel there to flush fresh water throughout the entire area. Does
      gardening please you?

Hana: No, I've never had a garden.

Man : Shame. Gardening is quite spiritual: Plant the seeds, nurture it with
      water and love, and watch the fruits of your labor grow. Here, take
      this. A good place to start would be at the earth garden.

Hana: Thank you, but--

Man : Oh and please take this fan, it will give you comfort. Good luck, Miss.

~ Hana finishes the level.

07) GLAS' PAST                                                           [GS07]

~ Glas, still lost in the fog, has flashbacks from his military past. He has
  a walkie talkie.

Glas: Delta Omega 5, code zero, abort, abort! Come in Omega 5! Abort! Shit!

~ He enters a room with one of his old army buddies in it.

Glas: It's okay, Jake! It's Glas.

Jake: Commander! Oh, thank god you're alive. It was a trap! They used up all
      the serum on the few of us who were captured! I was the last one
      injected! It was horrible...pain...nightmares...

Glas: I'm not leaving you behind.

Jake: It's too late! Take some of my blood and use it as evidence...explose
      this hell hole...

~ He flatlines.

Glas: Jake... Damnit! They'll pay for this!

???: Roy?

~ Glas wheels around to see another comrade, with a stump for a hand.

Glas: Drew? What the hell are you doing here?

Drew: The Shop caught wind of the ambush. We couldn't warn you in time!
      Where's your team?

Glas: Dead. It's my fault--

Drew: And the serum?

Glas: The bastards used it up on my team! But I drew a blood sample from Jake.

Drew: I can't hold the evac point much longer!

Glas: I'm not leaving until I level this place! I need your help, soldier. I
      know where they keep a crate of C4...

~ Drew shoots Glas when his back's turned.

Drew: Why? There's the money of course, but mostly, I'm sick of taking orders
      from you! So answer me, bro: how does it feel to know you send your team
      to their pitiful deaths; to know your own brother betrayed you -- just
      like you betrayed me!

Glas: I betrayed you?

Drew: You knew that was a one-way mission to Eurasia! And you chose to send
      your only brother! Why?

Glas: Because it was a one-way mission, Drew! I could never throw my team to
      the dogs! Dad would've made the same call! I was there with you! I
      pulled you out!

Drew: Pulled me out? Look at me! I'm a cripple! You're a fool just like dad!
      He died following orders! For what? Honor? Pride? The Shop knew about
      this ambush! There was no recall because there was a six-percent chance
      of success. Six-percent! You and your team were dispensable! Just like I
      was to you! Now hand over the blood sample and I'll make this quick and

~ Glas throws a mini-bomb and grabs the gun, accidentally shooting Drew in the

Glas: NO!

~ He cradles his brother.

Drew: For once...stop saving the world...and look out for...yourself...

~ Drew dies.

Glas: NO! Why is this happening again! Damn you all to hell!

~ Glas appears back in Penglai Shan, and leaves for the tower after Hana.

08) THE EIGHT IMMORTALS' CHALLENGES                                      [GS08]

~ Hana meets an old friend for the first challenge.

Hana: Shao Chiu! How on earth--?

Shao: Not quite, my lady. Once you crossed the Weak Water, the Earth plane and
      Shao Chiu no longer exist. This is Penglai Shan, the first level of Yuen
      Ting Ji. From here, there is only ascension.

Hana: To where?

Shao: To enlightenment. The Immortals are waiting...

Hana: Who are you?

Shao: Tsao Kuo Chiu, one of the Eight Immortals that guard the Threshold.

Hana: Shao Chiu, help me find Rain!

Shao: She's beyond the Threshold, Hana. But only the worthy may pass...

Hana: How do I prove myself?

Shao: Each guardian shall challenge you. As for me, I merely ask that you join
      me in a simple child's game. Just follow my lead...

~ Hana wins.

Hana: Ming But Tin Ju. Won Jun Kin Quen! Fate is not defined by heaven. Chance
      dictates constant change in the universe. What does any of this have to
      do with Rain and I?

Shao: Rain fights to change the fate of mankind set forth by The One.

Hana: What fate? Who's The One?

Shao: The One, the Maker, He who seeded mortal man. He wishes to remake mankind
      in his own image. Should that happen, existence as you know it will cease.
      EINDS is the final stage of his cleansing. Once the last of the unfits are
      cast into the Void, the Remaking will commence.

Hana: Can't you do something?

Shao: Ming But Tin Ju, Hana.

~ He disappears. Meanwhile, Glas faces his first challenge. The woman who was
  trapped under a girder in Xi'an appears.

Ho  : I am glad you have made it this far. My name is Ho Hsien Ku, one of the
      Eight Immortals that guard the Threshold.

Glas: The what?

Ho  : Royce Glas, your cold face cannot hide the warm heart that still beats

Glas: Whatever, lady. Now how do I get out of this damn place?

Ho  : What about your friend? The one called Hana?

Glas: She's not my friend! She lost my piece! That's all. I just want it back,

Ho  : He who fools himself fools no one! To pursue her, you must first defeat

Glas: I knew it!

Ho  : For the kindness you've shown me, I shall make it a simple game. Roll the
      die and beat me to the dragon's eye. You will need the exact number at
      the end to win. Should I land on you resting spot, you'll have to move
      six spaces back! Questions?

Glas: What? No swimming through acid or crawling over hot lava?

Ho  : If that is your wish...

Glas: Look! I'm rolling!

~ Glas beats her.

Glas: That was kinda fun! Let's go again!

Ho  : No!

Glas: Sore loser!

Ho  : What awaits you is not to be laughed at, Royce Glas. Countless ages ago,
      the Ancients hunted and mortally wounded an amorphous being known as the
      Entity. The Entity fled across time and dimensions. Through chance, it
      found the barren Earth. In hopes of eluding its hunters, the Entity wove
      its genetic essence into the world's abundant primordial ooze. This act
      sparked the chemical reaction that led to cellular life in this reality.
      And for four billion years, it waited...

Glas: What do you mean this reality? Waited for what?

~ She disappears instead of answering.

Glas: I hate it when they do that!

~ Hana faces her third challenge. The gardener from before shows up.

Lan : I see your labor has born fruit. My congratulations. My name is Lan Tsai
      Ho, one of the Eight Immortals that guards the Threshold.

Hana: What's my challenge?

Lan : Follow the harmony of life and find the path to enlightenment. Star here.
      If you make the wrong choice, you must start anew.

~ Hana completes it.

Lan : Won Jun Kin Quen! The divine seed lies within us all. Some are born with
      it, while others must earn it through enlightenment. Alas, there are
      always those who cheat -- and tragedy surely follows! Such were the man
      and woman who discovered the combination to unlock the power of the
      so-called Retro Helix. Through chance, their union bore twin fruit, the
      source of change...

Hana: Twin fruit?

~ He disappears. Glas sees a visage of his brother.

Drew: Your blind honor made me hate you! You sacrificed your only brother!

~ His father's visage appears.

Dad : Obey orders at all costs! Loyalty is the mark of a true officer! Make me
      proud, son.

~ A fat, potbellied person appears.

Han : I am Han Hsiang Tzu, one of the Eight Immortals who guard the Threshold.
      Choose, Royce Glas. Choose between honor and loyalty.

~ Royce defeats a teleport demon.

Han : There is no correct choice, Royce Glas! Demons of our past fill our lives
      with regret. Only their defeat brings freedom. Qin Zhang's demons were
      strong. The legacy of his defeat was indeed a strange twist of fate for
      The One.

~ Hana begins her next challenge. The friendly aqueduct guard appears.

Chung: Remember me, Hana? Or am I just another faceless victim? Those weapons
       have replaced your soul. Do you miss it? I am Chung Li Chuan, one of the
       Eight Immortals who guard the Threshold. Come, Hana! How will you fair
       against someone immune to your vaunted weapons?

Hana: You won't stop me!

~ Hana defeats him with her kicks.

Chung: You hide your feelings for Rain within a cold heart. Be careful, Hana!
       She is your source of strength -- strength you shall need for the
       journey ahead! I commend you. You may pass.

Hana: Help us, Li Chuan!

Chung: History has shown our meddling only worsens matters. For ages, mankind
       has twisted our teachings for their own selfish desires. As we speak,
       atrocities are performed in the name of religion! So now, we only bear
       silent witness and leave mankind to face its own destiny.

Hana: What chance do we have agains gods?

Chung: You are far from helpless! You had in your possession the EINDS cure and
       more. Remember, Ming But Tin Ju, Wno Jun Kin Quen. Go now, destiny

~ Glas finds the 6th challenge. It's the general from the tomb.

Lu  : We meet again, my fine warrior. I see you have defeated the demons of
      your past. Well then...I am Lu Tung Pin, one of the immortals who guard
      the Threshold. It is time to face your greatest enemy.

~ Glas defeats himself in battle

Lu  : Well done! When true divinity fails to be achieved, a Dark Cipher is
      created to block the Retro Helix from reaching its full potential. One
      chance! That is all we get. Qin Zhang failed, his mind collapsed within
      his undying body. For over three thousand years he slept undisturbed
      within his tomb. Then fate once again changed the universe.

Glas: What happened?

Lu  : An archaeologist and geneticist named Rachel Kazra learned of Qin Zhang's
      immortality experiments. She took over the excavation and found his
      living body. The fool injected herself with a sample of Qin's genetic
      essence. The induction of a Dark Cipher into a mortal host usuall results
      in fatality.

Glas: Let me guess, she survived!

Lu  : Survived? She created life! The union of their genes gave her divine
      power and she gave birth to twins. She raised Qin from his eternal
      slumber and make him the guard dog to the Shores of Eternity so no one
      could cross the Weak Water.

Glas: We did...

Lu  : A strange twist of fate indeed!

Glas: So...

Lu  : For over 4 billion years, the Entity waited for such a union: the
      combination of unique genes that would give birth to a perfect being for
      his own rebirth. But fate loves to laugh and Rachel Kazra gave birth to
      twins, effectively splitting the perfect body in two!

Glas: So he's screwed!

Lu  : Hardly. Kazra also passed the trials and gained entrance to the Threshold.
      Beyond your reality, she created the Genomic World and raised her twins.
Glas: The Genomic who?

Lu  : The Gemonic Void: the repository of evil experiments. For years, Kazra
      tried to merge the 160 pairs of chromosomes divided between the twins.
      She created countless failures. Some you fought in the tomb. One became
      your travelling companion.

Glas: Deke?

Lu  : Do not blame him for what he's done. He is but a puppet in the hands of

Glas: And the twins?

Lu  : Rain and her sister Mist. Rain embraced her human side and fled Penglai
      Shan. She escaped into the mortal world, but the journey across the Weak
      Water washed away her memories. Opposing her is Mist, who relates deeply
      to her divine heritage. She fights for the reunion to happen. And now it
      seems that Kazra has finally found a way.

Glas: We have to stop her, damnit!!

Lu  : It is not your place. It is between Hana and Rain. Be strong for her,
      Glas! Ming But Tin Ju, Won Jun Kin Quen...

Glas: What the hell does that mean? I don't speak Chinese!

~ Lu disappears. Meanwhile, Hana finds the 7th puzzle. She's in her past, with
  her mother and father in a hotel.

Mom : You must hurry!

Dad : Do not worry my love.

~ As he takes a gun out of his briefcase, two men enter and kill the parents.
  Hana is also shown finding Rain by her parents' gravesites.

Kuai: What if you could change your past, Hana? Would you? But would that kill
      the dreams that may yet be your bright future? I am Li Tieh Kuai, one of
      the Eight Immortals that guards the Threshold. Choose Hana! This is your
      final challenge!

~ If Hana chooses her parents, she fights 2 monsters. After...

Kuai: The future holsd infinite possibilities, but the past is one that may
      never be changed! Such are the rules that bind us all, Hana!

Hana: Why are you doing this to me? Why?

Kuai: Each of us is born with our own unique hell. We carry that burden with us
      through life and death. In life, we are given the chance to shed or add
      to our hell. In death, we live with the consequences. One achieves
      divinity when all hell is abandoned. You were born with the very special
      gift to see into these hells and if so desire, influence the outcome.
      This is not our doing, Hana. This is all part of your own living hell.
      Soon you must face Rain's hell. You are the key: the key that will make
      fate change the universe once again!

Hana: That's nonsense! I don't want this gift!

Kuai: Accept your destiny, Hana!

~ If Hana chooses Rain:

Kuai: The future is yours! You may pass. But take heed, Hana. The path you've
      chosen is lined with great suffering for many.

~ Glas finds his last challenge. The old man from Xi'an is there.

Chang: Hey, sonny boy! I am Chang Kuo Lao.

Glas: Yeah, yeah. One of the Eight Immortals blah blah blah... Go ahead,

Chang: To what?

Glas: Whatever the hell you really look like!

Chang: What's wrong with the way I look?

Glas: Forget it! So now whatta I gotta do?

Chang: You like gambling, sonny? You get five wagers. The odds increase against
       you increase each time. Feeling lucky? Here comes the teleport bit.

~ Glas beats the puzzle.

Chang: Pure chance drew you into this circle. Now you are a permanent fixture
       in this tale. From here you shall see and experience events that you
       dare not dream possible. The time for change is upon us. May it benefit
       us all.

09) YUEN TING JI                                                         [GS09]

~ Glas appears in a cloudy room.

Rain?: Glas, it's Rain...

Glas: Or Mist...

Rain?: I have the Dark Cipher. Help me destroy the Genomic Void!

Glas: Where's Hana?

Rain?: Mist is coming with Deke! We need to do this now before it's too late!

Glas: Lead the way!

~ Deke and his companion appear.

Mist?: Stop! Don't go in there Glas, it's a trick!

Deke: I've had enough of you, girlie!

Glas: What're you doing?!

Deke: Wake up, fool! That's Mist.

Glas: You're the fool! She's been controlling you since the beginning!

Deke: No more! Rain here gave me the EINDS cure. I've never been more sober in
      me life. Now she's got the Marker and the Disk and I'm dealin' payback
      to the little witch behind ya!

Glas: Don't make me put you down.

~ They both point guns at each other's heads.

Rain?: Let him shoot me! If I die, the reunion can never happen.

Mist?: She's right! Shoot us both!

~ Hana teleports in.

Rain?: Hana, thank goodness you're safe!

Mist?: No, Hana! I'm Rain!

Glas: This is your deal, Hana. Make the call.

Deke: Just make sure you choose her, damnit!

~ If Hana shoots the left one:

Rain: Please, Hana. She's still my sister.

Glas: How did you know?

Hana: My Rain's left-handed.

Deke: Good show, Hana! Let's get the hell outta here and get ourselves a beer.

Mist: You can't leave without meeting mother! Meet Rachel Kazra... She
      sacrificed her own body to create the Genomic Void. And after we join her
      in reunification, father shall walk the earth once more!

~ The three companions all draw their guns.

Rain: Stop! This is my battle! Hana, I need the virus. It's time we had a
      little family therapy!

~ Rain defeats her mother/sister hybrid boss, melting them with the DNA Virus.
  The four allies leave once and for all. Later on, on TV...

Man : ...with the stunning discovery of the EINDS cure, billions of people are
      now filled hope...

Rain: You could have sold it to buy back your Triad Contract, you know.

Hana: Nah, it wouldn't be right! No one should own the cure. Although, I was
      quite surprised that the guys agreed. Speaking about buying back my
      contract, Jin just told me about this little runaway job!

Rain: Great! What do we have to do?

Hana: We are not doing anything! This time you are definitely staying home!

Rain: But--

Hana: No buts. It's a quick and dirty retrieval. No computed genius needed. I
      am thinking about bringing the boys.

Rain: Well then take my knife for luck. Wouldn't want you to break a nail or

Hana: Since we're exchanging gifts, Qin Zhang gave me this pearl. I think he
      wanted you to have it.

~ Later, Hana and the boys are eating in a restaurant.

Deke: How the hell do you people eat with these sticks? No wonder you Orientals
      are all skinny!

Glas: Look out for splinters.

Hana: So, you boys interested?

Glas: I dunno. We'll probably end up being chased by dragons or some shit like

Hana: It's a simple job, Glas. Walk in, get the disk, pick up the girl. Daddy
      gives us some nice pocket change. What could go wrong?

Deke: I'm in. Need the cash. Got some real expensive girlfriends to take care
      of! Just make sure you cover all the angles, aye.

Glas: Alright! I'm in. This job better be worth the trouble, Hana!

Hana: Jin promised me it's gonna pan out royally for all of us.

Deke: Right! Gimme a damn fork, already! I gotta stab my food.

~ The King of Hell is shown laughing.

King: Hahahahaha!

~ If Hana shoots the right one

~ Hana shoots the real Rain...

Rain: Hana...

Mist: Thank you, Hana. You saved me the trouble!

Hana: No, Rain...Rain! What have I done?

Rain: Don't cry, Hana. I would rather die in your arms than live forever
      without you. Now the reunion will never happen.

Mist: Guess again, sis! Dead or alive, all mom needs is your body. And speaking
      of mother... Meet Rachel Kazra... She sacrificed her own body to create
      the Genomic Void. And after we join her in reunification, father shall
      walk the earth once more!

Hana: I'm going to rip you apart, you bitch!

~ Hana fights for awhile and gets killed.

Glas: Hana! No!

~ Glas fights for awhile and suffers the same fate.

Deke: I don't like you!

~ Deke defeats the boss, but it doesn't die. He takes Rain's body and flees.
  Below, the King of Hell watches the occurances on his tv (!?) screen. He
  looks at a paper doll in his hand.

King: Thank you for saving me the trouble. Hahahahahahahahah!


10) UPDATES, CONTRIBUTIONS, LEGALITY                                     [GS10]

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