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Guide and Walkthrough by Mysticcat

Version: Final | Updated: 07/01/2004

  This FAQ is Copyright 2001 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan


             ,,,,,,,,,,,  %  %%
          ,,,,,,,,,,,,, @  @@  %%
       ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, %@ @@@@@@  %%
                    %@ @@@    @@@  %%
                  %  @@@        @@@ %%
   ##            % @@@           ##   ##                      ###
  #             % @@            #    #               #       #   #
  #    ###   ###  ## ##   ###   #    #    ###   ### ####        #
 #### #   #     #  ##    #   # #### #### #   # #     #         #
  #   #####  ####  #     #####  #    #   ##### #     #        #
  #   #     #   #  #     #      #    #   #     #     #       #
 ####  ###   #### ###     ###  #### ####  ###   ###   ###    #####
                 @@%%             % @@@
                  @@@ %%        % @@@    RETRO HELIX
                    @@@ %%    % @@@ @,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                      @@@  %%%@@@ @,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                        @@@@@@ @,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

     | |  GAME NAME : FEAR EFFECT 2 : RETRO HELIX     | |
     | |  GENRE : ADVENTURE                           | |
     | |  DEVELOPER : KRONOS                          | |
     | |  PUBLISHER : EIDOS                           | |
     | |  RELEASED : February 2001                    | |

     | |  FAQ Name : Fear Effect 2  FAQ/Walkthrough   | |
     | |  Author : Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"  | |
     | |  Version : Final                             | |
     | |  Contact author : kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn           | |
     | |  FAQ begun : November 19th 2001              | |


                G E N E R A L  C O N T E N T S


  1. Introduction                                   Complete
  2. Disclaimer & Legal Stuff                       Complete
  3. Update / Revision History                      Complete
  4. Story                                          Complete
  5. Characters                                     Complete
  6. General Tips                                   Complete
  7. Weapons                                        Complete
  8. Enemies                                        Complete
  9. Walkthrough                                    Complete
       Part One : The Aqueduct                      Complete
       Part Two : Wing Chune Banquet                Complete
       Part Three : 80th and 86th floor             Complete
                    - Wing Chune Building
       Part Four : The Temple of Xi'an              Complete
       Part Five : Exploring the Queen's Tomb       Complete
       Part Six : Twin Juniper Garden               Complete
       Part Seven : Return to the Past              Complete
       Part Eight : The Eight Immortals             Complete
       Part Nine : Final Battle                     Complete
  10. Endings (SPOILERS)                            Complete
  11. Cheats and Codes                              Complete
  12. Special Sections                              Complete
     + Close info about the author                  Complete
     + Some other stuffs about Fear Effect 2        Complete
  13. Last words                                    Complete
  14. Special Thanks                                Complete


  1/  I N T R O D U C T I O N


  Well done... I'm Mysticcat - a crazy fan of Resident Evil series and
gentle Survival Horror - have got another nightmare : Fear Effect 2 -
Retro Helix.
  Some Resident Evil and Fear Effect players will realize that these two
series also have some same points. It's not so hard for a Resident Evil
player to play Fear Effect and the opposite. But if you were too
familiar with Resident Evil, you would be a few troubled to get
aquainted with Fear Effect. In this game, you not only fight enemies and
shoot them until they die, but avoiding them as well. The control system
allows you to dodge, move gracefully and crouch. The author has reasons
to make those because you can't survive through this game without using
your evading. So then, Fear Effect can be an exciting game for some
Survival Horror players. But about me, I don't think it's really good.
There are too many "naughty, annoying" scenes in the game that is not
for accidental kids. Even though the game rating is for adults, it's not
a place for such scenes like that to be shown. The main character - Hana
Tsu-Vachel - looks stupid in such actions. Maybe someone considers it's
a great point of her personality, but I don't think so. But I respect
everyone's ideas. Fear Effect 2, however, is a good game enough for us
players to enjoy (without those scenes).
  Fear Effect 2 is various at control and option system. As a player,
you can freely choose what you want from the Options menu. The graphic
of this game is rather different from some others : You can see the
characters look like ones in cartoon, even they are drawn with 3D side.
Maybe this is just Fear Effect's style. Of course it can't be realistic
like Resident Evil or Alone in The Dark : the New Nightmare.
Characteristics about this game are all quite good. So I don't have more
to say here, other parts about the game will be mentioned in details in
next sections.
  Other versions of Fear Effect 2 :

  * Fear Effect 2 : Retro Helix
    Released in Europe : March 2001

  * Helix : Fear Effect
    Released in Japan : November 2001

  Thanks to Gamefaqs for info about these versions.
  Okay, we'll continue soon after Legal Stuff and Update.


  2/  D I S C L A I M E R  &  L E G A L  S T U F F


  This is a repeated action in every FAQ when you don't want your FAQ to
be abused by others. So mine is not an exception. I will continue to
repeat this forever, in any of my FAQs.
- At first, this FAQ can't be used, copied or altered without its
author's permission. If you want to do anything on it or use it in your
Websites, email Mysticcat at kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn. If I know any use on this
FAQ without my permission are executed, I will deal with the ones who do
it. I don't want to be rude with you. So don't do drugs.
- Further more, this FAQ must be used for NON-PROFIT only. I don't allow
for anyone who use it to sell as their strategy guide, gifts, magazines,
etc. Generally, this FAQ isn't allowed to use to earn money. I have made
this guide to serve people without benefit, so you can't get your money
on my work.

  Current sites available with this FAQ :


  I have been a contributor of GameFAQs site, and my original guides,
including this guide : Fear Effect 2 : Retro Helix FAQ/Walkthrough are
all sent to GameFAQs as the most correct and latest version. Any sites
using my guide with permission, can get the update at GameFAQs because I
don't have time to send them to you. Check them frequently.

  Please forgive me if I was so rude.
  Thank you for reading this.


  3/  U P D A T E / R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y


 - Version 0.5 (November 19th 2001)
   FAQ started and incomplete.
   The first step of every FAQ maker...

 - Version 1.0 (November 24th 2001)
   Added Cheats and Codes
   Added more info in Walkthrough.
   Cheats & Codes might not be necessary for a game, but make a guide
more variable and useful. I'm a FAQ maker who likes making full guide,
so I can't miss them.

 - Version 1.5 (November 25th 2001)
   Part Three of Walkthrough completed
   Added "Special Section" with information about the author and some
other stuffs around Fear Effect 2.
   Fear Effect 2 takes place in Asia. I'm a Asian who is very fond of
Asian national traditions. I really want to share my knowledge about
them to you readers. All of your contribute ideas will be appreciated if
you enjoy them.

 - Version 2.0 (November 26th 2001)
   Part Six was completed.
   Repair some little mistakes.
   I have always made mistakes while making guides. A real FAQ maker
must avoid mistakes as much as he can. So can I. More walkthrough parts
have been completed.

 - Version 2.1 (November 28th 2001)
   Some steps of walkthrough are added.
   Add more available sites.
   More walkthrough parts have been added.

 - Version 2.5 (November 29th 2001)
   Walkthrough completed.
   Endings completed.
   Cheats & Codes completed.
   In the last battle, I have written all the strategies I had tested
with myself. If you have any better ones, they are all appreciated.
About endings, I suggest you shouldn't view it if you have got the game
that can spoil it. I think the only reason for you to read them is that
you have missed one of them and you want to find more.

 - Version 3.0 (December 1st 2001)
   Added more charts and illustration.
   Added more tactics that have been tested.
   Illustrations are stronger than words in some situations. I'm not a
good guy at drawing these. But I try to make them in my effort because
it can help you understand more easily than reading dry words.

 - Version 3.1 (December 3rd 2001)
   Added Hard mode puzzle.
   Some puzzles in Normal Mode are different from Hard Mode. I have just
played Hana's challenges in Hard Mode and known that her Brick Board
Puzzle is different from Normal Mode, so I solved it and then added
here. Check it out !

 - Version 3.2 (December 7th 2001)
  Repaired a major mistake.
  Well, thanks to Gabriel for having recognized this dangerous mistake
and informed me to redo it as soon as possible. It's the third test in
Yuen Ting Ji that Hana must pass. I think I have made a major deception.
Thank you again, Gabriel !

 - Version Final (January 9th 2002)
  I have actually visited Eidos Interactive sites and decided the
character and enemy bios follow the publisher because I think their are
more correct and my English is not very good. So then I mark this as the
basic final version.


  4/  S T O R Y


  Countless ages ago, a creature has appeared in the nature, choosing
this Planet as the world of lives. He created the primordial ooze that
giving lives to the planet, including Humanity.
  Four billion years ago, The Entity was destroyed by the Ancients. He
hode himself as the ooze, waiting for the time that he could come back
to recreated the life and Humankind.

  Some thousands year later, a Chinese man named Qin Zhang wanted to
unlock the secret of immortality. So he created some chemistry that
really made him deathless. But then something wrong affected his brain,
caused as the result of ruining the natural rule. Following this
failure, one of The Eight Immortals - the eight Gods who are the only
immortal created the Dark Cipher which would be the motive to get back
the Entity. That's the Retro Helix, the DNA sequence making
Environmentally Induced Nucleotides Degeneration Syndrom known as EINDS.
And at the timeline of Fear Effect 2, this disease seems to spread
largely over the world.

  About twenty years ago (I depend on Hana's age which I think to be
mostly equal to Rain's), an archeologist named Rachel Kazra found Qin
Zhang's body while exploring. As an archeologist who wanted to be
successful, she injected herself with the material got from the body to
create the immortal Perfect Being. Did you see the terrible woman in the
opening movie ? That was Rachel Kazra who gave birth to a twin after the
pregnancy caused by the material from Qin Zhang's body. And the event
happened in Rain's dream... Why is that Rain ? Who are the Eight
Immortals and then what happened to Rachel Kazra after being turned into
a demon ? The answers are still in the game...

  Rain, a girl who was found by Hana in the Twin Juniper Gardens, has
become a close friend, partner and lover of Hana.

  At that time, the cold-blooded killer Jacob "Deke" Decourt, is
instructed to grab the Genetic Marker for some services, that you'll
know who is behind this when playing the game. And Glas, he has got a
blood sample from his friend Jake who had got EINDS. Hana and Rain, they
receive information from Jin to explore Wing Chune Building as the first
step to find out about EINDS...

  The nightmare begins...


  5/  C H A R A C T E R S


  * From Eidos Interactive

                        HANA TSU-VACHEL

  Sex : Female
  Age : 20
  Height : 5'10"
  Weight : 120lbs
  Place of Birth : Hongkong Province, ROC
  Part French, Part Chinese, fluent in six different languages; Most of
Hana's other professional profiles are shrouded in secrecy. Rumor has it
that she was raised and trained by the Triad in their "Black Inns" of
Shan Xi. While a world-class marksman and ace pilot, Hana's true
speciality lies in the dealing of love as well as death. Her orphan
upbringing conditioned Hana to be distant to those that she does not
know and to be careful of whom she will trust. Desired by many yet
belonging only to one, Hana lives life with passion and takes life
without reservation. Occasionally taking on assignments from Jin for the
extra cash, Hana's primary goal in life is to buy back her "contract"
from the Triad so that she may leave her past behind and control her own

                           RAIN QIN

  Sex : Female
  Age : believed to be 18
  Height : 5'10"
  Weight : 104lbs
  Place of Birth : unknown
  Rain is an enigma. During a routine visit to her parents' memorial at
Jing Sum Temple, Hana stumbled across Rain lying unconscious in the back
garden beneath a mural of the Eight Immortals. For unknown reasons, Hana
felt compelled to help. She brought Rain home and attentively nursed her
back to health. A week later, Rain regained consciousness but remember
nothing of her past, Hana offered Rain shelter until she could be on her
own again. Within a short time, Hana noticed the exception intelligence
which Rain possessed. It became clear to Hana that Rain was a genius in
various technical and academic disciplines. In time, the two become
partners and more...

                          ROYCE GLAS

  Sex : Male
  Age : 28
  Height : 6'2""
  Weight : 190lbs
  Place of Birth : Pacifica, California, USA
  Commander Royce Glas, Ex-U.S. Military. Once, a highly decorated
officer of the U.S. Government, Glas belonged to a branch so secret that
even the CIA is not aware of its existence. He is an expert in high tech
weapons and counter intelligence. After his fallout with the
administration, Glas became a hunted man by the very same government he
once so proudly served. Now a renegade with the knowledge of secrets
that can topple the balance of powers in the world, Glas operates on the
edge of the law and will kill in defense of himself or of his mission
without hesitation. Numbed by vengeance and reconciliation, Glas now
takes on various dangerous assignments for the money and for the
satisfaction of his own sense of justice.

                      JACOB "DEKE" DECOURT

  Sex : Male
  Age : 32
  Height : 6'
  Weight : 235lbs
  Place of Birth : Christchurch, New Australia
  Deke walks a fine line between aggressive and psychotic. A large,
stocky man with distinct features, Deke is attractive to women, but not
a pretty boy. As a professional hit man by trade, he perceives life as a
trivial highway to obscurity, paved with the souls of the numerous men
and women hu murdered for the sake of money and survival. Being a cold-
blooded killer by heart, Deke enjoys his work immensely for it gives him
a sense of power and pleasure. Working with Deke is like making a deal
with devil : He's extremely effective, but he leaves a wide wake of
carnage and bloodshed along the way. Deke honed his talents mostly
during the many range wars that until recently plagued New Australia.
Currently, he is under the employment of a secret conglomerator out of
East Asia.


  6/   G E N E R A L  T I P S


  Playing Fear Effect is not like playing Resident Evil as somebody has
thought - I think. So now I make this part to notice you some important
tips so that you can play the game more easily. As I said in the
introduction, Fear Effect is not as easy as Resident Evil where fighting
is often the only behaviour with enemies.


  At the first glance, it looks like the Condition Screen from Resident
Evil. But when you play, you'll realize many difference. First, this
thing is not only your health, but measuring your feeling - your Fear.
There are three colours that can be divided like Resident Evil : Fine
(Green), Caution (Yellow and Orange), Danger (Red).
  When you are in ordinary state and you haven't fought any enemies yet,
your Fear Level will keep Fine. But when you are in an area of enemies,
the Fear Level will slowly turn to worse colour as well as the faster
sound of heart is thumbing. The Fear Level is damaged heavily when being
hit by enemies. When you are out of Danger level, you die.

  Fear Effect is pretty special about this : There's no way to heal
yourself. So how can you survive ? You should remember that your life is
mearsured by the Fear Level. So correlating with the reality, you
restore it with a tranquilizing state, called "Rush Moment". This "Rush
Moment" appears after each fight you fight enemies, or you have got out
of battle to a safe place. Of course the Rush Moments just stay for a
short limited time. That means your Fear Level is not healed completely
if you have lost too much of them. But sometimes in the game, your Fear
Level should be often automatically healed perfectly in some situations

- When you have finished some major step, and you begin another step
when your enemies are surrounding again.
- When you begin a boss fight.
- When you finish a boss fight.
- When you switch to another character, that next one controlled will be
healed completely.

  If you are not in any of above cases and your Fear Level is red, you
know that just one or two more hits will kill you, this will be a hard
situation requiring your greatest careful and your mind to decide to
keep playing or not. In Fear Effect 2, sometimes you could cause
miracles even you are going to die. When your Fear Level is dark orange
or red, and you fight another enemy, try to kill him WITHOUT being hit.
As I said, each time you fight an enemy, the Rush Moment will appear to
heal you a little. When you finish an enemy without being damaged and
receive the Rush Moment, it could heal you few more than the previous
state. Just continue to fight like that, your Fear Level will be
increased gradually and you can return to your good state gradually.

  Enemies in Fear Effect 2 include several types : human being,
monsters, machines, etc. Each type has own attack. Their appearances are
not often sudden because you will be noticed by the Fear Level being
shown when you enter the enemy area. Then you can prepare yourself
before really facing them. I'll discuss about Enemies' details in
"Enemies" section.

  Attacking enemies is the evident work you must do with the foes. But
you will never survive long with it only. Dodging or avoiding is a very
important work while fighting and Fear Effect 2 has given you a large
system to avoid enemies by many ways. Depending on your situations and
your enemies, choose the best way to avoid. If you are too familiar with
playing Resident Evil with unlimited ammo, so now change it.

  In Resident Evil, most of the areas you come and the things you see
are almost important with clues and puzzles. But in Fear Effect 2, some
rooms that are shown to have nothing, or you can abandon some taking
places when you have known what next to do without passing it.

  Better than attaking officially. As I said, enemies in Fear Effect are
mostly aware of environments (they are not stupid and dispirited as the
zombies of Resident Evil). When you attack them, they will deal with you
as you did. So it's a good plan to beat them up creepily before they
could argue with you. Crouching is a good way to do sneak kill because
the enemy won't recognize while you are moving in crouch position.

  You know the Save Point by the notice in the bottom right of the
screen. In this game, just an ordinary enemy can also be a boss, because
you must fight with your Fear Level which is sensitively lost, and your
enemies are not vulgar, attacking desperately, especially when you are
new players. A rule to play Fear Effect 2 : Save frequently, save
repeatedly, save everytime you have finished a step, even it's just a
small step, because you can be killed anytime and it'll be a pain to
replay again. About how to save, just step on the Save Point. Then open
your inventory, using the Cellular Phone. You'll be asked to save or

  In Fear Effect 2, you have four playable characters : Hana, Rain,
Jacob and Glas. Not like some common games, these four will be switched
repeatedly, as the process is continueing to that one. Once you switch,
I suggest you should save. You can't anticipate what will happen with
the other characters. Your switched characters will be restored all Fear

  If you have played Resident Evil or some common games, you have got
acquainted with a game including many discs and you follow the right
order of their numbers to continue the game. But in Fear Effect 2, you
have 4 discs and the order of discs doesn't follow the ordinary order 1-
2-3-4. Each parts of the game requires a disc and it doesn't have
orders. I just introduce this first to you, the game will remind the
next disc you must input.

                      ADVICES FOR OPTIONS

  This should be turned on. I assure that there are some people who are
not very fluent at hearing English when the characters are talking, so
the subtitles will be useful for you to obtain the story processing in
the game.

  There's no Easy Mode. You choose between Normal and Hard Mode. If you
are new or afraid of challenges, pick Normal Mode - which is hard enough
for you to play. Hard Mode will have less ammo and stronger and
dangerous enemies that will not convenient for you if you are new.

  Turning this on or off is up to you. Sometimes it's not completely
useful. You'll know when playing the game.

  Yeah, very important. As usual, if you let this off, you can't see the
Save Points on your way, and the only way to know them is wandering
around and being noticed at the bottom right of the screen. And it's
harder to find them right ? So turn it on if you want to have biggest

  Well then, Fear Effect 2 has two control styles for you to choose :
Classic (like Resident Evil or Parasite Eve II) and 3D (like Final
Fantasy or Parasite Eve I). If you are a crazy fan of Resident Evil,
just let Classic style. I also think this style is suiter with a game
like Fear Effect. But if not, just choose 3D for your convenience.

  Another note : Analog control pad can't be used in this game. The
making of buttons will cause trouble while playing. So you should use
the basic control pad with no other functions.

  Okay, this is the default control of the game. You can change it by
pressing the button at the function you want :

  Cross Button              Fire/Quick Draw
  Triangle Button           Action/Select Weapon
  Square Button             Inventory Forward
  Circle Button             Inventory Back
  Right 1                   Run (while pressing directional buttons)
  Right 2                   Crouch
  Left 1                    Quick turn 180 degrees
  Left 2                    Evade (while pressing directional buttons)

  Directional Buttons :
  - Classic :
     + Up : Go forward
     + Down : Go backward/Retreat
     + Left : Rotate left
     + Right : Rotate right

  - 3D :
     + Up : Go forward
     + Down : Go backward
     + Left : Go left
     + Right : Go left


  7/  W E A P O N S


  You start with some given weapons. But in your process through the
game, you can find more cool things from enemies or some places. You use
weapons by equiping them from the inventory, or if not, choose

  MELEE (Hana)
  Attack by arms and legs, as Hana will execute a rotating kick (This is
her usual skill) or somesault kick (She just does this when exploring
the 86th floor). This is used in short distance.

  KNIFE (Rain)
  Like the Combat Knife in Resident Evil, you use it to cut enemies in
short distance. This is anyway, not a good weapon. Do you use it ?

  Like a club, Glas uses it to strike enemies in short distance.

  It's not only a short-ranged weapon of Deke, but a thing used to
threaten and knock out people. Its sharp looks dangerous. Let's see how
he uses it to kill people. Bloody !

  Ammo used : Pistol Ammo
  An ordinary handgun that is used like Resident Evil, shooting single
shot with justified power. It can be used with easy enemies, but not
very safe. If in some other games, Handgun is often the most common
weapon you use, but in Fear Effect 2, you just use it for fun and it'll
be a pain to deal with enemies by this thing. The object is that amo of
Pistol is supplied very much in the game, while you can use none of
them. Generally, don't use it in serious bases.

   PISTOL x 2
  Ammo used : Pistol Ammo
  Wow, you can use pair of them by collecting two guns. Just like the
single one, but you hold the two and shoot at the same time, like the M-
100P in RE Code Veronica. Of course, although the power might be a
little better, that doesn't mean you can use them as your main weapon.

  Ammo used : Uzi Ammo
  A handgun with auto-shot. An UZI holds 15 bullets each time and casts
all of them once using. That means it takes a few time to reload. This
is not convenient when fighting enemies, and it's hard for you to reload
it in just a very fast moment. But its power is not bad, you may use it
sometimes for enemies with little strength, but don't use it always.

  UZI x 2
  Ammo used : Uzi ammo
  Made from two single UZI with double-power.

  Ammo used : Rifle Ammo
  It holds 30 bullets each time. Like the Machine Gun of RE, you use
Assault Rifle to finish an enemy quickly without being hit by them. Some
of enemies can immune to them. You use this weapon to finish the
dangerous enemies who could attack continuously, like Fixers or
skeletons. The good point is that your continuous shots can prevent the
victims from moving or acting that you can scratch them until they die.
Rifle Ammo is pretty popular and easy to find. The paralizing effect
will help you alot while fighting foes, even some strong bosses like

  Ammo used : Shot Ammo
  Along with Assault Rifle, Shotgun is a standard weapon of all playable
characters. It can be used to knock group of enemies, but the power is
not really strong.

  Ammo used : Charged Electricity
  This looks like the electrified M4A1 in Parasite Eve II. This weapon
will be your good friend and its ammo is unlimited because you reload it
by charging the electricity. You begin to possess it after getting Jin's
package. Using the rule of electricity, this gun can continuously shock
many enemies at the same time; the electricity goes to any objects that
can be affected by it. Then the Arc Taser will automatically charge the
electricity until it's full. But later, there would be some enemies can
prevent it, so that change your "friend" at that time.

  EMP (Hana and Glas)
  Ammo used : None
  This gun need charged before casting flash. Keep pressing the fire
button, until the sound has come to its end, then "Boom". A large flash
over the screen will stun mechanical enemies around. Use this when you
are surrounded by Fixers in the Aqueduct. This thing is just useful to
evade from danger, it can't attack. But a major weakness is that the
charging time is rather long, when the petrified time is just a moment.
So then you must change your weapons as soon as possible to finish your
enemies before they bring back consciousness. The flash from EMP has a
large range that even enemies out of current camera angle can be
affected, it's also hard for you that Fear Effect 2 is not good at
putting camera angles. So be careful !

  SONIC BOOM (Rain and Jacob)
  Ammo used : None
  Just has the same effect as the EMP. Hold down the fire button until
it charges to the top, then stop pressing. Some waves from the weapon
will be cast, mystifying all the enemies around you. Just like the EMP,
the charging time is long when your enemies can only be blocked for a
moment. In the game, you must use it at least once with Jacob to save
Hana being caught by group of zombies in the Temple of Xi'an. Just be
careful when using it, or you don't need to use it. Both are good. I
won't use it, except it's really necessary. But I think that will never

  Ammo used : Rockets
  I think it looks like a Grenade Launcher more than a Rocket. You can
find this weapon randomly in the game. Its power is similar to Grenade
Launcher, not as powerful as the huge Rocket Launcher of Resident Evil.
Like the Shotgun, Rocket Launcher has pretty large range effective with
many enemies around. If you shoot enemies at a very close range, you'll
be damaged too. But it can be used to replace the EMP when you are
surrounded. Anyway, not like Resident Evil, it's not the best weapon in
the game. You can use it with some enemies, but with others it could be
a danger source. But this thing might be useful for powerful enemies
close the end.

  SS 2000
  Ammo used : Flame Canister
  It's like the Flamethrower of Resident Evil, can be used to fight
those annoying enemies like Cateyes or Acrobats. But not all enemies are
affected by it. By keeping pressing the fire button, you can cast flame
continually to the opponents until they die. And if you don't want to be
troubled when shooting, pressing the Triangle button to fully reload the

  GL 120
  Ammo used : Grenade Ammo
  Grenade Launcher. It shots look like Acid Rounds in Resident Evil. But
it's a pity when the Grenade Launcher of Fear Effect 2 is not various
like that. But it's also annoying too. One shot can knock a close enemy.
But reality, when you press the fire button, a grenade is cast away and
bursts once touching any enemies. I don't know if this is an advantage
or disadvantage. But I don't like to use a weapon of this kind. But it
might be a little effective with the zombies in the Temple of Xi'an with

  Ammo used : None
  You use this with Rain in Wing Chune 80th floor, while you wear like a
yellow guard (acrobats) to explore the place safely. Poor us in this
situation ! Once you wear like an acrobat, this is your only weapon can
be used and it's unlucky not to be a strong weapon. You shoot three
shots once with this in regular intervals. But it's neither powerful or
accurate, especially when you fight those yellow acrobats who can
somesault to avoid your shots easily. It's more terrible when you must
use it only to fight Planner #2 - who holds an Assault-Rocket launcher
with you (+_+).

  They are the gatling guns of the robots which shoot continuously.

  Well, another gun of the robots.


  8/  E N E M I E S


  Location : Aqueduct
  Attack : Gun
  Well, you face tons of these in Part One - Aqueduct. They are small
robots created as guards to protect properties. They attack any
strangers in charge and kill them at once by their guns. They use
cameras ans sense organs to recognize moving objects.

  Location : Aqueduct
  Attack : Gatling Gun
  Similar to Green Fixers, but drop down from the celing in a sudden and
attack by Gatling Gun.

  Location : Aqueduct
  Attack : Grenades
  Similar to Green Fixers but attack by throwing grenades which cause
bigger damage.

  Location : Aqueduct
  Attack : Gun
  They are technicians of Wing Chune aqueduct who are scared by the
death tragedies there. They seem insane and do things differently. But
you make them scaredm they could attack you desperately by guns. So just
attack them as soon as possible, when they don't have time to pay you.

  Location : Wing Chune Garden
  Attack : Gun
  They are the guards who protect Wing Chune building in the important
party for VIPs only. You wander in the garden and you'll meet several of
them after eacg step. They don't often attack in each one, but attack in
group including two or three people. That's the real trouble to fight
against these guys when you are completely single. So the Arc Taser is
the best weapon for them. But anyway, you must be sure that your Arc
Taser has already been loaded before facing them. It will be the real
death if your gun stops while shooting.

  Location : Wing Chune security room, 1st floor
             86th floor, Wing Chune building
  Attack : Strike, self-bomb, kamikaze
  These things might be artificial products which are created to help
the guards in Wing Chune security system. The eyes that can recognize
strangers are rather dangerous when they come to close you. You'll be
struck continually and die within some seconds if you can't do anything
to turn against. When they die, it's stupid for you to touch them
because they will cause kamikaze by exploding or self-bomb to damage you
and you can be killed easily by your carelessness. Be careful with these
guys, okay ?

  Location : 86th floor, Wing Chune building
  Attack : Strike, self-bomb, kamikaze
  They are mostly similar to the blue ones, but seem tougher and
stronger. When they are defeated, it's not sure that they have already
died. Sometimes they will wake up again to play with you. Just a few
electricity from Arc Taser could kill them at that time. Then you must
stay away before being damaged by their kamikaze.

  Location : 80th and 86th floor, Wing Chune Building
  Attack : Plasma Wrist
  Reality, they are just the female guards who protect the research area
of Wing Chune Building. But they have been trained with fast jump and
somesault positions so that they can sometimes avoid your shot and
gather to kill you by Plasma Wrist. But you can easily use sneak kill to
knock them easily with Arc Taser or SS 2000. But anyway, they are still
strong enemies when you must fight them with your Plasma Wrist (just
play the game, you'll know why.)

  Location : The Temple of Xi'an
  Attack : Strike
  Call them whatever you want. I call them "zombies" because they look
like the bloody zombies in Resident Evil series : stupid and dispirited.
You meet tons of them in the Temple of Xi'an. When dying they could
leave for you Rockets and Shot ammo. Their only attack is striking. Then
you'll think of them as a vulgar enemy right ? Yes, that's true, but not
completely true. Let's see what happen when they like attacking in
crowded groups than in single. Rocket Launcher and Arc Taser might be
good. I also discover that SS 2000 is greater at this. With this gun,
you can completely kill them just at the first continuous shot while
other guns just make them down for a while. It's very easy to beat them
in single, but not easy to beat them in groups.

  Location : The Temple of Xi'an
  Attack : Thrust, swell
  Call them whatever you like. They are some kinds of traditional demons
in Asian ancient opinions (Yeah, because I'm an Asian and I'm pretty
familiar with them in films). If you want to know more about this enemy,
refer to my "Special Section" in "Other Stuffs about Fear Effect 2"
written by the author of this guide.
  You see that they attack by two "hand claws" thrusting you and make
you swelled or petrified. It seems they are immortal and no weapon can
be used to kill them completely (Maybe they must be killed at the same
time, like Legend of Dragoons... No, don't worry about it, I just
joke...). So now let's AVOID !

  Location : Queen's Tomb
  Attack : Sword slash
  Some other FAQs call them "skeleton warriors". But I feel that they
look like some wooden figures that joke with the characters and their
funny laugh, so I call them "Demon Kids". They use a sword to attack.
When you first meet them, you may think that's just some useless thingy
mess. But when you come, those pieces of mess will combine to one
another into a complete figure, holding an old shield and a sword to
fight you. Even when you haven't fought them yet, their appearance also
damage a great deal of your Fear Level to red quickly. So if you face
them, quickly choose one of two choices : Run away or kill them.

  Location : Queen's Tomb
  Attack : Sword slash
  You see several of them in the tomb. As usual, they are useless
statues guarding the area. But when you touch them, or you have just
finished some steps, they suddenly move and live as living creature,
holding their equipments and attack you without saying a word. As the
Demon Kids, they damage you alot even when you just see them as useless
statues. So always alert ! With these demon things, the Rocket Launcher
480 is the only nice weapon I can use.

  Location : Queen's Tomb, Tomb Trials
  Attack : Hit, throw dashing boulders
  You see three guys in this game : The first one is the fake Deke, the
other two are in Tomb Trials. Of course, there's no tactic for the two
other guys because you don't need to beat them. But with the fake Deke,
you can refer to the walkthrough at Part Five to know because he's a

  Location : The Garden - Penglai Shan Island
  Attack : Strike
  These monsters can damage a great deal of Fear Level and appear in
group. They are sent to annoy Hana in her way to find Rain. The danger
is that these monsters could use teleport to attack from your back, ad
now you need quick thinking and actions to aim at them and shoot in
time. I can't assure for your life in this stage. The best way is
keeping your calmness and don't be patient, you'll pass anyway. They all
completely immune to Arc Taser and SS 2000. Assault Rifle, Uzi and
Pistol are not convenient to fight them. You can choose either Rocket
Launcher 480 or Shotgun to punish them. Either one correct rocket or two
shotgun shots can knock them at once. Just pay attention to where they
will teleport to.

  Location : Glas'past
  Attack : Chain Gun, Rocket Launcher 880
  They look like the robot Glas controlled in the Temple of Xi'an. But
these things are already trained in military to protect the areas. They
are giant and slow, using strong Gatling Gun from their hands to kill
enemies. It's not good for you to play with these things because you're
not theit enemy. Just avoid as much as you can and don't let them corner
you. I think there's no way to kill them.

  Location : Glas'past
  Attack : Machine Gun or Flamethrower
  I don't think these human beings are vulgar like Acrobats or guards.
They can roll and defend like you do. They can avoid your shots and do
everything you could do. I don't know what is the best way for these
guys. If you fight each of them, one or two Rockets can kill them
easily. But if they attack in group, try to use R2 + Directonal buttons
and EMP to save your life from being surrounded. Then turn reverse. The
nice weapons for them might be Rocket Launcher 480 and Shotgun if you
can be fast in aiming.

  *The bosses are mentioned clearly in the walkthrough. You can refer
and play at the same time. I can list shortly here :

  The Planner - Aqueduct
  BioFem Supervisor - Wing Chune Building
  Demon Wall - Queen's Tomb
  Fake Deke - Queen's Tomb
  Hell Monsters - Eight Immortal Tower
  The Fifth Immortal - Eight Immortal Tower
  Royce Glas - Eight Immortal Tower
  Rachel Kazra & Mist Qin - Genomic Void


  9/ W A L K T H R O U G H


  !   AUTHOR'S NOTE :                                          !
  !  This walkthrough will include Boss Strategies and some    !
  !  tactics used in necessary situations that have been all   !
  !  tested by the author when playing. Feel free to use them. !
  !  But you don't need to just follow mine. You can create    !
  !  your own strategies and use it. And it will be a big      !
  !  appreciate if I can share them with you. So please email  !
  !  me if you have any ideas about the guide or new tactics.  !
  !                                 Thank you                  !

  You begin with Disc 1.


                    PART ONE : THE AQUEDUCT
                          Disc : 1
        Enemies : Fixers, Scared Technicians
        Items : Metal Hook, Yellow Keycard, Green Keycard,
                Mirror Segment, Machine Cog, Video Tape A,
                Video tape B, Fixer Piston, Fixer Head Key,
                Fixer Battery, Fixer Chip


  In the first intro, you see Deke in bad state and Glas is drunk. Hana
has done some mission (some murder, maybe). Then Jin calls her to take
part in the next one in Wing Chune building.

  After the long film, you begin with Hana and Rain in the sewer system
of Wing Chune building. The fist Save Point is under your feet. When
Rain goes away, just follow her. In the next room, go along the way
until you see Rain in the next area. After the talk, you begin your real
adventure here.

                            AS HANA

  The right door takes to an area tht flooded with water, so you can't
go there. So enter then left one. You are in a path. The first door you
see is locked inside. Check the next door if you like. You see something
light yellow on the ground, but you can't do anything with it now. Just
go along the path, until you step on a Save Point. Save here if you
don't want to be startled. Equip the Assault Rifle soon, then just some
more steps... you see some green Fixers aim towards you. Knock them out
by shooting the Assault Rifle correctly to them, they could after some
quick shots.

  Go to the north left dark path in the screen. You see some holes
showing the below floor. A Fixer is going, then a big group of killer
rats come to it. Although the Fixer has tried to shoot them, but the
rats are more crowded than it could bear, then the Fixer must get a
miserable fate. Hana is frightened. Then get the Metal Hook there.
Return to the screen where you fought two Fixers, take the north right
path. You find a door locked by the Yellow Keycard. Okay, now get back
to the room where you see something on the ground. Use the Metal Hook to
open the lid, Hana grabs Yellow Keycard. Use it to open the door you
saw. Climb down the ladder and turn the generator level. Rain has
received your signal and she tells you to return with her.

  As Rain told you, climb up the ladder and go back. When you are on the
path to return, many green Fixers has wandered around the way. Try to
get rid of them because you will still pass this place more. There will
be some purple Fixers - which use Gatling Gun to attack - drop down in
front of you. Aim at them and kill them soon or the dead one will be
you. If you feel they are too crowd to attack, make your chance to use
the EMP. This is a mess and it's not easy to use it here.

  When you have met Rain, something has happened with the system and
Rain is locked in the doubled-door in front of Hana. Hana couldn't do
anything more and Rain tells her to switch the generator lever again.
Then make your way to return there. Another purple Fixer could drop down
in that place. Return to the Fixer path, use the Yellow Keycard to get
in again and turn the generator lever. Something troubles again and Rain
can't be rescued out.

                            AS RAIN

  Someone is watching her from a monitor. That guy controls the room
Rain is in full of poisonous steams cast from the rows of holes at two
sides. Save before you pass them to the other side. The steams will cast
and stop gradually, you stand in your position, learning their order and
then make a fast chance to pass them all. Open the door at this side. In
this corridor, kill some Fixers here. The left door is locked, you go
straight and climb down the ladder. Save here if you want, then go in
the door.

  In this place, you see some blocking platforms. This is really a trap
! When you go from this side to the other side, it'll be very easy. Just
run next, next, next to the end. The block can't touch you when you
continue to run. When you go in opposite way, it'll be very hard and you
must learn the order before beginning to pass them.

  In the next path, there's a Fixer here. Kill it, grab the Uzi behind
the box. Then just run to the other door.

  Well done, after entering this door, you go to a hell. Rain is
frightened by some dead bodies of technicians killed miserably, then
there are some Fixers and scared Technicians here. Be careful in this
place because the dark atmosphere will make you hard to observe. Kill
them with each one. When you kill some, just return to the door you have
entered for some rush moment, then get in again and knock out all of

  There are two other doors here. Turn to Rain's left to the red door
and get through. There are some Fixers here and two doors. Get in the
first door where there is a control panel and a puzzle. You input the
Flash Disc to the computer. But then the door is locked, and you have 2
minutes to solve the puzzle to unlock the door. If not, you'll die.

  80 AND 86 PUZZLE
  The control panel will give you two numbers 80 and 86 which are shown
incompletely. And what you have to do is to choose one style of the
given lines on the right that make the complete number. I will let you
know the answer if I can. But because the styles are always changed, so
I can't do a complete guide here. But I think it might be one of these :

  80 : 1-2-3-4-c-d
  86 : 1-2-3-4-a-d


  80 : 1-2-3-4-c-d
  86 : 1-3-4-a-c-d

  with any order.

 But I think it'll be easy to understand. Try to solve it before 2
minutes run out. Good luck !

  Then return to the lab hall where you see the technicians' bodies, get
in the third door. Here you are in an area with two other doors. The
door on the outside is locked by a code and now you can't open it. The
door on the inside is unlocked, but blocked by a technician. Just take
him out and get in that door. You come to a corridor with two doors (not
one) at Rain's left and another white door which is opened. Kill the
Fixer here. At the end of corridor, you see a spoiled Fixer lying on the
floor and the door beside it is locked. Ignore it and go to the white

  At the end of this part, there have been many people who complain that
they can't find the two slow bombs to disarm them because there's just
one room and they don't see the other. But this is just a trick of
camera angles. Let me draw here :


  D : door
 DS : Separated doors
  F : Spoiled Fixer
  1 : Camera angle limitation 1
  2 : Camera angle limitation 2
  3 : Camera angle limitation 3

  I have used a "!" on the way to separate two camera angles 1 and 2. Do
you see anything ? When you stand in camera limitation 1, you only see
the left separated door. And when you stand in the second limitation,
you only see the right one. Their locations are close to each other so
that many people think they are the same door. But you have been
deceived : THEY ARE TWO SEPARATED DOORS. So now do you understand ?

  Get in the white door. You see two machines. First, solve the puzzle
in the right machine :

  On the upper right side of the machine, there is a row of some letters
: BCDEF correlating 54321. That means :
  B = 5
  C = 4
  D = 3
  E = 2
  F = 1
  And the left side will be your solution. There are three row beginning
with red, blue and yellow. In the right of each row there are five
random letters. As the translation I wrote above, you press the numbers
as the order of that row following the letters. First, you enter the
code for blue row, then yellow row and the last is red.

 !              !               !                !
 !    BLUE      !    YELLOW     !      RED       !  B C D E F
 !              !               !                !  5 4 3 2 1

         !---!!---!!---!!---!!---!  !!!!~~~~!  !-------------!
   Red   ! 1 !! 2 !! 3 !! 4 !! 5 !  !!!!    !  !  D F C B E  !
         !---!!---!!---!!---!!---!  !!!!~~~~!  !-------------!

         !---!!---!!---!!---!!---!  !!!!~~~~!  !-------------!
   Blue  ! 1 !! 2 !! 3 !! 4 !! 5 !  !!!!    !  !  C B F E D  !
         !---!!---!!---!!---!!---!  !!!!~~~~!  !-------------!

         !---!!---!!---!!---!!---!  !!!!~~~~!  !-------------!
  Yellow ! 1 !! 2 !! 3 !! 4 !! 5 !  !!!!    !  !  E D C B F  !
         !---!!---!!---!!---!!---!  !!!!~~~~!  !-------------!

  Blue : 3, 1, 4, 5, 2
  Yellow : 4, 5, 1, 2, 3
  Red : 2, 3, 4, 5, 1

  After you finish, the pump system is operated.

  Well done, solve the next puzzle at the left machine :

  You must fill some numbers from the bottom to make complete columns.
The first row numbers plus the numbers you choose are the numbers below.
At the bottom, the upper row includes numbers that more than zero, the
below one inludes numbers less than zero. Simple Mathematics : 2, 5, 10,
13, -1.

  After you do all the above, the flooded water will be drained. Then
Rain will phone Hana and you switch to Hana to continue.

                            AS HANA

  She is still in the position where you turned the lever. But now
everything is all ruined. Pass the bridge to the other side, go along
the path. Hana notices the Video Tape A on the floor. But then shutter
is front of her is forced, as something strong is trying to push it
down. Now you must keep your calm, then step slowly close the Video Tape
A, then a giant group of killer rats will chase you. RUN ! Run like hell
! Run immediately ! Use the 180 degree quick turn and run. Remember to
run at the bridge or you'll be blocked and your fate will be the same as
the Fixer you saw which was killed by these rats. If you pass the bridge
promptly, the rats will all run into the sewer.

  After that, go along the path, collecting the Video Tape A. You see a
room. Get in, kill the Technicians and grab Fixer Piston and some other
things. Then get out and continue, you come to a cross road with two
scared technicians. Finish them. Run to the south to observe the steam
board. Remember its order, then go to the north and solve the puzzle as
the steam board you saw.

  As you saw the sample steam board, the order is : 5 blue, 4 blue, 3
yellow and 2 yellow. Make the similar at this board :

 !                                      !
 !      !~~!   !~~!   !~~!   !~~!       !
 !      !  !   !  !   !  !   !  !       !
 !      !--!   !--!   !--!   !--!       !
 !      ! B!   !  !   !  !   !  !       !
 !      !--!   !--!   !--!   !--!       !
 !      ! B!   ! B!   !  !   !  !       !
 !      !--!   !--!   !--!   !--!       !
 !      ! B!   ! B!   ! Y!   !  !       !
 !      !--!   !--!   !--!   !--!       !
 !      ! B!   ! B!   ! Y!   ! Y!       !
 !      !--!   !--!   !--!   !--!       !
 !      ! B!   ! B!   ! Y!   ! Y!       !
 !      !__!   !__!   !__!   !__!       !
 !                                      !
 !                                      !

  1st column : 5 blue
  2nd column : 4 blue
  3rd column : 3 yellow
  4th column : 2 yellow

  After that, the steam casted in the path will disappear. You go along
that path, talking to the wounded technicians. He will tell you about
some guy who is watching behind behind the characters and also the
person who has caused all these...

                            AS RAIN

  Get out of current room. When you just go out of the corridor, you see
someone has just passed. There might be some Fixers and Technicians on
your way back, so be careful ! Return to the lab hall, that mysterious
one is waiting for you and wants to deal with you a fight :

  Equip the Assault Rifle with you. Then run and try to avoid his
electrified blade. Use the large space of the room. The best way to get
away from is running to an obstacle (like barrels in the room). Then run
aside to pass it. The Planner is stupid that he won't avoid the
obstacle, continue to reach you in uselessness. Use that chance to shoot
contunually at him. Don't let him have chance to chase you. Shoot
continuously until he's down.

  When Rain gets close to him, the Planner suddenly gets up and strikes
her. Rain lies on the ground, losing consciousness...

                            AS HANA

  The Technician will give you Greeb Keycard and Mirror Segment. Then
climb up the ladder near there. Collecting the Machine Cog on the
ground, then open the door out.

  You have returned to the area where you meet the first Fixers. There
are still some Fixers that can drop suddenly from the ceiling to play
with you. Always be careful when passing this place. Do you remember the
place where Rain is separated from you. The right door there was flooded
by water. But now you return to there. For Rain has solved the puzzle to
drain the water, you can go to that area.

  There is a ladder and a Fixer below. This is a red Fixer that can use
Grenades to joke you that makes a great damage. Climb down the ladder,
keep a safe distance from it and kill it before it could explode to hurt
you. There's another spoiled Fixer here. Grab the Fixer Head Key from
it. Pass it and go up the next door. You'll realize that Rain has passed
by the other door. So now climb down the ladder (there's Fixer dropping
here). Then get in the door. Pass the blocking platforms easily and
reach the lab hall. Rain and Planner are not here anymore, instead of
them are some annoying red Fixers, so be careful. Now Fixers re-appear
around this area. Always prepare your weapon when going anywhere. In
this lab hall, try to find an old machine at a corner of the hall and
put the Machine Cog in it. Then get in the red door in the hall. Kill
the Fixer here to get Video Tape B. Go to the left door. At the machine,
input either Video Tape A or B to see what you want.

  The Video Tape A is an advertisement movie about Fixers and how it
attacks strangers. Great stuff !

  The Video Tape B shows a technician saying a code which you'll use it
to open the locked door near the area of the wrecked Fixer you have gone
with Rain. The code is 92572. Write it down if you don't have a good
memory. Then back to the lab hall, go to the orange door to that
corridor. I suggest you should save here before solving the code.

  On the way to that door, you'll face another Fixer. Just take it out.
First, prepare your Assault Rifle carefully. Then touch the door and
enter the code 92572. There are two red Fixers at first of you, try to
kill them all, grab Pistol Ammo and Rifle ammo from them. You see a
slide path on the left. Go down it :"I don't think so..." - said Hana.
Because there are tons of Fixers here who are protecting the place. Hana
will refuse to advance in the first time, but if you still control her
to go on, your result will be "Game Over". So now it's not your way.
Just go straight to the upper floor til the end.

  Open the shutter to go inside. First, you observe this room carefully.
You see a rising edge in the north of the room. Try to pay attention. Go
to the end of the room and turn to Hana's left to a corner where there
is a steam reactor. To deceive the Fixers, Hana decides to destroy
something here that will pull them all here. And she must hide somewhere
before they come. Now use the Blasting Caps to ruin the steam reactor.
After that, you get a full Rush Moment. Hide yourself in the rising edge
while the Fixers come to see what's happening. If you don't hide, they
will at once shoot you to die. When they are busy with their work, you
get out of there. There are three red Fixers waiting for you outside.
Use the Assault Rifle to take them out to get ammo. If you're afraid,
just try to pass them and go out to heal yourself. Then return to kill

  Now all the guard Fixers are locked in the steam reactor room. You can
get down the below path to check. Find the Fixer Chip and get out.

  You just need to find one more part of the wrecked Fixer. Now you
return to the area where Rain and Hana first entered. On the way you go,
you face a red Fixer wandering in the path. Just take a safe distance
and shoot it with the Assault Rifle, before it could explode. Then get
the Fixer Battery. Now you have all 4 parts to repair the Fixer at the
corridor where Rain has gone.

  Return to that place. With the Fixer Head Key, you can put all the
parts in the squares below of the screen to complete the Fixer. After
that, the recovered Fixer will help you repair the locked door beside
it. Get in it.

  There's a scared Technician here. Kill him out. Use the Save Point
before descending the ladder because you're going to face a boss fight.
It takes you to a large hall. Something is moving in the right corner of
the hall. Just observe it... It's Rain (Let's see how she is tied +_+).
When Rain is needing your help, the Planner appears again. He wants to
catch you like he did with Rain. Hana will grab a full Rush Moment when
the fight starts


  Well, his weapon is still an electrified blade. And he still calls you
with the "lovely" name "kitties" (I'm wondering...). Before get in the
battle, you can observe the hall. There are about six electrified
waterfalls falling at the two opposite walls. That will be your strategy
to take out this chubby guy. The boss' health is shown on the top right
of the screen.
  When the fight begins, run away from Planner first. Then you use one
of these tactics to kill him.

  I just introduce this strategy for you. But please don't use it. You
can completely take him out by ammo, but it's not easy and it takes you
tons of ammunitions that you may not have enough. Besides, the Planner's
speed is fast enough to touch you sometimes. So it's desperate to kill
him by yourself. Just read this for fun.

  As I reminded you to observe the electrified waterfalls in the hall,
you must use them to kill Planner as the best and safest tactic. Equip
the Assault Rifle. Then run away from the Planner near the waterfall
area. Run to the opposite direction of the waterfall you want to use,
then use the 180 degree quick turn, aiming at Planner correctly and
shoot him continuously as soon as possible. The continuous power of the
shots will push Planner to the waterfall and he's shocked badly. It
takes him 1/3 his health. But then our "good boy" will come to play with
you. Run around the waterfalls and try to avoid his strike as much as
you could. Just try to repeat the trick for three times to wipe all the
Planner's health. Then he will lost consciousness, lying on the ground.

  Now Rain needs you very much. Rescue her and then have a talk. Rain
will tell you that the Planner has put two bombs around here to ruin the
place and themselves. Rain knows where they are. She will unlock the two
orange doors in the wrecked Fixer corridor and your next work is to
disarm all of them. Your limit time is 2 minutes. If you can't complete
your mission before time out, all of you will die. So climb up the
ladder and exit through the door.

  You can re-read my explanation about this corridor when Rain has first
come here. After the turn, you see some orange door in the left at the
second camera angle, then you see some orange door in the right at the
first camera angle. They are ntwo separated doors, not the same. They
are thw two rooms that the bombs are in. The first one has a Technician
inside, kill him and stop the bomb by standing next to it, pressing the
Triangle Button (Use button). Then go to the next door which there is a
red Fixer, do the same.

  After that, the time disappears and you are still safe. Return with
Rain. I remind you to save again if you are a new player, because
something sudden will happen. Hana wants to ask her what has happened.
But the Planner has woken up and he doesn't let you live (freak !?). An
explosion happens and it comes to Hana and Rain...

  When you have just taken control of Hana, keep pressing the R1 and
directional buttons and run forward while the bomb fire is coming behind
you. In the end, turn to Hana's left and continue to run. Run like hell
! Just run straight until you see Rain who is trying to unlock the final
escape. Press the Triangle Button at her immediately. If you didn't
promptly with Hana, both Hana and Rain are exploded to pieces. If you
have done well, then both of you run out, Hana still tries to close the
door and then you're safe...


                           Disc 2
       Enemies : Guards
       Items : Jin's Package, Filled Glass, Fingerprinted Empty
               Glass, Hair Sample, Bridge Control Card, Elevator


  At the film, Hana changes her clothes to the party (hilarious !!!).
And Rain takes over the outside area. Before begin this part, I suggest
you to know how to fight. Your enemies mainly are human being (guards).
So the Crouch button will be useful during the adventure because the
guard could attack you violently when they find you. Crouching and
stepping will protect you from them, except they accidentally see you by
their eyes. When shooting them, it's better to shoot and crouch at the
same time. Now equip yourself with the Uzi x 2 or Pistol x 2 (these are
my weapons, you can pick the others if you like). While Hana is
searching in the party, Rain's mission is to get Jin's Package in the
garden outside of Wing Chune.

                            AS RAIN

  Save before you go. This outside area is protected very tightly and
you'll face tons of guards here. Open the door, there are three guards
going around outside. Crouch and use sneak kill with them. I repeat :
crouch and shoot at the same time. That would be safer. Go along the
path (I like its beauty in the night...). There might be some more
guards here. You'll come to a slide path in the end. There are three
guards below, so take them out before getting down. When you haven't got
the Arc Taser, just use Uzi x 2 or Assault Rifle to attack. Don't worry
about the reloading time, just calm down and continue.

  When you get down completely, you see another slide path beside it.
Before going on it, you should have a view at this place. It has a pool
and a waterfall. Try to pay attention to it. Then get on the next slide
path. Three other guards are here. Crouch and kill them all to grab
their ammo. Go forward, you see a door on another slide path. Go on and
open it.

  This is a beautiful labyrinth. There are several guards here, so watch
out ! You'll be welcomed by a guard. Kill him. Your first glance has two
ways. You go to the upper way to save (Another guard is here, too). Then
go on the below path. Go until you see something red under a wall. Push
on it, the wall will be pulled up and you see the scene downside. But
now you can't get down by this way. So now continue to search the
labyrinth deeply. Fight the guards and turn to Rain's left, go until you
find another secret door like the previous one. Step on the red rug, the
wall door is opened. Rain says she can't jump down because the guards
are below. Don't try to jump or you die again. Open your inventory and
use the Sniper Scope. A film is shown. Rain aims at the two guards below
and kill them all (skilful !). Then you'll jump down right ? No, this is
not the way to jump. Return to the first secret wall you saw. Step on
the red rug. You see the banners flying. Shoot at two of them, then Rain
will hold it and jump down safely. Jin's package is just nearby the
pool. Grab it now. Rain phones Hana that she has got the package. And
then you take control of Hana in the party.

                            AS HANA

  Before starting, please read this.

  If you have seen the connecting film between Disc 1 and Disc 2 change,
Rain will remind Hana about this before she gets in the party.
  You are in a major party that is for VIPs only. So that means the
security system here is very tight. Save before doing anything here.
Then run carefully. Everybody here are dressing beautifully, except the
black guys. They are the guards of the area. Two of them are here. You
can see that they hold something on their hand and check around. Those
devices are used to recognize metal and weapons that are forbidden in
such place. So you MUSTN'T equip your weapon, or they will catch you and
everything is over. Another action which could end your game is that you
go near the guards. Although you don't equip weapons, but weapons are
stored in your body, and with the special devices, the guard could
recognize you easily. So that you must run carefully and keep away from
them. You can feel if the guards could recognize you or not by hearing
the sounds of the devices. The bigger the sounds are, the closer the
guards come to you. So you must find the way to stay away immediately.
If they get close, you're caught.
  Each floor has two guards like this. And you are on the first floor.
These guards are just adsent in restrooms for women and men both.

  Avoid the first two guards and go on the elevator. You have some new
items in your inventory : Silver VIP Bracelet and Dress. Well done, you
could see the Men restroom has been blocked by a guy. Because now you
can't go there (but Rain will). Check around this place, you don't see
anything major beside the locked elevator and the women's restroom.
There's a Save Point in the Women's Restroom. You can't go o the
elevator now. So get on the third floor. There is a bar at first. Go
down, you see another door with red carpet and two black guards at two
side. Get close to them, use your Silver VIP Bracelet. But then the
guard will tell you :"Sorry, Miss. This is for VIPs only..." You can't
go there. Now then your adventure is stopped temporarily. Get back to
2nd floor.

  Here you pay attention to a guy who is standing next to the slide path
to the third floor, holding a glass of wine. Have a talk with him (What
a "goat" !) The guy will tell you to have the Gold VIP Bracelet if you
want to get in the VIP area. When talk is finished, you go on the third
floor or anywhere to change screen. Then get back with him to talk
again. Now Hana will ask him to give her the Filled Glass. Then you
really go on third floor.

  Go around the place, until you meet a mysterious person called Shao
Chiu. It seems that Hana has made him surge his feeling. Then he's
willing to give her the Gold VIP Bracelet and a Bell. When Hana has
gone, Shao Chiu is talked by a Chinese woman in red (You'll meet her
later in the game, even Shao Chiu).

  Give up the Gold Bracelet to the guards, he'll let you get in the VIP
area. This is a beautiful balcony. From here, you can see the whole
scenery over the city. Maybe that's the reason why it's for VIPs only.
There are two guards with weapon-recognize deives here, so be careful.
Turn to your right (Hana's left), go along the balcony, until you see a
white man - Doctor Won Liu who has researched about Retro Helix. This is
a VIP of the party. Talk to him. Hana will get acquainted with him and
they "kiss" each other. But in fact, Hana just wants to have his Hair
Sample. She gets it while the doctor is "fascinated" by the kiss. Well
then, you have Hair Sample and Fingerprinted Empty Glass. Hana phones
Rain to continue her work.

                           AS RAIN

  In this adventure, sometimes Hana will phone Rain to ask what she is
going. So don't be surprised about that.

  In the place where Rain is, there are two fuse boxes : the one nearby
the pool now can't be operated, the other one is on the south right
wall. Use Maintenance Key Card to operate it. Some stairs are led to the
deeper secret door of the labyrinth. Now you have got the weapon Arc
Taser from Jin's Package. So now equip it (See its use in "Weapons"
section). Get on it.

  There's something new here. From the secret door you're standing, go
deeper to the end of the labyrinth and check carefully. You'll see some
area that you haven't checked before. Then you see a valve. This valve
controls the waterfall in the garden. When you turn it, the waterfall is
stopped. You receive a Rush Moment.

  Now many guards return around the labyrinth again. So be careful while
going. If you are patient, always go in crouch position so that you
could solve necessary dangerous situations promptly. Well, get out of
the damn maze to the garden. After you have finished any guards by Art
Taser, I remind you to find a safe place to stay until the Arc Taser is
full. Now the situation is very dangerous and your small mistake could
make you die easily.

  Three guards have been waiting for you in the garden. Use the Arc
Taser to get all of them. Get down the slide path, go around to find the
waterfall. Now it's a door instead of the waterfall which has been
stopped. Prepare your Arc Taser very carefully, your health should be
completely full. And then climb up the ladder, get through the door.

  Three guards around you and attack you desperately. With the Arc
Taser, try to keep your X button certainly and aim with one of them. The
electricity will affect all the guards. Crouch and shoot. Well, if the
Arc Taser is suddenly empty, GET OUT SOON ! Waiting until it's full, go
in and take the rest like you did in the first time.

  *I have just got this place in Hard Mode, using Assault Rifle, not Arc
Taser. I have discovered that Arc Taser is not the only best here. The
weakness of the Arc Taser is that when it runs out of electricity while
shooting, you can do nothing in bad state and a confusion invades your
mind. With the Assault Rifle, I have killed the three guards quickly and
still kept the green state, not yellow or red. As I said, the Assault
Rifle can petrify the enemies when they are shot. Just turn your aim
very fast and calm down, killing this one to the other. So you can
finish them all without losing so much health.

  Okay, you go through the door on Rain's right. Go downstairs. There's
a Save Point before the next door. You can save if you like. Get inside
that door by using Flash Disc. Kill the guard first. Then again use the
Flash Disc inputting to the computer. You face a puzzle.


  The screen will have some geometry shapes. Your mission is to choose
directions Up, Down, Left, Right to draw shape into the same as the
samples on the left.

+ Normal Mode

  Shape 1 : Down-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up

  Shape 2 : Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down

  Shape 3 : Up-Up-Up-Up-Down-Up-Up-Up

  Shape 4 : Down-Down-Up-Down-Down-Down-Up-Down

  Shape 5 : Down-Left-Down-Left-Down-Left-Down-Left

  Shape 6 : Down-Right-Up-Left-Down-Up-Down-Up

 + Hard Mode

  Shape 1 : Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down

  Shape 2 : Down-Left-Down-Left-Down-Left-Down-Left

  Shape 3 : Down-Right-Up-Left-Down-Up-Down-Up

  Shape 4 : Down-Up-Left-Down-Down-Down-Right-Up

  Shape 5 : Down-Left-Right-Down-Down-Left-Right-Right

  Shape 6 : Left-Down-Right-Up-Down-Down-Left-Up

  After solving the above puzzle, you get to next room and solve the
electronic puzzle.



  The control panel gives you a board with some electronic connection.
The current voltage is 14.00. Your mission now is arrange more
connections to the board to reduce the voltage to zero. The voltage is
shown on the left side. The connecting pieces are in the squares at the
bottom screen. You use the Square and Circle button to rotate the pieces
into suitable shape to connect.
  When you put a piece in a square, if you hear a big sound, that means
you have put right and the voltage will be decreased 1 each time. There
are three styles of connecting pieces : Straight, Fork and Corner. You
rotate and put these things into suitable positions. This is what the
game first give you :

       A       B       C       D       E       F       G
   I       I       I       I    !  I       I       I   !   I       I
1  I --!-- I       I-------I----!  I   !---I       I --!   I       I
   I   !   I       I       I       I       I   !   I   !   I       I
2  I --!-- I       I-------I       I       I   !   I   !   I       I
   I       I       I       I       I       I   !   I       I       I
3  I       I       I       I-------I---!   I   !---I       I---!   I
   I       I       I   !   I       I   !   I       I       I       I
4  I   !---I       I   !   I       I---!   I   !---I---!   I       I
   I       I       I   !   I       I       I   !   I       I       I
5  I       I       I   !---I       I       I---!   I       I       I

     And the connecting pieces :
             I       I       I       I
             I-------I---!---I   !---I

             Straight   Fork   Corner

  Well, you arrange the board until it's :

       A       B       C       D       E       F       G       H
   I       I       I       I    !  I       I       I   !   I       I
1  I --!-- I       I-------I----!  I   !---I---!   I --!   I       I
   I   !   I       I       I       I   !   I   !   I   !   I       I
2  I --!-- I   !---I-------I-------I---!   I   !   I   !   I       I
   I       I   !   I       I       I       I   !   I       I       I
3  I-------I---!---I-------I-------I---!   I   !---I-------I---!   I
   I       I       I   !   I       I   !   I       I       I   !   I
4  I   !---I       I   !   I   !---I---!   I   !---I---!   I   !   I
   I       I       I   !   I   !   I       I   !   I   !   I   !   I
5  I       I       I   !---I   !---I-------I---!   I   !---I---!   I

 * Straight pieces :
     Horizontal : 2D, 3A, 3C, 3G, 5E
     Vertical : 4H

 * Fork pieces : 3B

 * Corner pieces :
     Top left : 2B, 4D
     Top right : 1F
     Bottom left : 5D, 5G
     Bottom right : 2E, 5H

  After finishing, move the mark to OK button and press. The voltage is
zero that will make the security system is spoiled and you can freely
act here.

  Now go to the next door, you see a lot of monitors and the elevator
control panel. There's another door here. But don't try to get in. A lot
of guards and cateyes are there and they will kill you at once if you
try to open the door. Touch the elevator control panel and arrange them
at the same colors. This is hard to explain, especially for a bad
English known guy like me. But I'll try :


  This is a box containing six fuses with different colours : green,
pink, white, yellow, blue and red. Try to pay attention to a rectangle
screen on the left side. It shows the order you must rearrange. Each
fuse can just be released when it has no electricity. The electricity is
taken from the junctions on two heads of each fuse. That means you must
remove at least one junction to an empty blank to release the fuse.
There is an empty blank on the top row and one in the bottom row for you
to remove. But when doing that, don't remove the junction to the head
(blank) which is the same colour of the fuse you want to released. The
electricity is still taken to it and that's a relation between the fuse
and the blanks. Remember that order, and then do with each two fuses at
the same time to change their positions as the left screen shows.
Example : You want to change the position of blue and red fuses to each
other's, just take out the electricity by removing the right junctions.
Then exchange.
  The right order is : White-Green-Pink-Yellow-Blue-Red
  Try until you finish.


  After that, Rain will radio Hana that she has finished her work. Now
the guards re-appear everywhere when you go out. You will get a full
Rush Moment after solving all the puzzles. On the way out, you see a
guard in each puzzle room. Use the Arc Taser or any weapons you think to
be convenient. Then go upstairs. Another one is waiting before you get
out of here. Just take him out. Get out of the door and finish next
three guys wandering outside. Now you must crouch again and use sneak
kills to prevent yourself from being surrounded. Crouching and walking
to the slide path leading to the matrix, three other guards are here
too. Try to kill them when they have been all in your aim. Grab their
ammo and get into the matrix (the labyrinth, okay ?).

  One or two guys is near the Save Point. Two or three guys are inside.
Try to take each of them each time, because it'll be a trouble if you
let them recognize and surround you, while your Arc Taser just has
limit. Well done, return the secret door with the stairs. Go down to the
pool, use the Bridge Control Card on the box nearby it. Then Rain will
change her clothes to the banquet. (Children MUSTN'T see this !).

  Ah ! Rain looks good in the ball dress. She will begin the party at
the elevator of first floor. As Hana said, you must find a security guy
that was "mediced" by Hana and now he must be somewhere to get rid of
his illness because of Hana's chemistry.

  Get on 2nd floor. Oh yeah, the WC for men now is free. If that guy
wants to be "free", he should be there. Well, then you go there soon.

  That guy is doing something in the end of the restroom. But before him
there are two black guards who are also in "free state". Don't worry,
they don't bring security devices. But if you face them, one of them
will "politely" ask you to go out. And you must redo everything. When
you get in, try to avoid those guys and touch your target. The guy is
feeling bad. Rain pretends to relieve him, but reality, she has stolen
his Elevator Keycard. Okay, your mission has been successful. Now get
out and find the elevator, access the Elevator Keycard. Get in it and
wait for Hana.

                            AS HANA

  Hana has just got out from the VIP area. So control her to get down
second floor, then reach the elevator where Rain is. Use anything to
press the elevator button and get in with Rain. Although their plan has
been sucsessful, but there's still a camera in the elevator. The guards
have seen them and asked them to go out. Rain is frightened, but Hana
doesn't. If you don't know how to do to stop the guards, your game will
be over. So what do we do now ?

  Let Hana stands near the camera. Then use her dress. Hana hugs Rain
and says "Boys, this is private !"... (Kids, close your eyes !)...
Hana's tactic was too "good" that the guards don't do anything on her
and Rain. Then they climb out of the elevator and change clothes.


                                Disc 1
   Enemies : Cateyes, Acrobats
   Items : Biohazard Keycard, Bypass Keycard, Video Room Keycard,
           Dispersion Canister, Security Keycard, Genetic ID Card,
           E.L.P, Centrifuge Tubes, Purified Tubes, Blood Blot A,
           Nucleus Blot T, Gland Blot G, Cell Blot C, Adenosine
           Disc, Thymine Disc, Cytosine Disc, Guanine Disc.


  Hana and Rain split to each other : Hana searchs the 86th floor and
Rain takes over the 80th floor. You begin with Hana (I think she looks
cool in this blue costume).

                            AS HANA

  Save your game here if you want. Then go forward and climb up the
ladder in front of you. Climb up, climb up and the elevator will go up.
If you are not fast enough, it will turn Hana into a piece of cake. Then
she will continue her work by herself. You switch to Rain who is at 80th
floor to take over this place.

                            AS RAIN

  You are in a large hall. In the screen, you see the double door is
very the elevator. So you don't need to mention it. There are two doors
on your left and right side. The south way of the hall takes you to a
bridge. Now let's go to the right door first.

  Kill the Acrobat here by Arc Taser. You get Biohazard Keycard from her
corpse (seems like Resident Evil). Then go to search the door at the end
of this corridor. Check it, you see a code 836745 and a circle of number
buttons that can't be unlocked now. Just remember this position and you
go out of this place.

  Return to the large hall, take the south path to go pass the bridge.
There's a Save Point here and a door in the end. I suggest you should
save here. Then use Biohazard Keycard to open that door. You enter a
smaller hall. The south wall has a switch, but now you can do nothing
with it. The right door is currently inaccessible. So now you just can
enter the left door. This is the room for acrobats which there are some
guard suits put here. Get to the corner and put them on. Rain dresses
like a guard here. Then another guard suddenly appears and asks her if
she has seen someone passing there. Rain will try to answer the
questions and receive Video Room Keycard and Bypass Keycard.

  Now your only weapon is the Plasma Wrist. See "Weapons" section to
know about this thing. You have get changed like an acrobat. But DON'T
EQUIP the Plasma Wrist or you'll be attacked by other acrobats.

  Get out of that room. Then pass the bridge, return to the large hall.
Get in the left door with the corridor. With the Video Room Keycard, you
can now enter Video Room. There are a lot monitors here. You find them
and enter the code 836745. Well then, all the monitors are turned on.
You check the computer next to them.

  This is not a very hard puzzle. It's a pity that I can't make a chart
to illustrate here. But it's easy to understand here. The screen is a
little labyrinth with some arrows that are going to certain directions
in each way. There is an unchangeable green point in the center of the
labyrinth. You, as the moving red point, must pass the arrows to touch
the green point. It might be easy if you just hear. But it's pretty
troubled when you do-it-yourself. You can pass from way to way. But when
you are in a way, the arrows will push you to its direction that it's
not easy to continue going. Choose the most convenient way to reach the
target. The nearest way from the green point has the strongest arrows.
So keep your patience in good condition first. Then try again.
  In Hard Mode, the speed of arrows are faster. But it doesn't matter if
you have got acquainted with it as a fan of Fear Effect.

  Now you check all the monitors in the room to know. Seven of them are
useless, just some stupid scenes. Then you can find one of them shows
you the code of the door in the right corridor of the hall. Copy it down
: 4615207. Another shows you some weird codes that are arranged in
columns. You should try to remember that order because you'll know what
it is later. Okay, do you finish ? Let's get back to the large hall.

  Go to the right door in the hall, check the door in the end, using the
code you have copied to unlock it. Then go in. There might be some
annoying acrobats on your way, so always be careful. I can't be sure if
they suspect you or not, even if you have worn like them. There's
another door in this room. Use Bypass Keycard to unlock it and get in.
Operate the computer by the Flash Disc. You face another puzzle and now
it's the unknown puzzle you have seen in Video Room.


  You have seen the image in the Video Room. But it's really hard to
remember just for a moment. So now I think I could help you pass this.
In the screen there are six columns as six symbols you must arrange in
right places. That code is 42B3DA. It will be :

  4 - 1st column
      3rd row
  2 - 2nd column
      5th row
  B - 3rd column
      6th row
  3 - 4th column
      2nd row
  D - 5th column
      6th row
  A - 6th column
      4th row

  Well done, you have the right code connected to each other like the
screen you saw in Video Room :

   -  -  -  -  -  -
   -  -  -  3  -  -
   4  -  -  -  -  -
   -  -  -  -  -  A
   -  2  -  -  -  -
   -  -  B  -  D  -

  Rain has completed in her work. She phones Hana to continue her work.
But Hana is faced with a serious trouble. You switch to her to solve it
and search the place as Hana.

                            AS HANA

  You'll know what your trouble is. Hana is locked in an experiment room
and she can't go out when the death is coming within 30 seconds. Now as
Hana, you quickly run to the only door in the room. Equip any guns and
pay attention to a fusebox on the right of the door. Hana could auto-aim
at it. So you might know what we will do : Destroy it as soon as
possible by guns. "Blaaaahhh..." The fuse is broken, the power source
has problem. Now everything is all right. You get the Disperson Canister
in the left, then get out.

  In this room, you can see a red computer here that you can do nothing
with it. Try to remember this location.

  There's a Save Point in this hall. It's necessary to save here because
you'll pass this place frequently. Arc Taser is now a good weapon. An
acrobat wanders here. You joke with her, then rob the Security Keycard.
You see two doors : one is on the right and one in in front. First, go
to the front door. You are in another corridor with three more doors.
Enter the door in the end of corridor. This is the power room. Two of
the three fuses managing the power to the areas were destroyed by you
when you had been locked. You set the only fuse to the top row. Then get
out of that room and exit the corridor to the hall.

  Use the Security Keycard to open the right door. It takes you to a
bridge, then to another area. You could face some cateyes here. Just
take them out by the Arc Taser. Don't let them come close to you because
they could use kamikaze with you. After that, grab all the ammo in the
room, then check the left corner. There are two doors. Stand in front of
the left door, using Blasting Caps to ruin the lock (let's see how Hana
pushes the button... sexy...). Then get in. An acrobat and a Cateye are
waiting there. If you could keep your fire and crouch button safely,
with the Arc Taser, you can kill them at the moment. Remember to take
them when you have just entered, or you'll be killed. The only reason to
come here is getting weapons. You grab a SS 2000 and Rocket Launcher
480. Are you ready ? Let's get out.

  You have the right door to go in. There should be some enemies here.
You go to the machine at the corner. Input the Hair Sample on the
counter. After loading, it gives you Genetic ID Card.

  You see a green computer that seems similar to the red one you saw in
the first experiment room. Remember this location too.

  Now you temporarily get out of this place. Go through the bridge and
return to the small hall with the Save Point. Open the front door again
to the corridor.

  In this corridor, you can go to the nearest room, touching the first
computer to find out about the rule of DNA sequences (This is pretty
necessary because you will have to solve a puzzle involved the DNA like
this). The computer will tell you that DNA sequences are created from
four elements : Adenosine (A - red), Thymine (T - yellow), Guanine (G -
green) and Cytosine (C - blue). The Andenosine is combined with Thymine,
the Guanine is combined with Cytosine to make a complete DNA sequence.
Copy down this rule, you'll use it later.

  There's another computer in this room. It's yellow...yeah...similar to
the previous two. Remember it.

  Now then get back to the corridor and go to the power room. Move the
fuse to the second row that will supply power to a cylinder machine
somewhere. Then get out and open the next door. There are two acrobats
and you can kill them easily with Arc Taser or SS 2000. There's another
door here too. Touch it, using the Genetic ID Card to unlock. You get in
a weird path. If you just go and go, you'll be killed irrationally. So
now you must know what will kill you here. Use the Dispersion Canister
to cover the path. You use it when you come close to the death position.
So now they are the invisible wall lasers that are put here. The lasers
are on and off regularly. Just wait until they are off, then pass. There
are small distances between each two lasers, you can stand there for
safe when preparing to pass.

  When Hana has reached opposite door at last, she faces another problem
: There are so many Cateyes and guards in the next room. It'll be
desperate to enter by herself. She phones Rain for help.

                            AS RAIN

  Rain now is still in the computer room you have entered. Knowing
Hana's trouble, you must help her anyway. Go back to the monitor room
just next to the room you're standing. Then activate the right computer
where you solved the point puzzle. Rain will control the Cateyes to be
in confusion, killing themselves and kill all the damn guards. The she
reports Hana to continue.

                            AS HANA

  Get in the room. There's a Save Point and all the Cateyes are
defeated. Don't worry, they won't explode. Just save as usual.
  The last computer is here - the blue one. Well then, you may feel some
relations between these computers and the DNA colors right ? Just wait
and continue to play.

  Now there's nothing to do here. Get in the next door, fight the
Cateyes. Observing the room, you see a cylinder machine in your left,
another door and a cabin. Use E.L.P (you can think whatever it is,
because I don't know) to unlock the cabin, getting the Centrifuge Tubes.
You have supplied power to the cylinder machine, so now put in the
Centrifuge Tubes to get Purified Tubes.

  After that, you return to the power room, move the fuse to the lowest
row. Then get back to the experiment room where Hana shot the fusebox.
Then check again the whole room. In the right corner of the camera
angle, you can find some analysing machine - which you have supplied
power by moving the fuse. Use the Purified Tubes on it, you have Blood
Blot A, Nucleus Blot T, Cell Blot C and Gland Blot G. Now maybe you
understand what to do with these things. Remember where you have seen
the computers :
- Access the Blood Blot A to the red computer to get Adenosine Disc.
- Access the Nucleus Blot T to the yellow computer to get Thymine Disc.
- Access the Gland Blot G to the green computer to get Guanine Disc.
- Access the Cell Blot C to the blue computer to get Cytosine Disc.

  Well done, when you have all the discs, go to the room where you see
the cylinder machine, then get in the monitor room. Three cateyes have
been knocked out and lying here. Don't worry about them. Just operate
the main computer, then begin to solve a puzzle.

  Well, do you remember what you have learnt from the computer ? The
rule to create DNA sequence is the combinations between Adenosine and
Thymine (Red and Yellow), Guanine and Cytosine (Green and Blue). Just
remember that order, you can solve this puzzle easily. I decide not to
tell you specific about this puzzle because I don't think it's hard.

- Use Triangle Button to pick and move the pieces you want to add to the
- Use directional button (left or right) to see the next or previous
part of the sequence.
- Use Circle and Square button to rotate the pieces into the right form
that can suit the sequence.

  The original DNA sequence which has some missing parts will be shown
on the top of the screen. The pieces are on the bottom. Your mission is
to fill the missing parts with the suitable pieces. The DNA sequence are
created from given elements I have told you above. Relying on the
colours of the pieces, you choose and rotate them until they suit : Red
<> Yellow, Green <> Blue. Okay ? Good luck !

  After that, Hana phones Rain to report the process. But then, she sees
someone pursuing her with an assault rocket. Rain still calls Hana in
the phone, but now Hana has no time to reply. She runs out from danger
while the guy shoots a rocket launcher that breaks the bridge where Hana
is going. But she's still alive... in a funny situation. The guy has

                             AS RAIN

  Rain has known that Hana is still alive (huff...). So now it's time
for her to do the last mission. You get out of that area, return to the
bridge and save here if you like. Then get to the next room. Now you can
push the red switch on the wall. It unlocks a secret area, and now you
must enter as a real acrobat with no weapon (even the Plasma Wrist).
Everybody is working here. You search the room and find the researcher
in green suit. Talk to her, she will tell you to access the DNA Virus
and take you to another room. But... you are not an acrobat... you are
Rain... and your mission is not to do this... so what is it ?
Destruction... oh yeah...

  Before destroying, Save at the point near the door. You'll be troubled
after this important event. Use the Blasting Caps on the system to make
an explosion and destroy everything. Now you are really recognized and
you must get out of here. Equip the Plasma Wrist with you. There are
three acrobats waiting for you in the research room. I don't think it's
easy to knock those out with just a Plasma Wrist. I ran away from them.
Not very hard. If you could run in right directional cleverly, you
wouldn't get hit or just get one hit. In the next room, a Cateye and an
acrobat are surrounding. Kill the Cateye if you can, then avoid the
acrobat (I avoid all of them). When you go out, three other acrobats
guard here. Run or shoot, it's up to you. But I will run... run like
hell... When you have reached the bridge, it's TEMPORARILY safe... Save
here, MUST SAVE ! SAVE ANYWAY ! Equip your Plasma Wrist carefully. Then
run to the large hall.

  Oh no, the shutter is slowly closed !

  Hey, don't have your calmness lost ! Just run straight ! Rain will do
the rest if you come in time. If not, you have no way to go. And then
the alive acrobats will come to put a miserable end to your life. If you
do well, Rain will execute a beautiful flight through the center among
the shutters. But it's not over yet... Our "good boy" has come - the guy
with an assault rocket launcher...

  I think he is very the Planner we met in the Aqueduct. Because he
doesn't surprise by your present. He has been back with a terrible
weapon, not a useless eletrified blade. Our good boy is so "intelligent"
  It would be an easy fight if you start as your ordinary costume. But
now you are dressing like an acrobat, and your only weapon is the
useless Plasma Wrist. So then maybe this can be considered as a real
challenge. Planner shoots you by either Assault shots or rockets. He
shoots assault shots while rotating, and shoots the rocket at certain
target. To evade assault shots is not very easy because he shoots them
in circle, just run as far as you ccan around him. To avoid rockets is a
little easier but sometimes he can aim at a position where he guessses
you will come (really intelligent) and then you'll be hit if you still
continue to come in the trap.
  When you first start the battle, keep pressing the R2 button to
crouch, then try to shoot him correctly at the same time. He will come
close to you and shoot you with assault shots. Then you stand up,
running to other convenient position, crouch and continue to shoot him.
He will be down for a while after losing 1/3 his health. Then you
continue to do the same at this second time. But now he will shoot you
with assault shots along with rockets. Then at the third time, he will
use rockets more than assault shots. This time you can't hurry. Just be
patient to move aside when he begins to cast a rocket. It will take you
longer to defeat him, but safer to save your life until the end.

  Rain steals the rocket and something else from the Planner. Then she
goes down the elevator with Hana. They return to the party with no one
there anymore...


                PART FOUR : THE TEMPLE OF XI'AN
                           Disc 4
   Enemies : Temple zombies, Guardian Souls
   Items : Genetic Marker, Diesel Fuel, Machine Key, Elevator
           Lock Key, Ancient Red Crank, Ancient Gold Crank,
           Archeology Key, Mirror Segment, Phoenix Amulet,
           Peach, Storage Room Key, Dynamite.


  While Rain and Hana are planning something and Hana doesn't want Rain
to take part in this, you are taken to another place, with another
character. He is doing some missions to earn money, by killing people to
get what he needs. That's the mercenary - Jacob "Deke" Decourt.
  Let's see how he kill the victim. Cold-blooded and bloody... That's
really Deke.

                             AS DEKE

  Save here first (I suggest). Check the corpse Deke has just killed to
grab Genetic Marker. After that, you get out. A researcher recognizes
Deke, but then he uses a grenade to destroy the place and defends. When
you just take Deke's control, control to run straight, run, run until
the end. If not, you'll be exploded into pieces...

  Deke has just completed his mission asked by a Chinese guy. But it
seems that this is a trap for him. He is mediced and thrown to some
remote places. Before being brought, he sees someone looks like Rain ?
No, Rain never does such bad thing... Who is that ?...

  Deke was thrown to the Temple of Xi'an. Then he must find the way to
get out. But now he is surrounded by some temple zombies. You will take
control of him now, knock out those things by any weapons you like. Then
find a door to get out.

  Observe the yard, you see a wall-destruct machine and a door. Get in
the door to find Diesel Fuel, then Machine Key from a zombie. In the
yard, you find the wall-destruct machine on the right side. Fill the
Diesel Fuel to the machine, then climb up to it, using Machine Key to
operate the machine. Deke will use the machine to destroy the front wall
to open more ways. The Chinese guy who deceived him accidentally passes,
and of course, Deke could use this chance of million to get revenge in
laugh. After he jumps down, you take control of him.

  Go straight to the house, killing three zombies. You grab Elevator
Lock Key and Rocket Launcher 480 (you should let some for Glas and Hana,
they are the people who really need it). You see some other doors. Use
any weapon to shoot the lock of the red door. Get some ammo, then shoot
another lock of another red door. Save here if you like. Then use the
Elevator Lock Key to get down the elevator there. You press the left
button to go out.

  Go deeper to the canyon. You see three doors. The double door between
two others are carved with two red and gold Chinese dragons (Yeah, they
are different from Europian dragons). You can't enter this door now. Two
other doors are the red one on the right and the yellow on the left.
Each door has three sudden zombies. Get in the red door to grab Ancient
Gold Crank from the wall of a red dragon. Then exit, get in the yellow
one to find Ancient Red Crank from the wall of a gold dragon. Then you
put the Ancient Red Crank on the wall of red dragon, the Ancient Gold
Crank on the gold dragon -> the double door is unlocked. Enter it.

  You see a door in the north, but there's nothing here. There's a Save
Point here. You should use it because the next room could surprise you
for a while. Get down the path, fighting two dropping zombies and grab
their ammo. Then get in the door there. Some stupid zombie has removed
the mirror of that door that locked Deke inside. There are three
"guests" in this room - a very familiar ghosts of Asians. I don't know
how to call them. Just temporarily call "Guardian Souls".

  Well then, it seems that these guys are immortal. I have tried a lot
of weapons but died before seeing the result. This is an interesting
story of a Chinese tribe. You can read my "Other Stuffs abour Fear
Effect 2" in "Special Section".

  As Deke, you just try to avoid them (not difficult, don't worry !).
Run to the bottom right corner and get in the door. But then, Deke is
attacked by a group of zombies.

                            AS HANA

 * Not only Hana, but Glas is here too. He may intend to bomb the place,
but then the woman in red - who was with Shao Chiu in the Wing Chune
Party - appears as a ghost and talks to Glas. After giving him the
Phoenix lucky charm, she disappears also like a ghost...

  Hana has entered the Temple by dropping down a place that Deke has
searched before. When getting in the double door, you return to the Save
Point just before the room where the Guardian Souls are. But now you
can't open that door because the Mirror has been lost. So then you get
out to the canyon, go up the elevator. Just go as Deke has done, you
find more zombies and one of them keeps the Archeology Key. Then get out
of the red door. Kill three zombies and grab the Rocket Launcher 480.
There's a door beside that Deke couldn't get in. But Hana can use the
Archeology Key to unlock. This room is full of Guardian Souls. Use all
your thought and fast reactions to avoid them, getting the next Mirror
Segment. This room isn't large enough for you to run freely. You have
the complete Mirror. Now return to the hall before the Guardian Soul
room. Two zombies could drop down to welcome you. Use the Mirror to open
the Guardian Soul Room. Okay, run like hell to the bottom right and run
out from that door.

  You don't see Deke here, but zombies. Some zombies land down to play
with you. Take them out if you like and enter the next door. It's a long
path taking to another door. While you are going, there might be two or
three guys dropping down from the ceiling. Wipe them all and remember to
grab Shot ammo or Rockets. Go along the path and get through the last
door of Hana's part.

  Hana is going, a zombie from the celing scratches her arm. But then
Hana shoots its heart and it dies. But then three other ones suddenly
surround her. But then Deke comes. He saves Hana and kills them by

                               AS DEKE

  When you take control of Deke, he is being surrounded by those three
zombies and equiped with a Sonic Boom. First, use this thing as fast as
you can to temporarily stun the guys. Then try to run out from their
circle, equiping the Grenade Launcher to kill them all. After that, you
get in the door where Hana has got through. Go to the top and have a
talk with Hana and Glas. Glas gives Hana two Bandages. But then some
interruption of nature split them. Glas is left and he must find the way
to escape himself...

                            AS GLAS

  Glas is smart enough to hide in a huge robot and control it (This
thing is too familiar with him, you'll know why later). You control the
robot to shoot at the surrounding zombies by its gatling gun. But you
still lose Fear Level if the zombies scratch you as usual. Then you
destroy every wall on your way. After a while, the robot is dropped to a
big hole and Glas gets out...

                            AS HANA

  Hana is in the Temple area. Instead of reaching the top like Deke, you
get in the right door on the way. Many zombies are waiting for you. It's
a pretty trouble for you to fight here. One zombie is no matter, but a
crowded group of zombies are wild tribes. So just try to kill each of
them by usual strategy til the last one. There are two ladders in the
room. Climb up one of them until you see Deke. There's a little riot
between Hana and Deke. But then Rain (is this Rain or the woman Deke met
when being deceived ?) appears and shoots some sleep shot to Deke. Hana
blames her and forces her to run away...

                               AS RAIN

  Rain finds another way to return to Hana and Deke. Just run straight
until you reach the area that Deke has passed. Then get in the right
door on the way and chases Hana. Deke catches Rain and forces Hana to do
what he wants... Both of them have gone...

 * This is the last time you control Rain. If you can, please get her
the Rocket Launcher 480 if either Deke or Hana hadn't got it. You'll
need iy for Rain in the last battle. The only one you can get now is in
the room with Guardian Souls where you grabbed the second Mirror Segment
(if Hana didn't get it).

                            AS GLAS

  You are lost in the area where Hana and Deke have passed. Get on the
elevator and return to the old area. Then you get through the exit. Glas
wants to escape, and then he meets a mysterious old man who tells him
what he thinks to be "stupid". The old man gives Glas a Peach and
Storage Room Key. When Glas is cursing, he will be surprised when the
old man disappears, as the woman in red has done.

  Return to the house, then unlock the only locked door you see. Two
zombies appear pretty fast and then you must try anyway to fight them.
Then grab the Dynamite (There's another Rocket Launcher 480, great !).
Get back to the wrecked robot, check the area around it. You find a
place that can be exploded. Use the Dynamite to ruin the rocks. But
after you have just done this, press the retreat button to prevent Glas
from decreasing his Fear Level from the little explosion. You are taken
to the dragon canyon. Go as Deke has done.

 You can grab tons of Rockets on the way. When you go to the room where
Hana was surrounded, three zombies are waiting for you just at the
entrance. So be careful, using the Arc Taser to kill them all if you
don't get acquainted with using EMP. After that, following Deke's path,
killing three zombies there. Pick the right door to go. Glas sees Hana
standing on the top, shooting the dropping zombies from the celing. And
you, as the ome standing on the ground, finish them with the last shot.
When the film has just been ended, Glas is equipped with the Pistol x 2.
You can also use this thing if you have much ammo. But if not, try to
change weapons when the zombies don't prompt to touch you. It will be a
big trouble if they gather all around you...

  Another funny riot between Hana and Glas happens. But the result is
that the fight ia draw. So then Hana wants Glas to go with her to the
Royal Tomb. Glas will wait, and you start with Hana.


                   PART FIVE - EXPLORING THE TOMB
                             Disc 3
     Enemies : Demon kids, Demon knights
     Items : Hair Pin, Gold Bullion, Moon Coin, Sun Coin,
             Butterfly Coin, Lily Coin, Bull Coin, Terra
             Cotta Key, Astronomy Key, Remains, Clay Jar,
             Emeperor's Plague, Bravery Medal, Mercury
             Vial, Pearl


                            AS HANA

   You are at a Save Point in Tomb Entry. Prepare your Rocket Launcher,
go straight and turn left, then open the door.

  You are entering your real challenge. Observe the room first. You see
a box in the center of the room. Five sides of it has been decorated
with five art images : Sun, Moon, Butterfly, Lily and Bull skull. Look
at Hana's left : There's something like a door drawn with the same
Butterfly and Moon. Then turn right and check the ladder. In the upper
platform of the ladder, there's a similar "door" with the same Moon and
Sun. Both of these doors currently can't be entered because they are
just walls now. Okay, find a path in your left. First, you see a door in
the left side. This door has nothing major beside Shot ammo and three
Demon Kids. I won't get in just for a little Shot ammo when I must lose
my health by those Demons. But if you really want to get, just fight one
of the three kids, then get out for the Fear Level to be restored. Then
get in again and fight the next one. Then get out... It will make you
not to lose so much to grab the Shot Ammo.

  Exit that door, go along the path. On the way, you see five symbols
carved on the right wall : Sun, Butterfly, Bull skull, Moon and Lily.

  You see five coin holes on the way. On the top of each one has a
similar art symbol you saw from the weird "doors" and the box in the
room. You need five coins to put in the holes. Then depending on what
coins you put out, the panel will unlock the ways that locked by those
coins. Such as if you want to unlock the door with Butterfly and Moon
shape on it, you must access the Moon and Butterfly Coin and then put
them out following the right order on the door. Then the door will be
unlocked for a limited time, and you must enter it within that time.
When the time is out, that door is locked again and you must repeat the
action to open it. So remember the symbol orders you saw on the doors.
It would be necessary.

  But now you can do nothing with them. You continue going along the
path, until you reach a circular hall. There's a door here too and it's
locked. You find and climb down a ladder. Go around the below floor,
until you see a bull shadow appear. He tells you to stop looking for

  The shadow gives you Hair Pin, Gold Bullion, Moon Coin and Sun Coin.
Climb up the ladder, return to the Coin Panel on the wall. Access the
Moon Coin and Sun Coin that the two symbols are lit. Then you take out
the two coins, and press the only button in the bottom of the panel, you
hear some sounds. That means the door with Moon and Sun shape has been
unlocked. You have 30 seconds to get in it. Run fast to the main area,
climb up the ladder and enter the door. A Demon Knight is waiting here
and you can kill him by Rocket Launcher if you like. But if I were you,
I'll get the Terra Cotta Key and run away as soon as possible, because
you won't get in this place again. But you must have the Terra Cotta
Key, okay ?

  Now then, go to the circular hall, using Terra Cotta Key to unlock the
door. Oh...this room seems beautifully mysterious and dreadful. There's
a fresh water pool in the center and two useless statues on the two
sides (Not useless statues...) In the end of the room, you find a door
decorated with Butterfly, Lily and Moon. Then the shadow appears
again... It says something confusing and sends you to an illusion world.


  It's as if Hana returns to the ancient era, wearing Chinese costume
and living in a place of ancient China. You are in an old inn whose
owner is the old man next to you. Give the Gold Bullion to him and ask
for room (Gold Bullion has been used as money of ancient Chineses...).
The old man notices you that there were two students who had rented the
room Hana wants. But then the student who lived there suddenly suicided
by hanging himself with unknown reason. Anyway, you must rent that room
to continue the game. Just let Hana get in it.

  Go to the other side of the bed and sleep. Hana has got a restless
sleep. The image of the hangman appears in her mind as if she has seen
it by herself. After Hana has got up, you get out of the inn and talk to
the old man about your restless sleep. He just tells you that you have
been warned before. Now then you just continue to sleep for another
night. But you bring the Mirror with you. When Hana sleeps, the image of
the hangman is reflected in the Mirror and he couldn't annoy Hana. The
student was dead for his foolish. You've got Butterfly Coin.

  You are sent to the real world with a full Rush Moment. But now the
useless statues - Demon Knights - have really acted. I suggest you
should kill them now if you can, because you'll pass this place more
times. Then you get out of the room.

  Return to the Coin holes, access the Butterfly Coin. Now you take out
the Butterfly and Moon Coin and enter. The left door decorated with
Butterfly and Moon are unlocked. Within 30 seconds, you get in it

  Three Demon Kids will welcome you at first. I suggest you to run,
fighting these guys will damage you a lot even you aren't hit, you are
still frightened by them. The next area is the Tomb Planks. Below you is
"hellfire". There's a Save Point here. Checking the place, you see three
doors : One is in front, one is in the right, the other is separated by
a broken plank. First, enter the front door first. You "get" a Demon
Knight and grab Dig Key. It's not hard to fight him, but you won't go in
this room anymore. Then turn to the right door. Some Demon Knights are
here too. Try to kill them first, then grab the Wood Plank. Now you go
to the door that is separated, fill the Wood Plank to make a way. Then
let Hana go there. The shadow appears again, saying about some "twin"
(Are they Rain and the mysterious similar woman Deke has met ?). You
enter the second world of illusion and past.


  You are in another place. There are a man and a woman next to you.
Talk to them. They are crying about their miserable daughter who were
lost mysteriously. The daughter always wears a pair red slips that she
loves very much. Then they give you Astronomy Key. Go to the left, go
upstairs, using Astronomy Key to open the door.

  Remember what the shadow says about dragon and phoenix or something.
Go to the south, you see a picture of a dragon with a light day. You can
pull up or pull down its window. Now check the wall at the opposite of
that picture, you find another window that can be opened. Pull it up,
the picture of an egg or something like that - the picture of darkness.
These pictures can be considered to show a full day. When you open the
picture of darkness, the outside world now is the night. Get out of the

  Something has passed. Chase after it. It has red slips... No, it's the
ghost of the daughter who the man and the woman has mentioned. The girl
suddenly jumps down the well. You pull up the mug of the well, there is
the girl's Remains here. Take them. Return to the room, shutdown the
darkness. Then you go outside, as the light day.

  Give the Remains to the man and the woman. They have known that their
daughter has died. To thank you for finding their daughter's Remains,
they give you Lily Coin.

  After that, you'll return to the real world. Now some Demon Knights
want to play with you too. So be careful before anything could happen.
Well, try to get out of that room. Then go out of the Tomb Planks and
back to the main area. Find the Coin row again, access the Lily Coin.
Then you take out the coins as this order : Butterfly, Lily and Moon.
The room near the sacred pool is unlocked for 40 minutes. So now you may
know where to go. Get in the door in the circular hall. There might be
some Demon Kids re-appear here. Run pass them if you like and get in the
door decorated with Butterfly, Lily and Moon. You come to a circular
room. Prepare your rocket launcher before stepping. Then you face a


  This demon wall has three faces : Human being, Skeleton and Demon
Bull. At first, you will think that there are three bosses. But you have
been deceived. You just have an only boss here : The Demon Bull. The
Human and the Skeleton just appear to confuse you. The Human Being
attacks Hana's left. The Skeleton attacks Hana's right. The Demon Bull
attacks most all sides. So now when the Human Being or Skeleton appear,
you don't shoot, just move aside to the opposite side of their magic.
It's easy here.

  When you face Demon Bull on the wall, Demon Bull soon attacks you by
its magic. You use your Rocket Launcher to shoot it constantly and
continually until it disappears. You can see its health in the top right
of the screen. But then you'll ask me how to avoid the bull's magic ?
When you avoid, your best position to stand is the BOTTOM LEFT or RIGHT,
NOT COMPLETELY RIGHT SIDE OR LEFT SIDE. Because if you just stand in
right or left side, you can avoid Human and Skeleton's cast but not with
Demon Bull's magic. If you stand at the bottom, the bull's magic may not
reach you to damage. Then the Rocket Launcher can't damage you too for
safe distance. Remember, just shoot the Demon Bull only !

  The face where Demon Bull is defeated leaves a hole. You get in that
hall and see the bull shadow again. It tells you more clues about
unknown things and takes you to the third illusion :


  If you have seen a famous Chinese film named "Justice Pao", you won't
feel strange about the scenery Hana is in. Hana's situation is similar
to a murder that Regent Pao had to solve to find justice for the dead

  Grab the Clay Jar on the right (Hana's left). A ghost rises from the
jar. She introduces herself as Wong Ling who was killed by her husband.
Then he got her remains to make this Clay Jar to hide all the evidence
about the murder. Hana promises to bring her justice.

  After that, go straight to the Regent's court, striking the drum to
call justice, then talk to the Regent. He couldn't believe that a jar
can say. Then Hana tries to call Wong Ling, but she doesn't appear. Then
the Regent kicks out Hana. Go back to the gate, Hana is angry and asks
Wong Ling why she didn't appear that made her ashamed. The ghost says
that the two Guardian Statues didn't let a ghost like her come through.
Then you must find the way to help her. You use the two Bandages to
cover the statues' eyes (even Gods can be deceived, hehehe...). Then
back to the court and show Wong Ling to the Regent. When he accepts the
murder, Wong Ling would thank you by giving you the Bull Coin.

  You are brought back to the real world. Get out of the room. Many
Demon Kids now have surrounded the place, so be careful of them. The
Rocket Launcher is still nice here. You get back to the Coin Panel,
access the Bull Coin. Then you take out all the coins in random order,
the box in the center will be slid underground. After that, two statues
on left and right will move to you as the Demon Knights. Kill each of
them with two rockets. Then Hana jumps down.

  She sees Deke and Rain exchanging something (Is that Rain true of fake
?). Hana shoots Deke to save Rain and asks her to run away. When Hana is
following, she is stopped by Deke who is still alive after three shots
of Hana. It's a surprise - that's not Deke. He is the fake one. He
suddenly turns into a Stoneman...


  This boss is not very hard. His only attack is throwing dashing
boulders everywhere around you. in this battle, I suggest you should use
weapons with continuous shots like Assault Rifle, Pistol x 2 or Uzi x 2.
Rocket Launcher 480 is too slow for the moment Fake Deke stops
attacking. Just run to left or right to avoid the rocks, because each of
them can cause serious damage. The only weakness of this guy is the...
arrogance ! Sometimes he stops throwing boulders, punching his chest to
praise himself. Then sometimes he could turn into Deke again. Yeah,
shooting him at that time will damage him. Shoot until he turns back to
Stoneman form. Then you run to avoid his rocks, wait until he changes
into Deke and shoot again. Three times like that could knock him down.

  After that, the fake Deke die and something remains. Hana recognizes
it's a sacred seal in legend - the Emperor's Plague...

                             AS GLAS

  Glas knows that he has been deceived by Hana. Then he decides to get
out himself. But he suddenly meets "Rain". When he is going, "Rain"
suddenly turns the trap that Glas is dropping down the tomb again. What
glas hears is the arrogant laugh of "Rain"...(I don't think that's

  After saving, equip Glas with the Rocket Launcher 480. Then get in the
front door. You meet two Demon Knights. Two rockets could kill one, but
try to shoot fast and don't let them surround you tightly. The next room
has two more Demon Knights and so does the third one. It's not very
hard, just go as usual. Until you go to a large hall which looks like
King's Audience Room in China. Then you will feel proud to see the first
Emperor of China - Qin Zheng. While Glas doesn't know what is happening,
Hana has come and shown the weird Sacred Seal. Then she says that she
wants to find Rain. Qin Zheng tells you that Rain has come to Penglai
Island. But before they could get there, they must pass some challenges.
You'll begin with Glas' challenges.

                           AS GLAS (AGAIN)


  Save here before you are tested. Then step into the left picture
behind you. You will meet a strange man who challenges you to play
chess with him for 4 stages. This game is very popular in Asian. The
chesspieces are :

 + Small Soldier
     Strength : 10/10
     Movement : 5

 + Medium Soldier
     Strength : 20/20
     Movement : 4

 + Large Soldier :
     Strength : 35/35
     Movement : 3

  In your chess there is a controllable square. You move the square to
the character you want to advance, then press Triangle Button. You'll
know the limit that that soldier could go, then place him to the
position you want. You can escape the stage by pressing Triangle Button

  The rule is not complex. You must have any soldier beat up the enemy's
flag, you win. Of course, the enemy can't let you pass so easily. He
could let his soldiers to deal with you. When two soldiers fight against
each other, the stronger one will win and lose some strength. The lost
strength is very the strength of the dead enemy, and the dead one
disappears. For example : When a large soldier fights a medium soldier,
the medium one will die, and the large one just remains with 15/35
strength. If two similar soldiers fight each other, two of them
disappear all. On your chessboard there would be some obstacles that no
one could step on. So pay attention to them.

  Okay, and let me tell you this. Fighting is not the only way. The most
important is that you must reach the flag.

  STAGE #1 : The only obstacle is the lake in the center of the
chessboard. The friendly soldiers and enemies are the same about types
and positions. This stage is very easy. Just let any soldier advance as
the person who will touch the flag. Then you bring some more soldiers to
protect him, until he reaches the flag. This is my tactic. Remember to
avoid the lake. Have your soldiers be in suitable places to protect your
main one.

  STAGE #2 : Well, the obstacle is a broken land part. Your way to the
flag is longer. The troops are more crowded too. Just use the same
strategy as Stage #1, but be more careful and use Medium or Large
Soldier as the main one. You can have a second main soldier to store if
the old main is accidentally killed.

  STAGE #3 : There are two long obstacles on the enemy's and your side.
Just use the Medium or Large Soldier as the main one. Use the weak ones
to kill all the major guys on your way. Then you let the main one go
more freely. Yeah, maybe your troop are not more crowded than the enemy
troop. So that's the reason why I remind you to kill the major guys
only. The Medium Soldier as the main one might be better than Large one
because they are faster.

  STAGE #4 : Just like Stage #3, but the obstacles are horizontal, while
the obstacles in previous stage are vertical. The problem is that your
troop just includes Medium Soldiers, while the enemy troop has two Small
Soldiers, two Medium ones and two Large ones. About me, I have tried to
kill all the enemies, except one Large Soldier. Then I used my only
survival Medium Soldier to advance. I thought that I would lose anyway,
but then I recognize that I can use the Medium one's speed to reach the
flag before the big guy could kill me. You find all the way not to let
the enemy touch you, then you could win easily.

  If Glas wins, the actor will give him a Bravery Medal and tell him the
story about Qin Shiquahandi.


  You have returned to front hallway. Save before going through this
because this is not simple. Then get in the right door. You come to a
"hell". Don't worry, the two statues are really "useless". You run
straight to the corner, then turn right. Turn until you see three
flaming cast. They cast flame in regular intervals. Learn their rule
before passing, you'll be safe for your carefulness. After that, you
turn left. When Glas is going, a Stoneman rising from the rocks, come to
pursue him. Now you have a race with this Stoneman. The path now is
narrower and has many 90 degree corners. That's the reason why you must
turn fast and correctly. The Stoneman steps pretty fast, so you can't
let yourself blocked while running. Try until you go for a while, then
the Stoneman is suddenly fallen when the path begins to be broken. It's
broken to you too... Run ! Run like hell ! Run til the next safe edge.
Then pass it, you come to a confusing intersection (I don't know if I
call this "labyrinth" or "maze"). Choose the shortest way through it
because some other ways can be traps for you. Then you see another trap
: a geyser field. Just go along the small way in the north that you can
avoid most of the geysers. After that, you again come to another long
path with a lovely Stoneman. This guy is faster than the previos one. So
now use all your speed and carefulness to run. The path is longer and
tougher too. Run until the guy is dropped again, the broken path comes
to close you. If you run in time, you'll come to an end with a sacred
light in the north. Go straight to it to escape.

                            AS HANA

  These are Hana's challenges. You also enter the left picture for the
first test after saving :


  It's a puzzle.

  This puzzle is very easy, easier than I expected. You have a board
that has many colourful bricks and some rocks as obstacles. In the
bottom there are two rows of blanks you must fill the bricks with the
same colours with them. Your controllable brick has a special colour to
distribute. This is the board the game gives you :


 !     !     !     !     !  O  !     !  O  !     !  O  !     !
 !     !     !  O  !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
 !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !  B  !     !     !
 !  O  !     !     !  O  !     !  BL !     !     !     !     !
 !     !     !     ! OR  !     !     !     !  O  !     !     !
 !  O  !     !     !     !     !  O  !     !  P  !     !     !
 !  O  !     !  O  !     !     !     !  C  !     !     !     !
 ! CTR !  R  !     !  Y  !     !  G  !     !  O  !     !     !
 !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
 !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !

   And these are the blanks :

                   !  P  !  BL !  B  !  OR !
                   !  C  !  G  !  R  !  Y  !


  The only problem is that when you use the controllable brick to push
an obstacle or another brick, they will be pushed to the farthest
position it could go. So be careful when pushing ! Do as my guide :

- Push the Green Brick to the Yellow Brick. Then push it down to its
- Push the Yellow Brick to the right obstacle and keep it there.
- Push the Red Brick to the Yellow Brick.
- Push down Red Brick and Yellow Brick down to their blanks.
- Push the Cyan Brick to the left obstacle, then push it down to its
- Push the Pink Brick to the below obstacle, then to the left obstacle.
After that, you push it down to its blank.
- Push the Blue Brick to the left obstacle and keep it there.
- Push the Brown Brick to the below obstacle, then to the Blue Brick.
After that, push it down to its blank.
- Push the Blue Brick down to its blank.
- Push the Orange Brick to the right obstacle, then push it down to its


 !     !     !     !     !  O  !     !  O  !     !  O  !     !
 !     !     !  O  !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
 !     !     !     !     !  R  !     !     !  B  !     !     !
 !  O  !     !     !  O  !     !  BL !     !     !     !     !
 !     !     !     ! OR  !     !     !     !  O  !     !     !
 !  O  !     !     !     !     !  O  !     !  P  !     !     !
 !  O  !     !  O  !     !     !     !  C  !     !     !     !
 ! CTR !     !     !  Y  !     !     !     !  O  !  G  !     !
 !     !  O  !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
 !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !

   And these are the blanks (similar to Normal Mode)

                   !  P  !  BL !  B  !  OR !
                   !  C  !  G  !  R  !  Y  !


- Push the Yellow Brick to the right obstacle.
- Push the Cyan Brick to the left obstacle, then push it down to its
- Push down the Yellow Brick to its blank.
- Push the Green Brick to a top obstacle.
- Push the Red Brick to a top obstacle, then push it to the left one.
- Push the Green Brick to the Red Brick, then push it down to its blank.
- Push the Blue Brick to the left obstacle.
- Push the Orange Brick to the right obstacle, then push it up to the
top one.
- Now remove the left obstacle of the Red Brick by pushing it up, then
push the Red Brick to the Orange Brick. After that, push it down to its
- Push the Brown Brick down to the below obstacle, then move it to the
Blue Brick. After that, push it down to the blank.
- Push the Blue Brick down to its blank.
- Push the obstacle upper the Orange Brick to the left or right, then
push down the Orange Brick to its blank.
- Remove the upper obstacle of the Pink Brick, then push down the Pink
Brick to the below one. After that, push the Pink Brick to the left
obstacle and finally place it to the pink blank.



  Hana's second challenge is the same as Glas, with some trap positions
and design are pretty different. But the basis isn't changed. Just do as
you did with Glas. Hana is thinner and faster then Glas, so maybe to go
with her is easier.
  At the end, you also come to the north light to finish the challenge.

  When Hana and Glas are brought back to the court, Qin Zheng has
accepted to take them to Penglai Shan Island. But before going, Qin
Zheng will return a "gift"... Oops ! It's Deke, the real Deke. He was
lost here and has been treated by Qin Zheng - he said. But Glas doesn't
believe. Hana receives Mercury Vial and Pearl from the Emperor. Anyway,
three of you must go now.
  Qin Zheng takes you to a magical ship that is controlled by tons of
"Demon Knights" (Don't worry, this knights will help you as the
Emperor's order). But once you get on, you have no way to return. The
groups of knights begin to row the ship...

                         AS HANA (AGAIN)

  You are standing on the ship. Go to the south where there is the
throne, putting the Emperor's Plague on it. Then you go to the head of
the ship, near the edge, throwing the Mercury Vial to the sea. The water
has some change, the knights row faster and you see Penglai Shan Island
in front of you...


                          Disc 4
     Enemies : Hell Monsters
     Items : Bridge Tiles, Tiger Plague, Dragon Plague, Digging
             Tool, Chinese Fan, Empty Gourd, Empty Goblet, Rock
             Salt, Salt, Salt Water Gourd, Fresh Water Gourd,
             Fresh Water Goblet, Water Crystal, Fire Crystal,
             Gold Crystal, Diamond.


  When embarking, Hana, Glas and Deke wander in an area covered by white
fog. Then they are suddenly lost. Glas is seeking others. Hana comes to
a Chinese Garden, and Deke, he meets a "Rain"...

                            AS HANA

  Hana has come to a beautiful Chinese garden. Is it an illusion or real
? First, you see two doors and a large lake in front of you. Go to the
left door (Water Chamber - I like this place !). Go pass the lotus lake
until you see a yard. Get on it to find two Bridge Tiles : one is on the
grass and one is in the deeper yard. Then get out of the water chamber,
go to right door (Earth Chamber) and find two other Bridge Tiles.

  After that, you return to the doorway, stand on the edge of the lake.
Throw the four Bridge Tiles into the lake, a bridge is built for you to
pass (myth ?!) You have gone to Garden Gazebo and an old woman talks to
you. No, that old woman is very Hana in the future. She says to the real
Hana that it's not good to get in the tower - it's full of pains and

  Then the old woman gives the Hana Tiger Plague and Dragon Plague to
continue her seeking in the gardens. When Hana has gone, Yim Wau Long -
the King of Hell appears to stop Hana. He sends hell monsters around the

  As Hana, you can't go to the Tower now and forced to get back to the
doorway. You see a Chinese man here, who will be one of your Immortal
Challengers. Hana asks him about the Gardens. Then he gives her the
Digging Tool and Chinese Fan. From this part, I will tell you what area
to go and what to do here in parts.

  After that, you go to the right door to Earth Chamber. There are
several hell monsters here, as you saw Yim Wau Long do. Here you just
have two weapons to use : either Shotgun or Rocket Launcher 480. The
others are almost useless. You will collect a lot of shotgun ammo from
these enemies. Go to the north where you found the Bridge Tiles. Step on
the white square, you are teleported to another area.

  There are three hell monsters are waiting for you. Use your Shotgun
and shoot and them fast but correctly. The correct shots are very
important to kill these things without being damaged. Then I think you
should observe the place. There are five coloured squares on the ground.

  They are shown by the coloured squares on the ground. Its colour tells
you where it will take you to. I can call these five elements in Asian
stories : Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Yeah, but here there are
just Gold, Water, Fire and Earth.
  Red Square = Fire Chamber
  Blue Square = Lake Area & Water Chamber
  Yellow Square = Gold Chamber
  Gray Square = Earth Chamber & The Mine
  You will meet several of these in each area you come to. In Fire
Chamber there is a fifth white square that has no symbol on it next to
the geysers. Just ignore it now.   -------------------------------------

  In this place, besides the squares, you can see a little mine here.
You use the Digging Tool to grab Rock Salt from the mine. Now step on
the Red Square to the Fire Chamber.

  Three other monsters annoy you again. They can be in front or on your
right when you have just gone there. You check the Fire Chamber, grab
the Empty Gourd beside the owen. Remember the weird white square you see

  Find the Blue Square and come to Lake Area. Two or three guys can play
with you as you just come. Shoot fast and correctly, that's all. After
finishing the monster, you find the grinding device next to the pier of
the lake. Then draw the Rock Salt into it and grind. You have got Salt.
  Go to the lake on the pier. You see a Kraken (or Leviathan ?) swimming
in the water. You throw Salt to the lake and the dirty water will kill
it. Then Hana will jump into the lake bed and find the Water Crystal.
But then your Digging Tool is broken. Standing on the pier, you fill
your Empty Gourd with Salt water. Then you have Salt Water Gourd. Step
on the Yellow Square.

  Gold Chamber is one of the confusing challenges for me. It can be
considered as a puzzle :


  Observe the place first, you are surrounded by a stream of gold
liquid. You can't pass the other side. Now you fill the Salt Water Gourd
on it, a bridge is built for you to pass. But this is just a beginning.
  On the bridge, you come to near the left gold pool until you can see
the whole scenery of the chamber.
  There are four gold pools. The one next to you is the bottom left.
These gold pools will turn hard and melted gradually following a long
order. Even the connecting bridges between each two pools and the cross
in the center include gold liquid too. If you step on them as liquid,
you'll be damaged until your life is taken, Hana is turned into a golden
statue and "Game Over". So you must be careful and follow what I tell

 1. Wait until the bottom left pool turns hard, step on it.
 2. When the right connecting path and the bottom right pool turns hard,
go to it.
 3. From the bottom right pool, the cross will turn hard and it is
melted, so you quickly run to the cross.
 4. While standing on the cross, you can get on the top right pool when
it turns hard. But be careful, it will be melted soon. So try to return
to the cross if it's still hard.
 5. Then the cross is melted, and the top right pool is hard. Run again
to that pool.
 6. This pool is melted again, you again stay on the cross.
 7. This time, the top right, top left pool and the connecting bridge
between them are really hard. Run fast from the top right pool through
the top left one and reach the platform. You get Gold Crystal and Empty
Goblet. Then all the pools are completely hard and you don't have to
pass them in misery again. Just go as usual.
  You get on the Blue Square.

  You don't have anything to do here beside finishing a enthusiatic hell
monster. Go on the Blue Square here again.

  You are again taken to this splendid place. But now there are tons of
hell monsters here. Just go straight to the lawn. Three hell monsters
have surrounded you in close distance and it'll be pretty hard to kill
them like this. But running to other direction will be worse. So try to
kill these things as you can with Shotgun (Rocket Launcher 480 could
damage you in close distance).
  You can notice a Water Wheel on the grass. Use it to purify the water.
  After you have just got off, a hell monster appears behind you. Now
you can run away from this one because you won't be back to this place
in the future. Step on the old Blue Square.

  Fill the Empty Gourd and Empty Goblet with the water in the lake now.
You have purified the water with the Water Wheel, so you receive Fresh
Water Gourd and Fresh Water Goblet. Then step on the Red Square.

  Now you really use the white square. You stand on it, the drink the
Fresh Water in the Goblet. The Holy Water will help Hana to find the
Fire Crystal in one of the geysers in front of you. It's the second one
from the left. The Holy Water will prevent you from that geyser when you
get in to grab the Fire Crystal. But it's not effective when you enter
other geysers.
  Come to the owen. You put the Empty Goblet in the fire to melt it into
fluid. Then you use the Broken Digging Tool. It will be unbroken with
the gold fluid. You step on the Gray Square to the Mine.

  After killing some hell monsters here, you come to the mine again. Now
use the Digging Tool to dig some holes. Then put the Water Crystal, the
Fire Crystal, and Gold Crystal in the hole. Hana will cover it by soil.
Then use the Fresh Water Gourd to water the mess. There will be a huge
tree growing from that location. You get a Diamond from the tree - which
has been created from four natural elements Fire, Water, Gold and Earth.

  Now you have nothing more to do. Step on the Gray Square to Earth
Chamber. Be careful with several hell monsters re-appearing here. Then
get back to the doorway. Go to the Garden Gazebo and enter the Tower
with the Diamond...



        Enemies : Military Soldiers, Military Robots
        Items : Gate Key, C4 Bomb, Utility Key, Crowbar,
                Blood Sample, Paper Doll


                             AS GLAS

   Glas is still wandering in the fog. But then something has made him
return to the past - when he was a military commander...

  Glas seems younger and better at this time. It looks like this
situation happened after Glas had been betrayed. He entered the military
area creepily and did something. You begin with him in the Base Garage.
I suggest you to save here because your enemies will be military
soldiers - whom I think to be one of the most annoying foes. Now equip
the Shotgun with you. Then come creepily to the south while crouching.
You can take out these soldiers easily when they are in the same
direction. They must come close to you if they want to shoot you. So
just aim your gun at them fast and kill. It takes you two shots to kill
a soldier. You get Gate Key from them. Then next to the last door of the
room. You get through it to a hallway.

  A robot is guarding here. Now try to run to the south as much as you
can. Don't waste any second for doing other things because the robot can
block thw whole your way if you aren't fast. When touching the double
door in the end, quickly use Gate Key at correct position to open.

  Two soldiers welcome you. With the first one, you use Shotgun to shoot
at him without crouching. Just shoot when the auto-aim is right. Then
the next soldier will come to you when he recognizes your present. Just
shoot him as usual.

  After that, you come to a room with a locked door. Glas says he can't
open it. Then return to the entrance. Remember to go beside the right
wall because you'll face a dangerous situation... The robot in the
hallway destroys the door to get in and attack you. Now you are next to
the right wall, use your gun to shoot at the petrol tanks in the right
of corner behind the robot correctly. Then an explosion is caused and
the robot is spoiled. Glas gets on the ladder to the roof.

  There are two soldiers here. They won't recognize you if you crouch.
When you just get on, go right near the balcony until the "Use" note
appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Open your inventory and
use Grappling Hook. Glas will shoot the hook to the other side and swing
to there. But there are some guests who have been here to wait for you.

  There are three soldiers. The first one you see is using a rifle. He
could jump to your left (Glas' right) or behind Glas. You can use the
Rocket Launcher to kill him as soon as possible because he is the most
confusing now. Try to rotate correctly at the auto-aim direction because
the soldiers can kill you just for a moment. If you kill him, you can
finish the others easily when they are both in front of you. But be fast
in your arm. (It took me tons of times to replay this part in pain. I
hate it !)

  Grab Rifle and Flame Canister from the dead soldiers, you observe this
roof. There's nothing here except a smoke. Go to the corner where the
smoke is rising, then press Triangle Button. Glas will jump to the other

  Now you have no way to go besides getting through the fans.



  This is just a part in the game, not a puzzle. But I still separate it
as a puzzle because I have been troubled a lot with this and I think it
needs noticed.

  There are fifteen fans. Seeing them, you find that almost of them are
running, slow of fast. The stopping time is very short. But if you can
pay attention better, you'll see the the fan in the center has a more
regular speed and its stopping time is longer than the other. So it will
be your way through. There is a edge separating each fan. You try to the
step on the edge carefully, don't fall to any fan because you'll be
killed miserably and game over. Step carefully til you come to the
central fan. Then just stand there and wait until it almost stops
running, you can get down.


  Glas gets down the storage. He grabs one the C4 bomb in the box. Save
here before continueing, then you control him to get out by the right
door. Glas will get on a robot and control it to shoot the others. After
the Rush Moment, there will be a robot and two soldiers attack you. Just
let the auto-aim act, then you shoot the soldiers first by the robot's
gatling gun. Then finish the robot soon. If you let it come to you, you
can die. Now, run to the LEFT path. Run towards, until you see a corner,
turn right. You'll be assaulted with gatling guns shot by some fighting
helicopters in the sky. Now run, run, and run to the end. If you do in
time, the robot is destroyed by the fire and Glas jumps out and climbs
the ladder.

  Glas is on another roof area. Now some helicopters have surrounded and
shoot at you by assault guns. This is not hard. Do you see the red
cannon in the corner when you have just began ? Try to avoid the
helicopter's shots and run to it. That's all. Then Glas will do the
rest. He swings the cannon to the helicopters and finish them all (what
an experienced commander !).

  You receive another Rush Moment. Equip your Shotgun and go to the next
room. Kill the soldiers to grab Utility Key. Then you find a locked
door, open it by the Utility Key. Kill the soldiers as you did, then
grab Crowbar from him. Find a hole lid, use the Crowbar to open. After a
moment, you are taken to the Base Garage where you have started.

  Now the soldiers are everywhere to alert you. You'll be welcomed first
by two of them in this garage. Kill them all, then save. From here the
fights will be harder. Then you get out and go to the way where the
robot was.

  There are two guards at your first sight. If you can, just kill them.
But if not, run away, run to the end of the hallway to the room the
robot was destroyed. There are two more soldiers here. One of them can
see you. Just avoid them if you're afraid (You won't go to this place
anymore). Use the Utility Key to unlock the door that you haven't been
able to open before.

  A soldier is in the room and he just has a few health. One shot can
kill him and grab Flame Canister. Use the Crowbar to open the hole, Glas
will himself go to the next area. There are some soldiers in the area he
comes, so Glas puts the C4 bomb to ruin the place. But then the electric
port has fallen, and the electricity is running everywhere that can kill
you immediately if you step on.


  Now yoy are blocked by an electrified field. First, save your game.
then you watch the electricity act. Okay, the first time it sparks on
the whole field. Then the second time, it just sparks on some part and
the third time on the other. Then it repeats those three actions
Meanwhile, you see there are something that are not affected by
electricity, such as the green pieces, the wood piece. Now you must move
to the top right to get in the next door.

1. When the electricity has just finished the first time sparking, you
run fast to the first wood piece.

2. Then when it completes the second time sparking, you can run partly
to the dry area. When the electricity temporarily stops, you dash to the
green piece in the other head. (Remember not to touch the electrified
thing in the center. You can be affected too).

3. When the electricity has just completed a spark, you run quickly to
the wood piece in the upper path. This is shorter, so I think you can
run to it while the electricity is stopping.

4. Next time, you run to the next green piece as usual.

5. Wait until the electricity has stopped the second spark, you run to
right and that's all.


  Okay, the door is next to you. Equip the Shotgun carefully, then use
the Gate Key to unlock it. This is a rather hard situation (a pain !!!)
, let me show you two methods I have tested to pass here :

- Method 1 : Equip the EMP with you. When you have just got in, keep
charging it and shoot to petrify the robot. Then quickly arm the Shotgun
or Rocket Launcher 480 to kill the soldier. And equip the EMP again to
stun the robot when it has got "consciousness", now use the Gate Key to
unlock the right door.

- Method 2 : Equip the Shotgun with you. When you have just got in, run
to the right and shoot at the same time. Don't forget that the Shotgun
has pretty large range, I assure that your two shots will put up the
soldier if you keep your calmness. Then run fast and unlock the right
door by the Gate Key.

  Do you feel it's hard ? Don't be so happy. The next room has three
soldiers who are wandering here. Equip either Shotgun or Rocket Launcher
480. Then crouch, going creepily. One of the soldier will soon recognize
you. But it's not hard when you let them in the same direction. When
Glas aims, just shoot correctly at the objects and always calm. If you
hurry or fear, I think you don't have enough effort to win.

  Now then, find a door in the right side of the area. Oops ! Three more
soldiers are here too. Crouch again, then go right until they recognize
you. Just repeat the above tactic. I have no more to say with these
annoying guys.

  After that, go to the whole area and find a little door in the right.
Use Crowbar to open. Then you get in a peaceful laboratory. Go and talk
to a person lying. Glas spots that is Jake - his friend who has got the
EINDS and now he terribly looks like Rachel Kazra in the opening movie.
It's all a tragedy. Glas gets his Blood Sample. Then you go out.

  ...Hey, it's not over yet. Glas' brother has stopped him and forces
him to give up the Blood Sample. Glas refuses to do that and leaves, but
he is shot. After a moment, you must control Glas to grab the gun on the
floor immediately before his brother can get it to kill you. Then
everything was a confusion... You receive Paper Doll.

  Glas has returned to present. You spot that you are in the Water
Chamber of the Twin Juniper Garden. Now equip either Shotgun or Rocket
Launcher 480. Now find the way to return to the doorway. When you are on
the white yard, there might be two Hell Monsters confusing you. Just
shoot them as usual. Then when you get on the grass, one or two Hell
Monsters grab you again. After that, enter the water and go. You can be
surrounded by three Hell Monsters at the same time if you go too far. I
have been in this trouble, but then I try to use the Shotgun and shoot
everywhere to destroy the round circle. After finishing, you get back to
the doorway, straight to the Garden Gazebo and get on the Tower as Hana


                            Disc 2

   Enemies : The Eight Immortals (Challengers)
   Items : None


  When you enter the tower, you will be tested by the Eight Immortals to
reach Rain. Hana, as Rain's seeker, is tested to bare her heart as
Rain's close friend and the power to defeat the evil. Glas - a person
who has passed many pains in life - is tested to determine the past and
present, as Hana's supporter.

                   AS HANA - THE FIRST TEST

  You begin with Hana on the first floor. Save here before entering the
first test. You touch the blue space in the opposite wall of the room.
Then shake the Bell to summon the first Immortal...

  Hm... the first Immortal is very the guy who gave you the bell in Wing
Chune Party - Shao Chiu. But now he is not Shao Chiu, he is an Immortal
God. And he is your first challenger. Your first test is a simple game.


   You just need a quite good memory to play this game. There are eight
buttons on the screen as eight different sounds of the full song. The
first time, three buttons are played. Then you must repeat correctly the
order of three buttons. The next time, the melody is replayed, added a
fourth button, and you repeat it again. Then the third time, the second
melody is repeated, added a fifth button, and you perform. Do the same
until eight buttons are played. If you fail on the way, the First
Immortal will give you chances to redo whenever you want. Just call him
again at that time.


                    AS GLAS - THE SECOND TEST

  Save here if you want. Then get on the blue space, use the Phoenix
lucky charm to call your challenger. Glas recognizes this Immortal was
the woman in red whom he met in Xi'an Temple, and also the person who
talked to Shao Chiu in the Wing Chune Party. She will challenge you a
fortune game, not hard but not easy.


  The game rule is simple. There is a carved picture of a dragon on the
screen. The dragon's tail is split into two fins. Glas - the blue gem -
in in the upper fin and the Immortal's red gem in in the below tail. The
whole dragon is made by the row of holes. You shake the dice to choose a
number. Then your gem will advance the same number of holes. If either
your or the Immortal's gem is inserted by the other's, that gem will
retreat six holes. I don't have any advice for this game because it's
partly up to your hand and your fortune.

  The winner is the gem which reaches the dragon's eye first. But it's a
trouble too. When you have been close to the eye, you must shake the
dice to choose the number of holes that can help you reach the eye
correctly. If not, you can't enter. Example : You are 3 holes away from
the dragon's eye. So you must shake the dice for 4 holes to get in. If
the number is bigger that the required one, you must retreat as that
number and redo until it's correct.

  When you finish, the woman in red will tell you the story about the
Entity and some part of the current episode. While Glas is still puzzled
about the story, she disappears and you switch to Hana.

                     AS HANA - THE THIRD TEST

  Use Chinese Fan to call the second Immortal. That's the gardener who
gave you the fan in the doorway of Twin Juniper Garden. He is Lan Tsai
Ho - the second Immortal. Without his saying, you can partly understand
your test now : Follow harmony sound the find the way to enlightment...


  There are 40 tiles on the floor which written on them are some Chinese
letters. You must play the melody on the floor by stepping on the
sounding tiles. That's not easy, because not all the tiles can be
stepped. If you step on the wrong one, you will be damaged. So be
careful. First, let me draw the chart :

         1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8
      !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
   A  !  S  !     !     !     !  S  !     !     !     !
      !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
   B  !  X  !     !     !  X  !  X  !  S  !     !     !
      !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
   C  !  X  !  S  !  X  !  X  !     !     !     !  S  !
      !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
   D  !  S  !     !     !  X  !     !  X  !  X  !  X  !
      !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !     !
   E  !     !     !     !  S  !  X  !  X  !  S  !     !
                        !     !     !
                       You begin here

  S : Sounding tiles
  X : The tile you can step on (no damage)

  To step on the right sounding tiles in right order, you do as this
guide :

- E4, D4, C4, C3, C2, C1, B1, A1
- C4, B4, B5, B6
- E4, E5, E6, E7
- E4, D4, C4, C3, C2, C1, D1
- E4, E5, E6, D6, D7, D8, C8
- E4, D4, C4, B4, B5, A5

  P.S : I hate this puzzle !

  Switch to Glas on the fourth floor.

                    AS GLAS - THE FOURTH TEST

  Use the Paper Doll and throw to the space. The third Immortal appears
and gives you two choice : Select between Honour (Glas' brother) and
Loyalty (Glas' father). No matter what you choose. You still must fight
a boss.


  This is identical to the ordinary ones in the Twin Juniper Garden, but
tougher and bigger. Not like the others, it attacks by blowing flame
when it gets close to you. This guy teleports more and faster then any
other guys. Glas is taken to a stage and fights the monster himself.
Equip the Rocket Launcher 480 as soon as possible. Pay attention to
where the monster teleports, keep a safe distance and shoot it when it's
coming. Its flame may not damage you so much. But damage is still damage
and you must do everything to avoid. It takes about 5 or 7 shots to kill
this Hell Monster.

  So now what is the right choice ? There's no right choice and they are
all in past. Glas must face his present anyway...

                  AS HANA - THE FIFTH TEST

  Use the Mirror to summon the fifth Immortal. Well, he is the wounded
Technician in Wing Chune Aqueduct who gave you a Mirror Segment and
Green Keycard. He asks if weapon has made you crazy and find Rain. And
then, he turns himself into the Fifth Immortal and you must fight him by


  As Glas, Hana is taken to an eternal stage to fight the boss. There
are four corners which one of them is the place the Immortal may
teleport to. The first time or second time, he can appear to threaten
you a little and then turns away. After some times like that, he will
stand and cast a lightning hand rotating over the whole stage. When he
begins to cast, it's time for you to kick him. If you are fast, you can
damage him twice each time. When he disappears, your health can be
restored a little. Try to use those moments to keep you alive and be
careful at the Lightning Hand. It takes you about ten hits to defeat
this Immortal.


  Well then, the Immortal understands that your hope to find Rain makes
your strength. And you use that strength to find your close partner.
Isn't it good ?

                    AS GLAS - THE SIXTH TEST

  Use the Bravery Medal to call the sixth Immortal - who is the guy
played chess with you in Queen's Tomb. He says that he has seen you
passing the previous test and the result was no choice. And now, he
forces to fight Glas' most invincible enemy : Glas's self.



  The second Royce Glas glares at you with a cruel glare. Then he
tremendously attacks you by any weapons you have (because he is your
reflection). You, as the real Glas, quickly equip the SS 2000. Then run
to avoid the fake Glas' shot, deceiving him to a pillar. Then turn fast
your aim and throw flame at him. The fake Glas will roll to evade. Where
he rolls to is where you turn your aim to, keeping pressing the fire
button for the flame to surge contnually that the fake Glas can't do
anything besides rolling. Then you can kill him easiily if there's no
mistake while shooting. If you slide your hand, the other Glas can
reverse the situation at once. Remember that your enemy is yourself; he
has everything you have and does everything you can do. The fake Glas is
like a copy of the Military Soldier, but tougher. Anyway, it's still an
easy fight as a versus battle. Just not commit any mistake when you
fight him.


                     AS HANA - SEVENTH TEST

  Use the Hair Pin to call the seventh challenger. He is the bull shadow
you met in Queen's Tomb. This test about your close partner Rain. Then
the shadow will show you events about Rain's past.

  Rain was raised by her adoptees and lived happily. But after some
incidents, they got killed and Rain must be given to Madame Wu - a woman
who didn't seem good. The girl has passed a bitter life. One day, Hana
accidentally saw her lying beneath the garden, and then she has brought
her up until now.

  After that, the Immortal will give you two choices if she could change
her past : either Rain or her parents.

  If you choose Rain, you can pass this test soon. If you choose her
parents, you must face a fight with two Hell Monsters. The strategy has
been written above.

                        AS GLAS - LAST TEST

  I think this is the easiest test. Use the Peach to call the Eighth
Immortal. It's the old man who lost the donkey in the Temple of Xi'an. I
don't understand what he wants. His challenge is really simple.


  As a puzzle, I still separate it here, although it's too easy. There
are many rows of tiles in front of you. Then you pass them, sometimes
there are some tiles that can hurt you. But don't worry, their damage is
a little and it's not bad enough to kill you. It would be hard to
believe that you can't pass this test, except you want to kill yourself
now (O_O).


  When you have finished, you are brought to the present and the last
Immortal lets you get to the GENOMIC VOID.


                   PART NINE - FINAL BATTLE
                           Disc 3

     Enemies : Rachel Kazra and Mist Qin (Last bosses)
     Items : DNA Virus (If you shoot Mist)


  *Well then, Fear Effect 2 has two endings and they all depend on this
last chance to save Rain.

                            AS GLAS


  Then go straight. Glas is faced by "Rain" who holds a needle and calls
herself "Rain". Then Deke is coming, with another "Rain" who is taking a
Flash Disc. When Glas and Deke are being confused, Hana comes...

                            AS HANA

  You must choose Mist to shoot, not Rain. But which is Rain ? Let's see
what they are holding :

- Flash Disc is the standard item which Rain always brings with her.
- One of them suggest Hana to shoot all.

  It's too clear to know who Rain is. But no matter you shoot Rain or
Mist, you still have to enter the last battle. I will have two
strategies for two selections. But first, I may explain what will

  No matter what you choose, Mist will call her mother Rachel Kazra and
force you to meet her. Then she thrusts the needle to herself, and
Rachel Kazra from the Genomic Void will be cast down, combining with
Mist into a terrible with two heads. They are Rachel Kazra and Mist.


  The boss will attack you by three ways :

  Rachel will gather lightning power and cast a green laser in a
straight line. This is the easiest spell to avoid. You just move aside
and then shoot at her at a certain position until she disappears.

  Rachel does some somesault, casting 4 flying balls everywhere. This is
hard to avoid because I never evade from this completely. But I think
the best position is in front of Rachel when she has just fired the
balls. Then just fire at her.

  Rachel will lie on the ground. Rachel's and Mist's head blow flame
rotating around the stage following a direction. It's hard to avoid this
completely, but the point is that Rachel will get closer to you after
each flames. You stand at a bottom position that the coming flame can't
reach. After that flame, you move to another near position following the
monster's rotating direction, until Rachel stops. You can shoot her
before she flames, but I think it's better to avoid only when Rachel
casts this thing, except you must fight her with Deke.

  Now these are the strategies :

  You'll fight the boss as Rain. Hana has given her the DNA Virus. Your
best weapon is the Rocket Launcher. That's the reason why I remind you
to find this weapon with Rain the last time in Xi'an Temple.
  The game will remind you to use SS 2000 with this monster by giving
unlimited Flame Canister on the ground. But don't do as they want.

  I think the game wants you to fight Rachel following its element after
each spell. Do you see ? After she casts Lightning Strike, the SS 2000
seems very weak at her (small damage) because Lightnigh Strike is
thunder elemental. When Rachel casts Mercury Balls which is Water
elemental, the SS 2000 has made a big deal of damage on the boss. And
when she casts flame, SS 2000 has no effect. I have no idea if you want
to use this weapon, but I assure it'll be harder using Rocket Launcher
or Assault Rifle.

  ROCKET LAUNCHER : One shot can damage about 1/8 the boss'health and
smaller in Hard Mode. Rocket Launcher 480 is effective with every state
and every spell of Rachel. Just avoid her spell as I wrote above, then
shoot her continually and correctly.

  ASSAULT RIFLE : If you didn't have Rocket Launcher 480 and you don't
want to use the damn SS 2000, Assault Rifle is your best choice. I have
defeated Rachel with Rain by this weapon when I hadn't got the RL 480.
As Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle's shots are not affected by Rachel's
states. You can shot her continually and powerfully. The only annoying
of Assault Rifle is the reloading time. But it's no matter if you are
careful and fast in your aim.

  After Rachel & Mist has been defeated, it will roll itself on the
ground. You, as Rain, come to near it (don't be afraid) and go round
until the "Use" notice appears. Then you use the DNA Virus to finish
your mother and sister's life. If not, it will be recovered and you musr
redo everything.


  You fight Rachel with Hana, Glas and Deke.

  Equip the Rocket Launcher 480. In this fight, Rachel just casts
Lightning Strike ONLY. So it's easy to shoot her. Hana will attack until
the monster loses 1/3 its health.

  Equip the Rocket Launcher 480. In this fight, Rachel just fires
Mercury Balls ONLY. You can damage her easily until she loses 2/3 her

  Well, it's hard now. If you have got the Rocket Launcher 480 for Deke,
it has no matter. If not, use any weapon you have. Rachel will use
Blowing Flame with you. Shoot her before she casts flame, then start to
run and avoid. Try to save your life as much as you can.




  10/  E N D I N G S (SPOILERS)



 - Hana is alive.
 - Rain is alive.
 - Glas is alive.
 - Deke is alive.
 - Rachel and Mist dies.
  Everyone is alive. You have this ending by shooting Mist before the
last battle. Then Glas and Deke will ask how she knows who Rain is, Hana
answers that Rain is left-handed (Mist held the needle by right hand).
When they are getting out, Mist gets up with the wound and summoms
Rachel Kazra. The fight begins...
  After the fight, Rain and Glas intends to find some jobs. While Rain
is busy, Hana, Glas and Deke has a delicious meal with one another. Deke
eats like "pig", Glas has got a hair cut which looks like himself in the
  Yeah, everybody is happy.

 - Hana dies.
 - Rain is ? (unknown)
 - Glas dies.
 - Deke is alive.
 - Rachel and Mist are alive.
  This is really an ending for a long tragedy (Of course, I hate it ! I
feel sorry for everyone !). You get it when shooting Rain. Rain tries to
stand for a while, calling "Hana...". Then Mist begins a satisfied laugh
as Hana has helped her from a trouble. Hana hugs Rain in her arms, Rain
says that she would rather die in Hana's arm than live without her
forever. After that, Mist summons Rachel.
  Hana fights the first battle with Rachel. But she was killed by the
Lightning Strike. Then Glas gets killed by the Mercury Balls. And Deke
is the last survivor. But the problem is that Deke doesn't know that he
must kill it by the DNA Virus, so it's alive. Then he brings Rain and
runs away.


  11/  C H E A T S  &  C O D E S



  You find these cheats after finishing the game fourth times for 4
discs. At the starting screen, press these buttons :

  Disc 1 : Left - Right - Up - Down - Down - Circle
  Disc 2 : Up - Up - R1 - R1 - R1 - Square
  Disc 3 : L1 - R2 - L1 - R2 - L1 - Square
  Disc 4 : Circle - Circle - Square - L2 - Square

  Disc 1 : Left - Right - Up - Up - Down - Circle
  Disc 2 : Up - Up - R1 - R1 - R1 - Square
  Disc 3 : L1 - R2 - L1 - R2 - L1 - Square


  When you finish the game once, save it. Then start again by the save
file. At the beginning, after Rain has gone, you find a control pad on
the left-hand wall. Press Triangle Button at it. Enter these codes if
you like :

  All Weapons - 11692

  Maximum Ammunition - 61166

  Big Head Mode - 10397 (suck ?!)


  NOTES : These codes are got from other source. The author of this
guide never uses game sharks to play. So don't complain me if they don't
work well.

  Never Reload Assault Rifle           8008BB54 0063
  Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo          8008BC0B 03E7
  Infinite Shotgun Ammo                8008BC0E 03E7
  Never Reload Shotgun                 8008BB64 0063
  Infinite Uzi Ammo                    8008BC0A 03E7
  Never reload Uzi                     8008BB44 0063
  Infinite 90 Pistol Ammo              8008BC08 03E7
  Never Reload 90 Pistol               8008BB3C 0031
                                       8008BB3E 0031

  Infinite Shotgun Ammo                8008BF0E 03E7
  Never Reload Shotgun                 8008BE64 0063
  Infinite Uzi Ammo                    8008BE0A 03E7
  Never Reload Uzi                     8008BE44 0063
  Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo          8008BF0C 03E7
  Never Reload Assault Rifle           8008BF08 03E7
  Infinite 90 Pistol Ammo              801F1DD0 0100
  Never Reload 90 Pistol Ammo          8008BE3C 0031
                                       8008BE3E 0031

  Infinite GL 150 Ammo                 8008BE12 03E7
  Never Reload GL 150                  8008BD8C 0063
  Infinite Shotgun Ammo                8008BE0E 03E7
  Never Reload Shotgun                 8008BD64 0063
  Infinite Assault Rifle               8008BE0C 03E7
  Never Reload Assault Rifle           8008BD54 0053
  Never Reload Shot Pistol             8008BD4C 0031
                                       8008BD4E 0031


  12/  S P E C I A L  S E C T I O N


  I suddenly think of the idea to build this part in my guide after
listening to my mother tell about Asian legends. I know that several of
Fear Effect 2 players are from Europe or any continents out of Asia.
When Fear Effect 2 takes most sceneries from China - one of my country's
neighbours. So I think I could let you know some information I have
learnt about what you meet in the game.

  CLOSE INFO ABOUT THE AUTHOR     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  Hi everybody ! My full name is Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan. I wander in
Internet with an alias called "Mysticcat". Some people ask me why I
choose this name. I just answer you by this formula :

  Mysticcat = I like mysteries + My Chinese Lucky Zodiac Animal

  Of course, I'm not a Chinese. As I said, China is one of my country's
neighbours. But I also know something about China and Chinese.

  My favourite game genres are Adventure, Survival Horror and
Traditional RPGs. I have made FAQs for some Resident Evil games and RPGs
like Koudelka or Parasite Eve. Fear Effect 2 is an Action/Adventure game
which has attracted me. So I want to make a guide for it too. That's
what I can tell you about me.

  SOME OTHER STUFFS ABOUT FEAR EFFECT 2     \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  I think that many people have known about this. But now I also want to
share with you. If you have played til the adventure in the Temple of
Xi'an, you may see some arts of Asian dragons in the canyon or on the
walls. The Europian dragon is different from the Asian one although they
are both from traditional legends.

  The Europian dragon is told as a figure of evil. It might be a giant
four-leg creature with huge wings. It can throw flame from its mouth to
destroy everything on its way. Some legends also tell about the three-
headed dragon with a mostly similar form as I said.

  The Asian dragon is the opposite. About its form, it looks like a
snake with long body and scales. It has a pair of horns and a tremendous
face. The Asians consider it as the most noble animal - as the highest
God. In some Chinese legends, these dragons are the animal of elements :
Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. The fire dragon is red and it casts flame,
giving the fire to human beings. The water dragon is the king of ocean.
It gives people the sea creatures. The Wind one gives wind and rain and
the Earth one help the farmers to have good crops. But the Asian dragon
that we often hear most is the water dragon :

  In ancient era, the Chinese prayed the Water Dragon as the king of
oceans who would give them sea creatures and make rain because
agriculture was their main occupation to live. So then when any year is
drought that damage the farmers' lives, or there are always tidal waves,
the people think that the King of Sea is angry at them. At that time,
people mostly believed in Gods very much. When the King of Sea is angry,
they usually do a superstitious ceremony : giving a sacrifice to the
King of Sea. This sacrifice had to be a young virgin girl found in that
village. The ceremony is done by a Magi, the poor girl would be thrown
to the sea as "a new wife of the King". This old ceremony was completely
deleted for its unforgivable characteristics and now it's just in


  Well then, I have seen some FAQs written about this monster. Most of
the authors don't know about this monster and call them "Priests" or
anything else. But then do you know its origin ?

  This monster was created from a legend of an ancient tribe in China.
In ancient era, the Chinese houses often had no doors or locks. So the
people couldn't avoid from being stolen or robbed by strangers. Then
they needed a guard to protect them. In that house, if there was anyone
who had died, that person would be buried under a pillar in front of the
house - as the Guardian to protect the house from strangers. At night,
when any strangers come into the house, the ghost of the dead person
would wake up from the pillar - a swollen person who gave up their hands
to the front, hard as rock. This "Guardian" will chase the strangers
forever to annoy and frighten them. You will ask me why these guardians
are swolen ? Because they were dead people. You know, dead people have
their bodies stopped acting moving, so do these Guardian Souls. That
mean they are undead monsters, and that might be the reason why you
can't kill them. The Guardian Souls in the Temple of Xi'an might be
created to protect the temple from strangers.


  Do you remember the man who play tactic chess with Glas in his Tomb
Trials ? That man might not be popular in Europe or American, but very
familiar with Asians, especially Chineses and people in my country.

  I don't know much about this man in China. But in my country - which
has some same traditions of China - I have known that man's image from a
special kind of traditional plays. The actors in this kind of plays tell
the conversations emotional and lively voices and singing very hard
melody. They must practise very much to have the suitable voice to sing
them. This kind of plays can be used to report historical events for the

  You see, the man's face is drawn with different colours. His costume
looks like a high-level warrior's in Chinese history. The colours on the
actor's face shows the personality of the character he takes role of.
For instance, the red face shows a brave and gentle character ; the
green face shows a bad and cunning guy etc. The man in the game has
black face, that means he is a person of wisdom and tactics.


  Well, this game is good enough to give up the image of Yim Lau Wong -
the king of hell in some Chinese stories. The Kings of Hell from Europe
and Asia are different too.

  In Europian stories, the King of Hell might be the Satan Demon (known
as the Devil) who has red skin, an arrow tail, holding a fork. His
servants are the evil pixies or demons with the same figure.

  In Asian, the King of Hell is similar to Yim Lau Wong (Well, "Yim Lau
Wong" also means "the King of Hell" in Chinese). He looks like a Human
Being, but he lives underground and governs the souls or dead spirits.
The "Asian Hell", is known to have nine or eighteen large cells for
prisoners with different crimes. The bad people who come here are
punished by very barbaric and bloody punishments. The King of Hell's
servants are various. The Hell Monsters in Fear Effect 2 are just some
of them. The most often we see in stories are ugly horse-faced or
buffallo-headed guys. The evil Bishops is known as the people who bring
the dead people's spirits to hell.

  Many legends say that those who live on the earth as nice people will
go to heaven when they die, and the opposite is the hell. The heaven in
Asia, of course different from Europian heaven. There's no angels and
gods, but there are Buddha and Kuanyin - who has protected humans when
they live : "Humans are born from sand, they would return to sand".


  13/  L A S T  W O R D S



  Score : 8/10

  I think this is a right score. Fear Effect 2 : Retro Helix has
attracted me by its stylish gameplay and interesting story. The items
and weapons are various. Although the battle and inventory systems are
not very good, its style and gameplay has remarked its advantage that
covers most of the weaknesses. The only major weakness I think is the
"annoying scene". Though this game for mature rating, it shouldn't have
so much outlandish scenes like that because it's still a game, a game
that people play for fun and entertainment.

  This is the first time I know this game. So I intend to buy Fear
Effect 1 if I have a chance. This game is really good.

  If you have anything needed to talk to me, just email me at
fireaquarian@yahoo.com. I badly advise you to view this guide at
www.gamefaqs.com, as my latest updates are always posted there the most early
and you can find what you want more easily.

 *Things you can/should do :

- Read the "Frequently Asked Questions" to find your problems first. Then if
it's not there, email me.

- Send emails to ask questions about the game that are not answered
clearly in the FAQ. The questions must be : Not answered in the guide, or
at least not answered CLEARLY in the guide. Why do I have to remark this
point ? Recently, I've got an email from a reader, blaming me that my
guide didn't mention about an important episode in the game. But I did
write that part in another section which it truly belongs to. Then he was
sorry that he hadn't checked that section, he had attempted to the
walkthrough only. So that's it. I remind you should check the guide
carefully for what you need, before emailing me. The last section you should
check is FAQs (Frequently Asked Question), since here is the place where I
answer all the common questions from readers. Then if you still haven't found
what you want, you can question me.

- Chat with me politely.

- Need help on playing game.

- Send me your ideas about the guide, contribute missing stuffs/info and notice
some major mistakes. I really appreciate.

- Drop a line saying how good my guide is. :)

 *Things you SHOULDN'T do :

- Send me emails written in foreign languages which are not English or
Vietnamese. Sorry that I don't know any more languages besides English. I
can write smoothly in English or Vietnamese. I have received many emails
that asked me in other languages which I can't answer though I really want to.
I really apologize for those I haven't replied because of this reason, and
notice about this. Thank you for your sympathizing.

- Send me questions that are not specific. I've received many asking letters in
which the game or the main problem is not mentioned. I'm sorry that I can't
reply since you don't let me know what help you need. So please remember to be
specific in your questions.

- Ask me about cheats or codes. I myself have never used codes to play games,
and I know nearly nothing about them, so I'm sorry that I can't help you with

 *Things you MUSTN'T do :
- Send flaming, hate emails, or advertisements.
- Send viruses.
- Talk about stupid topics. I hate those.

  I thank you very much if you can do those rules. Please sympathize me if
I have made you unpleasant.

* My Fear Effect related works (found at my Contributor Page at GameFAQs)

-  Fear Effect FAQ/Walkthrough
   A full strategy guide including everything about the original Fear
Effect game.

  Well, you can refer to other works of mine at :

- Mysticcat's Contributor Page
  This page contains all the game guides I have made since my starting.

  Well, there's one thing I really want to disclaim. I don't appear to be
good at English, or English is not my first language. So maybe my writing
can be a little tricky to some people. I'm very sorry about this, as I
have tried all my effort with my current improvement.



  14/  S P E C I A L  T H A N K S


  I'd like to send my special thanks to everyone who help me to make
this FAQ :

- All the contributors who have written FAQS for Fear Effect 2 : Retro
Helix - for showing me a way to make a guide for this complex game.

- Kronos Entertainment & Eidos Interactive - for having created and
published this game.

- This game Fear Effect 2 : Retro Helix - for giving leisure time.

- The people who answered my questions about the game, in Internet and
outside - I'm thankful to them all.

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasay from http://www.gamefaqs.com - for posting this
guide on Gamefaqs and for creating a great gaming site in Internet.

- All webmasters who have hosted my guide legally - thank you for
having shown my guides to a larger community of gamers.

- Every readers who have spent time to read this FAQ and have had ideas
to make it better, even just a little.

  Again, thank you very much.

             This FAQ is owned by


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