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Guide and Walkthrough by B1aCkHaZ3

Updated: 03/22/2001

           LAST REVISED: MARCH 22, 2001 (Current Size - 95.4 KB)
 _______    _______      __      _______
|  _____|  |  _____|    /  \    |  ___  \      FEAR EFFECT 2: RETRO HELIX
| |        | |         / /\ \   | |   \ |       Full Walkthrough and FAQ
| |_____   | |_____   | |__| |  | |___/ |           Version - FINAL
|  _____|  |  _____|  |  __  |  |  __  /        For the Sony PlayStation
| |        | |        | |  | |  | |  \ \         Written and Compiled By
| |        | |_____   | |  | |  | |   \ \           ...B1aCkHaZ3...
|_|        |_______|  |_|  |_|  |_|    \_\        b1ackhaz3@ignmail.com

 _______    _______    _______    _______       ___    _______    _____
|  _____|  |  _____|  |  _____|  |  _____|     / __|  |__   __|  / ___ \
| |        | |        | |        | |          / /        | |     \/   | |
| |_____   | |_____   | |_____   | |_____    / /         | |         / /
|  _____|  |  _____|  |  _____|  |  _____|  | |          | |        / /
| |        | |        | |        | |         \ \         | |       / /  
| |_____   | |        | |        | |_____     \ \__      | |      / /__/|
|_______|  |_|        |_|        |_______|     \___|     |_|     |______|

**  ×------------------------------------------------------------------×  **
**  |                         FEAR TAKES OVER                          |  **
**  |                                                                  |  **
**  |       Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix is the prequel to last year's   |  **
**  |  sleeper hit, Fear Effect.  Hana and the boys are back           |  **
**  |  with, introducing, Rain for another go around in the world      |  **
**  |  where money, girls, and murder is everything.  We love it.      |  **
**  |                                                                  |  **
**  |       In this walkthrough, we'll help you get through all the    |  **
**  |  mind-bending puzzles the game has to offer and how to get       |  **
**  |  the best ending.  So just sit back and enjoy the story.         |  ** 
**  |  I warn you, there are some spoilers in this walkthrough.  So    |  **
**  |  just don't read them if you don't want to.                      |  **
**  |                                                                  |  **
**  |       This FAQ must be viewed through a viewer with fixed text   |  **
**  |  size or else you'll just see garbled text.  I recommend Wordpad |  **
**  |  or Netscape.  Either one is fine.                               |  **
**  ×------------------------------------------------------------------×  **

                            »»»»»[ CONTENTS ]«««««

*You can use the FIND  [Ctrl+F] command to  skip around.  Type in the  name.

 1. Version History
 2. Copyright / Disclaimer
     - To Webmasters - PLEASE READ
 3. Game Basics
     - Controls
     - Weapons
     - Life-saving Tips
 4. Characters Profiles
     - Hana Tsu-Vachel
     - Royce Glas
     - Jakob "Deke" Decourt
     - Rain Quin
 5. Walkthrough
     - Part One (Disc 1) - Aqueduct
     - Part Two (Disc 2) - Wing Chune Garden
     - Part Three (Disc 1B) - 80th and 86th Floor
     - Part Four (Disc 4) - Deserted City and Dig Site
     - Part Five (Disc 3) - Tomb Entry and Emperor's Tomb
     - Part Six (Disc 4B) - Island of the Eight Immortals
     - Part Seven (Disc 2B) - Tower of the Eight Immortals
     - Part Eight (Disc 3B) - Eternal Void
 6. Endings (MAJOR spoiler)
 7. Reviews for Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix
     - Author's
     - Other Sites
 8. Cheats and Secrets
 9. Gameshark Codes
10. Fear Effect 3 Wishlist 
11. Credits/Acknowledgements/Special Thanks
12. Contact Information
14. Final Words
     - Author's Comments
----------------------------- [ Version History ] --------------------------

+  Version 1 [March 2, 2001]
   This is my first walkthrough.  So, don't laugh  or anything. I'm just now
   getting  used to  mastering  ASCII stuff.  Perhaps, as  time passes, I'll 
   get better.

+  Version 1.5 [March 3, 2001]
   OoOps!  I forgot to add WEAPONS.  How silly of me...Also added walkthrough

+  Version 2 [March 5, 2001]

   Added "Gameshark Codes" section to the table of content. Damnit!  How can
   I forget?!  Also added walkthrough for 80th and  86th floor and  while as
   Deke.  OK...Don't know when the next update will be.
+  Version 2.9 [March 7, 2001]
   Whoa, I added a crapload of stuff in just two days! Hehe. I'm doing good.
+  Version 3 [March 8, 2001]

   Added Parts 6-8  of the walk  through.  I'll  probably  work on the other
   sections tomorrow.  This file is getting big...don't know if GameFAQs.com
   would accept it.  HEHE.
+  Version 3.2 [March 9, 2001]

   Wow, I can't believe I  finnished the  walkthrough!  Well, FE2  is  kinda
   short.  But what I'm surprised  about is that this file is  like 80KB and
   growing.  I'm like, what the hell did  I put?!  Well, for this version, I
   only added cheats and Gamershark codes.  Nothing special.
+  Version FINAL [March 10, 2001]

   Yep, this  is really  the FINAL  version.  I did everything I  had in the
   content.  Well, I hope this is the final version...
+  Version FINAL ..really! [March 11, 2001]

   Nope.  The other FINAL wasn't the REAL  FINAL.  I added the FE3  wishlist
   and fixed some spelling a grammar.  File size - 90 KB
+  UPDATE [March 16, 2001]
   I received an e-mail telling me that I had some mistakes in the mail. Me?
   Mistakes?  Well, nobody's perfect. Special thanks goes out  to Kazier3000
   for the correction.  There might be  more. Keep them coming. I appreciate
   it. :)
   I also spotted some spelling mistakes that I didn't  catch before.  And I
   cleaned up the layout a bit.  Nothing drastic.
+  UPDATE [March 21, 2001]

   Another  e-mail from a  gamer.  But it's not  a  correction... thank God.
   Special thanks goes out to MGS2000.  Sent in a huge wishlist.  He's
   some great ideas.  Read it!  And this guy looves MGS, I bet. ^_^
   I'm bored. Been a while since I did anything constructive.  I just bought
   Onimusha.  That game's  pretty challenging.  Maybe I'll do  a FAQ on  it.
+  UPDATE [March 22, 2001]

   A certain somebody wants their name off  the guide.  I'm removing it.  NO

------------------------ [ Copyright / Disclaimer ] ------------------------

+  This walkthrough is solely intended for the  public use  on the WWW.  You
   may not  reproduce, transmit, or rewrite  it in anyway or manner  without
   special  permissions from  the author.  To obtain  those permissions, you
   must  send  an  email  with  "FE2 FAQ - PERMISSION"  in  the  subject  to
   b1ackhaz3@ingmail.com  If this legal document is portrayed in any comerc-
   ial use, you are therefore  stricten under the code of law--and  will  be
   punished.  In  full contrast,  this  document portrayed  in  the  website 
   found (www.gamefaqs.com) is to be used and only used by the public itself
   and  cannot  be  sold.   Revisions  of  this FAQ are only to be done with
   notice of the author before hand and may be done so as  long as the  name
   of the author of the document appears  in due credit.  This  FAQ may  not
   appear in any promotional CD or magazine.  This FAQ is not to be used  in
   a password-protected area nor in a high-security area.  IT IS ONLY TO  BE
   USED IN A PUBLIC AREA!  This FAQ may not be  plagiarized.  You will  only
   damage  the  author and also  yourself in terms  of  the law, whether the
   punishment is civil or  criminal.  Above all, GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS

+  Hana, Glas, Rain, Deke, Jin,  and other  fictional  characters and  names
   used throughout this FAQ are the intellectual property of  Eidos  Interac-
   tive Ltd. and is not intended to challenge their copyrights. Fear Effect,
   Fear Effect 2, Eidos, Eidos Interactive and logos  are registered  trade-
   marks and trademarks of of Eidos  Interactive Ltd.  Should Eidos feel the
   use of its  ideas and names nor  should this document  be deemed illegal,
   it shall be removed immediately upon request.

+  Kronos is a trademark of Kronos Digital Entertainment.


   You want to  put this FAQ on  your site?  All I ask  is a  simple  e-mail
   asking for permission and that you follow the guidelines below...
    - Do NOT edit this FAQ in anyway
    - Do not place this document in an HTML document.
    - Do not place any ad banners on this FAQ, unless it's in another frame.
    - This FAQ may not appear in a restricted or password-protected area.
    - You may not sell or make a profit out of this FAQ.
   You may contact me with the following e-mail addresses:
    - b1ackhaz3@ignmail.com
    - SuperAverageGuy@aol.com
   Put "FE2 FAQ - PERMISSION" in  the  subject line.  You will  get a  reply
   only if it's a legitimate e-mail.

+  This FAQ can appear only on the following sites without my permission:

    - GameFAQs.com - Always check here for the latest updates and  versions.
    - Gamewinners.com
    - TheGamer.com
    - CheatCC.com

----------------------------- [ Game Basics ] ------------------------------

                            »»»»»[ CONTROLS ]«««««
                          _____                 _____
                         | L1,2|               | R1,2|
                        --------              ---------
                       /   _    \____________/         \
                      |  _| |_    ___    ___     /_\   |
                      | |_   _|  |sel|  |str| []    () |
                      |   |_|    __   __   __    ><    |
                      |         /  \ |as| /  \         |
                       \       | LS |----| RS |       / 
                        \     / \__/      \__/ \     /
                         \___/                  \___/

~*  ×------------------------------------------------------------------×  *~
*~  |  Action:                         Button Presses:                 |  ~*
~*  |                                                                  |  *~
*~  |  Walk ...........................directional button or LS        |  ~*
~*  |  Run ............................R1+directional button or LS     |  *~
*~  |  Crouch .........................R2 button                       |  ~*
~*  |  Action (Use/Equip/Climb/Take) ../_\ button                      |  *~
*~  |  Fire/Attack/Fast Draw ..........>< button                       |  ~*
~*  |  Cycle Inventory Forward .........[] button                      |  *~
*~  |  Cycle Inventory Backwards ......() button                       |  ~*
~*  |  180 Degree Quick Turn ..........L1 button                       |  *~
*~  |  Evade ..........................L2+directional button           |  ~*
~*  |  Climb Up (Climb Mode) ..........up directional button or LS     |  *~
*~  |  Climb Down (Climb Mode) ........down directional button or LS   |  ~*
~*  |  Puzzle Manipulation ............directional button, >< and /_\  |  *~
*~  |  Skip/ Pause - Unpause ..........Str button                      |  ~*
~*  |  Switch Analog/Digital ..........AS button (analog or DS only)   |  *~
*~  ×------------------------------------------------------------------×  ~*

                             »»»»»[ WEAPONS ]««««««


   Melee are weapons that a  character  will  always carry  and requires  no
   special ammunition. They cause minimal damage and you should ONLY rely on
   them  for close  combat, stealth kills, or enemies  that can't be  harmed
   with  projectiles.  Hana has the BOOT BLADE.  Glas has a  SMAK-JACK, Rain
   with a KNIFE, and Deke has BRASS KNUCKLES.


   Pistols cause damage slightly higher  than melee  yet weaker  than medium
   and heavy weapons.There are a variety of pistols your character can carry
   depending where they are.  They can also carry double pistols, which hits
   multiple targets.


   The next in line in case of damage are medium weapons.  They include sub-
   machine guns, and machine guns which can be  used in both  hands.  Others
   include the Arc Taser, EMP, and Psi Amplifier which can only be fired one
   at a time.


   Heavy weapons cause the most damage.  Ammo for these weapons are  sparse.
   It is recommended that  they are only  used in sticky  situations.  These
   include shotguns, flame thrower, granade launcher, heavy machine guns and
   assault rifles.  They cannot be doubled up and used on both hands.

                          »»»»»[ LIFE-SAVING TIPS ]««««


   Fear  Effect  games have been  known for  its  unique "fear" meter.  Your
   characters will perform and react differently in relation to  their fear.
   When they are in stressful situations or is close to an enemy, their fear
   meter will kick in.  If the fear meter  is red, they  can be  killed with
   a single hit.  There are no powerups in the game.  Your fear will be back
   to green when you perform good in  battles  or just  solved a puzzle.  To
   keep your  characters'  fear in good  condition, avoid incoming  fire and 
   kill anything that moves.  One-shot kills [stealth] helps also.


   When you first start the game, you must choose  between  classic  control
   and 3D control scheme.  For all the Resident  Evil veterans [myself], you
   should stick  to  classic.  Forward  moves  you forwards,  backward moves
   you backwards, left and right allows you to turn, and  so  forth. As  for
   the 3D control scheme, think Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid.  Whiche-
   ver direction moves you in relation to the screen.  Which can cause  some
   unwanted confusions.


   Thankfully this is not an RPG  where  exploring  everywhere and  checking
   everything is necessary.  Sometimes  there are  doors and  paths you  can
   ignore to save time and, erm, health.  Ignoring things doesn't effect the
   ending you'll get.  Your decision near the end of the game does. 


   There is at least  one boss in the  game  where evade helps...A LOT!  Si-
   multaneously  press L2  and any  direction.  You can  use this  to  dodge
   bullets or any slow-moving projectiles that come in your way.

+  STEALTH KILLS [other people]
   To quickly and quietly take out  an enemy, press and hold  R2 to  crouch,
   then move towards the enemy.  As soon as your sight goes  red, press X to
   quietly take  them  out.  This  works well  with  melee as well as  guns.
   Be ready for other enemies because once they hear  the sound of  your gun
   or their friend dropping, they'll close in on you.


   The  menu  system of  this  game  is  rather annoying, forcing you to  go
   through all your weapons or items in real-time before making a selection.
   This gets tricky especially when you're under attack or a countdown is in
   place.  Don't worry.  It's not impossible.  Your  best  bet is to  always
   stay loaded with your best weapon with the most ammo.  Remember, []  gets
   you your weapons while () is for your items.  Then hit [] to go  forward,
   () to go backwards.


   At times, ammo is rather  plentiful  in this  game.  Don't be  afraid  to
   waste your enemies in tough situations.  But this doesn't mean you should
   go around shooting everything in sight.


   Always save your game!  When you just walked around  for  hours, solved a
   myriad of puzzles, doesn't it suck you died and have to restart all over?
   Yes.  Save at every opportunity!  When the cell phone rings, just hit (),
   choose your cell phone and hit /_\.


   This is  probably  the most  important  tip  people  will give you.  Stay
   loaded all the time.  When encountering enemies, shoot them for a  couple
   of rounds then hit [] and  then /_\ to quickly  reload your gun.  In  the
   of the Arc Taser, you should wait until it recharges after every use.


   When encountering a group of enemies.  It helps to use your Arc Taser  to
   wipe them out all at once.  It can hit multiple targets! :)  So, a  flame
   thrower is not wise.

-------------------------- [ Characters Profiles ] -------------------------

     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       Hana is desired by many, yet belonging
     |    Hana Tsu-Vachel     |       to none. She is part French, part Chi-
     -=-=-=--=-=-===-=-=-=-=-=-       nese and is fluent in 6 different lan-
                                      guages.  Rumor  has  it  that  she  is
Age:                              22  trained by the Triad in  their  "Black
Height:                        5'10"  Inns" Shan Xi.  Her specialty lies  in
Weight:                      120 lbs  the dealings of love as well as death.
Born:        Hong Kong Province, ROC  She was an orphan at an early age.


     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       Royce Glas was once a commander or the
     |       Royce Glas       |       US  Military  Forces.  Once, a  highly
     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       decorated  officer of the  US  Govern-
                                      ment, Glas belonged to a branch so se-
Age:                              28  cret that even the CIA is not aware of
Height:                         6'2"  its existence.  After his fallout with
Weight:                     190 lbs.  the administration, Glas became a hun-
Born:      Pacifica, California, USA  ted man by the ones he once served.


     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       Deke walks a fine line between aggres-
     |  Jakob "Deke" Decourt  |       sive and  psychotic.  A large,  stocky 
     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       man with distinctive features, Deke is
                                      attractive  to  women.  Being  a cold-
Age:                              32  blooded  killer by  hear, Deke  enjoys
Height:                           6'  his work immenselyfor  it gives  him a
Weight:                     235 lbs.  sense of power and pleasure.  Current-
Born:    Christchurch, New Australia  ly he is under employment in E. Asia.


     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       Rain is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.
     |        Rain Quin       |       During a routine visit to her parents'
     -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       grave  at  the Jing Sum  Temple,  Hana
                                      stumbled across Rain lying unconscious
Age:     Unknown (believed to be 21)  in the back garden beneath a mural  of
Height:                        5'10"  the Eight Immortals.  For unknown rea-
Weight:                     104 lbs.  sons, Hana felt compelled to help. She
Born:                        Unknown  brought Rain home and attentively nur- 
                                      sed her back to health.  The two beca-
                                      me partners and more...

------------------------------- [ Walkthrough ] ----------------------------

+  This is it!  The whole  enchilada.  Most of you will probably go straight
   here and ignore my ramblings from up there.  I see how it is.

                        »»»»»[ Part One (Disc 1) ]««««

General Area Tip:  Do not harm or kill  those sissy  workers you see.  It'll
be much easier at the end of the game if you don't.  However, if you  want a
challenge...DIE, SISSIES.  DIE!

*       As Hana        ~

When you begin a new game, you'll  have to watch a  fairly long cinema  that
introduces you to four characters.  Watch it carefully for it gives hints to
the  storyline.  It  also  gives hints  for what  to do when  you're  in the
aqueduct.  For these reasons, I don't recommend skipping it.

You start out as Hana.  Just follow where Rain is  running and you'll be OK.
You can save where Hana is standing but it's not necessary.  Once  you  meet
up with blondie, she'll tell you to find a switch for some juice to open the
door.  Go left and follow the path past the  save point.  You'll  find  some
robots here.  Kill them and save at the save point.  Head to the dark corner
of the same room and grab the EMP.  Ignore the door you  see (you'll need  a 
YELLOW KEYCARD).  Go down the path to the left of the door and you'll  see a
cinema.  Get the METAL HOOK.  With the hook in your possession, head  to the
second door to your right, prior to entering from the scene with  Rain.  Use
the METAL HOOK and you'll now have the YELLOW KEYCARD.

With the YELLOW KEYCARD, head to the door you ignored and use it. You're now
in a tiny room with a ladder.  Climb down it. Turn the generator on and head
back to Rain.  Watch out for robots.  Just stay at  a safe  distance, charge
up the EMP and release.  Switch to a SHOTGUN and take them  out.  Repeat  if
necessary--and it will be since there will be a couple of them.

Heading back to Rain...she'll ask you  to turn the  generator on--AGAIN!  So
be nice to the girl and do what she asks.  Hana will  be stuck.  It's  on to
Rain.  You now have control of her (wipe that smirk off your face!).

*       As Rain        ~

You need to get Rain pass the steam.  Watch for the  pattern  (believe it or
not there is one).  A mad dash through the steam works but not  recommended.
Also, there is a save point in the room.  Be sure to  save your  game.  Have
gun ready.  There will be two guard robots in the next room.  Take them out.
Ignore the silver door you see in here. Descend the ladder to the next room.
There is a savepoint just below the ladder.  Save your game.  Enter the door
to your left.  In here, there  will be  metal slabs  that will  crush you if
you're not careful.  Yes, a mad dash really helps.

The next room is just a long hallway.  There is a guard robot here.  Take it
out.  Take the UZI by the canister. Head down the hallway and enter the next
door.  This room is just full of blood.  Becareful not  to shoot  the humans
by  mistake.  Just  aim  at the robots.   Once they have been taken care of,
enter the door with the redstrip.  More robots, you know what to  do.  Enter
the door on the right.  In here,  use the  FLASH DISC on the  computer.  You
now have 2 minutes to solve your first puzzle.  It's easy.

                   Puzzle: FLASH DISC / DIGITAL NUMBERS

The combination sequence you will need  to enter revolves around eight keys.
Each key is a segment that ultimately  goes into  a digital  number.  You'll
to enter the right sequence  that will  need to  spell "80" and "86" on  the
read out to the left.  In other words, just enter the following.

          80th Floor Buttons - 4, 3, 2, B, D, C
          86th Floor Buttons - 4, 3, 2, B, D, A


You're still playing as Rain.  Head back out to the bloody room and take the
brown door this time.  In this room, there will be a save point at  the end.
Save your  game.  Just  ignore the  human.  There is a door  to  the  right.
Ignore it.  Take the one on the left. Be ready for a bot that will drop down
on you.  Kill it.  Walk down the hall.  Again, ignore the two doors. There's
a broken fixer (got killed by rats? hehe).   Enter the door on the far wall.
In this room, there are two computers.  Access the one on the  right.   Yep,
another puzzle.  Easiness, gamers.  Easiness.

                          Puzzle: RIGHT COMPUTER

In this puzzle, you will need to decipher  the combination  of  letters  and
numbers  in  relations  to the key and  sequence of  letters on the  keypad.
You'll also need to choose the right color  row in  accordance to  the color
cursor.  So, do these in order...

          Key: B - 5, C - 4, D - 3, E - 2, F - 1
          Blue Cursor (Row 2): 3, 1, 4, 5, 2, right switch
          Yellow Cursor (Row 3): 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, right switch
          Red Cursor (Row 1): 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, right switch


Head over to the left computer.  Yes, another puzzle.

                          Puzzle: LEFT COMPUTER

Here you will need to input the numbers in the blank spaces that make up the
difference between the numbers above and below them.  So, just enter  these.

          From left to right: 2, 5, 10, 13, -1, hit OK


The water will drain, giving Hana a way across.  Yay!  Finally...

*       As Hana        ~

Save your game.  Walk forward towards the end of the room.   You will  see a
cinema and...RATS!!!  Slowly walk towards the door  and when  the rats break
through, hit L1 and make a mad dash towards  the save  point.  Wait for  the
rats to leave.  Come back and get  VIDEOTAPE A.  Continue  on and  enter the
door to Hana's right.  In here there will be some  humans.  Ignore  them and
get the FIXER PISTON, leave the room and continue forward until you find two
workers.  Ignore them and solve your puzzle.  Just walk towards the place of
what looks to be radios and fans.

                        Puzzle:  erm, RADIOS AND FANS

In this puzzle, you'll need to stack blocks up  so that it matches  with the
panel on the left.  So, do the following from left to right.

          Blocks: 5, 4, 3, 2

The system will shut down and the steam will stop.


Round the corner until a cinema kicks in.  You'll play as Rain now.

*       As Rain        ~

Try to head back out to the  bloody room.  You hear a  sinister laugh  and a
shadow walking.  Head towards the bloody room and walk around until a cinema
kicks in.  You'll have to fight a boss.

           Boss [sorta]: SCANNER, THE DUDE WITH A GIANT WRENCH

Scanner has a giant wrench and packs a punch when you get hit.  Just run and
wait until he swings his wrench.  He will stop and scream. Hit him hard with
the MACHINE GUN or UZIs.  After a couple of hits, he'll be down.


Walk towards his body and examine it.  You'll be knocked  down.  Can't blame
the guy.  He likes his "Kitties".

*       As Hana        ~

Your job is to find Rain.  Climb the ladder next to the frightened man.  No,
don't even try to bodily damage  him.  Grab  the MACHINE COG.  Use the GREEN
KEYCARD to exit the room.  Watch out for robots.  Head back out to the first
area (where you headed left to get access to the generator).  Take the right
door this time.  Climb down the ladder (the water is drained).  Kill the bot
and get the FIXER HEAD KEY.  Continue up the ramp. Enter the door and you'll
be where Rain was.  Save your game.  Go pass the room with the sliding metal
slabs.  Enter the bloody room.  Go through  the wall with  red markings  and
enter the small computer room.  Kill the bot in here  and get VIDEOTAPE B it
drops.  Walk to the back of that room and use the tapes. Watch both of them.
VIDEOTAPE B reveals to code to the room, which is "92572".

Go through the brown door and go to the door Rain ignored.  You can  save in
this room.  Enter the code "92572" at  the rusted  brown door.  This room is
a split-level one.  Don't try to go down, you'll get killed.  Go through the
top level and kill any fixers that get in the way.  Get the UZI.  Go through
the door at the end and use the BLASTING CAPS  on the  furnace.  An FMV will
kick in.  You only  have a  couple of  seconds before the  fixers  storm the
place.  Hide in the little indentation on the top of the  screen.  Head back
out and kill the fixers that  you meet.  NOW you  can head  down.  Kill more
fixers and get the FIXER CHIP.  Head back out to the bloody room.

Kill any fixer that get in your way.  Now, just walk around the  wall  until
see the USE icon.  You can't miss it.  Use the  MACHINE COG and  an FMV will
begin.  You'll have to backtrack all the way back to the beginning. It's not
fun when you have to go through the sliding slabs...BACKWARDS!  Good luck to
you.  I got killed once.  It's not impossible.  Anyways, all the way to  the
beginning.  Kill the new fixer and get the FIXER BATTERY.

Now with all four fixer parts in your possession, head to the  room with the
downed fixer.  Use the FIXER HEAD KEY on it.  You'll be  confronted with...a
puzzle?  No, it's not a puzzle.  Just match up the parts with their slot and
you'll be fine.  Now, the fixer will get  up (don't worry, it won't attack).
It'll start repairing the door. After that, arm yourself and enter the fixed
door.  There is a worker and a save point in here.  SAVE YOUR GAME!!!

Descend the ladder and walk towards Rain...on the tentacle  machine :)  Push
/_\ to trigger Scanner.  You'll now have to fight him.

                          Boss: SCANNER [ again ]

This just takes trial and error, really.  Lure him  towards the  electrified
waterfall and he will try to get a swing at you.  Run towards the center and
hit L1.  Hit him hard.  He'll get toasted!  Repeat this 3 times until he  is
well done.


After the fight, release her from her "situation".  She'll tell you that you
have diffuse some bombs.  And if that's not bad  enough, you  only  have two
minutes to do it!  Go back to the ladder and go up.  Save if you want.  Head
out the door.  Now, round the corner until you find two doors that are conf-
usingly close together.  Take the one on the  right.  There is a  worker  in
here.  Ignore him and diffuse your first bomb by going up to it and pressing
/_\. Leave the room and go through the other door. There is a fixer in here.
Kill it and diffuse your last bomb.  Now that's been done, return  to  Rain.
She "needs" you.

Scanner will get up and he doesn't look happy.  Now, RUN from the explosion!
Round the corner and run straight until you meet up with  Rain.   Press  /_\
as fast as you can; like there's no tomorrow.

It's on to Disc 2 from here...

                        »»»»»[ Part Two (Disc 2) ]««««

                                                           WING CHUNE GARDEN
General Area Tip: Stealth kills can be your friend...

*       As Rain        ~

After the saucy cinema, you'll have control of Rain.  Save your  game at the
save point and leave the room.  Equip a gun and stealth kill the guard stan-
ding there if desired.  Advance until you see a  new screen  with tapestries
and a guard standing by the water.  Kill him  and reload.  Just  stand there
and wait.  There will be more guards running  towards you.  Kill them.  Take
note of the  waterfall in the  corner.  Continue  until you see  a big ramp,
killing more guards on the way.  Walk up the ramp and  you'll be in  an area
the looks like a maze. In here, sneak around and stealth kill as many guards
as possible.  Just unload on them if your cover is blown.  You need  to find
a water valve to shut it off.  This is so that you can make your  way up the
waterfall.  Next you need to find two pink floor  switches.  One will reveal
tapestries and guards.  The other one  will reveal  a way down  to get Jin's
package.  At the one  with the guards, use  the SNIPER SCOPE  and Rain  will
automatically take  out the guys.  Once  that's done go  to the second  pink
floor switch.  Shoot the  tapestries and  Rain will drop down  and get Jin's
package.  A cinema kicks in, you play as Hana.

*       As Hana        ~

It's time to crash the party!  No, not yet.  Not right now.  There are three
things you must  remember when  you're at this  party.  1)  NEVER draw  your
weapon.  Whether it's melee or gun, you  can't equip your weapon.  2)  Avoid
the guys in suits.  Once they get  near you, it's  game over.  3)  Enjoy the
party! Mingle with the partygoers as much as possible. With that said, let's
explore  the  building.  Ascend  the  escalators  and  save  in the  women's
restroom. Head back out and find the big ramp that leads to the third floor.
Go to the right and you'll talk to a man.  He  wants err, Hana to go and  do
stuff with him.  Of course, Hana has more class than that to go with a  man.
Isn't that right, Hana?  "Right!"  Anyways, after that. Just walk around for
a minute and go back to him.  Press /_\ when the USE icon appears.  It's Big
Tom again!  This time, he'll ask you go with him again.  He'll also tell you
about the VIP area.  Apparently, Jin's  bracelet won't  work. >_<  Take  the
DRINK from him and ascend the ramp. Up here, head on to the right of the red
carpet.  This triggers yet another cinema.  You'll meet Choa Zhou [sp?].  He
will give you the GOLD BRACELET and a  BELL.  Watch the  rest of the FMV, it
gives a few  hints to the  story.  Head over  to the  two guys  are the  red
carpet.  Use the GOLD BRACELET.  You now have  access to the VIP  area.  Run
to the right, avoiding the guys in black tuxedos.  Find the man with a white
shirt on.  Quickly use the drink on him.  Watch the cinema and leave the VIP
area.  Yet, another FMV kicks in.  You'll switch over to Rain.

*       As Rain        ~

First, and foremost, save your game. There is a save point in the same room.
Walk  towards the  lighted  switch, hit it.  A path will  come up.  Walk up.
Here kill off any guards that get in  your way.  Head back to  the  waterall
that you noted earlier.  The water stopped, revealing a ladder that you  can
climb up.  But first, eqip the Arc Taser. Make your climb and open the door.
There are three guards in here.  Take them all out with the Arc  Taser.  Use
the MAINTENANCE KEYCARD on the door to the right  and head  down.  Save your
game.  Enter the door.  There will be a guard waiting for you. Take him out.
Use the FLASH DISC on the computer to the left and you'll be confronted with
a geometric puzzle.  This is probably the hardest puzzle in the game.  About
twenty minutes of trial and error and you'll be  find.  Also, the puzzle  is
random every time.  So, the solution here may not be for YOUR puzzle.

                Puzzle: GEOMETRIC SHAPES / FLASH DISC

This is  probably the  hardest puzzle in the  game.  About twenty minutes  of 
trial and error and you'll be  find.  Also, the puzzle  is random every time.
So, the solution here may not be for YOUR puzzle.

          Shape 1 (Large): U, U, U, U, U, U, U, U
          Shape 2 (Diamond): D, U, D, U, D, U, D, U
          Shape 3 (Small): D, D, D, D, D, D, D, D
          Shape 4 (L Diamond): U, D, U, D, U, D, U, D
          Shape 5 (Square): D, L, D, L, D, L, D, L
          Shape 6 (Pointed X): D, R, U, L, D, U, D, U


With that done, the door to the right will open.  I suggest you go  back out
the top door to save.  The  puzzle you  just did is  frustrating.  Now enter
the unlocked door.  In here, you'll be confronted with yet another frustrat-
ing puzzle.

                         Puzzle:  CIRCUIT BOARD

This puzzle doesn't make any sense.  It  doesn't have a  special diagram  or
anything  that you can  look at.  You must make the voltage  to be at  00.00
and, at the same time, make a complete loop.  You have three pieces to  work
with and  you can flip  them in  a number of ways by  hitting the () button.
Do the following or just look at this pic from Daily Radar for the solution.

          Pieces: Yellow Straight = S, Red T = R, and Yellow Curve = Y
          Row 1: Blank, Y(3), Blank
          Row 2: Y(2), S, Y, Blank
          Row 3: S, R(1), S, S
          Row 4: Blank, Y(2), S(1)
          Row 5: Blank, Blank, Y(1), S, Y(1), Y

** (#) indicates the  number of times  you will need to  press CIRCLE  after
   selecting it.

Solution - http://www.dailyradar.com/screens/game_review_screen_6364.html


The door to the  right is now  unlocked.  Go through it.   Low and behold...
yet another puzzle.  This one's not as frustrating as the other two.

                          Puzzle: Colored Fuses

You must realign the colored bars from  starting order, pictured on  the top
left, to the order just below that.  You must  first remove the  fuses above
and below the bars so that current is not running through them. For example,
to be able to remove the yellow bar, you must remove the top yellow fuse and
bottom yellow fuse and put them sowhere else so that it's safe  to touch the
yellow bar.  You must use this knowledge and swap the bars so that the order
is just like the one in the bottom left picture.


All that work and the circuits have to fry! Rain will contact Hana for help.
After the  cinema, make your  way back  to the place where Jin's package is.
Also there is a door that leads to a room with tons of guards.  You must not
go through it or the game will  be over.  Go back out to the  save point and
save your game.  Go up the ramp and head for the ladder. Sneak kill and kill
the guards when necessary.  Pick up the BRIDGE KEYCARD from a guard when you
kill him.  Go down the  ladder and head for the maze,  killing more  guards.
Head for the ramp down to the place adjacent to where Jin's package was. Use
the BRIDGE  KEYCARD.  Blondie will  undress and will  start heading  for the
party.  Yow!

Still as Rain, head up the eascalators and into the women's  restroom.  Save
your game. Now, you have to go into the guys' restroom. Sneak pass the three
guys who are doing their own business.  It's OK if you get caught.  Just get
back in and try  again.  Go to the dude who's  puking.  Examine him  and you
will obtain the ELEVATOR KEYCARD.  Go back out.  Head towards  the elevator.
Just run left from the women's  restroom.  Use the  ELEVATOR KEYCARD at  the
panel.  Rain will contact Hana.

*       As Hana        ~

Head down  the ramp and head  for  the elevator.  Enter it.  You'll  meet up
with  Rain.  It's time  to have  some fun :-D  Quickly  head on over  to the
camera in the corner and use HANA'S DRESS.  Just watch the cinema.

It's on to Disc 1B from here...

                       »»»»»[ Part Three (Disc 1B) ]«««««

                                                         80th AND 86th FLOOR             
General Area Tip:  Keep your Arc Taser  loaded and  holster when  necessary.

Rain will be dropped off at the 80th floor and it's your job to get Hana  to
the 86th.  Climb up the ladder and avoid the ascending elevator.  Wait until
a cinema kicks in.  Eventually, you'll have control of Rain again.

*       As Rain        ~

Head in the door to your right.  And kill the girl [?] in a yellow suit. Get
the BIOHAZARD KEYCARD she drops.  Go all the way down the hallway  and check
out the door for the code.  No, you don't enter the code  here.  Go back out
and run towards the  camera from the  elevator.  You'll be on a sky  bridge.
Save your game.  Use the BIOHAZARD KEYCARD on the door.  Go through the door
on the right and head to the closet for the yellow suit. From now on, you'll
be  able to  walk around  undetected, as long as you  don't have your  melee
armed.  Return to the elevator and head through the door to the left of  it.
Go in the door to the left using the VIDEO ROOM KEYCARD.  You're  now in the
video room.  Well, duh.  Go up to the  wall of monitors  with color bars  on
them.  Enter the code  836745 (which is on the door you  looked at earlier).
Head across the room  to the other  monitors that  are glowing to  solve the
maze and robot puzzle.

                       Puzzle: MAZE / ROBOT / VIDEO

This puzzle requires near perfect timing and  fast fingers.  You're  the red
dot.  You're trying to get to the green dot.  Just get the red dot up to the
top arrow, press  down, down, and down  again and you  should end up at  the
green dot.  Puzzle solved!


Head  back to  the  monitors and watch  a couple of  screens.  Some of  them
reveal clues for your upcoming puzzles.  Return to the hallway  to the right
of the elevator  and enter the  code 4615207 at  the end.  In here, use  the
BYPASS KEYCARD to open the next door.  Use the  FLASH DISC on the  computer.

                  Puzzle:  FLASH DISC / NUMBERS / VIDEO

You must align the code 42B3DA in a pattern seen on the screen in the  video
room.  Here's the pattern going from left to right.

          4 should be 3 blocks down
          2 should be 5 blocks down
          B should be 6 blocks down
          3 should be 2 blocks down 
          D should be 6 blocks down
          A should be 4 blocks down


Rain did her job and Hana has to trigger the motion sensor.

*       As Hana        ~

You have 30 seconds to go to the panel near the  door.  Arm yourself  with a
gun.  This is one of those times where I don't like Fear  Effect's real-time
menu system.  Examine the panel and press /_\.  Now, back away and shoot it.
"Take that, you  piece  of things."  Turn  around a  pick up the  DISPERSION
CANISTER.  Head out the room and be ready to take out a guard with a stealth
kill.  Pick up the SECURITY KEYCARD she drops.  Save your game and enter the
door to the left using the SECURITY  KEYCARD.  Kill more guards.  Head  down
the hallway and use the SECURITY KEYCARD on the door at the end. Examine the
fuse box.  Moving it to different spots will provide power to the area pict-
ured on the right.  Remove the fuse and put on the  top spot.  OK.  From now
on, the Arc Taser is your friend.  Equip it, you'll be  using it on  enemies
found  on this level.  Head  back  to  the save  point and use the  SECURITY
KEYCARD to open the door to the right.  Kill the two  eye-bots in here  with
the Arc Taser. Just stand there and wait for your taser to recharge so it'll
be at 200.  Head in the door at the end.  Kill two more bots in  here.  Pick
some rocket shells in here.  Let the Taser recharge each time before you ad-
vance.  Use the BLASTING CAPS on the door to the left. Kill enemies in here.
Avoid the explosions that ensues.  You can pick up some really  nice weapons
in this room.  Head back out and enter the room on the right.  More enemies.
Kill them.  Use  the HAIR SAMPLE on  the big, white machine  pictured on the
fuse box.  You'll receive the GENETIC ID CARD.  Head  back to the  fuse box,
killing more enemies as necessary.

Move the fuse to the bottom slot.  Go back to the  save point and  save your
game. Go back to the hallway, this time use the SECURITY KEYCARD on the door
on the left.  You will be in a  red hallway.  Kill the  guards in here.  Use
the GENETIC ID CARD on the door at the end.  In this hallway, carefully inch
down it.  A USE icon will appear.  Use the  DISPERSION  CANISTER  to  reveal
the lasers that you must avoid to get across.  Be careful!  This part killed
me so many times, it's not even funny. Go to the end and Hana will be stuck.
It's Rain to save the day!

*       As Rain        ~

It's  your job to take  care of  the guards  so that  Hana can get  through.
Just exit the room and use the computer at the corner in the next. It's time
to have fun with the robots!  Err, no.  Not those  robots.  Although...  OK!
Anyways, after an FMV, your control will switch over to Hana.

*       As Hana        ~

Always have your taser armed and at full  charge.  Enter  the next room.  In
here, there  will be two  downed robots.  Ignore  them and  get to the  save
point and save your game.  Enter the door next to the  one you just  came in
from.  Use the ELP on the  heavy door (the  one with the  radioactive sign).
Hana will automatically get the CENTRIFUGE TUBES.  Use them at  the cabinet-
looking thing pictured on the fuse box.  You'll receive PURIFIED TUBES.

Backtrack to the fuse box. Be careful in the room with lasers. Now, move the
fuse to the middle slot.  Go back to the room at the beginning (the one with
the DISPERSION CANISTER).  Kill some guards in here.  Use the PURIFIED TUBES
on the big machine in  the back.  You'll  get NUCLEUS  BLOT T, CELL  BLOT C,
BLOOD BLOT A, and GLAND BLOT G.  Turn around and use Blood Blot A on the red
computer behind you.  Go back to the fuse box and move the  fuse to the  top
slot.  Go back to the save point.  Save your game. From here, go through the
door on your right and go back to the room where  you used the  HAIR SAMPLE.
There is a green PC here, use  GLAND BLOT  G here.  Go back  to the  hallway
where the door leading the fusebox is.  Enter the door on your  right.  Kill
the guards in here.  Use NUCLEUS BLOT T on the yellow PC in this room.  Head
back to the red hallway and go through the room with lasers. Use CELL BLOT C
on the blue PC in the next room.  Save your game.  Enter the room where  you
got the CENTRIFUGE TUBES.  Enter the door you ignored earlier.  In here, use
the DNA CODE DISK on the computer in the back  wall.  You'll  need to  solve
another puzzle.

                  Puzzle: DNA CODE DISK / DNA SEQUENCES

This puzzle is fairly simple. Just  match up the  following colors  to  each
other like this:

          Red - Yellow
          Yellow - Red
          Blue - Green
          Green - Blue

          The proper sequence is as follows (from left to right):

          1) 1 [flipped]            7) 7 [flipped]
          2) 7                      8) 4
          3) 10                     9) 6
          4) 9 [flipped]           10) 12
          5) 8                     11) 2
          6) 3                     12) 12

Please note that the numbers is not to confuse you.  Just  count in order and
do the sequence from left to right.  [flipped] indicates that you must hit []
or () to change the order.


After this, an FMV  will start  playing.  A big,  yellow guy  will come  in.
Unlike Big Tom, this meanie doesn't look happy to see  Hana.  After it ends,
you'll be in charge of Rain again.

*       As Rain        ~

Head out towards the elevator and walk towards the camera to the sky bridge.
Save your game before entering.  In the next room, there is a big red button
you saw but couldn't do anything about it  earlier.  Examine it.  Go to  the
corner and a guard in green will send you to the next room.  There's another
savepoint in here.  Save if desired.  Use the BLASTING CAPS at the end. Yet,
another FMV.  QUICKLY  equip your  weapon!  Hit [] and select  PLASMA WRIST.
Kill any guards that gets in your way.  Go back to the elevator.  On the sky
bridge, quickly run at the closing door.  In here, you'll be confronted with
yellow meanie.

                            Boss: YELLOW MEANIE

This boss is surprisingly easy.  Kronos must think  we're little  kids.  The
strategy here is to crouch and hit him with the plasma wrist.  Since most of
his shots will miss you, you should be OK.  After a couple of hits, he'll be
gone.  Bye, yellow meanie.


It's on to Disc 4 from here...

                       »»»»»[ Part Four (Disc 4) ]«««««

                                                  DESERTED CITY AND DIG SITE
General Area Tip: Kill zombies, avoid the ghosts.

An FMV will kick in. Rain and Hana will escape on the water jet. Apparenlty,
Hana is not too happy about the  deal with Jin.  She'll  tell this Hana  and
leaves for a new dealer.  Rain will stay  behind.  Yeah, she'll stay behind.
But first, let's play as our newly introduced character!

*       As Deke        $

You'll start off on a freighter.  Deke will kill a man from behind.  Get the
GENETIC MARKER and  leave.  An FMV  will start and  as soon as  it ends, run
away from the explosion.  After  that, watch yet  another FMV.  This  one is
where Deke is making a deal with a man that  Hana is fixing  to visit.  Just
watch.  About at the end, you'll see  Rain [?].  It doesn't make  sense now;
it will later.

Eventualy you will have control of Deke again.  You will  be put on a  level
with a plethora of zombies.  Kill them, kill them all!  Get the MACHINE KEY,
the GL150, and the assault  rifle.  Head to  the wooden  door and kill  more
zombies.  Head toward the screen and enter the metallic door.  You're now in
a storage shed.  Grab the DIESEL FUEL on the counter and  head back out.  Go
left from here.  You should reach a big, red machine. Use the DIESEL FUEL on
the tank next to the ladder.  Climb the ladder. Use the MACHINE KEY up here.
This will trigger a cinema.  Deke kills the man.

Once you have control of him, shoot more zombies.  Make your way to the back
left corner.  Grab the RL480.  Go through the door just off the screen. Once
in here, there will be an inacessible door.  Keep moving forward.  In  here,
you have to shoot the wall to advance.  Just move in a push >< when a targe-
ting icon appears.  Shoot more zombies.  Pick  up the  ELEVATOR LOCK  KEY it
drops.  Go to the elevator and use the ELEVATOR LOCK KEY.  Do some more zom-
bie killin'. You'll come up to a dead end. There is a gold door to the left,
a big one in the center, and a red door to the  right.  Go through  the gold
door.  Grab the ANCIENT RED CRANK.  Leave the room.  Now head for the one on
the right.  Use the ANCIENT RED CRANK on the dragon's  tail.  Grab the  GOLD
CRANK and use it for the gold room.  Now, you have access to the door in the
center.  Save at the savepoint in here.  Kill more  zombies.  Head down  the
ramp and examine the door at the end. You'll be locked in a room with ghosts
you can't kill. Just avoid them and make a mad dash to the door in the lower
right corner.  Watch the FMV and you'll have control of Hana soon.

*       As Hana        ~

Hana will drop in.  Get the .90 pistol. Leave the room and save at the save-
point.  Head back to the elevator and in the next room after  that, kill the
zombie to get the ARCHAEOLOGY KEY.  Use it to open the door that was  locked
(two adjacent doors, the one on the left).  Avoid  the ghosts  and grab  the
RL480 and the MIRROR SEGMENT.  You now have  a complete MIRROR you can  use.
Go to the elevator and follow Deke.  Except this time, use the MIRROR at the
door.  Follow Deke.  Advance through the wooden path, wasting away any enemy
that gets in your way.  Enter the green door.

Hana will get ambushed by a myriad of zombies.  Yep, Deke plays hero.

*       As Deke        $

You'll be surrounded by zombies.  Switch to a  better weapon  and waste  the
zombies.  It's OK if you get hit a couple of times and your fear will be red
or orange.  You can always try again.  Exit through the new door  and you'll
come up to a new path.  Continue up, ignoring the red door.  Enter the  door
at the end.  You'll see a long cinema.  Just sit back and enjoy.  Eventually
you'll have control of Royce Glas...his mech!

*       As Glas        $

Waste the zombies with your  unlimited ammo and  blast through three  walls.
Boring isn't it?  Didn't even get to fly the damn thing. You'll be back with

*       As Hana        ~

Kill the zombies and ascend the taller ladder (there are two).  Grab the ro-
ket shells in the room at the top.  After another cinema, you'll end up with
blondie.  And the computer just had to put you all the way back here!

*       As Rain        ~

Go back where you meet up with Hana and Deke in a rather "sticky" situation.
Go back and around and enter the red door Deke ignored.  Go in the  pit Hana
was in and climb the ladder.  You'll find Deke knocked out.  Walk pass  him,
another cinema..(gosh, this never ends!).

*       As Glas        $

Take Glas all up the elevator and in the room where Deke fell down  from the
machine.  You'll meet a weird, old guy that seems to be lost but is not.  He
will give you the PEACH and the STORAGE ROOM KEY.  Now, go back one room and
use the STORAGE ROOM KEY on the room that was inaccessible earlier. Kill two
monsters in here.  Grab the  DYNAMITE in the  top right corner  and get out.
Head back to your  mech and use the  DYNAMITE on  the rubble to the right of
it.  Go through the dragon door and head down the ramp. You can save in here
if you want.  Go through the door and enter the room with ghosts in it.  But
you'll find  no ghosts.  Curious...Follow  the  wooden path and  through the
green doors. Enter the red door and climb down the pit.  You'll meet up with
Hana and play sorta like a mini game.  In this mini game, just blast away at
the dropping mummies. Eventually, an FMV will kick in and shows that Hana is
"always prepared".  

It's on to Disc 3 from here...

                        »»»»»[ Part Five (Disc 3) ]««««

                                               TOMB ENTRY AND EMPEROR'S TOMB
General  Area Tip:  Take  note of  the  surrounding.  Statues  are not  your
friends.  Kill them.

Jesus, there are a lot of FMVs in this game!  Just watch and you'll be in  a
new area.  You'll start out with Hana.

*       As Hana        ~

There's a save  point right where  you're  standing.  SAVE  YOUR GAME!  Move
towards the screen.  In this  screen there are  three statues standing.  Get
shot shells behind the one standing far left.  Move all the way to  the left
and enter the door at the end. This room is very confusing to the eye. There
is a  cube in the  middle, a door to Hana's left  and a  ladder  leading up.
Ignore them for now. Find a path that's to the left of the red statue and go
through it. Now, there is a door to left and a panel with weird icons to the
right.  The door leads to a room with shot  shells and a chinese warrior. If
you want the shot shells, go through it and kill the warrior. Now, the panel
has icons of the sun, moon, goat, lily, and butterfly.  Notice the same pics
on the doors that were inaccessible in the room earlier?  Right, you'll need
to activate them in a certain order. You can't do anything right now so keep
moving forward.  In this  circular room, there is another  inaccessible door
and a ladder.  Climb down the  ladder and you'll meet ghosty.  He  gives you
the HAIR PIN,  GOLD BULLION, MOON COIN, and  SUN COIN.  Climb back up and go
back up to the panel with sun, moon, and  all that.  Press /_\ and Hana will
automattically place the newly acquired coings.  Select the moon and the sun
coin (blue and yellow) and press the button at the bottom.

An FMV will show a door with symbols unlocking.  You have  30 seconds  to go
back to the room with the cube and climb up the ladder. Open the door before
it locks  up on you.  A red  statue will come alive.  Shoot  it and get  the
TERRA COTTA KEY. Shotgun works well. Return to the circular room and use the
TERRA COTTA KEY on the  locked door at the top level.  When you enter, there
will be some chinese warriors that will come alive. Kill them.  Head all the
way to the back and you'll meet  ghosty again.  He will give  you some clues
for your next mission and transports  you to la la land.  There are  nothing
that can harm you here so you were  stripped of your weapons.  Use  the GOLD
BULLION on the old man and  watch the FMV.  In return, he gives  you the INN
ROOM KEY and the BUTTERFLY COIN.  Head all the way to  the right and use the
INN ROOM KEY.  Go to the  other side of the bed  and use the MIRROR.  Scary.
You'll be transported  back.  Quickly equip one of your  best weapons.  Head
back the panel with symbols and use the  BUTTERFLY COIN.  Kill the  warriors
that get in your way.

Press the butterfly, press the moon, press the bottom button, and run to the
room with  the cube.  Again, you have 30 seconds  to do it.  Unlock the door
opposite of the ladder.  Kill the warriors that  come alive in here and head
in the door to the topleft.  In here, there's a save point.  Save your game.
Just walk the planks.  No just  kidding.  Head in  the door  topleft of  the
screen.  Beware of  more warriors.  Get the DIG KEY.  Exit the  door and use
DIG KEY on the door to the right.  More statue warriors.  Kill them and  get
the WOOD PLANKS.  Advance through the wooden path and you'll end up at a gap
and a door.  Use the WOOD PLANKS here. After that, enter the door and say hi
to ghosty.  Listen to him.  He provides valuable clues on your next mission.

It's la la  land again.  Talk to the couple  standing by the stairsteps  and
they'll give you the ASTRONOMY KEY.  Ascend the stairs and use the ASTRONOMY
KEY on the door.  You'll be in a room with two blinds.  One of them open and
one of them closed.  Just go to both of them and press /_\.  Head on outside
and you'll meet a girl in red slippers. Follow it to the well.  Press /_\ to
trigger an FMV. Now, you have the girl's REMAINS. Go back in the house again
close  one blind and  open the other one.  Exit the  house and it's daytime.
Give  the  couple the  REMAINS.  Get the  LILY COIN and you'll  transported.
Quickly your weapon and kill the statue warrior. Head back the 5-icon panel,
killing anything that gets in your way.

At the panel, press the  butterfly, lily, and moon, and  the bottom  button.
Another door will unlock.  You have 40 seconds to get to it.  Quickly  enter
the door in the circular room.  Kill more warriors  and open the door at the
end.  You'll come up to  a smaller circular room.  Fight the boss.

                           Boss: REVOLVING WARRIORS

What?  You think Kronos would let you go this  far without a  challenge?  In
this bossfight, stand  on either the left or right  side of the room.  Dodge
the incoming fire by using the evade command. When it fires to the left, you
dodge to the  right.  Can  you say  duh duh?  When  the wheel  stops with  a
picture of a man with a bull's head, open fire on it.  The assault  rifle is
the best.  After it dies, a whole will open up.


You're still as Hana.  Go through the  whole and you'll  meet ghosty  again.
Listen to  him carefully.  "Love is blind, but then  again, so is  justice."
You're in la la land again. This is your final mission...for this level that
is.  Talk to the jar on the left,  no..it's a CLAY POT. Now move towards the
camera and hit the drum beside the statue on the left.  Watch the FMV.  Dumb
pot won't talk.  Try to leave by the double door and the girl will plead for
help.  Now, use the BANDAGES to cover the eyes of the guardian statues.  Use
the CLAY POT at the town judge and receive the BULL COIN. Mission completed.

Go back to the panel. Kill some more warrios in the way. So, it's not a goat
after all.  DOH! It's a bull...This time press all five icons and the button
on the bottom.  The cube will descend, revealing a way down.  Go to the room
with  the cube  and  examine  the newly  exposed  passage.  Kill the  statue
warriors.  Go down for another boss fight.

                      Boss:  MUTATED DEKE / CLAY WARRIOR

Just run from side to side to doge the projectiles  he throws are you.  Most
of them will  easily miss  you.  When he changes back to human Deke, hit him
hard.  Again, the assault rifle works well  as it fires many rounds.  Repeat
this  several times and  you'll defeat him.  You'll  receive  the  EMPEROR'S
PLAQUE.  You'll switch to Glas after the FMV.


*       As Glas        $

SAVE YOUR GAME!  This new area is pretty straight forward.  Just advance and
kill anything that  gets in your way.  Eventually, you'll  meet the  fortune
cookie  machine.  No, you'll meet the first  emperor of China.  He'll  start
attacking you.  Just try to  stay alive long enough  to be rescued by  Hana.
DON'T skip this cinema.  It provides valuable hints to the story.

So, you're still as Glas.  There's a save point where you're standing.  Save
your game. Then, enter the painting to the left.  Stand in fron of the table
and press /_\.  Watch the FMV. It explains stuff about the game you're about
play.  A simple game of strategy...

                        Mini-Game: CAPTURE THE FLAG

Your objective is to capture the opponet's flag.  Don't worry.  The AI is so
dumb that it makes your dumb...whatever.  The AI is dumb.  The strategy here
is to take out his weaker soldiers with your stronger ones.  Thus outnumber-
ing him. So, use your guys to rush his flag. You'll have to do this 4 times.
However, the last game is  quite different.  Just send in 3  guys AT A time.
Leave a couple  at your flag.  The AI is so dumb that it  keeps on trying to
move across the wall.  So send in 3 at a time, one will surely slip through.


You'll be transported outside.  Save your game and enter the painting on the
right.  Yep, another mini game.  This one is RUN LIKE HELL!!!

                          Mini-Game: RUN LIKE HELL!

First up are the fire  spouts.  Try to dodge them.  And for the  rest of the
way, a mad dash helps.  Just run like there's no tomorrow and you'll  be OK.
Also, save at every opportunity.  You're bound to die and have to try again.
At the end, there will be a dust storm.  Move  towards it.  Hana is up next.


*       As Hana        ~

Again, save and enter the painting on the left.  Another puzzle...

                       Puzzle: COLORED BLOCKS / CHINESE

Now, talk about  frustration!  You're trying to push the colored blocks down
to the bottom so that the order  they come in and the  color matches.  There
are a  couple of solutions.  Just  play around with it and eventually you'll
find a solution.  Good luck!

If you have broadband, Gameshark.com has a movie with the solution...


Save.  Enter the painting on the right and play the mini-game Glas just did.
The strategy is the same: run, run, run, and save at every opportunity. Jump
in the dust storm and  watch another long  FMV.  You'll receive the  MERCURY
VIAL and you're  then put on a ship.  Use  the EMPEROR'S PLAQUE on  the seat
to activate the oarmen and go to the other end of the ship.  Use the MERCURY
VIAL in the water.

It's on to Disc 4 from here...

                        »»»»»[ Part Six (Disc 4B) ]««««

                                               ISLAND OF THE EIGHT IMMORTALS
General Area Tip: Pay attention to where you're stepping.  Avoid those areas
if they activate monsters.

Watch a really long FMV.  Eventually, your characters will break up...

*       As Hana        ~

Upon  entering, head in  through the door to  the left and  get  two  BRIDGE
TILES.  Exit and go  through the door on  the  right.  Again, grab two  more
BRIDGE TILES.  Exit and move away from the camera until you reach  a moat of
some sort.  Use the BRIDGE TILES and a  bridge will  emerge from  the water.
Advance forward and open the next door. You'll meet a woman.  Watch the FMV.
More valuable hints.  You'll receive the DRAGON PLAQUE and the TIGER PLAQUE.
Head back out and try to leave.  You'll talk to the gardener. He'll give you
the DIGGING TOOL and the  CHINESE FAN.  Now, before  going anywhere else, go
back to the room where you met the old woman.  Save your game and head  back

You now have to face the elemental challenges.  There are  monsters that are
all over the place.  The shotgun will take them out. Head to the right. Move
toward the camer and step on the red platform. This is the fire area.  Go to
the back left corner.  Grab the EMPTY GOURD. Move to the tan platform to  go
to the earth area. Go to the corner and use the digging tool to get the ROCK
SALT.  Head over to the water area using the blue tile and use the ROCK SALT
on the grinder (next to the pier).  Go over to the pier and  use the  NORMAL
SALT. This kills the monster. Hana will jump down and get the WATER CRYSTAL,
breaking the digging tool.  After that, use  the EMPTY  GOURD at the pier to
get some of the water.  Step on the yellow tile and go to the gold area. Use
the SALT WATER GOURD to create a way across.  Follow this  diagram for  this

                Puzzle:  GOLD AREA / ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE

 |@here   |  |        |  @ Indicates where you need to go and press /_\.
 |        |  |        |  ==, || Indicates a path you go go across.
 |  Left  |==|  Right |  *C Indicates the center
 |        |__|        |  !!Remember, you can only walk on it when it's gold!
 |__||____|  |___||___| 
 |  ||    |*C|   ||   |  Here's the path you need to take: 
 |        |__|        |   
 | Lower  |  | Lower  |    Lower left, lower right, center, right, center,
 | Left   |==| Right  |    right, center, right, and left corner.
     |START|             QUICKLY PRESS /_\ WHEN YOU GET TO @here!

With the  new items in  your possession, go back to the room where you first
grabbed the two bridge  tiles (the room with the blue and yellow pads).  Use
the waterwheel in this room.  Be careful of more monsters.  This will desalt
the water.  Go back to  the pier and fill  the EMPTY  GOURD and GOBLET  with
FRESH WATER.  Go back to the  fire area and stand on the gray tile.  Use the
goblet and a specific flame  will turn blue for a milisecond.  Walk  in that
flame,  grab the FIRE  CRYSTAL and get out.  Turn around and go  to the back
table.  The furnace is now on.  Use the EMPTY GOBLET in  fron it to melt it.
Use the BROKEN DIGGING TOOL on the furnace to repair it. Return to where you
dug the ROCK SALT.  Use the DIGGING TOOL to dig a hole and use all  three of
the collected crystals on the hole.  Use the FRESH WATER GOURD.  A tree will
grow.  Grab the DIAMOND  and go back to  the place where  you met the woman.
The monsters are restless.  A mad dash helps. You'll probably die.  Try, and
try again.  Save and use the DIAMOND on the door  that the woman pointed to.
Switch over to Glas.

*       As Glas        $

Save your game.  Kill the two idiots in the corner. Grab the GATE KEY one of
them drops.  Also, there's a SS2000 in the corner.  Arm yourself with an EMP
and use the GATE KEY on the door. Charge up the EMP and release. This shorts
out the mech that was  coming to get you...temporarily.  Enter  the new door
and take out the guys with a shotgun. Try to walk to the deadend and examine
the door.  You can't access it. Go back and 'lo and behold there's the mech!
Quickly shoot the fuel drums.  Glas will climb up the ladder.  Stealth  kill
the dude in the corner. Grab the flame thrower.  Kill on more soldier on the
same roof.  Arm the Arc Taser.  Use  the GRAPPLING  HOOK to get to  the next
building.  Kill 3 more solders.  Jump over to the next building.  And here's
a plethora of fans.  Only one of them stops in a pattern.  Ever so carefully
inch your way  to that fan.  When it stops, press /_\.  Inside  are some C4s
and a save point.  Save.  Go outside and get in the mech.  Destroy the other
one.  Run from the  helicopter.  After that, climb up the building.  Roll to
dodge its bullets and get in the turret to destroy it for good.

Kill the soldiers  and get the  UTILITY KEY.  Use it  on the hatch to  climb
down.  Get the CROWBAR.  Open the hatch and climb  down again.  Head for the
room where you destroyed the mech with the  fuel drums.  Use the UTILITY KEY
on the door that was  inaccessible earlier.  Stealth kill the soldier.  Head
into the sewer for  another cinema.  Save from where you are!  You'll die at
least once.  Now here's a situation.  Watch for a pattern in the electricity
and run from safe section to safe section.  Once you reach the door, open it
with the GATE KEY.  Arm yourself with an EMP, take out the mech and the sol-
dier. Kill a few more soldiers and open the next two doors with the GATEKEY.
Keep advancing until you get to a door with  red light on it.  Open it with
the CROWBAR.  Inside, examine the table.  Try to leave and another cinema...
Once the game kicks back  in, run for the gun.  If not, you'll be shot dead.
You're then transported to  where Hana is.  Follow Hana through  the  tower.

It's on to Disc 2 from here...

                        »»»»»[ Part 7 (Disc 2B) ]««««««
                                                TOWER OF THE EIGHT IMMORTALS
General Area Tips: Just solve puzzles!

*       As Hana        ~

Move Hana forward  towards the portal and  use the BELL.  Now, play a Simon-
like game.  This part is all random.  Can't help  you here.  Just do what he
does.  It helps if you have  pen and paper.  Next up is Glas.

*       As Glas        $

Use the PHOENIX at the portal. Now, you'll have to play the Dragon Dice game.
You need to reach the end first by rolling the dice. If she lands on you, you
have to move 6 spaces back and vice  versa.  You need an exact number to land
on the goal.  You can always try again.

*       As Hana        ~

Use the CHINESE FAN and you'll meet  the gardener.  Now, you'll have to solve
a puzzle where you have to step on the tiles to  match up with the writing by
the door.  It helps if you can read Chinese.  Follow this diagram, Americans!

                    Puzzle:  FLOOR TILES / CHINESE/ MUSIC

 _______________________ FINISH_________________  
|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     | Numbers and * indicates the
|  3  |     |     |     |  8  |     |     |     | tiles you can walk on.  Any
|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____| other ones can hurt you. To
|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     | solve the  puzzle, step  on
|  *  |     |     |  *  |  *  |  4  |     |     | the numbers in order (1, 2,
|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____| 3, 4, etc.  You will   need
|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     | to  backtrack.  After   the
|  *  |  2  |  *  |  *  |     |     |     |  7  | last    number,  step    on
|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____| "FINISH".  Next up is Glas.
|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
|  6  |     |     |  *  |     |  *  |  *  |  *  |
|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
|     |     |     |  1  |  *  |  *  |  5  |     |


*       As Glas        $

Use the PAPER DOLL on the portal.  Another immortal. Make your choice between
your brother and your father.  It doesn't matter on which one you make. After
that comes another boss fight.  You have  to fight demons.  Use your heaviest

*       As Hana        ~

Use the MIRROR on the portal.  If you hurt or kill any of the workers in  the
aqueduct, you'll have a boss fight.  I told you not to kill  any of them!  If
you listened, you can just walk on ahead withouth having to fight him.

                     Boss: IMMORTAL / WORKERS IN AQUEDUCT

Your guns can't hurt him since he's an immortal.  Switch to melee and hit him
when you have a chance.  Get to any of the side to dodge his lightning bolts.
A couple of hits will do.


*       As Glas        $

Use the BRAVERY MEDAL on the portal.  Another  immortal.  You have to fight a
boss fight.  Ready?  Hope you saved often.  It make take a couple of tries.

                           Boss: YOURSELF / GLAS

Immediately equip  the flamethrower.  Run  around  the beam and when you  get
behind Evil Glas, fry him!


*       As Hana        ~

Use the HAIR PIN on the portal.  Talk to the immortal  and you have to make a
choice:parents or Rain. If you choose Rain, you get to advance without having
to fight the demons.  Parents, you have to fight them.*

*Correction by: Kaizer3000 [kaizer3000@hotmail.com]

                   Boss: DEMONS / CHOICE: RAIN OR PARENTS

The strategy is simple.  Waste the demons!!


*       As Glas        $

Use the PEACH in front of the portal and you'll meet the old man who lost his
goat, I mean donkey.  HEHE...funny.  Then solve a floor puzzle.

                Puzzle: PEACH / FLOOR / OLD MAN LOST DONKEY

This puzzle is random.  You try  to go  all the way to the left.  Some  tiles
hurt you.  Be careful.  Oh yeah, if you're thinking about a mad dash...GOGOG!


It's on to Disc 3 from here...

                        »»»»»[ Part 7 (Disc 2B) ]««««««
                                                                 ETERNAL VOID
General  Area  Tip: Hope  you paid  attention  to  how  Rain holds  things...

*       As Glas        $

SAVE YOUR GAME!!!  Yes, this is the final part of the game.  Walk towards the
screen and watch the FMV.  Then you'll switch over to Hana.

*       As Hana        ~

So it all comes down to this...you shooting  the woman you love.  Just choose
one.  One of them is Mist and the other one is Rain. THIS one determines what
kind of ending you'll get. Shoot Mist to get the good ending. Very difficult.
Shoot Rain to get the crappy ending.  Easy to get.  OK, the final boss.

                       FINAL BOSS: RACHEL KAZRA

==>If you shot Mist<==

Run around and dodge her  attacks while toggling  your inventory between  the
Arc Taser, the  flamethrower, and  the sonic boom. If she is green,  use  the
sonic boom.  Red, use  the flamethrower. Blue, use the  Arc  taser.  When she
is knocked out, VERY QUICKLY use the  VIRUS CANISTER. This ending is somewhat
harder to get.  *As soon as the battle starts, switch to the flamethrower and
duck and  evade until the boss  turns red.  Then, shoot the crap  out of  it.
Taser sucks and so does the sonic boom.  A few shots are more than  enough to
beat it.

*Strategy by: Kaizer3000 [kaizer3000@hotmail.com]

==>If you shot Rain<==

You'll have to fight with each character seperately. The strategy is the same
as before.  You have to VERY QUICKLY use the  VIRUS CANISTER.  This ending is
weak.  Yes, it sucks.  But it's easy to get.

Congratulations! You've completed the game. Play it again to unlock AG codes.

------------------------------- [ Endings ] ---------------------------------

WHAT?!  You'd think I'd spoil it for you?  You have no faith in me.

------------------------------- [ Reviews ] ---------------------------------

+  B1aCkHaZ3's OPINION - 8.7/10 (****)

   I really liked this game. Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix is the game that this
   aging gray beast we all have come to  know and love  needs go  out with  a
   bang.  And go out with a bang it did.  The story is engaging and the voice
   acting just leads you begging for more.  Music is perfect for the dark and
   foreboding atmostphere. Although, gameplay and be tweaked up a little bit.
   I also really liked what they did with this prequel.  No more long loading
   time after death is just what it needs.  Death  happens.  The puzzles  are
   the best of what we have come to except  from Kronos: frustration.  That's
   a good thing.  Although not as hard as the ones before (did anybody try to
   defuse the bomb in Fear Effect 1 without a guide?!)
   Now, let me be frank.  The real-time menu SUCKS!  Especially during situa-
   tions like the final boss.  How are  you going to expect me to  run around
   while toggling the menu?!
   All games has its shares of flaws. But not all game were this good! I hope
   they make a sequel to the original FE on the PS2.  That would so rock!
   GREAT graphics, great sounds, great voice acting...
+  Gaming SITES

   Daily Radar - http://www.dailyradar.com/reviews/game_review_1286.html
   Gamepro.com - http://www.gamepro.com/sony/psx/games/reviews/11582.shtml
   Gamespot.com - http://www.zdnet.com/gamespot/stories/reviews/0,10867,2687897,00.html
   IGN PSX - http://psx.ign.com/reviews/14541.html
   Gameshark.com - http://www.gameshark.com/articles/index.jsp?content_id=4850

---------------------------- [ Cheats and Secrets ] -------------------------

+  Unlock Art Gallery - Enter these codes at the main menu  to unlock the art
   gallery.  A sound will confirm the correct entry.
   Disc 1 - left, right, up (2x), down, circle
   Disc 2 - up (2x), R1(3x), square
   Disc 3 - L1, R2, L1, R2, L1, square
+  Cheat Mode - Successfully complete the game at least once and enter the at
   the panel on the left-hand side wall (the room where  Rain leaves and Hana
   is controlled for the first time) for the indicated effects.
   All Weapons - enter "11692" as the code
   Unlimited Ammo - enter "61166" as the code
   Big Head Mode - enter "10397" as the code
---------------------------- [ GameShark Codes ] ----------------------------

+  No, these aren't all the codes.  There are a whole bunch of them.  Just go
   here: http://www.gameshark.com/game_resource/codes/index.jsp?title_id=2717
   I didn't want to have to waste time to do all those... ;)

+  Infinite Fear [health]        D00495ec0068

---------------------- [ Fear Effect 3 Wishlist ] ---------------------------

+  Nope, this is not a real game.  It could be, if Kronos wants it to be. The
   list just contains some of the things I want FE3 to have. If there ever is
   one, and I highly suspect, there is.  I[we] think it should include these.
   - NO MORE real-time menu
   - On the PS2
   - have vehicles you can drive in
   - even smarter enemies [I'm sorry,  but the strategy game AI is just dumb]
   - bring Rain into the story
+  That's it. I can only come up with these. If you have a wishlist of your
   own, please  feel free to  e-mail it to me.  I'll  put  your name for the
   credit...or pet name--anything that you prefer.
                        »»»»»»[ Gamers' Wishlists ]««««««
+  A LONG LIST SENT IN BY MGS2000 [metalgearsolid_2000@yahoo.com]

   --------- [ Things That Need To Stay ] ---------
   - Motion FX3D technology with Seamless integration of gameplay  and in-game
   - Computer generated sequences.
   - No load time even after death sequence.
   - Intense story driven action and environmental puzzles.
   - New and improved real-time inventory system.
   - Fourth playable character: Rain
   -------- [ Things That Need To Improve ] --------
   - Full screen gameplay! (no more MTV or 1/2 of screen)
   - Smarter enemies even in Normal Mode! (Like FE 1 enemies)
   - 2-player mode--even in story mode!(Is it possible???)
   - Difference story, different paths or distribution for the game! Not  only
     in ending.  (Different movie depend on difference paths or distribution.)
   - The real-time item management,  which is  cumbersome  especially in tight
     situations. Weapons select in battle is too slow, we need to type  button
     by button. Moreover, we can't pause the game  to select different weapon.
     By the  time a desired weapon  is selected, you would've been  long dead.
   - Remain the last Fear Effect 1 enemies' voice acting.Because the  first FE
     voice & sound was strong & solid. For  example, the Hong Kong Mandarin or
     Cantonese voice  speak like "Hey Guy! don't move"  "What are  you doing!"
     So in Mandarin or  Cartonese voice acting like "Mai Yuk!" "Joo mee ah..!" 
     The enemies will say "Mai Yuk!" or "Hey you! Don't move!" after they have
     seen Hana,Deke & Glas sneak inside the building.  Here is the best  voice
     acting in PlayStation I have ever heard before!
   - Control Vehicle  or helicopter  gameplay! Drive vehicle  with gunshooting
     gameplay!Just like METAL GEAR SOLID in the last battle with vehicle drive
     & shooting gameplay!  (If  there have 2 players mode,  one can  drive the
     vehicle the other can use their weapon to shoot!)
   - Sniper gameplay. Zoom in &  out for sniper gun's crosshair. I have  never
     seen any of snipeing gameplay in FE. Sadly!!!
   - The hidden features&secrets that unlock with replay not only is unlimited
     ammo, health or game art gallery...We need something fresh.
   - Frustrating gameplay even in  active motion  FMV background! (No choke or
     slow down situation!)
   - Don't take so many camera angle (Not suitable for 3D control! Especially,
     the analog control)  Make it more in 2D  gameplay with 3D FMV  background
     like Metal Gear Solid.
   - Include the HE granade.  I haven't seen any in the FE series. It's a very
     important weapon.
   - Finally, take  more  LOGICAL story!!!!  Meaning, no  more   supernatural,
     Chinese ghosts!
--------------- [ Credits / Acknowledgements / Special Thanks ] -------------

+  My mom.  For not bugging me when I'm in front of the computer. :)

+  God for keeping me alive and well everyday.

+  Kaizer3000 for  correcting me on the guide.  I appreciate it.

+  MGS2000 for the long wishlist.  Some great ideas!

+  Gamewinners.com  for all the codes I needed.

+  Gameshark.com for the solutions to some of the puzzles.

+  Gamepro.com for all the gaming mags you've been feeding me.

+  DailyRadar for such an awesome gaming website.

+  IGN PSX and IGN PS2 Dave, get your lazy ass up and reply to some letters.

+  Eidos Interactive Ltd. For the free FE1 and for publishing such an awesome
   game.  You guys are great.
+  Kronos Digital  Entertainment  for putting  all the  blood and sweat  into
   developing this game.
+  GameFAQs.com for all the guides on your site.

+  If I forgot anybody, please e-mail me so I can put your name on this list.
   Apology in advance! :)
-------------------------- [ Contact Information ] --------------------------

+  I worked  hard on  this FAQ.  It would  be  nice to  receive  a letter  or
   something thanking me. Or if I did something illegal, hatemails are always
   welcome.  You can contact me with the following e-mail addresses:
       - b1ackhaz3@ignmail.com
       - SuperAverageGuy@aol.com
   AOL, you guys suck.  But I'm sorta stuck with you.
----------------------------- [ Final Words ] -------------------------------


   Hmm, that  was fun.  Wasn't it?  No, that wasn't  fun, you idiot.  Writing
   guides suck.  But  somehow I  can't stop writing.  This is my first  guide
   and only took about a week...I think.  I seem to have lost track  of time.
   Oh well, my eyes are hurting really bad. Maybe it's the radiation...maybe.
   I enjoy doing this and perhaps I'll do it again in the future. But doesn't
   that mean I have to buy more games?  You bet.  Yay!
   Maybe I'll do a guide on the copy of FE1 I  just got.  No, I'm stupid if I
   wanna do that.  There must be hundreds of guides out there right now. That
   game is so old...
   It brings so many nostalgic moments.  Sniff, sniff.  Oh well. Out with the
   old, in with the new!
   So, what's next for the future of  B1aCkHaZ3?  Only  time can tell...Until
   then, happy gaming.  Whether it's a PS2 or Dreamcast or whatever it is you
   you prefer, B1aCkHaZ3 will be there.

 __________  ____       _________  __     ___ ___        __________________
 \______   \/_   |____  \_   ___ \|  | __/   |   \_____  \____    /\_____  \
  |    |  _/ |   \__  \ /    \  \/|  |/ /    ~    \__  \   /     /   _(__  <
  |    |   \ |   |/ __ \\     \___|    <\    Y    // __ \_/     /_  /       \
  |______  / |___(____  /\______  /__|_ \\___|_  /(____  /_______ \/______  /
         \/           \/        \/     \/      \/  log \/  ging  \/ off...\/

              © Copyright 2001 [ Khoa Nguyen ] All rights reserved worldwide.

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