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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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    [ FAQ / WALKTHROUGH ]                                     /   _______       \
    [ by: Shotgunnova (P. Summers) ]                          \  {¯¯¯¯¯¯¯}      }
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    [DISCLAIMER]                                                       }      }
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    01) Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CTR1
    02) Th' Basics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THB1
        Search Function........................................................SFT1
        Status Ailments........................................................STT1
        Menu Overview..........................................................MNV1
    03) Tips and Tricks  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TPT1
    04) Disc One Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLK1
        01) Withered Ruins.....................................................PRL1
        02) Greenhell..........................................................PRL2
        03) Millennium Puzzle..................................................PRL3
        04) Town of Meria......................................................TWM1
        05) Sword Cathedral....................................................SWC1
        06) Town of Meria......................................................TWM2
        07) Valeria Chateau....................................................VLC1
        08) Illsveil Prison Island.............................................LLP1
        09) Under Traffic......................................................UNT1
        10) Damzen City........................................................DMZ1
            OPTIONAL: Odd Headquarters.........................................DDH1
        11) Telepath Tower.....................................................TLP1
        12) Damzen City........................................................DMZ2
        13) Mt. Chug-Chug......................................................MTC1
        14) Town of Meria......................................................TWM3
        15) Live Reflector.....................................................LVR1
        16) Sylvaland Castle...................................................SLV1
        17) Halmetz............................................................HLM1
        18) Golgotha Prison....................................................GLG1
            OPTIONAL: Halmetz..................................................HLM2
        19) Holst..............................................................HST1
        20) Aguel Mine Shaft...................................................GLM1
        21) Raline Observatory.................................................RLB1
        22) Valeria Chateau....................................................VLC2
            OPTIONAL: Wind Tiger's Den.........................................WTD1
        23) Baskar.............................................................BSK1
        24) Hidden Trial Arena.................................................HTR1
        25) Valeria Chateau....................................................VLC3
        26) Warwing Varukisas..................................................WVR1
            OPTIONAL: Thunder Lion Cage........................................TLC1
        27) Mt. Chug-Chug......................................................MTC2
        28) Sielje Region......................................................SLJ1
        29) Gate Bridge........................................................GTB1
        30) T'Bok Village......................................................TBK1
            OPTIONAL: Island Outpost...........................................SLT1
        31) Quartly............................................................QRT1
        32) Slayheim Castle....................................................SLH1
        33) Alchemic Plant.....................................................LCM1
        34) Emulator Zone......................................................MLZ1
        35) Guild Galad........................................................GLD1
            OPTIONAL: Abandoned Icebox.........................................ABX1
            OPTIONAL: Shining Garden...........................................SHG1
            OPTIONAL: Dark Reason..............................................DRK1
        36) Closed Mine Shaft..................................................CMS1
        37) Holst..............................................................HST2
        38) Coffin of 100 Eyes.................................................CFN1
        39) Diablo Pillar Antenora.............................................DPL1
        40) Diablo Pillar Caina................................................DPL2
        41) Diablo Pillar Judecca..............................................DPL3
        42) Diablo Pillar Ptolomea.............................................DPL4
        43) Heimdal Gazzo......................................................HGZ1
    05) Disc Two Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLK2
        44) Memory Maze........................................................MMZ1
        45) Millennium Puzzle..................................................MPZ1
            OPTIONAL: Island Outpost...........................................SLT2
            OPTIONAL: Meteorite Crater.........................................MTC1
        46) Grotto of Lourdes..................................................GRT1
        47) Sacrificial Altar..................................................SCF1
        48) Lost Garden........................................................LTG1
        49) Valeria Chateau....................................................VLC3
        50) Sleeping Volcano...................................................SPV1
            OPTIONAL: Palace Village...........................................PLC1
            OPTIONAL: Guild Galad..............................................GLD2
            OPTIONAL: Crimson Castle...........................................CRM1
            OPTIONAL: Werewolf's Den...........................................WWF1
            OPTIONAL: Good Luck Zone...........................................GLZ1
            OPTIONAL: Pirate's Warren..........................................PRT1
        51) Raypoint Flam......................................................RYP1
        52) Raypoint Wing......................................................RYP2
            OPTIONAL: Odd Headquarters.........................................DDH2
            OPTIONAL: Promised Catacombs.......................................PMC1
            OPTIONAL: Lost Garden..............................................LTG2
            OPTIONAL: Lost City Archeim........................................LCH1
        53) Raypoint Geo.......................................................RYP3
        54) Raypoint Muse......................................................RYP4
        55) Trapezohedron......................................................TRP1
        56) Fiery Wreckage.....................................................FRW1
            OPTIONAL: Awakening the Three High Guardians.......................THG1
            OPTIONAL: Preparations for Spiral Tower/Glaive Le Gable............PRP1
        57) Spiral Tower.......................................................SPT1
        58) Glaive Le Gable....................................................GLG1
    06) Lists..................................................................LST1
        '-Hidden Bosses........................................................HBS1
    07) Frequently Asked Questions.............................................FAQZ
    08) Thanks / Contributors / The Awesome Bunch..............................TCW1
    09) Updates................................................................UTD1
    10) Legality...............................................................LGL1
    I. CONTROLS                                                              [CTR1] 
                         ____          |  |          ____
        L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
        L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                      /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                     / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE 
    DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)| <-- CIRCLE 
        PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X-BUTTON
                    /            ____        ____            \
                   /            /    \  __  /    \            \
                   \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                    \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                     \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                                (L3)          (R3)
    DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS |  Move current party leader  | Choose options with cursor
          TRIANGLE      | Display/retract menu screen | Give item/attack descript.
          X-BUTTON      | Inspect button/hold to dash | Select option cursor's on
          O-BUTTON      | Use Encounter Cancel System | Cancel cursor's selection
           SQUARE       |   Use party leader's tools  |
          L1 or R1      |        Rotates camera       |      Toggles character
        START BUTTON    |     Changes party leader    |
       SELECT  BUTTON   |  Display/retract world map  |
    II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THB1]
     Here's where someone should be able to turn for that mostly-bland, boring
     information that keeps a game in working order.
       i. CHARACTERS                                                      [CHR1]
    [ASHLEY WINCHESTER]------------------------------------------------------------
      Ashley is a young man belonging to a musketeer brigade in the seaside town
      of Meria. Strong-willed with a fierce sense of righteousness, Ashley set out
      to battle the crisis facing Filgaia after being chosen to be a member of the
      Agile Remote Mission Squad (ARMS). Contrary to his gentle demeanor, he has
      become quite skilled at wielding a huge bayonet. His stats are all-around,
      for the most part, meaning he's got no major pitfalls in battle. 
      --- TOOLS ---
      * Hurl Knife  -  Projectile that can trigger far-off switches, hit enemies
                    -  Found: Withered Ruins [prologue, mandatory]
      * Booty Call  -  Search the room/section for treasure items
                    -  Found: Telepath Tower
      * Flare Gun   -  Lights up dark areas / triggers overhead switches
                    -  Found: Spiral Tower
      --- SKILLS ---
      Ashley has no original skills of his own; instead, he wields his bayonet
      with much nonpareil, using its various ammunition to inflict damage (like
      Gene Starwind!). He only starts off with one ability for his ARM, but by
      searching chests in dungeons, he can find cartridges to upgrade and master.
      * ShotWeapon  - Bayonet attack [single]
                    - Found: ---
                    - FP: 06
      * MultiBlast  - Attack with special shells [group]
                    - Found: Under Traffic
                    - FP: 10
      * BoltAction  - Shoot-slash combo attack [single]
                    - Found: Raline Observatory
                    - FP: 16
      * DeadOrAlive - Possible instant-death attack [single]
                    - Found: Mt. Chug-Chug
                    - FP: 20
      * ShockSlide  - Burrowing shockwave attack [group]
                    - Found: Closed Mine Shaft
                    - FP: 24
      * FantomFang  - High-voltage energy shells [single]
                   - Found: Lost Garden
                    - FP: 30
      * Blast 'Em   - Wide-range shockwave attack [all]
                    - Found: Raypoint Muse
                    - FP: 40
      * RisingNova  - Extreme shoot-slash combo [single]
                    - Found: Spiral Tower
                    - FP: 50
      --- FORCE ABILITIES ---
      Lv. 1 - Accelerator - Ashley acts before anyone, regardless of RES values
                          - Learn: ---
      Lv. 2 - Combine  - Uses the power of Pooka and equipped medium on all enemies
                          - Learn: Hidden Trial Arena
      Lv. 3 - Full Clip   - Uses all remaining rounds in a cartidge on enemy/s
                          - Learn: Noel in Guild Galad (post-Sleeping Volcano)
      Lv. 4 - Access      - Changes Ashley into Knightblazer form
                          - Learn: Golgotha Prison
    [BRAD EVANS]-------------------------------------------------------------------
      Hailed as the "Hero of Slayheim" during the war, he was later hailed as a war
      criminal and jailed in Illsveil Prison. He was chosen by Irving Valeria to be
      the third member of ARMS based on his abilities to use Heavy ARMS (bazookas,
      rocket launchers, etc.) and his strategic know-how. For someone who resembles
      a meathead, he's incredibly smart and caring.
      --- TOOLS ---
      * Kick Boots - Use to kick stuff over, off its hinges, etc.
                   - Found: Greenhell [prologue, mandatory]
      * Bombs      - Blow up stuff to trigger switches, demolish crates, and so on
                   - Found: Holst
      * Earthquake - Destroy all crates in the room + destroy some platform types
                   - Found: Raypoint Geo
      --- SKILLS ---
      * Bazooka    - Fire mini grenades [single]
                   - Found: ---
                   - FP: 06
      * Pineapple  - Natural frequency-based attack [group]
                   - Found: Telepath Tower
                   - FP: 11
      * AM Cluster - Anti-monster missile unit [all/random]
                   - Found: Aguel Mine Shaft
                   - FP: 17
      * Lawnmower  - Attack with energy rounds [all]
                   - Found: T'Bok Village
                   - FP: 21
      * Rail Gun   - Ship-mounted rail gun [single]
                   - Found: post-Coffin of 100 Eyes
                   - FP: 99
      * Mini Scud  - Portable missile launcher [single]
                   - Found: Sleeping Volcano
                   - FP: 25
      * Sky Eye    - Satellite-ground beam attack [group]
                   - Found: Raypoint Geo
                   - FP: 31
      * EZ Missile - Phase-shift missile weapon [all]
                   - Found: Spiral Tower
                   - FP: 55
      --- FORCE ABILITIES ---
      Lv. 1 - Lock On  - Fire a cartridge at 100% accuracy + ramped-up attack power
                       - Learn: ---
      Lv. 2 - Combine  - Uses the power of Pooka and equipped medium on all enemies
                       - Learn: Hidden Trial Arena
      Lv. 3 - ARM x 2  - Use two Heavy ARM shots consecutively
                       - Learn: post-Coffin of 100 Eyes
      Lv. 4 - Boost    - Use a Heavy ARM cartridge at three times as much power
                       - Learn: Raypoint Geo
    [LILKA ELENIAK]----------------------------------------------------------------
      With her cheery disposition and glowing personality, Lilka is the face of
      hope and humor for much of the game. Just a foundling sorceress trying to be
      on par with her deceased sister, the Eleniak Witch-Girl, she joins the call
      to "ARMS" and joins up. Her magickal powers are wide-ranging, from curative
      abilities to stat modifiers. 
      --- TOOLS ---
      * Fire Rod   - A fireball mainly used for setting stuff on fire (candles...)
                   - Found: ---
      * Freeze Rod - A freezeball mainly used for snuffing torches/freezing things
                   - Found: Mt. Chug-Chug
      * Change Rod - Magic bullet changes large gems into cubes, and vice versa
                   - Found: Raypoint Flam
      --- SKILLS ---
      Lilka learns her abilities not through leveling-up or finding objects that
      immediately bestow her with power, but through engraving Crest items at the
      world's magick shops. Once engraved, she learns the ability permanently...
      or until she wants to erase it and use it for another ability. Her magicks
      aren't related to her level, so as long as she has a Crest, she can learn
      any magick available to her at the time. Possible magicks:
      LEVEL ONE                            LEVEL TWO
      * Break          * Air Screen        * Hi-Break      * Field
      * Protect        * Spark             * Irresist      * Hi-Spark
      * Rise&Shine     * Vortex            * Restore       * Hi-Vortex
      * Revive         * Quick             * Hi-Revive     * Slowdown
      * Shield         * Heal              * Armor Down    * Hi-Heal
      * Flame          * Dispel            * Hi-Flame      * Saber
      * MageWeapon     * Freeze            * HypeWeapon    * Hi-Freeze
      * Reflect        * Aqua              * Might Body    * Hi-Aqua
      --- FORCE ABILITIES ---
      Lv. 1 - Mystic   - Use one item on all allies in main party
                       - Learn: ---
      Lv. 2 - Combine  - Uses the power of Pooka and equipped medium on all enemies
                       - Learn: Hidden Trial Arena
      Lv. 3 - Extend   - One magickal spell is used on all allies in main party
                       - Learn: Island Outpost [Disc 2]
      Lv. 4 - DualCast - Use two magic abilities consecutively
                       - Learn: Raypoint Flam
    [TIM RHYMELESS]----------------------------------------------------------------
      Tim is a boy with gentle features, and has the amazing power of being able
      to communicate with the Guardians. He's one of Ashley's acquaintances and
      joins the party when ARMS is bid to protect him as he trains to become the
      "Pillar" of Baskar. Like any mage, he's got weak defense and attack but
      comes chock full of nice magicks -- plus, he can learn unique skills through
      killing enemies with mediums equipped.
      --- TOOLS ---
      * Pooka      - Allows Tim to collect far-off chests or push far-off buttons
                   - Found: Hidden Trial Arena
      * Air Ballet - Allows Tim to move far-off objects in straight lines
                   - Found: Emulator Zone
      * Mist Cloak - Allows time to pass over gaps (1 grid) and thru mesh fencing
                   - Found: Raypoint Wing
      --- SKILLS ---
      Tim learns new medium skills by attacking enemies with them equipped. He has
      to be the one dealing the attack, though, meaning it succeeds and does some
      damage. After a set number of attacks/kills, a notification tells that an
      ability has been learned. Some mediums have a few skills, some have one...but
      all have at least that many! [S] means single-target, [A] is 'all.'
        ABILITY NAME   MEDIUM         DESCRIPTION                     FP / KILLS
      - First Aid      Odoryuk        Heals all allies        [A]     24 / --
      - TurnUndead     Odoryuk        Turns undead with light [S]     04 / 15?
      - Red Beaut      Moor Gault     Guardian's fire attack  [S]     12 / 15
      - Napalm Hit     Moor Gault     Guardian's fire attack  [A]     50 / 10
      - Rock Bolt      Grudiev        Guardian's earth attack [S]     12 / 03
      - Graviton       Grudiev        Guardian's earth attack [A]     50 / 15
      - Water Gun      Schturdark     Guardian's water attack [S]     12 / 03
      - Submerge       Schturdark     Guardian's water attack [A]     50 / 15
      - Sonic Claw     Fengalon       Guardian's wind attack  [S]     12 / 03
      - Tempest        Fengalon       Guardian's wind attack  [A]     50 / 15
      - Lightnin'      Noua Shax      Guardian's thndr attack [S]     12 / 10
      - Plasma Tap     Noua Shax      Guardian's thndr attack [A]     50 / 20
      - Ice Beam       Aru Sulato     Guardian's ice attack   [S]     12 / 10
      - Arctic         Aru Sulato     Guardian's ice attack   [A]     50 / 20
      - Arrow Shot     Stare Roe      Guardian's light attack [S]     12 / 10
      - Nova Rain      Stare Roe      Guardian's light attack [A]     50 / 20
      - Black Gate     Leitea Salk    Guardian's dark attack  [S]     12 / 10
      - Dark Star      Leitea Salk    Guardian's dark attack  [A]     50 / 20
      - Arcana 13      Ge Ramtos      Drains life from enemy  [S]     20 / 30
      - Thanatos X     Ge Ramtos      Protects from sddn deth [A]     12 / 50
      - Valkyrie       Rigdobrite     Non-elemental attack    [A]     50 / 10
      - Cosmic Ray     Rigdobrite     Non-elemental attack    [S]     75 / 20
      - Goldhammer     Chapapanga     ...Gella?               [S]     77 / 50
      - Lucky Word     Chapapanga     +1 to Luck in battle    [A]     07 / 77
      - Full Heal      Raftina        Restores all HP         [S]     50 / 50
      - Apocalypse     Zephyr         Non-elemental attack    [A]     99 / 99
      - Bold Lance     Justine        Non-elemental attack    [S]     80 / 99
      - Speed Down     Dan Dairam     Reduce RES & PRY values [G]     70 / 20
     --- FORCE ABILITIES ---
     Lv. 1 - FP Shift - Distributes some of Tim's FP among the party
                      - Learn: ---
     Lv. 2 - Combine  - Uses the power of Pooka and equipped medium on all enemies
                      - Learn: Hidden Trial Arena
     Lv. 3 - Divide   - Divides the target's power in half
     Lv. 4 - Hi-Combo - Pooka's ultimate-guardian attack with equipped medium
      This female bounty hunter is hellbent on slaying Ashley, for reasons she is
      not afraid to divulge at many opportunities. Her steely personality is made
      up in part because she herself is a bit "steely" (play to figure it out!).
      Her abilities for "exorcism" are unmatched, and she's righteous to a 't'.
      --- TOOLS ---
      * Wire Hook  - When it hits a moor/stake, it pulls Kanon across divides
                   - Found: Coffin of 100 Eyes
      * Rad Blades - Nullifies ground damage and shoots user across room
                   - Found: Grotto of Lourdes
      * Jump Shoes - Allows Kanon to jump higher when standing on special symbols
                   - Found: Raypoint Muse
      --- SKILLS ---
      All of these attacks are single-target:
        TECHNIQUE    LEVEL   DESCRIPTION                     FP
      * Left Edge  - Lv. 1 - Attack with built-in blade    - 20
      * Pike Kick  - Lv. 1 - High-angle pike kick          - 40
      * Drive Cut  - Lv. 1 - Double-cut w/ built-in blade  - 45
      * Wire Fist  - Lv. 2 - Attack with a gimmick fist    - 50
      * Arc Kick   - Lv. 2 - Double kick with energy arcs  - 70
      * Vortex Cut - Lv. 3 - Piercing Xenon vortex attack  - 75
      * Phalanx    - Lv. 3 - Focused shockwave strike      - 90
      * Eagle Claw - Lv. 4 - 
      The thing about Kanon's skills is that the new ones don't come from finding
      cartridges or ARMs, but by using (some of) her current skills. Since she's
      got bionic implants, she has a "governor" -- something that keeps her skills
      in check -- that prevents use of high-level abilities. But, when using the
      ones she already has, there's a chance a new one may "spark" in place of the
      attack chosen for that turn and she'll learn a new ability. She starts out
      with Left Edge, Pike Kick, Drive Cut initially. Here's how to get the newer
      techniques (Thanks to VeghEsther for the percentages):
      USE           |  MAY LEARN....     | PERCENTAGE OF LEARNING
      Left Edge     | Wire Fist          |  1/4    (25%)
      Left Edge     | Arc Kick           | 1/12    (8.333%)
      Pike Kick     | Arc Kick           |  1/8    (12.5%)
      Pike Kick     | Vortex Cut         | 1/24    (4.16%)
      Drive Cut     | Vortex Cut         | 1/16    (6.25%)
      Drive Cut     | Phalanx            | 1/48    (2.08%)
      Phalanx       | Eagle Claw         | 1/96    (1.04%)
     NOTE: Learning skills is easier with high Luck ratings!
     --- FORCE ABILITIES ---
     Lv. 1 - Gat Lv. 1 - Force-based multilevel attack (with Lv. 1 skills only)
                       - Learn: --- 
     Lv. 2 - Gat Lv. 2 - Force-based multilevel attack (with Lv. 2 skills only)
                       - Learn: ---
     Lv. 3 - Gat Lv. 3 - Force-based multilevel attack (with Lv. 3 skills only)
                       - Learn: Grotto of Lourdes
     Lv. 4 - Gat Lv. 4 - Force-based multilevel attack (with Lv. 4 skills only)
                       - Learn: Raypoint Muse
     The game's optional character (available on Disc 2) is a legendary Crimson
     Noble, a race of immortals who happen to have vampiric traits. Marivel's nice
     for the most part, although she can often be full of herself -- expect to hear
     about how awesome she is, how she helps everyone, and how she should be the
     ruler of Filgaia. Don't discount her sweet side, though -- her conversations
     with Tony are nice. <3
     --- TOOLS ---
     * Electel    - Shoot an electrical beam to power/blow things up.
                  - Found: ---
     * Windup Key - Throw a twisting key to move smiley-face blocks
                  - Found: Promised Catacombs
     * My Mike    - Sing a beautiful song to summon monsters/boss creatures
                  - Found: Lost Garden
     --- SKILLS ---
     Marivel is reminiscent of a "Blue Mage" in the Final Fantasy series, she who
     learns skills by getting them from certain monsters. By using the "Skil Drain"
     technique, she can suck (vampire joke!) the power right out of 'em. Of course,
     some monsters don't have anything and this can be a long search for the right
     ones if you've got no guide.
     RED POWER       WHAT IT DOES                MONSTER        LOCATION         FP
     * Life Drain    Drains HP from enemy  [S]  ---------          ---           05
     * Skil Drain    Get enemy's Red Power [S]  ---------          ---           05
     * Booster       Up stats in autocombt [S]  Agion         Path to Sprl Tower 70
     * Cremation     Fire-elemental R Powr [A]  Efreet        Raypoint Flam      55
     * Def Down      Lowers DFP/MGR values [G]  Elbucky       Spiral Tower       85
     * Demonangle    Instant death to foes [A]  BlackSabbath  Werewolf's Den     60
     * Escdown       All foes' PRY to 0%   [A]  Potatohead    by Pr. Catacombs   80
     * Frigid        Ice-elemental attack  [S]  Fleurety      by Sielje Region   12
     * GellaCrazy    Last 4 G Digits = Dmg [A]  Melchom       S. Greenhell exit  99
     * Guillotine    I. Death to one enemy [S]  Hope Diamond  Promised Catacombs 04
     * Inspire       Thunder-element attck [S]  Furfur        Diablo Pllr Caina  12
     * Megaton       Non-elemental R Power [A]  Nybbas        Pirate Warren Isle 55
     * Power Seal    Casts Ability Block   [S]  EarthenFigure Plateau NW - Holst 08
     * Rock Gazer    Earth-element R Power [S]  Alligatiger   Raypoint Geo       12
     * Shadowbolt    Dark-elemental R Powr [S]  Twin Tail     The Quartly Desert 12
     * Sleep         Casts Sleep @ enemies [G]  Man Trap      Sylvaland Area     08
     * Status Lok    Status effect blocker [S]  Skid Lancer   Rd wtr by Pirate W 30
     * Thunderbolt   Thunder-element attck [A]  Thunderdrake  Thunder Lion Cage  55
     * Wildcard      Uses random Red Power [?]  Balloon       Meria Boule Area   04
      A party member for a short while on Disc 2, Anastasia is known more commonly
      by another name (I won't reveal). Lucied is her guardian and together they
      help Ashley navigate the Memory Maze. 
      --- TOOLS ---
      Doesn't have any, sadly.
      --- SKILLS ---
      * Refresh     -  [35FP] Restore abnormal statuses and HP 
      * Providence  -  [50FP] Ups DFP and MGR values on allies
      * Air Guard   -  [50FP] Ups RES value with wind protection
      * Salvation   -  [80FP] Prevents all allies from falling
      --- FORCE ABILITIES ---
      Lv1 - Impulse   - Sword attack with the power of friends
      Lv2 - BladeHeal - Argetlahm power restores all HP
    [LUCIED, GUARDIAN OF DESIRE]---------------------------------------------------
      Showcased for only a short while on Disc 2, Lucied accompanies Anastasia in
      helping Ashley find his way through the Memory Maze. His form is that of a
      tusked 'werewolf,' although he's rather tame and not as aggressive as normal
      werewoles... Uhh..yeah. =p  He also shows up at the Werewolf's Den.
      --- TOOLS ---
      Wolves don't have paws, so they can't use tools!
      --- SKILLS ---
      Wolf Fang    - [50FP] Lucied's fang attack on one target
      Last Fang    - [70FP] Final attack of the werewolf on one target
      --- FORCE ABILITIES ---
      Lv1 - BlackDash    - Slash enemy in a high-speed dash
      Lv2 - Rage Moon    - Moon power damages all enemies
       i. BATTLING                                                        [BTL1]
     Battle takes place after encountering the enemy. There are various kinds of
     attacks one can get himself into:
      This is when the fight begins, all selected characters are fighting, and
      no one has the initiative. If the (!) box comes up on the world map and you
      let the skirmish ensue, this is the type you'll get.
      These types of battles are when the ally party (ARMS) gets the first strike,
      letting them begin before the enemy does. Given how beneficial this is, it
      takes place randomly. Use the "Elven Boots" accessory to boost the party's
      chances of getting this type to 1/3 (33.3%).
      There are three varying types of this. The first is a normal back attack,
      when the members of ARMS get ambushed and the enemy goes first. Fleeing the
      battle at this point may have a reduced chance of success.
      The second type is also a back attack, but the (up to) three members who ARE
      NOT IN your party have to fight. This is luckily rather rare and one can go
      an entire game without encountering one of these.
      Third, a party member may be singled out and have to survive on his/her own
      for a few turns. Naturally this is a disadvantage, but the rest of the team
      will arrive eventually to back up the lone ally.
      Equip a "Weathervane" accessory to "prevent surprise or fighting alone."
       iii. SEARCH FUNCTION                                               [SFT1]
     This ability is unique to the Wild ARMs series, and is either loved or hated,
     depending on who you talk to. Using the [] Button, you can search the lay of
     the land, looking for items on the ground or towns/dungeons. They all appear
     in the same fashion and there are few destinations that appear independantly
     of this function.
     Often times, you will have to get directions before you can find a place, as
     it will not show up any other way. You'll know you've found the right person
     to tell you where to go because phrases will appear in yellow. 
       iv. STATUS AILMENTS                                                [STT1]
    Status ailments are, of course, things that negatively influence a character's
    abilities, both in and out of battles. Here's the abnormality rundown and how
    to deal with 'em:
     Poison is generally the same in any game, as it decreases HP by an increment
     after actions are taken. In WA2, the character inflicted loses 1/10 (?) of
     his/her HP at the resolution of _all_ turns, both ally and enemy. The status
     leaves on its own, although Antidote items and Restore magic work. Moonstone
     accessories block 100% of the time.
     Just like the previous type of poison except this does a lot more damage
     to the user at the resolution of all turns. I believe it's one-fifth of a
     character's max HP, but I'm not sure. It may seem like I'm just lazy and
     not figuring this out, but this is actually a rarity among statuses so any
     players can probably go through the game without being smacked with this.
     It runs out on its own, and Antidotes/Restore magic cure it, too. Moonstone
     accessories prevent this variant as well.
     Yeah, this is probably one of the worst in the game. Should a character by
     inflicted, s/he will not be able to be cured (regain HP) by any means, thus
     throwing a huge wrench in battle plans. Medicine items and Restore magic'll
     solve it on a single-serve basis, although Hazel Sprig accessories can sure
     prevent it 100% of the time.
     Not too bad, and actually very useful in some user-made challenges, but it
     prevents a character from receiving EXP at the end of battle. Cure it 'fore
     then, with a Toy Hammer item or Restore magic, for the easy solution. Use a
     Memo Pen accessory to block this permanently.
     A sort of pseudosilence abnormality, it prevents characters from using any
     of their original commands, meaning special skills/magic or force abilities.
     Getting hit with this in the heat of battle can be a death sentence for the
     healers, so use a Violet Rose item or Restore magic to take it off. Silver
     Harp accessories prevent this 100% of the time.
     This prevents a character from taking action turns, making them vulnerable
     to attack from the enemy. It eventually wears off, but the weird thing is
     that there is no equippable 100% prevention method for this -- you'll have
     to use Lilka's Rise&Shine magic /before/ you get hit with it, since it both
     cures the status and prevents it from happening in the battle's duration.
     This is the big brother to Sleep, and it works like that status as well as
     poison. So, essentially, the inflictee can take no action and loses some of
     his/her HP each turn resolution. Use Rise&Shine to cure it, or prevent it
     from happening.
     In battle, getting hit, evading, or attacking builds up FP; when in this
     bad status, it makes all FP gain reduced to +1 per. This prevents condition
     green on a character (when all statuses automatically alleviated) in its
     own way, so use a Peppy Acorn/Restore magic to take it off ASAP. Heart Leaf
     accessories prevent it permanently, while equipped anyway.
     A staple in many RPGs, Wild ARMs 2 is lucky that the person inflicted only
     uses physical attacks with indiscriminant targetting. This only wastes a
     character's turn (usually), and if allies have the Up P Defend skill maxed
     all the way out, they can usually take zero damage. Still, this isn't any
     infliction that's needed, so use a Pinwheel/Restore magic to take it off.
     The Clear Chime accessory prevents anyone from going bonkers.
     Yes, the bane of many, many battle strategies, paralysis prevents the 
     character from taking action much in the same way that sleep does. This'll
     wear off after awhile, too, but should get alleviated when possible. Use a
     Pixie Dust item/Restore magic to take it off, or equip a Blue Anklet and
     never let a character get hit with it at all!
     A petrified character can't fight, so it's much like sleep/paralysis. This
     wears off after a time, but is generally such a rare abnormality that one
     can play the normal storyline without seeing hide nor hair of enemies that
     use it. Softener items/Restore magic removes it, and the Gaze Mirror equip
     will prevent it.
       v. MENU OVERVIEW                                                   [MNV1]
         | 1 |       On the battle screen, you'll notice a plus-shaped series
      ___|___|___    of icons (not unlike Lufia 2) with various options upon
     | 4 | 2 | 3 |   them. This is the battle menu and each option has its own
     |___|___|___|   sub options. "1" is Equipment, "2" is Fight, "3" is Escape,
         | 5 |       "4" is Auto-Battle, and "5" is Party Formation.
      Here is where one can change armor on the person(s) in or out of battle. If
      you do this, it _doesn't_ take up any time in battle and you can do it as
      many times as you like. Sometimes certain allies will not be in the party --
      they may be elsewhere, temporarily out of the party, etc. -- and that's when
      their equipment cannot be changed.
      This is the option where the characters offensive abilities are subdivided
      and sectioned off. There are a few options in this regard:
       * Items -----------> Use an item from inventory that turn
       * Attack ----------> Deal physical damage based on STR and weapon's ATK
       * Defend ----------> Hold ground that turn and reduce damage incurred
       * Custom Command --> Use the equipped medium's ability, if there is one
       * Original Powers -> Use the character's unique skills/force abilities.
      This option lets the party flee from the current enemies. There are times
      when this cannot be used or has a low chance of success, when mandatory or
      player-initiated fights occur and when the monsters are of a much higher LVL
      than the party, respectively.
      Auto-battle is a feature that lets the characters fight on their own without
      player control. This is where it's switched on/off and the characters can
      have their three settings adjusted:
       * Manual ---> Character acts as directed by player
       * Normal ---> Character does only normal attacks
       * Balanced -> Character acts like him/herself
      Unless you've got a reason to use this, don't use it. =p
      This changes the current party formation. At most, ARMS is composed of six
      party members. The three current party members make up the "Forward" party
      and do the normal attacks, while the "Back" party (three unused charaters)
      don't do anything. However, in certain surprise attacks, the "Back" party'll
      be thrown into battle. There are also two other options:
       * Change Places -> Manually select characters to switch, one-by-one
       * Change Party --> The current party is switched for the "Back" party
     The "field" is when you're moving your character around manually, i.e. when
     not in battle. Press the triangle button (default) to display a menu with a
     few different options.
      This is where the player can use healing items on characters and see the
      inventory proper. S/he can also reorganize the items by commonly-used,
      event, and equippable categories.
      This is where all allies in the party can be equipped with their helmets and
      such. Every character can equip four pieces of gear with one medium, being
      * Weapon -> Character's weapon
      * Gear ---> Character's accessory
      * Body ---> Character's armor
      * Head ---> Character's headwear
      * Guard --> Short for "Guardian." Equip with mediums party has in inventory.
      Auto-battle feature, again. It's the same as when used in the battle menu,
      and the players can be tweaked for their usage in skirmishes.
      Also a duplicate of the battle feature, this lets ARMS' ranks be formed into
      two groups, "Forward" which does the main fighting and "Back" which doesn't
      do anything much.
      This is where each character can be looked at in-depth, with many pages on
      them, including:
      Pg1 - Stats  - the character's strength, vitality, sorcery, response, etc.
      Pg2 - PSS    - The character's personal skills are displayed here
      Pg3 - Skills - Available battle-ready abilities are shown here
      Pg4 - Force  - Unique force abilities
      Pg5 - Custom - The skills bestowed by equipped medium is shown
      Awhile into the game, ARMS' employer Irving gives them a communicator and
      this option lets them keep in touch. Use this feature to learn information
      at times, as well as brush up on what the current destination/mission is.
      Sometimes Amy and Kate will talk to you and give info, too. There are some
      places where the frequency is scrambled and there's a breakdown between the
      This option is only gained after finding the "AlbumCoupon" in the Thunder
      Lion Cage and exchanging it for a Monster Album at Odd Headquarters. Doing
      so lets the player inspect monsters they've already fought anywhere the menu
      can be used, and new monsters will show up with a green (!) bubble at the
      field. Things that can be looked at here (in alphabetical order):
       * Enemy LVL
       * Enemy HP (boss HP is not displayed)
       * Gella dropped upon defeat
       * Item that can be dropped
       * Attributes (elemental weaknesses, what they absorb, etc.)
       * Stealable items
      This is where the player can tweak various aspects that are incidental to
      gameplay, such as:
      * Controller ----- Change button setups on the controller
      * Sound ---------- Toggle Stereo/Monaural settings
      * Compass -------- Toggle compass on/off
      * MotionView ----- Changes the motionview system (battle camera, I think)
      * BattleCommand -- Toggle cursor memory on/off
      * CursorLocation - Toggle menu cursor memory on/off
      * ScreenLocation - Reposition the screen for your TV's best viewing
      * Screensaver ---- Toggle screensaver on/off
      * WindowDesign --- Change window display types to 4 custom or make your own
      * IconDesign ----- Change the framing for the various icons in WA2
      * Load ----------- Load a WA2 save off of a memory card in a PS2 slot
    III. TIPS AND TRICKS                                                     [TPT1]
     Here's stuff I know with a bunch of trickery thrown in from the members of
     the WA2 board at GameFAQs. If they sent it in, their names'll be listed after
     the entry.
    o Max out the Up HP skill as soon as possible to start getting more health at
      level-ups. The downside is that by raising levels, future party members are
      weaker because /they/ haven't been able to use Up HP yet. So, try to keep
      one's level low, at least in reference to gratuitous power-levelling.
    o Stock up on medicinal items so you're carrying a good load -- twenty or
      more of each should do it. This helps in the early stages when enemies
      can inflict poison/paralyze/amnesia/disease and magickal means won't do
      the trick. Even later on, when there a few accessories that prevent things
      are obtained, this is still a very good idea.
    o When in doubt, call Valeria Chateau. There are a few places that scramble
      the transmission, but overall, you can contact them at any time for hints
      and confirmation on the current objective/destinations. This is particularly
      useful for players who pick the game up after periods of inactivity and want
      to know what they're supposed to be doing.
    o A full slot of Up P Defend abilities makes enemies, even those you meet a
      long ways down the line, do zero damage. This buys one time in fights one
      has to heal a lot in, and accounts the enemy as a wasted turn! This should
      be maxed out after Up HP.
    o "Using the defender skill on some of the early bosses means you will never
      get hurt." - Random_Person06
    o "Make sure the entire party (ie: those also in the "back") is equipped and
      healed because of ambushes and for when one character gets stranded by
      him/herself." - Becca
    o "If you don't need healing, save the gems in dungeons for later" - Becca
    o "You should only use the full carrots with Lilka's mystic." - Artema Dragon
    o "You should always use the mini carrots with Lilka's mystic. This is a cheap
      way to raise the party's FP without expending Lilka's. This is also a really
      good way to get the 100FP for Knightblazer ASAP in a boss battle, especially
      after you unlock the secret market where you can buy them." - Artema Dragon
    o "A little trick I use to help make the Kanon Fight's easier, is to bind Slow
      to a crest cap, and quick to a crest graph, in the first turn have ashley use
      the crest cap slow, and lilka cast quick on herself, this should allow Lilka
      to act before Kanon, and thus make healing about 398479012734091794027 times
      easier." - Random_Person06
    IV. DISC ONE WALKTHROUGH                                                 [WLK1]
     Welcome to the exciting world of Wild ARMs 2! Start up the first disc, pop it
     in the loading tray, and start a new game. After the breathtaking FMV that
     can make grown men weep, you'll be given the choice to begin the game with a
     trio of prologues. The first one is...
    | 01) Withered Ruins (a.k.a. A Young Man Ready for Action)             [PRL1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Gimel Coin      |_| Mini Carrot  |  _                             |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| Heal Berry   | |_| Stirge         4 EXP, 16g  |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| Heal Berry   | |_| Kobold         4 EXP, 16g  |
    |       |_| Str Apple                        | |_| Gagison       10 EXP, 50g  |
     This is Ashley's prologue!
     As the military transport rolls on, the musketeers learn they're going to be
     involved in a hostage rescue operation at the Withered Ruins. The player'll
     be able to name the blue-coifed man [Default: Ashley] before the ride ends.
     And, you enter the destination automatically.
     Ashley starts in a plus-shaped room with his peers in there -- no encounters
     can be fought in here. Take note of the prismatic diamond-shaped thing on the
     field screen. That's tells the player what direction is which, with the red
     tip indicating north. This'll be referenced a bunch of times in the near
     Anyway, head left from where Ashley enters and go in the open door. There'll
     be a treasure chest with a [GIMEL COIN] in it. Follow the next door to a
     stairway, which leads to the first room's balcony. Follow it west (mind the
     compass point) to another door. Rob the chest for a [MINI CARROT] then get
     back down to the ground floor. Just goes to show you how crappy the mercs
     who looted this place were. :p
     Exit south from the initial room to find a man staring into a pit. The man
     says a musketeer fell down the shaft, so Ashley can play firefighter -- jump
     down into the darkness. He lands by the "clumsy fool," and after a demo of
     a neat knife-throwing trick, he gives Ashley the [TOOL: HURL KNIFE] for use.
     It can trigger far-off switches with the [] button. Watch the "Oops!" 
     tutorial as you go to the ledge then jump off.
     Enter the doorway by the switch the man opened and claim the [HEAL BERRY]
     inside. Take the previous room's stairway out, after. Continue along the path
     until Ashley happens upon a torch-lit room. At the top of the stairway there,
     is a second [HEAL BERRY] to stuff in his pocket. Continue back into the room
     overlooking the abyss.
     Instead of jumping in for another go-'round, use the Hurl Knife to trigger
     the switch -- this will open a door on the other side of the room. When you
     get to another torch-lit corridor, ignore the first doorway and take the one
     in a dark corner. This leads to a stone overhang you can walk on. Follow the
     peremeter to a third [HEAL BERRY] and spot the other chest in the east --
     take the long way around unless you want to fall through to the ground below.
     It's another [HEAL BERRY]...yay! Use the doorway nearby.
     Ashley will tread on a bridge with shimmering gems on it. Since they shine
     faintly with the power of life, they can restore the party's HP. These are
     small so they won't do much good, but better than nothing, right? In the next
     room is a feeble walkway, which sends Ashley plummeting if he steps on the
     wrong tile. The player can probably spot the "erronous" places, though, from
     the graphics. Here's a map anyway!
        SWITCH                                    The hash marks (#) represent the
          |_|                                     tiles that give Ashley a nice
       _ _|_|_ _ _         SWITCH DOOR            sinking feeling, so avoid those
      |_|_|_|_|_|_|            _ _                like the plague. Note that if
      |_|        #            |_|_|               he does fall, the room restarts
      |_|    _ _|_|_ _ _   _ _|_|#                and Ashley's health is assured
      |_|_ _|_|_|_|_|_|_|#|_|_|_|_|               still. Direct Ashley to the room
      |_|_|_|_|     |_|         |_|    S          marked treasure and shove the
        |_|_ _   _  |_|_ _ _ _ _|_|    |          [BULLET LOAD] into the inventory.
        |_|_|_|#|_| |_|_|_|_|_|_|_| E -+- W       
         #      |_|_ _ _        |_|    |          In the maze room, maneuver to
       /¯¯¯\ _ _|_|_|_|_|_ _ _ _|_|    N          the Hurl Knife "SWITCH" that
      |     |_|_|_|   |_|_|_|_|_|_|               opens the "SWITCH DOOR". Exit
       \___/  |_|_   _|_|     |_|                 through there and put this minor
        |_|   |_|_|#|_|_|     |_|                 annoyance of a room behind you.
        |_|                   |_|
       ENTER               TREASURE
     Continue on and jump down the ledge you see a man standing under -- it's a
     health official who'll heal Ashley. There's a save point in the next room
     ("Amazing Stone"); save if you want and exit. Stick to the scaffolding along
     the wall for the next doorway, which leads to a long walkway over an abyss.
     Ashley can encounter Gagisons here that give 10 EXP/50 GELLA, and since its
     within walking distance of the healer, this is a good place to level up.
     Keep on keepin' on if you're not up for power-levelling.
     The next room has a Hurl Knife switch against a pillar, too low for direct
     stickin'. Make your way around the thin path (longest way avoids bad tiles)
     and use Ashley's tool so that it hits the pillar and falls down, plinking on
     the switch to open the nearby door.
     Within, jump down the ledges with the healing gems and make for the chest w/
     a [STR APPLE] inside. From there, approach the next corridor and after some
     events, Ashley will be introduced to an orphan [Default: Tony] and also a
     gigantor, butt-ugly...
       BOSS: Sealed Monster Weapon Kalivos
             Kalivos ~~~~ HP: 400     EXP: 50     GELLA: 250    DROP: -----
             Left Claw ~~ HP: 200     EXP: 25     GELLA: 150    DROP: Big Berry
             Right Claw ~ HP: 200     EXP: 25     GELLA: 150    DROP: Big Berry
         Blade Claw L  --------> weak physical damage (~13)     [L: Left Claw]
         Blade Claw R  --------> weak physical damage (~13)     [L: Right Claw]
         Cross Blade Claw -----> med. physical damage (~20)     [L: Both Claws]
         Laser Breath  --------> med. physical damage (~25-28)
       ASHLEY: Lv. 2
       This is Ashley's first boss fight, and in case you shut your eyes when a
       nice tip came on the screen, killing the body parts nets you more EXP and
       gella, but only killing the main body wins the battle.
       Kalivos will use Blade Claw L/R continuously and eventually use Laser
       Breath. This shouldn't be a problem unless Ashley's HP dips below 30, and
       there's no way you should have used all his Heal Berries by now. In any
       case, even at Lv. 2 Ashley is faster than Kalivos, so play it safe and it
       should have a favorable outcome. Just be careful because it will use only
       Laser Breath when both its arms have been killed off! In that case, start
       slinging ShotWeapon slugs its way. I'll also note that defending can make
       its claw attacks do zero.
     Ashley single-handedly saves everyone, even the kidnappers, and manages to
     escape from the collapsing ruins with nary a scratch. After being reprimanded
     for being insubordinate, the prologue ends and a save prompt appears.
    | 02) Greenhell (a.k.a. A Former Hero Now War Criminal)                [PRL2] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| Heal Berry   |  _                             |
    |       |_| STR Apple       |_| Heal Berry   | |_| Barghest        4 EXP, 16g |
    |       |_| VIT Apple       |_| Heal Berry   | |_| Spawn           5 EXP, 20g |
    |       |_| Big Berry       |_| Heal Berry   | |_| Balloon         6 EXP, 12g |
    |       |_| Bullet Load     |_| Heal Berry   |--------------------------------o
    |       |_| RES Apple                        |
     This is Brad's prologue!
     On a cold night, some guards with their dogs search a forest in the middle
     of a downpour. After a short flashback, the buff male character gets to be 
     given a name [Default: Brad]. Like before, take note of which way is north
     and head that direction. Going south's a dead end. Oh, and any items you've
     collected on the previous prologue(s) carry over, so Brad can use that STR
     Apple [etc.] if you'd like.
     In the next forested area, Barghests will appear. Their "Hunting Time" attack
     can do 20+ damage initially, but they die in two attacks (Spawns take three
     physical attacks). Conserve all of the ammo Brad has unless you're in danger
     of wasting a Gimel Coin! When you get to a ring of healing gems around a tree
     trunk, there are two [HEAL BERRY] chests in the west and east.
     There's a fork this time that bends around a large rock. Take the west path
     to some more healing gems and a [STR APPLE]. Take the path you ignored back
     north and out. Follow the gem-laden footpath and think about getting to Lv.
     2 here. Upon reaching it, Brad will be able to one-shot Barghests.
     Anyway, break the crates you see until you find three more under a tree's
     eaves. The middle one has a third [HEAL BERRY] inside, but the others are
     full of nothin'. When Brad approaches the cliff in the next screen, a chest
     is clearly visible. Jump down to it with some careful camerawork to get the
     [VIT APPLE]. At the bottom of the cliff, the middle box in the formation
     covers a fourth [HEAL BERRY]. Keep going north.
     Brad will encounter a little dog and hide when it runs off. When the guards
     leave, the pup gives brad a fifth [HEAL BERRY] and starts following him.
     When you get to a path filled with boxes, head east to the next screen where
     a vacant lodge sits. There is a save point here and in the adjacent room, 
     the Slayheim Soldier's [TOOL: Kick Boots] sits. Press the [] button to kick
     objects, shaking the target and moving things (sometimes). Head back outside.
     On the south side of the house, kick the gate off its hinges and enter the
     doorway nearby. It contains a [BIG BERRY], which you should definitely save
     for when you Heal Berry's have become obsolete. If you continue around the
     house, a [BULLET LOAD] clip chest comes into view. Head west out of the area
     back to the previous screen, then head north.
      NOTE: Try to stock up on ReviveFruits, which are dropped by Spawn enemies! 
     The next path has boxes all over it. When you get to a lone box, break it
     and pocket the [HEAL BERRY]. There's a lift nearby -- use the Kick Boots
     to take the ride down across the abyss to the next cliff. Use the string of
     healing gems nearby, because a boss launches a sneak attack on some soldier
       BOSS: Parasite Colony Monster Gremalkin
             Gremalkin ~ HP: 600     EXP: 60     GELLA: 250    DROP: -----
             Belly ~~~~~ HP: 225     EXP: 40     GELLA: 250    DROP: Big Berry
         Chest Buster ---------> WEAK physical damage (~ 8-10) 
         Roaring Burst --------> Med. physical damage (~30-37)
         Parasite Battalion ---> Weak physical damage (~19-23) [L: Belly]
       BRAD: Lv. 2
       The Belly is a pushover and killing it stops the Parasite Battalion skill
       from coming your way. This also makes it spam Roaring Burst most of the
       time, so if you're looking to kill all parts, weaken Gremalkin as you also
       weaken its Belly. If you need a pick-me-up, use Brad's Bazooka attack
       coupled with Lock-On so that there's no chance of it flying astray. Eat a
       Heal Berry if Brad's HP dips below 40. NOTE: However many bullets Brad
       uses up will be the amount he starts with later on.
     Weakened from the attack, Brad limps off onto the world map with his canine
     companion. You'll be able to use the "Search System" by pressing [], which
     reveals locations of places. T'Bok Village is nearby, but you will never be
     able to find it until you read the nearby sign. Balloons also appear on the
     world map.
     Southeast of Greenhell's exit is a forest where you can find a [RES APPLE]
     with the search system. Take it and head northwest, searching the map for
     a second sign. It says that T'Bok is NW from there. When you get to the 
     cape, search the dirty-brown patch to find the village.
                      __      _______               After a few scenes, Brad will
      WORLD MAP      /  \    /       \              pass out, waking up later to
                    |TBOK\__/         \___          find a girl taking care of
                    \                     \         him in the stable. She'll say
          N          \ SIGN#2             /         her name's Merrill and ask if
        W + E         \                  /          the dog is Brad's friend. 
          S           / SIGN            /           Select "Yeah, but I just found
                     |    ___          /            him" and you'll be able to dub
                     \___/   \  ITEM  /             it [Default: Rassyu]. Stick w/
                     EXIT     \______/              the original name because that
                                                    is what this guide will be 
    using, plus you'll need to know it later on and this is a good reference. Some
    ruckus ensues outside and Brad gives himself up to save the village from a
    fiery, destructified fate. End chapter, save prompt. Time for the last in the
    set of prologues...
    | 03) Millennium Puzzle (a.k.a. A Sorceress Just Getting Started)      [PRL3] |
    | ENEMY:                         |                                            |
    |  _                             | NOTE: Monsters in this area only appear in |
    | |_| Gohm            4 EXP, 16g |       this area! If you're trying to get a |
    | |_| Blue Book       5 EXP, 30g |       full bestiary, make sure to kill'em! |
    | |_| Bogey           3 EXP, 12g |                                            |
     This is Lilka's prologue!
     After the li'l sorceress girl teleports into a town's meeting hall, they ask
     her who she is [Default: Lilka]. Eventually, a flashback takes place where
     Lilka is in a puzzle-like...puzzle. The Millenium Puzzle, that is! Har har.
     Unlike other people, Lilka starts out with [TOOL: Fire Rod], which lets her
     shoot flames in a direction. This can be used to trigger switches, catch 
     stuff on fire, bake bread...the general fare. ^__^ Use it with [], natch.
     The beginning room looks like a plus sign (sorta), as displayed below. I
     will divy up this place by the exits so this isn't so convoluted, and it
     will be. >=p
                             [SOUTHERN EXIT]
                             Lilka's already triggered one switchblock, so the
       N     _               southern path is open. Take the green crystal and
      W+E   | | <-LOCKED     warp to the next room with a save point. Continue
       S    | |    DOOR      south and out. The switchblock here moves a platform
     ______/   \______       when activated; get on it and activate it, yo. The
    |______     ______|      next switchblock moves a platform vertically, which
           \   /             lets Lilka hit the next switchblock (see a pattern?).
            | |              There's a triple-fork, so take the west exit.
                             Another elevator switchblock leads to the next exit,
     a room with a switch that moves two blocks. Take it across, trigger it so
     the platforms retract to their original positions, get on the second, and
     shoot a fireball diagonally to get to the exit. Keep to the highroad with a
     string of gems and trigger the block under the ledge to open the exit.
     The next room pillar with a crystal on top of it. Warp outta this place to
     end up back in the initial room with the locked door. Use the Fire Rod from
     the upper position to hit a switchblock, opening the western crystal.
     Lower the wall with the switchblock, cross, then shoot a fireball back at
     that switchblock to raise the chain of blocks. The other switchblock on
     Lilka's side raises it even further, bridging the gap to another crystal.
     Cross under the pillars here (collect healing gems) and exit in the west.
     The next room has an elevator block, and the one after that puts you back
     on the highroad above another path. Jump down from here and use the platform
     to take you to the crystal. There's an orange pillar here, elevation: 5.
     Ride it up to get back in the first room. Trigger the switchblock to open
     up the eastern exit.
      There are two northern and southern exits here, and one in the east. Have
      Lilka explore the four side-exits and observe the heights of the pillars
      that are there -- this is vital information. When all have been recorded,
      take the eastern exit from the initial room to find a replica of the plinth
      where the pillars are. It's up to Lilka to replicate their heights, which
      are as follows:
      RED --> 1
      GOLD -> 2
      BLUE -> 3
      GREEN > 3
      To remake the heights seen elsewhere, stand on the colored tiles to make the
      pillars rise, then jump off when they're the right height. If you mess up,
      re-enter the room and they puzzle will be reset. If you do it right, the
      wall nearby splits and you can exit. Take it to the next pillar-vator and
      you can trigger the third and last switchblock.
      This opens the locked door in the Millenium Puzzle and the scene shifts to
      the present time. A man tells Lilka about the village being ravaged by some
      monsters at night. When possible, go outside and look for a person in the
      north who'll let you save (he's by the town weathervane). Talk to the three
      men outside and eventually Lilka will summarize what facts are known about
      the monsters (this doesn't seem to occur until you talk to the the watchmen
      a few times...?). Just then, a big ol' lumbering monster makes his way for
      the town's.........! WHEAT! Eek!
       BOSS: Boundless Glutton Monster Olivier
             Leg ~~~~~ HP: 220    EXP: 40    GELLA: 250    DROP: -----
             Olivier ~ HP: 500    EXP: 60    GELLA: 250    DROP: Big Berry
         Bufooooooooh! ----> Med. physical damage (~29-33)
         Olivier Juice ----> Med. physical damage (~20-23)
         Horse Field Kick -> Med. physical damage (~20-23) [L: Legs]
       LILKA: Lv. 2
       This shouldn't be too hard, since Lilka is faster than the monster...and
       can use Heal with 5 FP. Its legs are weak to Freeze, and can be taken out
       in two turns. This lets it use "Bufooooooooh!" which can do thirty-ish dmg
       so alternate attacking with Flame and healing to win. Really, there's no
       way you can lose this with both a speed advantage AND heal. =p
     So, it's a happy ending for Palace Village. "V for Victory, sucka!" is right!
     After the mayor and town wishes her off, the scene goes back to...
    | 04) Town of Meria                                                    [TWM1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Bullet Load     |_| RES Apple    |
    |       |_| Crest Cap       |_| SOR Apple    |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| VIT Apple    |
    |       |_| Gimel Coin      |_| 10-Gal Hat   |
    |       |_| Heal Berry                       |
    | IN MERIA BOULE CASTLE:                     |
    |        _                   _               |
    |       |_| Big Berry       |_| Full Revive  |
     After some scenes, you can name Ashley's significant other [Default: Marina]
     when she opens the curtains in his room. Search the barrels in the room for
     a [BULLET LOAD] and [RES APPLE]. In the room next door, search the barrel
     for a [SOR APPLE], then go downstairs. Search the barrel by the window for
     a [VIT APPLE] and go outside.
     Tony and some kids [Defaults: Scott, Tim] want Ashley to help them recover a
     special something. Choose 'Yes' and they'll start to explain just what has
     NOTE: Choose to not help them and you will miss out on the Crest Cap reward!
     They want Ashley to help them recover something from a cat who made off with
     their treasure. Go back into the bakery and take the ladder on the second
     story, which leads to the roof. Once outside, chase the cat onto the inn's
     roof. It's way to fast for you, and eventually hops some light poles back to
     the bakery roof when you corner it. Talk to the man on the inn's roof and 
     agree to his help for catching the cat. Repeat the process of chasing the
     feline and the man will frighten the cat into the hole he's fixing. Jump
     in after it and Ashley'll return the treasure to the orphans. Tony gives the
     treasure -- a [CREST CAP] -- to Ashley for helping him, while Tim donates a
     [MEDIUM: Grudiev] to Ashley for his good work. The medium is received whether
     or not you help the kids, by the way.
     Marina comes over and gives Ashley a letter from a musketeer, which reads
     that he's not confined to quarters any longer and...has been assigned to the
     special squad that's just been formed! Ashley will be able to leave the next
     morning, with the clue the Sword Cathedral (destination) is "at the foot of
     a mountain far to the northwest."
     Ashley leaves automatically, but re-enter town to explore the place.
     | ________PALACE_________ |  In House #1, search the barrel and steal the
     ||                       ||  old man's [HEAL BERRY]. House #3 full of cats,
     ||[H#2]            [H#3] ||  search the barrels for a [GIMEL COIN]. House
     ||                  [H#4]||  #4 has a [10-GAL HAT] headgear for Ashley in
     ||[H#1]             [H#5]||  a barrel. Yes, everything in this world gets
     || [INN]        [BAKERY] ||  stored in barrels... The last house (#5) has
     ||                       ||  another [HEAL BERRY] in a barrel. That's all
     ||[ITEM]           [MAGC]||  the stuff that can be scrounged up in town,
     || [PSS]        [ARMSMTH]||  but you can still hit up the palace!
     |'------        ---------'|
      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     Enter inside the palace and take the left (west) exit. Travel north down the
     hall to the exit. Take the stairway in the next area to a guardroom. Search
     the barrels for a [BIG BERRY]. Double-back to the previous area and take the
     east exit. Take the offshoot path from the red-carpeted corridor which leads
     to find the musketeer garage. There is a [FULL REVIVE] chest up in here. No
     other stuff in here, though...
     Back in town, enter the P.S.S. (personal skills shop) shop and put all the
     points you have into the "Up HP" skill. This is incredibly important and is
     the best investment you can make early on. When you get other characters who
     have low HP, like Lilka, max this one out first!
     |     TOWN OF MERIA ITEM SHOP    |  Ashley should have accumulated enough
     o--------------------------------o  gella by now to buy anything in this
     | Antidote....................20 |  shop, so stock up:
     | Medicine....................20 |
     | Rhino Shot.................110 |  * Rhino Shot  x 1
     | Hammer Fist................120 |  * Hard Jumper x 1
     | Flumrella...................90 |  
     | Hard Jumper.................90 |  Get a few Antidotes/Medicines as well,
     | Ti Plate...................100 |  for safe measures. The other weapons in
     | Mage Robe...................80 |  the party are for, you guessed it, Brad
     | TeleportGem................100 |  and Lilka. Don't bother buying any of
     o--------------------------------o  those at the moment, though. Also stop
                                         by the magick shop and the ARMsmith to
      upgrade the attack of Ashley's ShotWeapon attack. Use the Crest Cap if you
      got it for a useful spell: Heal, MageWeapon, etc.
      NOTE: ARM Upgrades are permanent! Think carefully before making selections!
      On the world map, head northwest along the coast to the "foot of a mountain"
      and use the search function to find the Sword Cathedral. Enemies Balloon and
      Pill Bug [8 EXP, 32 GELLA] appear on the world map, with the former showing
      up in the forested regions.
    | 05) Sword Cathedral                                                  [SWC1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Protoblazer         30 EXP |
     After some scenes involving the Argetlahm, a sword stuck in stone that each
     new recruit tries to pull out, the story of the Sword Magess plays. A banquet
     follows, and when Ashley can move again, talk to the sergeant at the southern
     Suddenly, a demonic gate opens up on the far wall and recruits start turning
     into...well, demons. Everyone runs to the exit, which as it would have it, is
     locked. Enemies close in and Ashley undergoes a transformation. Go northward
     and fight the once-human foes as you encounter them. They deal 0 damage to
     Ashley, so there's no real strategy involved. There's a save point in one of
     the side-rooms, but since there's no boss, you don't need to use it. After
     reaching the sword ceremony room, and inspect the Argetlahm.
     After some scenes, Ashley changes back and a man with a crutch enters the
     area [Default: Irving]. Outside, and high above the cathedral, the person
     responsible for the demon summoning (Caina) reports to her boss, Vinfield...
     Ashley wakes up back home.
    | 06) Town of Meria                                                    [TWM2] |
    | ITEMS:                                       |
    |        See section "TWM1" for previous items |
     After waking up, the baker's wife tells Ashley that Irving Valeria carried
     him back to town (despite crutches!) and saved his life. That was a week
     ago, however. Marina says he was the only survivor of the "terrorist attack"
     on the cathedral. Exit the bakery.
     Lilka shows up here and goes beat-red when her stomach growls (>_>), and
     once she's got some munchies, she joins Ashley's party. It turns out she's
     go to go to the Valeria household, too.
     |     TOWN OF MERIA ITEM SHOP    |  Now that Lilka's joined up, head back
     o--------------------------------o  to the item shop and pick out some
     | Antidote....................20 |  equips for her:
     | Medicine....................20 |
     | Rhino Shot.................110 |  * Flumrella x 1
     | Hammer Fist................120 |  * Mage Robe x 1
     | Flumrella...................90 |  
     | Hard Jumper.................90 |  The Mage Robe is more important, since
     | Ti Plate...................100 |  no one should be using Lilka for her
     | Mage Robe...................80 |  attack (un-)prowess. Also use her skill
     | TeleportGem................100 |  points to upgrade the Up HP ability for
     o--------------------------------o  her -- she'll need it! Leave town once
                                         you're ready.
     The next destination is the Valeria Chateau. To get there, head southwest
     to where there's a huge rock formation between the forest, Withered Ruins,
     and Sword Cathedral. One one of the little cliffs in the east, search out
     the villa.
    | 07) Valeria Chateau                                                  [VLC1] |
     Ashley and Lilka meet with Irving at the third-floor parlor. The lord of the
     chateau says that everyone thinks ARMS has been disbanded due to the incident
     at the Sword Cathedral, but it's not so! -- the Valerias will use it as a
     personal fighting force, with allegiance to no nation. When Irving's sister
     enters, she can be named [Default: Altaecia]. 
     The first mission as ARMS is about to arrive, so Irving asks everyone to wait
     inside the chateau. Take the elevator to the second floor. In a southern
     room, take the [MEDIUM: Schturdark] and equip it on whoever. Nearby is a room
     with healers inside, too. All of the doors in the middle corridor are locked,
     except one with a [MEDIUM: MOOR GAULT] in it. Take the 'vator down to the
     first floor now.
     There's a save point here on the first floor, right by the lift.
     o---------------------------o  Take either of the two side-doors to find an
     | ARMS QUARTERMASTER'S SHOP |  item shop. Sorry, no weapons this time 'round.
     o---------------------------o  Back by the lift, head east through the large
     | Antidote...............20 |  door. Continue through the hallways until the
     | Medicine...............20 |  way outside becomes clear.
     | Violet Rose............20 |
     | Pixie Dust.............20 |  A "Childish woman" will say the area is under
     | Pinwheel...............20 |  restriction and cannot be entered. The "Calm
     | Toy Hammer.............20 |  Woman" say it's only for emergency. They drop
     | Softener...............20 |  the hint that Irving was heading back for his
     | Peppy Acorn............20 |  room, which, if you've forgotten, is on the
     | TeleportGem...........100 |  third floor. Get back there.
                                    Irving will ask if the preparations have been
      completed -- answer "I'm ready." if you are. The first mission is to join up
      with the third member of ARMS...at Illsveil Prison Island! Some odd events
      take place and Ashley and his companion are hauled off.
    | 08) Illsveil Prison Island                                           [LLP1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| Cute Ribbon  |  _                             |
    |       |_| Jail Card       |_| Heal Berry   | |_| Empusa         10 EXP, 40g |
    |       |_| SOR Apple       |_| Mini Carrot  | |_| Beast Pillar   10 EXP, 40g |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| Crest        | |_| Barghest        4 EXP, 16g |
     After the warden's "never get out ever" sermon, Ashley is incarcerated. Lilka
     isn't, however, and she agrees to find his confiscated weapons. An explosion
     that just happened somewhere on the island is a good cover, too... Lilka will
     now be on her own. Ashley can heal Lilka, by the way... A general rule for
     fighting in these parts is to defend until she's got enough FP, and run away
     if you get in too deep. Luckily, she's faster than most things here. =)
     Head north along the cells until you find a console. Choose to "kill it" and
     open a locked door further north. It's a locker room with an enemy robot in
     it -- destroy it with a fireball. Search the lockers to find two [HEAL BERRY]
     items and a [CUTE RIBBON] headgear for Lilka. Once you've stolen people's
     possessions, return to the previous room and take the stairway down.
     Destroy the enemy robots with fireballs as you and head south. A console by
     the wayside says that there's an inmate rebellion...scary. In the next room,
     ignore the first door at the top of the incline and continue to the eastern
     door. Scrap the robot gunners again and enter the adjacent cell block. At
     the far end, destroy the console to open the door by the stairway. Enter it
     and destroy the two robots by the console, which deactivates the security to
     open the nearby door.
     Next to the save point, Lilka can find the stolen equipment and a [JAIL CARD]
     in a locker. Another has a [HEAL BERRY] within. Return to Ashley's cell and
     use the keycard item (like, select it in the inventory) at the door to free
     Ashley -- he rejoins the party now. You'll also notice that you have an Army
     Vest and Iron Fist in the inventory... Hmm...
     Head down the stairs again and enter the room beyond. Remember the part where
     I said ignore the first door at the incline? Mosey on in there. Take the
     stairs to a balcony overlooking a soldier guarding a door. Toss Ashley's Hurl
     Knife tool at the wall above him, which drops the knife on his noggin. Use
     the nearby stairs to get down to the incapacitated soldier's level and enter
     the door he guarded.
     This corridor is guarded by a bunch of gunnerbots, but they're dispatched as
     all the rest. Take the northern door and steer a westward course to the exit
     (guarded by bot, *sigh*). A security console in this next room tells that
     the escapees are just two men, hiding somewhere on the island... Cross the
     guarded bridge to another cellside stairway.
     By the messed-up console, use the Jail Card to open Brad's cell. He'll join
     up after some miscommunication...it turns out that he was the liaison Irving
     set up! Use his Kick Boots tool to knock some sense into the console nearby,
     which opens up the No. 1 Waiting Area. Give Brad the leftover medium you've
     got, if you have one (AND YOU SHOULD!).
     Knock a hole in the robot with a fireball and search the lockers -- there's
     a [MINI CARROT], [HEAL BERRY], and [SOR APPLE] in there. Leave and go down
     the stairs, cross the bridge, and find the rusty-colored door at the incline.
     Use the Kick Boots again and enter.
     The Warden is in the next area, but you can avoid him for a moment and enter
     the side-room. Search the lockers for a [HEAL BERRY] and [CREST]. The Crest
     lets Lilka learn a skill for her repertoire, so make sure to get this! Go
     back and talk to the warden who sics his pet on the party...
       BOSS: Escapee Capture Robot GAONIM
             GAONIM -----> HP: 2000   EXP: 300    GELLA: 600    DROP: -----
             Right Claw -> HP: 1000   EXP: 150    GELLA: 300    DROP: Big Berry
         Attack -----------> Weak physical attack (~17-25)
         Chew Up ----------> Med. physical damage (~58-63)
         Hammer Swing -----> Med. physical damage (~55-60)      [L: Right Claw]
       BRAD  : Lv. 3
       LILKA : Lv. 3
       ASHLEY: Lv. 3
       Attack the claw first, with one of the men using Moor Gault's Smash Hit
       and the other using regular attacks. Save the ammunition for plugging
       GAONIM, although you can spare a few slugs. If you've upgraded ShotWeapon
       some, use that to take out the right claw. Once that's out of the way, it
       just becomes a matter of healing after each attack and slice-'n'-dicing.
       Remember to use Lock On in conjunction with Bazooka to save whatever ammo
       Brad has left (he's got the same bullet count from Greenhell!).
     Hopefully this battle put everyone up to Lv. 6, which means everyone can add
     another slot in the Up HP skill! Anyway, after everyone splits, a "Guy With
     Glasses" comes and kills the warden for his incompetance. Meanwhile, the
     party's made their way to the shore where Irving's waiting. Ashley ends up
     socking the cripple for "moving them around like pawns." <3
     Back at Valeria Chateau, with all three ARMs members organized, Irving asks
     the party to check out the cave-in at Under Traffic south of the chateau.
     Irving hands over a communicator so the party can keep in touch. Get back
     onto the world map. The destination is west from Withered Ruins, along the
      REMINDER: Refill ammo, get Lilka new magicks, and upgrade equips and Up HP!
    | 09) Under Traffic                                                    [UNT1] |
    | ITEMS   _                   _                | ENEMY:                       |
    |        |_| Moonstone       |_| Crest         |  _                           |
    |        |_| Map Scope                         | |_| Gob          15 EXP, 60g |
    o----------------------------------------------o |_| Dryad        15 EXP, 60g |
                                                   | |_| Tatzelwurm   15 EXP, 60g |
     Follow the path west and when you find a skull-and-crossbones crate, throw a
     fireball at it to clean the doorway of debris. In the next room, kick the
     crate closer before detonatin' it. The third area has a bunch of cave-in dirt
     and crates (3) littered around it. Destroy the middle crate to carve a path
     for the northern crate. Kick it west a bit (BUT NOT TO THE WALL) and move it
     south. The object is to shove the crate against the southernly landslide, so
     you can move it. It looks like:
     |                ________|  Easy-peasy stuff. The next passage is divided by
     |               |           a landslide, so take the east door into a watery
     | <- <-  [C#1]  |   N       area. Stand on the rafts and use the Kick Boots
     | |             | W + E     to navigate around. The southeastern corner has
     | |             |   S       a [UPGRADE: Multiblast] for Ashley's bayonet.
     | '-----------. |           Make sure to get it, since it hits all enemies
     |_____        | |           unlike ShotWeapon. Exit in the SW corner this
           |____   V |           time. Make sure to use the cartridge on Ashley!
                                 Back in the passage that was blocked, blow up the
     crate to clear the way once again before leaving to the SW. You'll find a
     single crate here next to a roadblock. HOWEVER, once you kick it off, push it
     back north and look for a stuffed-up entrance on the west wall. Blow it up
     near there to find a secret room with a [MOONSTONE] accessory and a second
     [CREST] for Lilka in there. The moonstone nullifies all types of poisons, so
     equip that on someone! You can blow up the road debris as before, since the
     room resets. =)
     The next area has a treasure chest blocked by two dirt deposits, so Brad'll
     have to kick the explosives off, push them towards the piles, and detonate
     'em. The treasure is a [MAP SCOPE] which lets the player see the world map
     on the field. Re-enter the room after getting it and push both crates into
     the ditch, then walk over 'em to the southern exit.
     Save in this room and head into the next winding corridor, where the party
     finds a collapsed peddler. The communicator rings, so answer it by going into
     the menu and selecting the 'Call' option. Valeria suggests taking the man to
     Damzen, which is in the southeast. Hooray for no boss!
     On the world map, the party can fight Gob, Kelaeno [15 EXP, 30g], Dakleit
     [20 EXP, 80g], and Trilobite [15 EXP, 60g] enemies.To find Damzen, head
     straight southeast and look for a small discolored spot (beige?) where the
     city shows up once searched for.
    | 10) Damzen City                                                      [DMZ1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Mystic Word     |_| Heal Berry   |
    |       |_| Mittens         |_| Heal Berry   |
    | W.MAP  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Lucky Card      |_| 5 Gella      |
     You can already find a bunch of items even as you enter town! Look on the
     south side of the ARMsmith shop for a [MYSTIC WORD] accessory that ups one
     person's SOR/MGR stats. Check the barrels on the south side of the Gunners
     Heaven bar for [HEAL BERRY], and across the street in front of the Gallows
     Pole, another [HEAL BERRY]. Inside the bar, search a barrel for a [MITTENS]
     accessory that ups defense.
     o-----------------------o-------------------------o  Stop by the weapon shop
     | DAMZEN CITY ITEM SHOP | DAMZEN CITY WEAPON SHOP |  and think about loading
     o-----------------------o-------------------------o  up on the following:
     | Antidote...........20 | Riot Ram............500 |
     | Medicine...........20 | Flak Jacket.........450 |  * Riot Ram    x 1
     | Violet Rose........20 | PixyParasol.........450 |  * Punch Drunk x 1
     | Pixie Dust.........20 | Mist Blazer.........300 |  * Mist Blazer x 1
     | Pinwheel...........20 | Punch Drunk.........600 |
     | Toy Hammer.........20 | Travel Vest.........500 | Lilka's defenses should
     | Softener...........20 o-------------------------o be lent the priority when
     | Peppy Acorn........20 |                           buyin' stuff, for obvious
     | TeleportGem.......100 | reasons. If you didn't upgrade someone's equipment
     o-----------------------o back in Meria, make sure to pick up the slack here.
      Anyway, the clinic is in the very north of town and the doctor will admit
      the peddler into his care. Apparently the cave-in was deliberate, done by
      gunpowder and humans... Hmm... Call Irving back to learn he wants everyone
      to investigate. 
      Sniffing out a clue is as easy going to the Gunners Heaven bartender and
      asking if he knows anything. He feigns ignorance but mentions something
      about "coming in reguarly."... Buy the most expensive (100g) thing on the
      menu to learn there's a strange building in the NE. Everyone also talks 
      about the Telepath Tower nearby. To learn its location, talk to the man in
      the house next to the P.S.S. shop -- he says his family is the caretakers of
      said tower and someone's broken into it! The old man upstairs tells you the
      location -- S of Damzen.
      Irving says the tower is vital for the broadcast messages, so they should go
      there pronto. There are a few items on the world map, though. Head SE-ish
      from the town to find the beach. There's a [LUCKY CARD] near there. Further
      west from there, on the flat ridge, there's a pitiful [5 GELLA] drop. An
      anonymous reader has also sent in that there's [1000 GELLA] on the nearby
      red plateau.
      Telepath Tower is due south of Damzen, against the ridge. I suggest leveling
      up to Lv. 9 by now, so you can max out Up HP finally. If you want every last
      HP you can muster, doing this now before you face a boss, go up levels, etc.
      is a good decision.
       NOTE: Buy some Medicines (x10 is good) for the boss who uses Disease soon!
    | OPTIONAL: Odd Headquarters                                           [DDH1] |
     If you squeezed some information out of the Damzen bartender (MUST DO THIS),
     you can find the Odd Headquarters on the world map. Head northeast of the
     mining city and search around the pinnacle rocks to find it.
     Inside, you can view the monsters' stats, but only those the party's defeated
     show up. Use the X-buttont to enlarge the pictures. The man downstairs can
     rename the party leader, if the player so chooses. The two chests here can't
     be opened without Duplicator items, and the robot...well, I'll tell about it
     when the time comes. Nothing can be done now!
    | 11) Telepath Tower                                                   [TLP1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| TeleportGem     |_| Mini Carrot  |  _                             |
    |       |_| ReviveFruit     |_| Crest        | |_| Critter        20 EXP, 80g |
    |       |_| ReviveFruit                      | |_| Dakleit        20 EXP, 80g |
    o--------------------------------------------| |_| Rat Monkey     20 EXP, 50g |
     The first room has three blinking blue boxes. Throw the crates at them to
     make 'em resonate red -- when all three have been hit, the door in the south
     opens. Take the paths past the long hallway and a clockwork chamber. All the
     routes are one-way until the second clockwork room, where a path lets puts
     the party on the high ground over a lever. Jump down and use it to lower the
     bridge; backtrack and cross it to the west.
     It leads to a save point room and small library. Exit out into the next long
     passageway and look for a dead-end with a lever -- operating it kickstarts
     the elevator, which is all the locked doors you've been seeing. Open the
     [TELEPORTGEM] chest in that same hallway and go back to the elevator, taking
     it to 3F. There's a chest containing a [TOOL: Booty Call] for Ashley nearby!
     Take the lift up to 5F, now.
     There's a door in the west and south, now. Take the west, which leads back
     to the broken stairway from before -- and three chests! Snatch up the [MINI
     CARROT], [REVIVEFRUIT], and [CREST] before doubling-back to the previous
     room and taking the south passage. The party stumbles upon an annoying lever
     conundrum immediately.
         EXIT         "TR" = Treasure
         |  |
     [TR][10][09]     Go in this order:
     [05][04][03]     01 -> 02 -> [REVIVEFRUIT] chest -> 05 -> 04 -> 02 -> 03 ->
     [TR][02][01]     07 -> 09 -> 03 -> 04 -> 03
             |  |
     S       ENTER    You'll notice that there's a white box nearby, containing an
    E+W               ammunition upgrade. To get it, exit the room through the new
     N                exit and re-enter, then: 10 -> 06 -> 04. Kick open the box 
                      with the Kick Boots to get the [UPGRADE: Pineapple] for Brad.
     Unlike Ashley's ammo, this is automatically learned by Brad. Hit the 04 switch
     and exit south. Thereafter, follow the two staircases up to a scene where a
     familiar face transmits a resolution to everyone on the planet. Oh, and there
     is a boss.
       BOSS: Mysterious Phantom Being Vagesta
             Vagesta ~~~~~ HP: 2500    EXP: 600   GELLA: 600   DROP: -----
             Left Claw ~~~ HP: 1000    EXP: 300   GELLA: 300   DROP: Lucky Card?
             Right Claw ~~ HP: 1000    EXP: 300   GELLA: 300   DROP: Lucky Card?
         Distortion ----> Nullifies all attacks for one turn
         Disease Cloud -> Inflicts disease on all allies
         Life Returner -> Refills 270 HP back to "Vagesta"
         Poison Bubble -> Med. physical damage + % of vile poison (~50-55)
       BRAD  : Lv. 9
       LILKA : Lv. 9
       ASHLEY: Lv. 9
       Have Brad and Ashley concentrate on one claw at a time while Lilka uses
       Defencer, which nullifies regular attacks against the rest of the party.
       Poison Bubble can inflict vile poison but seems to have a crappy chance
       at doing so, so it shouldn't be much of a problem (Antidote if it does!)
       Distortion nullifies all attacks, so use Ashley's Accelerator ability to
       get attacks in before it can set it up. Should anyone be inflicted with
       disease, spend everyone's turn removing it -- it prevents healing from
       having an effect. If it uses Life Returner, use ShotWeapon, Bazooka +
       Lock On, and Freeze. 
     Ashley suggests returning to Damzen, so go back.
    | 12) Damzen City                                                      [DMZ2] |
    | ITEMS                                      |
    |       Check "DMZ1" for previous item lists |
     Inform the engineer family about the clandestine broadcast and exit. An odd
     girl in a witch hat (^___^) will say a Gull Wing-class plane was seen going
     east of Damzen. You can then name this girl who "hates ultraviolet rays"
     [Default: Marivel] before she teleports out.
      REMINDER: Update Up HP (if you haven't already) and also everyone's equips!
     To find the next destination, head east from Damzen and go up the ramp by
     Odd Headquarters (if you found it). The rocks should resemble brown pavement
     a bit now, and are completely flat. Keep heading east and search the dead
     end to open up...
    | 13) Mt. Chug-Chug                                                    [MTC1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Head Gear       |_| Crest        |  _                             |
    |       |_| Empathite                        | |_| Kelaeno        15 EXP, 30g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Shrieker       30 EXP, 90g |
                                                 | |_| Spudhead       30 EXP, 90g |
     The door that leads to the Sielje Region is locked, so take the northern one
     out. Once the party gets out of the long tunnel, take the east exit right by
     where they come out. There'll be two elevators in the next area.
     Keep going north and look for a dead-end with a [HEAD GEAR] chest for Brad.
     Neither of the lifts work, so find the east exit and continue on. There'll
     be a suspended mine cart nearby, which should be smashed (w/ Kick Boots)
     down the hole. Don't jump down, though -- take the exit near the pit.
     A [CREST] chest is here, but nothing else. Take the previous hole or the one
     in the next room to land near the mine tracks in the third room. Kick the
     cart to end up by a console that starts the lifts all around; just inspect
     the sparkling part first. This gets you the [EMPATHITE] stuck in a crack.
     Get back to the room where you found the Head Gear...the one with two lifts.
     Take the one on the ground floor to get back into the room above with a hole
     in the floor. Jump down that hole to land by a 'vator, then take it up to
     find a save point. Follow it outside and...
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea
             Ptolomea ~ HP: 3000    EXP: 750    GELLA: ---   DROP:
         Iron Saber --------> Heavy damage to one ally   (~300)
         Ptolomea Dynamite -> Heavy damage to all allies (~200)
       BRAD  : Lv. 10
       LILKA : Lv. 10
       ASHLEY: Lv. 10
       This is one of the reasons to have a maxed-out Up HP skill, the first
       boss to give you a run for your money. Ptolomea Dynamite hits everyone
       for decent damage, but *can* be used infrequently, at least compared to
       Iron Saber. Sometimes "Dynamite" is all that's used, however!
       This means that Lilka will sometimes be able to manage upkeep well
       enough to survive. Don't be afraid to have one of the men throw a Heal
       Berry around, though. If you've been upgrading ShotWeapon and Bazooka,
       you can be churning out 800dmg a round, so this isn't the end of the
       world. It helps that everyone is faster than the one-eyed giant, at
     Ptolomea says that if they were facing Judecca, they'd be toast already...
     then he leaves for an airship. Everyone in Cocytus -- four lieutenants --
     makes an appearance before leaving on the Varukisas.
     Back at Valeria Chateau, Irving says he has a plan and everyone's dismissed
     for the moment. The party disbands temporarily, so take Ashley back to town.
    | 14) Town of Meria                                                    [TWM3] |
    | ITEMS  _                                   |
    |       |_| Letter                           |
     After being "accosted" by the orphans about him and Marina, Ashley returns
     to the bakery and gives Marina the empathite crystal. The rest of the party
     meets up with Ashley at the gate and returns to the Valeria manse.
     Irving says that the border problem needs to be taken care of, and Sylvaland
     is on friendly terms so they should deliver a letter of permission to there
     first. To get there, they are to take a "Live Reflector" southwest of the
     chateau. The destination (Sylvaland Castle) is located in some woods on the
     other side. A [LETTER] is handed over and it's time to scoot!
      REMINDER: Refill ammunition + Crests, and upgrade personal skills at Meria!
     To find the Live Reflector, head into the area's forest and search.
    | 15) Live Reflector                                                   [LVR1] |
     In the first section, take the side-room to find the orphans from Meria have
     broken-and-entered inside. They can't be sent back because of the dangers, so
     Ashley has to escort 'em for awhile. Enter the room at the bottom of the ramp
     and inspect the operating display to start up the machine...and also...
       BOSS: Thunderbolt Battle Monster Elebart
             Elebart ~~~~ HP: 2500    EXP: 1400   GELLA: XXX   DROP: -----
             Left Claw ~~ HP: 1400    EXP:  700   GELLA: XXX   DROP: STR Apple
             Right Claw ~ HP: 1400    EXP:  700   GELLA: XXX   DROP: STR Apple
         Attack -----------> Med. damage to single target (~150)
         Stun Gun Blow ----> Med. damage to single target (~125) [L: eithr Claw]
         Elebalt Corrida --> Med. damage to single target (~250) [L: both Claws]
       BRAD  : Lv. 11
       LILKA : Lv. 11
       ASHLEY: Lv. 11
       Fairly pathetic for a boss fight, it mostly relies on Stun Gun Blow. It
       can't use that skill once one of the claws is dead, but it will start to
       use its Corrida attack to deal even more damage. Luckily, every one of 
       Elebart's attacks are single-serve so as long as Lilka remains alive, it
       is quite a step down from the Ptolomea skirmish. Just heal every turn
       until the claws are dead and use Defencer while the men attack. Simple!
     The reactor works in its correct capacity, once Tim's Odoryuk medium gives
     the drained machine a pick-me-up. When the party moves (auto'ly) to the 
     teleportation room, select the left portrait and step on the pad.
     Leave the next Live Reflector and head into the immense forest nearby. The
     awesome-lookin' castle can be found there. If you want to fight stuff in the
     territory, though, Man Traps [50 EXP, 150g] are around.
     There's also [1 GELLA] on the field south of the castle. Whoopee, huh? Go for
     the [DUPLICATOR] a little southwest from there, though -- that's very useful.
    | 16) Sylvaland Castle                                                 [SLV1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Blue Anklet     |_| Clear Chime  |
    |       |_| Silver Harp     |_| Hazel Sprig  |
    |       |_| Red Cap         |_| Scapegoat    |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Crest        |
    | W. MAP _                                   |
    |       |_| Bullet Load                      |
     After greeting the queen and giving the royal letter to her, she expresses a
     doubt that giving them free reign of the country's live reflector will make
     them no different than Odessa. So, she cannot accept. Suddenly, a soldier
     enters and says the town of Halmetz has been attacked...and Odessa's behind
     all the ruckus! Time for the ARMS army to get in gear.
     Before leaving, head into the area immediately south of the throne room --
     the library. One book sticks out of the shelf...push it in and the table can
     be used as a secret elevator. Below, are four chests: [BLUE ANKLET], [CLEAR
     CHIME], [HAZEL SPRIG], and [SILVER HARP]. Push the jutting book in the other
     shelf to go back up.
     In the east wing of the castle is a sleeping soldier, and the party leader
     notices that he guards a treasure. To get this "garbage heap" away (as Lilka
     so eloquently puts it), head to the west wing and ring the pulley-bell to
     make the guy rush in. Then, go back and get the [RED CAP] for Ashley! Also,
     inspect the weirdly-colored part of the wall near the chest to find another
     secret entrance! Inside is a [SCAPEGOAT] and two [CREST]s! Good show, huh?
     Exit one of the wings into the purple-carpetted area. The soldier on duty
     says Halmetz is "far to the east" of the castle. Save and exit.
     Head east from Sylvaland Castle, towards the northern beaches. When you get
     to the large shoal, search south for a [BULLET LOAD]. Helmetz is on the
     cape east of that shoal. A few new enemies appear around here, being Dwergar
     [50 EXP, 150g] and Peryton [50 EXP, 150g]
     If you have to restock ammo, go back to Meria and do it!
    | 17) Halmetz                                                          [HLM1] |
     After searching the town, it seems to be abandoned. A trap almost sends the
     town belltower onto the party, but Ashley's quick save prevents any squashed
     tomatoes (to quote FF7). Judecca laughs from a rooftop and sends Trask the
     party's way...
       BOSS: Poisonous Armored Dragonoid Trask
             Trask ~~~ HP: 3600    EXP: 1500   GELLA: ---  DROP: ---
             Crystal ~ HP: 1800    EXP:  750   GELLA: ---  DROP: ---
         Attack --------> Weak physical damage to ally (~70-100)
         Biomissile ----> Med. physical damage to ally (~230-250) [L: Crystal]
         Counterattack -> Weak physical damage to ally (~70-100)
         Poison Breath -> Inflicts all allies with poison status
       BRAD  : Lv. 12
       LILKA : Lv. 12
       ASHLEY: Lv. 12
       Gun for Crystal's demise immediately, as it's Biomissile attack is the
       creature's best attack. Once it's gone, Poison Breath is all that's left
       and that's easily tolerable. Regular attacks can be taken care of with
       Defencer, not that it's necessary... Make sure to save as much ammo as
       possible since you'll want to save Bullet Clips for the upcoming area.
     Even though you defeat Trask, it's just like the enemy to have an ace up his
     sleeve. A flare of darkness comes from within Trask and swallows the party,
     which renders everyone unconscious. The "person" within Ashley ends up using
     Trask as an ashtray, though, and blows it away, saving the party. Judecca
     captures everyone and saves a cell for 'em in...
    | 18) Golgotha Prison                                                  [GLG1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Lucky Card      |_| Heal Berry   |  _                             |
    |       |_| Crest                            | |_| Ghoul         60 EXP, 180g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Wight         60 EXP, 180g |
                                                 | |_| Bonedrake     60 EXP, 180g |
     After Ashley wakes up, the party tries to find a way to escape. Luckily, the
     cocky Cocytus crony didn't confiscate their weapons. If someone is poisoned,
     cure it now. Examine the row of square blocks on the west side of the room;
     the northern one is tilted. Use the Kick Boots on it and pull it out, which
     shows a hidden passage underneath.
     Follow the passage to a bridge and keep a look out for tiles with four holes
     in 'em -- spikes shoot up and knock everyone off. At the T-junction, take
     the east path to a [LUCKY CARD] chest. Take the west footpath from there.
     The next room has a lever all around a door switch, which isn't such a hard
     puzzle to figure out (the spikes retract...doh!). The next room has lancer
     traps, where spears poke out of holes -- they're discolored and are easy to
     spot. Make sure to get the [HEAL BERRY] chest before exiting south.
     The next path is twisted with drop-offs + lancer traps. Slow and steady gets
     through 'em, although you can walk safely just as they're retracting. The
     next room tightens the walkway even further, and you'll have to sprint to
     keep the traps at bay. Sprint all the way east and skid to a halt in front
     of the abyss -- use a Hurl Knife to trigger the door switch, then doubleback
     to the door in the middle of the traps.
     Heal up, save, ignore everything in the next room, and exit north. The 
     eastern side of the wall here has a bunch of trapdoors on the wall, which
     shoots lancers out. The third one from the south has a [CREST] behind it.
     An exit hides behind the second-from-north door.
     A plaque here says something about "it may happen twice but not three." Go
     down to the wooden 2x4 in the pit and kick it back and forth three times.
     This opens the door, believe it or not. The next room has a similar trick,
     where Lilka has to shoot a fireball through some spears to light a candle
     past them. This takes awhile, but if you just have Lilka fire them one after
     another, it's no sweat. Exit east.
     Past the gem room, you can find the villagers' cells. Use the lever a few
     times to open the gate. Ashley says he'll go on ahead and check to see if
     the coast's clear...alone. The nearby room looks like:
      ____   ____   ____   ____   ____
     |    |_|    |_|    |_|    |_|    |  Some floor traps prevent access in a few
     |     _  08  _  07  _  06  _     |  directions, and those boundaries are 
     |____| |_  _| |_  _| |_  _| |_  _|  drawn into the map already. Just follow
      ____   _||_   _||_   _||_   _||_   the numbered sequence.
     |    |_|    | |    | |    |_|    |
     | 10  _  09 | |    | | 05  _     |  Enter the door across the hall to find
     |_  _| |____| |____| |_  _| |_  _|  a mess hall for some of Odessa's crew.
      _||_   ____   ____   _||_   _||_            It seems that Judecca is up to
     |    |_|    | |    |_|    | |    |   W       no good and is staging some...
     | 11  _     | |     _  04 | |    | S + N     execution. Well, that'll have
     |_  _| |____| |____| |_  _| |____|   E       to be spoiled!
      _||_   ____   ____   _||_   ____
     |    |_|    |_|    | |    |_|    | Re-enter the hallway and pass under the
     | 12  _  13  _     | | 03  _  02 | guillotines -- this means you cannot go
     |____| |_  _| |____| |_  _| |_  _| back the way you came.
      ____   _||_   ____   _||_   _||_
     |    |_|    |_|    | |    | |    | Enter the outside execution ground, and
     |     _  14  _  15 | |    | | 01 | Judecca welcomes Ashley. Mostly because
     |____| |____| |_  _| |____| |_  _| he's captured his comrades and is ready
                    EXIT           IN   to crucify 'em, Roman-style. The rescue
                                        was staged! Grr... Looks like Winchester
     will have to bring the smackdown all by his lonesome. "This is so thrilling
     my glasses are about to fall off," says Judecca. Hah!
       BOSS: Poisonous Armored Dragonoid Trask
             Trask ~~~ HP: 3600    EXP: 1500   GELLA: ---  DROP: ---
             Crystal ~ HP: 1800    EXP:  750   GELLA: ---  DROP: Mini Carrot
         Attack --------> Weak physical damage to ally (~70-100)
         Biomissile ----> Med. physical damage to ally (~100-108) [L: Crystal]
         Counterattack -> Weak physical damage to ally (~70-100)
         Poison Breath -> Inflicts all allies with poison status
       ASHLEY: Lv. 14
       Our hero will be in a new form, so start using Hot Fencer on Crystal. It
       should be doing almost...700! Ignore Poison status if you want, at least
       until Crystal's out of the way. After that, alternate using Hot Fencer
       and healing if the need arises. This battle is even more of a cinch if
       you have the Moonstone accessory lying around. Use Banisher for stylish
      NOTE: Ashley'll now have the [ABILITY: Access] (100FP) available for usage!
     Everything turns out the best and the Queen of Sylvaland grants free access
     to the country's live reflector. Irving appears in the royal chamber to talk
     with the queen while the party goes to find the "person below the castle."
     Return to the entrance to find the Halmetz villagers waiting to thank ARMS
     for their good work.
     Back at Valeria Chateau, Irving explains that Marivel is an authority on lost
     technology and has been deeply involved in ARMS already. She says that Ashley
     is the Death Knight "KnightBlazer" and that coming in contact with Argetlahm
     have combined the evil/holy powers to make him that way. "Another you," as
     it's put.
     Anyway, the mission is to counter the Varukisas flying machine Odessa has by
     aquiring the Aguelite and Germatron gems -- they can power the EMMA motor.
     What's this motor for? Irving won't say... The Aguelite's found in the town
     of Holst, and the Germatron's at the defunct Raline Observatory. Both are in
     Sylvaland, too, for convenience.
      REMINDER: Refill ammunition + Crests, and upgrade personal skills at Meria!
     Once at the Live Reflector, touch the portrait that takes the party to the
     Ruins Mine section of Sylvaland, where everyone ends up on an island. Enemies
     around here include Berserker [70 EXP, 210g], Cockatrice [80 EXP, 240g], and
     Assassin Bugs [70 EXP, 210g]. The latter can use "Dead End" to instantly kill
     a party member, and since they appear in twos and threes, multi-hit abilities
     like Pineapple/Multiblast should be used. 
     On the southeast part of the island, near the coastline, a [STR APPLE] can be
     found sitting on the ground. Holst can be found in the western part of the
     isle, on the ridge (i.e. not near the beaches an' stuff).
     NOTE: You can due the ore-finding missions in any order you want.
    | OPTIONAL: Halmetz                                                    [HLM2] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Lucky Card      |_| Memo Pen     |
     Now that Halmetz is back to normal, the shops are being minded again.
     | HALMETZ WEAPON SHOP |  This is the best weapons selection at the moment;
     o---------------------o  buy everying, since the armors are in Holst. =)
     | Greyhound......1450 |
     | Sunshade.......1200 |  The house furthest west from the former belltower
     | Knuckle Arm....1600 |  contains a [LUCKY CARD] stuffed in a barrel. The
     o---------------------o  next-door neightbor has a [MEMO PEN] in a similar
                              receptacle. Nothing else to do here currently...
    | 19) Holst                                                            [HST1] |
    | ITEMS  _                                   |
    |       |_| Gaze Mirror                      |
     Ahh, who doesn't love the smell of coal dust in the morning? Holst is a town
     of miners and mines, if you didn't get the hint, and the Aguelite is located
     o-------------------o  The weapon shop doesn't have any weapons in it, which
     | HOLST WEAPON SHOP |  is why you were directed to Halmetz since they've got
     o-------------------o  the best weapons for now. Buy each of the armors, w/
     | Ti Jacket....1300 |  priority given to Lilka. If you can't afford all of
     | Purple Vest..1000 |  'em, go outside and fight some monsters -- they can
     | Camo Vest....1400 |  drop 800+ if you get a party of four. Refill the ammo
     o-------------------o  while you're near the ARMsmith.
     Talk to the man near the mine entrance to say he kicked a bomb maniac outta
     the inn. Go upstairs and search the beds until you find the [TOOL: Bombs]
     that Brad can use for himself. What a nice "subtle" clue. -___-
     Search the eastern house nearest the mine for a [GAZE MIRROR], in a 1st-
     -floor barrel. Then, enter the mine...with the bombs. >=p
    | 20) Aguel Mine Shaft                                                 [GLM1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Heal Berry   |  _                             |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| Heal Berry   | |_| Giant Crab    90 EXP, 270g |
    |       |_| Aguelite                         | |_| Galeion       2500 EXP, 0g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Water Leaper  90 EXP, 270g |
                                                 | |_| Leprechaun  750 EXP, 2000g |
     Get ready for a bunch of unblockable encounters here. Running still works. =)
     Watch out for the Leprechauns, too, which have a bunch of HP -- 2000+! They
     halt the use of ARMs, which makes it a tedious task to kill 'em. Ozom Pulse
     inflicts Confusion too; use Defencer to make allies' attacks easier to take.
     Access helps also.
     In the second room (tunnel), use Brad's bombs to clear the way through. Keep
     going to the next tunnel where there's a fork -- take the northwestern path.
     Clear the rubble with bombs and enter the doorway. Take the [CREST] in the
     chest and break the crates for two [HEAL BERRY]s, then take the fork's other
     It leads to some cart tracks and a save point. At the railroad fence, break
     the crates with some bombs and toss the lever to clear the tracks. But don't
     enter the tracks' entrance yet -- take the other one in the room. It leads
     to a debris-covered entrance, which hides a [HEAL BERRY] crate and one of
     Brad's cartridges -- [UPGRADE: AM Cluster]. Go back and save it, mayhap, and
     enter the formerly fenced-off part of the traintrack room.
     Everyone stumbles upon a massive drill in one of the preceding room. Put
     a bomb at the striking point behind it, and the force will push the drill
     forward to shatter the boulder blocking the exit. Behind it, put a bunch
     of bombs against the "strange material" wall section until it blows apart.
     The next section has four floor-pads. Placing a bomb on one of them raises
     it into the air for a short while. Place one, dash to the nearest and put
     one there, too, etc. It has to be done in near-perfect form, but there's
     all the time in the world to perfect it -- no monsters in here. Continue
     north when the puzzle's solved.
     ...and take the [AGUELITE] chest! Everyone appears back in Holst.
     Now that the party's got one gem, it's time to get the other. Get back to
     the live reflector and head for the Dragon's Vein section -- all end up at
     a peninsula with dormant volcanoes. There's a [SCAPEGOAT] on the tiny cape
     northeast of the live reflector, and north of there's the Raline Observatory.
    | 21) Raline Observatory                                               [RLB1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Barrette        |_| TeleportGem  |  _                             |
    |       |_| Germatron                        | |_| Jelly Blob    75 EXP, 225g |
    o--------------------------------------------| |_| Pas de Chat   75 EXP, 225g |
                                                 | |_| Lilly Pad     75 EXP, 225g |
     Soon after entering, a "mournful cry in the dark" helps...and is ignored. The
     boss monster Undines appears in the next room and starts kicking a lizardian
     duo in a funny scene. Well, the duo's probably one of the best EVER! Kekeke!
       BOSS: Elemental Spirit Undines
             Belly ~~~ HP: 2000    EXP:  900   GELLA: 450   DROP: Gimel Coin
             Undines ~ HP: 4000    EXP: 1800   GELLA: 900   DROP: -----
         Attack -----------> Weak physical damage to one ally (~ 75)
         Intifada ---------> Med. physical damage to one ally (~300) [L: Belly]
         Hooky Bust -------> Much physical damage to one ally (~500)
         Counterattack ----> Weak physical damage to one ally (~ 75)
         Shocking Guinea! -> Cancels all party's actions
         Reject All Fools -> Reduce Lilka's magic/effects accuracy
       BRAD  : Lv. 15
       LILKA : Lv. 15
       ASHLEY: Lv. 15
       Pretty easy going here, although all attacks are damaging -- nothing a
       dose of Heal can't recover for the most part. Still, using Shield on
       Lilka is a good idea if you have it; she should stick to using Defencer
       and healing otherwise. Once its Belly is dead, it will stop Intifada'ing
       and start using Hooky Bust, which is more damaging. Use Access when 
       possible and have him take the lion's share of fighting; this helps to
       conserve ammo, which you should already be doing whenever possible. >_>
       It just sucks that Undines is faster than everyone (sans Defencer) which
       means one has to anticipate healing. It's weak to fire, also, but that's
       not much of a biggie.
     The two Lizardians introduce themselves as...Liz and Ard, and Ashley agrees
     to have them help navigate the lab. Next door, after some switch antics, go
     north and flip the bridge to get Liz off the platform.
     Two rooms down, there's a wall trap that crushes those advancing along the
     way. Reset the trap (glowing blue thing on the wall), and after some more
     events, everyone makes it across but Ard. Move the broken statue nearby into
     the path of the 'pincer' trap to clear the area. Take the west corridor to
     the next happy-slappy room. >_>
     Get the [BARRETTE] chest and equip it on Lilka before jumping down to the
     fractured path. Liz gets tossed to another lever, which allows the party to
     go south. Save and get the [TELEPORTGEM] in the torch-lit area adjacent.
     Move the stone cube around to make a path west and take the downstairs way
     in the hallway beside there.
     Move the two cubes north to make a walkway around the statues. This reunites
     the party with the odd scientist companion. Backtrack two rooms to the stair
     passage and go to the other end. Here, inspect the gigantor face stuck 
     betwixt the walkway. Ard sticks his tail in the mouth to find a secret lever
     but gets stuck in the process... (lol?) Move Brad behind the wall carving
     and kick it until Ard's released.
     After another set of goofy scenes in the subsequent room, continue along to
     a room with a bridge overhang. Take it north and definitely make sure to 
     get the chest here as it contains the [UPGRADE: BoltAction] cartridge for
     Ashley (also the author's favorite!). Don't delay teaching it to our hero!
     At the bottom of another passage, the party find Liz who, surprisingly, still
     breathing after the fall! He's still stunned, so throw a fireball to slap him
     back into reality. 
     Heal up at this point and get the [GERMATRON] chest nearby. Unfortunately, it
     turns out Liz and Ard are on Odessa's payroll and are searching for the same
     exact crystal.
       BOSS: Lead Scientific Researcher (Self-styled) Liz
       BOSS: Assistant Ard
             Liz ~ HP: 2000   EXP: 750   GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
             Ard ~ HP: 3000   EXP: 750   GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
        [ARD] Attack ------------> WEAK physical damage to one ally (~ 50)
        [ARD] Bomb Punch --------> Med. physical damage to one ally (~250)
        [ARD] Counterattack -----> WEAK physical damage to one ally (~ 50)
        [LIZ] Homemade Bomb -----> Physical damage to all allies/enemy (~250)
        [LIZ] Blue Bug Liquid ---> Inflicts poison on Ard; lets him use D.T.Tckl
        [ARD] Dump Truck Tackle -> Med. physical damage to one ally (~150)
       BRAD  : Lv. 17
       LILKA : Lv. 16
       ASHLEY: Lv. 16
       This is a battle where the difficulty depends on how much you've milked
       Up HP for. If you've maxed it out early, everyone should have 1000+ HP
       and the battle's mostly easy; without it, it's rather annoying and can
       result in some hangups. Either way, Liz's Homemade Bomb attack hits all
       in battle for around 250dmg, so unload the guys' most powerful weapons
       attacks on them (ShotWeapon/Bazooka, probably). Lilka should heal and
       stat-buff with Shield if possible, since Defencer doesn't really make
       much of a difference here. Ard, in a word, sucks -- his attacks are junk
       and Dump Truck Tackle wasn't as good as Bomb Punch. If Liz is defeated,
       there ain't any problem. These guys will get a lot tougher later on, so
       pat yourself on the back while you can. >=p
     The two lizard-dorks flee...err, make a "brave withdrawal" and both crystals
     should be in the party's hands. If you did this one first, read up on the
     Holst/Aguel Mine Shaft section above. Go back to Valeria Chateau now, by way
     of TeleportGem if you got the one in the dungeon.
     NOTE: Regarding skills, concentrate on having Lilka learn Up P Defend and the
           men learning Up M Defend. Do this while the levels roll in easily! Also
           rest and reload applicable ARMs since you won't get a chance before the
           next boss.
    | 22) Valeria Chateau                                                  [VLC2] |
    | ITEMS                                      |
    |       For previous items, see section VLC1 |
     Irving mentions that the next mission will include contacting the Guardians,
     but everyone is dismissed until then. Direct Ashley back to Meria where some
     thugs seem to be after the orphans; more specifically, Tim. Kate calls in a
     report of a large flying object over the town -- the Varukisas! Irving calls
     him back to the chateau. In the enemy aircraft, Ptolomea unleashes a creation
     for ARMS to play with down below...
     Back at Irving's place, the party sees what the EMMA Motor was for...raising
     the chateau and using *that* as the pursuit vehicle! All hands on deck!
       BOSS: Progenitor Bird with Wings of Light Aphael
             Alphael ~~~~ HP: 5000   EXP: 2700   GELLA: 2700   DROP: -----
             Left Leg ~~~ HP: 2500   EXP: 1350   GELLA: 1350   DROP: RES Apple
             Right Leg ~~ HP: 2500   EXP: 1350   GELLA: 1350   DROP: RES Apple
         Leg Claw ------> Med. damage to one ally   (~250)     [L: L & R Legs]
         RF Blade ------> Med. damage to all allies (~200) + % of instant death
       BRAD  : Lv. 17
       LILKA : Lv. 16
       ASHLEY: Lv. 17
       Gun for the legs first with ShotWeapon/Bazooka, which, if you've boosted
       their ATK four or five times, should be able to take out each leg within
       two turns (if they don't miss). RF Blade is pathetic as well, doing less
       than Liz' Homemade Bomb a short while prior -- it can sometimes inflict
       Instant Death, though. No cause for alarm -- it doesn't seem able to kill
       everyone all at once so Lilka can use Revive most of the time. Use a
       Lucky Card for it, if you want, and use Access to slap of this butterball
       out of the sky.
     Back in town, Ashley tells Tim that someone may be after his mystical powers
     and he should come to the Valeria household for awhile. Irving suggets going
     to where Tim was born to calm his fears about controlling the Guardians.
     | YE SECRET RING SHOPPE |  Meanwhile, Tim's friends Tony and Scott make like
     o-----------------------o  stowaways and manage to get into one of Valeria's
     | Earth Ring......12000 |  compartments (Odessa could learn a thing or two
     | Water Ring      12000 |  from these rascals). 
     | Fire Ring       12000 |
     | Wind Ring       12000 |  By the way, the elevator now goes to B1/B2, and
     | Thor Ring       12000 |  on B1 is a ring shop that sells accessories for
     | Light Ring      12000 |  elemental damage (i.e. imbue user's weapon with
     | Dark Ring       12000 |  element). There's nothing to do on B2, however,
     | Ice Ring        12000 |  except talk with engineers and see a launching
     o-----------------------o  pad. That'll be used later on... <cackle>
      Talk to Altaecia [2F] to learn about a cave "far to the northwest, by a
      Landing Pad no one knows about" if you want to do an optional sidequest
      involving the Wind Tiger's Den (see section "
      Anyway, Valeria Chateau is now a maiden o---------------------------------o
      of the skies and is the first transport | VALERIA CHATEAU FLYIN' CONTROLS |
      the party gets! It even comes with an   o---------------------------------o
      auto-pilot, meaning no one has to seek  | O-BUTTON..........Bring up menu |
      out the destination, being the village  | X-BUTTON.........Propel forward |
      of Tim's tribe, the Baskars. The place  | R1 / R2..........Swivel lft/rgt |
      is due southwest from the chateau's old o---------------------------------o
      resting place. Why is there a landing
      pad in the middle of a lush forest? Who knows? Irving rings the party to
      tell 'em Baskar's in the middle of the woods (as if it wasn't obvious).
      Follow the verdant ridge north and search near the seaside.
      By the way, enemies around here include Owlbears [90 EXP, 270g], Tabangas
      [90 EXP, 270g], and Balloons [6 EXP, 12g].
     REMINDER: Upgrade PSS skills since Baskar does not have that option available
    | OPTIONAL: Wind Tiger's Den                                           [WTD1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Gargoyle      90 EXP, 270g |
     To find the hidden pad Altaecia spoke of, head northwest from where Valeria
     Chateau once was and fly until you see a massive inactive volcano. Head west
     from there, to the end of the string of islands, to find the pad. Search past
     the li'l hill and the hole-in-the-ground den opens up. Enemies on the world
     map include are...well, just a Gila Monster [90 EXP, 270g].
     Head north across the bridge into a windy room with two candle-holders. When
     the wind stops, quickly light both of them. Situating Lilka at a right angle
     between the two helps make "light" work of them (nyuk nyuk). The next room is
     the same thing, with three of them this time, like this:
         N                        Move by [2] first and light it as soon as the
       W + E                      wind stops, move up a little ways and fire one
         S              _______   off at [1] (you don't need to have a visual to
      _________________|   _   |  light it!) and get [3] really quickly. If all
     |  _                 [3]  |  goes well, they'll disappear like the last ones
     | [1]   _____             |  and let the party proceed north.
     |      |_ ___|            |
     |_  ___[2]________________|  The next room has five of these candle-holders,  
       ||                         but basically operates in the same way. There's
                                  a trick to doing them here, though, as always.
     Stand by [1]. As the wind dies  |             _                |
     down, fire one at [1] and then  |          _ [4]               |      N
     NE at [2], which should light   |       _ [3]              _   |   W  +  E
     [3] and [4] as well. Then, just | _    [2]                [5]  |      S
     run and get [5]. If you're slow |[1]         ____________      |
     at firing, remember you DO NOT  |____    ___/            \_   _|
     need a visual to light things!       |__|                  |_|
     Enter the last room to find a floating, crystalline monolith. Talk to it and
     learn that it's the Guardian of Wind, Fengalon, inside of it. He bestows the
     party with the [MEDIUM: Fengalon] and says he's tired of being cooped up in
     the holder. This now lets a user use "Pickpocket" as a Medium skill, robbing
     enemies of their juicy items! There's nothing else to do here, however, least
     for now... <cackle²!>
    | 23) Baskar                                                           [BSK1] |
    | ITEMS  _                                   |
    |       |_| Hard Gear                        |
     Everyone finally lands at the Guardian-worshipping village. Tim's left to his
     own devices in the village, while the chief tells everyone else that Tim is a
     person with the inborn ability to be a "Pillar," someone who can embody the
     As Tim, walk west of the chief's house and find the [HARD GEAR] chest. Then,
     enter the house in the east part of the village. Inspect the glimmbering item
     on the table and Tim will meet a lass (who has funny stream-of-consciousness
     thoughts!), the village's other Pillar candidate [Default: Colette].
     Back at the chief's house, he says Tim must undergo a trial to become the
     "Pillar." Tim doesn't want to, but accepts so that Colette isn't put into any
     danger. After all, if the Guardians don't accept the candidate, s/he will...
     Thus, chiefy asks ARMS to protect Tim as he heads for the trial arena, back
     in the forest.
     Talk to the green-suited man standing by "Stonehenge" in the village square
     to buy items if you need 'em, and the man near the pond is an ARMsmith. When
     you're ready, speak with Colette at the entrance to learn the location is
     south of the village.
     'Tween the mountain and the landing strip, search for the destiny-ation! ^_^
     NOTE: Tim has NO PSS skills set! Go back to Meria and use Up HP + Up P Defend
           for him, since he's a weakling mage in the same vein as Lilka! This'll
           also be wise for the upcoming boss.
    | 24) Hidden Trial Arena                                               [HTR1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Heart Leaf   |  _                             |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Mini Carrot  | |_| Rafflesia    100 EXP, 300g |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Mini Carrot  | |_| Fairy Light  100 EXP, 300g |
    '--------------------------------------------| |_| Squirm       100 EXP, 300g |
     Colette warns that ARMS can only go so far into the temple before Tim has to
     set out alone. Continue north and talk to the floating teddy-bear thing, 
     identifying itself as a sub-spirit who is Pooka as well as [TOOL: Pooka]!
     It has no sense of self, so just go with that explanation.
     In the next room, there are two buttons on a column. Have Tim push one in by
     standing next to it, then use Pooka to get the other one. Continue into the
     next room and find the movable platform/orange button combo in the north.
     Take it into the next room (by using Pooka) where there's the course calls
     for another simultaneous button-push -- it leads to the [HEART LEAF] chest
     nearby. Return to the previous area.
     Operate the platform in the south and exit. This takes the party back a room,
     where the treasure chests stand on top of pillars. Use Pooka to get the two
     [CREST]s and enter the northern side of the bridge. Two rooms later is...
     more buttons and lifts!
     These ones are timed, however, so stand by the ground-floor ramp when you
     push the button and hotfoot (w/ Dash) it across the first uplifted platform,
     then turn around and do it to the second one also. The third one is a little
     easier, where you stand as close to the ramp as possible, use Pooka to push
     the button, then run across the cobblestone lift. This one has a shorter
     timer, but shouldn't matter.
     The next room has two new entrances -- south and east. Go south first and
     get the two [MINI CARROT] chests then opt for the other exit. Everyone feels
     the vibrations of the Guardians
       BOSS: Compound Plant Monster Reguleus
             Reguleus ~ HP: 5000   EXP: 2000   GELLA: 2000   DROP : -----
         Attack ------------> WEAK physical damage (~65-85)
         Eleweed Extract ---> Med. physical damage to allies (~200) + % confuse
         Napweed Extract ---> Med. physical damage to allies (~200) + % sleep
         Wormyweed Extract -> Weak physical damage to ally (~60) + % poison
       TIM   : Lv. 18
       BRAD  : Lv. 18
       ASHLEY: Lv. 18
       This is rather easy for a "trial," despite the monster's penchant for
       throwing status effects the party's way. Tim should use First Aid when
       able (i.e. every turn) while the men conserve ammo and attack normally.
       If you got the Fengalon medium, try to steal a Big Berry from it. To
       have an easier time, give Tim the Clear Chime accessory so he can get in
       more turns (Eleweed Extract used when boss HP apx. <50%).
     Continue east to a save point near the Wall, the point where Tim's to proceed
     alone. Everyone hands their mediums to Pooka (unequipping them) before seeing
     the candidate off. The next room has another Pooka-button puzzle with timed
     platforms. Stand near the middle of the path as the sub-spirit hits the wall
     button so that Tim can dash straight down the way -- if he's too far on one
     side he'll fall off the edge. Repeat it once more to exit.
     The next room is the same, except one can't see too far down the path. Stick
     to the middle of the walkway and dash when the platforms create the makeshift
     bridge. Repeat it once more to get into the third room.
     There's a treasure here but it's on a ledge; enter the next room and jump off
     to the button below. Before you press, use the platform's default position to
     get to a corridor that leads back to the chest, being a [CREST]. 
     Two rooms back, the platform is ready to haul Tim to the northern door. This
     can be a little tricky however, as he'll have to run diagonally to make it
     through. Change the camera in a northeasternly direction, use Pooka to hit
     the switch, then have Tim run when the platform's making its trip back.
     Heal up and follow the next two corridors to...
       BOSS: Transforming Ninja Monster Gehenna Neros
             Gehenna Neros ~ HP: 3000  EXP: 2000  GELLA: 2000   DROP: -----
         Pill ------> Refills HP (single)
         Attack ----> WEAK damage (~ 0)
         Lullaby ---> WEAK damage (~60) + % nightmare 
         Replicate -> Summons another 'GehennaNeros' into battle
       TIM: Lv. 18
       Pooka says at the battle's beginning to build up the force gauge to level
       two which will let Pooka transform into a powerful shape. The 'Combine'
       ability will now be usable on Tim, so Defend until he has 50FP and let'er
       rip. Just make sure an OFFENSIVE medium is equipped, being any one other
       than Odoryuk (which heals). Cope with Lullaby as best as possible until
       then, since there's no more challenge -- whatever elemental guardian Tim
       summon will kill all enemies. It should be noted that if Tim has magicks
       of an element (i.e. he learned them from offensive meduim), he can keep
       farming the GehennaNeros ranks and build up the same amount of EXP/GELLA
       for each! Use this if you want to give him some gimme levels; if not, go
       in for a quick kill. If you've already boosted his Up P Defend, he might
       not be taking ANY damage from regular attacks, even while nightmare-ing.
       And, in case one doesn't know how to change mediums in-battle, go into
       the equipment change option (orange vest icon) and go from there.
     [ABILITY: Combine] becomes Tim's official second-level force attack...but
     did someone mention a Sacrificial Altar? Huh? Back at the Wall, Pooka says
     anyone can use Combine -- and gives it to everyone -- as long as he's in the
     party. Enjoy the flower-field scenes. Back at Baskar, the chief congratulates
     Tim on a job well done by giving him ten [HEAL BERRY]s, three [BIG BERRY]s,
     and a [MEGA BERRY]. Some odd scenes take place back in Baskar before everyone
     returns to Valeria Chateau.
    | 25) Valeria Chateau                                                  [VLC3] |
    | ITEMS                                      |
    |       For previous items, see section VLC1 |
     After confronting the village elder about his nonchalant decision to let Tim
     be the one who dies for Filgaia's sake, an alarm goes off signaling a breach
     somewhere. Save outside and enter the elevator to find the intruders -- it's
     Antenora and Judecca! Ladies first...
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora
             Antenora ~ HP: 6000   EXP: 1500   GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
         Attack -----> Med. damage to ally (~200)
         Ephemeron --> Med. damage to ally (~550-600) + % of poison, silence,
                                                          downhearted, sleep
       BRAD  : Lv. 18
       LILKA : Lv. 18
       ASHLEY: Lv. 19
       Start unloading ammo into her face (aren't you glad you conserved back
       in the trial arena?) and try to dispose of her as quickly as possible,
       since Ephemeron can deal annoying status abnormalities. If you need to
       heal, don't forget about Odoryuk + Combine! Steal a Mini Carrot if you
     Antenora lets it slip that they're after the "Pillar" boy before escaping in
     typical disappearin'-villain fashion. Elsewhere, Judecca encounters Tim in 
     the Baskarites' cabin
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca
             Judecca ~ HP: 4000   EXP: 1500  GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
         Attack ------> WEAK physical damage (~  0)
         Miriam ------> Med. physical damage (~250)
         Douglas -----> WEAK physical damage (~  0) + % of paralyze
         Sidewinder --> Med. physical damage (~ 50)
       TIM: Lv. 19
       This battle should be a cinch with Combine, and if you've upped defensive
       resist on Tim, he might even be taking 0 damage! All attacks are pathetic
       except for Miriam which is the only one that may be doing triple digits;
       even then, First Aid erases it. Just make sure to equip a Blue Anklet for
       good measure, since Douglas does paralyze more often than naught. Judecca
       might be taking it easy on the kid, but who knows? This one's pretty easy
       as it is. Steal a Bullet Load if you can...those are always valuable!
     But hey, it's not over just yet. Judecca sets a Blastodon somewhere in the
     ship, which Kate radios as the catapult room on the B2. As Irving says, 
     the monster itself is the bomb!
       BOSS: Explosive Red Thunder Toad Blastodon
             Blastodon ---> HP: 6000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: -----
             Left Pouch --> HP: 3000  EXP: 1000  GELLA: 1000  DROP: VIT Apple
             Right Pouch -> HP: 3000  EXP: 1000  GELLA: 1000  DROP: VIT Apple
         Attack ---------> Med. physical damage to ally (~200)
         Paralyzer ------> % of paralyze on single ally        [L: Left Pouch]
         Evil Quasar ----> Dark(?) damage to all allies (~200)
         Poison Bubble --> Med. physical damage to ally + % of vile poison
         Terrible Shade -> Med. magickal damage to ally (~200) [L: Right Pouch]
       TIM   : Lv. 19
       BRAD  : Lv. 19
       ASHLEY: Lv. 19
       The left pouch is the one that uses paralysis, so make sure Tim's still
       got the Blue Anklet on -- First Aid helps out a lot here. It's also weak
       to fire, so if Tim knows Red Beaut, he can use that -- it's essentially
       the same as Lilka's fire spell. Evil Quasar is only used if the pouchs
       are dead, and since it completely and utterly SUCKS, going that route is
       highly recommended. First Aid makes this battle quite a cakewalk.
     Irving launches the organo-bomb out into space with Ashley still on the
     catapult. Luckily, Access' form saves his hide and everyone gets a happy
     ending. Tim officially joins ARMS soon after, and it's back to Meria Boule!
     The king knows that to match Odessa's capabilities, the war has to be fought
     on a global scale; but, ARMS is restricted by boundaries and different types
     of authority. Solving the bickering between nations must be done first, which
     is where Irving's idea for a Filgaia Summit comes into play. Meria Boule, 
     Sylvaland, and Guild Galad must gather to discuss the upcoming fights with 
     Odessa and the most secure location for the peace talks...Valeria Chateau!
     So the mission: protect the 71st Filgaia Summit. 
     As the summit rolls on, the mention of Slayheim comes up -- the fourth once-
     -kingdom that's now encased in salt. Kate calls into the conference room and
     says that the Varukisas is approaching, so ARMS is dispatched out into the
     'flying' pan. Nyuk.
    | 26) Warwing Varukisas                                                [WVR1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Odessa Man   150 EXP, 500g |
     The two tasks:
     * Silence the enemy's flying machine
     * for everyone to escape safe and sound
     At least that's what Valeria says. Disruption of the power functions is what
     the main goal is, essentially, at which time everyone is to return to the
     harpoon (!) and get pulled back aboard the chateau. Head north to the hallway
     where an object blocks the way -- kick it with Brad to demolish it. The 
     console nearby says that there are three power; incidentally, there are three
     passageways to take north of the save point room! I'll start in the west, I
     Heading west, take the first door you see. Pull the block here south one
     space and go up the ramp to walk diagonally to the console. Use it to turn
     off the 'barrier' and flick the terminal switch 'on.' Leave and continue
     Here, take the highroad along the northern perimeter and jump down to the
     three creates situated like:
       _ _ _
      |_|_|1|  Move "3" left one and push/pull it north all the way. Then, push
      |_|_|2|  "2" left and into the other northern slot. The way west is now
      |_|_|3|  usable. Go back to the power console at the south and turn on the
               lift, then take the bridge to the other console -- here, one can
     learn the power code for the power plant: "TA2360". Stupid villains leaving
     integral info 'round like that... <tsk, tsk>   Exit west over the bridge
     made of crates.
     There's a crane-operating unit here, but will only work if you've turned the
     two 'terminal switch' options on previously. Deploy it to open the way to
     the power code input. Type in 'TA2360' (case-sensitive!) to turn the first
     plant off. Backtrack to the four-fork room, save in the south if you want,
     and head north.
     Climb up the incline on the east side to find a lift with some crates on it,
     and a few more nearby. Pull five more onto it so it can drop down further.
     Ignore the door in the west and go north.
     Here is a long catwalk, and if you turn the camera a bit, you'll see some
     sections have "bolded" edges -- these parts will fall down if you walk on
     'em, so avoid them. Go north into the next room and maneuver to the console
     near there, which deactivates a barrier (floor panels still fall!) nearby.
     Return two rooms back, to the one with the push-crates, and enter north.
     The display tells the power code -- "TB8180" -- to shut off the plant, so
     return to the second falling-walkway room. See that string of generators
     underneath by the doorway? Jump down onto that and follow it to a console.
     Enter 'TB8180' to shut the dang thing off. You'll want to save at this
     point, probably, because...well, you'll see. =)
     After heading east from the four-fork room, kick some generators back into
     oblivion and make for the computer. Deactivate the barrier and commit the
     power code to memory: 'TC6503'. Exit room, continue east through to another
     room. Don't worry about walkways here; they won't fall. Climb the nearest
     one and push the button to lower a bridge, then jump down and pass through.
     Use Pooka to push the button again, giving access to the power terminal. Put
     in 'TC6503' and return to the four-fork room. Before you can retreat back to
     the chateau...
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Member Ptolomea
             Ptolomea ~ HP: 8000  EXP: 3000  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack ------------> Weak physical damage to ally   (~100)
         Iron Saber --------> Med. physical damage to ally   (~400)
         Counterattack -----> Weak physical damage to ally   (~100)
         Ptolomea Dynamite -> Weak physical damage to allies (~200)
       TIM   : Lv. 20
       BRAD  : Lv. 19
       ASHLEY: Lv. 20
       Same method of operation as last time and no new attacks. But, they're a
       bit more...lacking this time around. That is, unless you've managed to
       use Up P Defend on Tim/Lilka and they'll be having smooth sailing. Just
       have Tim use First Aid every round which will erase any leg-up Ptolomea
       gets with 'Dynamite'. Steal a War Respite from the boss if you can.
     After Ptolomea flees and Irving is updated on the situation, take the 'vator
     the one-eyed giant used up to the cockpit. Brad belly-lands the plane and
     everything turns out just dandy.
     At Meria Boule Castle, the king says that the Guild Galad Master did not
     cooperate COMPLETELY, but gave them the use of a Hovercraft so they could
     explore the inland sea. Irving says that there may be data tablets from the
     wreckage around and that there should be three in total.
      REMINDER: Refill ammunition + Crests, and upgrade personal skills at Meria!
     The hovercraft's on the beach near the Sword Cathedral, and when entered, it
     says that the Guild Galad technology allows the Map Scope (which you SHOULD
     have) to link up to the onboard terminal. Meaning, all of Filgaia shows up
     instead of the local area. Enemies can still be fought in the transport...
     | HOVERCRAFTING DIRECTIONS |  Remember, the party can only get off at shores
     o--------------------------o  so the inland sea's the only place to navigate
     | Up/X-Button...Go forward |  at the moment.
     | L1/R1.........Swivel l/r |
     | Get off.......O (shores) |          o--------------------------------o
     o--------------------------o          | ENEMY:                         |
                                           |  _                             |
      Tablet 1 is located near the 'claw'  | |_| Cuttlefish   150 EXP, 300g |
      of the peninsula due west from the   o--------------------------------o
      former location of Valeria Chateau,  
      near a tiny island. Tablet 2 is near the northern beach that's situated in
      between the two reefs preventing further passage north. Tablet 3's near the
      western beach that leads to the Thunder Lion Cage. When all are recovered
      from a watery grave, contact Irving (the game makes this VERY clear ^____^)
      who asks all to return to Meria Boule Castle.
     Now that all three tablets have been collected, Irving wants them to be taken
     to the Sielje Region for decryption and analysis. Of course, this is Lilka's
     hometown and she ain't in the mood to go back. Somewhere near Damzen is a
     tunnel that takes coal to Sielje, though, as the king mentions. A TeleportGem
     gets everyone to Damzen City.
     In the Gunners Heaven bar, talk to the blue-haired man to learn that Mt.
     Chug-Chug's tunnel gets to Sielje. He gives the party the [BOSS SYMBOL] for
     showing them that the king hasn't forgotten about them. So, off to the old
     mountain, then.
    | OPTIONAL: Thunder Lion Cage                                          [TLC1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| AlbumCoupon     |_| Crest        |  _                             |
    |       |_| Crest Cap       |_| Bloody Cape  | |_| Thunderdrake 150 EXP, 300g |
    |       |_| Mecha Boost                      |                                |
     To find this area, head to the western area of the inland sea and disembark
     at the cliff overlooking the "salt sea". The area is a little west of that
     In the first area, use Pooka to get the [ALBUMCOUPON] item, then look near
     the dungeon's entrance for an Electel symbol. Later, when one gets a certain
     teammate who has the Electel tool, hitting this opens up a special passage to
     the [BLOODY CAPE] and [MECHA BOOST] items. Until then, it's a no-go. Pity.
     Anyway, from where the coupon was obtained, face south. Take the rightmost of
     the three passages to a room with a lever. Flip it to make a switch on the
     floor below rise up a bit. Go back two rooms and take the leftmost of the
     three south passages, to another lever -- this should raise the floor switch
     to its highest point. But don't jump down yet. Double back two rooms and take
     the middle of the southern passages to a watery corridor. The highest of the
     two passages leads to a [CREST] and duplicator chest -- if you have one, open
     it for a [CREST CAP].
     Now, jump into the pit, trigger the switch, and continue south. It leads to
     another medium, being Noua Shax, the Guardian of Lightning. Naturally, the
     party gets the [MEDIUM: Noua Shax]. Leave at this point.
     NOTE: Trade the AlbumCoupon at Odd HQ to view monsters' stats anywhere you go
    | 27) Mt. Chug-Chug                                                    [MTC2] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Heal Berry      |_| Migrant Hat  |  _                             |
    |       |_| Duplicator                       | |_| Cave Torus   150 EXP, 310g |
    o--------------------------------------------| |_| Vacuumon     150 EXP, 310g |
     #  REMINDER: For previous Mt. Chug-Chug items, refer to the "MTC1" section! #
     Now that the party's collected the Boss Symbol, they can use the Boss Symbol
     (select it from inventory near door) to use the lobby's southern entrance.
     In the room with the candles and ramps of different heights, take the eastern
     entrance for the [UPGRADE: DeadOrAlive] cartridge for Ashley. It can deliver
     instant-death attacks, although not 'definitely' as the description says.
     Back in the maze-atorium, travel the highroad south to a dead-end room with
     Lilka's [TOOL: Freeze Rod] inside. It can extinguish flames with [], provided
     they're blue/purple; and, they can freeze some objects. Once all three of
     the candles are snuffed out in the prior room, the lowroad's southern exit
     will open.
     There's a switch room, now. Go down the earthen ramp to the crate and situate
     it below the hole in the wall. On the flat walkway, use the Hurl Knife to
     drop the crate like a bag o' bricks. Enter through the hole in the wall and
     get the [HEAL BERRY] near the avenue's abyss.
     In the south, jump down to the chest on a lower platform for a [MIGRANT HAT].
     Follow the path to see a [DUPLICATOR] chest, which you'll have to get by 
     walking back up the ramp and jumping down a feeble tile's hole.
     The adjacent room's got some switches in it. Pull the box sitting on the
     floor north to a switch, then east to the other, which lets the crate on the
     retractable platform down. Move the second box onto the free switch and push
     the other one into the raised path's open slot to continue east to get back
     on the world map. Now that you've gone through, it's pretty easy to see why
     no one used it for coal transportation anymore, ain't it?  <spits>
     In the snowy shadows of the mountains, Fleurty [165 EXP, 330g], White Fear
     [165 EXP, 330g], and Wendigo [165 EXP, 330g] enemies lurk. On the west coast
     is a [SOR APPLE] deposit for the taking, also. To find the Sielje entrance,
     search the icefield's middle part where the colors are more blue than white.
     The cave shows up without much of a hassle...
    | 28) Sielje Region                                                    [SLJ1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Serenade        |_| Eagle Quill  |
    |       |_| Eat My Dust     |_| Bridge Key   |
     The town itself is inside a forcefield as everyone finds out. When a kid 
     walks over and accuses Lilka of being a runaway, he [Default: Terry] can be
     named. He recommends they go to McGregor's classroom to have the tablets 
     analyzed before leaving for there himself.
     o-----------------------o  Check out the market bazaar nearby, where all the
     | SIELJE REGION WEAPONS |  shops are wrapped up in a neat proximity. Things
     o-----------------------o  that should be bought if one's coinpurse is big
     | Raid Blast.......3100 |  enough (item shop is same as always):
     | Chain Mail.......3000 |
     | Gay Parasol......2500 |  * Sand Poncho x 1
     | Silky Robe.......2100 |  * Silky Robe  x 1
     | Crisis Arm.......3500 |  * Raid Blast  x 1
     | Metal Plate......3200 |  * Crisis Arm  x 1
     | Dream Wand.......2300 |
     | Sand Poncho......2000 |  Special favor given to Lilka and/or Tim, whoever
     o-----------------------o  you're using more than the rest. Get their armor
                                on 'em straight away! Everything here is better
     than normal, but you can go without for a little while, right? Upgrade PSS
     points here if you've still got Up P Defend/Up M Defend territory to cover.
     The magic college is in the north, but you can use the thin walkways on one
     side to get to some secret chests! One is a [SERENADE] and the other is an
     [EAGLE QUILL], for Lilka and Tim, respectively. McGregor is located in the
     western room, off the hallway with the green carpet. After some analyzin',
     it appears the tablets contain information on Odessa's hideout, which appears
     to be a massive energy plant.
     That night, after a trip to the Museum of Wonders, an alarm goes off -- the
     tablets! McGregor says they've been stolen and the ID patterns are moving
     southwest of Sielje! That's near the Gate Bridge, apparently, and McGregor
     forks over the [BRIDGE KEY] so that it can be entered. Before the party can
     teleport to the world map, Terry gives them the [EAT MY DUST] bomb (that has
     an icon curiously reminiscent of Butz from FF5). Save up!
     To find the destination, head back towards Mt. Chug-Chug and when you get to
     the eastern seaboard, take the thin path southwest a ways. No need to search
     for it, either -- the entire span is already visible! To enter, select the
     appropriate key from the inventory and press the action button.
    | 29) Gate Bridge                                                      [GTB1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Iron Maiden  175 EXP, 350g |
    | |_| Clay Puppet  175 EXP, 350g |
     The burglars are...Liz and Ard! When Brad lowers the bridge after they raise
     it, a five-minute timer appears for the party to cross. Continue west and
     out -- there are security bots aloof 'round here. Touching one encounters an
     Iron Maiden enemy, although this does NOT run up the clock. ^__^
     In the second room, fling a knife at the switch by the door. It will stay
     shut so long as you don't touch certain tiles. If you look at the space in
     front of the iron door, you can see tiny 1x4 strings of tiles (SMALL ONES)
     that are a little bolded around the edges. Make sure to avoid these as you
     The next bridge span is the same, except bright-red orbs engage the party in
     battles with Clay Puppets. The second room with a switch has a pressure pad
     on the floor that closes the door -- it reaches all the way across. To avoid
     it, stand near the door and shoot the Hurl Knife diagonally, then leave.
     When you get to the room with nothing in it, heal up and continue west. 
       BOSS: Lead Scientific Researcher (Self-styled) Liz
       BOSS: Assistant Ard
             Liz ~ HP: 3500  EXP: 1750  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
             Ard ~ HP: 4000  EXP: 1750  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
       [LIZ] Attack ------------> Med. damage to one ally  (~350)
       [LIZ] Strange Bomb ------> Magic damage to all  (~500-600)
       [LIZ] Red Bug Liquid ----> Disease on Ard; Antitank Punch now usable
       [ARD] Antitank Punch ----> High damage to one ally (~1000)
       [ARD] Dump Truck Tackle -> High damage to one ally (~ 700)
       TIM   : Lv. 21
       BRAD  : Lv. 20
       ASHLEY: Lv. 21
       Antitank Punch get a huge boost in damage now, so focus on taking Ard out
       of the picture with hi-damage weapon slugs -- Dump Truck Tackle also gets
       a huge renovation in the ATK aspect. Strange Bomb is more tolerable with
       First Aid going, however. If you're using Tim in this battle, one might
       have to be tossing him a Heal Berry each round to keep his HP above 1000.
       When Liz is the only one left, everything's far easier, since his hit-all
       bomb attack is sometimes forsaken for a regular attack turn. Keep your HP
       high toward the end of battle -- you'll see why soon.
     Instead of fleeing as per their usual fare, they spout some fun words and 
     rip a page from the annals of the party's past -- it's time for an UPGRADE!
       BOSS: Biogenic Dragonoid Trask 2.0
             Crystal ~~~ HP: 5000  EXP: 3500  GELLA: 3000  DROP: Full Revive
             Trask 2.0 ~ HP: 3500  EXP: 1750  GELLA: 1750  DROP: -----
         Sonic Howl ---> Med. damage to allies (~400)
         Biomissile ---> Hi damage to ally  (~1000) + % paralyze   [L: Crystal]
         Blink Around -> Hi damage to ally  (~1000)
       TIM   : Lv. 21
       BRAD  : Lv. 21
       ASHLEY: Lv. 21
       Yes, he's back and with a bit more RAM (^_^). Make sure to equip the Blue
       Anklet on Tim since Biomissile can now inflict paralysis, and there is
       defintely what you do NOT want on your main healer. Luckily, the all-ally
       attack "Sonic Howl" is a piece of crap so one just has to mind the upkeep
       on the other ends. Take out the Crystal to stop Biomissile, and Trask 2.0
       second. Group attacks like Pineapple/AM Cluster go well paired off with
       Brad's Lock On here. Use Combine + Odoryuk to regain the HP edge; just
       make sure to have enough left over for First Aid! Steal a Bullet Load if
       you get the chance.
     Again, Liz curses not having his Bulkogidon monster finished -- that would've
     decimated the party! And they flee! There is a treasure chest inside the mesh
     fence nearby, but can't be gotten for quite some time. Save and re-enter the
     world map to get a communication transmission about the tablets location, NW
     of the current position. Brad says it's back through hell...Greenhell, that
     is! And it is -- go back through!
     Melchom [180 EXP, 500g] enemies appear around these parts and have stealable
     Lucky Cards -- y'know, things that double gained EXP/GELLA in battle. Try to
     get a few if you encounter said monster (they have an afro!?). Urchin Bugs
     also lurk near here...
     I'm not going to retell how to get through here since it's just northbound
     walking and you've already done it. See section "PRL2" for items one may
     have missed. One noticeable change is the inclusion of two new enemies, the
     Triffid and Stolas, both [185 EXP, 370g] apiece. When you get to the lift,
     remember that you have to kick it to get it moving.
     Go back to T'Bok Village (in the NW) when you emerge on the other side.
    | 30) T'Bok Village                                                    [TBK1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Data Tablet  |
    |       |_| TeleportOrb                      |
     The man standing next to the memory-service person is an ARMsmith, thank the
     stars -- you're probably spent from the boss battles. Enter the barndoor in
     the west and get the [UPGRADE: Lawnmower] cartridge for Brad. Word around
     town is that Liz and Ard stole the only boat and headed for the desert on
     the west continent.
     Talk to the dog outside a house and Merrill will come over. Recall the dog's
     name [Default: Rassyu] if you can and she'll introduce Brad to one of his old
     Slayheim war buddies, [Default: Billy] Pilder.
      NOTE: Whether or not you recall the dog's name is irrelevant to everything!
     After some talk about the war five years past, Brad mentions that the town of
     Quartly was near where Slayheim used to be (that giant ocean of salt by the
     Thunder Lion Cage). Search the barrel in the chief's house for a [CREST].
     Talk to Rassyu again and he'll fetch a "piece of junk" for Brad -- it's none
     other than the [TELEPORTORB] and a [DATA TABLET]! The former item lets the
     party teleport to any town they've been to before.
     To get to Quartly, teleport to the Hovercraft and head towards Halmetz. The
     river nearby can be traversed in a few directions. Go south, then west at
     the first change, then north to find a conveniently-placed desert! Northwest
     of where you park, search by the abyss to find the bridge town.
     Enemies in the desert include:
     * Antlion   - 195 EXP, 390g
     * Sandcrab  - 195 EXP, 390g
     * Twin Tail - 195 EXP, 390g
    | OPTIONAL: Island Outpost                                             [SLT1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Weathervane     |_| High Crest   |
     Here's a little back-and-forth sidequest to make Lilka learn better magicks!
     01) Talk to Karayan in the Sielje magic college's library. He'll tell them
         about a guy named "Mr. Day" who was sent accidentally to a place where
         no one could get to him, land OR sea.
     02) Make Lilka the party leader and use the TeleportOrb. Instead of going to
         the selected destination, she'll mess up (duh!) and end up at an isolated
         island in the middle of the ocean. Search to find the outpost. Enter.
     03) Walk clockwise around the fence and get the [WEATHERVANE] accessory and
         go inside. It's none other than Mr. Day's house! He says he's secretly
         been researching Crest Sorcery and has finished the lineage of High Level
         Magic recently. He gives them the [HIGH CREST] and asks them to deliver
         it back to Karayan. Day says after you're done, to come back and he'll
         have some magick for 'em by then.
     04) Deliver the High Crest back to Karayan, then return to the outpost.
     05) Mr. Day will now let Lilka learn high-leveled magic. If you don't have
         enough crests, erase some of the little-used ones. Stuff you should get
         * Hi-Revive (revies with full HP)
         * Hi-Heal   (heal medium amt. of HP)
         * Field     (halves elemental damage) 
         * Restore   (removes status abnormalities)
     06) But it ain't over yet! Return to Karayan and talk to him to learn he's
         spread the knowledge of High Level magic all over the world. Magick shops
         will now have the option of learning both levels! Speaking with Karayan
         MUST be done before the shops 'learn' of the finds.
    | 31) Quartly                                                          [QRT1] |
     Quartly stretches across Big Valley, a huge o--------------------------o
     fissure in the earth, so naturally a route  | QUARTLY WEAPONS EMPORIUM |
     this vital is packed with information and   o--------------------------o
     stores. The weapons shop (again, item shop  | Dual Shot...........4200 |
     is same as always) carries powerful new     | Full Metal..........4000 |
     items. Give precedence to Tim/Lilka, or the | Elf Parasol.........3900 |
     one you're using the most, when buying:     | Shield Cape.........3500 |
                                                 | Mirage Hand.........4600 |
     * Dual Shot x 1         * Full Metal x 1    | Ferdinand...........4500 |
     * Mirage Hand x 1       * Ferdinand x 1     | Rune Staff..........3600 |
     * Shield Cape x 1       * Cute Bolero x 1   | Cute Bolero.........3300 |
     Like usual, the mage weapons are skippable,
     but should get an upgrade every so often so they're not completely lacking
     should they need to attack on their own. Buy what your wallet will allow.
     Walking around town, people give advice on who they think is a "spy in your
     midst," which may be the case since Odessa knows the party's every move. A
     one-eyed female merc approaches as the party heads north, wanting some help
     exorcising some monsters at nearby Slayheim Castle. She ALMOST leaves without
     revealing her name [Default: Kanon], but Ashley makes sure no strangers get
     in his party. After a shifty scene, the location of the castle is revealed:
     northeastern edge of the salt flats. Remember to reload ammo 'fore you leave.
     ALSO, I recommend the physical fighters learn Up M Defend and the mages work
     towards maxing out the Up P Defend PSS skills. After they're completed, and
     they CAN be by now, go for Up P/M Attack to make them even more potent. The
     four-point allocations can take a long time later on, so do 'em now while
     they help out more and aren't terribly hard to do.
     Enemies 'round here include Necrosaurus/Macabre/Remnant [195 EXP, 390g] per.
     Remember how Brad said there were ghosts? Well, Tim's TurnUndead skill kills
     'em instantly!
    | 32) Slayheim Castle                                                  [SLH1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _              | ENEMY:                          |
    |       |_| Adult Mag       |_| Secret Sign |  _                              |
    |       |_| Elven Boots     |_| Duplicator  | |_| Nachtgeist    200 EXP, 400g |
    |       |_| Lone Wolf       |_| Plus Band   | |_| Blood Ruby    200 EXP, 400g |
    '-------------------------------------------| |_| HelterSkelter 200 EXP, 400g |
     Kanon isn't here when ARMS arrives...hmm...
     The middle door is locked here, but is flanked by two traversable passages.
     Take the left of the northern ones, and after entering, continue north into
     a library. See that pink book above the shelf? Kick it down with Brad to get
     the [ADULT MAG] (descrip: "Don't look, kids!" XD) and insert it into the
     other shelf where a magazine's missing. This has to be done manually, as per
     usual. Get the [SECRET SIGN] accessory behind the case when it moves out of
     the way. Double-back to the previous passage, and take the west fork.
     Follow it to a room with a weird hammer-shaped swing. Stand north of it and
     kick it, which will wallop the party leader across the divide. Obtain the
     [ELVEN BOOTS] accessory chest nearby and go back to the three-door room. Now,
     take the right side, which is a mirror image of the west wing pretty much.
     Continue north to the deserted meeting room, and straighten the picture on
     the wall to open a west door. Take the [DUPLICATOR] chest and go back two
     rooms, taking the east fork. In the ensuing room, blow up the rubble in the
     tiny floor groove and keep goin' north. Use the door switch to enter the 
     next room with the save point, and take the large doors to a [LONE WOLF]
     chest. For some reason, this opens up the middle door back in the castle's
     lobby -- return there.
     You'll notice a blue-colored switch up on the wall. To trigger it, kick the
     stairtop column on the same side, which has a domino effect. Take the [PLUS
     BAND] for Brad and leave again. Heal up before you go, however, as Kanon has
     some of her own demons to "exorcise."
       BOSS: Kanon ~ HP: 5500  EXP: 3700  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack ----> Weak damage to ally (~ 400)
         Pike Kick -> High damage to ally (~ 900)
         Left Edge -> High damage to ally (~1000)
         Drive Cut -> HIGH damage to ally (~1700)
       TIM   : Lv. 22
       LILKA : Lv. 22
       ASHLEY: Lv. 22
       Lilka's useful here for three reasons -- her HP which is higher than Tim's
       and her use of Hi-Heal and Hi-Revive, which you SHOULD have if you've been
       following the FAQ closely. Give her a Mini Carrot so she can use it right
       off the bat, and have Ashley/Brad plug some ARMunition into Kanon's face.
       Left Edge is powerful, but Drive Cut blows it out of the water -- this is
       where Hi-Revive helps out immensely so even if Ashley gets smoked by the
       skill, Lilka should be able to survive with a maxed-out Up P Defend skill.
       Not too sure on her AI, but as long as Ashley is alive, most of her fury's
       pointed his way. Although high HP is always helpful, this is one of the
       first battles where it can really pull a person out of a big disadvantage.
     Kanon leaves and says that Vinsfield's "hero" was left-handed. What does that
     mean? Progress to find out, I s'pose. Teleport to Quartly.
     After some scenes in town, Irving says that the chateau's detected an odd
     jamming signal from the desert. Combing the desert environment is the only
     way to find it, though, what with the weak waveform. To find the destination,
     head north of the beach where the sandcraft's parked usually and the Alchemic
     Plant shows up.
    | 33) Alchemic Plant                                                   [LCM1] |
    | ITEMS  _                                   | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Recorder                         |  _                             |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Shanzen      200 EXP, 400g |
                                                 | |_| Blackou      200 EXP, 400g |
     There are numerous bots here, as you experience first-hand when entering, so
     it's not incredibly different from the Gate Bridge. Luckily, the Shanzen foes
     drop Big Berries, so it's not a complete waste of time. They can be avoided
     for the most part, if you wait for an opening. =)
     Enter the hallway nearby and head downstairs to find two more doors. Take the
     one near the dead-end to get into the maze portion in the first room. When
     you get to the elevated crossroads, descend on the northern side. At the next
     junction, jump east and follow the passage to the exit.
     After a straightforward "monster box" room, ARMS will be on the balcony 
     opposite the one they came in (first room, natch). Two rooms later, the party
     becomes Lilka/Ashley/Tim -- Brad stays behind to display his prowess with a
     machine and confuse the enemy. Everyone will meet up at the darkest depths...
     Jump off the next catwalk onto a route guarded by a robot. For the moment,
     however, go the way opposite the 'bot. This leads to a room with a radio
     operator in it ('A'), but the party leader can't get inside. Instead, use
     your 'Call' function to listen into the message -- the robot has a radiator
     that's a piece of crap! Return and inflict a sharp temperature change on its
     front -- Fire Rod -> Freeze Rod! Exit north.
     There's another radio man here, who says he left his code book in a locker
     somewhere. Take the room next to the booth and search the lockers there for
     an 'important memo':
                   Z S U G H I O Q B L F T U      \
                   A J K P R S N O A C E G Q      <- CODE REEL
                   M V W X I K M W Y D E Y C     _/
     This doesn't mean anything now, but is important later. Double-back a room
     and go up the stairtop door. There's a third radio operator beyond with a
     call being transmitted. Apparently, "ONM" is the current password and a 
     commander says "change it according to the codebook." Two rooms back, there
     is a door with a red light on it and a password-style lock. The transition
     of the passwords goes from right to left (as the convo showed earlier), so
     enter "ISK" to enter the door -- case-sensitive!
     Save at the four-fork junction and go east. Listen to the operator's convo
     in the first room ('F') then the convo in the second room. Listen once more
     in the first and the man in the second will have vacated the room. Search
     the lockers therein to get a [RECORDER]. Backtrack to the save point. =p
     Inspect the northern locked door to learn that it's voice-print verification.
     You won't be able to get in, suffice to say. Exit west two screens to a radio
     booth where an operator is speaking with Antenora. The party leader'll remark
     that they can record her voice for other uses -- stand next to the door and
     use the Recorder device. The locked door can now be opened by selecting the
     Recorder in front of it. Heal up and continue north.
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora
             Antenora ~ HP: 7000  EXP: 3700  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Shockwave -----> Med. physical damage to allies (~550)
         Counterattack -> Weak physical damage to ally   (~ 50)
         Ephemeron -----> High physical damage to ally  (~1000) + % of silence,
                                                        downhearted, poison,
       TIM   : Lv. 23
       LILKA : Lv. 23
       ASHLEY: Lv. 23
       With Hi-Heal, Live Horn (Odoryuk summon), and First Aid, this shouldn't
       be TOO hard, especially with a maxed-out Up HP skill on everyone. 
       Antenora will be faster than everything except First Aid, so make sure
       that Tim's got some kind of protection accessory against Downhearted
       (Heart Leaf) and defend against the rest as is possible. Keep Restore
       and Hi-Heal on-hand -- you'll just have to anticipate which ally to
       target. If you can get Ashley into Access state this battle becomes a bit
       easier to stomach.
     Watch the awesome scenes afterwards and the party returns to Valeria Chateau.
      NOTE: Have Ashley learn Up P Defend at this point, even if it's just once!
     Guild Galad's son needs to be guarded for the next mission, and taken back to
     his mother country. The long-distance subway is being used for this mission,
     and is at the foot of the mountains north of Quartly. Teleport to the bridge
     town and exit into the sand flats. In the northwest corner is a mountain and,
     at the foot, is Urartu Station. Talk to the son (Noel) and watch what ensues
     on the train...
    | 34) Emulator Zone                                                    [MLZ1] |
    | ENEMY:                          |
    |  _                              |
    | |_| Odessa Man 2  225 EXP, 450g |
     It appears that the tunnel doesn't want to end, thanks in part to one of
     Odessa's Cocytus members...but which? The conductor can save your game, but
     no free healing.
     NOTE: Only save if Lilka/Tim have maxed-out Up P Defend PSS skills, or if you
           want a challenge. The last boss can cream both of them, which is reason
           to have maxed-out Up HP PSS skills as well! If you save, you're stuck
           here without any shops, so THINK WISELY FOR CRAPSAKES.
     Leave the train and head down the crystal-block walkway to Puzzle #1. Pull
     the cube from doorway and onto the pink/red pressure pad -- this changes the
     doorway's color, now; enter.
                 _     _
      _______ __|X|   |X|_  The "X" marks stand for dead ends that return one to
     |X      |    |   | #2| the second room, which is the beginning of the maze
      ¯¯|_|¯¯ ¯¯|_|   |_|¯  for the most part. Follow the path to the room marked
      __| |__  _| |_ _| |_  "#2". Here, as soon as you enter, go back the way you
     |  #1   ||X    |    X| came to encounter a new room. Use Pooka to get the
     |__   __| ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯|_|¯  chest off the platform which contains Tim's newest
        | |          _| |_  [TOOL: Air Ballet], which can hit move objects from a
        | |    N    |RED  | distance -- use with the square button. Push the cube
        | |  W + E  | CUBE| nearby onto the purple pressure panel, changing the
        |_|    S     ¯¯¯¯¯  doorway's color to a different hue. Heal up and exit
       TRAIN                back where you came to find the only Cocytus member
                 you haven't severely clobbered...
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina
             Caina ~ HP: 7000  EXP: 3700  GELLA: ----  DROP:
         Attack ---------> WEAK damage to ally   (~400)
         4D Hypo Blast --> High damage to ally   (~900)
         Counterattack --> WEAK damage to ally   (~400)
         Gate of Isolde -> Med. damage to allies (~400) + % of poison, ability
                                                     block, sleep, downhearted
       TIM   : Lv. 23
       LILKA : Lv. 23
       ASHLEY: Lv. 23
       Gate of Isolde is the only attack one has to watch out for, truly, since
       its status effects can really delay one's curing plan. Lilka's Restore
       ability helps out, but 4D Hypo Blast can weaken the lot some, so use a
       few Heal Berries to manage upkeep. Unlike previous Cocytus enemies, her
       best ability only damages one person, so it's pretty easy if luck is on
       your side. Which, frequenly, it will be, as Gate of Isolde rarely hits
       more than one or two people with status effects. Conserve as much ammo
       as you can by relying on Access form. Oh, and don't forget Rise&Shine
       magick can prevent sleep once its cast on someone, whether or not they
       have it -- use this to anticipate the "Gate"! Ability Block accessories
       also help, but that goes without saying.
     She teleports out once she's been beaten, but not before mentioning (in her
     thoughts) that the emulator keeps the zone running.
     NOTE: If you want to go back and save, this is possible. Enter the northern
           door in the "#2" room to reappear back at the start of the puzzle. Go
           south to reach the "#1" puzzle that leads back to the rain. Navigating
           the area is the same as before, afterwards.
     In the "#2" room on the map, head east into a room with teleporter pads. Here
     there is a bunch of confusing teleport blocks; luckily, the solution involved
     is pretty simple. From where you begin, take the first warp device to a
     section by a doorway and a stairway/warp-pad combo. You'll notice there is a
     platform connected to that stairtop, that leads to another door. Jump down 
     and go through there. That's it.
     You should be in a room full of octagons and more warp pads. It's shaped
     something like this, although the configured map can be found here:
     [ LEGEND ]
      01, 02...  ----> Teleporter
     *01,*02...  ----> Teleporter destination
               ROOM #1                                 ROOM #2
                                                         | | <-----EXIT YOU ARE
                 /¯¯¯\                                  /¯¯¯\      LOOKING FOR
                | 05  |                                | *05 |
            /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\                        /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\
           | *15 |   | 04  |                      | 07  |   | *04 |
     _ /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\              /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\
     _| *16 |   | *14 |   | *13 |            | 08  |   | 06  |   |     |
       \___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___/              \___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___/
           | 01  |   | 03  |                      | *01 |   | *03 |
            \___//¯¯¯\\___/                        \___//¯¯¯\\___/
                | 02  |                                | *02 |
                 \___/                                  \___/
                ROOM #3              |                 ROOM #4
                                  W -+- E
                 /¯¯¯\               |                  /¯¯¯\
                | 10  |              S                 | *10 |
            /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\                        /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\
           | *07 |   | 11  |                      | 15  |   | *11 |
       /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\ _            /¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\
      | *08 |   | *06 |   |     |_ <---.     | 16  |   | 14  |   | 13  |
       \___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___/       |      \___//¯¯¯\\___//¯¯¯\\___/
           | 09  |   | 12  |           |          | *09 |   | *12 |
            \___//¯¯¯\\___/      EXIT YOU'RE       \___//¯¯¯\\___/
                |     |          LOOKING FOR           |     |
                 \___/                                  \___/
                                                         | | <-- EXIT YOU ARE
                                                                 LOOKING FOR
     You'll notice that from the rooms' transition, the teleport squares that the
     previous room had also carry over, just onto blank spaces. With that line of
     thinking, and I know this entire place seems complicated, all you have to do
     is take the "05" teleporter in the first room which leads RIGHT to the door!
     Yes, this isn't that complicated once you figure out the trick. Enter the
     door to find the Emulator Zone's generator. Use Air Ballet to unhinge the
     crystal and break one of the cubes its drawing energy from. One down, two to
     Back in the second room, take "08" to "09", which is right near the southern
     entrance. Use Air Ballet once again inside to take off the second cube of
     the three. Now, go to "13" -> "04" -> "06" and exit to the east. Heal up 
     before you knock out the final cube, because...
       BOSS: Kanon
             Kanon ~ HP: 8000  EXP: 4000  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack ----------> Weak damage to ally (~  30)     NOTE: Damage values
         Left Edge -------> Med. damage to ally (~ 500)     based on characters
         Pike Kick -------> High damage to ally (~1000)     with maxed-out Up P
         Drive Cut -------> High damage to ally (~1300)     Defend PSS skills.
       TIM   : Lv. 24
       LILKA : Lv. 23
       ASHLEY: Lv. 24
       Kanon reveals that her lineage connects her to the Sword Magess, which
       is why she's been stalking Ashley. Regardless, get Lilka to her first
       force level so she can use Mystic + Big Berries, which will probably be
       a lot should your mages not have maxed-out Up P Defend skills. Tim will
       be Mr. First Aid, and even if it doesn't do that much -- Kanon can do a
       scattershot attack pattern at times, where this comes in handy -- it is
       still faster than her. Ashley should be throwing ammo at Kanon, although
       if you want to have him guard and build up Access before going on the
       offensive, that's alright as well. Access *should* be your goal here, so
       when in doubt, anticipate healing on Ashley. If you find that you're far
       too weak to contend with her, well, I hope you didn't save...
     After battle, Kanon calls a Truce with Ashley because the quasi-space they
     are all in is ready to collapse. The only method, she explains, is to ram the
     train through the self-repairing dimension at maximum speed! A five-minute
     timer is the only amount of time you'll have (battles don't run the clock)!
     Back in the octagon teleportation room, take this method to get back to the
     first room (you SHOULD be in Room #3):
     11 -> 16
     ...Okay, that's really short. Back in the regular rooms, take the first warp
     pad to a door platform. Ignore the door and jump off, taking the other door
     in the west. This leads back to the regular map ("#2" on it). Head north into
     a "wrong way" ("X" on map) to be set back at the map's start. Go south past
     the first puzzle location and you'll arrive back at the train. This can all
     be done within the confines of a minute, so you've plenty of time.
     The train barrels out, but isn't fast enough to break through the Dimensional
     Seam on its own. Noel calls for the rear cargo cars to be detached, and that
     allows the velocity to escape the Emulator Zone. In the destination station
     (^_^), Noel says Guild Galad is northeast of there. Before you go, head to
     the east part of the station and use Pooka to get the [LUCKY COMB] chest for
     Tim. Save on your way out, if you choose.
     To find the industrious industrial city, head northeast and look for the tiny
     outstretch of land, in which the surrounding flatlands curve around it. That
     is where the town springs up...
    | 35) Guild Galad                                                      [GLD1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Crest Cap       |_| Crest        |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Crest        |
    |       |_| Crest                            |
     Although the master's son was returned safe and sound, he's still fuming from
     the train-car detachment. It turns out he was trying to acquire a superweapon
     banned under the Treaty of Iscariot...and THAT is what Odessa was after, not
     his son! However, they're only using it as a deterrent, for appeasement, that
     type of deal -- no one wants to rule an uninhabitable wasteland.
     Guild Galad Master updates the hovercraft with an aport feature, similar to
     the teleport orb. When you can walk around again, head south to a wall 'tween
     some stairs. There is a switch there, so press it -- it opens a yellow door
     elsewhere. To find it, locate the entrance of the guild and head onto the
     second floor from there (north). There will be a door with a yellow fringe,
     instead of the green button you usually see, and it should be open. Inside is
     a [CREST CAP]!
     If you start circling the guild's hallways on the ground floor, you'll arrive
     at a red-diamond door in the north. Use a Duplicator to gain entrance, and
     steal the four [CREST]s. It's the motherlode, alright.
     | GUILD GALAD WEAPONS SHOP |  The weapons/item store or, rather, all of the
     o--------------------------o  shops are located in or connected to the first
     | SniperShark.........5500 |  area in the guild. Weapons are sold on the
     | Bounty Gard.........5300 |  ground floor, and if you can afford some, get:
     | Geranium............4800 |
     | Maygas Robe.........4200 |  * SniperShark x 1
     | Magic Wand..........4500 |  * Maygas Robe x 1
     | Sun Poncho..........4300 |  * Sun Poncho  x 1
     o--------------------------o  * Bounty Gard x 1
     Make sure to use those four crests up at the magicker's shop, and I suggest
     emptying any Crest Caps you have and making use for better Lv. 2 spells, like
     the eternally-useful Hi-Revive.
     Also, you'll notice the girl outside the inn says "something good" will occur
     if you stay there. Well, nothing does at first, but if you stay there four or
     five times, talk to her again and she'll thank ARMS for being good customers
     by telling them the location of some ruins -- on an island in the southwest.
     Outside, the hovercraft will be on a beach nearby and ARMS can now cruise the
     open seas. What this also means is that when you teleport somewhere, the boat
     will be on the nearest beach! If you call Valeria Chateau, Amy lets the party
     in on a tip: if Odessa is after a mine, they'll probably go for Damzen or
     Teleport to Holst and talk to the man standing in front of the mine entrance.
     He speaks of Odessa as "amateurs," after the mine in the northeast instead of
     the town's central deposit. Using the sandcraft, steer north 'round the isle
     and land at the beach. Search the green area to find "Dark Reason," a medium
     depository, and east of there you can find the mine shaft against the wavy
    | OPTIONAL: Abandoned Icebox                                           [ABX1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| STR Apple       |_| SOR Apple    |  _                             |
    |       |_| Lucky Card      |_| Lucky Card   | |_| Mystical Pot 230 EXP, 460g |
    '--------------------------------------------| |_| Kerberos     425 EXP, 850g |
     To find this place, teleport to Halmetz and the hovercraft will be on the
     beach by the tiny lake nearby. Take it to the tiny strip of beach nearby and
     search the dark-colored land to find the 'box.
     Head north two rooms and take the western wrap-around passage to double-back.
     There are two chests here, so use Pooka to get the [STR APPLE]/[SOR APPLE]s
     within. Further down the way (it's pretty straightforward), there is another
     treasure room, accessed in the same was as before. Pooka will claim both the
     [LUCKY CARD]s for your inventory.
     Anyway, the adjacent room has six floor tiles, all of different colors. The
     order you push them in is alluded by the plaques you've passed throughout,
     but to make things short and simple, go:
       Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Red -> Black -> White
     The door to the [MEDIUM: Aru Sulato] then opens up. That's all there is to do
    | OPTIONAL: Shining Garden                                             [SHG1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Brandt       230 EXP, 460g |
    | |_| Sadas        230 EXP, 460g |
     To learn of this place, stay at the Guild Galad in four/five times and talk
     to the girl standing outside -- she'll mention this place. After, warp to
     Valeria Chateau to make the hovercraft appear on the beach by the cathedral.
     From there, take it to the northern rim of the sea and park on the beach 
     between the two reefs. Search to find.
     There are teleport orbs in here. Take the yellow one to a locked door, a
     plaque, and three doors side-by-side. If you get the sunrise/sunset reference
     you'll know you have to:
     01) Enter through rightmost of western doors
     02) In new room, enter through leftmost of western doors
     03) In new room, exit through door you just entered through
     You'll now be in a room with a dead-end staircase. The next room has an input
     device for a password. If you didn't get the plaque's hint nearby, it alludes
     to looking for the truth. Climb the staircase and face the eastern wall --
     the tiles are configured to spell "RAY". Input it as the password (exactly
     as shown) and you'll be permitted to enter further. Take [MEDIUM: Stare Roe]
     and leave.
    | OPTIONAL: Dark Reason                                                [DRK1] |
     Teleport to Holst and pick up the 'craft at the beach. Disembark on the north
     side of the isle and use the search function around the greened area. Inside,
     this place is all dark. Head into the first door in the north.
     There's a walkway here but you don't have full view of it all. When you step
     on a red tile, the pathways to the north and south fall in on 'emselves. To
     be sure, this is only hard in theory -- the paths aren't complicated at all.
     The more tiles that fall, however, the thinner the vision becomes...
     To reach the destination:
     01) Take the SW path of the 3
     02) Take the SW path again of the 3
     03) Take the SSE path of the five
     04) Continue south across all the tiles and enter the only door.
     Get the [MEDIUM: Leitea Salk] and backtrack out (have fun...).
    | 36) Closed Mine Shaft                                                [CMS1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Blue Ribbon     |_| Crest        |  _                             |
    o--------------------------------------------| |_| Captor       250 EXP, 500g |
     In the second room, bats will start swooping -- damage "traps" of sorts --
     so avoid those or the party leader is -100 HP per! Use the detonator to blow
     a hole in the rock north of there, and follow the straightforward passages to
     another detonator, leading south. Eventually you'll come to a room with a
     powder fuse and water spouts on 'em.
     Obviously, you'll need to stop the drips or it'll put out the fuse. There are
     valves that turn the water off for about 6-7 seconds before it starts right
     back up, so you have some leeway as you move from place to place -- running
     is rather imperative, though. When the four spouts are bypassed, the boulder
     in the north blows and ARMS can continue.
     Past the room with the minor "bat problem" is a save point -- use it! Beyond
     is a room with three chests. Get the [UPGRADE: ShockSlide] for Ashley in the
     middle, and use Pooka on the rest to get a [CREST] and [BLUE RIBBON]. You'll
     see why that method's used as soon as the rigged statues topple; this also
     opens the way north on one side. Cure up if you've been hit by bats!
     Two rooms past, a familiar face once again demands a confrontation.
       BOSS: Kanon
             Kanon ~ HP: 9000  EXP: 4200  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack ----------> Med. damage to ally (~ 33 - 500)
         Left Edge -------> Med. damage to ally (~ 600-1300)
         Pike Kick -------> High damage to ally (~1000+)
         Drive Cut -------> High damage to ally (~1500+)
       TIM   : Lv. 24
       LILKA : Lv. 24
       ASHLEY: Lv. 24
       This battle is a replica of the previous one, just with improved HP and
       each dealing a couple hundred more damage per (NOTE: min. values above
       represent maxed-out Up P Defend characters; max is Ashley's take). One
       can still get through this battle with Hi-Heal + Ashley's ARM + First
       Aid. Once in awhile, Tim will be in critical health, but Accelerator +
       curative item helps a lot. As before, anticipate healing with Lilka as
       that's basically her assigned role (MageWeapon doesn't affect ammo dmg)
       here. Tim seems to be targeted a lot here, which is one reason to keep
       him alive -- if he dies, the First Aid strategy gets kinked. If you've
       got a Blue Anklet equipped, take it off -- you'll see why soon.
     After battle, Ashley extends an olive branch and asks Kanon to join the team,
     and to cut him down when his "Other Me" gets out of control. Judecca appears
     thereafter and sets off an explosion, causing a cave-in. Kanon conks out and
     ARMS carries her back to Holst.
    | 37) Holst                                                            [HST2] |
    | ITEMS                                      |
    |       For previous items, see section HST1 |
     Marivel greets the party at Holst's entrance, saying that no one can heal
     Kanon but her. "Her illness is very interesting, uh...I mean severe!" she
     says. =p
     Later, an explosion rocks the town and Judecca claims that ARMS is his 
     accomplices. Unfortunately, Kanon ain't having that and initiates a solo
     battle with the dork who needs a pince-nez...
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca
             Judecca ~ HP: 5000  EXP: 4200  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack -----> Weak damage to ally (~200)
         Miriam -----> Med. damage to ally (~800)
         Douglas ----> Weak damage to ally (~250) + % paralysis
         Sidewinder -> Weak damage to ally (~250)
       Kanon: Lv. 24
       This battle's rather easy, but Kanon cannot use a medium. Still, you
       should equip one regardless -- Leitea Salk's Counterattack is decent --
       and also a Blue Anklet so that "Douglas" can't inflict paralysis. Build
       up Kanon's FP so that she can use her Gatling Lv. 1 + any technique you
       want, it doesn't matter. It's incredibly easy to build up FP, obviously,
       and each time you one of her skills (Left Edge/Drive Cut/Pike Kick) you
       may "unlock" one of her hidden techniques for permanent use. Miriam's
       the only damaging attack here, so use Big Berries to heal if you have
     Judecca retreats when Kanon can't finish him off, Ashley officially "hires"
     Kanon into their team, and the party returns to Valeria Chateau. After some
     talk, Irving divulges that the Alchemic Plant's supply pipeline leads to 
     another place in the desert south of Quartly. Irving even calls Kanon by her
     real name...man, he knows everything. >=p
     A tutorial on Kanon's "Bionic Arm" abilities ensues. Her original powers are
     special commands that use her concealed weapons in energy bursts, and on some
     occasions, her bionic governer will release and let her learn new skills. In
     addition, her eye has a sonar function for finding items and map symbols. The
     world map'll now have yellow dots that signify items, while the green ones'll
     mean there's a destination there.
     NOTE: Kanon does not have any PSS skills set in! Have her max out Up HP, Up P
           Defend, and Up M Defend in that order! Upgrade equipment in Guild Galad
           if you can afford it, and also reload Ashley's ammo. Duh, right? >=p
     Teleport to Quartly and head south. Now that Kanon is a full-fledged member,
     her Sonic Eye will show the destination as a green dot on the map. Just go
     south and save some time searchin'.
    | 38) Coffin of 100 Eyes                                               [CFN1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| D Bison         |_| Trench Coat  |  _                             |
    |       |_| Duplicator      |_| Big Berry    | |_| Mushussu     300 EXP, 600g |
    |       |_| Big Berry       |_| Crest Wand   | |_| Gremlin      300 EXP, 600g |
    o--------------------------------------------| |_| Buckbaird    300 EXP, 600g |
     The stillness is penetrating!
     Descend on the northern lift and follow the two-way corridors to a N/S fork;
     go south and exit. The chest you passed a short moment ago contains Kanon's
     first [TOOL: Wire Hook]. Press [] to shoot hooks ahead of her, and use them
     to hook onto posts, at which time she'll be pulled across. In fact, pull
     the party across in this very room. There are two western exits; take the
     northern for a [TRENCH COAT] chest (jump in a pit to avoid backtracking) and
     then take the southern of the two.
     Use the hookshot, err...I mean Wire Hook to move west and take the [D BISON]
     weapon for Ashley from the nearby chest. Following, inspect the next room's
     blue control panel to hear something about "Diablo Pillars" and the "Heimdal
     Gazzo." The door opens nearby, so follow it to a fenced-in switch (trigger
     with Hurl Knife) and keep going east.
     Here, use the Wire Hook to get to a Pooka-only chest: [DUPLICATOR]. Save in
     the northern room and continue two rooms down to one with some switches.
     Hit 'em both (you can fire over the li'l raised part) and exit.
     There is a west/north fork here. Before you leave, you CAN use the Wire Hook
     to hit the post on the small balcony, pulling to a [DUMBRELLA] (lol) weapon
     for Lilka. Exit to the north via the door nearby. Post-hop to the two chests
     -- two [BIG BERRY]s -- and get 'em with Pooka. Keep heading west to an exit,
     leading into a similar "corner" room with two exits. Get the [CREST WAND] in
     the same fashion as the Dumbrella and exit north.
     Inspect the blue console to learn the Diablo Pillars are designed to function
     depedantly, to restnoate and amplify the "output." As long as all four are
     standing, the generator can still function. What is this generator? Hmm...
     Go in the newly-opened door.
     Hit the switch, pull across, etc. to reach east. Heal up before entering the
     nearby door because our favorite incredible, zesty lizard shows up with his
     assistant. "I can't even get mad, I feel so sick" Kanon says. XD!
       BOSS: Lead Scientific Researcher (Self-styled) Liz
       BOSS: Assistant Ard
             Liz ~ HP: 4500  EXP: 2250  GELLA: 2250  DROP: Tiny Flower
             Ard ~ HP: 5000  EXP: 2250  GELLA: 2250  DROP: Tiny Flower
       [LIZ] Attack -------------> Med. physical damage to ally (~ 500)
       [ARD] Attack -------------> Med. physical damage to ally (~ 500)
       [ARD] Alter Ego Punch ----> High physical damage to ally (~1350)
       [ARD] Dump Truck Tackle --> Med. physical damage to ally (~ 800)
       [LIZ] Mixed Bug Liquids --> Disease/poison @ Ard; Alter Ego Punch usable
       [LIZ] Chef's Whimsy Bomb -> High physical damage to all  (~1000)
       TIM   : Lv. 25
       LILKA : Lv. 25
       KANON : Lv. 24
       ASHLEY: Lv. 25
       Both of these lizards are potent enemies, but Liz' hit-all Whimsy Bomb
       is a killer -- gun for his removal ASAP. Ard is easier to handle once
       Liz is gone, but until then, it's rather tough going. I suggest having
       both Lilka and Tim here for the healing effect, plus Hi-Heal/Revive/
       Mystic. Two more reasons you'll want to kill Liz first: Ard is slow so
       you Lilka's slow Hi-Heal/Hi-Revive spells will always get in first, and
       because a boss fight immediately precedes this one and the party upkeep
       is easy to do, in this case.
       One thing I've noticed is that the attacks are really luck of the draw
       -- I've fought this battle and died countless times because of Whimsy
       Bomb + Alter Ego Punch, but have sometimes incurred the bomb once and
       got their regular attacks two or three times in a row.
     After the "cruel things" you do to the lizard duo, they've no choice but to
     bring out the mean machine!
       BOSS: Robotic Monster Assassin Arms Killer
             Left Claw ~~~ HP: 5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: Bullet Load
             Right Claw ~~ HP: 5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: Bullet Load
             Arms Killer ~ HP: 8000  EXP: 5000  GELLA: 5000  DROP: -----
         Biolaser ~~~~~~~ High physical damage to ally   (~1000)
         Rayxander ~~~~~~ Med. magickal damage to allies (~ 800)
         Black Heart ~~~~ High magickal damage to ally   (~1500)
         Fire Crystal ~~~ Med. mgc-fire damage to allies (~ 900)
         Capillary Ray ~~ Inflicts poison onto an ally            [L: Both Clws]
         Coldray Gimlet ~ High mgc-ice  damage to allies (~ 900)
         Repulser Blast ~ High physical damage to ally   (~1500) 
       TIM   : Lv. 25
       LILKA : Lv. 25
       KANON : Lv. 24
       ASHLEY: Lv. 25
       Two healers works well here, too. Lilka will probably get her turn after
       the monster, though, so you'll want to cast Quick immediately so you can
       use Hi-Heal on the target that got damaged the previous turn. The baddie
       also uses a few elemental attacks, so cast Field on allies to halve the
       damage incurred (mostly because they're hit-all, too). Be careful when
       the claws are dead, because that allows it to use Rayxander and Black
       Heart. Definitely a battle to use a Lucky Card in.
     Liz and Ard flee instead of saying why they're allied with Vinsfield, leaving
     the party to inspect the gigantor blue computer nearby. It says the Diablo
     Pillars support the Heimdal Gazzo and there is no way to counter its 
     destructive force until all four are destroyed -- it's the Gazzo's "lifeline"
     in a word. ARMS decides to return to the chateau, but something's up. Contact
     Irving via the 'Call' option to learn there's a huge heat source above the
     plant -- wizardry stealth function, Amy says. 
     Watch who turns up from the grave -- with a RAIL GUN -- to stop the Heimdal
     from destroying ARMS at the Coffin. A flashback occurs, back to that day when
     Brad went to destroy the Alchemic Plant with the 'Gias' bomb in his neck. A
     fight ensues.
       BOSS: FakeBrad
             FakeBrad ~ HP: 3000  EXP: 5000  GELLA: ----  DROP: Uppercut
         Attack -----> Weak physical damage to one ally (~ 300)
         Bazooka ----> Med. physical damage to one ally (~ 900)
         Lawnmower --> Med. physical damage to one ally (~ 800)
         Pineapple --> Med. physical damage to one ally (~ 800)
         AM Cluster -> Med. physical damage to one ally (~ 800)
       BRAD: Lv. 23
       Use your most powerful ARMs attacks and use the "ARM x 2" ability should
       you not have decimated your counterpart already. Brad's faster than the
       fake one, so use a Big Berry if you have to heal. Worst case scenario,
       you have to use a Scapegoat accessory (revives upon KO) to pull it off.
       Of course, there's no way you should be able to paint yourself into a
       corner here -- two or three ARM attacks takes this fool out.
     Afterwards, Brad throws the dead doppleganger into the generator and uses the
     simulated Gias to blow the plant while he blows the joint. Watch Brad's good
     aiming as he knocks the Heimdal off its bearings and makes 'em retreat. Mr.
     Evans now rejoins the party at this point, with the [ABILITY: ARM x 2] now
     Irving wants ARMS to destroy the Diablo Pillars, now.
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Guild Galad!
     I'll go in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest, which is probably
     Diablo Pillar Antenora. Remember how the green dots on the world map signify
     destinations? Teleport to Sylvaland Castle and take the hovercraft upriver a
     bit, towards the green dot. Disembark at the virgin forest beneath the Baskar
     plateau and you'll find...
    | 39) Diablo Pillar Antenora                                           [DPL1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Necromancer  375 EXP, 700g |
    | |_| Harvestman   375 EXP, 700g |
    | |_| Balphon      375 EXP, 700g |
     This is incredibly straightforward but annoying for the most part. Use the
     teleport crystal in the first two rooms to get to a maze-like third. There
     is a Millenium Puzzlesque walkway here, and when you step on certain blocks,
     they rise up. To solve:
                            ||    ||    ||    ||
                            ||    ||    ||    ||
                            ||    ||    ||    ||
                                 S T A R T
     That's just one of the solutions, of course -- you can do a mirror image as
     well. So long as you end up at the "16" or "11" block, you can take the exit,
     which appears when all pillars are raised. Follow another spiral corridor to
     a room with nine panels like:
                 [08] [02] [03]   Antenora tests your memory with a nine-panel
                  ||===||===||    input you have to do. Since this is random and
                 [04] [05] [06]   there's no way this walkthrough can list all the
                  ||===||===||    permutations (nor would that be useful anyway),
                 [07] [01] [09]   I suggest taking a piece of paper and marking
                                  the route with a series of lines. Make dots at
                                  the strokes' end to represent stopping points
     and hope for the best. It can be hard either way, but having some sort of
     record is better than the alternative -- hope you penmanship is up to snuff.
     When the input's correct, a bridge forms to the west.
        NOTE: The first solution is always 03, 05, 07, 01, 08, 09, 06, 04, 02!
     After the next passage, heal up and approach the pink, gassy puffball to
     fight Antenora's...uh, pet.
       BOSS: Humanoid Mirage Prisnum
             Chest ~~~ HP: 10000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: Azure Vest
             Prisnum ~ HP: 10000  EXP: 5000  GELLA: 5000  DROP: -----
         Tidal Wave -----> High magickal damage to allies (~1400)  [L: Chest]
         Coldray Gimlet -> Med. physical damage to allies (~ 600)
         Kirlian Buster -> Med. physical damage to allies (~ 650)  [L: Chest]
       TIM   : Lv. 26
       BRAD  : Lv. 26
       KANON : Lv. 26
       LILKA : Lv. 26
       ASHLEY: Lv. 26
       Prisnum is a slow fool, so there's no real reason that anyone should be
       dying when Hi-Heal/First Aid is involved. Should you somehow be slower,
       use Quick the first turn and set things right. Mystic also helps, for
       when Tidal Wave shows up. A party of Lilka/Tim/Brad works well here,
       so you can use Brad's "ARM x 2" ability. Using Tim only is NOT a good
       idea, since the monster has only hit-all attacks and he'll quickly fall
       behind on the healing end. Kill the Chest portion to start making it use
       Coldray Gimlet, which lets you play catchup on the party upkeep end, at
       least in comparison to Tidal Wave. You can try Field here to halve some
       elemental damage, but there's no reason once the Chest is dead. Matter of
       fact, you can switch out one of your healers for another attacker. Don't
       waste all your ammo, though...
     Save two rooms from the battlesite if you want (YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEAVE
     IF YOU DO THIS) and continue on two rooms from there. Antenora notifies you
     that you have to hit right switches on the pillar and none of the wrong ones.
     This is random, so you'll have to do trial and error to figure it out (sorry,
     not even the starting configuration is the same!). A bridge forms when you've
     singled out the "red" tile and you can leave.
     Take the last crystal to the top floor, heal up en route, and find one lucky
     lady waiting for a lashin'.
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora
             Antenora ~ HP: 16000  EXP: 7000  GELLA: 7000  DROP: War Respite
         Attack ----> Weak damage to ally           (~  50)
         Shockwave -> Med. damage to allies      (~800-900)
         Ephemeron -> High physical damage to ally  (~1500) + % of silence,
                                                 downhearted, poison, sleep
       TIM   : Lv. 27
       BRAD  : Lv. 26
       KANON : Lv. 26
       LILKA : Lv. 27
       ASHLEY: Lv. 27
       Using two healers again is the best strategy, with Ashley as the good
       third man (for Access). Put the Heart Leaf on your main healer so that
       s/he doesn't get hit with Ephemeron's downhearted status (Hi-Heal is
       more useful in this case) and at least use Rise&Shine on Tim. Either
       way, Antenora should act last, so as long as Ephemeron doesn't mess up
       someone's face, this battle is very tolerable. As said, shoot to get
       Access out as early as possible. Make sure to equip Lilka with that
       Azure Vest, too, if you won it last battle.
     The generator crumbles, and Antenora tells her story of her motives working
     for Vinsfield. When Antenora leaves, use the crystal to get out.
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Guild Galad!
    | 40) Diablo Pillar Caina                                              [DPL2] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Rock Buster   90 EXP, 270g |
    | |_| Furfur       375 EXP, 750g |
    | |_| Mimic        375 EXP, 750g |
    | |_| Tiny Gem     375 EXP, 750g |
    | |_| Okypete      375 EXP, 750g |
    | |_| Sibylla      375 EXP, 750g |
     To find the second pillar, fly Valeria Chateau towards Guild Galad and steer
     to the southwest. There is a landing pad visible on a small cheatau, and the
     green dot's the destination.
     You'll notice the teleport crystal and long winding stair "theme" is back for
     another go-'round. Two of these rooms later, ARMS ends up at a platform where
     some objects are moving back and forth -- there's a crystal beyond. Hit the
     far-off object three times with Hurl Knife to make the bridge appear. It's
     another two stairwells to the second chromatic walkway.
     The bridge falls apart at the center, so someone with a projectile tool will
     have to shoot out the switch cubes that circle around. Hit any switch thrice
     to make the walkway re-connect; head west and up the next spiral ramp. Heal
     after the crystal, 'cause...
       BOSS: Shapeless Slime Monster Drawdo
             Drawdo ~~~~~ HP: 10000  EXP: 5000  GELLA: 5000  DROP: Blue Wind
             Left Head ~~ HP:  5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: -----
             Right Head ~ HP:  5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: -----
         Attack ------------> Weak damage to ally   (~400)
         Gas Pressure ------> Med. damage to allies (~450)
         Optochemical Bomb -> Med. damage to allies (~450) + % poison, confusion
         Mercury-Cadmium ---> % disease, downhearted, nightmare, sleep, ability
                                block, amnesia to allies
       TIM   : Lv. 27
       BRAD  : Lv. 26
       KANON : Lv. 27
       LILKA : Lv. 27
       ASHLEY: Lv. 27
       Equip Tim or Lilka (whichever you're going to be using more) with the
       Clear Chime, to prevent confusion, and the other with  Lilka can double
       as a potent fighter here with Saber, and with Tim at the helm in regards
       to healing, one can save ammunition quite a bit. Build up Ashley's Access
       state and try to deal with Mercury-Cadmium which can be incredibly vexing
       with its reasonably normal infliction rate -- Mystic a War Respite if you
       can or use Odoryuk's Live Horn summon. The one thing the battle drops in
       your favor is that the boss acts last, so if you find you need to use Live
       Horn, switch the medium onto someone who's not status-effect'D and proceed
       from there (NOTE: can't use Combine when in Access form!). Sadly, all of
       the monster's attacks are usable throughout the battle, so you can't
       narrow down the repertoire any. Use a Lucky Card if you get the chance!
     Save two rooms later (YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEAVE IF YOU DO THIS) if you
     feel up to it, and follow to a room with some floor switches. Stepping on a
     switch lights up the room, but luckily the labyrinthine passages are just
     for show. For the easy exit (facing north), head west to the dual switches,
     south to the corner, then all the way west to the next corner, up a bit, and
     the crystal's in plain sight.
     Heal up when you get to Caina's cylindrical platform and top it to start the
     battle royale.
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina
             Caina ~ HP: 18000  EXP: 7000  GELLA: 7000  DROP: -----
         Attack ---------> Weak damage to ally    (~400)
         Counterattack --> Weak damage to ally    (~400)
         4D Hypo Blast --> High damage to ally   (~1700)
         Gate of Isolde -> High damage to allies (~1000) + % of poison, ability
                                                      block, sleep, downhearted
       TIM   : Lv. 28
       BRAD  : Lv. 27
       KANON : Lv. 27
       LILKA : Lv. 28
       ASHLEY: Lv. 28
       Once again, Caina should act last, so take this opportunity to cast a
       few doses of Rise&Shine on your party. Equip the Heart Leaf on Tim and
       the Silver Harp on Lilka, so you can minimize the chances of having no
       one able to cure. Unlike previous times, Caina seems to utilize regular
       attack commands a bit more, which should give you a bit of time to gain
       health back. Shoot to use get Access opened up early and this isn't too
       much of a struggle (it is without the aforementioned two accessories,
       though!). Keep HP above 2000 -- everyone should have this amount by now,
       yo -- and the Hypo Blast is cake. Don't forget to use Odoryuk's Live
       Horn combination summon if the status abnormalities start to take hold.
       Lucky Card the fight if you can.
     The second pillar's generator crumbles and Randolph the Magic Key throws 
     Caina into a space-time warp along with himself (itself?). Only two more of
     these Diablo Pillars to smash up, and the hardest is yet to come...sorta.
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Guild Galad!
    | 41) Diablo Pillar Judecca                                            [DPL3] |
    |  _                             |   This one takes a bit longer, mostly due
    | |_| Dust Man     325 EXP, 650g |   to the pillar's availability. One has to
    | |_| Reanimator   325 EXP, 650g |   travel through Snake Road to get where
    | |_| Evil Dead    325 EXP, 650g |   Judecca's hiding out, and the only route
    o--------------------------------o   to take is through a proxy of sorts, the
                                         Lost City Archeim.
     To find this junky old ruin, teleport to Quartly and find one of the women on
     the street, talking to another. She tells about the "city to the north," once
     Slayheim's largest. Almost due north of Quartly is the destination.
     In the west of town, look for a doorway stuffed-up with plaster. Bomb it open
     and go inside to find none other than [MEDIUM: Ge Ramtos], death's ruler.
     | LOST CITY ARCHEIM ITEMS:      |  In one of the western buildings, there are
     |  _                            |  a few crates that contain a [CONDUCTOR] &
     | |_| Conductor                 |  [BIG BERRY]. You'll need the conductor, so
     | |_| Big Berry                 |  be sure to get it.
     | |_| Mini Carrot               |
     | |_| Conductor                 |  In the east, by another two-door building,
     | |_| Missanga                  |  destroy some more crates, taking the [MINI
     o-------------------------------o  CARROT] from underneath 'em. The adjacent
                                        room has a duplicator door and two crates
                                        by a stuffed-up passage. Use it to get on
     the roof and Wire Hook your way to the middle building, where there's a hole
     you can jump into. Pull the switch and put in the Conductor to power the lift
     There's still some more things to do, however. Enter the northern building
     and search the east room for a save point; the west has another [CONDUCTOR]
     chest you can get with Pooka. Double-back a room to the pedestal and take
     the lift down, opening a wooden gate.
     Save if you haven't already and return to the other lift. As soon as you're
     at the bottom, you get attack'D!
       BOSS: Aggressive Poltergeist Jasoul
             Jasoul ~~~~~ HP: 9000  EXP: 5000  GELLA: 5000  DROP: -----
             Left Claw ~~ HP: 5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: SOR Apple
             Right Claw ~ HP: 5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: SOR Apple
         Spark ----------> Weak mgc-lghtng damage on ally (~200)
         Armor Down -----> Reduces phys-defense power of all allies [L: Claws]
         Caloric Nova ---> High fire-elem. damage on allies (~1400)
         Life Force -----> Drains ally's HP to regain 'Jasoul' part by same amt.
         Kirlian Buster -> Med. physical damage to allies (~400)
       TIM   : Lv. 28
       BRAD  : Lv. 28
       KANON : Lv. 28
       LILKA : Lv. 28
       ASHLEY: Lv. 28
       Whatever you do, do NOT attack Jasoul until its arms are dead. Should
       you err, it will immediately counter with Life Force, which drains an
       ally's HP to restore it -- i.e., it may be able to kill you if you did
       too much. Besides that, it mostly uses Armor Down, so take your time
       killing the claws. Note that it can still use Life Force even when its
       arms are dead, but it also uses Kirlian Buster a lot at this point
       (instead of Caloric Nova). ARM x 2, Stare Roe + Combine, and Banisher
       are all good ways to seal the deal against this baddie (Stare Roe can
       do 6000+!).
     I suggest going back to Quartly and refilling ammo before entering beyond
     the wooden gate. It leads into a Live Reflector -- search the sideroom for
     a [MISSANGA] luck-boosting accessory! -- where you can take the warp to
     Snake Road. The real portion is about to begin, now. Get the [HOLY GRAIL]
     accessory in the destination Live Reflector and continue onto the overworld.
     Follow the dark-colored (straightforward) ridge to a li'l cul-de-sac of a
     bluff, where Judecca's wicked pillar stands.
      NOTE: Grimlok enemies can kill everyone instantly! Equip that Holy Grail
     | DIABLO PILLAR JUDECCA ENEMIES: |  The same layout of walking up ladders and
     |  _                             |  using teleport crystals is evident here
     | |_| Catoblepas  375 EXP, 750g  |  again... <sigh>
     | |_| Grimlok     375 EXP, 750g  |
     | |_| Girtabryl   375 EXP, 750g  |  Two rooms later, is a platform that moves
     o--------------------------------o  on a rail of sorts. Maneuvering on it is
                                         essential, since barbed balls float in
      the path and can knock you off. There's no way to coach one through this
      part -- it takes practice and hand-eye coordination more than anything. Not
      to make it sound extremely hard or anything, 'cause it most certainly ain't.
      Putting the next passage behind, heal up and approach the swirling, whirling
      ball of pink cotton candy that is...
       BOSS: Red-Hot Lava Monster Magmalizer
             Head ~~~~~~~ HP: 10000  EXP: 5000  GELLA: 5000  DROP: Lamellar
             Magmalizer ~ HP: 10000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: -----
         Attack ---------> Weak physical damage to ally (~50)
         Mirror Coat ----> Puts 'Reflect' status on Head portion
         Fire Crystal ---> Med. fire-elem damage to allies (~600)
       TIM   : Lv. 29
       BRAD  : Lv. 28
       KANON : Lv. 28
       LILKA : Lv. 29
       ASHLEY: Lv. 29
       This battle's basically a gimme compared to Jasoul. Its main method of
       mayhem is Fire Crystal, which even for someone with poor Up M Defend,
       sucked twenty hours ago. Kill off its head first with ammo and physical
       attacks (Saber can reflect) and use HypeWeapon on your main attackers
       in order to do so -- if you're an ammo-conserver, that is. Otherwise,
       Combine + Schturdark really defrosts this fool.
     Equip Kanon with the Lamellar armor and proceed through the next area to
     a save point. There's a second (and last) conveyor-maneuvering puzzle to
     do, and if you thought the last was pretty easy, this one doesn't differ
     that much -- just twice as long with more obstacles.
     Two rooms past, there's a walkway puzzle that insults your intelligence
     to a high degree -- you have to walk in one direction and make sure not to
     get hit off by rotating barbed-balls. Just keep the camera point of view
     at a west/east and this is cake.
     Another room later, it's high noon with our favorite violent gunman.
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca
             Judecca ~ HP: 18000  EXP: 7000  GELLA: 7000  DROP: War Respite
         Attack --------> Weak physical damage to ally   (~ 400)
         Miriam --------> High physical damage to ally   (~1500)
         Douglas -------> Weak physical attack on ally   (~ 500) + % paralyze
         Sidewinder ----> Med. physical attack on allies (~ 600)
         Counterattack -> Weak physical attack on ally   (~ 400)
       TIM   : Lv. 29
       BRAD  : Lv. 29
       KANON : Lv. 29
       LILKA : Lv. 29
       ASHLEY: Lv. 29
       Since Lilka has Hi-Revive/Hi-Heal, give her the Blue Anklet, which, as
       you know by now, protects against Douglas' paralyzing tendency. Quickly
       build up the ability to use Hi-Heal because Miriam gets showcased more
       than usual, now. Can't go wrong with two healers, here anyhow -- just
       build up Access and Hot Fencer this meanie to death. Judecca can be hit
       with Armor Down, also, not that it matters.
     The third generator shatters and Judecca kills himself rather than be caught
     by ARMS. Just one last obstacle...
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Guild Galad!
    | 42) Diablo Pillar Ptolomea                                           [DPL4] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             | Get the Hi-Heal and Hi-Revive abilities
    | |_| Decarbia     375 EXP, 750g | before you come into this pillar! Should
    | |_| Virsago      375 EXP, 750g | have 'em already, but this is a very timely
    | |_| Land Lamprey 375 EXP, 750g | reminder if you don't. GO FOR IT! >=p
    | |_| Okypete      375 EXP, 750g |
     Teleport to Meria to make the hovercraft able to traverse the outer-land sea.
     Head south along the continental shelf until you find a landmass (?) under
     the sea, which gives the area a dark color. Search there to find the pillar
     we're lookin' for.
     Yay, last time you'll have to do these annoying run-around-the-twirly-path
     type of runs. Two rooms in leads to a room where some gigantic cubes move in
     to stomp you down. Bombs can blow 'em up but if they hit you, you can pass
     right through 'em, also. There's one with two of those blocks, but it isn't
     too hard to smash the things apart.
     Two rooms down, a square-shaped walkway is filled with those cubes that are
     "stalking" you. Blow 'em up like before to make a bridge appear. Falling off
     the walkway does NOT reset the thing, too. ^__^
     Another two rooms down, heal up and approach the stinky-pink gas cloud that
     everyone in the world hates for a reason...
       BOSS: Explosive Emperor Monster Belleclaire
             Chest ~~~~~~~ HP:  5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: -----
             Drill ~~~~~~~ HP:  5000  EXP: 2500  GELLA: 2500  DROP: -----
             Belleclaire ~ HP: 10000  EXP: 5000  GELLA: 5000  DROP: Best Vest
         Attack ----------> Weak phys. damage to one ally   (~ 150)
         Weakness --------> Lowers allies' DFP/MGR values
         Drill Drager ----> HIGH phys. damage to one ally   (~2000)  [L: Drill]
         Megaton Attack --> HIGH phys. damage to one ally   (~2500)
         Resonance Quake -> High phys. damage to all allies (~1000)  [L: Chest]
       TIM   : Lv. 30
       BRAD  : Lv. 29
       KANON : Lv. 29
       LILKA : Lv. 30
       ASHLEY: Lv. 30
       The two healers suggestion is almost requisite here -- people hate this
       fight for a reason. Almost all of its attacks can cause 1000+ damage
       and what doesn't only helps /make/ them do that much (see: Weakness).
       Thus, the reason to break out Hi-Heal/First Aid every turn. Belleclaire
       is rather slow so you should be able to heal, and with your Up P Defend
       skills all maxed out for the most part, this battle can be taken down a
       notch (now you see why I saved it for last!). 
       Aim for the Drill first, to stop Drill Drager's reign of terror. Should
       you be going for a kill on the Chest, be forewarned that it will start
       using Megaton Attack EVERY turn after that, so do so at your own risk.
       Weakening both parts helps a lot, especially if you've build up a nice
       dose of Banisher once the chest's dead. [christoph771 suggests using a
       Lucky Card while just defeating the body, which should earn EXP values
       similar to the base values without drawing the battle out.]
       So, all in all, it's still a hard fight, but if everyone has 2500+ HP
       to contend with all the boss' skills, success is a lot easier to come
       by. If Tim is dying, have him defend until Resonance Quake's used. =)
     Equip Brad with the Best Vest, and save two rooms after the battlesite. NOTE
     THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEAVE as I've said with the previous three of
     these hunkajunk pillars. The next room has a wall of blocks coming at you.
     They can pass over you and you'll take a little damage, so this isn't much
     of an imperative, but if you want to blow your way out:
     1st Row = Blow up second block from north
     2nd Row = Blow up the southernmost cube
     3rd Row = Blow up the middle block
     Continue on, heal up when you get to the generator room, and approach the
     top of the mount to find our ol' one-eyed friend.
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea
             Ptolomea ~ HP: 20000  EXP: 7000  GELLA: 7000  DROP: War Respite
         Attack ------------> Weak damage to 1 ally (~ 200)
         Iron Saber --------> High damage to 1 ally (~1500)
         Counterattack -----> Weak damage to 1 ally (~ 200)
         Ptolomea Dynamite -> High damage to allies (~1000)
       TIM   : Lv. 30
       BRAD  : Lv. 30
       KANON : Lv. 30
       LILKA : Lv. 30
       ASHLEY: Lv. 30
       Ptolomea Dynamite is his best and most-used attack, so eventually you
       will either (1) catch up to his damage when he uses Iron Saber (2) have
       to use Mystic to cover the damage (3) dual heal every turn! But, either
       way, Ptolomea isn't nearly as annoying as Cocytus brethren, and when 
       Ashley gets to use Access, this fight is as good as gone. It's times
       like this that make one wonder why Belleclaire wasn't in Cocytus' group.
     The last generator breaks and Ptolomea meets his end, wishing that his men
     will get granted leniency (to which Brad agrees). If you talk to Irving at
     this time, he'll say Heimdal Gazzo has stopped south of Sielje.
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Guild Galad!
     Fly south of Valeria Chateau to get to Seilje, and continue to fly south of
     there. The Heimdal is in the air and may not very visible at long-range due
     to the curved surface of the earth (simulated), so swivel left and right to
     find it. It may actually be a little SSE of Seilje, but it's in the southern
     sea, alright.
    | 43) Heimdal Gazzo                                                    [HGZ1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Doppelganger 400 EXP, 800g |
    | |_| Odessa Man 3 400 EXP, 800g |
     After a blast-in, the infiltration begins! As Ashley says, not having all of
     ARMS would be a loss, and anyone can return to Valeria Chateau from the hole
     in the wall. Thus, if you need items and upgrades, don't be hesitant to get
     the heck outta there.
     The 3rd room north of the entry point has three doors, two red and one blue.
     Enter the blue and use the console to switch the security mode -- this will
     unlock all the red/blue doors and clampdown with the green. In the previous
     hallway, take the left of the two red ones.
     After the mini-walkway's red door, ARMS'll be in a darkened room with some
     maze-type features. A light-switch console in the SW can brighten the place
     up, though; make your way to the upper east wall and exit through the red
     door (use the small green teleport pad nearby). There will be a security
     console again, that locks all blue doors and opens the red/green -- flip
     that thing on! Backtrack through the maze to the three-door passage and
     take the middle this time, entering the green dor.
     Beyond, take the mini-stairs to the eastern room. There are a bunch of pads
     here to teleport with. Proceed as such (point compass to north):
     01) Northern of the two warp pads
     02) Southeast of the three warp pads
     03) On the railing, jump ledge twice to eastern wall, take north of two pads
     04) Northwest of the three pads
     You should now be by a console that operates the security locks again. Switch
     over to 'green' status which opens the red-blue doors and locks the others.
     Jump off the raised platform and go west, to the only pad. With the compass
     point to the north, take the pad in the SE corner. The party ends up on a
     little ledge with a solitary pad on it -- take it and go to the blue door.
     Save up here. The teleport pad will take everyone back to the entrance, but
     you don't want to do that, right? Head into the red door to reach, switch
     the security mode to red, and north through the green door. Vinsfield stands
     nearby and is ready to kill those "cutting into Odessa's ideals."
       BOSS: Leader of Odessa Vinsfield
             Vinsfield ~ HP: 25000 EXP: 10000 GELLA: ---- DROP: ----
         Attack ---------> Weak damage to ally    (~ 50)
         4D Hypo Blast --> Med. damage to ally    (~800)
         Incur My Wrath -> Med. damage to allies (~1000) + % instant death
       TIM   : Lv. 31
       BRAD  : Lv. 30
       KANON : Lv. 30
       LILKA : Lv. 31
       ASHLEY: Lv. 30
       You'll probably want Lilka here for Hi-Revive's sake, although one can
       get by with Tim as main healer. All of Vinsfield's attacks are pretty
       crappy -- even Caina did more with 4D Hypo Blast! -- compared to even
       stalling bosses like Belleclaire, but he is definitely fast, so throw
       Quick around if you're not using Tim (First Aid IS faster). Building FP
       for Access isn't so hard when Incur My Wrath gets used so often. Seems
       to have a low percentage of instant death, luckily, and that's about the
       way this fight can throw you for a curve. Equip the Holy Grail on Lilka
       or Tim, or switch them in every so often...doesn't matter, really. Two
       at once is good. =)
     Vinsfield teleports away instead of dying like the dog he is, and the party
     has to find some escape pods before the Heimdal Gazzo is gone-zo.
     REMINDER: Heal up Ashley since his HP values will be the same later on! ^__^
     Enter the green door near the central monitor. There are five escape devices
     and one person needs to control the main panel, so no one can escape at once.
     Ashley stays behind while his comrades work towards the exit.
     Now you'll control each character in their portion of escaping. They may have
     to fight alone, so heal up as necessary. Switch back and forth by going to
     the tool selection screen (press Start) and they'll show up wherever they are
     currently. I'll separate the parts.
      * Go east
      * Push block onto floor switch to lower barrier nearby
      * Go through newly-opened door in east
      * Use computer console to switch open Red/Green doors + close blue doors
      * Move Lilka through red door nearby
      * Enter east through red door
      * Step on floor pad to lower barrier, quickly step on barrier, continue east
      * Continue east through room to green door
      * At crossroads, go south to next room, step on blue switch to lower barrier
      * Use Air Ballet ability to push block onto switch near where Lilka is
      * Move Lilka onto barrier Tim raised
      * Use Air Ballet to push block off, raising Lilka up
      * Exit through green entrance nearby
      * Step on floor panel across from where Kanon will soon be =)
      * Exit east
      * Step on blue switch
      * Exit east
      * Go east past switch Kanon is holding open, step on blue switch for Kanon
      * Go past switch Brad is opening, exit east.
      * Step on switch to lower far-off barrier, dash across before it raises
      * At t-junction, exit south through red door
      * Move Kanon to blue switch
      * In t-junction room (not crossroads), use Pooka to flip security mode to
        green, locking green doors and opening red/blue ones.
      * Move through door in room where he/Kanon once were
      * Move block one space south, one space east, then onto the switch.
      * Exit through blue door
      * Step on blue panel, get on lowered barrier, jump to blue door nearby
      * Push block onto lowerable barrier, so it's in line with switch. Push it
        east one more space, jump down to get to switch platform, then push it
        back west to line it back up. Step on platform's pressure pad to lower
        the barrier
      * Exit through blue door
      * Exit through next blue door
      * Use Air Ballet on block Brad pushed, moving it onto the switch.
      * Step on switch further east to lower barrier near Tim
      * Exit through red door, into the control panel room
      * Exit from panel part (she took root! ...almost)
      * Enter through blue door
      * Block-moving puzzle. Pull it north once to move it off switch and raise
        the barrier. Jump off, stand on switch, push it north until it falls off,
        stand on blue switch. This lowers the console near Tim.
      * Use console to turn off red doors and turn blue/green ones on.
      * Exit nearby into escape pod
      * Exit through green door, into escape pod
      * Exit from panel part (where she and Kanon stood)
      * Take eastern blue door into escape pod room
      * Enter green door into the escape pod
     Ashley attempts to make for the escape pod, but Vinsfield demands one last
     showdown. High noon, twelve o'clock high, all that.
       BOSS: Leader of Odessa Vinsfield
             Vinsfield ~ HP: 12000  EXP: 10000  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack ---------> No damage...
         Void Effect ----> Dispels positive statuses
         4D Hypo Blast --> Med. damage to ally (~600)
         Life Returner --> Refills some of Vinsfield's HP (+1300ish)
       ASHLEY: Lv. 31
       He's fast, but if you've put at least two Up P Defend points on Ashley,
       he should be taking zero damage from physical attacks. Vinsfield himself
       is noticeably weaker and his attacks show it. However, Ashley will have
       to ancitipate healing until he gets into Access form, so use a Big Berry
       if your HP falls past 1000 HP. Once you use Access (defend until FP is
       up, if your HP is high) build up Banisher and let loose.
     Vinsfield confesses he never imagined he would lose, and says he is going to
     launch that nuke he stole from Guild Galad. And...well, you'll just have to
     watch what happens. =)
     ______  _________ _______  _______      __        _______  _        ______
    (  __  \ \__   __/(  ____ \(  ____ \    /  \      (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ 
    | (  \  )   ) (   | (    \/| (    \/    \/) )     | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )
    | |   ) |   | |   | (_____ | |            | |     | (__    |   \ | || |   ) |
    | |   | |   | |   (_____  )| |            | |     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | |
    | |   ) |   | |         ) || |            | |     | (      | | \   || |   ) |
    | (__/  )___) (___/\____) || (____/\    __) (_    | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  )
    (______/ \_______/\_______)(_______/    \____/    (_______/|/    )_)(______/
    | V. DISC TWO WALKTHROUGH                                              [WLK2] |
     If you load from a disc two save, now, you can hear one of the best opening
     themes to grace the gaming world. Steel guitar + western flair + conservative
     trumpet solo = instawin, folks. Goosebumps every time, I swear.
    | 43) Memory Maze                                                      [MMZ1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Ettin        410 EXP, 820g |
    | |_| Buer         410 EXP, 820g |
    | |_| Imp          410 EXP, 820g |
     After meeting the girl who he saw when he got the Argetlahm, she joins the
     party. Name's Anastasia...THE SWORD MAGESS! Lucied, the Guardian of Desire,
     also joins up. Check out Anastasia's abilities to know that you're in very,
     very capable hands. >=)
     NOTE: The enemies here CAN be missed, if you're going for a complete bestiary
     Head north and hit the switch to drop a familiar vampiress-looking girl into
     view. Anastasia said the "kid" fought alongside her in another time. Keep
     heading north through the next room and inspect the crystal in the center of
     a platform. Ashley will learn the name of the demon inside of him (being Lord
     Blazer) and what that means.
     North again, hit the switch to drop a section of path from above. The next
     room contains the "vampire girl" you know (I'm purposely avoiding saying her
     name, yo) -- talk to her. Hit the switch on the west wall and keep going N.
     Hit both switches to make the main path intact again, and proceed north. See
     the crystal in the middle to learn about Anastasia's past and her surname
     (ehehehe). Throw a knife at the next room's switch to lower the middle bridge
     piece, then go north again (like you'd go any other direction...).
     The vampire girl is in this room, too, up on one of the pillars. Wait for
     her to stand on the checkered walkway and shoot the cylindrical switch to
     drop her to the ground. Converse, exit north.
     Trigger the switch in the center, dropping another. Hit that one, too, and
     run up the west side to the exit. Inspect the memory crystal to learn about
     Anastasia's desire. In the next room, hit the first switch, then hit the
     far-off one diagonally to make the exit clear.
     Talk to the vampire-girl after dropping a few more switches. Proceed through
     the next switch room and Ashley will return to the normal world, his signals
     being picked up by Valeria Chateau. Irving says a time-space gate is needed,
     which means Lilka will have to jump head-first into the much-hated, insipid
     and boring...Millennium Puzzle!
    | 44) Millennium Puzzle                                                [MPZ1] |
    | ENEMY:                         |
    |  _                             |
    | |_| Targum       410 EXP, 820g |
    | |_| Grabsk       410 EXP, 820g |
    | |_| Primevals    410 EXP, 820g |
     This one has five paths instead of the three before. That just means it's one
     and two-thirds times the fun! Yeah, believe that. >__>    I'll separate the
     paths into sections like before, so put the compass north towards the locked
      * Five moving blocks in this first part. If you can't get to the exit cryst
        with normal walking (last one may be wonky), use the Freeze Rod to change
        the positioning a bit -- this way if one block is ALWAYS out of reach as
        the one you're on comes around, it can start closer when frozen, etc.
      * Jump down to the next crystal.
      * On the upper walkway, hit the two switchblocks to lower two barriers. Jump
        down and hit the northern switchblock to move two tiny platforms. Get to
        the center one, hit the switchblock, get on the second block, then hit the
        switch once again to get to the crystal.
      * Head on the northern archway to the crystal.
      * Jump down to the platform where the switchblock can raise three elevator
        blocks. Take the eastern of the two northern elevator blocks to the exit
      * Use the Freeze Rod to block moving east/west and get onto it when the
        other one comes in between there and the path. Freeze the other one if
        you keep falling off.
      * Winding path to the crystal...
      * Straightforward path to the crystal...
      * Winding path to the crystal. The red pillar is made of three blocks, which
        you should pay attention to.
      * Hit the switchblock aligned with the SW passage.
      NOTE: Enter from the west like before.
      * Five moving blocks in this first part. If you can't get to the exit cryst
        with normal walking (last one may be wonky), use the Freeze Rod to change
        the positioning a bit -- this way if one block is ALWAYS out of reach as
        the one you're on comes around, it can start closer when frozen, etc.
      * Jump down to the next crystal.
      * On the upper walkway, hit the two switchblocks to lower two barriers. Jump
        down and hit the southern switchblock to move two tiny platforms. Get to
        the center one, hit the switchblock, get on the second block, then hit the
        switch once again to get to the crystal.
      * Go to the crystal nearby.
      * You'll be by some crystals now. Take the little moving block to the one
        nearest Lilka (west).
      * Follow to the west crystal.
      * There is a one-cube blue pillar here. Exit on the winding path.
      * Cross the two moving blocks to the crystal.
      * There are a bunch of square walkways here. Jump down to the nearest
        purple, then the nearest green. One can jump off west or east here, and
        get towards one of the crystals. Go east to the purple and jump west to
        the green, then take the warp crystal. If you mess up, fall off the
        ledge to reappear at the top.
      * Walk across the two moving cubes to the crystal.
      * Up around the two-way footpath...
      * There is a two-cube green pillar here. Keep going...
      * Hit the switchblock aligned with the southeast in the main room. 
      * Hit the first switchblock off the path to lower a barrier, then hit the
        next down the way. Cross the second barrier, hit the second switchblock,
        and go to the exit.
      * Throw a projectile at the switchblock to move the purple tile at the end
        of the path. The next switchcube moves an elevator block, while the next
        moves the second-to-last in the above string of tiles. Hit that same 
        block once you cross to move a purple tile to the crystal. Yawn!
      * Take green path to the crystal.
      * Hit the switchblock to lower the purple barrier, cross over it, then hit
        that same switchblock. The other switchblock SW a little moves to the west
        so take it. Across, hit the NW switchblock to move west more and hit it
        again once on the other tile, to move east. On the other platform (which
        should not have a barrier on it!), hit the NE block to move east to the
        starting platform's northern side.
      * There is a four-block yellow pillar here, along the two-way path.
      * Hit the swithblock aligned with the eastern passage in the main room.
     Once you have the W, SW, SE, and E paths covered and switchblocks lit up, go
     to the south path. Save if you want and go to the room nearby where one has
     to raise up the pillars. You've done this before, but to recap: stand on the
     colored tile to raise up a pillar, and jump off when its the right height as
     you've seen elsewhere.
     Red ----> 3        If you do it right, the path will form to the south. It
     Blue ---> 1        leads to the fifth and last switchblock. Trigger it to
     Green --> 2        make a large cube appear in the main room. Approach the
     Yellow -> 4        locked door in that room and view the scenes. 
     Ashley will end up teleporting back to the Sword Cathedral and goes to see
     Marina. ARMS is reunited!
     Irving explains that though Odessa is finished, there's another threat which
     is closing in. Filgaia is being eaten away by something without anyone 
     noticing it. The next mission is to stop the "Stain Paradigm" that will
     eventually devour everything on the planet. He also drops a hint that the
     Grotto of Lourdes may hold information about wars. You can go there or to
     Baskar, but the order doesn't matter.
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Guild Galad!
     To find the grotto, get onto the ground and call into Valeria Chateau. Irving
     says that it's near Sielje somewhere. Teleport to Meria to make the hoverboat
     show up, and go down the eastern continental coast. Get on the island SE of
     Sielje and head towards the green dot on the peninsula.
    | OPTIONAL: Island Outpost                                             [SLT2] |
     See "STL1" first if you've completely skipped this sidequest to now.
     Visit Mr. Day again and talk to him as Lilka. He'll say he wants to bestow
     her with the result of his research, and gives her the [ABILITY: Extend].
     A member (KFHEWUI) has said that you can actually get this ability on Disc 1,
     immediately after finishing Coffin of 100 Eyes. This has been corroborated by
     kyl_77, so there y'go!
    | OPTIONAL: Meteorite Crater                                           [MTC1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Fire Rage       |_| Thunderclap  |  _                             |
    |       |_| Pitch Dark      |_| Earth Groan  | |_| Troll        425 EXP, 850g |
    |       |_| Light Flash     |_| Zephyr Claw  | |_| Mold Gnome   425 EXP, 850g |
    |       |_| Snowflake       |_| Water Drip   |--------------------------------o
     To find this large place, go to Sielje's telescope and talk to one of the
     scientists inside. He mentions that the island southwest of the region has
     a big ol' crater made by a meteor. Teleport to Meria and take the hoverboat
     down the eastern continental coastline. The destination is that huge island
     at the very south of the world map. Search inside to find the entrance.
     Enter into the second room (hallway) and jump into the hole you find. Stand
     near the chest across the way and use Pooka to get the [FIRE RAGE] item.
     Jump down to the doorway nearby.
     Take the [THUNDERCLAP] on a lower ledge and go in the door to the southwest
     (on ground floor). It leads to a [PITCH DARK] item. Jump down into the blue
     water and go up the southern part of the room where an [EARTH GROAN] chest
     sits silently. Go up the western slope to exit.
     There is a room with five holes in it here.
                                            "[1]" and "2" lead to nowhere, but
                                            "[3]" leads to that switch platform
                  [6]                       you saw earlier. Flip it on to open
      E                                     a door across the room.
     N+S       [5]
      W               [4]                   "[4]" leads to a [LIGHT FLASH] chest
                                            and that doorway you opened earlier.
             [2]                [3]         "[5]" and "[6]" are dead-ends. Up in
                        [1]                 the holes' level, look for an exit at
                                            the south side that leads to a bunch
      of ledges. Jump down from level to level and use Pooka to get a [SNOWFLAKE]
      item. There's also a [WATER DRIP] chest at the holes' level.
     Go back and jump down hole #4 and appropriate the [ZEPHYR CLAW]. Up from the
     Zephyr Claw item is the [MEDIUM: Rigdobrite]. Leave afterwards.
    | 46) Grotto of Lourdes                                                [GRT1] |
    | ITEMS  _                  _                | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Mega Berry     |_| Crest         |  _                             |
    |       |_| Big Berry      |_| Lucky Card    | |_| Wise Man     425 EXP, 850g |
    |       |_| Big Berry      |_| Mini Carrot   | |_| Voidra       425 EXP, 850g |
    |       |_| Main Gauche    |_| Duplicator x4 | |_| Horn Monster 425 EXP, 850g |
     As many of the villagers around the world tell you (Damzen, Holst, etc.), the
     Grotto is a place to learn about the Sword Magess and the world's war. Switch
     the party leader to Kanon in the first room to gain access with the retinal
     scan door. Weird how anyone knows about the place considering only someone
     with Valeria blood can enter...
     Two rooms down, a door opens by itself in the north. Wire Hook along the
     room's sides until you can jump down to the chest, containing Kanon's second
     [TOOL: Rad Blades] inside. Press [] to erase ground damage (lava, poisonwater
     etc.) and allow rapid motion. Direction cannot be changed while doing this,
     however, so make sure you know where you're going; running into stuff stops
     Kanon, obviously. Zoom back to the entrance, re-enter, and blaze straight
     north to the switch that opens the door in the back. Enter, watch some of
     Kanon's flashback, and exit back two rooms. A western door should rise of its
     own volition.
     Skate across the lava then wire-hook through the next abyss-filled area.
     Stand on the belightened platform, watch the scene about Kanon's mother, and
     double-back two rooms to the savepoint area. A doorway in the south opens on
     its own, now.
     Slip-'n'-slide across the lava to one side, not the middle -- you'll fall in
     a water puddle that way (laff!). The next room has a bunch of water and lava.
     On the western side is a Pooka-type chest for a [MEGA BERRY]. Skate towards
     the lever platform, flip it on (might have to touch the lava omg), and keep
     truckin' south. One flashback scene later, return to the save point room to
     find a new door opening in the east.
     Rad-blade it through the lava and get up on the dual chest platform, finding
     the [BIG BERRY] and [CREST] inside 'em. Pooka can get the other [BIG BERRY]
     and [LUCKY CARD] chest. The Lucky Card can be hard to get, though. Once you
     get to the enormous wooden crate in the water, hit the door switch and use
     the Kick Boots on the wall to move south into range. Another flashback and
     retreat to the savepoint lobby, where the last door opens in the west. Don't
     worry about healing up and stuff -- there isn't a boss here.
     Follow to a room with a [BIG BERRY]/[MINI CARROT] chest combo, and use Pooka
     to get the [MAIN GAUCHE] weapon a ways further down. Watch the last flashback
     and Kanon will awaken the [ABILITY: Gat Lv. 3]. Rosenistheman writes in and
     says that there are four [DUPLICATOR]s to be found by jumping down a secret
     passage in front of the Main Gauche chest.
     Teleport to Baskar to kickstart some automatic scenes. Tim volunteers to take
     the will of the Guardians so that they can better understand exactly what is
     happening to the world, and the village chief directs them to the Sacrificial
     Altar. However, no one knows the exact location 'cept that it's by the Urartu
     Mountains. In case you've forgotten, that's near the underground railroad you
     took to get to the Emulator Zone way back when.
     Locating the altar is a little out of the way, but not too much. Teleport to
     Guild Galad and use the hovercraft to get to the peninsula's eastern side.
     Look for a small inlet where a beach is (second beach you locate, probably)
     next to a green dot. It's about due west from the Island Outpost, if you're
     using the world map as a navigation tool.
    | 47) Sacrificial Altar                                                [SCF1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Sunbird Hat     |_| Hyper Gear   |  _                             |
    |       |_| Stone Drago     |_| Stone Lion   | |_| Gespenst     425 EXP, 850g |
    |       |_| Mir Feather     |_| Stone God    | |_| Hydra        900 EXP, 500g |
    o--------------------------------------------| |_| Roper        425 EXP, 850g |
     In the second room, use a Hurl Knife to hit a pillar's switch and continue
     to the next floor gap. You'll notice a circular portrait (hubcap? XD) almost
     at floor level...odd. Have Brad kick the pillar it's on to reveal another
     switch, letting you exit once triggered.
     The next room seems like a waste-of-space hallway, yeah? It's not! Look by
     one of the pillars near the exit -- see that in the dark, there's still a
     space to jump? One by the door has a door there. Follow to a stairway, and
     arrive in a room with zodiac symbols on the floor. The plaque says stand
     on the spot opposite the "four eyes" -- so stand on the bowman (Sagittarius)
     one for a few seconds to open the door. Take the [STONE DRAGO] item and warp
     back to the room.
     The next room, get the [SUNBIRD HAT] for Ashley by the barrier lever, which
     you should smack into an 'off' position. By the next abyss, two of the cubes
     at the pillars' base can be moved. Push it into the middle of the gap to make
     a walkway forward. Once that's done, move the other cube into position at the
     missing section of the stairway. Slap the switch, lower the barrier, exit.
     Get the [HYPER GEAR] with Pooka in the next room. Underneath one of the eaves
     of the flat plywood-looking platforms is a doorway. There's another puzzle
     to do here. The plaque says "The path is higher than the evil eye. It severs
     everything. A lower chin-biting steel starts a fire. The leaping flame
     opposes the flow of time splitting open the eye's pupil." You'll notice one
     statue is a bit taller than the rest. Use the stairs to get on one side of
     the room, jump down on the dragon face and then a lower eagle head. Shoot a
     fireball with Lilka at the taller's head to open the door. Take the [STONE
     LION] and warp back two rooms. Exit north.
     Save and continue on. Step on the red switch to move some barriers, then the
     one in a SE corner to move some some more blocks. When you get above a chest,
     jump down and get the [MIR FEATHER]. Reset the second moving puzzle portion
     with the nearby switch, then redo the above to get back on the highroad. You
     need to jump from the overarching bridge onto the floor switch to trigger it
     this time. Proceed into the statue room.
     Near the statue, a little east of it, have Brad kick the two cubes stuffing
     up a passage (easy to miss this!). Follow it to the third and last puzzle.
     Don't let the floor tiles fool you -- they don't do anything. Push the stone
     heads into the water-filled corners to open the door. Get the [STONE GOD] 
     and warp back to the statue. Exit east, up the stairs.
     The light that is "Gaia" says the sky being screwed up is a symptom of an
     invading presence -- "The Other World" -- devouring the planet. Kanon says it
     is "ridiculous" (lol) but it's very true. Physical attacks can't harm this
     "world" because...well, it's a world. Tim gains the [ABILITY: Divide] and can
     cut the enemies' powers in half. Answer the communicator to learn that Marina
     has been abducted! Everyone heads for the chateau.
     It appears Caina is the culprit, still alive from Randolph's magic carpet
     ride through time, and she invites Ashley to the "Lost Garden" on the inland
     sea's lone island.
    | 48) Lost Garden                                                      [LTG1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Crest S         |_| Mega Berry   |  _                             |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Gizmo        450 EXP, 900g |
                                                 | |_| Eurynome     450 EXP, 900g |
                                                 | |_| Chimera     1000 EXP, 200g |
     Teleport to Valeria Chateau with the TeleportOrb and head onto the darkened
     island right nearby.
     In the second room, step on the red-button tile near the door to raise the
     similar one nearby. Move to the other to make it rise, then exit. Ignore the
     block with a smiley face on it and head east, up the longest passage. There
     is a duplicator chest here containing a [CREST S]! Exit back and take enter
     the shorter hallway's point.
     You'll have to leave a "mental jammer" in the green circle due to Randolph
     the Magic Key's powers and stuff. You'll need Ashley later on, so leave s/he
     who you don't really need. Kanon's a good choice here. Pick someone and go
     through the newly-opened exit.
     Two rooms later is another red-button puzzle. Jump on the lowered red one to
     get across, first of all. You'll see a lone blue one off the path -- jump on
     that one. You'll be able to proceed across the two blues side-bye-side now.
     You'll have to leave another mental jammer -- I chose Lilka, 'cause Tim can
     cover most healing expenses.
     Step on the lone red block already sunken into the floor by the entrance and
     jump onto the three red blocks next to each other. When you get to the third
     of the red ones, go west to the other red, rise up, and move to the exit.
     Two rooms down is another puzzle.
     Jump on the red block already sunken into the floor, then move to the chest
     with the [UPGRADE: FantomFang] for Ashley. Exit to the west. Leave another
     mental jammer here -- Brad is a good choice. Leave again.
     Save here if you want, and continue to a room with moving platforms. Step
     on the circling platform that has the blue tile on it (jump on that) and
     wait until it's at the western part of the room. Jump onto one of the blue
     blocks, step on another blue block, then step on the lone red block. Bum a
     ride on the moving platform again and step onto the row of red blocks. The
     second moving platform coasts by here, so jump onto it when you can. Use it
     to gain access to the western door containing a [MEGA BERRY], then the south
     door to exit. Leave the last party member who IS NOT Ashley here and make
     like a tree.
     This leads to another multi-block room. Jump on the lone red one near the
     "carved challenge" and go down the red-blue-blue-red aisle to a green block.
     Go back to the other green block, step on it, use Hurl Knife to hit the
     switch, then continue south.
     After a scene involving Caina and Marina, Ashley fights Caina as...as...
     Overknight Blazer! Yeah, his shiny gold paint is cool.
       BOSS: Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina
             Caina ~ HP: 17000  EXP: 7500  GELLA: 7500  DROP: War Respite
         Attack ---------> No damage......
         4D Hypo Blast --> Weak damage to ally (~600)
         Gate of Isolde -> Weak damage to ally (~300) + % statuses?
       ASHLEY: Lv. 32
       You'll notice Ashley now has some new special attacks -- Gun Blaze and
       Last Burst. Last Burst does a lot of damage but leaves Ashley with 1 HP,
       so make sure you know he'll do a coup d'etat that turn or he'll get his
       rear end kicked (most likely). Anyway, Ashley should have 4000+ HP by
       this point and Gate of Isolde doesn't seem to inflict any status effects
       in this state, so there's no reason Ashley should be dying here. Just
       use Hot Fencer repeatedly and knock this goofball out of the park.
     Afterwards, Caina meets her end and Marina is upset with Ashley because he
     can...uh, well, transform into an ugly-looking monster. >=p
    | 49) Valeria Chateau                                                  [VLC3] |
     NOTE: If you save onboard, you will NOT have a chance to restock supplies or
           any of that stuff.
     Meanwhile, in Sielje, the astronomers see what appears to be the Nuclear
     Dragon Grauswein in the stars. Seems that nuclear landing pad Odessa set up
     is actually gonna work... A meeting of the nations sees that Grauswein will
     need to assimilate high-energy sources before exploding, which means they can
     possibly lure it to where they want it to go. Guild Galad's factories will be
     the hook while ARMS goes to meltdown the ol' draggy. Irving forbids Ashley
     from participating, though, due to his "fury". Go to Erwin in the cockpit and
     tell him want to go to Grauswein's droppoint when ready.
       BOSS: Nuclear Dragon Grauswein
             Belly ~~~~~ HP: 8000  EXP:  5000  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
             Grauswein ~ HP: 8000  EXP: 10000  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack ---------> No damage...
         Meltdown -------> Med. damage to allies (~ 800) + % poison, paralysis
         Killer Maser ---> Med. damage to allies (~ 800)
         Counterattack --> No damage...
         Nuclear Sphere -> High damage to allies (~1700)
       TIM  : Lv. 32
       BRAD : Lv. 31
       KANON: Lv. 31
       LILKA: Lv. 31
       Suggested party is Brad/Lilka/Tim here, with the latter two having to
       heal every round since Nuclear Sphere is often spammed. Counter it with
       Mystic+Big Berry when you need to. It's incredibly easy to store up FP
       on everyone since its attacks are mainly hit-all, so use Mystic like no
       tomorrow (Divide does NOT work, btw). Everyone is faster than the nuke
       dragon, so you shouldn't have any healing problems, hopefully. Use the
       Live Horn to heal if you can, since when the belly is dead, Grauswein'll
       start using Meltdown -- equip Lilka with the Blue Anklet to protect from
       paralysis. Armor Down does work here! Lock On + Rail Gun is a good way
       to finish this, if you can. Steal the Bullet Load if you can.
       NOTE: Try to take the Blue Anklet off before the end of battle!!!!
     After defeating the thing, Irving says Grauswein is accelerating its nuclear
     reaction. He's prepared to sacrifice the chateau if it'll save Filgaia. But
     Ashley is no longer in his room...
       BOSS: Nuclear Dragon Grauswein
             Belly ~~~~~ HP: 8000  EXP:  5000  GELLA: ----  DROP: Full Carrot
             Grauswein ~ HP: 8000  EXP: 10000  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
         Attack ---------> No damage...
         Meltdown -------> Med. damage to Ashley (~ 700) + % poison, paralysis
         Killer Maser ---> Med. damage to Ashley (~ 700)
         Counterattack --> No damage...
         Nuclear Sphere -> High damage to Ashley (~1600)
       ASHLEY: Lv. 32
       Ashley solo battle, but he's in shiny-gold Overknight Blazer form. Since
       he starts in the form, it means he can immediately begin walloping the
       dragon without FP building up. And boy will he do a lot. Use Gun Blaze 
       here, which does twice as much as Hot Fencer. Ashley'll also be faster
       so don't worry about anticipating healing -- still, if you fall below
       2000 HP, using a Big Berry would be wise. Also remember that using the
       Final Burst attack does major damage but leaves Ashley with 1 HP -- do
       not use it unless victory is assured. Meltdown can inflict its statuses
       freely here since you can't equip anything in this form -- if you had
       the Blue Anklet equipped before for some reason, that will help quite a
     Touching scenes ensue...
     Irving reports to the nations that Grauswein bit the big one. Guild Galad
     Master reports that, in fact, all of the dragons may not be gone. There's a
     legend in his area that Lombardia, the Dragon Caliber, and last Dragon once
     ruled the skies. If ARMS can possess a dragon of equal power to Grauswein,
     then they might be able to match any Grauswein Jrs. that fall from the sky
     at some point. The "Sleeping Volcano" just might be the best place to find
     one, since they feed off magma. It's near Raline Observatory.
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Guild Galad!
     You should already know how to get to the observatory, but in case you've
     forgotten, use the Live Reflector near Sylvaland Castle and select 'Dragon
     Vein' as the destination. The green dot pinpoints the location near a long-
     -dormant location.
    | 50) Sleeping Volcano                                                 [SPV1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Moon Pin        |_| Full Revive  |  _                             |
    |       |_| Mega Berry                       | |_| Geag Mantis  450 EXP, 900g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Salamandra   450 EXP, 900g |
                                                 | |_| Dendrobium   450 EXP, 900g |
     Continue north into the second room and you'll find some black natural gas
     spewing up. The sign says its flammable, so use the Fire Rod on it to break
     the rocks nearby and leave into the third room. Welcome to lava land!
     Use the Rad Blades to skate north through the lavaflow by where you enter to
     find the [UPGRADE: Mini Scud] for Brad and exit to the west. Blow up the
     steaming pile of natural gas to lower a section of cliff and exit back one
     room. Rad-blade south through the 'flow to the exit. The next room has a
     [MOON PIN] for Lilka, and the room after has the save point.
     Use the next room's natural bridge to get back to a "gassy" overlook. Fire a
     flamin' fireball at the gas across the way to lower another section of the
     cliff. Double-back to the previous room and exit in the south. Take the path
     through here and get the [FULL REVIVE] and [MEGA BERRY] in the adjacent. Exit
     by that last chest.
     Blow up the gasworks here and walk across the flat cliffs (result of all your
     destroy-everything method from before) and inspect the monolith that says the
     path of destruction will open the way. Blow it up (XD) to release another gas
     spout and that will lower the path to the secret entrance.
     The party asks Lombardia for help who refuses until they say there's still a
     chance to save Filgaia. It agrees, but only on one condition: kick its behind
     like no tomorow! Well, not in those words...
       BOSS: Dragon Caliber Lombardia
             Belly ~~~~~ HP: 8000  EXP:  5000  GELLA:  5000  DROP: Full Carrot
             Lombardia ~ HP: 8000  EXP: 10000  GELLA: 10000  DROP: -----
         Attack -----------> No damage...
         Counterattack ----> No damage...
         Dragonic Blaster -> Med. damage to allies (~800 to ~1700)
       TIM   : Lv. 33
       BRAD  : Lv. 32
       KANON : Lv. 32
       LILKA : Lv. 33
       ASHLEY: Lv. 33
       This boss is a definite letdown from the dual Grauswein battle, mostly
       because it relies on physical attacks and Dragonic Blaster does crappy
       damage...until you defeat the Belly, at which time it does double that!
       Lilka's Mystic can cover the damage, though, so it's not much of an edge
       to fight against. Try to steal a Bullet Load from the old gal.
     Lombardia honors her promise to help ARMS, saving 'em before the volcano can
     explode up in their faces. Hooray for...uh, yeah.
     Irving, after hearing Lombardia's tale of the encroachment upon the Dragons'
     universe, says that the conceptual world is the "Kuiper Belt," the birthplace
     of comets. Valeria theorizes that if the "life" could be put in a "vessel,"
     it could be disposed of and combatted. Mana is released from raypoints, and
     if it can be shaped into an artificial life form, the encroachment might be
     able to get stuck in its web. It'll then live in the Trapezohedron, the
     prison. There are four raypoints scattered around the world.
     | LOMBARDIA CONTROLS |  There are various clues around the world as to their 
     o--------------------o  locations, it seems. 
     |                    |
     | X..........forward |  As for Lombardia as the new aircraft, it can only go
     | L1/R1.........turn |  where Ashley can walk, meaning it can't land on some
     | U/D.......altitude |  water or a mountain, or in forests/rocky areas. Use
     | O.............land |  the O-button to disembark wherever; X is liftoff.
    | OPTIONAL: Palace Village                                             [PLC1] |
     Palace Village is on the gigantic island in the northeast of the map, a spot
     ARMS hasn't been able to land before. Check out the green dot on the plain to
     locate it. In case you've gone senile, there is one town in the game that has
     not been featured since the prologues, and that's Lilka's. =p
     | PALACE VILLAGE WEAPONS |  The village has a great selection of equipment,
     o------------------------o  all of which is better than the party's current.
     |                        |  Giving precedence to Lilka/Tim is good here, but
     | Sonic Burst.......6800 |  if you've been stockpiling your gella in miser-
     | Cloth Coat........7200 |  -like fashion, buy everything here. Item shop's
     | Bow Parasol.......6200 |  the same as always, but you knew that forty-five
     | Shiny Cape........6800 |  hours ago, yeah?
     | 100 Knuckle.......6300 |
     | Breastplate.......7200 |
     | Holy Staff........7500 |  'Sides that, there isn't any thing to do here.
     | Safe Bolero.......6800 |  The chief says that there's a place where flame
     | Bright Edge.......8000 |  was once worshipped to the north, but you already
     | White Chest.......6500 |  spotted the green dot out there, I warrant. 
      Still, talk to the villagers as Lilka to hear some good reminiscing dialogue
      about before. =)
    | OPTIONAL: Guild Galad                                                [GLD2] |
    | ITEMS                                      |
    |       For previous items, see section GLD1 |
     Rather short section, but if you talk to Noel he'll bestow upon Ashley the
     last force [ABILITY: Full Clip]. Its power varies depending on the rounds in
     his ARM, but using it expends ALL of the bullets in it, so use with caution!
    | OPTIONAL: Crimson Castle                                             [CRM1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| War Respite     |_| War Respite  |  _                             |
    |       |_| War Respite     |_| War Respite  | |_| Mystere     500 EXP, 1000g |
    |       |_| War Respite     |_| War Respite  | |_| Red Barney  500 EXP, 1000g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Bodysnatcher500 EXP, 1000g |
                                                 | |_| Vermillion  500 EXP, 1000g |
     South of Guild Galad, and easily visible, is this castle made of...well, go
     inside to find out. If you've been wondering if there's a secret character,
     well, there is! Watch out for the Red Barney enemy, though, which can eat
     some (1/10?) of you gella!
     Before you start the main stretch, go into the first room and take the west
     stairs into a room; take the balcony's door. From here you can get to chests
     containing two [WAR RESPITE]s. You'll have to get one at a time, though. 
     To start with, go up the stairs and take the east door. Follow it north one
     room and then take the stairs to a west door. You'll see two chests but do
     not descend yet; enter the doorway nearby and get the two [WAR RESPITE]s.
     Now, return and jump down to the two chests for two more [WAR RESPITE]s. Exit
     west, then south to find another stairway. Go up to find some levers that'll
     lower the barriers nearby. Flip the eastern of the two switches to lower one
     barrier. Go back two rooms and enter the newly-available door.
     There's a long hallway and two doors in the north -- take the one in the
     small corridor. When you get to some massive stairs, detour to a sideroom in
     the west where there's a barrier-lowering lever. Flip it, return to the last
     room, proceed north a bit to find another sideroom to the east -- there's a
     savepoint there. Return to the long hallway and take the northernmost
     sideroom across a bridge, to the western side.
     In the first corridor on that side, take the eastern sideroom to another
     barrier-lowering switch. Go south a room and exit into another stairway'D
     hall. Take the side door nearby to a bridge with the third and last barrier-
     -lowering switch. Return to the eastern side, now, continue south through 
     the massive stairway into the two-door corridor. Take the /other/ entrance
     this time.
     Head due north over the three lowered barriers. Continue downwards and read
     the funny signs that are "frought with warning" and stuff. At the bottom of
     the staircases, approach the coffin to find...MARIVEL! She makes good on
     Ashley's promise to join up (remember Memory Maze) when the time is right,
     and joins with the [TOOL: Electel]. Use the [] button to zap things in front
     of her. She also upgrades the Map Scope "out of pity," allowing the images
     to be projected directly into the retina. Meaning? The map is visible even
     when moving now.
     You can also get Marivel's second skill here. From the first room, take the
     eastern stairtop exit and follow it to a dead-end room with library books in
     it. By the doorway is an Electel slot, and if you zap it, it demolishes part
     of the wall. Follow the staircase to a floating vail to have Marivel learn
     the [ABILITY: Asgard]. It's a modified Type '3' heavy armor attack Golem one
     uses to crush enemies.
     REMINDER: Upgrade Marivel's PSS skills! She doesn't have a single one set in!
     Also, her Electel's needed also get a couple items back at Thunder Lion Cage.
    | OPTIONAL: Werewolf's Den                                             [WWF1] |
    | ENEMY:                          |
    |  _                              |
    | |_| BlackSabbath 500 EXP, 1000g |
    | |_| Amon         500 EXP, 1000g |
     Fly Lombardia southeast of Guild Galad and look for a small beach on the east
     side of the peninsula. The one just south of there has the Sacrifical Altar,
     so look for a green dot north of there. (Also, LOL @ BlackSabbath enemies.)
     The second area is pitch-dark. The enemies aren't particularly hard, but the
     Gaze Mirror accessory (petrification-proof) is very useful here. Here's how
     to navigate this place:
     1st Room = Go south
     2nd Room = Go north (use Bombs to open stuffed-up door)
     3rd Room = Blow up part of SW wall
     In a fully-lit room, now, jump down onto the floor glyph. A rather funny
     "Voice from Nowhere in Particular" speaks up and asks you to say the Guardian
     of Desire's name. Write in "Lucied" in the text box and Ashley will warp out
     somewhere. Lucied questions Ashley for a moment and then Ashley wil gain the
     [ABILITY: Mad Lucied] to be used in Knight Blazer form -- it replaces Hot
     Fencer from now on, actually.
     Backtrack out. =p
    | OPTIONAL: Good Luck Zone                                             [GLZ1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Crest           |_| Texas No.    |  _                             |
    |       |_| Amulet                           | |_| Golpa       500 EXP, 1000g |
     Talk to Merrill (as Brad) in T'Bok to learn that there's a good-luck spot on
     the southereastern coast. Fly to the green dot that's shown up and you'll see
     a special key is needed to open the doors. What to do! The answer lies in the
     enemy Golpa that appears here -- steal a "Secret Key" from it! You probably
     notice they have a key in their hand on their sprite.
     Once you have one (not expendible), start opening the doors. One contains a
     [CREST], another the [TEXAS NO.] for Ashley, a third the [AMULET]. The last
     door cannot be opened by anyone who does not have the "BEST" luck status, so
     equip that Amulet on someone with "GOOD" status to boost 'em into that range.
     Approach the floating monolith to get the golden [MEDIUM: Chapapanga]. Leave
     after you've gotten it.
    | OPTIONAL: Pirate's Warren                                            [PRT1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Crest E         |_| Talisman     |
    |       |_| Elven Boots     |_| Kid Gloves   |
    |       |_| Elven Cloak     |_| Ambrosia     |
    |       |_| Power Boost                      |
     First off, it would do you right to get a bunch of Duplicators, by either 
     finding them on the world map with Kanon's radar eye or stealing them from
     the monster "Babalou" on the Meteorite Crater dungeon's isle -- southernmost
     on the world map. 
     Anyway, once you've got the wings of Lombardia, fly to the easternmost
     island, near the dark-colored patch where you've found D. Pillar Ptolomea.
     The warren's there for the taking...or at least that's what you'd think. See,
     every chest here is locked by magic and you'll need a Duplicator to get
     inside. Here's the layout:
           |  7  |        1 = [CREST E]         The "Crest E" casts the engraved
      ____ |_ _ _| ____   2 = [TALISMAN]        spell on it at half MP, so this
     |    |  | |  |    |  3 = [ELVEN BOOTS]     means you get get Hi-Heal/-Revive
     | 3  |  | |  |  6 |  4 = [KID GLOVES]      at an all-time low. The "Talisman"
     |    |  | |  |    |  5 = [ELVEN CLOAK]     restores HP each turn.
     | 2  |  | |  |  5 |  6 = [AMBROSIA]
     |    |__| |__|    |  7 = [POWER BOOST]     The "Elven Cloak" extends a cancel
     | 1   _______   4 |                        period when worn, which I guess
     |____|       |____|                        relates to Dan Diaram's guardian
                                                ability 'Move Canceler.' 
     You can't get #7 until you've gotten Ashley's last tool, the Flare Gun, in
     the penultimate dungeon, Spiral Tower. I'll remind you about coming back
     here when the time comes.
     When you get the Flare Gun, go down the middle walkway and fire the tool up
     at the dragon's-head statue. It'll open the door and you can find the last
     chest...but not before you fight a rather weak _OPTIONAL_ boss.
       BOSS: Monster Battleship Gatlorg
             Gatlorg ~ HP: 75000  EXP: 50000  GELLA: 75000  DROP: -----
         Attack ------------> No damage...
         Deadly Poison -----> Med. damage to allies (~1000) + % I. Death, poison
         Poison Bubble -----> Med. damage to ally   (~ 800) + % poison
         Bubble Cluster ----> Med. damage to allies (~1300) + % Disease
         Whole-Body Attack -> High damage to ally   (~2000)
       TIM    : Lv. 44
       BRAD   : Lv. 44
       KANON  : Lv. 44
       LILKA  : Lv. 44
       ASHLEY : Lv. 44
       MARIVEL: Lv. 43
       Equip the Full Libra (if you've already been to Glaive le Gable) on Tim
       and the Hazel Sprig on someone else. This takes care of the the Disease
       status; give Ashley the Zephyr Medium, too, 'cause he'll need to use 
       Force Charge until he can transform. It's not that imperative, but there
       is two reasons for going for a quick change. One, cartridges and regular
       attacks often miss (w/o Lock On); Two, it's weak to fire-elemental stuff
       and Gun Blaze (18000+dmg) mows this thing down like pigeon grass. Beside
       that, this guy can't really muster up any hard attacks -- use a Lucky
       Card when the chance arises. Doesn't take much to put this squidlarkin
       into a bodybag.
       Lightning attacks also work, if you want to "Shoot Item" the Thunderclap
       you've hopefully got in the Meteorite Crater.
    | 51) Raypoint Flam                                                    [RYP1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| RES Apple       |_| SOR Apple    |  _                             |
    |       |_| VIT Apple       |_| STR Apple    | |_| Gigaflame   600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_| Gimel Coin      |_| Holy Tablet  | |_| Haborym     600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_| Gauntlets       |_| Crest        | |_| Efreet     1000 EXP, 1500g |
    |       |_| Lucky Card      |_| Blue Blazer  | |_| Devonova   1000 EXP, 2000g |
    |       |_| Pulbo Calbo                      |--------------------------------o
     Why do this one first? Because it gets Lilka a new tool, which leads to a
     sidequest being finished that you'll want to do. Anyway, to find this place,
     go to the large talon-shaped island in the northeast of the world to find an
     enclosed town (Palace Village) near the raypoint, which is on the nearby
     ridge. You can find it no strings attached.
     In the first room, jump over the orange cubes to get the [TOOL: Change Rod]
     for Lilka. Use the [] button to shoot magic bullets that change gems into
     blocks and vice versa. Change the orange cubes and use the Wire Hook to get
     Follow two rooms down, to a pillar room with four floor candlesticks. Light
     the red ones with the Fire Rod and exit. See the switch down on the ledge's
     underside? Fire a Change-rod bullet across the row of gems nearest the ledge
     to make a solid block above it. Get the [RES APPLE]/[SOR APPLE]/[STR APPLE],
     and [VIT APPLE] chests nearby and get through the other row of gems to the
     opposite walkway. Hurl a knife at the gem above the switch to make the door
     open -- but don't go in yet. Instead, go up the far-off stairway which leads
     to the pillar room's bounty -- a [GIMEL COIN]. NOW, go in that ignored door.
     There are some more floor candlesticks here. To light 'em, use the Flame
     Rod on all of them, then use the Freeze Rod on the brown ones. In the next
     pillar hallway, use the Change Rod to stuff up the corridor; then, walk on
     the cubes to the [HOLY TABLET] accessory.
     Blue candlesticks adorn the next locked-door area. They flicker out after a
     time, though, so light the one high up and jump down to get the other two en
     masse. In the stairwells adjacent, change the gems into cubes, then walk to
     the [GAUNTLETS] accessory.
     Six more blue candlesticks are in this room in a circular fashion. You can't
     light two at once, so stand in the center and fire 'em off. There should be
     just enough time for you to light them all (w/o misses) to get all of them.
     At that point, they disappear and the door-in-the-floor opens. =)
     Heal up, go downstairs, and approach the...uh, thingy.
       BOSS: Spriggan Flam Knight
             Shield ~~~~~~ HP: 9000  EXP:  6000  GELLA:  6000  DROP: Mega Berry
             Flam Knight ~ HP: 9000  EXP: 12000  GELLA: 12000  DROP: Tiara
         Attack --------> No damage...
         Blade Arm -----> Med. damage to ally (~1000)
         Hi-Barrier ----> Increases DEF/MGR on target (self)
         Mirror Coat ---> Gives 'Reflect' status to self
         Caloric Nova --> HIGH mgc-fire damage to allies (~2000)
         Counterattack -> No damage...
       TIM    : Lv. 34
       BRAD   : Lv. 34
       KANON  : Lv. 34
       LILKA  : Lv. 34
       ASHLEY : Lv. 34
       MARIVEL: Lv. 34
       It's mostly easy going, but since it loves Mirror Coat, avoid using any
       offensive spells. Because of its own buffing and its nonexistant phys.
       attacks, this leaves much time to heal up. However, it would be in your
       best interest to damage both parts evenly because when the Shield's done
       with, it brings out the big guns -- Caloric Nova. Unlike incarnations a
       few previous bosses have used, this elemental baddie can bring the smite
       power so switch to Lilka and use Mystic to avoid getting deep-sixed. Use
       Access form or a Schturdark summon for an easy(er) win.
     Save and head into the next lava-filled room. Tiny fireballs jump the path
     like they were in a Mario game, so avoid 'em with ease. When you get to a
     t-junction, there are some candlesticks. Light the red ones (go NW diagonally
     for the western one) to make 'em disappear. There is a chest in the west with
     a [CREST] in it -- use Pooka to claim it.
     Heading east through the change-block passage is another lava room. Start
     lighting the red candle-holders and get the Pooka chest with a [LUCKY CARD]
     inside at the SW corner. There are three of those candlesticks, and when you
     get to one where you have to light a brown switch, you can remedy the error
     by shooting a frozen projectile diagonally (NE) at it. Then, enter in the NE!
     In the following corridor there is chest with three candlesticks around it
     (i.e. you can't get it). Light the red one down the path to open the exit
     door, then go back and get that chest for a [BLUE BLAZER]. The following room
     has a [PULBO CALBO] weapon for Lilka, which one gets by rad-blading across
     the lava. Follow the long eastern passage to a bridge.
     There are eight blue candlesticks here, and since you're familiar with the
     extent of the Fire Rod's range (~4), stand between the fourth and fifth and
     fire at the a 'ball down the two segments. You may have to adjust the screen
     a bit to view the far-off candlesticks, but it'll work out.
     Lilka meets with the raypoint's flame spirit, and after a little affirmation,
     her magic does the trick and releases the mana. This also awakens "future
     possibilities" in Lilka, giving her the [ABILITY: DualCast]! This will allow
     her to activate two crest sorcery commands consecutively, and may even make a
     new magick! :o
     And, that's all there is to do here.
     REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + buy equips in Palace Vllg!
    | 52) Raypoint Wing                                                    [RYP2] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Shellwind       |_| Fate Staff   |  _                             |
    |       |_| Moon Piece      |_| Star Piece   | |_| Gigacloud   600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_| Cloud Piece     |_| Sun Piece    | |_| Briareos    600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_|                 |_|              | |_| Typhon     1000 EXP, 1500g |
     This dungeon is floating in the air, so you'll have to keep an eye out for it
     like you did with the Heimdal Gazzo. Anyway, it's got no stealth wizardry so
     just fly west of Sylvaland Castle to find it.
     In the first actual room, use Air Ballet to twirl the walkway plank into a
     horizontal position. Next door, use Air Ballet again, then throw Pooka at the
     alcove's chest for the [TOOL: Mist Cloak]. It turns his being into mist for a
     moment and can travel through the air some. Obviously, this is useful when 
     spanning gaps, as well as passing through mesh-wire fencing. Float to the
     ledge nearby, use Air Ballet, then float back to the horizontal plank.
     Two rooms down is a long gap and a wall vent. The plaque alludes to what you
     have to do -- stand on the ledge in front of the gap and use Mist Cloak to
     blow him across. The next room's a bit different.
     There is a four-vent opening and some alcoves around it. By default, it goes
     to the east where there is a plaque you can read (Wire Hook back). Outside
     the room is a weathervane that can be spun with Air Ballet. Whichever way the
     chicken figure points, the /opposite/ direction's vent will work.
     So, make the weathervane point north and go into the southern alcove for a
     [SHELLWIND] armor. Point it east and get the west alcove's [FATE STAFF].
     Finally, make it point south and take the vent north to the door. Heal up
     and approach the northern doorway to be...SURPRISE'D...well, not really. We
     all knew this was comin'.
       BOSS: Spriggan Wing Knight
             Shield ~~~~~~ HP: 9000  EXP:  6000  GELLA:  6000  DROP: Mega Berry
             Wing Knight ~ HP: 9000  EXP: 12000  GELLA: 12000  DROP: Nisaba Wing
         Attack ---------> No damage...
         Blade Arm ------> Med. damage to ally (~800)
         Hi-Barrier -----> Increases DEF/MGR on target (self)
         Mirror Coat ----> Gives 'Reflect' status to one part
         Counterattack --> No damage...
         Spiral Typhoon -> HIGH wind damage to allies (~2000)
       TIM    : Lv. 35
       BRAD   : Lv. 35
       KANON  : Lv. 35
       LILKA  : Lv. 35
       ASHLEY : Lv. 35
       MARIVEL: Lv. 35
       Same sprite, same parts, same strategy -- you knew that much, probably.
       Again, weaken both party simultaneously (AM Cluster, etc.) because when
       the Shield's gone, it'll break out Spiral Typhoon, although maybe not
       every turn. Summon Grudiev if you want a good time here.
     Equip the Nisaba Wing on Tim and save, then go north. Stand on the vent and
     get rocketed vertically. There are five doorways around here: two left, one
     middle, and two right. Take the lower-left (SW) first.
                      ____                                ____
                     | NW |_______     ______     _______| NE |
                      ----------. |___|MIDDLE|___| .----------
                      __________| |¯¯¯¯¯¯||¯¯¯¯¯¯| |__________
                     | SW --------'              '-------- SE |
                      ¯¯¯¯                                ¯¯¯¯
      There are three vents here, a Wire-Hook moor and a button. Outside, turn
      the weathervane in any direction to turn the default vent off. Use the Mist
      Cloak to get to the button, making the rotatable plank go vertical. Return
      to the weathervane and put it at a south-facing stance. Use the vent to blow
      across to the isolated platform, then mist-cloak to the upright plank. From
      there, get to the alcove where the [MOON PIECE] item is. Fall in a hole to
      have Tim reset and leave the area for the northwestern of the five doors.
      Hit both planks to make them horizontal and use the Mist Cloak to cross near
      the door. You have to Mist-cloak to the door platform on that thin stretch
      of plank near the wall (side away from entrance). On the terrace is a nice
      chest with the [STAR PIECE] inside! Yes, that's all. Double-back to the room
      and Mist-cloak off the plank to the doorway's strip.
       You'll see a chest here on top of a stone block. What you may not have seen
       is that this room has another entrance. Go around the side of the building
       to get in from a higher vantage point. Use Air Ballet on the stone block
       and Pooka to get the [CLOUD PIECE].
      This one can throw a guy for a loop, but it has an easy solution. From the
      switch, Mist-cloak to the upright platform...then jump onto one of the li'l
      pillars beside it. Use Air Ballet to flatten the thing out. Outside, there's
      a [SUN PIECE] waiting for you.
      So why so "hard"? If you flip the plank beforehand, the switch defaults its
      position so it can be a bit of a brainbuster. With all four pieces in hand,
      set out for the middle room.
      Those four holders on the ground aren't for lighting, as you'll see when you
      inspect them. The plaque gives a vague hint as the order of the pieces, but
      if you want the shortcut (from north to south):
      Cloud -> Moon -> Sun -> Star
      The "sea of wind" is the cloud and the "stars" is the Star Piece, so the
      journey the plaque speaks of is going from nearest to farthest. Duh, right?
      Beyond is the wing raypoint and after some soul-searchin', it gets liberated
      by Tim. Hooray for him, 'cause he's got the [ABILITY: Hi-Combo] now!
      ...Don't do drugs! >=p
    | OPTIONAL: Odd Headquarters                                           [DDH2] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               |
    |       |_| Odd Sandals     |_| Scapegoat    |
    |       |_| Teddy Bear                       |
     You were here before but couldn't do anything, remember? Well, once you have
     Marivel, go downstairs and use the Electel tool on the robot...who'll then
     welcome you to the Black Market!
     o--------------------o  There's a treasure trove of good curative items here
     | BLACK MARKET WARES |  and since you opened this, you don't have to go and
     o--------------------o  Pickpocket or wait for them to be dropped! Buying 
     |                    |  all the Big Berries and Mini Carrots is a good idea
     | Heal Berry......20 |  since you'll be needing those the most.
     | Big Berry......200 |
     | ReviveFruit...2000 |  And, if you have completed both Raypoint Flam/Wing,
     | War Respite...5000 |  you can go into the back room. First, use the Change
     | Mini Carrot.....50 |  Rod on the gems and Mist-cloak through the fence up
     o--------------------o  on top of the orange cubes.
      From there, throw a diagonal Hurl Knife to hit the lower switch, opening a
      switch nearby. Mist Cloak to it to drop a treasure chest containing the
      [TEDDY BEAR] accessory, which stops luck from dropping at an inn.
      And, if you were wondering what those two duplicator chests were up on the
      B1 floor, it's an [ODD SANDALS] and [SCAPEGOAT]. Get 'em if you have the
      required items.
    | OPTIONAL: Promised Catacombs                                         [PMC1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Ebony Shade     |_| Crest        |  _                             |
    |       |_| Mecha Boost                      | |_| Agawogdent  750 EXP, 3000g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Mycale      500 EXP, 1000g |
                                                 | |_| Scarecrow   500 EXP, 1000g |
     To locate this place, have Marivel (as party leader) go to the Meria Boule
     library and look for the book that talks about a Crimson Noble Sanctuary.
     This tells of a place on an "island south of masterless castle." Where's a
     masterless castle? It must mean south of Slayheim or something, because the
     destination is located on that large island in the southwest of the world
     map. Land in the heavily forested region and run to the other side of the 
     isle for the castle.
     Use Mist Cloak to get to the dual stairway, and use the Electel tool to zap
     the lightning bolt icon on one of the stairtops. Two rooms later, open the
     chest for Marivel's second [TOOL: Windup Key]. Pressing [] throws spring
     coils out in front of you; certain blocks will have certain results. Throw
     the windup key at the smiley-face block (where have we seen one of these...?)
     to turn the rotator bridge.
     Get the [EBONY SHADE] armor for Marivel and go east. There is a darkened
     walkway here, but if you use the Windup Key on the block, it will make a path
     through the tangible part. Just follow its lead to get through, and if you
     happen to fall, the room only partially resets. When you get to the end, the
     Mist Cloak is needed. Get the [CREST] and [MECHA BOOST] chests before turning
     In the coffin-filled room, use a Duplicator on the red door to find the lost
     [MEDIUM: Dan Dairam]! Two rooms down, to the north, a scene involving Marivel
     and her parents plays. <3
     Then, it's back out.
    | OPTIONAL: Lost Garden                                                [LTG2] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Duplicator      |_| Crest        |  _                             |
    |       |_| Full Revive     |_| Mecha Boost  | |_| Gizmo        450 EXP, 900g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Chimera     1000 EXP, 200g |
                                                 | |_| Eurynome     450 EXP, 900g |
     Now that you've got Marivel's Windup Key tool, you may remember that there
     was a smiley-face block back in this dungeon (in the third room). Use it on
     said cube to open the long-locked door nearby. Inside is a [FULL REVIVE], a
     [DUPLICATOR], [CREST], and [MECHA BOOST]. Oh, and the [TOOL: My Mike] for
     Her third tool unleashes a beautiful song and forces hidden monsters to
     fight. What are hidden monsters? They're the ones that can be found in those
     twirling triangular prism things, like the one in Halmetz, Mt. Chug-Chug,
     etc. It can't be used on the field, obviously, since the [] button is already
     used for the search function.
     Anyway, leave right this instant, young man/lady!
    | OPTIONAL: Lost City Archeim                                          [LCH1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Life Orb        |_| Scapegoat    |  _                             |
    |       |_| Big Berry       |_| Big Berry    | |_| Dust Man     325 EXP, 650g |
    |       |_| Silver Circ     |_| Full Revive  | |_| Reanimator   325 EXP, 650g |
    |       |_| Ambrosia        |_| War Respite  | |_| Evil Dead    325 EXP, 650g |
     If you recall earlier (in Diablo Pillar Judecca section), I mentioned a door
     that opens with a duplicator. Well, I didn't forget about it -- just didn't
     want you to waste one opening it. :p
     Go back in that east room and open it to find some chests, crates, and a mesh
     fence. Now that you have the Mist Cloak, you can get the two items, being a
     [LIFE ORB] and [SCAPEGOAT]. Inside the crates are two [BIG BERRY]s and and
     [SILVER CIRC] for Kanon.
     If you come back here when you get the Earthquake, you can demolish the three
     chests in the northern building's west wing, getting a [FULL REVIVE], an
     [AMBROSIA], and a [WAR RESPITE]. I'll refer you back to here when that time
    | 53) Raypoint Geo                                                     [RYP3] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| War Respite     |_| War Respite  |  _                             |
    |       |_| War Respite     |_| War Respite  | |_| Gigapoison  600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_| STR Apple       |_| SOR Apple    | |_| Alligatiger 600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_| RES Apple       |_| VIT Apple    | |_| Atlas      1000 EXP, 1500g |
    |       |_| Cromwell        |_| Giant Fist   |--------------------------------o
     This location is on the island northeast of the Island Outpost; or, if you've
     not been there yet, southeast of Guild Galad. It's a big, circle-shaped isle
     so it's pretty easy to find. Land on its mount, search, enter. Accessories
     that protect against petrification are useful here.
     Enter the second room to find an open/closable barrier and a special switch
     (as the game calls it). Bomb it and Dash through the five barriers -- you're
     on the clock, with about five or six seconds to complete the run. From the
     next stairway, use Pooka to get Brad's third [TOOL: Earthquake]. Use the []
     button to send shockwaves around the room and shock the foundation, breaking
     any cracked walls or crates. Jump down the ledges to the eastern doorway.
     There are some hanging swings here, so use Earthquake to shrug their inertia
     off -- exit to the east. In the adjacent room, the southern statue's shadow
     swallows the [UPGRADE: Sky Eye] cartridge for Brad; go north when done. Here,
     blow up the crates and walk to the exit. This may appear hard to do (you are
     "timed" in your movement, in a way) but remember that you can walk diagonal
     on corners without falling to either side. So...don't bother racing against
     the explosions.
     This room's got four [WAR RESPITE]s, two on each side. Continue west into a
     room with many feeble-looking platforms. Walk as far west as you can (third
     platform) and use Earthquake to set them all sinking. Dash along to the one
     that would be the SW cornerstone and jump to the stairway. Exit south to a
     [STR APPLE], [VIT APPLE], [RES APPLE], and [SOR APPLE] room, and continue
     in that direction, stumbling upon another special switch/retractable block
     puzzle. HOWEVER, you don't want to finish it all the way, because it takes
     you back to a room you've been to already. Instead, go over the first barrier
     and use Pooka to get the [CREST], then fall in the hole to be reset by the
     doorway you came under.
     Double-back to the falling-platform room and go north. From the stairway,
     walk onto the platform it touches and use Pooka to get the [CROMWELL] armor
     for Brad. Heal and enter the northern door. I'm sure you can already tell
     what type of creampuff you'll be eating for dinner shortly...
       BOSS: Spriggan Geo Knight
             Shield ~~~~~ HP: 9000  EXP:  9000  GELLA:  9000  DROP: Mega Berry
             Geo Knight ~ HP: 9000  EXP: 12000  GELLA: 12000  DROP: Dead Heat
         Attack --------> No damage...
         Blade Arm -----> Med. damage to ally (~900)
         Gaia Crash ----> HIGH mgc-erth damage to allies (~2000)
         Hi-Barrier ----> Increases DEF/MGR on target (self)
         Mirror Coat ---> Gives 'Reflect' status to one part
         Counterattack -> No damage...
       TIM    : Lv. 36
       BRAD   : Lv. 36
       KANON  : Lv. 36
       LILKA  : Lv. 36
       ASHLEY : Lv. 36
       MARIVEL: Lv. 35
       Yes...the exact same setup as before. But, you should be so lucky. Take
       out the Shield as before while simultaneously weakening the Geo Knight,
       so that you don't fall victim to its overpowered, earth-elemental Gaia
       Crash attack. Also, offensive magicks are a no-no as Mirror Coat makes
       the damage shift to the caster. Use Fengalon to do a hi-speed ripper on
       its ugly mug...err, her ugly mug. <3
     Equip the Dead Heat on Brad and keep scootin' north, entering the eastern
     passage you find.
         |   |___     ___     ___               Yes, another stupid Earthquake
         |   |   |   |   |   |   |              mad dash you'll have to do. It's
         |___|   |___|   |___|   | <-- START    pretty easy, but the way I found
         |   |___|   |___|   |___|              is listed at left (there's a few
         | 5 |___| 3 |___| 1 |___               ways to do it). Just run straight
         |___|   |___|   |___|   |              east!
     S   |   | 4 |   | 2 |   |   |
    E+W  |   |___|   |___|   |___|    Once you get to the other side, enter the
     N   |___|                        two-pronged path nearby. There's a huge
                                      stone carving that you need to knock over.
                                      And the best way to do that: Kick Boots!
     Stomp that thing over to make a bridge...but you can't enter from your side!
     Backtrack to that first room past the save point, and take the north, which
     leads to another switch/barrier puzzle. 
     Bomb the switch and make it to the third barrier...then wait on top of it.
     This lets you get the [GIANT FIST] chest when it raises up. Fall in a hole to
     reset yourself, then bomb it again. Dash diagonally the entire way to _just_
     make it through...not much leeway for mistakes. You'll be back in the two-
     -pronged room, so use the walkway to go north.
     This leads to the raypoint and after digging up some truth, Brad releases the
     mana. Brad then gets the [ABILITY: Boost], his last force skill. It delivers
     an ARM attack that does triple the damage of a normal. 
     NOTE: Now that you have the Earthquake, you can go get the items in Lost City
           Archeim you couldn't. Refer to section LCH1 on getting every last one.
    | 54) Raypoint Muse                                                    [RYP4] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Bullet Load     |_| Chest        |  _                             |
    |       |_| Bullet Load     |_| Quick Knife  | |_| Leviathan  1000 EXP, 1500g |
    |       |_| Bullet Load     |_| Cuirass      | |_| Gigafrost   600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_| Mega Berry      |_| Mega Berry   | |_| Electrigger 600 EXP, 1200g |
    |       |_| Ambrosia        |_| Reflex       | |_| Gorbash     900 EXP, 1800g |
     This one takes a bit more effort to open. Head back to the Gate Bridge, enter
     from the Greenhell region's side, and Mist-cloak through the wire to a panel
     that controls the lifting bridge. Choose to raise it open, then raid the 
     chest beside the computer for Ashley's [UPGRADE: Blast 'Em] cartridge.
     Teleport to Meria and drive the hovercraft south around the continent, under
     the open bridge, and into the Sielje Sea. The island nearby has a [FULL
     CARROT] on it, but you want to go to the beach SW of Damzen and search the
     stones there.
     The first room has a locked door, but searching the north side of a pillar
     for a switch solves that problem. Continue onto the plus-shaped plank that
     floats in the water and enter the northern door. Stand on the stair and use
     Pooka to get the lonesome [BULLET LOAD] chest against the wall before going
     'Next room has a block configuration which is easy to maneuver around, since
     they can be pushed/pulled more than once. There's a [CREST] chest nearby,
     then exit east to a boiler room. Tighten the valve to lower the water level
     three rooms back in the plus-shaped plank room. Which, you should head to
     now, going in the next door.
     Get the [BULLET LOAD] the same way as last time, and go through the nearby
     block puzzle. Get the [QUICK KNIFE] for Kanon and lower the valve in the
     next room, then return to the plus-shaped pond-floatin' plank. Westward door
     this time!
     There is a third [BULLET LOAD] and another block-pushing puzzle. Get the
     [CUIRASS] armor for Kanon and turn the crank nearby. The pond will now have
     no water at all, and you can enter the lowest door. Save before you enter,
     'cause its the last in the four-part miscreant series... This is one girl
     you definitely SHOULD beat up. ^___^
       BOSS: Spriggan Muse Knife
             Shield ~~~~~~ HP: 9000  EXP:  6000  GELLA:  6000  DROP: Mega Berry
             Muse Knight ~ HP: 9000  EXP: 12000  GELLA: 12000  DROP: Shamir
         Attack ------------> No damage...
         Blade Arm ---------> Med. damage to ally (~850)
         Hi-Barrier --------> Increases DEF/MGR on target (self)
         Mirror Coat -------> Gives 'Reflect' status to one part
         Counterattack -----> No damage...
         Water Catastrophe -> HIGH mgc-wtr damage to allies (~2000)
       TIM    : Lv. 37
       BRAD   : Lv. 36
       KANON  : Lv. 36
       LILKA  : Lv. 37
       ASHLEY : Lv. 37
       MARIVEL: Lv. 35
       Once again, avoid using offensive spells since Mirror Coat can and will
       eventually end up sending the damage back to the executor. And, as the
       previous encounters've shown, defeating the Shield opens up its most
       powerful attack, being the Water Catastrophe. If you get into deep water
       (pun'D), switch to Lilka and mystic Big Berries. Use Mad Lucied if you
       have the attack (Access form only, remember), which can do 4000+ per
       strike and quickly even this thing out.
     Equip the Shamir on Kanon and save, then enter the doorway between the two
     stairs. It leads to our favorite bounty hunter's [TOOL: Jump Shoes], which
     lets her jump slightly higher when standing at certain locations, namely the
     circular crests you find on the ground. The statues in the room at the top
     of the stair allude to a "lonely virgin," which, if you were paying mind to
     the rooms you were in, means a statue where there's usually two.
     Return to the once-watery pond room and use the south jump shoes seal to get
     to the northern door. Enter the place where the block puzzle usually is to
     find the single statue. Near the treasure chests is a floor tile that's a
     little discolored, like it's a switch. Jump twice on it to fall through the
     Enter the watery room adjacent, and go east to the room where one has to use
     the jump shoes to get up the stairs. There are eight tiles here, as such:
           ___      ___      ___      ___
          |   |    |   |    |   |    |   |      N
          | 5 |    | 6 |    | 7 |    | 8 |    W + E
          |___|    |___|    |___|    |___|      S
           ___      ___      ___      ___
          |   |    |   |    |   |    |   |
          | 4 |    | 3 |    | 2 |    | 1 |     You enter by #1, and obviously,
          |___|    |___|    |___|    |___|     the jump shoes will be used to 
                                               break through the floor.
     Jump down on #2 to make part of the walkway connect, then get the three
     chests around via Pooka: two [MEGA BERRY]s and an [AMBROSIA]. Enter west to
     another jump pad room and get the [REFLEX] accessory, which boosts someone's
     DEF a huge amount. Use the other jump pad to get into the same "raft" room,
     just on the level with access to #5-8.
     Stomp on #6 to land by the doorway to enter a doorway with a bunch of statues
     (sixteen in fact) that can be rotated. They have to face each other, and so
     you don't have to do a bunch of trial and error, here is how they pair up:
     [01] [07] [07] [06]   You can do 'em in any order, but the same-numbered
     [01] [08] [08] [06]   statues have to be matched up. So the "[01]"s both have
     [02] [02] [04] [05]   to face each other, and so on.
     [03] [03] [04] [05]
     Beyond is the watery raypoint and after some powerful admissions, Kanon
     releases the last wellspring of mana needed for Trapezohedron. She also gets
     her last force skill, the [ABILITY: Gat Lv. 4]! It does a powerful attack on
     a target, and is needed if you want her most powerful ability, Eagle Claw.
     Answer the phone call from Irving to learn that mana increases are registered
     all over and that the attack on Kuiper Belt'll begin shortly.
     The Traphezohedron is deployed while the encroaching lifeform is in space,
     and it crashes to earth. Unfortunately, the capture ratio is too low. But,
     it is now a "being" and not a "world," so it can be physically attacked! Go,
     go belligerent ARMS! >=p
       REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + heal up in some town!
     Head for the salt flats of the Slayheim region to find the Traphezohedron's
    | 55) Trapezohedron                                                    [TRP1] |
    | ENEMY:                            | NOTES:                                  |
    |  _                                |                                         |
    | |_| Land Anemone   600 EXP, 1200g | * This is a one-time dungeon            |
    | |_| Asmodeus      1000 EXP, 2000g | * Asmodeus can inflict death to all!!!! |
     NOTE: Once you go in you cannot get out! Prepare beforehand with items, etc.!
     A trapezohedron is crystal-shaped object with trapeziums, four-sided figures
     with no parallel sides, as faces. Hard to understand? Yeah, well, there is a
     reason this is one of the most annoying, convoluted dungeons you'll face in
     a video game. 
     Here's a directional walkthrough to get through this hellhole. Not as good as
     a map, but then again, those can be awfully confusing, too. MAKE SURE YOU
     POINT THE COMPASS NORTH since that is your entire reference point -- don't
     get confused!
     01) Head northeast down to the first teleport pad
     02) Walk north as far as you can and take the western teleport pad out.
     03) Here's the route you want to take:
          []___[OUT]      Walk one space north, one space east, and one space
          ||              north again. A walkway should appear; ignore it. Walk
          || /[2]         one space north BUT DO NOT TAKE THE TELEPORT PAD. Go
          ||//| |         southwest to the "[3]" spot, where two more paths open
          [3] [1]         up, including one going north. Take that northern path
           ___| |         north and east to the warp.
          [  ___]
          | |
          |_| <-- START
     04) Save if you want to (you cannot leave, remember) and continue north.
     05) Here's the route you want to take:
                    \ \
                  ___\ \
                 / ____2]        Go north one space to "[1]" where a northern path
                / /           opens up. Ignore it and go northeast two platforms
              [1]/            to make another path open up. Ignore that, too, and
              | |             walk nothwest to the exit.
     06) Walk north to make two paths open up. Take the eastern.
     07) Walk east to find a new path and a string of gems pointing down to a pad
         below. Jump down to that pad.
     08) Trek west to make a path appear and follow it to the teleport pad.
     09) Walk north to make three paths appear. Take the northernmost.
     Whew, finally made it through that. The party will find the Kuiper Belt's
     Tip here and remark that it looks like an egg. And, whatd'yaknow, it begins
     to hatch right then and there.
       BOSS: Encroaching Parallel Universe Larva
             Mouth ~ HP: 10000  EXP:  6000  GELLA:  6000  DROP: Gimel Coin
             Larva ~ HP: 10000  EXP: 12000  GELLA: 12000  DROP: -----
         Attack --------> No damage...
         Ability Bind- -> Weak damage to ally (~300) + % of A. Block [L: Mouth]
         Mega Crusher --> Weak damage to ally (~400-600)
         Counterattack -> No damage...
         Arc en Ciel ---> % of nightmare, amnesia, downhearted, disease,
                          Ability Block
       TIM    : Lv. 38
       BRAD   : Lv. 37
       KANON  : Lv. 37
       LILKA  : Lv. 38
       ASHLEY : Lv. 38
       MARIVEL: Lv. 37
       This is one good battle to have Marivel's Status Lok in. Equip Lilka 
       with the Silver Harp to prevent Ability Block, first and foremost, and
       equip the others with confusion/disease-proof articles. Arc en Ciel 
       often misses, though, so cast Rise&Shine around when you've got the
       chance. Besides status effects (use Restore or Mystic+War Respite), the
       larva is pretty dang crappy. I've heard Mega Crusher is powerful, but
       for someone who maxed out Up P Defend, it's a piece o' crap. It's quite
       possible you don't even need to heal! Definitely use a Lucky Card if you
       have one.
     Irving radios in to tell them that the Kuiper Belt was only the "tail of the
     lizard," so to speak, and definitely not the core. The Trapezohedron'll make
     like a bomb and 'splode soon, so everyone returns to Valeria Chateau.
     Everyone rests when no new ideas are presented, and the next morning Irving
     says that monsters are appearing east of the Halmetz inlet. He sends everyone
     out to investigate this...small...small...thing... >__>
       REMINDER: Reload ammunition + fill in PSS skills + heal up in some town!
                 Investing in "Restore HP" will be useful later on!
     Teleport to Halmetz and fly Lombardia east a ways to the beach, where one
     can find the remains of the once-great Heimdal Gazzo...
    | 56) Fiery Wreckage                                                   [FRW1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Red Jacket      |_| Obelisk Gun  |  _                             |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Gel Gob      630 EXP, 700g |
                                                 | |_| Sabretooth   630 EXP, 700g |
     Use Earthquake to blow up dirt-clogged doors, then Mist Cloak to the eastern
     one. Turn on the power console here. There's a [RED JACKET] just inside the
     second room, then double-back to the outside wreckage. Ignore the lowest
     northern door (can't do anything in there) and walk around to the orange
     wingtip that's now a walkable incline. There's a gigantic door nearby.
     Jump down to the chest and get the [OBELISK GUN], exit, and re-enter from
     the second-level door again. There are three doors on the northern wall; go
     to the side-rooms and turn on the two power consoles.
     In the middle room, turn on the last two power consoles and inspect the big
     monitor. If it doesn't work, you forgot a power console somewhere. Anyway,
     a gigantic secret is revealed about an ARMS member! :o
     Back at the chateau, Irving gives the party their final mission: to go to
     the heart of Filgaia, the center of the world and where the planet's life-
     -roots are. After some meditation scenes, ARMS bands together for their last
     mission (Marivel's scene <3).
     So, where exactly is the center of the world? Why, the CENTER of the WORLD!
     It's called that for a reason, it seems. To find the last destination you'll
     need, fly due west of Valeria Chateau into the inland sea and you'll find the
     green dot atop a high, high plateau. Unfortunately, you can't get to it as
     easy as that -- follow the twisting, dark-colored gorges south to a landing
     point on the desert-colored land.
     There's a high enemy encounter rate going to there, so make sure you know
     you're ready. The treasure you can find in a dead end is a [VIPER FANG] item
     that can be used with the "Shoot Item" medium ability. When you get to the
     large central plateau, look for a tiny footpath leading up to the top. There
     you will find the Spiral Tower.
      NOTE: Try to get a Necronomicon accessory drop from the same-named enemies
            outside of the tower! This boosts SOR by 100+ points and is useful
            later on!
    | OPTIONAL: Awakening the Three High Guardians                         [THG1] |
     There's no point in doing this unless you have:
       * Stone God
       * Stone Lion
       * Stone Drago
     All of these are found in the Sacrificial Altar dungeon, so refer there on
     how to obtain them. Once you have them, though, you can make them into great
     mediums by doing some easy things. 
     * Talk to Colette in Baskar as Tim to get the [MEDIUM: Raftina]
     * Talk to Marina in Valeria Chateau [2F] to get the [MEDIUM: Zephyr]
     * Talk to Billy in T'Bok Village as Brad to get the [MEDIUM: Justine]
    | OPTIONAL: Preparations for Spiral Tower / Glaive Le Gable            [PRP1] |
     Here are various things you'll want to get/do before approaching the final
     stretch of the game.
     OBJECTIVES                                                 | CNTRL+F SECTION
     * Get the three Guardian Lords                             | THG1
     * Max out Up P/M Defend skills                             | ----
     * Holy Grail (deathproof) accessory                        | DPL3
     * Get Lilka's third force ability "Extend"                 | SLT1 -> SLT2
     * Get Ashley's third force ability "Full Clip"             | GLD2
     * Find Odd Headquarters and unlock the Black market        | DDH1 -> DDH2
     * Get Marivel, the optional sixth character, into party    | CRM1
     * Change Ashley's "Hot Fencer" ability into "Mad Lucied"   | WWF1
     * Collect various optional mediums                         | WTD1 -> TLC1 ->
                                                                | ABX1 -> SHG1 ->
                                                                | DRK1 -> MTC1 ->
                                                                | GLZ1 -> PMC1
    | 57) Spiral Tower                                                     [SPT1] |
    | ITEMS  _                   _               | ENEMY:                         |
    |       |_| Mega Berry      |_| Mega Berry   |  _                             |
    |       |_| Ambrosia        |_| Ambrosia     | |_| Balor       750 EXP, 2000g |
    |       |_| Mega Berry      |_| Mega Berry   | |_| Pabilsag    750 EXP, 2000g |
    o--------------------------------------------o |_| Sun Flayer  750 EXP, 2000g |
                                                 | |_| Mercurius   750 EXP, 2000g |
                                                 | |_| Leprechaun  750 EXP, 2000g |
                                                 | |_| Aello       750 EXP, 2000g |
                                                 | |_| Elbucky     750 EXP, 2000g |
                                                 | |_| Coatl      1000 EXP, 2500g |
     Final stretch... Yay... Equip a Holy Grail here on your healer, which should
     be Lilka since she's got Hi-Revive (HOPEFULLY!!!). Equip Ashley with the
     Blue Anklet and maybe the Reflex on the third party member.
     In the third room, use the Mist Cloak to get across the broken portion of
     the bridge. Get the [MEGA BERRY] chest on one of the dead-end stairways 'fore
     leaving. Two rooms later, is a puzzle with plaques on the wall, like so:
     |   4   |  Press them in this order:
     |1     5|
     |2     6|  1 -> 7 -> 3 -> 5 -> 6 -> 2 -> 4
     |3     7|
     |__   __|  The door will then open. So what did it all mean? The Norse gods
                refer to the days of the week, so Tiu's Day is "Tuesday," Thor's
                Day is "Thursday," etc. Kinda hard to figure out, I suppose.
     In the following room, bomb the purple crystal-ball-lookin' thing and stand
     on the switch. When the explosion happens, the barrier will recede. Do the
     same thing for the next two switches and use the Mist Cloak to get to the
     doorway. Use Pooka to get the [MEGA BERRY] before leaving.
     Alright, next room. There are three crystal-ball things and three switches.
     Set a bomb and run around the central platform to the switch straight across
     from it. Do this three times (can be a little hard) to lower the pillars to a
     Mist-cloakable height. The fourth ball/switch puzzle is in the upper SW 
     corner, where you have to set the bomb and dash to the switch -- this lowers
     the last barrier.
     The next non-stairway area has some platforms with arrows on 'em. Mist Cloak
     to the first batch and make them go apart to reach the east side (Mist Cloak
     there also). Get to the center platform and enter the antechamber adjacent,
     to find a chest containing the last [TOOL: Flare Gun] for Ashley. Back one
     room, Mist Cloak (south) off the highest edge to get near the locked door.
     Fire the Flare Gun under the door's overhang to exit.
     NOTE: Now that you have the Flare Gun, you can finish the Pirate's Warren 
           dungeon out in the real world. Refer to the "PRT1" section.
     After, there's another chamber with arrow blocks. Here's how you navigate the
     01) Enter the highest red-arrow blocks. Connect them, then go north so that
         they're split apart.
     02) Go down the stairs to the lowest red-arrow blocks. Mist Cloak to the
         other stairs that lead to highest blue-arrow blocks.
     03) Approach the nearest blue-arrow marking and Mist Cloak over it onto the
         other one, splitting them apart.
     04) Do a diagonal (NE) Mist Cloak to land on the lowest red-arrow blocks.
     05) Get back to that first stairway and back onto the highest red-arrow ones.
     06) Jump down onto the blue-arrow block that's underneath and juts towards
         the east edge, letting you Mist Cloak to that far ledge.
     ARMS should be able to get to the doorway now. >=D
     Very dark is the next room, so use the Flare Gun. There's a configuration of
     torches here (barricaded) like so:
     [X]  [LIT]  [X]   Remember the pattern 'cause it'll be used soon.
     [LIT] [X] [LIT]   Use the Flare Gun in the next dark room to find a similar
                       switch layout as before. Light all the switches and use the
     [X]  [LIT]  [X]   Freeze Rod to snuff out the corners. Make sure you do the
                       last one diagonally from the barrier (or outside it) 'cause
                       the wall rises once it's complete. Exit north when done.
     Heal up when entering the next stairwell, 'cause at the middle waits a big
     ol' thing who wants to bear hug you.
       BOSS: Saucer Organism Grodine
             Grodine ~~~ HP: 10000  EXP: 12000  GELLA: 12000  DROP: -----
             Left Claw ~ HP: 10000  EXP:  6000  GELLA:  6000  DROP: Ambrosia
         Attack ---------> No damage...
         Counterattack --> No damage...
         Giant Scissors -> Weak phys damage to ally   (~300)
         Bubble Cluster -> Weak phys damage to allies (~800) + % disease
       TIM    : Lv. 39
       BRAD   : Lv. 39
       KANON  : Lv. 39
       LILKA  : Lv. 39
       ASHLEY : Lv. 39
       MARIVEL: Lv. 39
       This mutant freak is pretty timid compared to previous baddies, using
       Bubble Cluster to inflict most of its damage...which is pathetic anyway
       and not used that much. However, when its claw's dead, it's backed into
       a corner and that's all it'll have. I've heard that Bubble Cluster can
       inflict many status effects, but the only one I got after multiple hits
       was Disease... Steal a Full Revive if you can.
     Save afterwards (you can still backtrack out of the Spiral Tower) if you
     want and continue south, down the stairs, into the next room. Inspect the
     eye crest on the door to open a fight with three Balors (regular enemies).
     They can use Evil Eye (instant death to all) and Paraysis Eye (paralysis to
     all). They're eat damage and die easily, so use Accelerator/Invincible to get
     a leg-up on 'em.
     Once that first door is destroyed, you can skip the second by using the stair
     to get on top and jump to the exit. BUT, re-enter as soon as you do that and
     use the stair system to walk across that first enemy door (respawned) to get
     the [AMBROSIA] chest on the eastern side of the room. Then, jump back to the
     Following, the maze-like area has some enemy-encounter doors like before. Use
     the crystal ball/floor switch puzzle to lower the first wall and fight a few
     Balors/Aellos. Do the same at the next northern door to find the out door.
     There's a lot more to the "trick" here, but you can simply go up the stairs
     and onto the ledge that overlooks the exit and use the Mist Cloak to get on
     the platform. A little unorthodox, but who wants to do more work?
     In the eighth or ninth room, whichever it is, there are four enemy-encounter
     doors stacked like dominos. Walk on the first one and Mist Cloak to the ledge
     so you can get to the eastern side of the room. There's an [AMBROSIA] chest
     sitting soundly. From there, Mist Cloak over the tops of the four enemy-
     -encounter doors, to the west ledge, to the fifth "door," to the next ledge,
     and finally to the exit platform. Mist Cloak to the west from there and get
     the [MEGA BERRY] chest before exiting.
     Okay, the next place is basically a warehouse for enemy-encounter doors --
     there's a lot've 'em! On the west wall, before you do anything, hit the bolt
     mark with the Electel tool to blow up a secret door on the east wall. Doing
     this also lets you see the easiest path through the doors, which is the left
     (eastmost) corridor. Enter that secret room to find the [UPGRADE: EZ Missile]
     for Brad. If you're wondering what that chest in the eastmost corridor is,
     it's a [MEGA BERRY].
     The floor below, here's how to navigate without doing anything unnecessary:
     01) Break the two enemy doors in the western passage
     02) Move to the adjacent eastern passage, destroy wall
     03) Move north, south, destroy wall there
     04) Move to easternmost passage and destroy two walls there.
     Go up the stairs and make your way to the eastern side by walking across the
     top of the doors you (hopefully) didn't fight. If you fought even one you
     weren't supposed to, you have to do the whole thing over. =(   Once at the
     eastern ledge, you can exit.
     A couple of vacant rooms later, ARMS encounters a room walled with those dang
     enemy encounter doors. You don't have to bother with any, really, but check
     out the eastern wall and break the second-from-north one to find an Electel
     symbol. Zap it from the nearby stairway to blow up a sketchy-looking door on
     the opposite wall. It leads to Ashley's last [UPGRADE: RisingNova]!
     Heal up on the stairway outside the stairbottom door and enter to find the
     welcome wagon...er, waggin'.
       BOSS: Terrible Guardian Monster Manufestu
             Manufestu --> HP: 10000  EXP: 12000  GELLA: 12000  DROP: -----
             Left Knee --> HP:  5000  EXP:  6000  GELLA:  6000  DROP: Mega Berry
             Right Knee -> HP:  5000  EXP:  6000  GELLA:  6000  DROP: Mega Berry
         Attack -------------> No damage...
         Death Parasite -----> % of instant death on ally            [L: Knees?]
         Unmodified Spell?? -> Med. mgc-dark damage to allies (~800)
       TIM    : Lv. 41
       BRAD   : Lv. 41
       KANON  : Lv. 41
       LILKA  : Lv. 41
       ASHLEY : Lv. 41
       MARIVEL: Lv. 41
       Equip the Holy Grail on Lilka if you've taken it off, since she'll be
       using Hi-Revive here. The knees are weak (lol, weak in the knees?) and
       can be taken out with pure physical attacks; when they're dead, it'll
       start using the "Unmodified Spell??" that's nothing to crow about. Use a
       Lucky Card DEFINITELY!
     Afterwards, approach the crystal ball to learn that the spiral tower leads
     down into the earth, a mirror image of the one above! It's a guarian...its
     Glaive le Gable! Yeah, the Guardian of Mud. >___>
    | 58) Glaive Le Gable                                                  [GLG1] |
    | ITEMS  _                  _               | ENEMY:                          |
    |       |_| Braver Vest    |_| Bridal Gown  |  _                              |
    |       |_| Labyrinthos    |_| Nine Lives   | |_| Will-o'-Wisp 800 EXP, 2000g |
    |       |_| Coiste Bua     |_| Full Libra   | |_| Morlock      800 EXP, 2000g |
    o-------------------------------------------o |_| Argoth       800 EXP, 2000g |
                                                | |_| Zohak       1000 EXP, 3000g |
                                                | |_| Hyperion     800 EXP, 2000g |
                                                | |_| Cyclops     1200 EXP, 5000g |
                                                | |_| Orgon Energy 800 EXP, 2000g |
                                                | |_| Choronzon   1000 EXP, 1000g |
                                                | |_| Doomsday     500 EXP, 10k g |
                                                | |_| Prometheus   800 EXP, 2000g |
     NOTE: If you want to go back to the outside world, you can -- touch the orb
           near where you start -- but you'll have to backtrack through the Spiral
           Tower. =(
                              |X|            _|_|_
          N                   |_|           \ SAVE/
          |              ___ _| |_ ___ ___   \ _ /
       W -+- E          |  _|_   _|___|_  |   |2|
          |             |_|   |_|       |_|   |_|
          S        ___ _| |_ _| |  ___ _| |_ _| |_ ___
                  | X |_   _|___| |  _|_   _|_   _| X |
                   ¯¯¯  |_|       |_|   |_|   |_|  ¯¯¯
                        | |_ ___ _| |___| |   |X| <-- ALREADY OPEN
                        |___|___|_   _|___|    ¯
                         ___ ___ _| |_ ___ ___       [LEGEND]
                        | X | 2 |_   _| 2 | X |
                         ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯  |_|  ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯        X = Treasure Door Pedestal
                                  | |                 2 = Room with two switches
                                  |_| <-- ENTER
     At the far-off save point is a room with six doors. One is already open, but
     the map "X"s truly mark the spot for treasure this time around, since they
     open doors in that save room that lead to the characters great armors. To get
     them, in the "X" rooms, turn the lone statues to face north.
     For the locked doors, there's a trick to doing 'em, at least one I've found
     a bit. If the two door pedestals are facing each other, do one twice, then
     the other one once, then repeat until they both face the door, opening it.
     The one before the save point has them facing away from the door, so you'll
     have to do trial and error until they face each other. Easy from there.
     If you open all the five doors, you can get the characters armors -- Marivel
     doesn't have a spot, though, either because she gets her armor elsewhere or
     is optional. Either way, collect the [BRAVER VEST], [BRIDAL GOWN], [COISTE
     BUA], [LABYRINTHOS], and [NINE LIVES]. The [FULL LIBRA] is an accessory that
     prevents all status abnormalities but Instant Death -- very useful,
                    NOTE: Door to the Full Libra is always open!
     Head north when you're good to go. A familiar voice speaks to the party in
     the four-door room -- it says that the roots must be stopped before the body
     can be attacked. There are three roots, so you'll have to use three party
     members to destroy them. Here's the suggested path:
     Route A = Lilka
     Route B = Brad
     Route C = Kanon
     Doesn't matter really, but getting through Lilka's first is the best way to
     do it. That means Ashley, Tim, and Marivel if you have her, will be taking on
     the body alone.
       BOSS: Encroaching Parallel Universe First Root
             First Root ~ HP: 15000  EXP: -----  GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
         Blue Riot ----------> Med. damage to ally (~ 600)
         Hyperion Inferno ---> High damage to ally (~1600)
         Galactic Explosion -> High damage to ally (~1500)
         Atmosphere Reentry -> High damage to ally (~1500)
       LILKA: Lv. 43
       As Lilka, guard until you've got enough FP for Hi-Heal. She'll probably
       go first, but use Quick if she's not. Use Hi-Break/Hi-Spark/Saber to do
       the majority of the damage (physical attacks -> don't do 'em) and heal
       when needed. Since Lilka should have 4000+ HP, this ain't too hard. The
       other incarnations use Dark Star Bow which inflicts status effects, but
       I've never seen the first one do it. >___>
    Immediately after, it's on to the next one!
       BOSS: Encroaching Parallel Universe Second Root
             Second Root ~ HP: 15000  EXP: -----  GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
         Blue Riot ----------> Med. damage to ally (~ 800)
         Dark Star Bow ------> Weak damage to ally (~ 700) + % poison, disease,
         Hyperion Inferno ---> High damage to ally (~1900)     confuse, dwnhrtd
         Galactic Explosion -> High damage to ally (~1700)
         Atmosphere Reentry -> High damage to ally (~1500)
       BRAD: Lv. 43
       Brad has good enough RES to go first. =p
       Hopefully you took my advice before Spiral Tower to buy a whole bunch of
       Big Berries from the Black Market, 'cause you can really expend a lot
       when you can't cure with FP. Equip the Odoryuk medium if you want to use
       Live Horn (cure + status restore), but guarding until he can use ARM x 2
       is a good idea. Equip him with a Hazel Sprig/Clear Chime, because both
       Disease and Confuse can be ruinous here -- you'll just have to take your
       lucky pick.  Boost + Rail Gun also works here (~7000dmg!)
    It's on to the last of the roots, now...
       BOSS: Encroaching Parallel Universe Third Root
             Third Root ~ HP: 15000  EXP: -----  GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
         Blue Riot ----------> Med. damage to ally (~ 700)
         Dark Star Bow ------> Weak damage to ally (~ 800) + % poison, disease,
         Hyperion Inferno ---> High damage to ally (~1900)     confuse, dwnhrtd
         Galactic Explosion -> High damage to ally (~1700)
         Atmosphere Reentry -> High damage to ally (~1800)
       KANON: Lv. 43
       Same thing as Brad's, except you'll have to make do with only the Hazel
       Sprig or Clear Chime -- Brad's probably got the other equipped on him,
       still. Defend until you can use her highest gatling; Gat - Arc Kick can
       do 3000 by itself, so anything higher than a Lv. 2 will do great. Plus,
       Kanon acts first, so this isn't so hard as long as the status effects
       go your way. Use Big Berries/Mega Berries to heal and build up the FP
       Gatlings...that's about all you can do.
       If you're having trouble on this, and the Raftina medium is unused, equip
       it on her and use Invincible every turn to build up FP.
     Congrats on beating the hard roots! But, it ain't over yet. As Ashley's
     party, enter the room with the six twisting pedestals, shaped like:
                        Solving this (making statues face north) is as simple
           [1] [4]      as going 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 6 -> 5 -> 4. Do it twice and
         [2]     [5]    the door will open.
           [3] [6]
       BOSS: Encroaching Parallel Universe Kuiper Core
             Kuiper Core ~ HP: 40000  EXP: 50000  GELLA: ----  DROP: -----
             L. Shoulder ~ HP: 20000  EXP: 50000  GELLA: ----  DROP:
             R. Shoulder ~ HP: 20000  EXP: 50000  GELLA: ----  DROP:
         Blue Riot ----------> Med. damage to allies (~ 700)
         Hyperion Inferno ---> High damage to allies (~1900)
         Galactic Explosion -> High damage to allies (~1800)
         Atmosphere Reentry -> High damage to allies (~1800)
         Dark Star Bow ------> Weak damage to allies (~1000) + % poison, disease
                                                                confuse, dwnhrtd
       TIM    : Lv. 43
       ASHLEY : Lv. 43     NOTE: Equip Ashley with the "Zephyr" medium!
       MARIVEL: Lv. 43
       If you followed my advice and got 99 Big Berries, the Necronomicon drop
       from the same-named enemy outside of Spira Tower, Tim's SOR should be
       through the roof and can heal 1000+ now. Give it the Dan Dairam medium
       and it can almost be 800 SOR! Equip the Full Libra on Ashley and maybe
       the Heart Leaf on Marivel. It's important that you keep status effects
       off of Tim since he's the upkeep's focal point, so use Marivel to throw
       War Respites around -- not like you'll be using them later on. If she's
       got the Status Lok ability, this ball game just became a whole lot more
       Ashley should shoot for Access immediately, and use Gun Blaze on the L.
       Shoulder to deal weakness damage -- I killed it in one hit myself. But,
       killing the arms isn't truly important, but they do let you gain a lot
       of EXP. If you kill all the parts, you can get 300,000 EXP with a Lucky
       Note that when its shoulders are dead, it starts using Dark Star Bow a
       lot and not the others; thus, there's not as much need to heal. Switch
       the Full Libra to Tim so he doesn't get mucked up with Disease/Confuse/
       etcetera. Do it before Ashley's in Overknight Blazer form or it can't
       be removed!
       If you equipped the Dan Dairam medium on Tim, and want to buy some time
       for healing and such, use the Hi-Combo "System Chronos" to give him 
       three free turns where he can heal up everyone -- only Tim will get the
       turns, so use this if you have enough FP! Use a Mini Carrot on the 3rd
       so that he can use First Aid, though! If you manage to get 100 FP 'fore
       third turn, you can use it again! Nice strategy if you want some extra
       time for party upkeep.
     But, this ain't over yet, sadly. There's still one matter that has to go and
     be resolved before this carnage can finally be allayed.
       BOSS: Blaze of Disaster Lord Blazer
             Lord Blazer ~ HP: 200,000  EXP: -----  GELLA: -----  DROP: -----
         Attack -------------> No damage...
         Negative Flare -----> High damage to Ashley (~1500) + Dispel effect
         Vermilion Disaster -> High damage to Ashley (~1500)
       ASHLEY: Lv. 45
       The object here is to use Impulse on the enemy. Since it uses "the power
       of friends," you'll see various scenes after using the skill. It inflicts
       9999+ damage most of the time. Use Big/Mega Berries to heal if you need
       to, or use BladeHeal [50FP]. If you followed my advice and equipped him
       with the Zephyr medium, he'll be able to use "Force Charge" and gain 25
       FP all at once. After using Impulse six times, the seventh time will do
       99999 damage and win the battle. Congrats, that's the last boss in the
     Enjoy the ending scenes 'cause you've earned 'em, folks. <3
              _________          _______    _______  _        ______   _
              \__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ ( )
                 ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )| |
                 | |   | (___) || (__      | (__    |   \ | || |   ) || |
                 | |   |  ___  ||  __)     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | || |
                 | |   | (   ) || (        | (      | | \   || |   ) |(_)
                 | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  ) _
                 )_(   |/     \|(_______/  (_______/|/    )_)(______/ (_)
    06) LISTS                                                                [LST1]
    [- SHOP LIST -] ~~~ [SHP1]
     01) Town of Meria
     02) ARMS Quartermaster (V. Chateau)
     03) Damzen City
     04) Halmetz
     05) Holst
     06) Ye Secret Ring Shoppe (V. Chateau)
     07) Baskar
     08) Sielje Region
     09) Quartly
     10) Guild Galad
     11) Palace Village
     12) Black Market
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-          =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    01) Town of Meria                         02) ARMS Quartermaster (V. Chateau)
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-          =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    ITEM SHOP                                 ITEM SHOP
    Antidote           20                     Antidote           20
    Medicine           20                     Medicine           20
    Rhino Shot        110                     Violet Rose        20
    Hammer Fist       120                     Pixie Dust         20
    Flumrella          90                     Pinwheel           20
    Hard Jumper        90                     Toy Hammer         20
    Ti Plate          100                     Softener           20
    Mage Robe          80                     Peppy Acorn        20
    TeleportGem       100                     TeleportGem       100
    03) Damzen City
    ITEM SHOP                                 WEAPON SHOP
    Antidote           20                     Riot Ram          500
    Medicine           20                     Flak Jacket       450
    Violet Rose        20                     PixyParasol       400
    Pixie Dust         20                     Mist Blazer       300
    Pinwheel           20                     Punch Drunk       600
    Toy Hammer         20                     Travel Vest       500
    Softener           20
    Peppy Acorn        20
    TeleportGem       100
    04) Halmetz
    ITEM SHOP                                 WEAPON SHOP
    Antidote           20                     Greyhound        1450
    Medicine           20                     Sunshade         1200
    Violet Rose        20                     Knuckle Arm      1600
    Pixie Dust         20
    Pinwheel           20
    Toy Hammer         20
    Softener           20
    Peppy Acorn        20
    TeleportGem       100
    05) Holst
    ITEM SHOP                                 WEAPON SHOP
    Antidote           20                     Ti Jacket        1300
    Medicine           20                     Purple Vest      1000
    Violet Rose        20                     Camo Vest        1400
    Pixie Dust         20
    Pinwheel           20
    Toy Hammer         20
    Softener           20
    Peppy Acorn        20
    TeleportGem       100
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=      =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    06) Ye Secret Ring Shoppe (V Chateau)      07) Baskar
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=      =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    Earth Ring      12000                      Antidote           20
    Water Ring      12000                      Medicine           20
    Fire Ring       12000                      Violet Rose        20
    Wind Ring       12000                      Pixie Dust         20
    Thor Ring       12000                      Pinwheel           20
    Light Ring      12000                      Toy Hammer         20
    Dark Ring       12000                      Softener           20
    Ice Ring        12000                      Peppy Acorn        20
                                               TeleportGem       100
    08) Sielje Region
    ITEM SHOP                                 WEAPON SHOP
    Antidote           20                     Raid Blast       3100
    Medicine           20                     Chain Mail       3000
    Violet Rose        20                     Gay Parasol      2500
    Pixie Dust         20                     Silky Robe       2100
    Pinwheel           20                     Crisis Arm       3500
    Toy Hammer         20                     Metal Plate      3200
    Softener           20                     Dream Wand       2300
    Peppy Acorn        20                     Sand Poncho      2000
    TeleportGem       100
    09) Quartly
    ITEM SHOP                                 WEAPON SHOP
    Antidote           20                     Dual Shot        4200
    Medicine           20                     Full Metal       4000
    Violet Rose        20                     Elf Parasol      3900
    Pixie Dust         20                     Shield Cape      3500
    Pinwheel           20                     Mirage Hand      4600
    Toy Hammer         20                     Ferdinand        4500
    Softener           20                     Rune Staff       3600
    Peppy Acorn        20                     Cute Bolero      3300
    TeleportGem       100
    10) Guild Galad
    ITEM SHOP                                 WEAPON SHOP
    Antidote           20                     SniperShark      5500
    Medicine           20                     Bounty Gard      5300
    Violet Rose        20                     Geranium         4800
    Pixie Dust         20                     Maygas Robe      4200
    Pinwheel           20                     Magic Wand       4500
    Toy Hammer         20                     Sun Poncho       4300
    Softener           20                     
    Peppy Acorn        20                     
    TeleportGem       100
    11) Palace Village
    To find this country town, finish the Sleeping Volcano dungeon (Disc 2) and
    fly to the large talon-shaped island in the northeast of the world map. Search
    the green plain for the village. 
    ITEM SHOP                                 WEAPON SHOP
    Antidote           20                     Sonic Burst      6800
    Medicine           20                     Cloth Coat       7200
    Violet Rose        20                     Bow Parasol      6200
    Pixie Dust         20                     Shiny Cape       6800
    Pinwheel           20                     100 Knuckle      6300
    Toy Hammer         20                     Breastplate      7200
    Softener           20                     Holy Staff       7500
    Peppy Acorn        20                     Safe Bolero      6800
    TeleportGem       100                     Bright Edge      8000
                                              White Chest      6500
    12) Black Market
    Heal Berry         20        To find the Black Market's shop, locate the Odd
    Big Berry         200        Headquarters near Damzen City. Then, get Marivel
    ReviveFruit      2000        at Crimson Castle (Disc 2 Only). She joins up w/
    War Respite      5000        an Electel tool to power the robot downstairs in
    Mini Carrot        50        the headquarters. It'll move to reveal the shop.
    [- EQUIPMENT LIST -] ~~~ [EQP1]
     Anything marked with an asterisk (*) raises MGR by 100.
     | WEAPON NAME         |  ATK | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Longhorn            |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Rhino Shot          |   03 | Town of Meria                      |    110   |
     | Riot Ram            |   08 | Damzen City                        |    500   |
     | Greyhound           |   15 | Halmetz                            |   1450   |
     | Raid Blast          |   24 | Seilje Region                      |   3100   |
     | Dual Shot           |   35 | Quartly                            |   4200   |
     | SniperShark         |   48 | Guild Galad                        |   5500   |
     | D Bison             |   63 | Coffin of 100 Eyes                 | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Sonic Burst         |   80 | Palace Village                     |   6800   |
     | Obelisk Gun         |  120 | Fiery Wreckage                     | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | ARMOR NAME          |  DEF | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Jean Jacket         |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Hard Jumper         |   02 | Town of Meria                      |     90   |
     | Flak Jacket         |   06 | Damzen City                        |    450   |
     | Ti Jacket           |   12 | Holst                              |   1300   |
     | Chain Mail          |   19 | Sielje Region                      |   3000   |
     | Full Metal          |   27 | Quartly                            |   4000   |
     | Bounty Gard         |   36 | Guild Galad                        |   5300   |
     | Trench Coat         |   46 | Coffin of 100 Eyes                 | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Cloth Coat          |   57 | Palace Village                     |   7200   |
     | Red Jacket          |   82 | Fiery Wreckage                     | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Nine Lives*         |  180 | Glaive Le Gable                    | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | HEADGEAR NAME       |  DEF | DUNGEON LOCATION                   | PURCHASE |
     | Cowboy Hat          |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | 10-Gal Hat          |   05 | Barrel in Town of Meria house      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Red Cap             |   11 | Chest in Sylvaland Castle          | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Migrant Hat         |   18 | Mt. Chug-Chug                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Lone Wolf           |   27 | Slayheim Castle                    | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Sunbird Hat         |   37 | Sacrificial Altar                  | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Texas No.           |   59 | Good Luck Zone                     | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | WEAPON NAME         |  ATK | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Iron Fist           |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Hammer Fist         |   03 | Town of Meria                      |    120   |
     | Punch Drunk         |   09 | Damzen City                        |    600   |
     | Knuckle Arm         |   18 | Halmetz                            |   1600   |
     | Crisis Arm          |   28 | Sielje Region                      |   3500   |
     | Mirage Hand         |   42 | Quartly                            |   4600   |
     | Uppercut            |   96 | Won by defeating "FakeBrad"        | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | 100 Knuckle         |  118 | Palace Village                     |   6300   |
     | Giant Fist          |  144 | Raypoint Geo                       | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | ARMOR NAME          |  DEF | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Army Vest           |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Ti Plate            |   03 | Town of Meria                      |    100   |
     | Travel Vest         |   07 | Damzen City                        |    500   |
     | Camo Vest           |   15 | Holst                              |   1400   |
     | Metal Plate         |   23 | Sielje Region                      |   3200   |
     | Ferdinand           |   33 | Quartly                            |   4500   |
     | Best Vest           |   69 | Boss in Diablo Pillar Ptolomea     | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Breastplate         |   83 | Palace Village                     |   7200   |
     | Cromwell            |   99 | Raypoint Geo                       | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Braver Vest*        |  216 | Glaive Le Gable                    | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | HEADGEAR NAME       |  DEF | DUNGEON LOCATION                   | PURCHASE |
     | Bandanna            |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Head Gear           |   06 | Mt. Chug-Chug                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Hard Gear           |   13 | Baskar Village                     | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Plus Band           |   20 | Slayheim Castle                    | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Hyper Gear          |   43 | Sacrificial Altar                  | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Dead Heat           |   69 | Boss at Raypoint Geo               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | WEAPON NAME         |  ATK | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Mumbrella           |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Flumrella           |   02 | Town of Meria                      |     90   |
     | PixyParasol         |   05 | Damzen City                        |    400   |
     | Sunshade            |   10 | Halmetz                            |   1200   |
     | Gay Parasol         |   16 | Sielje Region                      |   2500   |
     | Elf Parasol         |   25 | Quartly                            |   3900   |
     | Geranium            |   33 | Guild Galad                        |   4800   |
     | Dumbrella           |   44 | Coffin of 100 Eyes                 | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Bow Parasol         |   56 | Palace Village                     |   6200   |
     | Pulbo Calbo         |   84 | Raypoint Flam                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Breeze Cape         |  ~~~ |  ~~~ | Initial equip               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Mage Robe           |   01 |   03 | Town of Meria               |     80   |
     | Mist Blazer         |   04 |   05 | Damzen City                 |    300   |
     | Purple Vest         |   08 |   08 | Holst                       |   1000   |
     | Silky Robe          |   13 |   11 | Sielje Region               |   2100   |
     | Shield Cape         |   19 |   12 | Quartly                     |   3500   |
     | Maygas Robe         |   25 |   14 | Guild Galad                 |   4200   |
     | Azure Vest          |   32 |   18 | Boss @ D. Pillar Antenora   | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Shiny Cape          |   40 |   21 | Palace Village              |   6800   |
     | Blue Blazer         |   57 |   29 | Raypoint Flam               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Bridal Gown         |  126 |  200 | Glaive Le Gable             | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | HEADGEAR NAME       |  DEF | DUNGEON LOCATION                   | PURCHASE |
     | Hairband            |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Cute Ribbon         |   03 | Illsveil Prison Island             | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Barrette            |   07 | Raline Observatory                 | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Serenade            |   11 | Sielje Region (behind the college) | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Blue Ribbon         |   17 | Closed Mine Shaft                  | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Moon Pin            |   24 | Sleeping Volcano                   | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Tiara               |   39 | Boss at Raypoint Flam              | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | WEAPON NAME         |  ATK | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Magic Staff         |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Dream Wand          |   05 | Sielje Region                      |   2300   |
     | Rune Staff          |   13 | Quartly                            |   3600   |
     | Magic Wand          |   22 | Guild Galad                        |   4500   |
     | Crest Wand          |   34 | Coffin of 100 Eyes                 | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Holy Staff          |   45 | Palace Village                     |   7500   |
     | Fate Staff          |   73 | Raypoint Wing                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Chic Poncho         |  ~~~ |  ~~~ | Initial equip               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Sand Poncho         |   05 |   04 | Sielje Region               |   2000   |
     | Cute Bolero         |   11 |   07 | Quartly                     |   3300   |
     | Sun Poncho          |   17 |   11 | Sun Poncho                  |   4300   |
     | Blue Wind           |   24 |   18 | Boss at Diablo Pillar Caina | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Safe Bolero         |   32 |   25 | Palace Village              |   6800   |
     | Shellwind           |   49 |   41 | Raypoint Wing               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Labyrinthos         |  118 |  121 | Glaive Le Gable             | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | HEADGEAR NAME       |  DEF | DUNGEON LOCATION                   | PURCHASE |
     | White Plume         |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Eagle Quill         |   05 | Sielje Region (behind the college) | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Lucky Comb          |   12 | Urartu Station (Guild Galad side)  | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Mir Feather         |   19 | Sacrificial Altar                  | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Nisaba Wing         |   34 | Boss at Raypoint Wing              | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | WEAPON NAME         |  ATK | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Baserade            |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Main Gauche         |   23 | Grotto of Lourdes                  | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Bright Edge         |   37 | Palace Village                     |   8000   |
     | Quick Knife         |   52 | Raypoint Muse                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Breast Mail         |  ~~~ |  ~~~ | Initial equip               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Lamellar            |   19 |  ~~~ | Boss @ D. Pillar Judecca    | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | White Chest         |   30 |  ~~~ | Palace Village              |   6500   |
     | Cuirass             |   42 |  ~~~ | Raypoint Muse               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Coiste Bua          |  130 |   90 | Glaive Le Gable             | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | HEADGEAR NAME       |  DEF | DUNGEON LOCATION                   | PURCHASE |
     | Circlet             |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Silver Circ         |   09 | Lost City Archeim                  | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Shamir              |   29 | Boss at Raypoint Muse              | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | WEAPON NAME         |  ATK | SHOP LOCATION / DUNGEON            | PURCHASE |
     | Hob & Nob           |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Black Cape          |  ~~~ |  ~~~ | Initial equip               | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Ebony Shade         |   12 |   04 | Promised Catacombs          | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Bloody Cape         |   47 |   20 | Thunder Lion Cage           | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | HEADGEAR NAME       |  DEF | DUNGEON LOCATION                   | PURCHASE |
     | Goggles             |  ~~~ | Initial equip                      | ~~~~~~~~ |
     | Mad Goggles         |   26 | Defeat Mt. Chug-Chug Optional Boss | ~~~~~~~~ |
    [- HIDDEN BOSSES -] --- [HBS1]
     Here is what you should have before taking these behemoths on:
     * Restore HP
     * Up P Defend
     * Up M Defend
     * 99 Mini Carrots (buy at Black Market)
     * The Life Orb (get in Lost City Archeim)
       BOSSES: Vortex Monster Brothers Zyclus & Zetrim
               Zyclus ~ HP: 60000  EXP: 50000  GELLA: 75000  DROP: Mad Goggles
               Zetrim ~ HP: 50000  EXP: 50000  GELLA: 75000  DROP: -----
       [ZET] Attack -----------> No damage
       [ZYC] Attack -----------> No damage
       [ZYC] Red Gilas --------> Fire-elem damage to allies (~1700)
       [ZYC] Gilas Spin -------> Watr-elem damage to allies (~1500)
       [ZET] Gilas Spin -------> Watr-elem damage to allies (~1200)
       [ZET] Black Gilas ------> Dark-elem damage to allies (~1200)
       [ZET] 39,000 Tons ------> Weak damage to ally        (~ 400)
       [ZYC] 40,000 Tons ------> Weak damage to ally        (~ 600)
       [ZYC] Counterattack ----> No damage...
       [ZYC] Blood Brothers ---> Restore HP on one enemy    (~2000)
       [ZYC] Whitewater Slash -> HIGH water damag to allies (~2400)
       [ZET] Whitewater Slash -> HIGH water damag to allies (~3000)
       TIM    : Lv. 46            LOCATED: Mt. Chug-Chug
       BRAD   : Lv. 45
       KANON  : Lv. 46
       LILKA  : Lv. 46
       ASHLEY : Lv. 46
       MARIVEL: Lv. 45
       It's suggested that Lilka take Tim's spot here, so she can Mystic the
       Life Orb and fully-heal everyone. Give her the Dan Dairam medium and
       the Necronomicon, and use Mystic each turn. When Ashley gets into the
       Overknight Blazer form, have him use Gun Blaze on Zyclus until the guy
       is dead. If you manage to get Zyclus out of the way, Zetrim will be a
       cinch -- all his moves are substandard except for Whitewater Slash. 
       Since the turn order may be a bit messed up, max out the Restore HP
       skill so you can withstand some of the tougher attacks. Have the third
       character you're using feed Lilka Mini Carrots (buy in Black Market)
       for an easier time. Don't let her FP go below 25!!!!!!   Use a Lucky
       Card when they're dead and revel in your own awesomeness.
    07) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]
     Here's where some common questions come up. If you think I've forgotten some
     that are crucial and more common than these, write in and I'll put 'em in.
    [Q] - Where can I get more Duplicators?
    [A] - Steal them from "Babalou" on the southernmost island, where you can also
          find the Meteorite Crater.
    [Q] - What's up with this book written in an ancient language?
    [A] - Make Marivel the party leader and you'll be able to read it.
    [Q] - Are there any never-dying monsters? I wanna learn Eagle Claw pronto.
    [A] - Yeah, I can think of two at least. Agion enemies (look like pots) that
          show up around the Spiral Tower summon Agion Yellow/Red/Blue enemies
          into battle, and the Doomsday monster in Glaive le Gable uses Elixir to
          heal itself completely. They're good punching bags...if you want to 
          wait that long. Equipping Kanon's worst weapon helps with the battle's
          longevity, too.
    [Q] - What's the difference between Single/Group/All attacks?
    [A] - A single-affecting skill only works on one target, while an hit-all one
          hits every enemy or ally (sometimes both!). Attacks affecting a group
          mainly apply to ally attacks used on enemies, since they can appear in
          certain groups. How do you know if they're in a group? Because when you
          select one to attack, it will look like (example):
            Man Trap  [A][B]
            Man Trap  [C]
          There are two groups -- one of A/B, the other of just C. Such attacks
          only hit certain enemies based on their position.
    [Q] - Why does Marivel know Ashley when he doesn't know her?
    [A] - It's a little confusing, but this is my take on her placement.
          The Memory Maze is composed of Anastasia's thoughts and will, apparently,
          but those who have strong feelings for the outside world can leave.
          Ashley left, Lucied left (although he is a guardian), and Marivel left as
          well, it seems. What strong feelings would she have? The Blaze of
          Disaster wiped out her race for the most part and her parents as well
          (not too sure on this), as the events at Promised Catacombs suggest.
          There's also the book in Meria Boule with a CN author that confirms the
          race was wiped out at this time, and that writer seems to be Marivel's
          parents -- the book certainly dates back aways.
          Anyway, her strong feelings allowed her to get to the real world and
          "rest" up for that time when she'd fight with Ashley. If I had to take a
          guess, after the Memory Maze, she returned to her own time while Ashley
          returned to his, thus why she remembers this and Ashley doesn't --
          Marivel existed before he was born. The opening of the game where the
          comet seems to be a harbinger of disaster could just be that very "sign."
    [Q] - Okay, where do I get Status Lok? I can't find that bloody Skid Lancer?
    [A] - This is probably the hardest Red Power to find. In the sea south of
          Sielje, you'll find patches of water that are dark brown. Search around
          there, and you'll find one eventually. It takes a while.
    [Q] - What is the best way to level?
    [A] - First, you need to have Tim's 3rd Level Force Skill, Divide. It's also
          suggestible that you have Marivel's Status Lok ability, as what you're
          about to face has a nasty habit of inflicting negative statuses. Finally,
          I'd suggest you take some Lucky Cards with you (you can steal them from a
          monster named Melchom in the valley between the Gate Bridge and
          Greenhell). Now that that's taken care of, go to the Withered Ruins,
          Ashley's first dungeon, south of Meria Boule. Find an enemy named
          Gagison (Marivel's My Mike Tool is wonderful for this) and immediately
          use Status Lok on the three members you want fighting this thing. Once
          that's done, switch Tim in (unless he's already Lok'd) and use Divide.
          Use a Lucky Card and kill this thing (it'll take a few minutes). Once
          that's done, you'll get 30,000 Exp. and 50,000 Gella, 60,000 Exp. and
          100,000 Gella with a Lucky Card! That's the best method, so get started!
    [Q] - What are the best PS Skills?
    [A] - ALWAYS go for HP Up in the first 9 levels. This can help the mages
          actually survive something, and make Brad a complete tank. After that, I
          usually go for Hp Restore #1 (never go for #2), but that's me. After HP
          Up, it's really up to you. Just a word of advice, never, and I mean
          never, go for the Status Resistance Skills. Against normal monsters they
          work, but it's bosses that inflict statuses, and these just plain suck
          against them.
    [Q] - What good is 'LUCK'?
    [A] - LUCK actually affects a lot of things. First and foremost, stealing.
          Characters with best LUCK will almost always steal. Second, Marivel's
          Skill Drain. If she was less than Good, it'll take a while to get the
          skill you want. It also probably affects the PS Skills Counterattack and
          Critical Attack, increasing the chances of activating them.
    [Q] - Is Vash in this game?!
    [A] - In Marina's room, there's supposed to be a picture that looks a lot like
          Vash the Stampede. Some say it's Vash, others say it's just a woman in a
          red dress. In all honesty, if you think Vash makes a very minor cameo,
          then Vash makes a very minor cameo. It's up to you.
    [Q] - How should I upgrade the ARMS?
    [A] - First off, realize that each ARM can only be upgraded to Lv. 10, and it
          starts at Lv. 1. That's right, only 9 upgrades per ARM, and it can't be
          taken back. This, and a few other reasons, are why ARMS, well, to be
          honest, aren't that useful in this game. However, if you're set on using
          Brad, and don't want to rely on Access, each character follows a simple
          rule for ARM upgrades.
          Ashley's ARMS are somewhat innaccurate, which means for them to be
          effective, you have to pump up the accuracy a little bit, maybe 2-3
          levels. 4 at most. Spend everything else on attack, as bullets aren't a
          real issue for him, except for maybe Rising Nova, and even the three you
          start with is fine.
          Brad has Lock On, so you should NEVER spend money on accuracy. In fact,
          your best bet is to pump up the attack as high as you can on every ARM.
          Get 2-3 more bullets for Rail Gun, however, as it only starts with one,
          and it is a very powerful ARM.
    [Q] - Is Brad gay?
    [A] - Okay, so this isn't how most people react, but it got your attention,
          right? Simply put, Brad is not gay. Looking at his conversation with
          Billy whilst getting Justine may make that idea spark in your head, but
          that's a spark you should ignore. I don't think that there's enough there
          to really support everything. And before you people throw Wikipedia at
          me, keep in mind that I've already seen that entry, and consider it
          exaggerated (very exaggerated) crap.
          Now yes, in the Japanese version, there actually is a gay character.
          Cocytus Member Caina was originally male, but was changed to female
          during its trip over to America.
    [Q] - Where are the Pyramid bosses?
    [A] - This list was compiled by Becca (muchas gracias!) in alphabetical order.
          This is NOT in reccomended fighting order, especially since Angolmois is
          one of the hardest bosses in the game.
          - Angolmois (located at Golgotha Prison)
          - Kobold King (located at Closed Mine)
          - Ragu O'Ragula (located at Aguel Mine)
          - Titanus (located at Halmetz)
          - Xenon (located at Slayheim Castle)
          - Zavorg (located at Meteorite Crater)
          - Zolinge (located at Wind Tiger's Den)
          - Zyclus and Zetrim (located at Mount. Chug Chug)
    08) THANKS / CONTRIBUTORS / THE AWESOME BUNCH                            [TCW1]
    ~ Many aspects of this guide I asked for feedback on, and the GameFAQs WA2
      board was of great help with their answers. Some of their tips are featured
      in the appropriate section, but I'll name 'em here, too. Thanks to these
      cats for their sweet contributions:
           * Horith                 * Becca              * VeghEsther
           * Random_Person06        * Black_Zero_X       * Artema Dragon
    ~ Natwaf_akidna, for finding an unlisted monster in Millennium Puzzle 1
    ~ Tom Jerry, for Vortex Cut correction
    ~ Rosenistheman, for the location of the Duplicators in Grotto of Lourdes.
    ~ christoph771, for a Belleclaire tip
    ~ Kevin Noum, compass correction @ Raypoint Geo
    ~ Tom Jerry, for missing Thunder Lion Cage Marivel items
    ~ buggr, for a puzzle correction at D.P. Antenora
    ~ ShinAkuma777, for Galieon's EXP/G rates
    ~ LoveSheep, for Escdown info
    ~ Master_Faust for Reject All Fools info + miscellaneous corrections
    ~ S.G. Fernández, for Raypoint Wing correction
    ~ Jean-Daniel Lyna, for correction at Aguel Mine Shaft
    ~ To any readers who put up with me, my sayings, and huge table of contents <3
    09) UPDATES                                                              [UTD1]
    02-05-07 ---------------------------+ Added to GameFAQs
                                        + Walkthrough 100% done
                                        + Some optional sidequests / bosses done
    02-06-07 ---------------------------+ Added Marivel + some skills to section
                                        + Added equipment list (~90% done)
    02-20-07 ---------------------------+ Error corrections, thanks to VeghEsther
    04-12-07 ---------------------------+ Updated Jasoul portion
    12-15-07 ---------------------------+ Updated Millennium Puzzle 1 section
    04-22-08 ---------------------------+ Updated Grotto of Lourdes section
    05-25-08 ---------------------------+ Updated Aguel Mine Shaft
    10) LEGALITY                                                             [LGL1]
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    author (P. Summers). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit,
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