Is the translation really that bad?

  1. I really liked the first game. it actually was my first jrpg that i have ever beaten (did it last year). i really want to play this one but i see a lot of people calling this game localization the worst. as a sidenote: i actually really liked the translation for the first game Flojera-kun2003 - 7 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Well it most certainly isn't the best translation out there but seen far worse on PSP games, even had the wrong character imge with dialogue on at least one.

    May need to re-read a few a line here or there but reaaly not that bad.

    Would also recommend rest of series (PS2) and definately play Altercode-F (original remake) as the additional permanent party characters Calamity, Emma and Jed make playing the game a whole new experience once you can recruit them.
    GerinTheFox - 7 months ago - report 1   1
  2. Thank you so much dude. wild arms 1 is the reason why i fell in love with jrpgs and seeing people call the second game translation the worst. make me kinda depressed. thanks for answering. have a good one Flojera-kun2003 - 7 months ago - report
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