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Reviewed: 11/09/02 | Updated: 11/09/02

The cream of extreme

Let me clear one thing up before we begin, any wrestling fan can step up for this one not just ECW fans, and if you for one moment think the game is out dated or old hat just because Mr McMahon and his WWE (or WWF as they were back then) put Paul Heyman’s ECW out of business at the Survivors Series – wrong partner! ECW Anarchy Rulz features many current WWE grappling greats such as RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Spike Dudley, Justin Credible, Tajiri, Rhyno, Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn and Paul Heyman in their original ECW styles. The game has a comprehensive set of career modes, create a wrestler, pay-per-view and stable, as well as a wealth of other options.

The developers of the game, Acclaim have made many a grand grappler and are responsible for all the wrestling games we’ve played on in the past including WWF The Arcade Game, In Your House, Warzone and Attitude as well as ECW hardcore Revolution, so they have much experience. Anarchy Rulz is similar to the latter games on the list, although the roster, matches, music (Dope and One Minute Silence) and commentary have been updated.

As mentioned the match options are plentiful featuring some matches never seen in WWF, and some currently used as gimmick matches in the WWE such as:
Tag, Tornado, Singles, 2 on 1, 3 on 1, Battle Royal, 8 Man Tag, Three and Four Way Dances, Survivors Series, Table, Cage, Iron Man, First Blood, Finisher Only, 2 out of 3 Falls, Rage in a Cage, Dumpster, Brimstone, Hate (15 on 1), Backlot Brawl, Death Match, Street Fight, Barbed Wire Ropes, Lumberjack, Stable Match, Team Rumble and I Quit.

As well as all that the ECW Heavyweight, TV, Stable and Toughman titles can be earned in the unbelievably extensive career modes. Team up or against a mate in singles, tag or stable careers, or get to the top and beat the cream of extreme on your own! Win you matches that can range from a good old fashioned wrestling bout to an all out extreme blood feast inside rage in a cage!

You can create your own stable of wrestlers, pay-per-view event, arena, ring and even create your own grappler! Give him or her move set, music, personality and appearance down to the very last detail. Or listen to you favourite ECW themes and read up on the stats of your heroes (even your creations) in the bio room.

The gameplay is certainly much slower than the Recent WWF and WWE
Smack Down! games, but is much more realistic and rewarding with more complex button combos and rewarding game play. The game also features good commentary, blood (can be dis-enabled) and weapons which can decimate –and the wrestlers actually realistically stay down for a long time, allowing you to climb a fence or cage, plan your next devastating manoeuvre or position you foe correctly ready to drive them through a table! Unlike other SmackDown! games where your opposition get up after 6 seconds now matter what you do to them.

Graphics 7 – Very close look alkies if their real life counterparts, these rugged wrestlers look good, although the crowd isn’t so good, you can read their signs and they move well. Arenas and weapons look good too.

Gameplay 10 – Rewarding and so realistic – annoyed with anyone? Put them against you in a death match and main them, or maybe a 3 on 1 match, or better a 15 on 1 hate match! So rewarding and fun to play.

Life Span 10 – Still playing on it today (although I have a PS2). So much to unlock and so many options, this game will simply never run out. Career and creation and the fact that is so fun to play will keep it going forever.

Sound 8- Featuring Dope and One Minute Silence. The wrestlers voice-overs are brilliant and set the scene for the bout.

Overall 10 – The fist 10 I have awarded, ever. Simply superb and will never be bettered. I recommend you immediate purchase Sir, as you will never look back. Blows any SmackDown game out of the water, this is extreme!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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