Review by DragonKnight007

Reviewed: 11/06/02 | Updated: 11/06/02

A game that got me disappointed..

Gameplay - 8

The gameplay in this game was ok there were lots of moves and more match types. They added a lot more characters in this one, than ECW Hardcore Revolution. The music was pretty good to by Dope and One Minute Silence.

Graphics - 6

The graphics in this game were mediocre they did not even try that hard on the audience but the faces look pretty accurate in this game. The moves were more detailed too.

Story - 4

There basically wasn't a story at all in Season Mode. All you did was go around wrestling people in handicap matches just to get a title. There were 3 titles to claim in this mode,TV,Tag Team, and ECW Titles. The match types depended on what title you were going after which you first have to go through TV title mode then go to the ECW Title mode.

Replay Value - 3

This game got on my nerves with the 15 handicap matches you have in ECW Title mode(not exaggerating). The wrestling mode was distracting when the crowd boos you and yells..which is difficult to concentrate on your match.

Control - 5

This may sound weird but what were they thinking when they made this game? When a computer hits your character they have you in thier control the whole match. You also have a health meter when it strikes red you have NO control over your character and your are prey for a finisher from your opponent.

Rent? Buy? Or Leave Alone?

I would rent it first if you do not like it leave it alone, it is not worth buying in my opinion, cause if you are a wrestling fan this game will rally disappoint you.

Pros and Cons

+ = Good
- = Bad

Gameplay - (+)
Graphics - (-)
Replay Value - (-)
Story - (-)
Control - (-)
Roster(Character Line-up) - (+)

So you see basically everything in this game isn't really that good to me. If you are a wrestling game fan this isn't the game for you unless you want to see the ECW roster.

Overall - 5

This game has struck the ok line..the modes have improved since the last one, one game i recommend is WWF Smackdown and WCW Mayhem those are good wrestling games, this game isn't that bad but it does need a lot of improvement to make it as good of ratings as those games. The game may not be ''that bad'' as it was for me why don't you try it out and see what you think before making your final opinion about the game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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