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Reviewed: 07/19/02 | Updated: 07/19/02

Someboby Shoot Me!

Okay, let's be honest, WWF Warzone probably wasn't the best game any of us has ever played. This is Acclaim's 4th, count them: Warzone, Attitude, Hardcore Revolution, and now Anarchy Rulz. You think that maybe around making ECW HR that they would have said, lets give the people what THEY want? Unfortunatly, ECW Anarchy Rulz is just a cheap imitation of WWF Attitude, with a create-a-stable mode, ECW wrestlers, ECW moves, and a few more matches here and there.

Graphics: 7/10 These graphics in ECW Anarchy Rulz are great. The weapons a detialed, the wrestlers look the way they should, there is something weird about their hands, they are somewhat enlarged. In the Brimstone Match (Inferno Match for WWE people) is somewhat weird looking, there is no fire ON the ring apron, but where the ringside mats should be. It's fun to watch when you throw your opponent on to the burning flams.

Sound: 9/10 The wrestlers talk before the match just like Attitude, when you hit your opponent with a ladder or whatever it makes a realsitic sound, the wrestlers even talk DURING the match. The crowd will chant when they wanna see you do you finisher, or just to chant. Make sure you have the crowd behind you to pull off more damaging moves. The commentary is what brought the sound rating down, as all wrestling games, it gets a LITTLE repetitive.

Gameplay: 5/10 Okay, bottom line, if you like the WWF Attitude engine, you will LOVE this game, if you hate this engine (like me) you might still like it. It is hard to remember what buttons pull off what moves, so it will get annoying looking at your move list all the time. Dont let anyone else tell you that tis is NOT an Attitude remake, it is, only with ECW wrestlers. When it comes to difficulty, the easy setting is even hard. On the hard setting, you would be lucky to even pull off a move without them reversing it. This game is crap when it comes to reversals, here is the scoop- THEY CAN DO REVERSALS, YOU CAN'T. Sometimes you'll get lucky and pull one off, most of the time you go for a vertical suplex, they will reverse, whip to the rope, reverse. If Acclaim would ever want to make another wrestling game, they should take the time to think about the game's engine and the game's terrible reversal system.

Overall: 4/10

I would HIGHLY recommend that you rent this game before you buy it. If you like it after you rent it, it is up to you.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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