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Reviewed: 08/11/01 | Updated: 08/11/01

People hate this game for it's engine, but have they actually tried it?

Graphics: 10/10
The Graphics are some of the smoothest I've ever seen. RVD looks like RVD, Dreamer looks like dreamer, some of the graphics even look real! When you create a wrestler even they look smooth!! The Crowd even move around, holds up signs!
Sound: 10/10
This game has some of the best sound effects ever!!! It has Two man comentary,crowd reactions, plus in the backlot you can here cats and dogs fighting, a man get hit with a frying pan, police sirens, and much more! The commentary is great too. or example: If you use the whippersnapper they will say: Kick and...Whippersnapper! or an enziguri they will say: throws the foot, enziguri! The crowd also says comments like: I love you player 1! It's the original giant killer! You can also choose a voice for your created wrestler and all of the originals have voices too!
Gameplay: 9/10
This game has so many modes it's almost scary! You can combine them like: Tag team elimanation death match. What stopped it from getting a ten was the season mode. It is hard to figure out plus an extremely stupid layout. Some of the best features are the create a PPV and create a wrestler. In create a wrestler you can choose from a library of clothes and moves, their entrance and music, Face or heel, Fighting Style,Run in partener, and name.
Some of the matches include:Brimstone, Table, Back lot brawl, Street Fight, dumpster, Hate match, Tag team, single, Tornado, Four way dance, three way dance, death match, plus all of the above can also be elimination, tournament, and that's pretty much it.
Overall: 10/10
Many people hate this game but they all have said the same thing: It uses the attitude engine. Attitude was a great game, so what if it uses the attitude engine? If all of the smackdown series used it would you hate the smackdown series? It's more real the Smackdown! for a number of reasons: If you hit a guy with a chair 3 times he fall over, using your finisher keeps them down longer, and everyone's favorite: BLOOD!!!!!
Final comments:
Even if you hate the Attitude negine you should still try it. It's one of the most extreme games out today next to Hardcore revoulution. If you'd rather play a WWF game you can always create WWF and WCW wrestlers to use and you can even make your own invasion!
Also try: ECW Hardcore Revoulution, WWF Attitude

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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