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Reviewed: 05/26/01 | Updated: 05/26/01

This might be you're best bet for a Playstation wrestling game.

While a lot of those other companies make a bunch of crappy wrestling games then have the NERVE to call them SERIES, Acclaim is the only company that's making TRUE sequels! When someone makes a sequel, it's SUPPOSED to play like the last game! To bad most fools can't seem to understand something that simple.

This is a wrestling game so it has no story.

Gameplay=10. You can kick punch bodyslam pin run and do many other things. You have more moves then on Smackdown! You can do special muscle moves like the powerbomb and the press slam and you can even do amazing deaf-defying moves like the swanton bomb, the moonsalt and the flipping leg drop!

Graphics=10. This game uses polygons and they all look very good. You may think there's a problem sense these are only ECW guys and you don't have the American Badass, The Big Red Machine, The Grate One or the Rattlesnake, but it's NOT. Because you can CREATE them! You can even make women! You could make Chyna, Trish, Stephanie or the sexist wrestler, LITA!!!!!
As if THAT isn't enough, there's BLOOD to! After you clobber on someone enough, they end up looking worse then people on the message boards after I tear there arguments to SHREDS!

Sound=9. You have plenty of sound clips and voice clips that sound like the reel wrestlers! One problem is that you can't make the voices of the Rock or the Undertaker or other top talents. Theres also some good music at the start.

Hardness=10. The computer can be very tough sometimes. But that's because those FOOLS think it's useful to make you fight THREE other wrestlers at THE SAME TIME. You can't even hope to win crappy matches like that. But playing other players are better. I beet my sister up on here every time she even TRIES to compare to me! An dmaking wrestlers is a bit to hard also. It takes HOURS at first, but you can get the hang of it after creating a couple.


It's so good that it's the best wrestling game on the Playstation! The graphics, sound and gameplay are all good. Or as rappers wood say, it's all good G! Or as king Auther wood say, thou art grand game! Or as Triple H wood say, this game is that damn good! Or as, okay I think you've got the point allready.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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