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Reviewed: 04/28/01 | Updated: 04/28/01

Underrated. Seriously underrated.

Now I know that many people hate Acclaim's Warzone engine, but there are some out there(like me) who do. I don't know what IGN was thinking(why did they rate it lower than ECW Hardcore Revolution if Anarchy Rulz has much more stuff on it ?), but anyway, on with the review.

Graphics: 9
People complained about the characters looking weird,(they do kind of do look odd) but graphics aren't entirely important. You can have crappy graphics in a game and it can still rule because of other parameters(such as control, gameplay, ect.). But still, I like the portraits and the detail of the costume designs.

Sound: 10
Rhino's, New Jack's and Mikey Whipwreck's themes were watered down a bit to save memory, but they kick ass because they are played as they sound in real life(New Jack's theme in this game is the same that it is in XPW, in ECW it was Natural Born Killaz by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre) ! I like the effects you hear in the parking lot match. Wait a few minutes out there and you can hear a woman beating up her husband/boyfriend/whatever he is with an object(sounds like a frying pan) while she scolds him for staying up late.

Controls/Gameplay: 10
Nothing against AKI's wrestling engines(the two engines used for WWF Smackdown and some of the WCW games like Revenge and World Tour, as well as Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy), but those ones were sometimes too easy when it came to executing moves. You could do something like, say... a DDT, many times. Acclaim's engine makes it a bit more challenging to do moves. But once you get used to it(I did), it will be more fun.

Features: 10
Wrestlemania 2000 has nothing on Anarchy Rulz. There are just so many features... I was expecting more backstage areas, but this game owns when it comes to features.

Challenge: 10
The career mode is HARD. It was hard for me, at least. I'm good at this game engine, but the folks at Acclaim REALLY made the AI tougher to beat. I had to download a Dexdrive save to unlock the cheats to beat this ! Even with the cheats that make the AI easier to defeat, it put up a good challenge.

Replay Value: 10
You'll keep beating the career mode over and over again to get all the cheats(there are a lot) if you're eager, ready to take up the time, and patient enough, and the pay-per-view mode adds extra replay value to it.

Overall: 10

Bottom line: If you are skeptical about my good review, I HIGHLY suggest you rent it first. Even if you think it's good after you read this review, I still suggest you rent it first. That way you don't feel cheated out of your hard earned money if you don't like the game. But in my opinion, I love this game.

A majority of these people will like this game:
-People who have liked all the games that used Acclaim's wrestling engine, and I mean REALLY liked it.
-People who liked Hardcore Revolution.
-People who have never played any wrestling games on the Playstation, Dreamcast or Nintendo 64

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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