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Reviewed: 04/03/01 | Updated: 04/03/01

You didn't think it could get worse. Sadly, it did.

There was Hardcore Revolution. Acclaim just made ECW characters with the Attitude CAW Maker, added some new modes, and killed off whatever fun the series had. Then Anarchy Rulz. Acclaim took everything from the last game, added a few new modes, and marketed it. Good lord....

Control: 1/10
Same laggy controls of Attitude. The commands don't even make any sense. Left Right Circle to Suplex? Nice 2 years ago, but in the world of today where a Suplex command is obtained by hitting the Circle button over and over, it pales. The commands must be done annoyingly fast, becoming a source of frustration for the whole game. Nothing good about this, it has to be the worst controls for a wrestling game ever (yes, even surpassing WCW Nitro).

Gameplay: 1/10
Oh my.....take Hardcore Revolution, add a few new characters, add a few new moves, add a few modes that have NEVER been introduced on ECW television (Rage in a Cage, Inferno, Dumpster), and you have Anarchy Rulz. It got tiring about 5 minutes into the game. I do believe it is simply impossible to like the gameplay of this game unless you are a true hardcore ECW fan. Even that's pushing it.

Sound: 1/10
Can it get any worse? Apparently so. The kicks and punches and slams sound all muffled, and the voice acting is horrible, worse then Joey Styles' voice on TV. Rob Van Dam's theme song is ''Walk'' by Pantera I believe. It sounds like a watered down wannabe rock song in Anarchy Rulz. Same goes for the Sandman's song, and anyone else's song. At least THQ could get a decent song for the Undertaker when they couldn't get the copyright for American Badass, but Acclaim couldn't even do that.

Story: N/A
No Story, you just wrestle for hours and hours.

Graphics: 3/10
The wrestlers don't even look like themselves. All the women look like big blobs, the men you can't tell their face apart, and their costumes look bland.

Replay Value: 1/10
No everlasting Career mode= Nothing. The Career mode is the only thing that lasts a long time, and even that wears out after an hour or so.

Overall: 1/10
The game is just an insult to ECW. Acclaim really screwed it up with this one, as the game is nowhere near the exciting, fast-paced action of real ECW. Pray that THQ gets the right to make an ECW game. Pray.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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