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Reviewed: 01/21/01 | Updated: 01/21/01

ECW - Exceptionally Crappy Wrestling Part 2

-Visuals 2/10-

Where to begin, is with the actual presentation. Everything here is done with a very basic, and un-inspired look. The wrestlers look as though they've been through a potato masher, the audience looks as though they're paper cut-outs, and the arenas are horribly designed. Even the character wrestling moves are choppy, slow, and look as though they were created with stick characters at first, and then drawn in just for show.

Not a good sign.

-Audio 2/10-

The music is tinny to start with, and even though it tries damn hard to rock, it does a very slow job of doing it with the action that goes on in the ring. Even the sound effects are evil to listen to, in which the ring announcer does a horrid job calling the moves as they come across, coming in after the move has been performed and the action has moved on elsewhere. Again, this is a bad sign.

-Control 2/10-

Lost out here, the controls are loose and in the interface is sloppy. Pulling off several of the different move combinations can turn into a finger twisting, frustrating, controller bashing, Play Station throwing, room trashing bad time. Some examples of this can be seen when trying to pull off a simple body slam, and doing something completely different or getting your butt kicked by the opposition in the process.

-Game Play 2/10-

While it does offer several different modes of play, and actual hidden characters, most of what you see, isn't any different then it was from Hardcore Revolution. You'll find that the moves and the characters found here are pretty much the same, and even the in-game controls match the ECW of old, but you'll find that the game is much more of a chore to play than it is fun.

The game play modes range from 2 to 4 players, and most of these matches, such as the table matches, the barbed wire matches, and even the handicap matches are neat to play, but get very repetitive after about an hour. One redeeming quality has to be the fact that you can get four friends together to play with a multi-tap, but even that gets to be out of control after a few minutes. Add this in with an exceptionally cheap and overpowering computer controlled offense, and you're left with crispy fried crap on a PSX disc.

-Overall 2/10-

This game is crap. The visuals are blocky, mal-formed, and poorly drawn over as are the arenas and the audiences. The sounds and effects are weak and lame to listen to, the control isn't fit to be placed on a controller with one joystick and one button, and the overall gameplay doesn't do anymore justice than it did in the first game. Overall, anyone looking for a wrestling game should look at Smackdown 2 or any of the WWF games before they look at this game...and any ECW fan should give this a Sabu through the kitchen table, cause this ECW game doesn't do the franchise any justice.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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