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Reviewed: 08/17/00 | Updated: 08/17/00

More Features, More Characters, More Moves, Same Awful Engine

ECW Anarchy Rulz. A game that is supposed to have ''New Controls'', and be a much better game. Well, there are some good parts, but basically this game is hideous. If they had made it a little easier to do moves, added in more moves per character, and done whatever else, it would have been great. The only real reason i have decided to give this game a 7 is tables.
Graphics: Fine. They are the same thing as attitude though so there really isnt much to say. The tables look a little better, but when they break they are still really unrealistic. I actually prefer playing Virtual ProWrestling with ICPNinja's Table Code.
Sound: This is a wrestling game, not Dance Dance Revolution(the best game in the world, btw) so the sound isnt too important. They have some ECW-like heavy metal. It fits the genere of the game. The sound works and is fine.
Extras: I am sure that there are many hidden characters you can get but this really doesnt add much to the game because you can access their moves in edit mode
EDIT MODE: I added a little blurb about this because i felt it was needed. This game's edit(Create a wrestler for those that havent played TR or FPG) is allright. It has the best clothes design i have ever seen in a 3D wrestling game, tied with VPW2. You can really make anyone in this edit mode, as far as looks go. Moves are a different story. There are all of the famous american wrestling moves like the ''Rock Bottom''(modified Urange) and the Stone Cold Stunner. There is a Pedigree, a Jackhammer, and all of the other moves from Attitude. Unfortunately, there are not many Japanese/Mexican moves. I really would have liked to seen a better engine on the moves, more like VPW2 or WM2k. This would include the Jap moves, and would let you preview a move before you choose it. With the ridiculous names they give these moves, you will have a little trouble finding what you are looking for.
Gameplay: Okay. This right here is the reason for the 7. Its really bad. I will explain: you might like it if you like this type of play in a wrestling game, but i really doubt you will.
In HUMAN's Firepro, you time your button presses after the grapple. In AKI/ACE's VPW/VPW2/WCWvsNWO/WWF2k engine, you grab the opponent, then you are assured your move unless it is reversed. In Giant Gram, you can grapple, and you will get your move, or you can straight up slam. In Toukon Retsuden, you can straight up slam them with a direction and a button. In WWF Smackdown, you just get them with a direction and a button. In the Acclaim games(this being one of them) you go through multi direction combonations to execute moves. For example, you press up, down, square for a simple kneebreaker. This isnt exactly what ticks me off though. What just does it is the response. When you try to do a move, you probably dont get it, grab wildly into the air, and have yourself beat in the process. If you want to connect on a grappling move, dont bother. If you start a grapple, your opponent will end up doing a move a lot of the time. Also, there arent many double team moves(like 3 or 4) and you have to press more than one button to tag in your partner. Its ridiculous!
Replay Value: If you can actually get through the engine, you will have some fun unlocking people and slamming people through tables. Unfortunately, you cant set people up on the tables, or do moves on top of the tables: basically the only things that work are slams and suplexs.
BOTTOM LINE: This game would have been much better using another engine and will not do well. Acclaim doesn't get money for this game and i personally think they should develop an engine where there arent button combos because they arent good at it. Look at giant gram, acclaim! Do a game like that with tables and you will have unbelieveable success! I really dont think the game is worth the CD its pressed on. Rent it and you will see what i mean. RICE

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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