Review by Mac D.

Reviewed: 08/16/00 | Updated: 08/16/00

This second ECW game from Acclaim is definitly worth the price, and here's why!

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics on ECW: Anarchy Rulz are extraordinary. Acclaim has made the usual wrestling graphics they use, to look a like smoother and much more life-like. The only thing that kept this game from getting a ten was the fact that, the hands are still odd looking and there are one or two quirks that just don't make the cut. With the awesome background and cool effects, ECW has some great graphics.

Sound: 10/10
What can I say? This is by far the best sound on a wrestling game to date. No matter, what you're doing whether it be creating a stable or creating a wrestler, you're always going to have great quality music. ECW's also added a WHOLE lot more entrance themes for wrestlers so now, the game is spectacular as far as sound goes. Not to mention, with Joel Gertner accompanying Joey Styles with commentary, the game sound gets even better!

Controls: 8/10
Acclaim changed the controls on their wrestling engine for ECW: Anarchy Rulz. While I like this new method, it's still tricky. I mean, sometimes you can pull off moves and sometimes you can't. I think it has something to do with the way the crowd gets behind you. Anyways, it's a whole loe easier to pull off moves. Hitting Up+Circle for a finisher sure beats Left+Down+Right+Triangle any day of the week.

Features: 10/10
I would give this game a 20 if it were possible. Acclaim has outdone themselves with the great features on the game! The game now features: a table match, dumpster match, brimstone match, rage in the cage match, and much much more! With all those extra game features, I'm still not touching on the bigger points! Anarchy Rulz has a Create-A-Wrestler boost which now makes creating a wrestler even cooler. Also now, you can create a much more detailed pay-per-view...and even a stable!!!!

Pros: There are new match types, new features, better graphics, and much better sound. Also, the game runs much faster.

Cons: Hands are still odd looking and the brimstone match is...weird.

So, all in all, this game gets a ten. It's simply put, my favorite wrestling game. With all the new match types and better graphics and sound...ECW: Anarchy Rulz I think will be a trend setter. In my opinion, it's better tham Smackdown! Say what you want, but this game is definitly one to buy. So, whether you're an ECW fan or shoot, if you're a WRESTLING fan, go buy ECW: Anarchy Rulz!

But let me tell you, out of the four most recent wrestling games that Acclaim has made (WWF Warzone, WWF Attitude, ECW: Hardcore Revolution, and ECW: Anarchy Rulz), ECW: Anarchy Rulz takes the cake! This game is great!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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