Additional FMVMartin Allan
Additional FMVAlan Basset
Additional FMVJohn Wake
Additional ProgrammingWayne Coles
Additional ProgrammingChris Jenner
Chicago Art TeamMike Thompson
Chicago Art TeamChris Willacy
City Art Team ManagerDave Oxford
Cut Scene Animation TeamMark Akestar
Cut Scene Animation TeamRobin Armstrong
Cut Scene Animation TeamDave Cockburn
Cut Scene Animation TeamMarcus Hardy
Cut Scene Animation TeamMatthew Hughes
Cut Scene Animation TeamJohnathan Redhead
Cut Scene Animation TeamRichard Robinson
Cut Scene Animation Team HeadSimon McKeown
Executive ProducerKurt Busch
FMV StoryboardsDoug Lewis
Game Concept & Development DirectorMartin Edmondson
Game DesignMartin Edmondson
Game DesignCraig Lawson
Havana Art TeamAndreas Tawn
Las Vegas Art TeamCarl Jackson
Las Vegas Art TeamAndrew Sharratt
Mission ScriptingJames Hume
Mission ScriptingMartin Oliver
ProducerKirby Fong
Programming TeamSteve Burrows
Programming TeamJon Head
Programming TeamJames Hopkin
Programming TeamRuss Lazzari
Programming TeamWill Musson
Programming TeamChristopher Phillips
Programming TeamJeanette Phillips
Project ManagementGareth Edmondson
Project ManagementTony Roberts
Rio Art TeamAndrew Bales
Rio Art TeamDave Oxford Jr.
Screen Play and Cut Scene Co-DirectionMaurice Suckling
Voice: TannerStefan Ashton Frank
Voice: Tobias JonesAntonio Fargas

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