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FAQ by Myst

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 09/07/01

Formula 1 2001

FAQ Guide to Formula 1 2001
Console: Playstation 1
Version 1.4
By: Myst (Adam Testaz) E-mail: adam11184@hotmail.com Web Site: http://misc.8m.com/
Last updated: September 7, 2001

1. Introduction 
2. Revision History
3. Introduction and Controls
4. Graphics and Sound
5. Teams and Drivers
6. Tracks
7. Game Modes
8. Race Strategies and Tips
9. Credits
10. E-mail Policy
11. Copyright


1. Introduction 

Hello and welcome to my FAQ on Formula 1 2001 for Playstation 1. This is my FAQ ever so 
please be patient with me if I break an FAQ code or something, it is a learning activity. 
I decided to write a FAQ on this game because no one else will! I have been searching the 
net for a while now, since it was released, on ANYTHING for this game and not one thing 
came up. The only stuff you will find on it is at its official web site, 
http://www.scee.com/f1/ - and that still doesn't give away any great details, just a few 
average tips I suppose. So basically, I am trying to give the people like me out there, 
who want something on this game, a little bit of help ;) 

Always feel free to e-mail with any small pieces of information about the game. You will 
be acknowledged!

Anyways, enough with the chit chat, let's get down to business.


2. Revision History

September 7, 2001
Version 1.4
- Again, it has been a busy few weeks so I haven't had time to do many updates. I did, however
manage to comeplete a full season and win the Driver's and Constuctor's crowns. Guess what?
You unlock NOTHING!!! I am extremly disappointed and feel that Sony have purposedly wasted
my time so I buy the PS2 version, which is good as I have played it for about 10 mins. But,
no matter how tempting it is, I can't afford it :( Well, I can but don't wanna waste my money.
- Just a few small updates to a few sections.
- In other news. The b@stard who runs www.cheatelite.com has copied this whole f'ing thing
without my permission. Grumble... Stupid scum bag. Something about this needs to be done.


August 18, 2001
Version 1.3
- It has been a busy week so not many updates have been done. Just added two more websites at
the bottom of this page so you can find my FAQ elsewhere as well.
- Started the Game Modes section


August 9, 2001
Version 1.2
- Started Race Strategies and Tips section.


August 7, 2001
Version 1.101
- Added in new sites down the bottom so my FAQ can be elsewhere.


August 3, 2001
Version 1.1
- Wrote the tracks section


August 2, 2001
Version 1.01
- Wrote in Introduction and controls, graphics and sound, teams and drivers.


August 2, 2001
Version 1.0
- Started the FAQ.
- Added in all the titles of each section.
- Wrote the Introduction, Copyright, E-mail policy, and credits sections.


3. Introduction and Controls

No doubt at one stage or the other you have played a formula one game, or maybe you are 
new to them. Anyway, here is a brief history of formula one games since 1997, about when 
they started to take off. Formula 1 '97 for the Playstation, some would say, was and 
still is the best F1 game ever released and in some ways I agree with them. To this day, 
F1 '97 portraits the most accurate characteristics of an F1 car I have seen. For example, 
if you clipped your front wing on the rear of the car in front you would surely lose it 
your handling would become poor. In the more modern games you can sometimes go backwards, 
have a head on with another car, and occasionally escape unharmed. For me, this is too 
inaccurate, that is why I like this game. The only weak point it had was poor graphics 
and sound and that there was no safety car and rules such as a short cut.

Over the next few years F1 games progressed really well except they lost a few things. 
For starters, the '98 and '99 versions, as always had the updated drivers and the new 
tyres, etc. but they lost the F1 feel. They were sort of more like an arcade version of 
F1. Steering the car was much more easy and made for little or no challenge, even when on 
expert. You could play for two weeks and then play on expert and win easily. By '99, the 
safety car and more up to date rules had been added in as well as new drivers and teams 
but the game still had the arcade feel to it. About three F1 games followed in 2000 and 
again, all were similar and still had the arcade feel.

Formula 1 2001 is different though. It has a more F1 feel to it again. It has harder 
steering, so more effort is required. When crashing, reel suspension will most likely 
break and a retirement is almost assured, this even counts when clipping the barrier a few 
too many times. Tyres react well in different situations, such as, after doing a few donuts, 
they will have 
less grip and the car is harder to control. Other good points about the game would include, 
the option of traction control, something that was only just reintroduced to formula one 
this season as well as ABS braking, which isn't used in F1; good for beginners though.

Aside from all these good things about the game, there are still a lot of negative aspects, 
but I still rate it as one of the top all time F1 games, after '97. For starters, in the 
other games, the teams normally finished about in the order that they do in real life races, 
from strongest to weakest. In the game, we have some of the weaker teams, such as Benneton, 
always finishing in the points when they should be at the mid to lower end of the pack. 
Then you have the better teams such as Williams and Jordan at the mid to lower end. I think 
the programmers made a few small errors in that department; it can be most frustrating being 
chased by a Benneton in a McLaren. 

Another poor point about the game is, there aren't enough mechanical failures. The computer 
players seem to get quite a few but after playing nearly the whole season, I have yet to 
get one, which can be a good thing, but being an F1 fan you notice these small details. 
Another point to note is, no matter how bad your crash is, it is almost impossible to get 
the safety car out. I haven't managed to get the damn thing to come out yet and if anyone 
has, can they please contact me about it, because, again, being an F1 fan, you like to see 
these things. The most annoying feature of all is that it is hard to get a lead. No matter 
how far in front you get, the computer players will always pull out these impossible lap 
times that are unachievable and chase you down straight away, even on easy! 

Aside from that, game play is pretty good except when it comes to commentary. Obviously 
the game wasn't tested thoroughly enough because Murray Walker tends to make quite a few 
errors when commentating. Quite often he will call a driver by the team name or visa versa. 
Or he will say the wrong name all together. Sometimes he will even leave the name or team 
out all together! This usually only happens with the lower teams though. The programmers 
obviously didn't spend too much time here because they thought that no one as going to 
choose team like Minardi.

Anyway, enough about game play, on to the controls.

Cross - Accelerate
Square - Break
Triangle - Speed limiter
Circle - Reverse
D-Pad Left - Left
D-Pad Right - Right
D-Pad Up - NO USE
D-Pad Down - NO USE
L1 - Look behind (depending on the view you use - otherwise you use your mirrors)
L2 - Shift down (if using manual)
R1 - Change view
R2 - Shift up (If using manual)

The analogue controller can also be used but I find it difficult, you may find it easier; 
chose what you feel comfortable with.

Left Stick - moving left and right will direct the car.
Right Stick - moving up for accelerate, down from break.

All other controls remain the same.


4. Graphics and Sound

Well, the graphics on the Playstation are pretty lame compared to the PS2 these days so 
there is nothing special here. The graphics are pretty much similar to last years F1 game 
except I'd say they are slightly sleeker and sharper. The car detail and surroundings, 
such as trees, etc. go into slightly more detail but nothing significant enough to throw a 
party for.

The sound is also a major disappointment. There a few new commentary lines but not enough 
to last a while. Once you've played for about 10 hours you've heard them all. And as I 
mentioned earlier, the commentators tend to make the wrong calls when calling a race by 
mixing driver's names up etc. There is no music while playing so if you were wanted to 
listen to music while playing, that's a no go. The sound effects are great though. The 
engine accelerating and breaking sounds really cool and the sounds are different for each 
engine, depending on the car you choose. The tyres skidding is also a nice effect which 
makes it seem real and the vibration sound when riding the curbs makes the experience all 
the more exciting. On the overall, it is still rather disappointing.


5. Teams and Drivers

If you know nothing about F1, chances are you will pick Ferrari because they are probably 
the only team you have heard of. F1 fans, like me, will usually choose their favourite team 
(mine being McLaren - although sometimes I like to drive with Williams or Sauber - I just 
hate Ferrari with a passion). Anyway, here is a brief description of each time and their 
drivers. I apologise in advance if any of these names are spelt wrong and when I get around 
to it, I will look them up and correct them.


Arrows - One of the back runners. They are probably good for beginners who want to start 
off with a slower car to get familiar with the game.

Driver 1: Jos Verstappen - An experienced F1 campaigner. In a few years, with a better team, 
he will win some races.

Driver 2: Enrique Bernoldi - In his debut season of F1 this year. From what I have seen of 
him so far, I hate him and he won't last long in this business.


BAR - One of the newer teams to F1. They are in their 3rd season and doing reasonably well 
this year. Suitable for intermediates.

Driver 1: Jacques Villenerve - Former world champion of 1997. Hasn't won much recently 
because he hasn't had the car but a definite goer.

Driver 2: Oliver Panis - Another experienced F1 driver. Has had a quiet achiever but I'm 
sure with a better team he'll do wonders.


Benneton - Usually a strong team but having their poorest season to date. In the game they 
tend to do ok though so give them a go if you are daring.

Driver 1: Gancarllo Fishicella - Another man who has been in F1 cars for a long time. With 
a better car he will go so much faster. Choose him if you want, he's good.

Driver 2: Jensen Button - In his second year of F1 and he hasn't really done much to 
impress this season. But, the game tends to favour Benneton so give him a go too.


Ferrari - Currently the top team in F1. This year they look set to win their 3rd straight 
constructors championship and Michael Schumacher looks set to take his fourth drivers. 
They are always at the front of the pack so when you are good, give them a drive.

Driver 1: Michael Schumacher - Is considered the best F1 driver at the current time and 
is already up their with the likes of Senna, Prost, etc. He is a very fast driver. If you 
have experience, go with him.

Driver 2: Rubens Barrichello - Another man who has been in racing cars for a very long 
time. He is behind the wheel of a Ferrari, which is very fast so he is worth a punt too.


Jaguar - The leaping cat started off in F1 last year and they continue to improve with 
their first podium this season. They are getting stronger all the time and are always 
worth a run.

Driver 1: Eddie Irvine - The former Ferrari driver has come close to winning the 
championship in '99 so he knows what F1 is all about. A very experienced driver.

Driver 2: Lucianio Burti - Starting the season with Jaguar, he is currently driving for 
Prost. He is new to F1 and hasn't really done much to impress this season. I'd avoid him 
if possible.


Jordan - Not having one of their better seasons this year and tend to hang around the back 
of the pack in the game. I recommend them for intermediate players.

Driver 1: Heinz-Harald Frentzen - Was sacked from the Jordan team just recently so he is 
no longer an F1 driver! But, he has great speed and is the number one man for Jordan in 
the game.

Driver 2: Jarno Trulli - The young Italian has been racing cars for a long time and he 
continues to impress this season. If Jordan weren't programmed to go so bad in the game, 
I'd give him a drive as well.


McLaren - The current number two team in F1, after Ferrari. They have double world champ 
Mika Hakkinen as well as the constructor's champs from '98. Their other driver Coulthard 
is chasing his first driver's crown this year also.

Driver 1: Mika Hakkinen - Having a woeful season this year but in the game he always runs 
good. He is really good and you should never underestimate the flying Finn.

Driver 2: David Coulthard - He is starting to show some maturity this year and is winning 
more races. He is a great F1 driver and I believe will be champion one day. Don't leave him 
of your list.


Minardi - Minardi are constantly the bottom of the pile and I'd only recommend you chose 
them if you are a die-hard Minardi fan.

Driver 1: Fernando Alonso - In his debut season, the young Spaniard tries his hardest in 
a poor car. One day, in a good car, he will do really well.

Driver 2: Tarso Marques - A little more experience than Alonso but he has failed to have 
a good season, even by Minardi's standards this year. As I said, I'd really try to avoid 
this team.


Prost - Managed by former world champ, Alain Prost, this team is starting to come good 
this year by gathering some world championship points. Another good team for intermediates.

Driver 1: Jean Alesi - The most experienced driver on the F1 grid. He is a valuable asset 
to the team and if he were in the right car, he would be world champ. If you are an 
intermediate, give him a drive.

Driver 2: Mazzacane - I can't even remember his first name because he was sacked early in 
the season and replaced by Burti. If he was sacked it means he mustn't of been performing 
so I'd suggest steer clear.


Sauber - Sauber are having their best season to date and continue to impress. They are 4th 
in the constructors this year and are the 'best of the rest'. In a few years, this team 
will be winning races too.

Driver 1: Nick Heidfeld - In his second of F1, he is having a much better run. He is very 
fast and should never be underestimated. Always leave him on your list.

Driver 2: Kimmi Raikkenon - His debut season of F1 and he continues to break records. He 
is very quick and I'm sure he's a future world champion. A DEFINATE drive.


Williams - The rejuvenated Williams team are back this season and are hot on the heels of 
McLaren and Ferrari. They are always improving and will continue to do well into the future.

Driver 1: Ralph Schumacher - The brother of current world, Michael, has won his first few 
races this year and is surely a future world champ. Too bad Williams are poor in the game 
but I still recommend them.

Driver 2: Juan Pablo Montoya - In his debut season of F1 he has been most impressive and 
the only thing stopping him from winning has been back luck and unreliability. He is worth 
a definite drive.


6. Tracks

The tracks will be listed in order that they appear through the FIA 2001 Formula 1 season. 
I will list each track and brief description of each one.

Australia - This track is a medium speed track. It has a fast pit straight and is a series 
of tight corners and fast corners that circle Albert Park Lake. It is a good track for 
beginners to learn on because it has a mixture of everything from speed to slow corners. 
A good lap time is about 1:28:000 or less.

Malaysia - This track is rather fast. It has two very long straights around the stadium 
section, which are separated by a hairpin. The track is very wide and has some fast corners 
as well as sharp corners. It is a good track to overtake on and very enjoyable to drive.

Brazil - Another medium speed circuit. This circuit is rather short compared to some of 
the others but is still very enjoyable to drive. It is one of the few tracks that go in 
an anti-clockwise direction so the pits are sometimes are hard to spot. The stadium section 
is very fast and the rest of the track is full of tight corners.

San Marino - A great high-speed circuit that requires reasonably low downforce. It is 
basically a series of fast corners and straights that are separated by chicanes and the 
odd corner. Not the best circuit to over take on because it is rather narrow and if you 
brake too late you will most likely skid off into the gravel.

Spain - Spain is another fast track with a VERY long home straight that seems to never end. 
There are quite a few high-speed corners as well as some very sharp ones, which are 
separated by quick straights. A good run out of the final turn will set up for a quick lap 
of this circuit.

Austria - One of the more difficult tracks because the first two corners are over hills and 
are very sharp; which is hard to see on the TV screen. One of the slower circuits with a 
few quick straights as well as fast corners. 

Monoco - The slowest circuit of the Grand Prix year right in the heart of Monoco. This 
famous street circuit is very tough because you are surrounded by barriers and there are 
few run off areas. The quickest part is through the tunnel where you may reach about 180MPH. 
On the rest of the circuit you will be lucky to get more than 130 for a majority of the 
time. A circuit only for the skilled.

Canada - A very tough circuit on brakes and a tough circuit to overtake on due to the narrow 
track. Canada incorporates a mixture of high-speed straights as well as hairpins and 
chicanes. A low downforce is needed for optimum top speed.

Europe - Another great all round track with lots of tight corners as well as quick corners 
and the odd straight. With a hairpin as well as some chicanes this is another good track 
for beginners as it gives them some of everything. The track is very wide which makes over 
taking easy.

France - France is extremely tough on tyres but also a very quick and short track with 
about 1:12:00 or quicker being a decent lap. There are many fast corners and straights as 
well some a hairpin and a few chicanes. With some very tough corners, this track is one that 
you should save until you have some miles under your belt.

Great Britain - Silverstone is another reasonably quick track. It has some fast straights 
as well as fast corners. There are two very sharp chicanes in the middle section of the lap 
and a lot of small bendy corners at the end. This is more of an intermediate track.

Germany - Hockenheim is the fastest track of the season. It is basically one long big 
straight, with slight corners in it, which make basically no difference, which is separated 
by a few chicanes. The stadium section, at the end is very twisty. It is like two tracks in 
one. I find this high-speed circuit rather boring and overtaking, unless in a quick car can 
be hard.

Hungary - The Hungarian Grand Prix is good for beginners because it has lots of corners to 
help you adapt to the game. With some long 180-degree corners and a lot of small twisty 
corners, the gas/ brake combination gets a good work out here. Another great track to learn 
the game on.

Belgium - The Spa circuit is another high-speed circuit with very fast straights and long 
fast corners. The circuit also has a number of small chicanes and hairpins to break up the 
high speediness of the circuit and also have some standard corners in it. A Williams car 
is one of the better performers here.

Italy - Yet again, Monza is a high-speed track. Similar to Hockenhiem, it is like one long 
straight, with some long fast corners that are separated by chicanes. Again, I find this 
circuit boring because there aren't enough corners. The Williams team will suit this track 

United States - The American Gran Prix is a medium speed track with a very long fast corner 
at the end, which leads on to a fast straight. It is broken down into small, tight corners 
all around the track. Very suitable for beginners to intermediates.

Japan - The final circuit of the 2001 Grand Prix Calender. Suzuka is a fast circuit, which 
is spilt up by small tight bends as well as chicanes. Be early on the brakes because 
sometimes you will need to go from 200MPH to just 30MPH in 100 meters. Good brakes and grip 
are essential for you to be competitive here.


7. Game Modes

When you first start up the game and go through all the credits, etc. you will come to a main
screen with: Grand Prix Mode, Arcade Mode and Load Game. We all know what load game is about
(you load your saved game, duh!) so I will discuss the other two here.

Grand Prix Mode

Definately my favourite mode because it is like real racing (IE: If you crash, your car will
become damaged or if you hit to the grass too much, you will lose control). After entering
Grand Prix Mode, there will be three main sections yet again. First choose the number of 
players you want then there are Championship Season, Single Race or Challenge mode. 
Championship Season involves driving for one team, as one driver for every Grand Prix circuit 
on the 2001 and calander. You have to finsih in the top 6 every race to try and collect as 
many points as possible so you can with the Driver's and  Constructor's crowns. (Usually when 
you finsih this, and win it, you unlock some special stuff, I am currently up to about round 
11 out of 17, so when I get around to finsihing it, I will tell you what you unlock when you 
win - of course I am winning :P )The Single Race mode involves just what it says; one race 
from the 2001 Grand Prix Calander. And the challenge mode, involves trying to get the fastest 
lap on the Spa circuit in Belgium then registering your time at theSony Site. But that 
competition is closed so that section is pointless now (I finished 2nd in my country, 
Australia - not bad, eh?)

        Championship Season

Definately what the game is all about. At the start of this section you have to choose a number
of things. The first being, your driver and team. I recommend Ferrari, McLaren or Williams
mainly because they are the fastest teams out there or if you feel like a mid-grid car, Jordan,
Jaguar, BAR, or Sauber are your ticket. If you are insane, go for one of the back-grid runners.
I personally wouldn't bother. Now that you have your driver, you need to choose what sort of
race conditions you will have. For example, flags are on, failures are on, etc. I like to have
all ther rules of a proper Grand Prix as it makes it more exciting. Now choose the number of 
laps, about 20 is good because it isn't too long and it isn't too short for something 
interesting to happen.

Finally once you have done this, go to the race section and start. You will get a new screen 
showing the weather conditions, etc. and also giving you the option of practice, qualifying, 
race and strategy. I normally leave strategy alone unless I REALLY want to change something - 
otherwise it is quite good. I normally skip practice as well, but if you feel unfamiliar with 
the track, practice is a good place to start. If not practice, go qualifying. Once you start, 
you will get a quiz screen. Answer it to the best of your knowledge and start.

You will now be asked to choose soft or hard tyres. Always choose soft tyres except for the 
following tracks: Canada, France, and Belgium. These tracks are best suited to hard. If you 
find something better, please contact me. Now, you should be sitting in the pits with the timer 
ticking away and a lot of menus in front of you. Firstly, enter the pit set up menu and choose 
your wing alignments, etc. Normally, on high speed tracks such as Germany, both Italian tracks, 
Belgium, France, and Canada, you turn the wing settings right down and turn the gear ratios 
right up. This will give you a slower accleration but faster max speed on the straights. Tracks 
like Hungary, and Monoco, you turn the wing up so you have a lower top speed but faster 
acceleration and more grip through the bends. Make sure to turn the gear ratios down as well. 
When it comes to tyre pressure and suspension, it is up to you. I find they are just fine where 
they are.

Once you have exited this menu, make sure to go to the advanced timer and press X a few times. 
This will make sure that a few cars have set some good times so you know what you are up 
against. Now you should go out to the track and go for qualifying. Once you have finished your 
session, start the race (and please don't edit the grid, it is cheating :P ). That is the basic 
idea of a championship season. Oh yeah, make sure you save your game so you hard work isn't 

            Single Race

If you only feel like doing one track, this is what you choose. It is EXACTLY the same as a 
season but you only race one track. Do every the same as mentioned above except choose your 
track. This time it may be Hungary, Australia, America or Malaysia. Whatever you want.

           Challenge Mode

A pretty pointless mode now that the Sony competition is finished. You get three laps to race 
around Spa in the quickest time possible. Then, you will get a code and enter it at Sony's 
website. The website has now also died so I suggest you steer clear. But, if you can beat my 
time of 1:33:537 (its something like that, I can't remember now) e-mail me and maybe we can 
have a race via e-mail or something ;)

Arcade Mode

I haven't really played this mode much becase I don't really like it. You go on the grass, you
don't spin. You hit a wall or a car, you don't get damage. You take a few short cuts, no stop
and go but your engine power cuts for about five seconds. As far as I can tell, it is a series
of leagues which you join depending on how many points you get. You can also upgrade your car
and buy new ones, etc. You start in the Ivory league with a Prost that hasn't been upgraded at
all. You race a few tracks in this league (I think Monza, and Hockenhiem are two of them) and
depeding on where you finish you get more credits. Once you have enough credits you can join 
another league and so on.

It is kinda cheesy but I will get around to playing it properly one day... maybe. Also, it has
crappy music that you listen to whilst you drive. A race only last for three laps and you can
win in your sleep. So I say stick with Grand Prix Mode.


8. Race Strategies and Tips

These strategies are based on what I find best so far from playing the game. You may find some
other ways better than the following so it is entirely up to you. Just remember, this is

Ok, I tend to play a 20 lap race most of the time because anything less is too short for
strategy to come into play and anything longer can get boring (but when I am feeling very
eager, I play a full race). I usually play with all the rules turned on (tyre wear, fuel
consumption, flags, etc.) because it makes the race feel more real and more exciting. Usually 
on a 20-lap race, lap 10-11 is about the best time to pit (providing you haven't pitted earlier
from a crash) because this is when the AI's pit so you can get a good idea of how much time you
make up during the pit stop. Be warned, the AI's tend to slow down A LOT when entering the pits
so make sure not to go into the back of them otherwise your front wing and suspension will get
damaged. If you can get around this and use the automatic speed pit limiter, you should make up
lots of time.

Another good way to make up time is to "nip" the grass on the straights when you have the pedal
to the metal. You should do the following, slowly go over to the grass, touch it with your left
or right wheels, then go back on to the track. You should find you gain an extra mile or two.
Those of you who have played Challenge mode will know that the top speed is 196MPH. If you nip
the grass correctly, it is possible to go to 220+MPH (my personal best being 230MPH). That is
how I was able to achieve the 1:33:537 lap time :) Anyway, make sure you practise this because
it does a take a while to get the hang of.

When racing make sure you slip stream. What I mean by this is, when going down a straight, tuck
yourself under the rear wing of the car in front. When you find yourself catching up, just 
before the corner comes, dash out to the side of the track (whichever side is the inside 
depending on the corner) and go late under brakes. You should be able to over take quiet easily.
Make sure not to lock-up your tyres, for several reasons. One, you will flat spot them which,
will make the grip deteriorate and two, you don't stop as fast whilst skidding. If you do lock
up, release the brakes and quickly jump back on them. In fact, I sometimes find it quicker to
stop by tapping the brake button VERY quickly.

Don't take shot cuts. The game knows almost all the shot cuts (almost - you will see a major
one I found soon :) ) and if you take too many, a stop and go penalty is a certainty, which will
cost you time. Also, try not crash into other cars if possible and keep off the barrier - it
damages your car and another pit stop will be needed. If you do damage your car, I suggest pit
as soon as possible. And also, to save time, change your fuel intake to the number of laps you
have to complete the race. That way you won't waste time on a second pit stop. But, be warned.
If you do this, you MUST drive conservatively and try to save your tyres. Don't brake too late,
but try to drive with a smooth action; it will help in the long run.

Now, back to that short cut I mentioned. This is by far the greatest bug in the game (besides
the commentary errors, and graphics, etc.). On the Spa track, Belgium Grand Prix, when you go
around the world track and after you climb up that long, fast, uphill road, you will come to a
piece of track known as the, "bus stop". This is where the short cut comes into play. On the
left you have a chicane, followed by a small straight, then another chicane on to the home 
straight. Ahead of you, is a wide piece of path with a tyre barrier ahead and the pit entrance
to the right. Go straight ahead and stick to the left of the grass. When you get to the tyre 
barrier, just nip it with your right wheels or just go past it, missing it ever so slightly.
If done correctly, you should be able to get the short cut without the short cut warning coming


9. Credits

No credits at this stage but if you send in information that is used on this site, your name 
will be listed here, with what you sent in! Providing, of course, it is your own! Your 
details won't be released unless you wish.


10. E-mail Policy

I have been looking at a lot of the other guides on the site, seeing as this is my first 
one, to see what they have. It has come to my attention that an e-mail policy looks important 
so people don't send you crap e-mail that is useless. Here is a list of what you can and 
can't send at this stage (it will change as the FAQ grows).

- Any information about the game, of any sort, that doesn't appear here. It must be your own 
otherwise source it from where you got it!
- Any cheats, codes, hints, etc. that don't appear here.
- Anything that you have which is slightly more updated than what I have here would be useful.

- Anything that isn't your own.
- Anything that already appears here that is exactly the same.


11. Copyright

This document is copyright by Adam Testaz, 2001. Please do not copy all or any part of 
this guide and claim it as your own without my written consent. Do not copy this guide, 
then alter it and claim it as you own. This guide is not to be used to make any money. If 
you wish to use my guides, please e-mail and we can come to a compromise. My guides should 
only be found at:
- http://www.a2zcheats.com
- http://www.neoseeker.com
- http://www.gamefaqs.com
- http://psxcodez.com
- http://www.cheatcc.com
- If you find my FAQ at http://www.cheatelite.com - don't read it. The b@stard running the site
has copied this without my permission. Gees, all he has to do is e-mail. Scumbag!
- if you find my guide elsewhere, please contact me. 


Copyright 2001, Adam Testaz

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