PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

Save Game File11/30/10mightycorbz131K
almost all characters level99,max money,final stage ready
Save Game File09/09/08Sunset Kid131K
Clear Save Data on Hard Mode (44 Skill Points). Starts the next game with 2 million. Quick save is in the final battle against Shuu Shirakawa.
Save Game File06/25/02Goharoth131K
Saves of the latest missions, difficulty Hard, with all points (44). I have the Sledgelmil, the Jenice Kai Enile Custom and Tifa.
Save Game File03/15/05minimoggundam131K
Start the final battle ( 45 - Hard ) having X Gundam + G-Bits, Zengar, 2 Neo-Granzo, 2 Turn-X, .... pilotted.

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