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Guide and Walkthrough by MNeidengard

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/18/2001
FAQ of the Month Winner: September 2001

by Mark Neidengard (mneideng@ugcs.caltech.edu)

version 1.1

This document is intended to be one (and a half?) steps removed from an actual
line-by-line translation of the game.  The intent is to make the game more
accessible to the fans - to let you savor the characters and the atmosphere
and not just the mechanics of the battle system.  Hints are given on how to
get secret characters and mecha to help maximize your enjoyment; some 
strategy notes are also thrown in here and there.

This FAQ was prepared with reference input from 
and related pages.  While it's in Japanese, it may still prove of interest
to the English-language player.

Although this game attempts to be standalone, it does assume some familiarity
with Super Robot Wars Alpha (for the Balmar War and related events) and either
Super Robot Wars EX or the Lord of Elemental SRW game for the Elemental God-
Machine pilots and their history.  Alpha Gaiden uses an improved version of the
Alpha engine, with an expanded set of items, toned down set of spells, and no
double motion.  There is also no "main character" in this game.  The main
difference is the "cooperative battle" system, where units can help other
adjacent units attack or defend in combat.

  "Support" is a skill different characters learn at different experience
  levels.  The level of support equals the total number of offensive and
  defensive assists available during one complete combat turn.  A unit cannot
  offensively assist after it has moved on your turn, or if it has no attacks
  capable of hitting the target in question.  Other restrictions involving
  ground-bound units supporting flying mecha should be fairly obvious.

Another major addition is the "Commander" ability, which projects a "field"
of radius 1+Commander Level that improves friendly units' attack and defense
percentages.  Not all Commanders are confined to flag ships...

Like Alpha, Gaiden features a "Skill Point" system where how effective you are
in combat alters the course and difficulty of future missions, as well as the
quality and quantity of bonus items.  Based on your Skill total versus the
current mission number, the game will switch between "Easy", "Normal", and
"Hard" mode with different numbers of enemies accordingly; which mode you're
in is indicated by an icon on the battle menu.  Late in the game certain
mission branch conditions occur based on Skill level; I was power-gaming my
way through, so this walkthrough only covers the most high-skill routes.  There
is one Skill Point available per mission except the final one.
I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did.  Please send all comments to
mneideng@ugcs.caltech.edu.  "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!"

Special Thanks:
  Alicia Ashby for Guld clarification in scenario 9.


0. Prologue

  New Western Calendar Year 187, December.

  Several months have passed since the climax of the conflict that would come
to be known as the Balmar War.  The unfathomable danger facing mankind was
averted by the valorous efforts of the SDF forces and the Lond Bel, but at
a very high price.

  The shockwave produced by the ultra-gravitational collapse from the end
of the final operation of the war would reach the Earth in half a year's 
time...  It was predicted that the resulting devastation would wipe out the
better half of the space colonies and wreak extensive damage on the Earth's
surface as well.

  However, this information was distorted by the Balmar war, and suppressed
by the Titans, who dismantled the SDF and the Lond Bel.  Most people have never
been told the truth...

1. Senka, Futatabi  ["Once Again, the Flames of War"]

A detachment of Titans is attacking the Saotome lab while the professor (and
Hayato) is out, having eluded the defenses of the Far East base.  Jerrid
demands you stand down and surrender your weapons, or he'll open fire.  Jerrid
tells you that they want Shin Getter Robo to further the Aegis Plan underway
at D.C. Headquarters; Musashi is quite surprised that Jerrid's heard of this.
Ryou decides to sortie, saying that there's no reason for you all to be under
the Titans' command.  He berates the Titans for upsetting the hard-won peace,
but Jerrid insists that the SDF/Lond Bel are the bad guys for making the
gravity wave that's on the inbounds.  Musashi points out that that was the
only way to save the Earth, but Jerrid says that it was the Titans who 
restored order.  Furthermore, Ryou says that your dudes are taking 
responsibility and running the Aegis Plan to avoid that damage - but Jerrid
says that the Titans want to enact that plan themselves and thus take over
the world.  And they're attacking all sorts of sensitive sites in the Far
East as you speak.  Your people refuse to be intimidated, and battle ensues.

  On round 2, Musashi urges the other Getter pilots to go off and help out at
  the DC Far East base, leaving him to fight alone.  If you do so, you
  have to get Ryou and Benkei to the back of the map.  Doing so will end the
  battle immediately.  Go to 2.

  Staying to fight is worth a Skill Point.

  If you choose to stay and fight, you get to battle the Titans here.  Camille,
  Marvet, and Usso show up in a few rounds to help out in their Gundams.
  Camille says that there's no time to explain until after the battle...

  Kaklicorn is worth a Propellant Tank.  Jerrid is worth a Magnetic Coating.
  Note however that leaving the battle early gives you 20000 credits for free
  compared to the 15400 you can earn in battle.  OTOH, Skill Points are really
  valuable if you're trying to play the "perfect" game...

If you stayed to protect the base, you find out that communications are 
still down with the Photon Power lab and the Far East branch - looks like
the Titans attacked labs and EOT facilities all over Japan.  Since the Voltes
team and others are on the job those facilities _should_ be okay, but it's a
good question how the Titans managed to get through in the first place.
Camille says that most of the questions can wait until later and that the
Titans are after Banjou's Aegis Plan underway at the DC base.  Go to 2a.

2. Aete Omei Wo  ["Earning a Bad Name Instead"]

Puru and Judou are enjoying the night sky.  Puru says she likes Japan since,
unlike Axis, it actually has seasons.  Judou isn't being very responsive,
which Puru realizes is due to his worries about the Lond Bel... and Riina,
left back on Shangri-La.  Judou realizes that Puru's doing her best to cheer
him up despite the fact that Puru2 has been missing since the Balmar War.
Puru then notices the Getter Machines approaching.


In the floating city in Tokyo Bay, Banjou is explaining that the Aegis plan
is to use ether fluctuations to protect the entire earth from the gravitational
wave.  The plan sounds faintly ludicrous, but is apparently proceeding quite
well.  Powering it are microwave transmission facilities on the Moon, which
even Banjou thought couldn't work the first time he heard of them.  This
shield itself was to be used by Vian Zoldark and the DC to fight the
Arrowgaters, although its actual inventor was the genius scientist Professor
Edomon.  Who hasn't been seen since an EOT summit 4 years ago...  Anyway,
the so-called "Security Screen" operation is DC's central plan, although 
there are various shelters set up on the Moon and elsewhere as backups.  The
Aegis Plan is still the best hope for saving everybody, and with help
from the Hazan Foundation and Mao Industries the plan is already in its
final stages.  What is needed is more power - the microwave facilities on
the Moon won't be enough.  The SDF's Reflex Reactor was supposed to be the
main power supply, but now the SDF and South Atalia are in the Titans' hands.
Oh, and Shirakawa Shuu is missing too, apparently both he and Masaki returned
to Ra-Gias and haven't been heard from since.  Meaning that the Titans
probably captured the SRX project, whose team members are also missing.  But
Banjou thinks that if you can combine all the super robots' power sources,
there will be a way...

Judou and Quatre burst in and tell of the Titans' invasion.  Banjou wonders
if this means that the Titans read the "Preventers'" actions in advance.
Banjou has everyone get ready to fight - everyone but Hayato who wants to
return to the lab and help there.  Combat ensues.

Puru notes that she's never seen the machine your opponents are using before.
Quatre thinks it looks like a machine used by the criminal syndicate Nubia
Connection near the end of the Balmar War.  Nobody knows what the N.C. were
after, but the fact that they're here means you've got to wreck them anyway.

  Oh, when Puru helpfully asks Judou tells her that there's a "Container" on
  the map which you should go pick up if you've got "time to spare".  There's
  two actually: a Dual Sensor and a Repair Kit.

Take out the Nubians and Banjou will think to himself that Isaac's warning
seems to have been borne out.  Just then the crew from the Saotome lab show
up... in time for a lot of Titans to appear!  Yazan is leading them, and
among them in the Type 100 is... Quatro!  He says he has no desire to fight
you and advises you to hand your stuff over to the Titans.  Emma is with 
him and does likewise.  Banjou halts your flabbergasted people's talking
and asks Quatro why a person of his caliber has joined up with the Titans;
what is he _really_ after?  Quatro replies that there's no time for friendly
chat and that the Aegis Plan must be made to succeed.  Banjou points out
that if the Titans are the ones to do this, they'll dominate the world
thereafter: the Lond Bel didn't fight the Balmar for that.  Quatro points out
that the more you all fight now, the later the Aegis Plan will be, but
Banjou suspects something more.  Given that Isaac hasn't gotten back to him
yet, should Banjou gamble?  He orders Garrison to evacuate the DC Base (it'll
take 3 turns) and says that after that you all are to abandon the DC base.  He
explains that that really won't slow down the Aegis plan much since the plan
is to actually be carried out on the Moon.  Since what the Titans need are 
all the super robots' power sources, he figures that they'd never expect you
all to abandon the base and escape.

  If Quatro fights Banjou, Banjou asks Quatro if he's willing to sully his
  name by fighting.  Quatro leaves that decision up to Banjou, but says that
  he will have the base no matter what.

  Yazan is worth a Chobham Armor.  Killing all enemies within three turns is
  worth a Skill Point.

After the battle, Banjou tells Garrison to take the professors on ahead;
you all will stay and aid the Preventers.  He asks Garrison to meet up with
Reika and Beauty.

After the battle, Banjou tells Judou and the others that Quatro isn't _really_
on the Titans' side.  Apparently the order to disband the Lond Bel came when
they were stationed at the former SDF stronghold Konpei Island.  The central
members of the team have been missing since then, but most of their machines
have fallen into Titan hands.  Bright, Quatro and some of the others were
probably also imprisoned in the process - Quatro was probably fighting 
because some of the others are being held hostage.  And probably waiting for
his chance to counterattack and free Bright and the others in the process.
Earning a bad name for himself instead, in short.  The plan for now is to
join up with the Preventers and kick the Titans out of Japan before they
get their hands on any of the super robots like Shin Getter.

Oh, and in case you're wondering like Benkei what the Preventers are, they're
the unified remnants of the Kalaba and the Riga Militia which were persecuted
at the same time as the disbandment order for the Lond Bel and SDF.  The
objective of this secret society is the destruction of the Titans before they
gain entire control over the Earth Sphere.  In fact, Camille was ordered by
Bright to contact the Preventers back when and thus escaped capture.  That's
why the Zeta and the other Gundam machines are available for you in Japan,
and also why Usso and the others got saved by Camille when the Titans went
after them.  In any event, there are lots of people unaccounted for, including
the other Gundam Wing boys and Puru2...  Go to 3.

3. Shouri E no V-Sign  ["The V-Sign Pointing to Victory"]

A battalion of Titans has infiltrated the Nangen Connection.  Evidently the
Titans used a new security code that had only just been passed along to the
Far East base - does that mean that it's fallen already?  Nangen is about
to order the Combattler team on alert when Jerrid and Kaklicorn break into
the control room and order the Connection to stand down.  Jerrid tells 
Yotsuya that the era of the SDF and friends is over, but Yotsuya fires back
that he's in no position to say so.  Nangen recalls Yotsuya saying before he
came to the Connection that if all humans could do is shed each others' blood
time and again and destroy nature, it would have been better for them to be
wiped out in the war.  Perhaps both sides of this current conflict should 
have been wiped out by the Balmar.  So saying, Nangen buys Yotsuya and Ropet
a chance to escape, getting shot in the process.

The Combattler Team is having a hard time holding off the Titans' special
forces.  They deliberate whether to fight back in their Battle Machines, and
Yotsuya rushes in and tells them to take their Machines and leave the base.
He overrides their objections and tells them to head for Nagano where a 
Preventer squadron awaits.  With Chizuru still uncertain about Nangen's fate,
battle begins.

Outside, Lilah notes that Jerrid's failure to capture first Shin Getter, and
now Combattler V is typical.  Unfortunately for you all, Chizuru was worried
about Nangen and flew back to base, taking Ropet with her.  Hyouma is ready
to rumble instead of escaping, but Kosaku warns him that the Titans are far
stronger now and are even using Jupiterian mecha.  Bran tells Lilah that she's
cleared to attack if necessary, since the fifth Ultramagentic Robot is already
in the Titans' hands.

  On round 3, Jerrid pops up, with Chizuru and Yotsuya as hostages.  Juuzo
  is really pissed that the Titans used such a predictable trick on you, and
  Yotsuya tells Chizuru that he'll make her a chance to escape in her Battle
  Machine.  Well, it works... sort of.  It seems Yotsuya used a bomb he was
  carrying.  This really really upsets the team, and they emergency-combine.

  The next round, Reideen shows up to help save your ass.  It seems the Titans
  are attacking Mutropolis too but haven't broken through yet.  The two groups
  decide to protect other bases in the area, assuming that Kouji and the
  others have already joined the Preventers.  Bran realizes that the old Lond
  Bel is reassembling and congratulates himself on asking for reinforcements.

  On the following round, Rosamia shows up with more reinforcements and
  tries to kick your ass.  She says that thanks to the end of the SDF's
  operations, the sky really will fall - and she blames you all.  Bran
  warns her not to destroy the Combattler V altogether; she's as crazy as
  ever and it's probably the PsychoGundam's fault.  Just then, Yotsuya appears
  (alive) at the base and raises the V-Sign of Victory.  It heals you fully
  and puts you at 150 morale.

  On the next round - more of your dudes show up.  Puru and Camille remember
  feeling the pilot of the PsychoGundam during the Balmar War.  Camille's
  appearance doesn't improve Rosamia's mood much...

  There is a Chobham Armor and a Dustproofing Device in containers.  Defeating
  Rosamia is worth a Skill Point and a Booster.

After the battle, the Argama and the Lean Horse Jr. show up.  After commenting
on how badly you trashed the Titans, Henken apologizes for the fact that the
responsibility for the Aegis Plan falls on your shoulders.  You all gather
on the Argama.

Your people then hear the news that Nangen was shot by the Titans.  Yotsuya
yells at you all not to cry, saying that Nangen lives on in the form of
Combattler V, the robot who protects the earth Nangen loved so much.  He
reminds you of your duty to carry out the Aegis Plan and to save the rest
of your companions.

Aboard the Argama, your dudes are plotting how to free the Far East base.
According to reports from Isaac, it seems that the Barton Foundation is active
in space trying to get to the microwave stations on the Moon.  Yes, as in
"Trowa Barton".  As in a huge conglomerate comparable to the Romfellar.  Not
only do they aid the Titans, they've even got their own private army.
Although the Titans couldn't execute Aegis with just the "Moon Cradle" alone,
Noin reminds you that you can't relax with the Titans in possession of
South Atalia and so on.  Indeed, a city is being built around the Macross in
Dakarl - you may have to fight against it.  Meaning Focker and the rest may
be forced to fight you.  Eventually, you'll have to settle the score with the
Titans and free the Macross - but before that you'll have to split up and
both free the Far East base and stop the Barton Foundation.  Evidently
something is already being done about Bright and the others in captivity -
you'll find out what in a while.  Evidently Four, and Ruka Ruu have been
helping out as liaisons with the Preventers, a fact which couldn't be told
until now.  Henken thinks that Judou wasn't listening and asks if he can
recite who goes where.  You can do so or not.  You then have the option of
either going to the Moon or to the Far East base.  For the Moon go to 4L.
For the Far East base go to 4A.

  The only real difference in the two paths is that the Lean Horse route to
  the Moon can get you Wufei whereas the other route can't.

Either way, Ruu will congratulate Camille and Usso for meeting up
with the Preventers.  The three of them plus Four then discuss the PsychoGundam
in the previous battle - Camille notes that there was a Fortified Human
aboard it, but that it wasn't Puru's sister.  Camille and Four agree that 
they'd like to save the pilot if there's any time left.

4L. Juusanban-me no Seiza  ["The Thirteenth Constellation"]

Hilde shows up and informs Rilina that construction is complete up through
phase 8.  It seems that there are 3 Gira Douga's, 2 Gedorafa's, and 1 
Zegalia left for Japan's share... of weapons dismantlement.  Rilina is
resolved to not let all the machines recovered in the Balmar war fall into the
hands of the Titans.  Rilina hasn't heard from or seen Hiiro since after the
war was over; Hilde hasn't been in contact with Duo either.  Hilde's a little
miffed that Duo asked her to help out with this work and then disappeared,
but Rilina's compliments seem to brighten her up considerably.  Rilina is
internally worried that her role as part of the Preventers isn't working out
too well - the Titans have extensive influence not only militarily but also
politically.  So much for the peace everyone fought so hard for.

For instance, you are abruptly attacked.  Sally comes and requests that
Rilina evacuate Luna2, which is currently being attacked by mobile suits.
It's not the Titans at least, but...  In any case, they've made it inside
the base and are holding the group at gunpoint.  In comes Dekim, who tells
Rilina that she's welcome to want peace, but that the real question is 
whether humanity will mature through the great war ahead of it.  Dekim is
serving Marimea, who is determined to make sure the Christmas presents her
father gave her are delivered.  (This is Treize's daughter, by the way).
Rilina is in the process of telling Marimea that following in her father's
footsteps is mistaken when in step Trowa and Wufei, dressed in the uniform
of the enemy.  Wufei is his usual bastardly self and tells Rilina that he
refuses to acknowledge her.  Marimea tells Rilina that she'll find out soon
enough what their plans for her are.

Meanwhile, the Preventers are discussing the swift dispatch of mobile suits
in space.  Hayato says that there's a good chance that the acting squad is
the Thirteenth.  Looks like the objective is Rin Mao's microwave facility.
Lady Un tells Rin that the Argama succeeded in driving the Titans out of
the Far East base - meaning that the bad guys are certain to head for the
Moon Cradle.  Hayato is worried about an oddity in the Titans' and Barton
Foundation's activities, but Lady Un says the main issue is how to stop
their rampage with your current forces.  Just then, someone walks in and
requests a codename, "Wind" - as in the wind that blows out the fire.  It's
Zechs with YET ANOTHER ludicrous attempt to conceal his identity.

Hiiro and Duo are heading for Luna2, where they can see numerous explosions.
Duo figures the bad guys are after the mecha that are being dismantled 
there, but Hiiro figures they're after something older - something nuclear.
Whatever they plan to use them for, you've got to stop them - assuming
of course that the 13th Constellation the Barton Foundation was rumored to
be constructing can be defeated: the new model mobile suit that the old
Oz was working on.  Too bad Duo or Hiiro lack the time to go pick up their

Looks like your fears are confirmed: your opponent is the Serpent-class
mobile suit, the thirteenth constellation.  Plus a bunch of Taurus-class
Mobile Dolls.  Duo can't raise Sally or the others within the base.  Looks
like the only choice is a forced entry, despite what Duo has to say about
the matter.

  On round 1.5, the Altron shows up, containing a Wufei who badly wants
  to fight your folks.  Trowa is there too of course.  On round 2.5, Dekim
  Barton shows up and makes some inspiring speech to his lackeys about 
  bringing glory to mankind.  Looks like you're gonna have real problems
  getting to Luna2...

  Lucky for you, the Tallgeese shows up on round 3.  Looks like there's some
  use for people who can't get used to peace after all!  Zechs calls himself
  Wind, but Duo isn't buying the codename one bit.  Zechs notes that he can't
  rest while Treize's ghost is wandering around.  Zechs has heard of Dekim
  from Scirocco - he orders Dekim to stand down immediately.  Dekim responds
  that he's got Rilina hostage and asks if Zechs hasn't heard of the true
  Operation Meteor from Scirocco.  He's planning on dropping Luna2 on the 
  Earth if people don't stop resisting at once.  He orders Zechs to stand
  down and swear loyalty to Marimea.

  Attack Dekim with Zechs and Dekim will tell him that he's about to be
  defeated.  He says that those already dead should just go to Hell already.
  When Wufei attacks Hiiro he'll tell Hiiro to prove he's right by defeating
  him.  Trowa and Duo have a similar exchange.  Assuming you have Hiiro and
  Duo attacking the flagship, Dekim will remind you that Rilina's aboard.
  Rilina trusts Hiiro with the attack.

  You need Hiiro to fight Wufei twice this battle to recruit him later.
  Wufei is worth a Magnetic Coating.

  Two rounds later, the Lean Horse Jr. will arrive with reinforcements.

  Damage the flagship enough and everyone will flee, giving you a Skill 
  Point.  There is a Repair Kit and a Dual Sensor in containers.

  Duo is all set to pursue the bad guys, but Zechs tells him to wait and
  check Luna2 in case the plot to drop it on the Earth is for real.

It seems that while Luna2 wasn't set up to be dropped on the Earth, several
high-output mobile suits and nuclear missiles are missing.  The Titans 
probably want them to power their own Earth defense shield, but as Quatre
thinks to himself they'd only be able to cover part of the Earth with it.
As reunions take place, Duo informs Quatre that Trowa ended up on the Lean
Horse after the battle - of course he pretended to join the bad guys to glean
information.  No frigging clue what Wufei is up to, as always.  Duo asks
Gomez to head to the Moon Cradle, where his and Hiiro's Gundams were stored
so as to attract less attention.

Hiiro muses that Marimea's mother Leah is dead and her father is missing.
Hiiro relates to Camille that the "Trowa Barton" you all know isn't the real
Trowa.  He's just a soldier with no name who's been on the battlefield ever
since he was old enough to remember.  Trowa tells Hiiro that Marimea and
Rilina are convenient symbols for Dekim, even if Marimea may not be Treize's
real daughter.  The plan seems to be for Dekim to take over the Moon Cradle,
execute the Aegis Project, and then enact Operation Meteor.  Camille asks if
this is the same Another Gundam mission that Hiiro and the others were part
of.  The real operation was to crash an asteroid into the Earth and take 
over important sites in the ensuing confusion.  Dekim proposed it well 
before the Balmar War, and it would supposedly be far more effective than
the Jion Operation British colony drop plan.  Which would mean that the Wing
Zero Custom was in planning even before the First Gundam...  Hiiro and Trowa
are agreed that performing Operation Meteor with the gravity shockwave
inbounds is meaningless anyway.  Most likely, they just want to use the Aegis
shield to protect some of the colonies, and let the Earthnoids perish.  The
nukes are to take care of the Titans when they learn of this treachery.  To
prevent Dekim from getting his hands on Aegis, it's time for Hiiro to pilot
the Zero again.  Go to 5L.

4A. Seigi wa Ware ni Ari  ["Justice Is With Me"]

In the Big Falcon complex, a very unhappy Dancougar team and Voltes Team are
lamenting their fate.  Sara wonders why Oka let the Titans have the base so
easily.  Megumi is sure her father wouldn't give up so easily, and Shinobu
thinks that if the Titans are such an obstacle to the Aegis Project, your
people should just pulp them first and _then_ execute the plan.  However,
Ken'ichi reminds your dudes of the golden mecha seen among the enemy - if
Amuro or Char were among the enemy, there must be a very compelling reason
why, like maybe some hostages or something.  It sucks that South Atalia, and
the SRX Team, are all missing.  Megumi is sure that your dudes will come to
the rescue and counsels everyone to sit tight.

Mauer informs Jamaican that almost all facilities are under Titan control,
save Mutropolis, the Nangen Connection, and the Shin-Saotome Laboratory.
Jamaican asks Oka if his handing over of Big Falcon was just a ploy to buy
time for this counteroffensive by the good guys.  Oka replies that it's not
profitable to fight with the shockwave coming, and that he merely agreed to
the Titans' demands because he gives Aegis top priority.  Igor says much
the same thing when Jamaican demands to know why some facilities are still
resisting.  Jamaican reveals that while there isn't enough energy to shield
everything in the Earth sphere, there is enough to shield the Earth itself -
the perfect opportunity to get rid of the Spacenoids.

Quatro and Yazan come in an announce that the processing of Voltes V and the
other necessary stuff is finished.  Jamaican says to use the Beast Machines
as a shield against Preventer attack.  He further orders a full court martial
of Oka and Igor for numerous cases of disobeying orders, to be held at 
Dakarl.  He tells the two of them not to count on any heroics, since the great
hero Char Aznable is on the Titans' side now.  Quatro has no words for his
former comrades at this time.  Jamaican tells Yazan not to let Quatro have
any unnecessary contact with Oka and Igor.  Yazan and Quatro head out to 
patrol while the Great Mazinger is being brought over.

Lilah then enters to announce that Kenzou and Tetsuya have been brought here,
along with Kenzou.  The plan is to use the Suudori to carry Great Mazinger
along with Voltes to Dakarl.  However, Tetsuya is thanking his lucky stars
that Oka is in the control room.  He, plus the great ninja Oka, can surely
take the enemy down now - now all that's left is for Jun and Boz to do their
thing.  Jamaican tells Kenzou that the two of them are being used to lure
Kouji over from the Tesla Raihi lab.  Kenzou thinks that he may never see
Kouji or Shiro alive again, and Tetsuya vows that all this will cost
Jamaican his life...

As Great Mazinger nears, Jamaican asks what happened to Byunas A.  Neither
it nor its pilot Jun were anywhere to be found.  Unfortunately for the bad 
guys, the Great Mazinger they have is just a dummy!  It's the Byunas A which
starts blasting the base.  The folks in the control room spring into action,
resulting in Kenzou getting shot.  Tetsuya implores Kenzou to live for the
sake of his sons, but Kenzou tells Tetsuya that he considers him his son too.
He urges Tetsuya to hurry and do what must be done, and Oka says that Kenzou's
wound isn't so bad and to leave it to him.  Oka and Igor are going to rescue
the Beast Machine squad, and in the meantime Tetsuya and Jun will buy time.

Battle ensues, and Boz hasn't shown up yet with Great.  Perhaps it was too 
big a job for him after all.  Just then Boz does show up, with Great literally
in tow.  Plus, something unidentified is heading this way fast - Jamaican
orders the Suudori readied for takeoff and Yazan and Quatro sent around for

  After a couple rounds, Boz starts screaming for help.  Just then, something
  similar to the Psybuster pops out.  It _is_ Masaki, who says that it seems
  both the Surface and Ra-Gias are in a real mess.  Kuro and Shiro are
  congratulating themselves on not getting lost this time, thanks to Ibun's
  gate.  Masaki tells them to shut up about his frequent directional mishaps.
  Via a few pleasantries, Shiro says that Masaki is currently piloting a
  Jaom, an Elemental Machine of Yin Fire.  Lots of stuff seems to have gone
  down, but first it's time to hose the bad guys.  At least you hear that
  the Voltes Team and the Beast pilots have been rescued.

  On the next round, fighting inside the base intensifies.  Oka orders the
  others to not worry about him and make it through to their machines.  As
  things are looking bad, Alan shows up congratulating himself on sending
  the Bandits terrestrial unit of the Black Knights to infiltrate the Far
  East base.  After blasting a hole and preventing the Suudori from being
  loaded, he leaves the rest up to his father and Shinobu.  Sucks to be
  Jamaican, especially with the Argama inbound.  Yazan berates Jamaican for
  his misjudgment in letting your dudes into the base and recommends retreat
  while the minimum objective is still met... unless he wants to try to clear
  his name by fighting the super robots.  Jamaican orders Quatro and Emma to
  guard the Suudori, and that if they try anything funny the lives of Bright
  and the others are forfeit.

  On the next round, Dancougar pops out, along with your other dudes.  Banjou
  gets to berate Jamaican for claiming to be just when all he's doing is
  spreading the fires of war.  Jamaican claims you're not any better because
  you put the Earth in danger, but Banjou says that that's why you've got to
  enact the Aegis Plan yourselves.  "Justice, and the circle of the sun, are
  with us!"  It's time to pay the Titans back for thinking they're hot shit.

  There is a Dual Sensor and a Chobham Armor in containers.  If you can take
  down the Suudori before it leaves, you get a Solar Panel and a Skill Point.

  Quatro leaves as soon as Jamaican is gone, leaving the rest to Banjou and
  the others.  You then hear from Oka that Kabuto and Hamaguchi are okay.

Hamaguchi and Yotsuya and the rest of the scientists have their reunion.
Banjou announces plans to pursue the Titans back to their HQ at Dakarl and
get back the Macross.  Garrison then comes in to announce that all your base
are belong to you again, except that the Titans destroyed the DC Japan base.
At least noone died in the blast, but all the technology under development
there is lost.  It's up to the Lean Horse to protect the rest of the Aegis
Plan on the Moon, but the DC are all but destroyed now.  Banjou is
wondering why Shuu hasn't acted, and wonders if the DC are no longer of any
use to him.  What could he be scheming?

Hikari and Mari meet and discuss how Dai-sensei is working with the beautiful
Yasunishi-sensei about subterranean stuff.  As in the Youma Kingdom and the
Mikeene Empire that weren't entirely destroyed in the last war - mysterious
worlds that were barely even broached back then.

Thank goodness that Kenzou is still okay, although he still feels unable to
meet Kouji or Shiro.  He's resolved to do what he can as a scientist; and 
then he'll meet them when peace finally comes to the Earth.  Go to 5A.

5L. Tsuki no Yurikago  ["Moon Cradle"]

The plan is for Duo, Hiiro, Zechs, and Quatre to head to the Moon first and
load some external spaceship boosters into a shuttle.  Unfortunately, there's
a lot of space debris between the Earth and the Moon from the final battle
with Bodolzar.  Looks like it's up to the GW boys' skillz to get them
through safely.  Judou says they're always being reckless, and Duo responds
that he's just calling the kettle black.  Hiiro is prepared to trust Duo.
If all works out your dudes can get there before Dekim's ship does.
Camille wants to go with them, but is ordered to stay behind with the ship's
garrison.  Duo says not to hate him if he eats all the food at the banquet
himself. ^_^

Four comes and finds Camille after the others leave; Camille admits to her
that Fa is on the Moon helping out with the Aegis Plan at Mao Industries.
Camille is trying to convince himself that Hiiro and the others can protect
her, and Four starts worrying that it's Fa, not her, who's really in Camille's

Fa, Nina, and Rin are all watching in dismay as the forces of Evil(tm) head
toward the Moon Cradle.  With them is Viletta, who comments that the ghost
of Treize has come back to haunt you all in the personage of Marimea.  Oh,
if only Ryuune were here.  Sadly there's no time to wonder why Ryuune 
disappeared so suddenly - Viletta orders the R-Gun readied for battle, saying
that she managed to keep it from falling into the Titans' hands.  She
asks further what the status of the Gundams Hiiro and the others left on the
Moon.  Rin doesn't want this place turning into a battlefield, since it houses
not only the microwave transmitters but also a lot of people in hibernation 
in preparation for the shockwave.  Viletta says that all she has to do is
keep the bad guys out, and says that this sort of solo action is suited to
her (which is why she's here and Ryuusei and the others aren't).  She vows
to buy time until the Lean Horse arrives, and Nina prepares to launch the
Wing Zero Custom et. al. as soon as the pilots arrive.  Fa insists on coming
along too.

Happily, the GW folks are all on the scene (except for Wufei who's not
surprisingly absent...)  Time for Duo to go back to being the Grim Reaper and
stuff.  Viletta is glad your dudes all made it and figures that all the pain
she suffered back during the war was worth something.  She gives Duo her
assurances that if he doubts her he can shoot her in the back at any time.  The
bad guys show up, thinking it's their time to take over the Moon Cradle (which
is why they aren't planning to use their nukes).

  After a few rounds the Lean Horse shows up with reinforcements;
  unfortunately the enemy have a few of their own.  Among them is Wufei, who
  is being too pure for his own good or something and wants to settle the
  score with Hiiro.

  Let Wufei fight Hiiro.  Hiiro will point out that Dekim is trying to 
  enact the Operation Meteor that the GW boys rejected, and that he doesn't
  truly understand warriors' hearts.

  Wufei is worth a Dual Sensor.  Defeating Dekim is worth a Hybrid Armor
  and a Skill Point!  Note that he runs away if he has less than 5000 HP
  left.  There is a Solar Panel in a container.

Once you beat down all the bad guys, the time to follow Dekim and rescue
Rilina etc. has arrived.  Said enemy is headed for the Earth, probably to
enact Operation Meteor.  Viletta tells Fa to go to the Lean Horse and rejoin
her old companions, while she stays with Rin on the Moon.

Actually, it looks like they're planning to make planetfall and not do the
Meteor thing.  They're heading for North Africa, where Dakarl is.  Perhaps
they plan to use their nukes to get the Macross.  You've got to save Rilina,
save Aegis, and generally kick lots of ass.  You then hear that your land
team has kicked the Titans out of Japan.  South Atalia is doing okay too.
Unfortunately, Bright and the others are being held at Aleg base near Dakarl.
The plan is to land, assemble the whole squad, and take on Dakarl once and
for all.  Go to 6L.

5A. Kusari wo Tokihanate  ["Cast Off the Chains"]

The Argama will be reoutfitted in three hours.  Your group has been contacted
by Quatre and informed of the theft of the nukes - looks like the schism
between the Bartons and the Titans is nigh.  It appears that the elitist Dekim
never really intended to help the Titans at all.  Banjou has realized that
whichever set of bad guys wins can shrink the Aegis shield to save only those
who they choose.  Masaki then pops in and says that he's going to split off
and head to DC headquarters in South Atalia.  Once again, he's heading after
the missing Shuu, who is back on the Surface.  Masaki is quite surprised to
hear that the Japan DC base has been blown up - Garrison comments that Shuu
hasn't taken any action about it.  Masaki says that since nobody knows what
Shuu is up to, he's gotta follow him and find out.  Perhaps Shuu has something
to do with the recent rash of disappearances of robot pilots and their
machines, including Ryuune.  Masaki digests this and thinks of the incident
with Mio (what incident you ask?) and thinks that a connection is quite likely.
He tells Banjou that Shuu's unusual cooperativeness during the war was just
to get the Arrowgaters out of his way.  In short, he used you all.  Banjou
is bright enough to have figured that out already.

As Masaki apologizes for being selfish and going alone, Garrison gives him a
gift: a satellite navigation system, with the course to South Atalia input
already.  As Banjou notes that this is an ideal present, Garrison recommends
that it be Kuro and Shiro who are entrusted to actually operate the thing.

At the Tesla Raihi lab, Robert is thanking Kouji for driving the Titans out.
Kouji says not to mention it and is glad he and Sayaka were here on business.
They too have heard that the Titans have been punted from Japan.  Robert
says that the SRX Team is definitely in South Atalia, but being that that's
in the Titans' hands...  Kouji prepares to return to Japan and thanks Robert
for working on Kaiser's control program.

At South Atalia, Basque is harassing Professor Kobayashi about his 
investigations of Aya and Rebi.  Basque doesn't want to hear excuses about
why the investigation is running behind, and Kobayashi doesn't want to hear
_that_ from the people who took the SRX machines away.  It seems that the
SRX's power plant is indispensable to the Aegis plan, so Basque tells 
Kobayashi to hurry.  Kobayashi tells him to just use the Hukebein Mk. III,
the R-Gun, and the Ryuu-Ko-Ou to power the thing.  Not that anybody knows 
where any of those went after the war...

...And the alarm goes off.  Irmgault reports that Focker's squadron is trying
to escape the island.  Basque tells Irm to take Ben Wooder and bring them
back, by force if necessary.  Irm says his machine is in the shop and to 
have his subordinates go instead.  Basque warns him not to do anything 
stupid...  Meanwhile Kouji detects the Psybuster's IFF code coming from the
direction of South Atalia.  Off they go to the rescue...

Focker is quite impressed at how fast the pursuers came together.  Hikaru
wants to get out of there as quickly as possible and head for the Macross;
Focker notes that he seems to have gotten more authoritative lately.  The
rest of the squad is ready to rumble, including the two lovebirds Max and
Miria (the latter of which is quite ready to rock as "Ice" Miria despite
being Miclonized).  Now _that's_ romance.

  On turn 1.5, some Mass Production Gespenst Mk.II's appear.  Riding in them
  are Monsha and the others - whose mission from Irmgault is to head for
  the Valkyries.  Kou doesn't want to attack, but with Bright and Burning
  held hostage there's no choice.  But Kou _really_ doesn't want to fight,
  and asks Ryuusei and Rai what they are going to do.  With Aya and Rebi
  as good as held hostage, they have no choice either.  Irm is thinking to
  himself that having his men fight seriously is the only way to fool Basque
  and buy time.  Focker tells his squad to fight back seriously, but not to
  aim for the cockpits - they've got to go along with Irm's little ruse.

  More bad guys pop out in a few rounds, lead by Basque himself.  Looks like
  things are really going Irm's way for a change.  Time for Basque to learn
  why evil people should always keep their hostages close by.  And then the
  shit hits the fan next round in the form of Saphiine showing up!  A virus
  has been planted in the base's main computer and all systems are going down.
  No way the worm that Saphiine wrote is going to be stopped now.  Basque can't
  believe that the base's security could be defeated so easily - Saphiine
  informs him that since her Shuu-sama made that security system, overcoming
  it _ought_ to be easy.  Saphiine is in the process of giving her glorious
  introduction when Yang Lone and Ryuune show up and spoil it.  Yang Lone 
  launches into his own speech about divine justice and demands to know what
  Saphiine is doing here.  Obviously, helping her beloved Shuu-sama out.
  And making some serious passes at Focker and Ryuusei in the bargain. 
  Ryuune demands to know why Saphiine destroyed the main DC database (along
  with the backups for Aegis).  She points out that DC was the realization
  of her father's dreams, and tells Saphiine that she just picked a fight with
  the wrong woman.  Like Masaki, like Ryuune, according to Saphiine.

  Saphiine is going to disappear, but just then Masaki shows up.  Saphiine
  asks what happened to the Psybuster (does Psyfice now hate him or something?)
  but Masaki resolves to grab her and beat Shuu's location out of her.  Yang
  and Kuro caution Masaki not to get too upset and that they've got to catch
  Saphiine at all costs.  Saphiine states that she has no plans to fight,
  especially since her machine's just been modded and hasn't been tested in
  real combat.  She offers to tell your people where the hostages are kept if
  you let her go.  You can choose to believe her or not - if you believe her
  Yang says that Masaki's not as dumb as he sounds and that you all should go
  along with him.  Yang figures from the way Saphiine's acting that Shuu will
  show up sooner or later - she notes that for a square he's got very sharp
  intuition.  She tells you all that your friends are being kept at Aleg in
  North Africa.  Masaki lets her go, but tells her to tell Shuu that one day
  he _will_ peel away the skin of all his deceptions.

  Basque then orders everybody who can fight out into the field.  That 
  includes Irm, who thanks to the little interruption has now finished his
  work.  Everyone joins the fray.  On the subsequent round, Kouji and Sayaka
  show up too.  He had been following Masaki, and can't believe that Masaki
  went directly to his destination for once.

  There is a Magnetic Coating and a Repair Kit in containers.  Basque is worth
  a Chobham Armor and a Skill Point.  He runs away with less than 5000 HP

Focker is explaining to the others that that battle was all part of the plan
to free the others.  Monsha starts berating Keith and Kou for not figuring
this out sooner, but in reality he didn't figure it out any sooner than they
did...  Things seem to be going pretty well now, except for the fact that the
DC HQ is now in ruins.  Irm and Focker are agreed that Shuu seems to have
used the whole SRX Project and the Balmar War for his own ends.  Perhaps
_Shuu_ is your true enemy.  Perhaps Shuu is your father.  Then again, perhaps

Kouji and Sayaka consider going and bugging Masaki (who's deliberating with
Yang Lone) and Ryuusei.  If you go check on them, you learn from Ryuusei that
after the war all the SRX personnel were rounded up after the project's 
cancellation.  Ryuusei has heard that the R-1 and R-2 were dismantled, 
although he mumbles that given that Shuu planned the project it may be for 
the best.  Happily, Aya and Rebi are okay - Aya's father didn't actually do
anything to them except put them to sleep.

Kou and Ryuusei then drop in on Masaki.  Masaki is surprised that Yang Lone
has come to the surface; Yang tells him that he's been traveling with Kirkus.
Yang had sent Gennajy to Langran to inform people of the situation, but
Masaki had already borrowed the Jaom and come to the Surface.  Masaki 
demands to know why Kirkus had left Langran, and why Yang was with him, but
Yang says that although he knows what Masaki's getting at it's not yet the
proper time to tell.  What he _is_ going to tell is that he and Ryuune 
discovered something terrifying during the war with the Shutedonians: the
ruins of a shrine dedicated to the God of Destruction, Saava Volkrus.  The
two of them spied Ruozor there, but he went off with Shuu somewhere - both of
them are surely up to no good.  It's extremely dangerous to leave Shuu alone;
the fate of both worlds seems now to hang in the balance.  Saving the world
is the mission of the Elemental God-Machine pilots, which is why Yang left
the Prince Feir/Kirkus scene to come here.

Meanwhile, Ryuune pops up, and demands to know why Masaki never said anything
to her when he came back to Ra-Gias.  He demands to know in turn why he
ought to have.  Apparently, Ryuune was summoned to Ra-Gias without her
consent, just like Mio.  Kouji then pops up and wonders why Masaki and Ryuune
are arguing when they've only just re-met.  Ryuune tells Ryuusei that Viletta
was last seen working with Rin on the Moon, which is comforting.  Masaki
then introduces Yang Lone and his talking panther -err, I mean legendary 
Wind Beast and Familiar, Ran Shao.  Ryuune insists that the seem less like
Wind Beasts and more like a Ro_mu.  Ryuusei joins in calling them A_res or
something similar... [okay super robot fans, just how long _is_ your memory
for such trivia...] 

Most of your team is going to meet up with the rest of the Preventers, but
Irm and the SRX team are staying behind.  Yang Lone and Ryuune are coming
with Masaki, who's coming with you.   Go to 6A.

6L. Nasake Muyou no J9  ["The Merciless J9"]

Ruu tells you that the Marimea army's course has been determined - they are
indeed heading for Dakarl.  It looks like they'll meet up with Henken's 
group bound for Aleg - Zechs points out that the potential hostages must get
rescued before invading Dakarl itself.  Trowa and Hiiro offer to enter the
base and free the hostages, despite Ruu's worries that the two are better 
suited to covert demolitions work.  Trowa is prepared to concede the point,
much to Judou's consternation.  Just then a coded transmission arrives.  All
you can make out is "J9".  Looks like "they" are in action.  All pilots go to
the briefing room as preparations for reentry begin.

Your team will be split in two.  One minimal team will free the hostages -
although Noin isn't willing to say who it is.  Unfortunately, Aleg has about
as many Titans as Dakarl, so the rest of the mission won't be the piece of
cake that some of your members might wish it is.  The second squad's job will
be to guard the hostages' flight upon their successful rescue, and to destroy
enemy units in pursuit.  The first mission is best suited to your flying units,
whereas the second is best suited to the ones with lots of firepower.

Jamaican has hatched a plan to use the captured Lond Bel members as bait for
the Preventer ship approaching Aleg, and wipe everyone out at once.  Jerrid
welcomes the chance for payback, but is puzzled why so many troops are posted
at Aleg and not Dakarl, even given the past difficulties in dealing with the
Lond Bel.  Could the rumor about the new machine, neither mobile suit nor
mobile doll, under development be true?  Jerrid is ordered to meet a special
force organized to stop the impending intruders.  These would be Kid and
Omachi, not the most soldier-like people around.  Jerrid is particularly 
offended by their choice in cars.  Thinking he remembers them from somewhere,
Jerrid leaves them in charge of the hostages and leaves.  Omachi assures
Kid that their fake IDs are well made and that they won't be found out.
Isaac and Bowie pop out too.  Bowie isn't happy with Jerrid's way of speaking,
and promises to kick his ass the next time they meet.

Your ship approaches the base, turning on its HOS jammers so the mobile dolls
won't find you as easily.  The objective for the first wave is to get to
the base within four turns without the enemy noticing you - meaning you have
to stay out of the enemy's firing range.  To find this out, you'll be taking
Haro with you.  Should you be found out, charge for the base anyway.  Avoiding
frontal conflict with the enemy is the only good chance your group has for
making everything work out.

  Doing so is worth a Skill Point.  Jamaican will be dumbfounded that a MS
  sized intruder made it in undetected.  Quatro and the others get sent out
  to fight, and Quatro realizes that the Preventers must have some plan if
  they've come all the way to the base.  Just then, that pesky car bashes out
  of the base, plus lots of bad guys.  Your dudes wonder what this "other
  battalion" plan to do with a single car, and Amuro, Bright, and the others
  make it out safely.  The members of the J9 tell Amuro that they'll cover
  the escape - Amuro is uncertain how they'll do that with one car, which
  doesn't surprise Bowie that much.  After all, it looks _just_like_a_car_
  and stuff.  Jerrid plans to squash it with his MS.  These plans get wrecked
  after a short stock transformation sequence.  Jerrid is appalled, Puru
  overjoyed.  Isaac informs the Preventers that the hostages are now safe,
  which means that Quatro is now prepared to turn on Jerrid.

  Jerrid will finally remember when he fights the J9.  Kid is actually 
  a member of the Red Rose sniper squadron: Kido Joutarou, aka the Blaster

  There is a Hovercraft and a Propellant Tank in containers.  Bran is worth a
  Chobham Armor.  Jerrid is worth a Repair Kit.  Mauer is worth a Booster.

Jamaican will be astounded and order abandoning the base after the battle.
Kid, upon seeing how fast they run away, notes that that speed at fleeing is
probably what kept them alive through the previous war.  Henken then shows
up with Banjou in tow - they're late! ^_^  Looks like Banjou's idea of calling
up Isaac was a good one.  The rest of your dudes show up too.  Masaki is
disappointed that he doesn't have a chance to do anything, but Yang Lone notes
that you've got no time to do anything but find Shuu.  Who, Ryuune notes,
wasn't here.

Astonage has finished rounding up the Lond Bel's mobile suits from the base.
Katsu sees Judou, and insists that he's being useful to Bright and the others.
With everyone gathered now, the bulk of the old Lond Bel's combat power is now
back.  Bright apologizes for being captured - well, shit happens sometimes.
Dakarl is now your main target, although Shuu's and Marimea's movements are
troublesome too.  The Titans are looking to finish you there, possibly with
a rumored new machine combining the merits of the AVF (i.e. the YF-19) and the
mobile dolls.  Isamu should be continuing trials of the AVF out at Edwards
AFB...  Anyway, time to hurry off to Dakarl.

Now, meet Isaac Gordonof, aka Isaac the Razor; Kido Joutarou aka Blaster Kid;
Angel Omachi, and the famous Steven Bowie, aka Flyboy Bowie.  Isaac tells
Banjou that the lackeys of the Nubian Connection have appeared at the Japan
DC HQ, probably for recon purposes.  Isaac doesn't know what they're really
after - in fact, nobody knows how Nubia is organized, where it's located, how
it's funded, how much war power it has, or even what its objective is.  Scary.
At least Isaac knows the leader's name: Carmen Carmen.  Just then Poncho
Poncho shows up too [O_o;;].  It seems he's the J9 team's "manager", and he's
here to talk about the "success bonus" that he didn't bother telling the
others about.  Garrison's deliberate slip of the tongue helps keep Poncho in

Your dudes then start sharing news about the other branch of the game, 
including the near destruction of DC HQ and the unknown whereabouts of the
SRX machines.  Shuu seems to have cut the DC loose when they were of no
further use to him.  The other Ra-Gians introduce themselves to the Lond
Bel, and Masaki tells you all that the Psybuster is currently being 
overhauled due to damage sustained in fighting in Ra-Gias.  Senia has 
promised to send the Psybuster to Masaki once it's finished...  Come to
think of it, Shuu probably only helped you during the Balmar War just to be
rid of the Arrowgaters.  Shuu presumably didn't go to the front lines in the
Granzon in the first place to hide his ace from Yuuzes... just as Great
Mazinger's existence had been a secret.  With the Arrowgaters gone, Shuu is
sure to show his true colors soon.  Maybe Shuu is your real enemy?  Go to 7.

6A. Oyobi to Araba Soku-Sanjou ["We Appear Instantly When Summoned"]

Gomez tells Henken and the others of the victories on the Moon.  Too bad Wufei
is being a dumbass and working for the Marimea army, who intend to join the
Titans.  Gomez and the crew are after Marimea, and Henken is heading to Aleg
to save Bright and the others - you paid a heavy price but found out where
they're hiding.  The plan is to join forces after the Lean Horse lands.
The Skull members relate how they were sent to South Atalia instead of Aleg.
Gloval sadly is being held hostage along with Bright... and Minmei!  Evidently
the Minmei Attack got the attention of the Titans, and they want to use her 
for propaganda.

Masaki then fills Shinobu in on the Granveil and the Jaom he's using until
the Psybuster gets fixed after the action it saw in Ra-Gias.  Senia'll send
the Psybuster to Masaki after it's fixed, although he doesn't know how.

Banjou explains that someone else will be handling saving Bright and the
others - this group is to provide cover.  He won't say who yet, but says 
that your job is to make their job easier by creating a diversion.  Shinobu
doesn't like trusting the salvation to people he's never met, causing a
minor disturbance at the meeting.  Tetsuya isn't convinced that luring the
enemy from the base will work, but Banjou's confident.

Insert Jamaican/Jerrid conversation.  Kid and Omachi have just snuck into the
base, and Omachi's not impressed.  Kid tells her not to get overconfident
yet, but she's already found out where the hostages are being kept.  Could it
be that the J9 team won't have anything to do this time?  Omachi reassures
Kid that he'll get his chance - in fact, right now as Kakricorn shows up and
asks what they're doing.  He tells them not to move - they aren't listening
to him.  The reason why is that they both can outrun a machine gun [!!!]
Kid is introducing himself when Omachi starts setting off the explosives.
Looks like sneaking in is out, and rescuing the hostages is the order of the
day.  Kakricorn gets left in the dust.

Quatro gets sent out to intercept you.  Your job is to lure the enemy 
across a certain line in 4 turns.  Don't shoot down the enemy, or your 
mission fails, since then they might use Bright as a shield.  Shinobu is
worried that this sort of plan can't work, and Tetsuya is worried he's right.
As you initiate the attack, Quatro figures out what you're up to.

  If you can lure the enemy away in 4 turns or less, you get a Skill Point.

  Once you do, explosions begin within the base, and what appears to be a 
  car drives up.  Bright and the others get saved, and Isaac's people are
  about to spring into action.  Bright and Amuro then pop out, and Quatro
  switches sides as the enemy pop out in force.  After one enemy turn, the J9
  stock footage happens.  Your dudes are struck by the thought that it's even
  cooler than the V's or Getter.

  There is a Dual Sensor and a Hovercraft in containers.  Jerrid is worth a
  Propellant Tank.  Jamaican is worth a Booster.

The battle aftermath is much like 6L, with Gomez and Henken's roles reversed.
Noin knows Isaac from before, including how it's been since they last saw
each other down to the day.  Go to 7.

7. Owaranai Enbukyoku ["Endless Waltz"]

Jamitof is calling Jamaican and Basque on the carpet for losing Aleg and
South Atalia, and the old Lond Bel members in the bargain.  To confront the
impending attack by the Preventers, Basque has prepared to slip a Fortified
Human spy onto the Argama: Rosamia!  The remainder of Dekim's forces have
landed at the Kaesu base, but aren't apparently doing anything at the moment,
a base which got hosed and abandoned during the Balmar war.  Jamitof realizes
that Dekim wants the Macross, but thinks that even if he comes with nukes 
there's no way to wrest control of it away.  Anyway, it seems time to deploy
the Ghost X-9 - especially seeing that the YF-21 and its pilot are fighting
for the Titans now.  Jamaican has given the order for the YF-19 being tested
at Edwards to be abandoned...

Kosaku asks Bowie and the others how the Burai Synchron powering the Buraigar
works, with Usso in tow.  When Bowie and Kid can't answer, Shin Rinbow
shows up with his sister Mei and explains how Synchron theory lets matter and
energy be used in an alternate dimension to permit expanding and shrinking
the Buraigar.  Normally, doing this would require power comparable to the
sun, but the Synchron Theory gets around it.  Kosaku and Usso seem to
understand perfectly, to the consternation of the baffled pilots themselves.

Your people learn that there's soon to be an Inauguration for the new president
of the federation: Jamitof!  Minmei's going to be present too.  In fact, the
whole crew of the Macross is being held by the Titans - they'll probably be
used against you, although their lives won't be endangered since without them
the Macross is useless.  Just then, a broadcast comes from the Marimea army.
She declares independence from the Titans who are trying to take over the
world, and says that she's inherited her father Treize's ideals.  Specifically,
that human beings only achieve their true value when fighting.  Marimea 
plans to use the gravity wave approaching the Earth to punish the Titans,
who seem to want to wipe out the Spacenoids.

Looks like everyone wants to capture the big influential people and use them
for propaganda.  Marimea's army, like the Jupiterians, want all Earthnoids
dead - the usual hypocrisy.  But what would Marimea's forces want at Kaesu?
The broadcast presumably was supposed to happen after taking over the Moon
Cradle; it probably means now that they're desperate to win supporters for
their cause.  Now would be the best time to strike them, except that the 
Barton foundation has probably set up something pretty heavy at that base.
Well, best to strike them anyway, despite their nukes - this gives Omachi a
chance to berate Shinobu some.  Isaac accepts the mission to save Rilina, 
despite the danger of a nuclear blast.  You can ask the J9 anyway, or not.
If you ask them, Banchou will offer to help out, and ask the Preventers to
create a distraction.  If you don't ask them to help, your crew deliberates
a bit and then decides to move in.

  Doing the latter is the way to get Wufei to show up.

Marimea's forces are sealed inside their base, tactical nukes almost ready
to fire at Dakarl.  Rilina is appalled that Marimea plans to use nukes, which
will harm even the Macross and the innocent civilians living near the evil
Titans.  Rilina is even more concerned about ignoring the anti-nuclear
Antarctic Treaty, but Marimea counters by asking why weapons like the GP-02
or the nuclear stockpile at Luna2 exist.  Once humanity gets a new weapon
that can shake the firmament, it will never abandon it - making history a
sort of endless waltz.  Marimea thinks that she'll take over the planet and
change history, partially by using Rilina's influence to subjugate the masses.

In the battle, you've got to wipe out all enemies within four turns so that
the J9 can invade the base.

   There are more enemies in round 2.5.  Rilina then goes and makes a speech
   to all the people in the world watching the fighting, telling them that
   freedom is something they must win themselves, and that they mustn't fear
   the Titans or Marimea's forces.  She says that the Preventers are proof
   of this.  Marimea asks her if she's abandoned her Absolute Pacifism, but
   Rilina says that she's not a Peacecraft now, and that what is needed is
   not assertion or political camps, but hearts that love peace.

   Send Hiiro to persuade Wufei.  Wufei wants to see whether the peace 
   erected after the Balmar War in the name of justice really is just.  Too
   bad that even though the enemy was defeated, mankind and the world didn't
   change.  Hiiro tells him to believe in the peace of the world that Wufei as
   a warrior has fought for.  Wufei doesn't think the current world order is
   just - in fact, there was no justice.  All he's doing is proving his own
   existence on the battlefield, just like Hiiro.  Hiiro reminds him that 
   Wufei already defeated Treize, but Wufei thinks he's still fighting him.
   Persuade him again with Hiiro and Hiiro will tell him that as things
   stand the bad guys are just trying to repeat history, making warriors like
   himself and Wufei necessary again.  How many people must they kill?  How
   many times must he kill that child and her dog?  Wufei will then join

   There is a Chobham Armor and a Propellant Tank in containers.  Defeat all
   enemies within four turns for a Skill Point.

After the battle, Dekim gets pissed and orders the nukes launched at Dakarl.
Your people start flipping their lid, but Amuro says that all you have to do
is destroy the warhead or guidance system to stop them - which he successfully
did during the One Year War.

   Take the missile to less than 10% of its HP but don't kill it.  I 
   recommend casting Restraint. ^_^

Dekim will get apoplectic when the missile is shot down.  Bright tells Dekim
that further fighting is pointless and orders him to stand down.  Dekim is
confident that the Shelter Shield can save him.  He apparently didn't see
the Gundam Wing OVAs.  Hiiro confirms that the shield is up and the shelter is
perfect.  And then fires.  Dekim wigs out and orders more Serpents sent out.
Marimea berates Hiiro, but Rilina asks her if she's scared.  And if at first
you don't succeed... try, and try again!  Despite the fact that Rilina's still

Lady Un then shows up, and tells Marimea that even if she's off her rocker,
she can't be allowed to die, as Treize's daughter.  Lady tells her that 
Treize loved those who kept fighting even when they kept losing, and that this
is why people accept the weapons that let them live through the Balmar war.
It's not the victors that stir people's hearts - this should be clear from
watching the Lond Bel and the Preventers.  Dekim thinks he's undefeated and
that the Barton family are the true rulers of the Earth Sphere.  Marimea
almost buys the hype, but Rilina slaps her and tells her to regain her senses.
She tells Marimea that now that Marimea knows fear, Marimea can admit to
herself her own mistakes.  Dekim prepares to shoot her to stop her speech,
but Rilina is prepared to die.  Dekim tells her that the people always want
to be led, but Marimea gets in the way of the shot he fires.  Dekim says he
can make as many of her as he wants, but Isaac breaks in and takes no mercy
on him as an evildoer.  Isaac turns out to have turned to Lady for help with
this mission.  Marimea is now dying, apologizing for her mistakes.  Hiiro
then shows up, saying he'll put her out of her misery.  Marimea thanks him,
and he fires... nothing!  He says that Marimea is now "dead" and the fight
is over.  There's still hope, and Marimea gets taken to the hospital.  All
looks like it's over, but then a king cobra attacks Isaac and gets shot by
Banjou.  It looks like Dekim's dead now... slain by the Nubians.

If you persuaded Wufei, he'll go on about how he'll still go on fighting
Treize until he figures out what it was all for.  Hiiro gives his assurances
to Duo that Wufei'll work out on your team.  Go to 8.

8. NUBIA wa Warau  ["Nubia Smiles"]

We meet Gorgon, calling for Ankoku Dai-Shogun, the Great General of the Dark.
Apparently the great Dark country hasn't arisen, nor is the time ripe for the
planned invasion of the surface.  Gorgon tells him that something unusual
has happened: one of the Kyouryuu Empire's underground plants in central
Africa has started mass-producing Mechazauruses.  The General recalls that
Dr. Hell had been using some of the Kyouryuu's surviving plants, but in this
case the plant had just started manufacturing them by itself.  So it's not
the Youma Empire either.  The odd thing is that the Kyouryuu's Machineland
has not been spotted rising up from the magma layer - so what's going on?
Gorgon relates that the humans have built some large structure underground
in Africa after the war - he thinks the plant is responding to that.  The
General, irritated that the humans would venture underground, orders Gorgon
to investigate at once.

Henken tells Bright that he and Gomez will take Rilina to the Preventers,
while Bright will head to Dakarl.  Lady asks you to settle the score with
them once and for all, and Henken promises to send as much help as possible.
Your dudes then set about saying their farewells, with Rilina requesting
that you by all means save Minmei and the others.  Tetsuya tells Rilina that
he doesn't buy all this Absolute Pacifism stuff, since all those evil 
underground kingdoms (see above ^_^) are still ready to strike and steal
all your freedoms in an instant.  He continues that he'd thought of Rilina
as no more than a REMF until now, but that he now sees how she's fighting
her own fight - his opinion of her is a bit higher now.  Your dudes are a
bit upset at how he put it, but Duo figures that maybe he's just bad at
expressing his feelings, like Hiiro is.  Hiiro, who was standing right there
(^^;;) tells Rilina that he'll settle things with this next battle.  Rilina
wishes the GW pilots luck in battle, which Trowa takes to mean that Rilina,
through her own struggles, has come to understand the GW pilots.

Alan then shows up with six of his companions, one of whom is Viletta.
She tells Bright that it was not she, but rather Fa and Hiiro, who saved the
day there.  It seems she's brought Ryuusei with her, along with Musashi,
Doctor Yasunishi and Sarumaru.  Viletta reminds you how Yasunishi was the one
who worked on understanding the Chinese mecha during the Balmar war.
Apparently she has something she wants to tell you all directly.  As for the
other two people... it's Shakti and Karuru, and Usso is rather upset that 
they're here now on a military ship.  Karuru starts crying, and neither Boz
nor Kouji can make him stop.  Shakti confesses that she couldn't stand being
apart from Usso.  Usso tells her that she still wouldn't have been in danger
had she stayed at Preventer HQ, but Marvette says that's not necessarily
so given the scrutiny Shakti's under for her part in the Juperians' operation
during the war.  Usso isn't convinced, but Kouji tells him to shut up and
just protect them now that they're here.

Musashi tells Ryou that all is well at the lab, and that the prof. and Michiru
are preparing to use Shin Getter Robo - unavoidable if people want to save the
Earth.  Ryou's glad to hear that Shin Getter will be sealed away again after
the operation - maybe he's afraid of it?  We get reminded about the Lost
Technology Recovery team, whose mission is to dig up and study lost 
civilizations' uber technologies.  Apparently Yasunishi's LTR team has come
across something to do with all those underground bad guys: she too had 
discovered the plant that's back in operation.  The reach the same conclusion
that Gorgon had: that the plant is reacting to something underground.  Most
likely, that thing is a large underground complex, probably built by the DC.
Your dudes consult Banjou, and Beauty remembers something about an "Ark" in
the DC database, the "Earth Cradle".  Which is a hibernation facility similar
to the Moon Cradle, naturally.  Banjou remembers that Vian had cancelled the
plan, and there are indeed no records of the thing having been built.  Your
people are reluctant to credit Shuu with the construction, especially since
he can commute back and forth from Ra-Gias freely anyway.  You then detect
some Mechazauruses ahead, fighting with someone.  Time to go kick their ass.

It's Tutti, who's quite upset at being caught up in some battle immediately
after coming to the Surface.  Her familiars judge the enemies to be some
mechanical weapon based off of arachnids, and she thinks that she really
shouldn't have moved away from the gate that Ibun had opened for her.  Presia
and Mio are with her too; Mio recognizes the Mechazauruses from her time on
the surface.  Tutti tells them not to do anything reckless, but Presia is 
sure Masaki is coming to bail their butts out (assuming, as Mio points out,
that he hasn't gotten lost along the way).  Tutti reminds them that all they're
here to do is drop off the Psybuster, check out a certain thing, and then
leave.  Mio doesn't wanna go back so soon, despite the fact they're in Africa
(not Japan) and that it wouldn't matter even if she met an Anpan (O_o).
Senia is here too!  And she's got the Psybuster on autopilot, although it
can't move or fight in combat - it really won't be much use in combat... 
especially since Wendy is here too!  Wendy says that all she wanted to do is
return the Psybuster after repairs, but Senia isn't so sure there isn't more
going on.

  After a couple rounds of combat, Gorgon pops out.  He's pissed that he 
  can't find the underground base despite it being somewhere around here.
  The Ra-Gians are quite surprised to see him - Mio wonders if he's driving
  a flying washing machine.  Gorgon figures he can hose the Psybuster at 
  least before going home.  Your dudes show up on the next round, with Hayato
  rapidly divining that Gorgon was here investigating the plant and not
  invading the surface.  Gorgon now plans to strike the whole Lond Bel, and
  Tetsuya in turn promises to plunge Gorgon not back to the magma layer but
  all the way to Hell.  Masaki is very glad to see the Psybuster back, and
  Ryuusei wonders if all the Elemental God-Machines can combine (no, they

  After a few rounds of combat, Carmen Carmen show up with the Nubians.
  He tells Banjou that she has no further need of Dekim, or the Titans.  He
  says that all he's doing is according to his great god Atoum's directions.
  Kouji can't stand his babbling and tells him not to move.  He agrees, 
  saying that he'll test whether or not you're fit to be Nubians.
  There is a Magnetic Coating and 15000 in cash in containers.

  If you can take out Gorgon, you get a Hybrid Armor and a Skill Point.  If
  you can take out Carmen you'd get a Psychoframe too, but he runs away at
  40% health or after a certain time limit, so it's not easy at all.

Carmen will excuse himself, saying he's got an important job to do building
some new angels for Nubia: all part of the great Atoum Project.  Isaac asks
why Carmen would tell you all this - Carmen says that he'd heard of some
foolish, hot-blooded people who might be able to mess up his plans, and to
think of it as a minor gesture of respect for you.  The other J9ers note that
they weren't tangling with Nubia because they wanted to, but because of lots
of work that's been showing up recently, making them filthy rich.  Carmen
tells the J9ers to stop him, if they can, and that they'll probably see him
again after eternity.  Meaning, apparently, you'll have to settle the score
sooner or later.  Bright orders the Psybuster brought aboard and tells the
Argama to land at the base.  The Getter Team is ordered to destroy the Kyouryuu
plant underground.  Masaki thanks all the Ra-Gians for coming all the way to
drop off the Psybuster, and Senia tells him that there's one more (heretofore
unmentioned) person in it.

Ryou finishes destroying the plant, and Yasunishi reports that no trace of the
underground base has been found.  Nobody is sure what this underground 
facility could be, or who it belongs to.  Mikeene, Nubia, DC - anything is
possible.  Yasunishi insists that it really may be the Earth Cradle - she has
a friend in the project who's been missing recently, which is why she came
aboard the Argama.  Apparently it's not just her friend Sophia who's missing
either - all the main members are gone.  There wouldn't be enough manpower
among them to actually build the Earth Cradle however, unless someone like
the Nubians aided them...  There is an unconfirmed rumor that the Nubians had
had contact with the DC, and perhaps they're trying to further their Atoum
Project.  Carmen has also recently had a secret meeting with Hoseshilba
Valencia, director of the Federation space agency and someone interested in
restarting development of the various celestial bodies within the solar system.
As it so happens, Omachi's real surname is "Valencia", but she's not quick
to give up any information.  For now, you all have to hurry to Dakarl, and
postpone the study of the underground facility.

Kouji has finished working on Mazinger when the opportunity to eavesdrop on
Masaki arises.  If you take him up on it, you hear Senia getting gooey-eyed
over all the cool mecha.  Masaki asks if that's what she came to see, and
says that her excuse of bringing the Psybuster back was also an excuse to
test her customized Norse.  She assures him that she has a proper reason
for coming to the surface.  The rest of your crew is musing over this 
princess from a mysterious underground kingdom - seems like there's a lot of
mysterious princesses involved with the Lond Bel somehow.  Senia says to just
call her by her regular name, and can tell just by looking at some of the
humanoid mecha that they can combine.  Camille, surprised by this, tells her
that the Z Gundam was designed by him, and she begs him to see the plans.  When
he agrees, she wonders if he'll join her in working on the Duraxl.  Koujin
observes that she's as much an otaku as Ryuusei is, but in a different way.
Masaki adds that she's an operative for the Bureau of Information, and that
she's quite handy with computers and Elemental Machines.  Fa doesn't like the
attention Camille's getting, and just then Rosamia appears!  She attempts to
charm Fa out of her way by calling Fa Camille's girlfriend, but Fa steadfastly
refuses to believe that Rosamia is Camille's sister.  Rosamia offers to show a
photo of the two of them when they were kids - Senia notes that it's well made,
for a CG'd fake.  Camille decides to wait a bit and keep an eye on her.  He
can't imagine that she's an enemy, but... somehow she feels like the first time
he met Four.

Senia asks Masaki to check out the Psybuster's feedback circuits, and he asks
her point-blank if Wendy is here too.  She was hospitalized when Masaki left,
but she's out now.  She's not fully healed, but...

Ryuusei is involved in drooling over the other Elemental God Machines - he
really wishes they could combine.  Tutti introduces herself to Ryuune, and
Ryuusei insists on getting a picture of Ryuune with the Goddess.  Masaki
had told Tutti of the unlimited super robot otaku, which Ryuusei takes as a
compliment.  Just then Mio pops out, and reminds Ryuusei of their last
encounter in Shinjuku, thanking him for his help.  And then the time comes
for Mio to introduce her familiars: Jun, Shouji and Chousaku.  Juuzou reminds
him that that's supposed to be "My name's Mitsu_ Haru_".  This interrupts
Shouji's line, and the three Familiars decide that Juuzo is not someone whose
comic powers are to be underestimated.  Ryuusei wonders if they're penguins,
but Mio informs him that they're duckbilled platypi.  Ryuusei then starts
asking Tutti about Wendy, who she's heard of from Kuru&Shiro and thinks of as
a potential love rival.  Wendy is around 27, and Tutti says that if she's
_not_ good-looking, a good 80% of good looking Surface women would have to
give up their titles too.  I.e., she's super hot, BUT, Ryuune may still have
an edge age-wise.  She's also someone involved in the development of Masaki's
machine, and someone Masaki seems deeply attached to (to Ryuusei's surprise).

Masaki thanks Wendy (and Senia) for the adjustments to the Psybuster.  Neither
Masaki nor Wendy will openly admit to being interested in each other, to
Senia's bemusement.  Just then the crew shows up, with Sayaka openly 
announcing that they're there to see the woman Masaki's got a crush on.
Ryuune introduces herself to Wendy as Masaki's girlfriend, although Mio 
observes that that's "self-proclaimed".  Masaki's not very into Ryuune, and
after a brief verbal riposte asks Wendy if she's feeling okay - she's still
on medication.  She plans to stay with you all until the Psybusters' tests
are all run.  Kouji stares at Masaki for a while, and says that today's the
first day he's ever felt jealous of Masaki, for being surrounded by all these
good-looking women.  Of course Sayaka doesn't take this well.  Wendy in turn
says that she's envious of all the good friends she sees before her from
the Surface.  Or more to the point, envious of the people who know a side of
Masaki she doesn't.  Ryuune is really starting to worry now...  Go to 9.

9. Orokamono no Saiten  ["The Festival of Fools"]

Viletta informs Bright that the dimensional boundaries around Dakarl are
becoming dangerously unstable, just as they had been right before the
Arrowgaters' appearance.  Given that they've just been beaten back, it 
probably means something else is trying to connect itself to Dakarl - something
that seems to be doing the same in Ra-Gias.  In the past half year since the
Neutralization kekkai's destruction there, the power of the spirits has
become unstable too, and something very large seems poised to Gate in, 
parallel to what's happening in the Bermuda Triangle.  Given that the gate's
location in Ra-Gias isn't stable and that the scale is too large, it's not
like when Masaki or the others were summoned.  Maybe that means that Dakarl
is the other side of the Gate - and Senia and the Elemental God-Machines
have been sent to figure out if that's the case, and if so, who's responsible.
Masaki realizes that Shuu may be behind it, although Senia points it that he
may _not_ be either.  In any case, the Ra-Gians and the rest of you are all
headed to Dakarl anyway.

Quatro recalls that some of you participated in the Dakarl takeover operation
during the Balmar War, but says that the city is now quite different and has
been modified to include the Macross as its heart.  There's artillery guarding
the coast, mobile suits guarding inland, and the Macross itself guarding the
city's center - plus some kind of new anti-aircraft weapon based on the AVF
and the mobile suits: the Ghost.  Your mission will be stopping Jamitof's
inauguration, stealing the Macross, and rescuing the important SDF personell.
To do this, you'll split up into three.  The first squad will breach the
coastal defenses and infiltrate the city.  The second group of mobile suits
will invade the city from the West, taking out the enemy mobile suits in the
process.  The third group, based around the Argama, will come in from the
East, meet up with the other groups near the Macross, and rescue Captain
Gloval who's believed to be within the Macross itself.  Amuro tells a doubtful
Katsu that the strong Titans and the weak Lond Bel have to use a tricky plan
like this instead of the usual head-on clash of forces.

The first group of fighters will have to include the Volt machines in non-
combined form.  The Ghost is probably going to be a bitch to hold off, but 
Max and Miria are looking forward to the battle.  Hikaru realizes that he's
got to overcome his unease if he's ever to save Minmei.  In any event, if
you can't pull all this off you'll be branded as traitors - and be unable to
bring closure to the Balmar War via the Aegis Plan.

Isaac tells Kid that it's not his policy to fight when nobody's picking up the
tab, then asks Kid what he wants to do.  Kid's never liked how the Titans
do things, and would like to get medieval on their ass.  Bowie would be
happy to fight if it'd let him meet Minmei, and Omachi would rather fight
alongside Kid than die from the gravity wave.  Isaac then agrees that they
all will fight, saying that it's also against his policy to let evil slide
when it's right before his eyes.  Mio is quite impressed, saying that he
sounds like Hitsu- but Jun stops her before she commits any more copyright
infringement (too bad Jun's wearing a badge from that show...)

Camille tells Fa that whatever should be done about Rosamia, they can't let
her off now.  Hyouma notes that her voice resembles a pilot that attacked the
Nangen Connection in the PsychoGundam.  Rosamia then shows up with food for
Camille, but he tells her to go back to her room since he's about to sortie
soon.  Quatro asks who Rosamia is, clearly smelling a rat.  Puru then runs
up with a question from Judou for Camille about the ZZ (Four tells her not to
run).  Puru and Four are quite surprised when the meet Rosamia, who dislikes
them on sight.

Misa brings Gloval the report on the Macross's Response Reactor test.  Given
that they're currently able to provide power for the Aegis shield, Gloval 
has her forward the report to the Titans.  The Macross is still bad enough off
that it can't take off, but at least it can protect humanity by furnishing
energy - if not, there'd be no meaning to the many SDF sacrifices that let
the rest of you live through the Balmar War.  Misa is uneasy about the Titans,
and hopes that the Skull Squadron (especially Hikaru) are doing okay.  Misa
then reports that the main cannon isn't usable yet, although Claudia notes
that that's just as well with the Titans in control.  Just then Jamitof calls
up, and is told that the main gun is out but that the Response Reactor is back
online.  Jamitof orders the Macross to level 1 alert, saying that the Titans
will control the Macross's weapons and requiring that all SDF personell attend
the inauguration.  The bridge bunnies then realize what the standby order must
mean: the Lond Bel are coming.

Jamaican says that the inauguration will proceed as planned at 1900, despite
the state of alert throughout the city (Kaifan's not pleased about this).
Jamaican threatens Minmei with Hikaru's death if she doesn't comply - and
threatens Myung with the same for Isamu.  Myung responds that Isamu and she
have no relation anymore, but Jamaican isn't buying it.  He tells them to
put on a show suitable for the commencement of a new regime ruling over the
Earth Sphere.  Kaifan _really_ isn't happy that the SDF let the Titans take
over and pull all this crap, but Minmei says that Hikaru fought enough during
the Balmar War and that now it's her turn to fight.  Just then Guld shows up,
informing Myung that he's with the Titans now.  He reminds her of his promise
to protect her, saying that he won't let Isamu have her.  He's with the
Titans because she's here.

It's almost time.  Fortified Humans are in MS's that defend the city, in
particular Puru2 and Katejina.  This should be enough to fend off trouble...

Jamitof starts by claiming that the SDF did nothing for the Earth during the
Balmar War.  Instead, their dreams of defending the Earth led to its current
peril.  However, thanks to him and his Titans who restored order after the
war, everyone can be saved.  He gestures to the Macross as the symbol of his
authority.  Gloval is saddened that the Macross and Minmei are working to
Jamitof's advantage, but is resigned that this is the only way to avoid the
gravity wave.  Minmei then shows up, saying it was her prayers for a peaceful
future that brought her here.  She then says that the Titans aren't capable
of bringing about that peace.  She relates how, as one of the SDF/Lond Bel,
she faced the final battle of the Balmar War despite being exiled from the
Earth Sphere at the time.  It was not the Titans who staved off the Arrowgaters
or the Zentraedi, it was the SDF and Lond Bel!  She asks everyone of the
Earth Sphere to believe in them once more.  Just as Basque is about to have her
pulled from the stage, Isamu pops up with the YF-19, very much not dismantled.
Isamu apparently has help from some very heavy jamming, looking for a showdown
with the Ghost that threatens his project.  Basque thinks that a single 
Valkyrie won't be able to do jack - and Guld sorties to meet him.  Isamu
asks why he's here (same old "won't hand over Myung" line), and realizes that
Myung is around.  Myung of course gets to angst about how the two of them have
to fight.

  Guld and Isamu get to have a huge old fight.  Either Isamu or Guld can win
  this fight.  If you defeat Guld, and he'll recover his memories of 7 years
  ago.  Guld refuses to eject, and tells Isamu to hurry on ahead to the Macross
  and save Myung.  Since the YF-21 didn't explode, Isamu hopes Guld's still
  alive.  You will get Guld later in the game.

  If Guld defeats Isamu, he'll have a similar revelation, but Isamu will
  reappear fully healed.  You'll get Guld on your team immediately.

  Either way, Ghosts are launched.  Shoot them down to greatly upset Basque.

  Defeat all enemies before sending Isamu to the Macross for a Skill Point.

  Just as Basque is going to use the Macross to shoot down Isamu (or at least
  to try), the rest of the Lond Bel start their operation.  The Granzon shows
  up, looking different than it did during the Balmar War.  Gloval recommends
  that his people evacuate to inside the Macross.  Masaki is not happy to
  see Shuu, doubting very strongly that Shuu's here to save everybody.
  Banjou stops Masaki, asking Shuu why he destroyed the main computer at 
  South Atalia and why he seems not to care about the danger mankind faces.
  Shuu responds at length that he needs a sacrifice, so that a certain being
  can be resurrected - needs humans from the Surface.  Due to that, the Aegis
  Plan is in his way.  He notes that several billion human souls will do
  nicely, and that he therefore can't let them all get hosed by the gravity
  wave.  Kouji tells him that if he needs sacrifices so badly, he should start
  with himself (Shuu says he'll keep that in mind).  Shuu acknowledges that he 
  merely used you all during the Balmar War so he could test his Granzon, and
  that defeating Yuuzes was one of his objectives.  His other being to bring
  this world even a step closer to its rightful form.  Shuu tells Masaki that
  the world is currently in a different time stream from its rightful one.  As
  an example, he tells Masaki that their first meeting on the Surface, before
  the Balmar War, gave rise to an entirely different time stream from that
  which is proper.  Shuu refuses to answer Senia's question about what the
  world ought to be like, saying only that if left alone the world will
  positively be destroyed, which may well influence other worlds in turn.

  In short, Yuuzes was trying to change his fate and create a new world for
  himself, but was defeated by you.  Shuu now intends to see all chaotic
  influences like Yuuzes and you all removed.  And taking out the Aegis Plan
  will take all you out too, so it's two birds with one stone.  All he has
  to do is defeat you all, open the Gate, take back the sacrifices, and his
  "duty" will be over.   Simply put, he has to defeat you all.  Masaki demands
  to know if Shuu has now shown his true colors, but Shuu counters by asking
  Masaki why he thinks he could know anything of Shuu at all.  Perhaps the
  real him isn't a him that Masaki knows (Senia finds this plausible, as
  though Shuu were being controlled by someone...)

  Banjou asks, if you all are chaotic influences, whether the same can't be
  said of Shuu.  Shuu notes that he had a hard time fighting off Yuuzes, but
  now that you've done that job for him he'll give you a little display of 
  the Neo Granzon's power.  Your team is now raring to kick his ass, and 
  quite pissed that Shuu seems to want you all just to test his Granzon.
  Amuro puts it best: time to settle the score that wasn't settled at the end
  of the Balmar War.

  Note that Shuu doesn't attack you on the first round - surely he's up to
  something.  Focker orders everyone to focus their attacks on the Neo Granzon.
  Just then, Puru2 and Katejina show up.  Time for Judou to go save Puru2,
  and Usso to save Katejina.

  Have Judou, then Puru Persuade Puru2 so that you can get her and the
  original Quberay later in the game.

  Yazan is worth a Booster.  Bran is worth a Chobham Armor.  Jerrid is worth
  a Biosensor.  Jamitof is worth a High Powered Radar.  Jamaican is worth a
  Magnetic Coating.  Basque is worth a Biosensor.

Shuu has an awful lot to say to your dudes during battle, denying their
various ideologies and so forth.  Once you defeat him, he will note that all
things have their equal, and that that's what you were to him.  He concedes
that he too was one of the forces disrupting the Wheel of Karma in this world.
It's best that things happen this way.  Just then, a huge earthquake starts:
the dimensional boundaries are collapsing.  Unfortunately, this isn't a gate
to Ra-Gias... it's a time-space portal being opened by the broken Neo 
Granzon.  Isaac yells at everyone to get away from the Neo Granzon, but it's
too late...  Go to 10.

10. Haruka Naru Toki no Kanata ["Beyond Distant Time"]

"It was an planet known as Zora.  However, people had forgotten that name
long, long ago."

Tetsuya and Jun have just found each other - but not the Macross or the
Neo Granzon.  They have no idea where they are, or why it's now day and not
night.  Tetsuya has no idea what's going on, but he's sure that the Neo 
Granzon is destroyed.  Improbably, noone's on the radio - but everyone's got
to be around somewhere.  Time to go search for them, as Tetsuya testily says.
Jun calls him on the carpet for the way he's been acting lately - but before
he replies you hear an explosion.

Ragu is complaining about how the Bazaar area is being closely watched.  He
tells Burume and Daiku to buy time until Jiron and Chiru steal the new
walker machine (of all things, it's the Boz Robo).  They're not entirely sure
that it's all that new, but Ragu tells them to shut up and insists that the
contents are comparable to the crab types despite the outward appearances.
Burume isn't sure that Jiron can be trusted, making Ragu even more upset since
Jiron saved her life.  Plus the fact that she'll be included among the Sandrats
by the Kyaringur House if they can steal the thing.  Jiron's a good partner it
seems, but raising the Sandrat's combat potential by the theft is a higher
priority.  Meanwhile, Gelaba is not pleased to see the Sandrats on the scene.
Hoora resolves to protect the Iron Gear from them, and sends out the Dagger
Battalion... which upsets Elchi, who insists she's the captain.  Hoora, her
younger brother, tries to weasel out of this by saying he's keeping her from
danger.  Elchi wants to protect the Iron Gear, so she advises just keeping
a lookout for now.  Kotoset seems incapable of calling her "captain", instead
referring to her as "milady"...

  Jiron and Chiru are steadily on their way to stealing the stuff.  Elchi
  notes that the combatants aren't really into it, and Kotoset is worried that
  the defenses are getting thin around the bazaar.  Elchi realizes it's a trap,
  but too late.  Kotoset thinks that they're after the Xabungle, but it turns
  out that they're just trying to steal the unknown machines that Kotoset 
  picked up this morning.  You learn that Boz, who was on the rampage, got
  locked up in the dungeon.  Jiron learns to his sorrow that not only is there
  no key for the Boz Robo, but that it's also out of gas.  Hoora, seeing the
  hesitation, thinks that this may be his chance.

  Given that the Boz Robo's no good, they have no choice but to steal the 
  blue trailers nearby and run.  All they have to do is run away for three
  days, and they'll be scott free.  Elchi is impressed that Jiron is going
  for the Xabungle, but Kotoset isn't happy at all seeing the latest model
  Walker they received from Innocent getting stolen.  Jiron takes off in the
  front half, but seeing that the rear isn't linked orders Chiru to drive it.
  Chiru displays an innate knack for driving it, and they succeed in forming
  the Xabungle.  THIS is the new machine from Innocent that everyone's heard
  of, and it's even got five-fingered hands and human movements.  Maybe now
  he can avenge himself on Timp for his parents' deaths.  Hoora, ordered to
  get back the Xabungle unharmed, orders Jiron to get off if he wants his
  life spared.  Jiron won't listen to him, so Hoora prepares to take it by
  force.  Jiron asks him to wait since he's not used to driving it yet, but
  Hoora notes that noone's stupid enough to heed such a request.

  Hoora then aims for the cockpit, although they manage to dodge with only a
  broken wing and bad arm bearing.  The Xabungle's immobile, at which point
  Hoora goes after Elchi's ship.  He plans to make it clear who's the Iron
  Gear is, and become the head of the house.  Elchi protests that her departed
  papa had left the Iron Gear for her.  Hoora tells her to marry him, which
  she refuses to do, saying that barbarians like him are why the culture on
  this world never advances.  He in turn says that the law of the jungle is
  part of the natural order, which Elchi blames for the constant need to buy
  Computer Cores and Overnozzles from Innocent.  Hoora intends to marry her
  and legitimize his control over the Breakers, but Jiron comes over in the
  Xabungle.  He isn't going to let off someone who points guns at women, and
  Hoora is quite prepared to kill him.

  After another round of combat, Hoora announces to the new enemies that the
  Iron Gear's engine should be offline, sabotage of his just for this sort of
  chance.  Hoora is prepared to spare everone's lives if Elchi gives up the
  Iron Gear peacefully, but Elchi and Fatman prepare to sortie in their
  machines.  Elchi (surname Cargo) pops out the next round in another Xabungle,
  very friendly toward Jiron (to Ragu's annoyance).  Hoora wonders why Elchi
  would hate to be his bride so much she'd bring out another Xabungle.  Hoora
  furiously orders Elchi brought to him, refusing to acknowledge that he's
  been dumped.  Ragu decides to defend the Iron Gear to get Elchi in her debt,
  making the Iron Gear theirs.

  More enemies will pop out, and things are looking bad, when Great Mazinger
  and the Byunas A pop out.  The locals are astounded that they can fly,
  but noting that Innocent would never directly support them.  Ergo, they must
  be Boz's friends.  Elchi quickly tells whoever's piloting these new machines
  to guard her ship if they want to save Boz - whose presence aboard is proven
  by his robot being on the scene.  Tetsuya doesn't trust her fully but decides
  to prioritize saving Boz and gathering information more highly.

  There's 100 Blue Stones, 200 Blue Stones, and a Computer Core in containers.
  Hoora is worth a Skill Point (if you kill him fast enough) and a High Power
  Gasoline Engine.

Once the battle's over, Hoora promises Elchi that he hasn't given up yet, but
she never wants to see him again.  Jiron realizes somewhat late that now's
his chance to flee, but Elchi offers him and all his friends jobs as 
bodyguards.  Ragu jumps on the offer, and after a moment's thought Jiron
agrees as long as he can use the Xabungle.  Elchi tells you all in the flying
machines to come in too.

Kotoset isn't terribly enthused about the ragtag band, but Elchi reminds him
that they just proved how strong they are: stronger than Hoora, in Jiron's
case.  Ragu accuses her of just being interested in Jiron, but Elchi says 
she's just protecting the ship her father left her.  Tetsuya asks where they
are and who Elchi is - she's a local merchant, and this is her bazaar.
Tetsuya professes no knowledge of Innocent, but introduces himself and Jun.
Both the names and fighting styles of your dudes are different from the locals.
Tetsuya asks what year it is according to the New Western Calendar - none of
the locals know what that is.  He and Jun realize they're in another world
and another time [but not the Age of Wonder], and decide to observe things
a while longer.  Just then Jiron comes on the bridge, confirming that he can
have the use of the Xabungle if he works for Elchi.  Burume explains that
Jiron wants the Xabungle to avenge his parents, and Kotoset asks how many
days are left (how many days until what, Tetsuya wonders).  Jiron says that's
none of their business, and that he's going to get revenge and that's that.
Go to 11.

[At this point, you have access to the bazaar.  The Blue Stones you keep 
collecting can be used for buying and selling mecha and enhancement parts.
Note that you can't sell enhancement parts that are currently equipped.]

11. Nande Okite wo Yaburu no Sa ["Why'd You Break the Rule?"]

Tetsuya and Jun go and bail Boz out of the brig.  Boz has no idea what's 
going on, but the medic says that he and his walker machine appeared suddenly
this morning near the bazaar.  The medic had been treating Boz's injuries
when Boz woke up and got put into "protective custody".  Boz knows nothing
about any of the others.  The medic is surprised that you've never heard of
Innocent, and tells you that they're a group who lives inside the Dome and
dishes out both the walker machines and the necessities for life.  Apparently
that makes them good guys, although Tetsuya notes that everyone here seems to
be afraid of them.  Boz tells the medic what your machines are properly 
called, and reminds him that they were in the news on TV so he ought to have
heard of them.  Sadly, the medic has heard of neither news nor TV.  After the
medic leaves, your people ponder why everything seems so outdated here - 
almost like a Western.  This ain't Kansas anymore, but at least Toto ought 
to be around somewhere, as it were.  The plan is to stay aboard the Iron Gear
a while and gather information.

Meanwhile, Kotoset and the crew are trying to figure out where your machines
were made if not by Innocent (Jiron is in for a surprise if he thinks that
the Great Mazinger is big).  Jiron is prepared not to care where your dudes
are from since they seem to be good people, but Ragu fears that you're after
the Iron Gear too.  Elchi then shows up and berates them for not being quicker
with repairs - Ragu is biding her time until she can take over the ship.

The ship then blasts off for the rendezvous with Innocent.  Tetsuya agrees to
work on the ship, if the conditions are the same as for the Breakers.  He
cautions that he won't be here long, and that he wants to gather information.
Elchi offers to tell him about anything, including the "culture" that the
Innocent have.  Her dream is to let the proud flower of culture bloom across
the Earth.  Tetsuya's ears perk up at "Earth", thinking that this isn't an
_entirely_ different world.  Elchi tells him that the rendezvous they're
heading for is to take the blue stones and... *explosion*  It's some Breakers,
who have been very pesky these days (hence the need for bodyguards like
Tetsuya).  Especially since this is a brand new Innocent landship with a 
novice captain.

  Since the Iron Gear isn't completely repaired yet, it stops to let the
  walkers deal with all the enemy.  Timp, who hired these guys, notes that
  the Iron Gear can't move and watches from high ground.  Timp seems to
  recall seeing Jiron before...

  There is 10,000 credits, a Chobham Armor, and 200 Blue Stones in containers.
  Defeat all enemies within three turns for a Skill Point.

Elchi will note that the enemy seemed pretty half-hearted, and that they 
never really attacked the Iron Gear directly.  Everybody hopes that the enemy
were just scared...  Anyway, it's time to depart and finish repairing the 
engine.  Timp is impressed at your machines' performance, wondering if they're
the Irregulars that Innocent spoke of.  If so, he has no need to waste his
warpower on you.  Just then, Fatman notices Timp's machine... and Jiron runs
over to the person who killed his parents.  Apparently you have to get 
revenge for wrongs within three days, or all bets are off.  It's been a week,
and Timp is greatly disappointed in Jiron, given that he had let him live
back then.  The rest of the locals are in confusion over Jiron's state of
affairs, but Kotoset orders Jiron to be brought back since the repairs on the
engine are top priority.

  You can either stop Jiron, or let him go (and have fewer enemies to fight).

  When more enemies show up, Timp tells Jiron that he had _planned_ to just
  watch for today, and that having to fight is all Jiron's responsibility.  He
  orders his men to smash all of you, even if it requires trashing your mecha.

  As the battle progresses, Elchi orders her ship to transform into mecha
  form to fight off the bad guys.  When you beat Timp, he escapes from his
  mech and runs off.

After the battle, Jiron gets called on the carpet for his selfish actions.  He
admits that his parents were killed a week ago, and all the locals burst out
laughing at the notion of someone searching for the killer of their parents
from a week ago.  Everyone begins praising Timp and berating Jiron for his
failure to kill him within three days.  They berate him some more, telling
him he shouldn't mind if he gets shot in the back after the stunt he's pulled.
The theory goes that nobody in the world could live if the three-day statute
of limitations didn't exist.  Jiron resists this notion, saying that it's
not honest to the self and that he wants to do what he believes in.  Ragu
tells him that the only people on this Earth doing so are the Innocent.  Jiron,
as one who doesn't follow the Rules, has apparently attracted their notice.
Tetsuya is told that it was indeed the Innocent who declared this rule - isn't
it just a _little_ odd, he asks.  In any event, since the Breakers are after
you, you'd best be careful until P-Point, the one and only point where you
can meet the Innocent.  Tetsuya thinks that your people might be better off
going there alone and not with the rest of the locals, and Burume worries
that Timp will be back again.  Once again, Jiron asks why shouldn't he be
bent on revenge for his parents...

At P-Point, Timp Salone has just finished tattling on Jiron.  He asks the
Innocent for a little more help improving his machine, since the Innocent are
worried about the lawbreaker and the Irregulars too.  Dowas, the Innocent
rep., tells him to watch his mouth, and says that if the Breakers Timp had
been given aren't enough to pick a fight with the Iron Gear, the next plan
is already decided.  When the Iron Gear shows up to exchange Blue Stones,
they'll pass judgment on the crew for disrupting the Innocent's established
order.  Timp finds this odd, since Commander Biel's order was to subject them
to some sort of ordeal.  Dowas tells him that the mission given to Timp is to
keep the civilians in Zora fighting against each other - except that the
Iron Gear and the Xabungle are fast becoming disruptors of that order.  While
the Innocent like the strong, your dudes are evolving into a different class.
And it's too early for that class to be born, so what your dudes need are
not trials but punishment.  The one to execute that punishment will be
Bickman, who was called to the area as a counter to people from the Moon.
Timp thinks that that's just what he planned on.  Timp is entrusted with
dealing with Bickman.  He then asks for some information about those coming
from the Moon, since all the Breakers the Innocent are gathering will
eventually have to fight them.  He tells Dowas that he can't fight without
information, and that it's hard to believe anybody lives on the Moon in the
first place.  Dowas won't tell him anything, and orders him to just act
according to plan, and keep gathering information about the Irregulars.  Go
to 12.

12. Nazo mata nazo no INOSENTO ["Mystery Upon Mystery About the Innocent"]

Timp tells Bickman his tale, which Bickman says is a grave problem - if
true.  Timp says that it's true enough that your people are about to trespass
in Bickman's bailiwick.  Bickman observes that the captain of the Iron Gear
doesn't seem to know the rules of this world.  Given that the Iron Gear is a
brand new model machine, Bickman decides that he can't let them slide if
they'll interfere with his business.  Timp tells Bickman that your dudes are
heading for P-Point, so Bickman decides to attack at the mouth of the Valley
of Death, despite the proximity to the Dome.  Timp tells him that he's got
the Innocents' blessing since on the ship is a fool who doesn't respect the
three-day rule.  Bickman thinks that such people do need to be punished by
someone, and scoffs at Timp's warning.  The Delabas Gyaran, plus the several
aces he's got saved, should do the trick.  Timp asks what those might be, but
Bickman won't tell him that easily.  To the question of why Timp cares, he 
says only that he's a drifter who has a little score to settle with your
dudes.  Bickman agrees to take the job, and asks Timp if he knows about the
unknown machines similar to walkers that have appeared in the land.  Bickman
has heard that, under the Innocents' direction, they've all been heading to 
another continent in the company of some strong carriers.  Bickman's instincts
are telling him that a disaster beyond his imagination is about to occur.
Timp tells him that it's going to be a mess, and to worry about swatting the
flies around his own head first - and that his masculinity is shining.
Bickman realizes he isn't to be trusted, and hastens to ready one of his aces
just in case.  He orders these "five people" he's got to the bridge, after
checking that their machines are under surveillance.

Those five people turn out to be the Voltes pilots.  And Megumi, as the 18th
Head of the Kouga-Ryuu ninjas, has been sneaking around gathering information.
The Volt Machines are in the hangar under heavy guard, apparently Bickman's
objective in saving them all.  Also, she's found out that the electronics
on this ship are a mixture of new and old.  Nobody recognizes any of the
electronics, and there's no internal security system.  Meaning that you all
can leave any time, which Ippei wants to do now.  Ken'ichi reminds him that
the reason you're here is to investigate what's going on, and the others have
to stop the two from arguing.  Megumi points out that she's gotten some very
important information: that other unknown humanoid machines have appeared, 
according to the crew of this ship.  All the more reason, according to Ippei,
to leave.  But just then your people are called to the bridge.

Bickman requests your dudes' help in the upcoming battle, which Ippei says
you all have no reason to help with.  Bickman tells them that he's fighting
someone who's disrupting the order of this world, which you should at least
be able to grasp regardless of where you're from.  He also wants your 
repayment for food and lodging.  Ken'ichi asks what should happen if you
refuse, and Timp pops out with guns raised.  Bickman says that while he
doesn't prefer this method, might makes right on this Earth.  Timp is amazed
that Bickman had caught some Irregulars.

Meanwhile, Tetsuya has arranged with Elchi to leave the ship, to Jiron's
surprise.  Tetsuya admits to him that Jiron makes them likely to get caught
up in unnecessary fighting.  He informs Jiron that being bent on revenge for
his father forever will merely lead to his death.  Jiron retorts that Tetsuya
has parents too - would he just stand by and see them killed?  Tetsuya
concedes that he, who never even knew what his parents looked like, wouldn't
understand Jiron's feelings.  Jiron apologizes in turn, and when Tetsuya
reiterates his desire to leave (with Boz getting left behind if he dawdles)
Jiron asks if you all will meet again.  Tetsuya doesn't know, but he does
tell Jiron not to die in vain.  After your dudes leave, Elchi assuages her
crew's fears by reminding them that fighting is prohibited close to the Dome.
She's sure that the cultured Innocent hate fighting.  Ragu is not.

Tetsuya and the others arrive at P-Point.  It seems that there's a small city
inside the Dome.  Perhaps the town is inside the that glass bubble for
protection.  As Tetsuya expected, out pop the bad guys who were waiting in
ambush.  Jun wonders if Tetsuya was trying to spare Jiron the fight, but
he claims all he wanted to do is see whether or not the Innocent really have
him in their sights.  She sees right through that lie.  The bad guys are
amazed that the Irregulars came ahead of the rulebreaker.  Timp wants as big
an uproar as he can get, and points out to Bickman that the Innocent wouldn't
want your dudes closing in on the Dome.  Bickman agrees to use one of his aces
against you: the V people, minus Megumi.  But how can you help Megumi escape?
Ken'ichi decides to stall for time, giving Megumi a chance to escape on her
own.  Timp has her covered, so she can't escape easily.  Your two teams make
radio contact, and the plan is to head for the landship, making sure not to
shoot it or the Volt Machines down in the process.

  After a few rounds of combat, the Iron Gear and its crew show up.  Elchi is
  crying, thinking it's all over now that Tetsuya and the others are in
  combat so close to the Innocent's dome.  She perks up however at the question
  why Bickman is fighting here.  Boz tells Kotoset that the other side started
  this conflict.  Elchi is at a loss of what to do, given that her ship may be
  revoked, but Jiron isn't prepared to just let himself get killed here without
  avenging his parents.  Elchi orders her crew not to touch the Dome, no
  matter what.  Jiron, upon hearing Timp's voice, rushes over and starts 
  blasting.  Megumi uses that as her chance to escape.  Of course, more bad
  guys pop out too.  Timp is thinking of running off in the confusion, and
  Bickman demands to know why your dudes can't figure out that he's got the
  government on his side in this fight.  At the very least says Ken'ichi, 
  nobody who takes hostages could be just.  Time to put together Voltes V.
  Timp, now genuinely scared of these Irregulars, decides to turn tail and
  flee.  With Timp running toward the Dome, Ragu tells Jiron to concentrate
  on shooting down Bickman.

  There is a Propellant Tank and 200 Blue Stones in containers.  Shoot down
  Bickman for a Skill Point (he will flee at like a quarter of his HP).  Note
  that the Delabas Gyaran won't be destroyed when you do this...

When the battle's over, Bickman decides to retreat and regroup.  Elchi orders
the Iron Gear to pursue him at full speed - if you ingest poison, ingest it
all the way, as they say.  Just then, the Innocent launch something skyward
from the Dome, letting Bickman escape while all your dudes stand their staring
in awe.  He tells you that you're his in the next scenario on the way out.
Elchi is so overcome by seeing a "Light Ascension" for the first time that she
can't give the order to pursue Bickman.  Kotoset tells Tetsuya that this sort
of thing happens once per year.  No doubt it was a rocket or a shuttle. 

Dowas is pissed at Bickman's failure, that forced the Innocent to perform
a Light Ascension to save his butt - unavoidable perhaps in the face of the
Irregulars.  Just then Biel shows up, asking if the fight is over.  Dowas
informs her that Jiron and the Sandrats are with the Iron Gear, as are the
Irregulars.  Biel ponders the thought Jiron is a Civilian who's already 
completed, just as lord Other Rank had wished.  The question is, are they
brave enough to enter the Dome - since Dowas and Timp were careless enough
to reveal their connections to the Innocent.  Biel orders Dowas not to get
in the Iron Gear's way, and to keep it under surveillance.  Dowas protests
that that'll mean they'll enter the Dome, but Biel notes that they've got
Blue Stones with them and says that the Innocent need as many Irregulars to
help against the impending onslaught by the Moon Race as possible.  Biel
thinks to herself that Jiron and the Sandrats presence means that the Mankind
Resurrection Plan has finally reached its last stage - now the Earth will
be reborn.  Go to 13.

13. Tsuminaki Mono no Seiiki ["Sanctum of the Innocent"]

Jiron is having trouble getting others to believe that Timp ran and hid in
the Innocent's dome.  Jiron has even suspected that Timp was acting on the
Innocent's orders, but of course the other Xabungle morons don't believe him,
and tell him again to give up on his revenge thing.  In any event, Elchi has
gone into P-Point, so the rest of you have no choice but to sit and wait.
Biel tells an apprehensive Elchi that the combat you just finished has been
determined to be in self defense, and that Elchi is blameless.  Further,
Elchi will be allowed to exchange her Blue Stones, and Biel offers to give
Elchi alone a new weapon.  If, she brings the Irregulars and Jiron to her.
Dowas is quite skeptical of letting your people into the Dome, but Biel is
confident in the revival of the world about to begin.  The North Amerian 
continent already has like-minded Civilians beginning to act outside their
Domes.  To prevent the Moon Race from invading, Biel is quite prepared to
use the Irregulars.  He goes on to dispel Dowas's fears that the Irregulars
are from the Moon Race, and ponders that your people are the legendary
machine giants.  Dowas tries to protest that these are just fables, but Biel
maintains that no baseless fable could last long.  In short, your people
may have come from the past, although he doesn't know how.  Given that the
Moon Race's advance scouts have already landed, Biel needs warpower now to
stop the Moon Race.  Dowas is convinced that the Iron Gear's crew will prove
dangerous to the Innocent, and plans to have Timp attack again.

Elchi returns and jubilantly fills your folks in.  Your people are glad for
the chance to meet the Innocent, but Ken'ichi becomes a bit worried that the
new weapon you're receiving is being given just so they can test its
effectiveness (perhaps that's the case with the Xabungle and the Iron Gear
too).  After all, the Iron Gear and the Xabungle are much more polished, 
much more humanlike (and bigger!) machines than the other walker machines.
Perhaps they're meant to contend with another enemy - perhaps an enemy in the
sky.  Is it really a good idea to take the new weapon, knowing that the rumors
of it will get around and make the Iron Gear even more of a target?  Elchi is
overwhelmed with the clever culturedness of it all.  After a brief dispute
about how good looking Biel must be to befuddle Elchi so, a group of walker
machines attack despite the proximity to the Dome.  Perhaps Bickman's back.

Elchi's plan is to stay put and wait for the bad guys to attack first, so she
can demonstrate that you're fighting in self defense.  Timp is lamenting
the fact that it would have been easiest to eliminate you all within the Dome.
Timp takes this to mean that this operation is Dowas's personal orders and
not Biel's.  Of course, Jiron ignores Elchi's orders and hustles out to try
to get Timp.  Timp says that that's prerogative, since any further defeats will
disgrace him to the Innocent.  Looks like the fact he's working for them is
out of the bag, although he denies that the Innocent specifically ordered him
to kill Jiron's parents.  Jiron is set for vengeance, and Biel shows up to ask
Dowas if sent Timp after the Iron Gear (he denies it).  He tells Dowas not
to interfere with the Iron Gear in any way, berating him for the slipup that
may have revealed the Innocent's plans.  The Xabungle morons are just
realizing that your dudes were right all along, although Elchi has a hard
time believing that Biel could betray her.  Jiron once again disobeys her
warning and attacks Timp, saying that the sanctum of the Innocent is 
irrelevant on his quest for vengeance.  Looks like the Innocent aren't really
so innocent after all if they use dudes like Timp for their dirty work.
Elchi laments her loss of self defense, but Tetsuya notes that this isn't the
time for that.

  After Timp is shot down or some time passes, Bickman shows up to restore
  face with the Innocent.  If Bickman fights Tetsuya, Tetsuya tells him that
  the Innocent are making you fight against each other.  So what, given that
  the Innocent set the law of the land.  After a bit more combat, Elchi, 
  grieved that she'll lose, decides to use the Potan Cannon against the
  bad guys.  Never mind that it's still being installed.  She orders the
  Iron Gear transformed, and blasts away at Bickman.  More tears of joy over
  Biel's gift.  Except that Bickman's got one too.  So much for the "only for
  you" concept.  Ken'ichi wonders why the Innocent want all of you to fight
  each other so badly.

  In containers are 200 Blue Stones and a Computer Core.  Shoot down Timp for
  a VR-Met and, if done before reinforcements arrive, a Skill Point.  Bickman
  will flee at 30% of his HP or less.

After the battle, powerful jamming will ensue as several objects approach from
overhead.  Among them is a Gundam, although it's not one you've seen before.
Judging from their number, Biel figures that although The Time has come, the
group your facing now is just here on recon.  Olba comments to his brother
that they seem to be interrupting something while investigating that Light
Ascension.  Shagia notes the strange machines that are neither "mobile suits"(!)
or walker machines mixed in with the group.  He decides not to try his hand
against them, since his mission is recon and investigating the GX and the
Turn A.  He says that they've got to find the GX and Turn A before Innocent
does, that it'd be bad if they stood out more than the Diana Counter.  So
they set out, in search of the GX, the Turn A, and the Newtypes - leaving 
their subordinates to play with you.

  To quote a certain Senator, "Wipe them out.  All of them."

After the battle, Biel thanks you for fending off the bad guys and tells you
that you should fulfill your original purpose.  Kotoset thinks this refers
to cashing in those Blue Stones.  There's some concern about a trap, but Biel
swears on the Innocent's name that he wouldn't do that.  Tetsuya is satisfied
with that, and accepts the invitation - causing Elchi to step in, remind
everyone she's the captain, brush off her previous crying fit, and accept too.
Jiron, in tears after getting his revenge, says he doesn't care what he lives
his life for and that he'll obey Elchi.

Your dudes get gassed in the airlock to the Dome.  Elchi thinks this is a
right of passage into Heaven - your dudes are hoping that this isn't _really_
the doorway to Heaven.  Inside is the part of the Innocent's city that
they let outsiders into, brimming with culture and stuff according to Elchi.
Your dudes note that this looks much like a city back in your own time...
or according to Megumi more like a space colony.  Ken'ichi agrees, and notes
that it seems that some spacefaring technology seems to have been used here.
While Elchi, Jiron and Tetsuya go to Biel, the rest of the crew gets to 
learn about culture.  Ragu reminds Elchi that the teachers of this culture
are the same ones that made you fight Bickman.

Biel starts by thanking you for protecting P-Point from the Moon Race.  She
tells you that they're the enemy of the Innocent and of all those living in
this land.  These people, who really do live on the Moon, have been enemies
of the "Earthlings" for a long time.  Your dudes are wondering if this means
that the fight between Earth and Space has been continuing all this time.
Before you ask your questions, Biel inquires where your Irregulars are from.
Ken'ichi replies that you're from Earth in the New Western  year 187.
Tetsuya wonders if they've figured out yet that you're from the past, and
Megumi asks for a little history lesson.  She can't do that, since most of
Earth's history is sealed and the only ones allowed to open the "Black 
History" book are commander-class people.  This sounds ominous to your dudes.
Ken'ichi finally hypothesizes that this world is what happened after the
gravity wave hit.  Biel offers you a deal - do a job for him, and he'll give
you information, money, and living provisions free of charge.  Jiron pipes
up at that point with his distrust of the Innocent for their backing of Timp
and Bickman.  Tetsuya asks for an explanation of why Bickman and you were
made to fight each other with the Potan Cannons.  Biel apologizes for his 
subordinate instilling unnecessary doubts in you and says that that subordinate
is connected to the job he wants you to do.

What he wants you to do is fight the Moon Race.  Bickman was sent against you
to test the new weapons, and to give you all actual combat experience.  Was
this why Timp killed Jiron's parents?  Not at all as Biel explains, since
Timp is just the liaison to Bickman.  Tetsuya concludes that by beating Bickman
you've all been chosen as the Innocent's warriors - a notion that Biel doesn't
discourage.  Given that the Moon Race's technology exceeds the Innocents', 
having you fight is the best chance of victory.  Biel won't force you to take
the job, and gives you time to think about your answer.

The job would require crossing the ocean (breaking another stricture in the
process).  The medic explains to the little kids that the "ocean" is a huge
mass of water.  The rumors are that there's no Blue Stones across the sea,
and the crew is skeptical until they hear that they can be set for life
necessities and weapons free of charge if they accept.  Jiron actually
supports accepting the job, since he is curious what the Innocent are really
after by using you all - the answer surely lies over the sea.  Tetsuya has
also heard that his companions are across the sea, so he wants to go over
there too.  Ken'ichi also says that the surest way to see if Biel's telling
the truth is to contact the Moon Race one way or the other.  If you can get
access to the Black History, you might learn why you're here... as well as a
possibly way back.  The crew finally decides to take the job, so at Biel's
order you're to head to the city of Photo Seven.  However, Ken'ichi says
that it might be a good idea to go there indirectly, since it's not worth
trusting Biel directly.

If you go directly, head to 14X.  If you go indirectly, go to 14A.  Either
way, Biel tells Dowas that sooner or later your people will contact the Moon
Race, since they want to take the Sun Belt zone of the Amerian continent.
Biel wants to follow Innocent doctrine and test the Civilians.  Dowas doesn't
want to see people breaking the laws, since it would end Innocent control, but
Biel notes that that's the way the Innocent must go anyway.  This new age
may be a painful one... he orders Dowas to keep his eyes on your people.

14X. Tsuki wa Dete Iru Ka ["Is There a Moon Out Tonight?"]

Shingo is thinking that he's finally shaken off his pursuit.  Jamir agrees,
and tells Freeden to wait here while Wits and Roaby patrol the area.  Sara
is dubious, and Tonya notes that they've had quite a bit of trouble guarding
a single girl.  Sara asks the captain why this girl is so important, a
sentiment echoed by the others.  Apparently Kid has prepared a mobile suit
for sortie, but the others are hoping for a break from battle.  Sara ponders
the recent appearance of Breakers and their walker machines here in North
Ameria.  Tonya has heard that nobody in Galia is supposedly allowed to cross
the ocean, as well as rumors of the Moon Race coming down to earth.  Which
is why Tonya and the others are digging up mobile suits - and perhaps they're
not the only ones doing so, according to the captain.  A group of your dudes
are hiding, not yet noticed by the surface ship due to the Ultramagnetic
Jammer that Kosaku invented.  Seeing that the ship is undergoing some kind
of repairs, your dudes decide to fix their machines too.  Meanwhile, Garode
shows up and spies the ship with "that girl" onboard, deciding to sneak 
aboard.  He makes it aboard, but then has to hide from the two girls, 
complaining about the lack of showers due to water conservation.  Tonya,
complaining about how dirty she feels, starts stripping on the spot and 
insists that noone's around.  Garode almost got a very nice view, as the two
head off.  Instead, he goes and breaks into a safe, swiping a mobile suit
control unit instead of the money he hoped was there.

Meanwhile, Kid (no, the _other_ Kid) has finished the excavation mobile
suit.  Jamir tells him to start digging right away, and Kid asks to know
what they're digging for.  He doesn't expect to find any mobile suits so
far away from the Mountain Cycle region.  Jamir won't tell him now, but
promises to fill him in when something of interest is dug up.  Tex then
appears, asking Jamir if he thinks that "it" is here.  Jamir notes that many
machines went missing in the last war, and that this used to be an Innocent
stronghold.  And, in particular, Tifa felt "power" coming from here, unlike
any time before.  Jamir thinks it's quite likely that the "X", the most feared
mobile suit of its time, was probably recovered by the Innocent and sent for
analysis to one of their bases.  Jamir has been looking for the X for 15 years,
and he's determined to find it this time.

Garode manages to stumble in on Tifa, hastily apologizing before realizing
that there's little to apologize for.  Finally, he manages to tell her that
he's here to save her.  After a pause, she tells him slowly that she's been
waiting for him...

Four tells Camille that she's basically done with her machine for the time
being.  The Battle Machines are all fine too.  Quatre returns from patrol,
apologetic that all he's found out is the presence of a city 50 klicks to
the north.  That, and the hard-to-believe fact that mobile suits are being
dug up everywhere.  He couldn't confirm this with his own eyes, but he did
clearly hear the word "mobile suits".  Quatre guesses that mobiles suits are
much like relics from ancient ruins in this world... meaning this is the Earth
in the future.  Your people digest this, figuring they're no mere 10 or 20
years in the future.  Hyouma figures there's not much point in moping about
getting back just now, and decides to look for the others.  Juuzo has been
thinking (what a concept!) about how mobile suits wouldn't be readily usable
right after being dug up.  This starts your people thinking, and Quatre notes
that the mobile suits can only be found in certain special terrain.  Just then,
you see the silhouettes of mobile suit you've never seen before fly overhead.
Looks like they're after that land ship...

Kid has just found a huge metallic response underground.  Jamir and Tex are
pretty sure they've found it this time.  But just then the mobile suits
show up at 2 o'clock.  It's the same bunch that attacked this morning, and
Jamir orders Wits and Roaby called back immediately.  But then the #4 hatch
opens up, and Garode pops out with Tifa and a mobile suit in tow.  Shagia 
tells him that he's right on time.  Shagia tells Tifa to come to him, and
to thank him for hiring Garode to do the job.  Tifa doesn't want to, and
Garode starts running away from Shagia.  Saying that whatever'll happen will
happen, Garode tells Shagia that he can't hand Tifa over anymore.  Shagia
plans to punish these disobedient kids, and sends his warriors over to
stop Garode's mech with orders not to hit the cockpit.  Garode wonders how
to get away, and Tifa tells him where to go.  She says that there's a great
power there, that can change his destiny.  Jamir orders his other fighters
out to support Garode, saying that it's most important to prevent Tifa from
falling into the other team's hands.

  On round two of combat, your people ponder getting involved.  Quatre thinks
  it'd be too dangerous, given that you know nothing about the combatants, but
  your Newtypes start feeling a presence, as though someone is looking at 
  them.  On the subsequent round, Camille realizes that the voice is calling
  for help.  Tifa tells all the Newtypes that she's not your enemy, which
  Camille passes on.  Quatre can't ignore someone asking for help, and your
  dudes charge into the fray.  Tex notes that that kind of Gundam hasn't been
  seen since the great war.  Shagia realize that you all are Irregulars as
  Tifa tries to placate Garode and Jamir.

  When Garode gets to the indicated spot, Shagia hastens over and attacks,
  crippling Garode's machine.  Garode and Tifa leave the machine just before
  it explodes.  With Garode's help, Tifa brings something up from beneath
  the ground: the GX-9900.  Quatre notes that it's not an Another Gundam, nor
  is it one of the main line.  Shagia is counting himself lucky running into
  the GX here.  Garode discovers that the central control unit is missing as
  Shagia figures on meeting all his goals once he has the GX and Tifa in his
  possession.  Garode remembers the control unit he swiped, and figures if
  it worked he'll start believing in God.  As the X stands up, Jamir demands
  to know if there's a Moon out tonight.

  Your Newtypes will sense an immense power when they fight Shagia.  Quatre
  will note in addition that the thing bears a superficial resemblance to the
  Epyon.  Shagia is blocking, making it practically impossible to kill him.

  Get to the indicated point within four turns for a Skill Point.  In
  containers are a Dust Filter and a Repair Kit.  

Shagia will retreat after being sufficiently damaged, deciding to content
himself with discovering the GX.  After the battle, Wits and Roaby show up
and start blathering about not wanting to fight the GX.  Garode seizes the
initiative, telling them that there's a great, awesome secret weapon on his
machine, and not to mess with him.  Wits isn't buying that, and Garode 
threatens to prove his point.  Jamir orders Sara to call off his two goons
immediately, and Garode escapes during the confusion.  Jamir then orders a
message sent to your people, telling them he wishes to meet with them.

The GX is heading north, still on radar and amenable to being pursued.  As
Tex and Jamir exchange congratulations, the rest of the crew realize that the
GX was their captain's objective.  Your people come in and introduce 
themselves as members of the Preventers, which of course Jamir and friends
have never heard of.  Camille and Hyouma confer privately, with Camille 
unwilling to say that you all are from the past and appear even more
suspicious.  Hyouma tells the others that you're searching for your
comrades, who were all scattered after a certain accident.  Jamir is told
that your companions are using machines just like yours, which he's never
seen before in all his many battles.  Jamir can't tell Camille what the Gundam
that just came out of the earth is.  As your people prepare to take off
again in search of the rest of your team, Jamir offers to refuel and repair
your people as thanks for your help in the battle.  Go to 15X.

14A. Manekarezaru Kyaku ["Uninvited Guests"]

Your people have just found a city, somewhat old-looking at that.  Keith
reports to Monsha that, like everywhere else, the navigation system has no
idea where you are.  All that's clear is that you're not in North Africa
[or Kansas].  Monsha checks that Sarumaru's jammer is running properly, just as
a person unexpectedly shows up in the mountains.  Monsha orders radio silence
as Kou continues monitoring the person.  This person (girl?  nope, a guy) named
Rolan is heading for a Flat that brought him and his people here two years ago.
Tomorrow is his adulthood ceremony, which will last all night and make him
(one of the Moon Race), one of the residents of Vicinity.  He says aloud that
the Earth is wonderful, and yells out for "everybody" to come back.

Kou's discovered a metallic response underground: a mobile suit, although
only the head is visible now after the boy had dug it up a bit.  The MS's
designator is the FLAT-L06D, and nobody's heard of a "Flat".  Nor is it in
the database from your time - and given that you have no clue what it's armor
is made of it's a safe bet that it wasn't made during the New Western Calendar
period.  Monsha ponders how (Reideen aside) the mobile suits were only made
seven or eight years before your people's time, which has to mean... you're
in the future Earth.  Except that the city you see seems quite old, like
something from the early 20th century.  The cars Kou can see on his long-
range cameras seem to use internal combustion engines too.  Monsha pooh-pooh's
Keith's suggestion that you're in a Texas colony, and wonders what was up
with that boy who was just crying out to the Moon.  It appears there's at
least one other large city in the direction of the ocean.  Monsha orders Kou
and Akira to check out the city in the morning using the bike inside the 
Reideen, while the rest of your dudes check out the surrounding area.

Flan gives Kou a paper newspaper, noting that she's never seen anybody dressed
like them.  Akira offers that they're here from afar for sightseeing, and
Flan figures they're here to see the Militia parade.  She tells them that the
details are in the paper and bids them farewell.  Akira isn't expecting much
of a military procession from a town like this, but Kou points out how the
"Militia" was raised to combat invasion from the Galian continent.  Which
means that the troops probably won't be antiques, but the real thing.  Kou
is sure with the MS's underground and all the antiques to be seen that this
isn't your time.  Rolan has overheard this, and tells his "sister", who calls
instructs him to go take Soshie to the parade and to bring her back in time 
for the overnight festival.  Rolan agrees, but notes that he can't drive
one of the antiques since no drivers are permitted inside.  Soshie tells him
to just get in anyway, but Rolan won't impose on his "sister" like that.
Soshie tries to insist, but Kiel (the "sister") tells her to grow up.  The
two sisters then proceed to argue about Kiel's plans to enter the business
world (instead of college) and Soshie's plans to join the Militia (despite
the threat of North Amerian attack).  Soshie insists that she can't leave
the fighting up to Meshier, and Soshie takes the two of them off to the parade.
Rolan promises to go to the adulthood ceremony.

Gwen has just received a troubling report - he orders surveillance to be
continued.  He informs his lieutenant that the parade must be sped up since
some unwanted guests are coming.

Soshie says that the representative of the group will receive the holy markings
with her before the White Doll.  Rolan notes that whoever Soshie likes will
be chosen.  Could it be him?  He yells aloud once again that the Earth is a
great place, and that "everyone" should come quickly.  She does choose him.
Meanwhile, Joseph is peeved that ceremonies like this still go on in an age
when powered flight is possible.  Shido reminds him that theory alone won't
make the world go round, and figures that there's no problem with rites like
this.  However, thanks to the ceremony the mountains are less well traveled
and practically an invitation to somebody to come and investigate.  Having
heard that there's more treasure from the Black History discovered in the
next Mountain Cycle, she urges him to hurry.  Especially since the invading
Galerians are rumored to have some of that treasure too.  With that, and the
Moon Race coming, and the "giant's footprint" discovered nearby, the mountain
hermits will have to get busy.

Evidently the rite requires getting naked before accepting the six holy marks.
Rolan isn't quite sure how to use the paint he's been given to mark her
back, and Soshie berates him for being two years older than usual anyway.
Whether or not Rolan can be accepted as a man is riding on this.  He steels
his nerves as your people watch from afar.  The rock formation that the rite
is happening in front of strongly resembles the Reideen's mountain, with a
horn on its forehead.  Akira is quite sure there's no robot inside, and 
totally has no clue when Mirei starts talking about how pretty the Moon is.
Just then comes an account of an explosion, looking to Soshie like the town
is ablaze.  Searchlights turn on as the town gets bombed.  Or rather, blasted
by a long-range beam weapon of the type Rolan saw during his training at Diana
Counter.  It's a battleship-class weapon, and the fact that it's coming from
overhead makes him wonder if Diana's Earth Homecoming plan is underway.  Except
that he didn't expect the army that Diana led to attack.  He's sure that Diana
Sorel would never threaten the Earthlings.

Po and her subordinates got briefly attacked by Vicinity's toy-like planes,
but are currently in the clear.  Po orders Benjam to return to Nox while she
patrols the area.  She insists that the Militia are no match for her, and that
warpower must only be used to fight the Innocent.  Just then, the White Doll
breaks open to reveal the Turn A Gundam.  Rolan spies something moving in the
cockpit, bright lights calling to him.  He tells Soshie that it's safer
inside, and sets about figuring out how to drive it.  It's certainly not a 
machine from his time, and he's _very_ surprised to find it inside the ruin.
Po is surprised too, wondering if the Innocent hid it here.  The Turn A
starts moving on its own, and they can't stop it.  It's as though it's 
attacking its enemies on its own.  Po notes it's not a Light Ascension, and
wonders if it's the Innocent's new secret weapon.  Rolan identifies the enemy
as a Wodum from Diana Counter, supposedly armed with a battleship's beam
weapon.  Po, figuring that this is an Innocent machine, decides there's value
in attacking this place.  Soshie demands that Rolan stop this thing, since
he's always been good with machines - and he notes that he only was lectured
on how to drive one of these things before coming down-...

Battle ensues, with Monsha sure that the white mecha's not a Gundam due to
the tusks.  Keith agrees, but Kou points out that the tricolor paintjob is
common to all the Gundam demonstrator models.  Akira insists on going to
help the white Gundam before the townspeople start dying.  Your people
override Monsha's objections and pop out too.  Monsha instructs you to take
out the black bad guy and bug out right away.  Po is now more confused than
ever, and Rolan's never seen anything like the Reideen.

  Enemy reinforcements will show up on 2.5 from the sky.  Monsha wonders if
  they're Arrowgaters, and Keith says that they're probably just Spacenoid
  humans.  Po orders the others to take out your people while she fights the
  white Innocent machine, insisting that she's not disobeying Captain Fil's

  In a container is a Donkey Bread.  Shoot down Po for a Skill Point.  Note
  that all enemies will flee on turn 5.

At Monsha's advice, your people bug out at the end of the battle.  Rolan
wonders who your people are - apparently not part of Diana Counter.  Too
bad there's now fires all over Vicinity.  Back at Nox, Gwen is arguing with
an unseen voice about this act of invasion.  The voice reminds him that the
plans to return to Earth were announced a month ago.  Gwen demands to know
if this return entails destroying the local cities, and the voice says that
this was a warning against those who would resist any further.  The 
transmission ends.  Mihael then hears that the second Ingressa Militia's been
wiped out by a mecha matching those that just appeared in Vicinity.  Gwen
apologizes for mixing his subordinates up in this fight, and marvels at the
seemingly superhuman machines that are attacking.  However, if those attacking
are from Diana Sorel's forces, he expects to be able to talk things out with
them.  Just then, Shido informs of him of the MS that broke out of the White
Doll, and how it attacked Diana's mech with Rolan inside.  Gwen orders the
area around the White Doll dug up as Kiel remembers the adulthood ceremony.
Just then some Moon Race machines fly overhead, upsetting Gwen whose people
are the ones who actually dug up the machines mentioned in the Black History.
Go to 15A.

15X. Anata ni, Chikara Wo  ["I Grant You Power"]

The crew are bidding each other good morning and noting how nobody's showed
up since the last battle - small wonder considering the five Gundams you've
got onboard.  Your people are totally sound asleep.  Jamir tells Sara not
to worry about letting your people on the ship, noting that your machines
bear more investigating and that your people aren't his enemies.  Tifa and
the GX are stopped 30 km to the north.  Could it be that Tifa's health is

Ruu is glad to have slept in a bed, but some of the others are fretting that
their machines were serviced while you all slept.  Kosaku is quite amazed that
not only the Gundams but even the Combattler could be serviced so well here.
Kid is quite confident he can fix any mecha ever made.  He introduces himself
as chief mechanic, and is then wondering why your people aren't more surprised
at his age.  Ruu points out that little Kosaku is also a genius mechanic who
can fix anything.  Kid is quite impressed with your machines asks where you
dug up, not too disappointed when you don't answer.  Quatre in turn asks when
the MS's started being dug up; Kid thinks it's been about ten years.  However,
Gundams have only started turning up very recently - the Airmaster and Leopard
Gundams only turned up in the last year or so.  He goes on to tell Ruu that
Gundams are the rarest of the rare, and they're not easily found.  Plus the
fact that they figured into the legendary great war long ago, making them
extremely valuable.  Kid's also heard rumors of something other than mobile
suits, some kind of mechanical giants buried beneath the earth.

Wits is marveling at the existence of another transforming, flying Gundam.
He asks Camille what Mountain Cycle he dug it from.  Camille doesn't 
answer, instead asking about Jamir.  Roaby explains that Jamir's a world-
renowned Vulture: someone who visits various Mountain Cycle digging up
mobile suits and their parts and selling them.  Wits is very surprised that
Camille doesn't know what a Mountain Cycle is despite riding a Gundam.
They apparently used to be plants used in the ancient great war, and are the
places where mobile suits can be dug up.  Roaby tells Camille to ask Jamir
for more info, and Wits expresses his displeasure over Jamir being hung up
over one little girl.  He wonders what the Moon has to do with the GX, and
Roaby reminds him that if they find out the secret of the GX and Tifa it
could work to their advantage.  Too bad for them Tonya and Sara overheard their
conversation, which they plan to report directly to the captain.  Roaby tells
Sara that she looks wonderful when she's mad, and reminds the two of them that
they know nothing of the Tifa they're risking their lives for.

Garode, after making sure Tifa's doing okay physically, begins asking where
she's been until Jamir caught her and what her mysterious power is.  Tifa,
after a moment's hesitation, says she wants to know more about Garode.  He
says his home is in the northern part of North Ameria, and that he was born
when mobile suits first began being dug up.  Since nobody then knew that such
things were buried in the soil, Garode's scientist father looked into the
mobile suits.  But then one day the Innocent attacked his village,
killed his father and some others, and stole the mobile suit his father had
unearthed.  He figures it's a miracle that he lived through the experience -
or rather, thinks of himself as being back from the dead.  And - that brings
him to the present.  Tifa says haltingly that this is an age of sadness,
with sad memories, and that she's all alone.  She notes that his hand is
very warm, and Garode begins to propose... only to have Tifa warn him of
danger.  Their pursuers have arrived, and Garode vows to protect her in the
Gundam as they escape.

It's Jenis-type bad guys, surrounding the GX.  Jamir recognizes them as
servants of the Frost brothers, and orders the Freeden scrambled.

  On round two you sortie reinforcements.  Tonya tells Roaby to recover the
  GX and save Tifa; he asks her to go on a date with him.  Your people then
  sortie, saying they're going to save Tifa.  Jamir accedes to this, despite
  the Tonya's objections.  The two other Gundam pilots tell your people to
  stay out of their way, and Hyouma fires back that he's not doing this for
  the money - rare it seems in this day and age.

  On round four, some new enemies show up.  Tifa starts hacking into the
  Freeden's computer, accessing the Freeden's satellite uplink.  Your 
  Newtypes sense immense power coming from her.  Jamir will demand to know
  many minutes until the Moon comes out (2 or 3).  Take these three bad guys
  down and more enemies will appear.  Among them are Olba and Shagia.  Olba
  notes that the GX is one of the mobile suits which once plunged the world
  into chaos.  Shagia thinks that with the GX and Tifa in his hands, the
  Innocent won't be able to stop him even if they dig up the Turn series.
  They realize they must hurry, lest the Moon come out and the GX use "that"
  power, and they lose the chance to rescue their princess.  The two of them
  head for the GX, ordering the rest of their men to obliterate you.
  Olba thinks that twilight is a great time for you to die, and Shagia tells
  Garode to go to Hell before seeing the Moon's light.

  In containers are a VR-Met, 15000 credits, and a Solar Panel.
  Kill all the initial enemies before turn 4 for a Skill Point.  Have Garode
  shoot down at least six enemies by turn 3 to help you get Tifa and the DX
  Bits later.

  And now it's time for part 2 of this battle.  Tifa tells Garode not to 
  move until the Moon comes out.  The feeling your Newtypes has is getting
  stronger and stronger, and Kosaku deduces that the GX is trying to use
  some system or other.  He sees a response similar to the Ultramagnetic
  Generators used on the V's.  Olba notes that although Gim Ginganam took
  out the intermediary satellites, direct linking is still possible for the
  GX.  Shagia tells Garode that he'll kill him before the Moon rises, and
  Olba tells Tifa that they're for their captured princess: her.

  On the next round, the Moon comes out, setting in motion the firing of the
  microwave transmission of the Satellite System.  Jamir is aghast, but he
  can't stop Tifa.  Shagia is astonished at seeing the power of the satellite
  cannon, which drove the Innocent to the very brink of destruction.  The
  two brothers prudently flee for now.  The new bridge bunnies wonder what
  they just witnessed: according to Jamir, it's a several hundred year old
  nightmare.  The other Gundam pilots think this is too much for a child to
  handle, and Kosaku deduces that microwaves have been directed from the 
  Moon to the Gundam.  Quatre wonders if the microwaves came from the Moon
  Cradle, and Jamir worries that too many people have died around Tifa.
  Tifa totally freaks, and Jamir orders the GX brought in right away, saying
  that it can't fire again so soon.  Tex is entrusted with the task of 
  stabilizing Tifa.

The other Gundam pilots have apprehended Garode, who's not coming along 
quietly.  He demands that the crew release Tifa, but Jamir says that that's
impossible.  He tells Garode that the deaths of all those he attacked assailed
Tifa with pain and fear - that she can read the hearts of those around, even
those about to die.  He yells at Garode that he's not qualified to have Tifa
or the GX, and Garode fires back that it's Jamir's fault for being here and
doing this to Tifa.  Jamir orders him taken away.

Your people are studying the microwave reflector linked to the GX's cannon.
The microwaves did indeed come from the Moon, probably from the base built
for the Aegis project.  Your people wonder if the Aegis plan worked after all
or not, given that the humans are still alive.  Camille conjectures that it
did work, but that afterwards there was a large-scale war or other calamity.
From the fact that the mobile suits are all buried, Hyouma figures that a 
war even larger than the Balmar conflict went down.  What a future.  It 
occurs to Camille that Tifa may be a Newtype...  Go to 16X.

15A. Diana, Kourin ["The Advent of Diana"]

Your dudes watch the military unit that's arrived and started digging up
mobile suits.  Hard as it is to believe, there's other MS's buried in this
mountain.  The mecha seem similar to some used by Neo-Jion, meaning it might
be the ruins of a Neo-Jion manufacturing facility.  Making it all the more
likely that you're in the future.  Dollars to donuts someone is trying to 
start a major war, if last night was any indication.  Keith and Akira decide
to go back and report to Monsha before your machines are found.
Gwen has come to the mountains to see the mechanical dolls with his own eyes,
as well as some other piece of business.  Shido observes that the enemy 
seem not to have come from across the ocean.  Despite the rumor that they
had mechanical dolls on their side, Gwen says that the enemy positively is
the Moon Race.  Gwen's heard a report that their queen Diana Sorel is coming
down personally soon.  He plans to continue negotiations, but notes that it
would be best to have some mechanical dolls on his side just to keep the
bargaining table level.  Also, this incident could be the opportunity North
Ameria needs to industrialize.  Shido shows Gwen the machine they've dug up
so far: an AMX-109 Kabul, certainly made with lost technology from thousands
of years ago.  This mountain, after all, is one of the Mountain Cycle 
sealed by the Black History.  Gwen is told that, taking the tusked Gundam
as an example, they should be able to have a pilot drive the Kabul, since 
it's well preserved.  He warns Shido not to let Diana see the thing.  Regarding
the little fuss your dudes made last night, it's at least clear that you're
not from the Moon Race.  Gwen hopes to negotiate with you and make you part
of his warpower.  Rolan is currently at the Haim House's mansion, since 
his master was killed in the battle yesterday.  They've also found the tusked
Gundam, and Shido plans to wait for Rolan's return to see whether or not they
can use him.  Gwen asks to be led to the Haim's.

Soshie is determined to drive the Kabul and avenge her father's death.
Rolan is aghast, but Meshier says that Soshie isn't to be deterred at times
like this.  Soshie's determined to fight the Moon Race if war breaks out, for
her father's sake, and accuses Rolan's bad piloting of failing to save her
father too.  Just then Gwen shows up, giving his condolences to Soshie and
Rolan.  Gwen asks Rolan to lend him his strength by becoming the White Doll's
pilot.  Rolan isn't sure he can do it, but Gwen implores him, for the sake of
peace between the Earth and the Moon.  Rolan perceives Gwen's ideas of 
bargaining from a strong position right away, and Gwen says that he wants to
show the White Doll to Queen Diana to help underwrite the negotiations.
Rolan realizes he might meet Diana, and that if so everyone will find out 
that he's from the Moon Race.  Just then a Moon group starts heading in to
attack.  Gwen calls for Mihael at once, and orders Rolan to pilot the White
Doll to keep the dig site from being assailed.

Po tells Fil that this was the area where the mobile suit was detected.  Fil
knows from the data that the MS wasn't one of theirs - more proof of how big
this world is.  Fil orders Po to take out the mechanical dolls before the 
flagship Soreiyu lands tomorrow.  Po's soldiers are ordered to fire missiles
at anything suspicious.  Your people pop out (to Gwen's surprise), and Po
resolves to study whether or not your the Innocent's secret weapons.  If
your people refuse to be captured quietly, Po authorizes her men to fire.
Shido is quite surprised now that she's getting a good look at your machines,
including one that's at least twice the White Doll's size.  Gwen hopes to
contact your dudes, and Rolan's friends pop out in their machines.  Soshie
is still bent on revenge for her father.  Shido realizes that they've been
found out, and realizes that the rest of the bad guys mustn't be allowed to
discover this Mountain Cycle.  Soshie plans to lead the bad guys off, despite
worries about the Kabul.  Shido stops Rolan long enough to equip him with 
some other weapons that Joseph has dug up.  Keith and Kou recognize the Neo-
Jion Kabuls, but note their color and size is wrong.

  After a round of combat, Rolan is given the Gundam Hammer and sent into
  battle.  Fil thinks the Turn A should be easily captured since it's not
  complete yet.  On the subsequent round the bad guys learn that Diana is
  coming here personally.  When Kou fights Fil, he observes that Kou's MS
  designed for use in space - making Fil really wonder who the hell you all

  Po is worth a Propellant Tank.  Fil is worth a Hybrid Armor.  Defeat all
  enemies before round 6 for a Skill Point.

  On round six, numerous mobile suits show up, led by Haley marveling at the
  green earth.  He's in a golden mobile suit, but it's not Char's Type 100.
  Monsha detects a huge warship coming from above.  The soldiers announce to
  both sides that Diana is coming, and Rolan slips and appends "sama" to her
  name.  Gwen thinks that the fact Diana's coming directly indicates that she
  wants to negotiate.  He orders Rolan and Soshie to stop fighting.  Gwen
  marvels at Diana's ship, but notes that with Rolan on his side he won't
  be entirely beaten.  Gwen heads out to meet her face to face, and Rolan
  tries to catch a glimpse of her at maximum magnification on his scopes.
  Gwen is surprised to meet her, noting that she could be Kiel's twin sister.

Gwen concedes to Haley that the surfacers are no match for the Moon Race either
in scholarship or knowledge.  Milan observes that for that, they certainly 
seem to have gotten good use out of the MS's.  Gwen explains this by saying
that with such a knowledge gap some self defense is necessary.  Gwen expresses
the hope that negotiations can go forward as equally as possible.  Haley says
that his people aren't pacifists, but Gwen says he wants negotiations to
continue.  Does this mean for the Moon Race to do things the barbarians' way?
Gwen is forced to accept this way of putting it.  After a moment, Haley offers
Gwen the chance to negotiate directly with Diana in three days at Bostonia
Castle.  Milan protests, but Haley says that time is needed to assimilate all
the data they've gained here... since they aren't the Moon Race's only enemies.
Gwen ponders this as Haley leaves.

Mihael is rankled about letting the Moon Race do as they please, but Gwen
notes that there's no way his people can beat them head on.  He hopes to use
these three days to fortify his warpower more, and asks where your people
are so he can negotiate.  Mihael is surprised that your people aren't of the
Moon Race, and Gwen figures your machines may be some of the ones unearthed
in Galia... or perhaps, some of the Innocent who once ruled this land.  In
any event, your people are crucial to Vicinity.

Gwen meets you, although Monsha doesn't explain that you're all from the
past.  Gwen offers to help gather information about your missing friends and
to provide you with all the essentials, in return for you teaching the 
Militia pilots how to drive their mobile suits.  Gwen says that he doesn't
want war with the Moon Race, but that he also doesn't want to just hand the
Sunbelt, which his ancestors settled, over to them either.  Monsha agrees to
be Gwen's bodyguards, noting that the Moon Race's actions are no better than
the Titans.  Kou hopes to himself that your participation doesn't make the
confusion here any worse.

Fil is quite upset that what he faced was totally different from the cultural
level and military inclination he'd been led to expect.  What with all the 
mechanical dolls that your people brought to bear, you're almost like the 
Civilians in Galia.  Milan says that the Sunbelt info is old, and that a
typo or two is to be expected.  Those in the Sunbelt are the object of an
environmental suitability test.  Fil reminds Milan that their rightful
enemy are the Innocent, who ruled the Earth since of old - landing in the
Sunbelt was supposed to forcibly prevent fighting them.  Now not just the
Innocent, but _everyone_ on Earth is about to become the Diana Counter's
enemies.  Haley notes that it could be said that mecha like the White Doll
became active precisely because the Diana Counter descended.  Diana intervenes
at that point, prohibiting all military action until the negotiations in three
days and noting that they didn't come to the Earth to fight.  When Fil begins
to protest, she permits him to investigate mountains where more mobile suits
are likely to be dug up.  After all, if the Earthlings get stronger, the
negotiations will become harder to do.  Diana would rather have a dinner party
than a war, which Milan accepts.  Diana also tells Milan to hasten his
attempts to contact the Innocent leader Other Rank, since by meeting him she
expects to avoid Earth-Moon war.  Go to 16A.

16X. GUNDAMU, Uru Yo.  ["Gundam for Sale!"]

Tifa is okay, but will need more rest.  Despite the danger of a rematch with
the Frost brothers, Jamir plans to keep the Freeden stopped here to give Tifa
a chance to recover and to give his people a chance to study the GX.  Tex
counsels getting your people to help, as well as trying to understand how
Garode feels (since Garode strongly resembles Jamir when he and Tex met).
That, and Garode seems to have the "gift" despite his wild nature.  Jamir,
with his usual taciturnity, heads back to the bridge and asks Tex to inform
him if Tifa's condition improves.

He tells Roaby and Wits to guard the halted Freeden, and asks Camille and
the others for their help.  Roaby clearly expects the Frost brothers to 
attack again - he suspects that Tifa's got something to do with this little
stoppage, as does Quatre.  In fact, all your people are quite curious about
the GX's big gun, as are the bridge bunnies.  Sara is used to believing her
captain while acting, but this time there's too many imponderables - biggest
of which is why Jamir's being so protective of Tifa.  Is she worth all of you
risking your lives?  Wits is prepared to cancel his contract depending on
how Jamir answers.  Jamir finally says that there was once a war, which he
participated in as a Gundam pilot.  In fact, as the pilot of the GX.  Given
that the GX is a relic from the past dug up from an old plant - what could it
mean for Jamir to have piloted it?  Jamir continues that the GX was made 
during the final war between the Earth and the Moon.  It was a battle for the
Moon dwellers to return home to Earth, with the Earthlings fighting to stop
them.  This confirms in Quatre's mind that there was a large-scale war in the
past - a war between the Moon Race and the Innocent.  The GX was supposed to
bring an end to the conflict.  It so happened that Newtypes like him were
needed to pilot the GX and its unmanned Bits.  But he, via the Bits and the
Satellite Cannon, became the trigger for the greatest tragedy in human history.
Thanks to him, the battle became a stalemate, and everything was destroyed.
Most of the Newtypes were hounded as tools of war, and most died.  Four
realizes that history has just been repeating itself for the Newtypes, and
Tonya is amazed the the stories of the Esper Newtypes are true.  Jamir hasn't
been using his powers, since all they do is give him intense headaches.
He feels that there's considerable possibility that Tifa is a Newtype - which
is why he wants to protect her with his own hands.  Indeed - he'd sacrifice
anything and everything to protect anyone with his power.  The bridge bunnies
are now satisfied, but Roaby has some doubts.  That large-scale war couldn't
have occurred any time within the last 15 or so years, so when was it?  Jamir
tells him that it was before he was born, and Roaby counters by asking which
side Jamir fought for during the war.  Jamir will only say that he never
wants to see war between the Earth and the Moon again.  Roaby and Wits now
decide to quit, saying they can't abide this sort of stuff.  Jamir, having
expected this, is prepared to pay them for their efforts to date.  Meanwhile,
your people still have doubts about Jamir, but Camille supports the idea of
helping Newtypes from being used as tools of war.  Hyouma's in too, given the
opportunity to gather more info and keep your machines in repair - he adds
that he doesn't want payment if meals are free since he's not a Vulture.

Garode has broken out of jail, but is found by Tex who asks him not to 
disturb his reading.  Tex decides to give Garode some time alone with Tifa,
saying he'll be right outside.  Garode apologizes to Tifa for being stupid
enough to let this happen to her.  He had thought Jamir was a bad guy, but
now realizes that Jamir cared for Tifa far more than he.  He's beginning to
doubt whether he's qualified to be with Tifa.  Tex comes back in and asks
Garode if he intends to leave, noting that the young have ideals that they
tend to charge towards.  He notes that occasionally, one needs to stand still
and take stock.  Garode takes off, reminding Tex all the more of Jamir from
the time the two first met.

Warpower-wise, it sucks that the two freelancers are gone, but at least the
economics are easier.  Sara notes that their financial woes aren't entirely
gone, since Camille and the others eat much more than normal people.  Just
then Garode, telling Kid that he'd been ordered to dispatch, takes off from
the aft hatch.

Garode asks the Gundam what he should do now, noting to himself that he can't
expect any answer.  He feels that although he had some fun, he's gone back to
the way he used to be, to being all alone.  Just then, he spies two Gundams
in town, somewhat similar to the Z.  He thinks that maybe they're there to
be sold, which gives him an idea.  Just then Enil pops out, happy that she's
found some Gundams.  She sees the two that are being offered for sale, and
spies the GX (just like the Frost brothers told her).  She figures this is
prey worthy of her.  Gelaba and Hoora are meanwhile discussing how the Innocent
had given them a ship and told them to head to Photo Seven.  Hoora doesn't
intend to follow this directive to the letter, saying that they're on a 
different continent with dudes from the Moon about to attack.  Gelaba isn't
sure that the Innocent don't still have their eyes on them, but Hoora orders
him to hurry and steal the Gundams being offered for sale.  This surprises
Gelaba, since the three day rule doesn't exist here, but Hoora figures if he
can steal and make off with the Gundams, the outcome will be the same.  Hoora
figures if he can get a hold of the Irregular machines, he can make Elchi and
the Iron Gear his for certain.

At the market, Judou is happily extolling the virtues of the fabled ZZ, noting
parenthetically that the excessively powerful High Mega Cannon's low accuracy
is its only failing.  Judou starts the price at 50 million, but one of the
Breakers offers 62 mil. for it.  As Judou explains to Usso, what they need
to find the rest of your people is money, and selling the Gundams seems to be
the perfect way to get it.  Not that Judou is expecting the Breakers to
actually pay full price, nor that Judou would really sell his Gundam.  Usso
is a little worried since once before Judou really _did_ try to sell the ZZ.
Judou's not worried, since Puru and Marvette are on standby in case something
goes wrong.  One of the breakers offers 95 million, but just then Garode 
comes up in the (of course unknown) GX.  He pulls up alongside Judou, telling
the crowd that his is the machine that took out the Frost brothers.  Gelaba
figures that stealing these machines really is a good idea, but Garode 
demonstrates how various powerful explosives are rigged all over the GX, 
triggerable both by timer or remote control.  No good killing him and stealing
it... and as he notes, the same seemingly goes for your guys.  Gelaba bids
a hundred mil for the GX, although he of course doesn't have that kind of
money.  Gelaba still feigns being ready to pay, but Garode then plans to
charge him extra for the control unit to operate the GX.  As Gelaba squirms,
Enil pops up and offers 300 mil for the entire package.  Judou is amazed at
Garode's business acumen, thinking that he's better than Beecher.

Just then an unknown landship heads into the direction, apparently planning on
taking the Gundams by force.  Judou tells Usso to hurry up and get into his
machine.  Enil is pissed at the Breakers for spoiling her deal.  Garode mutters
to himself that he knew this was going to happen, and agrees to join forces
with Camille against all the bad guys.  Judou persuades Usso that Garode's not
a bad guy, but Usso instructs Haro to take down the GX's battle data anyway.
Hoora tells his men to get the Gundams at all costs, and Enil resolves that
she won't let Garode or the GX get away.

  On 1.5, Enil will come over and demand the Gundam from Garode.  He tells 
  her that the deal's off under the circumstances.  She knows that he has
  nowhere to return to, noone to return to.  Garode demands to know what she
  thinks she knows about him, and she counters that loneliness is a very
  harsh thing...

  On 2, Puru and Marvette pop out.  Marvette berates Judou for doing something
  that reckless, but Judou says that the only reckless ones are the bad guys.
  More bad guys come out on 2.5  On 3, Roaby and Wits show up, NOT to help
  Garode as he initially hopes.  The wonder what Garode is up to, correctly
  guessing that he's fled the Freeden in the GX.  He reminds them that they've
  left the Freeden, but Roaby says that it'll be okay with the Z and such
  guarding it.  Your people realize that this means Camille and them are
  still okay.  Roaby and Wits decide that it's time to show the Breakers who's
  boss and end up helping.

  On 4, the Iron gear and all your dudes pop out.  Elchi realizes that they
  must have received the same mission from the Innocent that she did.  Elchi
  and your dudes are fast on the uptake and join in the fray.  When you take
  Hoora to 30% or less, he retreats promising vengeance (Gelaba informs him
  that he's starting to sound like a bad guy).

  In containers are 300 Blue Stones, a Cartridge, and a High Performance
  Gasoline Engine.  Use Garode to take out Enil as a step toward recruiting
  her later.  She's worth a Biosensor.  Shooting down Hoora (he runs at 30%)
  is worth a Large Generator and a Skill Point.

After the battle, your people reunite.  They realize that the probability is
high that the missing members are somewhere on this continent.  You all also
note that North Ameria and Galeria are very different places; there's no
Blue Stones here and the Innocent, if they exist here at all, are very hard
to find.  Wits is still quite pissed at the Breakers coming to his continent
and messing up business; it looks like even the culture of the two continents
is quite different... what could have happened to cause this division?  Elchi
offers the two other Gundam pilots jobs, which they take up quickly.  Everyone
now together, Elchi decides to head for the Freeden to gather more info.

Puru and Judou go introduce themselves to Garode, who's wondering if he's doing
the right thing.  When he's initially taciturn, Puru intuits that he's worried
about a girl somewhere and Garode wonders if she's like Tifa.  Puru goes on
to relate the story about her sister Puru2, and tells Garode that he should
go and meet this girl as soon as possible, given that the world is wide and
chances to meet are few.  Garode, brightening at this prospect, takes his
Gundam and heads out promptly.  Go to 17X.

16A.  Loora Loora

Monsha is explaining that while the mecha take care of balancing themselves,
what counts is the pilot's own sense of his controls - the ability to read
the opponent's movement pattern and counterattack.  Unfortunately, nobody
seems to know what a computer is, and all they want to know is how to fight.
Monsha pooh-pooh's this, saying all they've gotta do is find the enemy and
preemptively attack.  The rest of your people are amused watching Monsha
struggle to explain himself.  Rolan has figured out that your people aren't
Innocent or from the Moon Race, and that your machines seem quite old.  As
your people start complimenting him on piloting the Turn A, Soshie remembers
that Nox wanted Rolan to hurry to Bostonia Castle.

Shido can't tell Kou much about what happened long ago on the Earth - or more
probably, nobody alive can.  She can tell him that that era is known as the
Black History - almost as though human culture has experienced a dark age
in between.  Due to the gravity wave maybe?  Shido admits that all the 
technology everybody uses is merely remnants from that time, and that the
vast majority of it is still buried in Mountain Cycles.  Apparently these
Mountain Cycles exist all over the world, especially if the rumors of machines
being unearthed far to the north in North Ameria and in Galeria are true.
Shido recalls mechanical doll excavation dating back ten years or so.  The
fact that more of them haven't been found is, according to Joseph, probably
due to the fact that few people travel far from home in this world.  Shido
adds that while there's no _rule_ preventing people from traveling afar, most
people look upon the practice as taboo.  Shido and Joseph then continue their
work digging for more mecha in case the rumors of an assault from Galia are

Meanwhile, Gwen has heard reports of advance Moon Race troops to the North.
Mihael reports that people from Galia are also on the rampage with their
mechanical dolls.  Noone is sure of the Galians' numbers, but quite a few of
them seem to have arrived in land ships.  Maybe Galia has higher technology
after all - meaning that you've really got to hurry with the digging up of
old robots.  Gwen, foreseeing that Nox will become a battlefield, orders his
Militia to guard against everybody outside the Moon Race.  He then informs
Rolan of the upcoming party with Queen Diana, and informs him that Lt. Haley
of Diana's personal guard wants to meet the pilot of the White Doll.  Gwen
reassures him that, as this will be a dance party, nothing violent will happen,
but Rolan doesn't want to participate.  Gwen tells him not to worry, and 
leaves him up to Kiel.

Kiel, after getting Rolan dressed up nicely (as a girl), explains Gwen's plan
to display military strength (including the existence of female Militia
pilots).  Rolan, realizing the need to strike a balance with the Moon Race,
agrees to go (since he might even see Diana with his own eyes).  Kiel plans to
help instruct him in the social graces until the party date arrives.

It seems your dudes are to attend the party too - Monsha is grumpy about it,
but Kou figures it's a good time to get some info about the Moon Race.  Akira
reminds Monsha that Diana's supposed to be very good looking, and Kou asks
about Monsha's students.  Monsha notes that they've got good instincts, but
that their machines are still junk - he wishes he had Zaks or GM's instead of
Kabuls.  Just the Loora passes by, stopping conversation dead.  Kou wonders
if she's supposed to attend the party, at which Monsha decides he'll attend
the party too.  Akira notes that that's par for the course, but wonders if
he's seen Loora somewhere before...  Fran wonders if "Loora" was actually 
Rolan, but is interrupted by her old friend Keith.  The two haven't met since
Rolan came from the Moon.  Keith is working at Nox's Donkey Bakery, and has
been asked to bake a cake for the party.  Fran explains that she'll be 
attending the party as part of her journalistic job, and notes that if Keith
is looking for Rolan she hasn't seen him lately.

"Loora" has apparently learned how to walk in time for the party, so Kiel
proceeds to start teaching some dance steps.  She chides him for being too
rough with his partner, and proceeds with the lesson...

Diana has prepared a paper map for easy comprehension.  Marked in green is
North Ameria's Sunbelt, where nobody is believed to live.  Despite the high
fertility, few people seem to live there; Gwen opines that this is due to the
negative effects of sunlight on the body, but Diana says that people avoid
the area because they know in their memories that the land is not theirs.
Gwen points out that the Moon Race are those who fled the great disaster
that struck the Earth in the past, and asks if Diana now intends to steal the
land that his ancestors stayed and worked hard to revive.  Diana corrects
him, saying that it was the Innocent who worked to revive the Earth.  He
ought to know that, given that all the local nobility are descendants of the
Innocent.  With that, Diana calls a halt to negotiations in order to hold the

At the party, Gwen introduces "Loora" to Haley, saying that Earth women pilot
mechanical dolls too.  Haley says that he'll take his time to properly
introduce herself to Loora later, and Akira observes that the Moon Race seem
no different from ordinary humans.  Kou notes that they should be the 
descendants of the Spacenoids.  Sadly, the Earthnoids and Moon Race aren't
mingling much at the party, and Monsha decides to go say hi to Loora since
Diana's nowhere to be seen.  Diana is lamenting the inability of the two
sides to mix, and Haley decides to break the ice... by dancing with Loora.
Haley asks where Loora got her mobile suit (from within a mountain, by
accident).  Haley asks if this means that the Militia is far from mounting
a unified MS force - Loora notes that more and more MS's have been found
after hers; the balance of power is far from certain.  Getting a little
irritated, Loora informs Haley that it might be dangerous to count on 
winning via warpower.  At that point, Gwen cuts in and tells Loora that
Diana has asked to see her.  Diana and Loora exchange gracious greetings, and
Loora begins querying Diana about her plans for war (despite warnings to stop
from Gwen).  Diana says that nobody wants war, and says that she thinks her
hopes for peaceful coexistence are akin to Loora's own.  Diana goes on to
tell Gwen that she hopes to travel a road to peace with the Earth.  Gwen
pledges to help too.

Just then, some mobile suits attack the castle.  Apparently Po wasn't a very
good guard...  Diana withdraws to the Soreiyu, ordering it to defend the
castle against whoever's attacking it.  Haley offers to defend Diana with 
his Sumoo, and Loora (nearly calling "herself" by a masculine pronoun), 
sorties in the White Doll too.  Meanwhile, Keith and Fran are trying to take
cover from the onslaught.  Po is cursing the Militia for digging up so many
mobile suits, and is being beaten back badly.  The recognize the White Doll
as it emerges.  Diana orders the Soreiyu to wait where it is while the bad
guys are repulsed, and Haley tells Po that he's taking over.

Your people realize that your enemy is using Neo Jion mobile suits.  It seems
that the Militia want to defeat Diana for her role in starting the war.
Your people are shocked that the negotiations which had come so far are about
to collapse, and Gwen says that he's received no report of such machines being
dug up by his side via Mihael.  Nor is there any way he'd order an attack on
Nox or Bostonia Castle... given that he's not that good a strategist.  Loora
asks your dudes to help her defend Diana, shocking Monsha greatly that she
knows all your names.  Akira at least has figured out who Loora really is
[like DUH!]

  On round 2, Haley observes that the enemy moves with too much coordination
  for a Militia, plus they've got mobile suits he's never seen before.  Could
  this be the Innocent, or perhaps the Moon Race?  On round 3, Soshie and
  the others pop up.  Soshie berates Rolan for not taking the chance to drive
  Diana away.  Hikaru points out to her that those attacking the city are
  putting the townspeople (and Gwen) at risk.  Monsha tells Keith to watch 
  out for the two novice girls, and to make sure that they don't end up looking
  out for him.

  In containers are 15,000 credits, a Repair Kit, and 10,000 credits.  Kill
  all bad guys before turn 6 for a Skill Point.

After the battle, Diana confirms that the damage to Nox has been kept to a 
minimum.  She then prohibits the Diana Counter from taking any military
action.  Milan protests, saying that the Militia used the peace negotiations
as cover to attack.  She repeats her order, and Milan withdraws the Soreiyu.
Fran hopes to take some pictures of the White Doll for tomorrow's newspaper.
Loora fervently hopes that Diana understands that not all living on the 
Earth want war.  Fran spies Loora, and is sure that Loora is Rolan (why he
should be piloting the White Doll while crossdressing is beyond Keith).  Just
then Po returns, informing all her people to attack your people as remaining
Militia.  Haley reminds her hastily that all military action has been
prohibited, but Po won't forgive those who aim for Diana's life.  Haley
tells her that she's violating orders, and hot-headed Monsha (and his new
recruits) aren't exactly diplomatic towards her.  As fingers get pointed and
pointed back over the previous attack, Loora laments the fact that humans
fight each other.  Apparently Rolan can't take it anymore... and reveals
that he's from the Moon Race.  As everyone is in shock, Fran thinks that
Rolan's being too honest.  He swears that he'll fight both Moon Race and
Earthlings who don't value people's lives.

After the battle, Haley checks on Diana's condition - Milan tells him that
Diana's resting in another room, wearied by the day's events.  Diana is 
requesting an audience with Kiel, Gwen's adjutant.  Apparently she wants to
ascertain the Earthling's intentions during the meeting.  Milan tells Haley that
transmitters used by the Moon Race were found in the cockpits of the 
"Militia" mecha that attacked the city... just as Haley feared.  Looks like
the Moon Race are the ones trying to wreck the negotiations - but their mecha
aren't anything that the Diana Counter have.  The most likely explanation
is that Gim Ginganam, or Agrippa Maintainer, paid for the job.  As for why
they'd be after Diana's life, Milan suspect that those two men, still on the
Moon, fear Diana coming into contact with Other Rank of the Innocent.
Haley's still marveling over Rolan being from the Moon Race, noting that
if he is then Gwen will learn the truth sooner or later.  Milan can't find
"Loora Loora" on the list of Moon Race who came to Earth two years ago, and
tells Haley to contact Gwen to have Kiel sent to the Soreiyu.  And that as
soon as she's done, she's to be returned to Gwen immediately to limit the
amount of information she can find out.

Fil summons Po when she returns to base, telling her that she's been 
sentenced to seventeen years in the stockade.  As she tearfully accedes, he
tells her that they've got no time for that, and assigns her to the supply
brigade.  Just then, a mobile suit neither of them were expecting lumbers
over - it's Koren, unused to the Earth's gravity.  Fil recognizes him as an
MP who was theoretically in charge of the hibernation prison - a punishment
of being frozen with your consciousness intact for almost 100 years.  Koren
informs Fil that he'll be borrowing a bed here for a while, and warns the
others not to mess with the white tusked mecha, since it's his personal prey.
Fil informs him about Diana's military ban, and Koren replies that all they
have to do is just go and finish it off at once.  When Fil says that's a no-
go, Koren says that there's reinforcements waiting on the Moon to help with
the Homecoming, and that he's just the precursor.  He figures that the Moon
Race are getting impatient with Diana, probably lead by Agrippa.  Fil yells
at him to lower his voice, but Koren's not afraid of anything bad happening
to him.  He doesn't care about Agrippa's lofty position in the government;
all he wants to do is beat down the White Tusked MS(tm).

Soshie isn't taking Rolan's secret very well at all.  Gwen tells her to lay
off, but Soshie says this is the hardest of all things to forgive.  That,
and the fact that she actually had to be protected by someone from the 
celestial body that is her enemy - she's humiliated.  Kou reminds her that
without Rolan things would have been far worse, and she sarcastically 
accuses him of being of the Moon Race too.  Kou doesn't care what she makes
of him, but observes that both the Moon Race and the Earthlings are human.
Akira points out that Rolan is doing his utmost to prevent war between Earth
and the Moon - something she ought to try to understand.  Soshie runs off,
and Gwen says to leave her alone and let her understand in time.

Just then Mihael informs Gwen of Diana's request to see Kiel.  This puzzles
your people - does she want Kiel because they look so similar, or perhaps
as a hostage?  Mihael has been told that they guarantee Kiel's safety and
her swift return.  Gwen, seeing in this an opportunity to reinstate 
negotiations, asks Kiel to do it.  She agrees.

Diana tells Kiel to be more at ease.  The queen is already aware that the
attack wasn't from the Militia, and plans to resume negotiations with Gwen.
But before she does, she'd like to hear more about the Earth from Kiel.  The
plan is to have tea like two ordinary women.  And wouldn't you know it, the
first topic of conversation is how similar they are to each other.  And then
Diana asks to switch clothing with Kiel... [@_o!]  Apparently they can even
imitate each other's voices.  Kiel realizes that Diana was lonely as Milan
enters at the appointed time.  Diana admits him, informing Kiel that they've
now switched places.  She tells Kiel that if they're found out, the two of them
merely need apologize.  Go 17A.

17X. Tsuki no Tami ["The Moon Race"]

Tex gives Tifa a clean bill of health, but tells Jamir that she said something
distressing.  She saw a dream, and asks for a pen and a sketchbook.  Meanwhile,
Kid is grumbling about Garode's theft of the GX, which he wasn't done 
analyzing.  Four and her mad Newtype powers are quite confident that he'll
be back.  She explains to Kid that Garode has honest eyes, and that as soon
as he figures out who he must protect, he'll return for sure.  Kid notes that
Four talks a lot like Tifa, and asks if she too is a Newtype.

Jamir looks at Tifa's picture: a MS with moth's wings.  Could it be...?!
The Turn A!  Except the Turn A has elephant's tusks and not moth's wings.  But
small details aside, Jamir and Tex are now quite excited.  Jamir is surprised
the Turn A even exists, but Tex points out that with the GX in working order,
the Turn A wouldn't be that much of a stretch.  Jamir notes in return that
unlike the GX, there's only one Turn A.  Jamir is doubtful the Turn A could
have survived, but Tex figures you'd better check into it anyway.  Tifa 
knows that it's in a southern town, with a stone statue.  To get there, the
Freeden would have to cross the Sunbelt, whose residents are neither Innocent
nor Civilian.  Neither Tex nor Jamir want the Turn A to fall into Breaker or
Moon Race hands, lest a Tragedy (with a capital T) occur again.

Just then your people suddenly detect a warship class vessel which is 92% 
certain to have reentered the atmosphere.  Given the absence of gravity waves
and other such distortions, it's a good bet it came from space and not from
some other dimension.  Jamir is informed of the ship, which came down near a
town called (surprise surprise) Vicinity.  Looks to him like the Moon Race
have begun their Homecoming.  Camille is surprised and not entirely pleased
that the Spacenoids of this era aren't content with their lives.  Jamir orders
the Freeden launched and its crew kept on alert for possible combat with the
Moon Race.

Gwen and his people are on the scene.  Gwen orders Mihael to keep the 
Militiamen from firing, so that negotiations can resume.  Mihael protests 
that some of the soldiers had their homes burned down and such in the last
attack, but Gwen is already aware of that.  He continues that this is a time
to endure, even for people like Soshie and Kiel who've lost their father, 
since the Moon Race outclass the Earthlings so greatly.  Mihael asks what to
do if the other side attacks - Gwen says that there's no chance of winning
head-to-head.  Besides, he want to use the meetings with the Moon Race to
start a new industrial revolution.  Mihael isn't so sure about this, but Gwen
says that to counter the Moon Race, his people need the secrets sealed in
the Black History - until they have them, they're about a thousand years 
behind.  Mihael points out that if you all lose there won't be time for that
industrial revolution, but Gwen is counting on Diana being a pacifist.
Kiel points out that that pacifist Diana came to attack Nox - which, Gwen
replies, is why he's trying to straighten things out by talking.  Plus, he's
confident Loora will do fine in the White Doll no matter what sort of mask
he wears.  Mihael wishes Gwen would give the Militiamen more credit, but Gwen
reminds him that it's Monsha and Kou who are training them.  Your people are
the ones who probably are giving the Moon Race cause for pause.  As a 
battleship descends from the sky, Monsha reminds his troops not to do anything
to it... unless the other side starts static first.  Akira tells Soshie to
endure her desire for revenge for now - Gyaban agrees, telling her that the
time _will_ come and when it does he'll support her.  Soshie says she 
understands already, and asks Rolan why he's dressed up like a girl (he 
relate's Gwen's reason from above).  Soshie feels a bit snubbed now that she
wasn't woman enough for the assignment.

Just then out comes Haley, rejoicing in the Earth's warm rain.  Insert the
business about his MS being golden but not the Type 100.  Rolan is happy to
see Diana-sama, triggering Soshie to ask why he's using an honorific for the
enemy.  Insert some explanation of Rolan's coming two years ago.  This is
basically a replay of Diana's advent from the other path.

Insert initial negotiations from the other path, segueing into the map
discussion.  It ends with Kiel being sent to Diana and the two trading
places.  Loora also gets to meet Haley, again unhappy with the impending
prospect of war.  Haley tells "her" that while he's not a pacifist, he
intends to carry out Diana's wishes no matter what.  In short, if Diana says
not to attack he won't attack... but he will counterattack if necessary to
protect Diana.

Mari wonders how the negotiations are going.  Hikaru notes that things are
very volatile between the Earth and Moon, and that war would be very easy to
start.  This isn't a very cheerful prospect to your people.  Akira notes
that if not for the Youma and Kyouryuu Empires and the Arrowgaters, the
humans would be fighting among each other by now.  Maybe there wasn't any
point to winning the Balmar War after all.  Will you even be able to get 
back to your own time?  Monsha tells the others to shut up, saying that moaning
won't get you all back home and reminding the others that they've got to 
stick with the Militia for now to gather info and to find the rest of your

Just then Haley and Rolan come out - the talks are over it seems.  "Kiel"
leads "Diana" verbally by the hand and acquaints her with some of the military
hardware on display.  Kiel isn't sure if she can talk haughtily enough, and as
the two continue trading info Kou comments on how the two look close enough
to be twin sisters.  Soshie reminds him hotly that Kiel's one and only sister
is her.  As Diana is about to return to your people, the (fake) Militia show
up and cause trouble.  The Moon Race flee to a safe distance, hotly telling
Gwen that he's really in for it now.  Diana's of course now in a real bind.
Gwen confirms with his people that the "Militia" here are none of their
doing.  Gyaban is emphatic that that they're not with his people either.
If they're not with the Ingressa or Rujanna Militias, who are they?  Soshie
is worried that the impending fight is going to be among allies, but Gwen
states clearly that they're no allies of yours.

  In containers are a Propellant Tank and a Donkey Bread.  Take the enemies
  out before turn 5 for a Skill Point.

After the battle, you get a joyful reunion with your dudes.  Plus, there's
the Turn A, just as Tifa said.  Jamir is shocked to see the Turn A still
operational, but then denies all knowledge of it to Sara.  Just then, more
bad guys show up, led by Koren.  Diana can't remember this former hibernation
prison guard ever doing anything like this before, and realizes the odd MS he's
piloting was probably paid for by Agrippa or Gim Ginganam.  Surprise surprise -
the White Doll is a Gundam [like DUH!]  Well, maybe it's an understandable
mistake, given that it's got tusks and all [blame Tomino for being senile or
insane.  Or both.]  Koren's all ready and raring to send the White Devil back
to Hell.  Your people are puzzled why a Gundam would be a white devil, but
Monsha notes that that's probably what it looks like to anyone who fights
against one [just ask the peons from Gundam Wing].  Both Jamir and Tex
recognize Koren, realizing that they're now fighting against the Moon Race.

  Koren doesn't have anything against Rolan, but he recalls being humiliated
  by a Gundam once before and wants to erase the memory from his brain.  On the
  second round of combat, the invincible Garode and the GX show up to save the
  day.  He's actually back to keep his promise and protect Tifa no matter what.
  She believed in him.  Four gets to say "I told you so."  As Garode mulls
  over the new additions to the party, Koren freaks over this new white devil
  that shoots Moonlight.  If he and Garode fight, Koren will remember a bit
  of the time he and the GX fought - but can't remember the whole thing.
  Koren is worth a Hybrid Armor.

Once you beat Koren, he starts babbling about not losing to the Earth's
gravity, to the Earth which to him is spinning like a merry-go-round.  He'll
be back, or some junk.  Anyways, after his withdrawal the Iron Gear and more
of your dudes show up.  Roaby congratulates himself on being able to follow
Garode back to the Freeden.  As your dudes rejoice at seeing each other
again, Gwen rapidly takes stock and decides that it's worth negotiating with
the new arrivals.

Insert Milan/Haley discussion about the fake Militia.  They're noticing 
that something strange is up with "Diana", and have seen the newspaper report
that Loora Loora is in fact of the Moon Race; Gwen's sure to figure things
out sooner or later.  Fil then reports in: Elchi's ship has been identified
as being of Galian origin.  Part of the warpower the Innocent are massing
against the Moon Race; satellite photos show a large number of such landships
heading this way, laden with mobile suits dug up from the Mountain Cycles.
Among the Civilians manning this force, there are said to be Newtypes - whose
last acts of note were in the Moon/Earth war hundreds of years ago.  Fil is
of the opinion that there's no time for peace talks, but Haley reminds him
what Diana's wishes are.  Fil says that he's just trying to keep everyone
safe - safe against the forces moving in the darkness who would send someone
like Koren to the front lines.  Looks like Gim and Agrippa are working to
eliminate Diana.  Fil recommends withdrawing to the Sunbelt, lest you get
caught between Agrippa's and the Innocents' forces.

Jamir tells Gwen and Elchi that he's come to Vicinity in search of Newtypes.
Since nobody present knows what those are, Jamir explains what they are and
what role they played in the great war against the Moon.  Like Garode and
the crew, the Newtypes are being pressed into service by the Innocent...
and Jamir wants to save them.  Gwen, perceiving that Jamir's no friend of the
Moon Race, asks him and Elchi if they'd be interested in joining his little
junta.  He says that the military parity will give you all bargaining parity,
but Jamir (and Elchi) are both heading for Photo Seven.  There is where the
military might to counter the Diana Counter is massing - and where Tifa 
sensed more Newtypes.  Elchi, realizing what going to Photo Seven will mean
(war) decides not to go after all and thereby avoid causing more trouble on
the Innocent's behalf.  Gwen only knows of the Innocent as the ancestors of
the local nobility, and knows nothing of their Domes or any of that.  He
asks Jamir to stay in touch, so he can know what's going on in Photo Seven.

Garode is marveling at all the Gundams, thinking how much they'd be worth
on the open market.  He and Kid get into a minor argument about who's the
bigger kid (Kid's heard from Usso about Garode's plan to sell the GX).  Garode
finally yells that the GX is his, and that he's decided to use it to protect
Tifa.  Kid asks why he's not embarrassed to say that so loudly, then notes
that Garode seems to have whatever it takes to bring the GX fully online,
making data that much easier to collect.  Puru then shows up, noting that
Garode's important person really is here on the Freeden.  Your people still
aren't sure if the Turn A is a Gundam or not, but at least they know the
upside-down "A" symbol refers to it.  Does that make it the "Top Stand A"
Gundam?  Tex pops up and tells you how to pronounce the universal qualifier
symbol [it's the "For All Gundam" obviously! O_o], but can't explain the
moth wings or any other details.  Tex marvels to himself at the irony of fate
that brought the GX and Turn A to the same place.  Diana then comes out, 
looking for Rolan.  Tex is astounded to see the queen here, but Soshie tells
him that it's her sister Kiel (though they _do_ look _very_ much alike...)
Tex is rather pale, astounded at seeing Diana's doppleganger.

Your team is about to split up again, some going to Photo Seven and some
staying here.  Go to to Photo Seven, go to 18P.  To stay in Vicinity, go to

17A. Shiroi Akuma ["The White Devil"]

Fil informs Milan that Earthling fighting power is gathering in Northern
Northern Ameria.  Satellites have spotted numerous bases and large terrestrial
combat forces, plus extensive digging of Mountain Cycles swelling the number
of MS's.  Among the reinforcements sent from Galia are some so-called 
"Newtypes" with special powers (yes, the ones that participated in the Earth-
Moon war).  Fil is worried that if the order banning military action is not
lifted, the Moon side will be at an overwhelming disadvantage.  Milan asks if
he is trying to go against Diana's wishes; Fil says he merely wants to keep
his people from being wiped out.  Besides, forces may be working in places
where Diana and her servants can't see - as proved by Koren's presence.  Fil
and Milan both fear Gim and Agrippa's intervention, and Fil advocates taking
over the Sunbelt and circling the wagons.  Milan agrees to take up the matter
with Diana - who is currently out surveying Vicinity with Haley guarding her.
Fil's not very happy with this, given the number of hostiles gathered in that

Both Diana and Kiel agree that war must not be allowed to mar the beautiful
scenery.  Diana agrees to resume talks with Gwen in the hopes of finding a 
peaceful solution.  Before returning to the Soreiyu, "Diana" asks to see
Gwen's household in the interest of passing on more information to "Kiel".
Haley doesn't want to let her go somewhere that unsafe, but "Diana" prevails
on him.  He insists on being among her guards however.  Rolan and Soshie are
both surprised to see Diana, who tells Rolan to be at ease.  Haley apologizes
to Rolan for Diana's caprice, and is surprised when Rolan knows his name.
Rolan manages to say that he read it in a newspaper during the party as Soshie
calls "Kiel" outside.

She's upset that Kiel would invite the enemy commander to her home, given 
that the Moon Race are responsible for their father's death and their mother's
disappearance.  Rolan asks her to settle down, but Soshie tells him that as
a Moon Race he wouldn't know how she feels.  Gwen then adds his voice asking
for Soshie's discretion, saying that he's trying to coax things in a good
direction.  Diana is appalled that her people had came in aggression against
such people as this.  Rolan leads Kiel and Diana to Kiel's father's grave,
where "Kiel" apologizes for being too into her job and not visiting his grave
sooner.  The real Kiel is grateful to Diana, wondering if Diana's being
sincere in her apology.

Monsha reminds Kou that Kou's in charge of drilling today.  Akira wonders
why Monsha's thrown in the towel this quickly, and Monsha tells Akira to try
teaching that noisy bunch some time.  Soshie and Rolan aren't back yet, but
they appear in short order.  Kou tells the trainees firmly that today they're 
going to be doing MS mobility practice (Monsha thinks Kou may be even firmer
than he is).  To do this, Kou makes it a race to pick up the contents of a
certain container.  Soshie notes that this seems pretty simple, but Kou notes
that she'll have to carefully consider the terrain in order to reach the
container first - this is practice for moving around in a limited-time combat
(as well as testing the White Doll's capabilities).  Kou and Monsha are going
to be obstructing just like real enemies... except that firing is prohibited.
Haley explains the practice to "Diana", thinking that Loora Loora must be
in the White Doll but noting that he hadn't seen her around.  The real Diana
recognizes the "White Doll", marveling that it's still around and that the
Diana Counter managed to meet it.  This is no mere coincidence.  Haley finally
persuades "Diana" to return to the Soreiyu momentarily as practice ensues.

  Get to the Container before Rolan can for a Skill Point.  Boosters and 
  other such aides will be automatically deactivated - there's only one set
  of moves that will win...

After the race, Gyaban and two of his Militiamen appear.  Gyaban is driving
a Boljarnon that's just been dug up from the Jarna Mountain Cycle.  Your
people recognize his machine as a Zak; he does not.  Gyaban spies Haley and
prepares to attack, with Rolan frantically telling him about the current
cease-fire.  Gyaban demands to know who Rolan is, since the tusked mechanical
doll's pilot is supposed to be a girl; Rolan says that some reporter wrote
that, not him.  Haley marvels at the progress digging up mobile suits, and
Gwen cautions that since there's more than one Militia certain others may still
be gunning for Diana.  Haley asks how Gwen intends to manage things here, and
Gwen is sure that "Loora" will work something out (and yes, she _is_ here, as
Gwen assures Haley).  Gyaban offers to settle things with a contest of
strength, and if Rolan wins he'll withdraw.  One on one combat is the order
of the day.

  Parenthetically, the container contained a Donkey Bread.

Go over and pound Gyaban's butt.  He'll want to continue, but Lily Boljarno
will tell him to quit and retain some of his pride.  It seems that she, a
princess, has come all the way to the front lines.  She berates him for 
causing trouble at Gwen's estate and for destroying an important piece of
military hardware.  Gwen is quite surprised that Lily has come all the way
to the front lines herself...  Just then your people detect something large
heading this way - something that's not a MS.  It's a group of machines from
Galia in their land ship, and Haley's quite upset at his forces for letting
them get through undetected.  Seeing that things are imminently about to get
ugly, Haley begs "Diana's" forgiveness and forcibly returns her to the Soreiyu.
Looks like Diana and Kiel are stuck switched.  Elchi's spoiling for combat,
but Ken'ichi and friends recognize your people.  Reunion time.  Gwen, seeing
his opportunity, plans to negotiate with the new arrivals.

Insert conversation about Galia and Ameria being different.  The Amerians
either haven't heard of the Blue Stones, or regard them as useless.  Elchi
seems impressed by Gwen, and gets mad when Ragu points that out.  Ken'ichi,
seeing the great cultural rift, realizes that it was a good idea not taking
Biel at his word and instead taking a roundabout way to Photo Seven.  Sadly,
Gwen's never even heard of Photo Seven - Ragu tells him that preparations are
underway there to fight the Moon Race.  Does this mean the Innocent plan to
fight the Moon Race?

Gyaban introduces himself to Joseph and the others.  Kou marvels at seeing a
functional Zak I, a model which was long since retired in your time.  Monsha
observes that nothing will surprise him under these circumstances.  Gyaban, 
upon seeing the training going on, has concluded that Monsha and the crew are
unskilled and demands command of the mecha.  Monsha tells him that he's been
driving MS's since before Gyaban was born (Gyaban doesn't believe that given
when the unearthings began).  Joseph tells Gyaban that his people are more
skilled than Gyaban's, and Gyaban asks if Joseph can handle a Boljarnon.  
Joseph says he can if he needs to, and as Gyaban is about to call him on it
Lily intervenes.  Soshie, an old friend of Lily's, is going to take her and
"Kiel" to see Gwen.  "Kiel" is worrying about the futility of the real Kiel
trying to lead the Diana Counter, and about what will happen if their real
identities are found out.  Just then, something blows up near Nox.

Machines from the Diana Counter are attacking, and the city is in flames.
Your other people wonder if they should go help the people of Nox out, but
Tetsuya notes that the invaders are headed this way so there's no need to
go anywhere else.  Elchi (as she did with Biel) tells her crew to defend
the city.  The bad guys are lead by Koren (see 17X for his beef with the
White Devils).  Elchi had pictured more cultured people given that they're
supposed to be from the Moon, but she notes that they're no better than
Jiron and friends (what's _that_ supposed to mean, Jiron asks).  As your 
people ponder whether or not the White Doll is a Gundam, Rolan and friends
are preparing to launch.  Buy them time.

  On round 2, Koren bitches about how Gundams used to come out and fight at
  times like this - does this mean he's from your time?  This Koren guy really
  seems to have it in for Gundams, and Meshier notes that Koren's every bit
  as hotheaded as Jiron (how come everyone keeps using him as an example?! he

  On round 3, more dudes come out - including Soshie in the Turn A!  She's
  bound and determined to take revenge for her father, and tells Rolan as a
  Moon Race to butt out.  Keith is surprised that someone still knows what a
  "Gundam" is, but Kou says that as Spacenoids, that knowledge isn't all that
  strange for the Moon Race.  Koren runs his whole "Gundams are White Devils"

  On round four, Gwen starts (needlessly) worrying that your dudes are going
  to lose.  "Kiel" offers to persuade Koren, saying that she looks like
  Diana Sorel after all.  This sounds like a dangerous plan, but Lily's willing
  to try it, having faith that Elchi's ship won't be sunken easily.  Have
  Kiel persuade Koren and she'll thank him for his efforts, directing him to
  withdraw.  He tells her that the white tusked Gundam is still around, but
  she tells him that it is not, and that now that the times have changed
  his duty is over.  She threatens to have him executed if he won't follow
  her orders.  He's aghast, and she repeats her order to withdraw, saying
  that he's paid for his sins enough.  Your people will be quite impressed
  by this, and "Kiel" manages to say that she'd heard the story of Koren 
  while on the Soreiyu.

  You can have either Rolan or Soshie get into combat with him first if you
  want; this is necessary to recruit him later.  If they do, he'll tell them
  he has nothing against them personally, but that he wants to erase the
  tortured image of the Gundam from his memory.

  After Korel withdraws, Olba and Shagia show up, pleased as punch at finding
  the Turn A.  They figure they can achieve their goals if they can make it
  to wherever the Freeden was headed first.  Their job is basically complete
  already thanks to finding the Turn A, but Olba wants to test its power.
  Shagia is skeptical, but Olba asks him for just a little time to play around.
  On the following round, you get boatloads of your dudes back.  Insert the
  usual greetings.  Goodness only knows why Tifa saw moth wings on the Turn

  Shagia will run away at less than 40% health.  Olba will run away at less
  than 40% health, or if Shagia is gone.  Olba's worth a Biosensor, and
  Shagia is worth a Large Generator.

After the battle, Gwen thanks Elchi and notes that it's at least some 
consolation that Vicinity is still fine.  Gwen wants to negotiate with the
rest of her people, and assures Lily that he's not the sort of man to be
wiped out here.

As your people begin to compare notes, they become aware of a certain "design"
to this world.  Quatre explains about the GX's special Satellite Cannon, a
weapon strong enough to shoot down not just a battleship but a _colony_ with
one hit.  And yes, most likely the Moon Cradle is still intact.  Perhaps
this means that the Aegis Project succeeded even without all of your help,
since mankind has changed but is still alive.  Still, some huge war happened
and the GX was intended to be part of it.  Kou notes that the Turn A is 
little different from the other MS's, and wonders if that means that it's
still got some huge hidden secret.

Gwen, and basically everybody else, start asking Jamir why he came here. 
Nobody's satisfied with his strange attachment to Tifa and the GX.  Jamir
reluctantly tells the tale of the Newtypes (see above).  Gwen also does his
pitch to Elchi and Jamir to join forces with him.  The outcome is the same
as 17X.

Puru is delighted to see a Gundam with tusks, but Judou's sure they're just
cheek guards.  Insert Tex's explanation about the "Turn A" and his surprise
at seeing "Kiel".  Once again, to go to Photo Seven go to 18P.  To stay in
Vicinity go to 18V. 

  [I elected to keep the results from the Gundam X path when proceeding]

18P. Boku ga NYUUTAIPU Da!  ["I'm a Newtype!"]

Sara informs Jamir that all the purchasing is done and is told to begin
loading.  Marvette entrusts Judou, Garode, and Daisaku with this task - she
explains that the task depends on the size of the MS's, making those three
ideal (smaller is better here).  Jamir observes that it's also a good chance
for Garode to bond with the rest of the crew, instead of the solitary life
he's been leading till now.  Jamir also notes that there's very little place
to hide around her, and asks Sara to hurry things up as much as possible.

Loading seems to be going more or less smoothly... except that Garode hasn't
seen any of Tifa since joining the crew.  He mulls over how close Jamir sticks
to her and wonders if he's made a miscalculation.  Judou calls his attention
back to work, and Garode tries to hurry things up, managing instead to lightly
injure Judou.  The doctor gives him a clean bill of health, and Jamir lets
Garode off with only a warning to be more careful next time.  Just then Judou
and Puru show up; Judou's feeling fine but Puru insisted in putting his arm
in a sling anyway.  Garode is having trouble coming up with anything to say
to Judou, who says that he got hurt like this all the time while hanging with
the Junk House back at Shangri-La.  When Judou tells him not to sweat it,
all Garode can manage is an expletive before running off.  The bridge bunnies
and Puru think he's being rude, but Judou understands how Garode feels.
He explains how he caused Camille trouble the first time he piloted the ZZ,
and that he couldn't manage to apologize right away.  When Tonya praises him for
being more grown-up than he looks, Judou says that he's been through a lot,
and that he's got a sister to feed (Puru gets a pang of emotion at that).
As Jamir orders the rest of the loading to proceed, Sara is about to ask him
a personal question... but decides not to at the last moment.

Sara finds Garode in the hall, and after a moment notes that neither of them
seem to be doing too well.  When he looks up in surprise, she quickly
backpedals her statement.  Tonya then asks for a moment with Tifa, noting 
that Tifa must have heard about Garode by now.  She says that Garode's very
naive, and suggests that Tifa go cheer him up.  She figures that Tifa's the
only one who can, and tells Tifa that if she makes her self up nice and pretty
and gives Garode a big smile that he'll surely love it.  Tifa says slowly
that she's no good at that sort of thing - Tonya figured as much and offers
to put some lipstick on her.  Tifa's hesitant, but Tonya leaves the lipstick
with her in case the mood strikes her.

Jamir tells Tex about Garode's little mishap; Tex notes that at 15 Garode's
still half a child.  Jamir points out that the other half is adult.  Tex asks
what Jamir was thinking at 15 - only about staying alive, given that at the
time the Earth-Moon war was in its final stages.  Tex notes that while those
times were anything but good, they're still far better than the present.  Tex
recalls that his first love was around that time: the only daughter of some
military top brass.  A positively unobtainable dream.  Jamir asks where that
woman is now - the Moon?  Higher than that, Tex replies, in Heaven.  Tex sees
his old self in Garode, and tells Jamir that letting Garode off without any
rebuke may have been a misjudgment.  Given that Garode's not used to people
being nice to him, if Garode feels any responsibility for the accident he may
run off again.

Kid's noting that it's getting pretty cold, and plans to attach some extra
gear to the GX before reaching Photo Seven.  As he explains to Akira, these
parts (which look like a huge shield) take their cue from the Z's Flying Armor
and the V's Dash Parts.  As Usso intuits, this means that the "shield" is
useful both for attack and defense.  Akira thinks this might be overkill given
the Satellite Cannon, but Kid points out that that can't be used all the time.
In particular, you can't use it in urban combat, which the enemy is well aware
of.  Kid's planning for the worst case - for example, if the Moon Race breaks
the gadget on the Moon sending the microwaves over.  Akira notes that quite
a bit of time has passed since the first firing of the satellite cannon, and
yet the Moon Race hasn't broken the microwave director yet... Usso figures
they can't, since that facility also gives them solar power.  Kid figures 
that the Moon Race could at least interfere with the microwaves, while Usso
wonders to himself if there's some reason why the Moon Race _can't_ mess with
the microwave generators.

Garode goes to see Tifa, delivering a meal to her.  Haltingly, Tifa tells 
Garode to cheer up.  He tries to laugh it off, saying he won't do anything
like that again.  After a moment, he asks Tifa if she really can feel the
specific Newtype they've been told of.  She can, faintly.  He tells her not
to stress too much, and Tifa almost manages to say something deeper to Garode
(stopping again at the last moment with the good old "Never mind").  You can
ask what's wrong, or not.  If you ask, Tifa says that she just had a bit of a
bad dream and tells Garode not to worry.  Garode says that he's committed to
looking after her, and it's kind of his job to worry.  He tells her that if
she's okay, he's okay, and stuff.  Tifa then asks him if he can promise her
that he won't go out and fight if combat breaks out.  He asks what'll happen
if he does, and Tifa tells him that he'll lose.  This surprises him greatly,
and he asks if he'll lose because of the Newtypes in Photo Seven.  After a
moment's reflection, he tells Tifa that he _will_ go out into battle anyway.
He says that while he believes in her, he wants to overcome whatever it is
that's standing in his way.

Near Photo Seven, Olba is reporting to Shagia about conditions there.  There
are a _lot_ of Breakers gathering there under the Innocents' banner.  Shagia
says that no matter how many of them there are, they're all just terrestrial
machines - no good against the Moon Race's multirole MS's.  Olba isn't sure
about that - the Innocent seem to have dredged up a Mobile Armor(!!) or
something.  Even more, there seems to be a Newtype Lab at the base - now
he's got Shagia's full attention.  Could the Innocent be seriously trying to
send Newtypes to the front lines?  Shagia orders Olba to keep up his
surveillance and to notify him if the Freeden appears.  Shagia himself will
check out the base and try to find out how far the Newtype research has

Nomoa observes that about half the Breakers from Galia have arrived.  Karis
isn't impressed, saying that the Innocents' chosen warriors are just mere
Civilians.  Karis is far from certain that the fiercely independent Breakers
will follow orders.  Nomoa agrees, figuring Dowas and Biel are putting a lot
of eggs into one basket with them.  At the very least, the Breakers should
help out in the fight against the Moon Race, buying Karis time to finish
his investigations.  If _that_ succeeds, nobody will be able to stand before
them.  Karis then tells Commander, err _Mayor_ Nomoa that he has just felt a
strong power: a Newtype at least as strong as him, plus a Gundam.  The time
has apparently come.  Nomoa muses about the neverending war between man and
man, Moon and Earth.  To end this, a great, strong power is necessary - this
is evidently the Patoulia.  If that can be mobilized, unifying the world will be
no mere dream any longer - and for that, a strong Newtype is necessary.  Karis
wants to obtain this Newtype, for enhanced combat power if nothing else.  Nomoa
cautions him not to let the Innocent in Galia know.  Karis thinks vehemently to
himself that he's capable of stopping this foolish war with his powers...

The Freeden has gotten to about 10km from the Photo Seven base.  There's still
snow around given the northern latitude.  Jamir orders the ship to halt and
stay on Level 2 alert.  Jamir doesn't intend to attack; he's hoping to watch
things a while and enter the base under the pretense of being Breakers.
Before he can finish, a land ship is detected heading your way already at full
alert.  Your people can't believe the other ship wants to fight right away,
especially given that Photo Seven is supposed to be a rallying point for people
who want to fight the Moon Race.  The only explanation seems to be that your 
true identity has been found out.  Camille realizes that the Newtype Tifa 
sensed may be responsible, and Jamir orders level one alert.  He suddenly 
cringes in pain, refusing to say what's wrong and ordering everybody to head 
out into battle.  He realizes what's causing his headache...  As the Freeden 
starts taking fire, Jamir asks someone (Sara volunteers) to take Tifa 
somewhere safe. Sara asks Tifa to evacuate to another section of the ship 
that's not in immediate danger - and then notices that Tifa's wearing makeup.  
The two stare at each other for a while, with Sara getting quite upset...

Your people pop out, who Gelaba recognizes immediately from the bazaar.
When he tries to tell his brother ("Call me Captain, damn you!"), Hoora tells
him that they're not Breakers anymore, but chosen warriors of the Innocent.
Even with Elchi gone, he feels he can deal directly with the Innocent now
that his circumstances are different.  He tells Gelaba not to forget why they
took Biel's job and crossed the ocean.  Hoora figures, as aces, he and Gelaba
can clean this all up in no time flat... except that Gelaba still can't see
Hoora as being suited to being a captain since he gets so hot under the collar
so easily.  Bickman tells the two of them that this is no time for idle chatter
This is the time to attack as per the contract with the Innocent - and he
tells them not to trip over their own feet.  As Hoora thinks that Bickman's
too much of an old fart to order him around, Bickman reminds them all that if
they can pull this job off they'll be given permission to do business on this
and other continents.

Your people now know for certain that the Photo Seven crew are your enemies.
Hyouma tells your people not to think too hard, and to finish this fight that
the other side started... isn't that right Garode?  But Garode's distracted
by Tifa's prediction that he'll lose.  He finally says aloud that he _will_
protect Tifa here, since if he can't she'll be even farther away from him.
Olba reports in to Shagia of Garode and the Freeden's appearance, and is told
to just stand by and watch.

  In a container is a Propellant Tank.  Hoora is worth a Hybrid Armor.
  Bickman is worth a Hovercraft.  Defeat all enemies within 7 turns for a
  Skill Point.                                             

After you flatten all the enemies, Garode will yell out to Tifa that he 
didn't lose.  Jamir tells Tifa that Garode's not fighting against the enemy,
he's fighting against the word "Newtype".  Tifa concurs.  HOWEVER, said
Newtype pops out, causing your Newtypes to feel intense Pressure.  Karis
recognizes "the" ship and detects the presence of several people with
Newtype-like powers.  Garode demands to know who Karis is - Karis responds
that he's looking for companions and tells Garode to stay out of the way.
Yes, _he_ is a Newtype.  Karis zooms over to Garode and somehow pries Tifa's
name out of him.  Garode tries to fight back, but Karis says it's futile for
Garode to try to defeat a Newtype even with a Gundam.  Garode says that's
all the more reason why he can't lose, but Tifa thinks at Garode to run away -
that he can't win as he is now.  Sensing this, Karis figures he'll use Garode
to get his hands on Tifa.  He attacks Garode with Funnels, greatly surprising
Camille and co.  Karis asks Tifa if she can see the future yet, and Tifa
yells at him to stop.  Akira shouts at Judou and Usso to head for Karis's
MS, but Karis threatens to fire on the Freeden.  As the stalemate continues,
Karis says that he's holding back, and blasts Garode some more.  Karis says
that someone with no special powers can't possibly defeat him, and says that
he'll use Garode's life to help create a blessed world.  Karis notes that
Garode's interesting statement that Karis being a Newtype was all the more
reason Garode couldn't lose pales in the face of cruel reality, and tells Tifa
to watch as he destroys the Gundam.  Seemingly with no choice, Tifa offers to
go to Karis (he tells her she made the right choice).  Tifa tells Jamir to
tell Garode goodbye for her as she departs despite Jamir's screaming.  Garode's
unconscious and can't answer - Jamir orders his MS recovered on the double,
after which your people will evacuate the area.  Olba reports these doings to
Shagia, noting Karis's impressive Newtype powers.  Shagia orders Olba to
contact the Innocent within Photo Seven.

The Freeden is being pursued already.  Garode's undergoing medical care in the
infirmary, and while the GX's superstructure isn't badly damaged the satellite
cannon has been destroyed.  Plus Tifa's gone... this was too costly.  Tex is
explaining to your people that while Garode's been badly hurt, his life won't
be in danger.  However, the wounds to his heart at being beaten by that 
Newtype are probably quite deep.  Roaby too has had his nose rubbed in just
how great a gap in power there is, and Chizuru notes that Garode doesn't
yet know that Tifa's gone.  It is going to _suck_ to be him when he regains
consciousness.  Roaby hopes that Garode doesn't go on the rampage when he
wakes up, and Tex says that that'd be better than Garode losing his ability
to pilot due to the trauma.  Wits doesn't think Garode's susceptible to that,
but Tex says that it wouldn't be the first time...  Roaby and Wits wonder
what to do to fight that Newtype, when it hits Wits that the enemy's weapons
are a lot like the Quberay's Funnels... does that mean that Puru and Four are
Newtypes, just like the enemy is?  Camille is keeping his lips tightly
closed.  Just then Sara calls with a rush summons to the bridge for Tex.

Kid is telling Jamir about his idea for new armaments for the GX.  Sure the
Satellite Cannon is one heck of a weapon, but it's actually _too_ powerful
and too limited in time to be all that useful.  Given that the satellite
cannon's out of commission now, Kid wants to take the opportunity to reoutfit
the GX, and after a brief pause Jamir gives his permission.  As Kid scurries
off to work, Jamir tells Tex that he's got a favor to ask him...  Go to 19P.

18V. Kikai no Kemono-tachi  ["Mechanical Beasts"]

Torres is informing Bright that the scouts have returned.  Actually, only
_three_ of them have returned; it goes without saying that the fourth has
gotten lost.  The highly maneuverable Psybuster is well-suited to long range
surveillance, but that's of course meaningless if it never comes back.
Astonage says that he's modded the Psybuster so that in the worst case Masaki
could turn on the navigational computer Garrison had given him and it'll
automatically return to the Argama... and he's _still_ not back.  Bright
wonders if it was a mistake sending him on recon.  Ryou reports finding
several cities but none of the other Preventer members.  Yamadera found "that"
robot and some land ships heading North.  Something's going on up there for
sure.  Benkei found nothing.  This is the same results you've gotten the
past few days... meaning that the large ship that descended from space last
night could spell real trouble.

Kouji, Emma, and Noin went to gather info at one of the nearby cities.  They
observed a big outcry over people from the Moon coming to attack, and heard of
what sound like mobile suits being dug up in the mountains to the south.  Noin
even has a picture from the local news.  Astoundingly, it's a Zak and the
amphibious Neo-Jion Kabul!  Burning notes that this lends credence to Quatro's
theory that you're in the Earth's future... and not a very bright future this
is either.  Emma is worried about another photo, the "White Doll".  It looks
like a Gundam, but the head's shaped wrong - definitely not a machine from
your era.  And a silhouette behind it looks very much like the Reideen... 
from the article the Reideen was evidently fighting alongside it.  Kouji 
figures that now that you know where Akira is, you should head over and pick
him up right away.  He's met with silence and wonders what's wrong.  Quatro
says that you're all Irregulars in this time, and that unnecessary action is
to be avoided.  Kouji is _not_ pleased with hearing that he can't go save
Akira - Quatro says that he never said Kouji couldn't go, but that recon is
necessary first.  Kouji's still concerned that something could happen to
Akira, but Amuro cautions that if your people get caught up in the war
threatening this place, things could only get worse.  Kouji gets further
pissed, saying that the old Lond Bel would never have reached this kind of
conclusion and that everyone's gotten cold since becoming Preventers.  Hayato
observes that Kouji's as hotheaded as ever and points out that your 
circumstances aren't that nice.  When Kouji demands an explanation, Hayato
explains slowly that your actions could have unforeseen ramifications in places
you know nothing of, using the generation of the gravity wave as an example.
Even if you had no other choice then, it's undeniable that your actions 
triggered a lot of messed up stuff afterwards.  Therefore, when information
is scarce it's best to take a conservative approach, just as Quatro said.
According to Hayato, anyone who can't grasp that isn't fit to participate in
the battles to come.  Kouji of course doesn't like hearing that one bit, and
Ryou tells Hayato that he's gone too far.  Hayato responds by telling both
Ryou and Kouji to consider again why Shin Getter and Mazinkaizer were sealed
again.  At this point, Bright finally steps in and puts a stop to it all,
telling that any further discussion will get somebody sent to the penitence
chamber.  He reiterates that until more information is to be had the Argama
(which is _rather_ conspicuous) will stay put.  Sarumaru and Yasunishi are
asked to continue surveying the surroundings, and Burning and Quatro are asked
to form new surveillance parties regarding the Reideen.  Quatro plans to go
himself, in the Type 100 as soon as it's done being overhauled.

Ryou attempts to stop Hayato after the meeting is adjourned, asking Hayato
what's come over him.  Hayato tells Ryou that if Ryou hasn't figured out what
kind of situation everyone's in he doesn't want Ryou acting like a leader.
Ryou shoots back the question of whether Hayato's worried about Akira and
Musashi.  Hayato retorts that if people like Kouji and Ryou don't keep their 
concern in check they won't be able to survive in this world.  After Hayato
leaves, Emmo tells Ryou that Hayato's actually worried despite appearances.
Ryou understands too, from his long association with Hayato, but he also sees
where Kouji's coming from.  While he understands the way his actions can
affect the balance of the world, he notes that it _didn't_ used to stop your
guys from helping each other.  Protecting both the world and their own was
the touchstone of the Lond Bel.  But now you're the Preventers - lots of 
things have happened and things can't go back to they way they used to be.
Careful thought before action has become necessary... especially with things
like Shin Getter and Mazinkaizer.

Kouji goes to relieve Katsu and Fa from guard duty, still in something of a bad
mood.  Katsu asks if Kouji's dissatisfied with having to stand guard despite
being a pilot, and Fa asks if Yamadera or Hayato have been quarreling with
him again.  Bingo.  According to Fa, both Kouji's and Camille's thoughts are 
easily read on their faces.  Fa counsels him to make pax soon, given that 
teamwork is especially important under circumstances like these.  Kouji begins 
to see the logic in Hayato's words, and asks if Masaki's back yet.  Given that
he isn't, it may be time to send a rescue party for real...  Just then, Katsu
sees something moving in the forest.  It's not a MS... and it's silhouette
is quite a shock.  Bright orders level one alert.

The enemy are, without a doubt, mechanical beasts.  Hayato says that he feels
almost sentimental for this enemy, and Amuro notes that it's not that
odd to see mechanical beasts when Zaks and Kabuls are being dug up.  But 
they're moving like they were just newly made - Quatro figures that one of the
production plants is still around.  Maybe this has something to do with what
you all were facing just before being tossed forward in time - in any case, 
you can't just let them slide.

  On 1.5 more bad guys come out - Sarumaru detects something like production
  machinery under the indicated mountain.  Ryou wonders if someone is 
  deliberately controlling the production - except that there's not much point
  in doing that when you can't actually _pilot_ them.  Benkei notices something
  strange about them... what could be going on??  The beasts that just came
  out aren't moving away from the plant - probably something inside the plant
  has detected your approach and is taking defensive measures.  The plant will
  probably just continue churning more of the beasts out if left alone.  Bright
  orders the pilots to concentrate fire on the beasts while your people
  watch the plant a bit longer to see what it does.  More enemies appear on 
  2.5 - eventually you'll be at a disadvantage.

  On 3 Elchi and crew pop out.  Insert reunion stuff.  The newcomers are made
  aware of the Mountain Cycle pumping out the mechanical beasts, who are
  stronger than they were in your time.  As Tetsuya and Kouji argue about the
  beasts, Amuro and Bright agree that now's the time to crush the plant.  Of
  course Jiron, Rolan and crew are along for the ride to keep damage to 
  surrounding cities to a minimum.  Shido asks that the plant not be damaged
  too much since it's not a normal Mountain Cycle and bears investigation -
  it may be the Lost Mountain.  Which is a place forbidden to the mountain
  hermits containing more secrets from the Black History than usual.

  In containers are 20,000 credits, a VR-Met, a Propellant Tank, and a
  Cartridge.  Land on the plant within four turns for a Skill Point (and a
  new mecha, of a type determined by your Skill level).  Doing so will also
  end the battle.

Your dudes greet each other and fill Amuro and friends in on the Innocent/
Moon Race situation.  As feared, your people are now embroiled in the conflict.
Although Diana would like a peaceful resolution to the conflict, the prospects
are looking pretty dim.  According to Gwen you'll get caught up in the fight
the Innocent are picking sooner or later - remember what the Moon Race
did to Nox.  Gwen then turns to your people, asking them to fight against the
Moon Race who are clearly the aggressors here.  Quatro says that you all
didn't come here to fight, and that he'd like to avoid doing so by all means
possible - in short, your people have no reason to participate in the battle.
Ken'ichi has his doubts - could it be that you all came to this age for a
specific purpose?  Lily observes that it's rather odd that your people would
have no reason to fight - what if more monsters like the ones you just
defeated were to emerge elsewhere?

Sarumaru has been examining the plant, and says that due to excessive aging
it wasn't at peak efficiency.  Seemingly the beasts in storage were the only
thing that had been attacking you, on autopilot.  Sarumaru doesn't know if
they responded to his people, or to Mazinger Z.  It's a little odd to find
one of the beast plants here though, since they were usually deep underground.
Yasunishi knows quite a bit about those plants, having been once captured
and made to work on the Ryuu-Ko-Ou.  In short, this plant is unlikely to be
Dr. Hell's handiwork.  Sarumaru theorizes that this plant may have been
built after your own time, but says that at the very least a thousand years
has elapsed since its construction.  This begs the question why mecha from
your age still seem to work properly; Sarumaru thinks it may have something
to do with the earth under which all the MS's are buried and plans to take it
up with Shido.

Kouji tells Boz that Sayaka is still missing, as is Musashi.  The others
are sure they'll turn up shortly with all the people you've been finding
lately, which Kouji can believe.  He then asks Jun if something happened to
Tetsuya, saying that he's noticed Tetsuya acting weird toward him lately.
Boz agrees, saying that Tetsuya's even harder to talk to than usual lately.
Kouji's considering having a talk with Tetsuya, but Jun tells him that she'll
talk to him instead.

Jun goes to Tetsuya, who asks her quite brusquely what she wants.  She tells
him of the other's worries that he's acting weird, which he concedes may be
true.  He also concedes that somewhere in his heart he may be harboring a
grudge towards Kouji.  Tetsuya tells her that he and Kouji are fundamentally
different, given that he's a total stranger and not related by blood to
the Chief.  Jun tells him he's wrong, but Tetsuya tells her that he's a human
with blood flowing in his veins too - he never liked spoiled little Kouji
cozying up to the Chief.  He tells her that when the Macross set out it was
him and Jun who protected the Far East and South Atalia.  He feels he lived
up to his responsibilities as a combat professional, but due to the Chief's
orders to join the Lond Bel and their way of doing things, he feels that he
let the General and Gorgon get away.  He feels further that if he continues
doing things the Lond Bel way the whole reason he risked his life for will
become null and void.  He tells her that there's something he and she have
to protect before they even worry about protecting their friends; that the
Preventers who can't think things through emotionlessly won't make it through
all this.  He figures that for him and Jun to continue to be useful
militarily, they'll have to beat Kouji.  Jun yells out that he's wrong,
and after a moment he says that something must be wrong with him and asks
her not to share what he said with Kouji.  After a moment more, he tells her
that he may be rejoicing somewhere deep inside his heart at the resurrection
of the mechanical beasts... because defeating some enemy is his reason for
living.  Go to 19V.

19P. Kyoumei Suru Chikara ["Resonating Powers"]

As Shakti looks on, Garode finally regains consciousness... and realizes
that he lost to the Newtype.  Meanwhile, Kid has amazingly managed to get the
Gundam back into good shape and is nearly done with the upgrade thanks to
help from Judou and Usso.  Kid credits everyone for having the same idea in
mind - saving Tifa.  As for Jamir, Tex has been working on him for a long
time, but his fear of being in the cockpit isn't to be easily cured.  After
a moment's hesitation, Tex confirms Kid's suspicions: that fear was caused by
being behind the GX's controls when it precipitated the ruin of the Earth.
Tex doesn't want to put pressure on Jamir and Garode, but with Tifa gone 
there's little choice.  Kid agrees to hurry up with the repairs and new parts
for the GX, but Garode overheard their exchange.  Garode's furious with
himself, and thinks to himself that he wants power - power to fight the 
Newtype and save Tifa.

Timp is busy conferring with Nomoa about the Breakers he sent.  Nomoa can't
fault their combat power, but notes that they're totally undisciplined and
basically useless as a military force.  Timp realizes that Bickman and Hoora
are the problem, and thinks he should have sent someone like Kalas Kalas
instead.  Nomoa figures that the Innocent sent Civilian Breakers to him to
draw the Moon Race's attention to North Ameria (and away from Galia).  Timp
tells him that Timp's just a functionary and not privy to what the Innocent
are thinking behind closed doors.  This all fits Kashim King's style in Nomoa's
book, and Nomoa is determined to fend off the Moon Race even without the
Innocent's help.  Timp asks if the "Newtype" thingies Nomoa keep talking about
are really worth their salt, and Nomoa points out that Karis just demonstrated
their skillz.  Nomoa's confident that even Irregulars can't beat his Newtypes
[BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!  *ahem*]  After all, that's presumably what Kashim or Bilam
ordered Timp to come here and find out.  Timp says that he's just interested
in Innocent like Nomoa who can live outside of the Domes.  Why do they breathe
the same air as the rest of us?  That would be because North Ameria's 
cleansing is already completed - Nomoa tells Timp that now that all the Blue
Stones have been mined out, this is now a land where Innocent and Civilians
can coexist.  This is an ideal land for the Innocent - hence no three day
rule.  And also, thanks to this cleansed land, there's no longer a distinction
between Innocent and Civilian.  While people like Bilam and Kashim who want
to swagger around like a privileged class went to Galia, Nomoa and his
people decided to live in this land that their ancestors had cleansed.  _That_
is why the Moon Race are coming here instead of Galia.  He reiterates his
plans to fight the Moon Race without the Innocent, and tells Timp to go back
to Galia and tell that to Kashim and Bilam.  Maybe Nomoa's got a grudge with
the Galian Innocent.

Timp decides to introduce a few people he's just brought to Nomoa first.
They're actually... Gundam pilots!  Hiiro and Duo, in fact.  Timp is sure
that they'd make a good match for "that battleship" - Duo wonders if they've
finally found the Argama.  Nomoa notes drily to Duo that there seem to be a
lot more Gundams these days on both sides of the conflict.  Duo responds
cheerfully that dirty jobs always seem to attract Gundams like flies.  Nomoa
asks Duo about two similar Gundams seen near the base - Duo says he's got
no clue what that could be about.  Duo thinks to himself that at least Hiiro
and he have now successfully infiltrated - the strongholds of the bad guys
are always the best place to find Preventer members, he figures.  That, and
the inside of the base seems awfully empty...

Karis is showing Tifa her new room, telling her to mention to the servants
if anything's not to her liking.  When Tifa keeps quiet, he tells her that
he doesn't like her expression.  She asks what he plans to do with her, and
he responds that he'll have her become a Savior like him.  Then, he
introduces Tifa to Rosamia, saying that Tifa is to be Rosamia's "new friend".
Tifa realizes Rosamia's power, and finally introduces herself properly to
Rosamia.  Rosamia tells her that she's searching for her long-lost brother
Camille.  Tifa pricks up her ears at that, which gets Rosamia's hopes up
higher.  Karis tells both of them to get along, thinking to himself that
Rosamia actually is connected with the Irregulars after all.  Nomoa finally
managed to get Rosamia's mental state stabilized, but had Karis not run
across her wandering around lost in the snow she'd probably be dead.  Could
there be deeper reason behind that?  Tifa asks Karis what it is his people
are planning - as he told her before, they're going to become the Saviors
for this messed-up world.

It seems Garode had disappeared again, evading Shakti on the pretense of
changing his bandages.  Given that he's still wounded, where could he have
gone?  Ruu gets a flash of inspiration - he's gone to the hangar, probably to
try to save Tifa himself.  Just then, the hangar's hatch opens and a Janis
exits.  Is Garode at it again?!  Yup.  He believes he mustn't cause the others
any more trouble and figures he's got to rescue Tifa by himself.  Plus, he's
got his promise to protect her to keep.  Out pop Karis and friends.  Karis
notes that Garode's quite persistent, and reiterates that old-fashioned 
humans can't beat him.  Garode yells out that he made a promise with Tifa,
but Karis says that Tifa is now someone who is going to save the world with
him.  Since Garode is so insistent, Karis figures the only way to prove the
disparity in power is to take it out on Garode's hide.  Just then Quatre
shows up, having figured Garode would do something like this.  Garode's
furious, saying that there was no need to follow him here.  Quatre responds
that he can't let a wounded person charge in here all by themselves.  Given
that Quatre has friends as reckless as Garode, he can't think of this as
none of his business.  Garode grudgingly accepts Quatre's help, saying that
Quatre's much too much of a busibody for his own good.  Quatre's heard that
a lot, and is used to battles like this besides.  Quatre will back Garode
up as he hustles to the base at top speed.

  On round 2, Duo points the Sandrock out to Hiiro.  Duo figures it wasn't an
  entirely bad idea joining the bad guys just to find the good guys - Hiiro
  agrees that, for something Duo would cook up, it wasn't a bad plan.  Duo
  reminds him of the time they infiltrated Luna2.  Duo asks Hiiro if they 
  should start helping now, but Hiiro's sure that Quatre's not the reckless
  sort (Duo thinks that he can be when he snaps).  Hiiro wants to ascertain
  Quatre's goal in coming to the base before acting, and Duo agrees for now.
  He warns Hiiro that if the time comes he'll go by himself if need be to
  save Quatre; Hiiro tells him to do whatever he wants and continues checking
  out the interior of the base.

  On round three, Karis complains that Garode's being rather tough and
  summons some friends.  Quatre plans to lead the enemy off to give Garode a
  chance to get inside the base - but that won't work under these 
  circumstances.  Fortunately for him, the rest of your dudes show up just
  then.  Hyouma berates both Garode and Quatre for being too reckless this
  time, saying that if they'd asked he would have helped out gladly.  After
  a bit of ribbing from his teammates, Karis notes with much displeasure
  the appearance of Garode's friends... including some Newtypes!  Camille
  takes note of the Funnel-equipped MS but also senses that its owner feels
  subtly different from a Newtype or a Fortified Human.  Karis is even more
  shocked to see the GX repaired so quickly... with Jamir at the controls
  no less!  Jamir asked Tex to press the treatment for his cockpit fear ahead,
  and well, this is one fairly heavyweight way to do it.  Kid and Tex 
  explain it as a boy's effect on a full-grown man (something that apparently
  happens a lot).  Duo realizes that there's no need for him to sortie, merely
  waiting for his chance to meet up after things are wrapped up.  Karis 
  demands to know who's piloting the GX, and is confident that as long as it's
  a normal human they won't beat him.  Jamir, struggling against his fear,
  tells Garode how to avoid Bit attacks by Newtypes - even though they're
  psychically controlled, they still move by physical means.  Meaning that
  if you can perceive their trajectory, even a non-Newtype can dodge them.
  Jamir tells Quatre and Garode that he knows their objective, and plans to
  back them up.

  If Jamir fights Karis, he'll explain how he's not been using his Newtype
  powers until now, and reminds Karis that Newtypes still work through
  physical means.  Puru can tell that Karis is slightly different than she
  and Puru2, but that he's still been fortified to fight.  He claims that
  he got this power because he wanted it, not because someone built him that
  way.  When Karis fights Garode, he asks how Garode can face him again
  when he tasted enough terror to nearly end his life.  Garode admits he's
  afraid to fight Newtypes, but notes that even youngsters like Judou and
  Usso don't run away from situations like this.  If you shoot Karis down,
  he admits that you're not bad for an outdated human and is going to get
  cocky, but instead goes somewhat nuts with pain that your Newtypes can
  sense.  He yells out something about not being able to go on like this as
  his machine goes boom.  Tex thinks that this may be Synapse Syndrome...

  Get Garode inside the base to end the mission.

  Taking out Karis is worth a Psychoframe.

Once Garode gets to the base, he sets his Janis to self destruct to buy himself
a bit more time and heads off in search of Tifa.  Jamir orders everyone else
to pull out, leaving the rest to Garode.  Garode sneaks around, worried that
he'll get caught or something.  Duo and Hiiro do catch him, telling him that
his idea of blowing up his machine wasn't bad but wasn't all that great
either.  Garode's now quite worried, but Duo assures him that he and Hiiro
are Quatre's comrades.  Although Garode's still skeptical, Duo urges him to
accept their aide.  Garode finally tells them that he's looking for Tifa -
they've not heard of her, but offer to gather information from the commander's

Nomoa is displeased that the intruder hasn't been found yet, and gives 
permission for him to be shot on sight once found.  Enil shows up just then
and asks if he'd belay that order.  She introduces herself as the daughter
of Narda El, one of Nomoa's old comrades, and calls him Doctor Doorat.  Her
father was exiled from Galia as a traitor to the Innocent and subsequently
died.  Nomoa owes her father a great debt, and tells her she'll do any favor
she asks.  She asks only for the pilot of the GX - alive or dead.  Piece of
cake.  By way of saying thanks, she offers to help the good Doctor out.  Out
with...?  She tells him not to play innocent, since she's heard _all_ sorts of
things about him from her father.

Acceding to this, Nomoa leads her to the mobile armor Patoulia, once used in
space combat during the Black History period.  It's a weapon with truly
fearsome powers when driven by a Newtype.  It seems Nomoa worked with Enil's
father to unearth and fix up this monster.  She tells him that her father's
refusal to hand this over to the Innocent resulted in his being killed right in
front of her eyes.  Nomoa's gone on working on this thing until this very day -
all to take revenge on the so-called privileged classes of the Galian Innocent.
Enil's never-fading hatred of the Innocent meshes well with that.  Nomoa
figures that the Patoulia will probably be launched when he can finally
ascertain Tifa's powers; he admits to being in a quandary over whether to use
Tifa or Karis as the pilot.  Karis is Nomoa's greatest masterpiece: the most
powerful and least prone to going berserk.  It's not an exaggeration to call
him a nearly complete Artificial Newtype.

Your people of course overhear that, realizing that Karis is something like
a Fortified Human.  Given Nomoa's plans for Tifa, Duo recommends finding 
Tifa _fast_.  In fact, Karis pays Tifa a visit, surprising her.  He asks if
she was expecting her intruder friend, and tells her that he's got powers too.
She replies that Garode is coming... as in _right_now_.  Karis asks if
Garode's the GX's first pilot, but Duo quickly points his gun in Karis's
direction to forestall any shenanigans.  Garode, realizing that Karis is the
Vertigo's pilot, tries to tell him that he's being deceived.  He informs
Karis that what he thinks are Newtype powers are in fact created by man -
were in fact granted to him by the Newtype-hungry Nomoa.  Not only that,
the good Doctor sacrificed many people to complete Karis.  Garode yells out
that he and Karis have no reason to fight, and that if Karis stays here any
longer his body won't hold out.  After a moment, Karis replies that he knew
all that long ago.  It was he who asked Nomoa to give him power, and became
an Artificial Newtype.  The old him was a normal, boring human - but he never
stopped wanting to change the world.  To do so, he needed a power that could
surpass mankind.  Garode points out that many humans were killed to perfect
him, but Karis tells him not to get all humanistic when even Garode has fought
to stay alive himself.  Karis says that everyone has probably wanted power
surpassing humanity's at some point in their lives.  Happily, with Artificial
Newtype research at its current stage, problems like amnesia, headaches, and
emotional outbursts are all but gone.  Someday, Karis thinks, those whose
hearts are true will all choose to gain power like his.  When that happens,
the rule of the Innocent and invasion by the Moon Race can be avoided, and a
millenial kingdom of true peace will be founded.  _That_ is what Karis is a
vanguard for.  Garode concedes that at one point he wanted power like Karis's,
but now knows that that power is somehow wrong.  In that case, Karis says,
Garode must also deny Tifa.  But Tifa, as she points out, is different.  She
is natural, something that Nomoa claimed was impossible.  As she emphatically
tells him, she was made by nobody.  And she had her powers since birth.  As
Karis gets traumatized, Duo helpfully says that he knows a whole bunch of
people who were Newtypes since birth.  He then tells Garode that any further
time here is wasted - now's the time to take Tifa and go meet up with Quatre.

Nomoa is badly shocked to hear that Tifa's been taken away, and orders the
Breakers and Karis's Vertigo scrambled.  Enil realizes that Garode was in the
base after all, and asks Nomoa to let her help chase him down.  As he gives
Enil permission, he figures that he may have to escape with just Rosamia and
the Patoulia.  Just then Karis shows up with a question before sortying.
He asks whether or not all Newtypes are actually artificial and whether or
not they were all destroyed in the prior war.  Nomoa tries to confirm this,
but Karis informs him of what Tifa said to his face.  When Nomoa can't
really answer, Karis thinks that Nomoa lied to him and is appalled at the
thought that there are people born with the power it took so many sacrifices
to give him.  Nomoa offers that while she's an important person, she is in
the final analysis just a single Vulture.  He tells Karis that Karis is
different, that his power is needed to unify the world.  Nomoa _assures_
Karis that that's what his power will be used for... and Karis is unfortunate
enough to believe him.

Hiiro and Duo have managed to get into their Gundams without incident.  It
seems that Tifa and Garode are split up - Duo says that he wanted someone
as talkative as he was to ride with, then wonders if Garode's jealous of
Hiiro.  As Garode starts blushing, Duo assures Garode that Hiiro wouldn't
know what a woman was if she decked him in the face.  Hiiro says drily that
it's time to leave, and Duo's just gotten through to Quatre - they'll be here
for you in 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, that's when all the bad guys pop out.
This time Gelaba's been told that their payment will be double if they
catch Hiiro and Duo.  Hoora doesn't like being used, but he likes the money.
Bickman is thinking to himself about rumors he's heard of Nomoa finding a
very strong walker machine - could all the Breakers be mere distractions until
he finishes with it?  Hoora then tells Gelaba that he's got a bad feeling
about something, telling him to prepare to run away at any time.  Gelaba is
more than happy to do this, since Hoora is usually right with that kind of
hunch.  Duo tells Hiiro that they've got no time to play with the enemy, and
to head for the designated spot fast (i.e. w/in 5 turns).  Actually, you 
just have to get close - when you do Quatre and the crew pop out.  As your
other dudes greet Hiiro and Duo, Duo says they're doing great due to being
used to operating on their own.  Garode tells Duo to go to the Freeden so he
can switch to the GX and save Karis.  Tifa asks too, and as your dudes 
approach the Freeden Garode asks Jamir to launch the GX.  The bridge bunnies
aren't sure this is a good idea, given that it'll mean full-scale war with
Photo Seven and that they're not too keen on rescuing Karis.  Four says that
if Karis's heart isn't actually into war, they should be able to save him by
wrecking his machine.  After all, that's what Camille and Judou did.  Ruu
believes in Garode, just as she believed in Judou in the old war.  Jamir says
that those who have lost sight of their path sometimes require someone to 
raise their fist and knock some sense into them.  Judou assures Garode that
he has to try to save everybody he can so that he won't regret it later, and
Jamir adds that the Artificial Newtype research mustn't be allowed to
proceed.  Camille can agree with this, and Hyouma notes that saving people is
part of the job.  Garode's quite happy with the X Divider, as it gives him
more manoeverability than before.  Just then Karis pops out, saying that even
in a powered-up machine Garode is still like a child before him.  Garode
vows to wreck Karis's machine and save him.  Enil then asks if your people
remember her - they do, painfully.  Garode demands to know what she's got 
against him - the failed Gundam sale?  She tells him that he turned her down,
and that Hell hath no fury etc. etc.  Everyone who turns her down must... die!
Garode tells her that he's got no time to play around with her at the moment.
Roaby notes that they can't let Garode alone for five minutes, lest he start
getting it on with beauties like her; Hyouma thinks this is the exact opposite
of what happened with Usso.

  Enil is worth a Hybrid Armor.  Karis is worth a Biosensor.

  Have Garode shoot down Karis's Vertigo to help get additional goodies
  later.  When he does, Garode tells Karis to escape
  now.  Karis hesitates, and Tifa feels something strange coming from him.
  Karis is planning to let himself get caught up when his mech explodes, saying
  that he's fought at the full extent of his Artificial Newtype powers and
  was still beaten by a normal human.  He says he now has no regrets, and that
  when he met Nomoa he read his heart and knew it all - that he was merely a
  tool for Nomoa to extract his revenge.  Karis says that he's really a 
  weak man, and that he'll therefore help Garode out.  He plans to save the
  souls of all those who died to make him, by dying himself.  Garode will be
  traumatized, but Camille says that the eject pod worked properly and that
  Karis is still okay.  Karis tells Garode to just let him be and let him 
  face death peacefully.  Garode tells Karis to stop acting spoiled, now
  that he got what he wanted and became a Newtype.  Garode won't ever accept
  people who think they can fix everything by paying with their lives.  In
  short, Garode is telling Karis to live on.  Karis asks if Garode would
  actually accept him - Garode, and the rest of your people, will of course.
  Garode _does_ tell Karis not to hit on Tifa, and asks him to promise not
  to fight anymore.  Karis gives his word, but just then Tifa senses something
  bad.  As do all your Newtypes - immense pressure similar to a PsychoGundam.
  You hear something like the sound of a bell, caused by resonance with your
  Biosensors.  Just then a battleship pops out - not a battleship, as Hiiro
  points out, but a gigantic Mobile Armor easily more than 500 meters long.
  And it's not just a Mobile Armor - it's designed for Newtypes.  Nomoa's
  Patoulia's finally in effect, and all he's got to do is put the pilot into
  it.  Nomoa hustles over and grabs Karis, glorying in the power that will
  let him take over the world.  He gives Karis his thanks, as Camille furiously
  laments how the mistakes of the past are being repeated (just as Amuro told
  him they would be).  Garode pleads for Karis to be returned, Karis who just
  smiled his first faint smile.  Judou's quite worried now, noting that this
  thing's far scarier than a PsychoGundam or an Alpha Aziel.  Jamir agrees
  that it'll take too long to destroy something like that from the outside;
  you've got to punch a hole in it and destroy its inner workings.  Garode
  plans to do just that, but Tifa warns him that if he can't do it within
  five minutes Karis's personality will be lost permanently.

  If Four attacks the Patoulia, she says that now it's her time to save Karis,
  and tells him not to close his heart.  Karis will tell her not to come near,
  lest she be killed, but she assures him he can be saved.  Other pilots have
  similar conversations with Karis.  Once the Patoulia's down to less than
  30% of its HP, send Garode next to it.  When he does, Garode gets through
  to Karis but is told to flee since Karis can't restrain the Patoulia's power.
  Nomoa curses the Gundam as the devil that once threw the Earth into chaos,
  and tells Garode to feel the weight of his sins now.  Jamir yells at Nomoa
  that the battle's already over, and to turn his energies towards making
  a better future.  Why can't Nomoa believe in the future?!  Nomoa claims
  that this world has no future, since its environment has been ruined and
  since people are now reduced to living in domes and engineering their own
  bodies.  The environment has finally been cleansed, but the Innocent in
  Galia still refuse to accept the Civilians.  Those Civilians, under 
  Innocent domination, will probably just continue regressing - which is why
  Nomoa fixed up the Patoulia: to smash the Innocent.  And Karis, according
  to Nomoa wished for the same.  Tifa tells Karis that that's wrong and asks
  him to open his eyes and look around.  Garode yells out to Karis about his
  promise not fight, and Karis regains a bit of sanity.  At Tifa's direction,
  Garode rips open the control block and pulls Karis free.  Nomoa says that
  his ideals can't be over here, and that as long as the Patoulia's intact
  he can always put another Newtype into it.  As Camille wonders what this
  means, Jamir yells to Garode to bring Karis to the Freeden's infirmary as
  quickly as possible.

  If you actually blow up the Patoulia, you'll get an I-Field Generator and
  a Skill Point.  I recommend having Garode deal the final blow from range

Shagia's not surprised to hear that Karis self-destructed.  From what he can
tell of the inside of the lab, his people are still ahead of the Artificial
Newtypes.  After all, Nomoa was researching alone - and he seems to have
spirited a sample out of the lab in all the uproar.  Olba opines that going
to Innocent HQ in Galia might be the best way for him and Shagia to gather
info.  Shagia agrees, but says there's something he wants to get his hands
on first.  Time for them to head to the "next stage".

Tifa and Garode are pleading with Karis to hang on.  Karis tells Tifa that he
was a fool, but that he's glad she's alright.  Jamir notes that Karis is
breaking down fast, and tells the others to hurry him to the infirmary.  Later,
Tex tells a very anxious bunch of your people that Karis's life is out of
danger (although recovery will take a while).  However, Karis is suffering
from Synapse Syndrome - his remuneration as it were for becoming an Artificial
Newtype.  Tex figures that Karis must have had furious headaches for an 
entire month - your people soberly realize that like the Fortified Humans
the Artificial Newtypes have it very rough.  It's Karis's heavy cross to bear
for grasping the Newtype power.  Garode says that that's not so, that when
Karis carried Tifa off even he himself wanted Newtype abilities.  There's a 
little of Karis in everyone.  In any event, Tex says that while Karis is off
of life support, it's far too dangerous to keep him on the Freeden - absolute
rest is required.  Tex plans to contact a trustworthy doctor he knows and
wait there for Karis's recovery.

Later, Tifa tells Camille of the girl who was with her in Photo Seven, 
someone probably connected with him.  Her name was "Rosamia", and Nomoa has
probably carried her off somewhere by now... Camille is aghast that Rosamia's
still in Nomoa's hands despite Karis's rescue...  Go to 20P.

19V. Hyakunen no Koi ["The Love of a Hundred Years"]

Sarumaru is explaining what Mountain Cycles are.  Burning heard from Kou
that the Iron Gear had come to the nearby Kingsley Valley to investigate a 
Mountain Cycle there.  Yasunishi would like to participate in the
investigations, to help clear up questions about why the world became the way
it is.  You also need to find out why the mechanical beasts appeared _now_.
You might even find a hint about how to get home.  Quatro thinks that helping
the Iron Gear will increase the chances of your people getting caught up in
unnecessary fighting, but Ken'ichi says that due to the mechanical beasts
emerging you can no longer say you're entirely uninvolved.  Bright decides
to head for Kingsley.  When Quatro begins to object, Bright clarifies that
the objective is finding your scattered comrades and returning to your own
time - and you need every bit of information you can gather to do that.  IF,
as Quatro points out, such a thing is even possible.

Kotoset is quite happy that the Argama will be accompanying them, since it'll
give him a chance to pick up all sorts of new technology.  Given that it'll
take a couple more hours to reach Kingsley, Kotoset leaves Fatman in charge
of driving the ship and goes over to the Argama to sit in on the investigation
of the White Doll.  Elchi ponders going to Gwen's place in the interim too.

Burume asks Ragu what became of her plans to steal the Iron Gear, telling her 
that he doesn't want to get caught up in the battle that Elchi and friends
are heading for.  Looks like the idiots are beginning to pine away for the
carefree life.  Elchi then happens by, asking what everyone's up to and
mentioning that she's headed off to Gwen's place to learn more about culture.
Ragu can't believe this, and tells Elchi to act more like a captain - culture
and technology won't keep her belly full.  Elchi doesn't care and makes ready
to leave, but Ragu stops her anyway.  She tells Elchi to open her eyes, but
Elchi reminds Ragu that she's already devoted her life to culture.  Elchi
then informs Ragu that cultured people don't use violence to achieve their
ends - something Ragu could stand to learn from.  Ragu fires back a question
about Elchi's knife technique - is that something a cultured person would
need?  Elchi concedes that she may be even more warlike than Ragu, but that
she plans to work towards her goals anyway.  She asks Ragu if she'd rather
be the captain; Ragu refuses.  Elchi says that that's a shame, since that'd
give her that much more time to study culture... Ragu calls out after her that
Elchi is the captain.  After Elchi's gone, Burume asks Ragu why she turned
the offer down.  Ragu says that she can't work up the enthusiasm, especially
with Elchi's head so full of culture.

Astonage notes that the Turn A doesn't seem to have the normal nuclear fusion
power plant; it's powered by something totally different.  Amuro notes that
that gives the Turn A extra internal space, letting the entire chest be a 
missile launcher and so on.  Apparently there are beams being driven over the
mech's surface, whose reaction force causes it to move; this effect is related
to the Turn A's I-Field, and is totally unlike other MS's.  Kou has to 
explain to Kotoset that the I-Field is produced by subjecting Minovsky 
Particles to EM waves, but at least Kotoset is quick on the uptake.  Rolan
wonders about something - it seems that the Turn A managed to heal the 
damage it sustained in battle on its own.  Astonage agrees, saying that the
Turn A seems to have nanomachines as part of its arsenal.  These miniscule
robots can do everything from minor repairs to, in extreme cases, genetic
modification.  Kotoset is amazed at the technology that could heal battle
damage like that, but Astonage is even more impressed at how people could get
gasoline engines to drive mecha.  Considering its motion mechanism and its
nanomachines, Amuro thinks that the Turn A definitely didn't come from his
own time.  But who built it - the Moon Race of the Innocent?  And why was
it hidden inside that stone statue?  Amuro thinks that there are too many
mysteries about the "White Doll", especially given that it's not even fully
operational yet... what will happen when it goes fully online?  When Rolan
notices Amuro deep in thought, Amuro tells him that he's quite interested in
the White Doll and asks Rolan to tell him if anything strange happens.
Astonage has been cleaning up the White Doll a bit, removing dirt and such
from the vanes in the legs.  Kou tells Rolan that the White Doll may have
just gotten better, but Rolan is looking unhappy for some reason.  Amuro asks
if Rolan hates fighting, and tells him that not one member of the Argama's
crew likes fighting either.  However, Amuro believes in fighting if it will
change things.  He asks Rolan and the other members of the Iron Gear to
believe in that concept too, even if Amuro's stating it as an outsider.  Just
then, your people arrive at Kingsley; Rolan offers to help since he's done
mountain climbing in the past.

Shido explains that tradition says that a ship capable of traveling to space
is buried in Kingsley's Mountain Cycle, much like the Argama.  If you can
find it, it should be of use to the Militia.  Kou figures that between
mechanical beasts and spaceships, _anything_ could be buried in these 
Mountain Cycles.  To do the actual digging, Kou notes that Getter Raigar is
clearly the best choice (yes, the drill-handed one).  "Kiel" decides to go
for a walk so as not to disturb the digging; Soshie notes that Kiel's been
acting a bit odd lately and wonders what happened to her.

Diana is just thinking that Kingsley is where she once... but just then Will
jumps out and yells at her for being on his property. [Ruhspec' mah
ahthoritay!!]   Diana introduces herself by her real name, overjoyed to see
him.  Will doesn't recognize her, and after a moment Diana apologizes and says
that he very much resembles someone she knew.  He asks who he resembles: Will
Game of Aubany.  He tells her to quit joking: the last time the Game family
lived in Aubany was a hundred years ago.  He asks her how she knows that looks
just like the founder of the family; she says that she's heard of how the Game
family took in a girl from the Moon since she was very young.  She wondered if
he might be the same guy, but he notes that if he would he wouldn't be digging
up holes.  Just then the crew shows up, asking "Kiel" to come back and help out
with breakfast.

Rolan and Will exchange greetings, and "Kiel" introduces herself as being
from he Haim family (which Will has heard of).  Rolan asks what Will's digging
up - Will is following a diary left by the founder of the Game house, looking
for the legendary spaceship said to be sleeping in these mountains.  All
the townsfolk think he's crazy, so he's been working by himself all this time.
Jiron notes that Will's just like Rockman, and Rolan asks if Will's found it
yet.  Will has, and presumes Rolan and friends are out for it too.  As Rolan
realizes Shido was right, Will says that he can't let Rolan's people have
the thing his family has sought for so long.  Rolan asks why Will decided to
unearth the ship... as Will plays coy, Diana guesses that he wants to go to
the Moon.  Bingo.  He is ostensibly digging the thing up to help out the
Militia in these troubled times, but he really wants to meet his ancestor's
lover Diana Sorel.  ...Who is thinking that although it's not the same Will,
he certainly is of the original Will's bloodline.  Will's rather surprised
that your people aren't ridiculing him for his tale, and Diana asks him to
continue.  Will tells of how Diana came down once from the Moon and stayed 
in the Game family mansion, falling in love with the first will.  Chiru 
figures that they got married, but Jiron says that there's no way things 
could have ended that easily.  Indeed, some other men were in love with 
Diana, promising to bring her treasures from all over the world, even a
feather from the legendary bird of the East: the Phoenix.  Unfortunately, the
first Will died on a journey for these treasures.  "Kiel" turns quite pale -
she had had to return to the Moon on a spaceship before Will returned, and
had never heard of his fate.  All she had done is take the time to set in 
order affairs that had happened in her absence before entering hibernation.
She wonders if there's anything she can do as queen about any of this, and
Rolan notes that "Kiel" is really acting oddly.

Rolan reports to Gwen and Mihael of Will's refusal to let the others dig.
The ship _is_ positively there, confirmed by Astonage's survey for metallic
objects.  Mihael wants to use all the Argama's crew and take the ship by
force, but Gwen wishes to avoid violence if at all possible.  He plans to go
again tomorrow to negotiate with Will.

Diana thinks that if she returns to the Soreiyu, she could take Will to the
Moon... but her wish was to go on living here with the original Will.  Just
then Will surprises her, telling her that he wanted to say goodbye to the
person who listened sincerely to his tale.  Why goodbye?  He tells her that
if the Militia sends the ship to war, he won't be able to get to the Moon
any more.  Therefore, he decided to sell the ship to someone else: the 
Diana Counter.  He figures that the people from the Moon would know how to
get the ship to move.  Diana tells him he mustn't do that, that the Diana
Counter are busy using relics from the Black History for war.  How does she
know that?  Weeellll....  In any case, Will's already made his decision, 
choosing the path that leaves him at least a little hope.  She tells him to
wait, but he informs her that she knows nothing about him - and that he
plans to carry out his ancestor's wishes no matter what.  Diana is grieved
that the Game family are all like this; the original Will went on his journey
against her wishes too... with just a little tension remaining between them.
Mind you, if Will makes contact with the Diana Counter as things stand his
life will probably get even more screwed up.  You can either try to stop him
or not.  If you try to stop him, he'll ask if you're trying to interfere with
his dream.  She's not, but she points out that the Moon he's trying to get
to is at war with the Earth.  What would the original Will and Diana have
thought of these times?  What Will's trying to do may add fuel to the fire -
she asks him to contemplate once more what his ancestor felt.  After a 
moment, Will agrees that Diana's got the right idea, and agrees to keep his
dreams under his hat until the war's over.  He doesn't want anything to
happen that would make his ancestor and the queen of the Moon unhappy.  Will
also agrees to talk with Gwen again tomorrow.  The two bid each other good
night, and Will then apologizes silently to her for not being able to wait
until the war is over...

Your people are just getting up the next morning.  Still no sign of Masaki,
and Bright figures that some of your dudes should probably be sent out after
him at some point.  Just then, the bad guys show up, lead by Po.  Will had told
her of the spaceship buried her and the Militia's plans to steal it from
him, but had neglected to mention the Argama.  She's not happy to see it at
all, and asks if he's lead her into a trap.  He protests that all he's trying
to do is save his spaceship, and marvels at how the Diana Counter managed to
tune up his mechanical doll.  Po figures that if Will had dug up that machine,
there's got to be lots more buried around here... meaning that she'll be able
to get lots of power to fight off the Militia, as Fil had wanted.  She 
orders her people to smash all the Militia units and take over the Mountain
Cycle.  Elchi orders all the pilots roused and sortied, and Diana realizes
that Will is responsible for the bad guys finding you so fast.  Po is forcing
Will to help her in order to get to the Moon, and Rolan discerns this fast.
Will yells out to the Militia not to obstruct his dream, and that the spaceship
exists solely so that he can meet Diana.  Oh the irony.  Hose his butt.

  On round two, Diana realizes that Will's going to get wrecked.  She asks
  if there's any way to stop the battle, but Gwen tells her that the Mountain 
  Cycle mustn't be allowed to fall into the Diana Counter's hands.  On 2.5
  Haley shows up with some troops and informs Po that she hasn't been ordered
  to attack the Militia.  Po says that she's been ordered to take over the
  new Mountain Cycle by Fil, and that she's simply getting the Militia out
  of her way.  Haley concedes that it's not a bad idea keeping the Militia
  from getting some more warpower, and figures that he'd better gauge the
  strength of the Militia while he can.  Diana realizes that while she could
  talk to Haley and stop this battle, it would worsen things for the real
  Kiel aboard the Soreiyu when her true identity is found out.  Haley thinks
  it's a shame Loora's not aboard the White Doll, and both Quatro and Haley
  impressed that someone else drives a golden MS.

  If you have Diana Persuade Will, she'll demand to know why he's using the MS
  he unearthed for this.  He wants to make his wishes come true, and says
  he's not some dreaming girl.  Diana responds that the first Will was far more
  realistic than this one, and not someone who keeps sleepwalking like this.
  Will can't believe Diana's still hung up on that old fairytale.
  Haley is worth a Nanomachine Unit.  Will is worth a Tem Rei Circuit.  Po
  is worth an I-Field Barrier and a Skill Point because she flees at 50% HP
  (namely 11500 points...)  Note that if you down her or her troops, Po will
  start boo-hooing about how she's a disappointment to Fil and no good as an
  officer...and will retreat.

As the battle ends, Diana asks Rolan if Will made it... he can't answer right
away.  Looks like Will's gone with the Diana Counter somehow.  Jiron says
that he can understand a bit of how Will must feel - Ragu notes that Jiron
did indeed used to be that way, but that that kind of people just drag down
everyone around them.  Diana thinks to herself that there's no longer a Will
Game to look at her, and decides to believe that Haley and Kiel can guide
Will Mk.II properly.  Given that Will's part of her and stuff...

Your people break through to what is surely an aft engine nozzle from the
spaceship.  More MS's seem to buried farther inside too, which Shido orders
dug out.  Astonage gets rather pensive, and thinks he recalls seeing this
kind of ship before...  Now it's time for a major shock: it's the Ral Kairam!!
What could it possibly doing here?  And is it the very same one your people
used?  Sarumaru can't be sure of that, but it is the same class vessel at
least.  Quatro begins to wonder why almost all the MSs being dug up are from
your people's time...  Go to 20V.

20P. Kako Kara no Shinryaku ["Invasion from the Past"]

Milan informs "Diana" that the Militia have found a new Mountain Cycle and
are thereby increasing their warpower.  Fil adds that one of the Militia's
squads has destroyed the Innocent base in Photo Seven far to the North.  These
Militia also seem to be mixing it up with a large number of MS's outside
the Diana Counter, apparently including Koren's people.  Whoever this third
group is, they're being commanded by two unknown MS pilots - proof positive
that they're from Ginganam according to Milan.  Fil thinks that to prevent
things from deteriorating any further, "Diana" must make a national broadcast
and force the Earthlings to acknowledge the Sunbelt as the Moon Race's
possession.  "Diana" doesn't like that idea one bit, and says that that would
have exactly the opposite effect on the Earthlings.  Fil thinks her hesitation
odd considering that the objective is returning to Earth, but "Diana" insists
that the return must be peaceful if at all possible.  With the talks suspended,
a proclamation from her would simply provoke the Earthlings to respond with
force.  Milan tells her that the colonists that have been brought from the
Moon won't last much longer - there's no more time to waste.  Fil tells her
that the war between the Earth and Moon has already begun, and that her 
people simply aren't participating in it.  He and Milan are about to hold a
conference to draw up battle plans, and he hopes that Diana will accept them.
"Diana" thinks to herself that Fil has been getting more belligerent lately -
does this mean her identity has been found out?

"Diana" then asks Haley what sort of people he thinks are opposed to the 
royal system currently in place.  He tells her that the Agrippa Maintainers who
maintain the lunar capital Genganam, or perhaps the forces of the head of the
military Gim Ginganam, are the most likely candidates.  When she asks why
they'd be opposed, Haley tells her that the Moon Race has been waiting for this
homecoming a thousand years.  Both Haley's parents are in hibernation, waiting
and dreaming of this return - however, because they were working class they
could only afford superficial hibernation, and his father has died while his
mother sleeps on unknowing.  Haley figures that people's hearts have changed
now that the homecoming operation is underway.  He then goes on to say that
as long as he's by Diana's side, he'll continue to protect her, even at the
cost of his own life.  She asks him if he has any reservations in this; he
does not, and asks the same of her.  She doesn't either, but she does have a
request for him.  "As Diana Sorel", she tells him to go to Gwen's secretary 
Kiel and carry out his original mission.  She forbids him to enter combat too.
He momentarily protests that that would cause him to leave her side, but she
stands firm in her order, after which he asks him to return quickly and says
that he's the only one she can rely on.

Your people are very happy that the Argama's been found, and want to join up
with her ASAP.  The bridge bunnies point out that there's a lot of Breakers
and Vultures still around, and that moving around carelessly could get them
found and shot at.  Duo's heard that some really hot Breakers or Vultures
have been on the rampage nearby in a variable geometry landship.  Jamir
orders scouts sent out to confirm course, after which point he'll join up
with the Militia.  Duo volunteers him and Hiiro to do the scouting, especially
since they want to find Wufei and Trowa again.  Kosaku asks Duo to keep an
eye out for Masaki too, since he's still missing.  Hyouma wants to know why
the ultimate master of getting lost was sent out scouting - probably because
of the Psybuster's incredible mobility.  Duo heads out, figuring he might run
into any number of people... at least in theory.  Quatre notes that every
one of the missing are accustomed to acting on their own.  Your people agree
to split up into three groups, with Hiiro taking Masaki.  He plans to do the
slightly dangerous thing of asking the Zero System for Masaki's whereabouts.
Duo and Quatro aren't sure that's that great an idea, but Hiiro points out
it's far better than just searching randomly and asks the other two to take
care of Wufei and Trowa.  Quatre and Duo muse to each other about Hiiro's
hard-ass attitude and heart of gold, when they discover a combat signature
up ahead - the Altron, Heavy Arms, and some Elemental God-Machines.  Quatre
can't believe the signature of what they're fighting... mobile suits!  Sure
is a lot of coincidences at once...

Trowa and friends are totally surrounded.  That's just fine with Wufei, but
Trowa's worried about whatever is buried around here that would send out
mechanical beasts at their mere approach.  Senia yells at the two of them 
not to be so calm about all this, but Mio doesn't think that telling them
that will do any good.  Senia notes that a levelheaded analysis would indicate
that your people are at a disadvantage, so therefore you should withdraw
since you have no information about why mechanical beasts would come out of
the ground and attack in this day and age.  Trowa says to call it an invasion
from the past, and Wufei's glorying in the prospect of a battle this badly
lopsided.  This isn't reassuring to Senia, and Mio says that the GW boys are
the type who charge in with their bodies even if their heads understand.  Mio
tells her that the GW boys love to be at a disadvantage, and Mio doesn't mind
either.   Presia is sure that if your people try hard something will work out,
and Senia gives up, figuring this just isn't her lucky day.  However, she 
says that she will give the retreat order if things become totally unwinnable,
and says that she's detected other heat signatures in the area: you and the
enemy aren't alone.  Trowa and Wufei plan to make a breach that they ask the
others to exploit.  Wufei tells them not to get underfoot, and to leave the
field if they're not confident.  Presia notes that she's the daughter of the
man known as the King of Swords, and plans to prove it.  Note that her father's
now dead - Presia's decided to fight hard enough to make up for her father
too.  She and Wufei can at least agree on that point.

  On round two, Senia will confirm the mobile weapons in the bordering 
  mountains - however, they're neither mechanical beasts or Preventers.  She
  can't tell what they're up to, but figures it's worth keeping an eye on.
  Those people are Moon Race, led by Midgald.  They've just dug up a certain
  Mobile Suit, with several hermetically sealed warheads.  Midgald hates
  these Mountain Cycles, for not only harboring the most abominable weapons
  from the Black History but also those mechanical monsters.  His subordinate
  figures the monsters make good camouflage, but Midgald figures that the
  Militia will notice them at any moment.  He orders the rest of the 
  excavation hurried, so that what they're digging up can be delivered to the
  leader of the army.

  On round three Duo and Quatre show up.  Duo notes that there seems to be a
  pretty rare team up going on, and Quatre wonders what's going on with all
  the mechanical beasts and MS's around here.  Senia will fill him in later,
  and tells him to check out those mountains just to be on the safe side.
  Once you destroy all the bad guys, the GP-02 and other foes will show up.
  Your people are dumbfounded to see it, and as Senia starts rattling off
  its specs, she realizes that it's still got its nukes!  In short, this is
  history repeating itself, and it sucks.  You can't just let the GP-02 get
  carted off - you've got to destroy its powerplant without destroying it
  in the process.  More of your dudes show up on 3.  On 3.5, Shagia and Olba
  appear, telling Midgald that they're here to help him deliver the goods
  safely (he suspect they're trying to steal his thunder).  And then on 4
  the Psybuster and Wing Zero Custom appear.  Hiiro notes that his finding
  Masaki was all thanks to the Zero System, although even it had a bit of 
  trouble predicting where Masaki went.  As your people berate Masaki's sense
  of direction, Duo notes that it comes in handy once in a while since 
  your people are now in good position.

  If Garode fights Shagia, Shagia will be astounded at the increase in the
  GX's performance over the last time he saw it.  Jamir will start praising
  Garode's piloting sense and intuition - Kid thinks that coming from Jamir
  that must mean Garode's really hot stuff.

  In a container is a Tem Rei circuit.  Shagia is worth a High Accuracy
  Targeting Device.  Olba is worth a Nanomachine Unit.  Reduce the GP-02 to
  10% of its HP or less for a Skill Point and the conclusion to the battle.
  There are two Mountain Cycles on this board, which will give you different
  mecha depending on your skill level.

Your people are very relieved that the GP-02 didn't fall into enemy hands.
Just then the Iron Gear and Argama show up.  Kou and the other 0083 people are
totally floored that the Moon Race came to steal the GP-02.  Jamir plans to
hand the GP-02 over to the Argama since his people can't handle it.  Bright
agrees to take it aboard, after which point it'll be dismantled and sealed
away.  Lily asks Gwen if it's really that dangerous; Gwen says it's not the
mech but the ammo it carries: fire that burns heaven and earth and spreads
poison for hundreds of years to come.  Elchi asks if the Innocent built it
as a new weapon, and is told that it's an accursed relic from the Black
History.  Burning has discerned that the Moon Race falls into two camps: the
Diana Counter led by Diana Sorel, and a faction not controlled by them.
Jamir offers that the second faction is lead by the Ginganam family, who
rule the Moon Race's military.  They have their own private fleet, and have
been an aggressor for thousands of years.  Jamir believes that this fleet was
originally created to repulse aggressors from beyond the Earth, but now they're
fighting against the Innocent.  In short, the Diana Counter is the queen's
private army, and the Ginganam faction are is the regular army.  Kou thinks
that two armies under one government sounds a lot like the Titans.  Jamir 
tells Gwen that, as his information had said, there was a group of anti-
Moon Race Breakers gathered at Photo Seven.  Gwen asks how negotiations with
them went - Camille relates how they and the Innocent attacked you.  Gwen
and Elchi are horrified, and Camille continues on to the part about making
Artificial Newtypes.  Jamir relates how the Innocent tried to capture Tifa
as a sample for their research, and Camille notes that Rosamia was in the
Photo Seven base as well.  Gwen can't figure out why the Innocent would attack
you, who should make a great addition to their warpower - Jamir figures that
the Innocent now regard you as being as dangerous as the Moon Race now.  That
despite Elchi's mission from Biel, all the Black History stuff you've got makes
you a threat.  Looks like you're now on the top of everybody's shitlist.  Elchi
hopes that that's just the North Amerian Innocent, and that Biel and friends
back in Galia don't think the same...  Insert the conversation about why
your people should fight for Gwen from the other path.  Amuro figures the 
Argama should stop here and investigate the Mountain Cycle, and see what
else besides the GP-02 might be buried in there.

Sayaka and Musashi are still missing, although they should be with Ryou 
and the others.  Kouji's getting all depressed, and Hyouma and Chizuru try
telling him that there's no point in worrying; that your people should
concentrate on staying alive and finding a way to return home.  Kouji can't
shake the depression off that easily - he's worried about his friends and
family back home.  What became of them and of the Earth in your absence?
Chizuru and Hyouma tell him to believe - this won't be the first time your
people make their way out of a dangerous, troubling situation.  Hyouma 
continues that it's not like Kouji to brood over things, and that his usual
short-temperedness is much more like him.  This finally gets Kouji back on

Just then, Shido and Astonage unearth the Ral Kairam.  Like the other path, 
you're not sure if it's the very same ship that your people used, but it's
the same class.  Why are all these ships from your time buried here?  
Meanwhile, Rolan is wandering around, confused about Kiel's recent behavior.
Ryou notices that Rolan dropped the Turn A's instruction manual...  Rolan
finally hears from Diana of how she and Kiel traded places.  He's furious
with himself for not being able to tell the two apart.  Diana apologizes to
him for her silly idea that put Kiel in danger, and says that things cannot
be allowed to continue with Kiel aboard the Soreiyu - it would only make
matters worse for the Earth and the Moon.  For the sake of both the Moon
and the Earth, she asks Rolan to loan her his power.  Just then Ryou comes
up to return the manual.  He's overheard the conversation, and is noting
that despite her being the queen of the Moon she doesn't seem that different
in age from he or Rolan.  Diana doesn't intend to hide or run, but...  Ryou
assures her that intends to keep this matter hushed up.

Hayato then runs into Ryou and asks what he's been up to.  When Ryou says
nothing, Hayato can tell he's lying from how long they've been working
together.  He casually observes that Kiel sure looks a lot like the queen
of the Moon, and that she's already been aboard Diana's ship once.  Ryou
asks what Hayato's trying to say.  Perhaps Kiel was sent to spy on the
Diana Counter.  Ryou tells Hayato that even if that idea's wrong, he shouldn't
tell the others - and that that's an order from the leader of the Getter
Team.  Hayato's willing to follow that order, but now he knows that there's
something strange about Kiel, some secret.  Just then Megumi comes with word
that Tetsuya and Duo are fighting.  Hayato tells Ryou that Ryou's better than
him at handling those people, and that he's going to sit this one out.

Tetsuya is demanding to know why Duo and the others didn't investigate the
Mountain Cycle in the first place.  Duo retorts that he considered it a
higher priority to protect Senia and the others from the mechanical beasts.
Tetsuya figures that the Sandrock's sensors should have picked up something.
Quatre meekly says that it's fault, and Tetsuya demand to know what the two
of them were planning to do if nukes were used on them.  Duo demands to know
how the whole situation is Quatre's fault just as Kouji tells Tetsuya to 
lay off.  Tetsuya tells Kouji that only luck saved your people from the GP-02
being stolen and Bad Things(tm) happening.  Ryou then rushes in, demanding
to know what's going on.  Tetsuya declares that with the naive way your
people have been doing things thus far, the damage is only going to get worse
and worse.  He tells your people to consider that carefully and stalks off.
Megumi wants to know what his problem was, and Keith tries to tell Quatre
not to heed Tetsuya's words.  However, Quatre says that Tetsuya's not wrong,
and that as the first person to discover the GP-02 he should have done
something about it.  Megumi notes that Tetsuya still didn't have to put it
that way, and Ryou asks if anything happened to Tetsuya.  Kouji'd like to
know that himself.

Insert the Jun/Tetsuya conversation from the other path.  Go to 21.

20V. Koku-Rekishi no Isan ["Relic from the Black History"]

Insert the Milan/Fil/"Diana" conversation from 20P.  After that, "Diana"
meets Will Game.  He's surprised at seeing her, and asks if she's the real
Diana.  Haley yells at him for his disrespect, but Will notes that he dug up
all the mobile suits and stuff from the valley by following his ancestor's
instructions.  Yet this woman who goes by the same name as his ancestor's 
lover, doesn't recognize him.  Will notes that Kiel seemed to know quite a
bit about his ancestor - one wonders why...  Will says that "Kiel" seemed to
be a girl with a lot of dreams in her head, and "Diana" notes that there are
innumerable stories of falling in love with girls from the Moon.  Will wonders
if that's really what's going on, and "Diana" thanks him for his efforts.
"Diana" and Haley then have the two factions conversation from 20P.

Kouji and Fa are watching their ship the Ral Kairam being dug up - a very
odd sensation.  Looks like it'll take a while until you can use the thing.
Kouji's wondering what happened in your time, and whether your absence was
responsible for the world turning out how it did.  Emma notes that nothing
will be accomplished by worrying about your old time, and that he should 
instead think about why you all came here, and how to get back.  Kouji, like
the other path, takes some persuading but eventually comes around.  Emma 
tells Kouji to take some lessons in toughness from Tetsuya, but Kouji says
he'll never be able to be like him...

Daijirou is (rather clumsily) helping with the excavation, and it seems that a
very bad dream has just been unearthed.  It's not currently operational, but
it seems that it could be fixed up pretty easily.  Burning orders Kou and
Keith to keep everybody else out while he reports in to Bright.  And until
they hear otherwise, they're not to tell anyone else.  Ken'ichi says that in
that case they should just dismantle the thing, but Burning tells him that
under the circumstances that's easier said than done.

Chiru and Rolan muse over all the new people who are on the scene excavating.
Keith and Fran then show up, having not met Rolan in two years.  Fran 
explains that she's here as a reporter from Nox - and yes, she's _that_
reporter who photographed Rolan and the White Doll.  Keith explains how
he works at the Donkey Bakery in Nox.  Rolan realizes that the store was
destroyed in the battle in Nox, but Keith tells him that the bakery itself
is still fine.  In fact, Keith's here filling an order for bread from the
Militia.  Keith's determined to work every bit as hard as Rolan and Fran.
Chiru takes off, and Keith asks Rolan if he's okay now that his cover is
blown.  Rolan is managing somehow, and Fran notes that Loora-Loora is the
person everyone thinks is the pilot thanks to her article.  Keith asks Rolan
why he was crossdressing (Gwen's orders), and Fran tells Rolan that "Loora"
was so pretty that even she as a woman was attracted to "her".  Rolan doesn't
want to be teased about that, and says he'll never dress up like that again.
Rolan agrees to show Fran around the digs, but tells her that inside is

Haley has now arrived at Kingsley, and wonders how to sneak in.  Boz and
Benkei are still trying (and failing) to fix the Borot.  Haley seizes the
opportunity and introduces himself as a Militia technician called here by
Gwen.  When they ask him to check the Borot out, he notes that it's a pretty
elementary machine, somewhat like the walker machines.  He says he can fix
it, and straightens out some of the power connections.  The two are ecstatic
and ask how they can repay him - he merely asks for a lift to the dig site.
Haley now thinks he's really something else, and vows to use anything and
everything for his goals.

Lily informs Gwen that your people are in an uproar over their new find -
even the stone-faced Quatro blanched when he heard of it.  Shido's not heard
anything, but conjectures that this may be one of the rumored "Lost 
Mountains", abominations according to the mountain hermits.  Machines of vast
power once used in the great war are said to be buried there.  Gwen thinks
that getting a few of those machines would level the playing field with the
Diana Counter [it'd level more than just the field!], but also invite attack.
Gwen orders Shido to strengthen the guards and to call in Mihael.

Boz and Benkei finally get back, explaining their Borot troubles.  Rolan
thinks he recognizes Haley.  As Boz brags about his machine, Benkei notes that
if not for this dude here, he'd never have gotten the Borot home.  Rolan's
now sure it's Haley - Haley, for his part, reminds Boz and friends to make
sure they keep up with maintenance in this rough territory.  Haley, saying
that he's looking for someone, then excuses himself.  Ryou notes that this
person's not very Militia-like, nor like a Breaker - in fact, his bearing
resembles Quatro or Zechs.  Could he be!  It seems that both Rolan and Ryou
want to follow this newcomer around...

Diana is worrying about Kiel's fate if the truth of their switch should become
known.  She still thinks this is the fastest way to contact the Innocent's
leader, Other Rank.  Just then Haley finds her, but their reunion isn't
long since Diana doesn't want the others to suspect.  Haley's planning to 
destroy the new spaceship, and attempts to lead Diana out of danger before
Fil and the others arrive in force.  Just then, Ryou and Rolan pop out,
demanding to know where Haley is taking "Kiel".  Haley realizes that your
people don't yet know of the switch, and "Kiel" tells your people that Haley
came to warn of an attack.  Rolan asks if he's fled the royal guard and
joined the Militia, but Haley says it's nothing of the sort.  In that case,
has he arrived to kidnap Kiel?  Haley yells at him that this is Diana,
which comes as a vast shock.  Haley demands to know why Rolan hadn't figured
it out, and says that he's no better than Gwen or Fil.  Diana apologizes to
Rolan for the trouble her suggestion to Kiel caused, but Rolan is just too

Just then the air raid sirens go off.  Haley demands to know if Rolan thinks
he can protect Diana while she's here, and Rolan demands to know if Haley
thinks he can protect Diana by disguising himself, but Haley points out that
Rolan disguised himself first.  Rolan says that that wasn't a disguise...
does Rolan swing like that, Haley demands - nope, it was orders.  Haley wants
to lead her off somewhere safe, but Diana wants to stay here as Kiel in order
to further the future with these Earthlings.  She tells Haley that it's the
duty of the royal guard to protect the Queen - Haley understands this, and
tells Rolan to take good care of Diana.  Ryou then runs off to sortie, and
Midgald has unfortunately seen the whole exchange.  Also, from the insignia
he's seen on the newly dug up MS it seems that he'll have a nice souvenir
for Ginganam.

Shagia finds this new Mountain Cycle interesting, and Olba has heard from
Midgald that the new MS has been found.  Shagia orders his men to buy time
until the new MS can be stolen, in short, to attack the Mountain Cycle.
Olba asks if that's really wise - while Shagia wants to leave enough warpower
to keep the Moon Race and the Militia stalemated, he wouldn't want to leave
them any surplus.  The GX and Turn A are toys too big for your dudes it seems.
But there's no need for extra carnage - all Shagia wants to do is stop the
digs.  The point is to basically let the Earthlings clash with each other
and achieve a double-KO, just as Jamir ended up doing to Photo Seven at 
Shagia's instigation.  Plus, this'll be a good chance to see how their fated
rival the Turn A is getting along.

Whichever flagship you don't pick will depart with the noncombatants.  Amuro
notes some Gundams he's not seen before among the enemy - Kou's fought with
them many times: the ones after Tifa and the GX.  Quatro points out that this
time they're probably after the Mountain Cycle, and Amuro tells his people to
guard the entrances.  Haley then shows up, saying that there are times where
there's no choice but to protect the enemy.  Rolan asks why Haley's joining
your people, and Haley says that he's now got two people to protect - by
joining you, he's still carrying out his duty as a royal guard.  Tetsuya
doesn't want to trust a member of the dudes who just attacked this morning, but
Haley says that those machines weren't part of the Diana Counter, pointing out
that the Moon Race aren't one body.  Haley says that Tetsuya does well to
suspect him, so he plans to act in such a way as to be above suspicion.
Tetsuya accedes to this, saying that if Haley _does_ do anything fishy he'll
attack without hesitation.

  Get your units to land on the Mountain Cycle entrances to get additional
  units.  A few rounds in, the Frost Brothers buy Midgald enough time to 
  steal the GP-02.  Ken'ichi reluctantly admits that that's what your people
  dug up, and as your whole party learns, the thing is nuclear armed.  Haley
  and Rolan are aghast, and Rolan explains to Jiron that nukes can blow away
  this entire area and leave behind dreadful poisons for hundreds of years.
  Your people have to wreck it without destroying it and causing nuclear

  Olba is worth a High Precision Targeting Device.  Shagia is worth a 
  Psychoframe(!)  Reduce the GP-02 to less than 10% of its HP to end the
  mission and receive a Skill Point.  Haley notes that the tusked Gundam looks
  just like the tales of the Gundam that once tormented the colonists from
  Earth.  As Haley runs off, Amuro says there's no need to pursue since the
  enemy already know you're here.  Just then the rest of your people show up,
  evidently safe and sound and back from Photo Seven.

Thus ensues all the usual joining up stuff.  Masaki, Mio and the others had
joined the Freeden along the way.  See other side for the conversational
gist, including the full disclosure of who Diana is and the fight between
Duo (now Hyouma) and Tetsuya.  This time Hyouma feels responsible for not
doing something, instead of Quatre.  Go to 21.

[I took the results from the Photo Seven path]

21. Chijou wo Kono Te Ni  ["The Surface Is In My Hands"]

Burning is confiding in Bright that quite a few of your people have become
emotionally unstable due to the whole GP-02 incident on top of everything
else that's happened.  Bright thinks that it may be inevitable, given that
you're all stuck in the future with no way home in sight.  Bright wants to
have a meeting of just the Preventers to figure out what to do, plus certain
other key people like Princess Senia - Bright wants to hear her opinion as a 
member of Langran's intelligence service.

Your people explain to Torres how Hiiro used the Zero System to find Masaki.
Torres figures that that was a _very_ reckless thing to do, but Mio says that
on the flip side, Masaki was _sooo_ lost that any other way wouldn't have
found him.  Duo figures sending Masaki on recon was pretty stupid considering
that Masaki once got lost inside the Macross.  Mio notes that Masaki's 
repeating his problems again on the surface, and her familiars note that
repetition is the basis of humor (not that Masaki was doing it to be funny).
Duo and the others found lots of cities, but no more information on your
missing comrades.  Jiron is sure your people will be okay, notes that with
all your people acting as a group your comrades will surely notice you
sooner or later.  Trowa and Duo then relate a troubling rumor of some hotshot
Breakers or Vultures raising hell near Photo Seven in a variable geometry
landship.  Jiron thinks that it may be a mass-production version of the Iron
Gear, given that there are two Xabungles.  Whoever this person is, they seem 
to be good at all sorts of jobs and _don't_ work cheap.  Chances are good 
they're on the Innocent side since they're near Photo Seven.  Duo and Trowa
then talk about the Newtype lab at Photo Seven and the unprincipled people
running it.  Megumi thinks that the Innocent in North Galia didn't seem to be
involved in any research like that.  Jiron is sure that the Innocent, with
their life-altering three day rule and hired guns like Timp who make the 
Breakers fight among themselves, must be up to something.

Wits and Roaby are ordering some of the others around setting up for the
meeting.  Garode then wanders in, astounded that there's a room like this
inside the Freeden.  It's got all sorts of nifty play gadgets in it, including
billiards.  The idea seems to be to make a place where people can play and
relax together.  Unfortunately, Wits came up with the (really sad) decor, and
gets berated for it a bit.  Soshie is willing to help set things up, but 
Garode has to go help fix the GX that got so badly trashed at Photo Seven.
He notes that while the Satellite Cannon got wrecked, at least Kid managed
to attach the Divider, so the thing is of some use.  Tonya notes that where
Garode really went was to be with Tifa, who as Presia observes is someone
Garode has _really_ fallen for.  The Bridge Bunnies seem to approve of the
rec room, and Roaby wants to have an inaugural party asap.

Meanwhile, Tex gives Tifa a clean bill of health, noting that the encounter
with Karis wasn't as taxing as he'd feared.  He tells Tifa to tell that to
Garode, who's waiting in the hall outside for her.  Tex notes to Jamir that
Tifa seems to have opened her heart much more than before - thanks to Garode
it seems.  However, Jamir came to talk about Kiel - he's all but sure she's
really Diana Sorel.  Tex agrees that the two look similar, and concedes that
he got some kind of shock when he first saw her when Jamir presses the point.
But what's causing it?  Jamir has heard from Gwen that Kiel and Diana met
in private - Tex thinks that them switching places would only happen in a
fairy tale.  After a moment, Tex offers that while he's only met Diana a few
times, Jamir has met her often...  Tex asks Jamir if he's still harboring 
some sort of feeling for Diana, for what Diana's orders caused to happen to

Sarumaru announces the result of putting his head together with Senia and
Yasunishi: they now know why mecha from your time still work fine in this
era.  The special soil covering them appears to be the remnants of nanoskin:
a special coating that confers self-healing abilities.  That nanoskin is what
enabled the machines to withstand thousands of years of aging and remain
basically as functional as they were when they were made.  Some time in the
past few hundred years or so, there was a culture highly skilled in
nanotechnology.  That culture would appear to be gone, but from your combat
data Sarumaru concludes that the Moon Race's Kakashi uses Nanoskin armor
(Zechs had noticed a strange sort of resistance when those had been hit).  The
Turn A uses it too.  It therefore seems that both the Moon and the Earth
had the technology - so why, Quatro asks, isn't it being used to the full?
With technology that could preserve mobile suits for thousands of years, it
should be even possible to destroy the world.  Yet the technology being used
everywhere is no different from your own time (except for the Turn A and GX).
Yet the nanotech isn't being used everywhere... is this a long historical 
reverse, or was the technology "reset" somewhere along the line?  Perhaps
someone sealed away the nanotech.  Yasunishi proposes a theory based on her
examinations of the soil and the rearrangement of the Earth's geography.  At
some point in the past, a global-scale calamity struck the Earth.  Does this
mean that the Aegis Project failed?  Judging from the fact that the Moon
Cradle still exists to power the Satellite Cannon, Amuro thinks that in some
form the Aegis Project was still carried out after all your departure.  So
what happened to the Earth may be a result of alien intervention or something;
at any rate, the Moon Race presumably fled the Earth when that happened.
Senia thinks that someone may have unleashed the nanomachines to help repair
whatever had happened to the Earth... and after a long long time things are
finally fixed.  Sarumaru thinks that the Mountain Cycles were made to help
humans either fight a common enemy, or else each other.  As for the mechanical
beast plants, it's still under study why they're still here - Sarumaru doubts
humans were planning to use them as surplus combat strength.  As for why the
machines in the Mountain Cycles are from your time, Sarumaru says that they're
basically quite advanced in many respects.  Perhaps the plants computers 
worked from that data and mass-produced more of those machines.  This could be
interpreted to mean that no really new weapons have been invented since the
Balmar War, due to whatever calamity befell the Earth.  Quatro says that given
the immense effect your actions in the past had on the present, it would be
highly inadvisable to take any further action that affects the present.
Amuro asks if Quatro thinks you all can return to your own time - Quatro
asks the same of him.

Amuro says that returning to the past is a theoretical impossibility, and 
that you all have no choice but to live in this present.  For that reason,
Quatro says you all must not mix with this world, at least for now.  Amuro
disagrees, saying that recently he's begun to think that whatever the reason
for coming to this age, your people have got to do what they've got to do.
Quatro can understand that, but that would then mean...  Bright is then
called hastily to the bridge for an unusual situation.  Torres has detected a
steep rise in CO2 about 50 km to the northwest.  Your dudes don't see why
that's worth making such a fuss, but Torres says the manner in which the CO2
increased is unnatural - and the temperature has risen a lot too.  What's 
more, there aren't any volcanos around, just woodlands.  Wait, woodlands?!  
Yasunishi notes that no such thing existed on last evening's recon.  This
isn't any kind of natural occurrence.  Both Kouji and Akira recall seeing 
something like this before - Ryou and Hayato both recall something, and ask
Bright to let them investigate the area.  They're not sure, but _if_ it's
who they think it is...  Bright agrees and tells all available vehicles to
sortie with them.

The forest is very odd, as though you've returned to the Middle Ages.  Things
are warmer than usual, and a bit stifling.  What's weirder is the temperature
and pollen levels that should have made everybody pass out.  Duo has Quatre
put on the special envirosuit from the Argama so that he will still be able
to pilot his mech.  Yasunishi confirms that conditions are just like the
Middle Ages on Earth - this is a totally abnormal phenomenon.  Just then,
something shows up - a _lot_ of Mechazauruses.  They're led by Bat from the
Kyouryuu Empire!  He's glad to be on the surface after all this time, and
plans to take it over at once.  But that empire is supposed to have gone and
hidden in the magma layer after the Balmar War!  Hayato notes that even 
Getter Rays didn't destroy them 6.5 billion years ago, so living an extra 20
or 30 thousand years is no big feat.  Bat is impressed that impudent people
have come to greet him so fast, noting that there's always people intent on
stepping on his toes no matter what age it is.  He's determined that this time
your people will lose.  He finally realizes that he's facing Getter, which 
startles him greatly given that the last time they ruled the world there was
no sign of Getter.  Ryouma says that that's his line, and that as long as
there's a Getter Robo he won't let them have their way.  Bat starts laughing,
figuring he's got to kill the Getter Pilots for the good of his empire.  He
doesn't think this meeting is coincidence, and plans to end it all here.
Ryou wants to charge in, but Hayato tells him to wait since Bat knows parts
of the world's history that your people don't.  Ryou doesn't think there's
time to worry about that, but Hayato reminds him of all the strange things 
happening since your time - it won't be too late to settle this score after
you find out who's behind it all.  Ryou yells out that he's the leader of the
Getter team, and tells Hayato to get out if he doesn't like how Ryou's 
doing things.  Benkai asks what the heck Ryou is doing, and Hayato decides to
take Ryou up on his offer and see what Ryou's going to do.  Ryou then charges
ahead to face Bat, who's got a little trick up his sleeve for his great enemy
Getter Robo: the Uran Spark!

Apparently the Uran Spark converts Getter Rays into something harmful to 
humans, and Bat is quite proud of it.  Hayato realizes that they've got to
reduce the Getter Reactor to minimum power, or they're all screwed.  They do
so, which Bat was waiting for since now Getter can no longer combine or 
separate, and Getter Beam is unusable.  Today he plans to reduce Getter, along
with Mazinger and Reideen, to a bloody pulp.  Time for your people to go save
Ryou and the others.

  In containers are 15,000 credits and 400 Blue Stones.  Bat is worth a
  Super Alloy Z and a Skill Point (he'll flee at 40%).

In combat, Bat mentions a large-scale plan to reinvade the Earth.  Ryou, hurt
but still alive, ponders what this might mean.  Amuro says that staying in this
area any longer is dangerous, and orders all ships to pull out.  Rolan asks
if this region can't be converted back to the way it used to be - Amuro
regretfully tells him that your people with their current power can't do it.
Rolan realizes that with the Kyouryuu Empire plotting the death of all humans,
this isn't the time for the Moon Race and Militia to be fighting.  After the
battle, a strange machine pops up, noting that the Kyouryuu have swung into
action and that they could only have one objective.  It then uses some device
or other, saying that the Machine Cells seems to be in good shape and that this
region will now revive in time.  Whoever the pilot is figures it's now time
to contact the Irregulars and seek their help.  After all, they're beings who
can save this planet, just as Meigas said.

In the Kyouryuu capital Machineland, Bat finds Emperor Goll and apologizes for
losing to your people.  While he succeeded in his mission, your people's
interference was unexpected.  Gallery had figured it was Getter Robo, thanks
to his Getter Ray Detector.  Bat accuses Gallery of sending Bat to face 
Getter unawares, but Gallery says that that's why he gave him the Uran Spark.
Was Bat used as a guinea pig?  Bat reports further that Mazinger and the others
who sent them back to the magma layer long ago showed up too, and Goll is
overjoyed at the prospect of facing his archenemies again.  It seems that 
Goll and they share a very strong unwanted bond, and Goll figures that he's
got to sever that bond by his own hand.  He tells Gallery to awaken "them", 
and is sure that "they" will be overjoyed.  Goll also tells Bat to prepare a
toast - to the revival of the Kyouryuu Empire and the death of Getter Robo!

Garode demands to know who the Kyouryuu are, but Amuro and Quatro are keeping
their mouths shut.  Garode berates adults for clamming up when it suits them
and notes that he was risking his neck out there too.  Roaby notes that it's
not the first time your people have kept their own counsel, and that they
seem to be suspiciously knowledgeable about all the MS's buried around the
world.  The bridge bunnies try to stop him, but he continues speaking, 
demanding to know who all your people actually are.  Usso can't take it any
longer, and over Amuro's (half-hearted) attempt to stop him says that it's
time to tell the people of this age everything and get them to help.  He
then reveals that your people are from the past.  Some people are shocked;
others like Jamir and Diana figured as much.  Usso says that even your people
don't know how this happened, but here they are.  Gwen knows that the Moon
Race has magic to keep people alive for hundreds of years, but Quatro informs
him that your people came to this time in one fell swoop.  Amuro notes that
in the current parlance, your people may indeed be from the Black History
period.  Which explains why your people all have very rare mecha.  Quatro
explains that, as the Innocent had called Ken'ichi and the others back in
Galia, your people are Irregulars, and that your people kept your true 
identities secret to avoid unnecessary trouble.  Garode can at last be 
satisfied with that, and Usso tells him to believe that your people weren't
keeping mum out of malice.  The people you just fought were your enemies back
in the past too, except it seems they've spent the full flow of time to 
reach this point.  Gwen wonders if your people truly are living proof of the
Black History, and Diana figures that the fact she can't remember any of
you means that your own age is before her birth.  When Jamir asks, Amuro says
that you all hope to return to your own time before your presence causes
extensive damage to this age - assuming of course that returning is even
possible.  Diana greatly appreciates the fact that your people have both the
hidden power of the Black History and concern for this present world, as
well as good hearts.  She wonders why the Earth faced its Black History if
people like this were around.  Jamir hasn't heard of any technology capable of
time travel, but Garode wants to go ask Tifa.  Quatro is interested in this
young Newtype, whose power feels similar but not identical to Lalah Sun's -
he thinks she's something other than an actual Newtype.

Ryou then goes to face Hayato, asking if it was he who cut the Getter 
Reactor's power.  He tells Hayato that had he not done so, the whole team
would be dead, apologizing for getting too frenzied to defeat the enemies he
saw before him.  Hayato reminds him that he won't oppose the orders of the
team leader, and tells a very remorseful Ryou that things are fine since it
has now become more important to find out what the Kyouryuu are after.
However, Hayato thinks to himself that if Ryou doesn't mature, he really will
leave the Getter Team - he doesn't consider himself so insane as to risk his
life for a naive leader.  As Hayato walks off, Rolan comes up saying that
Dia-err, Kiel has something she wants to talk to them about.

"Kiel" wants to leave the Iron Gear.  Now that the existence of a common enemy
for the Moon and the Earth is clear, she hasn't a moment to lose.  She tells
Ryou that Usso told her of your true identities, and given your compassion for
this age she figures she has to go and fulfill her duty.  To do so, she 
intends to reveal her true identity too.  Rolan thinks that's too dangerous
given all the people who hate the Diana Counter - Ryou agrees.  Diana thanks
them for the sentiment, but says it's time to carry out the mission she came
to the Earth to perform: meeting Other Rank of the Innocent and forging a peace
treaty.  She's sure that the inheritors to that name will understand her.  Go
to 22.

22. Nazo no RANDOSHIPPU  ["The Mysterious Landship"]

Judou's up for an early breakfast, bidding good morning to Chizuru.  He
especially wants some of the fresh-baked bread that Rolan's friend Keith makes,
and he's not alone in that either.  Garode walks past, with a second loaf he
rather shamefacedly admits is for Tifa.  Judou says he prefers his women to
get their own breakfast, and Chizuru says Judou has no clue about women.
Roaby asks Garode if Tifa's told him anything yet; Garode rather testily 
says he's getting around to that and Roaby asks if Garode and Tifa have been
quarreling.  Tonya pops up and presses the question, asking Garode how far
he and Tifa have gone.  Roaby figures that Tifa may be ready to go all the
way, which gets Garode to blush.  In all seriousness though, Roaby advises
Garode that if his own feelings are certain he should move on them fast.
Sara notes that there's also cases where time is the best matchmaker, and 
Wits adds that the flow of time can occasionally be very cruel.  In any 
event, Garode's got lots of people pulling for him it seems...  As Garode
runs off, Roaby figures there probably won't be much more progress for a 

Soshie stops Rolan, who's on his way to "Kiel".  She says that he's been with
Kiel a lot and asks if there's some kind of secret being kept.  Has Soshie
already suspected?  You can either tell the truth or not.  If you decide not
to tell, Soshie won't be fully convinced, but will ask Rolan why he won't turn
down piloting the White Doll.  Rolan says that during a war everybody has
things they've got to do.  Soshie notes that Rolan's decision in the Militia's
loss, and says that Rolan doesn't seem to head for the front in the White
Doll very much.  That kind of thing is like casting pearls before swine
according to her.  Rolan says that he participates in all the necessary 
operations, but Soshie says that he's just chasing her sister's ass.  "Kiel"
shows up just then, informing Soshie that Rolan's doing a fine job.  And she's
quite confident in that assessment, seeing has how she's been sticking to
_Rolan_'s ass as he pilots.  She tells Rolan that Ryou is waiting for them -
oh, so it wasn't just the two of you, wonders Soshie.  Something wrong with
that?  Oh, nothing... [baaaaaka.]

Diana wants to cross the sea to Galia, since that's where the Innocent's
base is.  Rolan had thought that barbarians lived there, but now knows that
people like Jiron live there instead [the difference is what again?  Ow, da
truth hurts!].  That, and it's the place where Innocent control is strongest.
Ryou would like to know if talking with Other Rank will really stop the
Moon-Earth war - the example of Photo Seven would seem to indicate otherwise.
Diana says that not all the Innocent are hawks, nor are all the Moon Race.  The
fact remains that going to Galia right now is tantamount to entering the heart
of the enemy.  How does Diana plan to get there?  She doesn't know, but she
plans to do whatever it takes to make it.  Rolan thinks that it's too dangerous
for her to go alone, but Diana says that there's little time left for Haley and
Kiel to deceive Fil.  Ryou asks the two of them to leave this to him - he'll
come up with something, and until he does he asks the two of them not to do
anything rash.  They both tell him that they can't impose on him.  Ryou agrees
with Hayato's statement that the Kyouryuu's true intent must be found out, and
there's still Sayaka and Musashi to find.  However, Ryou doesn't want to see
another repeat of the great war - he wants to prevent humans fighting against

They take him up on it, but Ryou has no idea what to do next.  He figures
that he can't take up the issue with Hayato or Bright, and thinks that maybe
he really is as naive as Hayato says he is.  Just then Garode happens by,
asking Ryou what he's troubled about.  Garode's on his way to Tifa's place,
hoping for a hint about what to do next.  Ryou asks if it'd be okay for him
to meet Tifa too, and Garode hesitantly says that he's got no reason to
refuse.  As Ryou apologizes for the imposition, Garode briefly wonders if
Ryou's become a rival for him.

Shakti and Karuru are with Tifa, who is drawing a picture and apparently
feeling well.  Shakti and Tifa try to say something to each other, but get
caught in an "after you-after you" situation just as Garode comes in.  Ryou
apologizes again for the intrusion, and Garode asks Tifa if she's found out
anything.  She shows him her picture: a scene of the seashore with an oddly
shaped cliff [Chocograph ahoy!  Kweh!].  Tifa tells Garode if he goes there he
may find out something.  Ryou asks if that's all, but Garode tells him that
Newtypes aren't all-knowing.  Tifa says she's sorry, but Ryou hastily tells her
there's no need to apologize.

Now all you've gotta do is figure out where that cliff is, according to
Garode.  Shakti recommends asking someone who's good with geography, and 
Garode hits on the idea of asking the widely-traveled Shido.  Ryouma thinks
that this seashore business might well entail going to Galia...  Garode 
gently asks Tifa if next time she'd be willing to come and eat with everyone
else in the mess hall, saying that it's not good for Tifa to stay locked away
in her room forever and almost immediately regretting it.  Shakti thinks she
knows why Tifa wants to stay hidden away - Tifa's afraid of the world around
her.  Shakti thinks Tifa's afraid of having her powers used by others and
causing unhappiness in places she can't see.  Ryou thinks that Shakti's 
speaking from her experience in the Angel Halo, and Shakti tells Tifa that
after all people can't live alone.  Tifa can believe this, saying that it's
painful to close one's heart.

Garode shows the bridge crew Tifa's picture.  Lily compliments Tifa's
drawing skills.  Joseph and Shido put their heads together and recognize
the cliff as being to the south of Ingressa, back across the sea in Galia.
Bright asks if going there will somehow accomplish your objectives as Ryou
looks on in silence - Quatro thinks it will if Tifa's powers can be trusted.
Amuro is sure that Tifa's powers are authentic, and tells Quatro that he 
ought to know that too.  Quatro thinks at Amuro that Tifa's not Lalah, 
wondering if Amuro knows that she's a different type.  Amuro tells Bright
that the Preventers should head over there, especially since more of your
missing comrades may be there.  Bright agrees and orders the crew to make
ready for launch.  Ryou thinks to himself that going to Galia in this fashion
may well help Diana achieve her goals...  Jamir tells Bright that the 
Freeden will accompany him, noting that Tifa's words are his compass needle.
Elchi then decides to come along too, since there's no more reason to go to
Photo Seven and that she doesn't want to make the Innocent her enemies if she
can avoid it.  Gwen notes that all your people withdrawing will diminish his
warpower, but Lily thinks this may be a great opportunity since all the 
Black History gear your people have may well draw the Moon Race heat away from
Vicinity.  In a way, your people would be come decoys for the folks who want
the GX and the White Doll.  Shido thinks chances are good for a major shift
in battlefields, and Gwen realizes that this may make peace talks easier to
resume for him.  The Militia should be enough to at least defend the mountain
circles; Gwen leaves Rolan with Elchi to help you all out.  Lily bids you all
farewell too.

Fil and Milan discuss how your ships are now heading for the ocean towards
Galia.  Fil wonders if your people are trying to join forces with the folks
at Innocent HQ, but Milan is sure that's impossible given how the Innocent
attacked your people at Photo Seven.  Fil isn't so easily convinced, and 
wants to send the body of his forces after your people before they escape.
Milan reminds him that that would violate Diana's orders, but Fil says that
Diana's way of doing things cannot hope to acquire the Sunbelt.  Milan is
shocked, but Fil reminds Milan that their ticket to Earth was one-way.  They
can't return to the Moon, and if Agrippa's people are planning something it
may be self-destruction waiting ahead.  Fil wants Milan to understand that it
may be necessary for just he and Milan to declare their country in the 
Sunbelt - that it may be necessary to dethrone Diana...

Your people are about two or three hours away from the designated seashore
at your current speed.  Medic asks Elchi to stop at a nearby city so he can
reprovision and restock medical supplies.  Elchi tells Kotoset to let the
Freeden and Argama go on ahead, and that she'll catch up as soon as shopping
is done.  Elchi is going to have Ragu and her folks do the shopping, which
draws a complaint until Elchi reminds her that Elchi's paying.  Just then,
some of the other Breakers remember that this is supposed to be the area
where that other group with the transformable ship was.  They don't know if
the other side's using an Iron Gear-class ship, but it is comparable in
size.  Duo had heard of it around Photo Seven, but it seems to have come
south.  Daiku is pretty sure it's not following you since Hoora's not driving
it...  The other two flagships hurry on ahead, and Elchi orders the Iron
Gear to stop and assume a defensive posture near town.  Jiron and Rolan are
ordered to stand guard.  Of course, Timp shows up just the, thinking that
not only Jiron (aka "dumpling-head") but the whole crew of the Iron Gear just
don't know when to quit.  He's sure that the Iron Gear's crew don't know
that the Innocent have issued their death warrant, and he plans to take care
of them before they can get back to Galia.  Giro then asks Timp if "that woman"
can really be trusted - Timp won't trust her but he will use her so that he
won't get found out by Jiron and the Irregulars.  Timp plan to wait for the
Iron Gear to be disabled, at which point he'll sweep in and finish it off.
Giro notes that this wonderfully unfair plan is just like Timp, and Timp says
that unfair is his stock-in-trade.

Poncho is negotiating with Enil, saying that the Cosmoranger J9 can take 
care of everything since they show up instantly when called.  Enil notes drily
that for an instant appearance they've been keeping her waiting a long time.
Isaac and the crew then pull up and apologize for being late.  Poncho
introduces Enil as their new client - an almost painfully sexy babe to Bowie's
mind.  Both Kid and Bowie trade banter about who's staring more, and Isaac asks
to hear Enil's request.  She tells them she wants them to eliminate the crew of
the Iron Gear, recently arrived in Galia from North Ameria.  She trusts he's
heard the stories of how many people were inconvenienced by the Iron Gear's
appearance, and hopes to get rid of the Iron Gear to prevent war from spreading
any further.  Isaac asks if the Moon Race wouldn't be better targets if
stopping war is the objective, and Enil responds by offering 50 million.
Poncho is ready to jump all over that, but Isaac is rather hesitant at first.
Enil tells Isaac that the Iron Gear's very close to the city, but that it
can transform so he'd better be careful.  She says she'll pay after the job
is done, which Poncho protests but Isaac is prepared to accept.  Bowie tells
the kids back at their base that this next job is going to pay really big, but
an irate Poncho tells Bowie not to complain if their client runs out without
paying.  The J9 has gotten quite a reputation for taking out the trash
around the parts, and Kid figures that this may be the best locale for outlaws
like them.  Bowie would like to go home anyway, and Kid asks why the normally
businesslike Isaac agreed to the job under those conditions.  Poncho starts
to complain too, but Isaac thinks that this time there's something deeper
going on behind this job.  He hasn't seen the target doing anything material,
and wonders if they really are the sort to make innocent people cry.  Bowie
is forced to agree, and Isaac points out that this means that _someone_ is
trying to make the J9 fight the Iron Gear.  Bowie asks if that means that
the babe who hired them is to blame, and Omachi reminds him that all beautiful
roses have thorns.  Bowie can buy that, and says he never believed that Enil
was pure like Mei.  Omachi thinks that Mei will grow up into a woman who robs
guys blind too.  Isaac doesn't know who's behind this one, but he knows they
exist.  Perhaps someone is trying to use them to eliminate other Irregulars:
fighting fire with fire.  This is in fact exactly why Isaac started their
"extermination" business.  Kid thought Isaac just wanted to live here or
something (Omachi berates his foolishness).  Isaac plans to follow up on the
contract, but has Bowie act separately to scout things out, contact the
Beast Machine squadron, and search for the Preventers.  If his intuition is
correct, they should be somewhere around here.

Ragu and the others are taking a long time shopping, despite the possibility 
of enemy attack.  Just then a Landship appears before them, a type they've
never seen before that's about as big as they are.  Looks like this is
the mystery landship alright, and the medic figures it was contracted by the
Innocent to wipe you out.  Elchi orders everybody recalled to the ship and
the Iron Gear switched into walker machine mode.  It is indeed Daitarn 3
who's facing them.  Isaac told Banjou to sit tight until the truth becomes
clear.  No word is back from Shinobu or Alan yet - Banjou expects the 
Preventers to show up soon if Isaac is right...

  Go ahead and attack Daitarn 3, and Banjou will transform.  Kotoset's never
  seen any walker machine like this, and Elchi notes that Banjou's speech
  reminds her a lot of Ken'ichi and Hyouma.  On round 3, Isaac reports in:
  he was right!  But just then Timp's people show up: it's a trap, using
  poison against poison!  Timp plans to use his main gun to take out both
  the Iron Gear _and_ Banjou.  Timp figures that since Banjou's noticed that
  he'll just pull the trigger and get it over with, but just then Timp's
  ship gets attacked by the J9, the Breakers who raised all that hell near
  Photo Seven.  Enil wasn't counting on much, but she's now figured out that
  her scheme was discovered.  Nevertheless, this is all according to her
  plan - she figures that Garode will now come for certain.  Alan and Shinobu
  are very glad they all hooked up, lest it turn into a friendly-fire fight.
  As your people say hi to each other, Timp and Jiron exchange insults.
  If you didn't bring Garode into battle, Enil will praise his cleverness for
  deceiving her twice.  If you _do_, Garode will recognize Enil's machine.

  If Banjou fights Timp, Timp tells Banjou that he's now completely made the
  Innocent his enemy.  That's just fine with Banjou, who's now interested in
  these Innocent people.  If the J9 fight Timp, they'll tell him that his
  plan to make them fight their friends failed, and he'll yell back that he
  planned to destroy them from the outset.  Isaac thanks Timp for helping them
  find the Argama again. [*SMIRK!*]

  Defeat Enil for a Cartridge.  Doing so with Garode will help recruit her
  later.  Land on the Mountain Cycle for a new mech.  In containers are 500
  Blue Stones and a Repair Kit.  Timp is worth a Megabooster and, if you kill
  him fast enough, a Skill Point.

Timp will tell you on the way out that the top Innocent brass see you as 
total enemies, and Jiron is oh so traumatized that Timp is still alive.  Your
new dudes get to reunion with your existing ones.  Now it's clear what the
mystery transforming landship and the very skilled Breakers were all about.
The very sharp J9 were using their business acumen to keep themselves fed,
and the Beast Machine pilots were having quite a bit of fun running around
breaking stuff.  Banjou had found out about the same info as Bright did;
Bright's glad that Banjou and the others are okay.  Your people fill Alan in
on the cliff you all are heading for - Amuro hopes you all can find your
remaining friends...

Having now reached the area where the picture points, Jamir halts his ship
and asks for a search party to be formed.  Jamir takes Tifa with him to
search and leaves the ship in Tonya's hands.  Your people are busy looking
around for this cliff, which by its shape should be very obvious.  Of course,
there are a lot of cliffs around here...  Puru wishes she could swim in the
sea, as does Kouji who plans to ask Bright for permission to swim once you
all cross the sea.  Usso says this is no time for that, but Kouji asks him
if he doesn't want to see Tonya and Sara in swimsuits.  Usso vehemently
denies this, and Puru figures Kouji hit the nail on the head.  Garode manages
to admit that he'd like to see Tifa in a swimsuit when Kouji asks, and Usso
just gets more and more embarrassed.  Just then, your people find what looks
like the cliff.  Camille asks Puru to go fetch Jamir and Tifa, but Puru notices
a pillar of light leading to the Moon.  It's positively the Satellite System:
does this mean that someone else has another Gundam X?  Jamir arrives on the
scene and confirms that someone else is using the mass-produced GX.  What's
more, he now knows something very important: there's another Newtype across
the ocean...  Go to 23.

23. Lorelei no Umi  ["Lorelei's Ocean"]

Jamir explains that for the GX-9900 to operate, it has to open a connection to
the Moon where the microwave facility is.  And to avoid EM jamming, it uses
the Flash System: a type of neural guidance system only Newtypes can use.
Amuro thinks this is much like the Psycommu or the Psychoframe.  When Banjou
asks, Amuro points out that there are many different kinds of neural control
systems used in the Gundams, as well as in the Reideen, the Battle Machines,
and so forth - the generalities are the same but the specifics can be quite
different.  In short, even Amuro might not be able to use the GX's Flash
System, which Garode didn't even know was there.  Jamir tells Garode that it
was thanks to Tifa that he was able to fire the Satellite Cannon.  Jamir is
positive that the light from the Moon indicates that there is a Newtype in a
GX at its terminus.  This seems to be what Tifa was indicating, and Jamir
thinks it's at Zondarepta.  Banjou has heard this name many times - it refers
to the Innocent's home base.  Jamir figures that your people have to head
there sooner or later, and that the only way to combat a Satellite Cannon is
another Satellite Cannon.

Your people are hastily preparing to head overseas again, and Garode informs
Judou that this time he won't cream him with his Gundam.  All the pilots
are being drafted to help haul around baggage, of which there is a lot.  It
seems that the fat oafy pilots think they're especially suited to this kind
of work [they may well be right].  Just then Fatman makes like he's on a muscle
beach [get a load of Jiron's expression] and Kid agrees to let him help
haul stuff.  The little girl brigade is also on hand to help with small stuff,
including Tifa who wants to work with the others.  Mio figures out what Tifa's
trying to do, deflects Marvette's objections, and has her familiars help guide
Tifa to the infirmary with what she's carrying.  The familiars note in passing
that Tifa's voice sounds strangely like their master.  Garode, worried about
Tifa's low blood pressure, is about to help Tifa when Tex intervenes.  He
explains to Garode that Tifa's starting to open her heart and break out of her
shell.  He tells Garode that as regards women, caring for them and looking
after them are similar but not identical.

Ryou explains to Diana how your people are heading for Zondarepta, an island
between North Ameria and Galia.  He explains how the Innocent have a base
there, and how your people have to search for the GX and the new Newtype.
Diana figures that she may well be able to find a way to contact Another Rank
at an Innocent base.  Ryou silently hopes she's right.

Roaby finally gets done hauling around luggage, in part to pay off the 
expense of outfitting the rec room.  It seems Bowie has something interesting
to tell the ladies, with Puru and Presia popping up to hear too.  With a 
great flourish of showmanship, he tells a certain tale from when he was
working "exterminations" with Banjou.  It seems there's a ghost that haunts
the local beaches.  It seems the locals call the sea around here "Lorelei's
Ocean".  Wits thinks this is all foolish, and Roaby notes that if ghosts 
really existed, all the battles going on would make the ghosts outnumber
the living.  Bowie feigns woundedness and says that many of the locals have
heard the ghost's voice.  Both Rolan and Soshie have heard this story too,
although they don't know if it's true or not.  Ruu has heard of the "Legend
of Lorelei", a beautiful fairy whose voice led sailors astray and into
shipwreck and ruin.  Tex notes that this poem came from Heine, and even 
remembers some of it.  He begins quoting the poem about the fairy, seated atop
the cliff and coming her hair...

Just then Kid decides to try turning off the lights, scaring everybody in
the room.  Soshie has grabbed a hold of Rolan rather tightly, which she
apologizes for.  Kid (from J9) asks how the crowd liked the Double Kid
performance, and Wits tells them never to do that sort of thing again.  It
seems that Wits was hiding behind Roaby, who asks him if he's into that sort
of thing.  Watch as he gets berated as gay by all around.  Tex is happy to
see how all your people have such a nice sense of humor despite the harshness
of battle.

Preparations complete, the ships blast off and head for Zondarepta.  Bright
orders everyone to stand by on level 3 alert.  Tetsuya asks Bright if your
people will continue fighting the Innocent and the Moon Race as they have
been.  He clarifies that your people should be fighting the Kyouryuu Empire,
the enemies of all mankind, and that you've got no time to quarrel with other
humans.  Bright points out that the Kyouryuu haven't done anything since the
last time, and that it's important to settle the problems they can see one
by one.  Tetsuya understands that, but wants to go and investigate what
the Kyouryuu are up to so they can be smashed with one swift stroke.  Given
the power that the Kyouryuu have amassed over the ages, it may well be too
late to stop them _after_ their true objective becomes clear.  Bright says
that he'll take that under advisement, but that heading to Zondarepta is

Tetsuya then tells Jun that he's planning to split off from the group and
act independently as soon as they all get to Galia.  He explains his reasoning
to Jun, who asks him if he thinks Bright and the others are wrong.  He isn't
saying that, but is saying that Bright is underestimating the forces
underground.  After all, they didn't show their true power during the Balmar
War.  Jun asks what he thinks he can accomplish by himself, but he reminds
her that he exists to fight his enemies - he doesn't have time to mess
around with anyone else.  He plans to search Galia until he finds some sign
of the Kyouryuu.  Jiron then shows up, asking if Tetsuya is actually
serious about that.  Tetsuya figured that Jiron, who won't give up on Timp,
would understand his feelings.  Jiron does understand, and says that the 
next time Timp shows up he'll probably charge right in again.  However, 
Jiron no longer wants to do so so badly that he'd abandon his comrades in
the process.

Gyaban is impressed that the Iron Gear is seagoing, but sort of wishes it
could fly like the Argama.  Kotoset is determined to make the Iron Gear do
just that one day.  Elchi is sighing a bunch, feeling misunderstood.  She
wonders if the Zondarepta Innocent are part of the Galia Innocent - hard to
know since you didn't stop by there on the last trip across the sea.  Elchi
is sure a battle is going to result, and that if those on the island are
Galian it'll make the Galia Innocent her enemies too.  That won't just 
prevent the flower of culture from blooming, it'll prevent her from doing
business too.  Kotoset reminds her that the Innocent use the GX on the 
Iron Gear, it's all over.  Elchi explains to Gyaban that the Innocent are
absolute rulers in Galia - those who oppose them forfeit their lives.  Plus,
Elchi couldn't bear betraying Biel.  Kotoset observes that he can't stand
the Innocent using him any more...

At Zondarepta, commander Bilam is informed of the Irregulars' approach.  He
realizes that they spotted the GX, and orders battlestations.  He asks Dr.
Mane how the L-System is doing - outfitting is done and she's sure that it'll
operate without problems.  The L-System meshes well with the GX's Flash
System, and she says that the MS's, Mobile Armor, Mobile Dolls, and G Bits
have all been successfully activated.  Bilam figures he's got to be grateful
to his ancestors in the Black History for leaving all that hardware to him, 
and notes that if this experiment is successful the Moon Race cannot hope 
to stand before him.  He tells Mane that she can do as she sees fit with
"that" sample, which she thinks will be the next step towards truly completing
the Human Revival Project.  Just then a voice notes that creating a new
human race based on a Newtype sample is wonderful - it's Shagia and Olba.
Bilam has heard of them - Gundam-using Moon Race members.  Olba tells Bilam
that infiltrating base security is no problem at all for them, and Shagia
says that they're here to assist in the upcoming battle.  Shagia claims that
he and Olba aren't Bilam's enemies - and reminds Bilam of the Moon Race 
faction who doesn't like Diana.  Unlike Diana Sorel, they don't want to
return to the Earth.  Bilam wonders if these two work for Agrippa, or for
someone else.  Shagia and Olba want to abduct Tifa and kill your GX pilot.
Bilam tells them to demonstrate their cooperation with their Gundams.  Shagia
says that his rook (as in the chesspiece) is quite ferocious...

Meanwhile, Kid has finished fixing the Satellite Cannon, as Jamir requested.
Jamir figures that it may become useful in the next battle, to combat the
GX in Zondarepta.  Tifa then comes to Jamir to tell him that something bad
will happen - she has a very bad premonition.  Torres detects lots of enemies
ahead, and Bright orders full alert as the MS's launch.  The Freeden speeds
ahead however - Bright wants to know what Jamir is up to.  Wits tells Garode
not to lag behind, and Garode tells him not be be afraid of Lorelei's ghost.
Just as Garode is about to launch, Tifa tells him to wait.  She asks him to
not be scared, whatever happens ahead - that she'll still be herself.

Garode spies the enemy GX, which has two Satellite Cannons.  Is this a new
model, or a customization?  Roaby says there's no time to worry about that,
and Garode notes that he's got the Satellite Cannon that Kid fixed up too.
Olba is happy to see his rivals here, and Shagia is feeling proud of the
trap he's prepared.  Amuro notes that besides the Frost brothers, there don't
seem to be any other Moon Race at this base.  Sara tells Jamir that the GX's
reflector is inactive but that it's got enough energy onboard to fire.  Jamir
notes that without a Newtype they can't contact the Moon, and Tonya hopes 
that this means it can't fire - it can't at least for the time being.  Which
means that all you have to do is smash the thing before it can fire, except
Quatro suspects a trap from the small number of enemies here.  Just then
the Frost brothers activate the L-System, bringing their little idol star
onto the stage.  Tifa yells out for them to stop, but your people become
assailed by a woman singing... something much like the Angel Halo's Psychic
Wave.  This voice seems to be that of Lorelei's ghost, and Four can hear in
it the screams of the person encased in the system - someone who still has a
shred of consciousness left.  The Freeden's electrical systems have just
become inoperative, as they have on your other units.  Jamir recognizes the
handiwork of the L-System, used by the Innocent in the previous war to 
distort EM waves in a wide area.  He can't believe both it and the GX are
still around.  At this rate all your machines will get vaporized by the 
Satellite Cannon, but Tifa tells everybody to wait.  She says she'll go and
save the victim, just like she was once saved.  Tifa's power is just like
Psychoframe resonance, and Tex finally remembers the rest of the poem, a bit
about the singing voice of the girl having hidden power.  Tifa now reveals
that she's Lucille Liliant, a former acquaintance of Jamir's.  Jamir is
flabbergasted, since Lucille had fallen to Earth and supposedly died long ago.
Garode asks what's wrong with Tifa, but Tex says that some power is causing
her to experience multiple personality disorder.  Garode wonders if this is
what Tifa told him about right before launch.  Lucille says that she's currently
borrowing Tifa's body and mind, and that she doesn't properly exist anymore.
However, to further their battle plans the Innocent are using her heart.  In
short, the L-System is built around what's left of her.  She says that entered
a long sleep after the previous battle, and that this current battle didn't
let her sleep.  She can't escape the L-System's domination, but with Tifa's
power she can halt the L-System for a while.  She begs Jamir to destroy the
L-System - it would mean her death, but also her freedom.  Garode then lets
Jamir use the GX for this one.  He orders everyone to take out the L-System in
the base and prevent the Double X from firing.  Mane is confounded by why the
L-System doesn't want to work, and Shagia figures all relics from the past
are this useless.  Time for the MSs, and the Mobile Dolls to attack you instead.
Duo notes that the enemy are unlucky given how used the GW boys are to fighting
them.  You only have a little time until the Satellite Cannon fires, and 
Jamir tells Garode to go to the base, steal the Double X, and prevent it from
firing.  Garode's all over that, and Tifa (now free of Lucille) wants to come
too.  Garode hesitates, but Tifa wants to try as hard as everyone else is.
As they get to it, Kosaku notes that the Satellite Cannon will fire in five

  Wait until turn four to get Jamir close, and Lucille will grant her power
  to a flagging Jamir.  Lucille wants to unite with him, and tells him to
  remember the time they spent together before.  The G Bits then appear:
  Jamir has brought the Flash System fully online.  Olba whines about how
  Jamir is supposed to have lost his powers, and Amuro marvels at the
  MS-shaped Funnels.

  Get Jamir next to the GX within 5 turns to end the mission.  It is the
  very Gundam that Jamir once piloted.  Garode and Tifa hop in, noting that
  the name Double X is just like the Double Zeta sensibility-wise.  Jamir
  gives Garode his G-Controller to power the Double X while he goes to "save"
  Lucille.  Jamir tells Garode to make sure the ghost of Lucille is set free,
  and to not let the mistakes of the past happen again.  Garode boots up the
  Double X, which causes the Frost brothers some discomfort.  Shagia figures
  that this isn't the stage to lead Tifa to them, and decides to pull out
  since Bilam will probably abandon this base anyway.  Garode tells everyone
  to pull back so he can wipe out the base with the Satellite Cannon.  Of
  course that'll catch Jamir in the blast, but Garode says that this is
  Jamir and Lucille's wish.  Your people merely have to buy time until he
  can fire the cannon.  Kouji's not sure this is a good idea, but Banjou says
  that the tragedy of these Newtypes mustn't be repeated - he may not be one
  himself, but he understands how they must feel.  All your people have to
  do is hold out for three turns.  Bilam is quite upset, and orders the samples
  and all essential data to be carted away; all other MS's are sent out after
  you.  Looks like the enemy have mustered their resolve too.  Something very
  fast is headed your way - it's the Skull Squadron!  Insert the usual 
  pleasantries, including the fact that Focker led the squad several times 
  around the world or so.  Hikaru yells at Focker that this isn't time for
  pleasantries like that, but stops himself when he realizes he's falling into
  the same old pattern.  Paula is with them, and tells them to support their
  friends.  Paula is actually pretty feisty when she tells Focker to have his
  men move their asses, and Focker's quite proud of picking someone with such

  Olba is worth a Minovsky Craft.  Shagia is worth a Long Range Radar.
  In containers are 20,000 credits and a VR-Met.  Take out all the enemy in
  the second wave within three turns for a Skill Point (I recommend getting
  Jamir close to the Double X as the _first_ thing on turn 5, giving all the
  rest of your dudes their turn when the bad guys show up - it should be 
  possible to obliterate the second wave by the end of 5.5).

After the second wave is over, Tifa confirms that Jamir has made it out of
the base.  Garode gets the Satellite System online, vowing to blow away this
institution that uses Newtypes as tools of war...

Lucille is so happy to see Jamir again.  She tells Jamir that the machine she
was imprisoned in was indeed the mecha that Jamir once used, a modified
GX-9900.  Jamir muses on what was once his beloved machine and other self, the
GX... and now its ghost from the distant past, the Double X.  Lucille tells
him that that's wrong, that the boy and girl in the Double X are trying to
break through to their own future with it.  Even Jamir himself is presumably
fighting to make his own future.  Lucille tells Jamir that there are no 
more ghosts left to hound Jamir for the mistakes of his past.  Lucille says
that she has no regrets, and now that she's used the last of her power it's
all over.  She says that she never had anything but a small heart, and requests
that Jamir bury her at sea so she can feel calm and peaceful.  As she becomes
sleepy, we switch back to the real world.  "Tifa" feels like she's been
dreaming, and Jamir apologizes for not being able to save her at the end.
"Tifa" was glad she was able to meet Jamir now that he's grown up, and says
one last goodbye.

Jamir tells Camille that she was once his superior, and his comrade.  A
Newtype, who awakened early to her powers and became an instructor for other
Newtype pilots.  He continues that in the first half of the war, the Flash
System was developed for Gundam-type MS's for the Newtypes, which would 
push their abilities 120% and could control the Bit Mobile Suits neurally.
It was Lucille who taught him that control.  Jamir thought he was fighting
for peace then, but he was merely being used as another tool of war.  And
this is the result.  Four thinks that Lucille still happy at the end, and
Tifa felt greatly warmed by her presence.  Four is certain that Lucille was
comforted by having her beloved around at the end, and Camille certainly
would like to pray that that was the case.  Jamir asks to be left alone for
a while, and Diana recalls hearing Lucille Liliant's name before.  She was
a lady in the military who went from her people to Ginganam before Diana
entered hibernation.  It was Diana's order that took her there - is this yet
another bad consequence of Diana's actions, she wonders.  She's sure that
Jamir would never forgive her if he knew who she really was.

Elchi is sure that the end has come now that she's fought the Innocent.  Ragu
and co. explain to Rolan how dire a sin Elchi's committed according to the
mores of Galia.  Elchi's furious with Ragu for being so blase, and beside
herself about betraying Biel's trust.  Ragu says it's too late since you've
destroyed two of their bases, but Elchi notes that _she_ didn't do so, and
hopes that an apology from the bottom of her heart would get Biel to
understand.  Rolan realizes that eroding relations with the Galian Innocent
will also make negotiations with Other harder for Diana.

Focker is having a hearty laugh over the Misfold that sent his men to the
future.  Given the previous Misfold, he figures next time might send all
his people to the depths of hell - which he finds immensely hilarious.  This
joviality kept the Skull Squad from getting too worried on their wanderings
over the globe.  The terrain was so chaotic they had little idea where they
were, and there's far less ocean than there was in your time.  Guld figures
there was a big catastrophe in the past, and Hikaru wonders if Minmei and
Misa are gone for good.  Isamu's just glad that you've found the Argama, and
Focker invites Isamu over to the rec room on the Iron Gear for some pool.
This surprises Isamu, but he takes Focker up on it as Hikaru thinks that
there's no way Isamu can outdrink Focker.  Hikaru explains that Paula was
someone they rescued from the Breakers - she's a member of an anti-Innocent
organization.  Burning just gets back from a survey of what's left of the
base.  While there wasn't a Mountain Cycle per se there, they found many
different machines apparently gathered by the Innocent from all over the
world.  Usso notes that the underground parts of the base are still intact
after the Satellite Cannon's attack - and in it was found the V2 Gundam!
Usso says that it's about as capable as the one he used during the Balmar
War, and Bright recalls that the Victory Gundams were scheduled for mass
production.  They didn't find the Assault or Buster parts, but at least this
is better than nothing.

Paula Sis introduces herself to the others, and tells Garode that the group
she works for dug up her G Falcon from a Mountain Cycle in North Ameria.
Her guerilla group was active far to the north, but when the Innocent attacked
she was the only survivor.  Quite similar to Garode, in fact.  Burume asks
why Paula's people were dumb enough to pick a fight with the Innocent, and
Paula says that it's obviously to kick the ass of the stuck up selfish
bastards so that her people can lead the lives _they_ want to.  Jiron is
surprised at the concept of freedom.  Kid has noticed that the G Falcon
can merge with a Gundam, just like the G Fighter from your own time.  According
to Amuro, the G Fighter can extend a Gundam's range and operating time, much
like the Gundam Mk.II and the G Defenser.  Kid is now fired up, noting that
the G Falcon seems to have been made at the same time as the GX and Leopard.
He plans to modify it so it can merge with the Double X, and with a few 
mods to the Leopard and the Airmaster, the two of them should be able to
merge as well.  If this works, Paula and Garode will be partners.  Kid hurries
off to enlist Astonage's aid, but Garode stops him and asks what'll become
of the GX.  Kid plans to make its extra armaments and the Divider detachable,
telling Garode to outfit it wherever makes the most sense.  Go to 24.

24. Daichi no Shugoshin  ["The Guardian Gods of the Land"]

The MS modifications are now done.  Given what happened here at the base,
Bright thinks he's vaguely coming to understand what the Innocent have
planned for this world.  Too bad you still don't know why you're here or how
to get home.  Sadly, Tifa's knowledge is only of limited help with that.
Amuro suggests just crossing the sea and contacting the Innocent since they
seem to have a lot of information regarding this "Black History" that Ken'ichi
heard about.  There's also a chance of finding your missing friends.  Quatro
points out that that will probably just fan the flames of this war, but
Amuro believes that not all the Innocent are warlike, just like not all the
Moon Race are warlike.  Despite all the time that's passed, Quatro doesn't
think people can be fundamentally trusted that far.  He thinks the Innocent
are like the Zabi House and the Titans, scheming to control the world.  Bright
is worried, as Tetsuya is, about the Kyouryuu Empire, despite the fact that
they haven't done anything since the last encounter.  That, in fact, is what
has Bright unnerved - he wants to run a full-scale investigation.

Sarumaru plans to stay behind in Zondarepta, because of some computer memory
he found in the underground part of the base.  He and Yasunishi think it
might contain records about the Black History.  Toppo, Garrison, Beauty, and
Reika plan to stay with them, since Garrison has something he wants to check
out too.  Sarumaru thinks finding out more about this world's history should
help you all figure out what to do next; he'll rejoin the rest of you as
soon as his investigations are done.

Jun and Tetsuya have finished preparations to leave.  Tetsuya tells her she
doesn't have to come with him, but Jun replies that they've been together
since childhood.  She'll come along even if he says no, which he thanks her
for.  Just then, Ryou comes and asks if Tetsuya and she are planning on
leaving and heading to Galia.  Tetsuya says he is, and says that unlike the
Beast Machine squad he's happiest when he's acting alone.  Ryou asks if
Tetsuya plans on taking on the Kyouryuu Empire alone, and tells him that
he thinks Tetsuya is being somehow hasty.  Some day that hastiness may cost
him his life.  While Tetsuya appreciates the warning, he tells Ryou that
he's prepared to lay down his life at any point in his mission to defeat
evil.  Just then, Tetsuya notes that the other Ryou seems to have showed up
to stop him too.  Actually, the "other" Ryou is heading to Galia himself.
Instead of Hayato and Benkei, he's taking Rolan and Diana.  Jun wonders
what is going on, but Ryou asks her not to inquire about the reason.  He
says that he's got something important to do, and that he can't explain to
the others.  Tetsuya asks if he's become afraid of the Kyouryuu Empire.
Ryou says that's not the case, and the first Ryou wonders what's so important
that the second Ryou would act alone.  However, at that point the enemy

Torres has detected a group of unknown flying objects ahead over the sea.
They're heading for Galia.  Torres finally gets them on IFF - they're 
mechanical beasts.  Just then Tetsuya blasts off, and Amuro asks to be 
allowed to pursue - there _is_ something to Galia after all.  Bright agrees,
and has the ship go off in pursuit.  Saegusa is ordered to pass this info
along to the other ships too.

Tetsuya figures that his hunch about Galia is right.  However, it seems that
Dante is among the enemy, who's heard that the Lond Bel have appeared in this
era.  He figures that the Great General of the Dark and Emperor Gorgon will
be quite happy to hear that Tetsuya's among them.  Looks like the Mikeene
Empire is alive and well too.  Dante says nothing at that, eventually noting
that Tetsuya will eventually interfere with his people's plans.  Dante berates
Tetsuya for falling wholly into his "invitation", and plans to send him to
hell here and now.  Tetsuya starts laughing, saying how happy he is to see
Dante.  He had nearly lost his reason for living since coming to this age, but
now that he's met Dante his confusion has lessened a bit.  This is because
defeating Dante is his reason and purpose for living.

  On turn 2, Ryou tells Tetsuya that the Argama is following them to get here,
  and not to do anything rash until then.  Sara notes that Ryou didn't used to
  be the sort of person to worry about others this much, and Ryou replies that
  a certain other loose cannon has made him have to start worrying.  Oh thanks,
  Shinobu says, and when Tetsuya notes that he didn't ask for help Shinobu
  informs him that he doesn't want to see one of his comrades die some 
  reckless death.  So whether or not Tetsuya asks for his help, he plans to
  do as he pleases.  Masato notes that Shinobu can't just come out and say 
  that he's worried, and battle is joined.  More of your dudes join on 4.0,
  shocked at what Tetsuya has done.

  When you either take out Dante or turn 7 arrives, he detects a certain 
  signature: the signature of the ones once called the Guardian Gods of the
  Land.  He has to hurry home right away and report this to his superiors.
  Your dudes detect this thing too, and nobody's ever seen it before.  It's
  piloted by Zengar Zonbolt, the Sword of Meigas.  This doesn't help your
  people out, and Burume is sure that this guy is just going to attack without
  giving your people a chance to explain, true to form.  Omachi's feminine
  intuition tells her to tell Burume not to say that, lest Zengar actually
  decide to attack.  After processing your machines, Zengar notes that nobody
  is allowed within his lord's holy precincts - he's been ordered to destroy
  the intruders.

  In containers are a Computer Core and a Dual Sensor.  Dante is worth a
  Super Alloy Z and a Skill Point, but you have to kill him before turn 7.
  I recommend the "commuting to work" strategy... meaning that Dante is
  quite possibly the only thing you'll kill this map.  Zengar is, in theory
  worth a Holy Power Device, but GOOD LUCK trying to kill him since he stops
  at 60% of his HP and his machine is armed and armored like a MOFO (plus it
  really isn't that crucial to start with 110 Morale...)

At 60%, Zengar receives the order to withdraw and suspends battle.  Your
people now wonder who the hell he was, since the Mikeene people knew about
him.  It seems that this guy is the Mikeene's enemy, but then why did he attack
your people?  Focker orders everyone to return to their ships, but just then
another unidentified thingie shows up.  Is it an enemy?  Well, it's Egret,
who hastily tells your people that he's not your enemy.  He works for Meigas,
the ruler of this land and one of the Innocent.  Isaac notes that Zengar who
just attacked you also claimed to work for Meigas, and asks for an explanation
of why Egret is here.  Egret explains that Zengar is the guardian of this
land, and naturally attacked you as intruders.  However, Meigas issued orders
for him to withdraw - it seems that Meigas wants to meet you face to face.
And thus Egret was sent to guide you to some of your friends: Yang Lone and
Tutti, as well as Wendy.  Masaki notes that Ryuune's not with them...

Egret gives your people time to confer while waiting outside in his mecha.
Quatro thinks that it's dangerous to trust this guy given that Zengar attacked
you.  Jamir thinks this is quite likely a trap, and Emma doesn't think that
these people are even Innocent.  Masaki asks if you aren't going to get Tutti -
Quatro isn't saying that, but does point out that it would be perilous to
trust blindly in Egret with so many open questions.  Masaki's quite certain
that there's no way people in this age would know Wendy's name unless she
was really there.  Jamir points out that that could mean that Meigas is holding
them prisoner.  Elchi confirms for Amuro that the Innocent strictly forbid
fighting in their holy precincts.  She thinks it's impossible that the 
Innocent would start a fight by themselves.  Ken'ichi agrees based on his
own experiences, but Camille takes the example of Photo Seven to say that
there seem to be various different kinds of Innocent floating around.
Banjou notes that you have too little information on the Innocent around here,
and would like to know why Meigas wants to meet you.  Isaac points out that
one way to fill in that huge blank is simply to go meet the guy - in effect,
putting their head into the lion's mouth to get the information necessary
whatever action you all take next.  Alan agrees, saying that no matter what
enemies you encounter here you'll be at a disadvantage as long as you don't
have info.  Especially where the Kyouryuu are concerned.  Bright says that
the Argama came here to clear up the question's you've all got, even if only
slightly.  He wants to meet Meigas, and asks if there are any objections.
Quatro says that he'll abide by that as the captain's decision, and Jamir
wants to go to in the hopes of finding more info out about the new Newtype.
Elchi thinks to herself that she's no longer sure about the Innocent - but
she still wants to know what Biel is thinking.  She finally tells Bright
that her people will come too.  Emma is told to contact the boy and tell him
that you all are going.

Benkei heard from Ryou that Ryou was planning on leaving the Argama and heading
out into the land.  What did Ryou plan to do if he got into a fight with 
the Kyouryuu?  No answer.  Benkei figures that whatever it is is probably
hard to share with Hayato, and asks if Ryou won't share with him instead.
He then starts pleading with Ryou as his comrade through many long battles.
Ryou still won't talk, and Benkei asks what's happened to him.  Benkei finally
decides to let it sit, begging Ryou to let him know at some point what's 
going on.  Ryou thinks to himself that he's truly sorry as Rolan comes over.
Rolan doesn't want to see Ryou go through any more of this, and plans to
tell the whole truth to the crew.  Ryou thinks that the secret can't be
revealed yet since everyone's already anxious with the many mysteries before
them.  He thinks that spilling the beans about Diana would only worsen the
chaos.  Happily, you all are here in Galia and about to meet the Innocent
named Meigas - perhaps this will help fulfill Diana's objective.  He plans
to keep Diana's secret until Diana herself decides to reveal it.  Rolan tells
Ryou to leave Diana to him, and that he's decided to fight to stop the
Earth/Moon war and to bring about Diana's ideals.  He realizes that that's
hypocrisy, but figures that's unavoidable given all those who won't stop
fighting.  Plus, that's the only thing he _can_ do.  Ryouma realizes that
what he must do is settle the score with the Kyouryuu once and for all...

Egret leads your people to Meigas's Dome, which Elchi notes is like the Domes
at other Points.  No other machines can be detected anywhere near.  It looks
like this guy is really an Innocent.  Ragu notes that all the Domes seem to
be surrounded by greenery.  Elchi ascribes this to the cultured lifestyle as
"Kiel" asks to be allowed inside the Dome.  She explains that she's interested
in the lifestyle the Innocent lead, but Soshie says that a noncombatant 
going inside would just be in the way.  Rolan offers to accompany her, which
makes Soshie pause in jealousy (she won't admit it to Meshier).  Soshie notes
that the mechanical doll from before hasn't showed up, which Gyaban is quite
happy about.  Bright orders the members going into the dome to move it, while
the rest of the crew remains on level one alert outside.  Go to 25.

25. Mou Aenai Ki Ga Shite  ["I Feel Like I'll Never See You Again"]

Shagia tells Biel of his contact with Elchi and the Irregulars in North
Ameria, and at Zondarepta.  Alba happily explains the recent loss of 
communications between P-Point and Zondarepta and Photo Seven: the Irregulars
blew them up.  Biel seems to have expected Jiron and the others to do this
sort of thing, and Dowas is thinking that they shouldn't have left Jiron on
the loose after all.  Biel wants to hire Shagia to bring the crew of the 
Iron Gear to him.  Either Elchi or Ragu will do, and while Biel leaves the
means up to the Frost brothers, he states as the foremost condition that this
person must be unharmed.  Shagia suggests that just extending an invitation
might be easier, but Biel says that since your people are close to discovering
the Innocents' true objective they surely wouldn't accept such an invitation
easily.  Dowas explains that the Irregulars are south of P-Point, at S-Point.
S-Point is an abandoned dome, and no Innocent currently live there - or so
Dowas claims.  Dowas further offers to loan them warpower if necessary, and
Shagia asks for something to serve as a decoy - Dowas gives him Kid Hoora.

Dowas is all upset that Timp, Hoora, and now Shagia and Olba have been
allowed inside the Dome.  Biel is sure the brothers aren't Vultures - probably
Moon Race instead, here on an information gathering mission targeting the
Innocent and Irregulars.  The MS's that appeared and have this Dome under
surveillance are probably theirs.  This presumably means that the Moon Race
aren't one monolithic entity, but Dowas is all panicked about letting the
brothers go.  Biel says the Irregulars come first, and Dowas says that _they_
are far too dangerous to keep at large.  Biel notes that your people keep
winning and persevering under their own power, which fits right along with
the mankind revival project.  Dowas hopes he doesn't believe in that program
wholeheartedly, and Biel reminds him that he is a top-ranking commander.  He
says that's fine if Biel thinks he understands what sort of fate awaits the
Innocent in the future... Biel then tells him sternly to shut up, saying
that second-ranking Dowas is overstepping his authority.  Dowas protests that
Jiron and the Irregulars with destroy the Innocent if left on the loose.
Biel asks Dowas what the Innocent's objective is - after a moment, he says
that it's to modify people into a suitable form to survive on this planet of
Zora.  Biel notes that over the years the Innocent have conducted numerous
live experiments.  Jiron and his friends are one of them.  Biel thinks that
the Iron Gear and its crew are what the Innocent are looking for, but to make
sure he wants a sample he can subject to a trial.  Dowas is horrified, saying
this is a structural problem that's likely to destroy the Civilian control
system.  Biel asks who even taught Dowas the world "structural", and says
that for the time being the Innocent are merely watching over the Civilians.
He tells Dowas never to use the word "structural" around him again.  He 
reminds him that Jiron and the others are the experimental materials, and
orders him to mark the Irregulars.

Your people are marveling at the Innocent's dome, which seem to be par for
the course in this world.  Jiron claims that the Innocent almost never leave
their domes, but Hayato notes that Egret seemed perfectly happy to leave it
to come for you.  Come to think of it, that _is_ odd.  Rolan notes that
Diana is looking a bit pale, but she shrugs it off as she muses the increasing
violence not only in North Ameria but also here in Galia.  Excepting people
like Rolan who've been here for a couple years, the Earth overall is a very
harsh place for the Moon Race members used to the Moon's lower gravity.  If
not for the medical nanomachines in her body, she'd probably have long since
collapsed.  And the Innocent, who lack nanotech, are still closed away in
their Domes - in a very real sense, neither they nor the Moon Race has come
home yet.

Egret introduces some of your dudes to his Dome.  Quatro thinks it's like 
a space colony, an impression that Ken'ichi had had before.  It's very quiet
here... as though nobody lives here at all.  Egret then leads the 
representatives to Meigas - who your people are somewhat surprised to see is
a woman (and a good-looking one at that).  Banjou thinks that Meigas 
resembles "that" woman.  Bright introduces himself and asks why you all have
been brought here.  She has a request for you, as Irregulars possessing strong
power.  Quatro wonders if she knows what you all are actually capable of...
Meigas tells Banjou that there's someone she'd like your people to defeat -
not in fact the Moon Race, but Shadows who have come from under the earth.
Does this refer to the mechanical beasts, battle beasts, and the Kyouryuu 
Empire?  Bright asks what she knows of these beings, and she tells you of an
old Zoran legend - a fragment of the past.  Once, Zora was a beautiful 
blue-green planet rich in water.  But a wind of calamity from beyond the sky
came and wrought a dreadful change.  But that wasn't the only calamity - in
the midst of the chaos, innumerable demons emerged from beneath the earth.
It is said that by their hand were the land torn asunder and the oceans 
parched away.  The demons spread across the globe, killing numerous humans
in their path and withering most greenery with their poisonous breath.  The
remaining humans, barely clinging to life, fled to the Moon and to other
planets.  The Earth was then ruled by the demons, until the advent of a
Savior - mechanical giants of steel and the Guardian God of the Earth.  These
saviors fought valiantly against the demons occupying the Earth, finally
driving those demons back underground.  However, the mechanical giants used up
all their power in the fierce battle to win their victory.  Their bones fell
to the earth, becoming glistening stones of blue.  After relating this legend,
Meigas tells how a faction of those living on the Moon returned to the Earth
and founded the Innocent, and those remaining on the Moon presumably became
the ancestors of the current Moon Race.  Jamir concludes that the history
of Earth-Moon war started after that, and Quatro points out that this legend
is just that - a legend.  Meigas replies that it's undeniable truth that
the demons underground have come back from the time of legend and appeared
now.  She says that if these demons aren't stopped Zora will once more
become a planet of death.  In short, she's asking you all to please save her
Earth.  Quatro asks why her people haven't done anything, if they've got
humanoid mobile weapons like that Egret pilots.  She replies that her warpower
is but a drop in the bucket compared to the enemy - but that your people 
look to be the second coming of the legendary mechanical giants.

Masaki and Yang Lone get to greet each other.  Like everyone else, Yang and
the crew were thrown onto this continent after the Neo Granzon exploded.  They
planned to cross the ocean to find the Argama, but Wendy's health began to
fail.  At that point, Egret appeared and led them here - this was three days
ago.  Tutti tells Masaki not to worry - that Wendy's condition has improved
greatly since coming here.  The locals used their medicine on her, but Yang
doesn't really trust them.  He decided to come here solely because Wendy's
health was top priority.  It looks like neither group's heard of Ryuune's
whereabouts, or Ryuusei's...  Masaki then goes to see Wendy, who apologizes
for making everyone worry.  After a long pause, Wendy asks how the Psybuster
is doing.  Masaki tells her to worry about her own body before she worries
about that.  She replies that she's the one who designed it after all, and
is worried since Masaki's the one piloting it.  Masaki asks if that means
he's undependable, but she tells him that's not it (in fact, the Psybuster is
the tie that binds her and Masaki together... not that Masaki would ever
figure that out).  Wendy has a favor to ask of Masaki - to search for Ryuune.
Masaki agrees immediately, to which Wendy asks if Masaki's worried that much
about her.  Masaki mumbles something about how Ryuune and he fought side by
side and that she's important to him as a comrade-in-arms, and tries to say
that Ryuune's tough and should be doing okay.  Wendy observes that Masaki
seems to trust her quite a bit, but Masaki tries to say that it's more like
Ryuune always coming back like a bad penny.  Wendy says that she envies Ryuune
a bit because, as she said before, she only knows Masaki from Ra-Gias.  But
Ryuune knows Masaki on the Surface...  She then tries to brush this all off,
and tells Masaki that he needn't worry about her condition.

Bright and the others had told Meigas that they're reserving judgment.
Quatro thinks it's quite likely this is an Innocent trap and says that it
would be dangerous for your people to help her now.  Amuro notes that your
people are still clueless as to the details of the Black History, which
Quatro says is because Commander-level Innocent can't access the Innocent's
central computers.  Unless you promise your help to Meigas, you won't find
anything new out.  Amuro asks what Bright wants to do next - Bright still has
reservations but is reasonably sure Meigas isn't your enemy.  Quatro says
that, Black History aside, it _would_ be nice to get more information about
the Innocent.  Bright wants to sight tight and watch things for a while, since
Banjou and the J9 who are still in the Dome may turn up something.

Garode pays Tifa a visit.  She's just woken up, and Garode wants to invite
her inside the Dome where there are parks and the like.  Tifa's being quiet,
and Garode figures she dreamed something.  In her dream, she became unable
to ever see Garode again.  Garode asks if she saw the future - she doesn't
know, but she feels like the not seeing him part is true.  Just then the
bad guys attack, and Garode tells Tifa not to leave the room under any

Kotoset wants to know what kind of idiot has just bombed your ship, given
the whole holy precincts bit and all.  Chiru tells him that walker machines
are too blame, which Kotoset doesn't want to believe.  Chiru gets pissed and
suggests that Kotoset actually _looking_out_the_window_, which Gyaban does
and confirm's Chiru's sighting [DUH!!!!!]  Kotoset tells his people to contact
those still in the Dome and orders everyone not doing anything to man the

The bridge bunnies figure they've got to hold out until Jamir gets back.  While
the flag ships stay put, all machines that can be sortied are.  It seems that
the only people to launch are all female - Gyaban thinks that protecting them
all will be tough.  Soshie demands to know what he means, and he tells her
just what he said.  Soshie tells him to stop treater her like a kid, and Puru
and Presia resolve to try real hard in the battle [notwithstanding the fact
that Puru's driving what I like to call the "Hyper-Quberay" by now].  Gyaban
"apologizes" and says that he'll protect them all anyway.  Garode is of
course somewhat distracted, but nobody knows why.

  On round 2, your crew notes that the enemy isn't moving.  Gyaban plans to
  head over and attack them despite the possibility that they're just
  a diversion.  Garode is is stewing over what it means that he won't be
  able to see her again, and Gyaban tells him to concentrate.

  Once you destroy the first group of enemies, a lot more pop up.  The rest
  of your dudes will be back soon, so you've got to hang on until they get
  back.  But come to think of it, the really flashy guardian machine hasn't
  showed up to confront these guys.  One wonders why.  When Elchi gets back,
  she orders your dudes to protect the Dome.  She recognizes Hoora's ship,
  wondering if he's the one attacking the Dome.  Ragu thinks that Hoora 
  wouldn't pick a fight with the Innocent, but Jiron realizes that it is the
  Innocent who give Hoora his orders.  Does that mean that the P-Point crew
  ordered him to attack the Innocent here?

  Once you beat the second group of enemies, a third group shows up.  Are 
  they trying to draw you away from the motherships?  Are they setting a 
  trap?  Or are they merely trying to deprive you of Skill Points?

  In containers are 400 Blue Stones, a Thruster Module, and a Nanomachine 
  Unit.  If you kill the enemies fast enough (within 10 turns total or so)
  you get a Skill Point.

After you take out all the enemies, the Frost Brothers show up next to the
Freeden.  Shagia notes to Olba that while this sort of diversionary operation
is old-fashioned it was amply effective in getting close to the Iron Gear
and the Freeden.  Shagia tells Hoora to hold off the remaining enemy long
enough to buy time to escape.  Hoora is still skeptical that the Innocent
would order Elchi and Ragu brought to them unharmed, but Gelaba thinks it's
for the best and knows that Hoora wanted to see Elchi again anyway.  Hoora
tells everyone not to move, and that he's taken over the Iron Gear.  He then
informs Jiron that today he's going to settle the score with him.  Jiron
demands to know when Hoora got assigned the bad guy role, and Hoora informs
him that he came back today just so he could be the main character.  As he
brags about his walker machine, Jiron demands to know if he hasn't just come
back to kidnap Elchi so he can propose to her.  Hoora yells at him not to
move again, and says that he won't make the same mistake twice.  As Hoora
grabs Elchi, he says this is Innocents' orders.  Ragu demands to know why
he's been ordered to do this - how should he know?!  Ragu says that while she
misjudged Hoora before, she _really_ misjudged him this time: is he really
okay with handing over the girl he's fallen for to the Innocent?  Hoora 
claims that _he_ will protect Elchi.  Jiron asks what kind of main-character
line that is, and demands Elchi back.  Nothing doing there, and the Frost
brothers decide to go for their bonus now that Elchi's safely in hand.  They
fly over and destroy the hull over the residential block.  Garode's worst
fears are confirmed: they're taking back the princess.  Garode screams out
for her, but Shagia threatens to fire the Vasargo's machine gun.  Garode
then demands to know what Shagia plans to do with Tifa, but Shagia says that
if Garode ignores his warning he'll destroy the Freeden entirely.  Garode's
now quite traumatized that his promise to stay with Tifa forever doesn't
seem to be working out...

Jiron demands to know why Kotoset couldn't protect Elchi when she was right
there with him, but he protests that there was nothing he could do under
the circumstances.  He's not buying that for a moment, and notes that
Fatman didn't do anything either.  Jiron's just beside himself, but Ken'ichi
tells him to cool off.  Worse, Garode's locked himself in his room.  Shinobu
understands how he felt, since something like this happened to him once too.
Amuro asks Paula and Wits to keep a sharp watch over Garode to keep him from
charging off alone again.  Shinobu then wants to know what the hell Zengar
was up to, as does Ken'ichi who notes that you just did his job for him.
Jiron vows to himself that he'll save Elchi with his own hands.

Omachi tells Isaac that her investigation's done... or rather, that there
was nothing to report.  She tried all sorts of stuff, but the computer terminal
she's using came online only recently.  This is odd, since the Innocent seem
like a people who couldn't live without computers.  Banjou thinks you may
now know why nobody was living at S-Point.  In terms that Bowie would
understand, S-Point has been uninhabited until very lately.  Bowie more or
less realizes that this means that Meigas isn't Innocent.  WHICH means...
who the hell is she?  Omachi suggests that she might be a ghost, but Bowie
points out that you're a long way from Lorelei's Ocean and laughs off the
prospect that Meigas is a ghost.  Still leaving the question of who she

Bright informs her regretfully that his people can't cooperate with her.
By way of explanation, Banjou reminds her that the Innocent have just carried
off some of your people.  She asks if that's more important than getting rid
of the demons under the earth, and Banjou offers after a moment that to your
people it's of comparable importance.  Bright thanks her for the medical 
care she showed Wendy, and Banjou notes that your people will most likely
end up fighting the Kyouryuu sooner or later anyway.  After your people
leave, Meigas gets a very unpleasant expression on her face.  Egret asks if
it's really best to let your people go, but Meigas says that that's more 
prudent than keeping them here with unfounded doubts in their minds.  In
short, your people are being used as scapegoats to draw the fighting away
from S-Point.  Meigas orders Egret to have the Irregulars watched, and to
not take his eyes off them...  Go to the appropriate 26.

[At this point there is a branch based on how many Skill Points you have.
Since I have all of them thusfar, I'll only be able to cover the harder 
branch.  More guts, more glory.]

26. Hateshi Naki Oozora ni Chikau  ["Swear to the Neverending Skies Above"]

Fil is telling Milan something quite hard for him to believe: that "Diana"
is a fake.  As proof, he says that "Diana" hasn't made any material 
preparations for the fact that your three ships crossed the ocean.  He notes
that the North Amerian Innocent have lost Photo Seven and Zondarepta.  Yet
both the Militia and she are still silent - in short, there's noone currently
on this content to oppose the Moon Race.  This would seem to be the perfect
time to establish a country for the Moon Race colonists in the Sunbelt.
Yet "Diana" seems to have forgotten the reason the Moon Race came here, and
continues to order everyone to hold as they are.  Everyone's beginning to
wonder why Diana hasn't issued the order to proceed.  Milan asks who is 
aboard the Soreiyu then - Fil says he ought to know who it is who strongly
resembles Diana.  Given that Kiel and Diana met in private, the possibility
of a switch can't be discounted.  After the meeting, Diana has never tried to
leave the ship - as though she's afraid of something.  Milan asks, if this
story is true, how Fil proposes to confirm it.  Fil says the just has to 
ask "Diana" directly - a drastic step which he asks Milan to prepare himself
for.  He reminds Milan that the Sunbelt is the second homeland for the
Moon Race settlers - it doesn't matter who the queen is as long as the Diana
Counter can purge those lands of outside enemies.  Milan notes that this means
a coup d'etat, a rebellion.  Fil says that that's just fine, since they all
can either live on the Earth, or die, now that they can't get back to the
Moon.  After a moment, Milan gives Fil permission to see "Diana".

Meanwhile, "Diana" is ordering Haley to Galia, saying that there's a limit
to how long she can continue hiding.  Sooner or later, Fil will seize the
reins of the Diana Counter, and Kiel presumes there's a reason why Diana
isn't back yet.  Haley tells Kiel of Diana's wish to conduct peace talks
with Other Rank, and Kiel asks him to go and see that through, and then
to bring Diana back here.  Kiel already expects that Fil will use her for
all he can, and she wants to buy as much time as she can.  Haley thinks that
Kiel has gotten quite noble - that she's not merely a body double for the
real Diana.  Haley finally agrees, saying that he'll bring Diana back at all
costs.  Kiel then gives Haley a letter addressed to Other Rank to give to
Diana, saying that it should come in handy.  Haley accepts it, and promises
to come back quickly.  Haley now ponders how best to get to Galia.  Using a
high manouverablilty unit for his Sumoo would do the trick nicely, but would
mean he'd have to break through several layers of Innocent defenses.  Just
then Po and some lackeys show up, with orders from Fil to arrest Haley for 
his deception.  Haley informs Po that he's acting on Diana's direct orders,
and that opposing him is treason.  Po yells at him that _he's_ the traitor, 
and that the Diana here is a fake.  Haley mentally curses Fil for springing
into action, and informs Po that he can't afford to be caught this easily.
Evading a gunshot, Haley hops into his MS and flies off...

Your dudes, out on recon, run into a bunch of enemies.  Masato isn't sure
if finding the enemy is good luck or not, but Shinobu tells him that it of
course is.  From IFF, you find out that the enemy are Kyouryuu jets.  Ryouma
figures that they're after the city up ahead, and wants to stop them here at
all costs.  Shinobu's quite confident that his Eagle fighter can win a 
dogfight, and Hayato tells the other two Getter pilots to go on fighting in
their Get Machines.  Ryou notes that the enemy are pulling back at your
approach, as though deliberately.  What you actually need to do is find where
they're emerging from and destroy that - taking out the bad guys individually
is meaningless.  Ryou thinks to himself that the enemy are ultimately coming
from Machineland, which moves around in the magma layer - taking that out 
would indeed be nice.  Ryou agrees to keep an eye on things while fighting.
This somehow pisses of Tetsuya, who hurries ahead to smash the enemy.  Kouji
yells at him to stop being selfish, and Tetsuya replies that if Kouji is
feeling scared he can watch him fight from where he is.  Kouji then rushes
up to be equal with Tetsuya, who asks if Kouji's trying to measure up to
him.  If so, this is a great chance to show what Great Mazinger can do.
Kouji says that's his line, and Ryou yells at _both_ of them to stop being
selfish.  Hayato notes to Ryou that nothing he says to them will work, and
Ryou notes that your teamwork has gone all to hell.  Hayato informs him that
he's calling the kettle black, and Benkei reminds them both that the enemy
are right in front of your faces.  After a pause, Ryou decides to let it
drop and says he'll go support Tetsuya and Kouji.

  On round two, Tetsuya offers Kouji the chance to back out if he's scared.
  Kouji responds that there's nothing that he and the Mazinger his 
  grandfather made have to fear.  Tetsuya tells him that little spoiled brats
  like him who can't forget about their families should have pulled out
  before coming to this future world and getting hurt.  Kouji's not happy to
  hear that.  On round three, Ryou notes that things seem to have totally
  broken down between Kouji and Tetsuya, and that it's time to intervene.
  Shinobu agrees, not knowing what they're fighting about but knowing that
  they've forgotten their mission.  Sara notes that the ground-based Bigmoth
  Cougar, and Raigar are at a disadvantage even as observers in battle.
  Ryou thinks that combining into Dancougar would be best, and the team does
  it.  Getter Ryou wants to combine too, but Hayato says that there's no
  need for Getter; the Get Machines should be enough.  Ryou reminds him 
  that you all are between the enemy and a city - you've got to plan for the
  worst case.  Hayato is confident that he can take care of things by himself
  if that time comes.  The Dancougar people demand to know what Ryou and his
  team are doing when the enemy are escaping.  Looks like you've got no
  choice but to fight on while separated.

  When there's one enemy left, it will escape and head toward the city.
  Benkei hurries off and takes care of the enemy, but is blown up himself.
  the Poseidon has gotten a bit banged up but he's... okay...  Well, not
  in fact.

One of the soldiers reports to Gallery that communication has been lost with
the surveillance detachment.  Gallery realizes that, as Dante had said, Getter
and its friends are here on this continent.  Goll tells Gallery that now that
the atmospheric modifier has been successfully tested, all remaining obstacles
must now be eliminated.  Meaning the humans and the "Ancestors".  The 
Ancestor that Dante encountered yesterday has gone missing.  Goll tells 
Gallery to leave no stone unturned in searching for it.  Just then the General
is admitted in, and he's already heard of Dante's defeat at your people's
hands.  The general's blood is now happily boiling for the first time in a 
good long while.  The General offers to head out and take care of this one.
Goll notes that the General has just woken up, and is surely not in top
shape yet.  The General wants to pay back a debt he owes to the Kyouryuu,
and is eager that the atmosphere modification plan proceed.  He'd rather
take on your people than help with preparations down here.  Goll thanks
him, and the General notes that he owes your people as much payback as Goll
does.  Gallery speaks up, saying he's got just the thing to take out Getter
Robo.  Goll directs him to team up with Gorgon and Dante and bring back
the heads of the Getter team.  The General is quite eager to see what the
Kyouryuu's top scientist has cooked up...

Burning demands to know if your people are aware of what they've done.  Gravely
wounded Benkei, that's what.  You got lucky this time, but next time someone's
liable to die.  Ryou is the first to apologize, and Focker asks Burning to
leave it at that.  Burning responds that faults in teamwork affect the whole
unit, but Focker presumes that the guilty parties are probably quite remorseful
already from all the lecturing Burning has given them.  Also, today's mishap
was under extraordinary emergency circumstances.  Burning will accept that, and
orders all the guilty parties to wait in their own rooms.  Shinobu then blames
Tetsuya for starting the whole thing, which Masato attempts to quell but can't.
Shinobu takes the opportunity to tell Tetsuya to leave this ship if he isn't
willing to march with the rest of your people.  Even Kouji tries telling
Shinobu to stop at this point, but Shinobu won't stop.  Tetsuya asks if
Shinobu's in any position to talk, and now Getter Ryou tries to calm things
down.  Tetsuya informs Shinobu that his directive is unnecessary - he was
planning to leave to begin with as soon as your people reached Galia.  Looks
like this is perfect timing to him.  Hayato tells him to do as he pleases - he
doesn't know what has Tetsuya so riled up, but he says that he can't trust
Tetsuya with his back these days.  Ryou tells Tetsuya to calm down, and that
this isn't the time to be fighting among yourselves.  Which Tetsuya claims is
exactly the reason why he's going to go it alone.  Hayato quite agrees.  As
Tetsuya walks off, Sara notes that Tetsuya really does seem determined to
leave.  Getter Ryou asks Hayato why he didn't try to stop Tetsuya from
leaving - as Hayato had told Tetsuya, it's better for both sides this way.
Hayato asks if Ryou is going to lecture him on teamwork again, and informs him
that he hasn't got the right to talk to him about that now.  He tells an
incredulous Ryou that someone who's got secrets he won't share with anyone is
in no position to be called a leader.  Ryou asks Hayato if this means he's not
going to listen to him anymore, and points out to Hayato that if he'd gone
along with Ryou and changed into Getter Dragon Benkei wouldn't have gotten
hurt.  Hayato thinks that Ryou's judgment then was itself flawed, thinking
that the best chance for victory was engaging the enemy individually.  Ryou
demands that Hayato follow his orders and the Getter team leader, which Hayato
thinks is a bit too full of himself.  Sara demands to know what the point is of
_them_ fighting amongst themselves too, right after Burning's lecture as Masato
adds.  Ryou asks the Beast Machine team to stay out of it.  Ryou tells Hayato
that at this rate the Getter team can't function as a team, to which Hayato
suggests that the team be disbanded.  Ryou demands to know why Hayato can't see
what he's getting at, and ends up punching Hayato.  Hayato now figures it's
time to make something clear - which of the two of them is stronger.  It's now
a full-blown fist fight, which Sara begs Shinobu and the other Ryou to stop.
Shinobu says to leave them alone: that strife internal to the team ought to
be solved by the team members themselves.  Dancougar Ryou agrees completely.
As they leave, Ryou and Hayato are acknowledging how strong each other's
punches are.  But the battle's not over yet...!

Jiron asks if Tetsuya really plans to leave - Tetsuya notes that this sort
of thing happened to Jiron before.  Jun asks Tetsuya to calm down, and notes
that the Kyouryuu have more power than they were expecting.  Tetsuya tells
Jun that he's not forcing her to come with him, and that if she doesn't 
have anything to say to him she should go away.  Jiron asks if anything
happened between Tetsuya and Kouji, and says that he thought Kouji and Tetsuya
were comrades who fought by each other's side.  Tetsuya doesn't know how
Kouji feels, but he's never thought of Kouji that way.  Jun notes that
Tetsuya apparently hasn't given up his bad blood with Tetsuya - or rather,
can't give up his own weak heart.  She tells Tetsuya that while the chief
is indeed Kouji's biological father, he raised the two of them with even
more affection than a father shows his actual children.  She yells at Tetsuya
that she had misjudged him, not thinking him capable of being so jealous
of Kouji and thereby causing everyone such trouble.  Tetsuya yells out that
he knows that, but that his animosity and jealousy towards Kouji are piled
up like mud at the bottom of his heart.  He thinks that his remaining here
will just make everyone unhappy, and Jun asks him if he's actually afraid.
He asks what she's talking about, and she informs him that what he's afraid
of isn't causing everybody trouble, but rather suppressing and defeating his
own weak heart.  Jun says that she was trained from birth in combat, and yet
she was filled with fear when she first met Tetsuya and his destiny as a 
combat professional.  She tells him that it's futile for him to try to fight
now, and he asks if she's telling him to stay on the ship under everyone
else's protection.  He'd rather die than choose that route.  Jiron's shocked,
but Tetsuya asks him if he wants to avenge his parents' deaths no matter what.
Tetsuya too has something transcendant - his pride in battle.  He tells Jiron
very shortly not to talk to him any more about how he fights.  And now the
chump has left the building.

Kouji is keeping watch at Benkei's bedside.  Benkei tells him to cut out the
long face, since his wounds are nothing major.  Some of the girls were 
quite shocked when they heard he was shot down, but he notes that durability
is his strong suit.  Kouji apologizes to him anyway for what his quarrel
with Tetsuya did.  Soshie tells Benkei how Daisaku and Daijirou had to 
intervene and pull Ryou and Hayato apart, noting that this is _not_ the time
to quarrel.  Rolan wonders if the fight was over Ryou harboring Diana's
secret - if so, he feels he can't cause Ryou any more trouble.  Megumi
observes that it's rather rare for the Getter team to fight, but Benkei had
heard from Musashi that they used to do it all the time.  Benkei is personally
far more worried about Tetsuya.  Kouji wonders if Tetsuya will ever come back,
and Benkei says that there's something Tetsuya hasn't noticed - that _this_
is the place Tetsuya has to return to.  Benkei's pretty sure that Tetsuya
will be back and tells Kouji not to sweat it.  He then figures he's got to
get up and get ready to sortie, but Megumi tells him he's got to stay in bed.
He won't hear this, saying that the Getter team is only a team with all three
of its members together.  He says that if he becomes a stumbling block to
that, Musashi'd never forgive him.

Diana is telling Bright that your people should go to Innocent HQ and meet
Other Rank.  She's heard from Diana that Other is a pacifist, and thinks that
something can be worked out if your people can meet him.  Alan points out
that even if their leader is pacifistic, the Innocent overall have been
attacking you.  Perhaps that means that someone else is holding the reins
of authority among the Innocent (this happens all the time).  Bright's not
sure that negotiations would work even if you could meet Other Rank, but "Kiel"
is sure that there are those among the Innocent who hate fighting - she
thinks this is a better plan than making all the Innocent your enemies.
Plus, you've got to search for Tifa and Elchi who the Innocent carried off.
Bright agrees to consider the matter and orders your ships halted.  Focker
has a recommendation about Tetsuya - send out a group to bring him back as a
part of routine recon.  The members of that group are to be Ryou and Hayato.
Focker's gotten the feeling that the atmosphere aboard the ship hasn't been
too good lately.  Amuro agrees, with Garode moping and Jiron nervous about
Elchi.  Focker hopes that giving his chosen people a mission will help
dissipate a bit of the bad blood, although Bright notes that the opposite
could result.  Focker's fine with this, but he doesn't want to see things
continue the way they are now.  Bright gives him permission.  Time for a bit
of catharsis. ^_^

Ryou's having a bit of trouble speaking to Hayato, who reminds him that 
they're on a mission to search for Tetsuya.  Ryou acknowledges this, and
after a moment asks if Hayato thinks Tetsuya will return.  Hayato doesn't
know, but points out that with all the Kyouryuu pressure in this area even
Tetsuya may not be unscathed.  In fact, a BUNCH of Kyouryuu show up just
then.  Gorgon has thought to exterminate the little rat in this area, but
notes that he seems to have run into its friends first.  Gallery notes that
his archrivals seem to be a member short - your people all flew in like moths
to the flame (Hayato wonders who the "all" refers to).  Ryou's surprised to
see Gallery still alive - Gallery responds that after his last defeat he's
been waiting ever so eagerly for this moment.  He tells the Getter team to
prepare to be sent to hell, and Hayato says that he'll soon eat those words.
Ryou tells Hayato that this many enemies can't be taken on head on as they
are, and not to do anything reckless until reinforcements arrive.  Gallery
is smug over this prospect, thinking that when the third Getter arrives it'll
be curtains.

  On round 2, Benkei shows up, saying that he can't let an injury like his
  keep him on his back forever.  He reminds the other two that it's only
  Getter Robo if the three of them team up.  Gallery has been waiting for
  this, and orders the special bird unit to be dispatched.  Benkei tells the
  enemy not to think that that will stop you, and Ryou says to change into
  Getter Dragon - asking Hayato if he's got any objections.  He doesn't, and
  Gallery orders his units to attack during the transition.  The combination
  is disrupted and Hayato says to leave things to him, but once again the
  birds disrupt it.  Does this mean the Megazauruses have figured out your
  formations?  Benkei wants to try Poseidon next, but Hayato says that that'll
  give the enemy even one more second to fly in and disrupt it.  Gallery's
  quite proud of himself, and Gorgon notes that these birds are specially
  designed to prevent recombination.  AND they're hanging onto your units!
  The bad guys are sure they have nothing to fear with their special birds
  around.  Hayato notes that the only choice is to shake the birds off and
  try combining again.  Too bad you can't hurt them.

  On round 4, Kouji shows up while looking for Tetsuya.  Hayato tells him
  to make even a momentary chance for the Getter team to combine.  Gorgon
  and Kouji are surprised and not pleased to see each other, and Kouji says
  that while he didn't want to be in this time he'll send Gorgon to the
  same Hell Ashura's in.  But can Kouji still go on running his mouth when
  he sees that the Great Mazinger is in enemy hands?  Something seems to be
  wrong with Tetsuya, who wants to kill Kouji.  Kouji tells him not to
  imitate Hiiro.  Dante tells Tetsuya to follow him in taking out Kouji.
  Hayato tells Benkei not to get too close to Tetsuya - he's being controlled
  by the enemy.  In fact, Gallery says that combining his mental control
  device with Dante's Youryoku makes controlling Tetsuya easy.  Gorgon tells
  Kouji how Tetsuya challenged them all to combat and was defeated, now 
  becoming a tool to take down your people.  What can your people, all alone
  and unable to combine, do?  Given that Dante's the one controlling Tetsuya,
  you've got to defeat him.  And it looks like Kouji's got to do the job since
  the Getter team can't combine.  Kouji says he's risk his life to save
  Tetsuya, and Dante tells Gorgon not to interfere.

  When Kouji gets damaged enough, Dante taunts him about how Tetsuya won't
  come to his rescue, and commands Tetsuya to kill Kouji with his own hands.
  Tetsuya will automatically come over, and the Getter team tells Kouji to
  flee.  Kouji tells Tetsuya that it's not like him to be controlled by
  others.  Tetsuya goes on babbling about how Kouji's taking something
  important from him and stuff.  Kouji finally tells Tetsuya to shoot him if
  he hates him that much, if it would return him to sanity.  He tells Tetsuya
  that Kouji's life is that which Tetsuya saved the first time they met - so
  he's giving it back now.  Tetsuya slowly claws his way back to sanity, 
  saying that he was a warrior chosen to fight the Mikeene and that he can't
  do anything that would make the chief sad.  He can't lose, due to all his
  hard training - he's got beat his own weak heart, at all costs!  He then
  powers up and goes to blast Dante.  After the attack, Tetsuya apologizes
  to Kouji for hating him despite his being his brother.  Gallery gets really
  pissed that Tetsuya proved so strong, and decides to use his trump card.
  Time for the Pikudrone to send the two Mazingers to hell.  Tetsuya plans to
  pay back his error to Kouji by self-destructing Great's Photon Power Reactor
  as the only way to take out the Pikudrone.  Kouji doesn't want to let Tetsuya
  do this, but Tetsuya insists that he can't be a burden on any other people.
  He claims that nobody will be sad when he dies, but Kouji says that _he_
  will!  Insert inspirational speech.  Kouji can't stand to see his brother
  cast himself away.  Oh, if only Getter could combine!  Hayato springs into
  action, apologizing to Benkei for his rashness before.  He plans to make a
  chance for your dudes to force their escape from the area.  Ryou asks if
  Hayato has a death-wish, and Hayato replies that if you can't combine you'll
  just be in Tetsuya and Kouji's way.  Rather than the whole team dying, he
  plans to sacrifice just himself.  But he tells Tetsuya that he doesn't intend
  to die like a dog - the Raigar's manoeverability just might be able to shake
  the enemy.  Ryou won't accept this plan at all, and tells Hayato that
  there's one formation that may work - the Mach Open Formation: in short,
  combining while supersonic.  Of course, your people are still practicing
  that and have never used it in combat, and Hayato doesn't want to risk
  colliding at supersonic speed and everyone dying.  Ryou informs him that 
  you all are one team - he should be thinking of keeping the whole team 
  alive instead of sacrificing one for two.  After a moment, Hayato says that
  he's prepared to bet his life on Ryou's resolve, as is Benkei.  Insert a
  really cool sequence, after which Gallery and the crew are quite astounded.
  The Getter team is now prepared to teach him the true invincible power of
  their teamwork.

  On turn seven (or after events if Tetsuya actually "kills" Kouji), your
  dudes will show up.  Shinobu's glad to see that Tetsuya's finally gotten his
  head straight, and Tetsuya gives all the credit to Kouji's words.  Tetsuya
  now realizes that your people, through all your fights together, have 
  forged bonds with each other far stronger than blood - these are necessary
  to save the world and bring about peace.  But he had forgotten all that-
  Isamu tells him that if he understands, then all is well - which Guld
  agrees with (if you've got him), noting that instead one should think about
  making the future right.  Your dudes are back on clout it seems, and Rolan
  is very glad to see that Ryou and Hayato have made up.

  After beating up enough of the enemy, the General shows up to trash talk
  your dudes some more.  Kouji informs him that your dudes are different from
  what they were, and Tetsuya says that he'll send him right back below the
  earth where he came from.

  Defeat Dante within six turns for a Skill Point.  Gorgon is worth a High
  Performance Targeting System.  The Pikudrone is worth a Super Alloy Z.
  Gallery is worth a Psychoframe.  The General is worth a Super Alloy Nu-Z.
  In the lighted tunnel is a Solar Panel.

After the battle, Kouji indicates that it'll take more than this to kill the
General.  Tetsuya then starts feeling faint from overwork, and Kouji and
Ryou hurry over to help him out.  They compliment each other on how badly
scratched their units are, and Benkei thinks that this was a close one.  Hayato
says that victory was assured the moment they put their lives in Ryou's hands.
The V people think all of this is very cool, and note that Ryuusei is gonna
be really sad he missed all this - guess the Ultramagnetic Robots have to 
come up with some kind of combo attack to keep up with the Joneses.

Tetsuya has been hurt pretty badly, but he'll definitely live.  Tex thinks
that Tetsuya's enhanced body should heal pretty fast, and as Kouji goes in
to visit him Tex marvels at how the burning passion of youth can overcome
personal differences.  He and Jamir share some poetic thoughts about friendship
falling like rain.  Kouji asks if he can ask Tetsuya something - did Tetsuya
leave because Kouji thoughtlessly mentioned the word "family"?  He tells
Tetsuya that he doesn't have to answer, and that Kouji basically just wants
to apologize for how insensitive he's been.  Tetsuya says there's no need
for that, and that Kouji too has fought all this time having lost his parents.
Tetsuya notes that lots of the other super robot pilots are from similar
circumstances, and he should be the one apologizing for his own naivete.
Kouji then asks if Tetsuya wants to go back to your own time.  Until yesterday
Tetsuya didn't care about your own time, but not now.  To fulfill a promise
to the person he calls his father, he's determined to get back - a promise
to restore peace on Earth.  And yes, this person is the person Tetsuya wanted
to introduce Kouji to after the Balmar war.  Tetsuya vows to find a way back
to the past so he can keep these two promises.  And he'll be more than happy
to let Kouji help.

Meanwhile Ryou has called Hayato aside so that he can apologize.  Ryou 
acknowledges that he's been hiding something from Hayato and Benkei, and
says he wants to apologize for and reveal what that thing is.  Hayato stops
him right there, and says that if the leader has decided to keep a secret
he's going to go along with it.  Ryou asks if that means that Hayato's going
to accept him, and Hayato notes that with the sort of resolution Ryou showed
back in the battle there could be no Getter leader but him.  Looks like
things are good between them now too.

Torres detects a solitary MS approaching - it is the Sumoo from the Diana
Counter.  Amuro recalls that those are used by the royal guard, and Bright
wants to send out an attack to meet it.  However, Torres reports that the
MS is requesting permission to come alongside, which seemingly means it has
no desire to fight you.  Can you trust it?  Bright has the MS stopped outside
your ship, where he agrees to meet its pilot.  Amuro remembers Haley, and
asks why he's come all the way across the ocean to see you (Rolan suspects
that Diana is to be led back).  Haley won't say immediately, and Quatro notes
that it would be hard to expect a soldier of Haley's caliber to defect or
desert.  Haley realizes that Rolan and Ryou haven't revealed Diana's secret
yet, and decides to avoid inviting any unnecessary confusion.  He tells your
people that he's here to deliver a letter from Diana intended for Other Rank.
He explains further that it's a letter intended to further peace talks between
the Diana Counter and the Innocent.  When Quatro asks why he came to you,
Haley says that "Diana" has forecast your people making contact with Other.
Bright concedes that that is one of the things you're considering, but
Quatro notes that you all can't afford to trust him yet (only natural, Haley
says).  Quatro notes that he may be scheming to infiltrate your ship for some
reason, and Haley asks your people to understand that Diana's orders are the
only ones the royal guard will heed.  Rolan then offers that he thinks Haley
is dependable, especially given his help during the Kingsley incident.  Amuro
decides that he can trust in Haley as well, noting to Bright that this outfit
frequently has enemies become allies.  Bright then gives permission to
accompany you, which Haley thanks him for.  Go to 27.

27. HOORA no Iji  ["Hoora's Pride"]

At long last, Elchi gets to see Biel again.  Biel apologizes for using such
strongarm tactics to bring Elchi here without so much as an explanation, but
Elchi is grateful instead for the new dress that Biel gave her.  He tells 
her that despite a few unexpected events along the way, he wants her to
study the Innocent's culture here in the Dome - he'd like her to become one of
the Innocent as things progress.  Elchi is overjoyed at this prospect, and
Biel tells her to wait in another room until he can explain the rest of the
details to her.  Dowas is commanded to lead her, and after they leave Biel
thinks to himself about his plans for using Elchi as a trial for Jiron and
the others.  Just then Hoora comes in, and Biel can tell just from his attitude
that he wants Elchi.  However, Biel reminds him that he's been planning to
hang onto Elchi for a while.  But Hoora the chump can't forget about her -
or at least, as he tells Biel, he wants someone like her who knows the Iron
Gear top to bottom on his staff.  Biel's willing to do this when he's through
with her, but asks first why Hoora hasn't struck down the Iron Gear.  Hoora
realizes that the Innocent aren't planning to attack them directly, and notes
rather bitterly that the Innocent hasn't given him a single person to help
out his effort.  Biel says that he's got something to check out with Elchi
first, but Hoora reminds Biel that without his help P-Point's safety is 
anything but assured.  Biel asks if that's a threat, and Hoora mentions that
Dowas has promised him a certain something...  Biel will give him a new model
machine, but demands that Hoora use it to strike down the Iron Gear.  As Hoora
walks away, Biel curses both him and Dowas for scheming behind his back.

Haley runs into Ryou, thanking him for his discretion regarding Diana.  Ryou
reminds him that everybody here (except Rolan) knows her as "Kiel", and asks
if he's here to take her away again.  Haley has not, since various 
circumstances have changed.  He asks if Ryou would lead him to Diana, which
Ryou does.  There, he tells Diana of Kiel's instructions that he see through
Diana's meeting with Other Rank.  Diana is impressed that Kiel would give him
that order, and Haley tells her that Kiel is performing admirably as queen.
Haley notes that Milan and Fil now have their doubts, but probably lack 
material proof just yet.  Ryou is worried about Kiel being all alone, which
is why Haley plans to see this meeting with Other through as quickly as 
possible so he can return Diana to the Soreiyu.

The Combattler team starts filling your people in on what P-Point is like.
Ippei notes that P-Point is where your people got hired to go to North Ameria,
ultimately mixing them up in the fight with the Moon Race.  He feels that 
your people were deliberately used by the Innocent and made to fight.  Ken'ichi
doesn't know why this was done, but realizes that Biel is somehow interested
in you all.  If the Innocent don't view you all as enemies, you may be able
to talk to Biel and find out more about what the Innocent are up to.  Given
the little Zondarepta incident, the Innocent probably won't take this quietly,
and Jiron figures that kidnapping Elchi alone is sufficient reason for you
to bust your way into the Dome.  Hikaru notes that that's presumably Jiron's
personal reason, but isn't trying to say that Elchi shouldn't be saved...
Just then you feel a big bump, as though something is wrong with the Iron
Gear's engine.  According to Hikaru, it would be odder if there _wasn't_
a problem with a battleship that can transform and engage in melee combat.
And that goes for the Macross too.  Jiron notes that Kotoset's a rather rough
driver too.  Just then Ragu comes and yells to Jiron that Hoora just came 
under a white flag to the Iron Gear.

Hoora is telling Banjou and the others that he's sick of helping the Innocent
who stole Elchi from his own hand - and that he's willing to help you.  Jiron
blames Hoora for stealing away Elchi in the first place, but Hoora says that he
simply didn't want Elchi involved in the fighting.  Jiron thinks that Hoora
just wants Elchi to wife, but Hoora says that this isn't the time for that.
Jiron replies that he's not going to believe Hoora's droopy eyed act, and 
when Hoora resorts to calling Jiron a dumpling head Jiron demands that he 
quit sticking to that pattern.  Hoora offers to call him Melon Eyes instead.
This _really_ pisses Jiron off, but Banjou says that this isn't the time for
this kind of quarrel.  Alan notes however that it'd be rather hard to simply
take Hoora at his word - this may well just be a plan to draw you out and
eliminate you all at once.  Hoora insists that he's not lying, saying that if
he wanted to take you all out he would have just come out fighting in a 
landship in the first place.  He even tells Alan that he stole a new model
walker machine for your side.  Banjou still thinks the timing is too perfect,
and Jiron's as suspicious as ever, but Hoora insists that everything's for
Elchi's sake.  The idiot pilots are actually impressed by this, and Banjou
notes that even if Hoora isn't sincere, this may be a good chance to learn
more about P-Point.  Just then Kotoset asks if someone ordered the engine
room to go to full power - nobody has.  At this rate, you'll pull out ahead
of everybody else.  Just then Gelaba runs in, telling Hoora that his people
have taken over the engine room.  Chiru helpfully tells Jiron that Gelaba
plans to take over the ship, and gets told to shut up like a good little
hostage.  As Hoora tells Jiron not to move, Jiron curses him for putting on
that whole droopy-eyes act.  Hoora tells Banjou that he's taking you all back
to P-Point - this victory brought about by his superior intellect will surely
cause Biel to give Elchi to him.  Burume berates Hoora for using unfair tricks
when raw power didn't work, but Hoora reminds him of the "Work smarter, not
harder" adage.  Banjou concedes that Hoora has indeed scored a point, but
notes that Hoora's not all that hot if he's going to merely act the cliche
villain.  Like all stereotypical villains, Hoora has gotten carried away and
exposed a weakness - in this case, he's allowed Banjou and his mad quickdraw
skillz to prevail (and Ken'ichi and Kid are even better).  Your people then run
off, leaving Chiru behind and surprising the heck out of Gelaba and Hoora. 
Hoora wonders how anyone calling themselves a "hero" could possibly chicken out
and leave hostages behind.

Hoora is satisfied that your people seem to have mostly run away, leaving
him the Iron Gear.  As per Dowas's orders, he orders Gelaba to head for
P-Point.  Gelaba wonders why the Innocent would break their own prohibition
on fighting near the Dome, but Hoora isn't concerned about that.  He just
orders full speed ahead on the way to the Dome, and congratulates Gelaba on
finally figuring out how to call him "captain".  Amuro and the others get
filled in on what's happening; it seems that Ragu and Jiron are probably
still aboard the Iron Gear, along with the hostage Chiru.  Banjou vows to
stop the Iron Gear with Daitarn 3, sure that Jiron and the others will take
the chance to do something good.  The simple plan is: surround the Iron
Gear on all sides.  You've got to not attack until Jiron and the others are
safe.  Surprisingly, Garode pops out - he's realized that moping around in
his room won't bring Tifa back.  Instead, he's going to get the Innocent to
confess her whereabouts - that's the spirit, as Judou points out.

  On 1.5, the bad guys figure out what you're doing.  Hoora isn't worried,
  saying that Dowas promised some reinforcements - who show up right now.
  A _lot_ of them, and they can fly.  Banjou realizes that the Innocent gave
  the Civilians land-bound walker machines, and kept the flying ones for
  themselves; a very predictable tactic for a group bent on rulership.  Biel
  demands to know if Dowas gave the order to lead Jiron and the Irregulars to
  P-Point, and notes that he never gave the orders to the Guardmen to sortie.
  Dowas says that "somebody" seems to have staged a rebellion; Biel wants to
  know what the hell Dowas is thinking.  Biel tells him that the progress of
  the Civilians must occur through fighting amongst themselves - this kind of
  direct intervention is in direct violation of the Innocent's precepts.
  Dowas isn't sure those precepts are so sound - according to Kashim King at
  Yope Point those principles have now lost all their meaning.  Biel tells
  Dowas that Kashim is leading him astray in order to get at Other Rank, but
  Dowas arrests him on Kashim's orders and gives him to Kalas Kalas to be
  transported to Yope Point.  He plans to follow with Elchi as soon as he's
  done taking care of Jiron.  Biel now realizes that Bilam and Kashim have
  been backing Dowas all along, and tells Dowas this: now that the human
  reawakening has begun, stopping it will mean the destruction of humanity.
  Dowas says he'll keep that in mind.

  On round two a single enemy machine pops out, seemingly going to run away.
  Focker orders your people to ignore it and concentrate on the Iron Gear.
  Biel, despite being deposed and carried off to Kalas Kalas, thinks that he
  won't tolerate Jiron's failure.  Or rather mankind won't tolerate his 
  failure here.

  Surround the Iron Gear within three turns for a Skill Point.  At that
  point Daitarn 3 swings into action.  Hoora can't believe how stupidly
  powerful it is at stopping the Iron Gear, and Jiron seizes the opportunity
  to free Chiru.  Hoora, now really pissed, orders Gelaba to push the engine
  to the redline, transform, and knock Daitarn 3 aside.  The Iron Gear makes
  it to the Dome and transforms, finally making Hoora feel all warm and fuzzy
  inside.  However, Jiron and Ragu steal the new machines Hoora was riding
  in - a Galia mergeable machine powered by [get this] a V-16.  Ragu and
  Jiron are stoked, and easily combine and go over to kick the Iron Gear's
  ass.  They hit the Iron Gear in Engineering, and Jiron notes that this
  is far more than the Xabungle could manage.  It's time for one side or the
  other to trample each other underfoot.  Kotoset realizes you've got no 
  choice but to wreck the Iron Gear, and he tells to try to keep the damage
  to a minimum anyway.  Just then, one of Kalas Kalas's servants shows up:
  it's Gretta, Kalas's wife.  She resents being called over the hill by
  Hoora, but decides to strike out against her husband's enemies and avenge
  her son's death.  Looks like she doesn't heed the 3 day rule any more than
  Jiron does.

  Jiron and Kotoset both have choice words for Hoora over Elchi's abduction
  and his theft of the Iron Gear.  When you destroy the Iron Gear, Jiron
  can't be all that happy since it's Elchi's ship...

  In containers are 400 Blue Stones and 15000 credits.  Gretta is worth a

After you destroy all the bad guys, Dowas realizes that further fighting would
just be a waste of warpower.  He decides to take Elchi and abandon the Dome.
As the Innocent airplane flies away, Jiron wonders if you actually beat them
or not...

Kalas is flabbergasted that the troops he sent to P-Point were wiped out.
A Breaker informs him that Gretta is still missing, and Kalas wonders if
the help he sent was actually an error on his part.  Biel is impressed that
Jiron's people have enough power not just to repulse but to utterly smash
the Innocent's attack.  Of course, now Kalas is very pissed at your people for
hosing both Gary and Gretta, and plans to attack your people as you go to the
bazaar for parts to repair the Iron Gear.  He decides to name his ship the
Gretta Gary, after his two loved ones.  [He should have named his son Garbo
instead.]  In any case, he decides to veer off course from Yope and follow
the Iron Gear, and Biel asks to be returned to P-Point.  Even though he's 
been kicked out of his seat as director there, he hopes to begin work to
repair the damage sustained in the Iron Gear confrontation.  Kalas acknowledges
that Dowas fled the scene, and Biel assures him that he'll wait for him to
come back and pick him up there at P-Point - given that Kalas can actually
defeat Jiron and the others to begin with.  Kalas laughs, saying that Biel
is underestimating the Kalas family's strength and reminding him of the
new model walker machines Dowas gave him.  Biel then presumes there should
be no problem with waiting at P-Point, which Kalas agrees to.  Biel is
thinking that he's got to contact Jiron and the others again now that Kashim
is beginning to violate the precepts; he plans to bide his time until Jiron
topples the rest of the Kalas house.

Kotoset found some add-on armaments for the Xabungle in the P-Point hangar
while looking for repair parts for the Iron Gear.  These include three
different types of missile launchers for the shoulders and left arm; heavy
but powerful (use them wisely in combat).  Meanwhile Astonage has cooked up
some additional parts for the Iron Gear, based on the Gundam's Full Armor
concept.  Also, Kotoset got to add the plans to lots of your mecha to his
collection of blueprints - he keeps this so he can become a mecha maker and
make the Innocent quake that much more in fear.  For now, the best you can
do is go to the bazaar for more parts, and Burning tells you he'll get
Bright's permission for the trip.  Usso also found the Assault Parts for the
V2 and some optional armaments for the Galia.  He figures that the Assault
parts are here because they were dug up from a different Mountain Cycle than
the one near Zondarepta; Kou figures that you might be able to find the
Buster Parts at this rate.  Banjou meanwhile is worrying about how the
Innocent attacked you on their own hook; they seem to now view you as an
enemy comparable to the Moon Race.  In short, advancing across this continent
will mean simply receiving more and more of their attacks.  Duo thinks that
a lot of the Innocent's aerial walkers would really suck, but Trowa thinks
that for recovering Elchi and Tifa there's no avoiding this.  Wufei is of
course always prepared for battle, and Jiron's determined to get Elchi back
no matter who the enemy is.  Go to 28.

28. INOSENTO no Koku-Rekishi ["The Innocents' Black History"]

The Iron Gear has headed for the nearby bazaar, despite it's damaged state.
The word is that the parts needed to complete repairs would be troublesome
to haul around.  It's not clear if this is really a good idea or not, but 
Bright has the Argama and the Freeden patrol the area just in case.  Wits is
glad to have time off the ship, even if it is just for reprovisioning.  At
Sara's suggestion, Shinobu starts looking for a bar to go into.  Roaby needles
them for coming to drink instead of to shop, and Tonya in turn berates him
for the same thing.  Your people enter the first bar they come to, Tonya 
making a comment about how the background _strangely_ resembles the Freeden's
lounge.  It seems that someone came here first - Kid, who's playing the 
guitar and asks your people to request something.  Shinobu is surprised at
the double-neck Kid is playing, and asks if it's a replica of the one 
Rony Paige of the Raiders uses.  Omachi confides that it's not a replica, but
rather a sibling - Kid once played in Rony's band.  Shinobu is in fact a huge
fan of that band, and Kid says he'll give him his autograph later.  Sara
explains to Tonya that the Raiders are a huge hit band back in your own time.
Kid notes that his musical days are long since gone, and that he prefers 
blasters over guitars.  Bowie adds that the Stratomaster that Rony plays was
actually made by Kid, and when Shinobu asks to play Kid's guitar it comes
out that he's not half bad himself.  Kid then loans Shinobu his spare guitar
and suggests that the two do a session together (your people are impressed
as the two of them start jamming on a Raiders tune).

Tron is telling Jiron to sell him the Galia's bazooka, saying that she can make
much better use of it than Jiron can.  She punctuates her "request" by decking
Jiron, and tells him to hand over the bazooka before he gets hurt.  The two
start fighting over the bazooka, and Ragu observes that this girl is quite
definitely winning.  Mio observes that the girl is perfectly reading Jiron's
moves, and Hikaru asks how she knows.  Chousaku notes that his mistress, 
despite appearances, is an Aikidou master.  Jiron's not cutting the mustard
that well, and in deference to the fact that Jiron just won't give up Tron
offers to dual with walker machines.  Here goes nothing.

Jiron tells Chiru that he can't use the bazooka in this fight, since it goes
to the victor - and that he won't use distance weapons either in this fight.
Tron is favorably impressed that Jiron knows proper mecha combat etiquette.
As Jiron fights, your people support him (or at least they've bet on his
side).  Tron tells Jiron that she'll give him a handicap - she won't fight
back - but in return you have to defeat her before turn 3, or else she wins.

  To recruit Tron, you're only allowed to use your Punch attack in combat,
  and if you can't defeat her by 3.0 you have to keep her alive throughout
  the battle.

  On 3.0, someone starts attacking the two combatants.  Jiron accuses Tron of
  being unfair, but Tron says that it's coming from elsewhere.  In fact, it
  is coming from another Iron Gear (a pattern you've never seen before now).
  It's Kalas, feeling very smug about his unexpected move and spoiling to
  take revenge with his new Gretta Gary.  Time for your dudes to sortie and 
  protect the Iron Gear.  Kotoset is pissed that Kalas made a deal with the
  Innocent, and Tron (who has no love lost for the Innocent) offers to help
  out.  Kalas reminds Hoora, who he took in after failing at the orders the
  Innocent gave him, that he's got to work hard on this one.

  After a couple rounds, Kalas transforms the Gretta Gary, rushes over, and
  decks the Iron Gear full force.  Lots more bad guys pop out and prepare
  to scrap the Iron Gear.  But just then Ryuune shows up, with Pirin and Maria.
  Quick on the uptake, she confirms which ship she's supposed to be protecting
  and charges into the fray.

  In containers are 15000 credits and a High Performance Gasoline Engine.
  Gelaba is worth a Minmei Doll.  Kalas is worth a High Performance Radar.
  Defeat Kalas within seven turns for a Skill Point.

When you wreck the Gretta Gary, Kalas vows not to die until he avenges his
son and wife's deaths.  Kalas tries to run away in what's left of his
(quite durable!) Iron Gear-class ship, and Kotoset decides to risk everything
in a suicide charge after him.  Kalas gets blown to kingdom come...

  If you followed the rules and kept Tron alive, she'll join your side at this
  point.  She says that she can't stand the way the Innocent do things, and
  that while she picked a fight to test Jiron's skills, it seems that you all
  ended up saving her life.

Unfortunately, Kotoset's very reckless act has wrecked the Iron Gear.  He's
confident he can fix her up in a jiffy now that he's got all the parts he
needs... meaning the Gretta Gary!  Astonage agrees that salvaging everything
from both vessels should yield one functional ship.  Kid (Jr.) notes that it
might actually be faster to "fix up" the Gretta instead, and Usso recalls 
something like this happening with the Lean Horse Jr. before.  Astonage orders
all the mechanics to begin work at once, getting some help from some of the
pilots.  As Kotoset is drooling over the new armaments, Ruu asks what he
plans to do about the fact that the Iron Gear and Gretta Gary are different
colors.  All it really takes is repainting - with walker machines!

Ryuune is explaining how she ran into Pirin and Mary while wandering this
continent alone.  Ryuune saved them from a Breaker attack it seems, and she
tells Masaki that with all the commotion your people have been making it was
easy to find you.  The Iron Gear has become quite famous among those opposed
to Innocent rule (like Tron).  It seems the resistance hasn't formally 
organized, which is why Pirin has come looking for the Iron Gear.  It seems
that Maria (or rather, Maria Maria) is a friend of the medic from a small
farming village he once worked at.  Maria was once an Absolute Pacifist, but
she realized that turning her eyes from conflict solves nothing - so now
she'll help you all out.  Just then Biel contacts you directly, requesting
that you all come to P-Point.  Shocked by this, Bright hurries to the 

Bright plans to meet Biel, since this time the Dome has no weaponry left.
Haley notes that you are now in dire need of information about Other Rank,
and Quatro remembers about his note from Diana.  Bright still is worried about
Biel using Ken'ichi and the others, and asks Banjou to go as your
representative into what is quite likely a trap.  Banjou wants to take Jiron
and Garode with him, since both of them are quite likely to make their own
way in anyway if he doesn't.  Haley wouldn't mind going either, and Bright
okays the little excursion.

This time, there aren't even any people, much less anti-ship armaments, around.
All the Dome residents seem to have fled.  Banjou notices someone following
your people - it's "Kiel", who wants to meet Biel and is counting on Haley
to protect her.  Upon entry, Biel introduces himself and thanks your people
for facilitating his return here.  He apologizes for calling your people to
the Dome, saying that the Innocent can't easily live outside.  Jiron and
Garode then pop their questions: where are Elchi and Tifa?!  When Biel doesn't
answer immediately, Jiron yells that Biel's in charge of this Dome, and that
he can't say he doesn't know.  Biel responds that he's no longer in charge,
and Diana tells Jiron to let her do the talking.  She tells Biel that she's
"Kiel Haim", one of Diana Sorel's servants.  Biel is shocked by this, and Diana
tells him that Diana wants peace talks.  She asks Biel to deliver her note
to Other Rank, and to arrange for Diana and Other to meet.  Biel in turn asks
if she thinks this can prevent war between the Innocent and the Moon Race
(she does).  Banjou notes that this is no time for humans to be fighting among
themselves, given that the so-called Kyouryuu Empire is attacking from 
beneath the earth.  Biel silently acknowledges that he's heard of these
attacks, and Diana is sure that there are those among the Innocent who dislike
fighting - just like Other Rank does.  Given that Diana already knows all
this, he thinks things will be easy to explain... but he tells "Kiel" that
he has no plans to hand over Zora to the Moon Race because the time is not
yet ripe and the Innocents' project is not yet complete.

Yes, the human reawakening project: the plan that the Innocent have spent
uncountable time to bring to fruition.  Biel tells Banjou that long ago a
disaster occurred that made the Earth uninhabitable.  The fragment of mankind
left abandoned the Earth and made the Moon and outer space their home.  At
long last, the Earth's environment has revived, and the homecoming is now
ready.  Banjou notes that this accords with the legend Meigas told you, and
Biel continues that the environment of the Earth is now too harsh for those
accustomed to a lifestyle in space.  That's why the ancestors of the Innocent
built their Domes.  As time passed, the Innocent as a people began to hit
their limits - and thus they began a plan to create a race of people suited
to the Earth's environment.  Or more accurately, to revive the life force
that the ancient inhabitants of the Earth once possessed - like Banjou and
the others possessed, if the story of the Irregulars coming from the past
can be believed.  Through a long chain of eugenics, the Innocent finally
birthed the physically and spiritually strong people they wanted: the 
Civilians like Jiron.  The Civilians are the dreams and the hopes of the
Innocent, raised with care as the inheritors of Zora.  Jiron asks if his
people are that awesome; Garode has no clue.  Biel describes how he subjected
Jiron and the others to a series of trials, such as the three day rule.
Banjou doesn't like the notion of creating people suited to a harsh 
environment, since it's just like the Meganoids.  Diana asks if the Innocent
therefore do not wish to coexist with the Moon Race.  Biel says that he
well understands the Moon Race's desire to return to their home - the 
Innocent do too.  However, without the human revival project being entirely
complete, homecoming by the Moon Race will just lead to war, like in the
days of yore.  Diana is amazed by the thought that she may have been too
eager to return to the Earth, and Biel observes that there are those among
the Innocent who don't favor ceding Zora to the Civilians - or, as Banjou
puts it, don't favor seeing their dominance over the people ended.  Leading
them is Kashim King, one of Other's counselors and the leader of the bad guys
in Jiron's book.  Currently, Kashim holds the reins of power and Other's
wishes to hand over Zora to the Civilians are most likely being shelved.
Diana is shocked, but Biel thinks that Other himself probably still wants
coexistence with the Moon Race and transfer of Zora to the Civilians.  He 
tells Diana that Other is at Yope Point, and asks her to save Other from
Kashim if Diana truly wishes for peace.  He tells Jiron that Elchi is 
probably also being held at Yope Point, which gets Garode's hopes up that
Tifa is there too.  Unfortunately, Biel knows nothing about anybody named
Tifa, and Garode is left wondering who the heck would.  In any case, this is
all Biel can tell you at present, and Banjou resolves to head to Yope Point.
Go to 29.

29. Onna Iroiro Mangekyou ["Women, A Shifting Kaleidescope"]

At Yope Point, Elchi informs Mane that she's now used to life there despite
some strange dreams the past few days.  She's all smiles now that she's been
able to join the Innocent she's always admired and bathe in their culture.
Mane apologizes anew for the rough handling Elchi received on the way here,
and tells her the Innocent are all pulling for her.  Unlike certain heartless
people who were gunning for Elchi and her friends, Mane intends to live with
advanced Civilians like Elchi and create a true paradise on this continent.
Mane tells Elchi that, as implausible as it sounds, she'll teach Elchi the
whole of the Innocents' culture.  Elchi is now ecstatic, and Mane plans to
instruct her every day starting today - after a certain little ceremony is done.
If Elchi wants to learn the Innocent's culture, she has to make the inside
of her heart like them...

In her vision, she attacks Jiron and the others aboard the Iron Gear.  She
screams out in fear for them all to stay away from her, and Mane orders her
to pick up a gun and fight.  When Elchi resists, Mane tells her that Jiron
is trying to steal her paradise away - Jiron is the destroyer of culture!
Mane orders her to take up her gun and fight the despicable enemy of the
Innocent: Jiron.  Which she starts to believe.

Mane tells Bilam of her surprise at Elchi's amazing resistance to the sleep
conditioning she's been subjecting Elchi to the past few days.  Bilam figures
that this is just a natural part of being a Civilian with strong life force
suited to the new age.  However, Mane has just used her forced-sleep treatment
to control Elchi's spirit.  Bilam asks if Elchi can be used, and Mane tells
him of how she tried the device out first on the new Newtype samples they
acquired yesterday.  The results of that were good, and she hopes for more
of the same from Elchi.  Bilam recalls that those Newtypes are Rosamia from
Photo Seven and Puru2.  Mane has concluded from her studies that both of
them have great combat potential and wonderfully refined Newtype abilities.
When Bilam asks about Elchi's combat potential, Mane says that she's been able
to use Elchi's knife fighting skills to amplify her combat potential 150%.
When Elchi next awakens, she, like Puru2, will be a strong, faithful Innocent
warrior.  Bilam plans to use Elchi against the Iron Gear, and Mane is greatly
looking forward to observing how Elchi responds.  Bilam recalls Biel's 
belief that Jiron's people are the ones suited for the new age - a belief
he doesn't share.  Dowas then checks in with a report: the newly unearthed
Newtype-suited MS has now been brought online.  He reminds Mane who he is,
and is ordered by Bilam to send Elchi out after the Irregulars.  Mane expects
that if the Civilians have so-called emotions, Elchi will be moved at the
sight of her old companions - therefore, Bilam orders Kyalone Kyar dispatched
to keep a close eye on Elchi's actions.  During the battle, Bilam will guard
Yope - he won't let Jiron and the Irregulars get anywhere near the place
where Other and Kashim are.

Kashim inquires as to Other's health, which Other replies to by asking how
long he has to stay locked away in here.  Kashim claims that Other is mistaken:
Kashim is protecting Other from the Civilian rampage.  Other asks if Kashim
has mobilized the military to crush those Civilians, reminding Kashim that
the Innocent's duty is to watch over the Civilians; anything more would be
despotism.  Kashim agrees, but claims that this is a special state of
emergency.  He then tells Other that the Moon Race has come with an army to
steal the Earth by force.  However, Other has learned from records left by
the previous Other that Diana is greatly grieved by war between the Moon
and Earth.  Kashim claims that Diana has personally led the invading army,
which causes Other to want to immediately meet her and arrange for a 
cease-fire.  Kashim flatly turns this down, saying that it would put Other
in danger.  Both the out of control Civilians and the Moon Race are a threat
it seems.  Other has heard the names of Jiron and the Irregulars from Biel
before coming to Yope, and Kashim is quite unhappy about it.  Other for his
part is happy to the core of his being at the reports that the new age has
finally arrived, and asks how Kashim feels about it.  Kashim poo-poo's the
notion that Jiron is the Civilian of the new era, stating that the P-Point
Biel commands has been leveled by none other than Jiron and the crew.  
Moreover, Jiron and the others are headed this way.  Other wants to meet them,
but Kashim vows to strike them down via his subordinates, telling Other not
to get any strange ideas.

Aboard your ship, Jiron sneezes (gee, has he caught a cold?)  Everyone else
tells him not to get a fever.  Just then something goes clank, and Jiron's
sure it's not the newly-repaired Iron Gear going south again.  Is Kotoset
just a bad driver?  Chiru runs in, telling Jiron that Kotoset's in big
trouble.  More specifically, Kotoset is in fits of hysterical laughter.
According to Gyaban it all started suddenly, and the medic orders everyone to
hold Kotoset down.  Which your dudes can't seem to do.  Rather than see the
Iron Gear crash, Jiron asks for Kotoset's forgiveness and gives him the old
right cross.  What could have happened?  According to the medic after they
get Kotoset to sick bay, this is the third stage of Lot Fever (which 
everyone was telling Jiron not to catch).  Pirin has heard that Lot Fever
causes high fever, loss of sanity, and finally swelling throughout the body
leading to death.  The medic thinks that the onset of bodily swelling is only
a few hours away, and without a shot of vaccine there's no hope he'll pull
through.  The bazaar should have some, but since the Iron Gear can't move
you'll have to send the Argama and the Freeden for it.  The medic advises
your people to hurry, since there'll be _real_ trouble if the Lot Fever
spreads.  Wouldn't you know it - Boz runs in just then to let you know that
most of the crew of those ships are laid out with an unknown disease.  The
medic orders everyone with high speed machines to haul ass.

Isamu has gotten his hands on the vaccine and is almost back to the Iron
Gear.  Miria wants to get the vaccine back to Max and the others as soon as
possible, but Guld is sulking about something.  He asks Isamu if he's worried
about why Guld hasn't gotten the fever - Isamu claims it's because they both
have very strong constitutions, but Guld tells him he's wrong.  He, like Miria,
has abnormally good reflexes and strength because he's not a pureblooded
Earthling.  His father was probably a scout sent by the Zentraedi before the
Balmar war.  Guld explains to Isamu that Miclonization would make the normally
huge Zentraedi capable of infiltrating human society - and it was the blood
of those giants bred for battle that made him insane enough to hurt Isamu
and Myung.  Isamu tells Guld what he told him before - to forget about stories
of the past.  Guld is still uncertain, but Isamu reminds him that he cleared
all his debts with Guld at their last battle.  He also takes the example of
Max and Miria - in a few hundred years human/Zentraedi halfbreeds will 
probably be commonplace.  While Isamu doesn't know about Guld's birth, he
does know that Guld is his and Myung's friend: something he should be proud

  That out of the way, the bad guys arrive!  It's lots of unmanned Innocent
  machines, and you've got to break through them somehow.  On 1.5, Isamu
  starts feeling the effects of the fever.  On 2.0, the symptoms become
  clear.  He tells the others to go on ahead so he won't be a burden, but
  Guld won't listen despite the obvious benefits.  Guld informs Isamu that
  he seems to have reverted back to the time they were kids, plus he's got
  the promise with Myung to keep.  He tells Isamu to heed him like the invalid
  he is, and orders Miria to help him escape from the area first.

  On round 5 Jiron shows up to save you, who managed to get a little vaccine
  and is driving the ship.  The medic tells you to hurry over with the
  vaccine you've got to inject everybody with.  Isamu will automatically
  enter the Iron Gear then, as lots of bad guys emerge, lead by Kyalone.
  She intends to eliminate you before you can reach Yope, and Pilin recognizes
  her.  Kyalone is amazed Pilin is still alive, and your pilots are now ready
  to be mobilized.  Kyalone was planning on this, and orders more bad guys
  dispatched.  Jiron thinks this is trouble with the Iron Gear currently 
  immobile, but Kotoset sort of springs into action and... well, just watch.

  Once you kill enough of the bad guys, a new set arrive, with Elchi commanding
  a new Iron Gear.  She, of course, doesn't recognize Jiron immediately, and
  then starts trying to kill him.  Well, she can't really aim well, but Jiron
  is all traumatized that Elchi would shoot at him.  She says she can't leave
  a scary man like him alive.  She proclaims that she is now the Innocent
  warrior: Elchi the Great!  Your people immediately start asking what's with
  the "Great" part (she ain't no Mazinger).  Quatro realizes that a personality
  shift this large could only come from someone who's been fortified.  Lots
  of other of your dudes reach the same conclusion.  Despite all the verbal
  abuse Elchi levels at Jiron, he resolves to go save her.

  You have to Persuade Elchi twice. 

  The first time Jiron will appeal on cultural grounds,
  but she says she has nothing to say to her enemies.  Jiron, a fool who 
  bit the Innocent hand that fed him, is now her enemy too it seems.  The 
  second time, Jiron asks if the Innocent did something to her - she claims
  that she's been an Innocent warrior since the day she was born.  Jiron
  yells at her to remember the days she was captain of the Iron Gear - the
  days they spent together as comrades.  Elchi still isn't buying it, but just
  then she starts to get a major headache.  After more struggling, she finally
  recognizes Jiron - briefly.

  In containers are a Computer Core and a VR-Met.  Kyalone is worth a 
  Megabooster.  If you defeat everyone except Elchi, and persuade Elchi with
  Jiron twice, you get a Skill Point.

After the second persuasion attempt, Elchi flees.  More angst for Jiron.
Rolan then rouses Kotoset, who's returned to sanity.  He demands to know who
messed up the bridge, and isn't receptive to the notion that he did it 
himself.  At least he's better now.

The question becomes what's going on with Elchi.  The fact that she's 
driving an Iron Gear-class ship and now sees you all as her enemies probably
means the Innocent are mind controlling her.  Jiron's surprised that this is
even possible, but Camille describes how back in your time the technology to
artificially amplify hatred to make someone fight was all too common.  Garode
asks if Elchi was made an Artificial Newtype like Karis; Camille doesn't think
so, since she wasn't piloting a Newtype-specific machine.  Meaning that even
if you wrecked her machine, you might not free her from the mind control.
In the worst-case scenario, her personality itself may have been altered.
Jiron wonders what the hell the Innocent think you all are, and Banjou says
that although it sounds hateful, they think of you all as guinea pigs.  Yes:
guinea pigs for the plans Biel was talking about to create a new kind of
humanity.  Jiron's figured out that it was probably Kashim King who had this
done to Elchi, and Banjou observes that he _really_ doesn't want you all
going to Yope Point.  Neither Jiron nor Garode will let anyone who plays
with people's minds get away with it, and Camille has started to wonder if
Rosamia might not be at Yope too.

Ryuune asks Pilin about her connection with the enemy battalion, saying that
she doesn't have to talk if she doesn't want to.  Pilin admits that Kyalone
is her sister.  Pilin used to be part of the Kyalone Breakers, but to test
her own abilities she left the group, some time before joining the 
resistance.  Pilin remembers her sister as always being wilful, but never
imagined that she'd join the oppressive Innocent.  Marvette warns that if
Pilin stays with you it'll mean fighting with her sister, but that's exactly
what Pilin wants: to lead her life her way if her sister intends to lead
it hers.  Else their separation will have no meaning.
Jamir recommends that your group stop heading directly for Yope.  He notes
that a lot of firepower seems to be concentrated there in the hands of people
who think nothing of toying with the human mind.  There's even the possibility
of facing multiple Artificial Newtypes.  He isn't saying to abandon the attack,
just to take the time to scout out the enemy first.  Burning can see the
merit to this: rushing headlong into the Innocent's home base may be a tad
reckless.  Focker, concerned about the prospect of facing numerous Iron Gear-
class landships, agrees with Jamir.  Just then "Kiel" interrupts the meeting,
saying that she has to meet Other Rank as soon as possible to start peace
talks on behalf of the Moon Race.  Bright understands this, but notes that
given that Diana isn't actually _here_, such talks are unlikely to occur.
Jamir disagrees, noting that there's only one person that the Diana Counter's
royal guard would accompany - and the captain of that guard has been 
accompanying your group.  Yup, the cat is out of the bag: "Kiel" is Diana
Sorel.  Go to 30.

30. INOSENTO wo Suberu Mono ["The Leader of the Innocent"]

Looks like the word has gotten around about Diana's identity, although some
of the crew have quicker ears than others.  Kid wonders why your crew isn't
all that surprised - Hyouma notes that one more princess or queen more or
less doesn't affect your all-star cast anymore.  Soshie can't figure out why
everybody's not bothered by having the enemy commander-in-chief onboard, and
figures that this is her only chance at vengeance for her father.  Just then
Tutti shows up, having heard about Soshie's loss.  She tells Soshie that while
she understands how Soshie must feel, there comes a time when she needs to
let go of her emotions.

Meanwhile, Jamir informs Tex that there's less uproar regarding Diana than
he expected.  Tex says that that figures, since there's few Militiamen here and
most everybody's from the past.  Although Tex is sure most of your people won't
be very surprised, he himself was greatly surprised: all the more so since he
had her helping with cleaning and tending to the sick.  Certainly not the
impression of the Queen of the Moon he had expected.  Both Tex and Jamir are
sure that Diana knows who they really are, but she hasn't said anything yet to
anyone.  Just then Puru comes in with an incredible headache.  She doesn't have
a fever - it may well be Newtype resonance...

Alan has just gotten back from scouting out Yope.  Yope is surrounded by
walker machines and landships - the Innocent plan on frontally assaulting your
group.  Quatro takes this to mean that the pacifist Other Rank is being 
held prisoner - meaning that peaceful negotiations to end the violence are
currently impossible.  The crew of the Iron Gear want to rescue Other Rank,
an action that Quatro notes will be irrevocable for your people.  Rescuing
Other means siding with the representative of forces trying to divide the
world, making the greater half of the world, plus the Kyouryuu, your enemies.
Not that this is anything new: you made most of _space_ your enemies in the
previous war.  Quatro reminds you that the environment is changed and says
that you all must not forget that you're in the future now.  Finally, Bright
decides to conduct an attack on Yope.

Burning says that your objective will be rescuing Other.  You needn't take
on all the Breakers, since without the Innocencts' money they should all just
run off.  Amuro announces that the operation will be two part: breaking into
the Dome, and rescuing Other once inside.  The first wave will fend off the
landships guarding the dome, and let your mothership inside - at which point
the second wave will emerge and rescue Other.  Too bad you don't have the
Macross to make this trivial.  There are two ways to do part 1: either an
assault with main force, or create a distraction to allow the Freeden to 
slip in on the sly.  The frontal assault will lead to fiercer fighting, and
the raid would be conducted by night (letting you use the satellite cannon).

  The Skill Point condition depends on this choice.  The frontal assault will
  require you to destroy all enemies; the raid requires getting the Freeden
  onto the Dome in six turns.  

  [With my usual psychopathy, I chose the former.]

Your people then discuss who will be in which wave: Jiron wants to be in the
first so he can confront Elchi again.  Puru has a very bad premonition -
Puru2 is probably close by.  As your people explain to Garode how Puru2 is a
Newtype fortified for battle, Camille realizes that Rosamia may well be here
too.  Puru is determined to save Puru2 this time, and Jiron is more than
happy to help Puru while trying to save Elchi.  Garode wants to help too to
return the favor of saving Tifa back when.

Bilam apologizes to Kashim for taking too long mustering the Breakers and 
letting the Irregulars approach Yope Point.  Kashim demands to know what 
good Bilam is as an Innocent if he can't control a few lousy Civilians, and
orders the Newtypes to be dispatched.  Bilam protests that they've been 
prepared to fight the Moon Race, but Kashim says that right now the Irregulars
are the bigger threat: they must be eliminated here.  Kashim thinks that
using Other's name he's now grabbed all the Innocent power - now he just
needs to get rid of the upstart Civilians and Irregulars.  He also thinks that
Agrippa won't be interested in the Earth if he can destroy Diana and the
Turn A - making Innocent rule absolute.

Gelaba informs his brother that the troops are now all deployed - Hoora gives
him one last warning to call him captain.  Hoora reminds Gelaba that they're
the last line of defense for Yope - if all goes well here they can name their
own reward.  Which in Hoora's case will be Elchi herself.  Gelaba is concerned
that Elchi is no longer the Elchi they knew, given how willful she's become.
Hoora just likes her more for it, but Gelaba persists and notes that there's
something too simpleminded about how she's acting.  Hoora is forced to agree,
and wonders what the Innocent did to her.  Elchi yells at them that there's
no more time for idle chat with the enemy coming, which Timp agrees with.
Hoora doesn't like hearing that from the stuck-up Timp.  Elchi informs all
the bad guys that your people are the ones disrupting the Innocent's order.
Bickman acknowledges that that's what your people are doing, and Elchi orders
all the warriors to turn the white snow here red with your blood.  Gretta
interrupts Elchi's speech with the news that your people are here.  After some
trash talk regarding Gretta's reappearance, Amuro points out that you have to
get to the most distant Dome.

  If Jiron fights with Hoora, he will hold Hoora responsible for handing
  Elchi over to the Innocent, orders or otherwise.  If you shoot him down,
  he and Gelaba will show up in their Walker Machines.

  Once you kill enough of the enemies, more will appear near the Domes.  On
  3.5, the Queen Mansa will appear with Puru2 in it.  She's been mind 
  controlled and doesn't recognize you all.  Puru is worried that Puru2 has
  closed off her heart, and that Persuading her might not work - Judou says
  that if that happens all you have to do is blow up her MS and pull the
  cockpit free.  Have Judou go over and Persuade her - he'll ask what's 
  wrong and she'll tell him to begone from her sight.  Puru2 claims to have
  memories of you all wanting to kill her - memories from the Neo Jion and
  the Titans that are all swirling within her mind.  Puru2 will deny Judou's
  attempt (and will cast Kiai too!) but Camille and Four tell Judou not to
  give up.  What you have to do now is blow away the Queen Mansa and save
  Puru2.  When you do so, Judou will manage to salvage the cockpit block,
  with an unconscious but unharmed Puru2 still inside.

  Have Jiron go over and Persuade Elchi.  She'll call him rude, telling him
  he's getting too fresh.  He tells her it's fine for her to be this cool,
  but urges her to come back to the Iron Gear.  She won't buy it, deciding to
  crush him with her Gear Gear.  It transforms, so your only option now is to
  wreck it and extract Elchi by force.

  Hoora in his walker machine is worth a High Performance Gasoline Engine.
  Puru2 is worth a Psychoframe.  Timp is worth a High Powered Radar.  Elchi is
  worth a Large Generator.  See above for Skill Point conditions.

When you defeat Elchi, she runs off into the dome, and Jiron pursues her.
Your flagship will then automatically pull up to the dome, and the designated
group of units will enter.  Dowas then informs Bilam that the Irregulars
have infiltrated.  Bilam orders Timp and Kyalone sent to intercept, granting
permission to use the Brickaly.  He then pauses, asking what block the
Intruders are in - the block Other is in.  Realizing now what your people are
after, Bilam freaks and orders the Androids sent in at once.  Kashim belays
the order, saying that it's not necessary.  He says that Other may as well
be cast off, and impatiently orders Bilam to prepare to evacuate.  Kashim
tells Bilam that Other can't survive outside the Dome, so nothing will come
of your people taking him away.  Kashim repeats the order to hurry, and tells
Bilam to ready "that" item.  Dowas is worried that "that" item will wipe out
Yope Point entirely, but Kashim doesn't care so long as it takes your people
with it.

Your people have made it to the core of the Dome, where Other is certain to
be.  Focker notes that the higher-ups around here seem to be guarding this
area especially tightly - a very telltale sign to Focker and not Hikaru.
Basically, Focker is acting on intuition.  Max detects lifesigns at a 
designated spot on the map.  That's the most probable spot for Other to be
in.  Focker thinks it's too poorly defended for a VIP's location - it could
be a trap.  Well, for the time being head for it anyway.

  Lots of bad guys, lead by Kyalone, pop out on 2.5.  Pilin and Kyalone are
  as always on bad terms.  When you kill enough of the bad guys, Timp will
  pop out again in a new model machine similar to the Xabungle and Galia:
  the Broccoli!  He's determined to kill of Jiron and become the hero.

  In containers are 800 Blue Stones, a Super Repair Kit, and a Super Alloy Z.
  Timp is worth a High Accuracy Targeting System.  Park someone on the first
  glowing floor grating for either the nu-Gundam HWS or the Hi-nu Gundam(!!).

When you either defeat all the enemies or make your way to the spot, your
people find what seems to be a deserted area - until Other comes out to meet
you.  He introduces himself as the leader of the Innocent, and your people
find him to be much better looking than they figured.  _*MUCH*_ better 
looking.  Jiron notes that all gorgeous characters seem to get this treatment,
and hastily notes that this is no time for "sightseeing".  He tells Other
that Kashim is trying to rule the Civilians, and that he's just being used.
Focker adds that Diana Sorel wants to meet him, and that she's here with you.
Other wants to meet her and start peace talks right away - looks like Biel
was right about him.  Other asks for Jiron's name, triggering the girls
squabbling about introducing themselves too.  Other has indeed heard of Jiron
from Biel - that Jiron is the exemplary strong Civilian for the new era.
Other has been waiting a long time for Jiron to appear...

Focker informs Torres that Other has been safely recovered.  Diana is 
relieved that peace talks can go forward.  Torres then tells bright that Judou
and the others have successfully recovered the pilot of the Queen Mansa
(Puru2).  Tex tells Judou that Puru2's life is out of danger and that she's
currently asleep with a sedative.  He can't say anything about the prospects
for reversing her mind control until he observes her for a while.  Puru
however is sure that Puru2 is fine, which Tifa agrees with [Tifa??  When did we
get her back????]  Now everyone is back together!  Go to 31.

[btw, if you Persuaded Puru2 all three times, she should have the original
Quberay - if you Persuaded her 1-2 times, she'll have a Quberay Mk. II, and
if you didn't Persuade her at all she'll have no machine at all.]

31. Tenchi wo Yaku Tsurugi ["The Sword That Burns Heaven and Earth"]

Olba thinks that the destruction of Yope Point means the end of the Innocent.
Shagia disagrees, noting that Yope isn't the Innocents' home base - just one
more of their numerous Points.  According to Moon Race records, the true
home base is somewhere in the far distant Aegia continent.  On that 
continent are ruins where slumber ancient, taboo weapons - in other words,
numerous Lost Mountains.  Assuming Kashim and the rest are still alive, that's
surely where they went.  Olba is worried about letting the Innocent go free
to obtain that forbidden power, but Shagia is determined to head back to the
Moon with Tifa for now when their ride arrives.  Which means - the time has
come to break the seal on the Moon's D.O.M.E., the demon sleeping in the
Moon Cradle.  If they can obtain that power, they'll be invincible.

  [Oh, we didn't get Tifa back after all.  CONTINUITY!!]

Saegusa tells Bright that all the mecha taken from Yope Point's hangars are
now aboard.  The remaining Breakers have already fled the vicinity, 
presumably due to their meal ticket getting revoked as Pilin had predicted.
Torres is concerned that the J9 might do the same thing, but Poncho's been
paid in full by Banjou so there's no need to worry about that.  The Innocent
haven't done anything flashy after the raid - they may have run off entirely.
This bothers Bright, given that the Innocent's main base and leader are now
in your hands.  Just then you detect a battleship descending from above,
accompanied by MS's.  Bright, realizing it's the Moon Race, orders all 
examination of the Dome halted and sends your people out to battle.

This is the "ride" that the Frost brothers were waiting for.  As your people
pop up, Olba confirms for Garode that he's got Tifa.  Looks like the Frost
brother's weren't on Hoora's side after all.  They inform Garode that they're
going to the Moon to introduce Tifa to a certain demon, and Jamir and Diana
know exactly where they're headed: the Moon Cradle.  Your people are surprised
that the Moon Cradle is indeed still operational, and Shagia tells Olba to
hurry ahead to the ship.  You've got to reduce Olba to less than 10% of his
HP without shooting him down (if you do, Tifa will die).

  In containers are 10,000 credits, a Minmei Doll, 20,000 credits, and 500
  Blue Stones.  If you reduce Olba to 10% of his HP, you get a Skill Point and
  end the battle.  Shagia is worth a Minovsky Craft, and if you kill him
  Olba will get Iron Wall and Concentrate cast on himself.  If Olba reaches
  the flagships the battle is over.

  [By the way, it occurred to me during this battle that Garode can mysteriously
  use the Satellite Cannon despite Tifa being held hostage by the bad guys.
  Can we say... CONTINUITY!!!]

Olba will flee to the Moon, telling you to come to the Moon after him to 
get Tifa back, if you can...  Just then Torres detects a very high heat 
signature from within the Dome.  Just then one of Kashim King's replica
Garuda ships shows up, which Other explains.  It's Kashim in the flesh, and
Bilam tells him that "it" is set for five turns.  Elchi asks what "it" is,
but Bilam tells her she doesn't need to know.  Kashim intends to wipe Yope
point and all of you.  You've got to get out _fast_, since he intends to
use the sword once said to burn the Heavens and the Earth: nukes!  Bright
orders Torres to plot course out now, and Diana is appalled that the Innocent
who rule the Earth would resort to nuclear weapons.  Little idiot Soshie
thinks that nukes are just some other kind of bomb and wants your people to
follow the Moon Race and the Innocent, but Rolan tells her that a single 
nuke could wipe out all of Nox.  She thinks you should just erect a barrier
or something, but given the hundreds of years of poisoning that will follow
there's no time for fighting.

  Send everybody to the edge of the map as fast as you can.

Just as you confirm that all your people made it out, the bomb goes off.
Haley is positive it was a nuke, the dawn at midnight that according to
Diana should never be permitted to exist.  Sara informs Jamir that while
Yope Point is totally destroyed, the Freeden is basically intact.  Jamir
tells her that the Innocent dug these weapons up in Galia, most likely with
the mobile suits.  Tonia thinks the Innocent must be insane to use nukes
here, and Jamir recalls that nukes weren't even used in the last great war.
Looks like the Innocent will stop at nothing to maintain their dominance.
Tex calls Jamir aside to tell him something about Other, and the bridge bunnies
can't help themselves from going and sneaking a peak at this supposedly 
great looking guy.

Tex tells Jamir that Other doesn't have long to live - his condition is
rapidly deteriorating and even with drugs he won't last more than a few days.
This is probably due to coming into contact with the environment outside a
dome, which fits Banjou's memories of Biel's chat about the great disaster
that befell the Earth.  In short, the Innocent who haven't been genetically
engineered like Jiron can't live outside - the weakest life forms on this
planet.  Jamir then wants to know why the Innocent were living outside the
Domes at Photo Seven; presumably there's some environmental difference 
between the two continents.  Banjou advises using the antibiotics onboard
the Argama, but you can't leave the Innocent or the Frost brothers and
their demon on the Moon alone either.  Banjou asks what Jamir knows about
the Moon Cradle, which was called that even back in your day.  Jamir says
that the Moon Cradle is an ancient hibernation facility (which Banjou knows
since he was involved in building it).  Jamir and the medic are now astounded
as Banjou tells them of its purpose to preserve the populace and to power
the Aegis Project with its microwave transmitters.  Now the Moon Cradle is
a forbidden area that noone is allowed near.  This is because of the
facility called the D.O.M.E. and the demons who guard it - and it is said
that all of the Black History is sealed within the D.O.M.E.  Banjou thinks
that no "D.O.M.E." existed in the Moon Cradle in the past.

Other has now gotten over his initial hesitance over Jiron's appearance, and
now knows what he must do.  Jiron's very existence is proof of the progress
of the Galian Civilians.  In short, the time has come for the Innocent to
transfer the reins of power to Jiron and others like him, just as once
happened in North Ameria.  Other accepts the responsibility for Kashim not
going along with that.  As Jiron leaves Other's room, he encounters quite a
throng eager for a glimpse of Other... all women.  He has to point out to
them that Other's not a tourist attraction, and Haley finally comes on the
scene to show Diana in to Other.

As Diana introduces herself, Other begs her forgiveness for his appearance.
Both compliment each other on how good they look.  Both of them have a very
heavy duty leading their people.  So that this meeting, hundreds of years
in the making, not come to naught, both sides have to do what they must.
Which means you'll split your group in two.  One group will go to space to
stop the Frost brothers and their boss Ginganam from seizing the power of
the D.O.M.E. and to rescue Tifa.  This group will use the Ral Kairam to
get to space.  However, since Kashim and the others are heading for X-Point
and since the Kyouryuu are still up to something, much more extensive scouting
has to be done on Earth.  Masaki relays something troubling to Bright that
Wendy said, regarding Meigas and Egret who you all met at S-Point.  She 
feels that they're hiding something very important from you all - something
was behind Meigas's hospitality.  She feels that you need to check them out
more, especially since Meigas's technology didn't seem like that of the rest
of the world - Meigas may be an Irregular like yourselves.  Although you
don't have the time to spare to return to S-Point, Amuro notes that you'll
have to ask many more questions should you meet up with them again - assuming
they're not hostile towards you.  The team splits are announced.  To go to
the Moon, to go 32M.  To go to X-Point, go to 32X.

32M. Tobe, Uchuu E  ["Fly, To Space"]

In the lunar city of Genganam, Agrippa is receiving a report from Midgald 
that "that" Newtype has been captured.  She's already been taken into space
by the Ginganam fleet, and according to Shagia's report she's already begun
to respond to the D.O.M.E.  Unfortunately for them, the Turn A is still 
intact despite Kashim's use of nukes.  Agrippa is shocked that Kashim actually
played the nuclear card, calling Kashim a foolish Earthling and a mere
barbarian incapable of abandoning his fighting instincts.  And all for naught
considering the Turn A is still intact... apparently the barbarians really
do need to be sealed on the Earth for all time.  Midgald asks if Ginganam
has successfully booted up the Turn X, but Agrippa inquires instead about the
whereabouts of the real Diana Sorel (still hanging out with those pesky
Irregulars at last examination).  Midgald is acting separately from the rest
of the fleet, currently at Nox in North Ameria.  Agrippa orders him to bring
the root of all the misfortune and fighting, Diana, to Genganam - this is
insurance to keep the Diana Counter (fortified for duty on the Earth) from
reinvading the Moon.  Although the Soreiyu and the Almeier are incapable of
leaving the Earth's atmosphere, the possibility of Boosters being dug up in
the Mountain Cycles can't be ignored.  With the GX and the Turn A on the
scene, there's little to prevent a reenactment of the Black History - save
possibly Ginganam's Turn X.

Just then Agrippa gets a guest: Carmen Carmen.  He tells her how the
Irregulars have split in two, with one group proceeding unopposed into space.
Carmen wants to rest up a bit and wait for the Irregulars to arrive.  She
reassures Agrippa however that she'll act the moment they threaten peace on
the Moon - after all, she's here for a rematch...

Your people are nearing North Ameria, where the Diana Counter are seemingly
holding their peace.  Gyaban wonders how the Militia and queen Lily are
doing, and Gwen contacts you with news that the Militia are nearby.  Jamir
notes that this is quite far from Kingsley - does this mean...?  Yes: the 
Ral Kairam was stolen by the Diana Counter.  Does this mean you can't get to
space any more?  Well, at least it's (theoretically) not Gwen's fault since
his mechanical doll pilots all fought to the best of their ability.  The
Ral Kairam's currently in the Diana Counter's stronghold at Nox, and Garode
is getting all whiny about being unable to go save Tifa.  Monsha informs him
that he gives up too fast: when something's stolen, all you've gotta do is
steal it back.  That goes for both Tifa and the Ral Kairam.  Like duh.  Gwen
is sure something can be worked out if Loora is back, but Lily cautions him
against counting on Loora too much.  (S)he isn't an angel after all, but
rather a young, beautiful panther [say _what_????]  Lily thinks neither Gwen
nor Rolan may have noticed yet, but this young panther's sharp claws may one
day rend Gwen to pieces.  Gwen is looking forward to this. [Yeah, I _bet_ he

Despite the danger, Diana wants to return to the Soreiyu to buy your people
a little time to steal back the Ral Kairam.  Quatre asks if she's planning
to return to the Moon - she notes that there are some very ambitious people
around here, excepting your people of course.  Rolan wonders if she's 
talking about Gwen, and Diana says that letting such people get to the Moon
would be dangerous.  But above all, you've got to save Kiel and Tifa, and
prevent Ginganam or Agrippa from breaking the D.O.M.E.'s seal.  Rolan 
protests that it's far too dangerous to return to the Soreiyu under the
circumstances, but Haley says that he'll be accompanying her.  Rolan still
has reservations, but Diana reminds him that he should have learned by now
how meaningless fighting between Earthlings and the Moon Race is.  For the
two races to unite, somebody must first pave the road, which is what Diana
plans to do first.  She's learned a lot by hanging out with your people,
of the history of the Earth and Moon, and of battle and those who fight it.
She plans to totally rethink the Earth homecoming project.  And, after all,
she can't leave Kiel holding the bag forever.  She's grateful for all she's
learned, and asks Rolan to keep his wide heart as an Earthling.  Rolan
agrees, and asks Haley to take good care of Diana.

According to Militia reports, the Diana Counter have unearthed a Booster in
Kingsley, presumably one capable of escape velocity.  Isaac figures it's 
only to be expected that multiple atmospheric exit vehicles would be buried
in the same place.  Just then, Noin reports that Diana and Haley have
returned to the Soreiyu, apparently to forbid the Diana Counter from entering
combat.  Your people are aghast, but realize after a moment that the 
temporary confusion of her return may well give you the chance you need to 
steal back the Ral Kairam.  Zechs is worried about one thing - the enemy
may stuff Diana into the Ral Kairam and flee to space when you attack.  You'd
better have some way of pursuing if this occurs: machine with power to
exit the atmosphere if necessary.  Those would be the Tallgeese III, the
Wing Zero Custom, the YF-19 and -21, the DX-G Falcon combo, and the Buraistar.
Those members are to be sent to space first, with Isaac agreeing to go too
as long as there's a contract in it.  Bright considers a moment, and then
says that the contract holder will be the Hazan foundation, planning to take
the matter up with Banjou later since he has no cash to spare at present.
Burning is sent to prepare the other pilots for the assault on Nox.

Meanwhile at Nox, Midgald is demanding one of the Diana Counter's ships,
on orders by Agrippa to take Diana to the Moon.  Milan demands to know if 
the steward of the lunar metropolis has the authority to order Diana around,
to which Midgald responds with the rumor that the Diana currently here is an
imposter.  Fil chimes in that if Midgald wants a ship he should just use
one from the Ginganam fleet, but Midgald claims that he can't do that and
that he hasn't a moment to waste.  Midgald already knows of the Booster that
the Diana Counter has unearthed, which Milan offers to attach to the Ral
Kairam for Midgald's use.  Midgald's still not satisfied, but just then Po
bursts in with a report that the real Diana has returned to the Soreiyu.
Fil is furious, promising to head directly to the occupation camp outside
the city.  Midgald thinks that this is all too convenient...

Kiel and Diana have their reunion, thanking each other for their hard work.
Diana thanks Kiel for stepping up to the plate so well and keeping the Diana
Counter from committing any major sins.  She's sure Kiel had all sorts of
trouble learning about people, military operations, and so forth, and tells
Kiel not to talk up to her.  Kiel managed it by reading lots via the computer,
including some of Diana's private data - she now knows that artificial life
extension via hibernation isn't all wine and roses.  Diana points out that
not everything about her is in the records - she had a lot of fun in her
past.  Just then Haley comes in, informing Kiel that he kept his promise to
protect Diana and telling Diana that Fil's here.  Diana resolves to see him
right away and fulfill her mission.  But before that, she and Kiel resolve
to change back to their proper clothing.

Fil is telling Diana that she should step aside now that nukes have been
used.  While the Diana Counter wasn't prepared to use them unilaterally, 
things are now different.  Diana points out that that contract was made
between her and the sixth Other Rank, but Fil says that she's too powerless
against her enemies on Earth, not to mention Agrippa and Ginganam.  He also
points out that because of her various Moon Race on the lunar metropolis 
dispatched lifelines to the great unknown mass of the D.O.M.E.  Diana asks
what sort of political order Fil intends to create if she abdicates - he
plans to wipe out anyone who opposes Moon Race living on the Earth with
military force, and plans to rule the Earthlings.  In short, the Moon Race
would become an uber-royalty above the Innocent and the Civilians.  Diana
informs him that that will lead to even greater bloodshed than has already
been seen.  Fil would agree if the enemy were humans just like the Moon Race,
but there are also strange, misshapen things emerging from the bowels of the
Earth too.  If someone doesn't assume order by force of arms and take out
these beings, all of humanity is doomed - he thinks.  Diana is sure that the
so-called Irregulars will take care of this part, believing that that's why
they appeared in this age in the first place.  Fil claims that things only
got this bad because the Moon Race didn't attack the Innocent in the first
place - and given that it was Diana herself who wanted to return to Earth it
would be best to carry the return out as soon as possible.  Fil won't tolerate
any more hesitation from her.  Diana in turn informs him that she won't
abdicate, making him ask if she's threatening him.  She says that lunacy
like uber-royalty would merely be a historical throwback, and tells him that
if he utters such words again she'll have him executed.  As Fil gapes in
shock, a peon comes in to report that the Irregulars are attacking Nox.
Realizing that they're after the Ral Kairam, Fil orders the Soreiyu to head
there immediate, at full battle stations.  Diana orders a reluctant Haley to
guard Kiel, who is in the greatest danger now that Diana has returned home.
She orders him to wait for his chance and take her out of her, which he
finally accepts.

The J9 note that the booster's already attached to the Ral Kairam - seemingly
the preparations to return "Kaguya-hime" to the Moon are all set.  Bowie
finds this to be an unusually nice example coming from Kid, but your people
now have to swing into action.  After a bit more banter and the usual "don't
let those goddamn Irregulars get near until preparations for launch are done",
the J9 have a little discussion where it's decreed that Bowie will have to
pay to fix the Ral Kairam if it gets shot down, making him an indentured
servant for the rest of his life.  Kid agrees to be careful, but notes that
Hiiro should probably be told the same thing lest he start blasting with his
Twin Buster Rifle.  Bowie sees the logic in this, and begs Hiiro to be
careful (Hiiro tells him to mind his own business).  Paula then asks if it's
okay to begin now, and Isaac says sure.  Shoot down everything but the Ral
Kairam, and do it within 8 turns lest it blast off.  Oh, and you can't shoot
down the Soreiyu either because Diana is probably aboard it.

  On 2.0, the Soreiyu and some guards appear.  Rolan hopes Diana and Kiel are
  okay - in fact, Haley brings Kiel out with him just then.  Kiel asks why
  Haley saved only her, and given that Diana's in the most danger asks him to
  return to the Soreiyu.  Haley notes that both she and Diana are giving him
  similar orders, and he sadly can't heed her.  She asks him to take her to
  Rolan and the others, and then head to the Moon before Milan and the others
  start acting so that Agrippa's wrong actions can be corrected.  He thinks
  this is a good idea, but wonders momentarily whether this is the real Diana
  or Kiel.  He realizes that returning to the Soreiyu would let him save
  Diana but might mean fighting his allies.  At that moment Po denounces his
  treachery of fleeing the Soreiyu not once but twice.  He tells her to go
  meet some better man than he, so she can become a better woman.  Po can't
  comprehend this, and orders both Haley and Kiel shot down together.

  On 2.5, Enil shows up, thinking that this is her last chance since the
  Irregulars are heading to the Moon.  Your people recognize her, and she
  tells Garode that she's going to settle everything today.  Her duel with
  him, and her feelings for him.  Garode tells her he has neither the time
  nor the inclination to fight her, since he's got to head to the Moon to
  save Tifa.  Enil remembers Tifa, and figuring that she's Garode's true love
  resolves to kick Garode's ass.  Have Garode Persuade her (you won't be
  able to unless you've met the previous conditions for recruiting her).
  Garode will repeat that he doesn't want to fight her - and she doesn't want
  to fight him either.  However, since he turned her down once she doesn't
  want to forgive him.  He tells her he's not like when she met him - he's
  made friends he can believe in, and a home he can return to.  He wants
  Enil to experience that too.  She asks if he's asking her to become his
  comrade - he is, and asks her to come with him.  She tells him that her
  feelings for him are too painful for her to just accept his proposal.  If
  she can't kill him, she at least wants to pay him back... she tells him to
  go forth, and she'll back him up.

  On 3.5, Koren shows up to cause more trouble.  You can try to persuade him
  with Rolan if you've got him.  Since I didn't take the Turn A path and 
  missed a Persuasion anyway, I just blew him clean out of the water.

  In containers are 20,000 credits and 400 Blue Stones.  Fil is worth a
  Thruster Module.  Defeat all enemies within six turns (instead of eight)
  for a Skill Point.

When you wipe out all the bad guys (except of course for the Soreiyu and
the Ral Kairam), Milan will be astounded that the Diana Counter could be so 
easily obliterated.  Isamu informs him that it's all due to differing amounts
of battle experience - after all, your dudes have mixed it up with an entire
alien army.  With the first stage of the operation now complete, Omachi opens
up a com channel and orders the Soreiyu to stand down immediately.  Milan
figures that the only way to protect Diana now is to flee, but if he does
that, he'll be...  Kiel figures that the battle between the Militia and the
Diana Counter is over, which Haley concurs with.  Now all he has to do is
bring back Diana from the Soreiyu... except for a certain Almeier, with an
atmospheric escape-capable Booster on it.  Midgald is on it of course, and
thanks Milan for buying him time.  Milan thought Midgald was on the Ral
Kairam, but Midgald thought since the Irregulars were obviously after it, it
was a better idea to take the Almeier.  Diana is indeed with Midgald, and
plans to head to the Moon to negotiate directly with Agrippa.  She promises
however to return, since the Earth is her homeland.  Midgald bids farewell
to Haley, noting that he'll be a step ahead of him on the way to the Moon.
As the Almeier reaches escape velocity, Milan takes the opportunity to flee.
Haley is FURIOUS, vowing that he'll reincarnate millions of times if necessary
to exact his vengeance if they ever do anything to make Diana cry.  A few of
your people are amazed at your failure, but Garode (now) won't give up.  He
vows to follow them in the DX-G Falcon.  Jamir agrees, and Isaac tells all
the prearranged members to get it in gear.  Time to show off how studly all
your machines are.  Those left behind get to yell out "Fly!"  "FLYYYYY!!!"

Meanwhile, the remaining enemy seem to have abandoned Nox and headed Northeast.
Your people are nearly caught up to the fleeing Almeier, which is nearly 
outside the atmosphere.  Gwen is happy that Ingressa is free from the Diana
Counter's yoke.  After all, Northeast is out of Ingressa and Rushaana - where
the heck could they be going.  Gwen wants to thank Bright, but Bright says
that rather than thanks your people need the Ral Kairam.  Gwen agrees to lend
him some Militiamen to help make ready to launch it.

Judou and Katsu are thinking that lots went wrong this time around, but Ruu
tells them not to slack off lest Garode and the others become unreachable.
Kakizaki then asks the two of them to bring the trailer around, since he just
found a Valkyrie Superpack while searching for Booster parts.  It has probably
been stored along with the exoatmospheric stuff.  Since you're going to space
now, you'll be able to use the Supervalkyries.  Kakizaki also found something
that looked like parts for the V2, possibly the Buster Parts.

The Frost brothers are about to contact Ginganam's ship.  Swesson Stelo's
Mahirow brigade are approaching now, which Olba doesn't like since that man
offends his artistic sensibilities.  They inform Tifa that they're going to
be taking her with them to the Moon Cradle... where the D.O.M.E. is.  Shagia
plans to have her break the D.O.M.E.'s seal.  She however tells him that
she's going home - home to the person who she cares for.  Go to 33M.

32X. Sugata Naki Kyouryuu Kuubaku-dan ["The Formless Kyouryuu Bomber Squadron"]

Insert the Agrippa conversations with Midgald and Carmen Carmen from 32M.
Meanwhile, the General has heard that your people have split in two: one half
heading to space and the other half to Aegea.  The general remembers a fierce
fight with the Ancestors there once.  It's always been a land of hardships
for the Kyouryuu, and Goll notes that they can't approach carelessly because
of the high probability that "that" is slumbering there.  However, they
can't let slide the fact that the ship with Getter and Mazinger is approaching
the place.  Goll orders Bat to use the Megazaurus Guda to attack the humans,
and without fail to take down Getter, Mazinger, and Reideen.   As Bat runs 
off to start the attack, Goll is sure "that" plan will work out great.  Gorgon
isn't so sure, and decides to use "that" now just to be on the safe side.

In northeastern Galia, Banjou is asking Other how much warpower is at X-
Point.  Like Yope Point, X-Point is built at a Mountain Cycle - you can
expect it to have even more clout than Yope had.  After all, it _is_ the
real HQ of the Innocent.  Masato isn't worried, figuring it'll just be more
walker machines and MS's, but Other informs him that it won't be that easy.
Eastern Aegea has long been considered a forbidden land due to the numerous
Lost Mountains there.  I.e. places where very dangerous weapons are stored.
Moreover, it's the first place where the ancestors of the Innocent landed,
and also the first militarized part of Zora...

Maria apparently got really psyched to make dinner, and invites some of the
others outside to share it with her in the nice weather.  Kouji passes,
still worried about Sayaka, Musashi, Ryuusei, etc.  He thanks Maria anyway
and asks her to invite him again sometime later.  Maria's worried that she
said something insensitive to Kouji, but Masaki's sure he'll bounce back
fast, having known him for a while.  He asks Mari to take some of Maria's
dinner to Kouji later.  Just then Presia shows up with a message: Wendy and
Senia need to talk something over with the Elemental God-Machine folks.
It seems that Wendy and Senia have readjusted the Elemental God-Machine's
plana converters.  The rationale is that spiritual power is much weaker here
on the surface (usually) than in Ra-Gias - so by upping the power on the
plana converters the God-Machines are now much closer to their full potential.
For instance, Masaki gets his Ranbu no Tachi back!  Yang Lone notes that
while he hasn't fully mastered the power of the fire spirit Granba, he may
yet have the chance to try out a little trick he's been working on.  Presia
has some ideas in mind from her father and from Gennajy, and Tutti has
something in mind too.  Mio realizes that this all means she's got to come
up with something or other too.  Sadly for Ryuune, something's been wrong
with the Valcione R lately - she can't use her Engetsu Sappou attack.  Well,
Wendy fixed that right up, surprising Ryuune greatly.  Ryuune is forced to
admit glumly to herself that Wendy really is a good person, and that she's
got to really buckle down herself if she wants Masaki's affections.  Masaki
then cautions Wendy against pushing herself too hard, which Wendy thanks him
for and notes that their old roles of worrier and worry-ee have been reversed.
Ryuune notes that the two of them are getting awfully cozy, and tries 
interjecting that she's been feeling poorly herself, but Masaki figures she
merely gave herself a stomachache and tells her to get some medicine from
the medic.  Ryuune's not pleased with the difference in sympathy level, Masaki
can't figure out why, and Mio figures out that Ryuune's _really_ not going to
have an easy time...  Anyway, the group decides to test their machines by
heading to the next valley up ahead.

Yang Lone suggests testing your newfound powers out on a nearby cliff.  Mio
tells her eager familiars that she's already got her new certain-death move
figured out, and it even has a name!  Masaki figures out that they're really
in for it with whatever Mio came up with, but just then Geri detects some
kind of machines on the inbounds.  As Tutti's wolves search for their IFF
signals, Masaki's cats indulge in a little species rivalry and announce that
they've already got the answer.  As the two bicker back and forth, the results
finally show up.  It's Viletta, who's been training Ryuusei and is now ready
for his final attack.  Viletta dodges it and manages to take Ryuusei down...
for the twelfth time in a row.  She informs him that he isn't bringing his
machine to its full potential yet, and he's still got the bad habit of 
relying too much on power to beat back his opponents.  She tells him that,
SRX aside, counting too much on one's machine's power will get him killed
some day.  With the SRX project cancelled, she tells him that if he wants to
go on as a Personal Trooper pilot he's got to learn how to master any machine
quickly - if he can't, he'd be better off leaving the PT squad.  Ryuusei thinks
that she's as strict as ever, and she does offer that his timing was nice
with his last footwork.  Ryuusei is glad for her occasional praise, and recalls
sparring with his commander once before, as well as mixing it up with his
former commander for real during the Balmar War.  Viletta then announces
that it's time to meet up (meet up with who, Ryuusei asks).  Masaki and 
Ryuusei are very glad to see each other.  Ryuusei tells Masaki how the two
of them have been wandering all over the continent in search of the others
(just like Ryuune).  He goes on to explain how Viletta's been drilling him as
a PT pilot via special training - Mio expected something like grabbing a 
spinning drill barehanded or living for months in rooms with aberrant gravity,
but Ryuusei says that that's what a certain superhuman ball team does, not
him.  Just then, the enemy show up to spoil things.  It's some Megazauruses
passing by, and there's a lot of them well ahead of you.  Of course, they're all
headed for the Iron Gear, so your dudes have to haul ass back to it.

The Xabungle lackeys have just returned from shopping to find Banjou musing
over all the Lost Mountains in Aegea.  Apparently Banjou gave them some tips
that helped them get great bargains.  Banjou's glad that his business acumen
is appreciated, noting that he's had a lot of odd jobs here and there.  Kotoset
asks Banjou if he'd be willing to go into business with him once Elchi is
saved.  Banjou appreciates the sentiment, but points out that if return to
his own time is possible he'd like to do so.  Jiron and the crew are meanwhile
outside enjoying the nice weather, which Banjou thinks is good every once in
a while.

Ragu is impressed that Eastern Galia isn't just unending desert.  As your
people enjoy the weather and the nice cool water, Maria unveils the evening
menu: sauteed sand lizards!  The normally overenthusiastic Boz blanches at
this, but Chiru thinks they look great (they are in fact Maria's specialty).
Akira cautions against letting your guard down too much, since the enemy might
strike at any time, but Ragu tells him to get out of his flight suit and 
enjoy dinner already.  Chiru is chowing down, but Akira admits that he's not
very good with lizards (this makes Maria a little sad).  Jiron has been stewing
off to one side, presumably over Elchi.  As Ragu ponders that, unseasonable
clouds start piling up - looks like a thunderstorm is brewing.  Chiru gleefully
advocates heading back to the Iron Gear before catching cold - a superstition
that apparently survives to this day.  Just then Maria spies something heading
in from afar - it's Masaki and crew with an urgent warning about the enemy.  In
fact, a flying lizard just popped out of thin air.  It blasts the Iron Gear,
and then abruptly vanishes.  Kotoset chides the lookouts for not giving better
warning, but Burume notes that there was nothing to warn of.  There's no
radar signature either.  Anyway, with the enemy here, you've got to sortie.
Bat pops out again, boasting of the Kyouryuu's fabled Formless Bombers - can
your people withstand attacks they can't see on radar or with their own eyes?
As he orders the Megazauruses to attack and vanishes again, Kotoset notes
that Engineering took a hit and that transformation or motion is now 
impossible.  Alan tells your people to wait for Bat to reappear, since you 
know he's after the Iron Gear.  Masato notes that this isn't a game of 
whack-a-mole, but Shinobu's all fired up to play whack-a-lizard instead.

  On 1.5, Bat comes out and shoots at the Iron Gear some more.  Jiron wants
  to just randomly start firing missiles, but Tetsuya tells him it won't do
  any good.  Isn't there anything to be done??  On 2.0, Kosaku has figured
  out that Bat is using the electricity in the clouds to elude radar, as well
  as controlling the surrounding atmosphere to conceal his appearance.
  Meaning you've got to get rid of the clouds (which probably came from the
  Kyouryuu in the first place) so you can see Bat.  Kosaku figures that there
  must be some gadget in the vicinity to make the clouds form that fast.
  Akira scans for Kosaku, turning up more bad guys including four Zen II with
  the gadget on them.  You've only got five more turns to take them all out.

  In a container are 20,000 credits.  In the Mountain Cycle there is a 
  Solar Panel.  Kill all enemies w/in six turns, saving the Zen II's for last
  for a Skill Point.

  After this point, Bat comes over to attack directly, followed half a turn
  later by Gorgon.  Bat's not happy to see Gorgon, but Gorgon says he's here
  to save Bat's ass.  Your people are quite confident that the enemy can't 
  win head on, but Gorgon shows you Musashi and Sayaka, as well as Toppo and
  Beauty.  AND Sarumaru and Yasunishi.  Gorgon demands that you all disarm
  if you don't want to forfeit their lives.  Banjou ponders for a moment,
  and then announces to the Kyouryuu that he won't give into their demands
  any more.  He claims that while he's not cool enough to rescue the hostages
  AND defeat them, but that if it's a choice between dying by their filthy
  claws and pulling the trigger himself, he'll pull it.  He tells Beauty that
  he'll kill her swiftly, so she won't suffer.  Reika likes this idea, but
  Jiron thinks that Banjou's gone nuts.  Gorgon thinks Banjou's just playing
  games, but Banjou defies Gorgon to try and kill him as he is now.  Garrison
  (who's there too) warns Gorgon that Banjou is serious: that there was a
  case like this once before and Banjou didn't hesitate.  However... Banjou
  was so furious afterwards that he wiped out an entire army of Meganoids by
  himself.  Plus, this time there's also Kouji and Ryouma to worry about -
  won't it suck to be Gorgon after Garrison is dead?  He considers it quite
  impossible that Gorgon will live through what is about to follow...  Bat
  informs Gorgon that he's lost - that since the survivors of the Mikeene are
  few, he can't afford any losses here.  He tells the hostages to go free and
  announces that he's going to stage a frontal assault.  As Garrison thanks
  the enemy for their candor, the hostages escape.  Banjou commends the 
  general on actions worthy of his rank, and proceeds to fight fair and

  Bat is worth a Megabooster.  Gorgon is worth a Super Alloy Z.

Kotoset compliments Banjou on being a great negotiator but an even greater
actor.  Jiron agrees, but Banjou informs them that he was serious - Yasunishi
and the others aside, he really did intend to shoot Beauty and the others.
Of course, they were prepared for this from the outset - that's the sort of
ties they share.  Kouji meanwhile is really glad to see Sayaka and the others
back.  Musashi is also very glad to see Ryou et. al.  It seems that Musashi
and the others were wandering around near the ocean they were transported to
when they ran into Yasunishi's party.  And of course Gorgon caught them
afterwards.  Maria shows up just then with breakfast for them at Masaki's
request.  Sayaka takes this to mean that Kouji's gotten himself another
girlfriend in her absence, which Kouji insists is a misunderstanding.  And
of course, the menu is lizards again.  Ryou is a bit taken aback by this, 
and notes that even Musashi who underwent special training to overcome his
fear of bees is quailing at the sight.

Garrison admits to Banjou that he hadn't quite figured out what the Kyouryuu
are really after.  It seems the examinations at Zondarepta have turned up
something.  While you all know that some great calamity befell the world -
it's now clear that there was more than one.  They found two separate layers
containing what seem to be the remains of nanomachines.  Meaning that at the
very least there must have been three calamities.  Plus, it's now clear that
someone deliberately dispatched nanomachines to revitalize the infertile
ground.  Assuming that the first calamity was the gravity wave, what could
the other two have been?  Just then Banjou recalls the legend of Zora that
Meigas told you.  Once Zora was verdant and rich in water, but the wind that
came from beyond the sky wrought great misfortune.  Etc. etc.  The wind from
beyond the sky is indeed the gravity wave, and the demons beneath the earth
is presumably the Kyouryuu - who apparently made good their conquest: the
second calamity.  The people who fled to the Moon then were the ancestors of
the Moon Race and the Innocent.  And the battle that drove the demons back
underground, fought by the Saviors, was when the nanomachines were dispersed
to revive the land.  It seems that the legend of Zora ends before the third
calamity, and it doesn't make the identity of the nanomachine sowers clear.
But maybe Other knows the rest of the story.

In fact, he's heard the legend from his predecessors.  The third calamity,
still in the distant past, was the final battle between the Innocent and
the Moon Race (yes, the one that Jamir participated in).  This was a battle
where both sides expended all their power, using humanoid fighting machines
in the process - the most feared of which was the mecha that shone forth
the light from the Moon.  In short, the GX and its Satellite System once
burned the whole of Zora with fire.  And one machine struck the final blow
in the battle: a machine called the "Turn A" which reduced the entire Earth
to dust with the brilliance of its "Moonlight Moth".  Your dudes now begin
to realize just how deep the shit they're in may be...  Go to 33X.

33M. TAAN X Kidou  ("The Turn X Activates")

Agrippa is impatiently awaiting for the first blackout in the history of the
Moon Race to end.  When it does, Ginganam contacts him - telling him that he
managed to get the Turn X online but that he hadn't expected to cause this
much of a fuss.  Agrippa reminds him what blackouts to the lunar metropolis -
fewer people in hibernation to worry about, according to Ginganam.  Agrippa
digests this, and asks if Ginganam remembers why he was given the Turn X to
reactivate.  Of course, to take out the Turn A and the other Earthlings who
are coming to space.  This is the duty of the Ginganam family, passed down
over three hundred years.  Agrippa tells him in no uncertain terms that the
Moon itself must not be the stage upon which the coming battle plays out,
to which Ginganam responds that Agrippa would be better suited telling the
enemy that - he only intends to shoot at the invaders.  And of _course_ it's
all for peace on the Moon.  Agrippa asks him why, if he says that, he hasn't
brought Tifa before him.  Ginganam says that as Agrippa should know, one more
key is needed to break the seal on the D.O.M.E. - the key named Diana Sorel.
That queen is indeed scheduled to contact his fleet soon, something only 
natural for preserving the well-being of the queen.  Now the D.O.M.E., which
nobody in the fleet could approach for a thousand years, will be his to 
command, and the invasion of the Earth will be possible in a single day.
Agrippa doesn't seem to like the sound of this too much.

Ginganam isn't too happy with Agrippa's plan to keep him away from the D.O.M.E.
either, but figures that it won't matter.  Just then Shagia shows up with
Tifa, who doesn't seem to impress Marybell much.  Ginganam tells her to
handle Tifa with care, and informs her that unlike the imposter Category F's,
Tifa's powers are immense.  Shagia doesn't like hearing that, of course, and
although Marybell recalls that even outside of battle the Category F's made
fine citizens Ginganam is now of the opinion that their powers are unnecessary
in this day and age.  Because, as the Black History proves, humans can't 
cast off their will to fight!  Ginganam is looking forward to seeing the
three thousand year old dream come true.

Midgald informs Diana that they're now on course for Genganam.  She may be
made to reenter hibernation once more according to him, and she asks if she's
meant to die a quiet death while under.  He pretends to be shocked at this,
but Diana says that he's lying about something else too - they're not on
course for Genganam, but rather for the Ginganam fleet.  Diana's sharp
instincts tell her that it's not Agrippa who's behind all this, but Ginganam
himself, which Midgald accedes to.  She asks why people who tried more than
once to assassinate her are now bringing her back, and back to Ginganam 
instead of the lunar metropolis.  She realizes that they really are trying to
breach the D.O.M.E.'s seal.  Just then, your dudes show up in hot pursuit.
Isaac's plan is to surround the ship on all four sides and destroy its 
powerplant.  He warns your dudes not to let the ship out of the area, and
definitely not to attack it.

  On turn 3, Karis pops out willing to help you rescue Tifa from the Moon
  Race.  He's going to help pay for his past mistakes, and he isn't willing
  to see the flames of hope die out.

  You have to surround Midgald fast, since he'll start fleeing on turn 3 and
  if he reaches the edge of the map you loose.  When you reduce his ship to
  less than 30% of its HP, he'll be quite astounded as Diana and Isaac 
  announce his being checkmated.  Unfortunately, at that moment quite a few
  Ginganam troops pop out, led by Swesson and Ginganam himself.  Ginganam
  claims that he's here to escort Diana, but she's having none of it and
  figures this whole mess as Ginganam's doing.  He counters that the Ginganam
  family now has to clean up the mess that the Sorel family made - it's his
  role as part of the military family among the Moon Race.  The mess he's
  referring to is the invasion of the Earth by a civilian army - a task that
  should have been impossible from the outset.  Diana informs him curtly that
  what she was doing was a homecoming, not an invasion.  Ginganam plans to
  discuss that with her later, but for now he has to take her into protective
  custody.  He orders Midgald to use this chance to retreat with the queen to
  the Moon, and your people realize they have no chance to follow.  Marybell
  is overjoyed to see the white-winged Gundam, as well as the successor to
  the GX-9900.  Time for a clash between two mobile suits called X.  Despite
  Marybells's reservations, Ginganam plans to pilot the Turn X for the first
  time since the final battle in the last great war.  He tells Swesson to
  execute plan E Minor - Swesson's not happy to have been kept waiting (and
  he has no love for Midgald).  Apparently this plan has been 2500 years in
  the making, and Ginganam is planning to show why the military is better
  than civilians...

  On the next round, Marybell pops out, encouraging Ginganam greatly in the
  use of the Turn X.  Paula and Garode are quite surprised to see another 
  mobile suit with the moniker X, and Ginganam tells them that their machine
  is unworthy of the "X" label.  Garode fires back that while they both have
  X machines, _he_ has a _Double_X_ machine! [MUAHAHAHAHA!]

  If Guld attacks the Turn X, Ginganam realizes that the YF-21 has DNI controls
  just like the Turn X.  Guld is amazed that he can be analyzed so fast.  If
  Hiiro fights Marybell, she'll comment on how tight-lipped he is and vow to
  make him scream.  She'll say that she wants to have fun with Garode and his
  X machine if he attacks; he doesn't like how she keeps flitting around.

  Swesson is worth a Megabooster.  Marybell is worth a HPHGPG [you _want_
  these].  In a container is a Solar Panel.  Reduce the Turn X to 70% of its HP
  or less for a Skill Point, which will also cause it to retreat.  You only
  have a limited number of rounds to do this, and its Large HP Regen will cause
  it to regenerate all damage less than 30% at the beginning of each round...

When the Turn X leaves, your people are impressed at its power.  But what is
the connection between the Turn X and the Turn A?  Anyway, the Ral Kairam
makes its way out of the atmosphere and jettisons its Booster.  Your advance
squad is up ahead, and Bright orders them recovered immediately.  Isaac
apologizes for not being able to rescue Diana, but Kiel says that it's nobody's
fault.  Haley has heard that the Turn X was dug up in a Mountain Cycle on
the Moon - yes, they do exist.  The Ginganam army started excavating them on
its own initiative as soon as plans to return to Earth began.  Given how
Anaheim Industries and so forth were on the Moon in your own time, it sounds
like the Moon's Mountain Cycles probably contain all sorts of stuff.  And given
how the Moon Cradle still exists, this seems quite likely actually.  Gwen
thinks that by going to the Moon he can get more power for himself.  Bowie
has a bad feeling about that so-called Turn X mobile suit, and Guld reminds
you all of how it was analyzing his machine.  Could this mean that it's a MS
designed for use by Newtypes?  Probably not, but judging from this past
combat it seems to have a neural feedback system similar to the YF-21's, plus
something probably similar to the Psycommu.  In short, both it and its pilot
(Gim Ginganam) are bad news.  For one thing, Ginganam seems to have an
exceptionally long memory - plus there's no telling what this "E Minor" thing
was except that it certainly wasn't a guitar chord.  Hiiro points out that
from Ginganam's comments the GX and Turn A are somehow related to the TX.
Maybe Jamir knows something, seeing as how he once piloted the GX - and you
know he hasn't told you everything.  Looks like it's time to get Jamir to
spill his guts.

Garode is greatful for Karis's help, but Karis thinks he hasn't begun to do
enough to pay Garode back.  Plus, helping Garode will help many people out.
Your people try to convince Karis not to be hard on himself for the mistakes
of his past, and Duo notes that your battalion has accepted many former enemies
into its arms (like Wufei).  Fortunately, Karis was able to receive medical
treatment and thereby retain his powers.  Garode wonders after a moment if
those powers, if the Newtype powers that seem to make everyone unhappy, are
really necessary.  He notes that Tifa might have been able to live in peace
if not for her powers, and doesn't believe what someone said about Newtypes
being the next step in human evolution since they only seem to be used as
tools of war.  As Karis stares at him, Garode hastens to point out that he
wasn't talking about him.  Karis understands what Garode is getting at, but
he mentions something he's learned since meeting Garode - to never give up
hope, no matter what.  That's what keeps him going.  Go to 34M.

33X. ERUCHI, Mezameyo  ["Awaken, Elchi!"]

Banjou is pondering the "Moonlight Moth" ability of the Turn A, which seemingly
caused the third of the calamities when Other's and Garrison's information is
combined.  As the Mountain Cycles prove, nanotechnology was once very advanced
on Earth - the Moonlight Moth probably utilizes nanotech somehow.  Evidently,
whatever it does, it has the power to greatly alter the face of the Earth.
But the Turn A itself was slumbering inside a great statue, revered as a god
by the people of Rolan and Soshie's town.  This sort of deification could be
seen as one part of Meigas's legend.  Breaking out of his reverie, Banjou
asks what Chiru has been up to - she's got a question she wanted to ask, but
Banjou was ignoring her so she decided to start making faces.  Banjou 
apologizes for being so deeply in thought, and Chiru asks him what sort of
place this X-Point that you're all heading for is.  Banjou notes that he's
not been there himself, but perhaps by looking at the map... THE MAP!  Struck
by sudden inspiration, he has Chiru call Pirin, Ryouma, and the others over.
Map now in hand, Banjou instructs everyone to look at it very carefully,
especially the righthand portion (labeled South Ameria, probably in error).
Banjou points out that it strongly resembles Mexico from your own time.  In
short, North Ameria is actually North _America_.  Next Banjou points out the
left portion of the map, which strongly resembles Africa's west coast, 
meaning that Galia is Southern Europe and Northern Africa.  Although quite a
bit of the oceans have dried up, this certainly is the good old Earth.  And
the X-Point you're heading for in Aegea... is nothing short of the old Far
East.  And the Lost Mountains are none other than Japan's EOT facilities!
Oh cripes.

Jiron comes to Other to ask if he, as the leader of the Innocent, knows how
to save Elchi.  From what he's been told, Other is sure that Elchi's been
subjected to the Innocents' mind control process.  Unfortunately, that's
not really his area of expertise - which Jiron immediately takes to mean
that there's no way of curing Elchi and that the whole rescue is futile.
Ken'ichi warns Jiron not to get mad at Other, since it won't solve anything.
He points out that the root of the problem here is Kashim King, who in fact
was out to kill Other too.  Other apologizes anyway for the unconscionable
act of his subordinate, which moves Jiron greatly.  Other reminds him that
Diana is currently out there doing her best to enact her ideals, and says
that he can't just sit around twiddling his thumbs either.  The medic realizes
that Other knows how sick he is, and Ken'ichi tells Jiron that if he really
wants to get Elchi back, he can't give up no matter what.  Ken'ichi learned
that by trying to rescue his father in the last war - it made him stronger.
With help from others, he was of course able to rescue that father, and he
now vows his help in getting Elchi back too.  Other pledges to do his duty,
and tells Jiron to save Elchi from the Innocent no matter what.  Seeing
Jiron's new resolve, Other thinks to himself that he can feel fulfilled in
seeing the new humanity worthy of inheriting the Earth.  All he has to do is
tie up loose ends as an Innocent, and all will be well, Other thinks.

Aboard the Iron Gear attack squad, Elchi's been sort of daydreaming for a 
while.  She murmers to herself about how she loves Jiron, and then immediately
berates herself for thinking she loves the enemy.  Gretta tells Elchi that
she's free to go into hysterics if she wants, but that she doesn't want Elchi
damaging the new model ships they all just got from the Innocent.  Elchi 
tells her, the lowly first officer, to shut up and not complain.  Elchi 
struggles to remember where she's met Gretta before, and starts developing 
another headache.  Gretta comments that her bravado is all well and good,
but Elchi needs to act more captainlike too.  For instance, she needs to name
the ship, since that hasn't been done yet.  Elchi comes up with Kyaling, 
which she immediately takes a liking to as elegant, strong, durable, and so
forth.  Elchi also tacks on the comment that youth is good, both in ships and
in people.  Gretta counters that, landships aside, age lends a certain
appeal to many things in the world, especially women.  A hapless Breaker on
the bridge is compelled to agree, which prompts Gretta to offer to marry him
any time he wants. [YARF!]  The Breaker hastily declines, but Gretta insists
that he call her by her first name instead of by an honorific.  Elchi, now
quite pissed, orders them to go find the Iron Gear if they've got time to waste
on stuff like this.  Gretta agrees and sets out in the Doran - Elchi is 
determined to settle the score with Jiron this time.

Your people aren't thrilled to see another new Landship up against them,
given the fact that they've been stuck in the Iron Gear all this time.  Elchi
announces herself again as the Innocent warrior, Elchi the Great, and declares
that this time her Kyaling will send you all to hell.  As Jiron recalls, 
Kyaling is none other than the name of Elchi's father.  Which means that 
Elchi's old memories are still around!  Encouraged by this, Jiron pops out
and tells Elchi to wait for him to save her.  Time for general muster.  Elchi
needles Gretta about doing her job right, which Gretta didn't need to hear.
At least one of your crew members _really_ didn't want to see good _old_
Gretta again.  They note that Gretta is really bad at knowing when to quit
and is quite ignoring the 3-day rule, but Jiron yells out that he himself
has an even _harder_ time knowing when to quit!  Presumably this puts you at an
advantage.  The plan is for him to go Persuade Elchi.

  When Jiron Persuades Elchi, he tells her that her beloved Jiron is here 
  to save her.  He tells her to come back with him to the Iron Gear, but she
  asks why an Innocent warrior such as herself would love a dumpling head like
  him.  However, at that moment a headache ensues, and she begins to beg him
  to save her.  Now vacillating back and forth, she can't decide whether to
  love him or hate him, and he decides that the only hope is to blow away her
  ship and extract her by force.  Unfortunately, just at this moment another
  Landship shows up: it's Hoora.  He orders Elchi to retreat while he holds
  your people off, but she tells him not to boss her around and demands to
  know why he, who hasn't been ordered to pursue the Iron Gear, is here.  He
  begins to say that he loves her, but is stopped by Gelaba's attempts at
  encouragement.  Jiron hotly informs Hoora that Elchi's being mind controlled,
  and demands that if Hoora really cares for her that he withdraw.  Hoora is
  well aware of this, and says that rather than leave Elchi to the Innocent
  he plans to marry her and keep her by his side.  Jiron and Hoora both get
  to tell each other that they won't let the other have Elchi.  Elchi takes
  this chance to try to escape, and Banjou yells at Jiron to follow her.
  If Elchi escapes now it's all over.  Hoora of course isn't planning to let
  you anywhere near Elchi.

  When you get Jiron next to Elchi, he'll demand that she stand back as he 
  wrecks her ship.  As Elchi falls through the air, Jiron runs over and catches
  her.  He tells her that they're going back to the Iron Gear, where Kotoset,
  Fatman, and all the others are waiting.

  In a container are 200 Blue Stones.  Gretta is worth a VR-Met.  Destroy
  all enemies except Elchi and then have Jiron move next to her for a Skill

Elchi is going buck wild, insisting that you all are her enemies.  You can't
even lay hands on her, much less cure her.  With little choice, the medic
decides to use an sedative and orders Daisaku and Daijirou to hold her
down.  Unfortunately, Elchi manages to actually knock the two of them over!
Just then Fatman steps on the scene, causing Elchi to stop momentarily and
giving the medic the chance to administer the sedative.  As Jiron carries
her gently to bed, he apologizes for doing this to her.  Ragu wonders what it
was that made Elchi hesitate - it was probably the getup Fatman is wearing,
which Elchi's father made for Fatman as part of her 12th birthday party
celebration.  It seems that Elchi's father saved Fatman's life, and Fatman's
been Elchi's bodyguard all this time.  As Jiron realizes that Fatman's been
with Elchi much longer than he has, Kotoset notes that Fatman takes great
care of the outfit and only uses it on very special occasions.  Presumably
seeing it make Elchi momentarily remember the past with her father.  Go to

34M. Toki wo Koeta Taiketsu  ("Confrontation Across Time")

Camille and the others are confronting Jamir.  While Camille doesn't think
that Jamir is deceiving your people, he notes that something has been fishy
about Jamir's story all along.  The war that Jamir rode the GX-9900 for didn't
happen 15 or 16 years ago... so in what era was it?  And what secrets lay
hidden in the GX, White Doll, and Turn X?  Camille tells Jamir to just up and
spit out what really happened in the Black History already.  Amuro knows 
that Jamir has considerable resolve and mental fortitude, but without an
explanation the rest of your people have no way to fight too.  Jamir says that
all he wants to do is prevent the mistakes of the past from repeating 
themselves, and Quatro expects that in that past where mankind was driven to
the brink of destruction, Jamir was...  Jamir says that all your questions
should be answered if you go to the D.O.M.E. at the Moon Cradle.  To break
the seal on this sacrosanct area in which are hidden the secrets of the 
Black History, it is said that one of the Sorel line and a solitary Newtype
are necessary.  Presumably that's why the Frost brothers were after Tifa, 
and why Ginganam has gotten his hands on Diana.  Jamir says that if 
Ginganam contacts the D.O.M.E. it will be entirely impossible to predict the
outcome.  At worse, it will be a repeat of "that time".  Jamir implores 
Bright to head for the Moon Cradle, saying that you've got to stop Ginganam
at all costs.

Shakti hears someone calling her - Tifa, in fact.  Tifa has a message for
your people - they mustn't come to the D.O.M.E.  If they do, the demon on
the Moon will call forth the demon on the Earth's surface from its slumber.
And contact between the Turn A and the Turn X will call forth the wings of
the moth.  Ergo, you all should stay away.  Just then Haro wakes Shakti up,
telling her that her heart rate is vastly too high.  She was moaning a lot
in her sleep too - because of the dream she had that she has to share with
Captain Bright...

Roaby has built a lounge aboard the Ral Kairam at someone's request, which
Tonya can't believe.  Monsha notes that the Ral Kairam never had a place like
this before, and Roaby figures that it would be wasteful just leaving the
old lounge he worked so hard on in the hands of the Militia along with the
Freeden.  Apparently Monsha was helping move all the furnishings over during
the boarding of the Ral Kairam.  Rolan thinks this is a good idea, that
places like this are necessary no matter how fierce the fighting.  Looks like
having somewhere to "come home to" is a good idea, especially for Enil.
Rolan wonders if Diana will ever "come home" to here, and Four notices him
thinking about the one he loves.  Rolan asks how she knew, and then realizes
it was a leading question.  Tonya says that it's nothing to be ashamed of,
Monsha can't believe Rolan actually loves someone, Roaby says that after all,
Rolan is a man too, and Rolan asks them all to stop teasing him.

Garode has just heard Tifa's message, and is quite agitated as to why she'd
say that.  Kou warns him not to take it out on Shakti, and everyone asks
Bright for his opinion.  Kou ponders the prophecy about Turn A and Turn X
calling forth the moth wings - Usso wonders if the mecha themselves will
actually sprout wings, like the V2's Wings of Light.  The bit about the lunar
demon summoning the terrestrial demon is worrisome too; Focker thinks that
the latter probably refers tot he Kyouryuu but he can't figure out what they'd
have to do with the Moon.  Usso thinks that it's probably something else,
because this notion of "calling forth" implies that there's something matching
out there to call.  And you know of something matching the Moon Cradle -
the other hibernation facility that the D.C. created: the Earth Cradle.  It's
possible that it's still around in this era, and that it may somehow come to
life.  Focker recalls Banjou saying that the Earth Cradle's construction had
been halted by the D.C, but Isaac notes that all the D.C. staff affiliated
with the Moon Cradle had actually left the D.C., and nobody knows what
happened afterwards.  And remember that faint underground response you found
shortly before going to Dakarl?  It may well have been none other than the
Earth Cradle - but what precisely is _in_ it?  What to do - to obey Tifa's
words, or...?  Usso, noting Tifa's premonitive powers, thinks it might be
better to return to the Earth, but Bright says that having come this far
there's no turning back.  He orders the course unchanged, for the sake of
figuring out precisely what's been going on in all the time your people have

Agrippa is calling out for somebody, anybody to stop Ginganam lest he break
the seal on the D.O.M.E.  Carmen decides to take the assignment, saying
that doing so is the will of her god the great Atoum.  She plans to take those
who traversed time down as part of her grand scheme too.  Meanwhile, as 
Ginganam's fleet nears the Moon Cradle, Diana orders Ginganam to let the 
innocent Tifa go.  Of course he won't do that, in the interest of breaking
the seal.  Diana asks what Ginganam hopes to accomplish by unleashing the
D.O.M.E.  He says that it should be obvious: take over the entire Moon, and
with the power thus bring the Black History to the Earth again by playing
to people's fighting instincts.  She calls this foolishness, noting that
the outcome of this should be obvious already.  He tells her that she's not
got a leg to stand on, given that her homecoming plan was tantamount to 
preparing the Diana Counter for war with the Militia.  Plus, with the Turn A
and GX unearthed in the Mountain Cycles, Ginganam found it necessary to 
fire up the Turn X to keep the Moon free from invaders.  Diana is shocked
to hear that he's using the Turn X, and he corrects her by saying that the
Turn X reawoke in response to the Turn A.  Diana realizes that contact
between the Turn X and the Turn A will summon the Moonlight Moth, which will
hose the world again just like in the Black History.  Just then, the 
Irregulars show up - Ginganam orders the Stelo and the Category F's sent out
to meet them, as well as that woman they picked up.  But will Katejina be
of use, Marybell wonders.  Ginganam notes that she and the mobile suit they
dug up should be doing just fine, and plans to take Diana to the D.O.M.E.
himself... but on second thought, he decides to have the Turn X look upon
its sibling.  He ignores Diana's warning about the Moonlight Moth, eager to
raise the curtain on another round of Black History.  Diana demands to know
if he plans to repeat the same foolishness of the past, and Ginganam says
that doing so is the true form of humanity.

Swesson reminds his troops that you're almost at Genganam's port.  They're
trying to hold off the Earthlings' ship to buy time for Diana to get to the
Moon Cradle.  He wants to take out the white tusked Gundam himself.  Haley
recognizes him, and Rolan realizes that Diana isn't among the enemy herself;
best to think of her as having already reached the Moon Cradle.  You'd best
hurry - no telling what will happen once the D.O.M.E.'s seal is broken. If
you brought the DX, Swesson will fear its Satellite Cannon and order his
people to concentrate fire on it.

  Kill enough enemies and the Category dudes will show up.  Shagia 
  complements you on coming all the way to the Moon, and Olba offers to send
  you to hell before you meet the lunar demon.  Garode is determined to
  pay them back now for all they've done.  Swesson tells the Newtype washouts
  not to touch the tusked Gundam, which pisses off Olba immensely but causes
  Shagia to caution Olba against fighting Swesson lest their objective not
  be met.  After a moment, Olba agrees.

  Kill more enemies, and Ginganam will show up.  Rolan sees a pattern on his
  HUD, coming as it turns out from his sibling mecha.  Turn A, meet Turn X.
  Looks like the Turn A knows the Turn X - they are calling each other.
  Ginganam is quite eager to wipe out the fools who know not the Black
  History [Sounds less like Turn X and more like Malcolm X].  Jamir never
  expected to see the Turn X again, and Ginganam has thought that Jamir had 
  been frozen so solidly that he'd never reappear in this world again.  As
  your people realize that Jamir and Ginganam know each other, Quatro
  realizes that his guess was right.  Just then you hear the sound of a 
  bell.  Where have you heard that before?  It seems familiar to Puru2, and
  it couldn't be Fara.  Rosamia?  Nope, Katejina.  Marybell orders her to
  wipe out the Irregulars, but Katejina tells her not to order her around.
  She at least realizes what she's got to do.  All she's got to do is wipe
  out those who make her unhappy - Marybell doesn't like the disrespect but
  Ginganam tells her to let Katejina do as she pleases.  After all, she may
  be an Irregular, meaning she can slow your people down.  Usso realizes who
  it is - Katejina _was_ with Puru2 in Dakarl after all.  But back then she
  had lost her memories!  Now what?

  When Shagia and Rolan fight, Shagia compares the two machines and gathers
  data on Rolan, with the eventual goal of defeating him.  Marybell will tell
  Rolan that the Turn X once failed to defeat the Turn A.  That's why the
  Turn X has a certain scar on its arm, and why it wants to defeat the Turn

  Olba is worth a Psychoframe.  Shagia is worth a High Power Radar.  Swesson
  is worth a High Accuracy Targeting System.  Katejina is worth a Haro(!!!)
  Marybell is worth a Nanomachine Unit.  Make the Turn X run away by damaging
  it enough (it runs away 3 turns after appearing) for a Skill Point.

After Ginganam decides to retreat, he tells you all that if you want to get
Diana Sorel and Tifa Adele back, you've got to come to the Moon Cradle.
IF they can fend off the guardians.  Bwahahahaha.  And stuff.  However, just
as your people are about to set off in pursuit, new enemies appear in the
form of Nubians!  Carmen seems to remember the J9 quite well, and he's got
a few borrowed weapons on her side.  Surely Carmen hasn't been alive all
this time - even a mummy would have crumbled to dust by now.  Since he's
not a Kyouryuu, there's no way she could have lived this long... well, Carmen
claims that he can live for millions of years since she's been promised
eternal life by Atoum.  Maybe he's the genuine article after all?  Agrippa
demands to know what Carmen is doing - he's supposed to be out to stop
Ginganam, not the Irregulars.  Too bad, but he changed his mind - he needs
to obtain your people's power for his plan.  He tells Agrippa to withdraw,
telling him that as a token gesture of gratitude he'll fight your people
for him.  Now that Agrippa's gone, it's time for your people to be sacrificed
to the holy Atoum.  Or something.

  When you have the J9 fight Carmen, he tells you that he's been waiting
  for you - getting their power is part of his plan.  Kid tells him to shut
  up and then offers a toast to this amazing battle across time.  If you can
  somehow defeat him without him running away, he's worth a Holy Power
  Control Device.

He'll note that your powers still aren't as strong as he needs - perhaps
because not all your dudes are here.  He plans to return to Earth and get
his hands on whoever's left down there.  Isamu's pissed that he ran away,
and all Isaac can deduce of this great Atoum Project is that leaving Carmen
up to her own devices would be extremely dangerous.  Bright calls everybody
back to the ship and heads for the Moon Cradle.

The J9 are still surprised at running into the real Carmen and not a mummy
here in the future.  Was Carmen thrown here along with you all?  The key to
unlock that mystery is this great Atoum project...  Haley then goes to Kiel
and asks her, theoretically, if she's prepared to take a human life.  He's
thinking that Kiel may have to become a body double for Diana again, and while
it pains him to ask this, there are plenty of people who need to be shot for
Diana's sake (including Agrippa and Ginganam).  As she grasps, the plan is
to send her to Midgald as a way of delaying Agrippa and the others.  Haley
wants to take out any of Diana's enemies possible.  Diana asks Haley if he
doubts that she really can become kagemusha for Diana, and informs him that
she loves him.  He thinks that that's great, but Kiel claims others.  Haley
as the captain of the guard find that it's hard for his heart to be moved
by anyone other than his lord... but if he can tell Kiel that he loves her,
Kiel would even be willing to assassinate Agrippa.  He tells her that love
for the sake of making her Diana's shield would be an impoverished thing
indeed.  Kiel understands, her resolve steeled.  But she asks him to promise
her one thing - when her time comes to die, she wants to be in his arms.
He can't promise her that, since he may be the first to die, but she says
she'll hold _him_ if that happens and take him to Diana.  Now she's even
more fired up to become Diana's kagemusha, thinking that this is all somehow
fated.  Note that Haley is still planning to protect her if he at all can.

Your dudes are almost to the Moon Cradle, where seemingly just yesterday Duo
and Hiiro went to retrieve their Gundams.  To think that it's still there
after a thousand or even ten thousand years...  Is what slumbers in the
Moon Cradle the D.O.M.E., or ghosts from the past?  Jamir has something to
tell Garode: you all have one other objective apart from the D.O.M.E.; namely,
coming out alive.  Those who die, lose, and Jamir tells Garode not to forget
it.  Wits is resolved to come back alive.  Enil asks if it's for Tonya's
sake, since she overheard a little something.  Wits is quite flustered now,
and Roaby figures he has to come back too so he can hear the answer.  She's
sure that that answer will come out, since this is the "final battle" with
all these different groups converging on the D.O.M.E.  It's the goal, and
she's sure some kind of answer lies within.  Enil tells Garode to get Tifa
back no matter what.  Sara then asks Jamir what he plans to do after the
battle.  He hasn't even tried thinking about it, since the true identity of
the D.O.M.E. is still unknown.  Sara, too, is seeking an answer...  Go to 35M.

34X. Kono Hoshi wa Bokura no Mono Da!  ["This Planet is Ours!"]

Looks like Bat couldn't take your dudes down even by using the Kyouryuu Bomber
Squadron.  Bat promises to do better next time, but Goll observes that he
seems a little tired and orders him to rest.  Bat's objections are to no
avail.  Goll realizes that half-assed attempts won't take down Getter and
the others.  Just then Gallery checks in with a report: the humans' destination
has been confirmed to be old Japan.  Could they be after old weapons stored
there?  Goll can't let that slide.  Gallery has a plan he is sure will take
your people down, and is quite confident it will succeed due to how he has
the best brain in the Kyouryuu Empire.  Goll is prepared to leave the next
operation up to him, but Gallery has a request: he wants to borrow the thing
that they dug up from underground a while ago.

Other has been called to Elchi's bedside, ready as Jiron removes the blindfold.
At first, she thinks it's Biel, but he explains that he's actually Other.
Elchi doesn't care, so long as he's talking to a handsome guy.  Kotoset 
thinks this sounds more like the old Elchi, and Other wants to have a private
chat for just the two of them.  She eagerly agrees, calling him "Other Biel".
Some of your dudes take this as a good sign, but the medic notes that this
is only one facet of Elchi - she might be triggered to go on a rampage at
any moment.  Other tells Elchi that she's done very well fighting on behalf
of the Innocent.  He himself, although he's currently incarcerated, plans
to fight to the death himself.  So does Elchi.  He then asks if she remembers
the time when she was a little girl fighting against the Innocent.  She
concedes that life has its ups and down, and Other happily agrees that the
world is very mercurial place.  Other says that he thinks Kashim may be the
real enemy now - he now plans to fight to the death to defeat Kashim.
Unfortunately, this sounds like a threat to Elchi, who demands to know if
Other can beat him.  Fatman tries to intervene, but she states flatly that a
spoiled brat like Other could never beat Kashim, and that it's because of
people like him that the Innocent are being wiped out.  Elchi begins to go
insane, and Other guesses from her turn of phrase that she's actually
speaking Kashim's words.  Since Elchi has now reached the danger point 
(struggling frantically), Other has the medic apply more sedative.  
Unfortunately, all the medic is able to do is put her to sleep, much to his

Fortunately, Other has figured out something - he directs the medic to
check out the EKG.  While he's not a specialist, Other can tell that what
you just saw was not the product of ordinary mind control.  He realizes
that at the same time as Doctor Mane mind controlled Elchi, she forcibly copied
in another personality.  Banjou is astounded that something so cruel is
possible, and Jiron asks if Elchi will ever be back to normal.  Other says
that it's impossible to totally change a person from the outside by force, and
that she probably will return to normal.  And to do so, she has to be gently,
lightly returned to her past.  Other tells the medic that he'll stay by
Elchi's side for a while - he may find out the starting point for curing her
in the process.  As the medic agrees, Jiron tells them that they're the only
people he can count on.

Ropet has just finished upgrading the control software for the Ultramagnetic
Weighting Cannon.  Kosaku decides to install the new version in Combattler V
too.  Sayaka notes that the relationship between the V's is a bit like the
relationship between the Mazingers.  What better answer to Double Mazingers
than double Ultramagnetic robots?  Hyouma wants to come up with some secret
combination death move that uses both Ultramagnetic robots, something like 
Ultramagnetic Spin V Slash (which paralyzes with the Ultramagnetic Tornado,
cuts with the V Slash, and the slams down with the Spin).  Well, there's
certainly no reason it can't work, but it'd take up boatloads of energy.
Hyouma points out that that's why they've got the Ultramagnetic Weighting
Cannon in the first place, but Kosaku says that they're using the Cannon at
less than 70% power.  Otherwise, the instability caused by that much energy
would be dangerous: the Cannon could accidentally drain all of Voltes's 
energy.  Megumi recalls that happening once while testing the Ultramagnetic
Ball.  In short, the Cannon's still got a lot of problems, which is why the
Warp Guidance Device that connects to it is currently not installed.  Looks
like the Ultramagnetic Spin V Slash will have to wait until later.  And then
the enemy attack.

Gallery is hear to settle the score with you, and just for today he's
prepared a little something: the Gilgilgan.  Jiron asks what that is, and
Banjou notes it's a ferocious beast said to come from space.  Yes, it was
buried too, and as Gallery notes the Kyouryuu have been doing lots of digging
of their own in the so-called Mountain Cycles.  Tetsuya points out that 
you've defeated the Gilgilgan in the past, but Gallery has the Gilgilgan fire
a Magnet Anchor Wave.  This is an immensely strong magnetic field that has
messed up all your units, and Gallery gleefully says that the only things
capable of moving within the field are the specially protected Mechazauruses
and the Gilgilgan.  Time for the Gilgilgan's fangs to tear you to shreds.
Fortunately, the V's are on the job: it's simple for them to neutralize 
magnetic fields this "weak".  After all, they are "Ultra" Magnetic robots.
Looks like Gallery underestimated you again.  The V's vow to wipe out the
Gilgilgan to let everyone else move, despite the attacking Mechazauruses.

  On 1.5, Gallery notices something about the V's generators and decides to
  try to do something about it.  When you pound the Gilgilgan, you all expect
  it to transform - which it does, into the Mecha-Gilgilgan.  Gallery 
  commends you on your efforts so far, but says that your machines, having
  now spent all their Ultramagnetic Energy, have no way to defeat the
  Mecha-Gilgilgan.  Hyouma concedes that fighting the Gilgilgan with their
  mecha right now could be rather tough - but at least you met your objective.
  Namely, the transformation to the Mecha-Gilgilgan drained all the energy
  used to power the Magnetic Net.  Now things start to really rock.

  In Mountain Cycles are a Biosensor and a Large Generator.  The Mecha-
  Gilgilgan is worth an HPHGCP.  Gallery is worth a High Accuracy Targeting

When you defeat Gallery, he goes over to the edge of the map and unleashes
some additional Mecha-Gilgilgans that he dug up.  Their control circuits aren't
yet tuned - indeed, they are basically just beasts of destruction.  They'll
go on destroying everything in front of them until their lives run out.  Will
your people's efforts work now?  This sucks, since even one of those things
on the loose could mess up the whole earth.  Still, you've got no choice but
to try.  That's your duty after all.  Except that just the Egret and crew
show up, astounded at Gallery's act but figuring it's par for the course for
the dwellers Below.  Actually, there's a bunch of Egrets, and they all 
seem to be intent on wiping out the bad guys.  The Egret in charge reins the
others in, saying that Meigas doesn't want their planet soiled any further.
As your dudes wonder why there are three Egrets, the lead one decides to 
deploy the Machine Cells.  No more Gilgilgans - apparently they just got 
dismantled!  Nanomachines galore by the looks of it.  Egret finally says 
hi to you, and asks you for your answer to the question of the other day.
Egret wants to know if you plan to save the planet or not.  Banjou says that
you do, and Egret then asks you to head for Machineland immediately.  Banjou
wonders why they'd ask you all that - if Meigas fears the subterraneans that
badly, why can't they all use the power they just demonstrated?  Egret says
his people, the Ancestors, have to avoid interference in human history at
all costs.  If so, Banjou asks, why did they do what they did just now?
Egret answers that the Ancestors watch over the rehabilitation of the Earth's
environment, and that all they did was keep it on track just now.  Other
seems to recognize these "custodians", but Egret says that his people must
remain just that.  The humans themselves have to save the Earth.

Egret claims there's no time to waste: the Kyouryuu are trying to remake the
Earth to suit themselves.  He figures that your people and their power should
be able to take down the bad guys.  Banjou acknowledges this, but says that
there's something you all have to do first: prevent the fighting between
the various human factions.  Other points out that if the Moon and the Earth
go to war again, the results may well prove irreversible.  One of the other
Egrets claims you've lost sight of your true purpose, and another says that
as Irregulars who are fouling up the system you must be eliminated.  They
continue that you don't know how to use your own powers: you're not planning
to unify the world by force.  As long as you believe in the illusion called
peace, humans will continue to grind against each other.  They continue that
while the custodians of the Moon Cradle seem inclined to leave things to you,
the outcome may already be clear.  They think you must be eliminated here
since you misunderstand them and may turn against them later.  The three
nearly-identical Egrets are arguing over your merits now - one of them wants
to go Below and clean house with Zengar like in the old days.  Another one
figures "people" are merely stupid life forms, unlike them.  Plus human 
history is just a history of repeated mistakes.  They figure that now that
they've awakened in this age they should control not just the environment
but everything.  After all, they once fought with and defeated the 
subterraneans who ruled the surface.  Indeed: the Ancestors creators, who
knew human limitations, created the Machinery Children - who have now
awakened to this age.  In fine, they think that this planet is theirs.
Given the deadlock, Egret #1 (Ulz) plans to go report in to Meigas at the Earth
Cradle.  Egret #2 (Ansaz) agrees with getting rid of you, but figures that
two of them fighting you would be no fun, so he leaves it up to Egret #3
(Sarisaz).  Sarisaz asks the others to wait at their objective, and the others
ask him to be careful - it wouldn't do for them to lose to the humans.  Given
that he's now coming to attack you, you can't really avoid it.  But, as
Banjou says, you may be able to beat some information out of this "Ancestor"
when you defeat him.

  He'll flee at 30% health.  Shoot him down for a Skill Point and Psychoframe.
  at which point he'll note that you all certainly are worthy of Meigas'

He'll receive a transmission from Ulz, who tells Sarisaz that any further
combat would be counterproductive to the current mission.  He orders Sarisaz
to retreat, but Sarisaz doesn't want to - he wants to kill you all instead.
Ulz tells him that if he doesn't listen he'll really regret it later, and
Sarisaz agrees to meet at the rendezvous point.  He tells your people that
your lives were just saved for you.  Too bad you couldn't completely destroy
his machine - it blew up something as camouflage and escape the vicinity.
Although you'd like to pursue, you have no hope of catching him now - you
need to regroup and resupply.  Banjou is left wondering just who these
"Ancestors" are.

One thing you do know is that the people at S-Point aren't Innocent.  As Banjou
and Wendy predicted, they don't seem to be your allies.  Well, they seem to 
think they're the custodians of the Earth's environment - despite driving 
around in weapons that can easily alter the environment themselves.  They
actually seem more like "guardians" than "custodians".  In short, the
guardians that Meigas spoke of seem to be these Machinery Children themselves.
So it was they who once beat back the subterraneans, and their base of 
operations seems to be the Earth Cradle.  Given that there should be a 
hibernation facility there, perhaps they like you all are survivors from the 
New Western Calendar era.  Not impossible, Banjou thinks, and Yasunishi
wonders if Meigas is actually Sophia Nate.  Banjou asks Garrison to go over
the data on the Earth Cradle and the Ark Project again, which Yasunishi 
decides to help with since she had friends involved in it.  Sarumaru and 
Kosaku plan to examine the combat records to see if they can find out anything
out about the Ancestor machine, since there's something about it that's 
bothering him.  Wendy volunteers to help out, since she saw these machines
close up many times at S-Point.  Go to 35X.

35M. Watashi wa D.O.M.E., Kokurekishi wo Fuuin Suru Mono
     ["I Am the Dome, He Who Seals the Black History"]

Tifa is now meeting the D.O.M.E., asking it why it contacted her.  It claims
that she wished for this, but Tifa responds that her wish is something else.
It claims that her wish will be granted by her coming here - but what precisely
_is_ "here"?  Olba informs Shagia and Midgald that Tifa has successfully
contacted the D.O.M.E.  Whether or not the D.O.M.E. accepts the rest of them,
as Olba tells Midgald, is up to the D.O.M.E. itself.  Midgald had thought 
that it was just the custodial system for the Moon Cradle - is it actually
aware?  Shagia and Olba both think that Midgald is quite foolish for not
knowing what the D.O.M.E. really is.  Ginganam then orders Tifa to be brought
to him now that he's in D.O.M.E. airspace, which Midgald hesitates on and
Diana implores him to reconsider once again.  Ginganam is quite sure he's
going to be freeing the Moon Race from the D.O.M.E.'s domination, which 
Diana states is mere rederick.  Ginganam reminds her that the Moon Race's
lifelines all lead back to the D.O.M.E. - specifically, the solar power 
plant linked to the microwave transmission facility - and the hibernation 
setup.  Without that powerplant, the hibernation facility couldn't hope to
keep operating - and the same goes for the Trench City canal.  Diana points
out that contacting the D.O.M.E. will have ramifications for all Moon Race
people's lives - Ginganam observes that Diana sounds just like Agrippa.
He feels that the D.O.M.E. has been to thank for the Moon Race being left
alive (well, it has been protected by the guardians all this time), and isn't
very happy about being kept alive by something whose nature nobody knows.
Diana asserts that the Moon Race has no other choice in the lunar environment,
but Ginganam retorts that nobody really knows why the Moon Race was fated to
live on the Moon in the first place - that truth is covered in the veil of
the Black History, and sealed inside the D.O.M.E.  Does this mean that 
Ginganam is trying to unlock that mystery?  Diana insists that that history
is literally nothing more than records of old earth - just getting his hands
on it isn't going to change anything.  Ginganam tells her that he doesn't
want the history, he wants the power the D.O.M.E. has.  He wants control of
the microwave facility so he can mass produce GX's and fight with the 
Innocent.  Diana figures he's out to rule both the Earth and the Moon - he
says he's not in fact interested in ruling the Earth at all.  He wants to
create an environment where poeple's fighting instincts are maximized - in
short, to plunge the Earth and Moon into a state of perpetual war.  The one
lesson he's learned from the Black History as he knows it is that war always
is the best way to cause humanity to mature and evolve.  Diana finds this to
be a very pathetic sentiment, and won't let him have the Turn X to assist in
such a plan.  He thinks she's joking, but she orders him as the queen of the
Moon to hand over the mobile suits he's unearthed.  He is now roundly amused,
saying that _he_ dug it up and spent 2500 years studying it.  Like anyone else
could pilot it.  Diana retorts that Ginganam and the others aren't in control
of their military might - they're just playing around with it.  She's sure
that such people at the helm of the Turn X will just cause a repeat of the
calamity of the past.  Has she forgotten, he asks, that it was him who once
stopped the Turn A which destroyed the ancient culture?  She retorts that that
sort of way of putting it is what created the Black History in the first place.
Marybell is now quite derisive of her queen, but Diana tells her to shut her
yapping little mouth unless she's got the nerve to actually become known as
a queen killer.  Yapping?!, Marybell fumes.  Yes, Diana answers, or perhaps
a little marionette.
Just then, the guardians of the D.O.M.E. appear ahead.  Diana tells them that
there's still time - they can still reverse course.  Ginganam thinks it's
too late to turn back, and Diana notes that everyone who's tried nearing the
dome has been wiped out in succession.  Which, according to Ginganam, is why
he's brought Diana.  He's sure that the D.O.M.E. wouldn't turn on one of the
Maintainer house that built the facilities on the Moon, or of the Sorel 
house who set up all the hydroponics.  He's prepared to stake the lives of
all the Moon Race on Diana and Tifa breaking the D.O.M.E.'s seal.

Tifa has now arrived at the Moon Cradle where the D.O.M.E. is - the
sacrosanct holy ground of the Moon that nobody has approached for thousands
of years.  Marybell asks what all the puppets are - they're the demons of 
the Moon: the G-Bits.  In short, they're the D.O.M.E.'s self-defense system.
Swesson thinks that they're nothing more than a flock of little birds and
plans to wipe them out with his Mahirow squadron, but Ginganam says that 
Swesson wouldn't be the first Moon Race to think that and then meet their
end here.  However, there's no need to worry since you've got Tifa with you.
He asks Tifa and Diana to open the door, which they do after a moment's 
hesitation.  Ginganam is overjoyed that the door to the Moon Cradle is now

Your people have finally arrived, only to find out that Ginganam and the
others are already inside.  Bright orders your people to sortie too and
enter the Moon Cradle, and Jamir wonders if you can actually beat the lunar
demons that have guarded the cradle for thousands of years.  Garode's 
determined to rescue Tifa this time for sure, but Hikaru cautions him against 
thinking he has to do so alone.  He relates his own experience with Minmei
being carried off, saying that if not for Focker and the others he'd probably
have been shot down.  He promises to help rescue Tifa, and tells Garode very
firmly not to run off on his own.  And, as Hikaru adds, Minmei was in fact
saved, even though they got separated since.  As Usso is about to sortie,
Shakti shows up and asks Usso take her with him.  Despite his vehement
objections, she says she has to go... and can't explain...  Well, here your
people are at the D.O.M.E., the power source for the lunar metropolis and
the hibernation facility.  This is the Moon's lifeline, as well as the place
where the secrets of the Black History are sealed.  And yes, your people
recognize that this is indeed the Moon Cradle, the place where Duo and Hiiro
stored their Gundams.  Jamir recognizes your opponents: the G-Bits controlled
by the Newtype-oriented Flash System.  The true lunar demons.  Wufei thinks
they're just little dolls, but Jamir cautions that they have nearly unlimited
energy thanks to the microwave system and vastly superior airframes to most
machines because of their Newtype-oriented design.  In short, they're like a
synergy of Newtypes, the Zero System, the Mobile Dolls, and the Ghost X-9.
Well, they should make a good match for your dudes anyway.  Garode plans to
just blast them with the Microwave Cannon, but since the D.O.M.E. controls
that too you can't use it here.  Garode then ponders why the D.O.M.E. has been
supplying him power up until now, and Amuro realizes that the fact that the
G-Bits are active means there must be a Newtype inside the D.O.M.E. - all
the more plausible since another Newtype (Tifa) was needed to contact it.
But how could that be if this place was sealed for thousands of years?  Good
question, since in your era the Moon Cradle had no Newtypes or Flash System.
The Aegis plan never called for T-Link, Psycommu, and the Zero System to be
united.  Jamir says that since the D.O.M.E. is the control system for the
Moon Cradle, there shouldn't be any Newtypes or any other kind of humans
involved in it at all.  Is there a Newtype ghost inside it then?  Well, ask
lest ye shall not receive: your questions will be answered inside.  Quatro
thinks that the microwave stuff should be underground if the layout is still
the same as in your time.  You've got to get to the base, and Bright cautions
everyone not to break the microwave transmitters themselves.  Therefore,
all map weapons are prohibited.  Bowie can't believe this until he remembers
that the Buraigar doesn't have any.  Usso promises to protect Shakti...

  When you approach the base, a very unpleasant surprise pops out: lots of
  Huckebein Mk.II's and Grungast Type II's.  While a shock, it's not 
  implausible to find out that they would have been mass produced to protect
  the base.  Ginganam is marveling at this defense system... which will
  regenerate an enemy for every one you kill...

  On 1.5, Midgald tells Ginganam that the Ral Kairam is in combat with the
  G-Bits.  However, it's taking time to get into the central block of the
  D.O.M.E.  Diana orders Ginganam to stop the bits from attacking, but Ginganam
  points out that the D.O.M.E. itself is the one doing the attacking - it
  can't be turned off without the proper code.  Tifa thinks for Garode to
  flee.  Your dudes are having a hard time getting through on 2.0 when 
  the Newtypes sense somebody trying to talk to them.  Shakti senses a human
  will within the D.O.M.E. (Usso is quite startled) and Tifa realizes the
  true D.O.M.E. is trying to awaken.  Maybe now the road to the future can
  be opened.

  When you get even closer, even more enemies show up...

  Get the Ral Kairam onto the spot within 5 turns for a Skill Point.  You can
  do it in three if you're smart.

When you get the Ral Kairam to its destination, all the enemies will disappear.
Does this mean the D.O.M.E. has accepted you?  Unfortunately something new 
comes out and surrounds you.  Ginganam thinks this is because you're not
worthy to contact the D.O.M.E. since he's got the two keys - the only path
left is for the D.O.M.E. to remove you as intruders.  Tifa says that there's
another path.  Tifa asks the D.O.M.E. to heed her voice and recover its true
self.  As Ginganam watches in fury, the G-Bits stop and the Newtypes start
hearing someone's voice.  Tifa asks Shakti to give her will to the true
D.O.M.E. too.  Shakti asks it to lead her and to tell you all the truth.
Midgald thinks its preposterous that someone could be talking to it, since
it's only a machine.  Shakti says that she's not afraid of the calamity that
will befall by knowing the truth, plus your people have to atone for their
sins.  Sins?  Well, Usso figures this means the little gravity wave that you
all generated and the ensuing fuss that made the world the way it is now
[Moron, it wasn't your fault.  Get over it.]  Insert inspirational speech by
Usso, which apparently gets through.  The voice announces that it will stop
attacking and directs the chosen ones to the entrance to the Moon Cradle.
The D.O.M.E.'s door begins to open...

Lily and Gwen agree that where they are now looks like some kind of base.
A _big_ one.  Diana agrees with this view, since this area represents a 
concentration of human sin.  As your people are about to rush over, Ginganam
pops out and tells Rolan to stay back.  Ginganam says that there's a cease-
fire for now, seeing as how you all were granted access to the D.O.M.E.
He however intends to hang onto Diana.  Usso doesn't see Katejina anywhere,
and Marybell helpfully points out that if you do anything funny the queen
will die.  Haley is infuriated by this, but Marybell notes that since there
are two Dianas it won't matter if one of them buys the farm.  Ginganam takes
the opportunity to tell the queen's pet dog to back off, giving Garode a chance
to demand the whereabouts of Tifa from Mr. Topnot Dude.  He has no idea,
saying that the D.O.M.E. led her off somewhere.  Hikaru tells him to calm 
down and to remember what they were just talking about.

Just then a very irate Agrippa is ushered in by some of the usual jackbooted
thugs.  Apparently he got captured as an intruder.  Haley tells Quatro that
this is the person in charge of the Lunar Metropolis, as well as the person
who messed up Diana's homecoming plan.  The very counterpart to Kashim King
of the Innocent.  Ginganam asks what Agrippa's here for - little crybabies
who are afraid of battle are supposed to cower safely back home.  Agrippa
says that the barbarians who don't realize the meaning of the Turn A and
Turn X mustn't be shown the Black History.  Agrippa yells out that the Turn
A and Turn X put an end to all the old history - that's all, and nothing
more!  There's no need for the brainless Earthlings to know any more!  Diana
takes the opportunity to blast Agrippa for his dickless politics and turning
a blind eye when Agrippa fired up the military.  Gwen on the other hand has
been going around trying to revive culture; too bad that there's still a
major mess in store if everyone gets together like this.  Diana tells Agrippa
to consider carefully why the past became the "Black History".  He thinks
that knowing the truth will cause chaos instead of order...

Just then there comes a projection on the roof.  It shows the surface of the
Earth collapsing.  The event was a million-person space colony crashing to
the Earth.  The event is in fact the colony drop of the One Year War.  Meshier
then sees what she thinks are the White Doll and a red Boljarnon, but Soshie
thinks they're a bit older looking than that.  The "White Doll" is getting
beaten back pretty badly, and moronic Gyaban thinks that the "Boljarnon" does
well in any era.  Agrippa notes that this is the first record of space combat,
fought between warriors called the White Shooting Star and the Red Comet.
Amuro and Quatro of course recognize their battle in the RX-78 and Zak II.
Next comes the Macross falling to earth, which Agrippa says spawned a several
hundred year Armageddon.  Just then comes Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, the Zeta,
the PsychoGundam, the ZZ, the Queen Mansa...   Yes, the truth is out.  Your
people are from the Balmar War era.  Agrippa talks about how this battle
even involved those in space and nearly brought about the Earth's destruction.
And then, the final battle of the SDF, and the light from this blast you're
seeing brought on the Black History, driving their ancestors from the Earth.
Agrippa goes on to say that this is the final outcome of the foolish course
you all chose.  Although the people in the New Western Calendar era tried to
combat the gravity wave, the defense wasn't perfect and lead to the destruction
of the Earth's environment.  And the only survivors were those in the Moon
Cradle.  Yup, because you weren't there, things went to ass - the Aegis project
was incomplete.

Agrippa is now ecstatic at the proof that humans can't cast off their fighting
nature.  He tells Diana and Agrippa that they misunderstand what the Moon
Race should be doing.  The thousand years of peace wrought by the Sorel and
Maintainer families are all for naught - they merely just unnaturally
repressed mankind's fighting instincts.  Fighting is what causes evolution,
and by their artificial repression of that, the Moon Race has just regressed 
into a bunch of weaklings who need hibernation over and over.  The Civilians
that the Innocent modified are far more human than they.  Agrippa doesn't
agree, saying that the Innocent's plan is mere foolishness that will just
make more barbarians - the Moon Race's ancestors by contrast wanted to set
up a system that granted peace.  And the thing in charge of that is the
D.O.M.E - which incorporates an ancient Newtype.  Agrippa rattles on about
how the Newtypes have ESP, and how the Moon Race's founders dismantled Newtypes
even down to the genetic level to build the D.O.M.E.  Jamir then says that
he came her to find out what he is, and that he hasn't found the answer yet.
But what he does know now is that Newtypes aren't gods or tools of war: 
nobody has the right to do this to them!  Agrippa points out that the Moon
Race has only lasted this long thanks to the D.O.M.E., and points out that
records state that Newtypes were very good in combat (making for a good
defense system at least).  The goal was to protect the Moon from the Innocent,
and from enemies other than humanity.  The system that makes this all 
possible is the Flash System, which is used in the GX.

Then what are the Turn A and Turn X?  What's this business about them ending
the old era?  And what does "Moonlight Moth" mean?  Agrippa says you all
don't need to know - the Turn A and Turn X have to be sealed - all your
people need to do is live amidst the peace that the D.O.M.E. maintains.
Not that he plans to allow your people out of here now that they know the
truth of the Black History.  Agrippa claims that your people will be sentenced
to hibernation and sealed in the D.O.M.E.  He claims that this is the future
you all gave the world, so you shoud live it up.  Tifa tells him to his face
that the D.O.M.E. isn't granting any kind of future like that.  Tifa asks
the D.O.M.E. to feel her heart...

"I am the D.O.M.E.  He who seals the Black History."  The D.O.M.E. is
sentience that has lost its physical body.  Agrippa figures that this 
shouldn't be possible - it's almost as though it's conscious!  The D.O.M.E.
thanks Tifa and Shakti for waking it up.  Agrippa rants some more about
how the original Newtype personality should have been erased long ago, but
the D.O.M.E. tells Garode that it brought Tifa and you all here to tell you
the truth and entrust you the future.  Ginganam claims that he already saw
the future in the past you just were shown.  The D.O.M.E. agrees that human
history is a history of repeated warfare.  And one of the concepts born
during that conflict are "Newtypes".  Those who want to assert that that
power is equal to God, those who want to control it and use it, those who want
to search for alternate power, those who once had power, those who artificially
create power, those who deny and attempt to seal the power....  many people
in many eras have used the word Newtype.  But perhaps that's unavoidable
seeing as how all those ages are connected by the illusion of Newtypes.
This pisses off Agrippa, who demands to know how a mere machine can have
a transcendent intellect if it's based off a mere illusion.  It responds that
that's due to its power within.  But isn't that the revolutionary power of
the Newtypes?  While it understands wanting to believe so, that's not the
case.  It was something that had power surpassing humanity: not a Newtype
at all.  It doesn't know why it had this power, perhaps it was a mutation like
some people said.  But whatever the case, its power granted new value to 
people who had lost their way.  Hence the word "Newtype".  With its end, the
word Newtype should have died.  But the Maintainers had to go and be bent on
finding the next one.  Agrippa protests that the Newtypes are the ones to
lead the Moon Race, but the D.O.M.E. says that that's just one more illusion.
As long as they are hung up on Newtypes, the Moon Race has no future.  Then
what precisely ARE Newtypes?

They're humans who display abilities suited for the new environment of space.
It does _not_ refer to people with supernatural powers.  So, does this make
the D.O.M.E. a "Psychicer" or a "Psychodriver"?  No, and those are illusions
too.  The very notion that humans could have god-like powers is flawed.  No
matter how magnificent of power humans have, they can't be gods.  They're
not all-powerful.  Jamir then asks it to answer him.  Once there was a boy
who believed he was a Newtype and fought.  And during the fight he saw the
flow of time.  He felt the future.  Was that all just an illusion?!  Yup,
just an illusion, regardless of whatever was seen.  As long as noone tries
to make it _happen_, it won't.  The days when people need to be bent on
Newtypes are over.  You all have to make a new future for yourselves with
your own hands.  It's not impossible, as Garode has demonstrated over and
over again to get this far.  After all, Garode disproved the futures Tifa
prophesied time and again [actually, he didn't do it even one single fucking
time.  Is someone braindead???]  Garode claims that all he wanted to do is
protect Tifa, and that he has no special power.  Oh, but the strength of
his HEART grants him the power to change the world - and it's what he'll need
to fight on.  Ginganam finds this all quite laughable, seeing as how the
Irregulars wrecked the Earth with the gravity wave and Jamir burned the Earth
with fire.  Heck, the Turn A even wiped out culture.  He claims that nothing
worthwhile ever happens in the future your people change things to.
Agrippa agrees, saying that the Turn A sowed the world with nanomachines just
like his ancestors did, except for the fact that their objective was different.
The ancestors didn't want to reduce culture to sand, but to restore the 
environment.  And having finished its work, the White Doll buried itself in a
Mountain Cycle.  Rolan is amazed at the Turn A's hidden power, and Ginganam
claims that the Turn X exists to control it.  Diana orders Ginganam and
Agrippa as the ruler of the Moon: withdraw the army immediately and stop
spying on the Diana Counter down on Earth.  Agrippa claims that the Diana
Counter will be disbanded, which is just fine with Diana.  But will those
on the Earth actually heed the order to disband, given their fighting
instincts?  He wanted to let the Moon Race live in peace forever without
having to know the truth of the Black History.  But those whose battle
instincts have been aroused must be purged from the Moon.

Just then Swesson the archidiot attacks the D.O.M.E.  Ginganam has Marybell
retreat on the double.  He figures since the D.O.M.E. is a sentient machine
he doubts it'll do what he wants it to, so he may as well leave.  Plus, he
still has the Turn X.  Of course, he wants to take Tifa and Diana along
too.  However, Kid is fast on the draw, pissing Marybell off quite a bit.
He tells her that he doesn't appreciate her cute face and whining, and in
fact he's been hiding out for a while waiting for just this eventuality.
Poncho figured there'd be an extra bonus for rescuing the VIPs, but Kid tells
him to stop that kind of uncool talk.  After all, as Bowie reminds people,
saving ladies is a man's job.  Ginganam is pissed but says that he'll settle
this score back on Earth.  An Earth overflowing with battle.  Kid wants to
follow but Isaac tells him that protecting the VIPs is more important.
Ginganam looks like he's escaping for Earth, and...

Agrippa seems to have been fished out by Carmen, who left a cobra behind.
Well, more like he was _killed_ by Carmen.  Haley figures this is a fitting
end for someone who opposed Diana...  The D.O.M.E. notes that Tifa's meeting
Garode was what first made her want her powers and even try to get stronger.
She says she didn't want the future in which she lives with Garode to be one
of sadness.  She says that if possible she'd like to live as a normal person,
but for the sake of the future she'll put her powers to as much use as
possible.  The D.O.M.E. says that in that case when Tifa's powers are no
longer necessary her wish should come true.  Diana thanks it for protecting
them all this time, but it says it merely indicated the path to take.  It
was you all who walked it.  It also tells your people that you need feel
no guilt over your actions in the past.  It was nothing more than a single
page in history.  However, even it doesn't know why you all were sent here.
It can say however that you were in some way needed here.  It remembers
that it has a twin object somewhere - surely the Earth Cradle!  Since the
Earth Cradle was made before the D.O.M.E. was born it doesn't know much about
it, but says that your people's questions may be answered if you can make
contact with it.  The time has come for the D.O.M.E. to return to where it
came from (this alarms Garode).  It tells you all that the old era is gone
and that it leaves the new one to you.  It's happy it met you.

Diana address her beloved people, apologizing for the chain of distressing
incidents.  She takes responsibility for it all, but wants them to know that
they're all survivors of a vast history of disasters.  She plans to spread
the data of the Black History throughout Genganam.  Looks like her little
broadcast quelled all the problems on the Moon.  Zechs is still surprised
that Diana has spread the data round, but Noin thinks it's so that people
will know what mistakes to avoid in the future.  She, like Rilina, looks
fighting head on, and tries to break out of the endless waltz of peace,
revolution, and war.  Diana wants everyone to understand that they may well
repeat the Black History.  Indeed, they may have no choice, but Diana still
plans to work with everyone to try to break through to a new history.  And
perhaps its all their duty to make those on Earth aware of this too.  As your
people compliment Diana on her oration, Haley says that he's proud to be
Diana's guard because it let him meet Kiel.  Looks like he's now got two
ladies to look out for.  Kiel asks if his _real_ attention is still on 
Diana, but he says that he's currently contemplating someone else.  Kiel
knows that, which is why Haley never takes off those red sunglasses.  Diana
of course knows too, and Kiel teases him that he's a real indecent guy ^_^
He knows all this too.  Diana says that the hibernators must be told the
news too and a single sphere of culture must be made to encompass both Earth
and Moon.  She's finally become able to realize that an area where she
must win for herself the ability to live and die like any normal person.  To
do show, she must borrow strength from the Earth, so that the same mistakes
aren't repeated.  She wants the crowd's indulgence as she returns to the
Earth again, to stop Gin Ginganam's rampage in her capacity as queen.  When
she does, she'll push for rights for Moon Race to live on Earth...


35X. Sentoushin Kourin ("Advent of the War God")
Ginganam notes that the view of the Earth from space is always splendid, but
today it's especially nice.  He asks Marybell if she understands the boiling
in his blood - he's been ecstatic ever since he booted up the Turn X.  Now
that he's seen the truth of the Black History at the D.O.M.E. and turned his
back on Diana, there's nobody to stop him from fighting.  He orders Midgald
to set down in Aegea and start digging up the Lost Mountains for Black History
weapons.  Is it time to start fighting the Innocent and the Irregulars for
real?  Yes.  Time for human fighting instincts, so long suppressed by Diana
Sorel and Agrippa Maintainer via the D.O.M.E., to be unleashed.  This 3000
year old dream - a world of war - has finally come true.

Banjou hears word of an object descending from above: a battleship surrounded
by a field that your sensors can't penetrate (and hence not the Ral Kairam).
That it's coming from space rules out Innocent origin - looks like the Moon
Race have started their invasion plans perhaps.  Banjou doubts Bright and
the others failed to stop that, and Hayato notes that since there's been no
attacks from outside the Earth Sphere the whole time it's unlikely to be one
now.  Banjou's got a bad feeling about this, and orders everyone to their 
battlestations.  In fact, weapons start emerging from the object, meaning
you guessed right about its hostile nature.  As the Xabungle people marvel at
the huge floating hands, Akira recognizes the Youma Empire's handiwork.
Worse, there are Greidon's from the planet Campbell here too.  Plus Beast
Warriors from the planet Boazan.  It's quite unlikely these things were
buried in Mountain Cycles along with the rest of the Black History stuff.
But what about the Gilgilgan?  Hayato reminds you that the problem is really
who's controlling them and how they got to space.  Quite true, considering
that at least the Fossil Beasts and and Gantes shouldn't come from space to
begin with.  This may be an enemy you've not fought yet...

  On 3.5, Carmen Carmen shows up.  And no, he ought not to be alive still.  
  He's happy to see you after all this time.  Did he come across time to meet
  you?  Well, he claims he lives for millions of years thanks to the eternal
  life the holy Atoum granted him.  He tells Banjou that he's here for one
  purpose - carrying out the Great Atoum Project.  He plans to obtain all your
  powers for that goal, and tells you all to be sacrificed for Atoum's sake.
  Kouji says not to expect your people to just say "Oh, okay".  Banjou's very
  concerned about Carmen showing up in this era, and tells you to take out
  all the bad guys so you can capture him.

  If all of Carmen's helpers are destroyed he'll flee.  He'll also flee at
  less than around 16k HP or on 6.5.  If you can shoot her down, you earn a
  Skill Point and a Holy Power Control Device.  He'll be impressed that you
  could shoot his ship down, and since the Burai Synchron of the J9 isn't
  here, he'll wait to fulfill Atoum's plan until later.

Your dudes aren't sure what this Atoum Plan thing is, but it's clear that
now you've got at least one more dangerous enemy to fend off.  Unfortunately,
another fleet arrives from overhead just then.  The same reaction happens
as the first time you visited Biel's P-Point.  Marybell is gleeful at the
sight of all the mechanical giants, and Ginganam is impressed at his first
sight of the Irregulars.  Ginganam apologizes for keeping Swesson waiting
and orders operation E Minor.  See the other path for what this means.
Banjou realizes that this is not the Diana Counter, but the militaristic
faction from the Moon.  Masaki wonders what business the lunar guardians have
on Earth, and Ryou figures they're probably trying to take things over by
force.  Since it's not clear what Bright and co. were and weren't able to
accomplish, you've got to stop them at all costs for the time being.

  On the next enemy turn the Turn X and friends pop out.  This part parallels
  the Turn X's appearance on the other path.  Ginganam's had quite a time
  playing around with your friends up in space, and plans to see whether
  the Turn X will or won't work on you now.

  Marybell is worth a Haro(!)  Swesson is worth a Nanomachine Unit.

Ginganam will retreat at either 60% damage or 4 turns of combat.  He's 
ecstatic about the feel of combat, something he'd forgotten over his 3000
year span on the Moon.  Hyouma notes acidly that all he's been doing is 
sitting on his ass and blocking, but Kosaku observes that nanomachines are
repairing the damage just like with the Turn A.  Ginganam asks if you really
think an attack that puny can defeat the Turn X [of course it can if I was
allowed to keep it up, but Mr. Chickenshit Bastard runs away too fast...]
Ginganam tells you that this machine is the sibling of the Turn A that once
brought all culture on Earth to ruin.  In short, he's not something you all
can defeat.  To prove his point, he comes over and blasts one of your 
machines... and to do it, he uses frigging _SHINING_FINGER_, saying that _this_
is how it should be done and vowing to wipe out the ghosts of the past.  He
then asks what's wrong with all you living witnesses to the Black History:
can't you do a single thing against him [what, like reduce him past 50% of
his HP with numerous units left, like I just did?  Hmm....]  Banjou wonders
what he's talking about, and Ginganam says that he saw all the Black History
that was sealed in the D.O.M.E. on the Moon [dude, you saw less than the
frigging highlight reel - get a brain].  He says that the whole Black History
started with the descent from across space of the Macross, and led to the
Earth being assailed by the gravity wave.  Which wrecked the environment and
chased humans off mother Earth.  Yeah yeah, this is the world you all 
created by not finishing what you started, yadda yadda.  However, he's grateful
to you for coming across time from the era of the fiercest fighting and
appearing before him, thus plunging this age into warfare too.  Banjou 
realizes that Ginganam wants war between the Moon and the Earth.  Your people
think he's insane and ask if he knows what peril is facing the Earth just
now - he knows full well and claims he's come to the "spring" of the world.

Just then your dudes show up, causing him to withdraw to the Lost Mountains
first.  The Ral Kairam then appears just too late to stop Ginganam...  Lily
is glad to see that Banjou is okay; she went to the Moon with Gwen when the
Argama passed through Ingressa.  Gwen thinks his trip to the Moon was a very
important experience, and both Banjou and Ryou are a bit startled seeing
Diana dressed as queen for the first time.  Ryou stumbles a bit over the
formal speech, despite Diana's gentle admonition that it's not necessary.
Banjou thinks that it's no wonder Ryou's at a bit of a loss.  Diana thanks
the Preventers for keeping both Diana Sorels out of the hands of Ginganam.
Insert a lengthy conversation about what the D.O.M.E. was (see the other
path for the full verbose version).  Banjou adds in all the info about how
the Kyouryuu took the initiative after the gravity wave to take over the
surface of the Earth (see above) until the Ancestors came to kick them out.
The proof of this, Banjou tells Quatro, lies in the whole mess where the
Egrets decided to take you out as unnecessary to the Earth.  And of course
they're based out of the Earth Cradle.  Diana is sad that the Moon Cradle
accepted you but the Earth Cradle seemingly has not.  You're still collating
information about the Earth Cradle, and Garrison asks for data about the 
Moon Cradle since the two facilities were both part of the Aegis Project
and should have major similarities.

Jamir then figures the time has come to spill the beans about the Moon Race.
He and Tex are both from the Moon.  Once the Moon Race sent a group to the
Earth to rejuvenate the environment - the ancestors of the Innocent.  Right
around the time they started quarreling among themselves between the several
continents, they declared independence from the Moon, starting a war.  Based
on past records, both sides made themselves various weapons.  The two sides
stalemated into an unending war, and the Moon put into practice its final
plan, the Satellite Cannon-equipped GX and the Turn X that it dug up from
the Moon's Mountain Cycles.  Those were the days that Jamir met Tex and
Lucille.  He and Lucille took part in the war as "Newtypes" that once 
existed... without knowing that they were mere tools of war.  The plan called
for smashing key spots on the Earth in unison, but a single blast of the 
Satellite Cannon caused a far greater calamity.  It caused the Aegean continent
to suffer extensive damage and cause the Earth to send the Turn A to the
front lines.  Its great power took out the Moon armies, which fell to Earth.
That was probably when Lucille was captured by the Terrans.  At that time,
the Turn A wiped out his group, and without his mech he barely managed to
escape to the Earth.  At that time, he saw the Turn X facing the Turn A,
using that abominable Moonlight Moth.

He can't forget its radiance even now.  Both batting Turns were enshrouded
in the light, and fearsome nanomachines were spread across the Earth, wiping
out the Innocents' culture.  At that time, Diana declared the war over and
forbade dealings with the Earth.  Agrippa and the others persecuted those
who participated in the final battle, and sentenced them to hibernation.
After that time, Ginganam's fleet was forbidden from battle, and was reduced
to practicing on the lunar surface.  Thereby were the battle instincts that
Ginganam loves so much sealed away and peaceful life given to the Moon Race:
all part of Agrippa's plan.  Contact was thereby severed between Moon and
Earth, and the rulers on both sides made all the records of the past fighting
taboo as the "Black History".  Gwen's ears are perked up to the fact that
the Mountain Cycles are the root cause of the fighting, and Jamir says that
the few Innocent left once again started rejuvenating the environment.  And
as that slowly happened, the D.O.M.E. kept watch over the Moon Race.
Bringing us to the present.  Jamir and Tex were released from hibernation
15 years ago, and were sent to the Earth as guinea pigs to see if the Moon
Race could stand the new environment.  To avoid the mistakes of the past,
Jamir and Tex went looking for other Newtypes - of course both sides were
really mining the Mountain Cycles in the hopes of starting a new war... and
it fell to the irredeemable sinner Jamir to stop it all.  Actually, it falls
to the Irregulars, who came to this era for what seems to be this reason...

Karis is introduced to your crew, who are all glad that he's feeling okay 
after the little incident back when.  Garode then introduces Enil, hastily
forestalling attempts by your crew to pry too much into their pasts.  Tifa
agrees, saying that Karis acknowledges his mistakes and has chosen to walk
with you all now.  Kouji notes that something has changed about Tifa since
he last saw her; she seems somehow more unburdened.  Shakti says that she
accepted her own powers on the Moon - her power at a Newtype.  The D.O.M.E.
and Garode told her that she had to use her power for the future.  Well,
Garode just wanted to save her cute little butt, but...  Enil tells him that
although he doesn't realize it, Garode has an aura that strengthens those
around him [then why doesn't he have the Commander skill??]... now that she
thinks about it, that may be what made her follow him in the first place.  Not
that Garode's the only one with that power in your whole group. ^_^  Karis now
understands why the D.O.M.E. left the future in your hands.  The flame of hope,
that was in dangers of going out during the long history of battle, mustn't be
extinguished.  Go to 36X.

36M. Ubawareta Shin Getta ("Shin Getter, Stolen")

Kiel thanks Diana for her tears in front of her father's grave.  Kiel thinks
that Diana was even sadder than she herself, and explains to a flabbergasted
Soshie that the two had been switched since way back then.  Soshie is then
somewhat put out - realizing that since "Kiel" had gone through so much, she
no longer has has any room to be mad at the putative queen of the invading
Moon Race.  Ha ha. ^_^  Jamir then explains who he is as per the other path,
ending with Quatro's thought that your people are here to prevent the 
mistakes from the past from happening again.

Now reprovisioned and all, Bright is about to launch the Ral Kairam when a
transmission from Banjou comes in.  The Iron Gear crew is still en route to
X-Point, but thanks to a number of battles on the way they're much later than
expected.  You hear of the missing people that Banjou found, and Bright 
informs him that while you prevented a military takeover of the D.O.M.E.,
you still haven't caught Carmen Carmen after his little stunt with Agrippa.
Worse, the Kyouryuu are in full swing on the Earth and are proving to be
even tougher than the Innocent.  The creepy thing is the fact that all they've
done so far is send groups to try to kill you instead of beginning fullscale
invasion.  It'd probably be best to assume that something really nasty is
going on beneath the surface.  Banjou tells bright that you're heading for
a certain Lost Mountain, giving it top priority since there may in a certain
sense be something even more dangerous than the GP-02 buried there.  That
Lost Mountain is in what used to be Japan, where all the EOT was.  Well, 
that'll be your overall rendezvous point.

Gallery informs Goll that all that's required for their atmosphere 
modification plan is to float Machineland to the surface and start releasing
air with ingredients harmful to humans.  It should take roughly forty hours
for all humans to die.  Goll is very much looking forward to seeing all the
apes sprawled all over the ground and his kingdom reestablished.  Just then a
soldier comes in with a report: Gorgon unearthed some kind of plant on his
way to Aegea.  It's seemingly different than the so-called Mountain Cycles,
and the details are under investigation now.  Gallery and Goll muse over how
Gorgon is in old Japan...

Sarumaru is telling your people that you're close to the Lost Mountain.  The
other search teams haven't checked in yet, and Musashi doesn't like the
look of this blasted, desolate place.  Sayaka can't believe this was once
Japan, and Kouji is a bit shocked to see where he once lived brought to this
too.  Will you ever get home?  Yasunishi wants to get started checking right
away, and has a favor to ask of Kosaku: she wants to take over the controls
of the Battlecraft.  She thought it sounded kind of fun digging through the
ground, and she's interested in what it feels like to break through to a
different stratum.  Unfortunately, the Battlemachines are registered by 
brain signature to their pilots, so he's the only one who can fly it.  She
then apologizes for the odd request, and Sarumaru detects an energy response
from a mountain nearby.  Unfortunately, it's lots of enemy machines, who now
have you surrounded.  Gorgon then shows up, glad you took the bait and happy
he predicted that you'd come here to investigate all the dangerous stuff
supposedly buried here.  Kouji defies Gorgon to just try and kill your people,
but Sayaka then hears that the other investigation teams are being attacked
too - you can't expect reinforcements.  Kouji decides to try to open a breach
in the enemy so the others can escape.  Sayaka demands to know what'll happen
to him then, but he's got some kind of good idea.  The others want to help
if this idea is so great, but Kouji says that nothing is doing and asks 
Musashi to just help the others escape.

  Get everybody except Kouji to the edge of the map.  There are some things 
  that look like Mountain Cycles, but they're both empty.  Whoever is last will
  linger a bit, but Kouji assures them that he's got a plan and that he'll
  follow shortly.  Kouji thinks that his plan went very well, and Gorgon
  demands to know what kind of plan Kouji could have to defeat them all now.
  Actually, Kouji didn't have a plan - except to arrange for all the others
  to leave so he could settle the score with all these heartless bastards
  alone.  Gorgon is impressed that Kouji would act to cover his friends and
  says that in that case he'll start by wiping Kouji out.  Kouji says that
  he in Mazinger Z is more than enough to take on all these dudes, which
  Gorgon thinks might be true if he can count on help from Great Mazinger and
  Getter Robo.  Gorgon had more troops in reserve, but Kouji figures he still
  can't pull out now for Sayaka's sake.  As Kouji fights, he yells out that
  he _will_ get back to his own time no matter what.

  After a couple combats, Shin Getter Robo emerges.  He figures that Ryou and
  the others were able to dig it up, and that he's now saved.  Unfortunately
  for him, it's Bat and not Ryou at the controls.  Kouji manages to withstand
  one attack, but he's practically in hysterics over why Bat's piloting the
  Shin Getter.

Elsewhere, your dudes see Shin Getter becoming their enemy.  Doesn't it 
suck that the Kyouryuu dug it up first?  Ryouma can't understand how Bat,
a species that can't withstand Getter Rays, could manage to pilot it.  Bat
says that they've had a long time to study Getter Rays, yielding the Uran
Spark and the Getter Ray Shielding Device he's wearing.  Ryou protests that
Shin Getter is the strongest of the Getter Series, and Bat does admit that
his body is beginning to be damaged.  However, to see the Kyouryuu take over
the surface, he's more than willing to take one for the team.  He tells Ryou
that, like Ryou himself does, he's got something to protect: his comrades 
and his emperor Goll.  Hayato realizes that Bat's staking his life on the
battle with you and concedes that for an enemy Bat seems to be quite a guy.
Just then your dudes spot Mazinger Z, much the worse for wear and about to
be finished off by Gorgon.  Gorgon informs Sayaka of Kouji's sacrifice to
let them all escape.  Kouji manages to tell the others not to come near, but
instead to take back Getter Robo.  Tetsuya vows to save Kouji, and tells
Ryou to immobilize Shin Getter - Ryou doesn't think this can be done since
Shin Getter is far more powerful than Getter Dragon, but Akira reminds Ryou
that, as Ryou said himself, Shin Getter isn't just about which machine is
more powerful.  It's only because the Getter Team pilots it that it's so
good.  Hayato agrees, noting that you all seem to have forgotten something
quite important.  Now Ryou's into things, and it's time to rock.

  There's no real way to prevent Kouji from getting blasted on 1.5, but 
  instead of dying, an emergency program activates and some sort of lock is
  released.  But *kablooie*, and your people start taking it really hard.
  Especially Tetsuya, who hasn't repaid any of his debts to him, the one who
  taught him what it's like to have a brother.  But just then some kind of
  energy begins emitting, which is resonating with Shin Getter.  Great's
  Photon Energy gauge is rising too...what's going on?  Well, as it turns out,
  it's Mazinkaizer, the God-Demon Emperor!  Gorgon explains to Bat that if
  Shin is the ultimate Getter, this is the ultimate Mazinger.  Gorgon realizes
  his error in forgetting that if there was Shin Getter, Mazinger would also
  be around.  Kouji is realizing that Mazinkaizer was waiting thousands of
  years for his return, and while he figures there's no opponent fiercer than
  Shin Getter Robo, he'll prove that he can take it down.

  On the next round, more of your dudes show up in the Ral Kairam.  Bright
  is hastily informed of the situation and scrambles your dudes.  Bat will
  tell your Getter dudes that they should know better than anyone else that
  Getter Dragon can't beat Shin Getter.  Hayato says that he's got something
  wrong, and Ryou agrees - Getter is only Getter with the Getter Team aboard.

  In Mountain Cycles are mecha, dependent on your Skill level.  Gorgon is
  worth a Super Alloy Z.  Take Shin Getter to less than 10% of its HP without
  actually shooting it down for a Skill Point.

When reduced to 10% of his HP, Bat decides to use his last resort: causing
Shin Getter's Getter Ray Response Reactor to go out of control.  Bat intends
to self destruct along with Shin Getter, saying that his life was over the 
day he was first defeated by Getter and forced to retreat to the Magma Layer.
He'll be happy if he can take you all with him.  As the Getter count starts
to rise and Bat laughs in glee, the Getter team realize that the impending
explosion will be worse than a nuke.  Kouji thinks that the time has come to
unlock Kaiser's "God" mode, but the Getter team says it's only fit that the
Getter team handle this Getter mishap.  Ryou plans to absorb the Getter rays
that Shin Getter is emitting into Dragon's Getter Reactor, releasing the
excess energy into a Shine Spark.  Tetsuya yells out that that will melt
Dragon's armor, but Ryou counters that it'll save everybody.  Benkei says that
if they allow Shin Getter to become mankind's enemy he'll never be able to
face Saotome again, and the team tells Musashi that it's their turn to put
their lives on the line for everybody.  Ryou tells Rolan that he's counting
on him for the Moon-Earth stuff, and swings into action.  Bat tells them 
they're too late, but Ryou says that he's prepared to risk his life in battle
too.  Hayato agrees, saying that it's time to find out which of the two sides
has more karma going for them.  For the Kyouryuu Empire!  For all those
living on Earth!  As the two sides trade ultimate attacks, Getter Dragon
is paralyzed and Shin Getter is fading fast.  Then Rolan intervenes, 
sprouting... MOTH WINGS!  It's the Moonlight Moth!  Ryou notes that all the
Getter Energy is now gone, and Diana is positive that she's seeing the true
hidden power of the Turn A, the thing that brought the Black History to its
final stage.

Just then more Kyouryuu show up, including the invincible Battleship Dai,
aboard which rides Goll, Emperor of the Kyouryuu.  Goll tells a penitent
Bat that he's fought splendidly, and tells you apes that he's here to save
Bat.  He was actually impressed at your fight to the very end, but declares
in his own name as emperor that the rulers of the Earth aren't the humans,
but rather the Reptilians.  He tells you all to enjoy the limited time
you have left until his deadly plan takes effect.  Looks like the Kyouryuu
are now in full swing...

Your people ponder this new development.  All you've got is the records from
the fight in NWC year 186, and Banjou tells Bright that you've probably
only seen a small fraction of their warpower.  Plus, they've had all this time
to build things up while you've been gone.  You already know that the 
Mechazauruses are stronger than they were during the Balmar War, but the real
sticking point is Machineland, their huge base in the magma layer.  It's
going to suck having to play tag with the enemy's main base.  So let's count
your current enemies: the Innocent, Ginganam's army, Carmen, and now the
Kyouryuu Empire.  Just then Astonage and Kid show up and ask to do a quick
check around to see if they can unearth anything else besides the two great
finds that have already shown up.

Jiron meanwhile is lamenting how Elchi can't be returned to normal despite
being rescued from the Innocent.  Due to the mind control [and personality
erasure] she still sees Jiron as an enemy.  Paula tells Jiron that Tex may
well be able to do something.  Meanwhile, your people ask Diana about that
little trick the Turn A just did: the Moonlight Moth, destroyer of culture.
Diana thinks that due to the contact with the Turn X the Turn A is beginning
to show its true powers.  Amuro notes that this time the Moonlight Moth
saved Ryou and the others, and thinks that this may be one of those weapons
whose potential for evil really depends on how it's used.  Rolan figures 
that if the Turn A is a mecha with a cross to bear, he wants to turn its 
powers to good ends.

Mio explains about how Viletta and the crew met up during their test run
(see above for details).  She promises new techniques that Judou has to wait
for until he actually sees them used.  Just then, Judou spies something
unexpected: the R-1!  It had been dismantled, but the parts got dug up in
the vicinity.  But it turns out that it's not Ryuusei's R-1, since the
armaments are slightly different and it lacks Ryuusei's personal mark (which
Mio taunts him about).  Unfortunately, this R-1's combination mechanism is
busted, so it can't combine into the SRX.  This was probably done with the
dangerousness of the SRX in mind - in fact, this was the only R-series machine
found in this Lost Mountain.  Without the rest of the SRX, the R-1 is just
another Personal Trooper; perhaps there was some reason that this one was
made anew (Viletta thinks there must have been some reason in the intervening
time that the R-1 had to be used).  Ryuusei plans to mark this machine too,
perhaps with "Super Alloy" in deference to his super robot mania...

The Getter team then deliberates what to do now that Dragon is badly damaged
and will take a while to repair.  Ryou hesitates, knowing full well the true
terror of Shin Getter, but decides to pilot it anyway [assuming you didn't
biff up and shoot the damn thing down ^^].  He tells Hayato that they don't
have time to be choosy where defeating the Kyouryuu is concerned, especially
now that they're incomparably stronger than before.  Now that that's decided,
the team quickly starts setting Shin Getter up for their use.  Ryuu 
contemplates the prospect of Shin Getter waiting thousands of years for them.

Now, if you were cool and did all the right Gundam X stuff, you now get
G-Bits for the GX and DX, which Kid brought from the Moon Cradle.  
Surprisingly, it was Jamir who ordered these brought along.  Jamir, too,
thinks that there's no time to be choosy where saving the world is concerned -
his own bias against these things aside.  He's determined to use the G-Bits
to prevent the tragedy of Lucille from being repeated.  Kid thinks that
even without the Satellite Cannon the GX and DX will do great with the Bits,
but notes that Jamir and Karis are the only people who can use them, given
that Garode's not a Newtype.  However at that moment, Tifa resolves to fight
by Garode's side and lend her power to the war effort.  She brushes his
objections aside, determined to help break through to everyone's future and
end this fight... and to see her own true wish be granted.  Go to 37.

36X. Shin GETTA ROBO tai MAJINKAIZAA  ("Shin Getter Robo vs. Mazinkaizer")

Insert Goll/Gallery conversation about the atmosphere modification.  Other
then explains that the guardians on the Moon and the Earth were supposed to
protect mankind from enemies beyond their comprehension.  Sadly, Diana has
learned to her sorrow that it's not possible to coexist with them.  Battle
with them seems inevitable.  Your people then discuss an energy response
from the Lost Mountain in what used to be Japan.  There are many possibilities
as to what the energy might be, given all the EOT and other research 
facilities once in the area.  You won't know until you check it out, so that's
what Bright decides to do.

Meanwhile, the Getter Team had their Getter Reactor suddenly shut down while
doing a routine check.  Hayato wonders if the safeties may have kicked in due
to an abnormality in output, but Astonage says that the output didn't ever
get that high.  Tifa then shows up and tells Ryou to be careful: something
terrible, a terrible thing that should not be may be about to happen.  Just
then the bad guys show up in the Mountain Cycle you were headed for.  You
all try to sortie, but of course the Getter Team can't just now.  Tetsuya
tells Ryou to let him and the others handle it for now, and to hurry up
fixing Getter...

Gorgon's here with a lot of troops, meaning that something really big must
be buried underground.  Your people figure he wants to use it for his own
warpower.  As the reason for Getter's non-sortying is reiterated, Focker
orders everyone to keep the bad guys out of the Lost Mountain.  You can
either shoot down Gorgon or get one of your units onto the target Mountain
  After some combat, Gorgon brings out a Pikudrone.  Gorgon is worth a Skill

When you meet either objective, Gorgon will curse you humans and use his 
ship as a shield to just shove his way in.  He blows up his ship, using the
hole thus created to head underground.  Does this mean that there's something
slumbering underneath there that's worth going that far to acquire?  As 
Kouji decides to follow Gorgon, something big howls from underground as a
major earthquake ensues.  Shinobu hopes that another Mecha-Gilgilgan isn't
coming out, but Kouji knows that's not it: both he and Tetsuya can confirm
what the immense outpouring of energy from the Mountain Cycle is.  It's
Mazinkaizer!  Masaki wants to know why it's attacking you - it can't be running
amok because the Kaiser Pailder is installed and it ought to be in "Z" mode.
Of course, Gorgon is piloting the thing.  Your people are appalled that that
of all things would fall into enemy hands, and Gorgon says that it proves his
information sources are better than yours.  Just then Dante pops out, and 
your people get taunted some more.  Shinobu wants to go over and wreck the
bad guys anyway, but Sayaka cautions Kouji against wantonly destroying the
machine his father made.  Tetsuya agrees, saying it's the core and soul of
the family.  It's not good to destroy it when it's in the hands of the enemy.
Ryuusei agrees, saying it's an ally of justice etc. etc., and tells Kouji
that all you've got to do is get the thing back with your own hands.  Kouji
agrees, and then says that while Gorgon thinks Mazinkaizer is just a machine,
and that it certainly is either a god or a demon depending on its pilot, it
_is_ as Tetsuya said like a soul to your people.  He asks everyone to grant
him their strength.

  Kouji will wonder on the next round how to take back Mazinkaizer if they 
  can halt its motion.  Tetsuya points out a certain weakness with the 
  Scrander on his machine, and thinks Kaiser may have the same weakness due
  to its similar construction.

  Reduce Mazinkaizer to less than 10% of its HP, and then send Kouji right
  next to it.  Kouji will try to attack the back, but this won't work well.
  A fight sequence is then triggered where Tetsuya intervenes and gets badly
  damaged.  Kouji can't believe that Tetsuya is risking his life to save him,
  but Tetsuya reminds him that the two are bonded together as family via
  Mazinkaizer: if they die, they die together.  Plus, Tetsuya hasn't repaid
  his debt to Kouji yet.  Tetsuya then goes and grabs Mazinkaizer, telling
  Kouji to hurry and attack the weak spot on the back.  This works, and 
  Kouji boots Gorgon out, who retreats on the double.  Kouji is grateful
  to everyone for their help, and realizes that Mazinger has been waiting
  thousands of years for him.  Just then, Shin Getter pops out.  Your people
  are amazed that it too was buried here, and wonder if it came out in 
  response to Mazinkaizer's awakening.  Unfortunately, Bat is at the controls.

  See the other path for a description of this confrontation.  Bat sends some
  of his servants after you first, and things are looking kind of grim.  But
  then Ryou and the crew pop out - Shin Getter was the cause of the Getter
  Reactor going offline.  Kouji tells them to sit this one out, since there's
  no way Dragon could beat Shin, but Ryou's determined that the Getter Team
  will take care of this Getter problem.  Kouji still protests that the power
  level is too different, but Benkei points out that Getter isn't Getter on
  power alone  The whole team agrees, planning to recover their pride and 
  take Bat out.  Bat thinks this is well-said, worthy of his arch-enemies.

  Gorgon will show up after a few rounds analogous to his appearance on the
  other path.

  In Mountain Cycles are mecha dependent on your Skill Level.

Once you reduce Getter to below 10% of its HP, Bat will decide to try the
Getter Ray trick from the other path.  However, this time Kouji intervenes 
after the other enemies have evacuated, planning to use Kaiser to block the
Stoner Sunshine to let the rest of your people escape.  Both Kouji and Bat
have people to strive for, and despite the objections of your people, Kouji
activates "God" mode.  This is basically like the other path, with the Turn
A intervening again.  Goll also shows up and collects Bat.

The discussions are the same as the other path.  Go to 37.

[I kept results from the X path.]

37. Bokura ga Motomete Ita Sensou Da ["This Is the War We Wanted"]

Elchi stares blankly at you from the screen.  To quote Weird Al, "What's with
that hair?"  After a moment, she senses someone trying to make contact her
heart - and apparently doesn't like it.  She demands to be let out of wherever
she is.  In the outside world, Tifa tells the others that Elchi's heart is
ruled by a fierce hatred.  Jiron doesn't like the implication that there's
nothing that can be done for her - he demands that the Moon Race use its
whatchamacallit machines, more advanced than the Innocent, to help her.  Tex
parses this correctly but says that nanomachines can't be used on this kind
of illness.  Karis tries to get Jiron to calm down, and Jiron all starts 
crying again.

The Purus and Four are hearing the bad news about what's been done to Elchi.
Puru2 wonders if they can do something for her.  Despite Tifa's failure,
Puru2 has an idea...  Other sure likes the sound of it, but the medic is
astounded at the mere thought of it being possible.  Amuro is quite sure it
can work if you use the Psycommu.  Tex thinks it's medically unsound to use
Newtypes' brainwaves to free Elchi's personality, but Amuro points out that
the same method was used to free a certain young boy once.  Tex persists,
saying that the risk to the Newtype inputting the brain waves would be too
great, and Other asks if the system can be used to connect him and Elchi.
Amuro says that it _could_ be done - but quickly points out that it's quite
dangerous and could leave Other just as Elchi is now.  Other tells Amuro that
he has a fairly good idea of what personality has been imprinted onto Elchi -
if he's right, it makes him the best person for the job.  Other tries to claim
it's all his responsibility for not stopping Kashim King's rampage.  He's
determined to make things right, and wants to be of use before his life runs
out entirely.  However, he knows that if things go wrong he'll go berserk too,
and asks Jiron to kill him if that happens.  Jiron of course can't agree to
this, saying that Other has many fans - but Other says that if Jiron can't
kill him, he may well kill Jiron.  Since there's little time left, Other asks
your people to hasten the operation.

Shido then brings data to Gwen on all your machines as per his instructions.
Gwen plans to use the data to deal with Ginganam, saying that the fate of
the Earth hangs in the balance and that if the Preventers, Innocent, and
Ginganam fight the Earth won't escape unscathed.  Plus, Gwen isn't proud of
the fact that the Earth is lagging behind the Moon's technology.  If possible,
Gwen would like to take Rolan and the White Doll with him - Rolan then pops
out, shocked.  He asks if Gwen has already talked this whole matter over 
with Diana, and Gwen tells "Loora" that he's the White Doll's pilot and now the
commander of the Militia's mechanized infantry.  Rolan then protests that
he's _Rolan_, and that what Gwen is attempting to do is wrong.  Gwen claims
that this is all to keep the world from falling into the hands of someone
like Ginganam, but Rolan says that he doesn't want to see a repeat of the
Black History.  Gwen says that there some very educational things about
the Black History, and draws a gun, demanding that Rolan come with him.  Rolan
flatly turns him down, and Gwen takes flight.

Tonya is glad to be back aboard her own ship, which the Militia seem to have
taken good care of.  She's appreciative of Colonel Mihael for bringing it 
all the way out here.  The Militia has just split off from your group and
gone off somewhere, and the message arrives from the Ral Kairam asking all
ships to halt while Elchi's treatment is undertaken.  Jamir really really
hopes that the cure works.  Just then, an object approaches from the front -
it's the Soreiyu being pursued by some Breakers.

Fil is quite upset that the barbarians would pursue him all the way here.
Kyalone is eager to get the big money promised for shooting down the white
ship, and tells the others not to mess up.  She and Greta get to bitch about
each other's ages, Greta implying that she's had a lot more womanly fun in
the past, oh, 20 years.  Gelaba notes that all these big womanly butts have
been crowding his and Hoora's sitting space lately, which Hoora tells Gelaba
not to remind him of.  Nonetheless, this is his big chance to erase all his
past disgraces.  Po is worried that the Diana Counter will fall here, but
Fil tells her not to whine and says that his side can't lose.  Milan says that
this may actually be just desserts for straying from the path that Diana
indicated.  Diana tells Bright that the people aboard the Soreiyu (as Kiel
should now know, having captained it once) aren't bad people and asks if it's
possible to save them.  She says that their little attempt on her life was
the fault of her own immaturity, and Bright agrees after a moment to come to
their aid.  As your dudes launch, Diana orders Fil to leave this up to you
and evacuate immediately.  They're greatly surprised that Diana would save
them, and quickly pull out, spoiling Kyalone's dreams of big money.  However,
Jiron and the others are worth even more, and Hoora knows that taking out
the Ral Kairam is the only way to get Elchi back.  You can't move the flagship
because of Elchi's treatment - in fact, you can't let the enemy so much as
attack it.

  When you defeat all enemies or after 6 turns, the Frost Brothers appear;
  looks like the Ginganam Army has come to Aegea.  Shagia and Olba plan to
  take this chance to take out Diana as a now-worthless existence, which of
  course goes over like a lead balloon.  Rolan notes that she's the only one
  who can intercede between the Earth and Moon, and Garode adds that now is
  not the time for humans to be quarreling among themselves.  The brothers
  respond that humans can't put fighting behind them, and that they don't
  accept any humans other than themselves.  If Diana is defeated war will
  break out for real between the Earth and Moon - this is the war that they
  wanted.  Tifa senses intense hatred in their hearts - easily enough hatred
  to destroy the world.  Apparently this desire to destroy the world stems
  from a desire to demonstrate that the Frost brothers "ought" to be at the
  center of the world, according to Shagia [he should talk to Shinji about
  this].  What they're really upset about is that the power they've had from
  birth wouldn't work with the Flash System; for that reason alone they were
  snubbed and overlooked.  Evidently this is a good enough reason for them:
  Shagia doubts you'd understand, and Olba plans to make you all feel the
  humiliation and despair that those with unvalued power feel.  The sting of
  the "Category F" moniker will only fade when the whole world is hosed;
  supposedly the "correct" future they seek is the new order that will arise
  after the world is toast.  Amuro points out that the D.O.M.E. told you all
  that that was mere illusion; Rolan adds that a world with neither Innocent
  or Moon Race is the correct path.  Unfortunately, Gwen thinks that that's
  false and has already reached Ginganam.  The Frost brothers then try telling
  you that might makes right, as you yourselves have demonstrated - Rolan
  counters that he's only fighting because people like the Frost Brothers
  exist and not from any will of his own.  Shagia yells out that you wouldn't
  understand his pain.  Of course we don't!, yells Kouji.  However, what
  he does understand what it feels like for people with special powers to be
  used by others.  The brothers think they're hot stuff because _they_ know
  how to use their power, to change the world.  Banjou says that any further
  debate is meaningless - time to persuade them by force.

  If you take out all enemies, the Frost Brothers will use their trump card:
  a nuclear-tipped cruise missile.  They think this is a great idea for
  bringing about the new era and won't hear your objections to the contrary.
  As they glory in their plan, the Egrets show up lamenting how humans always
  repeat the same mistakes.  As they rant on fruitily, the sensible one 
  notes that the nuke must be disposed of, and dismantle it much the same way
  the Moonlight Moth did.  Shagia freaks out at this, and decides to withdraw,
  saying that it's not yet time for them to leave the stage for good.  As
  they withdraw, the Egrets will ask if you plan to save the Earth or not
  [if they haven't asked already; see above for this conversation].  They
  decide to take you out after all, but just then Other heads out and says
  that this planet belongs to Jiron and the others.  He tells Jiron that it
  is Kashim who's possessing Elchi, and trying to possess him too!  But before
  that happens... he self destructs and harms one of the Egrets (Sarisaz).
  The leader Ulz orders a retreat and intimidates Sarisaz for good measure.
  Jiron is now thoroughly pissed at Kashim...

  In Mountain Cycles are items dependent on your Skill Points.  In a container
  are 500 Blue Stones.  Take both brothers out with a Map Weapon for a Skill
  point; both of them will flee at around 40% of their HP (which is around 6k
  HP).  Since you can't use the Satellite Cannon, this may be a pretty tall
  order...  Shagia is worth a Minovsky Craft; Olba is worth a Large Generator.

Your people are quite traumatized by Other's death.  Soshie demands to know
why war claims lives without caring for good or bad - Kid tells her that
although it's painful, that's how war is.  Jiron then asks why the medical
staff didn't stop Other - Elchi's condition got suddenly worse and they
had neither time to spare nor the means to stop Other.  Tex also tells him
that Other ordered them to let him use the mental interface device, which
Jiron had heard that Amuro and the others were supposed to use.  Jiron gets
quite irate and decks Tex, demanding to know why as a doctor he didn't take
steps to save life.  Tex says that that's precisely why he reached the 
decision he did, taking the highest probability path to saving life.  Jiron
thinks that's just BS, but Tex says to go ahead and hit him until he's
satisfied.  Tex was prepared to incur the wrath of people in cases like
Jiron's since he first became a doctor.  Amuro then stops Jiron, saying that
fighting here won't bring back the dead.  Diana thinks that compared to
Other her resolve wasn't yet complete, and takes upon herself Other's ideals.
Kid says an internal farewell to Other, thinking of him as a great person
and wishing him a peaceful sleep in the soil of the Zora he loved so much.

[this part was present on the second path]
Looks like as per what the D.O.M.E. told you the Earth Cradle really exists,
and the Egrets aren't your allies.  It seems they were testing you to see if
you were really worthy of saving the Earth, and decided in the negative.
Bright remembers Meigas's legend, and your people discuss the implications
of the Earth Cradle.

Diana learns of Gwen's treachery and absconding with the data on your
machines.  Rolan notes that he had planned to take him with him, and Soshie
is quick to accuse Rolan of treachery too.  Monsha notes that Rolan wouldn't
exactly _tell_ you all first if he was a traitor, and Kiel wonders why the
normally rational Gwen would do such a thing.  Your people recall his interest
in lunar technology (he should have just bugged the Diana Counter mechanics
if that was what he's interested in) and Lily remembers that Gwen was 
interested in industrialization.  Clearly, Gwen must have some new objective
in mind, but Lily tells Soshie that she doesn't even have time to get mad
about being left behind for whatever it is.  Anyway, it's bad that your 
data has fallen into enemy hands, especially about the Turn A.  Lily wants
Rolan to sneak into Gwen's place as Loora and steal back the Turn A data.
Soshie is against this, as is Rolan who thinks the data's already been
copied.  Haley doesn't think it's an entirely bad idea - and Monsha recalls
how Haley once fell for Loora.  Diana then goes with Haley to the Soreiyu
to clean up the mess her incomplete resolve caused.  This is to live up to
Other's ideals too.

Diana explains how Ginganam has come down to Earth - the result of the sins
she has committed.  She wants Milan and Fil's help to make things right.  She
tells them that if they understand their own wrongdoings, they should devote
themselves to peace between the remaining humans on Earth and the Moon.  Milan
gratefully accepts this, and Fil tells Diana that he's heard this as an order.
The Soreiyu then accompanies the Ral Kairam to defeat Ginganam.

The Egrets report how the humans are once again trying to use nukes.  Ulz
figures that the humans are no longer worth protecting or letting live on
the planet.  Ansaz figures all humans both on the Earth and the Moon must be
wiped out to keep the Earth System running, which Sarisaz agrees with via
maniacal laughter.  Meigas severely tells Sarisaz that his emotional 
patterns have been broken for a while now, and in response to concerns about
his ability to carry out orders she will now perform an emotional adjustment.
He apologizes and returns to neutral.  Ulz reports that the Irregulars have
rejected the notion that fighting with the subterraneans is top priority.
Meigas expected this, and Ulz figures that the job of cleaning up down there
should fall to them.  Meigas figures the Irregulars are now useless, and 
orders Zengar called over.  She orders Sarisaz to switch the Earth Cradle to
combat mode, and orders Ulz to start outfitting the Aulgelmil with the
black box.  She then orders Meigas to take the Sleedgelmil out and destroy
the Irregulars.  He hesitates at this, and Meigas yells that his emotional
patterns are disturbed.  Through gritted teeth, he announces that he'll
carry out his orders.  After he leaves, Meigas frets that his "original data"
was reloaded by contact with the humans.  Guess he'll need a tuneup...
Go to 38.

38. Gekkouchou ["Moonlight Moth"]

Goll hears with considerable displeasure that the Ancestors have swung into
action.  He tells Gallery to turn over every blade of grass if he has to in
order to find the Ancestors' base, the Earth Cradle.  The plan is to _crush_
it physically with Machineland [O_o!!!]  Gallery announces that thanks to the
last war with the Ancestors the Kyouryuu now have plenty of data and have
already set up a countermeasure.  Goll reminds Gallery that the Ancestors
must be eliminated before they can use their poison mist, and also tells him
not to let the atmosphere modification project slide.

The Great General remembers the last battle with the Ancestors, whose poison
mist drove the Mikeene to the brink of ruin.  The Emperor of the Dark is MIA,
the seven army divisions are scattered to the four winds, and he's one of the
few survivors.  However, he doesn't plan to let it all end like this: he
_will_ defeat Mazinger and the Ancestors and one day revive the Mikeene

Ginganam is peering at the data he got from the D.O.M.E., noting something
very interesting.  He's now finally realized just how studly Amuro and Char,
err, "Quatro", are: studly enough to have their names inscribed in the Black
History.  Quite suitable opponents, Ginganam thinks.  Midgald then comes in to
report that he's hard at work digging up the Lost Mountain and unearthing
lots of Black History weapons, including a gigantic annular warship.  This
delights Ginganam even more, who calls the Earth a black armory and even a
treasure chest.  Gwen then comes in to protest the use of excessive (nuclear)
force by the Frost Brothers.  Ginganam tells him that there's no such thing
as excess in war, but Gwen says that all Ginganam should be doing is smashing
the Innocent and the Diana Counter and displaying his fleet's and his Turn
X's power to the people; there's no need to taint the earth with nukes.
Ginganam reminds him that the Turn types are said to have the power to even
fix that kind of taint, but Gwen responds that the destructive power of the
Moonlight Moth is even greater than nukes.  Ginganam notes derisively that
Gwen seems to have been doing his homework on the Turn A, and Gwen says that
he'd like to start mass-producing them to become invincible on the Earth.
Ginganam actually likes this sound of this, and Gwen adds that since "the
people" [actually his little piss-ant, podunk, ass = hole in the ground
country and nobody else] revere the Turn A as the "White Doll", controlling
people's hearts should be all the easier.  Marybell compliments Gwen on 
being a good despot, but Gwen claims he merely wants to demonstrate to 
Ginganam that there are other methods of persuasion besides military force.
Marybell reminds him precisely who it was who made off with the Irregulars'
combat data.  He responds that he knows full well that the Irregulars combat
potential mustn't be underestimated, causing Marybell to ask if he's implying
that Ginganam's side will lose.  He merely says that the possibility exists,
and then says that it's his role to reach forth his hand to those in trouble
[BS!!]  He asks Ginganam if he's heard the story of the sun and the north wind,
which Marybell pooh-pooh's as an old children's tale.  Gwen replies that since
reality is harsh, man gets shone upon by the sun, and Marybell figures that
Gwen is someone worth belittling.

Katejina then shows up, announcing preparations for combat with the Irregulars
are complete.  Ginganam orders her to lead the first wave out, which Marybell
had thought was her role.  As Marybell begins to fuss, Katejina asks what a
little whiny child can do [does the name Quess mean anything?...]  Ginganam
halts Marybell's tirade, and asks Katejina if her bad attitude will disappear
if she defeats your people.  She says nothing, and Ginganam tells her to see
what she can do (and she didn't need him to tell her that).  Gwen, somewhat
flabbergasted, asks who Katejina is.  The Frost Brothers picked her up 
wandering the Earth.  She's lost her memory but seems to have a score to
settle with the Irregulars - she in fact seems to have Newtype-type abilities
and may be an Irregular herself.  Time for them to strike the Irregulars and
Diana Sorel!

Elchi is back to having a normal hair day!!!  Unfortunately, due to post-
operation stress she isn't conscious yet.  Tex says that the rest is up to
Elchi, and your dudes are ready to really let Kashim have it for what he's
done.  Akira wonders then why humans seem to always do the same things no
matter what era it is.  At first, Vicinity seemed a very peaceful place, but
as soon as the Diana Counter arrived war broke out.  And there was the whole
Karis mess in Photo Seven, and the latest nuclear panic.  Are humans destined
to keep doing this junk until the end of time?  Camille realizes that even
in this future people are trying to use Newtypes as tools of war.  Shakti
thinks that it's unavoidable that people make the same mistakes, but thinks
that if only there was someone who could recognize this and put a stop to it...
Hyouma thinks your people are just the ones for the job - after all, Chizuru
is around to save him from his habit of always drifting off to sleep.  Akira
doesn't think this is the best example, but Hyouma's point still stands.

Camille ponders this prospect, fretting about how Rosamia is still probably
in the Innocent's clutches and probably had the same thing done to her that
was done to Karis and Elchi.  Can he save Rosamia...?  Fa then shows up
briefly, but claims nothing is wrong and heads off again.  Kou then appears
and wants to continue analyzing the Ancestors' combat data.  Camille shakily
agrees.  Viletta was shocked to find out about the Hyukebeins and Grungasts
at the Moon Cradle used as part of the defense system.  Well, they certainly
get the job done, but it's still pretty shocking that they're still around.
Wendy has heard of these "Personal Troopers" before, and Camille shows Senia 
something interesting about the Ancestors' machines.  Senia is surprised
enough to have to verify that the data came from the Ancestor encounter.
Wendy had heard from her stay at S-Point that the smaller machine is called a
Belgelmir, and the large one is a Sleedgelmil.  The Bel's rifle makes it
a long-range interceptor, and the drill and sword of the Suleed make it a 
close-range fighter.  Viletta confirms for Camille that both Cradles were
built as part of the Ark Project, but the Earth Cradle was supposedly halted
first.  The Moon Cradle was taken over by the Mao Company and the Lunar
Metropolitan Assembly, but it seems a good assumption that both Cradles use
very similar concepts in their construction.  Camille says that if the Earth
Cradle is still alive, and these two machines are used as its defense system...
Senia sees what Camille is getting it, and Wendy promises to go over the data
again based on Camille's hunch.

Diana figures that it's best to assume Ginganam is digging up more Black 
History weapons to strengthen his side, centered around the Turn X.  Although
it hasn't displayed it yet, the Turn X probably has the same destructive
Moonlight Moth that the Turn A.  Given that a wrong move could result in 
another cultural destruction, Quatro says that in one sense the Turn X is as
dangerous as the Kyouryuu and the Ancestors.  It should be your first target:
as soon as you spot it, you've got to attack it en masse.  Focker wonders if
the Turn A should be sent against it - Jamir notes that it was the contact
between them that once spawned the Moonlight Moth.  Perhaps the Turn A should
be kept out of battle this time, but Amuro recalls Ginganam's comment about
the scar on the Turn X's arm.  Maybe the Turn A should be sent out after all,
and if the Moonlight Moth manifests that's when Banjou figures your people
will be needed.

As the announcement of Level 1 alert comes through, your pilots realize that
the big battle is coming.  Shinobu is ready to go wait in his cockpit, but 
Kouji tells him not to get carried away.  Shinobu tells Kouji to tell that
to Hiiro.  Hiiro responds that he doesn't plan to get carried away, but that
he may do the impossible anyway.  Shinobu thinks that's just talk, but isn't
planning on dying in any case.  Paula isn't either, wanting to do some space
racing with Hikaru and the others when this is all done.  Shinobu thinks
that sounds like fun, and Kouji says that there's lots and lots that still
must be done.  Masaki agrees, saying that things can't end for him here: he's
got to return to your time and save Ra-Gias.  Shinobu says that he'll see
the others later, and tells Hiiro not to do the impossible either.  Paula
doesn't think saying that will work, and Hiiro says that the same goes for
the rest of your dudes.  Rolan then tells Soshie and the others that they'd
best not sortie [like HELL I'm sending those rookies against Ginganam's army!],
but Soshie is insistent that they can't send Rolan to the front lines alone.
Rolan tells them that this battle won't be like the ones before, but Meshier
tells him not to say that now after all they've been through.  Rolan's worried
that the Moonlight Moth may appear, but Soshie pouts that it was _Rolan_ who
said that as a tool it should be capable of being wielded.  She tells him to
follow through on that, and adds that she doesn't want this war to continue.
Since Rolan and Diana are trying to hard for that goal, she can't sit around
either [yeah, just keep telling yourself that, watercooler-girl].  Ken'ichi
agrees that Rolan shouldn't worry about the Moonlight Moth, saying that your
people will surely stop it if it appears.  Soshie offers to pilot the White
Doll if Rolan's worried, but Rolan agrees to use it to settle the score with
the Turn X, for everybody's sake.  He plans to sever the karma between the
two MS's, and between the Earth and Moon; perhaps that's the real reason he
came in the first place.  Rolan is counting on Ken'ichi in case the Moth does
manifest, but Ken'ichi tells him that _everybody_ comes back from this one.

Ginganam's forces appear on scope, but there's no sign of the Turn X.  Haley
is puzzled by this, expecting Ginganam to lead from the front.  Burning 
wonders if the Turn X, like the Turn A, isn't fully operational yet.  This
sounds plausible, and Burning and Haley are dispatched to launch the troops.
Kiel worries over Haley's safety, and when out of earshot, Burning says that
while it may be none of his business, Haley would be best to arrange things
so that there are no regrets when he and Kiel are parted.  Burning himself
hadn't been able to properly tell his wife how he felt before being parted
from her - he regrets it now, although he adds self-effacingly that it may
just be his age.  Haley understands what Burning is getting at, but doesn't
have any regrets because he plans to return without fail.  As they hurry to
start the launch, Usso is worrying about whether he'll be able to save
Katejina now that she's lost her memory...

Diana is sure that with all these mechanical giants it should be possible to
prevent the Black History from repeating.  Hiiro accepts this as his mission,
and Hyouma is eager to blow the moth's wings clean away.  Jamir plans to make
this the last battle against the Moon, and Rolan doesn't want the same mistakes
repeated any more.  Swesson orders his dudes to wreck the Turn A before it
can use the Moonlight Moth.  Usso senses Katejina on the battlefield, and
wonders what he should do.  Marvette tells him that he who hesitates on the
battlefield dies.

  Swesson is worth a Psychoframe.  Take out everybody except Katejina for a
  Skill Point.

  When you then reduce Katejina to 0 HP, Usso yells at her to escape from
  her mecha.  She starts remembering her time with Usso, but just then things
  go kaboom.  It looks like she's dead, and Marvette wonders if her memories
  came back at the very end.  Unfortunately, the Turn X comes out next -
  Ginganam figured Katejina was destined to lose but commends her for buying
  him lots of time.  Usso is about to berate Ginganam for shoving Katejina
  down the road to war, but Ginganam preempts him and says that all he did
  was reach forth his helping hand - he never forced her to fight.  He _did_
  however take certain advantage of the Psycommu-style flow of brainwaves in
  her machine.  Usso demands to know what Ginganam thinks people are: tools
  of war.  Usso won't forgive him now, and Ginganam says that _that_ kind
  of fighting instincts are what mankind needs to evolve.  In fact, he plans
  to destroy everything with the Turn X and begin a new era.  Rolan tells him
  that he won't let him recreate the Black History, and Usso is more upset
  than ever that Ginganam made Katejina fight in this age.  Ginganam then
  challenges all you Irregulars to seal him, the Turn X, and the entire 
  Black History.  He says that you're unneeded in this time, and demands that
  you vanish to the other side of the Black History.

  Shoot down Ginganam for a Nanoskin Armor.

Your dudes are just about to glory in Ginganam's defeat when he pops back
up, berating Garode for calling prematurely to his girlfriend Tifa.  Just
then Rolan's Turn A swings into action, trying to prevent Turn X from 
manifesting the Moonlight Moth.  It doesn't exactly work...  Diana's people
are horrified at the light that destroyed Earth's culture.  Torres can't
tell Bright what's going on as the light expands.  The Turn X then moves,
trying to unite with its home battalion.  Bright orders your people to pursue
and destroy it at all costs.  And _now_ the real battle begins...

Diana doesn't care if the Soreiyu falls - she orders all its barriers 
deployed to try to stop the Moonlight Moth.  The light in the sky is being
obscured by the Moonlight Moth's power.  Quatro can't believe a single MS
could do so much, and while Kosaku doesn't think that society will be 
destroyed he does think that all artificial devices will get dismantled.  That
could include your mecha, which would be _bad_.  You in fact have ten turns
to wreck the Turn X.  Rolan wonders if the only way to stop the Turn X is
with the Turn A's Moonlight Moth...

  Ginganam is overjoyed to be able to fight with the two legendary Newtypes
  Amuro and Char - a superb experience as a warrior.  Amuro demands to know
  why Ginganam can't see that repeating the Black History will lead to
  mankind's downfall.  Ginganam counters that as the perpetrators of the 
  Black History they have no right to butt in on this age, and that in fact
  your coming is the very thing that precipitated this new Black History.
  Char says that you can't just sit back and watch this conflict, and Amuro
  vows to change the endlessly repeating history of human warfare.

  On 2.0, Rolan recalls how the Turn A was revered as the White Doll.  
  Therefore, despite being mechanical it should be possible to use it for the
  good of the people.  Ginganam ridicules the idea that the Turn A became
  good during its slumber, but Rolan counters that there's no reason to 
  destroy the Earth right now.  Ginganam thinks there is: the fighting 
  instincts set up by the Innocent were the things that brought the Turn A
  back around - and who knows, maybe this has to do with why the Irregulars
  were called here.  Rolan disagrees, but Ginganam asks why Diana started her
  homecoming plan and why the Earthlings rejected it.  Ginganam continues
  that this era is somehow mistaken, and that humans can't forget about
  fighting.  Thus will the Turn X destroy everything and start a new era,
  unless you all prevent it.

  On 2.5 Gwen shows up to capture the White Doll and Rolan unharmed.  Gwen
  tells a disbelieving Rolan that this is a revolution, that he's planning
  on returning the world to the state that the old culture once had, shed
  light on the culture all over the world and Moon, and spark a cultural
  revolution.  Ginganam sees Diana Sorel as a monkey afraid of the flame called
  the Black History, and when Rolan objects Ginganam tells Rolan to look at
  the Immortal Valley where the Innocents' forefathers once landed.  Which
  used to be the Innocent's capital until Jamir's Satellite Cannon fire torched
  it.  Yes, before being thrice destroyed, this Immortal Valley was the center
  of all the Innocents' culture.  But out of fear for the concluding battle
  of the Earth and Moon war, the Innocent and Moon Race sealed it away to the
  far side of recorded history as a Lost Mountain.  And thanks to Diana 
  and Agrippa's plan, the Moon Race forgot how to fight and just recorded
  more and more history, like the dead, doing nothing.  But Gwen taught
  Ginganam one thing: taboos exist to be broken.  Of course, given that Diana
  broke a taboo herself the Ginganam house has no reason to respect them
  either.  Diana calls him a fool who would repeat the Black History and
  apparently can't see what he himself is doing.  Ginganam says that if you
  won't heed his words, he'll settle the score with the tusked Gundam right
  here and now.  Gwen protests, saying that the Turn A is needed for mass
  production - which Rolan takes as an admission of guilt.  Gwen tells Rolan
  to come to him, that he's not the person Rolan thinks he is.  Ginganam
  then spazzes out, saying that no Earthling could ever replicate the Turn A.

  When you hurt Ginganam enough he'll use Full Healing and Kiai, saying that
  the prospect of death in battle is what makes someone feel truly alive.
  If Rolan fights him, Ginganam will observe that if both Turns use up both
  of their energy in this battle humanity may yet survive...

When you defeat Ginganam he wonders if the Turn X is to be sealed away again
here.  Rolan tells him that Ginganam is to be here destroyed for losing his
pride and drowning himself in power.  He claims that he's got a pure enjoyment
of battle, but Rolan responds that he's just lost himself in the fight.

  Marybell is worth a Haro!  Ginganam is worth an HPHGCP and assloads of
  experience.  Gwen is worth a Super Repair Kit, if anybody cares.

Fil tells Diana that the Turn X's signature has vanished and the Moonlight
Moth has somehow been stopped.  Although the effects on the immediate area
are large, the area is basically uninhabited so...  Diana tells Milan to tell
everybody "good job", and Milan says that the Black History has now been
nipped in the bud.  Diana says it's too early to decide that: Kashim King
still has all his authority at X-Point, and there's still the subterraneans
and the Ancestors to worry about.  Your fight is still ongoing.

Usso is crying about how Katejina had to die in this age.  He at least wanted
to bring her back to your own time, and is very upset over how people can
become used as tools of war regardless of their wishes.  And how many times
must people die because of that?  Judou guesses it'll be repeated forever,
which is why your people have to break the cycle themselves.  Puru confirms
with Camille that his "sister" Rosamia is at X Point, and says that she's
got to be rescued.  Camille agrees...  Go to 39.

39. Kessen!  X-Point  ["Showdown at X Point!"]

At X Point, Kashim learns of Ginganam's defeat by your forces.  Bilam tells
him that the Moonlight Moth from the Innocents' records was observed, but
is currently gone.  Kashim doesn't like the idea that your people could even
defeat the mechanical doll that once laid the Innocents' culture waste, and
the fact that your people are heading his way isn't precisely good news
either.  Kashim realizes that your people are out to topple his dictatorship
no matter what, which Bilam believes is the wish they inherited from Other.
Kashim claims that this great land belongs to the Innocent, who have slowly
cleansed it over the ages - he doesn't plan to hand it over to the Civilians,
Moon Race, and Irregulars now.  Dowas points out that it's all the Innocent
can do to slow your people down, much less stop them.  Kashim orders them to
follow him to X-Point's central computer room.

As they know, X-Point is the first Point that the Innocent built, the single
most important stronghold the Innocent have.  Bilam thinks this is because
it's the closest point to the Immortal Valley where the Innocents' forefathers
first landed, but Kashim says that it's actually the strongest point of
military concentration in the Earth/Moon war.  Bilam can't imagine why this
base was razed to the ground, which irritates Kashim.  The reason is that
beneath this base is the vastest Lost Mountain on Earth.  Evidently this dome
exists in Aegea because all the Blue Stones have been mined already, signaling
the end of the purification.  Kashim says that in this computer, along with
the secrets of the Black History, is sealed data about the superweapons
sleeping inside the Lost Mountain.  Kashim figures that with these weapons
taking out your people and all other opposing forces on Earth will be simple.
Now the time has come to unseal the Innocents' Black History.  Bwahaha.
[Laugh while you can, monkey boy.]

Shakti is caring for a rather noisy Karuru as Elchi comes to.  Interestingly,
Karuru is able to say Elchi's name.  As the Xabungle crew proves themselves 
incapable of being quiet around a hospital, Elchi [now cured of her bad hair
month] emerges.  She still has something of a headache, but she's back.  The
medic thinks that Other has worked a miracle, and Kotoset's cries of joy
make Elchi's headache worse.  However, she says she's fine and is determined
to work her little tush off to make up for all the time she's been lying in
bed.  Jiron tries to tell her to rest and leave the fighting to you, but she's
determined to get revenge for Other, who took Kashim's attack on her behalf.
Soshie tries to stop her, but Elchi says that she's the Iron Gear's captain
and can't let them fight all on their own.  Soshie thinks that Elchi's
definitely back to normal, as is their rivalry.  Elchi wants to take revenge
with her own hands...  Camille is happy to hear the news, but vows to save
Rosamia as well.  Fa realizes what Camille's thinking, and points out that
Rosamia's line about being Camille's sister is a lie.  She asks if Camille
is still determined to rescue her, knowing that Rosamia may well be seeking
his life this time.  Camille says that as Fa should know, Rosamia is being
controlled by the Innocent - as a tool of war.  He can't just let her stay
like that!  Fa doesn't want to see Camille die because of this, and says that
this is just like with Four... he replies that he can't just leave girls
like Puru2 or Four to the cruel fate they were in.  Somebody's got to save
them.  But what of Fa's feelings then?  After a moment's hesitation, Fa
apologizes and runs off.  Max tells Camille that Fa seems to be the most
concerned about him of anyone here, and that sometimes those most precious
are closest to you...  Four then stops Fa, telling her that she knows Fa has
been avoiding her.  Four asks Fa to understand Camille - if not for his help
Four wouldn't be here now.  Four is very grateful, and says that Camille
just wants to rescue people like her.  Fa says that she understands, and as
Four's expression clouds she tells Fa that she doesn't have to worry - the
person inside Camille's heart is probably Fa.  Four then runs off.

Bright starts the briefing, turning to Burning to explain the plan.  X-Point
is a series of Domes atop a mountain, much like Yope Point.  Since the 
setup should be so much the same, the plan once again is an attack force
centered around a flagship, whose goal is to infiltrate and take over one of
the Domes.  Isamu thinks this sounds like the usual forced entry tactics -
if the opponents are walker machines it should be a piece of cake.  Focker
reminds him that this is the Innocent's greatest bastion of military might,
and Jamir adds that beneath it is probably the world's largest Lost Mountain.
It was weapons from here that were used to fuel the last Earth/Moon war, and
as Roaby realizes it was at X-Point that Jamir fired his Satellite Cannon.
Jamir tells you to expect some stiff competition, although Isamu thinks it'll
be fine so long as no Ghost X-9's come out.  Kakizaki asks what'll happen if
they _do_ come out (Isamu says to play it by ear) and Focker remembers that
the Ghost is the ultimate unmanned fighter that surpasses the AVF's abilities.
You can't exclude the possibility that their data remained in the Lost 
Mountain and that they've begun being mass produced.  Karis is worried that
a Patoulia may be used against you as it was during Photo Seven - yes, as 
in that uber-large Newtype-configured mobile armor.  In any event, Quatro 
thinks this battle could get pretty ugly.  The next question is when to do
the operation, day or night.  At night, the fighting will be more fierce
since the enemy know to expect the Satellite Cannon.  You can choose [and
unless you're wimpy wimpy wimpy, you'd best take the night route ^_-].

Hoora muses about how it's been a long hard fight leading up to this battle.
Gelaba notes that they've been on the losing end the whole time, and Hoora
chalks it up to being fated rivals.  Gelaba figures that this makes the 
chances of appearing in sequels likely, but Hoora wants to beat Jiron and
the others today and become the hero for once.  ...And make Elchi his bride,
Gelaba adds to Hoora's irritation.  Hoora yells about how he's not like Timp -
he's the ace who'll live through to the end.  Timp agrees that the two aren't
alike, but figures that _he_ is the ace.  Timp knows that Bilam and Kashim 
intend him to draw enemy fire.  He figures that they've got some ace up their
sleeve, and plans on running out when the time is right anyway.  But before
that, he'll take out the dumpling-head who stole everything that was his.
A lackey informs captain Timp that the enemy have come.  Timp berates him for
not calling him "captain", and then apologizes when he realizes that the 
lackey _did_ do so.  Timp tells all his men to attack, and Kyalone reminds
him that there are some women present too.  Time to see if Gretta can avenge
herself on Jiron...  Focker tells your people to strive hard for Other's
sake, and Elchi is determined to make up for all the trouble she's caused
you.  She assures Jiron and the others that she can fight, and plans to 
defeat the root of all this evil (Kashim King) with her own hands.  [this
all assumes you recruited her as a pilot...]  Meanwhile, the weapon dug up
from the Lost Mountain is nearly ready for launch - the Breakers are to buy
time until then.

  When you off Greta, she says to put her in her grave already as an old woman.
  Elchi says that that spirit proves that she's still young, and tells her
  that although her husband is dead she still has time to find herself a new
  love.  Greta is pleasantly bemused to hear Elchi say this, and Elchi tells
  her that as long as there's love a woman can live until the end of the 
  world.  She tells Greta to exchange her pistol for a compact, which Greta
  decides to try as her machine blows up and messes up her hair.  If Jiron
  and Hoora fight, Jiron will note that Hoora seems to have his villain's
  lines down pat - Hoora insists that he'll kill Jiron today and become the
  main character.  If Jiron takes out Hoora, Hoora and Gelaba will exchange
  a faux greeting and Hoora will pop out in a walker machine.  Jiron tells
  him that no matter how hard Hoora tries his turn is over.  When you defeat
  Hoora's Broccoli, Hoora tells Jiron that they'll meet again.  Jiron 
  reminds him _again_ that Hoora's role is over, but Hoora thinks that he 
  surely must have 1 or 2 more chances.  Nope.

  If Jiron fights Timp, Timp will tell Jiron that today is his last day as
  hero.  Jiron isn't willing to give Timp the main character's seat.  Timp
  likes his spirit but still plans to get back at Jiron for all he's done -
  which in fact is Jiron's line.  When you annihilate him, he curses you for
  getting all psyched just because the final episode is approaching so fast.

  Hoora is worth a High Accuracy Targeting System.

Once all the initial enemies are gone, a new foe appears.  Kashim curses the
Breakers as good-for-nothings, and _trusts_ that the Newtype he's got on the
field now will be of some use.  Dr. Mane has used far stronger mind control
on this Newtype than on Elchi, and now she sees your people as total enemies.
The Newtype-type MS the Newtype is piloting should be a huge obstacle to your
people, and Kashim orders all the Irregulars and Civilians who sided against
the Innocent uprooted.  "The Newtype" of course is Rosamia in a PsychoGundam
Mk.II.  Camille tries appealing to Rosamia as her brother, telling her to
get out of her machine.  Rosamia doesn't respond, which is different from
the Puru2 and Four incidents in which they at least were conscious.  Puru2
realizes that what's controlling Rosamia isn't the PsychoGundam's Psycommu.
Amuro is astounded by this and Tifa realizes that Rosamia's heart has been
completely erased.  Shit.  Tifa says that Rosamia has now become just one 
more part of the PsychoGundam's systems, just like Lucille and the D.O.M.E.
Camille is furious, saying that nobody has the right to do that to someone
else.  Jamir tells him not to give up, since even as part of the L-System
Lucille's consciousness could be brought back.  Same for the D.O.M.E.  Banjou
tells Camille that you've first got to destroy the PsychoGundam, and worry
about bringing her back later.  When you destroy the PsychoGundam, Four will
rescue the escape pod.  Rosamia gets taken to the mothership, where it's now
up to the doctors to care for her.

Kashim is now apoplectic, and Bilam promises to launch more Black History
weapons at once.  Kashim has had enough, and plans to go out in his own
landship.  Lots of bad guys are with him, including Timp.  Jiron had thought
that Timp fled, which Timp actually wanted to do, but Timp tells Jiron that
he's got to stay around and be a proper rival character.  Both Jiron and Elchi
berate Timp for showing up after his time onscreen is already over, but Timp
says that he's making more time for himself and that he can't let the two
of them get all the airtime.  Ragu tells him to stick to formula, turn tail,
and run.  He plans to do just that - once he's defeated dumpling-head.  Karis
notes that multiple Patoulias have indeed been unearthed, along with some
G-Bits and even some Ghosts.  Isamu plans to demonstrate once again that
unmanned fighters can't beat him, but Kashim pulls out another trump card:
nuclear missiles, and ultra-long range ones too.  But they're not aimed at
you: they're aimed at population centers in Galia and Ameria.  Kashim claims
that the Civilians are failed products and plans to wipe the slate clean so
he can restart the mankind revival project.  Banjou demands to know who
Kashim thinks he is: how can he call humans failures when other humans made
them?  How can humans use other humans as tools of war?  Neither Kashim nor
anyone else has that right.  Kashim tells him to butt out, and that there's
nothing wrong with the Innocent, the owners of this land, from doing with
their creation what they please.  Isaac tells him that he's mistaken and
that the Civilians can hack it a lot better than the Innocent in this land.
Despite all the Innocent technology, the Civilians are far more robust.
Especially considering that the Civilians cleared all the tests the Innocent
gave them, becoming stronger in the process.  By contrast, the Innocent live
in confined spaces and in a limited society, and have begun to regress...
just like the Moon Race.  However, _they_ aren't content living in the dungeon
of the lunar metropolis - they've come back to Earth to try to grasp a new
future for themselves.  According to Isaac, Kashim should have already realized
that this world belongs to the very people the Innocent have ruled.  Rolan
chips in on the lunar coexistence angle, but Kashim says that without the
rulership of the Innocent it would be impossible for humans to go on living
on Earth.  Since Kashim won't listen to reason, Banjou goes into his spiel
and prepares to demonstrate by force.  Kashim finds Banjou's spiel about the
Circle of the Sun to be drivel and asks if Banjou thinks he can stop the
missiles.  Banjou does in fact, and Amuro is asked for an explanation of how
to do this (as he once did in the One-Year War).  In brief, you've got to
badly damage but not destroy the missiles.  Tekagen is your _friend_.

  Kashim will be quite astounded to see Elchi free of her brainwashing.  She
  explains that Other gave his life for her, and that now she intends to
  repay her grudge.  If Jiron fights Timp, Timp will try to bargain: take him
  to somewhere safe and he won't stop you from striking Kashim.  He claims
  he really wants to surrender and that nothing is to be gained by killing
  each other here.  Elchi tells Jiron not to listen - this is the guy who
  killed Jiron's parents like insects.  Timp tells Elchi to butt out, but
  Jiron never intended to show any mercy in the first place.  Timp then says
  that it'll cost Jiron his life, and somehow all the Xabungle cast gets into
  the act, taking out Timp's machine.  Timp says he'll meet you all again,
  since unlike Hoora he's indestructible.

  As you fight Kashim, he uses all kinds of dirty tricks to try to win.  
  Reduce his HP past a certain level and he'll use Full Healing and Iron
  Wall.  Reduce his HP past a certain other level after this and he'll use
  Full Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, and Double Damage.  When you shoot him down,
  he can't believe that he as the leader of the Innocent could be defeated.

  Reduce all missiles to 10% or less of their HP within 3 turns for a Skill
  Point.  Amuro will say that all that's left to do is destroy the remaining
  warpower at the Point.  Timp is worth a Megabooster.

Amuro thanks you all for a job well done, and your people note that the war
between the Earth and Moon is over.  Biel then shows up, just a little too
late to stick his two cents in as part of the anti-Kashim faction.  Biel is
worried that it looks like he's using you all again, and Banjou says that
now Zora belongs to Jiron and the others.  Biel has no objections to this,
seeing as how the help you Irregulars gave freed the Civilians from the yoke
of the Innocent.  The mankind rejuvenation plan is now over.

Tex tells Camille that while Rosamia's life isn't in danger, her mind is...
is...  Usso tells Camille to be thankful that she was saved at all, and Tex
says that with examples like Lucille he'll do everything he can to save her.
Tifa will try talking to Rosamia too, and Tex tells Camille to go do the things
he must and to leave Rosamia to them.  Biel then realizes Diana was before
him as Kiel before, and undertakes Other's will to free Zora for the Civilians'
use.  He also proposes a total treaty with the Moon and cooperation with
the homecoming project.  Diana thanks him for his decision, and Biel says
that with the mankind resurrection project done there's no more reason to
refuse the Moon Race.  He also pledges to help out on the race relations

Although the long war with the Moon is finally over, you've still got the
Kyouryuu and Carmen Carmen to worry about, plus the Ancestors.  The real
fight is just beginning...  Go to 40.

40. ABAYO  ["Farewell"]

Ulz reports how your people destroyed Innocent HQ.  Meigas interprets this
as the humans continuing to fight, and says that when Zengar meets the 
Irregulars you all will be finished.  Ulz isn't so sure, noticing that 
Zengar's former personality seems to be returning - Meigas says she'll give
him a readjustment when he's done dealing with the Irregulars.  And if he
can't defeat you, Meigas says he's to be eliminated since he's just one more
of the numerous parts of the Sleedgelmil.  Just like Ulz's siblings the
Machinery Children?  Exactly, says Meigas, and asks if Ulz is discontent.
On the contrary, Ulz says that nonfunctioning parts should be scrapped and
replaced - this is necessary for the maintenance of the Earth Cradle.  Thus,
Ulz doesn't care how many of his siblings have to be sacrificed.  And yet,
Ulz notes that Meigas has hesitated to completely remake Zengar - his body
is still human, having undergone artificial hibernation numerous times and
being awoken in times of battle.  Why, when the new humans are present in
the Earth Cradle (namely the Machinery Children) does Meigas keep Zengar, a
normal human, alive?  Ulz tells her that if she'd inject Machine Cells into
Zengar's body as she herself has had done, Zengar would never even begin to
revert to his old personality.  Meigas cuts him off there, telling him he
will not be permitted to tell her what to do any longer.  He apologizes, and
she tells him to hurry with the black box on the Aulgelmil.  Meigas
hopes that if her avatars, the Aulgelmil, can use "that" power the Ancestors
can become the true custodians of the Earth.

Bright is realizing that after the fall of X-Point the only remaining enemies
are the Ancestors and the Kyouryuu, but the Ancestors' data will take a bit
longer to finish analyzing.  After the Shin Getter incident, you haven't
seen anything concrete out of the Kyouryuu either - Ryou figures that the 
next encounter will be the last.  And since their HQ is mobile, catching them
will be hard.  Isaac reminds Bright that there's another enemy left - Carmen
Carmen.  Kid asks Isaac what Carmen is really after, and Omachi says that
according to the words of the great Carmen himself, he's after your power
sources.  Kid knows that, but wants to know why Carmen would want to do that.
It's also rather mysterious what Carmen is doing in this era, since it doesn't
seem he was thrown through time like you all were.  Isaac says that there
are two keywords to unlock the mystery.  The first is "Jupiter" - before
the J9 joined the Preventers they'd received information that Carmen was
secretly meeting with Hoseshilba Valencia of the Federation space 
administration.  Banjou recalls hearing this from Garrison too, and Isaac
recalls how Valencia was in charge of redeveloping the other planets in the
Solar System after the Balmar War.  And the planet that received the most
resources was Jupiter, since its helium was of great importance to the Earth
Sphere.  Amuro points out that even though the Jupiterians were beaten during
the war, their survivors should have still maintained quite a presence at
Jupiter - this is what gave Carmen his opening, according to Isaac.

Just sending a redevelopment team to a planet with stragglers believed to be
on the scene would be extremely dangerous - but the federation had no warpower
to spare as guards after the war.  This caught Carmen's attention and let
him go to Jupiter himself by offering the Nubian Connection's resources to
Hoseshilba.  This means that Carmen's first meeting with you was on his way
to Jupiter.  Emma can't believe that the federation functionaries would
accept help from a criminal syndicate, but Omachi says that her papa could
well be capable of such a thing.  The other somewhat startled J9 members then
recall that Omachi's real name is Machiko Valencia, but she says that she
ran away from home and went out of touch long, long ago.  She refuses to tell
Kid any more about her past though, saying it's better for a lady's background
to be shrouded in mystery.  The _other_ keyword is the Great Atoum Project.
"Atoum" refers to the ancient Egyptian sun god, whose core function was 
believed to be everlasting creation after destruction.  Kid wonders if Carmen
plans to wipe out the world with the energy stolen from your mecha, and Emma
wonders what the heck Carmen has been doing in all this intervening time.
Whatever he's up to, it's clear that Carmen is after you and your machines to
get it.  Just then, Carmen himself appears and starts heading for your ships.
Talk about "speaking of the devil".  Time to settle the score and wipe out
the evildoers.

Carmen offers an invocation to the great Atoum, saying that he'll create a 
world without stain and glory for Nubia.  He then informs you all that the
time has come to offer your lives to Atoum.  Judou isn't about to offer his
life like that, and Isaac demands to know what the true objective of the 
Great Atoum plan is that it requires your mecha's power sources.  Carmen then
deigns to tell you: the objective of the Atoum Project is to destroy Jupiter,
the largest planet in the solar system.  With your super energy, he'll convert
the hydrogen that constitutes close to 90% of Jupiter to heavy metals, later
producing several tens of Earth-like planets after the demolition.  Your
people regard this as utter insanity, and Isamu tells Carmen to save the 
talking in his sleep for when he's actually in bed.  Unfortunately, Isaac
recalls a plan by a certain Freeman Dyson to break Jupiter into 36 Earth-sized
planets from back in the very old days - the goal was to solve overpopulation
and energy shortages.  Carmen then tells you that Nubia launched two plans to
evade the Ether shockwave caused by the gravitational collapse.  The first
of which was the construction of the Earth Cradle, so that the Nubians could
hibernate (this is _very_ shocking news).  Looks like it was no coincidence
that the Nubians were near what you thought might be the Earth Cradle back
then.  Unfortunately, the Meigas system and Machine Cells in charge of running
the facility went amok - Carmen therefore cast off the "earth cradle" and
concentrated on the second and true project, the Great Atoum one.  The goal
is to put all the new planetoids in Earth's orbit, and thereby give a new
home to the Nubians who fled to space.  He then went to Jupiter and slept,
waiting for the right time when you all would arrive.  Isaac demands to know
if Carmen cares nothing for anyone besides the Nubians - he does not, and says
that all humans besides Nubians are destined for death.  Isaac, now that he
knows what the Atoum Project is really about, isn't about to let Carmen get
away with it.  Not that Carmen cares.

  On 2.0, your dudes realize that something strange is going on - there are
  too few dudes to actually capture you all...

Your people are rather surprised at the ease by which you defeat Carmen, but
just then one (or rather two) more Carmens pop up.  Carmen claims he's been
promised eternal life, and Banjou notes that these aren't just holograms or
something.  Well, at this rate your only choice is taking them down again.

  Defeat both Carmens within two turns, on the same turn, for a Skill Point.
  With a little planning you should be able to do it on the same turn they

Carmen will then claim that you'll not be able to defeat him for all eternity,
and claims that he wins this fight.  Kid then springs into action as Carmen
bids you "farewell".  Your people then peer around, noting that they _seem_
to have done it.  The cautious analysis is handed down that the Atoum project
has been stopped and your machines (and Jupiter!) are safe.  No clue if Carmen
is in fact dead or not.  It'd sure be nice to believe it's case closed...
and Kid bids Carmen "Abayo" - "Farewell".

DAGA SHIKASHI!  At that very moment Zengar Zonbolt, Sword of Meigas appears,
confirms you as targets, and sets about trying to kill your ass.

  The battle is over if Zengar reaches 30% of his HP.  Killing him will net
  you a Gravity Wall and a _ridiculous_ amount of money.

Zengar will still be alive, but will undergo a change of orders, to blow up
his machine as the means to take you out.  On the theory that it takes one
to know one, Hiiro notices Zengar's plan to self destruct.  However, Zengar
begins to refuse the change of orders, saying that defending Meigas takes top
priority.  The refusal is very very difficult, but he persists and says that
he can't detonate since the order to do so is in conflict with his primary
purpose as Meigas's sword.  He then runs away, and Amuro says not to pursue
since there's a high probability other Ancestor machines are in the area.  He
orders a defensive perimeter secured, and Camille realizes that Zengar refused
Meigas' orders.

Carmen gave you a big hint when he told you of the Meigas system and the 
out of control Machine Cells in the Earth Cradle.  Presumably this rampage is
what turned a supposed hibernation facility into the home base of the
Ancestors.  Jamir theorizes that the Ancestors' machines were originally 
intended to defend the Earth Cradle, as the G-Bits were intended to defend the
Moon Cradle.  The Meigas System is presumably just like the D.O.M.E.... thus
the girl named "Meigas" is either the Custodian of the Earth Cradle, or else
its functional core.  Focker thinks she looked human, but Banjou cites 
instances of human-looking beings that are actually very close to advanced 
computers inside - the Meganoid Kolos.  Banjou notes that this so-called 
"Meigas" may have once been Dr. Yasunishi's friend Sophia Nate, now 
transformed into the core of the murderous Ancestor system and no longer 
human.  Quatro recalls that the Egrets looked rather "mechanical" too - they
don't seem to be clones or cyborgs.  The key to understanding them are the
Machine Cells - seemingly similar to the nanomachines disseminated by the 
Moonlight Moth.  Haley thinks it likely that the Ancestors once exterminated
the subterraneans with those Machine Cells - plausible given what the 
Moonlight Moth did on the surface.  Bright orders Banjou to hurry up the
analysis on the Ancestors.

Poncho is found counting all the Blue Stones in the Iron Gear.  Ragu accuses 
him of planning to steal them and run off, but he claims after some 
sheepishness that he plans to buy final armaments at the bazaar for you.

Indeed, this is the _LAST_BAZAAR_ before you start facing non-human territory.
Poncho is now stuck with the shopping...  Go to 41.

[At this point the paths split above or below 12 Skill Points.  I'm solidly on
the high skill point route.]

41. Kokurekishi no Shuuen  ["The Black History Meets its End"]

Meigas demands to know why Zengar refused her order - why didn't he self
destruct his Sleedgelmil and take out the Irregulars?  He tells her that
he is her protector - and that had he self-destructed there he wouldn't have
been able to protect her.  She reminds him that he's not her only protector -
the Machinery Children are there too.  Meigas reminds him that he is her
sword - and swords are meant to strike the enemy.  She asks him if he's 
forgotten that that's why she gave him the Sleedgelmil.  She says that the
duty of the Ancestors is to protect the Earth - and thus the "people" who
taint it must be destroyed.  And what is it Zengar must do to achieve this?
He... must... Sophia...  At this Meigas begins to freak out, recovering in a 
moment and saying that a piece of her old memories surfaced as noise.  She
reminds Zengar that he is to be her sword and shield, giving his life for
that cause.

The Machinery Chidren aren't happy that Meigas too is having her old memories
reload (although she's appeared fine since the last incident).  Sarisaz notes
that nothing like this ever happened during the previous war, and Ansaz figures
it was bad for Meigas to contact people from her own time.  Ulz reassures
the others that it's impossible for Meigas to regain her original personality.
Ansaz worries that Zengar may turn traitorous like the last time - it was
Zengar who killed their living mother.  He thinks that Zengar really does
need to be adjusted before the fight with the subterraneans, lest something
messy occur.

The Great General is headed out to pay his version of respects before the
atmospheric modification begins.  With the Emperor of the Dark's whereabouts
unknown, Goll has become emperor of the Mikeene as well... with the Kyouryuu
Empire's final plan about to start, what can they do - except eliminate those
who could obstruct the plan.  Gorgon recommends having the Kyouryuu military
come too, but the General says that with the Ancestors on the loose the
Kyouryuu mustn't leave Machineland.  The General tells Gorgon that he has his
pride and honor as a general and as a soldier - he's got to smash the humans
with his own fist to eliminate his past disgrace.  Plus, if the General can
pull it off, Goll should look kindly on those few Mikeene who still survive.
Gorgon is moved at the General's ideas, and the General tells him that if he
doesn't come back alive, Gorgon is to lead the remaining Mikeene until the
Earth is stolen back.  Gorgon won't hear that order, saying that as a soldier
he's been helping to lead the Mikeene ever since the seven generals were
killed.  It was his duty as someone on the front lines to smash the humans.
After a moment, the General offers Gorgon a chance to come with him, and all
the remaining Mikeene soldiers prepare for their final shot at glory and

Your people are now to head to Galia, since the Earth Cradle is supposed to
be in the old African continent where you sensed that metallic reading on
the way to Dakarl.  The plan is to strike the Ancestors' HQ before they do
anything - and Bright is expecting them to use Machine Cells to wipe out
mankind in all the zones it inhabits.  Before that happens, you've got to
figure out where the Earth Cradle is.  But what about the Kyouryuu, who are
after the whole world?  With the whereabouts of Machineland still unknown,
the best bet seems to be going after the Ancestors.  Ryou and Hayato aren't
too happy about this, but just then some MS's are detected heading your way.
They're not from the Militia or Diana Counter.  Since they're attacking you,
it's time to sortie.

It is in fact the Frost Brothers, still alive and with no intention to step
off the stage until their task is done.  Your dudes trash talk them some,
but Shagia wants your people to understand that they didn't come here with no
plans on how to win.  Indeed, they've invited a guest along suitable for you.
Riding in a PsychoGundam is Gwen, who tells Lily that as she knows he's not
someone who gives up easily.  According to Marybell, Gwen found the "Black
Doll", a taboo Gundam from the Black History which Gwen named himself.
Camille is dumbfounded, noting that only a Newtype should be able to pilot a
PsychoGundam.  Amuro wonders if this one differs from the original the same
way the Kabuls produced in the Mountain Cycles do - this would make it just
a very _large_ mobile suit with more firepower.  Diana asks why Gwen hasn't
figured out the idiocy inherent in the Black History yet.  Gwen thanks her and
the Irregulars for showing him the glorious knowledge that humans once had and
lost.  He claims that what he's done is only natural for someone who wishes
for a human renaissance.  Diana tells him that that's the thinking that made
the Black History in the first place, and asks if he intends to repeat the
same mistakes of the past.  He claims that they weren't mistakes, but 
"progress".  Rolan begs Gwen to open his eyes and says that it's not the 
Black History anymore.  Ginganam is defeated, and the war between Earth and
Moon is over!  Shagia claims that the Black History isn't over as long as he
and Olba are around, and Olba says that the history of unending war is about 
to start.  Jamir demands to know if that's their true intention, and Shagia
tells Jamir that Jamir once pulled the trigger in battle and suffered a deep
wound in his heart.  Ginganam pulled the trigger too far, and was denied by
Agrippa.  And Garode and the Irregulars never even tried to pull the trigger.
But Olba claims he's different - he doesn't hesitate and he doesn't regret.
Shagia claims that the victors aren't the Moon Race or the Innocent or the
Civilians - but them.  Garode points out that this is no time to be hung up
on the Black History or who the victor is with the Ancestors and Kyouryuu 
about to make their move.  Shagia is well aware of this - he plans to return
to the Moon after defeating you and ready them all for battle.  After all,
Olba isn't picky about his opponents having to be human.  Indeed, everyone
that the Frost Brothers have denied is worthy of death to them.  Shagia tells
Garode to die in peace, knowing that Shagia will create a new mankind.
Garode is getting furious, but Shinobu interrupts.  He says that while it's
fine for the brothers to be drunk with that ideology they're spitting out,
your people hate that sort of stuff even more than death.  Shagia claims 
that you're not grasping their true objective, but Shinobu says that objective
is painfully clear: despite all their BS all they really want to do is get
back at the people in the world who got them first.  He tells the brothers
not to expect any of that kind of rederick to work on your people.  Garode
agrees, saying that he won't let anyone destroy the world for the sake of
such selfish BS.  As Garode tells Tifa, he won't let the same mistakes be
repeated.  The brothers tell you to come on over so they can demonstrate to
you just who it is who will create the new age by force.

  Some mercenaries show up on 2.5.  Gwen says that he doesn't try to find
  meaning in battle like Ginganam.  With the warcraft he learned from you,
  he plans to finish you off quickly.  Gwen tells Rolan that he's quite
  serious, and that he's no longer the Gwen he once was.  Rolan agrees,
  saying the old Gwen thought of the Moon and Earth above all else.  However,
  Gwen says that Loora never even tried to accept the conclusion he came to,
  so he... he... he wants the Earth and the Moon and Loora and everything
  else too!  He tells Loora that it's not too late to come to his side and
  help forge the future of humanity with him.  Rolan says that while he won't
  forget the debt he owes Gwen, he is _Rolan_.

  Beware, these dudes have _map_weapons_, which are energy based and have
  easily enough energy for several shots...

  Killing Marybell will cause Gwen to send out more reinforcements.  Killing
  Gwen would cause Marybell to flee.  Soshie and Meshier will be demoralized
  at the reinforcements, but Garode says that if you can defeat all these
  mechanical dolls the Black History is over.  Rolan also wants to end this
  before Gwen makes any even bigger mistakes.  Gwen for his part says that 
  it's time to see whether you creators of the old Black History or he,
  creator of the new Black History, is correct.  Rolan will have a moment of
  lamentation when Gwen gets his ass handed to him.

  At 40%, Shagia will use Full Healing, Kiai, and Hot Blooded.  At 40%, Olba
  will use Full Healing, 100% Hit, and Awaken.  If Olba is shot down, Shagia
  will use Full Healing, Kiai, Hot Blooded, Concentrate, and Awaken.  If
  Shagia is shot down, Olba will use Full Healing, Kiai, Hot Blooded, 100%
  Hit, and Iron Wall.

  Having Garode fight the Frost Brothers will cause them to deride him as
  a foolish human unnecessary to the future they're trying to create.  He
  tells them to shut up, and that nobody has the right to stop him living
  here and now.  Even if they were denied by the world as they claimed, they've
  made themselves the lowest of the low by denying everything back.  He 
  repeats this: the Frost Brothers are the weak ones.  Tifa on the other hand
  didn't waver in her power and found her own way of life.  But the Frost
  Brothers, who couldn't find any reason for existing other than giving their
  pain back to others, are the true weak bastards.  Olba claims that he'll
  take Garode's life as penance for his sin of speaking of the brothers in
  that way.  Garode welcomes them to try, and says that he'll defend Tifa and
  everyone's future with his own hands.

  In Mountain Cycles are an HPHGCP and a Large Generator.  Marybell is worth
  a Minmei Doll.  Gwen is worth a Super Repair Kit.  Kill both brothers with
  a single map weapon strike for a Skill Point (yes, this _is_ a check to see
  if you learned anything from the last time...)  Olba is worth a High Powered
  Radar and Shagia is worth a Psychoframe.

When the brothers are shot down, they'll lament how they can't make their new 
order now and how the world is denying them to the very end.  Since your team
got rather knocked around in this battle, Amuro recommends returning to your
ships to regroup before assailing the Earth Cradle.  Unfortunately, the 
battle's not over yet.  It's the Great General, showing up with some of the
worst timing on record.  He introduces himself as the Great General of the
Dark, the hero who leads the Seven Divisions of the Mikeene Empire Army.
He tells you to consider your own lives and the future of mankind forfeit
now that he's here.  Ryou wonders if this is a ploy to buy time for the 
Kyouryuu, and Jiron says that you all can't back down after coming this far.
The General commends his spirit, saying that this makes his coming out here
all worthwhile.  As Kouji and Tetsuya realize, your adversaries are staking
their lives on this battle.  Looks like you've got to defeat them or your
hopes of stopping the Kyouryuu are history.  Quatre worries that going on
like this will use up your warpower, but Hiiro reminds him that something
like this happened in the last battle.  That's why you've all pushed your
combat potential to the max and won the last time.  Isamu agrees, saying that
feeling overwhelmed now means you _really_ won't cut it in the battles to
come.  Basically, as Banjou points out your team isn't permitted to retreat.
Tetsuya and the General trade vows about how everything is riding on this 

  If Gorgon fights Kouji, he'll tell him that their long association is over -
  he plans on sending Kouji to hell.  Kouji tells him to try it, and that
  _he_ is the one going to hell.  Gorgon is amazed when he loses, and Kouji
  tells him that as long as Kouji is here - in fact, even if Kouji _isn't_
  here people like Gorgon are destined to lose.  Kouji and the General will
  exchange words too, the main question being who is the one about to get

  When reduced to 40% HP, the General will use Full Healing, 100% Hit, and
  Hot Blooded.  Worse, the General automatically has 100% Hit for the rest of
  the battle.

  Gorgon is worth a Super Alloy Z.  Dante is worth a Psychoframe.  The
  General is worth a Super Alloy Nu-Z.

When defeated, the General tells Tetsuya not to think he's won.  Surely,
someone else will rise and take his place leading the Seven Divisions.  What
the General needs right now is a requiem fit for a hero, to let him withstand
the flames of hell.  And GOD DAMN is his death rattle nasty.  Tetsuya will
salute his skill as an enemy...

While you were somehow able to beat the Great General, the Ral Kairam is 
still headed to Galia.  Ryou's expression says he doesn't like this much, and
while Ryou acknowledges that the Ancestors are dangerous, he thinks this
time the Kyouryuu pose an even greater threat.  Hayato agrees, saying that
unlike the fight back in the New Western Calendar era, the Kyouryuu have some
deeper scheme this time.  They're working on some plan to exterminate
mankind, and the fight you just had may have been merely to buy that plan
time.  Hayato tells Akira that they're probably planning to modify the Earth
itself.  He tells Ryou and the others to recall the first place you tangled
with them - a place with vegetation grown unnaturally fast and an atmosphere
resembling that of the Middle Ages.  Just like the time when the Kyouryuu once
ruled the Earth.  Hayato believes that the Kyouryuu are planning to make the
Earth's atmosphere into something more convenient for reptiles - at worst,
humans won't be able to live on the Earth anymore.  That would mean that you've
got to find Machineland fast...

Gallery informs Goll of the General's magnificent end in battle.  Thanks to
the General's actions, all is now in readiness.  Goll is pensive, thinking
of the many centuries he's been deprived of the light and forced underground
since the coming of the Getter Rays.  The unimaginable, painful life in the
magma layer - and now the death of many heros in battle with the Ancestors
and the Irregulars.  All the comrades who screamed, cried aloud, cursed and
writhed, still heading towards the glory of the past and a lifestyle on the
surface, dying while still seeing their dreams... and now finally the surface
will return to the reptiles, via the atmosphere modification plan that will
kill the humans and the crushing of the Earth Cradle with Machineland.  Indeed,
victory is visible directly ahead.  Just then the report comes in that the
humans are heading toward Galia - towards what seem to be their only remaining
enemies, the Ancestors.  Gallery figures that the humans may have figured
out where the Earth Cradle is, and Goll orders Machineland to shadow your
group.  Goll intends your group to fight the Ancestors, after which point he'll
sweep in and smash the depleted victor.  Then he'll modify the atmosphere, and
watch the Earth plunged into chaos as it changes.  Go to 42.

42. Ryuu ga Horobu Hi  ["The Day the Dragon Was Destroyed"]

Torres detects a large earthquake about 10 km ahead of your current position,
out of which is emerging a very large object.  Ryou wonders if it's 
Machineland, and Saegusa detects an irregularity in the composition of the
atmosphere around it.  As Bright orders everyone to scramble, numerous 
Mechazauruses and Battle Beasts are detected emerging.  Time for all out war.
Bat welcomes your dudes, commenting to the departed General that he himself
will soon follow after his exposure to the Getter Rays... of course, bringing
as many humans as he can with him.  And yes, that big ugly thing is none
other than Machineland, the Kyouryuu's mobile fortress and HQ.  Hayato never
thought he'd see this thing again, and Ryou says that you can't let the
Kyouryuu go back and hide in the magma layer this time.  Kosaku detects a
poisonous mist being released from Machineland - within two days, that poison
will be borne by the jet stream and engulph the better half of the planet.
Hayato was right on, and Ryou says that he's going to stop Bat today.  Bat
doesn't think so, planning to fight for the glory of the Kyouryuu and Emperor
Goll.  He plans to throw his life away in the fight with you, dragging every
last one of you down into the seething magma.  Hayato and Ryou agree that the
only way to lure Goll out is to defeat Bat.  Time to clash.

  On 1.5, you discover the Magma Cannon in Machineland.  Gallery is quite 
  pleased with it, and tells your people to savor the fear of never knowing
  when they're being aimed at.

  Reduce Bat's HP below 40% and he'll vow not to die until he take you with
  him - he casts Full Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, and Hot Blooded.  He'll do
  it again around 30% HP, except he adds Iron Wall.

  Bat is worth a Megabooster.

Once you beat Bat, he'll commend you on being his arch-enemies.  You've beat
him, but the Kyouryuu isn't destroyed yet.  He claims that you all, spent from
the battle, won't be able to deal with Goll himself.  He tells your shocked
crew that he'll be on step ahead of you on the journey to Hell, waiting for
you to catch up.  Goll then appears with some of his friends, drawing plenty
of trash talk from Getter and Mazinkaizer.  He tells you that you seem not to
have figured out yet who the real rulers of the world are.  Long before humans
appeared on the world, the reptiles had a rich culture and ruled the surface.
But the Getter rays descending suddenly from the heavens forced them 
underground and into the magma layer.  It was only thanks to that that humans
got to sit on the throne - and human rule was no more than minding the store
for a few minutes while the reptiles were out.  Hyouma tells him that he
can't just expect you all to roll over and die, which Goll can understand 
since this battle is over the fate of your two species.  He plans to take you
all out and reclaim the throne, which Ryou most emphatically won't allow.

  Defeating Goll is hell.  At 60% HP or so, he'll use Full Healing, Flash,
  100% Hit, Hot Blooded, and Iron Wall, saying that it'll take more than your
  attacks to stop him.  At 50% he'll tell to learn your foolishness for turning
  against him, casting Full Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, Hot Blooded, Iron Wall,
  and Kiai.  At 40%, Goll will praise you for doing this well but say that
  you have no choice but to die before his eyes: Full Healing, Flash, 100%
  Hit, Iron Wall, Soul, and Aimed Shot.  At 30% HP, Goll will start getting
  pissed that he, the Emperor, is being slowed down by the likes of your
  dudes - he casts Full Healing, Soul, Flash, 100% Hit, Iron Wall, Aimed
  Shot, and Kiai.

  Gallery is worth a Super Alloy Z.  Goll is worth a Super Alloy Nu-Z, and if
  you defeat him last you'll get a Skill Point.  Whenever you defeat Goll,
  it will spell the end of the Kyouryuu Empire.

When you defeat Goll, he'll be flabbergasted that the monkeys could beat him.
He simply won't accept it... won't accept that the kingdom of reptiles could
be defeated...  As he explodes, Machineland starts vibrating - do they mean
to self-destruct it?  Focker yells at everybody to flee...

After the blast, Torres confirms Machineland's destruction.  Sarumaru took
air samples and figures the poison should dissipate in around 40 hours.  And
since not that much of it was released, there should be no lasting damage.
Your only enemies now are the Ancestors - so Bright orders the ships to hurry
to Galia.  Go to 43.

43. Jinrui Shisubeshi  ["Mankind Must Die"]

Ulz reports that the Irregulars have wiped out the subterraneans.  He tells
a very shocked Meigas that Machineland's destruction has been confirmed.
Meigas is happy that in the end your people did what she wanted them to, and
Ulz is quite happy to see the subterraneans' elusive base destroyed.  Upon
hearing that the Irregulars are heading her way, she plans to surface the
Earth Cradle and send Zengar out to destroy your dudes.  After which point
she'll disseminate the Machine Cells and wipe out mankind... making the Earth
belong to the Ancestors.

Garrison is finally done analyzing the Ancestors' data.  He was checking into
three people connected with the construction of the Earth Cradle as part of
the D.C.'s Ark Project.  The first is Dr. Sophia Nate, once Yasunishi's 
friend.  Ryuune remembers Sophia once working for her father, but can't 
recall much more given the number of scientists working for the D.C.  It
seems Sophia's work regarded self-organizing, self-repairing metallic cells.
These are similar but distinct from nanomachines - and probably form the
basis of the Machine Cells.  Garrison has concluded that these devices were
developed after studying the Zfield Crystals that the Arrowgaters used,
although Garrison thinks contact between the Arrowgaters and Ancestors
impossible due to their lack of using Arrowgater mecha.  Viletta agrees, and
Yasunishi adds that the metallic cells were probably invented with the idea
of perpetually maintaining the Earth Cradle.  And if introduced into a human
body, the Machine Cells should allow a human to live for a _very_ long time,
just like the Moon Race's repeated hibernations.  In short - "Meigas" is
quite likely to be Sophia Nate.  As for why Sophia called herself Meigas,
Banjou believes that the incident Carmen Carmen alluded to where the Machine
Cells went berserk caused Sophia to stop being human and become something
else... just like Egret.

Which brings Garrison to the next point - another researcher sharing Sophia's
topic: Doctor Egret Feff.  However, records indicate that Dr. Egret Feff was
37, totally different in appearance from those boys.  Garrison believes
that the Egrets of today are either an artificial life form Dr. Feff 
created, or else are humans whose bodies have been modified somehow.  Jamir
thinks that sounds just like the Innocent, but a now agitated Banjou figures
that they're as bad or worse than the Meganoids.  Garrison's final revelation
is Zengar Zonbolt, once a D.C. test pilot who the records say transferred to
help protect the Earth Cradle.  Of course your dudes recognize the name of
the dude you fought in battle, and Garrison says that his machine's identity
is now clear too - he asks Camille to explain.

The Belgelmils and Sleedgelmil appear to be based respectively on the Huckebein
and Grungast.  The basis for this is the Huckebein Mk.II and Grungast Type
2's you fought on the Earth Cradle's twin, the Moon Cradle.  Even in your
own time those two machines were known to be posted to the Moon for defense,
and it's not a stretch to assume that they were posted to the Earth Cradle
too.  Senia and Wendy took all the combat data plus information on those
two types provided by Viletta, and can now say definitely that the new 
machines are definitely based on the old ones... although the composition of
the actual mainframe and the power plant seem to have changed.  Kou adds his
own independent analysis of how the Bels are armed like the long-range 
Huckebeins, and the Sleed is armored like the short-range Hukebein.  Burning
objects that no Grungasts had drill armaments, but Yasunishi tells him that
the Grungast Type Three, developed after the Balmar War did in fact have a
drill and large sword.  Note that the Type Three was destroyed before 
activation, and its parts were incorporated into the Ryuu-Ko-Ou.  However,
Viletta tells you that learning from what happened with the original 
Grungast, there were three of the Type Threes constructed, and one of them
was transferred from the D.C. to the Earth Cradle - in fact, that's the 
machine Zengar was test pilot of.  So what seems to have happened is the 
Machine Cells went and overhauled the machines stored at the Earth Cradle.

So now you know that the Ancestors are humans just like you, and like you are
survivors of the New Western Calendar era.  The rampage of the Machine Cells
was a paradigm shift for them, and Nate, whose duty was keeping mankind alive
in the future, kept guarding the Earth until she finally mutated into an
Ancestor bent on destroying humanity.  And that is the final sticking point -
the D.O.M.E., like the Meigas system, was tasked with preserving mankind.
Yet the D.O.M.E. never wavered... so why has the Meigas System abandoned its
goal? Diana says that to preserve humanity, the Earth's environment must be 
preserved by stopping wars and creating peace.  But mankind proved that to be
nothing more than an ideal via the Black History, and Diana's overly hasty
homecoming plan plunged the planet into war.  So perhaps its natural that
the Ancestors, whose first priority is preserving humanity, decided to wipe
out all humans besides themselves.  Except of course that the Ancestors are
no longer human - deciding to kill of humanity is nothing more than the
malfunctioning of a broken apparatus according to Banjou.  He tells Diana 
that this is a war for survival, and that you can't just sit idly by and
cave in to the Ancestors.  Quatro figures glumly that you'll never know if
you're right or wrong, but states that you all can't just choose your own
deaths here.  Camille adds that if you lose here, mankind will surely be
finished and everything you've done up until now for naught.  Diana agrees,
and for the sake of preserving the peace you've fought so long and hard for
she says mankind cannot be allowed to be destroyed again.  This seems to be
the mission you've been appointed.  Quatro thinks that the reason the
Preventers came here was to correct the mistakes they made in the past.  A
plan for invading the Earth Cradle is hastily drawn up...

Before you is the Earth Cradle.  If you can blow it up, the Ancestors are
toast - or so you thought, but Kosaku tells you that since the Earth Cradle
can't move around like Machineland can, what you see isn't the real core of
the Earth Cradle; the rest is underground.  What you see is actually something
like an elevator that rises to the surface with caterpillar treads.  So to
get underground to the real Earth Cradle, you've got to go through this thing
first.  And its guards, the mass-produced Bels.  Isaac comments that while
they're strong, there aren't that many of them since they're only intended
for defending the Earth Cradle itself.  With the Kyouryuu gone, the Ancestors
are being forced to play their limited ace against you.  Shinobu isn't worried
about the Machine Cells, which you can counter with the Moonlight Moth, but
Ryou figures that since the Ancestors know this there's got to be something
stronger in the works.  Banjou agrees, since the Ancestors even showed you
where they live of their own accord.  Your mission is to get the flagship
inside the dome within 8 turns.  However, one more obstacle appears - Zengar.
Zengar says that he can't let you all get to Meigas, and that he's prepared
to give his life to be Meigas's sword and shield.  He tells any of your people
who don't want their life to come over and get cut in half.  Yang Lone 
realizes that this warrior has transformed into something that lives only
to protect its master, and Banjou tells Zengar that your people have something
to protect too.  He's well aware of that - so this will be the final battle
over such ideals.

  Reduce Zengar to 50% HP and he'll acknowledge you as the last enemies in
  his life, and cast Full Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, Hot Blooded, and Kiai.
  Pound on him some more and he'll cast Spirit, Flash, 100% hit, and Kiai
  twice.  Reduce him some more and he'll say that it seems that this is his
  place to die.  However - he won't die for nothing!  He casts Spirit, Flash,
  100% Hit, Iron Wall, and Full Healing.

  If you kill Zengar, you get a Gravity Wall and a Skill Point.

When you blow Zengar away, he'll start recovering thanks to his Machine Cells.
In fact, he'll come 100% back to new, but Amuro notices something strange
about the Sleedgelmil.  Zengar then starts to remember what Egret Feff did
to him back when, as well as his past of fighting in mobile weapons and going
berserk because of the Machine Cells.  Banjou calls out to him, and Zengar
thanks you all for helping him get his memory back.  He says that the only
ones who can stop Sophia, or rather Meigas's rampage, are him and you all.
He offers to guide you through the Earth Cradle's interior - he doubts it
will absolve him of his guilt, but he will help you.

Meigas then hears of Zengar's betrayal from Ulz, who says the Irregulars have
destroyed the upper parts of the Earth Cradle and are heading now for the
core.  Ulz isn't surprised about Zengar's act, since he's a mere human and
his power's limits are obvious.  He assures Meigas that he and the other
Machinery Children will defeat the old-style humans; after all, that's why
the Machinery Children were made.  Meigas orders him to activate the 
Aulgelmil, despite the fact that the black box isn't yet fully adjusted.
Meigas doesn't care, and says that she plans to take out this whole mistaken
future along with your dudes.

Ansaz watches the approach of your dudes, berating you for wrecking the
Earth Cradle's roof.  You're in the center of the Earth Cradle, and it feels
more like a graveyard - which Ansaz tells you is correct.  This is the 
hibernation facility, although nobody is currently sleeping in it.  Meigas
disposed of all those in hibernation, and Ansaz gleefully says that all the
old humans were unnecessary to the world the Ancestors are to watch over.
Rolan demands to know what Ansaz thinks humans are - weak masses of proteins,
and unfit to even lick the Machinery Children's boots.  Sarisaz agrees, saying
that humans also foolishly fight time and again, and taint the Earth.  Ansaz
informs you that in Meigas's judgment, the world can't be maintained any
more if left up to you - which is why they plan to wipe you off the planet.
Hyouma is getting sick of this, and demands to know who they think they
are.  As they said before, they are the custodians of the Earth - and now
its inheritors.  Banjou cuts this off, saying that this fight determines
who will in fact inherit the Earth - no more and no less.  Ansaz agrees, 
saying that no more words are necessary between your two sides.  Sarisaz 
claims that it's human destiny to be wiped out by the Machinery Children
here.  Kouji tells them he'll make them eat those words, and Garode points
out that it is _they_ who are sneaking around underground - he won't let them
deny your future.  Ansaz tells you to come and find out who is worthy to be
the custodians of the Earth, and he'll tell you even if it costs him his
life.  Amuro tells you all to concentrate on the two Egrets.  As your dudes
yell out various battle cries, the Egrets address the traitor Zengar, noting
that he's gotten his memory back.  He tells them that the Ancestors are now
nothing more than a system that's running amok, and Sarisaz demands to know
if Zengar plans to kill them like he did Egret Feff.  Ansaz tells Zengar not
to think they'll be like him - humans and Machinery Children are fundamentally
different!  Zengar then says that his name is Zengar Zonbolt, the Sword that
Cleaves Evil.

  Sarisaz will get pissed if you do more than around 60% of his HP, expressing
  surprised that you humans can resist so much and deciding to do something
  about it: Full Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, Double Damage, and Kiai.  Reduce
  him to less than 50% of his HP and he'll get "serious" by casting Flash,
  100% Hit, Double Damage, and two Kiai's - he claims that you have no choice
  but to die here.  Reduce him to less than 30% and he'll get even more
  frustrated and tell you not to think that he can be beaten by something
  this puny.  To prove it, he casts Full Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, Double
  Damage, and 2 Kiai's.  He will be astounded when you kill him, believing
  himself to be the new humanity that was supposed to inherit the Earth
  [ever heard the word "meek", muthafucka?]

  Ansaz's spell castings are the same as Salisaz: at 60% Ansaz decides to try
  harder to prove to you why you won't win.  At 50% he resolves to prove to
  why it's useless to face him.  And at 30%, he says that playtime seems to
  be over.  When you kill him, he figures there must be some mistake - he
  can't believe a Machinery Child could be beaten by old humans.  It's a
  mistake... A MISTAKE!!! *thud*

  Sarisaz is worth a Super Repair Kit.  Ansaz is worth a Holy Power Device.

Beating the Egrets will cause other enemies to retreat.  However, at that
time the entire area of the base you're in starts shaking.  Kosaku detects a
huge energy reading - something's coming out...  It's Meigas, Ancestor and
custodian of the Earth.  She tells you that you all are unnecessary in the
great system of the Earth - you have sinned by foolishly fighting time and
time again and stained the Earth itself.  She intends to use her Aulgelmil to
make you pay for that sin.  This is what your dudes have been waiting for,
and Yasunishi is now positive that Meigas is Sophia... or at least was.  Meigas
claims that it's her duty to kill every human on Earth and to bring about
everlasting peace.  Isaac begins to say that that duty is only granted by
the out of control Machine Cells, but then corrects himself by saying that
such rederick won't get through to her.  Ulz tells him that genocide of humans
is the correct answer Meigas arrived at to ensure the continued existence of
the Earth.  Quatro can't believe this - does this mean that Meigas is not
in fact out of control?  Meigas claims that she was created by the human 
Sophia to care for the Earth Cradle and watch over the world.  Yes, the
custodial and oversight system for those in hibernation, intended to wake them
up when the damaged Earth environment was fixed.  She stayed deep under ground
with the sleepers, watching the environment healing... but a certain event
brought that role to an end: the invasion of the subterraneans.  To combat
the assault by the Kyouryuu and others on the Earth Cradle, Meigas awoke 
Sophia, Zengar, and the three Egret Feffs.  But they were unable to stop the
assault, and Egret Feff made a certain decision to protect mankind.  He 
attempted to exterminate the subterranean power using the self-organizing etc.
metallic cells, i.e. the Machine Cells that Sophia had invented.  The
Machinery Children, as well as the Sleeds and the Bels, were remade as weapons
by the Machine Cells, and Feff tried to inject himself with Machine Cells to
become something other than human.  It seems that Feff hated the foolish,
weak life forms called "humans", so his actions were quite natural.  Banjou
realizes this is all just like his father Kenzou, and Ulz continues that at
the time Feff made one very foolish error - he tried to control all of the
ancestors by injecting Sophia with Machine Cells and linking her to the
Meigas System so he could control her at will.  This bought the enmity of
Zengar, who held special feelings for Sophia, and resulted in Feff's death.
Ulz says that even though Feff was their creator, perhaps this was a fittingly
foolish death for a human.  After that incident, only the Children and the
Meigas-linked Sophia were left.  Oh, and Zengar who Meigas mind-controlled to
become part of his Sleedgelmil.  After that point, Meigas specialized the
Machine Cells into weapons, and used them to drive the subterraneans out.
So in fact the second calamity was indeed the war between Ancestors and
subterraneans.  After the battle, the Ancestors withdrew to sleep and nurse
their wounds to the Earth Cradle, while regenerating the environment.  And 
it was only after that that the Innocent and Moon Race's history began.
Meigas continued to watch the Earth that the Ancestors defended be stained
by all the foolish fighting, and after much self-discussion a certain 
answer came forth - exterminate the humans!  If they don't the Earth has no
future.  Masaki thinks that the Ancestors believe they've become gods, but
Meigas says that no god exists in this world - which is precisely why it
is the Ancestors who must punish the humans.

Rolan admits that humans have committed many unpardonable sins, but your 
people have fought all this time to correct them anyway.  Indeed, the result
of this _is_ tainting of the Earth - so it's only fair that your people bear
the cross on your own shoulders.  So if they defeat you here he won't 
complain [but I sure as fuck will!].  However, Rolan is positive that also
persecuting normal people, trying their hardest just to live life, is wrong.
And if the Ancestors still insist on exterminating humanity anyway, he'll
defeat them!  Meigas can agree to this - if your people want this messed-up
future, you've got to stop her mech.  Garode doesn't believe this future is
messed up, despite Meigas' claim that it's rushing headlong to destruction.
For one thing, he tells her that she doesn't have the right to decide that
for others - your people will decide for themselves what their future will
be.  Meigas calls this foolish and tells you you have no future.  Jiron tells
her that that's just her BS rederick, and that nobody is obligated to comply
with it.  Your people will live how they want - and Jiron won't let the 
Ancestors decide your destiny for you.  Ulz tells Jiron that he's forgotten
about a group of people who once thought the same thing and performed an
unrecoverable sin - the Irregulars who made this world. [not this BS logic
again... >_<##]  Ulz asks if they can in fact forgive the Irregulars at all,
but Ragu isn't worried about things that happened long before she was born
anymore.  Neither is Elchi - she says there's no way her people are
unsatisfied with their world.  Tifa says that while this current era may be
a sad one, she believes in the future that she's going to make with Garode.
Thus, the people can't be forgiven are those who are trying to destroy that
future.  Ulz says that in that case, they like the Irregulars have to take
up the cross for the great sin they've committed.  Amuro quite agrees, saying
that penance for that sin may be why you all came to this age.  Ulz pooh-pooh's
the notion that this is fate, but Amuro says that the reason you all traveled
through time is due to the explosion of the machine called the Neo-Granzon.
But that was just the trigger - perhaps something existing in this age called
you here.  Meigas wonders if Amuro is implying that the Ancestors are 
responsible, and figures that it's not an entirely false notion.  One of the
black boxes they once recovered and installed in the Aulgelmil may be what
called you here from your time.  Your dudes want to know what this means, 
and even Meigas herself doesn't know who made the black box or for what
purpose.  But it does grant her wonderful powers - the power to cross time.
Much of it was wrecked when she found it, but the part that lets you input
the target time is still intact.  With help from the Machine Cells, she fixed
it entirely and attached it to the Aulgelmil.  The target time input into
it is New Western Calendar year 0188, February 19 - the very day the gravity
wave was scheduled to hit the Earth!  And the day the Aegis project was
supposed to be activated.

Yes, you guessed it - Meigas plans to head to the past and stop the Aegis
Project.  Amuro points out that this incredibly foolish move would mean that
_god_knows_ what would happen to her and everything else on Earth.  Meigas
says she doesn't need a mistaken past either and that this is the highest
probability way to wipe out mankind.  Your people are more than astounded by
this.  The Gate is in fact about to open - the thingie behind her.  Once the
charging is done, it'll make the bridge across time on its own.  And your
people will die here as the old world is destroyed by the gravity wave.
Banjou concludes that Meigas is no longer Sophia Nate the custodian of the
Earth Cradle, but rather an evil being trying to wipe out mankind [like DUH!!!]
Roll that stock line of his, as Meigas vows to punish humanity with her
Aulgelmil.  Zengar regards Sophia sadly, and she calls him a traitor and says
that broken components must be eliminated - nothing more.  Zengar knows that
she can't flee from the curse of the Machine Cells anymore, and is determined
to stop her himself.

  The first thing to know about this section is that Ulz has Body Divide.
  This means that it's far harder to hit _and_damage_ him than it should be.
  At 70% Ulz will be insulted if you think this's all his power amounts to.
  He casts Full Heal, Flash, 100% Hit, Hot Blooded, and two Kiai's.  At 50%
  Ulz admits that your people are good enough to have defeated Ansaz and 
  Sarisaz - he cautions you however not to think he's like the others.  He
  casts Spirit, Flash, Concentrate, and 100% Hit.  At 30% Ulz [the game
  says Sarisaz; OOPS!] will get pissed off and cast Spirit, Flash, Concentrate,
  Iron Wall, 100% Hit, and some Kiai's.  When you kill him, he can't
  understand how he, far superior to humans in power, intellect, and every
  other facet - how he, one of the inheritors of the Earth, could be beaten
  by them.  Is he to be destroyed here?  Yes.

  At 70% Meigas will tell you not to think you can beat her mech with such
  puny power - she casts Full Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, and Hot Blooded.  At
  50% she belittles your power, remarks that mankind really must die, and
  casts Flash, 100% Hit, Double Damage, Kiai, and Energy Recharge.  At 30%
  Meigas asks if that's all the more you can resist and decides to confer
  utter despair on you - by casting Full Healing, Spirit, Flash, 100% Hit,
  two Kiais, Iron Wall, and Energy Recharge.

  Ulz is worth a Hero's Mark(!).  If you can shoot her down, Meigas is worth
  a Soul of Iron!!!

Below 30%, Meigas will demand to know why you haven't figured out that your
power is behind the destruction of the world.  And she's prepared to wipe you
out too...  the boundary  between dimensions starts getting rather messed up -
just like the time at Dakarl.  Isaac tells the other J9ers that the
dimensional gate is opening.  Meigas tells you all that you all are about to
vanish from history.  She then disappears - the gate looks like the real thing.
So, the simple thing to do is just to go through the gate after her.  Bowie
isn't sure that that's a good idea at all, but Kid tells him it's too late to
start getting squeamish now.  Bowie responds that you might in fact get back
to your own time if you're lucky, but if you're not lucky then goodness only
knows.  Omachi points out that it's now do or die time, and it's worth a 
try - lest you all just disappear.  Bowie thinks this job sucks, but Isaac
points out that this isn't business and says that the J9 accepts!  Focker
and Amuro both agree that with mankind in danger you can't just sit idly by.
Banjou then tells Jiron, Garode, and Rolan to stay here - since this is their
time and they've got to stay and build the future.  Suffice it to say the
new dudes aren't convinced, despite the possibility that they can never 
return to the future.  Ryou tries to persuade them that they shouldn't throw
away the peace they just fought so hard for, but Diana agrees with going back
to the past, saying that there's proof positive your time exists.  Jamir
adds to Garode that unless things are settled with Meigas the Black History
won't truly be over - and ending it is their mission.  Banjou realizes that
further attempts to persuade you are useless, and everyone prepares to go.
Diana orders the Diana Counter and all her noncombatant subordinates to get
off, telling Kiel to heed her last selfish request.  While Diana feels she
has an obligation to see the battle through to the very end, Kiel has to
be around in case something happens to further mediate between the Earth and
the Moon.  Rolan asks her to lead their world in a good direction, and Haley
points out that it's not guaranteed that the rest of your dudes won't be
coming back.  He plans to keep his promise and come back to her sooner or
later.  All preparations done, you now head out.

Go to 44 and pat yourself on the back for making it this far.

44. Mirai wa Dare no Tame Ni ["For Whom Does the Future Exist?"]

At Dakarl, Misa reports in to Gloval with the status of repairs on the
Macross.  It's taken three months to repair the Macross's outer armor, and
the Response Reactor is only 20% repaired.  Claudia tells her that the Macross
is just lucky to be in one piece at all after that big explosion, and Misa
recalls how Hikaru and everyone else are all missing still.  Not even debris
from their machines has been found [gee, I wonder why].  The shock wave is
projected to arrive in a week, and Gloval realizes that the Macross won't be
in time for the Aegis Project.  Nobody knows if the power source on the 
Moon will be sufficient for the task - at least all of Japan's EOT facilities
will be contributing power to the gravity barrier when the time comes.  There's
also the space colonies to worry about, and Gloval says that without the
Macross's Response Reactor you can only pray for Aegis's success.  Claudia is
sure the plan will work, and kind of has a feeling that Roy and the old Lond
Bel people will be back.  She tells Misa to cheer up, since today is the
day Misa departs.  Vanessa presents Misa with a bouquet from everybody, and Kim
tells Misa to do her best on the Moon.  Shamy notes that the bridge will be
somewhat lonely without Misa around, although Kim warns her not to say that.
Vanessa is quite impressed that Misa has been chosen to be the captain of the
currently under-construction Macross #2, the Megaroad [how Misa would get to
captain such a vessel as a mere Lt. Commander is beyond me....]  Misa's not
so confident she's up to the job, and points out that construction on the 
Megaroad has been halted.  Claudia berates Misa for always being so 
pessimistic, and says she's sure Misa can pull it off.  Gloval agrees, telling
Misa to believe in herself - all she has to do is fall back on her experience
as the Macross' Chief Operator.  The two exchange thanks for the years of
saving each others' butts, and Misa tells Claudia that she's scheduled to
depart tomorrow.  She tells Claudia that although the Megaroad isn't scheduled
to resume construction until after the Aegis Project, there's somewhere she's
got to go first.

Kaifan, as usual, is trying to get Minmei to reconsider something.  He demands
to know what her going to the Moon would serve - he considers it blatantly
obvious that the Aegis Project will fail and figures she's going to her death.
Plus, what would her going there accomplish?  She tells him after some 
hesitation that she wants to see what becomes of the Earth that Hikaru and 
the Lond Bel defended with their own lives.  Kaifan tells her that she's got
a very important job to do here cheering up those in the Earth Sphere, but 
Minmei plans to carry out that job by actually being present when the Aegis
Project is executed.  She begs him to let her go, saying that she knows 
nothing will change but that she hates to just stay here doing nothing.
Myung tells Kaifan he loses and to let her go already, and that Minmei fully
understands the importance of giving hope to those who are confronting nothing
but despair.  Kaifan finally relents, and Minmei arranges to go to the Moon
with Misa.

Michiru has finally caught sight of professors Yumi and Hazuki, escorting them
in to Saotome.  The Getter Reactor's adjustments were finished yesterday -
unit 2 looks like it'll be online.  Hazuki then begins linking it up 
immediately, and Yumi says that with help from Chief Kabuto they've managed 
to get three Photon Power reactors online.  Saotome is glad to hear this,
wishing they all had just a little more time to strengthen the gravity 
shield.  It can't be helped, with a mere three days until the wave arrives.
The scientists then prepare to head to the Moon Cradle as Michiru prays for
their success.  Saotome says that he intends to do his very best, so that
Ryou and Kouji can return at any time.

Sally informs Kentarou that all preparations to project the shield are 
complete.  She thinks it'll take ten hours to reach its full protective 
radius, and if there are problems she plans to dispatch Preventer mecha to
make repairs.  13 hours to the wave arrival, and Rin reports that the microwave
facility is all linked in.  Unfortunately, the shield will only be at 54.3%
effectiveness, just a little over half.  The Earth and Colonies will both
sustain quite a bit of damage - the void your dudes left when they disappeared
was pretty huge.  Kenzou then shows up, and says that it's too early to give
up - he asks Rin to quickly connect up the Energy Connectors he's got.  These
are none other than the Energy Connectors that the old Lond Bel used to 
connect to the microwave facility.  Kenzou believes that your people will be
back to protect the Earth Sphere - he doesn't want to cast off hope until
the very end.  Rin agrees, noting that your people have saved the Earth from
danger many times...

Just then, a giant time distortion appears near the Moon Cradle.  Is something
warping out?  Rin orders Aya and Rai to take Irm and sortie - he won't see
the Aegis project fail now.  They deploy, watching the distortion getting
more severe by the moment.  Something is positively trying to emerge - and
if it's the enemy, Gomez notes that you've basically got nothing left to 
fight with.  Irm says this can't be helped since everything but the R-3 was
dismantled.  Aya didn't want to use it again, but now she's really wishing 
for the SRX.  Rai tells her that that double-edged sword is now unnecessary
to humanity, and that it was destined to be eliminated.  Besides, Ryuusei is
gone too.  Rai notes that if push comes to shove all they have to do is cast
down their lives to defend the Moon Cradle, but Irm tells him not to get ready
to die so fast - after all, the reason they're here is so everyone can go on
living.  Gomez agrees, and says that he can't let a bunch of youngsters like
them die.  Rebi tells Aya that she's doing okay - she'll fight hard enough
for Ryuusei too.  And then something appears: a giant mobile weapon.  Rebi
is certain it's not of Arrowgater origin, and Rai notes that it's a totally
unidentified object.  It is of course Meigas, who's feeling rather smug now
that she's managed to time travel.  She then resolves to halt the Aegis
project and kill off mankind.  She's got some help too from her Bels, who she
orders to destroy the microwave facility and bring an end to human history.
Henken realizes that you can't stop them with the small number of dudes you've
got, and Irm figures that push has in fact come to shove.  Oh, if only the 
Lond Bel were here...

Rebi then uses her Psychodriver powers and realizes that your people are in
fact coming.  As they reappear, they realize where they are and what time it
is.  The scientists are overjoyed to see you all, but Banjou forestalls all
the tearful reunions and reminds you of what you've got to do.  Hiiro
agrees, since you're not the only ones back here: the target is still intact.
Meigas is somewhat ticked that you all followed her, and resolves to wipe you
out along with the microwave facility.  Diana is sure that with all your 
power you can stop Meigas' rampage, so that people in both times can live in
peace.  You have to win this "final" battle.  Amuro warns all those in leaky
machines to wear spacesuits, which the Xabungle dudes of course have no clue
about.  Focker issues his final order: defend the microwave facility from
Meigas and her Aulgelmil, and grasp the future with their own hands.

  Meigas exchanges barbs with just about all your dudes.  One interesting
  highlight is the exchange with Quatro, in which he says that while humans
  have become a mistaken life form that repeats its own mistakes, humans must
  solve this problem by themselves - extermination by a third party isn't
  an acceptable option.  He goes on that all the souls caught in the Earth's
  gravity will one day be set free: that is what the Newtypes are for!

  At 70% Meigas berates you all for not realizing that you can't beat her
  Aulgelmil.  She casts Flash, 100% Hit, and Hot Blooded.  At 50% she tells
  you that you're struggling in vain - you have no choice but to vanish from
  history.  She casts Healing, Flash, 100% Hit, Hot Blooded, and Kiai.  At
  30% Meigas asks if this is all the more you can resist, and decides to grant
  you certain despair.  She casts Kiai, Concentrate, Move Again, and Energy
  Recharge.  At 30% again, Meigas notes that your power is dangerous and says
  that it will take more than this to kill her.  She casts Heal, Concentrate,
  Spirit, Iron Wall, two Kiais, and Energy Recharge.  At 30%, Meigas starts to
  get surprised, and vows to wipe you all out even if she burns out her own
  being in the process.  She casts Full Heal, Flash, 100% Hit, Spirit, two
  Kiais, Move Again, Iron Wall, and Energy Regen.

  Kill Meigas w/in 9 turns for a Skill Point.  You also get 200k credits and
  a Super Repair Kit just for finishing the battle.

When you deal the final blow, Meigas notes that the Machine Cells can't heal
the damage fast enough.  She can't believe this is happening, and her power
starts slipping away.  How could the Ancestors, how could Aulgelmil be
defeated?  Sophia(!) then pops up, telling Meigas to stop it.  As Meigas
demands to know who she is, Sophia tells her the Ancestors' role is over.
Yes, supposedly deleted data from Meigas past is coming back to haunt her.
Sophia tells her that the Ancestors' role - no, _her_ people's role was over
as soon as the survivors of the great calamity began to tread the Earth on
their own two legs again.  Sophia adds that her mission is preserving "people",
and that Meigas should be able to tell from the people she sees before her
that that mission was fulfilled long, long ago.  She tells Meigas that it's
time to go, and leave the future of this world to the people who prevented
her rampage.  Zengar is somewhat traumatized at Sophia's passage, and Camille
realizes that Sophia reverted to her former personality at the very end.  But
hey, at least your final battle is over and all you have to do is carry out
the Aegis Project.

Just then Shuu and his lackeys appear [if your Skill is 35 or more].  Go to
45 for the true final battle!!


Banjou is quite surprised to see Shuu alive.  He is, noting that that fact 
may be a bit unfortunate for you all.  He also says that he owes your people
an apology, for underestimating your power back in Dakarl.  Kouji doubts 
Shuu's sincerity, but Chika insists that it's true.  The proof, Shuu says,
is that it took until this very moment to repair the rent in time you all
caused.  Saphiine says that it was her skills at first aid that nursed Shuu
back to health, but Monica claims that it was _her_ hard work that did the
trick (despite her odd grammar, as Shuu chides her).  The other Ra-Gians are
rather unhappy to hear that Princess Monica is still hanging out with Shuu,
and Shuu says that it's time to start his final task.  Which in fact is
stopping the Aegis Project, so he can bring his sacrifices to Ra-Gias.  Shuu
claims this is to be done in order to restore the world to its rightful state.
He plans to save the world by destroying it and starting from scratch.  Banjou
makes the "incredible" mental leap that, in order to get your hands on your own
future, your only option is defeating Shuu.  Amuro concurs.  Shuu concurs too,
and orders Chika to bring out "the objects": Mecha-Gilgilgans and Ghost X-9's.
Shuu says that it's a bit much just to take out the microwave facility, but
he doesn't intend to underestimate your powers again.  Masaki insists that he
won't let Shuu have his way anymore, but Shuu tells him that he and the
Psybuster can't defeat him - that's the unalterable truth of their 
relationship.  Masaki doesn't care about Shuu's rederick, and plans to stake
the very name of his Elemental God-Machine on defeating Shuu and saving the
future of the world.  Amuro says that this is the final battle - but your
duty doesn't end just with defeating Shuu.  You've got to defend the
microwave facility too, and ensure that the Aegis project succeeds.  You
can't just sit by and watch the Earth Sphere be taken out by the Gravity
Wave.  To protect the people, to protect the future, to bring an end to what
started in the Balmar War, and for the "tomorrow" of the Earth, you all must
win the victory!

  On round 3, Shuu will tell Monica and Saphiine that it's okay for them to
  leave.  They both want to stay with him until the end, but he tells them to
  go back to Ra-Gias.  Monica is still hesitant, but Shuu asks her how she
  she sees his future - after a long pause she agrees to do as he asks.  It 
  looks to Senia like Shuu let the two escape...

  Shuu has various words with various of your dudes.  Of interest is Akira,
  who can sense a great evil presence behind Shuu due to his being a hero 
  bonded to the ancient Reideen.  He denies Shuu's claim that the protector
  role is almost over, and goes to Manual Power On.  If Shuu talks to Banjou,
  Banjou points out that intervening directly with force to stop the Aegis
  plan isn't like Shuu - Shuu quite agrees and figures there must be a problem
  with the screenplay or something.  However, all such errors are about to
  come to and end too when he wrecks and corrects the world.  And in fact, a
  new story will also begin in a different world *snicker*.  Banjou figured
  Shuu for a better man than that, and says that a second stringer can never
  become a first.

  Shuu will tell you your attacks are useless at 70%, casting Full Healing,
  Flash, Hot Blooded, and Kiai.  At 30%, he casts Full Healing, Hot Blooded,
  Flash, 100% Hit, and Kiai.
When you reduce the Granzon to 0 HP, Shuu decides to get serious and brings
out the Neo Granzon.  Shuu announces that this is the main event, and asks
if everyone's ready.

  At 70% Shuu calls you naive and casts Flash, 100% Hit, Hot Blooded, and Kiai.
  At 50%, Shuu tells you that unless you get more serious you won't be able to
  defeat him.  He casts Full Healing, Flash, Concentrate, Hot Blooded, and Kiai.
  At 30% he decides to show you why you can't defeat him, and casts Spirit,
  Flash, Concentrate, Iron Wall, a couple Kiai's, Full Healing, and Resupply.
  At 30% Shuu says there's no point in prolonging this battle, and says that
  it's time to finish things.  He casts Spirit, Flash, 100% Hit, Iron Wall,
  Move Again, Full Healing,  Resupply, and two Kiais.

When you defeat the Neo Granzon, Shuu compliments you on your splendid way
of fighting.  Shuu is now satisfied - he's fought as much as he could.  All
things are eventually destroyed - this time, it was his turn, that's all.  Now,
Shuu has been freed from all the chains that bind him...  Masaki is quite 
broken up over Shuu's death, and it slowly begins to dawn on you all that you
actually managed to beat the Neo-Granzon... twice!  But at least it's all
over now... or is it?!  The gravity wave is about to arrive - your final

Misa detects the Neo-Granzon's destruction, with the gravity wave due in 23
minutes and 45 seconds.  The connection of the super robots to the microwave
facility is almost complete, and the fate of the Earth depends on this one
moment.  Good luck, everyone!

All your people are in position, and all that remains is to go to full power.
Ryou and the others are determined to protect the world with their power.
This is the J9's last job, and final checks on the shield are now done.  Misa
releases the final safety on the energy converter with the gravity wave due
in 90 seconds.  As everything goes to full power, the wave arrives...  Now,
watch the kick ass movie.

As your dudes watch in silence, the blue of the Earth is burning itself into
Kid's eyes.  Isaac agrees, and Kentarou tells you that the Aegis plan worked
and mankind has been saved.  The long battle that Kouji and Tetsuya fought
together is now over.  Hiiro's mission is now over, and Banjou wonders if
you've finally gotten your future.  He then notices that the people from the
future are... still here!  Haley notes that all the fighting is over, but 
Rolan gets that doofy expression as he realizes that he probably can't get
back to the future [he should get struck by lighting... that always works!]
Just then a voice pops up and says that that's not a problem.  The telltale
signs of Machine Cells appear, and Sophia pops out!  She still remembers 
Yasunishi, and says that she's come to the past - or rather, your people's
present.  Thank goodness she's not Meigas anymore - she's nothing but a
threadbare memory in the Aulgelmil's mostly wrecked memory banks.  She'll
disappear soon, but before that there's something she's got to use the last
of her power on.  With the Aulgelmil's remaining energy, she'll use the 
black box to open the Gate once more.  Zengar realizes this will cost Sophia
what life she has left, but she says that this is her last duty, and her
penance.  She tells Garode that it's barely possible to open the path to the
future if she uses all her power.  Diana tells Sophia that she believes in
her words, and decides to return to her own time.  Jamir points out that 
there's no proof that it'll work properly, which Diana agrees with since by
coming back here and making Aegis succeed history has been considerably
changed.  But no matter how much the future has changed, if there's a path
back there, she'll take it and do what she must.  Garode agrees, wanting to
go back to the future that he helped make with his own hands.  Jiron too
wants to live freely in that world, free from Innocent domination.  Elchi was
hoping to learn some of contemporary culture, but agrees to go back too.
Jamir won't object, and Sophia opens the gate.  Jiron tells a concerned Tetsuya
not to quarrel with Kouji any more - he won't forget about any of you.  Garode
thanks you for all the help, and tells Usso to treat Shakti well.  Rolan then
thanks Ryou for his help - Ryou says to take care of Diana.  Haley tells Quatro
that meeting him has come to mean a great deal.  Quatro agrees, saying that
it's a shame they never had the chance for a leisurely chat.  Puru then says
goodbye to Karis, and Shinobu advises Paula to make sure to mix in a little
feminine stuff with her macho exterior.  Paula tells him lightly to mind his
own business and not keep kissing Sara's ass forever.  Jamir tells Amuro that
he had lost sight of the ideals of the past, but now he's trying to get new
hope for the future.  Amuro's sure he can do it.  Bright bids Diana farewell,
and Diana prays from the bottom of her heart for peace in your people's future.

Ken'ichi meets his very approving dad again.  Kenzou tells him that he saved
the earth, but Ken'ichi says that he only took the final step.  Those who
saved the earth are the creators of Aegis, and the hearts of the people who
wish for peace on Earth.  But hey, at least now the Balmar War is finally
over.  And even better, you all can return to Earth now - the Earth that you
protected with your power.  Judous plan to split off and go back to Shangri-La
where Riina and Beacher etc. are.  Both the Purus are going with him, planning
to work alongside him so as not to place a burden on the finances.  Judou
can't make them do that, and says that in the worst case he'll hop a ship
for Mars to make some extra dough.  Beauty and Reika then show up with a
delivery from Banjou.  It's an attache case, containing a gold nugget which is
Banjou's way of saying thanks for Judou's help with the Aegis Project.  Judou
tries to protest that he didn't help for money, but Shinobu tells him to just
take it so he can actually spend time with Riina and not have to go out
moneymaking.  Sara agrees, and Judou finally accepts it graciously.  Now they
can all live together.

Camille is planning to return to Side 7 for a while to distance himself from
the fighting.  Fa will be coming with him - he offers Four the chance too.
Four declines, saying that she plans to head to Preventer HQ with Ruu.  Ruu
adds that it's been arranged that Four will help with the Preventer work,
as well as helping with Rosamia's recovery.  She tells him at length that 
she just can't be with him - since she doesn't want to hurt Fa's feelings.
Camille starts looking downcast, and Four tells him not to be.  He's still
quite important to her, just as he is to Fa - and the two will be able to
meet each other again.  Farewells are then said.

Amuro and Bright are both exchanging thanks with Focker.  Focker will be 
posted to the Megaroad some time later, which Emma recalls is slated to 
travel outside the solar system.  Isamu concurs, saying that it's mission is
to find a second home planet for humanity.  The SDF has learned from its
experiences with the Zeroth fleet, and is deploying the Skull Squadron and
its Valkyries as protection - after all, the threat from outer space isn't
_completely_ gone.  The Megaroad's journey is also in its way a continuation
of Project Ark.  Isamu figures that venturing out into space is less likely
to be boring than staying on Earth.  As you heard before, Misa is assigned
as the Megaroad's captain, and Minmei and Myung will be aboard too as part
of the civilian population.  Minmei's songs will be important for maintaining
morale.  Since your ship is nearing port, Bright wishes all the Macross dudes
a safe voyage.

Hiiro has meanwhile vanished, leaving Trowa with the Wing Zero.  Quatre 
wonders where he could have gone, and Duo thinks he's got a general idea.
[maybe it involves a certain stuffed bear?]  The other GW boys have finished
setting up the seals on their Gundams, figuring that they won't be needed...
IF peace lasts.  Trowa hopes that's the case, since their fighting in their
Gundams always seems to bring about calamity.  Duo wants to send the whole
blasted shuttle craft into the sun, and Quatre says goodbye to his Sandrock -
and Wufei says goodbye to Nataku ["Kamui!!"  no, wait...]  Trowa figures 
he's back to having no name, but Quatre figures that he should just keep the
"Trowa".  Duo agrees, noting that they all have somewhere to return to now.
Quatre votes to go see the Ral Kairam off as it returns to Earth, but Wufei
wants a few moments by himself before going too.  Sally then approaches him,
offering him a position with her - although peace has arrived, their job
isn't yet over.  Wufei ponders these fire-fighting Preventers, and decides to
take her up on her offer.

Noin tells Zechs that the Ral Kairam has left the Moon.  She comments that
the revival of Mars has been quite hard since the Balmar War - that's 
Rilina's next project, and Zechs says that it's only natural that Rilina would
be doing something rough.  But it's the sort of job that people who are
supposedly dead have to do.  He tries to say something to Noin, but Noin tells
him never to make her repeat herself...

Bright reports in at Big Falcon, saying that the Old Lond Bel has completely
finished its mission.  Oka and Igor thank Bright as the representative of all 
those who have kept the Earth safe.  Oka is having the Lond Bel reorganized 
as an independent battalion assigned to the Far East base and charged with
maintaining world peace.  Bright hesitates, and Amuro tells him that now's a 
good time to be clear.  Bright can't seem to spit out whatever it is, and
Amuro has to say that Bright wanted some time off.  Amuro points out that
Bright's been leading the Argama and Lond Bel ever since the start of the
previous war.  Although Amuro understands the need to take on the new duties,
Bright is the father of two children and would like to have some time off to
see them.  He tells Bright that he'll handle the reorganization of the Lond
Bel, and that Bright should get some rest some times lest Amuro get glared
at by Mirai.  Oka grants the time off, which Bright gratefully accepts.

Kirk tells Aya that with the SRX Project cancelled, the R-3 except for its
T-Link system is to be completely dismantled, and the SRX Team is ordered to
disband.  Aya has been transferred to Intelligence and Rai to Staff HQ.  In
order to maintain military secrets, Ryuusei, Viletta, and Rebi have been
imprisoned on suspicion of collaborating with an enemy organization.  Rai 
demands to know why the two of them are getting off with being transferred -
shouldn't the whole team be imprisoned if anyone is?  Kirk tells him after
a moment that his and Rob Kobayashi's influence could only commute so many

The Ral Kairam is bound for Londenion, the new base of the Lond Bel.  
Londenion is a space colony in Side 1, and Kou is going to be posted there 
along with Amuro and Burning.  But not Usso or Shakti - they're going back to 
Kasaleria, planning to live with Odelo and Karuru.  After all, there's no more
reason for Usso to pilot a MS - Ryou says to leave things to him now, and not
feel ashamed about doing so.  While Ryou and the others will still be "busy", 
it's nothing compared to what it used to be since the main job is keeping the 
peace.  Monsha doesn't think so - he's planning to pound the fundamentals of 
space combat into Keith's head.  Still - it's kind of lonely to be all
splitting up now.  Ryou says that that's not the case - his people will
defend peace on Earth, and the Lond Bel will handle it in space.  But no 
matter where people are, their thoughts are always together.  Kou vows to 
work hard to not waste this hard-won peace, as do the others.

Kenzou has finally revealed himself to his children, including Shiro.  And
Kouji, who finally figured out who built Great Mazinger.  Great and regular
Mazinger are like two blood brothers, and so are he and Tetsuya their pilots.
Tetsuya and Jun are Kenzou's precious "children" too.  Tetsuya tells Kouji
that he's now kept his promise, which Kouji is very happy about.  Just then, 
Sayaka comes in to say that Masaki and the others are about to return to
Ra-Gias.  Time to see them off!

Tutti has just raised Ibun on the Ether communicator.  The gate to Ra-Gias is
about to open.  Since the flow of time in Ra-Gias is different than that on
the surface, not that much time has elapsed since all the Ra-Gians showed up.
Langran should therefore still be fine.  Yang Lone is going elsewhere -
although Shuu's death ended the danger to the Surface and to Ra-Gias, the 
confusion in Langran hasn't let up yet.  Plus, Yang Lone has to figure out
what General Kirkus is really up to.... and Prince Fier.  Ryuune sadly tells
Masaki that she can't come with him, since her father is still around even
with the death of Shuu and the destruction of the D.C.  Yes, her father is
Count Vian, commander of the D.C. [and super robot otaku extraordinare!].  
Ryuune knows that her father is no longer on Mars, and wants to figure out
what he plans to do next.  Ryuune will be traveling to Ra-Gias with Yang Lone,
since she's worried about General Kirkus too. [is this making no sense to
anybody else??]  Yang entrusts Masaki with affairs in Langran, seeing that
Masaki has matured over the course of all these battles.  The two then
take off, promising to meet in Ra-Gias.  Wendy asks Masaki if he really did
the right thing, and Masaki is sure that Ryuune has direction in mind for
herself.  Masaki figures he can believe in that.  Wendy is in fact just 
slightly jealous now, as Kouji and the others show up.  As farewells ensue,
Mio is told that Ryuusei won't be coming.  Attempts to raise him at the 
Far East base were unsuccessful, and Mio is disappointed, figuring she had
just the joke for the occasion.  As the Gate begins to open, Kouji tells
Masaki that should Masaki ever need his help...  Masaki appreciates the
thought, but vows to protect the peace in Langran with his own hands as an
Elemental God-Machine pilot.  The two are sure they'll see each other again.

Garrison presents Poncho with his fee.  Poncho notes that there's a bit of
excess included, which Garrison says is a special bonus.  Banjou is quite
grateful to the J9 for all their help, and Bowie is looking forward to some
extra salary too; assuming Poncho doesn't pocket it all.  Poncho feigns 
innocence.  Banjou looks forward to seeing them again - of course!  "If you
call, we'll be there in a flash" is the J9's motto after all.  Ensue with the
cool exiting posing.  Poncho has to run to catch up.  Garrison then asks
Banjou what to do about the "Ancestors", or rather the people sleeping in
the Earth Cradle.  Banjou figures that with the gravity wave deflected the
future is going to change.  Perhaps they won't be needed in the Earth Cradle
after all.  Plus, they too are people who believe in mankind's future - who
is Banjou to disturb their slumber?  Garrison wonders if those in the future
are okay, and Banjou notes that both his future and their must have changed.
But everyone always says there are as many futures as possibilities... so
their future is probably the future they wanted.  Or at least, that's what he
wants to believe.

In the future, Diana and Kiel have once again traded places - Diana tells
Haley to call her "Kiel" in private since that's how she's dressed.  Actually,
she's joking.  The Argama is now ready for launch, waiting for Diana herself
to arrive.  Kiel reminds him it's not the Argama - it's the Loora Ran now: the
prop holding up the two worlds named after two young boys.  Tex is staying on
Earth, saying he's grown to like it there.  Plus, although peace has arrived
the environment still needs some work.  Jamir agrees: there are still many
problems left to solve.  Tex apologizes for conversation unsuited to Jamir's 
departure, and offers him one last cup of coffee.  Difficult problems are to
be solved while drinking coffee and finding the answers inside the heart.
All that remains is to see whether the solution can be executed or not.

Sara is in the process of apologizing to Roaby for hurting his feelings when
he stops her.  That sort of line isn't suitable for this kind of "last scene" 
according to him.  Roaby knows that Sara will be helping out Diana on the 
Moon, and tells her to work hard so that this whole battle won't have been 
wasted.  But given that it's Sara he's talking about here, he's not worried.
Roaby tells Jamir to take care of Sara, and says to call if anything ever 
happens - he'll give them a discount off his usual fee.  As they leave, Roaby
figured he never had a chance from the start.  Wits and Tonya show up and 
tell him to hurry or else he'll miss the launch of the Loora Ran.  He tells
them that he's fine when they ask, and in turn asks what the two of them are
doing together.  Tonya manages to say that the more two people quarrel, the
closer they are, or so "they" say.  A rather embarrassed Wits seems to have
the hook-ups going his way.  Enil then pops up and shooes everyone along.
Roaby then invites her out for some drinks that night, which suits her fine...

Soshie tells Paula and Karis to be happy on the Moon.  Paula asks Garode if
it's really okay to take the G-Falcon and Double X with her.  Garode says
that he sure doesn't need them anymore, and tells Paula to treat them with
care.  Paula's not so sure that the time to use them is over - after all, it's
to _make_ that kind of time that she's going to the Moon.  Garode realizes
that that's true, and then asks if Karis is okay with going to the Moon as
well.  Karis is okay, and plans to keep the body he's got for the rest of
his life [O_o;;;]  Karis has been thinking a lot since the meeting with the
D.O.M.E. half a year ago - a lot about the Black History.  He is very 
grateful he met Garode and the others, and will never forget the debt he owes
them.  Tifa bids Karis farewell, and Paula realizes there's little room 
between Tifa and Garode for her after all.  Garode and Tifa then prepare to
leave - saying that the more they see everyone's faces, the harder it is to
say goodbye.  Besides, Rolan isn't even here.... he is... apparently doing
something causing Soshie pain, although Soshie knew it was coming for a long
time.  Soshie tells Garode to look out for Tifa, which Paula echos.  Goodbyes
all around.

Looking at the ship, Lily sees the events of six months ago as though they
happened only yesterday.  Indeed, going to the past seems like a dream to
Roaby and the others - thank God they actually got back to the future safely.
Just then, the Xabungle crew show up just in time.  Elchi orders the Iron
Gear driven to the harbor, and Jiron says hi to everyone at the harbor.  Ragu
says to save the greetings for later, and Kiel thanks Jiron and the others
for coming to see them off.  As the ship sets off, Soshie tells them to at
least call on the TV-phone sometimes.  The ship finally sets sail.

Meanwhile, in the wild wild West, Gelaba is explaining how he managed to 
come out alive from the ravening Newtypes who assailed him.  Of course, the
Breaker he's talking to has no idea what a "Newtype" is.  A new walker machine
type?  A new breakfast cereal perhaps?  Gelaba realizes this is going 
nowhere, and insists that he and Hoora are strong dudes who managed to fight 
with these "Newtypes" successfully [maybe it's a M$ product...]  In fact,
the Breakers simply won't deal with them, and Gelaba tells Hoora that this
is simply too cruel for their last time on screen.  Hoora tells him not to
point that out - he's already painfully aware of it.  Gelaba then yells out to 
a passer-by, asking if he knows what a Newtype is.  As Garode and Tifa stare
at Gelaba, Gelaba belatedly realizes who they are.  Tifa finally laughs, 
saying of course she knows what one is.  Garode in fact knows very well

Diana and Rolan are chilling by the lake, and Rolan's got some great-tasting
soup for her.  According to a letter passed through Shido, Kiel and Jamir
made it to the Moon okay.  Rolan asks Diana if she's really okay with not
returning to the Moon.  She is in fact - it's her wish to live in this land,
grow old, and eventually return to its soil.  Living like this, that battle
seems to be nothing more than a dream.  It is then time for Diana to rest, and
Rolan looks forward to seeing her tomorrow...

Zengar has had Jiron bring a certain object to a certain place on a certain 
map.  Zengar apologizes, saying that if his Sleed was working properly he 
wouldn't need the help.  Elchi says that it's the least they can do for his
help in saving the world, but Zengar says that the world was saved by their
will to return to this time: a miracle.  Jiron and Elchi offer Zengar a 
chance to come with them, saying that he'd make a good Breaker and that he'd
even get paid.  Zengar declines, saying that he can't go with them - it's not
permitted of an Ancestor who tried to exterminate them.  Jiron tells him to
forget about ancient history, but Zengar is determined to stay here in the
valley where the Earth Cradle once was and pray for Sophia's ascent into
heaven.  He tells Jiron and the others to go - they've got to create the future
of this world for themselves.  As they depart, Zengar wishes for a prosperous
future for them all.  He then ponders how mankind, despite numerous mistakes,
was still able to take hold of its own future.  Thus, he wishes Sophia a
peaceful rest in this soil... for all eternity.


THE END!!!!!!!!!!

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