Review by Evil Dead King

Reviewed: 10/28/01 | Updated: 06/12/02

The Worst Game Ever!

This game represents a crusty turd.

The idea of this game is to be one of the 'class' footballers in the world and run round pelting the football that ninjas who slide tackle you. I just felt like shouting 'LAME!'.

But the game was even more pathetic than the storyline. At least they could of done it in a good way, but no. It is the most boring game ever. You have to move round with a partner (who is usually the computer) and kick the all at the ninja. It is as boring as it sounds. The partner (if it's the computer) is completely useless, and just stands there until you kick the ball to him, and then kicks it back.

The graphics are bad, just like the rest of the game and you'll trust me if you ever buy it. Everytime you kick the ball, a blue line goes whereever the ball wen which is another LAME idea! Whenever you hit a ninja he flops onto the ground and dissapears into thin air. That's LAME too.

There is 9 characters, all who are graphically pathetic, and they are all the same. It not as if they are different or interesting, they are all the same. There is Edgar Davis, Luis Figo, Nwanko Kanu, Andy Cole, Thierry Henry, Josep Guardiola, Cannavaro, and Dietmar Hammann.
There are items that you can collect on your miserable journey like sunglasses, which make you able to see laser beams !?! It has lots of things that dosen't make sense like football shirts that protect you from the ninja attacks. Oh yeah!

You can play in two player if you want which is just as pathetic as usual. You and your partner have to stay in a few feet of each other or the player the player that ran away dissapears into thin air or sometimes the camera pans out so far that you can't see the screen properly.

The music is pathetic. That same tune is played over and over again so I would sooner play the game with the sound turned off, no actually I'd sooner not play the game at all.

I know you think I'm flaming it unfairly, but honestly it's awful.

Buy or Rent ? : To be quite honest I'd sooner Burn. Or maybe use it as a frisbee. Those discs flying out the window fly a long way. Using it as a frisbee is probably more fun than the game itself.

And to think I bought this game, and spent money on it. It makes me sick. A box of nothing would have been more value for money.

Rating: 1

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