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Translation Guide by DaRkEpYoN

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 04/28/2002

 By: DaRkEpYoN (zeromus220@hotmail.com)

Japanese text viewer required to use this document. Of course you can still
read it, but the Japanese will appear as letter garble. And what good is it to
you then?
1. Revision History
2. Introduction/legal junk
3. Translations
       3.1 Main Menu
       3.2 Special Commands
       3.3 Job Capacity
       3.4 Control Commands
1. Revision History
v2.2 4/28/02 - Added the Control Commands section.
v1.1 2/24/02 - Initial release
2. Introduction/legal junk
I wrote this to help drum up interest in this game among importers like myself.
I also wrote it for those of us who are struggling to make out heads or tails
of what's what in this game. This game is part of the Tsukuru series in Japan.
If you want to post this on any website, be my guest, but don't change anything
without telling me. Also, don't EVER try to make money off of this. It's just
like walking up to me and spitting in my face, so don't do it. Enough of that
icky legal mumbo-jumbo. Now, let's begin, shall we?
3.1 Main Menu
| System Data                            |
| Magic               Monster          |
| Special Moves  Monster Unit   |
| Item                  Map               |
| Chara                Monster Map |
| Chara Party       Sys. Settings   |
| Scenario Data                         |
| Scenario           Scen. Settings |
魔法 - Magic
必殺技 - Special Moves
アイテム - Item
職業 - Job
主人公 - Main Characters
主人公パーティー - Main Character Party
モンスター - Monster
モンスターユニット - Monster Unit - This is how you place your newly created
monsters into battle.
マップ - Map - The creation of the world your characters will be traveling is
done here.
モンスターの配置 - Monster Appearance/Monster Map - Yep, you guessed it. All
thie random battles are handled here :-)
タイトル - Title
システム環境設定 - System Settings - This is where you can put names in the
credits for parts of the system data. You can also set a password to get to
your data, in case little Timmy fires your RPG4 CD and destroys in 2 seconds
what took you 50+ hours to create. >_< But if you've been working on something,
and feel it absolutely sucks, you can delete all the system data in here as
シナリオ環境設定 - Pretty much the same as above. Again, all your painstakingly
created events are safe from little Timmy's curious thumbs.
サンプルロード - Sample Load - Replaces everything with the stuff from the
built-in sample game, Rappin' Magic.

3.2 - 特殊コマンド - Special Commands - If you've played the FF games, you
should have an idea how some of these work. :-) But, I' m going to assume you
haven't done so, and do my best to describe them.
盗む - Steal - Steals from an enemy. You can set up what items are stolen in
the monster editor.
吸収 - Absorb - Steals HP.
ガード - Guard - Protects allies
蘇生 - Revive - Self-explanatory
全体攻撃 Attack All - Again, self-explanatory
ぶんどる - Mug - Works like the above steal, but also does damage. :-)
セルフリカバー - Self Recover - another one that doesn't take a rocket
scientist to figure out. :-p This would work on a non-magic using char like a
ものまね - Mime - Repeats the last action done by another character.
銭投げ - Coin Toss - Uses money to deal damage. It doesn't show the actual coin
hitting the enemy though :-(
治癒 - Healing - I guess this would also work for non-magic using characters.
連続魔法 - Continuous Magic - This will allow you to cast 2 spells in one turn
敵の魔法 - Enemy Magic - Learn certain spells that only the enemy can use.
ゲット - Get - Captures a monster if its HP is low enough.
リリース - Release - Works in conjunction with the above Get command. Calls
forth the captured enemy to perform a single attack.

There are more, but these are the ones that I could make any sense out of.
3.3 - 職業キャパシティー Job Capacity - These are abilities you can set to a

戦闘中HP回復 Recover HP in battle
二刀流 Weapon in each hand. Like a Genji Glove in FF3/6
カウンター Counter
剣装備 Equip Swords
爪装備 Equip Claws
槍装備 Equip Spears
杖装備 Equip Staves
弓矢装備 Equip Bows
銃火器装備 Equip Guns
鎧装備 Equip Armor
盾装備 Equip Shield
アクセサリー装備 Equip Accessory
両手持ちHold a weapon with both hands
かばう Cover
経験値アップ Experience Up
CCPアップ Class Change Points Up
ランダム戦闘 Random Encounter
魔法ダメージ半減 Magic Damage Halved
必殺技ダメージ半減 Special Attack Damage Halved
物理ダメージ半減 Physical Damage Halved
無効化 No Effect (?)
会心の一撃確率アップ Satisfaction of a hit up (?)
宝箱出現率アップ Not sure, but I think this increases the rate at which enemies
leave items.
アイテム効果2倍 Doubles the effect of items
魔法効果2倍 Same as the above, but it affects magic.
力30%アップ Power 30% Up
守り30%アップ Defense 30% Up
体力30%アップ Physical Strength (Constitution) 30% Up
気力30%アップ Mental Strength 30% Up
運の良さ30%アップ Luck 30% Up
素早さ30%アップ Agility 30% Up
賢さ30%アップ Intelligence 30% Up
MP消費量半分 MP Consumption Halved
MP消費量1/4 MP Consumption Reduced to 1/4 of original cost.
エナジードレイン Energy Drain
アクセプト Accept
倍 先制攻撃 First Attack
強制AI行動 Controlled by AI

Again, there are a couple more, but I can't quite make sense of them.

3.4 - 制御コマンド Control Commands - These are what run your events in the
scenario editor.

メッセージ - Message - This is how dialogue is handled.
場所変更 - Change Location - Like the name says, this command takes you from
one location on a map to another.
他イベント実行 - Event swap (?)
2択分岐 - 2 choices - This is basically where you can have it say Yes or No,
or come up with your own.
多分岐 - Multi-choice - Pretty much the same as the above but you can have up
to 4.
スロット分岐 - Slot choice - This is basically the same as the above, but it
chooses options at random.
スイッチ - Switch - For the uninitiated, a switch is basically a way of telling
the game that a certain event has been completed so that it does not repeat
変数 - Variables - This is where you can have fun with all sorts of mini-games.
The uses for this are almost infinite.
ウェイト - Wait - Pauses for however long you set it.
BGM - Duh.... changes background music.
SE - Another no-brainer. Plays sound effects.
お店・宿 - Inn/store - You can determine what items are sold and how much it
costs to rest here.
所持品変更 - (something to do with items) - Basically, this gives or takes
items from your inventory.
画面エフェクト - Special effects - This is where you can set up things like
explosions or lightning strikes.
職業追加 - Add jobs - Gain new jobs. A good example would be the crystal shards
in FF5.
職業強制変更 - Delete jobs - Basically the opposite of the above..
主人公名前変更 - Change character name - Changes a character's name to whatever
you pick here.
パーティー構成 - Party organization - Adds/Deletes party members.
パーティー表示 - Party indication - You can have it where everyone follows the
leader, or only the leader is shown.
パーティー移動 - Party movement - automatically moves the party around in the
directions you specify.
天候 - Weather - Calls a weather effect like rain, snow, or underwater.
モンスターと戦う - Fight monster - This is how you do boss battles. You can set
the music for the battle as well as the music for winning and losing here.
乗物 - Vehicle - Travel over land, sea, and air with this option. You could
have a dragon on land or a golem in the sea, but try to make it believable.
タイトル - Title - Displays the lovely title screen you made in the title
エンディング - Ending - End credits roll.

Well, that's all for now. More as I figure them out.

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