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Gensou Suikoden takes place at the same time as the story of "Gensou Suikoden II", as "Another story that was not told".

You will be able to meet the friends you met in "Suikoden II", the people you couldn't speak with, and the people you didn't know yet.
Presented in a text adventure format that expresses a perspective of the world that is different from the main RPG.

[] Prologue
Year 460 of the solar calendar
The Dunan Unification War, triggered by the invasion of the Jawston Cities Alliance by Prince Luka Bright of the Kingdom of Highlands.
Meanwhile, a man was secretly dispatched from the northern power of Harmonia Holy Land...

[] Chapter 1
Nash is to accompany the vampire founder Sierra in search of information on the coat of arms.
On the second day after crossing the Highland border, they are invited to rest for the night at a mansion inn.
The two who received this generous hospitality will be attacked by someone that night.

[] Chapter 2
An order was given to Nash, who arrived at the city of Muse.
It was a dangerous directive to investigate the "Beast Crest" in the possession of the Highland Kingdom Army at the forefront of the border.
Nash managed to infiltrate the Royal Army garrison.
There he saw the mad prince Luka, his princess Jill, and the boy Joey he saw at the inn.

[] Chapter 3
Nash is chased by the Royal Army and heads for Grinhill.
He encounters a surprising person who knows his past while fleeing into the woods.
However, in the meantime, two generals, who are the two best in the kingdom's army, were approaching Nash.

[] Chapter 4
Nash was finally able to reach Grinhill.
However, it was already under the siege of the Royal Highland Army.
Nash failed to escape and is suspected of being a spy of the Kingdom Army.
But he did his best to leave Grinhill without bloodshed.

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