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FAQ by Kythlyn

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 04/03/05

Pop'n Music 4 Append Disc (Playstation)
Secrets FAQ and Track List

Written by: Ari Margo (Gamefaqs: Kythlyn)
Version   : 1.03

Copyright 2004 Ari Margo

This is a free document that is not intended for commercial
use. It is free to be distributed FREELY. It may NOT be used
to make money in ANY FORM. I give my permission
for this document to be modified and improved upon in a tasteful
manner as long as my name remains on the document. Most of the
information contained here was either discovered directly
from the game or obtained via one of Konami's Japanese
websites translated through Altavista's Babelfish. I
created this to spare other Pop'n fans the trouble
of deciphering poorly translated Engrish since no other
FAQs were available for this game at the time of writing.
This FAQ was NOT designed to be very in depth. It is
merely to give importers enough information to get the most
out of the game. If you need more in depth information about
the Pop'n Music series in general, there are very detailed
FAQs for other games in the series already available at 


Table of Contents: 

Section 1: Track List
Section 2: Secrets
  1. How to unlock secret songs via time release.
  2. How to unlock secret songs via secrets codes.
  3. High Speed
  4. Hyper Songs
  5. Instant Give-up
Section 3: Closing
  1. Version Information
  2. Contact Information


The list below contains all the songs in the game.
It does NOT provide the real names of the songs, but
the name that you will see when selecting stages, which
represents the genre of the music.

Before you begin play, go into the options menu and change
SELECT to SHORT CUT. This will replace the normal Pop'n
Music 4 menu screens with a much more simplified version. It
is unfortunate that we won't be able to enjoy those graphics,
but it is important because in this mode the stage selection
screen is in English instead of Japanese.

Songs with marked with an * are not available by default
and must be unlocked (see secrets section). In addition,
there are specific requirements to play the more
challenging HYPER versions of the songs (once again,
see the secrets section). 

GENRE              RIVAL             CHALLENGE

NIGHT OUT          Judy              |14
COQUETTISH         Rie-chan          |16/20
TEEN FOLK          Jyun & Shinga     |07
DO UP              Mary              |10
CARTOON            Henry             |19
PASSION            the KING          |11/22
MOTOR 5            Kobe              |13
LIVERPOOL          Jhonny. D         |15
BOOGIE             Jennifer          |17/23
EURODANCE          Dia               |13


FRIENDLY           Poet              |09
ANALOG TENCHO      PAL               |18
VISUAL 2           Yuli              |20
AMBIENT            Sanae-chan        |12
KARAOKE            Taro & Okon       |08/23
KAYOU HOUSE        NKZ000            |08
MERENGUE           Fanita            |16
GROUP SOUNDS       Jhonny. D         |13
BOSSA              Olivia            |13
PUNK               Donna             |16
LOVELY             Sanae-chan        |15
JUNGLE             Bamboo?           |14
POSITIVE           Sunny             |19


SUPER EURO         Elle              |20
OKINAWA            Mayumi            |18/24
DISCO GIRLS        Yuki              |21
POWERFOLK 2        Ash               |24
FUTURE             ice               |18
PROGRE             Sylvester         |21
NUDY               May-Fa            |16/23
LATIN ROCK         Antonio           |19
BOYS               Hikaru            |16
PRELUDE            Edward            |17/23
*BRITPOP           Donna             |22
*HORROR            Smile             |15
*POPS M-MIX        Rie-chan          |24
*J-TEKNO M-MIX     Shollkee          |23
*DANCE M-MIX       Judy              |23
*BONUS TRACK M-MIX Sanae-chan        |24
*SPECIAL ENDING    Rave Girl         |21
*CLASSIC 4         Harmanov          |20/24



There are 8 Secret Songs in Pop'n Music 4. In order to
unlock them permanently in Arcade Mode, they must be
time released. There is no other way to permanently
unlock them in Arcade Mode. In order to time release
the songs, you must play Arcade Mode. FREE MODE WILL
NOT ADVANCE THE TIMER! The only time the timer
advances is when you are actually playing a song.
Navigating the menus does not count. Watching the staff
roll does not count. Only actual gameplay counts. Once
enough time has elapsed, the secret songs will start
becoming available in Stage 3.

Time Release List:

BRITPOP           : 2 Hours
HORROR            : 2 Hours 30 Minutes
POPS M-Mix        : 3 Hours
J-TEKNO M-Mix     : 3 Hours 30 Minutes
DANCE M-Mix       : 4 Hours
BONUS TRACK M-Mix : 4 Hours 30 Minutes
CLASSIC 4         : 5 Hours 30 Minutes


There are also 2 methods of temporarily unlocking all
of the songs. One is through secret codes, and the other
is by meeting specific requirements. When you unlock
the songs in this manner, they will only be available
for 1 game in arcade mode, and then they will once again
be locked. However, if you do chose to play the song when
it is unlocked, it will be permanently available in FREE 
MODE, whether or not you pass or fail the song. Please
remember though that free mode will not progress the 
time release timer to unlock the songs in Arcade Mode.

Because I have not been able to find an accurate translation
of the challenge requirements, I will not attempt to include
them here because there's no point in publishing potentially
bad info.

If you don't feel like doing them (as some of them are
VERY difficult), don't feel bad about doing the secret codes
instead. They serve the exact same purpose and are there
to spare you from the challenges.

The secret codes must be performed on the Title Screen
where you would choose a mode. Hold down SELECT and then
enter the code. If you are successful you will hear a
sound effect. Then when you play in Arcade Mode, the song
will be available one time only in Stage 3.

Pop'n Controller

L White  = Button A
L Yellow = Button B
L Green  = Button C
L Blue   = Button D
R Blue   = Button F
R Green  = Button G
R Yellow = Button H
R White  = Button I 

Dualshock Controller

<-  = Direction Pad Left
Up  = Direction Pad Up
R1  = R1
L1  = L1
R2  = R2
L2  = L2
O   = Circle
Tri = Triangle


Pop'n Controller     : L Green, L Green, R White, R White,
                       R Green, R Green, L Green, L Green

Dualshock Controller : <- <- R2 R2 0 0 <- <-


Pop'n Controller     : L Green, L Green, L Green, L White,
                       L White, L White, L Green, L Green,
                       L Green

Dualshock Controller : <- <- <- L2 L2 L2 <- <- <-


Pop'n Controller     : L Blue, L Blue, L Green, L Yellow,
                       L Yellow, L Green, R Blue, R Blue

Dualshock Controller : Up Up <- L1 L1 <- Tri Tri


Pop'n Controller     : R Yellow, R Blue, L Blue, L Yellow,
                       R White, L White 

Dualshock Controller : R1 Tri Up L1 R2 L2 


Pop'n Controller     : R Blue, R Yellow, R Blue, R Yellow,
                       R Blue, R Yellow, L Yellow, L Blue

Dualshock Controller : Tri R1 Tri R1 Tri R1 L1 Up


Pop'n  Controller    : L Blue, L Blue, L Blue, L Green
                       L Yellow, L Yellow, L Yellow, L White,
                       L White

Dualshock Controller : Up Up Up <- L1 L1 L1 L2 L2 


Pop'n Controller     : L Yellow, L White, R Green, R White,
                       L Yellow, L Yellow, L Green, R Green,
                       L White, R Yellow

Dualshock Controller : L1 L2 0 R2 L1 L1 <- 0 L2 R1


Pop'n Controller     : L Yellow, L Yellow, L Yellow, L Yellow,
                       L Yellow, L Yellow, L Yellow, L Yellow,
                       L Yellow, L Yellow, L Yellow, L Yellow,
                       L Yellow, R Yellow, L Yellow

Dualshock Controller : L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 R1 L1

3. High Speed

If you want the notes to scroll down the screen faster, such as a
High Speed mode in a Beatmania game, then after selecting ARCADE
MODE, hold down the select button. You can then select between
QUICK (High Speed 1) and TURBO (High Speed 2) using the Blue Buttons.

4. Hyper Songs

In order to play Hyper Songs, you must first play every song in the
game at least once. It does not matter if you pass or fail.  Then,
if a hyper version is a available, while picking a stage, hold down
the select button while choosing. The following songs have Hyper


5. Instant Give-up

If for whatever reason you decide that you want to quit playing a
song before it is over, just press start and select.

SECTION 3: Closing

1. Version Information

1.00 : First Version
1.01 : Added contact information and corrected spelling errors.
1.02 : Konami changed the address of the Pop'n site, so I updated the URL.
1.03 : Fixed a typo. ...yes, just a single letter.

2. Contact Information

If you want to contact me for any reason, I can be e-mailed at:
gamefaqskythlyn AT gmail DOT com

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