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FAQ/Walkthrough by Samy

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/20/00

| ______________________|¯ Dracula: Resurrection ¯|______________________ |
| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        Walkthrough        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_ In English and French _|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|                                                                         |
|                               Version 1.5                               |
|                              Author: Samy                               |
|                       E-mail: samy171@hotmail.com                       |
|                                                                         |
|                        • Dracula: Resurrection •                        |
|                         System: PlayStation/ PC                         |
|                           Developer: Microids                           |
|        Publishers: France Telecom Multimedia, Canal + Multimedia        |
|                            Number of CD's: 2                            |
|                          Number of Players: One                         |
|                         Number of Blocks(PSX): 1                        |
|                           Megabytes of Movies:                          |
|                             First CD: 391 Mb                            |
|                            Second CD: 415 Mb                            |
|  (These where found with the X-Plorer Fx on the Playstation version of  |
|                                 the game)                               |
|                                                                         |
|   • This Walkthrough is made upon the European Version of the game •    |
|                                                                         |
|    This Walkthrough can ONLY be found at the following locations:       |
|       - GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)                              |
|       - V.G. Strategies (http://vgstrategies.about.com)                 |
| If you found this walkthrough elsewhere, please e-mail me as soon as    |
| possible so legal action could be taken. The following sites CANNOT POST|
| the following walkthrough either because they STEAL them or they take   |
| it and don't give proper credit:                                        |
|       - Absolute PlayStation (http://absolute-playstation.com)          |
|       - PlayStation codez (http://www.psxcodez.com)                     |
|       - Playstation cheat index (http://www.playstation.cheatindex.com) |
|       - Game Domain (http://www.gamesdomain.com, gamedomain.co.uk)      |
|       - Cheat Code Central (Worst of all http://www.cheatcc.com)        |
| If I find this walkthrough in these sites or in any other site that     |
| does not have my permission, legal action will be immediately taken     |
| along with the contact of Network Solutions, Inc. And the Internet      |
|Copyright Infringement. Think Twice before taking this walkthrough.      |
|                                                                         |
|   I• OverLook                                                           |

   I• OverLook.
  II• Introduction.
 III• About the author.
  IV• The controls.
   V• The Walkthrough in English.
     • Disc One.
     - The Inn Area.
     - Underground.
     • Disc Two.
     - Dracula's Castle.
     • A conclusion to Dracula: Resurrection.
    • The Walkthrough in French
     • Premier Disque
     - La region autour de l'hotel
     - Les Souterrains
     • Deuxieme Disque
     - Le château de Dracula
     • Une Conclusion pour Dracula: La Resurrection.
     • The MAPS for the levels/ Les Cartes pour les different niveaux.
  VI• End of Walkthrough.
 VII• Version Info.
VIII• Thanks to...
  IX• Disclaimer.

|   II• Introduction                                                      |

   Dracula, this word only, can make your body tremble. Dracula, the most 
know of all vampires. Dracula, the KING of ALL vampires.

   Microids! This company may no tell you much but you'd better remember 
it. In the past, Microids managed to release a couple of games but they 
were all pretty much failures. Don't take me wrong, the exterior look of 
the games were good and the graphics amazing but they didn't had the plot, 
the story that would make this company enter history like SquareSoft. Just 
Play "The Last Report" for the PlayStation and you'll know what I mean.
   And then, one day, they engage one man. The man that would change the 
rules in adventure games, Benoit Sokal. Sokal released one single game in 
1999 and the was "The Amerzone". Great graphics, awesome cinematic 
sequences, ultra playable, this game was soon to be voted as the best 
adventure game for the PC in 1999. 
   One year later, Microids don't want of a banal sequel and decide to 
release a completely new game. Not completely new because, except of the 
plot, Dracula uses the same engine as the Amerzone. So just a couple of 
changes in the menu and in the plot were enough to create a game of 

   Dracula Resurrection has one and only problem, its lifetime. In fact, 
you can finish it in 6 to 8 hours WITHOUT guide. When replaying the game, I 
managed to finish it in less than 3 hours see? And this game does not 
really have any particular replay value (except the cinematic, and again, 
if you have an X-Plorer, you can even see them without bothering about 
playing the game). So what I want to do here is a COMPLETE walkthrough that 
will not only guide you through the game but also tell you about the story. 
The inconvenient about that is that it will contain an incredible amount of 
spoilers. I suggest that, if you have not played the game or you want to 
get past a certain point, you see the walkthrough of "The Plague" 
<plague70@hotmail.com> that will guide you 'till the end of the game 
without many spoilers. You can find it at http://www.gamefaqs.com 

|  III• About the Author                                                  |

   This section is not indispensable in this Walkthrough but one may want 
to know the one that has wrote this and maybe want to know a little more 
about the Author (Me). 
   If you go at my contributor recognition page found there: 
http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4217.html, you will find all 
of my walkthrough listed. If you want to know about the history of my 
walkthroughs, read bellow.

   Specialized in Platform and Point & Click Games Walkthroughs. I managed 
to do the followings: Toy Story 2, OverBlood 2(Strange mix of Platform and 
RPG), The Amerzone (yeap the other Microid game has a walkthrough and it is 
from me!), Gran Turismo 2 Endurance Guide(you just got to see it, oh, and 
send me your times... lol). And a few days before writing this walkthrough, 
I finished a "huge" walkthrough for Broken Sword 2 with the signification 
of the game, you must go see this one. Well, that's all for my 
walkthroughs. I also done one other walkthrough but it is not completely 
mine as I done with a friend, Dim. This walkthrough was for Spyro 2: 
Gateway to Glimer.

   If you're willing to chat with me (if you're really bored) then you can 
contact me on MSN messenger as samy171@hotmail.com or on ICQ at 67959948. 
It is more likely to find me on MSN.

|   IV• The controls                                                      |

   You should not get scared with these controls as it is not really –
Microsoft-Real-Flying-Simulator style, they are simple and logical, here 

• Mouse/D-Pad: This moves the hero all around the screen in 360 degrees. On 
the PlayStation, you can use one analog stick to turn and both to turn 
• Left click of the mouse: Action. X-Button for those PlayStation users.
• Right click: Inventory: You can circle around all of the objects you've 
got in your possession. Circle button for the PlayStation users.
• Space bar to skip a cinematic (won't use it often though), R1 for the 
• Escape: Save, Load, New game screen. Start button for the PlayStation. 
Both mouse buttons if you're using the PlayStation mouse.

   When you'll travel in the dark world of Dracula, the initial ball will 
change into something else depending on the action you can perform on that 
 - A hand: If the cursor changes into that, then you can take this object. 
 - A magnifying lens: You can look closer to something, someone. 
 - Two cranks: You can use an object on something, someone.
 - A crank and one hand: You can perform an action on this object.
 - The Ball with an arrow on it: You can move in that direction.

|    V• The Walkthrough in English                                        |

   Two Intro movies on a single Disc: That is Microids!

   Winter of 1897 in BORGO, Transylvania.
   Two men are pulling a big crate in a forest path white of snow. A third 
one walks next to them. 
   By the side of the road, two men with guns and a woman. One of the men 
is Jonathan Harker whose wife, Mina, has been bitten by Dracula. The only 
way to save her is to kill him.
                              -- Bang --
   Shots perturbs the calm of the forest. A friend of Jonathan rushes and 
kills one of the three men while the two others are running away. Taking 
his sword out, he pushes it deep into the crate.


,breaks the crate and hits Jon's friend deadly. From behind, Jonathan takes 
the vampire and cuts his throat violently. Dracula, badly wounded, is now 
lying on the snow. Slowly, the sun comes out and kills the monster. 
Jonathan runs back to his wife. The marks on her neck of Dracula's teeth 
start to disappear but for how long. John sees his friend taken by the 
death and cannot do a single thing.

   London, 7 years later.
   When john comes back from his work the evening, he finds a letter from 
his wife next to her picture, she had left her ring. She says in her letter 
that the same morning, she was not feeling too well. Going out to take some 
fresh air, she feels an irresistible envy to go to Transylvania. Dracula's 
house was summoning her.
   John immediately leaves with the first train to Paris in order to catch 
his wife. He passes by Venice, Vienna, Belgrade before reaching a Romanian 
town in Transylvania called Varna. Surely the same place were he freed his 
wife 7 years ago.

|     • Disc One                                                          |
|     - The Inn Area                                                      |

   Once Jonathan reaches the area where he fought Dracula 7 years ago, he 
notices a Inn. When he enters, two _odd_ men get out of their table and 
leave the house pushing him by the same mean. A strange fat woman aproaches 
then inviting him to rest in her inn for the night. If he wants, he can 
find her in the kitchen.
   At his right, Jon notices a man drinking an –I-don't-even-want-to-know-
what-it-is- drink. His name was Micha (*how do I know his name? Well, you 
know there is a Dracula site right? http://www.microids.com, check it 
out...*). Micha informs him of the fastest way to go to Dracula's castle 
but he could not understand why he wanted to go there as it was deserted 
since the count had disappeared. But it was dangerous to go up there 
because it was full of traps!
   Jon then asks Barina, the INN owner, about this castle. It was said that 
tonight was St. Georges Eve and that all the demons would be out on earth. 
Going to the castle was like a suicide. Instead, she asks him to rest for 
the night in the inn.
   Jon could not wait that long and had to leave for the castle as soon as 
possible. So ignoring their advice's, he goes out and left from the INN, 
passing by the well. Unfortunately, the bridge was protected by a servant 
of the Vampire that would not let him pass. So he continues his path till 
he finds two other paths.
   He takes the one leading to the "Cuemeterium", that was the cemetery. 
   Man, this place gives you the chills. Laurent PAPISI, responsible for 
the music has done a great job here. 
   Without fear, Jon enters the cemetery and goes at the far end of it. 
Next to the wall, he finds a pickaxe(*Isn't it looking like the thing that 
holds the death? Really!*). Returning back to the entrance, he notices a 
tomb that seems to has a spirit on it. This tomb was DRACULA's one. Without 
fear, he opens the tomb with his pickaxe (*THIS SCENE IS WONDERFUL! You 
must see it, and again, the music is a dream!*). Inside the tomb, he finds 
a small ring that represents a DRAGON. He then notices the plate just above 
the tomb representing St George defeating a... Dragon. He then leaves the 
cemetery and goes for the other path, the one saying "Calvarium". 
   At the end of the path, he finds a big monument. He walks up the set of 
stairs and goes behind it. He finds a catapult there. His look goes up, at 
the top of the cross, and he notices a crossed Bird! Afraid, he runs out of 
there and goes back to the INN. Inside, Micha informs Jon about a tree 
close to the lake where he used to . He also warns George about the ring he 
found. It represented Drakool, the demon who guards the gates to hell. It 
is said to be cursed. Talking to Barina, she says the same thing about the 
ring. Jon gets out. Outside the inn, he notices another path than the one 
he came by. He engages through it and soon finds two other paths. He takes 
the one leading to the lake as the one saying Metalium lead to a dead end. 
   He soon reaches a house next to the lake. The man there, that was one of 
the two in the inn before, would not let him pass. Going back, he notices 
another path that leads to the lake. In fact, this path lead to the tree 
house Micha told before. Going up, Jon notices a couple of birds in front 
of him. Hell, why not? He thinks. He uses the catapult on the birds 
attracting Goran just a little bit out of his house. He could now go to the 
   Back to the house, Goran cannot see him because he has his back turned 
but he prevents Jon from passing anyway so Jon had to find another way to 
get him out of the play. He notices a wood stick, left, next to the wall. 
He takes it and attract Goran's attention by knocking at the wall. When he 
has his back turned again, he hits him with the stick and he falls in the 
lake. Unfortunately, the door is locked. But Jon finds a pan flute in a 
barrel outside the house. He also takes a knife, Goran had left stuck on a 
   When he goes back to the INN, Jon shows the Flute to Micha. Afraid, but 
willing to help, he shows Jon the tune Dracula's servant used to play in 
order to call each other. Jon then notices a door next to the kitchen. By 
going through it, he finds the inn's basement. Walking down the stairs, he 
soon finds a cupboard. Inside, he takes the telescope that may come in 
   Back in the main room of the inn, he takes the stairs leading to the 2nd 
floor. By following the path, he soon finds himself in Barina's room(*Have 
you notice that there is garlic just about everywhere in this inn? Guess 
why...*). There is another door in this room but it is locked. Examining 
the room more closely, he finds a trap on the ceiling. He pushes the 
cabinet that was next to the window under the trap and gets on it 
(*Personally, I didn't notice the hole when I played for the first time, I 
just examined the cabinet in order to find something in it and Jon pushed 
it revealing the trap... Naughty*). Finding a hidden handle on a wood bar, 
he uses it on the trap in order to open it. 
   He finds himself on the attic. Noticing a tripod next to the opening, he 
uses the telescope on it and looks inside. From where he was, he could see 
a servant of Dracula next to a fire. Using the pan flute, Jon manages to 
attract him. Running through the woods, the servant soon stands just under 
were Jon was. Jon then notices a chandelier or something in front of him 
and just under was the servant. In a quick reaction, he cuts the cord that 
was holding it with his knife and sees the servant fall dead.
   Going back down, the locked door opens. It was Barina, afraid that 
rushes down the main room to close the main door. Going out from the door 
Barina came, Jon finds himself on a balcony. He soon notices a hole at the 
end of it and manage to get down. He then goes to the dead man and takes 
two keys out of him. Going to the well, he finds that it needed a key in 
order to open it.
   Using one of the two keys, he manages to get down the well and discover 
a secret path. Following this _scary_ path, he finds a set of stairs. At 
the end? A dead end. BUT he notices a hole in the wall. By the hole he 
could see a hanged man, probably behind the inn. Taking the petrol lamp off 
the wall, he gets back down and let it on a corner of another dark wall. He 
takes the grapnel and goes all the way back outside the well. He then 
decides to go for Dracula and pass the bridge. Unfortunately, the wooden 
bridge could not support him and Jon is now unable to continue his quest. 
Sure that he could find some clue on how to reach the castle in the house 
near the lake, he tries to go there. Unfortunately a guy (*Maybe the 
servant...*) prevents him to pass. Going back in the inn using the grapnel 
on the balcony, he talks to Micha about the two closed paths. He tells Jon 
that he was not the right person to ask for that. Jon runs to Barina and 
asks her. She soon reveals that her husband had found a secret passage 
somewhere and that was what killed him. She gives Jon a key to the 
cupboard. Using the key, Jon finds a lighter, a key and a book in the 
drawer. Reading the book, he soon finds that the secret path was just below 
the inn, in the basement! Going there and using the lighter on the candle 
just in front of him, on the floor, he manages to discover a huge barrel in 
the basement. Going left of it and using the key on a key hole in the 
middle of it, he reveals a mechanism. Noticing a dragon on this mechanism, 
he uses the dragon ring found in the cemetery to reveal the secret 
path(*don't forget to take the ring back!!*).

|     - Underground                                                       |

   Inside the barrel, Jon finds a tunnel. This tunnel had a dead end in the 
right side! Going left, Jon soon finds himself in a mine. By following the 
path, he soon reaches a closed door. Right of the door is a mechanism with 
a dragon on it. Using the dragon ring, he manages to open the door. Taking 
the ring back, he heads for the house near the lake.
   Using the key found on the servant, he manages to enter the house. 
Inside, he finds a bunch of barrels in a special compartment hold only by a 
metal stick. Taking out the stick, Jon reveals a secret elevator. Getting 
inside and pushing the switch left of the door, he manages to get down. 
While he is getting down, another man cuts the elevator cords from the 
outside. Powerless, Jon falls into a cave. Still alive, he decides to 
explore it.
   Turning left, he notices some chains maintained by a crochet. Using the 
metal stick he had found in the house upstairs he manages to destroy a part 
of the cave. He takes a piece of wood in front of him and uses it on the 
gap between he an a path at the end of the cave. Inside the new area, he 
finds a strange amount of rocks to the left. Getting them out with the 
metal stick, he manages to discover a buried skeleton. Necrophile-Jon now 
takes off the skeleton's arm and examine the bars behind him. He finds a 
candle behind the bars that he lights with the lighter. He sees behind the 
bars a useful stick with two handles at each ends. Unfortunately, it is 
unreachable. He then thinks of the arm he took off the skeleton and uses it 
to take the stick. Left of the area, Jon discovers a path. At the end of 
the path: A broken bridge. Noticing the two chains at each side of the 
bridge, Jon manages to spectacularly jump across the gap. 
   He takes the stairs leading down and finds himself in a wide area with 
lots of rocks. To the right, a table with a candle. Left of it, a path 
leading to some rails. Down there, the rails divided into two paths. Taking 
the right one, he reaches a wagon. He takes it to the start of the rails! 
Just above him, he finds yet another crochet. Getting out of the wagon, he 
finds himself back to the main area. He gets back down to the rails and 
uses the crochet on the mechanism left of the rails and then uses the 
mechanism to change the position of the rails. Returning back to his wagon, 
he manages to continue his adventure across the lake...
   When he reaches the dead end, Jon jumps and sees his wagon fall down the 
gap and the oil that was in it flood on the ground. 
   Looking to his left, he finds a strange door. By pushing it, he reveals 
a new path. Down the stairs, he finds yet another dragon-like mechanism 
where he uses the dragon ring and puts the rails over the gap. 
   Normally, he should be able to pass across the gap but some bats are not 
willing to let him pass. He notices on the left side, down, near a wooden 
bar, a petrol lamp, the one that was on his wagon. By using the lighter on 
it, he lights it and throw it on the oil in the gap. The oil flaming 
immediately, kills the bats. Jon could now go pass the gap and turn left in 
order to go for... Dracula...

|     • Disc Two                                                          |
|     - Dracula's Castle                                                  |

   Crossing the gap, a cut scene shows that Dracula is not only aware of 
Jon's presence, put he also wishes he comes. Jon arrives in front of 
Dracula's castle where a lot of mysteries awaits for him.
   He first go right of the castle and gets down a set of stairs. Down 
there, he uses the dragon ring in order to open the door. In the new room, 
he finds a petrol lamp (*like a genie one*) where he uses the lighter in 
order to light the room. A woman appears in the corner. It was Dorko, 
Dracula's previous wife (*before Mina*) that was imprisoned after she was 
no longer useful with her three sisters (*You'll meet them later... Lucky 
you...*). Jon talks to her about his wife and she informs him that there is 
a secret dungeon within this castle, and she was surely there. But in order 
to help her, he had to bring her three objects. 
   Going back up the stairs, he finds that they continue further upstairs. 
Going up, he finds a locked door. By talking to Dorko that had followed 
him, she opens the door for him. Entering the new room, the door locks 
behind him. 
   A part of this room has been destroyed preventing him from getting 
there. Jon continues right and soon reaches the stairs. Before getting up, 
he takes a key stuck on a door left of them. He then continues up the 
stairs and soon reaches a door. Getting through it, he finds himself in a 
corridor. At the end of it, a door. Pass through this door, he is in 
Dracula's sleeping room.
   There are lots of things to do here. He approaches the big ball at the 
center of the room and takes the ball off it. He then goes next to the bed 
and opens the crate there. In it, he takes a picture of Dracula young 
holding a set of cards in front of a mirror and an amulet that was hidden 
in a book.
   He then leaves the room by the other door, next to the one he came by. 
He soon reaches the upper section of Dracula's Library. Going right and 
pass the door, he finds a mechanism. Pushing, the lever, he manages to 
restore a broken chandelier in the broken section of the big room he was 
   Going back out, he continues his way and reaches another door. This door 
was leading down to the library itself. Walking a little bit into the 
library (*2 screens*) Jon notices something in the third set of books 
(*that means you gotta look up three set of books and then search right 
'till the magnifying lens appears*). Eventually, he notices a little  hole 
in the bookcase. Opening the little emplacement, he puts in it the amulet 
he had found in the crate and closes it. He then goes back to the entrance 
of the room and looks up the ladder. A small paper falls from the case. It 
was Dracula who had let this here. He said that he unleashed three 
demonical spirits that would destroy Jon before he manages do even reach 
   Moving the ladder to the left 'till the number 25, Jon finds a 
mechanism. He opens it and a powerful light points to Dracula's desk. Going 
back down and to the desk, he opens it. And discover the genealogy of 
Dracula. He then opens the roll-top and then the drawer inside. Inside the 
drawer, he takes a picture of St. George, a key, a small round gold coin 
and a black wheel. He then goes out from the door at the other end of the 
   He was now back in the big room. Getting back down the stairs and 
looking closely at the destroyed part of the room, he notices a shield. 
Getting it up, he manages to discover a secret metal glove. He then gets 
back up the stairs and goes past the door that was unreachable before. At 
the end of the narrow corridor, he finds a locked door. Using the key he 
found before, he manages to unlock it. 
   The door lead to the garden of the castle (*Weird garden, full of 
tombs...*). He then goes all the way back to Dorko and talks to her about 
the objects he found. Showing her the black ball, she magically changes it 
into a crystal ball. And when he shows the gold coin, she repairs it with 
Jon's blood. Jon could now go all the way back to Dracula's room 
(*Something may confuse you here: The door you opened with the key don't 
shows an arrow but the ball as if no action could be done. In fact, by 
pressing the action button you'll be able to pass through it*).
   Back in the room, Jon puts the picture of Dracula back on the wall just 
in front of the chimney. He then puts back the –now- crystal ball to its 
original place and watches through it. He manages that way to read the 
symbol of the three cards Dracula is holding. Here they are:

     _    ;           ;     _  _
    / \   ;  /\ /\O   ;  /\/ \/ \/)
   (  |   ;   ||  \   ;   || |  |/
 \  \ |   ;   ||   \  ;   |/   /|
  \_) \/  ;   |/  \)  ;   |   / |

   DON'T PANICK, I know my ASCII art is awful but I can still help. So now 
that you memorized your symbols (or wrote it), go by the right side of the 
ball thing and search for a drawer on it. Hopefully, Jon will find a set of 
cards based on the zodiac in it. If he applies the three symbols on the 
cards, he'll soon find the three images that are associated to them. 
Memorizing them, he turns back and looks at the mirror above the chimney. 
He pushes the three symbols and unlocks a secret path.(*Again, don't 
panick. I've spent hours on this puzzle too... What you need to press is 
noted below:

                           |               |
                           |       O       |
                           |     O   O     |
                           |   O       O   |
                           | 2           O |
                           |   O       1   |
                           |     O   3     |
                           |       O       |

   As you must already know, you must push them in a good order noted 
   Jon next goes through the new path and finds a dead end. On the left 
side of a big pylon is the –now- well known dragon mechanism. Using the 
dragon, he manages to push over a huge dog or wolf statue to discover a 
dagger. Taking it, he uses it on the mechanism in order to open the mouth 
of the dragon on the big pillar. He puts the metal glove in it and pushes 
the switch in the mouth revealing a secret altar (*why is everything secret 
in here. I mean, nobody would ever want to steal Dracula isn't it? I don't 
know...*). He then puts the picture of St. George on the wall in order to 
reveal a gold little object. He uses the key found in Dracula's desk to 
open the little spherical object on the altar. Inside, he takes another key 
and a diamond. He takes also the dagger he used back off the wall.
   Going back in the room, Jon runs to the library and to the clock on the 
left side wall. He uses the small key on it. Doing so, the arrows change to 
11:40 and a family picture on the desk change position. Going to the desk 
and using the coin, he manages to bring the arrows to 1:45 and the huge 
ball in the center move. He then goes to the other desk and move the small 
ball object revealing a plan. Using the Dragon ring on the bottom left side 
of the chart, he manages to discover a number (*look at the hands of the 
dragon, they shown h:40, v:25*)(*If you want a *cool* glitch, use the 
dragon on all four sides of the map and then take another object of your 
inventory. When you'll return to your map, all four sides will have a 
dragon, cool?*) he goes to the big ball and enters these co-ordinates. 
Doing so, a big statue show up from inside the ball and the arrows move to 
11:50. Pushing the dagger into the beast, the arrows move to 11:55. He then 
notices a hand-feather on the statue. Putting the diamond in it, the arrows 
change to 12:00 and yet another powerful light shows up. A secret path is 
   Going through it, he finds a set of stairs on the right. Going up, he 
finds another letter of Dracula on the left desk, but this one was not for 
him. He was talking about a man he met that created a revolutionary 
invention. Looking to the right side of the desk, you discover a miniature 
of a plane. The man Dracula was talking about was in fact Leonardo Da 
Vinci. Looking carefully at the right desk, he discovers a book. Pushing 
it, a bottle falls. Not any kind of bottle, a bottle of acid. He takes it 
and examine the main altar between the two desks. Using the little black 
wheel in the hole above the book, he manages to turn the altar. He takes 
the picture of Leonardo and opens the small box. Inside was a puzzle 
(*Solve it by your own, it really is not that difficult. If you really 
can't pass it, look at the solution below:

                           |       _       |
                           |  S A |T| O R  |
                           |  O P |E| R A  |
                           |  ____| |____  |
                           | |T E     E T| |
                           |  ¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯  |
                           |  A R |E| P O  |
                           |  R O |T| A S  |
                           |       ¯       |
   A cross stands now out letting Jon take it. Going back down the stairs, 
he notices a cross just in front of them. He uses the cross and the stairs 
now lower letting him go through a new path.
   Down the stairs, he finds himself in a dark room. Going left, he finds 
an altar. Inside was the magic amulet but some bars prevented him from 
getting it. Using the acid on the chains, Jon manages to take the amulet. 


   The three monsters (*that don't really look like...*) approach Jon from 
behind. Jon was protected by Dorko's Power but the three –cute- women would 
not let him pass. On the left, Jon notices a lever. Pushing it, he opens a 
*HUGE* window, chasing the three females. Going at the other end of the 
room, he finds another cross mechanism where he uses the cross. The ladder 
goes back to its normal position revealing yet another secret path. Going 
up the set of stairs leading up, Jon reaches the FINAL room.
   In this room he finds Dorko who asks the magical amulet. Reluctant, he 
gives it to the sorceress only if she told him where was Mina. Mina laid on 
a stone plate as if she was to be sacrificed. Dorko betraying Jonathan, she 
locks him into the room in order to regain Dracula's trust.
   Once alone, Jon searches the dark room for a way out. He soon finds a 
mechanism. Putting Da Vinci's picture on it and then using the dragon ring, 
he manages to open yet another *HUGE* window. He takes Mina...

|     • A conclusion To Dracula                                           |

   Jonathan Takes Mina into his arms and walks up the set of stairs that 
appeared. At the top of these stairs, he finds the plane Dracula had 
construct based on Leonardo DaVinci Plans. He puts carefully Mina on it and 
ties her delicately. He then sits at the emplacement in front of the plane. 
   Suddenly, The *HUGE* window starts to close back again. What's more, the 
two females are coming towards him. 
   He tries to leave but something prevents him to do so. It is the third 
female, holding the plane not letting him go off. Using the tail of the 
plane efficiently, he manages to take her off. The plane starts to move on 
the rails (*Isn't the plane really looking like the one at the End of the 
Amerzone? Strange...*). As the window is closing, Jon manages to turn the 
plane enough to fit into the holes. They were now home free but...


was not dead, and as long as he was alive, nobody could rest in peace. For 
the whole humanity, as soon as he would return to London, he would 
seriously confront Dracula!

   Does that mean that Microids is planing on doing a sequel to this game. 
Something like Dracula 2: The vampire strikes back? I don't know for sure 
but I surely hope so... Don't you think it would be great?
   Well, I would really like to thank Microids for doing wonderful games... 
I really enjoyed the two latest. Particularly the music. I don't know who 
this Laurent Parisi is but he really is great. Thanks Microids and continue 
the good job...

|     • The Walkthrough in French                                         |

   Deux intro en un jeux, c'est pas cool ca ?
   Hiver de 1897 a Borgo, Transylvanie. L'intro s'ouvre sur deux mecs qui 
sont en train de tirer une grosse caisse dans une foret blanche de neige. 
Un troisième les suis sur le coté. 
   Allonges sur le bord de la route, trois hommes armés, tapis dans 
l'obscurité. Parmi eux se trouve Jonathan Harker, jeune homme d'une 
vingtaine d'années a qui on avait enlève sa femme. Tout d'un coup, des 
coups de feux retentissent et un des deux hommes qui tiraient la caisse 
s'écroule. L'homme sur le coté s'enfuit immédiatement alors que l'un des 
trois hommes tapis dans la neige s'élance pour tuer le dernier homme 
debout. Il retire son épée de son étuis et l'enfonce violemment a travers 
les ouvertures de la caisse. 


Surgit tout d'un coup de la caisse frappant brutalement l'homme au visage. 
John ne perdant pas son sang froid s'élance sur le monstre par derrière et 
lui tranche la gorge d'un seul trait avec con poignard. Le vampire, 
salement amoché tombe par terre. Le jour est en train de se lever, et le 
démon, comme une mauvaise maladie, disparais sous les yeux de John. L'homme 
s'élance alors vers sa femme qui étaie reste sur le bord du chemin. John 
remarque la disparition des traces de morsures qui etaient sur le coup  de 
sa femme et la serre contre lui. Ils ne peuvent faire rien d'autre que 
regarder leur amis mourir dans d'affreuses souffrances sur la neige, 
bientôt rouge de son sang.

   7 ans plus tard, Londres.
   En rentrant de son boulot, John remarque que sa femme est partie. Elle a 
laissé un mot sur la commode, ainsi que sa bague de mariage. Elle dit que 
ce matin elle ne se sentait pas bien et qu'elle est sortit un moment 
prendre une bouffée d'air frais. Le temps de sortir, elle se rendit conte 
qu'elle etait attirée an Transylvanie encore. Elle etait comme appelée par 
la maison de Dracula. 
   Affolé, John se rend immédiatement a la gare et prend le premier train 
pour le continent. Après un long voyage de plusieurs jours a travers la 
France, L'Italie et plusieurs autres pays, il arrive finalement a Varna, 
une région en Roumanie.

|     • Premier Disque                                                    |
|     - La région de l'hôtel                                              |

   En Roumanie, John se rend immédiatement dans une région appelée Varna. 
C'etait sûrement non loin de la qu'il avait tué Dracula sept ans plut tôt. 
Il aperçoit au bout d'un chemin une auberge. Il s'y rend rapidement.
   En y entrant, deux paysans se lèvent de leur chaise et sortent de 
l'établissement en bousculant John. A ce moment la, la gérante de l'auberge 
s'approche et accueille notre héros. La femme, _légèrement_ enveloppée, 
invite son ôte a dormir cette nuit dans l'auberge et de continuer son 
voyage le lendemain. Refusant son invitation et sa mise en garde, John va 
voir Micha, le vieil homme a droite de la porte d'entrée. En lui demandant 
comment faire pour se rendre au château, il lui apprend que le château est 
abandonné depuis le départ du comte et que le chemin le plus rapide, mais 
aussi le plus dangereux, etait d'emprunter le pond a l'arrière de 
l'auberge. John sors ensuite de l'auberge.
   Il aperçoit un sentier sur sa droite, a gauche de l'établissement (vous 
suivez ?) il l'emprunte et arrive au pont. Malheureusement, il est gardé 
par un servant de Dracula. Il continu alors son chemin. Il arrive alors a 
une intersection avec un panneau indiquant "Cuemetarium". Il l'emprunte et 
suit ensuite le chemin indiquant encore "Cuemeterium". Il arrive enfin au 
cimetière. En continuant son chemin jusqu'au fond de celui ci, il trouve 
une fausse. Il la prend et retourne a l'entrée du cimetière. Il observe 
alors un phénomène paranormal. Une lumière bleue pointée vers une tombe, 
celle de Dracula. En creusant la tombe avec la fausse, il découvre une 
amulette an forme de dragon... Comment avait elle atterrit ici ? Mystère et 
boules de gomme... Il s'éloigne du cimetière et se dirige vers l'autre 
chemin, celui indiqué comme "Calvarium". Au bout de celui ci, un énorme 
monument en forme de croix. John fait le tour de celui ci et découvre une 
fronde. Il le prend et regarde la croix. A celle ci se trouvait accroché un 
oiseau. Affolé, John prend ses jambes a son cou et court jusqu'a l'auberge. 
Il discute avec les deux personnes de ses trouvailles et est informé d'une 
maison près du lac. On lui raconte aussi que l'amulette qu'il avait 
découvert représentait Drakool, le gardien des portes de l'Enfer. John 
ignore les recommandations de prudences exercées une fois de plus par les 
deux personnes et sors de l'auberge. A l'extérieur, il remarque un autre 
chemin que celui qu'il avait emprunté pour venir ici.
   En la prenant, il trouve que celui ci se détache en deux autres. Le 
chemin menant vers le "Metalium" étant sans issue, il se retourne vers 
celui qui indique "Lacus". Au bout de celui ci, il découvre une cabane près 
d'un lac. Dans cette cabane se trouve un mec, celui de l'auberge, qui ne le 
laisserais pas passer. Se retournant, John remarque un autre chemin qui 
conduit aussi vers le lac. L'empruntant, il arrive a une cabane en haut 
d'un arbre. Grimpant là-haut, il remarque un couple d'oiseaux. Utilisant la 
fronde, il réussis a les affoler. Intrigué, le mec de la cabane sors un 
petit peu sur le ponton. Retournant sur la terre ferme, John courre vers la 
cabane ou il trouve le mec avec le dos tourné. Il prend un bâton qui se 
trouvait adossé au mur et le frappe. Impuissant, l'homme tombe a l'eau.
   En examinant l'extérieur de la cabane, John trouve une flûte de Pan et 
un couteau. Il les prends tous les deux et se rend de nouveau a l'auberge.
   En parlant a Micha, John découvre que la flûte de pan etait utilisé par 
le serviteurs de Dracula pour s'appeler mutuellement. Micha s'étant caché 
durant une de ces réunions, il lui montre le morceau qu'il devait jouer. En 
parlant a l'aubergiste, John découvre que les serviteurs sont dangereux. 
N'ayant pas peur, John se rend dans la cave et trouve un vieux télescope 
dans une armoire. Il se rend ensuite au premier étage puis dans la chambre 
de Barina, l'hôtelière. Dans la chambre il remarque une trappe dans le 
plafond. Utilisant le petit meuble a coté de la fenêtre, il réussis a 
l'approcher. Elle etait fermée. A ce moment, il remarque une poignée sur la 
poutre a cote de lui. En l'utilisant sur la trappe, il réussis a monter 
dans le grenier de l'auberge.
   Il remarque un tripiers an face de lui ou il utilise le télescope. En 
regardant a l'intérieur, il voit le mec qui l'empêche de passer de l'autre 
cote du pont. En l'attirant avec la flûte, l'homme pique un sprint et vient 
terminer sa course en dessous d'un énorme chandelier. L'occasion etait trop 
belle pour pouvoir la laisser passer, et John utilise donc son couteau sur 
la corder du chandelier qui fracasse le crane du malheureux...
   En descendant de nouveau dans la chambre, John trouve Barina affolée. 
Elle avait vue ce qui s'etait passé et courre fermer le porte principale de 
peur des représailles. En sortant par la porte d'ou etait rentré Barina, 
John se retrouve sur un balcon au bout duquel se trouvait un trou. 
Descendant par se trou, John se rend auprès du cadavre. Il lui pique deux 
clefs et continue son chemin jusqu'au puits. En utilisant une des clefs, il 
réussis a l'ouvrir et se faufile a l'intérieur.
   Dans ce puit sombre, de drôles de voix se font entendre. John arrive 
néanmoins a trouver des escaliers. Au bout de ceux las, Une voix sans 
issue. Il remarque quand même un trou dans le mur par ou il pouvait voir un 
homme pendu, probablement derrière l'auberge. Il prend la lampe a pétrole 
accrochée au mur et retourne en bas de l'escalier. Sur le cote de celui-ci, 
il trouve un endroit sombre. En plaçant la lampe sur un truc métallique en 
haut a gauche, il découvre un grappin. N'ayant rien d'autre a faire ici en 
bas, il retourne a l'air libre.
   Essayant de traverser le pont, celui ci s'écroule sous ses pieds. John 
retourne alors en face de l'auberge ou il trouve quelqu'un bloquant le 
chemin vers le lac. En utilisant son grappin sur le trou du balcon, il 
réussis a rentre de nouveau dans l'auberge. En parlant de tout avec les 
deux personnes, il apprend qu'il y aurait un autre moyen d'atteindre le 
château. Barina lui donne une clef. En l'utilisant sur le tiroir, John 
prend un briquet, une clef et un bouquin. Le bouquin etait le journal du 
mari de Barina qui, découvrant un passage secret menant tout droit a 
l'enfer, décida de le camoufler et de cacher la clef.
   Se rendant dans la cave, John utilise le briquet sur la bougie juste en 
face de lui, en bas. Il descend ensuite a la cave ou il découvre un énorme 
baril. Sur le cote gauche de celui ci, il découvre une fente correspondant 
a celle d'une clef. En utilisant la clef trouvée dans le tiroir, il ouvre 
une porte et un mécanisme apparaît. Il utilise dessus l'anneau du dragon et 
un passage secret se dévoile...

|     - Les Souterrains                                                   |

   Dans le baril, John découvre un passage secret. D'un coté de la galerie, 
une porte fermée. John poursuit alors son chemin de l'autre cote et arrive 
a une autre porte fermée. Mais cette porte comporte un mécanisme sur la 
droite représentant un dragon. En appuyant dessus, il découvre un autre 
mécanisme sur lequel il utilise l'anneau du dragon. Il parvient ainsi a 
   Cette porte est en fait celle au bout du chemin qu'indiquait le panneau 
"Calvarium". Suivant le chemin, il arrive a la cabane près du lac. Il 
utilise la clef trouvé auparavant et rentre. A l'intérieur, il découvre des 
petits barils entassés dans un compartiment spécial et maintenus que par un 
pied de biche. En le retirant, il disperse tout les barils sur le sol. En 
pénétrant dans ce compartiment, il découvre que c'est en fait un ascenseur, 
sur le coté gauche duquel se trouvait un levier. En l'actionnant, 
l'ascenseur commence sa descente. Tout d'un coup, l'ascenseur effectue une 
chute libre dans la cage. C'etait un méchant qui, de l'extérieur de la 
maison, avait sectionné les cordes maintenant l'appareil.
   Miraculeusement en vie, John se retrouve dans une mine abandonnée. Il 
décide de l'explorer. Sur la gauche, il découvre plusieurs chaînes 
maintenus par un crochet. Il retire ce crochet avec le pied de biche. 
Résultat : Plusieurs poutres viennent se fracasser sur le sol de la cave. 
Il récupère une grosse en face de lui et la pose sur sa droite ou un trou 
l'empêchait de passer. Il emprunte ce nouveau chemin et se retrouve dans 
une anti-chambre. 
   John remarque plusieurs pierres entasses sur la gauche. En les enlevant 
avec son pied de biche, il découvre un squelette. Nécrophile a présent, il 
l'empute de son bras droit. En examinant les grilles derrière le squelette, 
il trouve une bougie. Il l'allume et remarque un accessoire avec deux 
poignées qui pourrait être utile. Il utilise le bras du squelette parce 
qu'il etait hors de porté et continu son chemin sur la droite. 
   Il se retrouve devant une moitié de pont. Il remarque les deux chaînes 
de chaque coté et utilise l'accessoire trouvé juste avant pour passer en 
face spectaculairement. Une fois en face, il descend les deux escaliers et 
se retrouve dans une grande salle avec une table sur la droite. A gauche de 
cette table, il trouve un chemin. Au bout de celui-ci, il découvre des 
rails. Empruntant ceux qui mènent sur la droite, il trouve un wagon. Il 
l'utilise pour se rendre au bout des rails. 
   La bas, il découvre un crochet juste au dessus de lui sur la droite. Il 
le prend et sorts sur la gauche. Il retourne aux rails et observe 
l'instrument sur la gauche de ceux-ci qui permet de changer la direction 
des rails. Il utilise le crochet pour rétablir le fonctionnement et ensuite 
l'utilise pour changer la position des rails. Il retourne vers le wagon par 
la grande chambre et le détache en utilisant le levier en bas a gauche. Il 
utilise alors le wagon pour traverser le lac.
   Intelligemment, John saute du wagon juste avant que celui-ci ne s'écrase 
dans une fausse. Il remarque une porte sur sa gauche. En la bougeant, il 
remarque qu'elle est fausse. Il la retire et découvre un passage secret au 
bout duquel se trouve un mécanisme avec encore le dragon dessus. Il l'ouvre 
et place le dragon a l'intérieur. Il récupère le dragon et retourne en 
haut. La bas, les rails sont retournés a leur place. En essayant de les 
traverser, il se heurte a des chauves souris. Il remarque alors une lampe a 
pétrole par terre, a gauche, a coté d'une poutre. Il l'allume avec son 
briquet et la jette dans la fosse ou un bidon de pétrole avait coulé. 
L'explosion qui suivit a fait peur non seulement aux chauves-souris mais a 
foutu la trouille a tous les satellites espions (pas nombreux au début du 
siècle, j'en convient mais j'ai le droit d'introduire des détails 
anachroniques dans ma soluce ok? Bon, ou j'en etait... Ah oui...). Il 
réussis a traverser le fossé et tourne sur la droite. Il arrive a un 
mécanisme qui attire une nacelle. C'est le moment d'introduire le second 

|     • Deuxième Disque                                                   |
|     - Le château de Dracula                                             |

   Le jour se lève quand John arrive devant le château du Conte. Il entre a 
l'intérieur et découvre plusieurs tombes dans le jardin. Imperturbable, il 
continu et entre dans le château par la droite. Il descend les escaliers et 
se trouve en face d'une porte avec des barreaux. Il utilise son anneau 
Dragon et l'ouvre. A l'intérieur, il fait sombre. Il réussis a apercevoir 
une lampe éteinte dans un coin, comme une lampe de génie. Il l'allume a 
l'aide de son briquet et découvre une femme tapie dans l'hombre. C'etait 
l'ex femme de Dracula. Elle fut emprisonnée la avec ses trois sœurs (vous 
allez les rencontrer + tard) quand elle ne fut plus utile. Elle est prête a 
aider John. Quand il lui parle de sa femme, elle lui dit qu'elle est 
probablement dans une haute tour du château. 
   John remonte les escaliers et les poursuis jusqu'en haut. Il demande 
alors a Dorko, la femme de Dracula qui l'avait suivit, de le lui ouvrir. En 
entrant, il se retrouve dans la salle principale du château. Une partie de 
celle ci est détruite par un chandelier. Il atteint les marches mais va sur 
la gauche ou il prend des clefs sur une porte. Il grimpe ensuite les 
escaliers et entre dans un couloir par la première porte. Au bout de ce 
couloir, une seconde porte qui donne sur la chambre de Dracula. 
   Au centre de cette chambre, une grosse boule noire. Il la prend. A coté 
du lit, une caisse. Il l'ouvre et trouve un tableau, qu'il prend, et un 
médaillon caché dans un livre. Il sors ensuite de cette chambre par la 
seconde porte, a coté de celle qui lui a permis d'entrer.
   Il se trouvait maintenant dans la section haute de la bibliothèque de 
Dracula. Il va sur la droite et entre dans une salle. Il actionne le 
mécanisme a l'intérieur ce qui permet de remonter le chandelier. Il sort de 
la salle et se rend vers l'autre porte, au bout du couloir. Cette porte 
mène en bas, dans la bibli du conte.
   Il avance un petit peu (deux écrans) et regarde l'étagère(ca va être 
dur, mais il faut que la loupe apparaisse. Elle va le faire sur la 
troisième étagère a partir du bas, et un peut sur la droite.). John vient 
de trouver une toute petite boite, incrustée dans l'étagère. Il l'ouvre et 
pose le médaillon qu'il a trouvé dans le coffre a l'intérieur et le 
referme. Il retourne alors a l'entrée et examine le haut de l'échelle. Tout 
d'un coup, un papier s'envole de l'étagère et se dépose a ses pieds. 
C'etait Dracula qui lui annonçait qu'il avait de l'admiration pour lui mais 
qu'il avait lâché trois vampirettes a ses trousses. Ses heures etaient 
   Il utilise le mécanisme sur l'échelle pour la déplacer jusqu'au numéro 
25. Il remarque une boule en face de lui. Il l'ouvre et un rayon de lumière 
surgit, indiquant le secrétaire de Dracula. Il s'y rend et l'ouvre. A 
l'intérieur, une émouvante photo Généalogique des Dracula. En bas, un 
tiroir (il faut d'abord ouvrir qqch.) Dans le tiroir, il récupère une clef, 
une photo de St Jean, un médaillon en or abîmé et une roue noire. 
   Il sort de la bibli par une autre porte située a l'autre extrémité et se 
retrouve a nouveau dans la grande salle. Il descend les escaliers, et il 
trouve dans les gravats, sous le chandelier, un bouclier. Il le soulève et 
récupère un gant métallique. Il remonte les escaliers et emprunte la porte 
qu'il n'a, jusque la, pas utilisé. Au bout du couloir, une porte fermée. Il 
utilise le clef trouvé dans la grande salle et se retrouve dans le jardin. 
Il retourne a la sorcière et lui parle des objets trouvés. La sorcière 
transforme la boule noire en boule de cristal et répare le médaillon d'or. 
   John retourne alors dans la chambre du conte(Quelque chose peut vous 
perturber ici: Sur la porte du jardin, le curseur ne se transforme pas en 
flèche comme si vous ne pouviez pas passer, en fait, vous pouvez! C juste 
un bug quoi...). 
   Dans la chambre, il place le tableau sur le mur juste en face de la 
cheminée et la boule de cristal sur son socle. Il regarde a l'intérieur et 
découvre trois symboles qui sont les suivants:

     _    ;           ;     _  _
    / \   ;  /\ /\O   ;  /\/ \/ \/)
   (  |   ;   ||  \   ;   || |  |/
 \  \ |   ;   ||   \  ;   |/   /|
  \_) \/  ;   |/  \)  ;   |   / |

   Il retourne auprès du socle mais cette fois par la droite. Il trouve 
alors un tiroir. Dans ce tiroir, des cartes représentant des signes du 
zodiac. Il compare avec les symboles trouvés et trouve les images 
correspondante. Il appuis alors, sur les boutons correspondant, sur le 
miroir se trouvant juste au dessus de la cheminé dans le bon ordre. Cet 
ordre est celui-ci:

                           |               |
                           |       O       |
                           |     O   O     |
                           |   O       O   |
                           | 2           O |
                           |   O       1   |
                           |     O   3     |
                           |       O       |

Ainsi, un passage secret se dévoile.
   Il l'emprunte et se trouve face a une grande colonne. Il trouve un 
mécanisme/ dragon sur la gauche ou il utilise son anneau. Une statue bouge 
révélant une dague. Il la prend et la place dans le mécanisme. Cette fois, 
c'est la colonne qui bouge et tourne sur elle même. John découvre ainsi une 
sorte de lieu de prière. Il place la photo de St. Jean dessus et un petit 
coffre a bijoux s'élève. Il utilise la clef sur le petit objet rond, a la 
base de la boite et prend un diamant et une clef de la boite qui s'ouvre. 
Il reprends la dague du mur, ressors et cours jusqu'à la Bibliothèque.
   Il utilise la clef sur la grande horloge a gauche. Les aiguilles se 
positionnent rapidement sur 11:40 et une photo tourne sur elle même. Il 
pose le médaillon en or dessus et les aiguilles montrent alors 11:45, les 
positions de la grosse balle du centre changent. John se rend alors auprès 
de la table, a droite du secrétaire ou il découvre un plan en bougeant un 
objet. En utilisant l'anneau du dragon en bas a gauche, ses griffes 
indiquent h:40, v:25.(Un bug cool se découvre a vous si vous utilisez le 
dragon sur les quatre positions, ensuite vous allez dans votre inventaire 
et prenez un autre objet. De retour a la carte, le glitch, comme 
l'appellent les 'ricains...). John se rend alors sur la grosse boule au 
centre de la pièce et donne les coordonnées h:40, v:25. La boule s'ouvre 
magistralement découvrant une superbe statue et les aiguillent poursuivent 
sur 11:50. John utilise la dague sur la statue, les aiguillent passent a 
11:55. Puis le diamant sur la main/ Aile de la statue. Les aiguilles 
indiquent alors 12:00 et un flot de lumière révèle un passage secret 
(encore). John l'emprunte et monte les escaliers. Sur la gauche, trois 
table. Il examine celle de gauche et découvre une lettre de Dracula parlant 
de Léonard De Vinci. Il se tourne vers la table de gauche et découvre une 
bouteille d'acide chlorhydrique en poussant un livre. Il le prend et 
regarde la table du milieu. Il utilise la roue noire sur le haut de la 
table qui tourne sur elle même. Il prend la photo de Léonard de Vinci et 
ouvre la boite. Le puzzle est facile mais si vous ne vous sentez pas 
d'humeur, regardez en dessous:

                           |       _       |
                           |  S A |T| O R  |
                           |  O P |E| R A  |
                           |  ____| |____  |
                           | |T E     E T| |
                           |  ¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯  |
                           |  A R |E| P O  |
                           |  R O |T| A S  |
                           |       ¯       |

   Il prend la croix qui apparaît et descend les escaliers. Il l'utilise 
sur l'emplacement juste en face de ces derniers. Les escaliers bougent 
alors découvrant un autre passage. Il l'emprunte et découvre sur la gauche, 
une grille a l'intérieur de laquelle se trouve l'amulette magique. Il 
utilise l'acide sur les chaînes et prend l'amulette. Derrière lui 
s'approchent alors trois femelles vampires qui ne le laisse pas partir (c 
les sœurs de Dorko). John utilise le levier sur sa gauche qui ouvre une 
énorme fenêtre et les trois femmes s'enfuient. A l'autre bout de la 
chambre, un mécanisme avec une croix. Il utilise la croix et l'escalier 
remonte a sa place d'origine. Il suis le couloir et se retrouve dans la 
chambre finale.
   Dorko est la, qui l'attend. Elle lui demande le médaillon mais John ne 
lui donne pas avant d'avoir vu sa femme. Quand l'échange est fait, Dorko 
s'enfuie enfermant notre héros pour s'attirer les faveurs de Dracula. 
   John cherche dans le noir et découvre un mécanisme. Il utilise la photo 
de Léonard de Vinci et l'anneau du dragon. Un énorme rosace s'ouvre et un 
escalier descend. Il prend sa femme, Mina...

|     • La conclusion de Dracula: La résurrection.                        |

   John grimpe les escaliers lentement pour ne pas réveiller sa femme. Tout 
en haut, il découvre le prototype d'un avion construit par Dracula sur les 
plans de Léonard. Il pose délicatement sa femme a l'arrière et s'assois 
devant, au poste du pilote. 
   Soudainement, la rosace commence a se refermer lentement. En plus, deux 
des trois sœurs de Dorko s'approchent dangereusement de lui... Et de sa 
femme. Il défait le frein mais ne réussis a bouger que de quelques 
centimètres. C'est une vampirette qui l'empêche de partir en tenant la 
corder a laquelle est attache l'avion. John, appuis instinctivement sur la 
pédale bougeant la queue de l'engin. L'avion s'engage enfin sur les rails, 
mais de travers.
   Les deux autres femmes voyant l'avion hors de control sautent des rails. 
Super John réussis a tourner l'avion pour passer de justesse entre la 
fenêtre. Il finit son looping. Il a réussi a s'enfuir du château de Dracula 
avec sa femme. Mais...


etait toujours en vie et tant qu'il le serais, l'humanité ne pourrait pas 
dormir sur ses deux oreilles. Il se promet que des son retour a Londres, il 
allait se confronter a lui. Pour lui, pour sa femme, pour toute la race 

                          -- The End, La fin --

   Voilà les mecs (et les meufs) mon premier guide en French vient de 
s'achever... Quelque chose ne me plait pas dans la fin de Dracula, elle est 
trop courte! Puis elle nous laisse sur notre faim non? Enfin, 
personnellement je pense que Microids va nous resservir une louche de 
Dracula soit l'année prochaine, soit dans deux ans. Préparez vous a Dracula 
2, le retour... Ha, ha... Bon, je vous souhaite une bonne nuit et pensez a 
vérifier sous vos lits et dans les placards avant de vous coucher... Oh, et 
pis je suis ouvert a toute proposition pour améliorer ce guide. Des lettres 
de remerciement, de menace, d'adoration, je suis ouvert a tout: 
samy171@hotmail.com. J'attends vos mails...

|     • The MAPS for the levels/ Les cartes des niveaux                   |

   The main area (the one around the INN), is the most perturbing. In order 
to get past this, I've done a couple of maps that could help you. As I'm 
not an expert in ASCII art, my maps may lack of style but sure help.

- The INN Area:
                        To    |    To              ____                    
                    Calvarium |Cuemetarium _______|    |                   
                           \  \|  |       /     __(4)  |                   
                            \ ^  /       /  /\  \ ¯¯¯| |                   
                             \   |       |  | \  ¯(3) ¯                    
                              \  \       |  |  ¯¯¯¯/                       
                      _________\  \__   /    ¯¯¯¯¯¯<-- From INN Basement   
                     /  __________   \ /  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\      (Metalium)       
                    / /            \  ^  /                                 
                   / /              \   /                                  
                  / /                | |         _________________________ 
             ____/ /                /(S)\       |Key:                     |
     To  <-- __   /   _____        _|   |___    |¯¯¯¯¯                    |
    Pont       \  \__/     \______|         |   | 1. The INN              |
                \____  (2)  __      |¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|  | 2. The Well             |
                     \_____/ _|__   |        |  | 3. The Tree House       |
                            |    \__/  (1)   |  | 4. Dracula's servant    |
                            |                |  |    wood house           |
                            |                /  | S. Start                |
                            \_______________/   |                         |
Inside the INN:
                                _________ ¦ ________  
                               |    _   /   \  ____ | 
                 ______________|(1)| |        |    || 
                |_|    |_______|   |_|         ¯¯¯¯ | 
                |      |       |________|   |_______| 
                |(3)  _|     __|_            ____   | 
                 ¯¯/ |      |_|||           |____|  | 
                   \  \_____|-|¯¯|           _______| 
                    \______ |¯| |          ____  ___| 
                          \___| |¯¯¯|      |    ¦     
 ________________________       |(2)|   ___|    ¦-->  To the
|Key:                    |       \___|__|(4)|        Basement 
|¯¯¯¯                    |
| 1. Micha               |
| 2. Barina              |
| 3. Hole in the roof    |
| 4. Cupboard with the   |
|    key to the basement |
|                        |

|   VI• End of Walkthrough                                                |

   Ok then, this walkthrough is already finished... This time I've done it 
bi-lingual, that way, I will help more people. Well, enjoy reading it the 
same way as I writing it... I'm open to any proposition; 
samy171@hotmail.com. I'll be waiting your mails.

|  VII• Version Info                                                      |

    Version 0.1 15/07/2000
 - Main structure of the walkthrough created.
 - Overlook section complete!

    Version 0.2 16/07/2000
 - Introduction section complete! 
 - About the author section created and completed.
 - The INN Area section complete. Jon is up for the underground section.

    Version 0.3 17/07/2000
 - All the English walkthrough is finished.
 - Started the French one...

    Version 0.4 19/07/2000
 - I know, I haven't updated the walkthrough yesterday, but don't blame 
me ! You know, I have a social life to live too... lol. Anyway, catched up 
today as I finished the INN area section on the french walkthrough... 
Hopefully, I'll finish the Underground one tomorow. Good night...

    Version 1.5 20/07/2000
 - Done more than I think I would do. In fact, the walkthrough is finished 
so posting will be done tomorrow.

| VIII• Thanks to...                                                      |

   Thanks all of you out there for just reading this! Without you I would 
be nothing!
 - I really don't have to thank anyone in particular as I've done this 
walkthrough all alone. 
 - Maybe thank "The Plague" <plague70@hotmail.com> for writing a good 
walkthrough. You should go and see his work at http://www.gamefaqs.com. 

 - A Special Thank to Sonia for her support and for telling me what's wrong 
in my walkthroughs. Sorry guys but I won't put her e-mail for evident 

This Walkthrough brought to you by:
          _         ____      ___            ___    __
          \\       /  __|    / _ \    /\  /\ \  \  /  / TM
           \\     /  /____   ||_||   /  \/  \ \  \/  /
            \\    \*/¯\***\  )***(   |**\/**|  \****/ 
             \\    ¯__/   /  ||¯||   ) /  \ (   \  /
              \\  /¯     /  / \ / \ / /    \ \  ) / 
               \\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯ ¯¯      ¯¯  // 
                 \     samy171@hotmail.com     /  
                  \   http:www.i.am/samy171   / 

|   IX• Disclaimer                                                        |

This walkthrough is intended for PRIVATE and PERSONAL use. This walkthrough 
CAN be only re-produced or distributed with the written approval of the 
author. This Walkthrough CANNOT be used for profitable purposes. Anyone who 
has violated this agreement will be severely dealt with.

All copyrights and trademarks that are not specifically mentioned in this 
walkthrough are acknowledged.

"Dracula" and "Dracula: Resurrection" are © 2000 by Microids
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"Dracula: Resurrection Walkthrough" is © 2000 by Samy

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