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Zodiac Puzzle Help by WAvalon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/18/00

Dracula PSX
Zodiac Puzzle Help V1.0
Written by Winston Avalon

This document can be use freely and posted on any website or channel upon
informing me provided it is not alter without my permission.

I will even approve the use in a magazine or other form of media as long as
I am inform about the use.

About the Puzzle
There are many complain about the zodiac puzzle near the end of the game.
In this small FAQ, I will address only this problem, so don't extect a FAQ

What is require before I can reach this?
You will need to do the following :

1. Hang painting with Vald and Zodiac on the wall beside the door and
    opposite the broken mirror and the crystal ball stand.
    (At least 1 of the FAQ I read missed this part and many people were

2. Now you can put the crystal ball on the stand ( and not display a
    cannot use crystal ball icon).

What is optional?
You will not need to do this if you want the answer only at the end of
this document.

3. Look into crystal ball and note symbol.

4. Go to the other side of the stand and open drawer. Look at card for
    symbol translation.

What you need to do?
Basically, you need to read the 3 symbol from the crystal ball image and
check with the cards in the drawer for the zodiac sign. Then you go to the
broken mirror and press the 3 signs in order to open a secret passage.

Why is it so difficult?
I really don't know. Maybe it's the artwork that make people confuse which
is which sign, maybe it is the sign are confusing?

BUT one reason I know is that there seems to be a bug in the PSX version!
For those people who will read and get the answer at the end of this, you
will succeed in 1 attempt and will not face this problem. But for other who
will try > time, you may encounter this :

Look carefully when you begin, you may notice that some of the sign is
depressed down... Whether this is a bug or not, I don't know... and exiting
and return does not reset the button, not even out of the room.

What you can do is this, go ahead and press all the buttons, pressing the
one you will want to really press at the atrt of the sequence last and exit.
When you return, the last button is the only one pressed down. And you only
need to press the remaining 2 to complete the sequence.

WARNING!!! Spoiler Ahead!!! You may not want to read on!!!

So, let label the sign from the top as Sign #1 and the next as Sign #2 and
so on. You will have Aries as Sign #1, Taurus as Sign #2 and so on...

You will need to press Sign #5, Sign #10, Sign #6 in order.

That's all for this small puzzle.
BTW, this is the same game as Dracula:Resurrection on the PC.

Contact me
email : Winston Avalon <nemesisv@mailandnews.com>

Yours Truly,
Winston Avalon

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