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FAQ/Walkthrough by OutRider

Version: Final | Updated: 08/20/09

Dracula Resurrection (PC/PlayStation) Walkthrough Final Version
Copyright (C) 2002-2009 by OutRider

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Version History:

v1.0 - 2002 – The walkthrough was completed.

Final – August 19, 2009 – The final version of the walkthrough was completed.

Author's Note:

This is the final version of this walkthrough, meaning that no more major
revisions will be made to this guide.

This guide was written utilizing the PC version of the game. While this guide
may be used with the PlayStation version, I do not know whether or not
the game remained relatively unchanged from the PC version.

The sites that have been given permission to host my guides are GameZebo,
GameFAQs, IGN, NeoSeeker, Cheat Code Central, Super Cheats, and The Spoiler

Any other sites are not to publish this guide without my permission. If you
happen to see it anywhere besides what I have listed, please contact me.

Walkthrough – Disc 1:

The game opens showing three men pulling a large crate through the snow on a
sled. You'll see the game's hero, Jonathan Harker, his wife Mina, and his
friend Quincey Morris lying in ambush. They attack the men and you'll realize
that the crate is carrying Count Dracula himself.

Quincey stabs his sword through the crate to pierce Dracula's heart, causing
him to burst out of the crate and fatally wounding Quincey. Harker jumps on
Dracula from behind and slits his throat. As Dracula writhes in pain, the sun
comes up and destroys Dracula.

While the bite marks on Mina's neck have disappeared with Dracula's
destruction, Harker isn't sure that he is truly dead and he's also uncertain
if the bite marks could return.

Seven years later, Harker receives a letter from Mina explaining that she was
summoned to Carfax against her will, as if Dracula himself had returned.
Harker sets out to look for her in Transylvania and when you gain control of
Jonathan Harker, you'll find him standing outside the Golden Crown Inn.

Venture inside of the inn and you'll watch as two men get up from their table
and push Harker out of the way as they leave. An old woman will walk up and
introduce herself as the proprietor of the establishment. After all the
introductions are said and done, talk to the old man near the entrance and
ask him about getting to Dracula's castle. After Harker explains his reason
for wanting to go there, the old man suggests using the bridge behind the inn
as the fastest route of getting there.

Talk to the old woman about Dracula's castle as well and then leave the inn.
Follow the path in front of the inn until you reach a fork with a signpost.
Follow the Pons path and follow the signs that say 'Cuemeterium' until you
reach the cemetery.

Head towards the back of the cemetery and then turn right to find a tool
shed. Pick up the pickaxe that you find there and then return from whence you
came. As you look around, you may notice some blue lights hovering over a
spot in the cemetery.

Walk over to the blue lights and use the pickaxe on the spot just below the
lights and Harker will uncover a dragon ring. When you're finished, leave the
cemetery. Return to the fork and follow the path leading to a stone cross.

When you arrive, walk up to the cross and inspect the ground near the cross's
right side. You may or may not be able to see a slingshot lying on the ground
and if you can't see it, simply turn up the brightness on your computer
screen. Once you do find it, pick it up and continue to follow the path back
towards the inn.

Along the way, you should see a well and a bridge with a man guarding it.
When you approach the bridge, the man guarding it will not allow Harker to
pass, so we'll just have to find another way across later. Head inside the
inn and talk to the old man and woman about the new dialogue choices. When
you talk to the old man about the dragon ring, he'll tell Harker that it was
a bad idea for him to have dug up the dragon ring and the old woman will be
just as afraid when you talk to her about it.

Leave the inn and return to the fork. Follow the Lacus path and you'll
eventually arrive at a cabin. You'll see a man standing on the deck named
Goran and as you approach him, he'll prevent Harker from going any further.

Go back down the path a little ways until you see another path branching off
that leads to an old oak tree. Follow it and climb up the ladder. Off in the
distance, you'll see some owls flying around a tree. Use the slingshot on
them and watch as Harker sends a rock flying towards them, scaring them away
and distracting Goran.

While Goran is distracted, climb back down the ladder and pick up the club
lying on the side of the cabin as you walk back onto the deck. When you see
Goran, use the club on him and Harker will knock him out with it. Look inside
the barrel nearby and you'll find a pan flute. Take it and then go out onto
the dock and take the knife sticking out of another barrel. Once you're done
here, return to the inn.

Go down to the basement of the inn, to which the door is located near the
bar. Once you're down there, open the cupboard and take the telescope found
inside. Head back upstairs and talk to the man about the pan flute and he'll
play the code used by the bandits. Go up the stairs near the bar and follow
the corridor down to the end and enter the room to find yourself inside the
old woman's room.

Push the small dresser down and then climb on top of it to find a small door
handle. Take it and use it on the hatch to the left of where Harker is
standing. Enter the loft and walk over to where the hanging crown sign and
the tripod are located. Put the telescope on the tripod and look through it
to see Iorga warming his hands.

As you continue to look through the telescope, use the pan flute on Iorga and
Harker will play the tune that he was taught. Iorga will run towards the inn
and stop underneath the sign. Look to the right and you'll see some rope
holding up the sign. Use the knife on it to have Harker cut it and cause the
sign to fall and knock Iorga out.

Leave the loft and head back into the bedroom. As soon as Harker climbs down,
the old woman will burst through the opposite door saying that she's going to
lock the front doors because Viorel will be furious that Harker knocked Iorga
out. Harker won't be able to leave through the front door for the time being,
so leave the room through the door in which the old woman entered and drop
down through the hole in the balcony to be on solid ground once more.

Turn to your left and walk over to where Iorga is currently lying on the
ground and examine his body. You'll find a set of keys that you can pick up.
Since Iorga is no longer guarding the bridge, go there and attempt to cross
it. As Harker tries to cross the bridge, an unknown force causes it to
collapse, forcing Harker to run back from where he came.

We'll have to find another way to cross the bridge, so instead, go to the
well and unlock it using the key that's in the inventory slot next to the
door handle. Climb down into the well and follow the corridor until you reach
a set of stairs. Walk up the stairs and take the lamp that you find hanging
nearby. Head back down the stairs and walk over to the dark area to the left
of them.

Near the left side of the darkened area, you'll find that your cursor changes
as if you can do something there. When it changes into a magnifying glass,
you'll see a hook on which to hang the lamp. When you hang the lamp, it
illuminates the darkened area to reveal a grappling hook. Take it and then
return to the surface.

Return to the inn's balcony and use the grappling hook on the hole and Harker
will climb back up. Go through the bedroom and exit out the other door. Head
downstairs and talk to the woman about the bridge. She'll give you a key, so
take it and open the red cupboard to the left of Harker. Use the key on the
drawer and take the lighter as well as another key before reading the journal.

After Harker has finished reading the journal, head down into the cellar.
Before going down the stairs, however, you'll see a small candle sitting on
the ground to the left. Use the lighter to light it and then head down the
stairs. Walk around to the front of the barrel and use the key that you
retrieved from the cupboard to unlock the panel. After it's opened, use the
dragon ring on the mechanism and the barrel will open up to reveal a hidden
pathway. Retrieve the dragon ring and then advance into the barrel to reach
the other side.

Follow the tunnel to the end and go over to the door to the left. Look at the
stone ball to the right and click on it. Watch as it moves to reveal a
mechanism similar to the one that was on the barrel. Use the dragon ring on
it to unlock the mine entrance. Take the ring and exit through the door to
find yourself outside. As you walk down the path, you'll see Viorel blocking
the way to the inn. Return to Goran's cabin and use the cabin key on the door
near the dock.

Walk over to the stack of barrels and take the crowbar out from underneath
them as watch as they all come rolling out. Walk into the uncovered lift and
ride it down. As the lift is descending, Viorel will proceed to cut the cable
outside, sending the lift plummeting to the bottom. Fortunately for Harker,
he emerges from the wreck unscathed.

Go to the left of the lift to see a couple of chains. Use the crowbar at the
point where they're connected to bring the rest of the mine crashing down.
Pick up the nearby plank and walk out to the end of the rock outcropping. Use
the plank on the chasm and cross it. Once you've arrived on the other side,
walk over to the pile of stones. Use the crowbar to uncover a skeleton. Take
its right arm and then get closer to the gate behind it. Use the lighter to
light the lamp and then use the skeletal arm to pick up a bar lying on the

Turn around and walk down the stairs to the left to see a video of Jonathan
Harker descending further into the mine. You'll be in a room with a broken
bridge when you enter and in order to cross the gap, walk up to the edge of
the bridge and use the bar on the chains. You'll watch a scene where Harker
uses the bar as a zip-line to ride the chains down to the other side.

Follow the stone stairs down to the bottom and head to the left of the wooden
table to see a darkened passage. Proceed through the passage to come across a
rail station and then follow the rails as they lead to the right to find a
rail car. Walk behind the car and use the lever on the bottom left to ride
the car down the track to where you initially entered the area. You'll see
that when the car came to a stop, it knocked loose a pulley, which in turn
knocked over a fuel barrel.

Move forward and then look up to find the pulley. Remove the hook from it and
then return to the rail station on foot. To the left of the rail, you'll find
a lever that changes the direction of the track. Use the hook on the spring
near the lever's base and then pull the lever to change the track's
direction. Go back to where you left the rail car and then ride it and watch
as Harker takes a long trip down the railway.

After the sequence, follow the tracks to where they're broken and you'll see
that the rail car spilled its contents at the bottom. Head back down the path
a little ways until you see a door leaning up against the right wall. Remove
it to uncover a passage, then follow it until you reach another mechanism.
Click on the tube to open it and use the dragon ring on the opening and watch
as the tube locks it in place and rotates. When you remove the dragon ring,
the tracks will automatically 'fix' themselves.

Go back upstairs and attempt to cross the well, only to have a cloud of bats
prevent Harker from going any further. Turn around and if you look along the
right side of the track, you'll find a lantern lying on the ground. Use the
lighter to light it and then pick it up. Head back towards the well, but
don't try to cross it just yet. Look down and to your left and you'll see a
puddle of fuel at the bottom of the well. Toss the lantern onto it and watch
the sequence as the ensuing inferno sears and smokes out the bats roosting
above the well. Now you can cross the well unmolested and once you're on the
other side, follow the path to the right and walk up onto the platform. Pull
the lever and you'll be prompted to insert Disc 2.

Walkthrough – Disc 2:

As disc 2 opens, you'll see a sequence in which Dracula's henchmen are
watching Harker ride the tram to Dracula's castle. Dracula will suddenly
appear and tell them that Harker is headed straight to his death and he's not
even aware of it. After that, Harker will arrive inside of a cemetery.

Go straight until you see a set of stairs to the left and then turn right and
go down the spiral staircase. Look at the lock on the wall to the left of the
door and then use the dragon ring on it to unlock the door. Take back the
ring and go inside to realize that you're in a cell. Walk around to the back
of it and you'll see someone lurking in the shadows. Light the lamp on the
left pillar near the stranger and you'll end up being introduced to Dorko,
who was Dracula's previous wife before Mina. Ask her about Mina and then
return to the staircase. Follow it all the way up to the top and you'll see
that Dorko has followed Harker. Click on her and she'll open the door to the
Great Hall.

As soon as Harker enters the hall, the door will swing shut behind him. Go
towards the stairs at the other end of the room, but rather than going up the
stairs, go to the door in the hallway to the left of them. Examine the lock
on the door to find that there is a set of keys still left in it. Take them,
only to have one of the keys break off in the lock.

Go upstairs and enter the first door you come to and you'll find yourself
within a chamber. Head down the next set of stairs and through the next door
to enter Dracula's room. Look at the ball that's sitting atop the pedestal
and take it to unlock the chest on the other side of Dracula's bed. Walk over
to the chest and open it to find a picture and a book. When you open the
book, you'll reveal an enamel plate, which Harker should take with him before
he leaves. Go through the door next to the one Harker used to enter the room
to enter Dracula's library.

While you're on the balcony overlooking the library, turn right and go
through the next door. Inside, you'll find a pulley that controls the
chandelier in the previous room. Turn the crank to raise the chandelier,
which will help to fill in the gap in the balcony that is in the main room of
the castle. Leave the room and proceed to the other side of the balcony and
go through the door to walk down to the lower level of the library.

From where Harker is standing, head straight to the other side of the room
and in the corner to the right of the door, look for an empty recess on one
of the bookshelves. It's behind Harker and close to the top, and once you
find the spot, the cursor will change to a magnifying glass.

Once you've found the spot, open the panel and place the enamel plate inside.
Go back towards the door and look up the ladder to see a piece of paper fall
from the bookshelf. It's a letter to Harker from Dracula, and after he's done
reading it, move the ladder down the shelf until it stops at a plate with the
number 25 inscribed on it. Operate the eyepiece found there to shine a beam
of light down upon Dracula's writing desk.

Walk over to the desk and run your mouse just above the roll-top drawer to
find that your cursor changes to a magnifying glass. Click on it and open the
small hatch and watch as the desk opens up to display a family tree. Open the
drawer below it and take the four items found inside. Exit the library
through the door closest to the map table and go downstairs. Look in the spot
where the chandelier used to be and search through the rubble to find a
shield. Move the shield out of the way and pick up the gauntlet lying
underneath it. Head back upstairs and go through the door near the hole where
the chandelier is presently located.

Go down the spiral staircase and follow the path to the end. Use the key you
obtained from the vestibule on the door to unlock it. Go through the door to
find yourself back outside.

Return to Dorko's cell and talk to her about the new dialogue choices. She'll
magically change the orb from Dracula's room into a crystal ball, and repair
the dragon medal using Harker's blood. When you're finished, head back to
Dracula's room.

On the left wall, you'll see some markings that suggest that pictures used to
hang on it. Hang the picture featuring the tarot card reader on the wall and
then place the crystal ball on the pedestal. Make a note of the symbols on
the cards (Leo, Capricorn, and Virgo) and then open the drawer located on the
opposite side of the pedestal to find the actual tarot cards.

Walk over to the opposite wall and examine the broken mirror to see several
pictures surrounding it that look exactly like the ones found on the tarot
cards. Push the three pictures that correspond to Leo, Capricorn, and Virgo
in that order to uncover a secret passage. Go into the hidden room and walk
to the end. Look at the lock on the left side of the cylindrical structure
and use the dragon ring on it. Take it back and watch as a statue moves out
of the way to uncover a dagger.

Walk over and pick up the dagger and then return to the lock. Stick the
dagger into the lock and turn it to open the figure's mouth. Use the gauntlet
on the figure's mouth and pull the ring to cause the structure to turn and
reveal a recess in which the St. George picture that you got from the library
should be used. Watch as a golden Faberge egg emerges, and then use the key
from the library on it to open it. Take the clock key and diamond that are
uncovered. Retrieve the dagger from the lock before returning to the library.

When you've returned to the library, walk over to the grandfather clock and
open the glass cover on the clock face. Wind the clock using the key that you
got from the egg and watch as the clock hands move to 11:40 and the picture
of a young Dracula on the desk will turn. Go over to it and place the dragon
medal in the slot and the clock hands will move to 11:45. Walk over to the
map table and move the small globe. The map the globe was weighting down will
roll up to reveal a star map underneath.

Place the dragon ring in the lower left corner of the map and make a note of
where the dragon's claws are positioned. Go over to the large globe and set
the blue dial to 40 and the red dial to 25. Click on the globe itself after
that and the clock hands will move to 11:50.

The globe will open up to reveal a large dragon with a slot in its back.
Insert the dagger into the slot and the clock hands will move to 11:55. Click
on the top of the dagger and use the diamond on it. The clock hands will move
to midnight and watch the sequence as another hidden passage is revealed.
Head inside and go up the stairs to enter a secret room.

Walk over to the lectern and examine the letter on the left table. Click on
the book on the right table to move it and watch as a bottle of acid falls
over and spills some acid on the chain below. Pick up the bottle and then
look at the lectern itself. Put the cross into the indentation near the top
of it and it'll cause the lectern to turn. Take the Da Vinci picture that is
uncovered and then click on the top of the lectern.

Arrange the sets of balls so that the word 'SATOR' is at the top and the word
'ROTAS' is at the bottom. When you've done it correctly, the cross will be
free for Harker to take.

Go back down the stairs and look at the recess in the wall. Use the cross on
it and the stairs will move and reveal the crypt. Proceed down into the crypt
and go over to the small altar at the left side of the room. Use the acid
bottle on the chain and then take the amulet that Dorko has been seeking.
However, after the amulet has been removed, three vampires will emerge from
the pool behind Harker and threaten to kill him if he doesn't put the amulet
back where he found it.

The vampires will prevent Harker from leaving, but if you look to the left of
the altar, you'll find a lever sticking out of the wall. Pull it to open a
sky light and the sun will scare the vampires off. Walk to the opposite side
of the room and put the cross in the recess to cause the stairs to rise up
and reveal yet another room.

Go into the newly uncovered room and watch the sequence that occurs between
Harker and Dorko. Dorko will lock Harker in the attic and you'll have to find
a way out. Go to the opposite side of the room and look at the right wall.
Use the flying man icon on the mechanism and click on it only to have it show
another mechanism. Place the dragon ring on it to open up a gateway and it
will also lower the stairs. Walk over to where Mina is lying and click on
her. Watch the ending sequence as Harker flies off with Mina on the glider
and you'll have finished the game.

The story continues with Dracula: The Last Sanctuary, so be sure to pick it
up to learn what happens next!

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