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Guide and Walkthrough by BakaOrochi

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/15/2003

Suzuki Bakuhatsu
Japan version (JPN)
Version 1.0

1 player

Copyright 2003 by JuneHa Kim/BakaOrochi
All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction of this FAQ in any shape or form is prohibited.

Come on, it's not like it's HARD to e-mail me if you want to use any part of
this FAQ, is it?

If you want to use ANYTHING, even codes or whatnot from this, CONTACT ME FIRST.
This is my work, and not one bit of this is to be reproduced in any way, shape,
or form.  Copyright laws protect this FAQ.  This is purely my own work, any
other similarities to other FAQs are purely coincidental.

I do respect all other copyrights and if I have inadvertently infringed on any,
please contact me immediately so that I may remedy the problem.
FAQ History:

-First release

1. What's the point of this FAQ?  And what the heck is "Suzuki Bakuhatsu?"
2. How to play
3. Modes of play
4. Frequently Asked Questions (Or questions you might ask...or maybe not)
5. Level FAQ
6. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
1. What's the point of this FAQ?  And what the heck is "Suzuki Bakuhatsu?"
This very odd game released by Enix is unique.  It's a puzzle game, in which control
Suzuki-san, a girl who for some reason has this knack of running into bombs which are
disguised as normal everyday items.  Your job?  Disarm them, using clues in the game.

Unfortunately, if you don't read Japanese, you might have a few problems with this.
Hence, the purpose of this FAQ.

This game uses mostly still shots instead of cinemas, and has very bizarre interludes.
What this has to do with the game, I don't know.

And there's no information in the instruction booklet either, so you're on your own.
2. How to play
It's very simple.
The D-pad moves your way around the object, and determines which way you want to unscrew
the bolt/nut/screw, etc.
Circle confirms and moves through the interlude sequences.
X cancels or goes back from your selection in the game.
Square shows you how far you are in disarming the bomb.
Start button cancels the interlude sequences.

By the way, this term is very useful when unscrewing:
Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.
3. Modes of play
You can choose easy, normal, or hard.

That's it.
4. Frequently Asked Questions (Or questions you might ask...or maybe not)
Q: Who's the girl?
A: Ms. Suzuki is a daughter of a bomb demolitions expert.  Yet she has no idea why everything she encounters is a bomb,
but she just goes along with it, thus entering a completel surreal world.

Q: What are all these notes?
A: Unless you read Japanese, I wouldn't worry about them.  They're all hint on how to disarm or solve the puzzle.
Sometimes they're just there to waste your time.

Q: Does she have any kind of books on her?
A: Apparently, she does.  She also has a fanbase as well, and the actress who plays Suzuki is "Ozawa Rin."

Q: How does grading work?
A: If you've disarmed the bomb without wasting a single turn, move or anything, you'll get:
After that, it's
A, B, C, D, E, F.

The game also records your average grade (in the yellow box).

Q: What's her profile/stats?
A: Heh, only because I actually found this on a fan site:
She was born on 12/26/1978.
Her bloodtype is AB.
She is 164 cm tall, and her measurements are B80, W58, H83.
She likes to watch movies (her goal: watch 100 movies per year.  Go figure.), and her specialty is skateboarding.
Her favorite food is basically anything with garlic, and she hates sesame dumplings.
Her favorite saying is "Tomorrow is a new day."
Her favorite actor/actress are Robert DeNiro and Juliette Lewis.

Q: Does the instruction book have ANY information at all?
A: As specified before, no.  There's basically only screen caps from the different puzzles in the games, controls,
menu explanations, that's it.  Nothing else.  Enix pretty much presents you with a bizarre game, and you have to accept
it for what it is, I guess.  Unless you have additional information to send to me (in which case, please e-mail me).

Q: Any other information on the staff/cast?
A: Yes, believe it or not.
The photographer (Naito Keisuke) also does work for photographing artists' CD covers, like Southern All Stars, SMAP, and
various other work.

Another actress, Shirikawa Minami is featured in the movie "Tokyo Raiders" and the TV drama "Great Teacher Onizuka."

Others have also from various TV dramas, work with Sony, etc.
5. Level FAQ
The first three levels are standard.
After that, there are 14 puzzle to choose from.
The last two are always at midnight (0:00:00) and then the final puzzle (Ito).

The ONLY thing difficulty does is shorten the amount of time given to defuse the bomb.
Also, the wire which you must cut MAY vary.  I cannot confirm this 100%.  The following are the ones
that worked for me (when the game switched to Normal mode, I recorded which wire I had to cut according to that difficulty).

(or accordingly)

Here's also another hint:
If you find yourself in a shaft where's there's only two screws, and unscrewing those reveals another layer with two
screws, get out.  Those are there to waste your time (sometimes you'll just run into a message saying "BAKA! *idiot*"
or just making fun of you.  Other times, it'll just seem like you're going further...but you're not.).

Time Limit: 3:00:00

This level is fairly self-explanatory.
The only thing you need to do is unscrew the top of the orange and disassemble the
outer layer.  Then unscrew the two screws on the side to take off the
casing.  The bomb is inside.

Then, simply clip the wire that does NOT say "DANGER!"

In this case, clip the blue.

Time limit: 3:00:00

This is also rather simple.  Ignore the bottom of the gun, and focus on the barrel.
There's a screw inside.  Unscrew it.
This opens the gun.
Take off the two screws on each side to reveal the bomb.
First unscrew the top.  This moves the scissors closer to the bomb.  You can make about
two or three turns safely.  Then unscrew either of the bottom screws to move the scissors
backwards.  Alternate until all four screws are off.

Clip the red wire.

3-Cell phone
Time limit: 3:00:00

This one is ridiculous.
Enter in forward as much as you can.
Ignore moving in any other direction.

Just cut the red wire.


From here, you can choose which bombs you want to defuse.


0:00:00- Doorknob (You will not be able to save after this stage)
Time limit: 7:00:00

Enter as much as you can.

First unscrew in the set as much as possible.  Then you'll have to find the screws.  This will
take some trial and error.  Just twist the screw back and forth, and you'll create openings.
Create an opening over the screw, which are on the upper left and bottom right parts.

In the second part, do the same thing, except be very careful.  If the red block goes over
the lower notch, it will allow the outer ring to move.  And if the outer ring twists too much, it will
set off the bomb switch.  The top notch will put the red box back in, leaving the outer ring alone.
First turn the ring around and unscrew the left screw.  Then keep unscrewing the inner screw until the red notch falls.
Then screw in the inner circle, and twist the rings the other way (if you keep unscrewing, you'll trip the switch, and
the bomb), and keep twisting until the red notch releases the outer ring, and then so, twist the inner ring to reveal
the screw on the right.
Just remember: twist the screws the LONG way around.

The third part.  Twist the shaft around quickly and unscrew the screws underneath fast.  If that
little clipper hits the top of the bomb, you're gone.  Twist it left first, and take out the first screw.  Then twist
it right, and take out the bottom two.  Then twist left again, and take out the right screw.

Clip the red wire.

2:01:00-The moon
Time limit: 7:00:00

Unscrew the back.
Move in.  The sides have a timer so get both unscrewed quickly.
Ignore the inner screws, that's a time waster.
Go to the front and unscrew the moon itself (you might not catch it at first, but trust me, the cursor will point to the
center of the moon).  You'll be inside.
Unscrew the top two.
Then turn the wheel once over to reveal one screw.
Same with the next set.
The final set, be a little careful with.  Unscrew everyone except the one in the gear.
When all the rest are done, unscrew the gear right to reveal the screw in the upper left.  Take that out.

Clip the red wire.

Time limit: 3:30:00

Very very odd.
There's places to unscrew, but you need to watch for what triggers what.
Never mind actually, that doesn't help; you won't be able to tell just by looking.

Start from looking at her, and hit right (just for the sake of convenience; everything is mirrored if you hit left).

First, unscrew the two stray screws near the bottom on the outside.
Then go to the bottom middle screw.  Which ever way you twist it, it will block a little pointy hammer from triggering
an alarm, so watch where you twist it.  We'll have you tighten it for conveniences sake, there's no particular order in
doing this.  This will make the gear block the left side.

Then go to the middle screw above.  You will see that there's those force balls going back and forth.  When you twist that
screw twice to the right, it will make those balls go up.  Make sure you time it so the force balls will knock the left
hammer over.  If you miss, quickly twist the screwdriver the other way, otherwise you'll end up knocking the opposite hammer
down, and thus creating a domino effect which will trigger the alarm.  When you've knocked the hammer on the left down,
twist it back down so that the force balls don't swing to the other hammer, and knocking that over.

Once you've knocked over the correct hammer, it will uncover two more screws.  Unscrew them.

Then go back to the lower middle gear, and twist it the other way, to block the other hammer.
Go to the upper middle screw, and raise the force balls, and knock the hammer on the right.  It will also
uncover the remaining screws.

Clip the right wire.

10:12:00-Ice Coffee
Time limit: 5:00:00

This was a real pain.  Mucho thanks to Syksushi for helping me out.
The first message when you enter the cup: It's up to you whether or not you want to live!
Then you'll be followed by either of these messages:
"It will explode"
"It will not explode"
Each message says "Bakuhatsu suru," or "Bakuhatsu shinai."
For you non-Japanese readers, this will help you.
The message with more Japanese characters means "it will not explode."
You will want to move around the ice coffee until when you approach the bomb, that message
appears (the longer one).

Then you can hit left or right and then circle to clip either wire (I did the left one).

10:29:00-Casette tape
Time limit: 6:00:00

Disassemble the screws, be fast.  You'll have to take all the sides out quickly, and you'll have
28 seconds to do so.
When you get inside the tape, unscrew the gold screw to get inside further.
Turn the gold one to reveal to more screws.  If you turn the gold screw one way, it'll screw
either the bottom or the top screws.  When you've unscrewed those, turn the gold screw
the other way, all the way, and take out the rest of the screws.

Once inside, be careful when you unscrew the gold one.
You CAN NOT fully reveal the bottom left screw.  Reveal it enough so that you can unscrew it,
then screw the gold screw right to stop the bar from fully going out.  If you let the bar go
too fat left, it will trip a switch and set the bomb off.

Unscrew all four screws.

Clip the red wire, despite how shaky the blue one looks (the electricity means it's hot).

11:39:00-Gander, the uber-mecha.
Time limit: 1:39:00

This is...peculiar.  Their dialogue is also quite odd.
The mecha's name is "Gander," BTW, and that's who you fight against.
This one doens't require anything but luck.

The game?  "Jan-ken-pow."  AKA, Rock, Paper, Scissors.  You, Suzuki, play against Gander.
But watch yourself, you're also timed, so make your decisions quickly.
I'm sure everyone knows how to play this, but just a refresher.

Rock beats scissors, but loses to paper.
Scissors beats paper, but loses to rock.
Paper beats rock, but loses to scissors.
If both players throw out the same sign, it's a draw.

Your objective is to throw out the winning signs.  You have to win about 4 times.
Watch your energy bar, as it depletes slowly just standing around.

I generally relied on mostly rock and scissors.

Time limit: 5:00:00

Undo the bottom legs with the cog wrench.

Enter and unscrew the two screws inside.

When you unscrew any of the bottom four, the alarm goes off and you'll have 30 seconds to unscrew the two screws on each side.
Unscrew one side, go out, then go to the other side and unscrew the two there.

Unscrew the side panels with the pendelums quickly, but carefully (they're more sensitive than the one you've done
before).  If you're not quick enough however, and the pinball reaches the bottom, the bomb goes off.

This bomb, both wires get hot, so you have to be cautious with this one.  The hot wire is the one that has static.
You must time your cut so that the wire you cut is NOT hot.  If you're half a second too late, it goes off (I went
for blue).

13:18:00-The Ocean
Time limit: 13:00:00

Move to the right of the note.
Examine the wall first (you will know when you hit a wall because instead of
moving up, you'll see the red "Do not enter" circle, with a submarine above it.
When you examine the wall, you activate a sonar, and a big cylindar appears.  You can
then use the bomb.

Work your way (your path may differ):

up up right up up sonar/torpedo up up left left up up sonar/torpedo up up up right
torpedo up up up until you see a submarine in the far distance.
Enter it.

Unlock back and front.

Unlock two inner, back and front.

Unscrew all the other screws first (the 4 screw panel, and the 2 screw panel)
Then unscrew the two on the other side.
Unscrew the top.  Then gold one once.  Then the left one under the hamme.
Unscrew middle, then the hammer.

Work your way left to right.  Unscrew the left hammer.  Then the one next to it.
Move over to the right area.  This is a little tricky.  Unscrew the left screw first.
Then unscrew the gold screw.  Quickly, you must unscrew the screw under the hammer.  If you're
too slow, the bomb will be triggered.

Clip the one on the right (normal too).

14:15:00-Train crossing
Time limit: 7:00:00

This one is a little tricky.
Ignore the side where you need to use the cog wrench, it's a waste of time.
Go to the bottom of the train post.  There are two bolts here.  Use a wrench to unscrew them.  BE CAREFUL!
You MUST unscrew them as fast as you can!  The second you start unscrewing one, an alarm
goes off, and you have 15 seconds to unscrew BOTH bolts.  If you waste a second, you're dead.

Then you'll need the cog wrench, to disassemble each part of the train post until you get
to the top, in which the sign will disassemble itself, revealing the bomb.

Again, be careful.  Unscrew the four screws very slowly.  Don't let the gold piece swing out
too far, as it will swing with every turn.

Finally, cut the red wire (easy)
Blue wire (normal)

15:16:00- Lunch visitation
Time limit:  4:00:00

Another ridiculous one.  Go straight, and clip the one without the plant on it (Blue).

15:24:00-"Kawaii Rika"
Time limit: 8:00:00

(The cinema is quite lengthy, WTF)
Screw 1-left, opens screw 2.
Screw 2-left (underneath), opens screw 3.
Screw 3-Left (on top of the box), unlocks the side screws.
Screw 2 right, reveals the side screws.
Unscrew both screws at another the other side of the box.

Ignore the two lone screws, they do nothing.
Unscrew 4 screws.  A timer will go off, and you'll have 14 seconds to unscrew them all.

Be very careful with this next part.  Two unscrews the wrong way, you'll be dead.
Start 2nd from top, unscrew it once or twice.  Then do the top.  Each screw only takes
3 turns to take out.  Make sure the little scissors do not go too close to the line, otherwise
you're dead.  Also, I do not suggest unscrewing one row at a time.  Keep alternating until
you reach the bottom.

When you've revealed the final part, you must unscrew the top ones first.  Do NOT touch the
fan screw first.  When the top two are unscrewed, unscrew the fan screw.  This will reveal
two more screws, but will accelerate the fan as well.  Quickly unscrew the two bottom screws
before the fan blows the ball too high, and setting off the bomb.

Clip the blue one.

And she sings the song that's on the tape.  Go figure.  FYI-The show is called "Enix Countdown."

17:54:00- Kotatsu
Time limit: 7:00:00

Another one that's completely off the wall.  Just ignore all the mundane text.  It's there to waste your time.
Keep heading up, and clip the blue one.

If you don't get an A on this one, that's pretty sad.

Time limit: 12:00:00
This one is insanely exasperating.  It took me quite a while to get this one.

Tape both severed wires first.  Then unbolt the side and enter.
This next part takes a little luck.  Unscrew in the side screw to stop it, so the gears aren't blocking the screws.
Screw starts the gears.  Keep starting/stopping until the screws are open.  Unscrew and enter.
Unscrew bottom.
Unscrew in top.
Unscrew in middle.
Unscrew in top.
Screw bottom.
Screw top.
Unscrew bottom.
Unscrew top.

This next part you must do quickly, don't dawdle.
Unscrew the first screw in the hexagon.
Unscrew the middle screw with the arrows around it, which will reveal another screw in the hexagon.
Unscrew the next screw in the hexagon.
Unscrew in the middle screw to reveal a third screw.
Unscrew that, and enter the hole.

Then this is all speed from here.  You must unbolt all the bolts in 43 seconds.  You barely have enough time.

You'll end up outside the engine.  Unbolt all the sides of the engine.

Enter through the non-circular hole.  You're in the wrong hole if there's only two small screws.

Quickly, you must disable the huge moving triangle.
The little bullet travelling to the switch will not reset if you enter/exit the other holes, so move quickly.
In the right hole, use the screwdriver and tighten the screw inside.
In the left hole, unscrew the screw, and clip the very bottom right wire.
Go back out and unscrew the big screw.
Then unscrew the large screw on the bottom to reveal the bomb.

Clip the red wire.

Time limit: 4:00:00

This is easy.

Find the record that's currently played.  Go to the bottom of the record (not towards the needle).  Find the crack
and enter straight into it.

Cut the red wire.

Time limit: 10:00:00

Unscrew the light.
Unscrew the cover/caps.
Clip the red first.

Tape severed blue wire and unscrew the only screw there.

Do not unscrew the four screw panel yet.  First screw in the screw on the left.  Then take off that panel.
Go in.

Which ever wire you cut, the ball will stick to the other one.  Cut off power to the right first, then to the left.
The ball must roll to the left.  If you're cutting above the ball, at the "loop", cut the left blue.  Then the right blue.

Be careful again here.  Unscrew the outer screws first.  Then screw in the middle screw just enough so it uncovers the
screw on the top right.  Flip and unscrew the middle screw right when the screw is uncovered just enough.  Don't uncover
the screw too much or the bomb will go off.

Cut the left wire.
Right wire on normal.


Final stage-Ito
Time limit: 4:00:00
Note: You cannot save before this one, and it will always occur after the midnight puzzle.

Then you must wait until the circles stop spinning, then an arrow will appear to enter (don't
bother moving around it).  Don't move left or right.

Unscrew each one once, then move to the next one.  Keep going until you get them all out.  Don't worry about the
life signs changing, it will flash red, then when you move to the next one, it will change back to green.

This one is odd.  She tells you which one to clip, or suggests it.

In case she does say something different, "Akai" is red, "Aoi" is blue.

I'm not sure, but it might have to do with when you clip the wire (when it's closest to you).
The first time I did this, I clipped the red.  The second time, I had to clip the blue.


Well, I won't spoil it for you.

But after the credits, you can view all the ways you can die
should you happen to fail in disarming a bomb.

This will only show you the scenes of the bombs you've disarmed.
If you haven't done a certain bomb yet in the particular save game
(or current game), then you'll get a message that the cinema is not viewable.

After you've gone through a bomb on easy mode, you may go through the
game again, and if you choose the same bomb to disarm, you will disarm it
on a harder difficulty automatically.  Bombs you haven't disarmed will still be
in the difficulty that you chose when you first started the game.
6. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
Thanks to...
GameFAQs, heck, I never had more motivation to do this kinda thing.
JackKnight2k for the game, and getting me into this one (Gah!  Puzzles!).
Syksushi for helping me figure out some kanji and vocabulary, which I should have figured out =P

Copyrights...(every game I mentioned thus far)
Suzuki Bakuhatsu is trademark of Enix.
Playstation is trademark/copyright of Sony Computer Entertainment.


Before e-mailing me...

Know that I don't read or respond to the following types of e-mails:

-Begging for codes
-Asking for the GameShark/Enhancer/PSXChange/whatever mod bypass codes, I DO NOT USE THOSE.
-How to modify a PlayStation/PS2/Dreamcast
-How to pirate games
-How to unlock *your favorite song here*
-Unlocking codes
-Where to find MP3s or the songs
-Personal stories about how DDR changed their life
-Stupid crap that's already been explained in the FAQ, but you're too
lazy to read
-Other such stupidity

You can e-mail me at BakaOrochi at hotmail dot com
(they say by not using the symbols, spam bots won't pick it up.  So make sure when you e-mail me,
DO REPLACE THE "at" and dot" with the appropriate symbols!)
If you'd like to reuse this FAQ in ANYWAY, SHAPE OR FORM, YOU MUST contact me
FIRST!  So please save yourself the legal trouble.  I won't bite your head off
or anything =E
This FAQ can be located http://www.gamefaqs.com

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