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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kamui

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 10/22/03

Version 0.7

Copyright - 2000 Arika

Sony Playstation
Made by Kamui
E-mail : leo@maret.com.br


1.	Updates 
2.	Introduction
3.	Game options and controls
4.	Clow Card Magic
5.     Clow Card Uranai
6.	Clow Card Gallery
7.	Secrets / Clow Cards
8.	The songs and lyrics
9.	Extra / Special info
10.	Legal information / Thanks / Contact info

1  - -  UPDATES

       Version 0.6 - First version: 9/8/2003
       Version 0.7 - October 22, 2003


       Card Captor Sakura is one of the most beloved anime and mangá 
series of the 90. It was published first in the Nakayoshi DC (the same 
magazine that published Sailor Moon) and afterwards gained a 72 
chapter series on NHK. Soon it was published and aired worldwide, and 
it was a huge success. The story of Sakura and her friends, overcoming 
all kinds of difficulties to get the Clow cards back, is an amazing 
story created by the popular CLAMP group, which also produced the hits 
Mahou Kishi Rayearth and X. CCS was so successful that managed to get, 
beside 2 movies and millions of licensed stuff, 6 games (3 for the 
Playstation, 2 for the Game Boy and 1 for the Dreamcast).
       CCS: Clow Card Magic is a game hard to define. At first glance 
it is just another vertical shooter, but there are many puzzle factors 
in it when you come to understand its score system. There is also a 
funny fortune telling minigame, also a gallery with tons of 
illustrations and curiosities about the CCS series. 
      Exclusive to this game is an opening movie with new animation 
and with the theme song Tobira wo Akete (second opening song of the TV 
series) by ANZA.
       The story of this game is based of the first part of the series 
(the Clow cards) and the first movie of CCS.


        When you boot CCS, the game will ask if you want to load any 
previously saved on your memory card.
        After the opening there will be a number of modes to choose:
        And yes, it's the famous "Catch You, Catch me" song that is 
playing on the background...

    CLOW CARD                                 OPTIONS
                CLOW CARD        CLOW CARD 
                  URANAI          GALLERY

        A) Options

        MEMORY MODE  Save/Load
        SOUND MODE   Stereo (Mono)
        SHOOT        Normal / Hard        
        B) Buttons
        Game Navigation: O button - Selects a mode 
                         X button - Cancel/ Back to the main menu

        Clow Card Magic (Normal): Left and right - Move the character
                                  Up - Increase the speed
                                  O,X, Triangle and Square - Shoot
 Select - Activate Clow card
 Start - Pauses the Game   
        Clow Card Magic (Hard): O - Red shot
                                X - Blue shot
                                Square - Yellow shot
                                Triangle - Green shot
                                Select - Activate Clow card
                                Start - Pauses the Game
        Voice Gallery: O - Buys the voice
                       X - Sells the voice
                       Square - Chooses another
                       Triangle - Hear the voice


        A) Before the game

        When you enter the Clow card magic, you will select either 
Sakura or Shaoran. Then you select the difficulty Normal or Hard.
        And so, you will enter the select round screen. In this game 
the "stages" are called ROUND. There are 11 rounds on the entire game, 
but only the 3 first rounds are selectable from the beginning. After 
cleared the first 3 rounds, you will unlock another 3 rounds and so 
on, until cleared all 10 main rounds. The round 11 will be only 
accessible if you liberate all Clow cards. 

        B) The game

        The main objective of the game is liberate all Clow Cards, 
just like the mangá. But in this game this is made in a rather strange 
way: To do it so, you have to shoot cards of different colors. Each 
color (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) liberates a different Clow card.
        When you shoot the card, for example, the blue card, the blue 
meter on the side of the screen will fill a little bit. When you shoot 
enough blue cards, the meter will fill up and you will liberate a Clow 
card representative of that color.
        In each round you have to release 4 Clow cards.

        1 - The game screen

     Health                                                Color
     Meter                                                 Chart
    Green          /    /    /    |    \    \    \          Yellow
    Meter         /Card/    /     |     \    \    \          Meter
                 /    /    /      | Card \    \    \
                /    /    /       |       \    \    \
               /    /    / Card   |        \    \    \
      Red     /    /    /         |         \    \    \      Blue
     Meter    ------------------------------------------     Meter
                          Sakura / Shaoran

         Sakura or Shaoran keeps in the lower part on the screen and 
they can move to left and right in the lines with the cards.
         When you shoot, the beam will follow a straight line until it 
hit a card. When you hit the card, the corresponding meter will grow. 
Fill the entire meter to clear successfully a round.

        1 - How to shoot

        All face buttons can be used to shoot (X, O, triangle and 
square). But each button is assigned to a specific color (X is Blue, O 
is Red, Triangle is Yellow and Square is Green) so you have to shoot 
with the specific color to destroy the card, otherwise you won't 
destroy it.
        Fortunately in the NORMAL difficulty, it doesn't require to 
use the specific button to destroy the cards. So in the normal mode 
all buttons destroy all colors. But this, as you will see later, 
limits your possibilities of scoring high.

        2 - Cards chain

        If you destroy the cards one by one in this game, the color 
meter will never fill up entirely and the game will be extremely 
boring as there more than 300 cards per round. To avoid this the 
developers elaborated a clever chain system to ramp your points and 
fill up more quickly the meters.
        Basically when you shoot a card, if are adjacent cards 
(vertically or horizontally) that are color compatible they will be 
destroyed, the meter ratio will be doubled for each chained card and 
also you will gain much more points.
        So is enough to say that the core of this game is how to make 
successful chains, chaining is the only way to liberate all Clow cards 
in the round.

        3 - Color compatibility chart and point's chart

        The chain follows this rule:

        RED chains with GREEN
        GREEN chains with YELLOW
        YELLOW chains with BLUE
        BLUE chains with RED

        So if you have a sequence side by side of red, green, yellow 
and blue, and you shoot the red one, they will destroy all cards.
        The chain will stop if:
-	There is no adjacent cards
-	The cards aren't compatible

        The point system is when you shoot a single card you won't get 
nothing. You only begin to receive points when you chain cards:

        Chain 1 - 10
        Chain 2 - 20
        Chain 3 - 40
        Chain 4 - 60
        Chain 5 - 80 and so on...

4	-  Obstacles

        There are 2 kinds of obstacles in this game: The walls and the 
        The walls are just that, walls. If you hit a wall, you will 
lose some health.
        The mirrors are essential to the game, each time you shoot the 
mirror, it will appear a card. If you are playing on Hard, the card 
appearing will be the color of your shot. On Normal setting, the card 
appearing will be color "convenient" to you (more on this later on). 
Only 2 cards can be draw from a mirror, if you shoot 3 times it will 
smash (and you know that they say about smashing mirrors...^_^).

5	-  Rounds

          The rounds consist of that: Cards and obstacles. The round 
will auto scroll, just like a normal shooter, but you can increase the 
speed by pressing up. All rounds are fixed, which means that if you 
replay a desired round, the same construction of cards and obstacles 
are there, so replaying a round is the best way to get a better score.
          You can clear a round without liberating all Clow cards in the 
stage, but sooner or later you will have to replay it because the last 
stage is only accessible if you liberate all cards. Don't worry, 
though, all your cards accumulated will be kept intact, but your score 
          Just a reminder: On the Normal setting, all Clow cards can be 
liberated on the first play on the stage, but on Hard it might take a 
few tries to liberate all Clow cards on the stage.
6	-  Creating cards

        Aside the round cards, there is a way to create cards besides 
shooting at the mirrors, that I already explained. On the Hard mode, 
if you shoot a card with the wrong color, the card of that color will 
appear in the front of the original card. So that is the reason why 
you can't shoot with a different color. 
        In the beginning this can be extremely confusing, but after a 
while, when you get used to it, you can turn the difficulty to your 
benefit. Of course, this trick can be used to expand the chains and 
increase your points and the color meter.
        The downside of creating cards is that it drains a little of 
the color meter, so don't overuse it, OK? The cards created by mirrors 
don't follow that rule, just the created by the player.
        OBS: It is possible to create cards in the normal mode, just 
shoot a empty space that you KNOW that will appear a card but this 
won't help, because is IMPOSSIBLE to create the desired card and the 
card created ALWAYS is not compatible with the adjacent card, so it a 
waste of time trying to chain that way.

7	-  Using Clow cards

          If you press select, Sakura will use the Windy card, it will 
let you combo more easily.    

        C) FAILED

        You will fail a round if the health meter is empty, there are 
two possible outcomes to this happens:

-	You hit various obstacles OR
-	You don't get all cards on the round.

          Each one of these events will take a share of the life meter. 
If you fail, there are the available options:
          SELECT ROUND 
          MAIN MENU 

        D) SCORE

        After the end of the stage, you will see the score divided by 
the 4 colors, and the end of screen the total score and the time 
elapsed to clear the round. If you get the hidden Clow card, it will 
appear, also if you manage to get a good time and score; you get a 
bonus illustration of CCS.
        After that a screen showing some options to do:

        SEE BONUS GALLERY ART (only accessible if you unlock it)
        GAME SAVE 

        See cards description - You can see the definitions of the 
cards liberated on this round.
        See bonus gallery art - You can see the illustration that you 
        Game save - Save the game.
        Game continue - Go to the round selection screen.

        E) Walkthrough

        Clow Card Uranai is a mode when Sakura, Tomoyo, Kero and 
Shaoran will draw your fortune using the Clow Cards. As far as I 
remember of the mangá, Kero teaches Sakura how to read the fortune 
using the Clow Cards.
        The process of the draw your fortune is somewhat complicated 
and complex. But whit this guide, you will have Tomoyo draw your luck 
with ease.
        First of all you will select who will draw the cards:


        As soon that you choose who, the options are:
        YOUR LIFE LUCKY (Do at your own risk...^_^)
        GO BACK  

                         COMING SOON...


        There are many things to do in the Gallery mode:

A)	Clow Card Gallery

        Here you can see all Clow Cards obtained in the course of the 
game. There are 52 cards in total.

        Sakura Describes The Card - Sakura talks about how she 
recovered this particular card in the anime series, also Kero-chan and 
Tomoyo talks about that day.

        Shaoran describes the Card - Shaoran talks about the cards, 
even the ones he don't was even in the series. Kero-chan also gives 
his thoughts on the cards.
        Voice Gallery - There is voice samples hidden in all Clow 
cards but you have to pay to head them.

B)	Bonus gallery
        There are 24 illustrations in this game: 11 Sakura, 11 
Shaoran, 1 from Yui and 1 from Kerberus.  

C)	Original gallery

        This option contains some fan made designs of Clow cards. Some 
of them are well done and could being used on the series, others are 
clearly child made (poorly drawned) and others are just plain silly 
(like the CLAMP card...^_^). The original gallery and all fan cards are 
accessible from the get-go, so you won't do anything to access them 
(unlike the others options).
D)	Score

          Here you can see your maximum total (not divided by color) 
score and your best time in the all 9 rounds. The scores can be either 
from Sakura or Shaoran. The first list is from the normal mode and the 
second list form the hard mode.
          When you clear a round, the score will be registered, but if 
you achieve a better score later but not the time, this score will be 
registered, the same happens with the time.

8  - -  SECRETS
        There are various secrets in this game: You can gain various 
illustrations, the Clow cards and a voice gallery. 

A)	Clow cards

          To see the Clow cards, just get them on the Clow Card Magic 
mode (Normal or Hard). Just Windy is accessible from the start. But to 
access all the options, you have to get them with Sakura AND Shaoran.
B)	Illustrations

          1 - ILLUSTRATIONS 3 TO 22
          To unlock most of the illustrations, you have to achieve a 
good score and time on the Clow Card Magic mode on either normal and 
Hard Mode. The illustrations are exclusive to Sakura or Shaoran, so 
you have to play with this particular character to unlock, if you 
don't they won't be available.
          Here you will see the conditions to get the Illustrations, but 
remember that the conditions are possible LOWER than that, I put this 
because it was my personal score that unlocked it.
          OBS: Beside achieve the time and score, you also have to clear 
a stage without hitting any obstacle and without losing any card.
          NORMAL MODE
                     NAME      SCORE     TIME     ILLUSTRATION           
          ROUND 1 - Sakura  / 18320 /   50¨790 / 3 
          ROUND 2 - Shaoran / 19900 /   56¨368 / 12
          ROUND 3 - Sakura  /  6800 / 1´49¨499 / 5 
          ROUND 4 - Shaoran /  5640 / 1´35¨184 / 17
          ROUND 5 - Sakura  /  8000 / 2´04¨474 / 6 
          ROUND 6 - Shaoran /  3410 / 1´27¨956 / 19
          ROUND 7 - Sakura  / 36280 /   52¨325 / 13
          ROUND 8 - Shaoran /  9140 / 1´55¨499 / 14
          ROUND 9 - Sakura  /  7820 / 1´58¨605 / 6
          ROUND 10 -Shaoran /     0 / - 40¨000 / 9 
          HARD MODE
          ROUND 1 - Shaoran / 19090 / 2´12¨800 / 10 
          ROUND 2 - Sakura  / 19900 /   56¨368 / 2
          ROUND 3 - Shaoran /  6800 / 1´49¨499 / 7
          ROUND 4 - Sakura  /  5640 / 1´35¨184 / 11
          ROUND 5 - Shaoran /  8000 / 2´04¨474 / 8
          ROUND 6 - Sakura  /  3410 / 1´27¨956 / 18
          ROUND 7 - Shaoran / 36280 /   52¨325 / 1
          ROUND 8 - Sakura  /  9140 / 1´55¨499 / 13
          ROUND 9 - Shaoran /  7820 / 1´58¨605 / 4
          ROUND 10 - Sakura /     0 / - 40¨000 / 16
2	-  ILLUSTRATIONS 23 and 24
          To get that, beat the game in hard mode with Sakura and 
Shaoran. Sakura unlocks the 23 and Shaoran unlocks the 24.

C)	Voice Gallery
          To unlock the voice gallery, you must liberate some Clow 
cards. Each Clow card has 4 voice samples (2 for Sakura and 2 for 
Shaoran). You must pay to get them, though.


        A ) Game Information.

        NAME : Card Captor Sakura - Clow Card Magic
        PUBLISHER : Arika
        DEVELOPER : Arika
        RELEASE DATE : 1/27/2000
        PRICE : 5800 yen

        B ) Mangá / Animation info

        Mangá: Character Design - Motoko Apapa (CLAMP)
               Publisher - Nakayoshi DX (Kodansha) - 12 volumes  
        Anime: Animation Studio - Mad House
               Aired - NHK (72 Episodes)
        C ) What's missing on the FAQ.

        I really don't know. But if you do and want to contribute, 
send me a mail. Any other suggestions are REALLY welcomed. 

        D ) Next project / Released FAQs.

      - Next projects:
        Serei Hata Rayblade (PS) - 30% completed
        Black Matrix Cross (PS) - 20% completed 
        Generation of Chaos (PS2) - 10% completed
      - Released FAQs
        Akumajou Dracula - Castlevania Chronicle FAQ (PS)
        Biohazard: Complete Disk FAQ (PS)
        Houshinengi FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
        Tales of Destiny 2 Title FAQ (PS)
        Unlimited SaGa FAQ / Walkthrough (PS2)
        PUMP IT UP: the season evolution FAQ (arcade)
        PUMP IT UP: EXTRA (Arcade) 



        A) Legal Information
        This document is (C) 2003 Leonardo Lugarinho, All rights 
reserved. (C is (C). All rights reserved. Others trademarks is related 
to their respective owners.
        This document can be freely distributed on this original, non-
edited form and for non-profit uses ONLY. If you wish to put this 
document on your homepage, send an E-mail first.

        B) Thanks

        Many thanks to:
        My family
        My friends 
        Manga lovers everywhere

        C) Contact info

        Questions, comments, suggestions...fell free to send a mail to 
(leo@maret.com.br) with Sakura as subject.

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