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Story Translation by borgor / ChoHakkai

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 08/22/2006

Little Princess - Marl Oukoku no Ningyou Hime 2 - 
Translation Guide by
borgor (silmeria_silverbell at yahoo.com) and
ChoHakkai (kerodebeso at hotmail.com)
08/22/06 Version 1.02

Table of Contents

Version history
Menu translation
Ultimate magics
Song translations
Miscellaneous stuff
Frequently asked questions
Legal information


Thanks to :
Nippon Ichi Software for this wonderful little game
Ellie for her help with a couple of lines. You'll hear more of her soon!
JWPce for being mankind's best friend
GameFAQs for hosting this.

Version history

v 1.02 (08/22/2006) : Whew two months without an update. Talk about being
lazy. Well here's another very minor Tuesday update. Added the song
translation and frequently asked questions sections. Also corrected a few
typos. Lots of them are still left though. Oh and the puppets section is
still totally incomplete. It'll get done eventually. Probably on a Tuesday.

v 1.01 (06/23/2006) : A very minor update. Simply added the lyrics for the
three last songs along as the song info, such as composer name and stuff.
Also added the cast section.

v 1.00 (06/20/2006) : It's Tuesday today...so here's an update. And what is
added this time? No less than three chapters so now the game's script is
completely covered! And we managed to do it on time for Tuesday which is
probably the most incredible part! Or perhaps not. Well anyway there will be
other updates in the future, cuz they're really needed, but at least the
first version is up!

v 0.75 (06/13/2006) : Well here's another Tuesday update but not quite the
usual Tuesday update either! No additionnal chapters but a lot of new sections!
Puppets, skills, ultimate spells, illustrations&secret stuff sections added!
Some are obviously still incomplete but this will change soon.
Well, at least it should.

v 0.7 (06/06/2006) : Another week, another update. Added chapters 5&6.
Still no other sections. Still.

v 0.5 (05/30/2006) : Already an update! We added chapter 4, which is freaking
long btw. No other sections. Yet.

v 0.4 (05/27/2006) : First three chapters and the prologue translated and
corrected. Also added the menu translation part.


Finally a guide for that cute little game after all those years! The main
point of this file is to translate the game obviously but since there are no
FAQs and virtually no English ressource on that game, we'll try to cover
everything we can about it, so other sections will soon appear in later
versions. Of course the translation itself can be used as a walkthrough since
we put indications about what to do to progress through the game, how to get
optionnal events and puppets, etc... They're indicated between brackets to
separate them from the script of the game. Do feel free to let us know about
anything in particular you want to see covered in this guide. Don't complain
about the songs romanizations though. I truly suck at romanizing so I'm fully
aware that there are probably grammatical mistakes. Well, enough of my
ramblings, I'll hope you'll enjoy this and once it's done we'll be taking
care of covering Tenshi no Present so the whole serie will be complete! :)

Menu translation

<<<<Main menu>>>>

- Puppets : Opens up the Puppet sub-menu.
- Item : Lets you see your items. Press "Circle" to use them.
- Equipement : Lets you equip a character with an accessory.
- Status : Shows the character's status.
- Kururu's Diary : A summary of in-game events.
- Observation notebook : Funny description of all characters/puppets/etc...
- Save : Saves your data. Can be used anywhere.

<<<<Puppet sub-menu>>>>

- Magic & Skill : Displays and let you use the abilities of your Puppets.
- Partner : Equip a Puppet so they can be used in combat.
- Equip jewel : Equip Jewels to a Puppet to increase stats.
- Status : Displays a Puppet's status.
- Best Equips: Auto-equip Puppet with best available Jewels.
- Remove all equipments : Duh.

Stats displayed in the equipment menu of both puppets and people are as 

- Max HP
- Attack power
- Defense power
- Speed
- Intelligence

<<<<<Battle menu>>>>

- Fight : Opens up the fight sub menu
- Auto : each character will physically attack a target
- Run away : heh...

<<<<Fight sub-menu>>>>

- Attack
- Defend
- Item
- Skill (Use a character's personal skills, consumes HP)
- Puppet (Use a puppet's skills - consume Inochium. Everytime you use
a Puppet, the music bar will increase by 1.)
- Present (Kururu's special attacks. Drains the music bar at the top of the

<<<<Present sub-menu>>>>

- Konpeitou (Uses 1 music bar, attacks one enemy. Konpeitou is a type of rock
candy that is in the shape of star)
- Purin Bomber (Uses 2 music bars, attacks all enemies. Purin is the Japanese
word for Flan, and Bomber is the term used in this game to denote an attack
that hits all enemies)
- Ichigo Short (Uses 3 music bars, attacks all enemies. Ichigo Short is the
Japanese term for Strawberry Shortcake.)
- Hotcake (Uses 4 music bars, attacks all enemies. A Hotcake is the same
thing as a Pancake.)
- Love Love Fire (Uses 5 music bars, heals and revives all allies.)


==============================  Introduction  ==============================

(Don't press any buttons and you'll watch this before getting to the
title screen)

A long, long time ago, on the outskirts of the castle town of the Marl
kingdom, there was a small village called Orange. There lived a young
girl who could become friends with puppets thanks to a mysterious power.

That girl name was Cornet. Cornet dreamed of being able to meet the
dreamy prince of the country and falling in love with him.

One day while Cornet was in the Wonder Woods, she was rescued by the
prince and fell in love with him.

However because he saved her that day, the prince was turned to stone
by the evil witch, Marjory.

In order to save the prince, Cornet and her puppets set off on a journey.
At times fun, at times happy, at times painful, at times sad, Cornet
experienced a lot in her travels.

And finally, she was able to defeat the evil witch Marjory, and declare
her love for the prince.

Soon after this happy ending, a little girl from those two was born.

And now, 12 years later....

================================  Prologue  ================================
============================  Princess Kururu  =============================

(a bunch of weirdos is gathered around a giant birthday cake)

All of them : Happy birthday Akurjo-sama!!

Skampy outfit weirdo : Now Akurjo-sama, blow out the candles! Everyone
helped decorate it.

Flexing weirdo : We made sure to get the number of candles right.

Dorky weirdo : Keesheeshee...I can't believe you're already 999 nya....

All weirds cats : Make a wish nya! Make a wish nya!

Akurjo : A wish? Hm, that's right, there's but a thing that I want.
I want to get my hands on the "shadow of beauty" and with it I'll be able
to stay young and beautiful for all eternity!

Skampy outfit weirdo : That's Akurjo-sama for you! She's so greedy!

Weird cats : Akurjo-sama, hurry and blow out the candles! We're hungry

Akurjo : I know, I know, can't you shut up for once? (blows out the candles)


Male officer : What's wrong with the princess? Etoile-sama has already

Maids : Forgive us, General Gio. We've been calling her for a while now...

(Gio sighs)

Female officer (thinking): (A bunch of grown adults that can't even get
a kid to obey. How pathetic.)

Gio (knocking on the door) : Princess!

Gio (knocking harder) : Kururu-sama! It's already morning! (sighs again)

Gio : Princess, be reasonable and get up now. Today, you have to meet
with Etoile-sama as a representative of your father.
(he opens the curtains of the bed and there's only a Kururu plushie to
be found)

Gio : (Sigh) She got out again.

Female officer : Father, you and Randy are too leniant with her. Kids 
shouldn't be spoiled.

Gio : You never change Sonia. Once you'll be married and have kids of
your own, you'll understand. Ah, I can't wait to see the face of my
grandchildren too...

Sonia : I am not interested in neither marriage nor children.

Gio : (sighs) In any case, it's troubling that the princess is such a tomboy.
Geez, where could she have gotten it from...(looks at a painting showing
Ferdinand and Cornet holding a baby)


((girl climbing down a wall)

Kururu : Whew! It feels great to be outside! It's finally spring break,
there's no way I'm gonna stay inside the castle! Since Mom and Dad are out
today, I'm gonna go on a adventure in the outside world!

(screen get pink as she enters dreaming mode)
Kururu : And just like Mom I'm going to find a prince for myself and live
happily ever after! A gentle, smart, strong, handsome prince just for myself
...aah wait for me my prince!

(if you go north and climb the tree there's a healing candy and a speed band)

(talking to NPC on the way)

Maid : Cleaning, cleaning, lalala...Are you going outside Princess? If you
don't start acting right you're going to give General Zio a heart attack.

Gardener : The weather's so nice and warm. We can thank the king
for living in such a peaceful kingdom.

Servant : Ah, Princess. You've escaped of your room again.

Kururu : Yep. Dad and Mom are both out today, so I had to make the best of

Servant : But the queen surely anticipated your actions, princess.

(on the next screen Kururu will notice a treasure chest)

Kururu : What's this? Who put a treasure chest here in the middle of the
W-what? A puppet...? There's also a letter...

"To Kururu,

Seeing as you're such a tomboy I'm sure you'll find this treasure chest.
Since your mother is away I'm sure you must be thinking something like
"I'm going to travel in the outside world and find myself a prince!!"
You're so predictible.

Instead of telling you not to go, I want you to take this puppet with you.
I'm sure it will be useful. It will protect you on the road,
so be sure to take it with you alright?

Also, there should be others puppets from before lying around.
Call them if you see them. I'm sure they will help you.

Well then, please take care of yourself. I'm cheering on for you. Do your
Remember, "Girls take initiative", Kururu!

Your mother."

Kururu : Mom... That's right! "Girls take initiative!!" No matter what I'm
gonna find my prince!
(she then plays her trumpet and the puppet awakens)

Puppet : I am...kid Legdem...pleased to meet you....

Maid : Cornet-sama left a treasure on the other side.
She said it was a surprise. What was inside?

Servant : There are lots of toads ahead. The princess hates 'em. You should
turn back.

(The little puppets on the road are for tutorial purpose. Ignore them)

Servant : I heard a rumor that Randy likes the knight's captain, Sonia.

Kururu : What, Randy and Sonia? ...is that true?

(on the next screen you'll hear toads)

Kururu : Uuh...Toads are singing... I hate going through here... but I have
to, this is the only way to get to town.

(toads ambush her)
Kururu : H-h-here they are!

(after the fight)
Kururu : A-ah, that was scary. I really h-h-hate toads! (enter dream mode)
I'm sure my prince will come and save me from them!

(next screen)
Knight : Princess! Wait up pleaase! Huf, puf, huf, are you going outside?

Kururu : Yup, just for a bit.

Knight : What's with this "just for a bit" nonsense?! You left the castle
without telling anyone again didn't you?

Kururu : ...

Knight : Please think about what you're doing! Think about who you are more,
leaving the castle alone is a definite no-no!

Kururu : Shut up. I'm just gonna go play for a bit. Besides, we used to go
out and play together a lot, didn't we Randy?

Randy : We can't go out. General Gio will be mad.

Kururu : Humph. I'm not afraid of him! Since Mom is away, I'm not scarred of


Song title : Princess Kururu

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei 

Kururu (seiyuu : Kawamura Maria)
Randy (seiyuu : Hiyama Nobuyuki)
Chorus : Kotomi Isono, Satou Tenpei (I'm not kidding you, the guy sings too)

Onna no ko nara minna yume miru
Suteki na princess
Atashi ha Kururu
Himesama no otoori da.

Himesama wo shitteru hito ha
Kuchi wo soroeta te iu (Kururu : hai)
Otenba princess (Kururu : shitsureishichauwa!)

Te ni oe nai
Koi ni akogare
Iza haruka na sekai he
Chisa na pocket ni
Ooki na yume kibou tsumekomi

Umi koe yama koete sagashi ni ikou
Saa ano niji no mukau ni matteru
Bouken no hajimari
Naniyori daisetsuna takaramono
Kokoro idaite


((Randy joins the party - Randy doesn't have anything equipped)

(talking to NPCs near the foutain)

Guard 1 : Didn't see a thing. Princess? What Princess? I haven't seen any

Guard 2 : Ah, Cornet-sama, please hurry up and get back! We can't stop her
by ourselves...

Maid : Isn't it weird how the Princess and Queen can both speak with
Puppets...? I wonder why...?

Woman near the foutain : All the girls in Mothergreen want to be like
Sonia-sama. Ahh, Sonia-sama...

Servant : I wonder what the King and Queen are up to now...
They've certainly been given a wonderful reception at the New Frog Kingdom.
How I envy them...

Kururu : Frog Kingdom eh...I'll never go there, for sure.

(next screen)

Woman : Oh my, sister Tera. We've come all this way to thank Cornet-sama
and she's not here.

Tera : It can't be helped, sister Sharte. We'll just have to come back again.

Kururu (thinking) : Those girls seem to know my Mom...

Sharte : Ah? Did you need something from us little girl?

Tera : Wait sis. That child looks familar... Hmm, the more I look at her...

Kururu : W-What? Is there something about my face?

Tera : Are you the daughter of Cornet-san?
1) Yep
2) Nope

Tera : Thought so! You know, a really long time ago, Cornet-san did us
a huge favor!

Kururu : She did?

Tera : Me and my sister were seperated, but Cornet-san brought us together!
Oh I know, there's something I want to give you!

Kururu : Really? What is it? What is it?

Tera : At first we were gonna give them to Cornet-san, but...

Sharte : Back then, we traveled the world with your mother as those puppets.

Tera : And thanks to Cornet-san we were able to become humans! These puppets
are identical to our fomer selves. Now, play your horn and bring them
to life!

Sharte : They're sure to help you out!

(Kururu plays and both Tera and Sharte joins. Note: If you equip both Tera 
and Sharte to Kururu, she'll obtain the skill "Sister's Love", which, for
30HP will revive a fallen ally. Its kind of useless now considering how
few HP Kururu currently has.)

Sharte : Ah, that melody brings back memories, doesn't it sister? 
...Back then, Puppets would repay Cornet-san for her help by following her.
If you meet others on your adventures, call them the same way.

Kururu : Yeah, I got it! Thanks!

Tera : Please give our regards to your mother.

Tera : Really? You look a lot alike. Oh well, let's go home Sharte.

(on the next screen)

Servant (guy) : We'd like to be a good looking couple like the King and Queen.
But she thinks of me more like a friend than a lover.

Servant (girl) : That guy is pissing me off, he can't make up his damn mind
about anything.

(on the next screen in front of the church)

Girl : Etoile-sama was looking for you earlier, princess.

Maid : Lalalala! Cleaning is fun.

Gardener : Man, I'm beat. Its hard work here at the Castle.

(after going south)

Soldier : The Princess has breached the perimeter!

Kururu : Crap! They spotted us!

Randy : What should we do Princess? Are we going for the usual head-on
surprise attack?

1) Chaaaaaaaaaarge! Let's get 'em! Head first even!
2) You'll do great Randy! I'll be over here. Good luck!

Randy : Ha.... we're gonna die, aren't we?

Randy : "You'll be over there"? T-t-this was you idea!

(talking to the surrendering soldier)

Soldier : Don't kill me! P-p-please Princess!

(examining the first Sonia statue)
"Goddess of War"

(examining the second Sonia statue)
"The Elegance of Battle"

(next screen after the battle)

Etoile : Oh my. Is that you Kururu-chan?
So you were out playing instead of meeting me?

Kururu : Etoile-san!

Etoile : Are you breaking out again? General Gio will be upset. At the
rate you're going, you'll drive him into early retirement.

Kururu : I-I'm sorry.

Etoile : Hooohohoho! Don't apologize! Its important for a child to have
fun! I won't tell anyone. Go ahead and play Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Thank you Etoile-san!

Etoile : Hoohohoho! Really, you're such a cute and innocent child Kururu-chan.
So unlike, your dear, dear mother, who isn't the least bit cute or innocent
and is so conceited and vain I want to...

Kururu : Etoile-san, I gotta go! If we stay here someone will find us!

Etoile : ...I mean, really, she acts as if though she's the only one on
the planet and... Oh, right. Have fun, and be careful!

Kururu : Will do!

Etoile : Oh, and you can come over and play with Crea anytime! You
don't even have to tell your mother where you're going!

(talking to the girl near)

Girl : Queen Cornet's life is like a fairy-tale. She fell in love with
the handsome prince and they got married immediately!
All the girls in the country want to be so lucky... I want to meet a
prince too!

Kururu : Me too!!

(in the left hall)

Soldier : Code Orange! The Princess is here! Requesting back up! For
the love of god, send back up!

Randy : P-Princess, let's just go back! Sonia-san is gonna be angry too!

Kururu : (Glares at Randy)

Randy : Y-yes ma'am. I'll handle it. (sigh). (battle start)

(talk to the puppets in one of the room connected to the hall to get a
healing candy)

(when exiting the room and going back in the hall)

Soldier : I've got you now Princess! I'll be a hero!

Kururu : You'll never catch me!

(they start to "dance")

Soldier : I'm the undefeated tag champion for the past 20 years! No
one's ever beaten me!

Randy : ...I guess that means we have to... (battle start)

(examining the Sonia statue)
"Our Beautiful Goddess Sonia-sama" this was made by Sonia fan club

(examining the Gio statue)
"General Gio" this is a second edition.

(after going south to where Etoile was)

Mustach guy : You're a brave one aren't you? They told me the Princess 
was a little spit fire. Congratulations.
But Captain Sonia-sama told me not to let you through. As long as I, 
the Substitute Captain of the Marl Kingdom Imperial Guard, The Great
Zolbaref continues to breathe, I won't let you escape! Let's go!

(battle against Zolbaref and two soldiers)

Zolbaref : Hmph... I had to hold back... I can't seriously attack a child...
(passes out right after saying that)

Kururu&Randy : ...

Kururu : Mission successful! Now that we're out, I can do anything!
Here I come world! I'm coming for you my prince!

Randy : (sigh) I wonder if we should even bother coming back... maybe
they'll just lecture us...? ...naaaah.

Kururu : C'mon Randy!

Randy : C-coming!

================================  Chapter 1  ===============================
============================  First adventure  =============================

Kururu : Uwahh! The town looks so different! I guess it's because I'm always
riding in a carriage instead of walking...

Randy : Yep. Mothergreen is the Captial of Marl Kingdom, so there's always a
lot of people here!

Kururu : Still, it looks a lot different than it did when I broke out of the
castle a few years ago.

Randy : The RosenQueen Company has spent a lot of money developing
Mothergreen over the past few years.

Kururu : Hummm... so that means I can meet a lot of new people... maybe
even my Prince! ...maybe.

(talking to the people on the same screen)

Girl : I love Spring Break!

Artist : Get out of my way you brat!

Kururu : (Hmph! I'm the Princess! Who does he think he is?!)

Randy : Calm down Princess. It isn't like people know your face.

Man : Hm? You... could you be...

Kururu : Aaaaah!

Man : A tourist?

Kururu : Er, um... kinda...

Man : You should head over to the  "Blessed Lake" sea-food restaurant.
They got the best meals in all Mothergreen!

Kururu : Sea-food? Sounds pretty good. Awright! Randy let's go!

(You can now wander around Mothergreen. West is Etoile's mansion and 
east is Kururu and Crea's school. At Etoile's place people will tell you
that Crea went out looking for Kururu. You can also get a little money by
playing the trumpet for a puppet there. At the school Professor Sergei
Jostagovich mention how Kururu is a terrible student so unlike her friend
Crea. To progress in the story go south to the foutain place and
then head east.)

(once you're in front of the "Blessed Lake" restaurant)

Kururu : *Sniff sniff* That smells great!

Randy : This is a pretty well-known place, I heard that his Majesty the
King loves the food here.

Kururu : Father does? Eh, I didn't know that...

Randy : But I guess now that Cornet takes care of him, he doesn't come
here anymore...

Kururu : Let's go in and look around!

Randy : Alright.

(entering the room in the back)

Kururu : This... this is it! This is what smells so good!

Randy : Princess, you can't just barge in like that!

Head Chief : Hey, what are you doing! If you don't hurry the food's going to
get cold!

Kururu : (Let's dig in!) Chomp, chomp.

Randy : Aaah, w-what are you doing?! You aren't in the castle!

Kururu : Munch, munch... Yeah, yeah whatever. This is great! (the cooks
noticed her)

Randy : (You can't do this sort of thing outside the castle!)

Kururu : Don't you want some, Randy?

Head Chief : Miss, what exactly are you doing?

Kururu : What does it look like I'm doing? I'm eating. This is really
good, do you want to try some old man?

HC : You like it? Thank you! Nothing warms my heart more than knowing
my food has brought joy to others! Hahahaha....(screaming) YEAH RIGHT,
like hell!! You stupid brat, it takes 3 hours to prepare that dish and
you've eaten it in 3 minutes! Prepare for divine retribution!!

Randy : H-hey, calm down!

HC : Get the hell outta my way!

Kururu : Why are you so mad old man? I said your food was good!

HC : Now listen, Miss I'm-Too-Good-To-Pay-For-Food: You know what it's 
called when you take things that aren't yours? It's called stealing you 

Randy (drawing out his sword) : Hey. What did you just call her?!

Young girl : Please put your weapons away.

Randy : Crea-sama!

Crea : I'll pay for any damages. Here.

HC : Th-this is a RosenQueen Company Special Gold Card?!

Cooks : T-that means...

Crea : Indeed. I am Etoile RosenQueen's daughter, Createur RosenQueen.

All cooks : Please forgive our rudeness!

Kururu : Crea...

Crea : Teeheehee, are you okay, Kururu-chan?

Kururu : Ah, um, yes. Thanks!

HC : Err, excuse me Miss?

Crea : Yes?

HC : Thank you for covering her bill, but since your friend ate the
food, we're out of some ingredients and... we don't have any men to
spare to go get more.

Crea : Is that so? That's a shame. Don't worry, we'll see to it. Until
we return, please keep Randy-san here as collateral. Is that okay with
you, Head chief?

HC : Yes! This is simply fabulous. Thank you very much.

Randy : C-Crea-sama, y-you can't use me like t-this!

Crea : Teeheehee. Just remember you're doing it for Kururu's sake.

HC : We need the Bobo fish. They live in the Nathalie River. Nathalie
River is out in the Wonder woods.

Crea : I understand. A Bobo Fish you'll have. Let's get going, Kururu-chan.
(Crea joins the party. Crea doesn't have anything equipped)

(once they both left)

Kururu : Whew. You saved my butt, Crea.

Crea : I'm glad I could help.

Kururu : But... why were they angry? And they bowed to you, but not me.
What's that about? I'm a Princess!

Crea : Teehee, you aren't in the castle now, Kururu-chan. When we get back
to school, study "Society's Rules" a little more, alright? At least until
you find your prince, teehee.

Kururu : Wha-?

Crea : When I went to go visit you at the castle, they said you broke out.
A lightbulb came on in my head. After all, you're always saying how you
want to get out of the castle and find your Prince.

Kururu : Uu, yeah...that's right. Yep, a gentle, smart, strong, cool, and,
and, tall, with long feets and knows how to dress well and...aaah my
prince....smack(starts kissing thin air in front of her)

Crea (slapping her with a giant fan) : Please come back to reality.

Kururu : Oooow.

Crea : First, we need to get the Bobo fish. You'll find your Prince someday.

Kururu : R-right!

(upon leaving town)

Kururu : Nathalie river... it's a long walk, isn't it? Haaah, and here
it's finally spring break and we have to run errands...

Crea : Teehee. I think this is called "You reap what you sow,"

Kururu : ...sorry.

Crea : It's fine. Oh, speaking of spring break, we have some assignments!

Kururu : Yup! But I haven't even looked at 'em!

Crea : I figured as much. We should do the "Observation Notebook" together!

Kururu : "Observation Notebook"? Whaddaya mean?

Crea : We're supposed to go out and record stuff about the wildlife.
This is  supposed to count for a a high percentage of our grade.

Kururu : Awright, let's work together!

Crea : Teehee, alright then. (Received Observation Notebook.
Observation Notebook added to the main menu.)

Crea : All of the monsters we meet will go into the notebook!

1) OK!
2) I don't get it

Crea : Then let's head to Nathalie river!

Crea : Listen well. (she basically repeats what she just said earlier)

(signpost on the way) : Up ahead: The Wonder woods. Good boys and girls
don't go inside alone!

Crea : Teehee, I've got you and you've got me, so we aren't alone!

(on the way you can stop and visit Orange village which hasn't changed
at all. By talking to a puppet in Cornet's house you can get a healing
candy. Otherwise not much to do. Kids will pick on Kururu saying her
clothes are strange and calling her "pumpkin pants")

(a bit later on the road)

Kururu : Uwaaah... its so pretty!

Crea : Kururu-chan, is this your first time here at the Wonder woods?

Kururu : Yeah. I didn't know that the outside world was this beautiful.
So this's the Wonder woods. Mom and Dad met around here.


Song title : Subarashii Sekai

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei 

Kururu (seiyuu : Kawamura Maria)
Crea (seiyuu : Ootani Ikue )

Hikari furisosogu
Mita koto mo nai suteki na sekai
Marude housekibako no you na fuukei
Irotoridori no hana nante namae?

Hajimete deau mono bakari
Oshiete oshiete
Kono subarashii sekai no koto wo
Subete subete shiritai no

Hitomi tojite kanjite miyou
Inochi no ibuki wo
Hirogaru yume fukuramu kibou
Subarashii kono sekai ni kanshashiyou


Kururu : Ahahah!

Crea : Hehehe. Come on, let's go Kururu-chan. Nathalie river is nearby.

(keep on going west until you reach a signpost. it reads : west : orange
village, south Nathalie river)

(once you reach the river)

Kururu : This is Nathalie River? Where are the fish?

Crea : To catch fish, we'll need bait.

Kururu : Bait? We don't have anything like that, do we?

Crea : Teehee, it's fine. If you walk down the pier...

Kururu : Eh? Do you keep bait over here? (Kururu looks down in the
water and some weird fish assault her)

Crea : Teeheehee. See, you caught one! (battles against the fish ensues)

(after winning)

Crea : Once we bring this to the Head chief, Randy-san will be free.

Kururu : ...how...how could you use the future Queen as bait? That's so
like you to do something like that...

Crea : Teehee. Details, details.

(on the way back)

(rumbling sound)

Kururu : D-did you hear that?

Crea : It sounded like... stepping?

Kururu : Stepping? More like an Earthquake!

Crea : Y'know, now that I think about it, I've heard people saying
they've seen a Dragon around here lately...

Kururu : D-d-d-d-d-dragon!!? Y-you could have said something earlier!

Crea : A,a,a....

Kururu : I-it's...!! (fight against dragon, you obviously can't win
this battle)

(after the fight)

Kururu : We can't even scratch it!

Kururu : Kyaaah!!
(a boy suddenly appears and dispatch the dragon with a slash of his sword)

Kururu : ... (aah, ...this is... this is how Mom and Dad met!)

Kururu : (S-so that means,...this person is my....)

Kururu : (Aah, my prince...!!)

Boy : (....Cherie?)

Boy : (No...she looks a lot like her but she isn't....)

Boy : Leave this forest and never come back.

Kururu (still in her fantasy) : ....eh?

Boy : I said leave this forest and never come back... Pumpkin Pants.

Kururu : P-pupmkin Pants!!?

Crea : Snort.

Kururu : IT ISN'T FUNNY!

Boy : This forest is a dangerous place, kids shouldn't be here.

Kururu (mad) : W-what are you talking about?! Aren't you a kid?!

Kururu : What's with that guy?! At first I thought he might be my Prince,
but was I wrong or what?!


Akurjo : Ho, isn't that the Princess of Marl Kingdom? She may be useful.

Skimpy outfit weirdo : Here it comes! Deathblow: "Using others to reach your
own goal"

Flexing weirdo : Whew. I just can't find the right pose... Does this make my
bicep look sexy enough? Wait, there's no such thing as sexy enough...

Skimpy outfit weirdo : Hold on FonFon! Akujo-sama's falling back on her
"I'm too lazy to do it myself so I use other people to do it for me" plan!

FonFon : Oh my. Do we have to work on it, too?

Dorky weirdo : ...It'll be a pain in the ass to have to work after all these
years, nya...

Skimpy outfit weirdo : Won't it though? See, you know what you're talking
about, NyanNyan.

NyanNyan : ...keesheeshee. I've been praised by RanRan nya.

Akurjo : ...shut up, all of you. This girl, I'll be able to use her for sure.


Kururu : grumble...geez! That guy pissed me off!

Crea : Come on, stop pouting Kururu-chan. Let's go get Randy.

(entering the kitchen of the restaurant in Mothergreen)

Cooks : Those girls are taking their sweet time...

Head chief : Maybe we should just use him instead of the Bobo fish.

Randy : I'd rather you not! Y-you wouldn't want me anyway! I taste awful!

Kururu : Here's your fish.

Randy : It took you long enough! They were about to cook me!

Crea : Oh my. That would have been such a shame.

HC : Alright, this is a quality Bobo. Good job, little girl. Now listen
to me: You can't just go around taking stuff that doesn't belong to you.
Don't let it happen again.

Kururu : Sure thing. Sorry 'bout that Old Man.

HC : Next time you want to eat, talk to the waiters like a normal person,
and pay for your meal. I'll make sure to cook you a great meal, got it?

Kururu : Yeah!


Randy : I... I thought I was going to die.

Kururu : Geez, I said I was sorry. What more do you want Randy?

Kururu : Uncle Gio! Sonia!

Gio : We've been looking for you, Princess. You can't keep breaking out...

Kururu : Hey, hey, uncle Gio, get this! Today, I went to the Wonder Woods! 
It was my first time seeing it! It was sooo pretty!

Gio : Ho. The vegetation there sure is beautiful. It sounds like you
had fun...

Sonia : Father!!

Gio : I-in any case, Princess. Let's go back to the castle.

Sonia : This goes for you too Randy. You need a serious lecture on the
ethics of sneaking out with the girl you're supposed to be protecting.

randy : Eh? A lecture from Sonia-san? (Lucky!!)

Sonia : Wipe that stupid grin off your face. We're leaving.

Randy : Yes mad'm!

Crea : Take care, Kururu-chan. We'll play again!

================================  Chapter 2  ===============================
====================  How to make delicious softcream  =====================

Sonia : Correct. Now Princess, define this word.

Kururu : Hummmm....

Sonia : Princess. We just went over this 5 minutes ago.
Pay closer attention.

Kururu : Hummmmm....

Sonia : You play too much. Listen well. You'll be the Queen of this country. 
You have to conduct yourself like a Queen.

Kururu : Geez, Sonia, you're such a hard ass.

Sonia : I'm the Captain of the knights. My job isn't to be "nice."

Sonia : (This is embarassing... the Captain of the knights working as a

Sonia : (If Cornet-sama hadn't asked me to do it as a favor, there's no
way I'd be here.)

Kururu : Hey, Sonia. I'm beat.

Sonia : ...I see. To tell the truth, I'm a bit tired too. Let's take a
short break.  (walking towards the door then stopping suddenly)
And stop trying to escape alright?

Kururu (sweatdrop) : I know, I know. (Sonia leaves)

Kururu (huge yawn) : ...yeah right, that's totally gonna happen.
Studying sucks soooooo much. Adventure in the great outdoors awaits me!
Even if ya fall down two times, you gotta get up three!
"Girls take initiative"!! One day I'll definitely find my prince!

Kururu (reminiscing about the boy in the forest) : Aaaargh!! Why can't
I get that brat off my mind?!

(Look around Kururu's room. You can get Illustration 6 from the drawers.
Use it in the item menu to change the background picture in the menu window.
Then escape through the window like last time)

Voice : Where do you think you're going Princess?

Kururu : Crea?!

Crea : Teehee. I found you Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Geez, don't scare me like that.

Crea : You came to play again, right? I just heard about this great place!

Kururu : Heh? Where, where?

Crea : The softcream shop.

Kururu : Softcream?

Crea : Yes. It's like candy, except its cold and kind of mushy. It's really

Kururu : Sweet? I love sweet things!

Crea : Teehee, I know you have a sweet tooth. The shop just opened, but its
become really popular for going on dates and stuff.

Kururu : Eeh...you don't look like it, but you sure know a lot about the
world. But it sounds like fun, let's go!

(Crea joins party, as usual don't forget to equip her since even her
monsters have been removed)

(once you reach the inside of the castle)

Soldier : S-she's busting out again! (battle)

(once you exit the castle towards town)

Zolbarev : Princess! Today I won't show you any mercy! I, Zolbaref of
the "dawn", will become a demon if I must for Sonia-sama's sake!

(Battle time, he's a bit tougher than before, but not by much)

Zolbarev (beaten) : ugh...Knight's kindness knows no boundaries. I could
never become a demon...

(once near the fountain in town)

Crea : Ah by the way, Kururu-chan, the softcream shop is in the shopping

(basically it's the area west of the fountain spot, just go there and you'll
see the next event)

Kururu : Eh?! There's no one here... you'd think there'd at least be a few
people waiting outside if this place is supposed to be so popular.

Crea : This is strange, isn't it? Let's go inside and ask the owner
about that.

(inside shop)

Shop clerck : Welcome. Sorry, but we're closed for the day.

Crea : Today isn't a holiday, is it? What happened?

SC : Everyone's missing, the owner, the workers... all gone.

Kururu : Missing?

SC : This shop is our dream... we finally managed to make become a reality
and they all go off on a vacation?

Kururu : You should go look for them and drag them back.

SC : Eh? But I don't have any idea where they are...

Kururu : And so you sit here waiting? I thought you said this place was
your dream! Get off your butt and protect your dream!
That's what mom used to say "If you don't take the initiative, then
you'll never capture your dreams."

SC : ...taking the initiative....myself...

Crea : Well said, Kururu-chan!

Kururu : Hey, we're going to help you find them.

SC : R-really? Thank you very much!

Kururu : But, in exchange for our help, you'll give us free softcream!

SC : I'll galdly do so! I'll make sure its the best softcream you've
ever had!

Kururu : Alright, then it's settled!

Crea : Kururu-chan are you sure about this? It may not be that easy...

Kururu : As the (future) queen of this country, I won't stand for scandals
like this! And besides this is a good chance to find my prince!

Crea : You're always so positive Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Right! "Girls take the inititive!!"

(speaking to the people around the area you'll learn that a new softcream 
shop has settled in the Wonder woods so head there. Keep going all the way 
west. You'll get the following event once you get west on the Nathalie river)

Kururu : Ah!

Boy : .....

Crea : Thank you very much for rescuing us the other day.

Boy : Didn't I say not to come here anymore?

Kururu : Y-you think you can order us around? I'll have you know I'm--

Boy : Next time I won't protect you. ...if you don't want to get hurt,
you better leave immediatly. (he leaves)

Kururu : Beeeda! (sounds of sticking one's tongue to someone^^)
We don't need his protection anyway!!

Crea : ...

Kururu : What's wrong Crea?

Crea : That boy kinda reminds me of your father, Kururu-chan.

Kururu : My father? Don't compare him to that lowlife brat. My father is...

Crea : Gentle, smart, strong and cool right?

Kururu : Exactly. Exactly the type of guy I want to marry! He's nothing
like that brat!

Crea : ...humm.

Crea : (Somehow this seems suspicious.)

(Now keep going west, you'll soon reach a shop named BagBurg)

Crea : I guess this is the new shop we heard about.

Kururu : (sounds of stomach growling).

Crea : ? What was that?

Kururu : Ah err...I was just thinking about how good softcream must

Crea : Teeheehee. Then, should we buy something here?

(speaking to the people around they'll tell you how the softcream here
are so much better than in Mothergreen. There's also a weird cat at the
entrance who welcome you. Inside the shop you can't do much unless you
buy a softcream. People around are all busy eating. A soldier will spot
Kururu and try to bring  her back but Crea threaten him to tell everyone
he was dichting his job to come here so he gives up. Soldiers sure are

(talking to the cat at the counter)

Cat : Welcome nya! May I take your order nya! Will you buy a softcream?

1) Yes
2) No

(will bring you to the buy/sell menu. Pick up first choice to select
then buy a softceam. Just buying one is enough)

Crea : I thought you said you wanted to try some?

(after buying one)

Kururu : Aah! It's cold but it tastes sooo good! Hm, alright, I'm done.
Do you want one, Crea?

Crea : Thank you Kururu-chan but I'm fine. Somehow I have a bad feeling 
about this but if you're still fine tomorrow Kururu-chan, then I'll eat

Kururu (sweatdrop): ...what do you think I am? Your test rat?

Crea : Teeheehee. Do tell me if your stomach hurt later. I'll make sure
to watch over you if you get sick.

(you then see a cook being abducted by some of the cats hanging around)

Kururu : ...did, did you see that?

Crea : Yes. It appears to be one of the missing workers from the
Mothergreen softcream shop. What is going on here?

Kururu : This smells fishy. Let's follow them!

Crea : Teehee. Sounds exciting.

(follow the cats throught the door. You'll be in a hall. Talk to the cats
standing guards in fron of the doors.)

Cat : Halt! No one can set foot in this door! ...well actually it's what
Burg-sama said nya. I could care less.(battle start)

(talking to the cook inside)

Cook : I am one of the worker at the softcream shop in Mothergreen.
They kidnapped us and tortured us until we gave them our softcream recipe!
My comrades are still inside. P-please, save them!

(next door leads to the end of that dungeon. For now keep going west and
rescue all the cooks. They will tell you various bit of info like the boss
of this place is cat called Burg and had created an automated process to
create softcreams faster, Burg's boss is a scary person called NyanNyan,...
you also find some money and a protecter that boost you DEF. Once you're
done, go back the first area and take that second door. On the next area 3
more doors guarded by cats. Inside the cooks will keep spouting
uninteresting stuff like the cats goal is to raised some Inochium.
You'll find an Hayabusa band also that raise your speed. After saving
the three cooks the next door will be boss battle time.)

(Inside last room)

Cat : This is the last one nya.

Burg : Good job BANG! Now we will have the monopoly over the softcream
business BANG! NyanNyan-sama will be proud of us BANG. Gyahahaha,
NyanNyan-sama you're the best BANG! Good, you guys, it's production time.
(kidnapped cook leaves the room)

Bang : Gyahahah! Now, time for some fun cooking BANG!


Song title : Oishii softcream no tsukurikata

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei 

Burg (seiyuu : Nagasako Takashi)

Sa, ikude bang yo!

Softcream tsukurimasho
Kokoro komete lanlala
Okyakusama ga omachikane da
Isoide tsukuro bang

Shibaritate umanya to
Tamago no kimi satou
Nama kurimu baniera sensu
Junbi kanryou ok

Saa deban da himitsu heiki
Power zenkai Bang! Bang!
Konekochan ni zairyou chuunyuu
Shikkari hiyagashite

Minna ni yume wo
Kono softcream de
Shiagari ni moritsuke (hamidasanai youni)
Hora dekiagari

(oishii de bang yo?)


Kururu : Uuurrghhhhh. (vomiting all over)

Crea : Whew. I'm glad I didn't eat any of it.

Kururu : WHAT?! You don't even care that I ate cat shit?!
(in the game shit is censored by a beep sound^^)

Crea : That's bad Kururu-chan. Young ladies shouldn't use words like "shit"
(censored again by a shooting sound^^)

Burg : Hm? What's with you guys? How did you get here BANG? Could you be...
spies BANG?

Cats : They're spies nya! They're spies nya!

Burg : Time to give you your punishment BANG!

Cats : Punishment nya! Punishment nya!

Burg : Guess I could use you to make some toppings for the next softcream

Cats : Yayyy! Topping nya! Topping nya! (battle starts)

(after beating up on the cats)

Bang : You're pretty good BANG. But since you know our secret process,
you'll have to die here BANG!

Kururu : Shaddap!! How dare you feed me that crap?! I'll never forgive you!!

Crea : That's right. We can't possibly stay silent about that kind of thing.

Kururu : Prepare yourself!! (boss battle)

(after winning)

Bang : I've lost BANG. This won't be so easy next time BANG! (runs away)

Kururu : haahaa....ah! I have to block that out of my mind. You got that
Crea? What happened today never leaves this room!

Crea : Of course.


Crea : Teeheehee. A secret just between the two of us. How ro-man-tic

Kururu : ...what part of it is romantic, exactly?

Cooks : Err...thank you very much for saving us. Thanks to you we've learned
to protect our own dream! "Taking the initiative", I won't forget that!

Kururu : Yup! Good luck with your shop!

Cooks : Remember, if you ever want some softcream, come to our shop anytime!

Crea : ...well that's the end of that. Should we go Kururu-chan?

Kururu : ...I never want to see a softcream again.

Crea : Don't be so bitter. It didn't work this time, but I'm sure we'll find
your prince soon Kururu-chan. "Girls take the initiative" right Kururu-chan?

Kururu : Right! I'm gonna do my best and keep taking initiatives!

Crea : That's the spirit.

(walking outside the store, you'll see Randy with a softcream)

Randy : (lick, lick) Yum, it's delicious!! Its the perfect blend of chocolate
and softness! Its... its beautiful!

Randy : Ah, Princess! You came here, too? ...you got out again. You're going
to be the death of me, Princess.

Kururu : Puh! (trying hard not to laugh)

Crea : Teehee.

Kururu : Hahahaha!

Randy : ??? What's wrong you two? Did I say something funny...?

================================  Chapter 3  ===============================
=============  Because the two of us will always be together  ==============

Sonia : Are you listening Princess? Geez, how many times will I have to keep
repeating the same thing before you finally understand?! You will be the
Queen of this kingdom!! You have to learn to conduct yourself like a Queen!

Sonia : You can't just do whatever you want because of childish dreams
like wanting to meet Prince Charming!

Randy : She's right, Princess. Sonia-san has a reason to be angry.

Sonia : Silence, you! Besides, you're acting as her enabler! Giving in to
every little whim she has! You're just as responsible for this as she is!

Randy : Well, the thing is...

Randy : Yes. You are right.

Sonia : You... spineless... URGH! Stand up straight! H-how could someone
like you become a Knight?!

Randy : Ha...ha...ha... I wonder about that too, sometimes.

Sonia : .....

Randy : Wh-what? I was just kidding. S-stop glaring at me like that!

Sonia : (When I think back about all the hardships I had to go through
to become a Knight even though I'm a woman... and yet there are men like

(Gio enters)

Gio : Sonia, Randy. Today is the day of the Knights and Marine Defense
Mutual Practice Battle. The others have already assembled. Hurry up and
get prepared too.

Randy : Y-yes sir!  (Whew, I'm not going to die!)

Sonia : ....understood. (they both leave)

Gio : Seems like Sonia's warming up to you. Princess, please stay here
quietly for a while. That's all I'm asking.

Kururu : Wew...they finally left. If my ears weren't attached to my head
they would have fallen off. But why did Sonia get so angry? ..bah, whatever.
Time to make another bold escape!

(look on the bed to get some offensive item, then inspect the shining
spot in the fire place)

Kururu : What? There's a button here! "square, cross, L, R".... What's that?

(the game then tell you there's a letter in the back of the fire place.
Pick the first choice to read it.)

"To Kururu

Seeing as you are your mother's daughter, I'm sure you'll find this hidden
switch. Right now we're away from the kingdom so you're probably thinking
about escaping on your own right?

(blah blah sorry I didn't have time to get it. They talk about how they
made this especially for her and that the hint about square, cross, L and
R is the trick to open it and they picked it after Kururu's name)

Normally, I'd tell you not to try and leave the castle alone, but I know
how much good that'll do.

Your father and mother are always watching over you Kururu.

Your Father"

Kururu : "square, cross, L, R".... What could that mean?

(obviously you have to press that sequence of buttons on the controller
in front of the fire place to trigger the opening of the tunnel.)

(after doing it)

Kururu : Got it!! Great! Now I can escape. Thanks father! Well, let's see
what's inside....

(Crea appears along with tons of smoke)

Crea : Whew... I finally got to the bottom...

Crea : Ah! Kururu-chan, there you are!

Kururu : cough, cough, it's youuuuu....

Crea : I was thinking Kururu-chan would try to escape soon, so I've come
to pick you up!

Kururu : ....your guesses are disturbingly accurate.

Crea : Guesses? That's no guess. I've been exploring this escape route
very thoroughly. Teehee.

Kururu : ...ah. I see. Bah, I'm glad you came anyway. Thanks!

Crea : Teehee. Don't mention it. After all we...
(they begin to sing a little sentence "futari wa itsumo isshoni dakara",
they will do so quite a bit in  this chapter and guess what? It means
"because the two of us will always be together")

Kururu : Ahaha!

Crea : Teeheehee.

Kururu : Let's go, Crea!

Crea : Yes! (she joins the party, remember that all her accessories and
monsters were unequipped. I know, I know, its becoming a pain.)

(Crawl throught he sewers, you'll get a mystic robe that boost you Def 
quite a lot and an item to restore 5HP per turn along the way. You'll end
up in the graveyard of orange village. Bring back memories doesn't it?^^)
(once outside)

Kururu : Whew! We're finally outside! I'm glad we're out by now, but
where are we...?

Kururu : Today let's go on a grand adventure! ...not silly little ones
like from before. Besides if I get in a pinch, my awesome prince will
come to rescue me!!

Crea : Teehee. Then how about going to that mansion in the Wonder woods?

Kururu : Eh? The haunted one?

Crea : Yes. I'm sure that something exciting will happen there!

Kururu : B-but, y'see... t-the thing is... me and ghosts d-don't get along
that w-well...

Crea : Oh my? Are you afraid?

Kururu : Uh...

Crea : So, the brave Kururu-chan is afraid of ghosts? How cute teehee.

Kururu : I-I'm not afraid! Grr, looks like fun, let's hurry!

Crea : Teehee. False bravado. Really, that's so cute of her!


Akurjo : ...then you're telling me that the "Shadow of beauty" is really

Blond cat-girl : Really nya. The "Shadow of beauty"  is in Marjory's throne
room in Beauty Castle nya.

Akurjo : And, how are we to get inside Beauty Castle?

BCG : Except for the members of the Marjory family, those who want to enter
must have the "five treasures" nya. Those "five treasures" are in the Marl
Castle in Mothergreen nya.

Akurjo : I know that you dolt. And you're certain that the "Shadow of Beauty"
is in Marjory's room?

BCG : Yes nya.

Akurjo : Haha, I see. Then as promised, here is the medicine that will turn
you into an adult. With this even someone as flat-chested as a board, will
have big breasts. Go ahead and try one if you don't believe me.

BCG : It worked nya! Now no one can make fun of me for being flat-chested nya!

Akurjo : To think she'd sell her master out so easily...how ridiculous...
The Marjory family is filled with idiots. Marl Castle and the "five treasures"
... I didn't think that theis princess girl would come in handy so soon....

(those who played the first game will recogize the blond cat girl as Myao


(Nothing to do in Orange village, a priest will talk about how Cherie,
Kururu's grandmother used to work at the church, other people mention a
haunted house in the Wonder woods, etc... For now let's go back to Burg
restaurant. Inside go back to the boss fight room. You'll get "Illustration
3" select it in the item menu and you'll change the menu screen to that
scene where Kururu is furious at Burg. Nice artwork^^. Now look into those
rooms where the cooks were locked. In one of them you'll find a
knight-looking puppet. Save your game and talk to him.)

Duke : Do you have business with me?

1) Yes
2) No

Duke : Those who can understand Puppets have the blood of the Ancient people
running through their veins. Could you be the daughter of Lady Cornet?
1) Yup!
2) Nope!

Duke : I see! So let me lend you my strength.

Kururu : Huh?

Duke : Being unable to repay your debts, this is a warrior's greatest shame.
The favor Lady Cornet accorded to me, I shall repay it now!

Kururu : Hah? That's gre...

Duke : But, for you to become my master, I must first test your determination!

Kururu : Wh-hey hold on a minute!

Duke : En garde! (battle start. He's probably too strong for you now though.
His element is water so having a fire-element puppet will help tremendously.
Other wise charge up a level 4 pastry attack is always a good idea too^^
You can win even if you're level 11 by throwing a level 4 pastry attack then
a level 2 and addind a few mega- spell like megameteor or megasaint.
He needs three turns to wipe you out so plan well.)

(once you won)

Duke : Superb! I now recognize you as my new master.

Kururu : ...gee, thanks.

Duke : I am called Duke. I will be now serving you as your sword.

(needless to say Duke is pretty good despite being only lvl.12 so do equip 
him. You'l probably want to keep Sharte for healing though and Terra for her
meteor bomber which is quite useful at this point)

(now you'll simply need to head west to reach the mansion. It's south west 
of the softcream shop. You'll know you'll get near when you reach an area 
where the trees are withering. There you'll also see a puppet, Legdem who 
asks you if you want to get out of here. First choice is yes second is no. 
He tends to appear in dungeons too so don't speak to him unless you want
to exit the place.)

(once you reach the entrance)

Crea : Oh my, the weather seems to be changing for the worst...let's get
inside quickly to avoid getting wet.

Kururu : Ah, it's not locked.

Crea : Indeed.

Kururu : L-let's go inside then...

Crea : Yes, let's.


Kururu : Is someone here?

Crea : Come out Mr. Ghost~ Its rude not to greet your guests~

Kururu : Hey, cut it out! What would happen if a ghost really showed up?!


Cat : NyanNyan-sama. They fit Akurjo-sama's descriptions nya. We've found
the queen of this country and....nya?

NyanNyan : ...

Cat : NyanNyan-sama? What are you doing nya?

NyanNyan : ...intruders nya.

Cat : Nya? Intruders nya? We must inform Akurjo-sama immediatly nya!

NyanNyan : ....there won't be any need for that nya.

Cat : Why nya?

NyanNyan : ...I'll use them as an experiment for my new spell nya.

Cat : Nyaha?! Yaaay! Experiment nya! Experiment nya!

NyanNyan : Keesheeshee. This will be fun nya.


Kururu : ....I don't think anyone is here...

Crea : I guess that means we're free to explore the place at our heart's

Kururu : Geez, you...that's what burglars do...

(well as Crea said explore around starting by the lowest floor. You'll find 
some nice items like one allowing you to escape more easily from random 
encounters. Get upstairs once you're done to move on with the plot. 
Once upstairs don't worry too much about missing items and searching all the 
rooms. All floors are the same and they're all empty. Just keep going up.)

(after climibng a few floors)

Kururu : Eh? This is... the same place?

(after climbing one more flight of stairs)

Kururu : The same place? Again?!

Crea : We may have been going in circles from the beginning...

Kururu : Something's wrong here. Let's get out of here!

(now go down. After going down enough times you'll get the following

Kururu : I'm sick of this! What's wrong with this place?!

Crea : Calm down, Kururu-chan.

Kururu : How cam I calm down? We've stuck in this place! Besides Crea
this is all your fault! You were the one who said we should come here!

Crea : But you said you wanted to have a great adventure Kururu-chan.

Kururu : If I picked the adventure, we wouldn't have ended in that
haunted house! Really, you just wanted to come here but were afraid so
you dragged me along for the ride, right?!

Crea : Putting all the blame on people like that is unfair, Kururu-chan.

Kururu : But its your fault Crea! I didn't do anything wrong! I'm going
back! From now on, I'll look for my Prince by myself!

Crea : Kururu-chan...

Kururu : I hate you Crea, I don't ever want to see you again!! (she enters
a room and they get separated)


Kururu : ...m-maybe I went a little bit too far... B-bah! It'll be nice
without her always around! Well, let's get back to adventuring!

(leaving the room)

Voice : Kyyaaahh!

Kururu : W-what was that scrream just now?! ...did something happened to
Crea?! N-no! I said I wasn't going to worry about her anymore!

Kururu : ....but.....

(now just go down the stairs once)

Kururu : Crea?! You! What have you done to her?!

Cats : Nyahahaha! We don't know nya. We don't know nya.

NyanNyan : Keesheeshee. It's an experiment nya.

(they suddenly dissapear inside Crea's body)

Kururu : ...what was that? Hey Crea! Wake up!

Boy  : It's useless. After what happened, that girl won't wake up.

Kururu : Y-you...why are you here? And what do you mean, she won't wake up?

Boy : That girl has been put to sleep by magic.

Kururu : Magic?!

Boy : She isn't dead but if you leave her like that, she'll probably
sleep forever.

Kururu : No....why....? There's got to be a way to stop the magic!

Boy : That's...

Kururu : If you know something please tell me!

Boy :  ....fine. But let me warn you: This will put your life in danger.

Kururu : ...That doesn't bother me!

Boy : Understood. Close your eyes. Oh Ancient Gods, hear our prayers from a
distant star and lend us your strength!


Kururu : Ouch!! Ah, that hurts...

Kururu : Where are we? It felt like I was falling for a long time...

Kururu : Is someone there!? (sounds of an echo afterwards)

Kururu : No one's there...I guess.

Boy : Of course. Right now we're in the heart of your friend. More
specifically, the world within her heart.

Kururu : Wh-world within the...? Nothing like that exists! And even if it
did, how could we possibly go there?!

Boy : Believe it or not, this is your choice.

Kururu : Hey, don't say it like that! I was just... surprised that's all!
All right, I belive you!

(Cello joins the part and as usual have nothing equipped except for an
awesome puppet named "Ancient Weapon". Also, though you can't see anything
in the place you are, simply keep moving in one direction will do.)

(after moving left for a few screen)

Kururu : Randy?! What are you doing here? Did you come to bring me back?

Randy : Bring you back? Why would I have to come all the way here to bring
back a selfish brat like you?

Kururu : What? ...Randy.

Randy : Always doing whatever you please, never paying atention to others
around you... In the end, you even end up hurting your best friend.
You're scum.

Kururu : ...what's wrong? What are you saying Randy....

Randy : You deserved to be punished!! (battle. Careful he does fight like
Randy and he's quite powerful so use big spells to take him out immediatly.)

(after winning)

Kururu : I thought you wanted to take me down but...are you alright Randy?

Randy : Uhh...we've been defeated nya.

Kururu : "Nya"??

(Randy turn into a couple of cats who run away)

Kururu : Wh-what?

Boy : That was an illsuion. Don't mind it. More importantly pick that "key"
they dropped.

Kururu : "Key"...?

Boy : Yes. If you use that key, you can open your friend's heart.

Kururu : Opening Crea's heart? What do you mean?

Boy : You hurt her didn't you? You may think you only said a few things,
but to her it was...

Kururu : No...I was just...

Boy : But because of what you've said, that girl closed her heart off...
the darkness and the cold that surrounds us now are here proof of this...

Kururu : Then what can I do? What can I do to fix Crea's heart?!

Boy : Figure it out yourself. I'll take care of those bothersome cats.
Use your brains for once.

Kururu : W-what's with you! You're so full of it!

(now resume moving. Same as before keep going straight ahead)

(after opening a chest on the way)

Kururu : Th-this is...?!

Boy : Your friend's memory. Since she's hurt, she sealed away her memories
of you in boxes like these...

Crea (as a child) : Sob, sob....

Bullies : Hah, hah! Mom said that your Mom was a "player" ! She said
that nobody know who's your father! Yay!

Crea : That's a lie! Mama's a good person!

Kururu (as a child) : Hey you there! I won't let you bully her!
I'm going to punish you!

Bullies : Punishment? Try it if you can!

Kururu (using her 1HP skill move) : Fuh...weak guys like you are boring!

Bullies : Eh? (their pants drop down) Eeeh! Let's get out of there!

Kururu : That'll teach you! Uncle Gio taught me this "Higi Mueizan".
(Kururu, Sonia and Gio first skill it roughly means "secret 

Crea : ...

Kururu : Are you awright?

Crea : Y-yes. Thank you very much.

kururu : I'm Kururu. You are?

Crea : My name is....(end of flashback)

Kururu : Now that I think about it, that's how we first met... then
mama caught me outside of the castle and I got scolded...

(after moving across a few screens as usual)

Kururu : Sonia... Uncle Gio....

Boy : Don't forget about the spell. This is another illusion.

Gio : So you were here.

Sonia : Now your selfishness has even hurt other people! I can't overlook
it anymore!

Gio : Well, Pincess, let's end this.

Sonia : Fear not, we'll only put you to sleep. Forever.
(battle start. As usual end this as fast as possible before they use their
special moves. If both uses the Higi Mueizan, you're dead. Though if you
managed to got Duke you'll kick their asses quickly)

(after winning you'll get another key)

Kururu : Can we really get out by doing this?

Boy : ...it depends of you.

(after getting the second chest, you'll get another flashback where 
Kururu and Crea are practicing singing with Etoile.)

Etoile : Wonderful! Crea and Kururu-chan you're both so cute!

Crea : Mo-mother, that hurts...

Etoile : Ohohohoho!! Sorry dear. You're just so cute I couldn't help
myself...Kururu-chan. Keep getting along with Crea, alright?

Kururu : Yes!

Etoile : Hoho, that's a promise then. Ohohohoho! But you're really such 
a cutie pie, Kururu-chan! So different from Cornet! Your dear mother
during her childhood... poor thing was worse than she is now, if you can
imagine! Her nose was always dripping snot because she was always crying
about every little thing!

(This scene is pretty funny because if you played the first game,
you'd know it was Etoile with the snop dripping :D)

Kururu : ...

Boy : What's wrong? Are you ok?

Kururu : ...I'm fine. It's nothing.

(and now the walking in dark resumes until next event.)

Kururu : Etoile-san?!

Etoile : How dare you! How dare you do such a thing to my precious Crea! 
That promise you made... You liar! I'll never forgive you!

Kururu : No, that's not...

Etoile : Ah, my poor Crea...that selfish girl hurt her... I'll destroy you!
(battle start, they've got high HP so try to use a pastry attack first
instead or Duke's skills)

(after winning, you'll get another key)

Kururu : I know its just an illusion, but...

Boy : Are you saying you're regretting this? Didn't you say you'd do
anything to help your friend? Those guys... they're showing you these
illusions to try and break your will.

Boy : Go ahead and give up if you want to. You won't help your friend and
you won't be able to leave, but if its too difficult for you...

Kururu : Sh-shut up! I was just getting a bit sentimental! That's all!

(upon opening the third chest)

Crea : Say, Kururu-chan, what kind of people are your parents?

Kururu : Hmm, my father is very strong and smart, and gentle and cool, too.
My dream is to marry someone just like him. And my mother she is....always
giving me lectures! But she's really gentle too. I love my Mom!

Crea : I see. How nice.

Kururu : And you Crea?

Crea : I love my mother too! I don't have a father, but since I spend
all my time with Mom and you, it doesn't bother me!

Kururu : Crea....

(and the walking continues...)

Kururu : I-it can't be...Father! Mother!

Cornet : We're back Kururu. Did you miss us?

Ferdinand : Have been a good girl while we were away?

Kururu : Father, Mother, I missed you so much, it was so scary... I got
into an argument with Crea and then...

Cornet : I see. Its alright, don't think about it anymore. Mama's here,
she'll protect you.

Kururu : Mother...

Boy : Dummy! Don't forget about the spell! Those are illusions!

Cornet : But... someone who hurt her best friend like that deserves to
be punished!

(The boy steps in as Cornet tries to stab Kururu)

Kururu : Stop it!!

Boy : Those are illusions! Don't you remember?!

Kururu : I know! I know! But... But...

Cornet : Kururu. Since when did you become such a delinquent? Now come here,
greet you mother properly!

Kururu : This... this is... this is too horrible!
battle start. Do take out Ferdinand first)

(after winning, another key as usual)

Kururu : Father...Mother...

Boy : Here...

Kururu : ...

Boy : You real parents are still alive right? Stop crying you'll meet
them again.

Kururu : ...right.

(after opening the fourth chest)

Kururu : Huh? There's nothing...?

Boy : ...this is strange. It would mean that the memories in this chest have
no connection with you. Or perhaps it's something that that girl herself
doesn't remember.

Kururu : Something Crea doesn't remember?

Boy : Yes, for instance...

Boy : No. Let's not speculate. There are some things that we have no business

Kururu : ...

(after more wandering around in the dark)

Crea : Teehee. Let's go play Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Crea...(Kururu steps back towards the boy)

Kururu : No, I can't play with you Crea. You're just an illusion!

Crea : Come on, let's play Kururu-chan.
(battle start. Easy since she's alone. She's still quick and packs
quite a punch though)

(after winning)

Kururu : Huh? nothing happens this time. ...this... this isn't an

Kururu : Crea?! are you alright Crea?!

Crea : ...

Kururu : Crea! Crea!! Wake up! Open your eyes! Please!

Randy : Haa...how horrible. Being so mean to your friend and then
killing her...

Sonia : You killed the only friend you ever had... how pathetic.

Etoile : Ah...my poor Crea... sob...

Cornet : You are no longer our daughter. Leave this country and never

Kururu : I'm sorry Crea! I'm so sorry... I told you that I hate you and
that I didn't want to see you again but that's wrong... Wake up Crea!
Call me Kururu-chan again! Please! Didn't we say we would always be
together...? sob ...Crea...we promised... Please don't go! I'm sorry
Crea, it was all my fault...

(another key appears and all illusions are undone)

NyanNyan : ...crap nya. She broke the spell nya.

Cats : Escape nya! Escape nya!!

Boy : It's the exit. If you open that door...

Kururu : But how did we break it...?

Boy : The last key was within your own heart. Your feeling of regret
and repentance about hurting your friend became the last key.
The illusions we've been fighting up to now were here to make you realize
your own faults. If you failed to face you own faults then...

Kururu : I see...

Boy : Come. Your friend is waiting for you behind that last door.
It's the honesty of your heart that will open hers.

Kururu : Alright.

Boy : ...from now on be sure to take care of your friend.

Kururu : Hold on! Why did you help me? If you weren't there then I
would have been...

Boy : That's because you're...

Boy : (You're Cherie's...)

Boy : Nothing. I just took pity on a stupid kid.

Kururu : Wh-who are you calling stupid?!

Boy (smirking) : Hah...

Kururu : Ah! I'm Kururu! What's your name?

Cello : ....Cello.

Kururu : Hmph, what a snob. I realy do hate him. But, still... thanks.

(now just go up and puch O on the light to trigger the next event)

NyanNyan : ....you won't escape nya.

Kururu : You guys, you're still here?!

NyanNyan : ...you've caused us quite a lot of trouble nya.

Cat : Punishment nya! Punishment nya!

NyanNyan : ..I will use you your body for my next dissection nya!
(battle start, you can't win it)

NyanNyan : ...keesheeshee, I won. Did I overdid it nya?

Cats : Yaay! NyanNyan-sama, you're so strong nya!

NyanNyan (blush) : ..fufu.

Kururu : Uuh, ...it can't end like this...

Kururu : I finally understand. Up until now I was only thinking about
meeting my prince or something like that... I want to be with Crea.
No matter what prince I might find, that wouldn't make me happier!

Kururu : Really, I was so stupid. I didn't even realize it was me who was
hurting Crea... Sorry Crea, next time we meet I'll apologize...(but...right
now it may be...)

NyanNyan : ...uh, that light...so dazzling nya...

Crea : Don't give up Kururu-chan. Come on, open your eyes, grab your courage
and come towards me.

Kururu : Right! I'll follow you Crea! I'm always with Crea, and Crea's
always with me! I'm not afraid of you guys!

(same battle as before except it's easy to win this time)

(after winning)

Kururu : Uh..huh..

Crea : Ah, I'm so relieved. Are you feeling better Kururu-chan? It
seemed you had a nightmare. It looked like it was quite scary...

Kururu : ...yeah. IT was scary, and sad...but you were there so...if
you weren't then I...I would...Crea!

Crea : My, my what happened?

Kururu : Sorry Crea. I said such mean things to you...

Crea : No, it's alright. It was my fault, too.

Kururu : Then, will you ever forgive me?

Crea : Teehee. Of course. After all we're...(they're singin again the 
futari wa isshoni thing^^)

Kururu : Hahaha!

Crea : Teeheehee.

Kururu : Aah, I feel better now that I've apologized. (I understand now.
Why my mother could realize her dream and meet with father. It's because
she had friends. With the support of those irreplaceable friends and because
she didn't give up. I guess I should be grateful to those cats guys for
helping me realize how important Crea is to me. Also, this guy too...)

Kururu : Crea!

Crea : Yes?

Kururu : From now, let's always stay together okay!

Crea : Sure.

=================================  Chapter 4  ==============================
======================  Trip of the tomboy princess  =======================

======= Throne's room ========

Sieglinde : Kururu, I've heard from Gio. It seems that you've been
misbehaving lately.

Kururu : ...

Sieglinde : How many times have you been told not to leave the castle?

Kururu : ....But, it's sooooo boring here. Outside is much more fun.

Sieglinde : Hoho, true it's quite austerous and there isn't a whole lot to
do here.

Gio : Your Majesty! 

Sieglinde : Ah, right. Excuse me. Tell me Kururu, why do you keep escaping
the castle? Do you hate it?

Kururu : I don't hate it... Everyone's so nice andI love this place, but...

Sieglinde : But?

Kururu : ...

Sieglinde : It's fine. Do tell what's on your mind.

Kururu : ...it's something I realized during the times I was outside.
I...I'm still just a kid and I don't know anything. I said I dreamed
of finding a prince just like Mother did but...but for that to happen,
I realized there is so much I still have to learn. If I want my dream to
come true someday, then I can't keep on waiting! I want to explore the world
outside even more, learn many more things, so that I can make my dream
come true someday!!

Sieglinde : Wh-what...!? This child she's....!

Randy (stepping in) : Y-your Majesty! I understand your anger but...

Sieglinde : You're such a good girl Kururu!

Sonia (looking at Randy) : ...

Randy : (sweatdrop)

Sieglinde : That's very well said. I'm so proud of you. You will become the
queen of this country one day. It's a good thing that you want to learn about
the outside world and broaden your horizons. I'm allowing you to go.

Kururu : Grandmother, I love you!

Gio : Your Majesty!

Sieglinde : Hoho, but you must promise me three things first.

Kururu : Promise?

Sieglinde : Kurusale Cherie Marl Q, you will have to behave as a
representative of the king. Also I want you to give this written
invitation to my birthday ceremony to the great sage. He lives in the
tower of the great sage in Blue Cat. This will be the goal of your
first travel.

1) Is that all right?
2) Could you tell me that again?

Sieglinde : Randy and Sonia will accompany you during this trip.

Randy : I'll be with....Sonia? I humbly accept your Majesty!!

Sonia : This can't be! Majesty!

Kururu : What's the third promise?

Sieglinde : The third one is....to come back safe and sound.

Kururu : Grandmother....Alright! I will definitely keep the promises!

Sonia : ...

Gio : sigh...and here I thought this way the princess would be scolded,
I should just have kept quiet...


======= Kururu's room ========

Kururu : Hmmm, I've got my toothbrush, my towel, pajamas....
what did I forget...? Oh yeah, I better take some sexy pants just in case...

(you get a notice that Kururu got the item "sexy pants"...and I'm not
kidding you. That item let you recuit monsters more easily.
Monsters have no taste seriously.)

(someone knock)

Randy : Princess, we're going on ahead. When you're ready, come to the harbor.
We'll be waiting for you. Alright?
1) Yes
2) No

Randy : Oh yeah, before you leave, please sell any unnecessary stuff at the
second-hand shop in the town. We don't need any more than what we can carry.

Kururu : Yup, I got it.

Kururu : ! (she gets closer to him) Randy, what's with the goofy grin?

Randy : Eh? Th-there's no goofy grin! I-I mean no more of a goofy grin
than usual!

Kururu : Reaaally? (Randy escapes the room)

Kururu : Hehe. I guess I should be going, too.


======= near the fountain in the castle courtyard ========

Kururu : Ah, right. I should go tell Crea. But this time it's such a long
trip, she probably won't be able to go with me...

(talking to people around a few got some new lines)

Soldier : I won't have to stare Death in the face anymore when she tries
to escape! Ah! I wish you a pleasant trip Princess!!

Servant : Blue Cat is the biggest port town of the Marl Kingdom.
A lot of people visit the town.

Kururu : A port town...traveling alone...a meeting in a faraway place...
this is sooo romantic!

Gardener : Gosh, It's so hot! On days like this, I really enjoy eating
a softcream. Don't you Princess?

Kururu : Don't say "softcream" in front of me ever again.

(there a few other people around in the castle, mentionning various stuff
like how the ancient people had beautiful wings in their back, or what a
shame that the softcream shop in the wonder woods closed down.
Well random stuff. Right now you need to go to visit Crea in Etoile's house)

======= Etoile's house ========

(upon entering)

Crea : I was expecting you Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Expecting me... hey, what's with that huge bag?

Crea : Things I'll bring along on the trip of course.

Kururu : You're planning on coming along? On such a long trip?

Kururu : Wait, how did you even know I was going?

Crea : Teehee. How many times do I have to tell you?
I can see right through you, Kururu-chan.

Kururu (sweatdrop) : ...nevermind. I get it. It was stupid to even ask.
(Crea joins the part and as usual don't have anything equipped.
Though that time you don't want to equip her accessories for the
time being. Now go the harbor. Also, if you haven't done it yet you might
want to go to the softcream shop. They'll give you a special softcream
that heals 100HP, instead of 10 for the regular one, for free.
To reach the harbor go east from the fountain place in town.)

======= At the harbor ========

(upon reaching it)

Kururu : This might get ugly if Sonia sees you...
you better hide in the luggage.

Crea : That's true. She is a strict woman. Understood.

Kururu : Sorry for making you wait! I'm ready to go!

Sonia : You're late. What kept you?

Kururu (sweatdrop) : We-well, ah, various things. I had to get mentally
prepared for this, make sure I have all my neccessities... things like that.
(Crea sneakily get into the luggage behind them)

Sonia : ...I see. Then, let us depart. Randy, get the bags.

Randy : Yes mad'm! (the girls leave and Randy start struggling with
the luggage)

Randy (panting) : Huh? Was it this heavy before?


Akurjo : It seems like the little princess is going on a trip.

FonFon : A trip in search of a prince, how romantic.

RanRan : Ho. I guess even flaming homosexuals can understand a woman's heart,
after all.

NyanNyan : ...keesheeshee. Flamers are surprising, nya.

FonFon (mad) : Who's a flamer?!

Akurjo : Stop fighting over stupid matters. ...besides I wonder if that
princess girl is really going to look for a prince. Hahaha, in any case it'd
be nice for her to find a wonderful prince...


======= Inside the ship ========

Kururu : Say, Randy. Are we there yet?

Randy : Hmm, I'd say we should reach the sea in about half a day.

Kururu : The sea...it will be the first time I see it!
Have you seen the sea Sonia?

Sonia : No. This will be my first time, too.

Randy : Eh? Sonia-san, it'll be your first time too? The sea is so nice!
The deep-blue sea, on a white sandy beach, it's really romantic!

Sonia : So you've been to the sea before?

Randy : Ah no, but I read about it in a guide book! Do you want to read it?

Kururu : Hahaha. So it's the first time for everyone then. Alright,
I'm gonna go look around for a bit. Randy, where's the luggage?

Randy : Ah, it was so heavy I just left it upstairs on the deck.

Sonia : Princess, remember you're supposed to be traveling incognito.
Don't draw attention to yourself.

Kururu : I know. (Randy and Sonia joins the party.
They don't have anything equiped as usual)

(you're now free to roam around. people mention something like a giant
Bobo fish that lurk in the vicinity, and how it's supposed to be a pet
of the Marjory family. Only thing you have to do is to go outside
to get the next event)

======= On the deck ========

Kururu : Are you alright Crea? It isn't too cramped is it?

crea : No, I'm fine. I was having a wonderful nap.

Kururu (sweatdrop) : You were sleeping in that? ...I wasn't aware you
could relax in such a small space.
(boat begins to shake)

Sailor : All hands on deck! I-It's here!
(they're referring to the giant bobo fish)

Kururu : Wh-what? What's here?

Sonia : What's going on?

(a Giant fish appears and smaller fish got out of its mouth)

Sonia : Randy! We must protect the Princess!

Randy : Yes mad'm! (battle start against big bobo.mini. You'll beat
it in no time with Duke's Excalibur and Sonia's Holy slash.)

(after winning)

Randy : Did we get it?!

Sonia : No, it just escaped. Princess, are you alright?

Kururu : I'm fine, thanks.

Kururu : ...? Huh? What happened to the luggage here?

Randy : Ah, crap. I was supposed to watch over it but...
it probably got eaten by that fish. Hahaha, sorry!

Kururu : Ah, I see. So it got eaten? Ahahaha....

Kururu : Noooooooooooooooo!!

(back in their room)

Randy : Have they found it yet?

Sonia : Who knows. You'd be better asking that fish.
Just find some bait and wait for it.

Randy : Ahem...Sonia-san? Aren't you angry with the Princess?

Sonia : Of course I am! But right now, rescuing Crea-sama is our priority.

Randy : That's true.

Sailor : We spotted it! Hurry and come to the deck!

(back on the deck)

Randy (sweatdrop) : Uwaah...do we really have to climb in the mouth
of that thing? Do you mind if I pass on this? 

Sonia : Understand, Princess? You're responsible for this situation,
you have to clean up your own mess.

Kururu : I know. I'll assume responsibility for my own mistakes.

Sonia : That's right. If you're serious about pursuing your dream,
then you can't be spoiled anymore. We'll help you, but we won't do
anything more than necessary.

Kururu : Yes.

Sonia : Then, let's go.

(head into the fish mouth, that's indeed a dungeon. One of the sailors
outside will offer to help by asking if you have any last words before going^^.
Before getting inside the mouth though you'll have to fight another

(after beating it)

Sailor : Preparation ok!

Captain : Hey, you guys! Get going now! If you take too much long,
we'll be leaving without you! Use that rope to get back on the ship!
Don't be slow down there, keep your heads up and get out quickly!

Kururu : ...got it!! I'll definitely save Crea and be back!


Narration : Meanwhile Crea was....

Crea : Yaawn... That Kururu-chan, what could she be up to?


Crea : Sob, sob. I want to go back home...

(Small Kururu come crashing on a ground)

Kururu : Crea, I've found you! Let's go back now!

Crea : Kururu-chan. Your clothes are...

Kururu : Ah it's fine. Don't worry about it! Mom will get mad, but that's
about it. You're more important than this Crea! Huh, what's wrong?

Crea : (Kururu-chan...you're truly my prince...)

(end of flashback)

Crea : I remember now. I'm sure she'll be here soon.
I'll just have to wait for her.


Kururu : Urgh. It smells like fish in here!

Randy :  You realize we are inside a fish, don't you?

Sonia : We don't have time for useless babbling.
Let's hurry and find Crea-sama.

(starightforward dungeon, simply keep going left. After a few screens,
the music will change and you'll meet a familiar face)

Wolfish girl : Hm? Wow, we don't have guests that often here.
So what's up guys? Did the fish eat you too?

Nyanko : Gao-sama, we found something to eat nya!

Gao : Those are fish bones. Again. Dumbass.
You can't get any energy from bones!

Kururu : What the heck are you doing down here?!

Gao : ..well...The great outdoors was calling me lately and then...

Kururu : Outdoors huh...I can understand that, but...

Randy : These guys are idiots. It's okay if we don't understand
what they're saying.

(if you talk to them some more, you'll learn that the Big Bobo you're in
is Myao's pet and because Gao was making fun of Myao calling her
flat-chested, she used them as food for her pet. The Nyankos being their
usual dim-witted selves enjoy their situation though, "it feels like
we're going picknicking" while Gao is just trying to find a way to leave
cause she's getting hungry. Anyway resume going left as usual. You'll end
up finding Crea in one of the rooms)

Kururu : Crea!! What's wrong, Crea? Are you injured?!

Crea : zzz...zzzz...

Randy : Seems like she's just asleep.

Crea : Yaaawn. I slept well. Ah, Kururu-chan. You're here finally.

Kururu : Did you have a nice dream, princess?

Crea : Yes. Because I was sure that you'd come for me, my prince.

Kururu : Crea...Sorry about that Crea.
You were in danger because of me again....

Sonia : Princess, we don't have time for this. Let's go.

Kururu : Alright! (Crea joins and have nothing equipped as usual.
Though now you can go back you should obviosuly keep on exploring
the fish inside. On the bottom room you'll find a dog in a room.
Talk to it and pick the first choice to take it along)

(upon getting back on the ship)

Sailor : Oh, they made it back in time!

Randy : Hm? Why isn't it moving at all? Did we kill it? Hah, I wonder how
many people could eat if we cooked it?
(the fish then moves and Randy gets swallowed)

Crea : Oh dear, what a silly person. So, anyway,
how did I get eaten by such a large fish?

Kururu : ...you just saw someone get eaten in front of you
and you can't figure it out?

Sonia : Geez, what is he doing? (you get to fight another Big bobo mini)

(after winning)

Randy : Whew, I thought I was a goner there.

Captain : I thought the same thing. Thankfully, these guys saved you..
Wait...now that I think about it, this whole mess is because of you guys.

Sonia : We apologize. I there's any way we can help for the repairs...

Captain : Bah, we'll just let him do that. The deck is the only thing
that's damaged... let's just head to Blue Cat. Men! Back to your posts!

Kururu : Sorry, it was all my fault....
(Sonia slaps her)

Randy : So-Sonia-san!!

Kururu : ...Sonia...

Sonia : Your mistake put everyone in danger. This is your punishment.


(another flashback, this time about Sonia)

Gio : By the way Sonia, do you have a boyfriend now?

Sonia (looking totally different and talking like Crea) : Father,
you know I'm not that interested in romance. 

Gio's wife : That's true, dear. Sonia is still a child after all.
But since I can't give you a heir with that weak constitution of mine,
I understand your worries...

Gio : S-sorry...I wasn't asking because of something like that.

Sonia : My, father. Don't you consider me as your heir? Despite how I look,
I ranked first in the fencing competition at school, you know. It's my dream
to become a knight and to be able to succeed you one day, father.

Gio's wife : Oh my, what are you saying Sonia...

Gio : Hey hey, forget about that now... I've never seen a girl wielding
a sword anyway.

(a few years later, in a church during a funeral)

People gossipping : It's such a pity. With the death of his beloved wife,
General Gio must be heart-broken.. But who will succeed him?
His daughter Sonia isn't expecting a child or even engaged.
After so many generations, it's finally the end of this military family....

(Sonia in her room cutting her long hair short with a knife)

Sonia : (...I have no regrets. I will protect this family, the one that
mother loved! If she was alive that would maybe have made her sad but...
I swear it on those hair. I will become a knight!)

(end of flashback)


Sonia : (When pursuing one's dream, whether a woman or a child, one can't be
pampered. The princess will understand that one day...)

Randy : Sonia-san! I don't care even if it's you! Raising your hand to
the Princess is too much!

Sonia : Hahaha. You get so upset whenever something like that happens to the
Princess, but you're too leniant with her. Don't forget that. There is a
limit to how kind you should be with your companions. ...but maybe that's
something you can't grasp. 


======= Blue cat harbor ========

Captain : Well then, take care.

Kururu : Yes. Thank you for everything! (Randy joins back the party.
You have to equip him again)

(getting inside the town)

Crea : Say, Kururu-chan. Isn't Blue Cat supposed to be the second biggest
town after Mothergreen? In such a big city, you shouldn't have any trouble
finding your Prince!

Kururu : Aha, maybe...

Crea : ?? You're not as energetic as usual.
...Ah, did you already find someone?!

Kururu : I-it's nothing like that! But hey, isn't it weird that
there's no one around...?

Crea : Maybe they're sleeping...?

Kururu : In the middle of the day? That's ridiculous...right?

(a bunch of men gather around them)

Kururu : What? What's wrong with these guys?!

Kururu : ..??? What's this?

Old man : Fear not everyone. They're humans!

Kururu : W-what's that supposed to mean? These people are so rude!
(they leave)

Kururu : What's with that town?

(You can now visit the town and enquire about what's going on.
This is not mandatory to progress but it's the natural thing to do
right? Plus you'll get some funny dialogue like that one.)

Guy in green clothing : Young girls like you should leave that town quickly.

Kururu : Oh my! Hearing people call me young, radiant and cute!
That's so embarassing!

Randy : ...

Crea : ...

Sonia : ...

Kururu : What's with the stone faces?

Crea : Teehee. Oh dear, Kururu-chan...

Sonia : Sigh, it seems like something happened in this town.

(looking around you will hear that young girls of the town get kidnapped by
a bunch of weird cats. For some reason Kururu can also manage to read the
dogs thoughts and they say they're afraid of those cats cause they're somehow
demon cats things. Wow. Note that the shop has some nice accessories to boost
ATK and DEF by 10 points also. Do take the stairs north of town, you'll end
up in front of the mayor's house. He's that guy who use the weird item
earlier in front of your group. Talk to him to get the following event.
It's event 56 in Kururu's diary)

Mayor : I apologize for what happened earlier.

Kururu : What was that about?

Mayor : Well...that was...to insure the safety of the town.

Crea : You said we were humans, right...? What else would we be...?

Mayor : Don't get involved in this. ...for your own sake. Especially
young girls like you. Leave this town as soon as possible.

(there's another optionnal event to see before leaving town it's that house
just on the right of the stairs going to the mayor house. Go inside and visit
the kid's room upstairs. This one is event 55th^^)

Randy : Linda...?

Sonia : ??? Do you know that girl?

Randy : N-no. She just looks like a kid I know.

(now let's move on with the story and go east of town. You'll be in a forest)

Sonia : Well then, we'll be waiting in town. The princess should go the 
Great Sage's Tower" by herself.

Randy : T-this is dangerous!

Sonia : Silence, you. Understood, Princess? Making one's dream cone true
isn't easy. People suffer and cry for the sake of their dreams. From now on
Princess, you won't be protected. Maybe you'll learn how important it is to
work for your dreams on this trip.


Voice : One, two, three....there's three girls BANG!

Voices : Launch the plan nya! Launch the plan nya!

Voice : We have to capture young girls for NyanNyan-sama experiments BANG.
Then she'll promote me back to where I was before the softcream shop debacle

Voices : Promotion nya!

Voice : Yes!  I'll return to NyanNyan-sama side BANG! Unlike those guys who
won't see the light of day again BANG!

Voices : Roger nya! Nyahaha!


Kururu : Huh? I feel like someone's watching us..

Crea : ??? What's wrong?

Kururu : That's weird? Maybe I'm just imagining something...?

(now just keep going east until you reach a crossroad. The north path lead to
the sage's tower while the south take to you to some mines. So go north
for now. You'll get the following event as soon as you take that path)

Kururu : Ah...Cello...san.

Crea : Oh my, this person is...did you say Cello-san?

Kururu : Yeah. He's the one who saved us in the Wonder woods and they one
who helped me break the spell on you.

Crea : Humm. I s-e-e. So that's h-o-w it is then.

Kururu : Wh-what do you mean by that?!

Crea : I heard about you from Kururu-chan. Thank you for rescuing me.
May I ask what you are doing here today? Are you also on a trip?
Or could it be that you were waiting to ambush Kururu-chan secretly and...


Crea : Oh my? Why is your face getting so red? Are you embarassed?

Kururu : Wh-?

Crea : Or could it be jealousy's ugly head?

Kururu : That's not it...it's nothing like that!

Kururu to Cello : Hahah...don't pay attention to what she just said...
she's a little bit soft in the head...

Kururu : M-more importantly, I wanted to say thanks for last time...

Cello : ....

Kururu : If you weren't there last time....

Cello : ...beware of cats.

Kururu : Cats? (he leaves)

Kururu : Cats? Cats? Does he means those ones going "nya, nya" all the time?
Like the ones from...

Crea : I wonder? But more importantly, you were really red just now...
maybe you were just excited to run into your Prince...

Kururu (sweatdrop) : I-I told you that's not it!


Akurjo : My, my would you look at that now...it seems like the little
princess has just found a wonderful prince. Hahaha, really, this is too rich,
I can't stop laughing! I think I will keep watching this at my leisure.

RanRan : That's not news. That's all you do anyway.

FonFon : Yup. Perhaps one day, God will hear your prayers.

NyanNyan : Oh Lord, please bless Akurjo-sama with the Shadow of Beauty
immediately nya. 

Akurjo : Ahahaha! It looks like everyonce in a while you say something that
isn't stupid! That's right! Eternal youth will be mine! Ahahaha!

RanRan (looking embarassed) : ...I think...
I think the joke went over her head...


(keep heading east and enter the tower. Nothing much to say here.
Just reach the top floor)

(once you get to the final room. You'll see an old man. Talk to him)

Old man : Hm? What can I do for you?

Kurur : Er, are you the great sage?

Om : Precisely. I'm the great sage Polyanski.

Kururu : Pleased to meet you. My name is Kururu.
I am the daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Cornet. This girl is my friend,
Crea Rosenqueen. By order of my grandmother Sieglinde, I am here to extend
to you this invitation to her birthday ceremony.

Polyanski : I see, I see. Good job.

Kururu : Was that alright?

Crea : Perfect. This is the first time everything's gone perfect!

Kururu : Alright. I owe it all to you and the others.

Crea : Then, should we get back? Sonia-san said they would be waiting in town.

Polyanski : Wh-what? You're going back already?

Kururu : Ur, yeah?

Polyanski : I-I see. Take care.

Kururu : ...???

(simply use the Legdem puppet near Polyanski's room to exit the tower
immediatly. Then return to town. Sonia and Randy are waiting on the port)

Sonia : Princess...you came back safely.

Randy : I'm so glad! I was so worried.

Sonia : Now all that's left is to wait for the ship to return.

Kururu : What's wrong here? It isn't back yet?

Sonia : Yes, it looks like we're waiting. (they both joins without
anything equipped. Now go back to town. You'll see the father of that "Linda"
girl coming to talk to you)

Man : Ahem...travellers. Could it be that you're knights?

Sonia : ..indeed. He and I are both knights. What is your business with us?

Man : Well actually I have problems... would you please stay over at my
house so I can explain them?

Sonia : Thank you for your offer, but I'd like to know why you need our help.

Man : ...actually my daughter might disappear tonight...

Randy : ....!!

Man : I-I don't know what to do. Could you please lend me your strength?

Sonia : But we have our own duty and...

Randy : We can definitely stay the night! We'll be waiting here anyway,
so we might as well help someone while we can!

Sonia : Hey why are you so energetic? You're acting strangely.

Kururu : ..Randy is right.

Sonia : Princess?!

Kururu : Since we can't go back yet...I can't ignore people who need our help!

Sonia : ...understood.


Kururu : Huh? Where's Randy?

Crea : He went upstairs earlier.

(obviosuly you have to go upstairs too)

Randy : There's no need to be worry anymore. Big brother and his friends
will protect you.

Voice : Okay. It's a promise then.

Randy : Yeah, I promise. So you don't have to worry!
Big brother is invincible!

Voice : Right!

Randy : Princess...

Kururu : She reminds you of Linda, doesn't she?

Randy : Yes. I can't help it.... this kid looks so much like Linda.
...I couldn't protect Linda, so I swear this time, I'll...

(go downstairs and you'll hear an explosion)

Kururu : Wh-what was that?!

Crea : It came from upstairs!

Sonia : Princess, let's hurry!

(once upstairs enter the room)

Randy : I won't let you take her!

Nyanshes : Nyahaha. We've been seen nya! Spotted nya! Spotted nya!
(battle against 8 nyanshes. Super easy since they're still just Nyanshes.
You can wipe them all out with just one group attack)

(after winning)

Nyanshes : Fall back nya! Fall back nya!

Randy : Hold it!

Sonia : Stop! Don't follow them!

Crea : Cello-san told us to look out for cats...
I guess this is what he meant...

Kururu : Sonia!! Let's go after Randy!

(you can't follow him because of the rubbles so go downstairs exit and enter
the forest to the east. Keep going east until you reach the crossroads)

Sonia : Where did Randy go?

Crea : There are some cats footprints here. They went this way.

(follow the path Crea showed you. You'll find Randy a few screens later)

Kururu : Where's the girl?

Sonia : You...!! Why did you disobey orders?!

Randy : ...

Kururu : You know Sonia, Randy was...

Burg : (Gahahaha! Those three completely fell in the trap BANG!
All that's left is to put the "Meatball Stamp" on them!...) 

(Note: The Meatball Stamp is something Burg puts on people to tell them
he's coming for them. Sort of like a calling card)

Nyanshe 1 : (Question nya. Why don't we just capture them right here and
right now nya?)

Nyanshe 2 : (We might fail if we're not following instructions correctly nya.)

Nyanshe 1 ! (I see nya. Makes sense nya.)

Burg : (It's good that you understand each other. We must reach our goal by
respecting the plan we devised. That's "The Art of Evil" BANG)

(Burg here is a sort of parody of cliche villains that have some pride/honor)

Sonia : Watch out!

Kururu : Sonia!!

Crea : Sonia-san!

Kururu : Let's get back to town!

Randy : ...

Kururu : Randy, snap out of it! Don't stand there, help me carry Sonia!

(don't come back to town right now. Keep going east and you'll reach the
mines. There go inside, and enter in the north all the way to the north
of the screen. Once inside keep going and you should see a bird in one of
the room. Talk to him and he will tell you that he's Chimera and prompt
you to fight it. Pick first choice to accept. Chimera only take damage
from spells and his element is fire so water-based spells will be very
useful here. Once you beat him, he will tell you that he's a former puppet,
Billy, and he's very grateful for what Cornet did for him. He will leave
an egg behind him. Inspect it and pick the first choice to play your trumpet.
You'll get a new puppet, Billy. Now you can head back to town.)

======= Blue cat ========

Man : M-my daughter..where is she?

Randy : ...

Man : N-no...

Mayor : What happened to this girl here? Did she get the "meatball stamp"...?

Kururu : Yes...

Mayor : I-in that case bring her to my house!


(another Sonia flashback)

Zolbaref : Hey hey, what's wrong? Finished already? It's a million years and
ten days too early before a woman can beat me, Zolbaref of the Dawn! 

Soldier : That's right! A woman doesn't have what it takes to be a knight!

Soldier : Maybe you'd be better off in the kitchen!

Soldier : Hahaha, girls can't be knights!

Soldiers : Hahaha!!

Sonia : (...I won't be defeated like this. Even if they laugh... this is the
path I chose, the path I swore to on that day. I'll become a knight.
I'll succeed my father. I'll protect the home my parents loved!
This is my dream!! I won't be defeated! I will become a knight!
I won't be defeated!!)

Sonia : I won't be defeated!!


Sonia : Ah... ah... ah...!

Kururu : Uwah, you surprised me! You started yelling all of the sudden!

Crea : Are you all right Sonia-san?

Sonia : Y, yes. What happened...?

Crea : You jumped in to protect us earlier...

Sonia : ...I see. Are you two hurt?

Kururu : No, we're alright. Thanks to you Sonia....

Sonia : Don't worry about it. I'm glad I could protect you.
...what about Randy?

Crea : He went outside. He said he was going to the harbor to calm down...

Sonia : I see.

Kururu : A-are you alright?

Sonia : Yes. I'm fine now. I'll go get Randy.

(outside of the mayor's house)

Kururu : Sonia, please don't be mad at Randy....
You probably don't know about it, but Randy had a little sister named Linda.
She was attacked by monsters and killed... It crushed Randy's spirit.
He was upset that he couldn't protect his sister. He decided to learn fencing,
but it was hard for him.  He always ended up getting into fight...

Sonia : ...Randy went through something like that... I had no idea.

Crea : It's rather surprising... The way he acts now, its hard to imagine...

Kururu : But, then, on that day...


(yet another flashback, this time near the great tree behind Marl's castle)

Kururu : Randy! Why are you always picking fights?

Randy : ...

Kururu : Is it because you like fighting? Is it that much fun?

Randy : Shut up. I just want to get stronger! Stronger than anyone else!
That's my responsability!

Kururu : ...because you couldn't protect your sister?

Randy : !!! ...who told you that?

Kururu : I heard uncle Gio talking about it...

Randy : ...

Kururu : Say, Randy. It's sad but people who've passed on don't come back.
It isn't good to dwell on losing someone. I think your sister would be sad
in heaven if she knew you were so depressed.

Randy : ...!!!

(and then several days later...in Kururu's room)

Randy : I swear on that sword that I won't be picking fights anymore!
I will thrive to become a knight and protect people.
From now on my dream is to become a knight to protect you.


Kururu : ...but that litle girl, she looked exactly like his little sister...
that's why he reacted like that...

Sonia : So that's why Randy is so leniant with you...

Kururu : So, please? Don't be mad at him.

(head for the harbor, some townspeople will tell you Randy went up in
the park so go there)

Sonia : Princess. Let me speak with Randy alone for a minute.

Kururu : Alright...I understand.

Randy : Sonia-san...!! Have you recovered from your injury already?

Sonia : ...why did you act on your own earlier?

Randy : I apologize. Because of me, even you got hurt...

Sonia : It's not about that! Your duty is to protect the Princess.
Didn't you swear it to her? That you will become a knight to protect her?!

Randy : ...but as of now, I can't protect anyone. I couldn't protect
my own sister. Nothing changed since that day. ...when we return to
Mothergreen, I'm resigning from knighthood.

Sonia : !!! ...I see. You don't care about your dreams or vows. You don't
care about the Princess or Crea-sama. Or, even if those cats got me...

Randy : Of course that's not it! And even if I wasn't here, it isn't like
you'd have any trouble! You're much stronger than me!.

Sonia : ...


Song title : Kedakaki hana no okite

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei 

Sonia (seiyuu : Mitsuishi Kotono)

Kizu darake no yoroi ni mi wo tsutsumi
Koori tsuita kame kokoro kakusu
Akarui butai
Mizukara suteta

Sadame koukai shi nai
Dakedo tokiniha
Tsuki akari no dress de kikazatte
Kifujin no youni odotte mitai
Yume no tameni suteta hakanai mono

Saku koto wasureta hana no omoi
Kiite hoshii
Konya dake ha


Randy : Sonia-san...

Sonia : I'm not as strong as everyone thinks. Making your dream become a
reality is quite difficult. To overcome the difficulties in being a woman in
the knights, I have to appear strong. It's the only way to survive...

Randy : I swear that I will uphold my vow as a knight to protect the Princess.
But as a man, I swear on that sword that I will protect you even if it costs
me my life!

Sonia : Hahaha, thank you. But, somehow, I'm not expecting much.

Randy : Ack, that's so harsh! But one day, I'll become a knight worthy of
your attention! Then...

Kururu : Aaah, it's the adult's word I guess. Maybe one day, I will...

Crea : (Teehee, Randy-san and Sonia-san became closer.
Looks like things will get a little more interesting.)

(Randy joins the party again. Equip him and go downstairs)

Mayor : Good morning. Yesterday sure was hectic, wasn't it?
This was found in the town. It's the last "Cat's eye". If you're in front of
someone suspicious press the R1 button. If they're cats, this will reveal
their true form. Please rid that town of the curse of those cats!
(you got the cat's eye)

(of course you can abuse the eye and harass the townspeople with it to get
some stupid reactions. Try it on the mayor's dog and instead of his usual
"wan!" he will bark "three!" and be proud about it^^ . "Wan" being the normal
bark for a dog in japanese but of course here it's a pun with one.
Before going on with the plot, you can get another optional event in the
bar with Etoile. Event 69th!)

Etoile : Seriously, what's the meaning of this? Young girls are being abducted
one after the another, and yet I'm still here?! How could they have not
noticed my smooth and spotless skin?!

Kururu : Perhaps you should put some cream on those crow's feet...?

Etoile : Crow's feet? That means I need to get some rest or else they won't...
Wait. Did you want a closed casket funeral? Because its gonna take them a few
years to find all of your head when I'm done with you. (reaches for her gun)

Etoile : Kururu-chan! And Crea too!

Kururu : So Etoile-san hasn't been abducted.
What a shame, yet I am not surprised.

Etoile (pissed) : Ku-ru-ru-chan! Saying thing like that isn't good when you
want to live to see 13. Why are you two here?

(explanation ensues)

Kururu : ...and that's how it is.

Etoile : I see. So you're helping too, Crea?

Crea : Yes, mother.

Etoile : Right. You're such a good child, truly my daughter! Well, let me
give you some advice: First, the enemy's boss always has a base nearby.
And they've always got an inside man somewhere in town, Got it?

1) Yes
2) No (if you pick this she simply repeats)

Etoile : Good luck! 

(well finally time to end this chapter. All you need to do now is to head to
the great sage tower and have a chat with your friend Polyanski again.
Once in his room press R1 in front of him)

Polyanski : Uuuh! So dazzling BANG!

Kururu : "Bang"?

Crea : Look Kururu-chan. A cat's shadow...

Burg : Gahahaha! Seems like I got unmasked BANG! Nyanshes, come out BANG!
Let's forget about the delicate "Art of Evil" this time BANG! Get them and
put them with the others bang! You can just kill the guy BANG!

Nyanshes : Yes sir nya!

Randy : I won't let you! I'll protect them!! This time for sure,
I'll protect them! (battle agaisnt Burg and 5 Nyanshes.
You've got 4 people so it's super easy)

(after winning)

Burg : Gahahaha! I won't hold back this time BANG!
Not in front of the likes of you, BANG! (he changes...color) Gahaha!
This is the true strength of the Great Burg haha, BANG!
From now on I'm Super Burg BANG!
(he let loose some sort of energy wawes but Randy stops it)

Sonia : Randy!

Randy : A-are you alright?

Sonia : That was reckless!

Randy : ...have you forgotten? I swore to protect you!

Sonia ...!! You....

Crea : Ahem, doesn't it seem like there's a lovey-dovery mood
between these two?

Kururu : Yup, it sure seems that way...

Burg (sweatdrop) : Hey! We're in the middle of our fight remember BANG?
(battle time again, still 5 nyanshes and this time Super Burg!
Still easy though^^)

(after winning)

Burg : Another failure BANG! I can't face NyanNyan-sama anymore BANG!
In that case....I'll go and return to Myao-sama BANG!!

Sonia : Are you alright Randy?

Randy : Yes.

Sonia : We were saved thanks to you.

Randy : No, I barely did anything...

Sonia : However, you've still got a long way to go as a knight.
In the first place you...

Crea : They're really got into that lovey-dovey mood again didn't they?

Kururu : Yep, I think they've forgotten we're standing here.
Let's free the abducted people before they start doing stuff
we don't want to see.

(pick up the key Burg left, and use it on the shiny spot on the shelves.
You'll get into a secret room)

Girl : Thanks, big brother, you did come save me after all!

Randy : Sorry. And to think I promised that I would protect you too.

Girl : No, that okay. I knew you'd come!

Randy : (Linda...your brother got a little stronger and managed to
protect someone today!)

Kururu : Well, let's go back to the town. I'm sure everyone's
overjoyed right now!

(before going back to town don't forget you have to talk with the real sage.
He's the old guy locked with all the girls)

Polyanski : To be surrounded by so many young girls... I'm so happy!

Kururu : Err...you're the great sage?

Polyanski : Hm? What is it?

Kururu : I'm Kururu, the daugther of King Ferdinand, and Queen Cornet.
By order of my grandmother Sieglinde, I am to give you this invitation
to her birthday ceremony.

Polyanski : Oh, I see. Good job. Defeating evil-doers like this,
I feel like I'm watching Cornet again. I'm the owner of this tower,
the great sage Polyanski. You can call me Polin~.
I will definitely come for Sieglinde-sama's birthday ceremony.

Kururu : Alright!!

Crea : With this done, the mission is complete, right Kururu-chan?

(now you can head back to town. Yes you have to walk there again^^;;
Once there visit the mother of the little girl you saved,
she'll give you a jewel then head to the harbor)

Captain : Ah, you're here. Look at this!

Kururu : What's with that ship?

Captain : Incredible isn't it? Etoile-sama from the RosenQueen company
gave it to us, saying it's to show her gratitude for helping her daugther.
I tell ya what, rich people sure do things differently!

Kururu : Where is Etoile-san now?

Captain : She left after giving us the ship.

Crea : Mother probably left to go working...she was probably worried earlier
so she dropped in on us to see if we were alright.

Randy : Princess?

Kururu : Ah...a lot happened on this trip, but in the end we're all going
back home safely. I was thinking about that just now and it made me happy.

Crea : Kururu-chan...

Kururu : Hah, I'm weird right? We've had so many hardships, we experienced
sad and painful times, and yet...why is that? It's such a weird feeling...

===============================  Chapter 5  ================================
===============================  Real travel  ==============================

Sieglinde : Good work on your mission. I'm glad you came back safely.

Kururu : Thank you Grandmother!

Sieglinde : Sonia, Randy, you've done well too.

Sonia : Not at all, we were simply doing our duty.

Sieglinde : So what are your impressions about your first trip?
Did you find your dream?

Kururu : No...I still don't see it clearly but I did learn something!

Siegline : Ho, and what is that?

Kururu : Pursuing your dream is really hard. Both Randy and Sonia here have
suffered a lot for their dreams. But unless you overcome those hardships,
I think it's impossible to realize one's true dream.

Sieglinde : ... Sonia, Randy, there's nothing I can say to thank you enough.
Thanks to you, Kururu has grown.

Randy : We didn't do that much...

Sonia : No, as embarassing as it is, we both still have a long way to go, too.

Sielginde : Kururu. From now on, don't sneak out of the castle whenever
you feel like it. You will have to learn lots and lots of things about
the outside world. Then you'll be able to grasp your dream.

Kururu : I understand Grandmother! Thank you!

Sieglinde : Ah yes. I nearly forgot. I know that you're all tired, but please
come to my birthday ceremony tonight.

Kururu : I see. So it's tonight...

======= Kururu's room ========

Kururu : I still got time before the birthday part so I think I'll take a nap
since I'm tired. Yaaaawn.


Voice : Kururu...

Kururu : Who...? Mother...?

Cherie : My name is Cherie. Your mother is my daughter...

Kururu : ....my grandmother? But my mother told me that grandmother went to
heaven a long time ago!

Cherie : Listen well Kururu. You will soon go on a journey.
It will be a painful journey, but if you overcome the difficulties, then your
dream will come true.

Kururu : ...journey? Ah! Wait Grandmother!

Cherie : I am always with you, Kururu. Good luck...


Kururu : ...that was ...a dream?

======= Throne's room - birthday party ========

Kururu : Uwaahh, there are so many people here.

Crea : Some of these people aren't even from this kindgom... 

Kururu : It's wonderful. A long time ago Mother and Father danced here.
Ah that must have been so cool. I wanna dance here, too!

Crea : Really? Then shall we invite Cello-san next time?

Kururu : W-what does this guy has to do with anything?

(nothing much to do here, you simply need to talk to people around.)

Randy : Are you having fun Princess?

Kururu : Yeah. But you don't seem to be enjoying yourself Randy.

Crea : How about asking Sonia-san to dance?

Randy : H-hey, stop joking! Besides if I did that, one of these girls might
try to kill me!

Polyanski : That Mustaki guy, he's still alive.
He's quite a stubborn geezer, too.

Kururu : Polin, you know my great grandfather?

Polyanski : Yes. We've known each other since a very long time. We were both
engineers working for the royal family back in the day.

Mustaki : I would have been fine if they hadn't called me. I feel uneasy at
these sorts of things.

Kururu : I'd rather go see you in the village, anyway.
It's so much more fun there.

Muustaki : I see, I see. You should come play in Orange village soon.

Kururu : Happy birthday, grandmother!

Crea : I wish you a happy birthday, Sieglinde-sama.

Sieglinde : Thank you Kururu, Crea. Today, it's okay if you stay up late.
Now, please enjoy the party.

Kururu : Yes!

Gio : To be honest, I was worried, but in the end it looks like that trip
was a good experience for you, Princess. It seems like it helped you
mature a little.

Kururu : R-really? But, yeah, I think it was a good experience for me, too!

(going into the room below, Kururu will get kicked out of the way by
some girls)

Sonia-fans : Kyaah! Look Look! It's Sonia-sama! She's soooo brave!
Look how dignified she looks! She's soooooo dreamy!
I wonder if she would dance with me?

Crea : It doesn't surprise me, Sonia-san is very popular.
Even among the girls...

Kururu : Aren't I supposed to be the Princess around here?

Kururu : You're so popular Sonia.

Sonia : Not really, its just strange for people to see a female Knight.

Kururu : It would have been nice to have worn a dress tonight.

Crea : That's true. It would have been neat to see Sonia-san wearing
a dress for once.

Sonia : Haha, no thanks. Dresses don't suit me.

Etoile : My, Kururu-chan. So you came back safely from your trip.

Kururu : Thanks to you Etoile-san. You came all the way to Blue Cat to check
on us!

Etoile : My, what could you be talking about? I simply had some on-going
business in Blue Cat, that's all.

Crea : Teehee, that's mother for you. You'll have to excuse her, she's not
comfortable expressing her feelings like that.

Hama : There's always some idiot slimeball that tries to ask the Lady to dance
with them at parties like this. Well of course they're greeted by a
"Ohohohoho, even in a million years you won't be good enough to dance with me"
...and so the Lady always ends up with no one to dance with.

Momi : At these parties, there are always nobles who try to get to know
the Lady.

(now simply attempt to leave to get the following event)

Voice : An intruder! There's an intruder in the castle!

Zolbaref : Sonia-sama! An intruder has been spotted entering the treasure room
in the basement!

Sonia : Where is the intruder now?

Zolbaref : The intruder stole the "five treasures" and is presently trying
to escape! We believe he's still within the castle walls!

Sonia : "The five treasures" you say? Those things that Cornet-sama brought
back from when she entered "Beauty Castle"?

Zolbaref : Yes!!

Sonia : Why would they steal those...? Ready the troops for an emergency
deployment! Do not let the intruder escape!

Zolbaref : Yes mad'm!!

Sonia : I apologize for the disturbance. Rest assured that the intruder
will be apprehended immediatly. Please everyone, relax and enjoy the party.

Crea : A burglar eh... I wonder if everything will be ok?

Kururu : It sounds exciting! Let's go see!

(simply exit and you'll see Cello bumping into Kururu and losing 5 sphere-shaped

Kururu : Ouch...

Kururu : Cello?! These...are the "five treasures"...?
You're the burglar Cello?!

Kururu : (Why...)

Cello : (...)

Sonia : Princess, Crea-sama, are you alright?! Everyone, after him!

Sonia : Princess? Are you alright princess?


Crea : Kururu-chan, come on now, try to pull yourself together.

Kururu : ...

Kururu : Hey, Crea. What do you think about this? I don't think he's a bad
person... I'm sure he has a good reason for it!

Crea : That's true. I don't believe he is a bad person, either.

Kururu : ... then, its decided!

Crea : Decided...? What do you intend to do?

Kururu : I will prove his innocence!

Crea : Kururu-chan.... does this mean you feel that way about him?

Kururu : ...I'm not really sure... But...

Crea : ...I understand. I'll help in any way I can!

Kururu : ...thanks Crea.

Crea : Teehee, well it's only natural. After all,
"The two of us will always be together"

Kururu : Good! Let's take initiative!

Crea : Yes, first let's go get the "five treasures." Since he needed them,
it must mean he has business in Beauty Castle.

Kururu : I see. Then, maybe if we go there, we'll see him again.

Crea : I'm almost positive we will. Well, let's hurry and get
the "five treasures."

(Because of the theft there'll be soldiers everywhere in this chapter.
They're totally useless except for a few ones who say funny things so ignore
them. Go south to reach the castle and once inside go into the hallway on
the left side of the stairs. You'll find a flight of stairs going down in
one of the room there, it leads to the basement)

(upon entering that room)

Crea : Alright Kururu-chan. The treasure room is at the bottom of the basement.

Kururu : I knew that. This is my home, you know? ....wait....
why do you know where our treasure room is?

Crea : Teehee, that's a secret!

(now go down the stairs. Though it's the basement of your home, there's still
monsters inside. After going down a few stairs you'll see the following event)

Crea : From here on, there will be a lot of Soldiers...

Kururu : Yeah, but since it's such a peaceful country, they're mostly slackers.

Crea : Yes, but it would still be bad if they saw our faces.

Kururu : Then what should we do?

Crea : If I'm not mistaken, this basement is lit by Inochium lamps right?

Kururu : ...uh, I think so. I get it! If we turn out the Inochium lamps,
they won't be able to see us!

Crea : The control room for the Inochium lamps is right here.

Kururu (sweatdrop) : ...why do you know these things...?

(enter the room on right in front of you and push the stick on the
control panel. The lamps will go off)

Crea : Teeheehee, now we can proceed safely.

Kururu : "Teeheehee" ...give me a break! I'm sneaking around like a thief
in my own house!

(just keep going down now. You'll get the next event once you'll be spotted
by a soldier further down)

Soldier : Who goes there!

Soldier : The enemy! They've returned again!! (battle against three soldiers.
They're easy of course, after all, grown up males are no match for a pair
of twelve years old girls)

(after winning)

Kururu : Sigh...we got them.

Crea : Teehee, it looks like we're in the fast lane to becoming professional

Kururu (going mad) : If I knew I'd end up like this, I'd change my ways!
(talking like she was commanding a mob gang) A'right boys, hurry up and
snatch everything!

Crea (slapping Kururu with that old fan from chapter 1) : Take this.
Kururu-chan, that would make us no better than common thieves.
Remember that we're doing this to prove Cello-san innocent. 

Kururu : Right, right.

(once you get near the bottom you'll meet an old friend)

Zolbaref : We meet again, thief!! Yesterday after you escaped, I was lectured
for ten hours by Sonia-sama...today I will redeem myself! Thief scum, you will
be a present for my beloved Sonia-sama!

(Battle against two soldiers and Zolbaref black. Zolbaref has a new skill,
now his special attack affect all party members instead of one,
aside from that he's still easy)

(after winning)

Zolbaref : A-again, I'll have to be lectured by Sonia-sama....
but it isn't such a cruel fate....

(go into the next room, you'll find the five treasures. Which are the orbs of
fire, water, wind, earth and lightning that you had to collect in the
first game)

Kururu : So those are the "five treasures"...

Crea : With those, we can enter "Beauty Castle".

Kururu : But it's a flying castle right? How are we going to reach it?
It isn't like we can fly through the skies! We don't have wings!

Crea : Oh my, what are you saying Kururu-chan? Of course we're going to fly.

Kururu : ....what? Fly...in the skies?

Crea : Right. Mother has been secretly constructing a "flying ship".
If we use it we can fly freely through the skies.

Kururu : For...real?

Crea : The flying ship is hidden in the basement under my house. Let's go~

Kururu : Argh...we're going to go sneaking into a house again.
It feels like I'm becoming a bad person....

(now go back and use the Legdem puppet to get out. Before going to Etoile's
house drop by Orange village in that house with the metal dog. Upon entering
the owner will see the dog you saved in last chapter and will be delighted.
As thanks he will give you the dog puppet. Just go near it and pick the
first choice to play the trumpet to get it. Also if you don't mind walking
all the way there, go back to the haunted mansion. There is a treasure
containing illustraion number 4 which is very nice. Once you're done fooling
around go into Etoile's house. Inside the grandma who's usually badmouthing
Kururu will tell you that the basement can be entered from Etoile's room but
only her knows how to open the entrance. Crea will mention that there's a
puppet in that room and that it holds the secret to enter the basement.)

(talking to the puppet within Etoile's room)

Puppet : ...

Kururu : That's weird. This is puppet isn't talking to me...

Crea : It's alright. If we tell the puppet the password, it'll open the door
to the basement. Inside this puppet's mouth there's something called a "mike"
a device that collects people's voices. It will respond to my voice.

Kururu : Ma-maiku? A device for Co-collecting v-voices? I don't get it at all.

Crea : Teehee. Just watch.

Crea (to the puppet) : Carpaccio! Totocalcio! Hippopotamus!

Kururu : Ah, it opened Crea! Wait...what exactly does the password mean?

Crea : My, who really knows? Having a meaning is overrated anyway.
More importantly, let's go to the flying ship.

(Get in the secret entrance. It leads to more basement-dungeon filled
with monsters)

(upon entering)

Kururu : Incredible! You have a basement like this? Your family is ultra rich!

Crea : Ah, Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Yeah? (she suddenly falls)

Crea : Mother's booby-trapped the basement, so be careful.

Kururu (slowly climbing back) : You could really start warning me
ahead of time...

Crea : Teeheehee. Also, Mother wanted the basement to be like an authentic
natural cave, so she filled it with monsters.

(now you're free to explore the cave. Nothing really noteworthy. Since this is
a trapped dungeon or so they say, treasure chest contains monsters. You can't
escape those encounters but hey why should you do, they're just encounters
like the random ones. There is some nice stuff here like an accessory that
let you attack twice)

(upon reaching the last room)

Kururu : Th-this is the flying ship?! This can fly in the skies?
...I don't believe it.

Crea : How do you like it Kururu-chan? Isn't it great?

Kururu : It sure is great but...why do you guys have something like this
under your house? ...Is Etoile-san planning for a coup d'etat or something?

(enter the ship and head for the brifge)

(on the bridge)

Crea : Mother!

Etoile : What's taken you two so long? I've been waiting.

Kururu : Etoile-san?! Why are you....!?

Etoile : Hohohohoho!! Don't underestimate the RosenQueen company.
I figured your plans out quite easily.

Kururu : Fo-forgive us. We've been sneaking around and...

Etoile : Hoho, I'm not angry or anything. It's simply that since I've been
to Beauty Castle in the past, I was thinking giving you some help.

Crea : Mother...are you sure you're not angry?

Etoiel : Of course I'm not. You're doing your best to help someone you
care about. Isn't it natural for your mother to help her daughter?
I've been in a similar situation, so I understand what you're doing, Crea.

Crea : Mother! ...I love you!

Etoile : Crea... Ah, you're just so cute! You're just like your me at that age! 

Etoile : Momi! Hama! Prepare to lauch the RosenQueen Company Airship Mk 1,

Momi, Hama : Yes m'lady!

Momi : Super fast turbulence engine ignition!  Power output 120%!!

Hama : High grade Inochium energy, preparation complete!!

Etoile : Launch!! Set the coordinates for Beauty Castle!

(you'll see the somewhat unimpressive launch^^)

Kururu : ...

Etoile : What do you think, Kururu-chan?

Kururu : It's incredible! There's still so many new things in this world!

Etoile : That's right. From now on, you should try to take in as much
as possible. But, most importantly, you should never be afraid to fail.
Even when we were building this ship, we ran into many failures... 
Learning from your past mistakes helps you grow as a person, so don't be
afraid of making a mistake. If you keep moving forward, you'll make your
dream come true! Kururu-chan, your friends are here for you,
so believe in yourself, Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Yeah!

(you'll see a flashback of the scene where you bumped into Cello earlier)

Kururu : (...I'm sure he must have had a good reason...I'm sure of it...
I'll believe in myself! Then he will surely...)

===============================  Chapter 6  ================================
=============================  Beauty Castle  ==============================

(Kururu waking up after her "nightmare")

Etoile : Hohoho, did you dream of your prince, Kururu-chan?

Kururu : Eh??

Etoile : Hohohohohoho!! You're so much like Cornet when she was your age!
That makes me feels nostalgic! I was always coming to save her when she
was chasing her dream back then. See, Cornet made all sorts of mistakes
and I had to come to the rescue, but she still captured her dream, so like
I said, don't be afraid of making mistakes!

Momi : My lady, we're now 30 kilometers away from our target destination.
We can see the tip of a castle in the horizon!

Hama : There's no mistake it's Beauty Castle!

Etoile : Alright. Kururu-chan, the goal is just up ahead. Are you ready?

Kururu : Yes.

Etoile : Do your best Crea. Help Kururu as much as you can.

Crea : Yes, mother.


Song title : Okyakusama ga yatte kita!

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Crowdia (seiyuu : Yamada Miho)
Gao (seiyuu : Jingujii Yayoi)
Myao Karukansky (seiyuu : Tamura Yukari)

(talk before singing)
Myao : Okyakusama ga kitta nya!
Crowdia : Nan nenburi desho?
Gao : Tonikaku hisashiburi daze!
Myao : Ichidaiji da nya!
Gao : Ichidaiji daze!
Crowdia : Omotenashi wo shi nai kereba...
Myao : Marjory-sama ga naisho da nya!
Together : Omatsuri da!!

Yami ni hisomu akuma
Otona mo kodomo mo furue agaru
Mayoi con da emono
Minna de teichou ni motenasou

Hisashiburi no kari da
Meki ashisa ashi shinobiashi
Aigo ni tatsu kehai
Kidsuita tokini ha
Mou ossoi~!!

Sakebe kami no na wo kago no naka no toritachiyo
Nigero nigemadoe towa ni samenu akumu

Yami uchi fuiuchi juuhachiban
Uragiri usotsuki tokui waza

Saa omotenashi no junbi wo

Wana wo shikake you
Totteoki no
Present motte
Machibuse you

Demo hashagi sugi ni ha goyoujin

Hibike shi no senritsu yoru wo kazaru sakebigoe
Ikite kaere nai koko ha shisha no meiro
Sakebe kami no na wo kago no naka no toritachiyo
Nigero nigemadoe towa ni samenu akumu

(Myao : Shutsugeki da nya~!)

Hama : Hm? My lady, the engine output is decreasing...

Momi : Here too. We're losing altitude...

Etoile : Could our little engine be tired out? Would you two go check the
engine room?

Kururu : Leave it to us!

(engine room is at the complete opposite side of the ship, enter the room
and you'll find some guys having fun with it)

Kururu : Wh?! What's going on here?

Crea : Seems like they managed to get here unnoticed.
Our dear enemies work quickly.

Kururu : Geez, sneaking in and then acting like that...

Nyanko : Nya? We've been spotted nya. Get them nya!
(battle against 5 Nyankos, they're a little tougher than Nyanshes but not
by much, however they do deal damage super quickly so take them out fast)

(after winning)

Crea : The damages seem serious. We should tell Mother, quickly!

(back on the bridge)

Kururu : Etoile-san! The engine room has been attacked!
The enemies have spotted us!

Etoile : I understand. Look there.

(you'll get a close up view of a bunch of Nyanko in balloons in
full battle gear)

Crowdia : Hahaha, behold! The fearsome majesty of my elegant
"Nyanko Anti-Aerial Defense Corp"!

Gao : Hey Crowdia! Stop acting cool and fly already!!

Kururu : Th-this is...?

Etoile : It would appear to be the defense corp of the infamous owners
of Beauty Castle, the Marjory family.

Crea : Mother, what should we do?

Etoile : Prepare to fire!!

Momi : Yes, m'lady!!

Hama : Alright!!

Etoile : Fire!!

Crowdia (getting smashed by the hit) : Ah! Well done!!

Etoile : Hohohoho!! Fire at will! Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,

Kururu : Eh, what was that just now?!

Crea : It seems something has just crashed into the ship.

Etoile : Geez, they don't give up, do they? They just keep coming.

Crea : Mother. We will go investigate.

Etoile : Please do. We have our hands full right now. Be careful~

(while looking around you'll stumble on someone's whose head is stuck in
the floor)

Crea : It seems this is what caused the disturbance.

Kururu : Its s-still alive?!

Gao : Oh? Heeeeeeeeey, its you guys! Weren't y'all the brats I met in that
fish's belly earlier? You're pretty brave to attack us head on,
especially for humans!

Kururu (sweatdrop) : ....according to popular knowledge, I was under the
impression that witches were supposed to be able to fly by using spells and
broom sticks, you know, but....

Crea : I guess there are many different types of witches. No matter how you
look at her, you just don't think "Witch" right?

Kururu : Yup. Seems more like a barbarian.

Crea : Perhaps her body is to compensate for her inability to cast spells?

Kururu : Well, admittedly, being that tough is almost as impressive as
using magic.

Gao : Will you two shut up?! If you don't come to me then...here I come!!
GUUUUUUUUUUTS!!! (Note: Originally, she says "Konjou" which means
guts/bravery/spirit. She uses this a lot. It's difficult to translate it
into English without sounding stupid.)

(battle against Gao and 2 Nyankos. Take out the Nyankos asap cause if all
three attack the same target your character will definitely die. Gao can
deal 100 damage by herself so beware)

(after winning)

Gao : Gahahaha! I was goin' easy on you cuz you're kids,
but you're pretty good ain't ya?

(meanwhile just above...)

Nyanko : I love dropping explosives nya!

(back on the ship, guess where the bomb will fall)

Gao : Well den, round two! Ready?!...guhah?!

Gao : Ouch....what that hell was that?

Kururu : B-bomb!!!

Crea : Oh dear, we can't have that in here now. (pushes the door switch)

Gao : Wohaaaaa!! (she get sucked by the vacuum alongside the bomb,
you'll hear it detonates right afterwards)

Crea : Whew, that was close.

Kururu : .....you're quite... rash... aren't you.....?
(I'd say more like totally evil, poor Gao)

Crea : Teeheehee.

(alarm goes off)

Kururu : What now?

Crea : Seems like something happened. Let's go back Kururu-chan.

(back on the bridge)

Momi : My lady! Engine's output dropping! Altitude 2000!!

Hama : The rudder isn't repsonding anymore! At this rate we won't be able
to control it or land anymore!

Etoile : ...

Kururu : Etoile-san.....

Etoile : We don't have any other choice...Momi! Hama! Prepare to fire the
main cannon, the RosenMobby Cannon! Target : Beauty Castle!!

Crea : Mother!!

Etoile : We'll create a hole with the cannon then crash the ship inside!
Don't worry since we've got the "five treasures" the attack can break
through the barrier!

Momi : Charging inochium energy! Energy level 80%!

Hama : Aim set to Beauty Castle!

Etoile : Ready the counter shock shield! Prepare for the flash!
(they all put on sunglasses^^)! Let's go! RosenMobby cannon fire!!
(you'll see the shot)

Etoile : Engine full throttle! We're crashing into Beauty Castle!!
Kururu-chan! Crea! Hold onto something!!

(Kururu crawl on the floor while Crea grab Momi somewhere)

Momi (turning red) : C-Crea-sama.. that, it's....

Hama : 500 meter to Beauty Castle!!

Hama : 400...300...20...100....impact coming!

Kururu : ....!!!

Crea : Kururu-chan, are you alright?

Kururu : u-uuh, yeah...uhh, we didn't die did we?

Crea : Nope! We made it into Beauty Castle!

(now talk to Etoile, she'll give you new weapon for Crea. Though it's a weapon
you'll have to equip like an accessory. Don't miss it it's a one of a kind
item and with it Crea will looks like a perfectly insame mass murdering
maniac. Then head out and step on the platform that's actually a lift though
you won't see it moving. Get back into the castle you'll see a Nyanko greeting
you "Welcome to beauty castle! ....by the way who are you again?" poor Nyankos,
they're really not good with thinking^^)

(in one of the cell you'll find an old character from the previous game)

Goronzo : I am the former prime minister of the Marl kingdom, Goronzo.
14 years ago, if my plan worked I would be king by now! 
This is all that girl's fault! One day, I'll...!

(leave him...if you're really interested to know what will become of him play
Tenshi no Present^^ once you reach the end of the hallway you'll end up in
Myao's room)

Myao : Nyahaha! I've been waiting on you nya! I'm supposed to prevent you from
going any further nya. But, if you say the password, I'll let you go by nya.
I'll give you a hint nya: The password is "Myao-sama, you're so sexy~" nya!

Kururu : Flat-chested.

Myao : That cannot be forgiven nya! I-I-I-I-I'll... I'll kill you nya!
Come forth, my dear pet! "Pakkun dragon"!!
(might be a pun on the dragon name here since pa with a conson afterwards can
be the sound effect of something crashing and with the -kun suffix afterwards
you get pakkun. It's fitting since Myao's dragon always come crashing on her

(battle against the dragon, easy since it can't deal damage quickly but it
can still confuse your characters though)

(after winning)

Kururu : It looks like the flat-chested one was crushed flat.

Crea : Teeheehee. This is called "divine retribution," where evil is
punished and good prevails.

(search Myao's drawers you'll get Illustration 19, then hop onto the platform
to get on the next floor, Nyanko-town. Not much to do here, it's always fun
to talk with the Nyankos, one of them will tell you to take care because
they're being attacked by enemies, in the bar you'll find some are getting
drunk and speaking like old men, and you'll lean that they're the first
victimes of the rivalry between NyanNyan and Myao. Oh and there's also one
who ask you if you're a new recruit and Kururu will answer "That's right nya!"
and get away with it. Priceless. Oh and there also one who will sell you good
stuff but at very expensive prices. Go to the next floor, you'll end up in a
room with a giant screen and tons of roses)

Kururu : This mirror is huge! We don't even have one this big at home!

Crowdia :  Hahaha! You've done well making it this far, my dear kittens.
I am the elegant rose of the sword, Crowdia. You may refer to me as whatever
you prefer, but do not forget the elegant part. To continue on, you'll have to
find your way through my beautiful maze of roses and defeat me. There are
plenty of traps, so you should take care. And please remember that you should
not keep the beautiful waiting for too long. But I can understand you wanting
to take the time to enjoy my beautiful maze. Have a good time! Hahahaha!

Crwodia (to herself) : But, at the same time, I should go and meet those girls.
It is against my policy to make ladies wait. Besides, I should grace them with
my beauty.

(after taking three steps in her own room)

Crowdia : ...well? Which side was the exit already?

(back on Kururu's side)

Crea : Teehee. Did you hear her? "Don't forget the elegant part"

Kururu : Why are witches so goofy? I expected the masters of the arcane arts
to be a little more somber.

(talk to the mutant roses insides the enclosed rooms, they will give you stuff
after beating them. Oh and since it's a maze there are more than one way to
reach the exit this time. One by going east and then south and the other by
going south and then east. Go south to get an optional event with Crowdia.
If you get to her room without seeing it backtrack a bit and go west)

(said optional event)

Crowdia : Hm. Let's see... after turning right, should I go left, right or
straight ahead? Wait! I've already tried left and right, and I ended up back
here, so I should try... wait, let's see...

Kururu : Ah, it's the "elegant" person. She seems like a funny person.

Crea : My, that's right. What could she be doing?

Kururu : ...it looks like she's lost.

Crowdia (noticing them) : Hahahaha! I've found you my little kittens!
Were you lost in my magnificant maze?

Kururu : No, we're fine. But you on the other hand...

Crowdia : Haha, no use trying to escape now. The flame of your worthless,
fleeting lives shall fade away! The delicate petals of the flower called your
life shall be dispersed throughout this beautiful maze of roses! 

(she then got eaten by a mutant rose)

Crowdia : Uwah?! Haha, so you won our first duel! 

Kururu : ...err no. We didn't do anything...

Crowdia : I acknowledge your victory! However, next time, things will turn out
differently! Farewell! (the mutant totally ingests her)

Crea : Teehee, she's truly an entertaining person after all.

Kururu : I guess our "stupid" is the same as her "elegant"

(you'll be in Crowdia's room after wards, as usual check the drawers to get
an illustration. On the next floor some Nyanko will teach you the rules for
the upcoming minigame. Well it's easy cuz you can only do one thing : jump
with the O button and move right or left. The goal is obviously to reach the
top of the stairs before time runs out. Oh and the song playing during the
minigame is "senshi no sadame" it's about living life as a Nyanko and is quite
funny. Marjory is the one who sings it^^ Once you're done talk to the Nyanko
behind you to get a reward, then move forwards and you'll be in Gao's room)

Gao : Yo guys, you're late!

Kururu (sweatdrop) : Y-you...didn't you crash into our ship earlier...?

Gao : Gahahaha!! This is nothing when you have guts! 

Kururu : Hmm, somehow, it still seems to be impressive.

Crea : Yes. It seems having "guts" is quite helpful. Teehee.

Gao : Alright, right here and now, let's see! GUTS! Do you have it?!
Yo, guys, that switch don't...

Kururu (stepping on it) : Ah, sorry, I was trying to remember the lyrics
to a song, so I wasn't really listening to you.

Gao : Whoa! IDIOT! Pay attention when people are talkin to you!

Kururu : Hm... what did ya say? I zoned out again.

Gao : The damn walls are gonna crush us!

Gao (stopping the walls by herself) : Uooooh!! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts!!!!

Kururu : Incrediiiiible.....

Crea : Well then, Kururu-chan. Shall we go?

Gao : Hey! What are ya running away for?! That's low! You guys! Don't let
them escape! Guuuuts!!! If you've got any Guts, then...!

(battle aginst 6 Nyankos. Note that the background for that battle is neat
with Gao stopping the walls during your fight^^ oh and also the Nyankos
are pumped up by Gao's speech so dispatch them quickly as they can deal
damage super quickly)

(after being defeated the Nyankos will run the hell away)

Gao : Hey! What the hell was that?! That's not what you call "Guts"
you sissies!

Kururu : Well, do your best.

Crea : Fight! Fight! (said in english, japanese cheerleading use it all the
time, since it's Crea here it's said in a cute but sarcarstic tone as usual)

Gao : Wait, you little...!! Uwwwooooh!! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts!!!

(Kururu and Crea will leave the room and you'll hear the wall squashing Gao)

Crea : And she seemed to be really interesting, too. Such a pity.

(hop onto the lift, on the next floor you'll see a familiar face again)

Kururu : Ah! ....its you? Again?

Burg : Muwahaha! Today for sure, I will chop you into little pieces BANG!
For the sake of our master Myao-sama! I can't let you go any further!!
Gyahaha! Myao-sama, she's the best BANG!!

Crea : "Myao-sama"? What happened to "NyanNyan-sama"? Wasn't that it last
time? "NyanNyan-sama is the best"?

Kururu : Yup, that's what he said.

Nyanko : Betrayal nya! Betrayal nya!

Burg : Shut up BANG! It's just a career move BANG! Now my master is
Myao-sama BANG!!

Kururu : ....I guess bad guys have lots of personal issues, too.

Burg :  Casting off my dishonor BANG... Casting off my old title
"Super Burg" BANG... I am reborn as "Hyper Burg" BANG!

(battle against Hyper burg and 5 Nyankos, Burg is pretty strong but
nothing you can't handle)

(after winning)

Burg : I've lost again BANG!

Nyanko : We will get punished by Myao-sama nya!

Burg : Uuh, in that case..I'll ask NyanNyan-sama to give me a power-up BANG!

(now go right, you'll be in the ancient weapon factory, a Nyanko will tell
you that the ancient people use them in their war but now they're just being
discarded, in the next room another Nyanko will tell you that Marjory's
room is just ahead and that you should save your game^^)

(in the next room)

Kururu : What is that....?

Crea : It's so beautiful....

Kururu : Its like its pulling me in....

Voice : Keep your grimey mits off my "Shadow of Beauty"!

Kururu : Who's there?!


Song title : Aku no Joou

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Marjory (seiyuu : Michie Tomizawa)

Karisome no yoru ni
Yuuutsu na toki moteasobu
Ware ha fushichou
Jounetsu no tango
Kodoku ni mai odoru
Tsumibukaki sadame

Koi ni mayou aku no joou
Mekurumeku ai no tomoshibi
Chou wo sasou amai wana

(Sou wakatte itemo moe agaru no ga ai)
(Soshite chiri iku no ga koi)

Towa no yami ni utsurou
Mashou no kuroi bara
Souyo kyoufu ni obie
Sakebe ware no na ha


Marjory : The Marjory family, assemble!

Kururu : Y-you're still alive?! H-how?!

Crowdia,Gao&Myao : Duh! Its cuz like, we're witches!
(said in a childish tone to match Kururu's talking habit)

Kururu : u-uh..."cuz we're witches" they say...geez you...

Crea : Teeheehee. Despite their looks, they're quite the resilient
bunch aren't they? 

Marjory : Hohohohoho!! I won't let you have the Shadow of Beauty!

(battle start against the full Marjory family, you can't win it^^ For some
reason all members have their own battle victory quotes)

(after losing)

Marjory :  Hohohohohoho!!! What's the matter? Finished already?
That's so boring. I don't care even if you're children,
I won't show any mercy! Time for my final attack! Good Night Baby!

(she starts casting a spell but Cello steps in and send it back upon her)

Kururu : Ce-Cello?!

Cello : Are you alright?

Kururu : Y-yes! (I'm so glad I believed in him...I was right,
he's not a bad person!)

Kururu : (Wh-what? Why is my heart racing? Could it be....I am...
with this person....)

Marjory : Grr! Who the hell do you think you are?!

Marjory : Oh MY! What a handsome young boy! 
(Cho: Marjory, he's like 14 you perv.)

Gao : Oh god, here comes the sickness again.

Crowwdia : Fuh. Some people...

Myao : The only cure for her disease is death nya.

Gao : Heh, even if she died it wouldn't cure her.  She'd come back as a
zombie or something. "PREEETTTTY YOUUUNG BOOOYS"

Marjory : Uhuh. Tell me boy, how about spending an unforgetable night with
(Cho: MARJORY HE'S 14)

Cello : Fuh(sort of a smirk). Sure, but only if you can defeat me.

Marjory : Hohohoho, I like 'em feisty! I'll force you into submission!

Cello : For my mother's sake...I'll be taking the "Shadow of Beauty" now!!

Cello (casting a spell on your party) :  (Oh ye hallowed ancient gods,
hear my prayers! Protect us from the darkness with thy sacred light!)

(battle time again, this time Marjory and her gang attacks deal very little
damage so you can win it. Myao can heal so take her out first. Oh and if
you think about losing to see what would happen to Cello forget it, it's
simply game over^^ And go get help for yourself you need it^^;;)

(after winning)

Marjory : What a surprise. To think, there are still humans that can use
those spells.

Crowdia : It looks as if this boy is one of the Ancients.
I didn't know they were any left.

Marjory : ...It seems so. We should get serious.

Kururu : Cello...earlier you said that it was for your mother's sake...

Cello : ...my mother is ill...she has a very serious illness... to cure her,
I desperately need the Shadow of Beauty!

Kururu : ...I see. So that's why you took the five treasures.

Crea : It's a good thing you believed in Cello-san isn't it Kururu-chan?

Kururu : Yes!!

(ground shaking)

Myao : Wh-what's going on nya!?

Nyanko : Marjory-sama, emergency nya! The Akurjo family nya!!
Direct attack nya!!! (you'll see the Akurjo gang then suddenly crashing
with a piece of the ceiling on the Marjory family)

Akurjo : The Akurjo family, assemble!

Gao : Ack! RanRan!

RanRan : Kyah! Gao-rin, it's been a while. Are you well?
You're look~ing~good~

Crowdia : ...FonFon.

FonFon : Hohoho. It's been a while Crowdia. Now, I shall honor you with the
ability to gaze at my adonic body as long as you wish!!

Myao : NyanNyan!

NyanNyan : ...keesheeshee. It's the flat-chested brat, Myao.

Akurjo : Hahaha, stupid cat. Thanks for helping us get in so easily!

Marjory : Myao! Did you betray us!?

Myao : Hehehe...I'm sorry nya. I simply wanted to have the big boobs
medicine nya...

Gao : Big boobs? You're still like a pancake ya moron!

Akurjo : Hahaha! Of course! Only one of the pills was the real drug.
The rest of them were complete garbage!
Myao : Then what were the other pills, nya?

Akurjo : Cat food! Hahahaha!

Myao : You tricked me nya! I won't forgive you for tampering with a
maiden's pure feelings nya!

Crowdia : Fuh, you moron...

Gao : Gahaha!! That's great! You got buuuuurned!

Akurjo : I must thank you too, Princess. I didn't think you would be such
a big help to us. Thanks to you, getting te Shadow of Beauty was simple.
With it, eternal youth will be mine!

Marjory : Using others to capture your dream and sneaking in while
they're fighting between one another... you haven't changed at all, Akurjo.
Hoho, the Shadow of Beauty won't give you any strength if you act like that!
My eternal youth and beauty aren't from...

Akurjo : ...you think you're young and beautiful? I hate to be the one to
have to break the news to you, but you have been tragically misinformed.

Marjory : SILENCE! My eternal youth and beauty come from....love!!
It's because of love!!

Akurjo : Love?! That's absurd! Do you still believe in things like love? 

Gao :  Well, it is true that if she didn't rejuvenate herself,
Marjory-sama would look like old leather by now.

Akurjo : Whatever. I'll be taking this now.

Kururu : Hold on!! We need that to cure his mother's illness!!
Please, don't take it!!

Akurjo : ...heh. This boy's mother you say. What impressive filial piety.
This is just so touching.

Cello : ...

Akurjo : But it has nothing to do with me!

Cello : ...!!

Marjory : HOLD IT! I'm not letting you have it!

(she casts a spell on the Shadow of Beauty which splits up and disappears)

Marjory : Ohohohoho!! That'll show you! If you want the Shaodw of Beauty,
you're gonna have to travel the world for it!
NO one messes with the great Marjory!

Akurjo : ...Marjory....I'll kill you!!

RanRan : Akurjo-sama, we should go. The castle is starting to fall.

FonFon : Let's get out of here!! If we fall from such a high place,
we'll certainly die!! Its sooo scary~! (yeah FonFon is scared of heights)

Akurjo : I guess we have no choice. Let's retreat at once! NyanNyan!!

NyanNyan : ...Aye aye, sir nya. (they teleport away)

Crea : Kururu-chan. We should leave, too.

Kururu : Y-yes. You're coming with us, right...?

(Cello joins party, you'll need to equip him stuff later)

Marjory : Gao!! Hurry up and use your stupid strength to get rid of
this stupid thing!

Gao : I know! ...god, why doesn't she ever shut the hell up? 
Uwooooh! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts!!!!

(the rock get crushed)

Marjory : Whew, I figured we'd die there.

Myao :  Marjory-sama couldn't die from something like that, nya.

Crowdia : Indeed. Marjory-sama will outlive us all. She clings to
this mortal coil with greater ferocity than that of a cockroach.

Marjory : Stop spouting nonsense and get ready to leave!

Marjory : Myao! Evacuate the Nyanko first! We'll stay until the last moment.

Myao : Roger nya!

(talking to Marjory)

Marjory : Hohohohoho!! Did you seee Akurjos face just now!?
She was nearly crying! Crushing the hopes of your enemies...
its such a rush! I love it!

Kururu : ...is this really the right time to be laughing?

Marjory : Leaders must put on a brave face to inspire their followers.

Crea : Are you not going to leave?

Marjory : I'm the lord of this castle! I won't leave it until I must!
You should be more concerned about getting out yourselves.

(talking to Crowdia)

Crowdia : Aaaah... Our beautiful castle....alas, in the end, beautiful things
must always disperse, like dust in the wind... this too is fate....

Kururu : I think she's finally cracked under the pressure.

(talking to Gao)

Gao : Hahaha, this is great! I've been bored lately, but now we get to fight
fight fiiiiiight! Its been so long since we got a chance to rumble with them!

Kururu : Aaah....for some reason, the collapse of society doesn't seem that
far away... 

(to escape simply follow the path behind the throne, where Myao went.
Do explore around, there's a puppet to be found and an illustration so don't
rush to the exit. When talking to the puppet pick the first choice to tell
him, you're Cornet's daughter and first choice again to fight him. Duke's
skills are extremly efficient against him since his element is fire.
After winning Albatros is yours)

(once you reach the top  floor)

Kururu : Aaaaaaaah we're gonna crash!

Crea : My, this won't do at all.

Etoile : Quickly! Grab the ladder!

Kururu : Etoile-san!

(they start climbing but the castle is shaken and Kururu falls)

Kururu : Kyah!

Kururu : Kyyyaaaahh!!!!  I'm gooooooooooonna diiiiiiiiie!!

Cello : Kururu!!

Kururu : Cello!! You've...got wings....?

Cello : I didn't want you to see this...

Kururu : Just now...you called me Kururu.
This is the first time you've called me by my name....

Cello : ...I-I don't know what you're talking about. Hold on.

Kururu : Yeah...

(you'll see Beauty Castle crashing into the sea...
awww they better fix it quickly)

(inside the Totocalcio)

Kururu : You saved me. Again. Thanks.

Cello : ...

Crea : Cello-san. What are you going to do now?

(he doesn't answer and leaves)

Crea : He seems to be depressed...

Kururu : He was so close to getting a cure for his mother,
and then that witch....

Crea : Yes those witches. They sure were acting selfishly!

Kururu : Say Crea...I...

Crea : You want to go look for the pieces of the Shadow of Beauty, right?

Kururu : It'll be hard, I'm sure there will be difficulties and painful times
ahead if I do this, but... But, I really want to help him. Randy and Sonia
both overcame hardships to realize their dreams. Its like Etoile-san told me!
I have to believe in myself! If we can save his mother then maybe he'll...

Crea : You don't have to explain, Kururu-chan. I understand.

Kururu : Thanks Crea! I'll do my best!

===============================  Chapter 7  ================================
=====================  Crossing the rainbow of hope  =======================

Etoile : How does it look? Can you fix it?

Momi : It's useless, my lady. We're missing three parts that are kinda

Hama : They musta fallen off when we cras--I mean, made an emergency landing.

Etoile : I don't believe it! There's no way to find them in all this mess!
The whole island's a jungle.

Kururu : Cello....

Crea : He seems to be depressed.

(Talking to Etoile and the others won't get you anything but
"we need the three parts" stuff so go into the jungle.
Crea will notice Cello inside)

Crea : Say Kururu-chan. Isn't that Cello-san over there?

Kururu : Eh? Where, where?

Crea : Look over there.


(on the cliff where Cello is standing, someone's half hidden is speaking to
him but it's a bit obvious to guess who is it if you look closely^^)

Voice : Don't you want to save your mother's life? Then collect the pieces
of the Shadow of Beauty.

Cello : ...

Voice : What's wrong? Having second thoughts about that Princess girl?

Cello : Th-that's not it...

Voice : Which is more important... your mother's life, or your feelings for
this little girl? Think about it.


Kururu : What is he doing up there?

Crea : He's probably thinking about his mother. If he can't get the three
pieces of the Shadow of Beauty... Besides, with our ship in that state,
he may have given up hope.

Kururu : ...three pieces? I see! that's it!!

Crea : What are you thinking?

Kururu : We need to find three parts to fix the ship! The Shadow of Beauty
is divided in three parts too! If we can find the three parts of the ship,
then he'll understand that you can't ever give up hope!

Crea : I see. It's a wonderful idea Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Hehe, thanks.

Crea : Teehee. Say Kururu-chan. I was thinking about it for a while, but...
about Cello-san and you...

Kururu : ...yeah. But I don't understand it so well. Because, I mean, y'know,
this is the first time I've ever felt this way. Whenever I think about him,
I feel like my heart is being squeezed and my stomach feels weird and...

Crea : Kururu-chan, that means he's your "first love."

Kururu: First love...?

Crea : Yes.

Kururu : ...Feelings are weird... They change just like that...
The first time I met Cello, I hated him so much...
And now I'm falling in love with him? It's really... weird.

Crea : Kururu-chan. Good luck. I'll be behind you, 200% Kururu-chan!

Kururu : Thanks Crea.

Crea : Well then, let's go look for the three parts.

Kururu : That's right! "Girls take the initative!" 

(talking to Cello won't get you anything he wants to be alone.
So go inside the jungle. You'll reach an crossroads go wherever you want
since anyway you'll have to explore the whole jungle in the end. For now
the translation will assume you go south-east towards the T-rex)

(after going east for a little longer, the screen will start shaking)

Kururu : What's wrong Crea?

Crea : Ah, it sounds like footsteps..

Kururu : You hear footsteps?

Crea : Did you hear it Kururu?
1) Yup
2) Nah

Crea : We should be careful.

Crea : I see. Was it my imagination?

(keep on going east until you reach an opening)

Kururu (falling) : Augh!

Kururu : Geez! What kind of lowlife puts a trap in the middle of nowhere?!
I really could do without drinking mud....uuurgh....

Crea : Kururu-chan, this isn't a trap.

Kururu : Not a trap? What is it then?

Crea : I'm guessing its the foot print of that fellow over there.

Kururu : Over there?

Kururu : Gyaaaah!

(boss fight against T-rex, he got a good skill that take out 120-150 HP to
everyone but don't use it often. After winning pick up the
cartridge-looking item)

Kururu : This is part of the ship!

Crea : Teehee, that's a step forward.

Kururu : Yup! We'll find the two other in no time at all!
Let's keep it up Crea.

Crea : Yes.

(using the Legdem puppet before the opening where you fought the T-rex will
bring you back to the crossroads, now let's go east, after crossing a few
screens you'll get to an event with volcanoes)

Crea : I see something shining there. Perhaps it is a piece of the ship?

(you'll be inside a reddish cavern afterwards, there are quite a few treasures
scattered within so be sure to explore it totally. Once you reach the end
you'll end up in a nest, take the ship part that's here and you'll get the
following event)

Crea : This is such a big nest...what kind of bird would need a nest this

Kururu : Whatever it is, it can't be cute and tiny.

Crea : Really? We can't assume that is the case until we see it. It could be
a very cute bird after all.

Kururu : Huh? Its getting dark? (boss appears)

Kururu : ....that is not cute.

Crea : Hohoho, ...seems we found out what sort of creature lives here
after all!

(boss fight against Ptenarodon. Exactly the same kind of guy as the T-rex,
after winning you're finally able to pick the ship's part)

Crea : Now we've got two of them.

Kururu : This is easier than I expected. I'm a little surprised.
Someone must be looking out for us!

Crea : That's not it. Its because you're using your head and bravery and your
feelings for Cello-san... 

Kururu : Y-you think so? That's kinda embarrassing to say...

Kururu : Anyway, only one left! Let's go!

Crea : (Teehee. Kururu-chan is like an open book, that's why I like her)

(as usual go talk to Legdem, this time he teleports you to the cave entrance,
go back to the crossroads and go north this time. You'll reach a waterfall
keep going. You'll be in another cave afterwards. A greenish one this time
around. If you meet some metal gellies do trash them, they'll give tons of
Inochium. As usual do explore around since you'll find illustration 2 and a
puppet, Chiba. Chiba will ask if you're Cornet's daughter then prompts you
to a fight, as usual pick first choice to say yes. Win and he's yours. Unlike
Albatros he's tough so take care. His element is wind so having earth spells
will make this far easier. Afterwards keep going until you reach the end of
this cave. You'll find the last ship's part in the last room. Attempting to
take it will of course prompt the boss to appear)

Kururu : Say, Crea. What do you think it's saying?

Crea : Hm... "Looks yummy!" perhaps?

Kururu : What's with this place?! Give me a break!

(boss battle against Brachisaurus. It can heal itself but that's about the
only difference with the two others guys. After winning you can finally
get the last part)

Kururu : This is the last part!

Crea : Now the only thing left to do is to go confess your feelings to

Kururu : Co-confess?! N-no, I just want to cheer him up!

Crea : Oh my. Is that so?

Kururu : Yes! Confessing...I just can't...

Kururu : I-in any case! Let's hurry and go check on him!

Crea : (that Kururu-chan...she's so cute to be all embarassed like that)

(teleport back using Legdem and head to the cliff where Cello was standing.
Once there talk to him to trigger the following event)

Cello : What happened to you? You're all bruised up.

Kururu : ...here, look at these.

Cello : Those are....the ship missing parts? You went off and found all of
them by yourselves?!

Kururu : Cello....I understand why you're feeling down. The Shadow of Beauty
being scattered in three parts, the ship broke down...when stuff like that
happens, its easy to get down. But you should never give up hope! It seemed
impossible to find these parts, but look! That's why I know we can find
the Shadow of Beauty parts, too!


Song title : Chiisa na hime no ketsui

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Kururu (seiyuu : Kawamura Maria)

Asu no hikari miezu
Hitori utsumuku
Zetsubou no yami anata no kokoro shimetsukeru
Donna ni tsurai toki mo
Kidzuite hoshii
Anata wo terasu chiisa na hoshi no kagayaki ni

Arifureta kotoba dakedo
Yuuki dashite akiramenaide
Negai ha kanau wa

Hikari motome tabidatou
Te wo toriatte hiroi sekai he
Kibou no  niji ni mukatte  chikou
Omoi ha kitto todoku
Kono kimochi shinjite


Kururu : As long as you don't give up or lose hope, then your wish will come
true someday! You'll find the Shadow of Beauty! And cure your mother's illness!

Cello : I...no, nothing. You're surprisingly strong. Thank you...Kururu.

Crea : (Now Kururu-chan! Now is the right time to confess!)

Kururu : Cello....I....

Crea : (Just finish your sentence with "Love you" Kururu-chan!)

Kururu : Ah, no. It's nothing. Let's get back to the ship. (Cello joins)

(talking to Etoile back to where the ship is)

Etoile : Oh my! You found the three parts! You're such industrious children!
It's like I'm looking at myself when I was a child!
Let's begin making the repairs!

(within the ship)

Etoile : Everything's fine now! ...or it should be. Momi! Hama!
Prepare to launch the Totocalcio!!

Momi : Yes, m'lady!!

Momi : Super fast turbulence engine ignition! No anomalies!

Hama : High grade Inochium energy, preparation complete!!
No anomalies here, either!

Etoile : Depart!! Set the course towards Mothergreen!!

(Kururu gazing at the sky, later on, during the trip...)

Kururu : As long as you don't give up or lose hope, then your wish will come
true... my own dream too, someday...

=================================  Chapter 8  ==============================
=========================  The Great Adventure  ============================

Akurjo : Because of that damn Marjory, the Shadow of Beauty is in pieces...
Split up and find it!

RanRan : Huh?! No way, that's dumb.

FonFon : That's right, escpecially since we don't have any clues to where
it could be!

NyanNyan : ....Sleepy nya.

Nyanshe : Sleepy nya, sleepy nya!

Akurjo : Shut up!! No matter what, I need the Shadow of Beauty!
If I can't get it then I'll....


Song title : Warera ha Akurjo ikka

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Vocal : Haru (as Akurjo)
Chorus : MOG, Ida Kiwa

Akurjo (seiyuu : Tsuru Hiromi)
Ranran (seiyuu : Amano Yuri)
FonFon (seiyuu : Wakamoto Norio)
NyanNyan (seiyuu : Fujino Kaoru)

(talk before singing)
Akurjo : Watashi no na ha Akurjo, majo no meimon Akurjo ikka no aruji sa
RanRan : Otogi hanashi ni mo detekuru densetsu no kowai majo
FonFon : Onaji majo no ikka demo Majory ikka nanka to issho ni shi nai de
hoshii no youne
Nyannyan : Goshujin-sama baka nano ha issho dakedo nya, keesheeshee~

Tsukiakari ni ukabu makka na rouge
Shinobi yoru shinigami no warau kage
Thrill motomete tarot card mekuri
Aware na emono no unmei uranau

Eien no wakasa wo te ni ireru tame
Oroka na ningen wo tedama ni toru akujou
Mokuteki hatasu tame nara shudan nante eraba nai
Aku no oudou wo yuku

Ah hikaru knife ni yojubou wo utsushidashi
Misekake no hohoemi tsukisashite
Daremo shinjiru koto nado deki ha shi nai
Daremo shinji nai


Akurjo (spitting blood) : cough..cough...eternal youth....idiots...


Kururu : Yaaaawn!

Crea : (yawning too but more gracefully^^)

Kururu : Whew, it seems like years since we were here...

Crea : A lot's happened, but in the end we returned safely.

Kururu : Yep. But the most difficult part is just starting. Alright,
let's get ready for it!

(alright frow now on you're free to use the Totocalcio to explore around and
look for the Shadow of Beauty pieces. Simply talk to Etoile and select the
first choice to do so. There are tons of Nyanko and Nyanshe around they'll
give you hint about where the pieces are, those dummies. Everyone is scared
stiff of those talking cats in towns it's quite hilarious^^ There are also
lots of optionals stuff to do in that chapter, we'll cover that as well.
First let's go to Mothergreen. There head for the castle and climb the right
tower, it's right after climbing the stairs leading to the throne room.
In the top room you'll find Sonia, talk to her)

Kururu : Say Sonia, what's your favorite type of food?

Sonia : Food I like? Hmm...I enjoy fish-based meals I guess.

Crea : Do you hate any types of food?

Sonia : ...sweets.

Kururu : Hm, I see. I love sweets though.

Sonia : Haha, but sweets lead to tooth decay. You better take care of your

(Now go to the left tower, you'll find Randy there, talk to him of course)

Randy : Princess, can I ask your opinion on something? I was thinking about
treating Sonia-san to dinner, and I was wondering where I should take her...

Kururu : Woowoo, it's about time!

Crea : Teehee. Finally Randy-san is going in for the kill!

Randy : Er, well, what sort of place is popular with the girls?
Do you know Princess?
1) Yes
2) No

Randy : Wh-where?
a) Seafood Restaurant
b) Softcream shop

Randy : I got it! Thanks Princess! I'm going in, wish me luck! 

Crea : Good luck Randy-san! And remember, don't give up!

Randy : Don't give up? Understood!

(Note: Originally, Crea says that Men should "attack until it breaks" followed
by Randy saying "Hit until... it breaks." but the connotations there...
aren't... good in English) (additionnal bor-note : hum, the connotations
weren't good in Japanese to that's why Kururu says she got worried :))

Kururu : ....is this going to be alright? Somehow, I'm a little worried...

Randy : I see...crap, what should I do....?

(that's it for now, if you talked to the Nyankos in town, you've learned that
a piece of the Shadow of Beauty is Paana Coota village, so get back to the ship
and head there, it's the place most to the west on the world map. Not much to
do inside the village, the shop has an interesting jewel but it's quite
expensive, the Nyankos will tell you that they don't give a damn about the
Shadow of Beauty but since it's a memento of her first love, the prince of
the ancient people, Marjory will be pester them to no end if she's still
alive that is. Nyankos sure are a faithful lot aren't they? Anyway go to the
house with the boats and pick the fist choice there to get a ride. You'll be
taken to a jungle, in the next screen you'll get the following event)

Kururu : Whoa, there's so many plants here...

Crea : The province of Babaroa is the most secluded area of the Marl Kingdom.
That jungle was here a long time before the kingdom was ever created.

Kururu : Eeeh...its weird that there's a place like this in the kingdom...
I feel like I'm entering uncharted territory...

Crea (taking Cello away) : Say, Cello-san. Where do you live by the way?

Kururu (noticing) : ((Hey, what are you doing!)) 

Crea : ((My, Kururu-chan, did your face turn red all of the sudden?))

Kururu : ((B-because you grabbed his hand just now!))

Crea : ((Teehee, Kururu-chan you get jealous so easily. I was just asking him
some questions for you. Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything to your Cello-san,

Crea : Sorry about the interruption Cello-san. So, where do you live?

Celoo : My home...?

(you'll see a floating island) 

Cello : My home is... really far away. It's another world from the one you're
living in.

Kururu : ...!? Another world? What's that supposed to mean?

Cello : ...

Kururu : It's because I'm the King's daughter, isn't it? This doesn't matter,
we're....we're friends aren't we?

Crea : Kururu-chan. If Cello-san doesn't want to talk about it, we shouldn't
bother him about it.

Kururu : ....sorry Cello. I don't know a whole lot about you, so I wanted to
ask you some questions...

Crea : Kururu-chan. Cello-san will tell us about it when he's ready to.

Kururu : ((But how I am going to understand him then...?))

(now go east for a couple of screens and you'll run into an elegant person)

Voice : Hahahahaha! We meet again, my dear kitten! Are you looking for

Kururu : Ah, you...errr, Crowdia! So you're still alive after all....
you haven't... drowned or anything.

Crowdia : Tsk tsk tsk. Have you forgotten, my darling kitten? You must always
add an elegant to my name!

Kururu : ....yeah whatever, well then, your Elegancy, why are you here?

Crowdia : The same thing as you, obviously. I'm an elegant wanderer on a quest
from m'lord for the Shadow of Beauty. It is but a regret that I will have to
take it from you!

Voice : Hohohoho! Do you think it will be that easy?

Crowdia : Who's there?!

Fonfon (making a very gay entrance) : Now, you've been graced by my body!
Go on, look as much as you want to! Look at this beautiful body of mine!!

Kururu : ....it's that weirdo again...

Crowdia : Why are you here, FonFon?

FonFon : Oh dear, isn't it obvious? I'm here for the Shadow of Beauty!

Crowdia : Well whatever, but could you stop flexing? Seeing that grotesque
body of yours... it's making me nauseated.

FonFon : Grotesque???! Damn you!! How can anyone not understand the pure
beauty of my throbbing muscles?!

(the two of them start taking various poses)

Kururu : ...what do you think, Crea?

Crea : Hmm, indeed this is a beautiful body. He has great proportions,
that's for sure. He has both mass and definition, with no excess body fat.

(you'll see Cello nodding to that^^)

Crea : Unfortunately, his right Latissimus Dorsi appears to be slightly larger
than his left, throwing off body symmetry.

(Cello nods again^^)

Kururu : ....thanks a bunch. Those two just keep argueing over who's more
beautiful. They're so wrapped up in their own worlds, they don't understand
each other at all...

Kururu : !! ("They don't understand each other"...?! ....This is like how I
desperately want to know more about Cello! But in the end, I didn't
understand his feelings at all...)

NyanNyan (suddenly appearing for no reason at all) : ...Here I am~!

NyanNyan : An experiment...I'm here to help settle your argument nya!

(she cast a spells and you see both FonFon and Crowdia souls changing bodies)

FonFon in Crowdia's body (trying to flex) : Help with our argument?
Did you actually do anything?

Crowdia in FonFon's body : More importantly FonFon, I need you to admit
that I am more beautiful.

FonFon in Crowdia's body : I'm sorry my dear, I cannot simply just give...eh?
Something isn't right...

Crowdia in FonFon's body : Gyaaaaaah!? This is not my bodyyyyyyyy!!!?

FonFon in Crowdia's body : Nooooooo!!! I'm a, I'm a woman!!! Give me back my
beautiful body!!

Crowdia in FonFon's body : Uuurgh!! A man, I'm a man! Muscles, everywhere!
I'm UNCLEAN! (he runs away)

FonFon in Crowdia's body : Give that back!!! (running after him)

Crea : Oh dear. This has become quite the event.

Kururu : Let's get going! We'll get the Shadow of Beauty before them!

(on the way there'll a bunch of Nyanko and Nyanshe telling you stuff like
FonFon and Crowdia are long time rivals, and they're rivalising about
beauty of course what else? Also Crowdia is a narcisist which is obvious
but unlike Marjory she hates men, while FonFon is a flaming homosexual
who hates women...ahem. They also mention how they're glad they didn't
get to be NyanNyan rats lab for once. After a few screens, you'll see
Crowdia. She'll be called "Crowdia?" now though while FonFon will be
called "FonFon?")

Crowdia? : Aaah...if I still had my wings I could fly up there in an
instant.... my beautiful wings....where could they be.... sniff...

Kururu : ...is she alright? She seems to be a little depressed.

Cello : Of course she's depressed. Suddenly being forced to live in another
person's body like that....

Kururu : And not just anyone else's body, its her mortal enemy's...
She might even be suicidal.

Crea : Excuse me, would you like to come with us?

Kururu : Crea?!

Crea : Perhaps we'll find a way to get you back in your original body.
In the meanwhile, you can help us get the Shadow of Beauty.

Kururu : What are you saying Crea! She's one of Marjory' servants, remember?
She'll never agree to those terms...

Crowdia? : I will gladly accept your offer!

Kururu : See? 

Kururu : ...uh? Wait, what? You're okay with this?

Crowdia? : Of course! This is wonderful! This is a fantastic suggestion!
Ah, little lady...you're like an Angel of Mercy descending from the shining
Heavens to rescue a lost soul... 

Crea : Oh my, you have such a way with words, teehee.

Crowdia? : If I ever return to my former elegant body, I shall bestow the
Shadow of Beauty upon you to show my appreciation!

(Crowdia? joins with nothing equipped as usual)

Kururu : ...for some reason, its like "common sense" and her "logic" aren't
even in the same ballpark.

(keep going east as usual, you'll run into some Nyankos who'll make fun of
Crowdia^^ Later on you'll be in front of a huge rock)

Kururu : Its so big! 

Crea : This is a problem, we won't be able to get in any further
because of it...

Cello (tying to slash it) : Kuh...it's useless.

Kururu : What should we do...? (they all start to look at Crowdia?)

Crowdia? : Why are you looking at me like that?!

Crea : Well, you have all those muscles, so maybe you could break that
rock for us.

Crowdia? : Smash them bare handed?! I am an elegant and refined
swordswoman, not a Barbarian! I'd never...

Crea : It won't really be you, it'll be that guy! Or do you want to stop
looking for your body?

Crowdia? : Urgh...this is...

Crowdia? : ....(goes and break the rock with a punch)

Kururu : Awesome! 

Crowdia? : ...how surprising. To think that guy has such strength...
I guess even such a grotesque body can be useful at times.

Crea : Is this your first time seeing things from his perspective?

Kururu : !

Kururu : Seeing things from his perspective...

(now you'll be in another cave, it leads to the aerial garden but before
reaching that place be sure to explore the tunnel most to the north,
there's another chimera inside. This time it can only be hurted by
using skills. Cello has great skils already, equip the three Mustaki
puppets on Kururu (Duke, Albatros and Chiba) and you'll get another
really good skill. FonFon third skill can damage the enemy too but
it doesn't do much and you'll have to listen to his lascive comments
while he does it, so you may not want to, it's quite scary. Once you
beat it will tell you he was one of Cornet's old puppets who got
reincarnated, Tell. He will lay an egg and leaves, plays the trumpet
in front of the egg to get another puppet, Tell)

(after exiting the cave you'll reach a tower, within there'll be a Legdem
puppet and a teleporter, hop into it, you'll reach the aerial garden which
is still floating after all that time. Get inside for the next event)

Voice : Hooohohoho! You're so slow Crowdia.

Crowdia? : FonFon!!

FonFon? : Those hideous wings are actually good for something.
It was pretty easy to get here.

Crowdia? : Give my body back!!

FonFon? : I could say the same thing to you. Once I get the Shadow of Beauty,
I'll be taking my body back!!!

FonFon? (leaving) : Hooohohoho! Until then!

(explore the aerial garden now, careful the chests tends to be hidden by the
invasive vegetation. There are tons of money and lots of good items so don't
miss any. Also those annyoing Nyanko will be in your way again but some of
them do say interesting stuff like how the ancient people used to live in
the aerial garden before and that Marjoly was also alive at that time and
came to that place before)

(you'll see a slightly different than usual, Cherie statue in one of the room.
Inspecting it will tell you that there are lots of symbols and buttons on it)

Kururu : What's this?

Crea : Perhaps its the language of the ancient people?

(once you reach the top of the structure)

FonFon? : Hooohohoho! I'm the first to get to the Shadow of Beauty!!
I should get an amazing award from Akurjo-sama!

FonFon? : ...but before this...I'll be taking my body back!

(battle start against FonFon? and 3 cockatrices, careful do take all the
cockatrices out immediatly cause FonFon? can deal 150+ damage to the
whole party in one attack)

(after winning both exchanged souls return in their bodies)

FonFon : Uwooohh!! Craap!! If I had my own body I would have finished all of
you with a single blow! We'll settle this next time! I won't forget this!

(that idiot then jumps from the balcony)

FonFon : ....huh? I'm back in my body?!

FonFon : Gyaaaaah!!! I'm afraid of heights!!!! I'm going to die!!!

(he falls and Crowdia go rescue him)

FonFon : Crowdia....why?

Crowdia : Eh...I wonder why? Since I've been in your body I've been thinking
about how things are from your perspective..... I suppose walking a mile in
your shoes helped me understand you a little bit more.

FonFon : ....

Crowdia : But don't misunderstand. This certainly doesn't mean that I approve
of you or your ways. After all, I am Crowdia, the true and only elegant one.

FonFon : As a fellow worshipper of beauty, I too, came to accept you.
....but in the end, victory shall be mine.

Crowdia : As promised, you may take the Shadow of Beauty. I will excuse myself
now. Let's meet again, my dear kittens! Haaahahaha!

(now go grab the Shadow of Beauty part)

Kururu : Viewing things from someone else's perspective...

Kururu :  I'm sorry Cello. I wanted to know more about you, and ignored your
feelings. That way would never help me understand you.
I was being a selfish idiot.

Crea : Kururu-chan...

Kururu : Sorry Cello, I won't ask anymore.

Cello : Kururu....

Cello : Thanks, Kururu. I can't tell you now...but, someday...

Kururu : Right! I'll be waiting!

Kururu : Good, let's go! Let's find the next part of the Shadow of Beauty!!

(now get back, talk to the Nyanshes on the way down they will give you the
location of the next piece and also tell you that they will wait for you
there cuz the most important part about being a villain is to never give
up. For once they got something right, go Nyanko-tachi "take the initiative"!)

Nyanshe : Another piece of the shadow of beauty has been spotted in
RosenQueen Land nya.

Cello : RosenQueen Land?

Crea : RosenQueen Land is the amusement park managed by my mother.

Kururu : It's the biggest theme park in the Marl Kingdom.

(now go to the tower with the teleporter and use the Legdem puppet to
teleport back, you will be in the village where you landed. You'll notice
that there's a new location on the map, RosenQueen Land, but don't go there
yet, get back in Mothergreen and head to the Orange village. There speak
to people around the village, a man in red will mention the Redhot
village and the Eringya valley, nothing else to do here excpet watching
the Nyankos getting totally drunk in the pub but that's only funny for a
few minutes. Get back to the ship and both Redhot village and Eringya
valley will be available to select on the world map. Pick Redhot village
it's just a little north of Paana Coota where you found the fist piece
of the SoB)

(in Redhot village you'll notice that there'll be RanRan but she just
complains about the SoB being in RosenQueen Land. Go and talk to a man
all dressed in blue in one of the houses. He will ask who you are pick
the second choice to tell him "Cornet's daughter" After some ramblings
about what Cornet did for the village in the previous game he will tell
you he has a present to give you since you're her daugther but you must
first pass some test to prove your identity and that is....the grand Marl's
kingdom quizz!! Here are the questions, beware if you fail once you can't
re-take it, besides the whole thing is hilarious with the guy asking
question going totally overboard)

Q1 : What is Kururu's true name!?
1) Kurusale Cherie Marl Q
2) Zolbaref Oscar Hasselbach

Q2 : What's the currency of the Marl's kingdom?!
1) Yen
2) Inochium

Q3 : What's the name of the school Kururu is attending?
1) Royal holy academy of Paprika
2) Municipal holy academy of Papaya

Q4 : What's the king Ferdinand favorite dish?
1) Steamed river fish Redhot style
2) Fried river fish prepared with the Orange sauce

Q5 : Wher was Queen Cornet born?
1) Mothergreen
2) Orange village

(once you're done, he will call you Princess Kururu and reward you with a
Flare puppet, play the horn and he will join. Now head back to the ship and
head to Mothergreen for another optionnal event. Go and enter Etoile's house
and you'll see the following event)

Kururu : Say Crea...why are you helping me so much? Just because we're friends?

Crea : Hmmm...yeah why...of course we're friends but...more importantly,
because I love you Kururu-chan.

Kururu : Wh-?

Crea : Teehee. It's the same for you and Cello-san right? You help him
because you lo-...

Kururu (bumping into Crea) : Hahaha, do-don't pay attention to her, she's just
rambling... hahaha....

Cello : ....

Cello : I keep you company only for the sake of getting the Shadow of Beauty

Kururu : Ah...th-that's right...I guess.

Crea : Hmm...well anyway, that's the reason why. And, I will keep on helping
you two, because you're both my friends.

Cello : ...

Crea : Mother taught me that you must help your friends when they're in

Kururu : Haha, Crea you really are your mom's kid.

Crea : Yes. Like mother, like daughter, right?

Cello : (Friends....family....she sure is lucky...)

(now go in Etoile's room, the one wih the secret pathway, you'll see a book
lying on the floor, pick it up, it's Etoile's diary. Select the first choice
to read it. Inside you'll learn that Etoile found Crea ten years ago and
raised her like her own child. Crea's hometown was attacked by monsters,
Etoile and her guards where fighting them but couldn't save her parents
because Etoile failed to finish off the monsters. She talks about her guilt
of robbing Crea from her real parents then she mentions how insecure she
felt about raising Crea without a father but Crea was a kind girl and never
reproached her or ask questions about that. And thus Etoile strengthened
her resolve of making Crea her true daugther. Etoile then mentions that she
never told the truth about it to Crea because she feared her reaction and
wonder that if she learns the truth someday will she be able to forgive her.
But since she's growing older Etoile feels like the day she would have to
tell her is gettting closer...)

Crea : I-it can't be...Mother is...she's not my real mother....

Kururu : T-there must be a mistake about this Crea! Of course Etoile-san is
your mother! There's no other way!

Kururu : Right, Crea?

Crea : ...

(now go down and get back to the entrance, Etoile will appear)

Kururu : Ah, Etoile-san!

Crea : ...!

Kururu : (....this is horrible timing... what should we do?)

Cello : (There's only one thing we can do : leave it to them to sort it out)

Kururu ( I can't do that...)

Etoile : What's wrong? Acting all sneaky like that...

Etoile : ? Oh my? What happened Crea? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Is something bothering you? You know you can tell me anything Crea.

Crea : ....

Etoile : What's wrong Crea? Come on, tell your mother what's wrong.

Crea : I learned about the secret you kept from me! My... my...
give me back my real parents!

Etoile : ...!!

(talking to Etoile)

Etoile : ...

Kururu : Etoile-san...

Etoile : I knew this day would come, eventually. There's no way I could
have kept it a secret forever. I knew it, but I was afraid... I was afraid
that Crea would leave if she knew the truth. And, because I was so afraid,
I couldn't say anything... I'm not fit to be a mother after all...

Kururu : That's not true! You're the only mother for Crea, Etoile-san!
You're the one that told me to that you must believe in yourself...
you're a wonderful mother for Crea, Etoile-san!
You have to believe in yourself!

Etoile : ...thank you Kururu-chan.

(now go in Crea's room)

Kururu : Crea... even though you don't have the same blood as Etoile-san,
that doesn't mean she's not your mother. She was the one who raised you
and loved you. I'm not really good at saying this sort of thing, but,
isn't that more important to being a family than blood?

Crea : ...

Kururu : Right, Crea?

Crea : I was shocked to learn that she's not my real mother... but, I don't
hate or anything... Up until now, she's taken care of me like her real child.
But... I don't know if that's because she loves me or just because she feels
guilty for letting my real parents die.. I was afraid, so I acted like that...

Kururu : I understand. Etoile-san will understand too.
Let's go talk to her, together.

Crea : B-but...w-what if its true? What if the only reason she's treated me
this way was to atone for her mistakes?

Cello : You're wrong. If it was just to make up for her mistakes,
she wouldn't love you like that.

Crea : !!

Cello : ...I've heard a similar story. It was about a lone woman who picked
up and raised an orphan. Once he grew older, she used the orphan to do bad
things for her sake. The kid, despite knowing what he was doing was wrong,
agreed to carry out her evil deeds because he was afraid of losing her

Cello : In this world, there are parents who don't love their children,
blood relation or not. The fact that your mother loves should tell you
your answer.

Kururu : Cello...

Cello : ...sorry, I spoke too much. Just forget about it.

Kururu : Crea, Cello is right. Etoile-san is your mother.

(Crea joins back oh and btw she hasn't anything equipped...whee.
Go back near the entrance, you'll see Etoile collapsed)

Crea : Mother?!

Kururu : What's wrong Etoile-san?!

Momi : It looks like anemia.

Hama : The shock she received earlier might have...

Crea : ....mother...

Crea : I'm going to look for the medicine!

Kururu : I'm coming with you!

Momi : If you're looking for the medicine, we've got a powerful panacea
in the underground dock, Crea-sama.

Hama : Since it's very valuable it's stored in a safe with the other valuables.

Crea : Understood. Thank you Momi, Hama.

(now get back in Etoile's room and talk to the puppet, though actually Kururu
will rather scream the fantabulous password "Carpaccio, Totocalcio,
Hippopotamus!!" then hop into the cave. You'll have to go all the way through
again, well at least now you know why there was a Ledgem puppet in there that
you didn't have to use the first time. In the last room there'll be, for some
reason, a new treasure chest, open it to get the panacea and you'll get the

Kururu : Huh? Is this a letter?

Crea : Ah, that's...

"My mother,

My mother is a beautiful, smart and a very cool person.

Ten years ago she, together with the queen, saved the king of an evil witch.
I think this is great.

Now she's the head of the RosenQueen corp. but she's still very kind with me.
I want to be like her when I grow up, I'm so proud she's my mother.
I love you Mom.

Createur RosenQueen, 2nd Grade, royal academy of the holy Paprika."

Crea : This...I... I wrote this in second grade. To think she kept it here
with our valuables for such a long time...

Kururu : This is the proof that you're very important to her Crea.

Crea : Yes...

Crea : Mother....(putting back the letter) Well let's go back.

Kururu : Yeah, with this panacea Etoile-san will be better in no time!

(attempt to leave but someone will stop you)

Burg : Gaahahaha! The Phantom Thief Burg is here BANG!

Burg : In order to finance my world's conquest, I will take the valuables of
the RosenQueen house BANG!

(he get the chest from earlier and get away)

Crea : Hold it, those are my mother's!

Kururu : Crea!! What's with her going alone like that...

Cello : We should hurry, she'll be in trouble by herself.

Kururu : Alright!

(now go and use that Ledgem puppet to get back to the entrance,
you'll see Momi and Hama guarding it)

Momi : You're late, we were coming to see what happened.

Hama : Huh? Where's Crea-sama?

Kururu : Did you see Crea and a huge demon-cat coming this way?

Momi : What?

Hama : Nope, haven't seen something like that. Right, partner?

Momi : Indeed. What happened?

Kururu : The cat I was talking about just stole the safe and Crea is
chasing after him!

Momi : What?

Cello : Kururu, we may have missed on our way here, we should go back.

Kururu : I see, let's go!

Hama : Then, we'll be watching this entrance.

Kururu: Alright, I'm counting on you!

(go back in the stupid cave again, oh and in case you're wondering,
even if you didn't use the Legdem puppet you still wouldn't have run
into Crea on your way back. Anyway for now just head for the last room
again. Just before reaching Ledgem again you'll see Crea)

Crea : Give me back the safe!

Burg (sweatdrop) : You're one tenacious kid BANG. But then that means there
must be something very valuable in that safe right, BANG?! The RosenQueen
family is the wealthiest in all the Marl kingdom BANG. Now that I've got their
treasure, I will be able to resume my plan for world domination BANG! ....so
that's why I can't give it back BANG. Hmmm, thinking about it, I've just done
a pretty good summary, haven't I BANG? Well then, time to leave you guys,
farewell BANG!

(Crea clings to him)

Burg : Huh?!

Crea : I won't let you have it!

Burg : Damn brat, didn't you understand already BANG?
Bad kids should be punished, BANG!

Kururu : Crea!! (Burg get suddenly shot)

Kuruur : Etoile-san!

Crea : Mother, you should be resting!

Etoile : I can't rest when my precious daugther is in danger!

Crea : ...!!!!

Etoile:  Let's go, Momi, Hama!!

Momi : My lady, you still haven't recovered...

(Burg starting to get pissed because he's ignored as usual)

Hama : That's right, this is too reckless my lady.

Etoile : Silence! I would die a hundred times over before to protect
my daughter!

Momi : We understand my lady!! If you're this determined,
then we won't stop you!

Hama : Let us assist you!!

Etoile:  Don't worry Crea, you're mother's here.

(battle start against Phantom Thief Burg. Etoile, Momi and Hama are
ridiculously strong but Burg is quite pumped up and tends to do 200
damage per round to all characters, so be sure to watch Kururu
and Cello HP)

(after winning)

Etoile : Are you alright Crea? Are you hurt? 

Crea : ...why? Why did you come to rescue me? Not just today, but you're
always helping me...

Etoile : It's only natural for a parent to help her child. Even if I were to
lose my life, it wouldn't bother me as long as I helped you.

Crea : ...but I'm not your real child... I'm just a stranger...

Etoile : Idiot!! You're not a stranger! We may not be related by blood,
but you're my one and only daughter, Crea.

Crea : ...Mother!!

Etoile : Crea!!

Crea:  Mother....

Crea :  (I get it, it doesn't matter if we aren't related by blood.
The person who raised me, loved me, cared for me... can only be my Mother.
The time we spend together, it can't be replaced by blood. The most important
thing is the bond we share, the one that ties our hearts together)

Crea : Mother, I'm sorry. And...thanks.

Etoile : Well then, everyone. I'll be waiting for you on the Totocalcio.

Etoile : Ah yes, I nearly forgotten. Here, take this.

(You'll get the Genocide 1000, another weapon for Crea like the Inferno 500.
Note that you cannot equip both at once even though that'd be awesome)

Crea : This is?

Etoile : From now you may run into increasingly dangerous situations,
so I want you to have this. If I know you have this, it'll make me feel less
uneasy. After all, what kind of Mother would let her daughter go out without
any highpowered firearms for protection? Ohohohohohoho.

Crea : Thank you mother.

Etoile : Hohoho, good luck, Crea.

Etoile : Kururu-chan, Cello-san. From now on, please watch over my daughter.

Kururu : When I grow up, I want to be a woman like Etoile-san. 

Crea : ...yes, I would like to be more like my mother, too.

Kururu : Alright!

Crea : Thank you, Kururu-chan, Cello-san. If you two weren't there, I would...

Kururu : What are you saying? You're usually the one who's bailing us out

Cello (struggling to say something nice) : ....we're...friends....anyway...

Kururu : ...!! That's right! When your friends are in trouble you gotta
help 'em out!

Crea : Yes, that's right.

Kurur : Well then, let's go!

Crea : Yes. (Crea joins the party again, and you must equip her again damnit)

Cello : (Family...)

(whew that was a incredibly long optionnal event, now let's head to Ros...errr
Eringya valley for yet another optional event. It's the location just north of
Mothergreen, you can't miss it. Once you get there talk to the, ahem, mushroom
there and they will tell you that Burg has been causing them trouble so you'll
need to go kick his butt again. Oh and also the townsfolk there will be all
delighted by Kururu's fashion sense. Then again they're mushroms and they get
around naked in pots of sort so Kururu won't feel too good about their praise
even though it's the first time someone actually said something good about her
pants. Go west of the village and talk to the giant mushroom there, it's
Kinoko, the guardian deity of the Eringya. Pick the second choice to get....
inside it. This is actually a dungeon so explore it well, there are some very
good items like one that cuts in half the Inochium cost of spells or another
one that reduce the HP needed for skills by more than half! Oh and there's
also Illustration 9 for those of you that like Randy. After a few minutes you
should reach the last room of the dungeon where you'll witness the following)

Burg : GAAAHAAHAAHAAHAH!!! I'll use you guys to make a new menu, centered
around the "Eringya Hamburger" BANG! And I will use the money earned to
fund my plan for world domination BANG! The tyrannical rule of Myao-sama
and NyanNyan-sama will soon come to an end BANG! I will be the one who
will write history BANG!

(Kururu and Crea close in on him from behind)

Burg : Gaaahahaha! Nobody will see this excellent plan coming BANG!

Kururu (looking tired) : Errr... we just uncovered your plan....

Burg : My god! To see through such a carefully crafted operation...
you're not just ordinary humans, are you BANG?

Kururu (sweatdrop) : Well actually, you just completely explained it to us.

Burg : Damn it! Eavesdropping is unfair BANG! Even evil-doers have a
reasonable expectation of privacy, you know BANG! Since it has come to this,
I'll have to silence you forever BANG! 

(battle against Extra Burg, thanksfully he's way easier than Phantom Thief
Burg. Usual boss tactics will work well)

(after winning)

Burg  : I will remember this BANG!!

(you can go back now, talk to the mushrooms people here, they will call you
heroes but won't give you anything though. So what's the point of doing this?
Well once you get back in the village the shop will be open and have awesome
stuff to sell, like a suit to be immune to all staut effects or the triple
beater to let a character attack three times consecutively though it's very
expensive. There's someone in one of the house who will also give you a very
good jewel. Now get back to Mothergreen for...another optionnal event. Head
to the Marl castle and go into that "Sonia tower" you've been previously in
that chapter. Talk to Sonia in the top room, it's time to play matchmaker

Kururu : Say Sonia, do you like to go to the Theater?

Sonia : Yes, I do.

Crea : What kind of genre do you like?

Sonia : The ones with a lot of action. I was quite a tomboy before, like you
Princess, so I really get into that kind of stuff.

Crea : Hey, that's pretty surprising.

Kururu : Yeah, it feels like we've become closer to each other now, Sonia.

(now time to go see Randy in the other tower to deliver the news)
Randy : Princess, can I get your opinion on something? I was thinking about
taking Sonia-san to see a play, and I wondering what kind of play would be
the best...

Kururu : Plays?

Crea : Now this is a difficult question. If you don't pay attention to the
tastes of your partner, things can get ugly, and you'll have a terrible
time and maybe never see each other again.

Randy : P-please don't scare me like that! I-I just wanted y-your opinions!

Crea : Teeheehee. Time to play cupid again, Kururu-chan.

Randy : What kind of play would be good princess?
1) I know! Let me decide this!
2) I don't know

Randy : R-really? Then tell me!
a) Lovey dovey romance!
b) Action!

Randy : I get it! I was thinking about that, too!

Kururu : ...really?

Randy : Alright! This is perfect!

Crea : When the mood get right, give her a nice big kiss, alright?

Randy : Whoa come on, be serious! If I did that, she'd slice me in two!

Randy : I get it! I was thinking about that, too!

Kururu : ...really?

Randy : Alright! This is perfect!

Crea : When the mood get right, give her a nice big kiss, alright?

Randy : Whoa come on, be serious! If I did that, she'd slice me in two!

Randy : I-I see...guess I'll stick with a romantic one then...

(Whew. We're done with optionnal events. For now at least. Time to head
to RosenQueen Land at last! it's located between Redhot village and
Mothergreeen. Upon getting there your character will gaze at the
enormous statue of a young Etoile)

Kururu : ..what's this? Is that... Etoile-san?!

Crea : Teehee, that's right. This is my mother's pride,
the "Statue of a Girl Without Peer"

Kururu : A girl without peer huh? ....she's really... ...something...

(get inside, there are quite a few places you can enter, like a shop
where a monkey will sell you stuff, a inn where the host is a cat,
etc...those are robots developped by the RosenQueen company but the
Nyankos still think they're simply living animals speaking like they
do and they're quite happy with the idea. You'll find Burg in one of
the shop and you can actually buy stuff from him for a change. He got
good stuff like the jewels needed to cast the ultimate spells.
Go further in the park and you'll run in a place where a bunch of
Nyankos and Nyanshes are gathered)

Nyanko : Nyaaa!! Charge nyaaaa!!

Nyanshe : They're nothing nya! Victory will be ours nyaaa!

(they'll start to fight, seems like Nyankos are better with melees weapons
and fire arms while nyanshes tend to be magic users)

Nyanko : Fire nyaa!! Strike nyaa!!

(the shot will be deflected and instead crash into and behead Etoile's
giant statue)

Kururu : Waah, Etoile-san's face just went flying!!

Crea : Oh dear, when mother hears about this... it won't be good.

Kururu : Hey, I wasn't here when it happened, ok?

Crea : Let's just pretend we didn't see it and keep going.

(now you're free to move around, the cats are still at it though.
Go back and you'lll notice that the way going south previosuly guarded
by Nyanko is now cat-free. Go there and you'll run into two weirdoes.)

Pokonyan : Are you alright Pekonyan?

Pekonyan : If I wasn't slowing you down, you could escape successfully

Pokonyan : What are you saying nya? I could never escape without my beloved

Pekonyan : Aaaah Pokonyan!

Pokonyan : Pekonyan!

Pokonyan : Alright, let's get away together now nya. Somewhere far away...
somewhere we can live in peace nya! Just the two of us nya!

Voice : I won't allow that nya!

Pokonyan : Myao-sama!!

Myao : Where do you think you're going nya? Have you forgotten the
Nyanko's Law nya?

Pokonyan : I..that's...

Myao : "Nyanko's Law, Article 1 Subsection A"!!

Pokonyan : "Nyanko's Law, Article 1, Subsection A : Going against the
master's orders is forbidden" nya!

Mya : Is that clear nya? Come, let's go back nya. And never again will you
meet with that one from NyanNyan family nya! Grab him nya!

Pekonyan : Pokonyan!

Pkonyan : Pekonyan!

(talk to Pekonyan)

Pekonyan : The one I love is serving under my master's rival...
what a tragic fate nya. What should I do nya?
1) Leave it to us!
2) I have no idea

Pekonyan : Really nya? Thanks nya!! Please, go meet with Pokonyan and
give him this nya! (you get Pendant of love)

Pekonyan : I wish you success and may the divine protection of the most
holy feline be with you nya!

(go further east, you'll run into a Nyanko standing in front of a building.
Note that those hoodlums have drawn graffiti all over Etoile's portraits >_<)

Nyanko : Hurry up and enter or you'll miss the play nya!

(enter that place, take a right after climbing the stairs and you'll see the
L-kun puppet, talk to him. That jerk talks in Satsuma-ben btw making him
being even more rustic than he looks. Oh and in the same room there's a
Nyanko that'll teach you the Nyanko law so you can realize how though
their life are)

(talking to L-kun)

L-kun : I-I'm just an ordinary stuffed animal! So leave me alone!

L-kun : ...? huh, you're not one of those cats ain't you?
Don't scare me like that.

Kururu : Hey, we didn't do anything to scare you, that was all you.

L-kun : Huh? This trumpet, it's Cornet's! You're... Cornet's daughter?
1) Yes
2) No

L-kun : So you really are! Its nice to meet you! Could you get rid of
those cats, please? Since they're here they totally ruined the
circus performance.

Kururu : I see...

L-kun : Let's get rid of those cats together! We can kill two birds
with one stone like that! Now, please play the trumpet!
1) Yep!
2) Nada!

(L-kun joins)

(talking to the nyanko)

Nyanko : Us Nyanko have a "Nyanko's Law" and the rules are very strict.
Nyanko's Law, Article 1 : Going against the master's orders is forbidden
Nyanko's Law, Article 2 : Oversleeping is forbidden. 
Nyanko's Law, Article 3 : Before returning home, hands must be cleaned and
mouth wash must be used.
Nyanko's Law, Article 4 : You must use the proper greetings at all times.
Nyanko's Law, Article 5 : Staying up late at night is forbidden.
Nyanko's Law, Article 6 : Teeth must be brushed after each and every meal.
...That's about it.

(now keep going in the theater, you'll reach a room with no lights soon)

Kururu : Huh? It's pitch black in here, I can't see anything.

Voice : Welcome nya. For today we'll present you "The Karukansky and the
Bakenekof" nya. Please enjoy yourself and watch until the very end nya.


Song title :  Karukansky ie to Bakenekof ie

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Nyanko (seiyuu : Tamura Yukari)
Chorus : Miyakawa Kazuki, Mizusawa Jun, Isono Kotomi

Neko no mazoku no meimon
Bakenekof Karukansky
Ryouke tooi mukashi kara
Hora, kono toori

Ryouke no musume mo rival doushi
Nya nya nya
Nya nya nya
Itsumo kenka bakari
Totemo hata meiwaku

Neko no hokori kake aru hi
Gojiman no shippo no nagasa de
Kecchaku tsukeru toki ga kita

Ni hiki no shippo ha kumo tsuki meke
Haruka kanata no hoshi ni
Shoubu ha tsukazu ni hiki no naka ha
Motto motto waruku

(Nyanko : higeki nanda nya~)


Crea : Those cats... this must be how it is for them.

Kururu : To think they can't be with the ones the love because of something
stupid like that... its sad...

Cello : (Together with the one you love...to make it come true in reality

Kururu : Hm? Something wrong?

Cello : No, that's nothing.

(exit on the other side of the room and you'll reach Pokonyan)

Pokonyan : Who are you nya? Do you have some business with me nya?

Kurur : ...here take this. Pekonyan told us to give it to you.

Pokonyan : It's Pekonyan's pendant nya!

Kururu : Are you two lovers?

Pokonyan : T-that's right nya!

Crea : In that case, we will help you two. You shouldn't let your masters'
selfishness keep you apart!

Pokonyan : But how will we be able to do that nya?

Crea : Simple. If you can get the Shadow of Beauty piece before them, you can
say "If you don't agree to our marriage, then we'll break it!"

Kururu : ...geez Crea, that's blackmailing, you know. 
Crea (to Pokonyan) : And your masters wouldn't want to lose it,
so they'll agree.

Crea (to Kururu) : And in the confusion, we'll grab the Shadow of Beauty
and everyone will be happy.

Kururu : Everyone will be happy, huh?

Pokonyan : I got it nya! I'll do my best for the sake of my beloved
Pekonyan nya!

(he joins with nothing equipped obviously. Though he's lvl.35 he's got crappy
stats. but there's a trick. Remember the Love pendant you got? It's a neat
accessory that boost all stats by 5 and max HP by 10. Well when equipped on
Pokonyan it actually doubles all of his stats making him awesome! Fill the
remaining of his accessories slots with stuff that allow him to attack more
like some double/triple beater and you'll get a cat-war-machine. Now keep on
going and you'll reach the exit of the theater. Some Nyanko will tell you
that the SoB is at the top of Etoile' statue so let's go there. It's a dungeon
actually so there'll be events and boss inside...sigh)

(upon entering a bunch of Nyankos)

Nyankos : This is as far as you go Pokonyan!

Pokonyan : G-guys?

Nyankos : We understand your feelings but we can't let you go past this
point nya! For the sake of our master, Myao-sama! We will be the one to find
the Shadow of Beauty first nya!

(battle against three Nyankos and three Nyankies, careful of the Nyankies
explosives don't let them time to attack)

(after winning)

Nyankos : If you think you can push us around, you're wrong nya!
Let's go guys nya! Nyanko fusion!!! (they actually really fuse and you'll
see a giant Nyanko. Their theme song "Soldier's law" will kick in and you'll
even be given an explanation of how nyanko fusion works. It's because of love
and courage that all Nyankos possess....or so it claims. It has the power
of a 100 tons giant it also says, well isn't that frightening?)

Nyanko : Let's go nya! Giant Nyanko charge, go nyaaaaaaah!!!

(battle time again, this time against giant Nyanko. He's more cute than scary
honestly. Usual boss tactics work fine)

(after winning)

Nyanko : Myao-sama, we're sorry nya! We've been defeated nya!

(ignore the cat pile and keep on going up, you'll get the Shadow of Beauty
part once you reach the top floor)

Kururu : Alright! All that's left to do is to explain the situation to your

Pokonyan : Nya.... I'm really nervous nya.

Crea : Get a grip. You're doing this for the sake of you love right?

(Myao and NyanNyan appear)

Myao : Nyahahaha! This time victory is mine nya! Nyahahaha! NyanNyan lost nya!
NyanNyan lost nya!

Nyannyan : ...(grumble grumble) nya.

Myao : Good job Pokonyan! Now give the Shadow of Beauty nya!

Pokonyan : No nya.

Myao : Nyaaaaat?!

Pokonyan : If you don't accept my relationship with Pekonyan, I'll break it
into a billion pieces nya!

Pekonyan : Pokonyan...you're willing to go so far for my sake nya...

Pekonyan : Pokonyan!

Pokonyan : Pekonyan!

Pokonyan : Myao-sama, I'm sorry nya...but I really want you to accept it nya!

Myao : No way nya, no way nya, no way nya!! I'll neeeever allow you to date
a cat from NyanNyan house!

Pekonyan : Please NyanNyan-sama!

Kururu : Then you don't care about the Shadow of Beauty then?! Wouldn't that
bother both of your bosses?

NyanNyan : ...they have nothing to do with this, nya.

Myao : That's right nya! This a cat problem nya!

Crea : ... It looks like my plan isn't working...

Kururu : It can't be...those two are in love right? Why can't you agree to
their relationship? What's so wrong with it?!

Myao : Shut up nya! If you're going to interfere, I'll burn you to ashes nya!!

(battle against Myao and NyanNyan, they got lots of HP and can heal themselves
but they don't deal too much damage so it's not hard, it just take a while)

(after winning)

Myao : You, who dared to oppose the will of your master, nya! Do you know the
fate of Nyankos who violate the Nyanko Law, Pokonyan?

NyanNyan : ...You love this cat that much, Pekonyan?

Pekonyan : Yes NyanNyan-sama!

Pokonyan : I love Pekonyan too, Myao-sama!

Myao : Grrrr nya....!!

(Myao and NyanNyan start to cast a spell on Poko&Pekonyan)

Kururu : Stop it!! What are you doing?!

(the two cats get turned into some small lights and disappear)

Myao : This is the only solution to those who break the law.

Kururu : There has to be another way! They loved each other!
Why can't you understand that?! You didn't have to send them to heaven!

Crea : Kururu-chan, if we hurry we might be able to save them!
Let's hurry downstairs!

(if you speak to Myao and co, they will keep spouting stuff about how
the "law" is absolute etc... go down and use Ledgem to teleport back)

(outside the statue you'll see those two lights the cats turned into)

Kururu : Why? This...this is too sad... Why couldn't they be together...

(the lights will turn back into normal, non-demon cats)

Kururu : This...what happened?!

Nyanko : Pokonyan and Pekonyan have been excommunicated by our masters nya.

Nyanshe : As servants, their relationship could never be approved.
So the masters turned them into normal cats, nya.

Crea : Then those cats are...

Nyanko : Yep. That's Pokoynan and Pekonyan. Myao-sama and NyanNyan-sama
may act like bitches, but they really do care about their servants.

(back on the statue)

Myao : Sob sob, Pokonyan...

NyanNyan : Don't cry Myao. If you cry you'll get all moist and you'll be
even more flat-chested, nya.

Myao : Don't act so big nya! You're crying too nya!

(back on Kururu' side)

Kururu : They're finally together... I'm so happy.

Crea : Well that's good. I did have my doubts for a minute there...

Kururu : Yeah its great! It feels really lonely when you can't be with
the one you love... No matter how big the obstacles may be, for the sake
of someone you love, there's no mountain too high or valley too low to
keep you apart!

Crea : That's right. As long as you have love and courage, then there's
nothing you can't overcome.

Kururu : (Yes, if its for someone you love, you can give it your all!!
I will too!)

Cello : (If you have love and courage then there's nothing you can't

(now go back, on your way to the ship speak to the Nyanshes that guarded an
alley they will let you go through as the reward for helping Pekonyan, nothing
noteworthy there's only a shop you should check and they will mention the
WhiteSnow village so you'll be able to get there later on. Once you're back
in the ship head once again to RedHot village for another optional event.
It's the second part of the quiz you took earlier, so go see that guy in blue.
He will tell you he has another stuffed toy looking like flail and ask you if
you want it. Pick the first choice to say yes, the room will get dark, the
Nyanko's warrior theme will start...time for the Grand quizz!)

Q1 : What is Myao complete name!?
1) Myao Bakenekof
2) Myao Karukansky (<- This one)

Q2 : What's the name of Etoile flying ship?!
1) Carpaccio
2) Totocalcio (<- This one)

Q3 : What's the name of the main weapon of the Totocalcio?
1) RosenQueen canon
2) RosenMoby canon (<- This one)

Q4 : What are the members of the Marjory family often called?
1) Idiots (baka)
2) Morons (manuke) (<- This one)

Q5 : Where was Princess Kururu born?
1) Mothergreen (<- This one)
2) Orange village

(blow your horn next to the new puppet and you'll get Flare in his dragon
form. Now let's go back to Mothergreen for...another optionnal event! Oh and
while you're in RedHot village be sure to check the Flare statue in the center
there's an Inochium master jewel inside. Anyway once you get in Mothergreen
head for the castle and go speak to Sonia again)

(speaking to Sonia)

Kururu : Say Sonia, what would you want as a present?

Sonia : Present? Well, the girls in the fan-club give me plenty of
weapons and battle gear....

Crea : But those aren't really good presents for a woman.

Sonia : Haha, well considering the way I am, I like them.

Crea : I don't think so. I'm sure a nice gentleman will give you a great
present. Right~Kururu chan?

Kururu : Right~Crea.

Sonia : ???

(now go speak to Randy as usual)

Randy : Princess, if I could have your opinion one more time. This time I
was thinking about buying a present for Sonia-san and I was wondering...

Crea : You don't know what to get her.

Randy : Yes, that's right. I wanna choose something that would...err...
convey my...uh..feelings somehow.

Crea : My, how wonderful! How about following his example Kururu-chan?
Right Cello-san?

Cello : ...hm? What are you talking about?

Kururu : I-it's nothing, nothing!! She's a bit touched in the head is all!

Randy : Errr, so what do you think...?

Kururu : Ah, right about that...

Randy : What would be good?
1) I know!
2) I have no idea!

a) a Ring
b) a Sword

Randy : I see, that'll be perfect!

Crea : Good luck Randy-san. The most important thing is to be bold!

Randy : "Bold" you say...?

Randy : Thanks, but I...

Kururu : What are you saying? Just like with anything, its a gamble! 
"Men take the initiative" right? Don't give up!

Randy : I-I see! Alright! I'll do my best!

Randy : I see, that'll be perfect!

Crea : Good luck Randy-san. The most important thing is to be bold!

Randy : "Bold" you say...?

Randy : Thanks, but I...

Kururu : What are you saying? Just like with anything, its a gamble!
"Men take the initiative" right? Don't give up!

Randy : I-I see! Alright! I'll do my best!

(talk to him again afterwards)

Randy : (Hmmm, how should I confess after giving the present...?)

Randy : ("I love you!")

Randy : ("Follow me!")

Randy : ("Je t'aime, Sonia") 

Randy : ("I beg of you! Please marry me!")

Randy : (....I think the last way is probably the most accurate of how
I feel....)

(now go back to the ship, talking to the nyanko near the fountain on
the way they will tell you that the last part of the SoB is in Ice
village. Before  goinng there check the places you haven't seen yet.
Also do get back on BlueCat and talk to te painter on the top of the
hill he will give you Illustration 7 as promised in Ch.4. Also pay a
visit to your pal, Polin he has something for you.Afterwards
head for Ice village! It's the place most to the north. Finally,
time to end this chapter!)

(once in Ice village , look around, you'll learn that the Shadow of
Beauty could be located at the top of the "Ice palace" which is also
the castle where the first Queen of the ancient people resided.
Go north of the village and you'll end up in an icy cavern)

Crea : How beautiful.

Kururu : Its soooo c-cooold

Crea : Ah, Kururu-chan, it's slippery so be careful.

Kururu : Geez, I know! I'm not stupid!

(right after she nearly falls and clings to Cello then go blush in
a corner after realizing what happened)

Crea : My, my, that Kururu-chan. She did slip on purpose so should
grab Cello-san.

Kururu : I-it wasn't on purpose!!

Crea : Hmmm, but Cello-san moved closer so he could be the one that
caught you...

Kururu : I-is that so? You really mean it?!

Crea : Wouldn't this be the perfect time to confess?

Kururu : ...

Crea : What's wrong Kururu-chan?

Kururu : I'm afraid.

Crea : Eh?

Kururu : Until now, I kept thinking of how I could confess my feeling
for him. But... what if he says he doesn't feel the same way?
Just thinking about that scares me... I'd rather it be the way it is now,
instead of being rejected.

Crea : Kururu-chan....

(get a little further inside the cave to get the next event)

RanRan : She loves me!

RanRan : She loves me not.

RanRan : She loves me....

(realizing there's just one petal left, she throws away the flower)

RanRan : ....sigh.... what am I doing? I just keep giving up...

RanRan : No! I can't live in fear of rejection! Today, for sure,
I'll be brave enough to confess my feelings!

(now keep on exploring the cave, careful though : it's one of the few
dungeons that has more than one path leading to the exit, meaning you
can easily miss a good chunk of it. After getting past the room with
Ledgem you'll be in a abandonned station)

Kururu : What's this?

Crea : It looks like some sort of vehicle.

Cello : This is a vehicle ancient people used in the past.
They used to ride it to reach the ice palace.

Kururu : Ehh, I wonder if it can still move.

(now board the train and head for the engine room)

Crea : This looks like the driver's room...

Kururu : Hmmm, its even weirder than the one in the Totocalcio.

Crea : Look Kururu-chan. There are levers here.... maybe we should try
moving them?
1) Stop that
2) Let's go!

Crea : My, it isn't like you to be so passive.

Crea : Roger!

(after selecting 2)

Kururu : I-it's moving?!

Crea : We're lucky. This will make it easy to reach the ice palace.

Kururu : For real. It seems too good to be true. This is the first time
we've caught a break.

(now go back in the middle of the train to the car with the bar to meet
a bunch of cats)

Nyanshe : This is pretty good nya.

Nyanshe : Surprisingly so nya. 

Kururu : W-where did you come from?!

Nyanshe : Nya? We've spotted the enemy nya! Get them nya!

(battle against 6 Nyanshes super easy of course)

(after winning)

Kururu : Geez....those guys are everywhere!

Crea : It looks like something is coming up behind us.

Cello : It looks like they've found a way to chase us.

Crea : They'll probably be able to board our vehicle from the rear.
Let's go stop them.

(get into the last car)

RanRan : Alright you guys, now go get rid of those brats!

Nyanshe : Yes nya!

Nyanshe : RanRan-sama, without warning or even an establishing shot,
the enemy has appeared nya!!

Ranran : We're so lucky, they came out by themsleves! You won't get
in the way of my battle with Gao-rin!

(battle against RanRan and three Nyanshes. RanRan is moderately tough
even though she's yelling Guts!!! during her attacks^^)

(after winning)

RanRan : Eeeh, you're better than I thought! But those skills are
useless against me... 

(you see Gao crashing into the train and getting buried under a pile of cats)

RanRan : Ohmigod Gao-rin!

Gao : Ouch, ouch ouch....

Gao (shaking the cats away and getting up) : Marjory family, assemble! 

Nyanko : ...yup nya!

RanRan : You're finally here Gao-rin! I've been waiting for you!

RanRan : Gao-rin!! Let's have a race okay? The first one to get the
Shadow of Beauty wins! I'll show you how much stronger than you I am now!

Gao : Whaaat? Stronger than ME? Kid, you must be dreaming! 

Gao : Gwahahahaha, but it sounds like fun. You're on!

RanRan : And the loser has to do whatever the winner says, a'right?

Gao : Sure whatever! I'm gonna win anyway so it doesn't matter!

RanRan : ...it's a promise then. (she get back on her train and leaves)

Gao : Alright!! There's no way I can lose this!!

(rushing aboard Kururu train and leaving too)

Kururu : Those people... they're...

(get back inside the train again, it'll be filled with Nyankos.
Talking to them you'll learn a few interesting stuff like how Gao and
RanRan are of the same tribe, and how Gao saved RanRan life when she
was a kid. That's how RanRan became infatuated with Gao. Anyway get
back in the first car, you'll see Gao on the ground)

Kururu : Hey, what's wrong? Are you alright?

Gao : Uuuh... that machine... its so confusin' ... I looked at and I got
all dizzy and den... Math and machines... we don't mix.

Gao : Tch, at this rate I won't catch up to RanRan... I guess it means
I gotta drag this heap of metal to the finish line!

Gao (tripping) : Crap, it's been so long I've seen one of these things,
it freaked me out....

Gao : Uwwooohh!! GUUUUUTS!

Crea : Oh dear, you shouldn't overexert yourself so quickly.

Kururu : That's right. I'm really impressed by the Guts you have,
but right now its useless. You can't settle everything with Guts.

Gao : Heh...I know that. But for my dream...

Kururu : Dream?

Gao : That's right! My dream is to be the strongest in the world!
I can't lose to RanRan! If I do, I can't reach my dream! Everyone gets
depressed once in a while, but whenever you feel like giving up, you gotta
remember that would be forsaking your dream! In bad times, you just gotta
grin and bear it, and take a step forward! That's why... That's why I keep
moving forward for my dream! It'll come true if I never give up!

Gao : That's Guts!! The most important thing is to not think about what's
gonna happen and keep going after your dream!

Kururu : Don't think about what's gonna happen to go after your dream.... 

Kururu :  (I was a fraid of Cello's reaction, so I didn't want him to know
my feelings... but she's right! The most important thing isn't the result!
I just have to keep going!)

Kururu : (But geez, learning this from someone like that...)

Crea : I'm not really interested in winning that challenge, but there is a
way to catch up to the other vehicle...

Gao : How?

Crea : If we remove the other cars, it will have less weight to pull,
so it'll go faster.

Cello : I see. Good idea.

Gao : Then we'll need the Nyankos up here. There were ten of those little
boogers with me. Let's go get them!! (Gao joins with....nothing equipped)

(you have to look in the train for the nyanko now. I guess they overheard
the talking since they're hidding...or at least they're trying to.
Look out for their tails, there are two of them per car)

(once you got them all, go back on the first car)

Kururu : One, two, three...

Kururu : Ok! All ten of 'em are here!

Gao : Alright! Then I'll get rid of the other cars!

Gao : Uwwwooooohhh! (cars get removed)

Kururu : Now we should catch up in no time.

Gao : Good!! Let's go up top so we can get 'em when we catch up!


Kururu : There they are!

Cello : Look out! It looks like they're ready for us!

Gao : Interesting! Giving up a warm welcome like that...

(battle against 6 Nyanshes, ultra easy as usual)

(after winning)

Burg : I was waiting for you BANG!! Today will be the day I turn you all
into burgers BANG!!

Burg (jumping on your train) : Hop!!

(then he falls between two cars and get crushed between the tracks
and the trains)

Kururu (sweatdrop) : That was underwhelming.

RanRan : Ohmigod you came, Gao-rin!

Gao : I caught you, RanRan. Let's see if you're gotten stronger than me! 

RanRan : (Its impossible to convey true feelings with words. But, when
fighting, the body and the heart become one! Accept my feelings, Gao-rin!!) 

RanRan : Here I am!!

Gao : Come on!!

(battle against RanRan and 5 Nyanshes, same as before)

(after winning)

Gao : You still got a lot o' training before ya catch up with me.

RanRan : (I lost...my feelings... they didn't reach her...)

Crea : I feel kind of bad for her....

Kururu : Yeah.. I don't feel right about crushing someone's dream like that...

Nyanko : Emergency nya!! We'll be reaching a dead end soon and we can't use
the breaks nya!!

Crea : Oh dear, this is a problem.

Nyanko : Hurry and come down here nya!!

(speaking with RanRan and Gao won't do much, RanRan is panicked and
Gao suggests jumping in front of it and stopping it with her bare hands and
lots of guts...typical. Go downstairs, the Nyanko will tell you they want
you to pull a lever, they tried but Nyankos' strength doesn't seem to be
enough to move it. Go towards the lever and push O, you'll see Cello, Kururu
and Crea, all pulling like mad and falling on the floor)

Kururu : Huff...puff...impossible, it didn't even budge!

Gao : Impossible ain't a word in my vocabulary. In case like this, use Guts!

Gao : Let's go!!!! Guuuuuuuuuuts!!!!

(the train begins to slow down)

Kururu : Great!! Incredible!!

Nyanko : As expected of our Gao-sama nya!! The most brutal person in the
world nya!!

Cello : We shouldn't celebrate just yet...

Crea : That's right. We may have slowed down, but we're still moving...

Nyanko : Do your best Gao-sama nya!!

Gao : Leave it to me!! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts!!!!

Nyanko : I-it doesn't work nya?!

RanRan : .....

Gao : .....

Nyanshe : RanRan-sama! In your state, it's too dangerous nya!
You're still hurt nya!

Gao : Uuuwoooohhh!!!

RanRan : Haaaaaahhh!!!!

Nyanko : W-we're cheering for you nya!!

Nyanshe : Yes nya!! Hang in there RanRan-sama nya!!

Nyanko : Guts nya, Gao-sama!!

Gao : RanRan! If we don't coordinate and work together we won't stop it!
Our thoughts, our bodies must work as one!

RanRan : (Our thoughts and bodies working as one...)

RanRan : Ok, I got it!

Gao : Now, let's gooo!!! Both of us!

RanRan : Move as one body!


(the train stops)

Nyanko : Gao-sama!!

Nyanshe : RanRan-sama!!

Gao : Whew, we're safe. Man, I'm beat, I can hardly stand up.

RanRan : Gao-rin...

Gao : RanRan, without you, we woulda...

Gao : Let's call this battle a draw, alright?

RanRan : Gao-rin!

Gao : We'll battle again. You're my rival, right?

RanRan : ...yes! next time, I'll win for sure! Then when that happens...

Gao : Feel free to come at me any time you want! Gahahahahahaha!

Kururu : (Crea. I swear I'll confess to Cello when we get the last piece
of the Shadow of Beauty)

Crea : (Eh?)

Kururu : (Looking at those two gave courage! Going all out for the sake
of your dream and your love... it seems right, y'know?)

Crea : (I see. Good luck Kururu-chan!)

(you'll be in the ice palace station. Hanging around there'll be a bunch
of cats, Gao and RanRan. Gao is too tired to get the SoB so she'll leave
it to you and RanRan is reflecting upon her status of "rival" and seems happy
about it so she doesn't care about anything else. Get inside the entrance and
you'll be in another ice-cave type of dungeon. Nothing special here, do pay
attention to a big enemy called "ManMofu" as it's quite tough, tons of HP
and high attack power. Oh and there's also another Chimera to find here so
explore well. Once you'll find it pick first choice to fight it. This one
only takes damages from physical attacks so no strategy here just keeping
attacking it. He's actually super weak compared to the other ennemies in
this dungeon. Once he's defeated he will lay an egg and you'll have to blow
your horn to get the last egg puppet. Kururu complains saying that the egg
smells btw. Anyway resume your climbing after a little while you'll finally
reach the palace. Goes up the stairs and you'll see the SoB. Grab it and
that's the end of the chapter...finally!!)

Kururu : This is the last piece of the Shadow of Beauty....

Crea : Kururu-chan, it's time to...

Kururu : Yeah.

(she gives the piece to Cello)

Kururu : Cello, with this, you can help your mother...

Cello : Yeah. Kururu. Crea. I am really grateful. I...

Crea : Kururu-chan. Kururu-chan. This is the time!

Kururu : Y-yes.

Kuruur : Ce-Cello, you know, I... I...about you...well...

Crea : (Yes, go on Kururu-chan!)

Kururu : I...

Crea : (Hang in there Kururu-chan. Just a few more words!)

Kururu (screaming all of a sudden) : Please marry me!!

Cello : ...!!

Kururu : I-I know I'm just 12 years old and I can't cook or clean house but...
but when I grow up I'll do it all, and I'll be a wonderful wife!
Even if my parents are against it, I won't care! If that were to happen,
I'd throw away my status as Queen! So, please...!!

Cello : ...

Cello : Kururu...

Kururu : Cello...

Cello : Kururu, I... you, I...

(the room gets suddenly dark)

Akurjo : Hahahaha!! This is the end of this boring romance subplot!

Akurjo : Good job Cello. Now give me the Shadow of Beauty! Ahahahahaha!!!!

(they both teleport away, Kururu get on her kness and you'll see on the back
a tear rolling down on the cheek of the giant statue of the ancient's queen
...who looks disturbingly similar to Cherie)

=============================  Final chapter  ==============================
============================  Eternal feelings  ============================

(Kururu, having the same nightmare as in Chapter 6)

(upon waking up)

Crea : Kururu-chan...

Kururu : Crea, I...

Kururu : Where are we? Where is Cello?! Where is he?!

Etoile : We've received an emergency message from Mothergreen a little while
ago. Akurjo built a gigantic castle in the Wonder woods. Cello-san is most
probably there...

Kururu : I see...so it wasn't a dream....

Etoile : Kururu-chan....

Kururu : I'm not gonna go down that easily! A lot's happened...
everyone who's helped me... 

Kururu : I did my best... I confessed to him... I'm not gonna go down that
easily! I won't give up! I swear, I'll save him and get his answer! That
old lady picked the wrong girl to mess with!

Etoile : You've become quite strong, Kururu-chan. And to think, up until
recently, I just thought of you as a child...

Crea : Kururu-chan, I'll coming, too. I'll support your love,
until the very end!

Kururu : Thanks, Crea.

Crea : Teehee, it's only natural since "the two of us will always be

Etoile : Momi! Hama! We're going!! Launch the Totocalcio!!

Mom&Hama : Yes m'lady!!

Momi : Super fast turbulence engine ignition! Power output 120%!!

Hama : High grade Inochium energy, preparation complete!!

Etoile : Kururu-chan, we're ready to go!!

Crea : Let's go Kururu-chan! To the wonder woods! To where Cello-san is!

(you're free to go in any of the spots you discovered in the previous chapters
though there's not much to do there. Do visit Etoile's house though the puppet
there will give an item that restore 30HP per turn. Once you're ready to move
on with the story head for Ajurko's castle which is where the haunted house
used to be. The Wonder woods have really changed and are called the Weird
Woods now, the layout is a bit peculiar with "infinite alleys" so if, after
crossing a few screens the backgrounds doesn't change at all, go back. It's
not that hard to get to the exit though)

(once you reach the entrance)

Kururu : So this Akurjo's castle....

(you'll get a better view of a reddish sinister-looking castle)

Crea : Cello-san is here...

Randy : Do you plan on going in there?

Kururu : Randy! Sonia!

Crea : Why are you here?

Randy : Etoile-sama told us. We're here to help you out.

Crea : Mother...

Sonia : We heard everything Princess! 

Sonia : You're going to get lectured like never before when get back!
You'd better be prepared!!

Randy : She's acting like that, but she's really worried about you two.

Sonia : Hush, you. Don't say things like that.

Kururu : Randy...Sonia....thanks.

Crea : Come Kururu-chan, let's go.

(Sonia and Randy joins and they haven't anything equipped....
it's probably the last time I have to type that lame line....I'm so happy XD)

(get into the castle after a few screens you get to face the most persistent
character of the game)

Burg : Gahahahaha!! Finally it's time for the final battle BANG!! The one who
will be featured on the ending will be me, BANG!! 

Burg : Here I come BANG! "Burg's Ultimate Form" BANG!!

(battle against Burg's Ultimate Form)

(after winning)

Burg : And I used my final form too....how mortifying BANG!! (he runs away)

Kururu : We can't waste any time, let's go!


(you will see Beauty Castle descending towards Akurjo's castle)

Marjory : Hoooohohohoho!! Looking down at this world from the sky sure
puts me in a good mood!

Crowdia, Gao&Myao : Welcome back Marjory-sama!

Marjory : Ah, getting our dear castle back from the ocean took a little
longer than I expected. Sorry for making you worry, guys.
I know you were lost without me.

Myao (to Crowdia&Gao) : Marjory-sama is still alive. I owe some money now nya.

Gao : I know what ya mean. She's one persistent old hag, that's for sure. 

Crowdia : Indeed...farewell, our beautiful days of peaceful relaxation...

Marjory : Come on guys! Time to settle the score with the Akurjo family!
Get to work!

Crowdia, Gao&Myao : Yes, Marjory-sama!!

Marjory : Prepare yourself, Akurjo. I will make you regret the day you
decided to cross the Legendary Witch, Marjory! Hooohohohoho!!


(you'll hear a very loud crashing sound as Beauty Castle ram into Akurjo's)

Randy : Wh-what?!

Crea : It came from upstairs? Did something happen? Let's go see!

(go up the stairs and through the second floor, you'll see some Nyanko along
the way meaning Marjory's forces already invaded^^. After a few screens
you'll end up into a creepy gym)

Voice : Houhouhouhohou! Welcome little missies. How about joining me to
work out a good sweat? Let's Pump! It! Up!

FonFon (making his gay entrance) : Now! Look as much as you want at
my magnificent muscles!

Kururu : Get out of my way, you....

Kururu : Flaming fruitcake crossdressing... sucky... dumbhead!

FonFon (after getting petrified for a second) : F-flaming... fruitcake...
crossdressing... You little brat!!!!

(battle gainst FonFon and two whitewinds, the whitewinds can heal so take
them out quickly, FonFon is annoying since he can decrease your attack
power making Randy and Sonia useless so do this quick)

(after winning)

FonFon : Aren't you quite good? If you start training well, you too could
become splendid builders someday.

(castle is shaken again)

FonFon : Hm, it's awfully noisy today.

(suddenly a bunch of Nyankos charge and run him over. Get the chests in
his room there's an illustration. Follow the nyankos and go upstairs.
If you run into an hydra be careful it's an enemy as tough as normal boss,
use Randy's dragon buster against it, it deal extra damage against
dragons-type creatures. After crossing a few more screens you'll end
up in another super creepy room that for once is truly witch-like)

NyanNyan : ...more lab rats have been delivered, nya.

Nyanshe : It's a big shipment nya! Big shipment nya!

NyanNyan : ..keesheeshee. Let's start the experiment nya.

Nyanshe : Yaaay! Experiment nya! Experiment nya!

(battle start against NyanNyan and 5 Nyanshes, typical boss battle,
easy as long as you dispatch the cats immediatly)

(after winning)

Nyannyan : ...the experiment failed nya!

(the castle shakes again and NyanNyan's lab is starting to get messed up)

Nyanshes : Let's get away nya! Run nya!

NyanNyan : ...I agree nya! Let's escape nya!

(grab the two chest, one illustration and a accessory that greatly boosts
INT, afterwards keep on going up. This time you'll end up in a dojo-looking
sort of room with tons of Nyanko laying around totally beaten up)

RanRan : Geh. There's still more? This is soooo annoying...!
Why isn't Gao-rin with you guys?

RanRan : ...whatever. I can kill some time by taking care of you guys. Come on!

Kururu : We're in a hurry, get out of the way!

(battle against RanRan and two Walrus, since they can deal a lot of damage
eliminate them in the first round as usual. RanRan is the toughest of Akurjo's
minions but she's not that hard as long as you heal everyone fully each round)

(after winning)

RanRan : Ow ow... and I was waiting to play with Gao-rin, too! I'm soooo
pissed off at you guys! If that's how you want it to be...

Voice : Uuuuwwwwooohhh!! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuts!!!!

RanRan : Gao-rin's voice! Wait! Let's play together Gao-rin <3!
I won'tlose this time!

(she then goes after her, get the chests in her room, there are two
illustrations, one of RanRan which is neat since she's the only member
of the Akurjo's family that is cute and the other one is Gao's...well that's
not surprising to find it here after all. Keep climbing you'll reach a
crossroads eventuallly. South leads to a Nyanshe-town which is similar to
the one in RosenQueen land. Nothing to do here except to listen to those
silly cats. Keep going east to move on with the story and get the next event)

(you'll be faced with FonFon, RanRan&NyanNyan)

FonFon : According to Akurjo's orders...

RanRan : ...You won't be setting...

NyanNyan : ...another foot past this point nya! Keesheeshee.

Voice : Hold it!!

(Crowdia, Gao&Myao appears)

Crowdia : How dare the three of you pick on a couple of little girls!

Gao : We're your opponents!

Myao : Now you'll see the true power of the Marjory family nya!

Crea : Everyone...

Gao : Don't get us wrong, this ain't for you!

Crowdia : Then inescapable wind of destiny blows... it is our destiny
to defeat these three.

Myao : ...that's all there is to it, nya.

Kururu : Ok... I got it. Thanks.

Crea : Come on Kururu, let's hurry to find Cello and the Shadow of Beauty!

(talking to those guys gain won't do much, the Marjory trio will keep
repeating the same stuff, the Akurjo ones are pissed because they think
they're just here to act cool except RanRan which is super proud of Gao
as usual. After climbing even more stairs you'll be in the hall of the
haunted house again facing...Cello)

Cello : Kururu...

Kururu : Cello! Did she hurt you? I'm so glad I found you!

Cello : Stay back!!

Kururu : Eh!?

Cello (unsheathing his sword) : I will kill you all here.

Kururu : Cello... what are you saying?!

Cello : I won't allow anyone to stop my mother!

Kururu : Mother...?

Crea : Impossible...

Cello : That's right....my mother is Akurjo.

Kururu : Wh-what!? That can't be...

Cello : Mother's.... Akurjo's goal isn't eternal youth! She's actually very
ill... But, thanks to you, she was able to get the Shadow of Beauty. With it,
her illness will be cured. Now, all that's left to do is to get rid of those
in her way and everything will be settled.

Kururu :  You're lying right Cello?! Because... all this time, we were
together, doing our best! All of this was for the sake of Akurjo?!

Cello : ...that's right.

Kururu : Lies! I... I still believe in you!

Cello : ...!!

Cello : Sh-shut up!! Die already!

(battle against Cello. He's alone but still quite though. He will boost his
def and int and uses his puppet's, Ancient Weapon, spells against you.
Genocide strike can kill a full health Sonia so you should give her
something to raise her max HP)

(after winning)

Cello : Kuh...

Kuruur : Cello!!...

Crea : Cello-san, you lost on purpose...?

Kururu : Are you alright? Hold on Cello!!

Cello : It's better...this way...I'm...tired....

Cello : I did everything I could to repay her for saving me back then...

Cello : But... I knew it from the start. The only reason she took me in was
because she was interested in having someone with the blood of the Ancients.
But, for someone without a family, to be able to have the warmth of a
mother... I did a lot of bad stuff.

Cello : But, Kururu... Since I met you.... the more I thought about you...
the more confused I became... what should I do?

Kururu : That can't...Cello...

Cello : When you confessed to me....I was so happy....
I love you too, Kururu...

Kururu : ...!!

Cello : But... I'm so tired... goodbye, Kururu.... forgive me....
for being so... weak...

(he collapses)

Kururu : Cello!!

Crea : Cello-san!!

Kururu : Cello... why, Cello, why didn't you say that earlier?! 
My feelings... he suffered so much because of them... 

(Marjory and her gang show up)

Marjory : Oh my. Its so gloomy in here! Are we interrupting something?

(looking at Cello)

Marjory : Hmm, you can still save him.

Kururu : Really? Can we really save him?!

Marjory : Ah, yes. All of one's life force comes from the heart. If you
can light the flame within his heart before it completely disappears,
then he will be saved.

Kururu : Light the flame of his heart... how can I do that?

Marjory : Well, with the feelings of the one who loves him, of course.

Kuruur : My feelings...but he'll suffer because of them again...

Marjory : Kid, you're working my last nerve. Hurry up and save him!

(she casts a spell that sends Kururu into Cello's body)

Crea : Good luck Kururu-chan! Please god, protect them both...

Myao : Marjory-sama, you know doing that kind of thing isn't good for a
villain, don't you nya?

Crowdia : Exactly. This will make it impossible for us to get a large
folllowing among evil-doers.

Gao : Yup, we're supposed to be the bad guys, remember?

Marjory : Quiet! I know that already! I intend to get some sweet payback
for the kindness I showed them!


(inside Cello's heart)

Kururu : It's completely dark...I gotta find the fire in his heart!

(move in any direction and you'll get the next event)

Kururu : There! Is that it? It's nearly gone...

Kururu : Cello! Can you hear me Cello? Answer me! Please Cello!!

(Cherie will appear)

Cherie : Kururu...

Kururu : Y-you're...

Cherie : My poor Cello...to close your heart so much....

Cherie : Listen well Kururu. Right now the fire of Cello's heart is on the
verge of going out. You won't be able to light it if his heart stays closed.
Kururu, step into the light, and watch Cello's past.

Kururu : Cello's past...?

Cherie : Now Kururu. Inside the light.


(you'll be in one of the room of the aerial garden, this time it's not in
shambles but looks perfectly clean. In the room we'll be a younger Cherie
and an advisor both with wings in their back)

Cherie : Did ya finally wake up?

Kururu : Where am I?

Cherie : This is our castle! We found you unconscious in the forest,
and brought you here. I'm Cherie, the lord of this place. Not bad, eh?
You can rest as long as you need to.

Advisor : Cherie-sama. I sense something familiar about this one.
She might be one of their agents...

Cherie : You don't give people enough credit!

Advisor : B-but...

Cherie : Pweeetty please? 

Advisor : Well err..alright then, but just this once.

Cherie : Teehee, thanks. Well it's settled then. Make yourself at home!

Kururu : T-thanks.

Kururu : (Those people just now....ah, I see. I really travelled to
the world of the past!)

(you're free to move around. Do get out of the building to explore the
tower outside, there are awesome items inside like one accessory
allowing you to attack four times! Talk to people since they're the
ancients you'll learn some neat stuff like how their treasure the
"Shadow of Beauty" can grant people's wish. You'll also learn that
since the king and queen, Cherie's parents, died in battle she became
the queen. She has a big brother but he eloped with a witch named Marjory
and gave her the Shadow of beauty as a present. Yes. That does mean what
you think it does. Marjory's FAMILY! You'll also learn that Cherie is close
to a boy named Cello and that they met when Cello saved her from a dragon
in a forest. Kururu will wonder if the whole "saved from a dragon in the
forest" is a sort of ritual in her family. Ah and Cello parents died in
the war too. Some old man will tip you the existence of another treasure the
"Light of Beauty" who supposedly has the same power as the shadow one. A girl
will tell you that, though they all got wings, they can't fly through the
skies. Oh and as usual the kids pick will pick on Kururu's poor fashion sense
calling her the "pumpkin alien" Once you're done enter Cherie's room, it's the
one guarded by soldiers. Youll notice her singing a familiar song ^_^)

Cherie : Oh, hi! Did you need something?

Kururu : N-no. That song right now was...?

Cherie : Ah, you heard that? It's a lullaby from my country. I love that song.
My mother always used to sing it for me. Oh, hi Cello!

Kururu : (Cello! he's still a kid but there's no mistake it's Cello! So Cello
lived here during this time...but then, how come he's living in our
time now...?)

Cherie : Ah, that's right, let me introduce you. You're....err what's
your name by the way?

Kururu : Ah, Kururu. My name is Kururu!

Cherie : Kururu...what a cute name.

Cello : ...

Cherie : Geez, Cello, you gotta introduce yourself too!

Cello : ...

Cherie : I'm sorry. That kid, he's been really quiet since he lost his
parents in the war...

Kururu : I-it's fine. I don't mind.

Cherie : That won't do Cello! You'll never get a girlfriend if you act
like that! Remember, smile, smile! You look best when you're smiling.
Pwettyyy pleeaase? 

Cello : ...I'll try.

Cherie : Geez, you always say that. Sorry Kururu, he doesn't look like it,
but he's really a good kid.  He doesn't trust people easily cuz of the war.
If people weren't so stupud and could stop fighting and actually care about
the feelings of others, then maybe this world would...

Cello : ...Cherie. It's prayer time soon.

Cherie : Alright, we'll talk later, Kururu.

(now go to the top of the building)

Advisor : Emergency princess! The King's brother's troops are under attack!

Cherie : Uncle is...!

Advisor : They'll be here soon! Princess, use the Light of Beauty and escape!
We can't afford the royal bloodline to disappear! As long as you survive,
a future is still possible!

Cherie : But then... you... I'll fight, too!

Advisor : I won't allow that! Please, Princess, your life must be spared!
Understand that Cello? I'm entrusting her to you! Please, get her to safety! 

(talking to Cherie)

Cherie : Why..? Why... why can't people stop fighting...?

Cello : We have to hurry Cherie. Otherwise we'll...

Cherie :  I know! Kururu, you come with us! The Light of Beauty is hidden
in a secret room on the floor below. Got it?
1) Yes
2) No

Cherie : Let's hurry!

(enter the room with the Cherie statue in a corner)

Cherie : The password is..."Cherie" ...it opened!


Cherie : Cello, Kururu. The Light of Beauty can grant wishes by reacting
to the feelings of people.

Kururu : ...granting wishes by reacting to people's feelings?

Cherie : That's right.... but it can't end wars. Maybe because there's so
much hatred in this world. But, surely there's a peaceful future somewhere.
If we believe and pray for it, it'll will take us there!

Cello : To the future...?

Cherie : But, if we messed up, we may end up in a different future...
but even if we end up living in different times, our hearts will still be
bound together!

Cello : Cherie...

Cherie : Stop making that face... smile, smile! Now, let's trust our hearts
and travel to the future!

Cherie : Answer our feelings, Light of Beauty!

(the Light of !beauty reacts and sceens turns white. You'll be returned
with Cherie withing Cello's heart afterwards)

Cherie : This is how Cello arrived in your era. Our time, the Ancient's
Era... the very people who built it were the ones who destroyed it with
their own hands. The few that survived were able to create a new world.

Kururu : So you and Cello are both Ancients...

Cherie : That's right. When he arrived in this era, I wasn't with him.
Burdened with the wounds of the past, his eyes were not looking towards
the future. Afraid of what you might think of his past, he hid them in
the bottom of his heart.

Kururu : Cello...

Cherie : Despite how he looks, Cello is a good kid and is easily hurt.
Like letting Akurjo take him in or being distressed by your feelings for
him... and letting the wounds of the past never heal... the only one who
can free him from this pain is you, Kururu. Your feelings can heal his heart.

Kururu : But my feelings made him suffer before...

Cherie : That isn't true. Reciprocating his feelings can cure his heart.
Believe in your feelings... The feelings toward one another is a wonderful
thing. Come on Kururu. "Girls take initiative" right? 

Kururu : Cello...

Kururu : Cello...! It doesn't matter what happened in the past! Stop trying
to carry all the burden by yourself! If we carry it together, it won't be
as heavy, right? Trust my feelings! Cello!

Kururu : Cello...!!

Cello : Kururu...!!

Cherie : It's been a while Cello. 

Cello : ? ...Cherie? Are you Cherie?

Cherie : Haha, we haven't seen each other for a while. You've grown up to
be really handsome. Take care of my grand daughter. Don't make her cry, okay?

Cello : Huh? Then Kururu is...?

Cherie : That's right. I ended up coming a few decades before you. I faced a
lot of hardships, too, but all in all I was happy with my life. I got married
and gave birth to a beautiful girl named Cornet. And later, she gave birth to
Kururu here... Cello, don't live in the past anymore. I'm really glad I came
to the future. Cello, its okay to open your heart to others... 

Cello : Cherie...

Cherie : Ah, stop it. How many times do I have to tell you?
Smile, Cello, smile.

Cello : ....yeah. I'll try from now on.

Cherie : Heehee. You really do look your best when you smile, Cello.
Kururu, take care of him will you?

Kururu : Grandmother...!

Cherie : Well then, time to go, I guess. Good luck, you two! Maybe if
there were more people like you, the Ancients could have avoided destruction.

Kururu : Grandmother!

Cello : Cherie!!

Cherie : Farewell, Kururu, Cello. Don't ever forget your feelings toward
each other!

(Cello heart's world will be filled with stars, rainbows and other
lovey-dovey stuff as he flies outside of it carrying Kururu)

Cherie : Their feelings are trascending both space and time...


Randy : Princess!

Sonia : Are you alright, Princess!

Crea : Welcome back Kururu! You too Cello-san!

Kururu : I'm back, Crea!

Crea : I was sure both of you would be back safely.

Cello : Thank you Crea.

Crea Teeheehee.

Kururu : Huh? Where is Marjory and her gang?

Crea : They went upstairs, shouting things like "Revenge" and
"Time to settle the score!"...

Kururu : Cello...

Cello : Let's go upstairs too. I'll settle things with mother with my
own hands.

(Crea, Cello, Randy and Sonia joins the party. They're....totally
unequipped of course, why it's only the final dungeon so it's natural
to go around with naked characters of course...Once you're ready don't
go up yet, visit the room around there is a few stuff to grab like
illustrations 11&12 for instance and some jewels for the ultimate spells.
Also there are new enemies to fight to complete the notebook. If you
so wish, you can go do a sidequest now. Remember where the Light of
Beauty is? You can go get it, as well as Illustration 20, by leaving
Akurjo's Castle now and going back to the Aerial Garden's Secret Room
and putting in the password.)

(one you reach the top of the stairs)

RanRan : Akurjo-sama? What's wrong? Are you alright?!

FonFon : So Akurjo-sama was ill...

NyanNyan : ...I didn't know nya.

Marjory : And here I made a special trip, just to pay you back!
What kind of host are you?!

Kururu : Akurjo?!

Cello : Death spasms...!!

Akurjo : Cello...how good of you to come back, you ungrateful son...!

FonFon : Son? This kid?

RanRan : Akurjo-sama had a child?

Akurjo : That's right. We're not related by blood, but who would have
thought you'd betray me this way? The Shadow of Beauty is totally useless. 

NyanNyan : ...so your goal wasn't eternal youth nya.

Akurjo :  Of course. I wanted to to use the Shadow of Beauty's powers
for... its strength to grant wishes by using people's feelings...!
I wanted to use it to cure me, but it didn't resonate...

Cello : ....

Akurjo : Don't get near me! You traitor!

Kururu : How can you say that?! Cello didn't betray you! Do you know
how much he suffered because of you? Even though he knew you were just
using him, he never stopped considering as his mother!
Can't you understand that?!

Akurjo : Silence, brat!! I'm going to die anyway! So I might as well
take you all along with me!!

(battle start against the full Akurjo's family. They're tough but so
are you by now, so go all out. If you can survive the few first
rounds you should be fine, take out NyanNyan first as she can heal
the others and also cast annoying spells. Sonia and Randy might have
troubles surviving the first rounds so make them defend if that's the
case. Akurjo's tough but her minions die easily)

(after winning)

Akurjo : Ahahaha... losing to a bunch of kids... my end is certainly near.
I'm ready, go on, finish me! Its only fitting for someone like me to
die alone...

Kururu : You're wrong. You're not alone. You have comrades that care
about you. Even rivals. Even Cello here!

Akurjo : ...!! Tsk. Ridiculous.

Cello : Mother.

Akurjo : ...!! Cello...you're still calling me mother?!

Kururu : Answer our feelings!

Cello : Shadow of Beauty!!

(the SoB reacts and cure Akurjo)

RanRan : Akurjo-sama!!

FonFon : Akurjo-sama...you always insult us but...

NyanNyan : ...we don't want you to die nya!

Marjory : Well, as for me, I could care less. But, since we're here,
we might as well. Everyone, concentrate together! 

Cello : Mother...!!

(Akurjo gets completely healed)

Cello : Mother!!

RanRan, FonFon&NyanNyan : Akurjo-sama!!

Akurjo : You guys...hmph. Seems like I forgot something after all.
Something quite big...

Cello : Mother...

Akurjo : Living might not be so bad after all...

(she casts a spell that splits the ground in two making her unreachable)

Akurjo : This time, I admit my defeat! I'll be returning to the
Netherworld to cool my head!

Kururu : Akurjo!!

Akurjo : Ahahaha!! I'll be coming back someday! Marjory!!
We'll finish things then!

Marjory : What?! Can't you just be honest for once and say "thanks"?

Myao : Yeah, cuz you're the perfect model of being upfront nya.

Marjory : You said something?

Myao : Not a thing nya!

Marjory : Good, I got my Shadow of Beauty back. Let's go.

Akurjo : Cello...

Cello : Mother...!

Akurjo : Hmph. Take care of that little girl.

Crea : Kururu-chan, Cello-san, we have to hurry, the castle is falling apart!

(you have to go all the way back down now)

(once you reach the bottom of the stairs)

Kururu : ...!? What's wrong Cello?

Cello : ...

Crea : ...are you worried about your mother?

Kururu : Cello...

Cello : Sorry, Kururu.

Kuruur : ...I understand. I'll believe in you, I'll be waiting.

(Cello get closer and kiss her)

Cello : Thanks Kururu. I'll swear I'll be back!

Kururu : Yes! Promise me, alright?

Cello : Yes, I promise. (he leaves)

Kururu : Remember, you promised!! Cello...

Crea : Are you sure it's okay Kururu-chan? Doesn't it feel like
you're being dumped?

Kururu : Do-don't be silly! Let's get going!!


Crea : Look Kururu-chan! The castle is...!

(Akurjo's castle collapse and the woods return back to normal)

Crea : Kururu-chan...

Kururu : I'm alright. Cello will definitely come back. After all,
he promised. Now let's go! Back to our home!

(you can either walk back or use the Ledgem puppet on the left of the screen)

(in the throne room of Marl castle)

Kururu : Father! Mother!

Cornet : Hey, Kururu. I heard it all! Really you're...

Ferdinand : It's fine. In the end she came back, safe and sound.
Randy and Sonia too, you did well. Thank you.

Sonia : You're giving us too much credit, your Highness.

Randy : (Whoa, am I glad. And here I thought he'd be mad about this)

Etoile : Crea, you did well too. As expected of my daughter.

Crea : Thanks Mother.

Cornet : ...

Sieglinde : Cornet. Kururu did the same thing you did when Ferdinand
got abducted by Marjory. Doing her best for the sake of someone she
loved, it's a magnificent thing. I'm really grateful for the courage
and determination you showd back then.

Cornet : ...

Cornet : Really this kid...you always makes me worry so much......

Kururu : Mother....I'm sorry.

Cornet : ...you did all you could right, Kururu?

Kururu :  Yeah...I heard a lot about the stuff you've done before,
Mother. How there were good times and bad times... but, now, I...

Crea : Kururu-chan... she fell asleep. She must be exhausted.

Etoile : It's quite natural. A lot's happened.

Cornet : Welcome back Kururu. Rest well.

(credits will roll)

(4 years later)

Crea : What nice weather, right Kururu-chan?

Kururu : Yeah...that's right.

Crea : ...let's hope we'll meet Cello today, alright?

Kururu : Yes... but even if we don't, there's always tomorrow,
and the day after. He promised, and I believe in him.

(rumbling sound)

Crea : Oh my? Whatever could that sound possibly be...? (a dragon appears)

Crea : Oh my! Its a big scary dragon! 

Kururu (sweatdrop) : Don't say it like it's a good thing.

(a boy appears and slash the dragon)

Cello : It's the second time I saved you here. You alright, Kururu?

Kururu : Cello....!

Cello : I'm back. Sorry it took so long, Kururu.

Kururu : You've really...you've really made me wait so much...

Crea : Come on Kururu-chan, hurry and go over to him!

Cello : I'm here now, Kururu.

Kururu : ...Cello. I was so worried that you might not come back...
I was so sad...

Cello : Sorry, Kururu. But from now on, we'll be together forever.

Kururu : ...yeah. 

Kururu : Yes!

Cherie (suddenly appearing as usual): I'm so glad for you two, Kururu, Cello.
Good luck to you from now on.

(they'll kiss again and you'll get a nice artwork of the two of them along
with the word "fin")


Kururu : Maria Kawamura
Crea : Ikue Ohtani
Cello : Ai Orikasa
Randy : Nobuyuki Hiyama
Sonia : Kotono Mitsuishi
Cornet : Kaoru Fujino
Etoile : Yuri Amano
Cherie : Maria Kawamura
Marjory : Michie Tomizawa
Crowdia : Miho Yamada
Gao : Yayoi Jingujii
Myao : Yukari Tamura
Akurjo : Hiromi Tsuru
RanRan : Yuri Amano
FonFon : Norio Wakamoto
NyanNyan : Kaoru Fujino
Nyanko/Nyanshe : Yukari Tamura, Kazuki Miyakawa, Jun Mizusawa, Kotomi Isono
Burg : Takashi Nagasako


Unlike the first game, puppets aren't fighting with you as party members.
Instead they're equipped by puppeters and can be summoned in battles to use
their spells or skills. Equipping puppets also increase all stats of a
puppeter. Well in short they're quite similar to Personae in...those Persona
games. Crea can't equip puppets since she doesn't carry the blood of the
ancients, but through a system developped by the RosenQueen corp. she's able
to equip and summon monsters, which works the exact same as pupppets. Puppets
and monsters get experience after each fight just like characters and level
up too. When they level up, they may learn new spells and skills and the stat
boost they give to the puppeter is increased too. Below will be a list of all
puppets in the game, we'll also include their spells and skills and how to
get them.

======= Kid Ledgem ========

How to get it : automatic in the prologue
Can be equipped by : Kururu
Spells/Skills : Meteor, Sleep, Poison, Charm, Sleep Bomber, Poison Bomber,
Charm Bomber.

======= Sharte ========

How to get it : Talk to the two sisters located between Kururu's room and
the castle's chapel. Tell them you're Cornet's daughter and they will give
you puppets Sharte and Terra. Do this before chapter 5 though.
Can be equipped by : Kururu
Spells/Skills : Heal, Saint, Good morning, Mega Heal, Heal Bomber,
Saint Bomber, Mega Heal Bomber, Giga Heal, Giga Saint, Giga Heal Bomber

======= Terra ========

How to get it : Same time as Sharte
Can be equipped by : Kururu
Spells/Skills : Meteor, Mega Meteor, Meteor Bomber, Mega Meteor Bomber,
Giga Meteor, Giga Meteor Bomber

======= Duke ========

How to get it : Anytime during chapter 3 until chapter 8. Find him in one of
the room of Burg's restaurant and talk to him. Tell him that you're Cornet's
daughter then win against him in battle.
Can be equipped by : Kururu, Cello
Spells/Skills : Excalibur, Leviathan, Super Leviathan

======= Ancient Weapon ========

How to get it : Cello come equipped with it
Can be equipped by : Cello
Spells/Skills : Mega Thunder, Miracle barrier, Giga Thunder, Giga Heal,
Giga Thunder Bomber, Genocide strike


Just above the puppets command in the battle menu, you'll find the skills
(とくしゅ) command. Skills are learned when characters reach a certain level and
consumes HP to be used. Some of them are "hidden" but more about that later.

======= Kururu ========

Higi Mueizan
HP consumption : 1
Effect : Deal very little damage to all enemies

======= Crea ========

Angelic smile
HP consumption : 5
Effect : Charm all ennemies

Two guns counter
HP consumpton : 25
Effect : Damage to all ennemies

======= Cello ========

Ancient prayer
HP consumption : 20
Effect : Increase DEF and INT of the whole party

Maken Astaroth
HP consumption : 30
Effect : Heavily damage an ennemy

Ancient gods wrath
HP consumption : 40
Effect : Large lightning damage to all ennemies

======= Randy ========

Beast Slayer
HP consumption : 10
Effect : Medium damage to an ennemy

Heaven and Hell
HP consumption : 30
Effect : Medium damage to all ennemies

Dragon Buster
HP consumption : 40
Effect : Large damage against an ennemy. Damage doubled if ennemy is a
dragon-type creature

======= Sonia ========

Higi Mueizan
HP consumption : 10
Effect : Medium damage to all ennemies

Holy Flash
HP consumption : 20
Effect : Large damage to an ennemy

Exorcist Blade
HP consumption : 50
Effect : Large damage to all ennemies

======= Hidden skills ========

Now, there's actually quite a few number of hidden skills for Kururu, Crea
and Cello. To get them you must equip certain puppets/monsters together on
the same character. They must remain equipped if you want to keep on using
the skill. The characters doesn't "learn" it, once you equip others
puppets/monsters, he/she won't be able to use the skill anymore.
Kururu's final skill works a bit differently though.

Sisters Love
HP consumption : 30
Effect : Revives a fallen ally with 1 HP
How to get it : Equip both Sharte and Terra
Available for : Kururu only

Oath of Swords
HP consumption : 50
Effect : Deals very large damage to all ennemies
How to get it : Equip Duke, Albatros and Chiba
Available for : Kururu and Cello

Egg brothers
HP consumption : 30
Effect : Deals large wind-elemental damage to all ennemies
How to get it : Equip Billy, Tell and Kid on Kururu
Available for : Kururu only

Poison Bomber
HP consumption : 40
Effect : Poison and deals medium damage to all ennemies
How to get it : Equip poisonous toad and very poisonous toad
(どくカヘ and もうどくカヘル) on Crea
Available for : Crea only

HP consumption : 60
Effect : Deals very large light-elemental damage to all ennemies
How to get it : Equip the "Light of Beauty" on Kururu
Available for : Kururu only

Ultimate magics

To access the ultimate magics, you must equip certain Jewels to puppets of
the corresponding element. For example, to use the ultimate fire spell, you
have to equip the jewels on a fire-aligned puppet. This spells, with the
exception of Armegeddon and Cure All, deal more damage than their respective
Giga spells and deal this damage to all enemies.

Fire : Inferno - Akachium 20 + Flarechium : 1000 ic

Water : Pororoca - Aquachium + Torichium : 1000 ic 

Wind : Turbulence - Cyclochium + Tornchium : 1000 ic

Earth : Catastrophe - Gaiachium + Midochium 20 : 1000 ic

Thunder : Testament - Toronchium + Cosmochium : 1000 ic

Darkness : Chaos - Darkchium + Inochium Star : 1000 ic

Darkness : Armageddon - Omegachium + Enigmachium : 1200 ic
(This spell causes Instant Death to all enemies)

Light : Jihad - Saintchium + Enigmachium : 1000 ic

Light : Cure All - Lightchium + Heavenchium + Holychium : 9999 ic
(Fully recovers the entire party and revives fallen members, similar to
Kururu's "Love Love Fire")

Song translations

Since the songs contains some plots elements or are just a whole lot of fun
they deserve to be translated too! Well those will only be litteral
translations though don't expect rhymes and everything okay? I'm starting
with "Okyakusama ga yatte kita!" the Marjoly idiot trio song since this is
my favorite. I'll probably add some more later. If there is one in particular
you want to see covered here feel free to ask for it.


Song title : Okyakusama ga yatte kita!
(Finally! We have guests!)

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Crowdia (seiyuu : Yamada Miho)
Gao (seiyuu : Jingujii Yayoi)
Myao Karukansky (seiyuu : Tamura Yukari)

(talk before singing)
Myao : Okyakusama ga kitta nya!
(Finally! We have guests nya!)
Crowdia : Nan nenburi desho?
(How many years has it been?)
Gao : Tonikaku hisashiburi daze!
(Anyway it's sure been a while!)
Myao : Ichidaiji da nya!
(This is quite an event nya!)
Gao : Ichidaiji daze!
(That's great!)
Crowdia : Omotenashi wo shi nai kereba...
(We have to welcome them properly otherwise....)
Myao : Marjory-sama ga naisho da nya!
(Let's keep this is a secret from Marjory-sama nya!)
Together : Omatsuri da!!
(It's a party!!)

Crowdia : Yami ni hisomu akuma
(The demon lying dormant within the darkness)
Myao : Otona mo kodomo mo furue agaru
(Make kids and grown up shiver from head to toes!)
Crowdia : Mayoi con da emono
(The preys that were set loose)
Gao : Minna de teichou ni motenasou
(We'll make sure to entertain them all!)

Crowdia : Hisashiburi no kari da
(The long-awaited hunt)
Gao&Myao : Meki ashisa ashi shinobiashi
(We'll be moving like shadows)
Crowdia : Aigo ni tatsu kehai
(Approching from behind)
Gao : Kidsuita tokini ha
(Once you'll notice us)
Together : Mou ossoi~!!
(It's way too late!!)

Together : Sakebe kami no na wo kago no naka no toritachiyo
(Crying for God, the little birds in their cage)
Together : Nigero nigemadoe towa ni samenu akumu
(Escape, Try to run away, From that never-ending nightmare)

Myao then Crowdia : Yami uchi fuiuchi juuhachiban
(Striking unexpectedly from the darkness is our favorite trick)
Gao then Crowdia : Uragiri usotsuki tokui waza
(Our lies and treacheries are our pride and joy)

Crowdia : Saa omotenashi no junbi wo
(Now, let's prepare the reception)

Myao : Wana wo shikake you
(Let's set out traps)
Crowdia : Totteoki no
(We have the best of them)
Gao : Present motte
(Let's get presents)
Crowdia : Machibuse you
(To use them as baits)

Together : Demo hashagi sugi ni ha goyoujin
(But let's take care not to get too carried away)

Together : Hibike shi no senritsu yoru wo kazaru sakebigoe
(The funeral melody resounds in the nights filled with screams)
Together : Ikite kaere nai koko ha shisha no meiro
(You won't leave here alive for this is the maze of death)
Together : Sakebe kami no na wo kago no naka no toritachiyo
(Crying for God, the little birds in their cage)
Together : Nigero nigemadoe towa ni samenu akumu
(Escape, Try to run away, From that never-ending nightmare)

(Myao : Shutsugeki da nya~!)
(Let's deploy nya!!)



Illustrations are those items called "イラスト" in your inventory. Using them
will change the backgound artwork in the menu. So they're totally optionnal
and that's precisely why you should collect them all. Here are the list of
all 20 illustrations and where to find them.

how to get it : automatic, it's the one used by default	
what does it show : Kururu streching after having escaped through the window
of her room

how to get it : automatic, it's the one used by default	
what does it show : Kururu mad after Cello just called her "Pumpkin pants"

how to get it : in Burg's restaurant kitchen after beating him in Chapter 2
what does it show : Kururu mad at Burg after eating cat poop

how to get it : in front of the haunted mansion after clearing chapter 3
what does it show : Kururu hugging Crea, apologizing to her

how to get it : In Etoile' statue in RosenQueen Land in chapter 8
what does it show : Kururu and Crea playing together

how to get it : In Kururu's room drawers, not available after chapter 4
what does it show : the painting of Ferdinand and Cornet holding baby Kururu

how to get it : talk to painter at the top of the hill in BlueCat after
saving the girls in chapter 4, then come back, talk to him again in chapter 8
what does it show : Kururu

how to get it : In Etoile's mansion basement in chapter 5
what does it show : Crea

how to get it : Within the Eringya guardian's deity in chapter 8
what does it show : Randy

how to get it : Within the ice cave on the way to the ice palace in chapter 8
what does it show : Sonia

how to get it : Within Akurjo's castle kitchen in the final chapter
what does it show : Cello

how to get it : Within Akurjo's castle kitchen in the final chapter
what does it show : Akurjo

how to get it : Within RanRan's room in the final chapter
what does it show : RanRan

how to get it : Within FonFon's room in the final chapter
what does it show : Etoile

how to get it : Within NyanNyan's room in the final chapter
what does it show : NyanNyan

how to get it : Within Beauty castle
what does it show : Marjory

how to get it : Within RanRan's room in the final chapter
what does it show : Gao

how to get it : Within Crowdia's room drawers
what does it show : Crowdia

how to get it : Within Myao's room drawers
what does it show : Myao

how to get it : Within the hidden room of the aerial garden in Kururu's time
period. Get there in the final chapter after Cello joins.
what does it show : Cherie

Miscellaneous stuff

======= Elements ========

Most puppets and monsters are affiliated to an element. Same goes for spells
and skills, most of them deal elemental-based damage. This is important to
know since attacking a monster with the opposite element will make your
attack twice as powerful. On the other hand attacking with the same element
as the monster will make it half as effective. Here are the elements used in
the game.

火 : fire
水 : water
風 : wind
地 : earth
聖 : holy
魔 : evil
雷 : thunder

Fire and water are opposed elements, wind and earth too and same goes for
holy and evil. Thunder is a bit different since there is no opposed element
to it. Thunder-based attacks are also slighty more powerful than the
other elemental attacks.

======= Etoile music room's puppet ========

When you visit Etoile's mansion, you'll find a room with a piano and
a puppet. That puppet will ask you to play your trumpet for him, agree to do
so and he will give you a reward. Careful, if you fail to this in one chapter
you will miss all the following rewards even if you play in every chapter
afterwards. It will still you the last reward in chapter 8 though.

Chapter 1 : 56Ic
Chapter 2 : 116Ic
Chapter 3 : 243Ic
Chapter 4 : 300Ic
Chapter 8 : 2438Ic, triple beater
Final chapter : Recovery tanker omega (restore 30 HP every turn)

======= Characters specific items ========

Both Kururu and Crea have a few exclusive items. For Crea it's the
Inferno 500 (インフェルノ500) and Genocide 1000 (ジェノサイド1000) weapons.
They're both optionnal. Inferno can be gotten right after crashing into
Beauty Castle. Talk to Etoile and she will give it to Crea. Genocide is
obtained automatically after clearing the "Crea real parents" event in
chapter 8. Simply visit Etoile's room after geting the first piece of
the Shadow of Beauty and read the diary lying on the ground to trigger
that event.

Kururu got three specific items. The first one is the "Escaping Z" thing
(トンズラーZ). Having it equipped increase the chance of success of the run
command in battles. You'll find it in Akurjo's house in chapter 3.
The second one is the sexy pants (せくしぃぱんつ), she receives it automatically
at the beginning of chapter 4. Equipping it will increase the chances of a
monster joining after a battle. The last one is the Pheromone X (フェロモンX)
and this dramatically increase the encounter rate. Never equip it unless
you're near a goddess statue and want to level up.

======= Getting the Light of Beauty ========

The Light of Beauty is in a hidden room on the third floor of the Aerial
garden. You must input the password "Cherie" into the statue to get the
entrance to open up. It's really easy to miss since you can only do this
during a very short time window in the game. You must get there after Cello
joins back the party in the final chapter and before fighting Akurjo. So once
Cello joins back exit Akurjo's castle teleport back using Ledgem to the ship,
fly to Paana Coota village again and there walk all the way to the Aerial
garden. That's quite a detour but you'll get Illustration 20 and the Light
of Beauty which, once equiped on Kururu, will allow her to use one of the
most useful attack in the game.

======= Optionnal events in chapter 8 ========

Lots of events in chapter 8 are timed meaning if you miss the time window to
do them, even if you're still in chapter 8 they won't be availalbe anymore.
Here they are with their respective time restraints.

Crea's birth event : Available after getting the first piece of the SoB and
before getting the last piece.

Quizz : The first one is available after getting the first piece of the SoB
and must be done immediatly otherwise you'll miss on the second one
completely since it must be done after having completed the first quizz AND
getting one more piece of the SoB.

Randy and Sonia event : First event is available at the start of the chapter.
The other must be done after having completed the previous event AND
getting one more piece of the SoB. So get back to the castle everytime you
get a piece of the soB to get the next event of that serie.

Save Eryngia valley! : Available after getting the first piece of the SoB and
before getting the last piece.

Frequently asked questions

Well not so frequently actually but aside from the hate mails for the
butchered translation there is a few questions that do come back. At least
twice! So here are the answers to those. More might be added later.

Q : Where can I buy this game?

A : Try ordering it from HimeyaShop. You'll have to fill the request form
though. If that doesn't work try one of the following : Akibado, Celga,
Rinkya or Shopping Mall Japan. They buy stuff from auctions sites and ship
them to you so that probably won't be cheap.

Q : Why are you calling Akurjo's cats "Nyanshe" while it's written as
"Nyancy" in the game!

A : All name's romanizations come from the booklet found in the Tenshi no
Present limited edition. So they're official somehow. The guy who wrote it
probably didn't remember about Little Princess I guess. You could always try
to blame him but his name isn't written on the booklet. That's too bad.

Q : What's with all the "sob"? Are you trying to be funny?

A : SoB is short for Shadow of Beauty obviously.

Q : When will you finally post the Angel's Present translation?

A: I don't know.

Q : Is Kururu in Little Princess the reincarnation of Kururu in Rhapsody?

A : Figure that one out by yourself.

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