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PocketStation FAQ by dLo aZn

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/28/01

________            ______                                __________
 ___  __ \______________  /________ _________ _______      ___  ____/
 __  /_/ /  __ \  ___/_  //_/_  __ `__ \  __ `/_  __ \     ______ \  
 _  _, _// /_/ / /__ _  ,<  _  / / / / / /_/ /_  / / /      ____/ /  
 /_/ |_| \____/\___/ /_/|_| /_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/ /_/ /_/      /_____/   
          ___           __       __  ______       __  _         
         / _ \___  ____/ /_____ / /_/ __/ /____ _/ /_(_)__  ___ 
        / ___/ _ \/ __/  '_/ -_) __/\ \/ __/ _ `/ __/ / _ \/ _ \
       /_/   \___/\__/_/\_\\__/\__/___/\__/\_,_/\__/_/\___/_//_/
                          / ___/__ ___ _  ___ 
                         / (_ / _ `/  ' \/ -_)

by dLo aZn (dlo_azn@aznbb.com)

v1.0 - 1/28/01, original draft
SOON: v1.1 - ?, Decyphering doodle mode...

The Rockman (Megaman) series in Japan, from 2-5, each come with the
Rockman PocketStation Game. From what I've heard, every version has
the same game, but I've only been able to play the Rockman 5 version.
The point of the game is to collect, level up and fight various
Rockman characters. You start with Rockman and work your way up,
gaining more fighters (bosses) after you beat them in battle. Once
you have a fighter, you train them or fight them to gain experience,
in order to level them up.

1. View Stats
2. Battle
3. Train
4. Unknown (Doodle?)
5. Vs. Battle (2P)
6. Exit
7. Clock Mode

***1. VIEW STATS***
Icon description: Dr. Light pointing to a chart with Rockman on it.

What you do: This is where you can view your characters, their stats
(level, HP, etc.), their attacks, how much EXP they need to gain a
level, and what their battle record is. You select a character with
left and right, and press down to view their stats. On the 3rd attack
screen, you have the option of switching attacks from that fighter to
another's; just press enter. Then, select the attack you want to switch,
select the 2nd fighter, and select the attack of theirs that you want.

***2. BATTLE***
Icon Description: 3 little bots

What you do: Here, you battle your characters. Each match contains 3
fighters on each side; if you don't have enough fighters or only want
to use 2 or 3, you can. You don't have direct control over the battle;
first, you select the 3 characters you want to use (in that order) 
and all you can do next is just watch.  When your fighter is displayed,
his HP bar will appear at the bottom. Each time a fighter is about to
attack, a rectangular box wil appear with a number on the top, a letter
under it, and an icon. The number represents the amount of damage the
attack will do. The letter abbreviates the type of attack as does the
icon. If your team wins, you will gain experience, sometimes gain a new
fighter, and go on to the next battle. If you continue, you will be
prompted to choose another 3 characters. Use the same ones if you want,
or vary them to train the others.

***3. TRAIN***
Icon Description: A flying bot next to a PocketStation

What you do: There are two options here. 

-Flying Bot Minigame-
Where you gain experience for Rockman. This game only gains experience
for Rockman himself, no one else. The object is to pop baloons that are
coming up from below by pressing enter, using left and right to move.
Beware missles coming from below and the side. Baloons that are striped
take 2 hits to pop, and solid color baloons take 3 hits.

-Rock, Paper, Scissors Minigame-
Where you gain experience for all your other fighters. You select your
fighter first, and then select the level. Once you beat a level, the
next level become available. The game shows your character and a little
bot facing each other. The little bot will throw out one of 3 signs:
a flat hand for paper, a fist for rock, and a "2" sign for scissors.
You have a certain amount of time (which decreases as the level
increases) to respond with the proper command. It's a variant
of "Rock, Paper, Scissors". You press left for rock, up for scissors,
and right (or enter) for paper. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors,
and scissors beats paper. There is no push in this game, so if you
have the same sign as the bot, you will lose. You have 3 lives until
the game is automatically over, or 30 seconds. If you reach 30 seconds,
the game ends and you win.

***4. UNKNOWN (DOODLE?)***
Icon Description: A pixelboard with a pencil

What you do: Not sure. If you select the first option, it says "no data"
which may mean you need the full game or gamesave to play it. If you
select the 2nd option it takes you to a checker board where you can
draw. Press enter once in a square to fill it, twice to half-fill it,
and three times to clear it. To exit, hold enter for 5 seconds and select
"exit". If you know what the point of this game is, e-mail me at

***5. VS. BATTLE (2P)***
Icon Description: Rockman and Dr. Wiley

This is where you can battle someone else via the IR link on the Pocket
Station. You select your 3 characters, and the PocketStation waits for
a signal from your buddy's PocketStation. I haven't played this through
yet, though, because I don't know anyone else who has a PocketStation.
If you can give me more details, please e-mail me at dlo_azn@aznbb.com.

***6. EXIT***
Icon Description: Rush and Roll Sleeping

Press enter to exit the game. Simple enough ^_^

***7. CLOCK MODE***
How to get there: Press up at the options screen, or let the game sit for
a few seconds.

This mode is a novelty. Its purpose is to look pretty, and it shows your
fighters in their battle and winning poses, with the clock at the bottom.
Press left and right to shuffle through your fighters, and press down to
switch the clock with the date. Press enter to exit back to options.

Creator: Ryan Dumlao "dLo aZn" - dlo_azn@aznbb.com
Help: Kim Hawk



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